General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 23, 2015 on GH

Ric provided Hayden with evidence to prove Jake was her husband. Patrick asked Sam to move in with him. Franco and Nina were released from Shadybrook. Tracy and Bobbie found Patricia and Luke.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 23, 2015 on GH
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Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Monday, March 23, 2015

In the boxing ring, Nathan punched Spinelli, who promptly hit the floor just as Maxie entered the gym. "What the hell is wrong with you?" she yelled at Nathan. She demanded that someone call a doctor for Spinelli, but Sonny insisted that Spinelli was fine. He helped Spinelli up as Maxie grilled Nathan. Nathan informed Maxie that the whole thing had been Spinelli's idea. She asked Spinelli, but he was very out of it. She asked Sonny, who confirmed that the fight had, in fact, been Spinelli's idea.

Spinelli reasoned that he hadn't known what else to do after Nathan had demanded that Spinelli leave town. She turned on Nathan, and he stated that, "I don't regret it for a second." He reminded Maxie how Spinelli had done everything in his power to break Maxie and Nathan up and maintained that, "at least I'm up-front about it."

Nathan continued that he'd stepped back and given Maxie time to make her choice, and he'd fought for her when she hadn't made a decision. He told her that he'd been the happiest man on earth when she'd said "I love you" back to Nathan, but only until she'd added that she also loved Spinelli. "Is this true?" Spinelli piped up. She angrily told him that it hadn't been his place to announce who she loved. Nathan shot back that "none of this is fair."

Nathan told Maxie that all he'd wanted was her, "the girl of my dreams." He said they weren't right for each other because she didn't trust him, and she was always on Spinelli's side. He couldn't compete with the history she had with Spinelli, so he decided to take himself "out of the race. You're free to be with the man you never stopped loving." Nathan didn't want to wait around anymore, so he urged her to be with Spinelli and be happy, and he left the gym.

Michael entered the Quartermaine mansion, sneezing up a storm. When he looked up, he was shocked to see Morgan descending the stairs. He demanded to know why Morgan was there and how he'd gotten in. Morgan informed his brother that Alice had let him in so he could see his sister. Michael told Morgan that it was Morgan's last visit with their sister, and Morgan, Kiki, and Sonny were not allowed to see the baby.

Morgan didn't think Michael could cut Avery's family out of her life just because he was "pissed. Get over it." Michael suggested that Morgan would act the same if their positions were reversed. Morgan said he understood but then took a swing at Michael. Michael hit Morgan hard enough to put his brother on the ground, but Morgan got up, and the brothers fought. Just then, Ned ran in and pulled the two apart. Michael insisted that he was going to call the police. Morgan sarcastically wished Michael luck with keeping Avery away from her family, and he left.

At Kelly's, Kiki was researching drug and alcohol interactions when Julian entered. He sat down with her and divulged that he'd decided to help Kiki fight for Avery. Kiki thought that would have made Ava happy. He wondered why she wasn't more enthusiastic. She confided that she and Morgan had "found another way" to get Avery out of Michael's custody. He wanted details, but she told him that "the less you know, the better."

Julian wondered if Kiki and Morgan's plan was illegal, because he specialized in illegal. She thanked him for the offer but maintained that she and Morgan had everything handled. He thought Ava would be proud of her daughter. She promised to let Julian know if the plan didn't work out. As Julian was wishing Kiki luck, Morgan entered. Julian suggested that Morgan put some ice on his swollen lip, and Julian left.

Morgan updated Kiki on what he'd been through at the Quartermaine mansion after swapping Michael's allergy pills with a more "potent" variety. "What now?" Kiki wondered. Morgan answered that they needed to "wait for the opportunity to present itself." Kiki was scared that their plan would backfire, and that something bad would happen to Avery. Morgan reassured Kiki that everything would work out.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned made a toast to "the newest member of the Quartermaine family." Michael reminded Ned that there was another Quartermaine on the way, who was entering the family "in the old-fashioned way." It took Ned a minute to remember what Michael was talking about, but he justified that his baby with Olivia hadn't been planned, so he was still getting used to the idea.

Changing the subject, Michael informed Ned that there were more ELQ shares missing. He continued that Luke had "weaseled" Skye out of her shares. Ned expressed his anxiety that the trio of Luke, Helena, and Jerry controlled nearly one-third of ELQ. Michael rubbed his eyes, and Ned wondered if Michael was crying over it. Michael sneezed a couple times and cited his allergies. A few minutes later, Michael took one of his allergy pills.

Outside Kelly's, Julian literally ran into Olivia. When he realized it was her, he made sure that she and the baby were all right. Just then, she loudly groaned, but she told him it was only the baby kicking. He wondered if she'd let him feel the baby kicking. He explained that he'd never gotten the chance with Sam or Lucas. Olivia complained that her pregnant belly was like an invitation for strangers to touch her.

Julian reminded Olivia that they were "hardly strangers," considering he'd thought the baby was his. He was talking about the timing of the baby's conception when Ned appeared. He put his arms around her and felt her belly. Olivia boasted that she and Ned were happy to be starting a family.

"Help me die," Ava begged Silas. Silas didn't think Ava was thinking straight and informed her that the odds against her weren't insurmountable. Ava wondered how long she had left if they didn't find a donor. "Three months," Silas reluctantly told her, but he added that he was confident they would find a donor. She didn't share Silas' confidence. She reasoned that her loose ends were tied up, and she was ready. "I'm not," Silas countered.

Ava recalled something Silas had said to her while they had been making love years ago: "I've never felt more alive." She continued that that was how she wanted to be when she died. Silas reminded her that assisted suicide was illegal, and he wondered how he would ever look Kiki in the eye again. Ava suggested that they could pretend they were in a state where assisted suicide was legal.

Silas explained that he'd had patients who would have killed for another day, no matter how much they were suffering. Ava confessed that she was terrified of dying, but she implored him to help her die on her own terms. She advised him to find someone to help her, or she would do it herself. She thought he could make it more tolerable for her just by being there. "I can't do this," Silas said.

Silas continued that he couldn't help Ava "because it's you." He cared too much about her, but she disputed that his caring could enable him to help her. She stated that Kiki was at peace with losing Ava, so he needed to make his peace and let her go.

Lulu and Tracy asked Valerie to talk to them about her mother and her mother's memories. Valerie insisted that her mother had never spoken about her family. As Lulu and Tracy pleaded with Valerie, Luke stood behind the open door wielding a gun. Valerie didn't think it was a good time, but Tracy pushed her way in anyway. By then, Luke had moved to the hall closet.

As Luke observed, Lulu advised Valerie to think carefully about any small detail that Patricia might have told her daughter. She explained that Luke was very mentally unwell, and she thought that something traumatic had happened to him during his childhood to cause the mental break. Valerie replied that Patricia had said she was an only child, and Patricia's parents had died before Valerie had been born. Patricia hadn't even mentioned that she'd lived in Port Charles.

Lulu thanked Valerie for her time, and she hoped to stay in contact with her newfound cousin. She reminded Valerie that there was a whole family in Port Charles who would love to get to know Valerie. Valerie responded that her life was complicated, but she would eventually take Lulu up on the offer. Just then, Luke moved the closet door, and Tracy wondered what the sound was.

Jake and Elizabeth broke away from their kiss when Elizabeth's doorbell rang. Elizabeth opened the door to a woman who said she'd been told she could find Jake Doe there. She revealed herself as Jake's wife, Hayden, and Jake promptly went to the door. She hugged Jake and expressed how much she'd missed him. Elizabeth let Hayden into the house so she could explain herself.

Hayden explained that she'd read about the almost-explosion at the Haunted Star in the news, and Jake's picture had been shown. Jake wondered if they had family. Hayden revealed that they had no children, and Jake had had no family left when they'd met. She hadn't had anyone to call when Jake had gone missing. After seeing his picture in the paper, she'd done some research and found out about his accident, his brain injury, and his plastic surgery, and she'd been convinced that he was her husband.

Hayden revealed that his name was Jacob Barnes. Elizabeth wondered why Hayden hadn't reported Jake missing. Hayden confessed that she and Jake had been having problems, so she'd thought he'd left her. She explained that they'd gone on a camping trip near where Jake had been hit by the car. They'd had a fight, and he'd stormed off. She'd waited for him, but he'd never returned.

Hayden felt guilty for not being there for Jake when he'd needed her. She'd reported Jake missing, but the police hadn't taken the report seriously after hearing about their fight. She told Jake that they could go right back to how they had been once he was ready to return home. Elizabeth wanted proof of Hayden's claims. She replied that all the proof was in her room at the Metro Court. She hadn't thought she'd find Jake so quickly.

Hayden promised to be in touch and expressed her happiness that she'd found Jake. She kissed him on the cheek and left the house. Jake didn't know what to say.

Outside Elizabeth's house, Hayden made a call. "It's done," she told the person on the other end of the line.

Ric was revealed to be in cahoots with Hayden

Ric was revealed to be in cahoots with Hayden

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

At Elizabeth's house, Hayden decided to give Jake some time to think about what she had told him, so she left with a promise to be in touch with him soon.

On the porch, Hayden checked in with her accomplice to report, "It's done." However, she decided to meet her cohort in person to explain everything in detail because Hayden didn't want to risk Elizabeth walking out and discovering Hayden on the porch.

Inside the house, Jake confessed that he had no idea what to say about Hayden's claims that he was her husband because he didn't have any recollection of the woman. According to Jake, Hayden had been a complete stranger to him, but he conceded Patrick had warned Jake that Jake's amnesia might be permanent. Jake realized he had suffered extensive head injuries between the car accident and Helena's mind controlling implant, so he was lucky to be alive, but he was frustrated that he couldn't remember his life before arriving in Port Charles.

Elizabeth quietly suggested that perhaps Hayden had lied about being married to Jake. Jake seemed surprised when Elizabeth confessed she questioned Hayden's timing, since months had passed without a single clue as to who Jake might be, yet Hayden had suddenly shown up with a story that had been a little too "neat." Jake agreed that it had seemed like Hayden had gone down a check list to weave a convincing story, but he noticed Hayden had failed to explain how she had managed to find him at Elizabeth's house. However, Jake wondered why Hayden would lie about being married to him when he had nothing to offer anyone.

Elizabeth suggested that Hayden might have been a lonely woman who had read about Jake's situation and seen an opportunity to claim him as her own. "Stranger things have happened," Elizabeth quietly explained. Jake reminded Elizabeth that Hayden had to provide him with proof of his alleged identity and marriage to Hayden, so Elizabeth confessed that she didn't want Jake to be married. Jake confided he hoped Hayden had lied, too, because the only person he had feelings for was Elizabeth. Elizabeth smiled sadly, so Jake kissed her.

After the kiss ended, Elizabeth warned Jake that it might have been their last kiss because Elizabeth knew Jake was not the type of person to turn his back on his wife. Jake argued what he felt for Elizabeth was both right and familiar, but Elizabeth insisted it wouldn't matter if Jake was married to Hayden. Jake's expression turned troubled because he realized he and Elizabeth couldn't be together until he had solid answers.

At Metro Court, Hayden entered her accomplice's suite. She hoped he had plenty of alcohol in the bar caddy because she needed a drink after pretending to be a stranger's wife. Ric smiled with satisfaction as Hayden assured him that Jake and Elizabeth had believed the lie. After Hayden poured herself a glass of wine, Ric handed her an envelope filled with cash. Hayden noticed the envelope seemed light, so Ric explained she would get the rest of the money after he was certain their ruse had worked.

Hayden was not pleased, but Ric insisted it was imperative Elizabeth had given up on Jake and let him go. Hayden warned Ric that Elizabeth was a woman in love, but Ric argued that Elizabeth was meant to be with him, not Jake. Ric insisted Hayden keep up her end of the bargain, but Hayden was curious why Ric trusted her, since they had only recently met after connecting with each other on a dating website. Ric acknowledged there hadn't been any romantic sparks between them when he and Hayden had met for coffee, but he had sensed that they could help each other.

Hayden confessed it would be nice not to have collection agencies chasing her down, but she wondered what she would do with Jake if Ric's plan worked. Ric didn't care as long as Elizabeth turned to Ric. Ric promised to pay Hayden double what he had offered if she got the job done in a timely fashion, but Hayden explained she would need proof, since both Jake and Elizabeth had asked for it. Ric handed Hayden a Social Security card for "Jake Barnes" as well as an insurance card and marriage license to support Hayden's story. Hayden was impressed, but she revealed she would need a driver's license and pictures to prove that Jake and Hayden had had a life together.

Ric promised to get everything Hayden needed, so Hayden confessed that Jake had struck her as the type to honor his responsibilities. She was confident Ric would get what he wanted if the proof held up under scrutiny. Ric was certain neither Jake nor Elizabeth would question the documents.

At Sam's penthouse, Alexis was surprised when Julian entered. She confessed that she hadn't expected him until later that evening then explained she was up to her eyeballs in work because she needed to be prepared for Nina Clay's hearing the following day. Julian offered to keep himself busy until she was done with work, but Alexis pushed her paperwork aside to kiss Julian. She immediately noticed that he seemed troubled, so Julian revealed he had literally bumped into a very pregnant Olivia. Julian confessed the baby had kicked while he had talked to Olivia, but Olivia had objected to him feeling the baby's movement.

Alexis sided with Olivia by explaining that it had been wrong of Julian to act like "Scrooge McDuck" lusting after a bag of gold. "Who do you think you are?" Alexis asked. Julian quietly admitted he might be the baby's father, despite Olivia's insistence to the contrary. Alexis wondered if Julian thought Olivia had lied, but Julian refused to stress about it, since he had Alexis to focus on. Things quickly heated up when Julian kissed Alexis. The couple tore off each other's clothes as they stumbled to the sofa to make love.

Moments later, Patrick and Sam arrived home. Sam squealed with horror then hid her face in Patrick's shoulder as Alexis grabbed a pillow from the sofa to cover herself. Patrick grinned as Alexis and Julian quickly pulled on their clothes. Once Alexis was decent, she assured Sam it was safe to look. Alexis apologized profusely but explained she hadn't expected Sam. Sam revealed Spencer had had an "episode" because he was angry and wanting to blame someone for his injuries, so Sam and Patrick had decided to return from Boston early.

Sam changed the subject by thanking her father for hiring Jake. Stunned, Alexis wondered why Julian had given Jake a job, so Julian admitted he had done it for Sam. Alexis was shocked because Jake was a violent man who had nearly blown up the Haunted Star during a party and had held Sam hostage. Sam insisted Helena had controlled Jake's mind, but Alexis appeared skeptical. Sam was disappointed because she thought that Alexis, more than anyone, could appreciate what Helena was capable of.

Alexis argued that Jake had nearly killed Sam and Patrick, but Sam countered that Jake had actually saved their lives by fighting Helena's order. Sam felt obligated to help Jake because she knew what it was like to have to hustle for a job. Sam insisted Jake didn't have any friends, but Alexis countered that both Elizabeth and Carly had been taking care of Jake's every need. Alexis explained that she didn't want Sam to get hurt, but Sam was confident Jake was a good guy who wouldn't let them down.

After Patrick and Sam went to her bedroom, Alexis remained upset that Patrick and Sam had walked in on Alexis and Julian. Julian insisted it hadn't been that bad, but Alexis was certain Patrick had seen her nipple. Julian was unable to hide his grin as he assured Alexis that it was fine because Patrick was a doctor, and she had "unparalleled nipples." Alexis was not amused, so Julian reminded her that they couldn't change the past.

Alexis decided she needed to see Patrick naked to make things even, but Julian quickly nixed the plan. Instead, Julian suggested they could avoid being caught again if Alexis moved in with him. Stunned, Alexis pointed out that Molly would never agree, so Julian proposed sending Molly to live with Ric for a few months until Molly left for college. Alexis adamantly refused because she didn't trust Ric. Julian appreciated Alexis' concern, so he suggested she look for her own place, but Alexis didn't relish the idea. However, she reminded him that they could still have sex in the bedroom then bolted for the stairs as she challenged him to a race.

In Sam's bedroom, Sam couldn't believe she and Patrick had walked in on Alexis and Julian having sex in the living room. Patrick teased Sam but admitted it had only been a matter of time, since a lot people lived under Sam's roof. Sam feared she might have to kick her mother out, but Patrick had a solution to keep Sam from seeing a "parent pretzel" again. Sam was surprised when Patrick asked Sam to move in with him.

Sam carefully asked if Patrick had discussed it with Emma, but Patrick was certain Emma wouldn't have any objections to Sam and Danny moving in. Sam had reservations about living in the home Patrick had once shared with his wife, so she admitted she would need time to think things over. Patrick assured her that he understood, and he kissed her as they fell on the bed and made love.

At Kelly's, Ned left his mother a voicemail message asking her to return his call. Afterwards, he joined Olivia at the table. Ned explained that he was concerned about Tracy because Luke was still on the loose, but he shifted gears when he noticed Olivia seemed troubled. Olivia quickly apologized and admitted that she had been in her own world, where Julian Jerome didn't exist. Olivia couldn't understand why people thought they could just touch a pregnant woman's stomach, so Ned confessed that Julian had appeared to have lingering suspicions about the paternity of Olivia's baby.

Olivia admitted that Julian had said as much during their encounter but Olivia had assured Julian that Ned was the father. Ned feared Julian didn't believe Olivia, but Olivia was confident Ned's timely arrival had settled any doubts Julian might have had. Ned was glad he had been able to do his part, but Olivia disclosed that she had been unsettled by Julian's attitude. She explained that she hadn't seen the condescension and coldness she had grown to expect from Julian. Instead, Julian had seemed almost kind and paternal.

Olivia had felt almost bad for Julian, so Ned wondered if Olivia had second thoughts about keeping the baby away from Julian. Olivia assured Ned that she hadn't changed her mind, but lying was difficult for her. Ned reminded her that she was protecting her child rather than acting out of malice. Olivia agreed it was imperative to keep her unborn child away from Julian's violent lifestyle, but she warned Ned that Ned would be committing himself to the baby for life by claiming to be the baby's father. Ned insisted he didn't have any regrets and added that the Quartermaines and the staff looked forward to welcoming Olivia's baby into the family.

Olivia was touched that Ned was determined to be by her side and take responsibility for a child that wasn't his. However, she feared he had bitten off more than he could chew.

At Valerie Spencer's apartment in Pennsylvania, Valerie walked Lulu and Tracy to the door. Lulu wanted to stay in touch with Valerie because Valerie had family members in Port Charles who would be eager to meet their new cousin. Valerie promised to keep it in mind but admitted her life was a bit complicated at that moment. Tracy and Lulu were about to leave when they heard a loud thump inside Valerie's apartment. Alarmed, Tracy asked if Valerie had someone in the apartment, but Valerie claimed it had been her cat, Gunnar.

Lulu smiled as she asked if she could see Valerie's pet, since Lulu couldn't have one because of Dante's allergies. Valerie claimed Gunnar tended to shed a lot and was not friendly. Valerie tried to shut the door, but Lulu asked for another moment of her cousin's time. Lulu was curious where Patricia was buried, so Valerie claimed Patricia had been interred at Oak Hills Cemetery. Lulu wondered what the plot number was, but Valerie claimed she couldn't remember then quickly shut the door before Lulu or Tracy could stop her.

Inside the apartment, Luke stepped out of the closet. "Well, alone at last," he said with a grin as he kept a firm grip on his gun. Luke had been impressed with Valerie's deceptive qualities, which he assured her had done the Spencers proud. He was pleased that she had managed to get rid of the "two smug bitches," but Valerie shifted gears to remind Luke that he was free to leave as well. She tensed when Luke sat down in a chair as he explained that he intended to stay. Frustrated, Valerie insisted she had done everything he had asked, but Luke disagreed because she had failed to reveal where his sister Patricia was.

Valerie claimed her mother had passed away, but Luke didn't believe her. He warned her it would be a fatal mistake to lie to him, so he decided to give her time to mull things over. Meanwhile, he intended to get to know his niece.

At a diner, Tracy regretted ordering a BLT instead of a tuna melt like Lulu had. Lulu was shocked that Patricia had failed to tell Valerie about the Spencer family, but Tracy suspected Valerie hadn't been very truthful with them. Lulu was surprised Tracy suspected Valerie of lying, but Tracy explained that something had been off at the apartment. Tracy pointed out that there hadn't been any evidence of a cat despite Valerie's claim of having one. Lulu wondered if Tracy were suggesting that Valerie had been hiding someone, so Tracy conceded it was possible.

Tracy reminded Lulu there wasn't any reason to trust Valerie, since they didn't know Lulu's cousin. Lulu assumed Tracy suspected Valerie of hiding Patricia, so she was curious why Valerie would hide Lulu's aunt.

Hayden gave Jake proof of her claims

Hayden gave Jake proof of her claims

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

At the courthouse, Alexis gave Nina last-minute instructions for the upcoming hearing, but Nina became distracted when she spotted Nathan. Nina ran up to greet her brother and give him a hug because she was delighted he was there to support her. However, her smile faded when she noticed Nathan seemed troubled. Nathan was reluctant to discuss it, but Nina wanted to know why Nathan was upset.

Eventually, Nathan confessed that he had bowed out of his relationship with Maxie. Shocked, Nina reminded him that he loved Maxie, but Nathan explained there was a third party vying for Maxie's love. Nathan filled his sister in about Spinelli's desire to rekindle things with Maxie, but Nina urged Nathan to fight for Maxie. Nathan explained that the decision was Maxie's, so Nina reluctantly accepted his decision. Nathan smiled then suggested Nina focus on the hearing because he was eager to see her released from Shadybrook.

Alexis overheard Nathan's remark as she walked up, so she suggested Nina heed Nathan's advice. Nina wondered if she could have a little more time to visit with Nathan, so Alexis carefully reminded Nina that Nina would have plenty of time to spend with Nathan if Nina followed Alexis' instructions. After Alexis walked away, Nathan implored Nina to listen to Alexis because he didn't want Nina to spend the rest of her life in Shadybrook.

Moments later, Franco arrived in court with a police guard. Nina beamed with joy when she saw Franco, but he appeared concerned. Nathan decided to excuse himself to talk to Alexis so Nina and Franco could have a few minutes alone.

After Nathan walked away, Franco quietly wondered how Nina was feeling. She admitted that she was nervous then quietly confessed that she had told Alexis the truth about pretending to have a breakdown a few weeks earlier. Franco was shocked, but Nina insisted it had been necessary because Nina had needed Alexis' advice about how to proceed during the rescheduled hearing. Nina feared that Franco was angry, but he admitted that he had told Scott the truth about recovering from the LSD overdose. Nina was stunned because she feared Franco's father might use the information to send Franco to Pentonville, but Franco assured Nina that he trusted Scott.

Meanwhile, Nathan asked Alexis if Nina had any chance of prevailing in court. Alexis carefully explained that she was cautiously optimistic, so Nathan wondered what Alexis had up her sleeve. Alexis refused to tell him, despite his insistence that he had a right to know, since he was Nina's brother.

Moments later, Alexis approached Nina to announce that it was time for the hearing to begin. Nina worried that she might not see Franco again, but he promised to see Nina soon. After Franco walked away, Nathan revealed that he had to leave because his boss had ordered him to report to the police station. Nina smiled bravely and assured her brother that she would be fine.

Moments later, Alexis and Nina entered the courtroom as the judge approached the bench. After the bailiff called court to order, Alexis began her appeal to the judge by thanking the judge for agreeing to reschedule Nina's hearing. The judge explained that she was aware of the reasons for the postponement but admitted that nothing in Nina's file indicated that Nina's condition had improved. Nina was shocked when Alexis announced that Nina had faked the breakdown.

At the penthouse, Patrick woke up in Sam's bed while she read the Port Charles Press online. He was curious what she was reading, so she told him that both Franco and Nina were trying to get out of Shadybrook. Patrick took the tablet from Sam to read the news article about the court hearings as Sam mentioned that both Franco and Nina had terrorized her. Sam conceded that Nina's transgressions had been less serious because Nina had simply tried to get between Sam and Silas, but Franco had been a different matter.

According to Sam, she could almost feel sorry for Franco because he was completely delusional, but ultimately, she believed he belonged in jail for several consecutive life sentences. Meanwhile, Sam would like to see Nina confined to a straitjacket for the rest of Nina's life. Patrick grinned as he conceded Sam was quite intimidating. Patrick agreed that he hoped to never have to lay eyes on Franco and Nina again, but Patrick would rather discuss his relationship with Sam.

Patrick reminded Sam that he had asked her to move in with him, but Sam became uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation. She admitted that she needed more time to think things over, so Patrick promised she could have all the time she needed. Sam feared that she had upset Patrick, but Patrick promised that he was fine. Sam was disappointed because she had hoped to cheer him up, so Patrick smiled playfully as he pretended to be deeply hurt by her rejection. Sam made amends by making love to him.

Afterwards, Patrick and Sam smiled with satisfaction as they tried to catch their breath. Patrick feared they had destroyed everything on her nightstand, but Sam assured him that everything was fine as she leaned over him to set everything on the nightstand to rights. Her smile faded when she picked up her wedding band, which had spilled out of the canister she kept it in. Patrick asked what she had in her hand, so Sam explained that she had put her wedding band in the canister for safekeeping after Jason's death.

Sam revealed that she and Jason had kept their wedding rings in the canister during their separation, but they had retrieved them to put them on each other's fingers the night Jason had been shot. Sam frowned as she suddenly recalled Jake mentioning there only being one ring prior to Jake's operation to have Helena's implant removed from his brain. Sam told Patrick about Jake's cryptic words then confessed that a part of her wondered if Jake had been referring to her wedding band.

At Kelly's, Maxie was distracted as T.J. filled her cup with coffee then asked if she needed anything else. Maxie assured T.J. that she was fine, so he smiled and walked away. Moments later, Molly entered the diner and greeted T.J. with a kiss. Molly explained that she was there to meet her father because she was eager to find out if Ric had had any success with online dating. T.J. was confused because he thought Ric and Elizabeth had been seeing each other, so Molly revealed that Elizabeth had ended things with Ric.

Outside, Maxie bumped into Spinelli as she was leaving the diner with Georgie. Spinelli was curious if Georgie's health continued to improve since her bout with the flu, so Maxie assured him that their daughter was fine. Spinelli shifted gears to ask how Maxie had been holding up since her breakup with Nathan, but Maxie wondered why Spinelli assumed that Maxie and Nathan had broken up. Spinelli confessed that he had heard what Nathan had said at Volonino's gym about ending the relationship because Maxie loved Spinelli. Maxie was impressed that Spinelli had managed to hear so much while flat on the ground as "imaginary birds" circled his head.

Spinelli ignored Maxie's remark as he reiterated that it had seemed as if Nathan had broken up with Maxie. Maxie tried to leave, but Spinelli wanted to know if Maxie and Nathan had reconciled since Nathan had stormed out of Volonino's gym. Maxie reluctantly conceded that her relationship with Nathan was likely over, so Spinelli admitted he was sorry. However, he wasn't sorry that he and Maxie could finally be a family with Georgie.

"The hell we are," Maxie replied with indignation. Spinelli was confused because he knew Maxie loved him, but Maxie resented Spinelli challenging Nathan to a fight in the boxing ring with Maxie as the prize. Spinelli agreed that the fight had been ill-advised, but he insisted that he had wanted an opportunity to show her that he was as much of a man as Nathan was and therefore equally deserving of a relationship with Maxie. Maxie argued that Spinelli had gone about it the wrong way, so Spinelli agreed, but he insisted he had done what he had for the right reasons.

Maxie thought the fight had been "idiotic," but Spinelli explained that he had merely wanted to prove to Maxie that he loved her. Maxie argued that it hadn't been necessary, since he had made his feelings abundantly clear to her from the onset. Spinelli changed tactics by begging Maxie to tell him he hadn't blown things with her. Spinelli realized he had made a mistake, but he sincerely believed he and Maxie were meant to be together. Maxie refused to discuss it with Spinelli, so she left with Georgie.

At Metro Court, Hayden greeted Ric as he arrived with the proof she had requested to convince Jake that he was married to Hayden. Ric assured Hayden that he had photographs, documentation, and sentimental keepsakes to support Hayden's story, but Hayden and Ric tensed when Jake suddenly knocked on the door, asking to talk to Hayden. Hayden had no idea how to explain Ric's presence in her suite, so Ric quickly ducked out of sight as Hayden answered the door.

Hayden carefully led Jake to the balcony to show him the view of city, while Ric silently slipped out the front door. After she saw Ric leave, Hayden returned to the suite with Jake to show him the evidence that Ric had manufactured.

At Kelly's, Ric apologized to Molly for being late. He explained that he had been unavoidably detained, but Molly didn't mind. She wondered if Ric objected to T.J. joining them, so Ric assured her that it was fine as he sat down at the table with Molly and T.J. Molly confessed she had told T.J. about signing Ric up on a dating website then began to pepper Ric with questions because she wanted to know if Ric had met anyone on the site. Ric conceded he had found someone who had piqued his interest, so he had met the woman for coffee. However, Ric revealed the woman had been married.

Molly was disappointed, but Ric smiled politely as he recalled meeting Hayden in her hotel room and introducing her to a man named Pete who had agreed to pose for pictures to document Hayden and Jake's courtship and marriage. Ric had snapped pictures with various backgrounds to make it appear that Hayden and Jake had travelled together. After the pictures had been taken, Ric handed Hayden the wedding ring Pete had worn in the wedding pictures.

Ric returned to the present when T.J. wondered how Ric had reacted to the married woman meeting Ric for coffee. "I got the hell out of there," Ric replied. T.J. wondered if the woman's husband knew about his wife's activities, so Ric admitted that he doubted it. Molly was confident the right woman for Ric was still out there. She offered her father some words of encouragement then announced that she had to leave.

After Molly left and T.J. returned to work, Ric sipped on his coffee. He was shocked when Pete suddenly sauntered into the diner and sat down at Ric's table. Ric growled that Pete couldn't be there.

At Elizabeth's house, Elizabeth recalled confessing to Ric that she had feelings for Jake -- and Ric's refusal to accept that Ric and Elizabeth were over. Her thoughts then drifted to Jake and Jake's admission that he saw a future with her. Finally, Elizabeth recalled Hayden's unexpected appearance and claim that Hayden was Jake's wife.

Elizabeth pushed the unsettling memories away when her doorbell rang. It was Carly. Carly breezed into Elizabeth's home, eager to hear Elizabeth thank her. Elizabeth was curious why she should thank Carly, so Carly explained that she had been the one to tell Jake about Elizabeth and Ric's breakup. Carly wanted to know if Jake and Elizabeth were finally a couple, since Carly was certain Jake hadn't wasted any time declaring his feelings for Elizabeth. Elizabeth conceded that everything had gone great until Jake's wife had turned up on Elizabeth's doorstep.

Stunned, Carly demanded to know what Elizabeth was talking about. Elizabeth fetched Carly a cup of coffee and filled Carly in about Hayden's visit. Elizabeth explained Jake's name had seemed familiar to him because his real name was Jacob Barnes, but Carly didn't believe it. Carly insisted something wasn't right about it, especially since it had taken the woman six months to track Jake down. Carly was curious where the woman had been, so Elizabeth revealed Hayden was from Beechers Corners.

Carly's was even more skeptical of Hayden's story, since Beechers Corners was close to Port Charles. Elizabeth explained that Hayden had assumed Jake had walked out on her after a bitter argument, so Hayden hadn't put the pieces together until Hayden had heard about the incident at the Haunted Star. Carly continued to question Hayden's story and wanted to know where Jake was. Elizabeth admitted that Jake had gone to Metro Court to review the proof Hayden claimed to have. Carly was surprised that Elizabeth hadn't accompanied Jake, but Elizabeth insisted it was Jake's private business.

Carly wasn't satisfied because she feared Hayden might try to pull something, but Elizabeth argued that it wasn't as if Elizabeth could administer a polygraph test to determine if Hayden had told the truth. Carly was determined to protect Jake because Carly didn't believe Hayden's story, but Elizabeth insisted they needed to stay out of it unless Jake asked for their help. Carly refused to stand by while her friend was manipulated, so she demanded that Elizabeth accompany her to Metro Court to confront Hayden.

In Hayden's hotel suite, Hayden showed Jake his Social Security card, their marriage license, and an insurance card with his name on it, but Jake was curious if she had any pictures. Hayden produced the pictures Ric had taken to document Jake and Hayden's "life" together, including a wedding picture. Jake tensed when he noticed the man in the photographs looked similar to him in build and coloring, but he confessed the face in the pictures wasn't familiar.

Jake suddenly wondered why he hadn't been wearing a wedding ring when he had been struck by a car, so Hayden explained he had taken it off and thrown it at her during their last argument. Hayden fished the ring out of the box with the other mementos and suggested Jake try it on to see if it fit. Jake agreed, but the wedding ring didn't trigger any memories. Jake was taken aback when Hayden decided to spark his memory by kissing him.

Meanwhile, Carly used her key to let herself into Hayden's suite. Elizabeth and Carly stopped short in the doorway when they saw Hayden and Jake kissing.

Valerie and Luke struggle for a gun

Valerie and Luke struggle for a gun

Thursday, March 26, 2015

At Metro Court Hotel, Carly and Elizabeth entered Hayden's suite but stopped short when they saw Hayden and Jake kissing. Carly immediately cleared her throat then asked if she and Elizabeth were interrupting. Startled, Hayden jumped back as Jake looked up and saw Elizabeth's hurt expression. Carly quickly introduced herself and added that she owned the hotel, so Hayden wondered if Carly made a habit of barging into the guests' rooms.

Carly admitted she had questions about Hayden's claims that Jake was Hayden's husband, but Hayden was curious why it concerned Carly. Carly explained that Jake was a friend and that he had been through a lot since being struck by an SUV six months earlier. Carly demanded to know where Hayden had been since Jake's alleged disappearance, so Hayden repeated her story about assuming that Jake had walked out on the marriage following a bitter argument during a camping trip. Carly wasn't satisfied, so she insisted Hayden provide proof.

Hayden reached for Jake's hand to show Carly the wedding ring on Jake's finger, but Carly wasn't impressed because it was easy to pick up a wedding band in a store. Hayden revealed she had photographs and medical records, so Elizabeth perked up and asked to review Jake's medical records. Hayden handed the file to Elizabeth, so Elizabeth stepped to the side to quietly review the records.

Meanwhile, Carly continued to question Hayden by demanding definitive proof like fingerprints or DNA. Hayden argued that Jake had never been arrested, and she didn't have any of Jake's DNA. Carly found it convenient that Hayden had neglected to keep a comb or toothbrush that would support Hayden's claims about Jake. Jake asked Carly to back off, but Carly insisted Hayden could be feeding Jake a pack of lies. Carly feared that Hayden intended to pull Jake away from the life he had created in Port Charles for a life that had never existed, so Carly asked if anything about Hayden seemed familiar or triggered a memory.

Jake shook his head as he admitted that nothing about Hayden resonated, but Hayden blamed it on Jake's head injury. Finally, Elizabeth spoke up to reveal that the medical records confirmed Patrick's findings that Jake had undergone brain surgery in the past. Carly wasn't satisfied because brain surgery might not be common but it wasn't unheard of. Elizabeth explained that Jacob Barnes's surgery had been in the same area of the brain that Jake's previous brain surgery had been in.

Jake asked Hayden why he had undergone brain surgery, so Hayden carefully danced around the question by explaining that he had collapsed at work and been rushed to the hospital. Jake was curious what line of work he had been in, so Hayden claimed Jake had worked in construction. Hayden continued her story by explaining that she had been terrified of losing Jake, but he had made it through the surgery and recovered fully. Hayden smiled as she told Jake that she wanted to make up for lost time, but Elizabeth had had enough and ran out of the suite.

Jake quickly chased after Elizabeth, so Hayden tried to follow Jake, but Carly blocked Hayden from leaving. Annoyed, Hayden paced the room as Carly flipped through the pictures of Hayden and "Jake." Hayden was curious why Carly was still there, but Carly wondered how Hayden had been able to afford a suite in Carly's hotel, since Hayden and Jake had been poor. Hayden explained that her friends and family had given her money, but Carly noticed that Hayden seemed to have an answer for everything. Carly reminded Hayden that fraud was a crime, and she vowed to get to the bottom of Hayden's story.

In the hallway, Jake called out to Elizabeth. She stopped, so he approached her and asked if she had intended to leave without saying goodbye. Elizabeth's eyes filled with unshed tears as she quietly admitted that she had hoped she wouldn't have to say goodbye to him. "This is really hard," she added in a choked-up voice. Jake reached for her hands as he assured her that he wasn't going anywhere, but Elizabeth couldn't ignore that he had a wife who loved him. Elizabeth admitted she had realized that Jake might return Hayden's feelings when she had seen him kissing his wife.

Jake clarified that Hayden had kissed him and added that he had felt nothing during the kiss. Jake admitted it was different with Elizabeth, and he kissed her to prove his point. After the passionate kiss ended, he reiterated that he felt nothing for Hayden. However, Elizabeth was a different matter because he had memorized every detail of her face. He was certain he would never feel for Hayden what he felt for Elizabeth, but Elizabeth reminded him that he had once loved Hayden enough to marry her.

Elizabeth insisted Jake owed it to himself to try to get back what he had once had with his wife. Instead, Jake kissed Elizabeth again. Elizabeth's expression clouded with sadness when the kiss ended. Jake watched helplessly as she turned and walked away, ignoring his pleas for her not to leave him.

In Sam's bedroom, Sam told Patrick about Jake's odd remark about there only being one ring. She wondered if Jake had been referring to her wedding ring, but Patrick was curious why she would think that. Sam conceded that it didn't make a lot of sense, but Jake had broken into her home and had stolen one of the figurines she and Jason had exchanged during their first Christmas as husband and wife. She suspected Jake might have seen her wedding ring in the canister while he had been snooping around her bedroom.

Patrick questioned why Jake would mention seeing the ring prior to having brain surgery, but Sam didn't have an answer. Moments later, Danny ran into the bedroom and jumped onto the bed, nestling between Patrick and Sam. Sam smothered her son with kisses until Danny pulled away and asked if Patrick was his new daddy. Sam gently reminded Danny that Danny only had one father, who watched over Danny from heaven. However, she admitted that Patrick was a special friend.

Patrick added that he would never want to replace Danny's father, but he would like to be Danny's best friend. Satisfied, Danny happily agreed, so Patrick and Danny exchanged high-fives and fist bumps.

Later, Sam returned to the bedroom after taking Danny to the kitchen to have breakfast with Molly. Sam apologized for her son putting Patrick on the spot earlier, but Patrick assured Sam that it was fine. Patrick promised to respect Jason's place in Danny's life, but he reiterated his desire for Sam and Danny to move in with him and Emma. Sam smiled but insisted she needed more time to think it over. Patrick promised not to pressure her then shifted gears to advise her not to fret about Jake and the ring.

In the courtroom, Franco rambled until the judge decided he was too mentally unstable to stand trial. However, the prosecutor requested that Scott Baldwin take the stand. The judge agreed, so Scott was sworn in. Franco nervously muttered to himself then continued his act by claiming he wanted to get Scott's autograph because Scott was a Baldwin brother. Franco's attorney warned Franco to behave, so Franco quieted down as the prosecutor invited Scott to give the statement that Scott had prepared.

Scott revealed that he had visited Franco at Shadybrook the previous day. At first, Scott had feared his son had been in bad shape, but Franco had confessed to injecting himself with an overdose of LSD in a desperate attempt to stay out of Pentonville. "Oh, crap," Franco muttered as Scott went on to reveal that Franco had quickly recovered from the LSD injection and had been faking a mental breakdown. Desperate, Franco tried to make a scene by accusing Scott of having a hearing problem, but Scott warned Franco that it was time to "pony up" because there were no free rides in life.

Franco begged his attorney to stop Scott from testifying, but Franco's attorney explained it was impossible because Scott was the district attorney. On the stand, Scott conceded that Franco was his son, but Scott had an obligation as a public official. The judge decided that Franco should stand trial, but Franco's attorney objected because there was documented proof of Franco's reaction to the LSD injection.

Meanwhile, Franco accused Scott of being a traitor as Scott took a seat behind Franco. Franco was disappointed because he had thought his father had had his back, so Scott carefully reminded Franco that Franco's young attorney had a reputation for being a shark. Scott suggested Franco's attorney could argue that Shawn had helped Heather escape from Ferncliff and that Heather had technically kidnapped Shawn, Jordan, and Carly. Scott added that Franco's attorney could also claim that Franco hadn't known Nina had kidnapped the baby until Franco and Nina had ended up in Canada.

Scott pointed out that the United States didn't have jurisdiction in Canada, so Scott would be forced to drop all the charges relating to Ava's baby's abduction. Franco mouthed, "Thank you," to his father. Scott squeezed his son's shoulder and replied, "You're welcome."

In another courtroom, Nina was stunned when Alexis informed the judge that Nina had faked a mental breakdown prior to the previous hearing. The judge was curious why Nina would do that, but Nina quietly warned Alexis not to explain because Nina was protected by attorney/client privilege. Alexis argued that it was Alexis' responsibility to give Nina the best defense possible, so Alexis was obligated to save Nina's life, whether Nina liked it or not.

The judge demanded an answer. Alexis revealed that Nina had wanted to remain in Shadybrook because Nina had been thinking with her heart. However, Alexis wanted the judge to uphold the original release agreement because Nina could be a productive member of society. The judge decided to take a minute to deliberate, but Nina asked for a moment of the judge's time. Alexis reminded Nina that Alexis had been doing her job, but Nina argued that Alexis hadn't given Nina any choice except to fake another breakdown.

The judge agreed to hear what Nina had to say, so Nina was permitted to take the stand. Nina started to explain that she had taken the baby because the baby belonged to Nina and Silas, but Franco suddenly entered the courtroom. Franco apologized for disrupting the proceedings then pointedly explained that he was simply a man who'd had all the charges against him dropped and wanted to observe the hearing. Nina realized Franco was a free man, so she apologized to the judge for taking Ava's daughter and admitted that she had suffered a complete breakdown. Nina credited the doctors at Shadybrook with helping her face reality.

Nina was elated when the judge agreed to honor the original terms of Nina's release. After the judge left the courtroom, Nina ran into Franco's waiting arms.

At Kelly's, Dante was about to enter the diner when Lulu called out to him. Dante turned to greet his wife with a warm hug and kiss. However, he was disappointed that Lulu hadn't called him before leaving town with Tracy to chase down a lead. Lulu admitted that she hadn't wanted to pull him off the search for her father then asked if there had been any new developments. Dante confessed that the lead in Switzerland hadn't panned out because it hadn't been Luke using the passport with one of Luke's aliases. Disappointed, Lulu realized her father had hired a decoy.

Inside Kelly's, Ric was stunned when Pete, the man he had hired to pose as Jake in photographs with Hayden, sat down at his table. Ric demanded to know what Pete was doing there, so Pete explained he had heard the BLTs at Kelly's were great. Ric growled that he and Pete couldn't be seen together, but Pete was unconcerned. Ric panicked when he saw Dante and Lulu approach the door, so he hustled Pete out the back door of the diner.

Lulu frowned as she and Dante entered Kelly's. She was curious if the man fleeing out the back had been Ric. Dante confirmed that it had been, but he guided Lulu to a table so they could talk about Lulu and Tracy's trip.

In the back alley, Ric reminded Pete that Pete was supposed to have left town. Pete argued that he had business to discuss with Ric, but Ric was livid that Pete hadn't held up Pete's end the bargain. Ric explained that he had paid Pete a considerable amount of money to disappear, but Pete revealed that he wanted more. Ric warned Pete that Pete was out of his league, but Pete accused Ric of committing identity theft by trying to convince "some poor bastard" that he was someone he was not and that he married to Hayden.

Ric was curious how much it would cost to make Pete go away. Pete wondered how much Elizabeth was worth to Ric because Pete knew Ric's charade was a desperate attempt to drive Jake away from Elizabeth to free Elizabeth up for Ric. Pete vowed to tell Elizabeth everything if Ric failed to pay up, so Ric offered Pete an additional $10,000. Satisfied, Pete accepted, but Ric made it clear Pete was to leave town. "We'll see," Pete replied as he sauntered off.

Inside Kelly's, Lulu told Dante that her aunt, Patricia Spencer, had passed away. Lulu was disappointed that she wouldn't be able to get the answers needed to help Luke, but she was happy to have met her cousin, Valerie. Lulu confessed that Valerie had seemed nice but overwhelmed by Lulu and Tracy's visit. Lulu continued to tell him about the visit then mentioned the loud noise Lulu and Tracy had heard inside Valerie's apartment. Lulu confessed that Tracy hadn't believed Valerie's claim that the noise had been Valerie's cat.

Intrigued, Dante wondered if perhaps Tracy had been right. He suggested that Luke might have made the noise. Lulu decided to call to check on her cousin, but the phone kept ringing. Lulu became concerned because she found it odd that Valerie's answering machine hadn't picked up. Dante decided that he and Lulu should pay Valerie a visit.

In Pennsylvania, Luke entered his niece's living room with two plates of scrambled eggs. Luke began to eat as Valerie quietly wept while bound to a chair with duct tape covering her mouth. Luke explained that he had been forced to tie her up because he couldn't afford to have her alerting the authorities of his whereabouts until she told him where his sister, Patricia, was.

However, Luke conceded that Valerie would need to keep her strength up, so he removed the duct tape to feed her scrambled eggs. Valerie seized the opportunity to bite down on her uncle's wrist. Furious, Luke jerked away and refused to feed her another bite. Valerie accused her uncle of being a "psycho" for terrorizing her with a gun and holding her hostage, but Luke was unmoved by her plight because he fully intended to carry out his threats if she refused to cooperate.

Valerie carefully worked to loosen the knot in the rope binding her wrists behind her back as she insisted her mother was dead. Luke didn't believe Valerie, so Valerie wondered what Luke wanted with her mother. Luke explained that it didn't concern her, but Valerie suspected her mother knew something about Luke that he didn't want anyone to find out. Luke noticed Valerie had talked about her mother in the present tense, so he knew Patricia was alive. "Fine, you got me," Valerie said as the knot fell away.

Valerie wondered if Luke was proud of himself for forcing her to betray her mother for a "lunatic." Luke ignored the insult as he demanded to know where his sister was, but Valerie refused to tell him. Valerie was certain Luke intended to kill Patricia to keep buried whatever childhood secret Luke was desperate to hide from Lulu and Tracy. Luke realized Valerie wouldn't cooperate, which meant she was no longer of any use to him. Valerie was shocked that Luke intended to kill her, so Luke admitted he didn't care about any of his family.

Valerie tearfully begged Luke to spare her life by promising not to tell anyone that he had been there. Luke easily saw through the lie, but he became momentarily distracted when her phone rang. Valerie used the element of surprise by jumping up and knocking her uncle backwards. The gun fell out of Luke's grip as Valerie raced for the phone and answered it with a desperate appeal for help. Luke managed to tear the phone line out of the phone, so Valerie dropped the phone as she spotted the gun on the floor. Both Valerie and Luke lunged for the gun at the same time.

A short time later, Dante and Lulu knocked on Valerie's apartment door. Valerie didn't answer, so Dante pretended to hear something inside the apartment to give him probable cause for entering. Dante drew his gun and opened the door. "Oh, my God," Lulu said as she looked at the living room floor.

Jordan's cover was blown

Jordan's cover was blown

Friday, March 27, 2015

In Anna's hotel suite, Anna finished wiring Jordan for Jordan's meeting with Duke. Jordan buttoned her blouse as Anna checked the laptop to test Jordan's microphone. Jordan was nervous about wearing a wire, so Anna reminded Jordan that the meeting would be in a public place, and backup would be on hand if things went bad. Anna tried to distract Jordan from her uneasiness by reminding Jordan that they needed Duke to repeat the order to kill Julian and, if possible, get Duke discussing payment for the contract murder.

Annoyed, Jordan wondered if Anna also expected Jordan to talk to Duke about the inner workings of the organization, so Anna quietly apologized. Anna realized she had asked a lot from Jordan, but she promised the payoff would be worth it. Jordan wondered if Anna was truly prepared to arrest Duke, but Anna insisted her past with Duke no longer mattered because Duke had become a killer by ordering a hit. Satisfied, Jordan pulled on a jacket. Anna promised to monitor the conversation from the suite then wished Jordan luck.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Julian approached Duke's table as Duke sipped tea. Julian helped himself to the money in the tea box as he explained that he knew Duke used the restaurant as a cash drop. After Julian sat down, he advised Duke to find another drop site, but Duke growled that Corinthos business didn't concern Julian. Julian decided to keep the bundle of money from the tea box as a down payment for the money Duke owed him for the fiasco on the docks. Julian felt he was due compensation, since Duke had interfered with Julian's shipment, but Duke informed Julian that the docks were part of the Corinthos territory -- just like the cash Julian had taken from the tea box.

Julian appeared unconcerned until Duke's men suddenly closed in on the table. Duke explained that it was wise to keep men close, so Julian dropped the cash on the table. Olivia suddenly marched up demanding to know what was going on. She realized Julian and Duke had been conducting mob business, so she ordered them to take it outside, or she would toss them into the street herself. After Olivia stormed off, Duke warned Julian to stay out of his way, but Julian merely smiled as he followed Olivia to the bar.

A short time later, Jordan arrived for her meeting with Duke. Duke asked how he could help her as he offered her some tea. Jordan decided on chamomile tea, while she confessed to being nervous. Duke was curious why, so Jordan reminded him that she had to give him a progress report on Julian Jerome. Duke pointedly glanced at Julian as he assured Jordan that it wasn't necessary. Jordan claimed she hadn't been able to carry out the hit because Julian had switched up his routine.

Duke wondered if Jordan had changed her mind, so she asked if there would be compensation for carrying out the order. She quickly promised to take care of it later that evening, but she needed Duke to confirm that he wanted her to kill Julian. Duke dodged the question by telling Jordan about his earlier encounter with Julian. He admitted that Olivia had witnessed the confrontation, so he feared he might be the first person the police would suspect if anything happened to Julian. Jordan assured Duke that she could easily cover her tracks so the hit would not be traced back to her or Duke, but Duke refused to give Jordan the order.

Jordan suddenly wondered if she had been right to assume the order had simply been a test. Duke assured Jordan he could handle "the problem" without resorting to violence, but he praised Jordan for going "above and beyond" to prove her loyalty to the organization. He assured her that he trusted her then invited her to help herself to more tea -- recommending the Earl Grey. Moments later, Duke left.

In Anna's hotel suite, Anna listened to Jordan and Duke's conversation as Jordan arrived for the meeting with Duke. However, a knock at the door forced Anna to close her laptop. It was Sloane, claiming to have a warrant to search her room for information about her undercover informant. Anna was outraged because it wasn't illegal for a federal agent to have an undercover operative. Sloane argued that Anna had used local taxpayer money to pay the informant, which meant she had been legally obligated to divulge the identity of her informant when Sloane had taken over as police commissioner.

Anna suspected Sloane's visit was revenge for her successfully "yanking" his chain when she had searched his suite for proof that he had tampered with the mayoral election. Anna ordered Sloane out of her suite, but he decided to start his search with her laptop. Furious, Anna snatched the piece of paper Sloane had been waving around out of his hand to read the scope of the warrant. She was stunned when she realized that it hadn't been a warrant at all. Unapologetic, Sloane smirked as he conceded it was an email from her boss, Bob Massicotte.

Anna demanded to know what kind of game Sloane was playing, so he revealed that Bob had given him the name of Anna's operative. "It's Jordan Ashford," Sloane added as a smug smile spread across his face. Shocked, Anna tried to deny it, but Sloane knew he was right. Just then, Jordan burst through the door, asking if Anna had heard the exchange between Jordan and Duke in the restaurant, unaware Sloane was in the suite. "Agent Ashford," Sloane greeted Jordan.

At the courthouse, Franco and Nina were in the courtroom following Nina's victorious hearing. Nina was delighted that she and Franco were free to start their lives together outside of Shadybrook, but Alexis informed Nina that Nathan would soon arrive to take Nina back to his place above Kelly's, where Nina would stay until Nina could get on her feet. Nina explained that she didn't want to be a burden to her brother and that it wasn't necessary because Nina had more than enough money between her father and grandmother's trusts, stocks, bonds, and real estate holdings.

Nina was surprised when Alexis explained that the state had seized control of Nina's fortune. Franco argued that it wasn't legal, but Alexis explained that the state had had a right to take Nina's assets when Nina had been sent to Shadybrook. Nina pointed out that she was free, so the state had to return her fortune back to her, but Alexis argued that Nina would have to take legal action, which might take years to settle. Alexis advised Nina to take some time with Nathan to figure out what to do with her life and to stay away from Franco, who belonged in Pentonville.

Nina refused to abandon Franco, but Alexis remained concerned about Nina's involvement with Franco. Nina promised she was fine and invited Alexis to leave. Alexis wanted to stay with Nina until Nathan arrived, but Nina insisted it wasn't necessary. After Alexis reluctantly left, Nina sat on Franco's lap and kissed him. Several minutes later, Nina breathlessly suggested they get a hotel room, but Franco confessed that he wasn't welcome at Metro Court.

Nina was disappointed until Franco suddenly had an idea. He quickly filled her in about his plan and asked if she was okay with his scheme. Nina smiled because she realized people were right to call him a genius. Franco was eager to leave, but Nina wanted to wait for her brother. Franco insisted it was their time to be happy, so Nina agreed to leave with him.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Julian approached Olivia at the bar. Olivia grumbled that she was sick and tired of Duke and Julian's behavior because they both acted like a couple of overgrown spoiled children. Julian quietly confessed he owed Olivia an apology. He realized it had been inappropriate of him to ask to feel her baby kick. Julian added that he also regretted badgering her about the baby's paternity when she had made it abundantly clear that Ned was the father. Alexis arrived at the restaurant as Julian promised that both he and Alexis would back off.

Moments later, Julian greeted Alexis with a passionate kiss as Olivia rolled her eyes. After the kiss, Alexis complimented Olivia's glow, but Julian tactfully changed the subject by asking about Nina's court hearing. Olivia was shocked when Alexis revealed that Nina had been released from Shadybrook, so she asked if anyone had told Sonny. Alexis warned Olivia that it got better -- the charges against Franco had been dropped, so he had also been released from Shadybrook. Olivia couldn't understand how it was possible because Franco had been completely out of his mind when Olivia had recently visited him.

Julian and Alexis were surprised by the admission, so Olivia explained that she had empathized with Franco because Heather had injected her with an LSD overdose too. Alexis was curious what Olivia and Franco had talked about, reminding Olivia of her confession to a rambling Franco about the baby's paternity. Olivia shook the unsettling memory away as Alexis remarked that Franco had clearly pulled himself together enough to persuade a judge to let him walk free.

Later, Julian and Alexis sat down at a table. Alexis was curious what Julian and Olivia had been talking about when Alexis had arrived, so Julian explained that he had assured Olivia that both he and Alexis no longer questioned Olivia's baby's paternity.

Meanwhile, Franco and Nina approached Olivia at the bar. Franco asked Olivia to send a bottle of Champagne to their suite, compliments of her. Olivia told Franco that he was out of his mind if he thought she would let him stay there for free with all the benefits, so Franco threatened to tell Julian the truth about Olivia's baby's paternity if she didn't cooperate.

At Volonino's gym, Sonny was working out when Shawn walked in asking to talk to Sonny about Jordan. After Shawn changed into workout clothes and joined Sonny in the boxing ring to spar, Shawn confessed he might have been wrong about Jordan working undercover for Anna. Shawn pointed out that he hadn't had any evidence to back up his suspicion, so it had been wrong of him to question her loyalty. Sonny revealed that Duke had decided to take care of things by giving Jordan an assignment that an undercover cop could never carry out.

Alarmed, Shawn realized Duke had ordered Jordan to kill someone. Shawn objected, but Sonny reminded Shawn that Duke was in charge of things. Shawn wanted to know what the assignment was, but Sonny insisted that he didn't know because he was trying to keep his distance from the organization. However, Sonny reminded Shawn that Jordan had managed to keep her hands "squeaky clean" while working for both the Jerome and Corinthos organizations, which raised red flags.

Shawn argued that Jordan had killed Mickey Diamond, but Sonny pointed out that the shooting had been ruled self-defense and that Anna had cut Jordan loose. Shawn feared Sonny had already made up his mind about Jordan, but Duke walked in before Sonny could reply. Sonny smiled as he admitted that Duke was just the man he had wanted to see. Shawn immediately questioned Duke about the assignment Jordan had been given, but Duke assured Shawn that Jordan had passed with flying colors, and the assignment had been canceled because Duke was confident Jordan and Anna were not working together.

Relieved, Shawn apologized to both Sonny and Duke for bothering them with his suspicions. Shawn decided to leave, so Sonny walked his friend out. After Sonny left, Duke's bodyguard asked why Duke hadn't told Sonny that Jordan had been wearing a wire.

At Kelly's, Bobbie rushed into the diner and apologized for being late. She sat down at Tracy's table as she explained that her plane had been delayed. However, Bobbie had had an opportunity to search for her brother, but the trip had been in vain. Tracy was disappointed but shifted gears to reveal that she and Lulu had located Patricia. Bobbie was delighted and eager to connect with her sister, but Tracy revealed that Patricia had passed away.

Bobbie began to cry because she had hoped to have a chance to get to know her older sister. Tracy offered her condolences but confessed there was good news because Tracy and Lulu had met Patricia's daughter, Valerie. Bobbie cheered up and peppered Tracy with questions about her niece. Tracy admitted that Valerie had been lovely but not particularly forthcoming with information.

Tracy explained that Valerie had told Tracy and Lulu that Patricia had been buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, but Tracy hadn't been able to locate the cemetery online. Bobbie decided to do a quick check on her phone and discovered an Oak Hill convalescence home close to the address Tracy had provided for Valerie. Bobbie and Tracy decided to pay the convalescence home a visit on the off chance Patricia might be there. Bobbie was confident they wouldn't have any problem getting to see Patricia if Patricia was there, since Bobbie and Patricia were sisters.

At Valerie's apartment, Dante and Lulu raced to check on Valerie, who lay still on the living room floor. Lulu feared her cousin might be dead, but Dante checked Valerie's pulse. He realized Valerie had been knocked unconscious, so he and Lulu gently tried to rouse her. After several moments, Valerie's eyes fluttered open. Lulu quickly introduced Dante then explained that he was a police officer. Dante and Lulu helped Valerie to the sofa as they asked what had happened. Valerie quickly explained that Luke had held her at gunpoint in the apartment, which was why Valerie had been forced to lie.

Lulu was surprised when Valerie confessed that her mother was at Oak Hill, but it was a convalescence home not a cemetery. Valerie revealed that Patricia had suffered from multiple sclerosis for years. Valerie had taken care of her mother until the disease had progressed to the point where Patricia had required twenty-four hour care. Valerie's eyes filled with tears as she confessed that she had told Luke where her mother was when he had threatened to kill Valerie.

At Oak Hill, Bobbie and Tracy stood outside Patricia's room. Bobbie admitted that she had a lot to say to her sister, but Tracy reminded Bobbie they needed to get answers about what had made Luke snap. Moments later, a nurse stepped out of Patricia's room. She asked Bobbie and Tracy if she could help them, so Bobbie revealed that she was there to visit her sister, Patricia. The nurse invited Bobbie to enter the room but cautioned Bobbie not to wear Patricia out.

Bobbie and Tracy entered Patricia's room but stopped short in the doorway when Luke greeted them with a gun aimed at them.

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