General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 23, 2015 on GH

Spencer was injured in a fire. Ava was revealed to be alive. Nina learned she was a free woman, but she could not visit Franco. Tracy, Bobbie, and Lulu hired Spinelli to search for Patricia.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 23, 2015 on GH
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The Hottest Party of the Year

The Hottest Party of the Year

Monday, February 23, 2015

Maxie entered Kelly's with Georgie just in time to hear Spinelli tell Nathan that Spinelli and Ellie had broken up because Ellie had thought that Spinelli still loved Maxie. Maxie asked Shawn to watch Georgie for a minute, and she inserted herself into Spinelli and Nathan's conversation. Nathan told her the whole thing and couldn't believe that Spinelli had hidden it from both of them. Shawn apologized to Maxie, but he had to leave. Maxie chastised Spinelli for not letting her tell Nathan in her own way. Nathan was shocked that Maxie already knew.

Maxie admitted that Spinelli had told her everything the night he'd arrived in Port Charles. Nathan demanded to know why she hadn't shared the news. She explained that things between her and Nathan had still been weird when he'd returned to her apartment, and she'd been excited about seeing Georgie, so she hadn't wanted to get into the drama. Nathan understood and apologized. He admitted that Spinelli had gotten him "worked up." He added that he couldn't pretend that Maxie helping Johnny didn't bother him, but he acknowledged that he'd overreacted.

"It's not like you're still in love with him," Nathan joked. "Are you?" he asked, suddenly turning serious. Maxie stammered that Nathan was her boyfriend. He called her on her hesitation and informed her that neither he nor Maxie seemed to be sure about her feelings for Spinelli. "You need to think about this and decide who you want to be with," Nathan told her, and he left.

Sonny and Spencer descended the stairs at Sonny's, and Spencer remarked on how cute Avery was. He marveled that he aspired to be like Sonny and Nikolas, "the two greatest men I know!" He had to go get ready for his party, but before he did, Sonny walked into the next room. "You think I forgot?" Sonny wondered, and he returned with a large gift-wrapped box. Sonny hinted that it was something for Spencer to wear for his party.

Spencer shook the box and promised to wear whatever was inside. He wished Sonny could attend the party, and Sonny expressed his regrets. Spencer suggested that Sonny take Avery to the party with him, but Sonny didn't think that was a good idea for a baby. Spencer expressed his happiness that Sonny was home and told Sonny how Nikolas had talked about Sonny's heroics. Sonny replied that he'd had to do what he'd done for Michael, and he thought that Nikolas would have done the same for Spencer.

Later, Shawn arrived and asked Sonny about the custody lawsuit. Sonny informed Shawn that the judge was moving forward with the case. Shawn assured Sonny that he had Sonny's back. "Carly too," Sonny added, which prompted Shawn to ask if Sonny and Carly had worked things out. Sonny answered that they were "getting there" but that Carly had almost moved on. He informed Shawn about Jake. He asked Shawn to "keep an eye" on Jake.

Sonny asked Shawn about his relationship with Jordan. Shawn replied that things were "better than expected." He thought that he and Jordan made a "solid team," but he was still "on my toes. It's better to be safe than blindsided."

Jordan was on the phone with T.J. when there was a knock on the door. She took out her gun as she ended her conversation with T.J. She went to the door and asked who was there. "Feds, open up!" Jordan heard. She opened the door to Anna, who showed Jordan her shiny new badge. Anna updated Jordan that, after the government had decided not to pursue charges against Anna, she'd had "a conversation with the higher-ups about Sloane." She informed Jordan that Anna had been given Kyle's old job. "So you can go after him officially?" Jordan wondered.

Anna explained that she intended to catch whoever had helped Kyle rig the election. Jordan reminded Anna that the seal on the ballot box had been unbroken when it had been retrieved. Anna suggested that it had been opened, tampered with, and sealed while at Wyndemere, so "no one was the wiser." Jordan sensed that Anna didn't think that Nikolas had been in on it. Anna didn't think Kyle would "out his own co-conspirator," but Jordan warned Anna that Kyle was a "snake."

Anna continued that Nikolas was one of the few "good Cassadines." Jordan promised to keep her ears open. Anna wondered how Jordan was doing with Shawn and the rest of Sonny's associates and if Sonny had taken his organization back. Jordan replied that Sonny had other priorities, so Duke was still in charge. She continued that her betrayal of Shawn was "eating away" at her because she, Shawn, and T.J. were becoming a family. "You wouldn't turn him in?" Anna wondered. "I hope it's easier for you now that you're not with Duke," Jordan responded.

Anna tearfully recounted how Duke had "stepped in" when Kyle had "lost it" with her, and he'd sent Kyle "scurrying." She had a long history with Duke. She knew that she and Duke would always care for each other, but she had a job to do. "So do you," she told Jordan, and she left.

Shawn walked up to the front door of Jordan's room and caught a glimpse of Anna leaving. He walked in and asked Jordan why Anna had been there. Jordan informed Shawn that Anna "is now a Fed." He wondered what she'd said to Anna. "Unless you have a warrant, leave us the hell alone," Jordan lied.

Jake woke up and asked Elizabeth if he was alive. As Patrick scribbled on Jake's chart, Elizabeth told Jake that Patrick had removed the device, and Jake would be fine. Elizabeth wondered if Jake remembered who he was. Jake replied that he remembered saying that he did to Elizabeth, but he couldn't remember what had made him remember. Patrick informed Jake that it was normal for the brain to not retain memories while under anesthesia.

Jake questioned if there was a chance that his memory could return. Patrick couldn't say for sure and left the room. Elizabeth maintained that she knew who Jake was -- "a good man who is thoughtful, kind, kids love you, and now that Helena is no longer controlling you, you're a good man no matter what your name is." They held hands, and Jake thanked her for standing by him.

Outside Jake's room, Sam and Carly speculated on who Jake was and why Helena had chosen him. Carly admitted that she didn't like the idea of Jake going back to wherever he was from because she thought of him as a friend. Patrick approached the women and updated them on Jake's condition. Carly asked to visit with Jake, and Patrick consented only if she made her visit fast.

When Carly was gone, Sam praised Patrick for doing right by Jake. She knew from his silence that he was thinking about Rafe. She assured him that he'd done all he could have done for Rafe, but he admitted to thinking about Rafe sometimes. "Me too," Sam agreed.

Carly entered Jake's room and asked Elizabeth for a moment alone with Jake. Elizabeth left, and Carly asked how Jake was feeling. "Happy to be alive," he replied. "That makes two of us," she said. Carly begged for forgiveness from Jake for turning him in to the police. He insisted that she'd done the right thing, and if she hadn't, he might never have remembered that he'd planted the bomb on the Haunted Star. She apologized for failing him and hoped they could still be friends. He agreed.

The doorbell rang at Wyndemere, and Nikolas answered it to Kyle, who wanted to discuss Jake. Nikolas wanted Kyle to convince Scott to drop the charges against Jake because he believed the Cassadines had hurt Jake enough. Kyle promised to try.

Spencer arrived home with Sonny's gift. He caught sight of Kyle and assured the commissioner that Nikolas had already hired security for his birthday party. Amused, Kyle left. Nikolas instructed Spencer to look into the living room. Spencer was open-mouthed at the transformation of the room for his party. Spencer hailed Nikolas as "the best father in the galaxy! Every child should have a dad like you." He advised Nikolas to "own your greatness," and he left to get ready for the party.

Later, lights and music pumped from the decorated living room, and kids ran around. Nikolas left Elizabeth a message asking about Jake. He took Jason's wedding ring out of his pocket.

Cameron demanded to know why Emma had lied to him about knowing that Spencer and Josslyn had only pretended to be together. "Trouble in paradise?" Josslyn asked hopefully. Emma wondered if he wanted to be with Josslyn.

Just then, the emcee introduced "the man of the hour." Spencer entered in a cloud of fog, flanked by two models. The models took off the boxing gloves and robe he was wearing to reveal a tuxedo underneath. Spencer thanked Nikolas for a "perfect night." He thanked all of his guests for helping him celebrate his birthday, "especially the love of my life, Emma Drake."

A short while later, everyone was dancing. Spencer broke away from the group, and Cameron pushed him. Spencer pushed him back. Cameron wondered why Spencer had called Emma the love of his life. "Because she is," Spencer replied. Emma admitted to Cameron that she was afraid Cameron would have wanted to be with Josslyn if he'd known about Spencer and Josslyn's fake relationship.

Across the room, Nikolas talked to himself. "Jake is Jason," he said. He admitted that he was keeping the news to himself so he could take over Jason's family's corporation. He almost hoped Jake didn't remember who he was. "Were you saying something?" the emcee asked, ears covered in headphones.

Later, everyone left the party with gift bags. "Ready to leave, Cameron?" Josslyn asked, linking her arm through his. Cameron told Emma that she was right for thinking that he would dump her for Josslyn. "She gets me in a way you don't," he told her. Cameron ran for a gift bag, unknowingly knocking one on top of a lit candle in the process. Cameron and Josslyn left.

Spencer expressed his sympathy that Emma was hurting. He asked her to dance with him, and he held out his hand to her. The two danced, and he proclaimed that it had been the "best birthday ever!" Unbeknownst to the kids, the fire blazed across the room.

At the hospital, Elizabeth read a text message from Cameron to Sam, Patrick, and Carly saying that he and Emma had broken up, and he had left the party with Josslyn. They chuckled over the drama, and Elizabeth and Carly walked away. Patrick wondered if Sam was ready to leave. She wanted to stay, so he left to check on Emma.

Elizabeth congratulated Jake on making it through surgery. He gave Patrick and Elizabeth all the credit and nodded off to sleep.

At Sonny's, Avery started crying just as Sonny and Carly shared a kiss but stopped when they pulled away. Carly admitted she'd been at the hospital, checking up on Jake. "There's no reason we can't be friends," she said, clearly to Sonny's dismay.

Nikolas raced to save Spencer from a fire

Nikolas raced to save Spencer from a fire

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

At Julian's apartment, Alexis appeared deep in thought as she stood in the living room, wearing Julian's shirt. Julian approached her from behind and nuzzled her neck as he asked what she was thinking about. "Ned," Alexis admitted. Julian tensed as he half-jokingly confessed he was hurt she would think about Ned after spending the night in Julian's arms. Alexis smiled as she assured Julian that he didn't have anything to worry about because she had chosen him and adored him.

However, Alexis remained troubled about Ned and Olivia's claim that Ned was the father of Olivia's baby. Julian admitted he had been surprised to learn about Olivia's pregnancy, but he imagined Alexis had been hurt that Ned had cheated. Alexis confessed she hadn't been hurt in part because she hadn't been in any position to judge, since she had slept with Julian. Alexis explained that she questioned Ned and Olivia's version of events of the night Alexis had supposedly caught the couple "in flagrante delicto" because it hadn't matched up with what Alexis recalled of the movie night at the Quartermaine mansion.

Julian chuckled as he pointed out that it was not unheard of for teenagers to use the excuse of watching a movie to cover up having sex, but Alexis was certain she had not walked in on Ned and Olivia right after they'd had sex. Alexis added that Ned's announcement about Olivia's baby was too similar to what he had done when Alexis had been pregnant with Kristina. She conceded Ned's heart had been in the right place because Alexis had been determined to keep Sonny away from Kristina, but she was certain Ned was lying about Olivia's baby. Julian doubted Ned would be stupid enough to pull the same stunt twice, so Alexis was curious if Julian believed Olivia.

Julian confessed that Olivia had always struck him as a "straight shooter," but he added he would want to know if she was having his baby. Alexis was curious if Julian would want to be a part of the baby's life, so Julian explained he regretted not being able to watch Lucas and Sam grow up because he had missed out on all the important milestones during their childhoods. Julian realized Lucas had been lucky to be raised by a supportive family, but Sam had had a rough childhood. He cherished the relationships he had with his children but he wished he could have been a father to both of them from the beginning. Alexis also had regrets, but she was determined to focus on the present and their grandson, Danny.

Alexis pointed out that at least she and Julian could watch Danny grow up and enjoy all the special moments with Danny that they had missed with Sam. Julian agreed, so Alexis kissed him. Afterwards, she teased him about being a "hot grandpa." Julian feigned horror, so he proposed a deal; he would not call her grandma if she didn't call him grandpa. Alexis happily agreed. Pleased, Julian confessed it was best Olivia's baby was Ned's because he was happy with the wonderful family he had.

At Kelly's, Ned was about to take a bite of apple pie when Olivia suddenly appeared and helped herself to the slice. Ned stared at Olivia with disbelief, but she was unapologetic as she reminded him that she was eating for two. After Olivia devoured the pie, Ned asked how it had been. Olivia grinned as she confessed it had been perfect, but her smile quickly vanished as she changed the subject to ask what Ned had been thinking by claiming her baby was his. Ned pointed out Olivia had been determined to keep Julian from learning the truth, so Ned had done what had been necessary to help Olivia and safeguard the baby.

Olivia feared Ned might have made things worse because Alexis hadn't believed the lie, but Ned was confident that Julian had. After Olivia ordered another piece of pie, Ned assured Olivia that Alexis wouldn't push it because Alexis was in love with Julian. Olivia appreciated Ned's help, but she was curious if he was prepared to live with the consequences. Ned conceded he had made a rash decision, but he didn't regret it because he intended to stand by Olivia in whatever way she needed. Olivia was touched, so she slid the plate with the remainder of her pie between them to share. She advised him that he would need to keep his strength up if they were going through with the ruse.

At the Webber residence, Elizabeth arrived home and called out to Lucas to ask if he was there. "No, I am," Ric said as he rounded the corner. He revealed he had let himself in with his key then explained that Lucas had taken Cameron and Josslyn to the mall to burn off some energy. Elizabeth was grateful because she imagined the kids had been bouncing off the walls after all the sugar they had consumed at the party. Ric appreciated having some time to talk to Elizabeth about Jake because he had wanted to apologize for allowing his personal feelings to get in the way of properly representing a client. Elizabeth insisted Ric should have told her he had issues before agreeing to take Jake's case.

Ric insisted no jury would have believed that Helena had controlled Jake's mind, and if they had, then Jake would have remained a danger to everyone. Elizabeth disagreed because the microchip had been removed from Jake's brain, but Ric argued the device hadn't been proof of anything, since Jake could have had the microchip implanted to give himself plausible deniability. Elizabeth insisted it was an absurd argument because Jake had risked his life to be free of Helena's hold by undergoing the life-threatening brain surgery. Elizabeth's temper flared as she accused Ric of trying to send a man to jail for life simply to get Jake out of the way.

Ric conceded he had crossed a line by trying to play God with Jake's life, but he insisted he had been desperate after spending months in the Witness Protection Program, missing Molly and thinking about how much he loved Elizabeth. Elizabeth realized Ric had gone through hell, but she was concerned because his behavior had been reminiscent of the way he had been in the past. She reminded him that he had promised he was a changed man. Ric acknowledged he had let her down, but he wondered if he'd had reason to feel threatened by Jake.

Ric insisted he needed to know how Elizabeth felt about Jake if Ric and Elizabeth had any hope of moving forward. Cameron suddenly walked in before Elizabeth could answer, so Elizabeth asked her son where Lucas was. Cameron explained that Lucas had walked him to the door but had rushed back to the car because Brad had made the mistake of telling Josslyn that a remake of Children of the Corn would be "cool," which had infuriated Josslyn because the movie was a classic. Ric smiled then shifted gears to admit he had been surprised Cameron had gone to Spencer's birthday party.

Cameron admitted Spencer wasn't his favorite person, but Spencer knew how to throw a good party. Elizabeth confessed she had heard about Cameron and Emma's spat, so Cameron revealed that he and Emma had broken up because he had found someone who cared more about him than Emma did. Cameron proceeded to tell Ric and Elizabeth about the party until Elizabeth sent her son upstairs to brush his teeth and get ready for bed. Elizabeth looked pointedly at Ric as she explained that she needed to get to bed too. Ric realized it was his cue to leave, but he assured her he desperately wanted to make their relationship work.

Ric opened the door but stopped to let Elizabeth know it hadn't escaped his notice that she hadn't answered his earlier question about Jake. Elizabeth remained quiet as she watched him leave.

Later, Elizabeth watched as Cameron sifted through his gift bag from the birthday party. He found a piece of candy he wanted to eat, so Elizabeth warned him that he would have to brush his teeth again. Cameron agreed, but his smile faded as he sat next to his mother on the sofa. Elizabeth wrapped her arms around Cameron then invited him to talk to her about the breakup. Cameron confessed that relationships were hard. "You said a mouthful," Elizabeth agreed as she hugged her son tightly.

In Jake's hospital room, Jake woke up and saw Sam standing at his bedside. Sam offered to return later, but Jake was curious why she was there. Sam explained that she had a question about something he had said to her before the surgery then reminded him of the comment he had made about there only being one ring. She wondered if he had been referring to a wedding ring. Jake's brow furrowed because he recalled talking to her about a ring, but he had no idea if it had been a wedding ring. He was curious why Sam suspected he had been referring to a wedding ring, so Sam confessed it had just been a feeling.

According to Sam, she had hoped the ring might help lead to Jake's identity, but he couldn't recall. Sam assured him not to worry because brain surgery was a lot to endure, but Jake feared the operation had permanently erased his memories. Sam surprised Jake by offering to talk to Nikolas, since Helena loved Nikolas and might reveal information about Jake if Nikolas asked. Sam confessed Nikolas was her cousin but quickly assured him that Nikolas was a good person despite being raised by a "nest of vipers."

Jake appreciated Sam's offer, but he was curious why she would help him. Sam explained she had been in denial about Jason's death for a long time until she finally realized that Jason would have found a way home to her if he had survived the shooting. Sam didn't want another woman to go through what she had. She had no idea if Nikolas could help, but she intended to ask. Jake thanked her, so she told him to get some rest then left.

At Wyndemere, Patrick entered the parlor as Nikolas sipped on a drink. Patrick explained that Alfred had let him in on the way out, so Nikolas revealed he had given the staff the rest of the week off to show his appreciation to everyone for putting up with Spencer's demands while preparing for the party. Patrick smiled then revealed he was there to pick up Emma. Nikolas told Patrick about Cameron and Emma's breakup but assured Patrick that Spencer had cheered Emma up. Patrick chuckled then admitted it was hard to keep up with their children's love lives.

Nikolas confessed that Spencer and Emma had been waltzing, so Emma had made Spencer the happiest ten-year-old boy in the world. Nikolas assured Patrick that Patrick had nothing to worry about because Spencer had been raised to be a gentleman. Patrick accepted a drink Nikolas poured as Patrick promised he wasn't concerned, since Elizabeth had often sung Nikolas' praises. Nikolas seized the opportunity to mention Elizabeth's visit and the revelation that Jake had remembered his identity. Patrick explained the microchip had been successfully removed from Jake's brain, but whatever Jake had recalled was gone.

Nikolas hid his smile of relief by taking a sip of his drink then continued to question Patrick about Jake's recovery and the chances of Jake remembering his past. Patrick admitted he had no idea if Jake would ever regain his memories, but Patrick was curious why Nikolas was so interested in Jake's case. Nikolas confessed he knew what it was like to be in Jake's situation because Nikolas had once suffered amnesia following a car accident. Nikolas explained Emily had spent months thinking he was dead.

Meanwhile, Spencer and Emma danced in the living room, unaware a fire smoldered behind the gift bag table. Emma was impressed Spencer knew how to waltz, so he credited his great-grandmother with teaching him. Spencer beamed with joy as he confessed that Emma had made his birthday party perfect, but he realized Emma might upset about what had happened with Cameron. Emma admitted that she hadn't expected things to fall apart so quickly. Spencer gently told her that some things weren't meant to be but added that perhaps other things were.

Emma's smile faded as she suddenly smelled smoke. Spencer turned around to look for the source of the smell until he saw the flames behind the table. He quickly rushed Emma to safety but realized he had left the boxing robe his uncle Sonny had sent to him near the table. Despite Emma's objections, Spencer ran to grab it, but the fire had reached the ceiling's beams. The smoke alarm blared as a beam suddenly collapsed, trapping Spencer in the room. Panicked, Emma ran to fetch Nikolas.

In the parlor, Nikolas handed Patrick a "swag bag" for Emma. Both men became alarmed when Emma ran into the room, begging for help. She quickly told them about the fire, so Nikolas raced to the living room to save his son while Patrick called 9-1-1 and carried Emma outside to safety. Emma was distraught as she worried about Spencer, but Patrick ordered Emma to stay put until the fire department arrived. Emma agreed, so Patrick ran back inside to help Nikolas.

Nikolas stood in the doorway of the living room calling out to Spencer, but Spencer didn't respond. Patrick handed Nikolas a jacket and instructed Nikolas to use it to keep the flames at bay while Nikolas rushed through the fire to search for Spencer. Nikolas took the jacket then told Patrick there was a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. Patrick dashed off to fetch the fire extinguisher as Nikolas ran through the flames to get to Spencer. As soon as Patrick returned with the fire extinguisher, Nikolas wrapped Spencer up in the jacket and ran out of the living room through a path Patrick had cleared for them.

Outside, Nikolas set Spencer down as Patrick examined the unconscious boy. Nikolas desperately asked Patrick to tell him that Spencer was alive.

Spencer battled for his life

Spencer battled for his life

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

At Kelly's, Duke put money on the counter to cover his bill, but the waitress noticed he had overpaid by a considerable amount. Duke smiled as he explained the extra money was for a tip, and he walked toward the door. However, he stopped short when he saw Anna enter the diner. After Duke and Anna exchanged greetings, they talked about Julian's release from jail. Duke was not happy because he was certain Julian would eventually resume running the Jerome crime organization, but Anna pointed out it was out of her hands because she was no longer the police commissioner.

Anna suggested Duke take his concerns to the police station, but she warned Duke that Sloane wouldn't be foolish enough to arrest a man for crimes he might or might not commit. She reminded Duke the charges against Julian had been dropped, so Duke decided it was up to him to deal with Julian. Anna advised Duke not to say anything else to her, since she was a federal agent and was obligated to take action if Duke made threats against Julian. Duke wondered if Anna intended to turn him over to the police again, but Anna clarified she simply didn't want to know his plans because it could be used as potential evidence against him.

Annoyed, Duke told Anna to have a nice evening, and he left. Moments later, Anna's phone rang. It was Patrick. Patrick explained he needed Anna to pick up Emma at the hospital because Spencer had been injured in a fire.

In Julian's apartment, Alexis explained she needed to get some work done because she had a full work schedule the following day, starting with representing Nina Clay at a competency hearing. Julian scowled because he was not pleased that Alexis intended to help Nina -- the woman who had kidnapped his niece Avery. Alexis explained that Nina was mentally ill, but Julian wondered if someone else could represent Nina. Alexis shook her head because everyone else had refused.

Julian was disappointed but accepted Alexis' decision because he respected her and her work. Pleased, Alexis decided he was entitled to full disclosure, so she told him about Michael's bid for custody of Avery. Julian was shocked that Michael would try to take Avery away from Sonny, but Alexis explained that the judge had ordered a preliminary hearing for the following day. Moments later, Alexis was startled when her phone rang because of the late hour. It was an emotional Nikolas asking his aunt to meet him at the hospital because he needed her.

Shortly after Alexis raced to the hospital, Julian left Alexis a voicemail message asking her to call him with an update on Spencer. He told her he was pulling for her great-nephew. He ended the call when someone knocked on the door. Julian was startled when he saw Duke standing on his doorstep because he couldn't understand how Duke had gotten past the guard. Duke smiled as he explained that the guard had let Duke pass once the guard had made certain Duke was not armed. Julian realized Duke had bribed the guard, so he made a note to fire the guard after Duke left.

Julian invited Duke inside because he was curious why Duke had stopped by. Duke explained that he was there to help Julian, since Julian had a clean slate and a fresh start. Duke reminded Julian that Carlos was in jail, Johnny Zacchara was on the run, and Julian's sister had sadly died. Duke offered his condolences to Julian, but Julian warned Duke to "shut up" because he doubted Duke was sorry Ava had died. Duke nodded then pointed out that Julian's criminal empire was in shambles, and Julian didn't have the resources to rebuild it, so Duke offered Julian an opportunity to walk away peacefully by handing over the Jerome territory to Duke.

Julian suspected Sonny had put Duke up to it, but Duke explained that Duke was still in charge of the Corinthos organization. Julian warned Duke that, despite recent events, Julian was not a kinder and gentler person, so Julian intended to hold on to his territory because Julian had worked too hard to secure it. Duke warned Julian that Alexis might object, but Julian argued that it didn't concern Duke. Duke vowed to bury Julian then he left. Later, Alexis called Julian with an update on Spencer.

In Maxie's apartment, Maxie stared at a photograph of her and Nathan that was perched on the mantel as she wondered how to make things right. She glanced over her shoulder when Spinelli entered the living room to announce their daughter was finally in bed, so he suggested Georgie's parents follow suit. Maxie's eyes narrowed in anger as she ordered Spinelli to "cease and desist" because she didn't have any intention of sleeping with Spinelli. Spinelli quickly clarified he had meant he would sleep on the sofa, but Maxie informed him he would have to find another place to spend the night.

Maxie explained that she had agreed to let Spinelli to sleep on her sofa the previous evening because it had been Valentine's Day, and she hadn't wanted him to intrude on Sam, since Sam had likely had special plans with Patrick. Spinelli was surprised Sam and Patrick were dating, but Maxie recognized Spinelli's attempt to change the subject. She admitted she had taken pity on him the previous evening, but he'd had his say, so she wanted him to leave because she didn't want Nathan to get the wrong idea, especially since Spinelli had told Nathan his intentions. Spinelli claimed that he had simply wanted to be transparent about his feelings, but Maxie didn't believe Spinelli.

Maxie conceded there had been a time when Spinelli had been sweet and honest, while she had been the sneaky one, but things had changed. Maxie refused to upset Nathan any further by having Spinelli spend another night in her apartment -- even if it was on the sofa. Spinelli wondered if Maxie was afraid Nathan would fear something was going on between Maxie and Spinelli or if she was afraid something would happen between them. Maxie's temper flared, but Spinelli suspected Maxie reciprocated his feelings.

Spinelli claimed Maxie hadn't convinced him or Nathan when she had denied having feelings for Spinelli earlier at Kelly's, so Spinelli believed she returned his feelings but wasn't ready to admit it. Maxie glared at Spinelli as she informed him that he didn't speak for her. She accused him of deliberately trying to ramp up the tension between her and Nathan, but Spinelli denied it. Maxie conceded she would always have feelings for Spinelli because they shared a lot of history and a child.

However, Maxie insisted Spinelli's behavior had been both unfair and unacceptable since his arrival. She ordered him to leave, so he asked where he should go. Maxie opened the door as she suggested he visit Sam or go to Metro Court. After Spinelli reluctantly stepped into the hallway, Maxie shut the door, but Spinelli warned her that he refused to give up on her because he was certain she wanted them to be a family. Inside, Maxie sat down to look at a picture of Spinelli and Georgie on her cell phone then glanced at the photograph on the mantel of her and Nathan.

In the squad room, Nathan wrapped up a phone call about Nina's competency hearing then looked at a picture on his desk of him and Maxie. Dante walked up to invite Nathan to grab a bite to eat but noticed Nathan seemed distracted. Dante asked if anything was wrong, so Nathan claimed he had been thinking about Nina's upcoming hearing, but Dante and Nathan were both startled when they saw Luke escorted from the holding cell. Outraged, Dante demanded to know what was going on, so Luke smiled evilly as he asked if that was any way for Dante to greet his father-in-law.

Nathan stepped between Dante and Luke to advise his partner to calm down. Luke grinned snidely as he suggested Dante listen to Nathan then feigned innocence as he wondered why Dante was so angry. Luke reminded Dante that he and his son-in-law had once gotten along like gangbusters, but Dante pointed out that had been before Luke had left Dante for dead in a basement with a rotting corpse and a bomb. "Was that a problem for you?" Luke asked with a diabolical grin.

Luke continued to taunt Dante by expressing disappointment at failing to kill Dante and Lulu. However, Luke looked forward to having another shot at his son-in-law, daughter, and their "ugly brat" when Luke was released from jail. Dante started to launch himself at Luke, but Nathan held Dante back. Dante warned Luke that Luke wouldn't get away with threatening Dante's family, regardless of how sick and twisted Luke's mind was. Luke accused Dante of having double standards, since Luke had heard Dante and Nathan talking about Nina not being responsible for her actions because she was mentally ill.

Nathan warned Luke to be careful because Nathan was the only one keeping Dante from giving Luke a richly deserved beating, but Luke ignored Nathan as he taunted Dante by promising to kill Dante's family. Dante vowed to strangle Luke with his bare hands if Luke harmed Lulu or Rocco, but Diane suddenly appeared to ask if she could get Dante's threat in writing. Luke grinned with malice as he bragged that he had hired Diane to represent him, so Dante accused Diane of doing anything for money. Diane was unapologetic as she reminded Dante that everyone, including Luke, had constitutional rights.

Diane was furious Luke had been detained for days without an arraignment and had been subjected to a medical examination without consent or legal counsel. Nathan was curious if Diane realized what Luke had been charged with, so she admitted that she did, but she wanted Luke released immediately. Dante warned Diane it would not happen. Nathan added that Luke had tried to kill fifty people, assaulted and attempted to kill a police officer, ordered a hit on Lucas, and faced conspiracy and extortion charges.

Dante revealed that Luke had also just threatened to kill Dante, Lulu, and their son, so Diane conceded her client faced serious charges. However, she insisted Luke deserved a bail hearing. She threatened to go to Kyle Sloane if someone didn't arrange it, but Dante pointed out that the courthouse was closed because it was midnight. Diane made it clear she expected Luke to have a hearing first thing in the morning, so Nathan reluctantly agreed to take care of it. Luke smiled with smug satisfaction as Nathan walked away then bragged Diane had been worth every penny.

Later, Nathan returned to assure Diane everything had been taken care of. Satisfied, Diane decided to have a private word with her client in the interrogation room. After Diane and Luke disappeared into the room, Nathan warned Dante to tread carefully because Sloane already had it out for Dante. Dante confided there had always been an edge of darkness to Luke that had led Luke to take off for periods of time to give in to it without hurting his family. However, the new version of Luke was vicious and dangerous.

In the interrogation room, Luke made a veiled threat if Diane failed to get him released from jail. Diane was rattled as Dante and Nathan entered the room to announce it was time for Luke to return to the holding cell. Diane asked Nathan take Luke away, so Dante waited until they were alone to berate Diane for representing Luke. Diane warned Dante there was something seriously wrong with Luke, so Dante's anger wouldn't help anyone heal.

In the squad room, Luke confessed he knew Nathan was a Cassadine, even though they hadn't been formally introduced. Luke admitted he and Helena were friends, but Luke didn't have any use for the rest of the Cassadines. Luke promised he wouldn't forget that Nathan had been the one to throw a wrench into Luke's plans at Wyndemere, so he advised Nathan and Nathan's loved ones to sleep with one eye open.

At the loft, Lulu beamed with joy as she watched her son sleep in his crib. She confessed that Rocco looked like an angel as Tracy busied herself by picking up. Lulu assured Tracy it wasn't necessary but Tracy was restless because she was anxious to hear what Bobbie had found out about Bobbie and Luke's older sister, Patricia. Tracy was frustrated because it was nearly midnight, and they hadn't gotten any word from Bobbie.

Moments later, Bobbie knocked on the door. Bobbie apologized for being late, but Tracy cut to the chase by asking what Bobbie had discovered. Bobbie explained that her sister, Patricia, had been close to a neighbor on Elm Street, so Bobbie had hoped to talk to the woman to ask if she knew where Patricia was. However, the woman had passed away a few years earlier. Tracy was curious if anyone else in the Spencer family knew where Patricia lived, but Bobbie shook her head because no one had heard from Patricia in years.

Tracy suspected Bobbie was holding back because siblings didn't just walk away and lose touch with their family, so Tracy wanted to know what had driven Patricia away. Bobbie confessed she had no idea because her memories of her early childhood were hazy. Bobbie recalled her father, Tim, had been a heavy drinker with a mean streak, so her mother had protected the children from Tim's violent temper while Patricia had often taken care of Luke and Bobbie. Lulu assumed Patricia had moved with Luke and Bobbie to Florida when their mother had died, but Bobbie clarified that only Luke and Bobbie had moved in with their father's sister, Aunt Ruby.

Bobbie recalled asking Aunt Ruby about Patricia, but Aunt Ruby had always changed the subject, while Luke had told her to forget that Patricia had ever existed. Disappointed by the lack of information, Tracy wondered how they could find Patricia, since Luke wouldn't provide them with any answers. Lulu revealed that she had tried searching for her aunt on the Internet, without success. However, Lulu suggested they hire a private investigator to find Patricia.

Tracy agreed it was their best option, so Lulu offered to contact Sam in the morning. Tracy objected because Sam had been useless in Amsterdam. Bobbie suggested Felicia, but Tracy nixed that idea too. Bobbie wondered who else they could turn to just as someone knocked on the door. Lulu opened the door, and Spinelli greeted her.

At the hospital, Lucas rushed to the nurses' station as he apologized for being late. Lucas explained he had been busy with his niece and her new boyfriend. The nurse was surprised because she thought Lucas' niece was only eight years old. "Ten," Lucas corrected before he told her about Josslyn's breakup with Spencer and new relationship with Cameron.

Moments later, paramedics arrived with Spencer. Nikolas called out to Lucas for help as Lucas and the nurse raced to check on Spencer. The paramedic explained Spencer had been in a fire and had suffered burns to the right side of his body. Lucas immediately determined Spencer needed to be put on a ventilator to clear Spencer's airways and stabilize his lungs, so Nikolas followed the medical team to the trauma bay. However, the nurse asked Nikolas to return to the waiting room so they could do their job.

Meanwhile, Patrick and Emma arrived and asked for an update, but Nikolas didn't have any news. Patrick assured Nikolas that Lucas was an excellent physician, and he explained that Anna was on her way to pick up Emma. After Patrick went to check on Spencer, Emma gently put her hand on Nikolas' shoulder to comfort him when she saw him cry. Nikolas looked up at Emma as she wiped away her own tears, so he hugged her tightly as he continued to quietly weep.

A short time later, Anna arrived, so Nikolas stepped away to get an update. Emma tearfully revealed that Spencer had saved her, but she feared she had failed Spencer by not getting help fast enough. Anna assured Emma that Emma had helped Spencer and added that Lucas wouldn't let anything happen to Spencer.

In the trauma bay, Patrick watched as Lucas carefully treated Spencer's burns, while Spencer remained unconscious and breathed with the help of a ventilator.

In the waiting area, Alexis approached her nephew and hugged Nikolas tightly as he wept in her arms. Nikolas regretted that he had left the kids alone in a room with lit candles, but Alexis assured Nikolas that he was not to blame because Spencer had been old enough to be alone in the next room, even with lit candles. Nikolas was haunted by the fear he imagined Spencer had felt trapped in burning room, waiting for his father to rescue him, but Alexis reminded Nikolas he had saved Spencer. Nikolas worried that it might not have been in time. Nikolas became increasingly upset as he explained he couldn't lose Spencer because Spencer was everything to him.

Moments later, Patrick approached Nikolas and Alexis. Patrick explained Spencer had been stabilized and sedated to keep Spencer calm while on a ventilator. Nikolas was curious what Spencer's prognosis was, so Patrick explained the possible life-threatening complications that could arise from the burns Spencer had suffered. Patrick took Nikolas to see Spencer then returned to check on Emma.

Emma was afraid for Spencer, but Patrick reminded his daughter that Spencer was a strong boy. Patrick promised to stay with Spencer for a while, so Emma asked if they could go to the chapel to pray before Anna took Emma home. After Patrick and Emma slipped into the chapel, Duke approached Anna to ask about Spencer and Emma. Anna was surprised and touched as Duke reminded her that he would always care for Anna's family, despite their breakup.

In the trauma bay, Nikolas pulled a chair next to Spencer's bed then reached for his son's hand. He told his son that he loved Spencer and explained that Spencer would likely be in pain and confused when he woke up. However, Nikolas insisted Spencer need not be afraid because Nikolas would remain at Spencer's side.

Franco and Nina faced another challenge

Franco and Nina faced another challenge

Thursday, February 26, 2015

At the courthouse, Michael was anxiously waiting for Alexis as she left a courtroom. Alexis was surprised to see him, since the custody hearing wasn't scheduled until later in the afternoon. Michael explained that he wanted to discuss strategy to make certain she was fully prepared to take Avery away from Sonny, so Alexis promised she was ready. However, she warned Michael that it wouldn't be easy because Sonny was Avery's biological father and would fight fiercely for her. Michael was confident that he had a chance to prevail because the judge hadn't dismissed Michael's petition for custody.

Alexis advised Michael to be prepared because Diane wouldn't hesitate to go after Michael with both barrels. Michael didn't care if the custody hearing was difficult, but Alexis was concerned because it was clear to her that Michael was wound up. She advised him to get himself a latte and calm down but then changed her mind and suggested he try an herbal tea because he couldn't afford to lose his cool on the stand.

At Kelly's, Silas was eating breakfast with Kiki and Morgan when he spotted Nathan at the counter, so he excused himself to approach Nathan for an update on Nina. Nathan revealed he expected to hear from Alexis about Nina's competency hearing, which had been scheduled for that morning. Nathan explained that Nina's doctors intended to testify that Nina had acted under diminished capacity when she had kidnapped Ava's baby, but Nina had improved under the doctors' care. Nathan was eager to get Nina out of Shadybrook and away from Franco, even though Nathan gave Franco credit for breaking out of jail to save Nina from Heather's diabolical plan.

The conversation then turned to Ava as Nathan assured Silas that everything had been done to find Ava, but the police commissioner had concluded that Ava couldn't have survived the fall from the bridge into the frigid waters. Silas seemed surprised that the police had given up on the search for Ava's body but shifted gears to ask if Nina was truly ready to leave Shadybrook. Nathan promised that Nina had been doing better because she was both calm and grounded in reality. Satisfied, Silas admitted Nina deserved to get her life back on track, so he asked Nathan to keep him posted. After Silas returned to rejoin Kiki and Morgan, Alexis called to let Nathan know a decision had been made.

Meanwhile, Morgan urged Kiki to eat something, but she wasn't hungry because she had to plan her mother's memorial service. Morgan gently assured Kiki that Ava would always be a part of them, but Kiki held up her cell phone to show him a picture of Ava holding Avery as Kiki explained the picture was all Avery would ever have of Ava. Kiki looked troubled as she confided that she hoped she had made the right decision by not fighting Sonny for custody of her sister, so Morgan told Kiki about Michael's plans to take Avery away from Sonny.

According to Morgan, Michael had gone off the deep end and was out to stick it to Sonny. Kiki was upset because she didn't think Michael had the right to interfere in Avery's life. Morgan heartily agreed, since Michael's only motivation was to punish Sonny for killing A.J. Kiki pointed out that Michael had never visited Avery or even helped with the search for her sister when Avery had been kidnapped, but she couldn't think about Michael's petition while she planned Ava's memorial service.

Silas returned to the table in time to hear Kiki mention her mother's memorial service, so he asked if she intended to go ahead with the plans even though Ava hadn't been officially declared dead. Kiki admitted that she couldn't understand the delay, since even the authorities had given up the search for her mother. Her expression suddenly clouded with sadness as she thought about her sister because Avery had already lost her mother and might soon lose her father, Sonny, if Michael had his way. Before Silas could reply, Michael entered the diner.

Despite Kiki's objections, Morgan immediately jumped up to angrily confront Michael about trying to take Avery away from Sonny. Morgan was outraged because Sonny hadn't even seen Avery during Sonny's stay in prison, but Michael was unmoved because Sonny should have spent the rest of Sonny's life behind bars rather than a few months. Morgan argued that Sonny wasn't to blame for the governor's pardon, but Michael insisted he was trying to do what was best for Avery, unlike Morgan and Kiki.

Kiki was offended by Michael's remark because she had spent months taking care of her sister -- feeding Avery, bathing her, and rocking her to sleep. Kiki assured Michael that she loved Avery, so Michael wondered why Kiki had handed the baby over to a killer. Kiki explained it had been the right thing to do because Avery had already lost a mother and deserved to know her father. Michael scoffed because Sonny would have killed Ava minutes after Avery's birth if Michael hadn't stopped him. Morgan argued that Michael didn't know or love Avery, so Michael reminded his brother how they had suffered as Sonny's children.

Michael realized Morgan was too young to remember being kidnapped, but Michael was certain Morgan recalled how Michael had been shot in the head by a bullet intended for Sonny, which had left Michael in a coma for a year. Michael also pointed out that there had been numerous times when they had been sent to Sonny's island because it had been too dangerous for them to live with Sonny. Michael added that Morgan had been shipped off to military school to protect Morgan from Sonny's dangerous lifestyle. Michael vowed that Sonny would never see Avery, and neither would Morgan and Kiki.

Infuriated, Morgan punched Michael in the mouth. Silas quickly interceded by jumping between the brothers before the fight escalated. Silas warned Morgan that hitting wouldn't solve anything, so he suggested that both Morgan and Michael act like the grown men they were supposed to be. Silas also suggested that Michael show Kiki some respect because she had just lost her mother. Michael pointed out that Ava had killed Connie and framed A.J. for the murder. Hurt, Kiki asked if Michael was trying to suggest that Ava had deserved to die. "No," Michael admitted, but he did know what it was like to lose a parent.

After Michael left, Morgan apologized to both Kiki and Silas. Silas stepped away when he received a text message, and Kiki and Morgan returned to the table. Morgan asked if Kiki was okay, so she nodded. Moments later, Silas returned to explain that he had to leave town for a couple of days because a colleague had asked him to consult on a critical case. Kiki assured Silas that it was fine, so Silas told Kiki that he would support whatever she decided to do about Ava's memorial service, even if she wanted to wait awhile longer.

After Silas left, Kiki talked to Morgan about what it had been like for her to finally meet her father. She wanted Avery to have the same opportunity with Sonny, so Morgan assured Kiki that Sonny was a good man. Kiki admitted that she knew Sonny loved Avery, but she feared Michael might prevail in court and follow through on his threat to keep them all away from Avery. Morgan doubted any judge would grant Michael -- a single guy who always worked -- custody of a child. Kiki agreed, so Morgan shifted the discussion to Ava's memorial service.

Morgan suggested the memorial service be held at Ava's favorite place, the gallery. Kiki questioned if she should proceed with the plans because she sensed Silas hadn't quite accepted Ava's death. Morgan agreed, but he pointed out that Ava couldn't have survived the fall from the bridge.

At Shadybrook, Franco was secured to his bed as Nina entered his room. He greeted her and admitted that it was nice to see her. Nina smiled as she asked if he knew who she was. "You're Phyllis," Franco answered. Nina's smile faded as she reminded him that her name was Nina, but Franco insisted she was Phyllis and talked about the good times they'd had in Wisconsin. Nina gently explained that she had never been to Wisconsin, so she carefully asked if he was still hallucinating.

Franco seemed surprised by the suggestion, but Nina revealed that he had taken an overdose of LSD to ensure he could stay with her at Shadybrook. Franco was certain that it had been one of "Phyllis'" schemes, so Nina agreed he could call her Phyllis. She admitted he could call her any name he wanted, laugh, scream, and share his deepest, darkest secret with her, since she wasn't going anywhere. She sat on his bed as she vowed to never abandon him.

Moments later, a guard opened the door. Nina was surprised when Nathan and Alexis entered, so Nina jumped up to greet Nathan. Nathan revealed he had good news for Nina; she would be leaving the sanitarium. Thrilled, Nina hugged her brother as she thanked him for never giving up on him. Alexis noticed Franco staring at a wall, so she carefully suggested that she, Nina, and Nathan go somewhere private to discuss Nina's release, but Nina refused to leave Franco.

Nina assured Alexis that it was fine to talk in front of Franco, so Alexis explained that Nina's doctors had assured the panel of judges that Nina had not been in her right mind when she had kidnapped Ava's baby. Alexis added that the doctors had assured the judges that Nina was recovered and posed no threat to anyone. Thrilled, Nina returned to Franco's bedside to explain that she was a free woman. Nina promised to return every day to visit him, but Alexis explained it wouldn't be possible because Nina needed to show the judges that Nina knew right from wrong and demonstrate remorse by staying away from her accomplice in the kidnapping.

Alexis announced that Nina had to meet with the judges before the release was secured but promised the hearing would be brief because it was just a formality. Nathan noticed Nina's hesitation, so he told Alexis that he and Nina would catch up with Alexis at the courthouse. After Alexis left, Nathan gave Nina an opportunity to say goodbye to Franco. Nathan promised to wait in the hallway, and he slipped out of the room. Troubled, Nina asked Franco what she should do. Franco grabbed her hand and told "Phyllis" that she would figure something out because she always did.

At Greystone Manor, Carly arrived to pick Sonny up for the custody hearing. Sonny admitted he didn't look forward to the hearing because he hated having to go up against Michael. Carly gently broke the news that Spencer had been injured in a fire and was in the hospital. Alarmed, Sonny asked what had happened, so Carly told him that it appeared a candle had tipped over and caught a room on fire. Sonny was stunned when Carly revealed that Spencer had saved Emma then had dashed back into the room to fetch the gift Sonny had given Spencer.

Sonny couldn't understand why Spencer had risked his life for a boxing robe that could easily be replaced, so Carly reminded Sonny that Spencer was a ten-year-old boy. Carly insisted Sonny was not to blame for what had happened to Spencer, but Sonny decided he needed to get to the hospital to check on his nephew. Carly quickly reminded Sonny that he couldn't risk skipping the hearing, but Sonny was certain everyone would understand. Carly warned Sonny that Michael would use Sonny's absence against Sonny.

Carly urged Sonny not to risk skipping the custody hearing but added that she would go with Sonny to the hospital after the hearing. Sonny reluctantly agreed, so Carly assured Sonny that Diane would arrive soon. Both Sonny and Carly were startled when Ric entered the living room instead of Diane. Ric explained that Diane was busy with another case, so she had asked Ric to step in for her. Carly objected, but Ric promised he would fight hard for Sonny, since they were brothers.

Carly admitted she had a big problem with Ric representing Sonny in the custody hearing, but Ric explained he owed Sonny because Sonny had sent Shawn to save Ric when Carlos had kidnapped Ric. Ric promised he would fight hard to make certain his brother retained custody of Ric's beautiful niece, but Carly questioned Ric's sincerity because Elizabeth had told her about Ric's attempt to sabotage Jake's case. Sonny was curious what Carly was talking about, but Ric insisted it was between Ric and Elizabeth. Carly disagreed because Ric had tried to send Jake to jail because Ric had been afraid Elizabeth had feelings for Jake.

Ric offered to ask for a continuance if Sonny wanted to find another attorney, but Sonny shook his brother's hand as he assured Ric it wasn't necessary.

At the courthouse, Alexis was surprised when Michael approached her to discuss how she intended to prove Sonny was an unfit parent. Alexis assured Michael that she had everything under control, but she noticed Michael seemed tense and agitated. She also became alarmed when she noticed his cut lip. Michael dismissed the injured lip because he wanted to talk about securing custody of Avery. Alexis explained that she had a brief hearing to attend to, but she pulled Michael to a quiet alcove to suggest that perhaps he was on edge because he realized that challenging Sonny would irrevocably sever ties with Sonny.

Alexis warned Michael that if he went through with the petition for custody, he might never reconcile with his father and the rest of the family. Moments later, Ric, Carly, and Sonny arrived at the courthouse with Avery. Alexis suspected Avery's presence had been an attempt to manipulate the judge, but Michael was surprised Sonny had agreed to allow Ric to represent him, because Ric was the man who had kidnapped a pregnant Carly and kept her prisoner in an effort to steal her baby and give Morgan to Elizabeth to raise. Michael confessed he was pleased Avery was there because it would make taking her home easier, but Sonny vowed he would not allow that to happen.

Carly seized the opportunity to try to get Michael to change his mind about going through with the bid for custody by picking up Avery and introducing Michael to his sister. She handed the baby to Michael as she talked to her son about how loved Avery was. Carly warned Michael that wrenching Avery away from the only family Avery knew would hurt Avery. Carly knew that Michael and the Quartermaines would love Avery, but Carly believed Avery would benefit more if both sides of Michael's family loved his little sister, so she implored Michael to drop the petition for custody.

Meanwhile, Nathan and Nina arrived at the courthouse. Nina recalled what Franco had told her about having faith in her figuring something out then stopped short when she spotted Avery. "Oh, my God, that's my baby," Nina said.

At the hospital, Nikolas was on the phone with Lulu. He assured her that he understood she couldn't be at the hospital because Rocco had a cold then wrapped up the call as Elizabeth approached. Nikolas' eyes welled up with tears as Elizabeth told him that she had heard about what had happened to Spencer. Nikolas' voice cracked as he admitted that he was scared, so Elizabeth wrapped her arms around Nikolas and held him tightly as he wept.

After Nikolas pulled himself together enough to talk, he told Elizabeth about the fire and how he had managed to rescue Spencer because Patrick had cleared a path with a fire extinguisher. However, Nikolas remained distraught because he hadn't been able to get any information from the doctors. Moments later, Liesl walked up to tell Nikolas that she had information about Spencer. Nikolas was furious because he didn't want Liesl near his son.

Liesl appreciated that Nikolas had issues with her because of Britt but reminded him that Britt loved Spencer and would want Liesl to oversee Spencer's case, as would Nathan, who was Nikolas' cousin. Elizabeth quickly stepped away to ask a nurse for an update on Jake, so Nikolas quietly informed Liesl that he knew Victor was not Nathan's father. Nikolas demanded that someone else oversee Spencer's case, but Elizabeth swiftly returned when she saw the tense conversation between Liesl and Nikolas. Nikolas stepped back and assured Elizabeth everything was fine, so Liesl explained it would be best for Spencer if Spencer were transferred to Shriners Hospital for Children in Boston.

Liesl explained that the doctors at Shriners Hospital were the best and would be able to better treat Spencer's injuries than the doctors at General Hospital. Elizabeth agreed that Shriners Hospital would be able to provide Spencer with excellent care. Nikolas' anger faded as he told Liesl to make the arrangements. After Liesl left, Nikolas thanked Elizabeth for being there for him, so she insisted she wouldn't have been anywhere else.

Moments later, Liesl returned to inform Nikolas that a plane had been readied to take Spencer to Boston, where a team of doctors would be waiting to transport Spencer to Shriners Hospital for Children. She advised Nikolas to check on Spencer to assure Spencer that everything would be fine. After Nikolas left, Elizabeth thanked Liesl because Liesl had gone above and beyond for Spencer and Nikolas in a surprisingly compassionate way. Liesl conceded that Elizabeth had been surprisingly gracious but warned Elizabeth not to let it go to Elizabeth's head.

Meanwhile, Nikolas approached Spencer's bedside. Spencer had been taken off the ventilator and was awake. Nikolas' eyes filled with tears as Spencer quietly confessed to being scared. Nikolas took his son's hand and squeezed it as he promised everything would be okay and told Spencer about the trip to Boston to visit a special hospital just for children. Spencer asked if Nikolas would be going with him.

"Of course," Nikolas answered. Spencer told Nikolas that he loved him, so Nikolas smiled. "I love you too, baby," Nikolas replied as he rested his head next to Spencer's.

At an undisclosed location, Silas entered a hospital room. "You're awake," Silas said as he approached Ava's bed.

The custody battle for Avery began

The custody battle for Avery began

Friday, February 27, 2015

Outside Kelly's, Julian spoke to an associate on the phone as he ordered the person to gather everyone together because Julian intended to rebuild the Jerome organization from the ground up. Julian scoffed when he was asked about Duke because Julian refused to roller over and hand over his territory to his rival. Julian vowed to retain control of Port Charles even if he was the last Jerome left.

Inside the diner, Morgan noticed Kiki looking at her phone with the picture of Ava holding Avery. He quietly reminded her that it had been the third time in the past twenty minutes that she had glanced at it, so Kiki explained she couldn't stop thinking the picture had been the last time Ava would ever hold Avery. Julian entered and stopped behind Kiki's chair to remark about the beautiful picture of his sister and niece, but Morgan was disgusted Julian had been let out of jail.

Julian suggested he and Morgan put their differences aside long enough to lay Julian's sister to rest, so Morgan grudgingly agreed for Kiki's sake. Julian surprised both Kiki and Morgan by asking Kiki to postpone the memorial service because Julian believed there was a slim chance that Ava had survived. Morgan objected, but Julian pointed out that it was Kiki's decision to make. Morgan insisted he had known Ava better than Julian, but Julian doubted it, since Morgan had already given up on Ava. Julian explained Ava was a survivor, which Morgan would have known if Morgan had truly known Ava.

Kiki gently explained that the police commissioner had made it clear that Ava wouldn't be found alive, so it was clear her mother wouldn't return. Julian changed the subject by asking who was expected to attend the memorial service, so Kiki revealed that she intended to invite Ava's friends from the art world. Julian warned Kiki they likely wouldn't show because, in the end, Ava had been a murderer. Surprisingly, Morgan agreed that it would just be the three of them. "And Avery," Julian added.

Morgan didn't think it was a good idea for Avery to be at Ava's memorial service, but Julian disagreed because he wanted them to be able to tell Avery when she was older that she had been at her mother's memorial service to say goodbye. Morgan backed down because Kiki agreed to talk to Sonny, but Julian assured her that he would take care of it. Morgan frowned because Sonny hated Julian, but Julian revealed that Julian and Sonny had reached an understanding during their time at Pentonville. Morgan admitted Sonny might not have much say in the matter because Michael had petitioned for custody of Avery, so Julian admitted he had heard about it.

Morgan was livid when Julian conceded Michael had a valid point about Sonny's dangerous lifestyle, so Morgan insisted Avery deserved to stay with her father. He was curious what Julian would do if Alexis were to get pregnant with Julian's child and then try to have Julian's parental rights revoked. Julian admitted he would fight tooth and nail for his child and prevail. Kiki wished her mother could raise Avery, so Julian talked about his sister then admitted that he had always thought Ava had been indestructible.

In New York City, Silas entered Ava's hospital room and called out to her. Ava slowly opened her eyes and smiled weakly as she whispered Silas' name. Silas quickly checked the gunshot wound on her shoulder as he asked how she felt, so she told him the wound had only bled a little. Silas wasn't concerned about it because the worst of her injuries were behind her. He assured her that she had made a remarkable recovery for someone who had been shot, dropped off a bridge, and nearly drowned in icy water, but Ava credited him with saving her life.

Ava talked about how the same force that seemed determined to kill her had given her the strength to swim to shore, crawl out of the freezing water, stumble through the woods, and make her way to a gas station, where she had found a pay phone to call Silas. Silas admitted that he usually didn't take calls from unknown numbers, but something had told him to answer that one. Ava was grateful she had followed her instinct to trust him, but she was curious where she was. Silas explained she was in the hospital he had worked at before moving to Port Charles, so he had been able to rely on some friends to treat Ava and call in favors to keep her out of the system.

Ava was impressed, so Silas assured Ava that she was safe, since the police had called off the search. Ava's smile faded as Silas explained that everyone believed she had drowned because she realized Kiki was mourning her passing. Ava begged Silas to help their daughter through the difficult days ahead, since Kiki would have a lot to deal with on top of the responsibility of raising Avery. Silas quietly confessed that Sonny had been released from jail after receiving a pardon from the governor for saving everyone, including the governor's daughter, on the Haunted Star.

Stunned, Ava demanded to know why Silas hadn't told her sooner, so he admitted that he hadn't wanted to risk compromising her recovery. Silas explained that it had been Kiki's decision to give Avery to Sonny without a fight because Kiki believed it had been in Avery's best interest to know her father. Ava disagreed because she didn't want Sonny having any kind of role in Avery's life, so Silas confessed she might get her wish, since Michael had petitioned for custody of Avery. Silas confided that Kiki and Morgan believed Michael was driven by vengeance, so Ava admitted that she liked the idea of Michael making Sonny suffer.

However, Ava refused to allow Michael to use her daughter as a pawn, but Silas reminded Ava that she didn't have a choice in the matter. Ava disagreed because she could raise her daughter, but Silas argued that Ava couldn't return to Port Charles because there were still people who wanted to kill her, and she was an escaped convict.

At the courthouse, Nathan had to physically restrain his sister as Nina tried to reach for Avery because Nina insisted the baby was her daughter. Sonny demanded to know why Nina had been let out of Shadybrook, so Alexis explained the doctors had deemed Nina of sound mind. Ric pointed out that the doctors were clearly wrong and should have their licenses revoked. Meanwhile, Nathan tried to calm his sister, but Nina remained adamant that Avery was her daughter.

Nathan reminded Nina why they were at the courthouse, but Nina suddenly rambled about wanting to talk to a judge to force Sonny to give her daughter back to her. Eventually, Nathan was forced to drag Nina away in an effort to get through to her. Sonny asked for Michael to return Avery to him, so Michael reluctantly complied. Nearby, Alexis told Nathan that she would ask for a postponement, but she advised Nathan to get Nina under control.

A short time later, Sonny, Carly, and Michael entered the courtroom. Michael asked how Avery was doing, so Sonny assured Michael that she was fine. Ric suggested Michael and Sonny not talk until after the hearing, but Carly seized the opportunity to once again implore Michael to drop the petition for custody because she was confident they could work something out privately. Michael wondered why no one seemed to understand that he genuinely cared about his sister's welfare.

Moments later, Judge Heller entered the courtroom. After she explained why they were all assembled, Judge Heller invited Michael to take the stand to explain why he believed Avery was in danger and should be removed from Sonny's care. After Michael sat down in the witness box, Alexis asked Michael to tell the judge why he should be granted custody of his sister. Michael assured the judge that he loved his sister and was concerned about her safety.

Michael explained that he and his siblings, Morgan and Kristina, had all suffered psychologically and physically because of Sonny, but Ric objected because it was Michael's opinion rather than a fact. The judge assured Ric that Sonny would get a chance to have his say and invited Michael to elaborate. Michael accused Sonny and Carly of coercing his biological father, A.J. Quartermaine, to relinquish his parental rights, which had exposed Michael to the violence of Sonny's lifestyle.

Michael revealed that he and two of his siblings had been kidnapped as young children by Sonny's criminal rival, Faith Roscoe. He then talked about nearly being blown up in a limousine and being shot in the head by a bullet intended for Sonny that had left Michael in a coma for a year. Ric argued that Sonny couldn't be held responsible for what an alleged enemy had done, so Michael told the judge that Sonny had shot Michael's brother, Dante, in the chest when Sonny had discovered that Dante had been an undercover police officer who had infiltrated Sonny's criminal organization.

Ric quickly clarified that Dante had stated the gunshot had been self-inflicted, but Michael insisted Dante had tried to protect Sonny. Michael conceded Sonny had been sorry about the shooting, but Sonny had always been sorry when one of Sonny's children had ended up hurt because of Sonny. However, nothing ever changed, which was why Morgan had been sent to military school under an assumed name. Michael added that the steps to hide Morgan's identity hadn't spared Morgan from being beaten up by thugs. Michael also revealed that his sister, Kristina, had been kidnapped and nearly killed by another mobster, Joe Scully Jr.

According to Michael, Sonny was fully aware that Sonny's children were targets, so Sonny always promised to keep the children safe but when "push comes to shove" Sonny's territory, money, power, and reputation would always trump Sonny's children's lives. Next, Michael talked about Sonny's struggle with bipolar disorder and how Sonny periodically stopped taking his medications, including as recently as the fall of 2013. Ric objected because Sonny's illness was under control. The judge promised to keep it in mind but asked if Michael wanted to add anything else.

Michael assured Judge Heller that he could provide his sister with a safer environment than Sonny could because the Quartermaines were pillars of the community who had been investing in Port Charles for decades. Michael also explained that the Quartermaines were a tight-knit family with many generations living under the same roof. Michael promised that Avery would be surrounded by a loving and generous family, so she would have everything she needed. "Except her father's love, Michael," Sonny cried out. The judge admonished Sonny for the outburst as Ric urged Sonny to remain quiet.

After Michael finished testifying, he stood up to return to the table, but Ric clapped his hands as he congratulated Michael's performance then informed Michael that it was Ric's turn to ask a few questions.

In the hallway, Nina continued to beg Nathan to get her baby. She desperately wanted to talk to the judge, but Nathan warned her that it would be a bad idea. He decided she needed to return to Shadybrook, but Nina couldn't understand why she couldn't have her baby. Nathan explained that the baby wasn't hers then gently told her that she needed to go back to Shadybrook. Nina was disappointed until Nathan reminded her that she would get to see Franco.

Later, Nathan and Nina arrived at Shadybrook. A male nurse assured Nina that they would take good care of her, but Nina wanted Nathan to promise to visit her. Nathan didn't hesitate, so Nina smiled and asked the nurse if she could check on Franco.

Meanwhile, Franco was strapped to his bed when someone entered his room. "Is that you, Phyllis?" Franco asked as Olivia turned on the light. He immediately realized his mistake, so he asked who she was. Olivia was curious if Phyllis was a doctor or nurse, but Franco wondered if he knew Olivia. Olivia was surprised that he didn't recognize her, so Franco asked if she was "Mama Celeste" from the freezer aisle.

Olivia introduced herself then revealed that she and Franco knew each other well enough to dislike each other. Franco was curious why Olivia would visit him if she didn't like him, so she confessed that they had something in common. Olivia explained that she thought she might be able to offer Franco some words of wisdom, since his mother had injected her with the same drug he had been injected with. However, Olivia feared she had made a mistake, so she turned to leave until Franco asked her to stay.

Olivia studied Franco closely then engaged in small talk until she was comfortable that he truly had suffered from the effects of an LSD overdose. She assured him that the drug would eventually leave his system but warned him that he might have an odd side effect like she'd had. Franco wondered what her side effect had been, so she told him about her visions. However, she clarified that her visions had been mere glimpses of the future that had been out of context and hadn't made a lot of sense, similar to Mad Men previews. Franco had no idea what Mad Men was, so Olivia insisted he needed to watch the television show, but from the beginning.

Olivia turned the discussion back to her visions because they had become fewer and farther between as time had passed while the drug had leeched out of her system. Franco asked if she was disappointed but she admitted that she wasn't because the visions hadn't kept her out of trouble, which was how she had ended up pregnant. Franco congratulated Olivia, but she was horrified that she had blurted out her secret. Franco asked if the father was "Papa John" or "Chef Boyardee," so Olivia began to relax as she realized that Franco had no idea what she was talking about.

As Franco rambled about various food manufacturers, Olivia opened up about being pregnant with Julian Jerome's baby and Ned's decision to claim the baby as his own. Afterwards, Olivia thanked Franco for giving her the opportunity to let everything out. She was confident that he wouldn't say anything because he was unlikely to recall their conversation. After Olivia left, Franco stopped babbling and looked at the door. "Anytime, Olivia," Franco said in a lucid tone.

Moments later, Nina entered the room. Franco smiled as he greeted her by the name of Phyllis. Nina explained that she was back at Shadybrook after faking a mental breakdown at the courthouse. Franco surprised Nina by confiding that he was faking, too, and he leaned forward to kiss her. He was startled when Nina suddenly jerked back.

At the hospital, Jake woke up from a dream as Elizabeth entered his hospital room. She asked if he was okay, so he assured her that he was fine. Elizabeth smiled because she realized it was pointless to ask him, since he always answered the same way. Jake decided to confide that he'd had a dream about sitting at her bedside, urging her to get better, because she had saved him twice. Jake couldn't understand why he'd had such an odd dream, so Elizabeth suggested that perhaps it was because he always talked about how he wished he could repay her for what she had done for him. Jake conceded she might be right, but he was frustrated that he couldn't do anything for her while he remained handcuffed to a bed.

Elizabeth regretted that she couldn't remove Jake's handcuffs while the charges against him were still pending. However, she assured him it would soon be over because Helena no longer had control over Jake's mind, which meant that he was no longer a threat to anyone. Jake remained uneasy because he knew he had to convince a court that he hadn't been responsible for his actions. Elizabeth assured Jake that she would find him a new attorney, but Jake doubted any judge or jury would be as understanding as Elizabeth and Carly had been.

Elizabeth apologized for asking Ric to represent Jake because Ric had persuaded Jake to plead guilty, but Jake reminded her that Jake hadn't gone through with it because Elizabeth had gotten to court in time to change Jake's mind. Elizabeth confessed that she and Ric had had it out about what Ric had done to Jake, but Jake hated that he had caused trouble for Ric and Elizabeth. Elizabeth insisted that Jake was not to blame for Ric and Elizabeth falling apart because Ric had lied to her when he had assured her that Ric was a changed man.

Elizabeth admitted that Ric's stunt had made her question if Ric was truly the man for her. Jake promised he wasn't a threat to Ric, so Ric didn't have anything to worry about. "Maybe he does," Elizabeth admitted.

At Shriners Hospital for Children in Boston, a nurse notified a doctor that the burn patient from Port Charles had arrived. Moments later, Dr. Nelson greeted Nikolas as Nikolas followed Spencer's gurney out of the elevator. Spencer was asleep and breathed with the assistance of an oxygen mask, as Dr. Nelson asked about the flight. Nikolas explained that Spencer had been given pain medications, so Spencer had been asleep since they had left Port Charles. Dr. Nelson assured Nikolas that Spencer was in good hands.

Later, Spencer remained asleep as the nurses settled him in his room. Dr. Nelson explained that Spencer's treatment would take time because they had to clear Spencer's airway passages from the smoke inhalation and treat the burns. Nikolas appeared overwhelmed as Dr. Nelson revealed that Spencer had a long and difficult road ahead of him, but the hospital focused on both mind and body. Dr. Nelson added that Nikolas could also take advantage of the hospital's resources, which set Shriners Hospital apart from other hospitals. After Dr. Nelson left, Nikolas sat next to Spencer's bed to assure his son that everything would be fine.

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