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Jake planted a bomb on the Haunted Star. Carly confided her concerns about Jake to Nathan and turned over the incriminating evidence. Nina learned that her new friend was Franco's mother. An escape from Pentonville led to a crash.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 26, 2015 on GH
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Ava and Julian concoct a new scheme

Ava and Julian concoct a new scheme

Monday, January 26, 2015

Shawn paid Sonny a visit at Pentonville. They were separated by an acrylic window and used a phone to communicate as Shawn explained that he had tried to call Sonny on the cell phone, but someone else had answered. Sonny confirmed that it had been Franco but quickly changed the subject because Sonny was eager to know if Bill Eckert's body had been in the grave. Shawn admitted that the coffin had been empty. The news wasn't unexpected, but Sonny was determined to deal with Bill personally. Shawn was surprised when Sonny covered the mouthpiece of the phone then quietly confided that he intended to break out.

Shawn was curious what the plan was and offered to help, but Sonny admitted that he still had to work out the details. However, Sonny intended to use the element of surprise to his advantage to take Bill down. Shawn was forced to reveal that Jordan had helped dig up Bill's grave, so she knew that Bill's remains hadn't been in the coffin. Sonny wasn't happy, but Shawn promised Sonny that Jordan was trustworthy and loyal to the organization.

Elsewhere, Julian quietly implored Lucas to hold on because Julian intended to get out of jail as quickly as possible. Moments later, someone grabbed Julian's arm. He was surprised when he realized it was Ava, who tried to remain inconspicuous in a gray hooded jacket. Stunned, he asked his sister how she had managed to slip into the men's wing of the prison, but Ava quickly told him about the attempt on her life. She was certain that Sonny had sent the guard to kill her, but Julian admitted that it was unlikely because Sonny didn't have any connections or friends in Pentonville. Ava was surprised that Julian would defend Sonny, so he revealed that Faison had been a decoy to allow the impostor to continue to pass himself off as Luke Spencer.

Julian quickly filled Ava in on what had transpired since "Luke" had been rescued from Miscavige and Sonny's theory that the impostor was Bill Eckert. Julian suspected that the impostor had put the hit out on Ava because the impostor had done the same thing to Julian, which had led to Julian's false confession to murdering Anthony Zacchara. Julian confided that he was determined to find a way out of jail because the impostor had recently threatened Lucas, so Ava revealed that she might know a way out.

Ava told Julian about her encounter with Madeline and the transport van that was expected to pick Madeline up later that evening to take her to the Port Charles jail to face a judge in the morning. Ava intended to be on the van, which would arrive at the back gate near the laundry room, so Julian decided to join his sister. Ava objected because she feared that they might be discovered, but Julian insisted that Ava needed his protection on the outside. Moments later, a guard spotted Ava. Ava panicked when the guard grabbed her then warned her that she would be lucky if she didn't end up in solitary confinement.

A short time later, Sonny approached Julian to let him know that Bill's coffin had been empty.

In Franco's jail cell, Franco reached for the cell phone but then quickly returned it to under the mattress when a guard announced that he intended to do a random search of Franco's jail cell. As another guard watched over Franco, his partner quickly uncovered the cell phone. Franco tried to feign ignorance about how it had ended up in his jail cell, but neither guard believed Franco. After one of the guards left his partner to deal with Franco, Franco offered to cut a deal. The guard scoffed because he doubted that Franco had anything of value that the guard would be interested in.

Franco recalled overhearing Sonny and Julian plotting to escape but opted to give the guard a sketch, claiming that it was worth a fortune because Franco was a famous artist. The guard reluctantly agreed to return the cell phone to Franco but warned Franco that if it turned out that the sketch was worthless, then Franco would be returned to solitary confinement.

After the guard left, Franco called Nina.

At Shadybrook, Nina was surprised when "Diana" approached her table then offered Nina a jelly doughnut that "Diana" had saved from breakfast. Nina was touched by her new friend's offer, so Heather smiled sweetly as she assured Nina that she simply wanted to see Nina happy. Heather feigned disappointed at the thought that Nina might leave the sanitarium soon, so Nina wondered why Heather thought that. Heather claimed that she had made the assumption based on Nina's happy mood after Nina had spoken to Nina's attorney the previous day.

Nina confided that the call had been from Franco, who had told her that he cared for Nina and then promised to find a way to get to Nina. "What a guy," Heather said as she hid her irritation. Nina admitted that she had told Franco all about her new friend, so Heather nervously wondered what Franco had said. Heather relaxed when it became clear that Franco had no idea that Nina had befriended Heather. However, Heather suggested that she talk to Franco the next time he called Nina.

Moments later, a guard entered the dayroom to announce that Nina had a call then handed her the phone. He warned Nina that she would only have fifteen minutes to speak to her attorney, so Nina happily greeted Franco. Heather anxiously asked to talk to Franco, so Nina handed the phone to her new friend. "Hello, Franco," Heather said with smug satisfaction as she stepped into a quiet corner. Stunned, Franco demanded to know how Heather had ended up at Shadybrook, so she explained that they'd had to stick her somewhere because she had managed to escape from both Ferncliff and Miscavige.

Heather remarked that she was surprised how Franco had rebounded by going from a "battle-axe" to a "poor little bird" who worshipped him. Franco warned Heather not to hurt Nina, but Heather reminded her son that Nina was both alone and vulnerable. "I can't think of a better way to punish you than crush your little bird," Heather added with deadly menace. Franco implored Heather to leave Nina alone, but Heather was unmoved because he had betrayed her. Franco insisted that there had never been a bomb strapped to the door when he had stuck Heather in a room at Sonny's warehouse with Carly, Shawn, and Jordan.

Franco also pointed out that Heather had managed to land in a better place than Miscavige, but Heather saw things differently. Franco begged Heather not to harm Nina, but Heather gloated that Franco was locked up behind bars, so he wasn't in a position to stop her. Nina approached Heather to ask to speak to Franco, so Heather disconnected the call as she handed the phone to Nina. Nina was disappointed when she assumed that the call had dropped, so she considered using "star 69" to call the number back but Heather insisted that it wouldn't work because Franco had used a cell phone.

Moments later, the phone rang as Franco called back. Nina answered the phone, but the guard returned to snatch the phone away from Nina before Franco could warn Nina about Heather. Nina was upset that she hadn't been able to talk to Franco, but Heather assured Nina that everything would be okay.

At Kelly's, Bobbie looked at a picture of her Aunt Ruby as she told Lucas and Lulu that it was the sixteenth anniversary of her beloved aunt's passing. Bobbie realized that Lulu had been too young to remember Ruby, but Lucas confessed that he had fond memories of his great-aunt, like how Ruby would make him heart-shaped pancakes. Lulu smiled because she had heard a lot of stories about Aunt Ruby, so Bobbie conceded that Ruby had been quite a character.

Bobbie revealed that Ruby had gone through a lot of difficult times in her life, but Ruby had always held her head up high and had treated people with kindness and compassion. Bobbie confessed that Ruby had been good to Luke and Bobbie when they had been sent to Florida to live with their aunt after their mother had died and their father had abandoned them. According to Bobbie, Ruby had loved Luke and Bobbie as if they had been Ruby's own children, so Bobbie wanted to honor her aunt. Lucas was surprised when the waitress handed them each a place of heart-shaped pancakes because he knew that his mother had ordered them.

Bobbie grinned as she invited Lucas and Lulu to dig in, but Lulu thought they should wait for Carly. Bobbie admitted that Carly wouldn't be joining them because Carly was looking after a sick friend. Lucas realized that his mother had been referring to Jake, so he revealed that it appeared his sister had taken Jake under her wing. Bobbie was glad that Carly had something to focus on to take her mind off of the mess with Michael and Sonny.

Lulu was curious why Luke hadn't arrived yet, but Bobbie wasn't surprised because Luke had been "volatile" about their family lately. Lucas revealed that Luke had given his blessing to Michael to build the new free clinic on the Elm Street property. Bobbie was relieved, especially when Lulu added that Luke had decided to host a party later that evening on the Haunted Star to raise money for the clinic. However, Lulu was certain that Luke would want to be with the family to remember Ruby.

At the house on Elm Street, the impostor entered the basement with a bag of food for Luke because Luke had lost a lot of weight. Luke tried to speak, but the duct tape over his mouth prevented the impostor from understanding him. Annoyed, the impostor pulled the duct tape off Luke's mouth, so Luke immediately demanded to know why the impostor was hosting a party for Luke's friends and family.

The impostor didn't answer the question but vowed that the party would be "oodles" of fun. "Especially when the boat explodes, along with the flesh and blood of our flesh and blood," the impostor added. Luke was horrified, but the impostor ignored Luke's reaction as he conceded that Luke might be upset about losing the ship because Helena had given the Haunted Star as a wedding gift to Luke and Laura. Disgusted, Luke snapped that he didn't care about the ship.

The impostor continued to talk about his plans by explaining that he intended to make a discreet exit before the explosion, but Luke wanted to know why the impostor had targeted Luke's family. Luke pointed out that if the impostor was indeed Bill Eckert, then they shared the same family, so Luke couldn't understand how Bill could hurt his own family to punish Luke for being shot by a bullet meant for Luke. Annoyed, the impostor reminded Luke that he had never claimed to be Bill Eckert because Bill was dead and buried, but Luke begged the impostor to take his anger out on Luke, not their family.

Moments later, the impostor's cell phone rang. He saw that it was Lulu, so he grabbed some duct tape, slapped it over Luke's mouth, and answered the call, pretending to be Lulu's sweet and loving father. Lulu was curious if "Luke" intended to meet the family at Ruby's gravesite, so the impostor promised to be there soon. After he ended the call, he told Luke that they would have to finish their conversation later, and he left.

At the cemetery, Dante stood over Bill Eckert's empty grave. He ordered two police officers to check if there had been surveillance footage of unusual crime, so the police officers left. Moments later, Jordan stepped out of hiding to talk to Dante. She revealed that she had helped Shawn dig up the grave because Sonny suspected that Bill Eckert had been impersonating Luke. She quickly told Dante about the "bait and switch" to keep the impostor in place and how Shawn had followed the impostor to the house on Elm Street, hoping to get answers.

Stunned, Dante realized that his father-in-law might be hidden in the basement of the house on Elm Street. Jordan warned Dante not to tell anyone because the impostor wouldn't hesitate to kill Dante and everyone he told. After Jordan left, Dante called the police station.

Dante wrapped up the phone call just as the impostor walked up. The impostor coldly asked why Dante was at the cemetery, but Lulu, Bobbie, and Lucas arrived before Dante could answer. Lulu thanked Dante for making it to the cemetery, so the impostor assumed that Dante's presence had been planned. Dante seized the opportunity to question Bobbie and Luke about their Aunt Ruby by asking if Ruby had been Bill Eckert's mother. Bobbie gently explained that Bill had been their cousin on their mother's side, while Ruby had been their father's sister.

Dante apologized, claiming that he was a little confused about all the branches of the Spencer family tree, but the impostor sternly suggested that Dante show a little respect because they were there to honor Ruby. The impostor shifted the focus by commenting on the white roses Lucas had picked up. Lucas smiled as he said that Ruby was a beautiful lady who had deserved beautiful flowers. The impostor agreed, so everyone gathered around Ruby's gravestone. Bobbie thanked Ruby for all the things Ruby had done for both Bobbie and Luke because Ruby's kindness had made up for their father's cruelty.

Bobbie invited "Luke" to say a few words, but the impostor admitted that she had said everything. Lucas announced that he had to get back to the hospital, but he assured everyone that he would see them at the party later that evening. Dante was curious what Lucas had been referring to, so Lulu promised to fill him about the party on the way home. As Dante and Lulu left, he mentioned that he had to run to the police station.

Alone with "Luke," Bobbie confessed that it was amazing that they had turned out okay after all that had happened to them as children. The impostor agreed then asked for a moment alone with Ruby. After Bobbie left, the impostor walked over to Bill's gravesite. He was livid when he saw that it had been dug up.

Later, Dante approached the house on Elm Street.

On the piers, Jordan was surprised when she bumped into her son. T.J.'s greeting was frosty, so Jordan began to apologize for what had happened with T.J.'s father. T.J. explained that he was more upset about what had happened to Molly's father. Jordan insisted that she had saved Ric by teaming up with Shawn to rescue Ric. Stunned, T.J. asked if she had decided to go straight by flipping on the Jeromes. Jordan reluctantly confessed that she had switched sides by joining the Corinthos organization.

Moments later, Shawn walked up. T.J. admitted that he had heard that Shawn and Jordan were working together, but Shawn realized that T.J. still had a lot of resentment toward Jordan. Shawn pointed out that T.J. had accepted what Shawn did for Sonny, so he wondered if T.J. could do the same for Jordan because Jordan wanted T.J. back in her life. T.J. admitted that he wanted to have a relationship with his mother, so Jordan smiled with relief as her son hugged her. T.J. confessed that he was happy that Shawn and Jordan were on the same side.

Dante breaks into the old Spencer

Dante breaks into the old Spencer

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

At Pentonville, Ava panicked when a guard led her to an unknown area of the prison. She dug in her heels as she demanded to know where he was taking her, but the guard ignored the question as he forced her to keep moving. Ava suddenly realized that Sonny had sent him to kill her, so she began to fight him because she didn't want to make it easy for him to kill her. The guard finally stopped to explain that Ava had a visitor. Stunned, Ava quietly followed the guard to the visitors' area.

Ava was surprised when she saw Silas waiting for her, so she picked up the phone to speak to him through the acrylic window separating them. Ava feared that Silas was there because something was wrong, but he admitted that he had wanted to check on her. Ava was touched because her visitors had been few and far between. Silas grinned as he advised Ava to prepare herself because she had another visitor. Ava's face lit with joy when Silas leaned down to pluck Avery out of the baby carrier.

Ava tearfully coed to her daughter as Silas explained that Kiki had been sick, so he had advised Kiki to rest. Ava was disappointed but agreed that Kiki needed to take care of herself because Ava knew that it was hard on Kiki taking care of Avery. Silas assured Ava that Kiki was amazing and that Avery was a good baby then shifted gears to ask how Ava had been holding up. Ava's smile faded as she told Silas about the attempt on her life, which she blamed on Sonny. However, she conceded that Julian had a different theory.

Alarmed, Silas urged Ava to report the incident, but Ava argued that it was pointless because the guards would stick together. Silas remained concerned about Ava's safety, so he suggested that she request to be transferred to another prison. Ava laughed but without any humor. She explained that she would never make it out of the prison alive, but she assured Silas that she would be fine because she had a plan. Silas tensed as he realized that Ava intended to break out.

"You're breaking out?" Silas mouthed. Ava chuckled nervously as she told Silas that it was an absurd question. However, she carefully added that if she were to escape, then she would be forced to live the rest of her life on the on the run, always looking over her shoulder and never having contact with her children again. "What kind of existence is that?" Ava wondered. Silas pointed out that at least she would be alive, but Ava argued that her daughters would hate her for running.

Silas promised to remind Kiki and Avery to be grateful their mother was alive because they might one day be reunited with Ava, so he quietly implored her to do whatever was necessary to stay alive. The guard walked up to inform Ava it was time to wrap things up. She focused on her daughter as she tearfully said goodbye to Avery.

Ava regretted that she would not be there for all of Avery's important milestones, but she insisted that she loved Avery and always would. Ava revealed that she always kept her promises, so she promised to return one day. The guard reached for Ava as Ava told Avery to be good for Silas and Kiki then repeatedly said she loved her daughter until the guard escorted Ava out of the room.

Elsewhere in Pentonville, Sonny confided to Julian that Bill Eckert's coffin had been empty. Julian realized that it confirmed Sonny's suspicion that Bill was the impostor, but Sonny cautioned Julian that they would need more than an empty grave to confirm that Luke's cousin was the impostor. Julian was surprised because Sonny had seemed certain that the impostor was Bill Eckert, but Sonny insisted that they would need definitive proof. However, Sonny agreed to move forward on the assumption that they were dealing with Luke's vindictive cousin, Bill.

Satisfied, Julian changed the subject to question Sonny about the attempt on Ava's life. Sonny denied ordering the hit, even though he intended to make Ava pay for killing Connie. Julian made it clear that he would not allow anyone to hurt his sister, but he believed Sonny in part because Julian suspected Bill had ordered the hit. Sonny was curious why the impostor would want to kill Ava, so Julian explained that Ava had refused to carry out a hit for Bill.

Sonny wanted to know who Ava had been ordered to kill, but Julian decided not to tell Sonny about the impostor's order for Ava to kill Michael. Instead, Julian opted for the partial truth by revealing that it had been one of Bill's enemies. Julian changed the subject by confiding that Ava was their ticket out of Pentonville. Julian quickly told Sonny about Madeline's transfer to the Port Charles jail later that evening and Ava's plan to be on the transport van.

Julian advised Sonny to set aside his hatred for Ava so they could work together to successfully escape. Sonny reminded Julian that Ava had murdered Connie, but Julian argued that Connie was beyond help, while their loved ones were not. Sonny realized that Julian was right, so he agreed to work with Ava. Julian was relieved that Sonny had made a smart decision.

In Kevin's office, Jake leaned against Kevin's desk as Carly left Michael a voicemail message. She hoped Michael wouldn't be mad at Lucas for sharing Michael's new cell phone number with her, but she wanted Michael to know that she was proud of him and his plans for the clinic. Carly offered to help in any way that she could and added that she loved him and would never give up on him. After Carly ended the call, Jake assured her that she had done great. Carly returned his smile then wondered why Kevin hadn't arrived because she was eager for answers.

Carly insisted that she was certain Jake was a good person and a friend because she had felt a strong connection to him from the beginning. She bragged that she had good instincts and even pointed to Franco as a perfect example because her first instincts had been to loathe Franco and want him dead. However, she had talked herself out of listening to her intuition. Jake reminded Carly that he was a man with a gun and a ski mask who lacked both a name and a past.

Carly reminded Jake that Kevin had assured Jake that Jake had had false memories of taking Sam hostage. Jake worried that perhaps the memories of job hunting had been the false memories because he had woken up on the docks with a gun but no idea how he had gotten there. Carly argued that Sam hadn't had a shred of evidence to prove that Jake had been the gunman, especially since Carly had hidden the bag with the gun and mask in Carly's office at the hotel. Jake hated that Carly was an accomplice, but Carly pointed out that they didn't have any evidence that a crime had been committed.

Jake was startled when Carly revealed that she had found a cell phone in the bag along with the gun and mask, so she suggested that they check the call log to see who Jake had been talking to. Jake agreed, but she quickly determined that Jake had only received calls from an unknown number. She was curious if he recognized the phone, but Jake shook his head. However, he suddenly had a flashback of speaking to someone on a cell phone who had asked if the job had been completed.

Carly noticed the change in Jake, so Jake told her about the flashback, but he explained that the voice had been distorted and unrecognizable. Frustrated, Carly decided to fetch Kevin. She told Jake to wait for her then left the room. Jake appeared worried as he sat in a chair. Moments later, the phone rang. It was Helena, who informed Jake that he was "active."

At the cemetery, the impostor was livid that someone had desecrated Bill's gave by digging it up. He suddenly recalled his encounter with Dante when the impostor had first arrived at the cemetery. "You are finished!" the impostor screamed as Helena walked up. "Temper, temper," Helena chastised, and she reminded the impostor that he didn't want to risk showing his true colors. The impostor grudgingly greeted Helena, so she asked why he was "loitering" at Bill's graveside.

The impostor told Helena that Dante had dug up the coffin, but Helena wasn't concerned since they knew that it had been empty. The impostor suspected that Dante was headed to the house on Elm Street, so he started to leave. However, Helena explained that it wasn't necessary because she had things well in hand. Concerned, the impostor carefully asked what Helena had done, so she revealed that she had used Nikolas' hold over Lomax to have the house condemned. The impostor was impressed, but he pointed out that he still needed to find a permanent solution for his other problem at the house.

However, the impostor was grateful that Helena had bought him time to focus on his plans for the Haunted Star because he couldn't trust their incompetent crew to take care of things. Helena agreed that good help was hard to find, but the impostor reminded her that she hadn't done much better with her "soldier boy." The impostor insisted that Helena should slit the assassin's throat for failing to kill Sam and Patrick. Helena admitted that she had questions, so she intended to have a chat with her assassin.

The impostor advised Helena to figure things out quickly because the impostor didn't want to take any chances with a stockpile of explosives about to be loaded onto the Haunted Star. Helena grinned as she agreed that the impostor's plans would be glorious. The impostor smiled as he thought about the explosion that would blow the ship and everyone on it sky high. He gloated that he would be able to take out as many of Luke's family and friends as possible in one fell swoop. However, he needed assurance that Helena's "soldier boy" would carry out the massacre.

Helena promised that everything would go according to plan, so the impostor warned Helena that she had better hope so because he didn't want a parting of ways with Helena like the one the impostor had had with Julian. Helena was not intimidated by the veiled threat, but she assured him that the assassin would not fail them.

A short time later, Jake approached Helena at the cemetery.

At the Spencer house on Elm Street, Dante turned the knob on the front door, and Michael walked up. Michael was curious what Dante was doing there, so Dante claimed that he had decided to check up to make certain that Shawn hadn't been snooping around the house again. Michael appreciated Dante's help, so Dante asked if he could check out the inside of the house for any possible signs of Shawn. Michael unlocked the door then helped Dante search the house.

After their search turned up nothing, Dante suggested looking in the basement since Shawn had shown an interest in it. Michael picked up a crowbar and handed it to Dante. Dante was about to force the door open when Kyle Sloane, flanked by a couple of police officers, suddenly entered the house. Kyle announced that Dante and Michael had to vacate the premises immediately because Mayor Lomax had condemned the house after receiving complaints about the house.

Dante was certain that "Luke" had been behind the complaints, but he scanned the document Kyle had produced. Dante noticed that there hadn't been a reason listed for condemning the house, so Kyle explained that it had been his understanding that there was structural decay in the basement. Michael conceded that Luke had expressed concerns about the house's foundation, so Kyle seized the opportunity to order Michael to turn over the keys to the house, since ELQ hadn't acquired the property.

Michael complied, but he vowed to have his attorneys fight the city. Kyle conceded that it was Michael's right but insisted that everyone had to leave. After Dante and Michael stepped onto the porch, Kyle supervised the police officers as they boarded up and locked the house. Dante reluctantly followed Kyle as Michael called Alexis to let her know what had happened.

A short time later, Dante returned to the house and broke a window to unlock the front door and enter. He was about to break into the basement when the impostor suddenly appeared in the doorway and demanded to know what Dante was doing.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu was taking inventory behind the bar as Johnny carried in a case of alcohol in preparation for the party. Johnny asked if they would need more alcohol, so Lulu snapped at him to figure it out. She immediately apologized, but Johnny pounced on the opportunity to ask if Lulu was troubled because of the way Dante had tried to order her around when Dante had learned that Lulu and Johnny were business partners again. Johnny tried to add to the martial discord by badmouthing Dante and accusing Lulu's husband of bullying her, but Lulu clarified that she and Dante were fine.

However, Lulu admitted that Dante was not happy with Johnny. Johnny was surprised when she added that she wasn't either because she thought that Johnny should have excused himself when Dante and Lulu had gotten into an argument instead of staying to watch. She suspected that Johnny had enjoyed it, but he denied the accusation by insisting that he hated the way Dante treated her. Lulu assured Johnny that Dante respected that she was an independent woman who was capable of making her own decisions, but she wanted Johnny to stop goading Dante.

Johnny agreed not to push Dante's buttons, but he insisted that Dante was paranoid because Johnny and Lulu were merely business partners. "Right?" Johnny asked as he leaned toward Lulu. Lulu turned away as she changed the subject to discuss the party plans. Johnny thought it was strange that a lot of people would show up to support a free medical clinic that would be built in a rundown neighborhood. Lulu admitted that her father had initially been opposed to the clinic, which surprised her because a year earlier Luke probably would have driven the bulldozer to tear the house down.

Lulu suspected that Luke's perspective of things had changed because of his captivity at Miscavige. Johnny quietly suggested that the change in Luke had gone far deeper than Lulu suspected. "Where did that come from?" Lulu asked. Johnny immediately backpedaled by reminding Lulu that Luke had never seemed the "warm and fuzzy" type. Lulu agreed, but she was grateful that she finally had her father back instead of an impostor in a creepy state-of-the-art mask.

Johnny appeared to have an attack of conscience when he confessed that he had something to tell Lulu. His confession was cut short when Michael suddenly walked in to check on the party preparations. Lulu promised Michael that the party would be memorable then asked how things had been going with the clinic. Johnny perked up when Michael told her about what had transpired at the house with Kyle Sloane.

Franco has a proposition for Sonny and Julian

Franco has a proposition for Sonny and Julian

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

In Pentonville, Sonny vowed that nothing would stop him from protecting his family from Bill Eckert's diabolical plans, even if that meant working with Ava. Julian was pleased, but his mood quickly soured when Franco strolled up to greet Sonny and Julian. Sonny advised Franco to keep moving along, but Franco revealed that he wanted to be included in the jailbreak. Sonny reminded Franco that they had given Franco the cell phone in exchange for Franco's silence, but Franco explained that it was imperative for Franco to get out of jail.

Franco began to tell Julian and Sonny about Nina's situation at Shadybrook, which reminded Franco that the two mobsters were family because of Ava's daughter. Franco suspected that the next family Christmas card would be awkward, but Sonny was not amused and told Franco to get to the point. Franco insisted that he needed to rescue Nina from Heather's clutches, but Julian remarked that with luck, Nina and Heather would burn Shadybrook down and be the only two casualties. Franco accused Julian of not being nice but shifted gears by threatening to sing like a canary if Sonny and Julian didn't include him in the escape plans.

Sonny pointed out that he and Julian could easily kill Franco, but Franco argued that Sonny and Julian would need Franco's cell phone to contact Sonny's people on the outside. Julian reminded Franco that they could simply take the phone when they killed Franco, but Franco doubted Sonny and Julian would risk the prison going on lockdown when Franco's body was discovered. Julian conceded that Franco had a point, so Sonny reluctantly agreed to include Franco on their plans. Satisfied, Franco handed Sonny the phone, but Franco balked when he learned that Ava and Madeline were the key to the escape plan.

Franco insisted that Ava and Madeline could not be trusted then pointed out that Ava had murdered Connie. Sonny agreed, but Julian explained that Ava and Madeline were their only option. Julian noticed the time, so he told Sonny and Franco it was time to move. However, a guard announced that they intended to check the jail cells, so the prisoners were expected to return to their cells. Sonny knew they couldn't afford to waste the time, so he took a swing at the guard. Julian followed suit by attacking the guard escorting him to his cell.

In the women's wing of the prison, Ava greeted Madeline then asked if Madeline was ready to leave. Madeline noticed that Ava was dressed in an orange jumpsuit similar to Madeline's, so she asked why Ava was there. Ava informed Madeline that Ava intended to be seated next to Madeline when Madeline was transferred to the Port Charles jail because Ava had been scheduled to testify at Madeline's trial. Madeline laughed because she knew from her attorney that the prosecution didn't have any intention of calling Ava to the stand because Ava was a cold-blooded killer.

Ava smiled as she informed Madeline that Ava had arranged to testify on Madeline's behalf to confirm Madeline's claims that Nina had been mentally unbalanced and had terrorized Madeline into helping Nina steal Ava's baby. Madeline was curious what Ava was really up to, so Ava explained that she was a pragmatist like Madeline. Ava hoped that one day Madeline would return the favor by helping Ava, but Madeline argued that she didn't have anything to give Ava, since Nina still had control of the purse strings. Ava was confident that it was only a matter of time before Madeline had Nina declared mentally unfit, which would give Madeline control over Nina's fortune.

A short time later, the guards arrived to collect Madeline and Ava for the transport van. They warned the ladies to behave themselves.

At the nurses' station, Brad approached Patrick to give him the test results on Jake. Patrick thanked Brad then started to read the results as Brad walked away. However, he quickly set the file down and greeted Sam with a kiss when she walked up. They talked about their "amazing" evening together, which reminded Patrick of her missing figurine. Sam admitted that she hadn't found the figurine, but she had asked the housekeeper, Alexis, Molly, and even Danny about it.

According to Sam, no one had seen it, so she was certain someone had broken into the penthouse to steal it. Sam admitted that she didn't want to talk about it because she was there to ask Patrick to join her for a party at the Haunted Star. Sam explained that Lucas had been invited to make a speech at the party, which was being thrown to raise money for the free medical clinic that Michael intended build on the waterfront. Sam wanted to be there to support her brother, so Patrick agreed to attend the party with her. Sam confessed that she was proud of her brother, but she had barely had the chance to talk to Lucas except when he babysat Danny.

Patrick was curious if it was possible that Lucas had seen the phoenix figurine, so Sam agreed to ask her brother. Patrick walked Sam to the elevator when she announced that she had to get home to change for the party. Patrick promised to pick her up in half an hour, so Sam revealed that she had promised that she and Patrick would swing by to pick Lucas and Brad up for the party. Patrick pretended to be upset about the change in plans then teasingly warned Sam that she would have to make it up to him. Sam smiled as she assured Patrick that they would have a fun evening.

Meanwhile, Lucas sat in Brad's apartment, studying the phoenix figurine he had found on the docks when Brad arrived home. Brad was pleasantly surprised when he saw Lucas, so Lucas set the figurine down then greeted Brad with a kiss. Brad was curious about the visit, so Lucas invited Brad to go the party on the Haunted Star later that evening. Brad agreed, but he was curious how much time they had before they had to be ready. Brad was pleased when Lucas said they had an hour because it gave them time to make love.

Later, Brad got out of bed, intending to shower, but stopped when he spotted the phoenix figurine. He was curious where Lucas had gotten it, so Lucas admitted that he had found it, but he had no idea what kind of animal the figurine represented. Lucas was surprised when Brad explained that it was a phoenix figurine, which was popular in the Asian quarter because the phoenix signified beauty and peace. However, it usually was sold as a pair with a dragon, which symbolized power and strength. Brad explained that together, the figurines represented the yin and the yang because the phoenix and dragon were stronger together than apart.

Lucas vowed to buy a dragon figurine, so Brad smiled and invited Lucas to join him in the shower.

In Kevin's office, Carly was surprised when she realized that Jake had disappeared. Moments later, Kevin walked up. Carly thanked him for agreeing to meet her and Jake, but she admitted that she had no idea where Jake was. Kevin suggested that perhaps Jake had gone to the restroom or fetched something from the vending machine, but Carly doubted it because she had assured Jake that she would return with Kevin. Kevin advised Carly to reschedule the appointment but Carly insisted that she had grave concerns about Jake.

Carly appreciated that Kevin had given Jake a clean bill of health, but she admitted that Jake was not well. Kevin had no idea what Carly was talking about because he had never talked to Jake. Stunned, Carly reminded Kevin that she had seen Jake enter Kevin's office for an appointment and that Jake had spent forty-five minutes with Kevin, so Kevin decided to check his calendar. Kevin was surprised when he saw that he'd had an appointment scheduled with Jake Doe. However, Kevin explained that he had been called away on an emergency before the appointment and that he hadn't returned to the office for the rest of the day.

Carly suggested that perhaps Jake had met with another therapist, but Kevin explained that the session wouldn't have taken place in Kevin's office. Carly realized that Jake had lied, but she was certain there was more to the story because her instincts told her that Jake was a good man. She conceded that Jake recognized he didn't have any memory of his past or what he was capable of, but she was certain that he would want her to stop him if he had been doing something wrong during his blackouts.

Kevin was curious what Carly intended to do, so she revealed that she had to report Jake to the authorities.

At the cemetery, Jake approached Helena, who immediately reminded him that he was "active." Jake pointed out that she had already told him that on the phone, which was why he was at the cemetery. He noticed Bill's open grave, so he wondered what had happened. "I guess he wanted new digs," Helena quipped. She changed the subject by informing Jake that he should only be concerned about what Helena wanted.

Helena demanded to know why Jake hadn't killed Sam and Patrick, so Jake revealed that someone had stopped him. Helena assumed that Jake had been caught, but Jake admitted that he'd had a hallucination of a woman who had warned him not to listen to Helena because he didn't really want to kill Sam. Helena wondered if the woman in the vision had had "brown hair and a dour face" and had talked a lot. "Yeah. How do I know her?" Jake asked. Helena insisted that the woman wasn't important to him or anyone else, but she wasn't pleased that he had disobeyed Helena's order.

Jake conceded that Helena might control him, but he warned her that he wouldn't make it easy for her. Helena wanted to know what had happened in Sam's penthouse, so Jake reluctantly revealed that he'd had several brief flashbacks. Helena appeared concerned when he admitted that he had taken a figurine from Sam's bedroom because he had recalled Sam giving it to him. Helena realized that it had been a mistake for her to order him to kill Sam, so she instructed Jake to forget everything about the mission.

Jake refused, but Helena reminded him that he was "active" and revealed that she had a new assignment for him. Helena quickly explained what she wanted Jake to do, but Jake was horrified that she expected him to target innocent people. Helena reminded him that he didn't know any of the people on the ship or care about anyone in Port Charles. Jake disagreed because he cared about Elizabeth. Helena couldn't understand the appeal, but Jake ignored the insult as he added that he also cared about Carly. Helena conceded that Elizabeth had expedited Jake's recovery, but she warned Jake that Carly wasn't a friend to Jake.

At the house on Elm Street, the impostor demanded to know what Dante was doing at the Spencer childhood home. Dante explained that he was trying to get into the basement, but the impostor argued that the house had been condemned, so it was dangerous in the basement. Dante was undaunted, prompting the impostor to point out that the house could collapse at any time. Dante assured the impostor that he was willing to take his chances, but the impostor wanted to know what Dante was looking for. Dante refused to enlighten the impostor, so the impostor reminded Dante that Dante didn't have a warrant to search the house.

Dante decided to be honest by admitting that he suspected that Luke Spencer was being held captive in the basement. The impostor appeared taken aback by the suggestion, especially when Dante explained that Bill Eckert's coffin had been empty, which led Dante to believe that the impostor was Bill. The impostor tried to laugh it off until Dante pulled out a gun and ordered the impostor to unlock the basement door.

After the impostor complied, Dante tossed the impostor handcuffs and instructed the impostor to secure one end of the handcuffs to the staircase's railing and the other end to the impostor's wrist. Once Dante was assured that the impostor was restrained, Dante called out to Luke. No one answered, so Dante moved to the top of the stairs leading to the basement to call out to Luke again. The impostor suddenly appeared behind Dante and violently shoved Dante down the stairs.

Carly opens up about her suspicions about Jake

Carly opens up about her suspicions about Jake

Thursday, January 29, 2015

At Pentonville, Ava and Madeline were taken to the transport van, but Ava balked when she saw the driver was the same guard who had recently tried to kill her. Madeline immediately sensed Ava's distress, so she asked Ava what was wrong. Ava explained that Ava would be a dead woman if she got in the van because the guard had already made an attempt on Ava's life. The guard smirked at Ava as he told his fellow police guards that Ava was a lunatic, so he instructed the other guards to put Madeline in the back of the van while he dealt with Ava. Panicked, Ava darted for the back door then banged on it as she begged to be let in.

The guard advanced on Ava with a small knife, so Ava warned him that the other guards would know that he had murdered her if he tried to attack her there. The guard grinned maliciously as he explained that he intended to plead self-defense by claiming that Ava had pulled the knife on him. The guard grabbed Ava just as Franco, Julian, and Sonny walked out wearing guard uniforms. Ava was stunned when Sonny raced over to disarm the guard who had been about to kill her then knocked the would-be assassin out.

Meanwhile, Franco and Julian dealt with the other two guards as Madeline looked on in fury. "Damn it," Madeline snarled as she watched Franco and Julian quickly render the other two guards unconscious. Madeline immediately accused Ava of lying about testifying on Madeline's behalf, but Ava was unapologetic because it was what Madeline had deserved. Julian reminded everyone that they had to get going, but Madeline refused to leave because she didn't want to add to her legal troubles by escaping from jail. Julian explained that Madeline didn't have a choice because he might need her as a hostage.

Everyone piled into the van as Julian grabbed Madeline, who fought him every step of the way. Two more guards suddenly appeared at the back door with guns drawn, so Madeline seized the opportunity to jerk out of Julian's grasp then threw her hands into the air as she begged the guards not to shoot. The distraction allowed Julian the opportunity to jump into the driver's seat and speed away. Moments later, the guards pushed Madeline out of the way and opened fire on the van.

In Brad's apartment, Brad and Lucas emerged from the bathroom, freshly showered, but Brad wanted to make love again. Lucas insisted that they didn't have time, so Brad reluctantly agreed to get dressed. Lucas reached for his garment bag and unzipped it to pull out his tuxedo, but he was dismayed when he realized that the jacket had fallen off the hanger. Brad offered to take care of the wrinkles but suggested that it might be easier if Lucas simply moved in with him so Lucas wouldn't have to worry about always packing clothes to spend the night. Brad reminded Lucas that Brad had plenty of room with Britt gone and that the apartment would be closer to the waterfront clinic than Carly's place.

Lucas conceded that Brad had a point but he seemed reluctant to agree, so Brad confessed that he liked having Lucas around because he loved Lucas. Brad quickly added that Lucas was the first man Brad had said "I love you" to. Before Lucas could respond, Sam and Patrick knocked on the door. Brad rushed to the door while Lucas slipped into the bathroom to get dressed. Brad greeted Sam and Patrick then asked if they would like a drink. Both agreed, so Brad went to fetch the drinks.

Sam warned Patrick to be nice, so Patrick assured her that he was trying, but it was difficult because he couldn't forget the awful things Brad had done. Sam became distracted when she noticed the phoenix figurine in Brad's apartment. She picked it up then showed it to Patrick because it confirmed her theory that someone had broken into her penthouse to steal the figurine. Moments later, Brad returned with the drinks, so Sam demanded to know how he had gotten his hands on her figurine.

Brad denied stealing the figurine as Lucas stepped out of the bathroom, so Lucas asked what was going on. Sam accused Brad of taking her figurine, but Lucas explained that he had given the figurine to Brad. Lucas assured his sister that he hadn't taken it out of her bedroom, but Patrick was curious how Sam could be certain that it was her missing figurine. Sam showed him the bottom of the figurine, which had Jason and Sam's September 23, 2011, wedding date engraved on it, so Lucas revealed that he had found the figurine on pier 54.

Sam continued to question Lucas until she realized that Lucas had found the figurine shortly after Jake had been found unconscious on the piers. Sam was certain that it meant Jake had been the intruder who had stolen her phoenix figurine.

At the Spencer childhood home on Elm Street, the impostor shoved Dante down the basement steps. Dante landed at the bottom of the stairs and didn't move, so the impostor slowly walked down the stairs and checked Dante for a pulse. After confirming that Dante was merely unconscious, the impostor removed the duct tape from Luke's mouth to hear what Luke was trying to say. Luke shouted for Dante to wake up, but the impostor warned Luke that Dante would be unconscious for a while. Luke pleaded with the impostor to let Dante go, but the impostor refused because Dante was part of Luke's family, since Dante was Rocco's father.

Luke continued to beg for Dante's safe release, but his pleas fell of deaf ears. The impostor was furious because he was certain that Dante had been responsible for digging up Bill Eckert's grave. The impostor explained that the family had gathered to remember "dear Aunt Ruby" on the anniversary of Ruby's passing then snidely added that Ruby had been the one to teach a fifteen-year-old Bobbie to turn tricks to keep the johns returning. However, the impostor grinned as he pointed out that he and Luke both knew that the grave had been empty, which Luke perceived as an admission that the impostor was Bill.

Annoyed, the impostor accused everyone of sounding like a broken record, but Luke insisted that he had a right to know who had been holding him captive for over a year. The impostor suggested that Luke be more concerned about other things, so Luke asked for an example. "How about the fact that everybody you care about is about to get a Viking funeral?" the impostor asked. The impostor boasted about his plans to blow up the Haunted Star while Luke's family and friends were aboard. The impostor added that there wasn't anything Luke could do to stop it, and he left to get ready.

Luke begged Dante to wake up until finally Dante began to move. However, the impostor had returned sporting a tuxedo, so he casually stepped over Dante's body, picked up a crowbar, and bashed Dante over the head with it. Dante slumped, unconscious once again. The impostor admitted that he hoped Dante woke up in time for the surprise the impostor had planned for both Luke and Dante. Luke was curious what the impostor was talking about, so the impostor showed Luke a bomb.

Luke assumed the bomb was intended for the Haunted Star but the impostor informed Luke that another bomb had already been planted on the ship. The impostor explained that the bomb he was holding was for Luke and Dante then dropped it into Luke's lap and left.

At the police station, Nathan opened a letter from the Department of Corrections as he spoke to Maxie on the phone. He apologized that he was running late for the party, but he assured Maxie that he planned on attending. Nathan tensed when he saw the picture of Madeline stapled to the paperwork inside the manila envelope, so he wrapped up the call with a promise to join Maxie soon.

Moments later, Carly entered the squad room, looking for Dante. Nathan admitted that his partner wasn't in, but he offered to help Carly. Carly seemed hesitant to talk to Nathan, but Nathan assured her that she could trust him to be discreet. Resigned, Carly told him that she had reason to believe that Jake had shot Nathan while helping Cesar Faison to escape. Carly confessed that she hadn't initially believed Sam's accusations, but she conceded that things had changed.

Carly told Nathan about an altercation between Jake and a man who had accosted Carly at the Metro Court Restaurant, but she but quickly added that Jake had immediately regretted his actions and had been horrified by his own behavior. However, Carly admitted that Jake's actions had been those of someone who'd had professional training. Carly insisted that despite how things appeared, she didn't think Jake had been in control of his actions.

Nathan was stunned when Carly handed him Jake's bag, which contained the gun, ski mask, and other articles of clothing similar to what the gunman had been wearing when Faison had escaped. Nathan quickly had the gun sent to ballistics for testing as he led Carly to the interrogation room to question her further about Jake. Carly explained that Jake had suffered brain trauma when he had been struck on the road by an SUV, so Jake had suffered amnesia. She added that in recent weeks Jake had suffered unexplained blackouts, so she had taken him to talk to Kevin Collins, who had given Jake a clean bill of health.

Carly admitted that despite Kevin's assurance that Jake was fine, Jake continued to experience blackouts, so she had taken Jake for another session with Kevin. However, Jake had suddenly vanished, and Kevin had informed her that he had never seen Jake in a professional capacity. Carly's concern had mounted when she'd realized that Jake had vanished with a burner cell phone that she had found in Jake's bag. Nathan questioned her about the cell phone, so she explained that there hadn't been any outgoing phone calls and that the only incoming calls had been from an unknown number.

Moments later, a lab technician knocked on the door to report that Jake's gun had been a match to the gun used to shoot Nathan. Carly became upset because she realized that Sam had been right to suspect Jake of being the gunman. However, Carly defended Jake because she was certain that he hadn't been aware of his actions when he had helped Faison escape. Carly confided that she suspected Jake's blackouts were tied to the brain trauma he had sustained during the car accident. Nathan decided that he needed to get a warrant for Jake's arrest before Jake hurt anyone else.

A short time later, Maxie called to find out where Nathan was. He admitted that he had been pulled into an investigation, so Maxie assured him that she would find another way to amuse herself because Jake, Carly's handsome bartender, was on the Haunted Star, working the party. Alarmed, Nathan promised Maxie that he would be at the party shortly.

On the piers, Jake looked into a backpack to make certain he had the bomb. Moments later, a man dressed in a uniform passed by pushing a dolly loaded with cases of Champagne bound for the Haunted Star. Jake quickly pounced and knocked the man out.

On the Haunted Star, Maxie greeted Lulu and told her that Nathan was on his way. Lulu was curious if Nathan had mentioned if Dante was with him, but Maxie shook her head. Dejected, Lulu admitted that she hadn't been able to reach Dante since earlier that day. Maxie agreed that it was odd, but she quickly became distracted when Michael and Tracy arrived. Tracy explained that Michael had graciously agreed to escort her to the party when Luke had gone missing. Lulu told Tracy that if it was any consolation, Dante had disappeared too.

Michael mentioned that he had seen Dante earlier, so he suggested that perhaps Dante had been called in on a case. "Lovely. Either your husband is out solving crimes or my husband is out committing them," Tracy told Lulu. Lulu was surprised that Tracy hadn't talked to Luke since breakfast, but Tracy was certain there was nothing to be concerned about.

After Lulu went to oversee some last-minute party preparations, Michael confessed that he had wanted to take an opportunity to thank Tracy because the evening would not have been possible without her. Tracy suspected that Michael simply wanted to gloat about Tracy's failed attempt to seize control of ELQ, but Michael assured her that he meant it because Luke had credited Tracy for making Luke realize that the free clinic would be an opportunity for Luke to let go of the demons from Luke's past. Tracy smiled as she thanked Michael for the kind words.

Tracy acknowledged that she and A.J. had had a "problematic" relationship, but she was certain that Edward and Alan would be proud of Michael's decision to build a clinic in A.J.'s name. Tracy shifted gears to ask if Michael had finalized the paperwork on the property, so Michael revealed that the house had been condemned and that it would take a little while to get everything straightened out because even though Bill Eckert had bought the house, it hadn't been in Bill's will. However, Michael assured his great-aunt that Bill's son, Sly, intended to sell the property to ELQ.

Michael was curious what Tracy remembered about Bill, so she revealed that Bill had arrived in town as the captain of the U.S.S. Tracy, an ELQ freighter that Edward had thought would be amusing to name after her. Michael chuckled because he agreed. Tracy feigned offense, but added that the freighter had blown up and sunk like the Titanic. According to Tracy, things had never gone right for Bill, so he'd always had a chip on his shoulder and had become a bitter man. Tracy added that Bill had died when one of Frank Smith's sons had mistaken Bill for Luke and shot Bill. She didn't know the details, but she knew that the incident had forced Luke to go to work for Frank Smith and Sonny.

Michael grumbled about Sonny wrecking another life, but Tracy refrained from commenting. She checked her phone but was disappointed when she saw that Luke hadn't called or sent a text message. Michael hoped Tracy enjoyed her evening despite Luke's absence, so she assured Michael that as long as the boat didn't end up on the bottom of Lake Ontario like her namesake then she would consider the evening a big win.

Meanwhile, Maxie asked Lulu what was really bothering Lulu. Lulu explained that she and Dante had argued earlier about her partnership with Johnny. Lulu conceded that Dante hadn't said anything, but she was certain that Dante still thought Lulu should sell her half of the Haunted Star. Lulu insisted that she couldn't do it because her family had a lot of history with the ship, and she loved planning events on it.

However, Lulu admitted that she wouldn't want Dante being on a stakeout with someone he had once dated but added that it wasn't as if anything would happen between Lulu and Johnny. Maxie suggested that perhaps Dante was concerned that Johnny would pull Lulu into something illegal, but Lulu insisted that Johnny had assured her he was determined to abide by the law. Maxie hoped Johnny had told the truth, but she appreciated why Dante was skeptical.

Later, Jake, dressed as a waiter, entered the ship, pushing the pilfered dolly of Champagne. Maxie and Lulu were shocked when they saw him, so Lulu approached him to ask what he was doing there. Jake claimed that he worked for the catering company she had hired, so Lulu teasingly wondered if Carly knew that he moonlighted. Jake smiled as he explained that he had medical bills to pay off, so Lulu sent him to work behind the bar.

A short time later, Jake armed the bomb then hid it under the bar behind bottles of Champagne. He quickly answered his cell phone when it rang. "It's done," he told Helena then listened as she gave him more instructions. After he ended the call, Lulu walked up because she sensed that something was troubling him. Jake claimed that he just needed to know what to do with the empty bottles, so she told him to focus on serving the guests because she had people lined up to clean up the empty bottles.

Meanwhile, Maxie was delighted when Nathan arrived until she realized that he wasn't dressed for the party. Nathan explained that he was on the job, and he approached the bar where Jake was working. Everyone was stunned when Nathan promptly arrested Jake.

Dante discovers the captive in the basement

Dante discovers the captive in the basement

Friday, January 30, 2015

At Shadybrook, Nina lounged in bed reading a book when Heather knocked on the door. Nina smiled as her new friend, "Diana," entered the room and announced she had a surprise for Nina. Delighted, Nina wondered what it was, so Heather held up a knitting bag. Nina was surprised when "Diana" produced a bottle of nail polish to paint Nina's nails, so Nina happily extended her hand as "Diana" went to work painting Nina's nails "blood red."

Nina felt pampered getting her nails done, but "Diana" insisted that it was the least she could do for Nina since "Diana" had used up all of Nina's phone minutes with Franco. Heather added that the people in charge realized that Heather had used the phone, so both "Diana" and Nina's phone privileges had been suspended. Heather apologized but Nina assured Heather that it was fine since "Diana" hadn't done it on purpose. Nina's smile slipped when Heather quietly confessed that her name was not Diana Taylor.

Heather revealed that Diana Taylor had been the name of the woman who had adopted Heather's firstborn, Steven Lars, so Nina quietly asked why Heather had given Steven up for adoption. Heather clarified that she had sold Steven on the black market because Heather had been strapped for cash. Nina's shock turned to disbelief when Heather confided that Heather had also sold her second son to another woman who had been desperate for a child. Nina tensed when Heather revealed that her younger son had eventually become an "infamous" artist named Franco and then introduced herself to Nina as Heather Webber.

Somewhere between Pentonville and Port Charles, Julian drove the transport van that he, Sonny, Franco, and Ava had commandeered in their escape from jail. Julian credited Ava with getting them out of Pentonville, but Franco took offense because he had done his part to aid in the escape. No one appeared to care, so Ava asked how Franco had gotten involved in the jailbreak. Franco explained that he had to get to Nina because Heather had threatened Nina's life after befriending Nina in Shadybrook. Ava believed that Nina deserved to be doing hard time in Pentonville for forcing Ava to give birth and then abducting Ava's daughter, Avery, but Franco defended Nina by reminding Ava of all the ways Ava had wronged Nina.

Ava hoped that Nina suffered a slow and miserable death, but Franco accused Ava of using the baby to manipulate Sonny because Ava was a "poisonous bitch" who had deserved everything that Nina had done to Ava. Ava shot back that it would be karma if Nina was hurt, but Franco insisted that he and Nina had merely tried to save the baby from both Ava and Sonny. Sonny rolled his eyes, but refrained from commenting as Franco and Ava continued to trade insults.

Eventually, Sonny ordered both Franco and Ava to "shut up" and then added that Ava should thank Sonny for saving her life. Ava argued that Sonny had sent the guard to kill her but Sonny denied it by pointing out that she would have been dead if that were true. Julian explained that they suspected Bill Eckert had been behind the attempt on Ava's life, so Franco wondered who Bill was. Julian admitted that Bill was a "ringer" for Luke Spencer who had been posing as Luke and had put a hit out on Sonny, Julian, and Ava.

Julian revealed that Bill had also targeted both Michael and Lucas, so Sonny explained that it was imperative that Bill not learn about Sonny and Julian's escape because Bill would kill Michael and Lucas sooner rather than later. Ava told Franco to give Sonny the cell phone to alert the boys to the danger, but Sonny explained that it wouldn't help because Michael had refused to listen when Sonny had tried to warn Michael. However, Sonny realized that Julian might have some success with Lucas, so Sonny handed the phone to Julian.

Julian called Lucas, but the phone went dead before Julian could warn Lucas. However, Julian was able to glean that Lucas was at a party on the Haunted Star and that the impostor was in attendance. Franco insisted that they go to Shadybrook to save Nina first, but Sonny and Julian made it clear that they were headed to the Haunted Star. Sonny invited Franco to jump out of the moving van when they passed the exit to Shadybrook, but Julian warned everyone that they were being followed.

Ava panicked because she feared that it was the police, but Sonny noticed that the car quickly gaining on them didn't have any sirens or police lights. Julian tried to lose the tail, but lost control of the van as he went around a bend and nearly collided with an oncoming car. Ava screamed as the van began to flip.

On the Haunted Star, Nathan arrested and handcuffed Jake as party guests looked on in shock. Michael was curious what Jake had done, so Nathan listed a slew of charges that Jake faced for aiding Cesar Faison's escape. After Michael walked away, Nathan ordered a police officer to search Jake's hotel room.

At the bar, Lulu realized that Carly would take Jake's arrest hard because of everything that Carly had done for him. Maxie was surprised that Carly had befriended Jake because Carly tended to have better instincts about people, but Lulu thought something about the situation didn't add up. Lulu pointed out that it didn't make sense for Jake to have remained in Port Charles if he had helped Faison escape, but Maxie insisted Nathan wouldn't have arrested Jake without a good reason.

Jake denied having any knowledge of helping Faison escape, but Nathan wanted to wait until they were at the police station to discuss Jake's side of things. Nathan apologized to Maxie for having to skip the party then started to lead Jake away but Lulu suddenly asked if Dante had been working on the case with Nathan. Nathan admitted that he hadn't seen his partner all day and then left with Jake.

A short time later, Johnny arrived, so Maxie and Lulu filled him in about Jake's arrest.

Nearby, Michael wondered why Jake would help Faison when Jake had only been in town for a month at the time of Faison's escape. He admitted that Jake had seemed like a decent guy, but Tracy reminded Michael that people were not always what they seemed. Michael sensed something was troubling Tracy, so she admitted that she hadn't heard from Luke, which always made her fear the worst after everything that had transpired with Luke over the past year.

A short time later, Sabrina and Carlos arrived. Sabrina introduced Carlos to Michael, so Carlos quickly apologized for role in delaying justice for Michael's father by falsely confessing to A.J.'s murder. Carlos admitted that he had done it for Sabrina, so Michael assured Carlos that he understood and then shifted gears by thanking Sabrina for agreeing to work at the new free clinic. Sabrina insisted that she was the one who was grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the clinic especially after she had lost her job at the hospital.

At the police station, Carly was on the phone with Josslyn who complained about the new babysitter. Carly explained that Karen, the previous sitter, had refused to return after Josslyn had locked Karen in the attic. Carly ordered Josslyn to behave and then promised to be home soon. After she ended the call, she saw Patrick and Sam enter the squad room.

Carly noticed that the couple was dressed up, so she assumed that Patrick and Sam had been on their way to the Michael's party on the Haunted Star. Patrick and Sam confirmed that they had been but they had decided to make a short detour to file a complaint against Jake. Carly surprised Sam by announcing that a warrant for Jake's arrest had already been issued and then conceding that Sam had been right about Jake being the gunman who had helped Faison escape. Carly explained that she had found a gun in Jake's bag, which had been a ballistics match to the gun used to shoot Nathan.

Sam felt vindicated since no one had believed her, but Patrick reminded her that she hadn't had any evidence against Jake. Carly insisted that Jake's guilt wasn't that simple, but she was curious why Patrick and Sam were there. Sam started to explain when Nathan arrived with Jake. Nathan asked a police officer to check on Madeline's transport from Pentonville and then started to take Jake to the interrogation room. However, Carly stepped forward to ask Jake where he had disappeared to when he had left Kevin's office.

Jake was surprised when Carly revealed that Kevin had denied ever seeing Jake as a patient, but Jake argued that Carly had seen for herself that Jake had spent 45 minutes in Kevin's office during the first session. Carly quietly explained that Kevin had been called away for an emergency, so Kevin had been out of the office all day. Carly had no idea who Jake had talked to but she was certain that it hadn't been Kevin. Jake suddenly had a flashback of seeing Helena as he had entered Kevin's office, so he realized that Carly was right.

Carly sensed that Jake had had a new flash of memory, so Jake started to tell her about it until a police officer approached Nathan to report that prisoners had escaped from Pentonville. Nathan quickly ordered the police officer to escort Jake to the interrogation room and then left to get a full report on the prison break. As Jake was led away, he assured Carly that he had never knowingly lied to her. Jake admitted that he had no idea what he had done but he apologized because he knew that Carly had only tried to help him.

Nearby, Sam was upset, but Patrick reminded her that Jake was in police custody. Sam admitted that she needed some answers from Jake, so she asked Patrick to let Lucas know that she would be running late. Patrick agreed to head to the Haunted Star but he told her to be careful. Sam smiled with gratitude for his understanding and then kissed him. After Patrick left, Sam waited until the coast was clear and then slipped into the interrogation room. Jake immediately assured Sam that he didn't recall taking her hostage but Sam revealed that she wanted to talk to him about the phoenix figurine, which she carefully set on the table.

In the squad room, Carly explained that she had to get home, so Nathan assured her that it was fine because he had everything he needed to charge Jake. Carly changed the subject by asking who had escaped from Pentonville, but Nathan appeared reluctant to tell her so she pushed for an answer until he revealed that Julian and Ava Jerome, Franco, and Sonny had all managed to get away.

On the piers, Helena assured the impostor that she had received confirmation from her "soldier" that the bomb had been planted and was set to go off when the party on the Haunted Star was in full swing. The impostor was pleased but Helena was curious where he had been while she had been taking care of business. The impostor revealed that he had been putting "some trouble to rest" but refused to elaborate. Helena was annoyed, but the impostor insisted once the ship went up in flames and the impostor's "muscle" at Pentonville had made his move, there wouldn't be anyone left to stop the impostor.

Helena and the impostor ducked out of sight when they heard Nathan approach with Jake in tow. Nathan mentioned to Jake that the gun Jake had used to shoot Nathan was in police custody. Helena and the impostor waited until the coast was clear then stepped out of the shadows. Helena was disappointed that her assassin had been caught but she assured the impostor that Jake would not remember planting the bomb so everything would proceed as planned. The impostor decided to head to the ship to make an appearance, but Helena warned him not to get trapped because she intended to celebrate after the explosion.

Helena playfully reminded the impostor that she needed a man to pop the cork on her Champagne, so he smiled as he teasingly referred to her as a delicate flower. Moments later, Nikolas walked by with his date, Ivy. Nikolas was startled when Helena suddenly called out to him, so he stopped to greet her. Ivy asked for an introduction, but Helena claimed that she was a Cassadine family friend then asked where Nikolas was headed. Helena became alarmed when she learned that Nikolas intended to attend the party on the Haunted Star.

Ivy began to sing Michael's praises, but Helena brushed her off to ask for a private word with Nikolas. Nikolas refused, but Ivy assured him that it was fine. After Ivy left to board the ship, Nikolas reminded his grandmother that Helena couldn't afford to be seen because Helena was a fugitive. Helena informed Nikolas that he could not attend the party, but Nikolas was determined to keep a close eye on her partner, Luke. Helena made it clear that Nikolas didn't have a choice when she called for her goons to step forward.

On the Haunted Star, Tracy left a voicemail message for Luke to call her because she and Lulu were concerned about his absence. Tracy and Lulu were relieved when "Luke" approached them as Tracy ended the call. After they exchanged greetings, Lulu mentioned that Dante hadn't arrived, so the impostor revealed that he had seen Dante earlier at the house on Elm Street where Dante had mentioned skipping the party because Dante was afraid that he would lose his temper if he saw Lulu and Johnny working together. Lulu was stunned that her husband had not had the courtesy to call to tell her himself, so she stormed off.

The impostor appeared oblivious to Lulu's distress as he asked Tracy if she wanted to mingle. However, Tracy was curious why Luke had gone to the house on Elm Street, so he claimed that he had wanted to say goodbye to the old place since it would be gone soon. Tracy became alarmed when she noticed what appeared to be blood on the cuff of his shirt. The impostor remained calm as he assured Tracy that it was only cocktail sauce because he had helped himself to some shrimp when he had first arrived. The impostor excused himself to clean up then walked away.

Meanwhile, Bobbie arrived with Lucas and Brad on each arm. She wondered why Lucas and Brad hadn't hitched a ride with Patrick and Sam as planned, so Lucas explained that something had happened. "What?" Bobbie asked. "The case of the missing phoenix," Brad replied.

Nearby, Johnny noticed Lulu seemed upset as she sent a text message, so he asked her if she was okay. Lulu confessed that she wasn't then told him about what "Luke" had said about Dante.

A short time later, the impostor passed Lucas as Lucas received a frantic call from Julian. The impostor listened as Lucas tried to talk to Julian but it quickly became clear that Julian's end of the line had gone dead. Meanwhile, Michael sensed that something was troubling Lucas, so Lucas told Michael about the strange phone call from Julian. Michael suggested that Lucas call Julian back, but Lucas admitted that Julian had called from an unknown number. Michael suspected that Julian had used a bootleg phone.

Brad joined Lucas and Michael, so Lucas revealed that he had heard about Brad and Michael's first encounter when Brad had propositioned Michael. Brad quickly apologized for his inappropriate behavior, but Michael assured Brad that it was in the past.

Later, Johnny approached the impostor to demand to know why the impostor had upset Lulu by telling her that Dante had refused to attend the party. The impostor warned Johnny that they had bigger problems because the impostor's man at Pentonville had reported that Julian and Sonny had escaped. Johnny wasn't concerned because Julian and Sonny had been using Johnny's cell phone, which meant that it would only take a "touch of an app" to locate the two men. Pleased, the impostor ordered Johnny to grab Carlos and deal with the problem.

At the bar, Maxie noticed that Lulu seemed upset, so Lulu confided to Maxie that Dante had decided to skip the party. Lulu added that her husband hadn't returned any of Lulu's phone calls or text message. Maxie thought it was odd and unnecessary since Johnny had left a few minutes earlier with Carlos.

Meanwhile, Bobbie hugged "Luke" then praised him for backing Michael's project. Luke credited Bobbie for making him realize that the past was dead and that nothing in the house could hurt them anymore.

At the house on Elm Street, Dante slowly regained consciousness at the bottom of the basement stairs as he bled from a head wound. He slowly reached for the crowbar, but his vision was blurry. His cell phone rang and periodically pinged as he received text messages, but Dante was too dazed to answer the calls or respond to the text messages. Eventually he spotted someone sitting in a chair, so he assumed that it was Luke. He called out to his father-in-law, but Luke didn't reply.

Eventually, Dante managed to stand up then staggered to the chair. He was shocked when he saw that a decayed corpse was seated in the chair with a ticking bomb placed in its lap.

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