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Ric urged Jake to plead guilty to keep Jake away from Elizabeth. Spinelli revealed that he and Ellie had broken up because of Maxie. Olivia learned she was pregnant. Sonny and Carly took Avery home. Helena cut a deal in exchange for her freedom.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 9, 2015 on GH
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Michael was outraged by Sonny's pardon

Michael was outraged by Sonny's pardon

Monday, February 9, 2015

The governor pardoned Sonny, much to Michael's disgust. Michael yelled that Sonny had been sent to Pentonville for murder. The governor reasoned that his daughter, as well as several of his constituents, would not be alive if it hadn't been for Sonny. Michael objected some more, but the governor informed Michael that his decision was final, and already a "done deal."

The governor explained that Sonny was a "respected businessman." Michael countered that Sonny was a mobster, but the governor dismissed the claim as rumors. Sonny tried to reason with governor about the pardon, but the governor insisted. Ivy thanked Sonny for saving her life and left with her father. "How the hell did you pull that off?" Michael demanded.

Michael continued that Sonny could have bribed the governor or had Shawn threaten the man. He wondered if Sonny had had the pardon "worked out" before he'd even pleaded guilty, and if the jailbreak had been staged. Carly begged Michael not to let his anger get the best of him. Michael vowed not to let Sonny get away with A.J.'s murder, and he stormed off.

The Pentonville guard, who'd been given papers allowing Sonny's pardon, told Sonny that he was a "free man" and left. Carly and Shawn were ecstatic over Sonny's pardon but wanted to get him back to his hospital room to finish out his recovery. He wanted to leave the hospital because he felt "cooped up" there, so Carly offered to take him home. "There's somewhere I need to go first," he said.

Nathan returned to the morgue and announced to Tracy and Lulu that the fingerprints of Luke's imposter were actually a match for Luke. Neither Tracy not Lulu believed the news and tried to figure out what was really going on. Tracy suggested they go "straight to the source -- Helena." Lulu explained to Nathan what had happened when Helena had brainwashed Lucky.

Nathan didn't think visiting Luke in jail was the best idea and suggested that Lulu talk it over with Dante. Lulu insisted that she could handle her father, but she promised to go talk to Dante and keep him "in the loop." Tracy was going straight to the jailhouse.

A few minutes later, Lulu called Dante and told him what was going on. She thought that, if anyone could get answers, it would be Tracy.

In his holding cell across from Helena, Luke talked about how his family hadn't wanted to see all along that he really was Luke and not Bill. "I am the one, the only, Lucas Lorenzo Spencer!" he bellowed and took a bow. Helena was still confused as to why he'd dug up Bill's remains, but Luke told her it was "between me and Bill."

Helena thought it was time for Luke to "pull your own weight" and figure out a way to get out of jail. Luke reminded Helena how she'd overestimated the abilities of her "soldier" Jake. He informed her that Jake was also in jail. He wondered where her beloved family was, since it was time to bail her out of jail. She wondered the same thing of him -- just as Tracy entered.

Luke wondered if Tracy was ready to "face the truth." She told Luke her theory about Helena brainwashing him and demanded that Helena "undo it now." Helena wondered why she would undo it if she had done it in the first place. Tracy promised to make it worth Helena's while, only stipulating that she wouldn't help Helena break out of jail. "Procure me full immunity," Helena answered.

Spencer arrived home from school, and Nikolas wanted to have an "important discussion" with his son. He broke the news that Helena had been arrested the night before while Spencer had been asleep. He continued that Helena had hurt a lot of people, including Spencer's Aunt Lulu. Spencer wondered why Helena would want to hurt family. Nikolas told Spencer that, while Lulu was Nikolas and Spencer's family, she wasn't Helena's, so Helena didn't think Lulu mattered. "She does what she wants no matter who gets hurt," Nikolas added.

Spencer wondered if Helena had just been pretending to be nice to Nikolas and Spencer. Nikolas answered that, although Helena did terrible things, "she loves us as much as she is capable of." Spencer admitted that she scared him, but he liked her sometimes. "Sometimes I do too," Nikolas agreed. Spencer asked how they could like someone who "does really bad things?" Nikolas taught his son that no one was all good or all bad. He assured Spencer that Lulu was safe and that Helena would pay for what she'd done.

Elizabeth visited Jake in his cell and accused him of lying to her all along. After she was done yelling at him about how betrayed she felt, she told him that he owed her more than silence. She demanded an explanation. Jake apologized and told her that she wouldn't like his explanation: "Helena." He explained that Sam had helped him figure out that Helena had brainwashed him to follow her orders and not remember his actions later.

"I need you to believe me," Jake said. "I do," Elizabeth replied. She explained that Helena had done the same thing to Lucky. It hadn't been easy for him to break free, but he had. Jake wondered how they could prove that Helena had caused him to commit all those crimes. Elizabeth thought that, with the right leverage, Helena would admit to it. She knew one person who carried that kind of weight with Helena.

Sam sat in her bed with Patrick but couldn't stop thinking about Jake breaking into her apartment. Both Sam and Patrick wondered what had stopped Jake from killing them like he was supposed to. She confided in Patrick that, when Jake had entered her room, he hadn't seen Sam and Patrick in bed, but himself and Sam. She also told Patrick that Jake had had a flash of Sam giving the phoenix to him.

Patrick figured that Helena was the only one who knew anything about Jake. Sam wondered, "Why Jake? Where did she find him? How long has he been working for her?" Patrick assured her that both Helena and Jake were locked up, and she was safe. He had an idea about how to celebrate. "I could explain, but it would be easier to show you," he said and kissed her.

Later, Sam and Patrick lounged in bed after making love. She thanked him for taking her mind off Jake. He suggested a shower, and she accepted. "Coming?" he asked when she didn't get up right away. "Be right there," she promised, and he went into the bathroom and started the shower. She picked up the phoenix and put it in its place next to the dragon.

At Silas', Morgan informed Kiki that Sonny was already headed back to Pentonville, even though he was still recovering from the night before. Kiki wondered if Michael had shown up at the hospital, but Morgan informed her that he hadn't. He thought Michael needed to get over his anger, because if Sonny hadn't gotten the bomb off the Haunted Star , Michael would be dead. "No more death," Kiki pleaded.

Morgan apologized for not asking before, but he wondered if Kiki had gotten any updates on Ava. She told him what had happened, and Morgan assured her that Ava could have easily swum to the shore to get help. She couldn't believe her mom was gone and cried in Morgan's arms.

A few minutes later, Kiki wondered if she was enough for Avery. Morgan rattled off the names of all the people Kiki had to rely on for help. "But they're not her mom," Kiki said. Morgan informed her that growing up with two parents didn't make a good life -- love did. Just then, Avery started to cry, and the two comforted her. They assured her that they were going to take care of her no matter what. Morgan urged her to let him carry some weight, because he wasn't going anywhere.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. Morgan was shocked to answer it and Sonny and Carly. "What are you doing here?" he sputtered. "I'm here to see my daughter," Sonny replied, smiling at Avery.

Johnny turned to Maxie for help

Johnny turned to Maxie for help

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

At Shadybrook, Nina watched through a door window as a doctor examined Franco while an orderly secured bed straps to Franco's wrists. Franco appeared catatonic as the doctor left Franco's room, but stopped in the hallway to scold Nina for being there. Nina explained that she was eager for an update because Franco wasn't just her friend, but he had also saved her life. The doctor gently explained that there might not be anything left of the man Nina had once known, but Nina refused to accept that Franco was beyond help.

Nina recalled Franco injecting himself with the overdose of LSD, but she stuck to her story that Heather had administered the psychedelic drug as she demanded to know how Heather had managed to get the LSD. The doctor assured Nina that it was under investigation, so she reluctantly let it drop as she shifted gears to insist that there had to be a drug that could reverse the affects of the LSD, since LSD had been around since the 1960s. The doctor explained there was no way to tell what it could do to a person because the dose had been too high.

The doctor reminded Nina that Heather had lost all sense of morality when Heather had taken an overdose, while another woman had claimed to have psychic visions following an overdose of LSD. Nina was confident that Franco would recover, but the doctor warned her that most people ended up empty shells of themselves because a large dose of LSD could easily fry a person's brain. Nina looked through the window at Franco, with concern clouding her expression, then asked if she could talk to Franco. The doctor agreed, but he advised Nina to call out for a guard if she needed help.

Nina approached Franco's bed and sat down next to him as she gently took his hand then tearfully thanked him for saving her life. Nina assured Franco that she would wait for him just as she had promised, but she begged him to give her a sign that he could hear or remember her. Franco suddenly looked at her as he quietly admitted that he remembered her. Nina smiled with joy until he rambled about how he had gone hiking, fallen between two boulders, and then had been forced to cut his arm off after being stuck for 127 hours between the boulders.

Franco became increasingly agitated as he told her about the harrowing experience, but Nina quickly grabbed his hand to show him that his arm was still there. Franco appeared to calm down as he admitted that she'd always had a way of calming him. Nina was filled with hope until Franco talked about being "stoned" during the Oscars when they had co-hosted. He babbled about people criticizing her appearance but he insisted that they were just jealous because she was beautiful. Nina's eyes filled with sadness as she acknowledged he was confused, but she promised to help him the way he had once helped her during her break with reality.

Nina curled up next to Franco on the bed as she vowed not give up on him until he remembered her. "You rock, Ann," Franco replied.

At Silas' apartment, Kiki and Morgan were surprised when Sonny and Carly stopped by for a visit with Avery. Morgan wondered why Sonny was a free man, so Carly explained the governor had granted Sonny a pardon for saving everyone on the Haunted Star. Kiki held Avery tighter as Morgan smiled with delight and hugged his father. Sonny reminded Morgan that it wasn't that simple because Sonny still had to live with what he had done to Michael, but Morgan insisted that Sonny deserved to be free after saving many lives.

Morgan looked forward to his father being a part of his life, so Sonny admitted that he also wanted an opportunity to be a part of Avery's life. Kiki frowned as Sonny asked to hold his daughter because she wasn't comfortable with the idea. She glared accusingly at Sonny as she informed him that the authorities had called off the search for her mother because Ava was presumed dead. Morgan reminded Kiki not to give up hope because a body hadn't been recovered, but Kiki scoffed because the authorities made it clear that Ava was likely dead.

Carly and Sonny assured Kiki that they were sorry for her loss, but Kiki questioned Sonny's sincerity, since he had been quite vocal about his desire to kill Ava after Avery's birth. Sonny didn't blame Kiki for doubting him, but Kiki wanted Sonny to look her in the eyes as he assured her that he had done everything in his power to save Ava. Sonny didn't hesitate as he swore on both his life and Avery's life he had tried to save Ava. Sonny's voice filled with raw emotion as he quietly confessed holding his daughter would mean the world to him. Kiki's eyes welled up with tears, but she handed her sister to Sonny.

Sonny's face lit with joy as he held his daughter for the first time. Carly smiled as she watched father and daughter, but Kiki's expression remained uneasy. Sonny and Carly gushed about how much Avery resembled him, but Kiki pointed out that her sister had Ava's nose. Morgan wrapped his arm around Kiki, sensing her tension. Sonny vowed to always be there to protect Avery then handed Avery to her sister with a promise that he would return to fetch his daughter the following day. Kiki realized Sonny intended to keep his daughter, but she said little as she watched Sonny and Carly leave.

In Maxie's apartment, Nathan helped Maxie assemble a crib as they talked about Franco saving Nina's life when Heather had tried to inject Nina with LSD. Nathan confessed that he was conflicted because he wanted Nina to stay away from Franco, yet Nathan was grateful for Franco's intervention. Maxie pointed out that it was possible to appreciate something that someone had done, like Sonny saving everyone on the Haunted Star, but still not like them as a person. However, Maxie was shocked Luke had been responsible for all the mayhem.

Nathan assured Maxie that fingerprinting had confirmed the man in custody was Luke and that Luke had been the one to attack Dante and leave Dante trapped in a basement with a bomb. Maxie wished that she could do something to help Lulu, but Nathan insisted that all they could do was hold everyone who had helped Luke responsible for their crimes, including Carlos and Johnny. Maxie admitted that the Johnny she knew had not been a monster; he had simply done the wrong things for the right reasons.

Nathan argued that it wasn't a defense that would hold up in court, so Maxie suggested that perhaps there was more to the story about the shootout. Maxie pointed out that Nathan only had the word of two mobsters, Sonny and Julian, about Johnny and Carlos working together, so Nathan revealed that he intended to question Carlos' date. Nathan hoped Johnny and Carlos had decided to stick together and Sabrina had information that would lead to their capture.

In Sabrina's apartment, Sabrina handed Johnny two antibiotic tablets as Carlos asked if Felix would be upset that Sabrina had used Felix's medication. Sabrina coldly reminded Carlos that there hadn't been a choice, but she assured him that she would deal with Felix later. After Sabrina confirmed that Johnny didn't have a fever, Carlos thanked her for not turning them in. Sabrina made it clear that she had only remained silent because there might be a chance that Ava was alive. Johnny became concerned that Sabrina intended to alert the police, but Carlos quickly assured Johnny that there was nothing to worry about.

Sabrina admitted that her moral compass had disappeared for months when she had tried to go after Ava, so she was not happy that Carlos had shot Ava. Johnny argued that Ava hadn't been innocent because Ava had not only threatened Sabrina and Sabrina's unborn child to force Carlos to confess to A.J.'s murder, but Ava had also murdered Johnny's ex-wife, Connie. Johnny conceded that he and Connie hadn't gotten along, but Johnny insisted that Connie had been an innocent person.

According to Johnny, Ava had always known the rules of their business, which was "Winner take all, loser dies." Johnny insisted that Carlos had played by the rules, but Sabrina wasn't satisfied because she felt guilty for what she had put Ava through. Sabrina wanted to cling to the belief that Ava had to survive, but Johnny wondered if Sabrina intended to turn them over to the police if Ava was dead. Sabrina didn't have a chance to answer because Nathan knocked on the door.

Carlos and Johnny quickly ducked out of sight as Sabrina went to the door. Sabrina greeted Nathan, so Nathan explained that he was there on official police business. Sabrina invited him into her home as she asked if there had been any news about Ava. Nathan revealed that Ava was presumed dead, so they had called off the search. Sabrina was shocked, but Nathan carefully looked around the apartment while questioning her about Carlos and Johnny. Sabrina told him that she hadn't seen Carlos or Johnny, but Nathan noticed a pillow on the sofa with a smear of blood.

Nathan signaled for Sabrina to remain silent as he pretended to quickly wrap up the visit and leave. However, Nathan remained in the apartment with his gun drawn until Carlos returned to the living room, noting that it had been a close call. Nathan immediately ordered Carlos to the ground, handcuffed him, and demanded to know where Johnny was. Carlos confessed that Johnny had slipped out a window when he had heard about Ava's death but quickly added that Sabrina hadn't had any part in aiding or abetting Carlos and Johnny. Carlos insisted that she had been a hostage, and he offered to make a full confession.

Sabrina stared in stunned disbelief as Carlos pleaded with his eyes for her to go along with his story. A police officer entered the apartment to lead Carlos away as Nathan assured Sabrina that he would get a statement from her later.

Meanwhile, Johnny turned up on Maxie's doorstep, begging for help. Maxie allowed him into her apartment but insisted that she couldn't help him because her boyfriend was a police officer. Johnny explained that he desperately needed money and a car to get out of town before he was sent back to Pentonville for shooting Julian, but Maxie pointed out she was unemployed and balked at the idea of loaning Johnny the car Mac had given her on her sixteenth birthday. Johnny promised to return the car when he made it to safety, but Maxie refused to risk losing custody of Georgie or her relationship with Nathan by getting caught up in Johnny's mess.

Disappointed, Johnny agreed to leave but Maxie called out to him when he reached the door. She carefully explained that she couldn't knowingly help him as she dumped the contents of her purse on the table, including her wallet and keys then added that she intended to take a shower, so she hoped he wouldn't take her money or car keys. Johnny smiled with gratitude as he admitted that he hoped to see Maxie in another life, so she told him to take care of himself. After she disappeared into the bathroom, Johnny quickly grabbed the money and keys and then left.

At the hospital, Olivia became concerned when she saw Michael standing in the hallway. She asked him if he was okay, so he admitted that he was livid. Olivia confessed that she had heard about Sonny's pardon, prompting Michael to angrily accuse Sonny of getting away with A.J.'s murder. Olivia understood that Michael was upset and admitted that she empathized because she had felt the same way when A.J. had been acquitted of Connie's murder, but Michael argued that the situations were different, since A.J. had been innocent. Olivia reminded Michael that she hadn't known it at the time, so she had been forced to accept A.J.'s freedom as a reality.

Olivia had refused to wallow in grief and rage, but Michael admitted that he didn't have it in him to follow Olivia's example by turning the other cheek. Olivia begged Michael not to do anything rash, but Michael thanked her for the talk, and he left. He passed Ned but didn't acknowledge his cousin, so Ned asked Olivia if something had upset Michael. Olivia explained that Michael was angry because Sonny had received a governor's pardon.

Ned was outraged by Sonny's good fortune because Sonny had ruined many lives and murdered A.J. Olivia admitted that she had voted for the governor's opponent, so Ned quickly apologized for ranting at her, especially since he suspected Olivia had mixed feelings about everything. Olivia changed the subject by asking why Ned was at the hospital, so he revealed that he was on the tail end of the flu. Olivia commiserated with Ned, since she suspected her queasy stomach was the onset of the flu.

Olivia joked that she and Ned deserved their illnesses, since they had each decided to forgo their flu shots, but Ned confessed that he was at the hospital to spy on Alexis because Alexis had cancelled plans with Ned at the last minute, so he had decided to see if Alexis had stopped by the hospital to check on Julian because Alexis couldn't seem to stay away from him. Olivia conceded that she wasn't in any position to judge, since she had also succumbed to Julian's charms.

However, Olivia insisted that Alexis had chosen Ned over Julian because Ned was a great guy. She urged Ned to trust Alexis unless Alexis gave him reason not to. Ned thanked Olivia for the sage advice, so Olivia urged him to see a doctor. Ned agreed provided Olivia did the same because she didn't look "so hot." "Ouch," Olivia replied with feigned hurt.

In Julian's hospital room, Julian was surprised when he saw Alexis appear in the doorway. She explained that she had bad news then revealed that the authorities had called off the search for Ava. Julian was disappointed because it meant his sister had likely perished. He conceded Ava had been far from innocent, but she had also been both fierce and determined. Julian was filled with regret because he suspected that Ava might have gotten safely away if he and Sonny hadn't intruded on her escape plans.

Julian thanked Alexis for letting him know about Ava, so Alexis confessed that she had more news. Julian was surprised when she announced she intended to represent him in court. "If you still want me to," Alexis nervously added. Julian appreciated the offer, but he warned her that he might face charges for keeping quiet about Luke's whereabouts. Alexis realized that he hadn't heard the news about Luke, so she quickly filled him in and revealed that she intended to argue Julian couldn't be held responsible for Luke's choices.

Alexis vowed to do whatever was necessary to keep Julian out of prison just as Michael arrived. Michael asked if Alexis could find a way to get someone put back into jail because the governor had abused his power by giving Sonny a pardon. Alexis warned Michael a governor's pardon couldn't be reversed unless there was proof of collusion between Sonny and the governor. Michael was furious because he wanted "that son of a bitch" to pay, but Julian accused Michael of sounding like an "ungrateful bastard."

Julian conceded that he disliked Sonny -- even hated his rival -- but Sonny had only been concerned about Michael during Julian and Sonny's incarceration because Luke had threatened to hurt both Michael and Lucas. Julian insisted that he and Sonny had risked having their prison sentences extended by escaping to protect Michael and Lucas. Julian felt bad for Sonny because Lucas had at least appreciated Julian's efforts.

Michael was unmoved by Julian's defense of Sonny because Michael was certain Lucas might have felt different if Lucas had learned that Julian had approved a hit on Michael. Michael reminded Julian that Tony Jones had died in the hospital nine years before to the day, but not from a bullet Julian had put in Tony while Tony had been standing in front of Julian, defenseless. After Michael stormed off, Alexis remarked that Julian's words had been harsh. Julian insisted that Michael had needed to hear it, but Alexis wondered if Julian's attitude was a sign that the turf war between Julian and Sonny was over.

Julian remained silent, so Alexis changed the subject by promising to make the court realize that Julian was not guilty of the crimes he had been accused of. She was unaware that Ned stood in the hallway.

At the nurses' station, Olivia started to make an appointment to see a doctor when she spotted Michael. She was curious where he had gone, so Michael told Olivia about his talk with Alexis. Olivia was startled when Michael mentioned that Alexis had been in Julian's hospital room, but Michael didn't notice her reaction as he vowed on his father's grave to find a way to get justice for A.J. and make Sonny pay.

Lulu and Elizabeth turned to Nikolas for help

Lulu and Elizabeth turned to Nikolas for help

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

In Silas' apartment, Kiki spoke to her grandmother, Delia, on the phone to explain that Ava was presumed dead, so the search had been called off. As Kiki spoke on the phone, Morgan knocked on the door. Kiki wrapped up the phone call with Delia with a promise that Kiki had people to lean on then she greeted Morgan. Morgan asked how Kiki had been holding up, so Kiki confessed that it had started to sink in that her mother would not be returning. However, Kiki added that she couldn't accept Sonny taking custody of Avery.

Kiki insisted that it wasn't fair for Sonny to simply take Avery, but Morgan reminded Kiki that Sonny was Avery's father. Kiki argued that Sonny would have killed Ava if Ava hadn't been pregnant with Avery and then following Avery's birth when Michael had stopped Sonny. Morgan was startled when Kiki confessed that she suspected Sonny had allowed Ava to fall to her death, but he adamantly defended his father by pointing out that Sonny would never have put Avery through that kind of pain. Morgan reminded Kiki that she had talked to Sonny herself, but Kiki doubted that Sonny would admit to murdering Ava.

Morgan insisted Ava had been shot and injured by the time Sonny had found Ava, but Kiki argued that they only had Sonny's word for that. Kiki confessed that she didn't believe Sonny because no one could corroborate Sonny's version of events, so Morgan shifted gears to ask what Kiki planned to do. Kiki admitted that she wasn't clear about her options, but she was determined to keep Avery away from Sonny. Kiki agreed she had initially been overwhelmed at the thought of being her sister's guardian, but she couldn't imagine not raising Avery.

Morgan reiterated that Sonny was Avery's father and that Avery belonged with Sonny, but Kiki was unmoved. Morgan gently reminded Kiki that Ava hadn't been an innocent person, but Kiki resented Morgan throwing her mother's transgressions in her face while Kiki was still grieving for her mother. Kiki insisted that Ava would never rest in peace if Sonny raised Avery, so Kiki was prepared to do whatever was necessary to keep that from happening.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny talked to his bodyguard about the last-minute preparations for Avery's nursery. The bodyguard promised to take care of everything then added that he was glad Sonny was back. The bodyguard assured Sonny that Duke had been a fine replacement, but nothing compared to Sonny being in charge. Sonny smiled as he confessed that it was great to be home.

Moments later, Carly arrived. Carly smiled as she asked how his first night at home had been, so Sonny confessed that it would have been better if she had spent the night. Carly pasted on a bright smile as she changed the subject by announcing that she had a gift for Avery; it was the nightlight Jason had bought for Michael when Michael had been a few months old. Sonny returned Carly's smile as they reminisced about how the nightlight had been broken during one of Michael's temper tantrums, which had forced Carly and Sonny to look for a replacement.

Carly recalled that by the end of the night, all had been right with their son's world. Sonny quietly admitted that he wished it could be like that again. Carly agreed but shifted gears to ask if Sonny was ready for Avery. Sonny explained that he had been putting Avery's things together all morning, so Carly decided to leave. Surprised, Sonny wondered why Carly didn't want to stay, but she pointed out that he didn't need her until Avery arrived. Sonny wasn't satisfied because he knew Carly was trying to avoid him.

Carly's temper flared as she reminded Sonny that he had been the one to push her away, but Sonny argued that he had thought it had been for the best because at the time, he had faced life behind bars. Sonny explained that he had wanted Carly to repair her relationship with Michael and move on, but Carly insisted it hadn't been Sonny's choice to make. She resented that he had refused her visits while he had been in Pentonville, but Sonny quietly admitted that the only thing worse than being locked up in jail was being forced to see her through Plexiglas and talking to her on a phone during their visits.

Carly was furious because Sonny had only considered his desires rather than her feelings. Sonny argued it had been necessary because Carly was the only woman who would have visited him weekly for the duration of his sentence rather than moving on with her life. Sonny was shocked when Carly announced he had gotten what he had wanted because she had met someone. "His name's Jake," Carly revealed.

Sonny appeared skeptical as Carly carefully told him about Jake in a way that implied she and Jake were romantically involved. Sonny was curious where Carly's "boyfriend" was, so she was forced to admit that Jake was in jail for planting the bomb on the Haunted Star. Stunned, Sonny pointed out that Carly's boyfriend had nearly killed Michael, so Carly realized it was pointless to continue to lie about the nature of her relationship with Jake. However, she insisted that Jake had been there for her when Sonny hadn't because Sonny had pushed her away.

Sonny reminded Carly that the previous day, he had been ready to face the rest of his life in jail, but everything was different because he was alive, free, and in love with Carly. "Why can't that ever be enough?" Sonny asked as his voice cracked with emotion. Carly confessed that she didn't know what kind of relationship they could have if she could only be a part of his life when he was strong and on top of the world. She insisted that she couldn't trust him to be by her side during dark times if he refused to let her stand by him when things became difficult.

Sonny conceded that he had messed up, but he vowed that he would always be there for Carly because he had never stopped loving her. Carly's resolve crumbled when Sonny insisted that they loved each other and then kissed her passionately.

At Maxie's apartment, Maxie read the latest news about Johnny's escape and Carlos' arrest online until Nathan knocked on the door. Maxie was delighted when Nathan surprised her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers as he wished her a happy Valentine's Day then handed her a bag with a special present for Georgie's visit. Maxie was touched when she dug out a baby's bib that read, "Mommy's Favorite," so she teased that Georgie might have competition.

Nathan apologized for failing to return to help Maxie finish putting everything together for Georgie, but he had been on the hunt for Johnny. Maxie carefully asked about Carlos' arrest and the search for Johnny, so Nathan revealed he had found Carlos hiding out at Sabrina's apartment, but Johnny had managed to escape. Nathan suspected Johnny had turned to Lulu for help, but Lulu hadn't had any contact with Johnny. Maxie's expression clouded with guilt as she recalled Johnny asking for her help to flee town, but she kept the information to herself.

Moments later, a deliveryman arrived with a few boxes for Georgie, so Nathan asked if Maxie had any cash on her for a tip. Maxie went to her purse then feigned surprise when she saw her wallet was empty. Nathan found enough cash to give the deliveryman then walked the man to the door. Afterwards, Nathan apologized for not being able to go to the airport with Maxie to meet Spinelli and Georgie because he had to continue to look for Johnny. However, Nathan decided to make sure Maxie had enough gas in her car, so he asked her for the keys. Maxie assured Nathan it wasn't necessary, but Nathan refused to take no for an answer.

Maxie was once again forced to pretend surprise when she couldn't find her keys in her purse. Nathan assumed she'd become distracted again and had left them in her car, so he dashed out the door to check and get her gas. Maxie worriedly paced the living room until Nathan returned when he discovered her car was gone. He feared someone had broken into Maxie's apartment to steal her money, keys, and car, so he reached for the phone to call the police station.

Maxie realized she couldn't continue to lie and told Nathan it wasn't necessary to call the police because she knew what had happened to the car. Nathan was stunned when Maxie confessed that Johnny had turned to her for help, so she had given Johnny the money and car.

At the courthouse, Scott was on the phone, grumbling about Sonny's release from jail because of the governor's pardon and then abruptly ended the call.

Moments later, Lulu approached Scott to talk to him about Luke. Scott informed her he was busy because he was about to have a hearing with Luke's accomplice, Jake Doe, who had planted the bomb on the Haunted Star, but Lulu explained that she was there to discuss full immunity with Scott. Scott asked if Lulu was out of her mind because he had no intention of going easy on Luke, especially on the heels of Sonny's release from Pentonville. Scott acknowledged he had never liked Luke but conceded he had been surprised Luke had intended to kill three members of the Spencer family.

Lulu defended her father by insisting that Luke wasn't that bad, but Scott disagreed, so he warned her that he would not give Luke immunity. Lulu clarified she wanted full immunity for Helena. "Well, this just gets better," Scott admitted because he knew how Helena had hurt Laura, Lucky, and Lulu over the years. He pointed out that Helena had been public enemy number one for the Spencers "since the dinosaurs roamed the earth," but Lulu explained it was a necessary evil because Tracy suspected that Helena had somehow managed to exert mind control over Luke.

Lulu revealed Helena would not share what she had done to Luke or how to undo the mind control without being assured full immunity, but Scott wasn't moved because the "mind control" argument seemed like a convenient excuse for both Luke and Helena. Lulu continued to argue her case, but Scott insisted that Luke had always been a bad man who had been capable of raping Laura. Lulu was stunned that Scott would go there, but Scott was unapologetic because Luke had also killed Elizabeth's young son, Jake. Scott couldn't understand why Lulu would try to sell Luke as an innocent man when the opposite was true. According to Scott, Luke had gone too far to the dark side, so Scott refused to grant Helena full immunity. Lulu vowed that Scott he would regret it and then stormed out.

At Wyndemere, Elizabeth was waiting in the living room when Nikolas returned from working out. She apologized for intruding, but Nikolas assured her it was fine, since he hadn't seen her since New Year's Eve. Nikolas was curious what was going on with Elizabeth, so she revealed that she needed his help because Jake was in trouble. Nikolas was curious if Jake still lived with Elizabeth, so she admitted that Jake had moved out when Ric had returned.

Nikolas wondered what it had been like for Elizabeth when she had realized that Ric was alive, so she admitted that it had been surreal, incredible, and something like out of a dream. Nikolas admitted that he'd had a similar dream every day -- referring to Emily -- but quickly changed the subject by asking how he could help with Jake. He confessed that he wasn't inclined to help because Jake had repaid Elizabeth's kindness by taking Sam hostage, helping an international terrorist escape, shooting a police officer, and nearly killing dozens of people on the Haunted Star, but Elizabeth insisted that Jake hadn't been responsible for his actions.

Elizabeth confided that Jake had been under Helena's control, but Nikolas appeared skeptical until Elizabeth reminded him that Helena had once done the same thing to Lucky. Nikolas questioned why Helena would want to use Jake, but Elizabeth didn't know. However, she promised that Jake was one of the good guys. Nikolas was curious what Elizabeth expected him to do, so Elizabeth asked Nikolas to find away to force Helena to admit what she had done to Jake. Nikolas doubted he could get through to Helena, but Elizabeth disagreed because Nikolas was the only person Helena truly loved.

Nikolas assured Elizabeth that he wanted to help, but he didn't know what to do. Elizabeth pointed out that Nikolas was resourceful, so she trusted him to figure something out. Shortly after Elizabeth left, Lulu arrived to talk to her brother about the situation with Luke. She conceded that she was still furious with Nikolas, but she was desperate to help her father break free of Helena's control. Nikolas revealed that Elizabeth had made a similar request for Jake, so Nikolas vowed that he would find a way to make things right for everyone.

At the jail, Jake was startled when Ric paid him a visit. Ric explained Elizabeth had told him about Jake's situation and Jake's claim that Helena had somehow brainwashed Jake. Jake realized that Ric didn't believe him, but Ric argued that it didn't matter because Elizabeth did, so she had asked Ric to represent Jake. Jake was stunned that Ric had agreed, so Ric explained that he would do whatever Elizabeth asked. Jake decided to take his chances with a public attorney because he didn't trust Ric, but Ric insisted that he was Jake's best chance.

Jake reluctantly agreed because it was what Elizabeth had wanted, so Ric advised Jake to plead guilty when they faced the judge. Jake balked because it meant that he would go to jail, but Ric pointed out that Jake had a better chance at a light sentence if he pleaded guilty. Ric added that if Jake was right about Helena, then Jake would remain a threat to Elizabeth and her sons, since Helena had targeted Elizabeth numerous times in the past, but Jake argued that Helena was in jail. Ric countered that Jake had no way of knowing if someone else could control Jake's mind the same way Helena had.

Later, Ric and Jake entered the courtroom. Ric and Scott exchanged words then took their seats. Ric quietly reminded Jake to plead guilty as Elizabeth entered the courtroom and approached the defense table to tell Jake that she had persuaded Nikolas to help them. She reminded Jake to keep fighting and took her seat when the judge walked in.

The judge read the charges against Jake and asked for Jake's plea. Jake asked how many people had been on the Haunted Star, so the judge explained it would have been a "bloodbath" if the bomb had detonated. Jake looked at Elizabeth then faced the judge to enter a plea of "not guilty."

Helena made a full confession for a price

Helena made a full confession for a price

Thursday, February 12, 2015

In the courtroom, Jake shocked Ric by pleading not guilty to the charges. Ric asked for a moment to consult with his client, so the judge reluctantly agreed. Ric kept his voice low as he angrily asked why Jake hadn't stuck to their agreement, so Jake looked back at Elizabeth and quietly confessed that he refused to let Elizabeth down. Ric was frustrated by Jake's lack of cooperation, but Scott asked the judge if they could continue the proceedings because Scott had plans for Valentine's Day.

Ric smirked as he assured Scott that the lap dancers would still be at the "Lizard Lounge," but Scott argued that the best ones would be taken. The judge was not amused by the exchange between Scott and Ric, so she reminded the men that they were in court. Scott and Ric apologized, so Ric resumed trying to get Jake to change the plea, but Jake reiterated to the judge that he was not guilty. Annoyed, Ric was forced to ask the judge to release Jake on his own recognizance, but the judge feared that Jake remained a threat to the people of Port Charles, so she decided to deny Jake bail.

Satisfied, Scott left the courtroom, while Elizabeth asked Ric what happened next. Jake surprised Elizabeth by announcing that he intended to get another attorney because Jake and Ric had conflicting views about how to proceed with Jake's case. Stunned, Elizabeth asked what Jake was talking about, so Jake admitted that Ric wanted Jake to go to jail. Elizabeth was certain that it had been a misunderstanding, but Jake assured her that Ric had urged him to plead guilty. Elizabeth turned to Ric for an explanation.

Before Ric could respond, a police guard stepped forward to take Jake back to jail. Elizabeth urged Jake to hang in and promised that she would visit him soon. After Jake left, Elizabeth asked Ric to explain himself, so Ric claimed that he couldn't discuss it, but she refused to be brushed off. "Yes," Ric blurted out.

Ric insisted that a plea bargain had been Jake's only hope of getting a sentence that might one day allow Jake to walk free because the evidence against Jake was overwhelming. Elizabeth argued that Jake had been under Helena's control, but Ric argued that it would be next to impossible to prove. Elizabeth disagreed because Nikolas had promised to force a confession from Helena to prove that Jake had been as innocent as Ric had been when Julian had falsely accused Ric of being the head of the Jerome organization.

Elizabeth suspected Ric had hoped to get Jake out of the way because Ric had seen how close she and Jake had grown over Christmas. However, she assured Ric that she and Jake were over, but Ric was skeptical because she hadn't hesitated to run to Jake's side when she had heard about Jake's arrest. Ric reminded Elizabeth that Jake was a man without a name or a past who was clearly capable of dangerous things, but Elizabeth wondered why Ric felt threatened about her friendship with Jake. Elizabeth pointed out that Jake had moved out of her home when Ric had returned, but Ric scoffed because Jake had only left after Ric had persuaded Jake that it would be best for Elizabeth and the boys.

Elizabeth was livid when she realized what Ric had done, but Ric insisted that he had wanted to protect Elizabeth and the boys while Ric and Elizabeth built a life together. Ric assured Elizabeth that he loved her, but she was hurt because she thought their days of lying to each other were over and that she could count on him to be straight with her. Elizabeth confessed that hearing Ric make excuses was like listening to a stranger then added that she knew Jake better than she knew Ric.

In the local jail, Luke asked a guard where Helena had been taken, but the guard refused to answer Luke's questions. Luke continued to badger the guard until the guard announced that Luke had a visitor. Moments later, Lulu approached her father's jail cell. Luke greeted Lulu as "cupcake," but Lulu resented him using the nickname because the man behind bars was not the father she had known. Luke was unmoved as Lulu ranted until she mentioned Sonny's pardon.

Luke was livid that Sonny was a free man, but Lulu ordered her father to "shut up" because she wasn't interested in hearing what he had to say about Sonny. She admitted that she could barely look at Luke, knowing what he had done to Dante and the attempt to kill everyone on the Haunted Star, including Bobbie and Lucas. Luke warned Lulu she was in for a disappointment if she expected him to apologize, but Lulu admitted she didn't think Luke was in his right mind. "Thank you, Dr. Freud," Luke snidely replied.

Lulu reminded Luke that Helena had once brainwashed Lucky to do Helena's bidding, so Lulu was certain Helena had done the same thing to Luke. Luke suspected Lulu had been talking to Tracy, but Lulu ignored the remark as she assured Luke that Helena would tell the truth. Luke chuckled because "Cassadines don't drop dimes," but Lulu was confident Nikolas would force the truth out of Helena. Luke snickered because he doubted it.

Lulu vowed to get Luke the treatment he desperately needed, but Luke argued that he didn't need any help. Unfazed, Lulu looked deep in Luke's eyes, hoping to reach the father she loved buried inside him as she assured her father she loved him and would fight for him. Luke thought it was sad how "woefully ignorant" Lulu was about what she was dealing with. "Which part?" Lulu asked. "All of it," Luke replied then added that Nikolas was not up to matching wits with Helena.

A short time later, Jake was escorted to a jail cell across from Luke. Luke asked about Jake's arraignment, but Jake ignored Luke as Lulu seized the opportunity to remind her father that Jake had managed to break free of Helena's hold over Jake's mind. Lulu was certain that Luke could do the same, which would prove Luke had not been responsible for the crimes Luke had been accused of. Luke appeared to take pleasure in admitting that he had planned everything. He invited Lulu to ask Jake if she didn't believe Luke.

Jake conceded that Helena had revealed that Jake had been "conditioned" to take orders from Helena, so Lulu insisted that Helena had done the same to Luke because her father was a good man. Luke admitted that it was one option, but there were others. "Such as?" Lulu asked. "Wouldn't you like to know?" Luke replied with a malevolent smile. Luke gave points to Lulu, but he advised her to stick to motherhood and leave the math to "bigger brains."

Luke explained that Lulu had overlooked one glaring problem. Julian Jerome had first met Luke in the Witness Protection Program years earlier, which meant that Luke had been under Helena's control for years if Lulu's theory was true. Luke taunted Lulu that if Luke had been under Helena's control for years, then everything about his life, including his relationship with Lulu, had been a lie. Jake felt bad for Lulu, so he told Luke to "shut up," but Luke barked it was a family matter that didn't concern Jake. Jake offered to call the guard, but Lulu declined. She admitted that she didn't know what to believe and left.

In the interrogation room, Kyle Sloane watched as Helena's handcuffs were removed. A police officer stood guard by the door as Helena asked if Sloane had worked out a solution to her problem because she wanted to be released. Sloane admitted that it wasn't quite that simple, so Helena asked why he had sent for her. "Because I told him to," Nikolas answered from the doorway as he entered the room.

Nikolas revealed Elizabeth had visited him to talk about Jake's claim that Helena had exerted mind control over Jake. Helena chuckled in an attempt to dismiss the suggestion as ridiculous, but Nikolas admitted that he was inclined to believe Jake because of what Helena had once done to Nikolas' brother, Lucky. Nikolas added that he suspected Helena had done the same thing to Luke, which explained Luke's recent aberrant behavior. Helena conceded that it was an interesting theory, but Nikolas cut her off to inform her that he expected her to confess and make things right.

Helena refused to share any information with Nikolas until she had full immunity from prosecution. Nikolas assured her that he would make it happen, but Kyle reminded Nikolas that Scott Baldwin would have to sign off on it. Helena doubted Scott would agree, but Nikolas promised it wouldn't be a problem. "Is that so?" Scott asked as he entered the interrogation room.

Scott accused Nikolas of being delusional if Nikolas expected Scott to grant Helena immunity, because there would be tremendous backlash for allowing three murderers -- Helena, Luke, and Sonny -- to walk free. Nikolas wasn't concerned, but Scott pointed out that he didn't answer to Nikolas, Kyle, or even Mayor Lomax. Nikolas informed Scott that Nikolas had put Mayor Lomax in office, so Nikolas could easily have Scott removed as district attorney. Helena beamed with pride as Nikolas pressured Scott into granting Helena full immunity in exchange for information about Luke and Jake.

A short time later, Scott signed the necessary papers to free Helena then he stormed out. Helena decided to read the fine print on Scott's document before holding up her end of the bargain, but Nikolas informed her that she couldn't leave until he had his answers. Reluctantly, Helena reached for a pen and wrote out a full confession. After the handed it to Nikolas, Helena sailed out of the interrogation room.

In the squad room, Lulu was outraged when she saw Helena leave, but Nikolas quickly explained to his sister that Helena had been granted immunity in exchange for answers about both Luke and Jake.

Meanwhile, Jake asked if Luke had enjoyed tearing Lulu down simply because she had wanted a sign that her father was not the "bastard" Luke appeared to be. Luke explained that it was a parent's obligation to teach their children to accept reality. "Especially when it's staring them right in the face," Luke added. Luke considered Jake lucky because Jake couldn't remember Jake's family. Jake ignored the remark because Jake hoped for Lulu's sake that Luke's "delightful personality" was a result of mind control.

"If not, you, sir, deserve whatever they're going to do to the two of us," Jake told Luke. Moments later, Kyle walked up. Kyle ordered a police officer to manacle both prisoners because the men were about to go on a little "field trip."

In Maxie's apartment, Nathan tried to understand why Maxie had helped Johnny Zacchara elude capture. Maxie assured Nathan that she had wanted to tell Nathan, which was why she had stopped him from calling the police when Nathan had discovered her car missing. She assured Nathan that she hadn't picked Johnny over Nathan, so Nathan had no reason to be jealous, but she hadn't been able to turn her back on a friend who had needed help. Nathan argued it was exactly what she should have done because Johnny had committed a slew of crimes since leaving Pentonville.

According to Nathan, Maxie had had a responsibility to the community to turn Johnny in, but Maxie argued that Johnny had been her friend. Nathan explained that helping Johnny had been against the law, so Nathan was legally obligated to arrest her. Maxie defiantly held out her wrists as she invited Nathan to handcuff her, but Nathan refused. Maxie apologized but insisted it was necessary because she didn't want him to get into trouble. Nathan decided it was a risk he would take because he doubted Kyle Sloane would go easy on her.

However, Nathan remained upset because Maxie had failed to realize she had jeopardized her custody of Georgie by helping Johnny. Maxie was offended by the suggestion that she was a bad mother because she had helped Johnny, so Nathan assured her that she was a good mother, but he was concerned what Judge Walters would say if he learned what Maxie had done. Nathan reminded Maxie it was exactly the kind of behavior that had led Judge Walters to prohibit Maxie visitation with Georgie. Maxie argued that she had never hidden Johnny; she had simply left her money and car keys on the table while she had gone to take a shower.

Nathan accused Maxie of splitting hairs, which Judge Walters had hated. Nathan agreed to protect Maxie and Georgie by claiming Johnny had broken into Maxie's apartment to steal the money and car keys, but he hoped that no one ever learned the truth because they would all pay the price. Maxie remained defensive as she pointed out that Nathan hadn't hesitated to lie for her during the custody hearing, but Nathan argued that it was different because he had done it for the woman he had been falling in love with. Maxie was speechless, so Nathan advised her to call Ellie and Spinelli to tell them to take a cab, while Nathan went to the police station to file a report.

Maxie wanted to talk about what Nathan had just told her, but Nathan insisted he had said all he needed to then wished her a happy Valentine's Day and left.

At Greystone Manor, Carly smiled as her passionate kiss with Sonny ended. She confessed it had been the best, so Sonny wondered if it had been better than her kiss with Jake. Carly assured Sonny that Jake was just a friend, but Sonny was curious why Carly would befriend someone who had tried to kill their son. Carly defended Jake by insisting that Jake had not been responsible for his actions because Jake had suffered severe brain trauma. However, Carly conceded that Jake had confessed, so Jake would likely spend the rest of his life in jail.

Sonny reminded Carly many had thought the same about Sonny, so Carly hugged Sonny because she was happy to have him back home. Sonny grinned because he considered himself lucky to have Carly in his life -- and soon he would have Avery too. Sonny invited Carly to accompany him when he picked up his daughter, so Carly readily agreed because she adored Avery. Sonny confessed that he wanted to be a better father to Avery than he had been to his other children. Carly vowed to be there for both Sonny and Avery, regardless of what Sonny and Carly's relationship was.

"She's a part of you, and I love you," Carly explained about Avery, and she reminded Sonny he had loved Michael because Michael had been a part of her. Sonny smiled because he was eager for him and Carly to be a team again. Carly admitted that she wanted it too.

At Silas' apartment, Kiki braced herself when she heard a knock at the door. It was Alexis. Kiki invited Alexis inside as Alexis whipped out her cell phone and took pictures of Avery for Kristina, who was eager to spoil her new baby sister. Kiki looked uncomfortable, but Alexis didn't notice as Alexis cooed over the baby. Alexis remarked that Avery had Sonny's eyes, so Kiki quickly added that Avery also had Ava's nose. Alexis' smile faded as she extended her condolences to Kiki then promised to take care of Ava's estate for Kiki.

Kiki confessed that she wasn't concerned about her mother's estate; she wanted to know what would happen with Avery. Alexis reminded Kiki that Sonny was Avery's father, so Kiki explained that she had reservations about allowing Sonny to take Avery home because Kiki was certain that Ava would have fought Sonny "tooth and nail" for custody of Avery. Kiki was curious what she could do to stop Sonny from taking Avery, but Alexis explained that Kiki's hands were tied because Kiki could face criminal charges if Kiki tried to prevent Sonny from leaving with Avery.

However, Alexis revealed that Kiki could sue for custody because Kiki had valid concerns about Sonny's fitness as a parent, based on Sonny's history and the various ways Sonny's children had been endangered over the years. Alexis couldn't promise that Kiki would be awarded custody, so it was up to Kiki.

Moments later, Sonny and Carly arrived. Alexis greeted the couple and congratulated Sonny on the pardon and the birth of his new daughter. Carly was curious why Alexis was there, so Alexis claimed she had stopped by to discuss Ava's estate with Kiki. Kiki seemed surprised that Alexis hadn't mentioned Kiki's concerns about Avery's custody but remained silent. Sonny shifted gears to ask if Avery was ready, so Kiki offered to fetch her sister's car seat and stroller, but Carly assured Kiki that it wasn't necessary because Sonny had everything Avery would need.

Sonny added that Kiki should hang on to the items because Kiki would have plenty of visits with her sister. Kiki quickly fetched a quilt she had made from Ava's old pillowcases, so Avery would always have a piece of their mother with her. Sonny and Carly smiled as they took the quilt and left with Avery. Kiki asked why Alexis hadn't mentioned anything to Sonny about a possible custody battle, so Alexis explained that it would be best to catch Sonny by surprise if Kiki intended to go through with it.

Later, Sonny and Carly arrived home with Avery. They showed Avery the nightlight Jason had bought for Michael when Michael had been a baby and welcomed Avery home. Afterwards, Sonny and Carly decided to take Avery to the nursery, leaving the quilt Kiki had made forgotten on a chair.

Olivia learned she was pregnant

Olivia learned she was pregnant

Friday, February 13, 2015

At Metro Court Restaurant, Olivia snapped at the bartender as she batted some hanging heart decorations out of her way. "There's the famous Falconeri temper," a blonde woman with a booming voice said. Olivia's face lit up when she saw her close friend from Bensonhurst, smiling at her. "Mel," Olivia said as she excitedly embraced the tall blonde woman.

"Melissa Josephine Santro," Olivia said with a huge grin, but Mel revealed that she preferred her married name. "Which one?" Olivia asked with a smirk. "Picard," Mel replied with a heavy New York accent and then explained Port Charles was a pit stop on her way to Niagara Falls. Mel bragged that her son was paying for the trip, so Olivia led Mel to the bar to catch up over a glass of wine. Mel congratulated Olivia on being an owner of an upscale hotel but became somber as she extended her condolences on Connie's passing.

Mel sensed Olivia was troubled, so Olivia opened up about her feelings for Ned and the mistake she had made by sleeping with Julian. Mel suddenly recalled that Ned Ashton was rock musician Eddie Maine, so she smiled proudly at Olivia, but Olivia quickly explained that Ned only had eyes for Alexis. As Olivia talked about the situation with Ned, Mel realized Olivia had slept with Olivia's rival's ex-boyfriend, but Olivia regretted the night with Julian because it had been for all the wrong reasons and had upset everyone in the process.

Olivia confided she was willing to accept Ned's friendship because she missed him despite her request for him to stay away. The waiter appeared to take Mel's empty glass, so Olivia let him know he could take hers, too, but Mel reached for the unfinished wine. Olivia swatted Mel's hand away because she didn't want her friend catching the flu. Mel was surprised that Olivia hadn't gotten a flu shot but shifted gears when she noticed the time. Mel explained she had to meet her son, so she urged Olivia to fight for Ned before it was too late, gave her a quick hug, and then left.

At the Quartermaine mansion, a young chef put the finishing touches on a table, which had been romantically set for two. Ned lit the candles as he remarked to J.L. that Alexis appeared to be running late. J.L. assured Ned that it was fine because J.L. had prepared Alexis' favorite, gazpacho. J.L. listed the other dishes he intended to prepare but feared Ned's solemn expression indicated disappointment in the menu. Ned quickly assured J.L. he looked forward to the meal and appreciated J.L. agreeing to fly in to surprise Alexis because J.L. was her favorite chef.

J.L. smiled bashfully as he downplayed his win on Oven Wars by reminding Ned it had been the television show's first run. Moments later, Alexis rushed in and apologized for being late. She stopped short when she saw the romantic setting and then noticed J.L. standing in the room. She was awed as she instantly recognized the winning chef, but she wondered why he was there. J.L. explained Ned had reached out to him through Ned's daughter -- one of J.L.'s best customers -- to prepare Alexis a special Valentine's Day dinner.

Alexis was touched by the gesture, so she thanked Ned then teased him about not wanting to make him jealous about J.L. Ned quietly confessed he was more concerned about Alexis and Julian. Alexis immediately sobered as she asked what Ned was talking about, so Ned admitted he knew she had visited Julian. Alexis recalled Ned had urged her to go, but Ned explained that it had been a one-time magnanimous gesture because Julian was Sam's father. Alexis was stunned when she realized Ned had been spying on her at the hospital, but Ned insisted that he had been concerned because she had canceled their lunch date at the last minute.

Alexis explained she had felt obligated to break the news to Julian that the search for Ava had been called off and then revealed she had agreed to represent Julian in court. "So much for you washing your hands of that guy," Ned growled as J.L. returned with the gazpacho. Alexis was shocked when Ned accused her of making it feel like a chore to spend time with Ned while she couldn't seem to stay away from Julian. Furious, Alexis decided to leave, but she bumped into J.L as she stood up. J.L apologized profusely as gazpacho spilled down the front of her shirt, but Alexis blamed Ned for ruining the evening and stormed out.

J.L. began to pick up the mess, but Ned explained the staff would take care of it. J.L. was horrified when Mel suddenly sailed into the room to ask if he was ready to leave because the "slot machines" were calling her name. J.L asked his mother to leave, but she refused, since he didn't need the "gig." According to Mel, J.L. had only agreed to take the job because J.L. had wanted to impress a certain "pop-tart hussy customer." Ned informed Mel that the "pop-tart hussy customer" was Ned's daughter.

"And she's a lovely girl," Mel replied as she helped herself to a glass of wine. She suddenly realized that Ned was Ned Ashton, Lois Cerullo's ex-husband and the man Olivia had been pining for. Mel invited Ned to join her on the sofa because she wanted to have a chat with him about Olivia. J.L. tried to stop his mother, but she waved him away as she warned him to stay out of it and then turned her attention to Ned. Mel insisted Olivia was an amazing woman who would give Ned the shirt off her back.

Mel told Ned about her encounter with her friend at Metro Court Restaurant then asked Ned about his thoughts of Olivia. Ned admitted that he'd had a blast with Olivia, but Mel wasn't satisfied because she wanted to know if he was attracted to her friend. Ned confessed that he was, so Mel wondered why, if that was true, Ned would try to make things work with a woman who was obsessed with a "two-bit" mobster. Ned insisted it was complicated, but Mel disagreed because she suspected Alexis wasn't the only person who was obsessed with someone else.

After Ned left, Mel apologized for ruining J.L.'s job as he cleaned up the mess. J.L feared Brook Lynn would be furious and tell her friends about the disastrous night, which would cost him valuable clientele at his restaurant. Mel promised that she would always be proud of her son, but she wished he would stop using his initials instead of going by the beautiful name she had given him -- Jean Luc Picard.

At the hospital, a dressed-up Sam checked her lipstick before entering her father's hospital room, where Lucas was already visiting their father. Julian chatted with his children for a while but doubted they were there to watch the Charlie Brown Special with him. Lucas and Sam chuckled, but Julian could tell by the way Sam was dressed that she had special plans with Patrick. Julian looked up at Lucas to ask if Lucas also had plans to celebrate Valentine's Day with Brad, but Lucas appeared uncomfortable. "Yeah, probably," Lucas said, prompting Julian and Sam to ask if there was a problem.

Lucas confessed Brad had recently declared his love for Lucas and had invited Lucas to move in. Julian thought it was a huge step for Lucas and Brad, but Sam was delighted for her brother. Lucas quickly clarified he hadn't had a chance to give Brad an answer because Patrick and Sam had arrived to pick Lucas and Brad up for the party. Sam was shocked because it had been several days since the party on the Haunted Star, but Julian reminded Sam it was Lucas' decision if Lucas wanted to risk Brad running into another man's arms. Lucas warned both his father and sister he didn't appreciate being tag-teamed. Sam spotted Patrick in the hallway, so she quickly excused herself.

After Sam left, Julian talked to Lucas about Lucas' feelings for Brad. Lucas confessed the declaration of love and offer to move in had been unexpected, but Lucas had been having fun spending time with Brad. Julian realized his son was afraid. "Terrified," Lucas admitted. Lucas explained that Brad was far more courageous than Lucas because Brad hadn't hesitated to take the stage during the Nurse's Ball. Lucas admitted he didn't have it in him to be bold, which he feared might be a sign he didn't love Brad.

Julian explained that love was messy when a person put their heart on the line, but Lucas' fear suggested Lucas had strong feelings for Brad. However, Julian conceded he wasn't the best person to dispense advice because Alexis wanted nothing to do with him after Julian had put his heart on the line. Julian and Lucas looked up when they heard someone in the doorway. It was Alexis. Lucas left to give Alexis and Julian privacy, so Alexis explained she'd had an argument with Ned when Ned had accused of her wanting to be with Julian. Julian was shocked when Alexis admitted Ned had been right.

In the hospital's locker room, Brad emerged from the shower as Patrick finished getting ready for a date with Sam. Brad was impressed with Patrick's look, so Patrick thanked Brad then asked if Brad had plans with Lucas. Brad managed to brush off the question as Patrick left but muttered under his breath that he needed to avoid scaring Lucas off by being so committed. The words died on Brad's lips when he nearly bumped into a fellow doctor who had a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Dr. D.," Brad said as he took in the tall, handsome doctor's broad, muscular chest. "Derek," the doctor insisted, since he had been working with Brad for over two years. Derek reminded Brad they still needed Brad to sign up for the hockey game against Mercy Hospital then left to get ready for a Valentine's Day date. Derek hoped his evening plans would turn into breakfast in the morning.

At the nurses' station, Patrick complimented Sam as she approached him, but he confessed he had bad news because Liesl had paged him. Patrick didn't know how long he'd be delayed, so Sam offered to push back their dinner reservations. Moments later, Derek walked up and offered to take Sam to dinner. Patrick smiled as he introduced Derek to Sam as the "chief of plastics and a charming son of a bitch." Derek joked that it took one to know one.

Derek shifted gears to remind Patrick to sign up for the hockey game against Mercy Hospital, so Patrick assured Derek he would be there. Derek then explained that his girlfriend had text messaged him to let Derek know she had been delayed at work, so Derek suggested Derek and Sam head to the restaurant to wait for their dates to arrive. After Sam agreed, she gave Patrick a quick kiss then warned him not to be too late.

Later, Brad approached the nurses' station, so Felix asked if the blood work Liesl had requested was ready. Brad explained it would be a couple of hours, but he assured Felix that Liesl had already been notified. Brad was curious why Felix was working, so Felix revealed he had taken an extra shift to give Epiphany the night off to spend with Milo. Brad thought Felix was lucky to be single because there were plenty of good-looking people in the world, including at the hospital.

Felix appeared annoyed as Brad rambled on about asking a guy to move in after declaring his love for him. Felix realized Brad had been referring to Lucas, so Brad confirmed Felix's suspicions as he explained he had put his heart on the line for Lucas by considering a three-way with Felix and Lucas, embarrassing himself at the Nurse's Ball, and nearly dying after being pushed off the parapet. It frustrated Brad that Lucas couldn't be bothered to give Brad an answer, but Felix wasn't interested in hearing Brad's problems, since Felix had been left out in the cold when Lucas and Brad had found each other.

Brad immediately apologized for his insensitivity, but confessed that he missed talking to Britt. After Felix left, Lucas walked up. Brad was guarded as Lucas admitted to messing up because he wasn't the type of guy to make big gestures. Lucas suddenly jumped up on the nurses' station and loudly announced he was hopelessly, madly, and deeply in love with Brad. Brad was stunned when Lucas added that he would love to move in with Brad. Brad beamed with joy as Lucas jumped down then kissed him, while everyone around clapped.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Derek and Sam enjoyed a cocktail as they talked about Patrick. Derek received another text message from his girlfriend, who let him know she was stuck at work. He was disappointed because he had planned a special evening for her because he was certain his girlfriend was the one. Sam insisted Derek go to his girlfriend because his girlfriend would appreciate seeing him, but Derek hated leaving Sam alone. However, Sam was adamant that he go.

After Derek left, Sam stood up, ready to call it a night until she felt Patrick's arms wrap around her waist. She smiled as she turned in his arms then greeted him with a smile and kiss.

Meanwhile, Olivia called the hospital to get the results of her flu test. The doctor assured Olivia it had merely been a touch of the flu, so Olivia and the baby were fine. "My what?" Olivia asked in stunned disbelief. The doctor was surprised because she had assumed Olivia had realized she was pregnant. As Olivia received the shocking news, Ned walked up.

In the squad room, Nathan looked at a picture of him and Maxie until a woman approached his desk to introduce herself as Natalia Rodriguez, the assistant district attorney. Natalia revealed Scott had asked her to express Scott's gratitude for capturing Carlos Rivera. However, Natalia was there to discuss what information Nathan had about Johnny Zacchara. Nathan reluctantly explained Johnny had managed to flee jurisdiction because of Nathan's girlfriend.

Natalia quickly excused herself to send her boyfriend a text message explaining she would be late for their date then returned to question Nathan about his shocking claim. Nathan quickly clarified Johnny had broken into Maxie's apartment to steal money and car keys, but Natalia didn't see any mention of a break-in while reviewing Nathan's report. Nathan revealed Johnny had been a friend of Maxie's and had once dated Maxie's ex-roommate, so he assumed Johnny had used a hidden key to access the apartment. Natalia felt terrible for Maxie because it was clear Johnny had taken advantage of a friendship. Natalia imagined Maxie felt violated, so she was curious why Nathan wasn't with his girlfriend.

Nathan explained it wasn't that simple, but Natalia disagreed. She urged him to go to Maxie because Maxie would remember if Nathan hadn't spent Valentine's Day with Maxie. Natalia decided to take her own advice, so she left to meet her boyfriend, but Nathan returned to his desk to look at the picture of him and Maxie.

At Maxie's apartment, Maxie's expression was pensive as she looked at a photograph of her and Nathan. She then glanced at the bouquet of flowers he had given her, but a knock at the door had her running to answer it. Maxie smiled with delight when she saw Spinelli and Georgie on her doorstep, so she took her daughter out of Spinelli's arms then led him into the apartment. Maxie apologized for making Spinelli and Ellie take a cab, but Maxie claimed she'd had car trouble. Maxie suddenly noticed Ellie wasn't with Spinelli, so he revealed Ellie hadn't been able to get away from work.

Maxie played with her daughter as Spinelli asked where Nathan was. Her mood turned sad as she explained she and Nathan had argued because she had helped Johnny escape. Maxie insisted that she had merely been trying to help a friend, but Nathan hadn't seen it that way. Spinelli appreciated that Maxie's heart had been in the right place, but he agreed it had been a huge risk for Maxie to take because it might have cost her custody of Georgie. Maxie realized she was "addicted to self-sabotage," but she promised she hadn't meant any harm.

Spinelli was certain Nathan would forgive Maxie once Nathan calmed down, but Maxie was skeptical because she had put Nathan in a terrible position. Maxie explained that Nathan had been ordered to capture both Carlos and Johnny, but Maxie had essentially forced Nathan to cover up a crime he had been instructed to solve. According to Maxie, Nathan had integrity and a strong moral compass, so Nathan didn't see things in shades of grey. She realized that by covering for her, Nathan had to compromise his ethics.

Spinelli was confident Nathan would forgive Maxie, but Maxie feared her relationship with Nathan was beyond repair. Spinelli disagreed, but Maxie argued she and Nathan weren't like Spinelli and Ellie, who were perfect for each other in every way. Spinelli quietly confessed Ellie had dumped him because of Maxie.

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