General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 12, 2015 on GH

Shawn tailed the impostor. Rosalie agreed to spy for the Cassadines. Nikolas embraced his dark side. Mayor Lomax fired Anna then hired Kyle to take Anna's place. Helena ordered Jake to kill Sam.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 12, 2015 on GH
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Monday, January 12, 2015

Nathan and Maxie kissed passionately on the way to the bed. She playfully chastised him for "kidnapping" her, but he told her that he'd had to get her away from the guy she'd been admiring at the Metro Court. She promised that she only had eyes for him, and they made love.

Later, Maxie and Nathan cuddled in bed. He began kissing her, but she informed him that it hadn't yet been twenty minutes. He reminded her that he only had an hour-long lunch break. Maxie laughed about the fact that she'd told Lulu that Nathan probably wasn't a jealous person, but he hadn't liked Maxie admiring the bartender at the Metro Court. She remarked that the man was "more soldier than bartender." Nathan replied that she was "closer to the truth than you realize."

Nathan told Maxie about Sam's suspicions about Jake. Maxie wanted whoever had shot Nathan to be prosecuted, but she didn't think Jake was the culprit. She explained to a curious Nathan that, if Faison had paid Jake to break him out of jail, Jake wouldn't have stuck around town after the escape. Maxie continued that Jason had been the first person to make Sam feel like she had a stable life, so Sam was probably devastated that Jason's murderer had gotten away.

A short while later, Maxie pulled on her clothes as Nathan tried to take them off again. He offered to tell Dante to cover for him, but Maxie had to meet up with Felicia about the election. They promised to meet up later and shared a kiss. Maxie remarked that she hoped Sam and Patrick would work out because Sam deserved a fresh start like Maxie had gotten.

Jake entered Kevin's office but was shocked to see Helena sitting at Kevin's desk. He demanded to know where Kevin was. "He's been delayed," Helena responded. She explained to Jake that he'd completed an "important mission" for her, but he didn't remember. She was happy that his "conditioning" had been working. He knew that she was a criminal, and he threatened to call the cops. Helena ordered him not to take another step, and he was troubled to find that he couldn't move. Helena told him to take a seat, and he did.

Helena knew that Sam had been accusing Jake of holding Sam hostage and breaking Faison out of jail. Jake insisted that he couldn't have committed the crime, but Helena informed him that he was "guilty as sin." She continued that he wouldn't remember anything when he left the room, but she still had one more thing he needed to "take care of" for her.

When Jake was gone, Helena flashed back to her conversation with Jake. She had made sure that he was clear on what he was to say to Sam. However, she wasn't sure that Sam would drop her accusations, so Helena had ordered Jake to kill Sam.

Carly told Sam that she had no proof of what Sam had been accusing Jake of. Sam suggested that Helena had put Jake up to liberating Faison. Carly halted and asked Sam for elaboration. She scoffed when Sam informed Carly that Spencer had seen Helena on the docks the night Faison had escaped. Carly explained that Jake had a brain injury, but Sam thought the memory loss could be faked.

Carly thought that Sam had been blaming herself for Faison getting away, so she was misplacing her anger on an "innocent man." Carly slipped that Sam had Jake wondering if he'd done it. Sam pounced on the statement, but Carly accused Sam of planting the seed in Jake's damaged head. Carly reiterated that Jake had been job-hunting at the time of the breakout, and a little hypnotism from Kevin would prove Jake's innocence.

Jake entered and told Carly and Sam that Kevin had hypnotized him. He continued that Kevin had said that Jake's original memories were accurate, and that the "flickers" of possible memories were due to the "power of suggestion." "Are you satisfied?" Carly asked Sam.

Nikolas looked at a file on ELQ, containing Tracy's stock certificates. Just then, Alexis entered. As his attorney, she wondered if he needed help with anything, but he explained that he was just "investigating possibilities." She was there to make sure Nikolas wasn't too lonely. He replied that he was angry with himself for letting Britt back into his life, but Spencer was just as angry at Nikolas for letting Britt go.

Nikolas turned the conversation on Alexis, and he wondered how she was doing with Julian in jail. Alexis didn't know why she'd been surprised at Julian's confession but added that Julian was Olivia's problem. She informed him that the two had slept together on New Year's Eve and that she was dating Ned. She explained why they were a good match. She concluded that Ned was an upstanding businessman and not a criminal.

At the mention of ELQ, Nikolas wondered if Tracy was back in the fold. Alexis informed him that Jerry Jacks had tricked Tracy into handing over her and Alice's shares. She wondered why he was interested in ELQ. He claimed to want to stay aware of his "competition." Alexis' phone rang, and she saw it was Felicia. She told Nikolas that she had a meeting with Felicia about the election and said goodbye. She answered the phone and left the house, and Nikolas picked up the file on ELQ.

Tracy and Lulu met at the Metro Court for lunch. Lulu admitted that she'd hoped Luke would have tagged along. Tracy told Lulu about their "disagreement." She explained that she'd only wanted Luke to talk about his childhood, his cousin Bill, and his other sister, Patricia. Lulu was shocked to learn that Luke had another sister. Tracy didn't know anything about Patricia and told Lulu that Luke had immediately "shut down" when Tracy had mentioned the subject. Otherwise, Tracy explained that Luke had been like his "old self," even if he was sometimes distant.

Tracy turned the conversation on Lulu, who told Tracy that her life was "great." She admitted that Dante was unhappy that Johnny was back and told Tracy about Dante's run-in with Johnny. Tracy reminded Lulu that she'd been with Johnny at a crazy point in her life that she didn't need to revisit. Tracy added that there was something "fishy" about Johnny's release, and Lulu agreed. Tracy thought Julian deserved to be in Pentonville for leaving Luke to "rot" in Miscavige. The thought made her wonder how Sonny and Julian were getting along in prison.

Luke's impostor swung the bat around Luke's head. He suggested that he should practice on Luke before cracking Bobbie's head open. He swung at Luke, who was visibly terrified. The impostor halted his swing in front of Luke's face. Luke tried to yell at the impostor through the duct tape covering his mouth, but the impostor only mocked him and started up the basement stairs.

Michael walked toward the door in order to investigate the crash from the basement, but Bobbie implored him not to. She cited how horror movies turned out when someone investigated the "creepy noise." Just then, the door opened, and Bobbie and Michael were surprised to see Luke's impostor standing there. Bobbie wondered why Luke was there. The impostor explained that Bobbie had pulled up bad memories for Luke, so he'd wanted to "confront the ugliness."

The impostor and Bobbie held up their identical keys to the house, surprised that they'd both kept the keys to their childhood home. She wondered why he'd been in the basement and how he explained the crash she and Michael had heard. He explained that he'd wanted to look around, and he'd knocked a jug over when he'd reached out for his old baseball bat. In turn, he wondered why Bobbie and Michael were there.

Michael explained that he had plans to build a clinic on the property. The angry impostor didn't want the house to be torn down, but Michael informed him that the house belonged to Bill Eckert. Since Bill had died, his son Sly was technically the owner, and he'd given Michael permission to inspect the property. Michael insisted that the clinic would be good for the community, but the impostor still related his distaste for the idea.

The impostor offered to go somewhere with Michael and Bobbie to talk about the situation. Michael and Bobbie left the house. When they were gone, the impostor ran back to the door of the basement and locked it. He swung his bat and left the house.

Sonny demanded to know the name of Julian's boss. Julian replied that he couldn't give Sonny a name, but he did say that his boss "has Luke's face." Julian explained to a confused Sonny that Julian's boss had somehow found out about his and Alexis' plan to save Luke from Miscavige, so he'd switched places with Luke. He continued that his boss was in cahoots with Faison, Helena, and Jerry. Sonny remarked that it was the "league of psychopaths."

Julian continued that his boss was very dangerous and was in a prime position to take over Julian's and Sonny's territories. Sonny suggested that Julian's boss actually was Faison, but Julian informed Sonny that Faison had been a decoy. Sonny prayed that the real Luke was alive somewhere. He suggested going to the cops, but Julian didn't like the idea.

Julian told Sonny that his boss was probably using Johnny's Pentonville contacts to keep an eye on Sonny and Julian. He continued that his boss had shot Lucas and had also ordered the failed hit on Michael. He said that it could happen again if Julian and Sonny threatened to expose the impostor. Sonny wondered what they could do if they couldn't call the cops.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

At the apartment, Nathan and Maxie woke up together in bed. Nathan wanted to make love, but Maxie insisted that she had to go because it was supposed to be the inauguration day for the new mayor. Maxie wanted to be with her mother even though a new mayor couldn't be sworn in unless the missing Elm Street ballot box was found. Maxie was certain that her mother had won the election, but she was afraid that Janice Lomax would use the missing ballot box to stall things.

Maxie recalled hanging Felicia's campaign posters with Lulu on the piers as the friends chatted about how much they had enjoyed working together in the fashion industry. In the memory, Lulu had grumbled that they needed someone tall to help them then wondered where Levi was. Maxie's smile had faded as she'd begun to rant that Levi had been forced to meet with Diane to deal with his immigration troubles because Nathan had reported Levi for being in the country illegally. Maxie and Lulu had been unaware that Nathan had stopped in a nearby alleyway when he had overheard Maxie and Lulu talking.

As he'd eavesdropped, Nathan had smiled when Maxie had admitted that Nathan was "beautiful with gorgeous eyes" but she had been furious that he had tried to get Levi into trouble. Nathan had decided to step forward to make his presence known then had warned the friends that they couldn't hang the campaign posters on the piers because they'd needed a permit. Furious, Maxie had blasted Nathan for trying to get Levi deported then switched gears to warn him that she would hold Nathan personally responsible if her mother lost the election.

Maxie returned to the present as she expressed her regret for allowing Levi to play her for a fool. Nathan quickly assured her that she wasn't anyone's fool, but the conversation was cut short when Anna called him with an assignment.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Kyle sat down at Anna's table as she sipped her morning coffee. Annoyed, she wondered why he was there, so he handed her a search warrant as he explained that Felicia was suspected of election tampering. Anna was stunned when Kyle revealed that Nikolas Cassadine, Felicia's top campaign contributor, might have stolen the missing Elm Street ballot box to secure Felicia's victory because an eyewitness had seen the Cassadine driver loading a box onto a launch headed to Spoon Island.

Anna scoffed because the box could have contained anything, including bananas, since all of Wyndemere's provisions were sent to the island on the launch. Kyle pointed out that was why they were executing a search warrant, but Anna feared that she would be inundated with paperwork when the search warrant failed to yield the ballot box. Kyle was confident that both Nikolas and Felicia would be going down because he was certain that the ballot box was at Wyndemere.

On the piers, Duke and Lucy looked at one of Felicia's campaign posters. Lucy became lost in her memory of the day Felicia's friends and loved ones had gathered on the pier to hang the poster and talk about Felicia's bid for mayor. Lucy returned to the present as she recalled how different things had been that day because she had been confident that Felicia would win the election and that Kevin would take Lucy back. However, nothing had worked out, including her relationship with Scott. Lucy felt that her life was a mess, but Duke didn't think she should beat herself up because it was all in the past.

Later, Duke and Lucy arrived at Metro Court Restaurant. Lucy remained upset, but Duke assured her that she would feel better after a cup of tea. However, Duke tensed when he saw Anna speaking to Kyle. Lucy's smile was brittle as she and Duke approached Anna and Kyle to exchange greetings. Duke was curious why Kyle was still in town, so Kyle revealed that he was investigating the mayoral election. As Duke and Kyle spoke, Anna's phone rang. It was Jordan, but Anna decided to send the call to voicemail.

Moments later, Kyle received a call from Scott that the missing ballot box had been found. Lucy and Duke tensed, but remained quiet as Kyle left.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas stared at a ballot box as he appeared deep in thought. He quickly tucked it next to the sofa when he heard his sister enter the foyer then call out to him. Nikolas rushed to the door to meet Lulu in an attempt to keep her from entering the room, but she seemed oblivious as she confessed that she needed Nikolas' help deciding where to send Rocco to preschool. Lulu pushed past Nikolas then entered the living room, but she stopped short when she spotted the ballot box.

Lulu immediately demanded to know what Nikolas was doing with the missing Elm Street ballot box. Nikolas assured his sister that he could explain, but Dante and Nathan appeared in the doorway before Nikolas could elaborate. Dante and Nathan saw the ballot box then announced that Nikolas was under arrest, but Spencer suddenly ran into the room to confess that he, not his father, had taken the ballot box. Dante and Nathan assumed that it was another of Spencer's fantastic tales, but Nikolas reluctantly admitted that it was true because Alfred, the butler, had found the ballot box in Spencer's toy box the previous night.

According to Nikolas, Nikolas had been up all night, trying to figure out what to do, so Lulu asked how and why Spencer had taken the box. Spencer revealed that he had wanted to watch the fireworks on New Year's Eve, but Nikolas had been out for the evening. He caught himself before he mentioned his great-grandmother, instead explaining that his "sitter" had refused to take him. Spencer admitted that it hadn't deterred him, so he had left the island anyway

In a flashback, Chandler objected to Spencer leaving but Spencer had ignored the driver's objections. Resigned, Chandler had followed Spencer to the launch.

Spencer returned to the present as he revealed that he had seen a man and a woman on the docks toss the ballot box into the water. Nathan decided to take the ballot box to City Hall while Dante sorted everything out, so Dante questioned how Spencer had gotten the ballot box out of the water. Spencer admitted that he had blackmailed Chandler to dive into the freezing water to retrieve the box, but Dante wondered why Spencer had been determined to get the box. "I did it for Uncle Sonny," Spencer explained.

Spencer revealed that he had overheard the woman ask the man on the docks if they should talk to Sonny before dumping the box in the water, but the man had told the woman that Sonny was no longer in charge. Spencer had wanted to secure the box to give to Sonny when Sonny got out of jail, but Lulu gently explained that Sonny would be in jail for a very long time. Dante quickly shifted gears by wondering if Spencer had recognized the couple, so Spencer confessed that he had seen them during the Nurses Ball.

After Dante left, Spencer admitted that Rocco was lucky to have a mom like Lulu. Lulu smiled, but Nikolas sternly ordered Spencer to return to Spencer's bedroom because Spencer had been grounded indefinitely. After Spencer left, Lulu urged Nikolas to go easy on Spencer because Spencer hadn't appreciated the gravity of the situation.

In Jordan's motel room, Shawn woke up next to Jordan and immediately noticed that she appeared troubled. He wondered if she had gotten any sleep, so she admitted that she hadn't because she couldn't stop thinking about what they had done. "You know, we tampered with an election," she reminded Shawn. She pointed out that it had been a federal crime, but he argued that they had done far worse in their line of work. Jordan wasn't appeased because she and Shawn had denied a lot of poor people their right to vote, which was the one thing that had put them on equal footing with people like the Quartermaines.

Shawn insisted that it couldn't be undone because the ballot box was in the harbor. Jordan wasn't satisfied, but Shawn reminded her that it had been necessary for her to prove her loyalty to Duke before joining the Corinthos organization. Jordan recalled her conversation with Duke at Metro Court Restaurant when Duke had asked her to dispose of the ballot box in the trunk of his car. She returned to the present when Shawn invited her to take a shower with him. She promised to join him in a few minutes then waited for him to disappear into the bathroom before calling Anna.

Jordan's call went to Anna's voicemail, so she quickly ended the call when she heard a quiet knock at the door. Jordan was surprised when she saw Dante, so he explained that Spencer had seen her and Shawn dump an election ballot box into the harbor. She admitted that it was true, but it had been necessary to prove her loyalty to the Corinthos organization. Dante wondered why Jordan hadn't told Dante or Anna, but Shawn suddenly appeared behind Jordan to ask why Dante was there.

Jordan admitted that a "kid" had claimed that he had seen Jordan and Shawn dump an election ballot box into the harbor, but Jordan had denied it. Jordan complained about police harassment, so Dante took the hint then left. Jordan quickly closed the door then distracted Shawn from asking questions by making love to him.

At City Hall, reporters bombarded Felicia with questions as Felicia, Alexis, and Mac made their way to a courtroom. Once inside, Mac quietly suggested that perhaps they issue a statement, but Alexis promised to take care of everything. Mac and Felicia watched as Alexis approached Scott to ask if Scott was serious about suggesting that Felicia had tampered with the election results. Alexis glanced at Janice Lomax standing next to Scott then conceded that she expected Janice to act like a politician but not Scott because Scott was obligated to follow the judicial guidelines.

Alexis insisted that there hadn't been any basis for Scott's allegations, but Scott disagreed because Felicia and Janice had been in a dead heat when the ballot box had disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Alexis was stunned when Scott and Janice suggested that Nikolas, Felicia's biggest campaign contributor, had taken the ballot box to secure Felicia's victory by stealing the Elm Street votes. Alexis defended her nephew, but Scott and Janice revealed that the police intended to search Wyndemere.

Later, Maxie approached her mother, so Felicia filled Maxie in on the latest developments. Felicia assured Maxie that the allegations weren't true, but Janice accused Felicia of being corrupt. Astounded, Felicia reminded Janice that Janice had been the one to stop the traffic on the Port Charles Bridge to stick it to a rival councilman from Queen's Point. Janice argued that the public had quickly forgotten the incident when Mac had punched a reporter, but Felicia defended Mac by insisting that the reporter had deserved it for making insensitive remarks while Maxie had been kidnapped. Felicia was confident that parents had empathized with Mac's situation.

Moments later, all heads turned when Nathan entered the courtroom with the missing ballot box. Nathan revealed that Spencer Cassadine had taken the Elm Street ballot box, but Janice insisted that Spencer had covered for Nikolas. Janice questioned the validity of the ballots, but Scott examined the box then determined that the seals appeared to be intact. He suggested that Janice save her objections until after the ballots had been counted.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Anna received a call from Dante, who told her about the recovery of the missing ballot box and what Spencer had seen. Anna ended the call then angrily confronted Duke for ordering Jordan and Shawn to dispose of the ballot box. Duke refused to answer any of Anna's questions unless she had evidence to back up her accusations.

After Anna stormed off, Lucy apologized to Duke, but Duke insisted that Lucy had nothing to be sorry for. Lucy disagreed because she had been the one to take the ballot box. Lucy conceded that it had been stupid then rambled about how she had been upset about Duke's arrest and the stress of the election. Lucy admitted that she had been afraid that Janice would railroad Duke if reelected, so Lucy had decided to take matters into her own hands when a police officer had mistaken Lucy for a member of the Board of Elections.

Lucy confessed that she had accepted the ballot box the police officer had handed to her without thinking and then had walked out of the building with it. Lucy deeply regretted confiding the truth to Duke the night they had decided to spend New Year's Eve together because she shouldn't have involved him. Duke assured Lucy that he had been happy to help, but he was sorry that he hadn't made the ballot box disappear for good. Duke promised Lucy that she had nothing to worry about because he would never mention her role in the missing ballot box, so Lucy confessed that she hoped that it hadn't torpedoed Felicia's chance at being mayor.

In the courtroom, Scott announced the votes had been tabulated, and a clear victor had been determined. Everyone appeared stunned when Scott claimed that Janice Lomax had won the election. Felicia politely shook Janice's hand to congratulate her rival, but Janice rudely dismissed Felicia then approached Scott to be sworn in. Felicia joined her family as tears filled her eyes. Nathan approached Felicia to let her know that he was disappointed that she hadn't won the election, but he promised that she would have his vote if she ran again.

Moved, Felicia hugged Nathan as Maxie quietly mouthed, "Thank you."

Meanwhile, Anna approached Janice to congratulate her. Janice thanked Anna then informed Anna that Anna was fired. Stunned, Anna insisted that Janice couldn't do that, but Janice disagreed because Janice had sufficient grounds with Anna's inappropriate conduct and relationship with Duke. Anna vowed to fight for her job, but Janice revealed that a replacement had already been chosen. Anna was shocked when Janice revealed that Agent Kyle Sloane was the new police commissioner.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Duke and Lucy were stunned when a television announcer revealed that Janice Lomax had been reelected.

Meanwhile, at the motel, Shawn and Jordan watched the election results on television. Jordan tensed when the reporter revealed that there were rumors that Anna had been fired, prompting Shawn to question Jordan's odd reaction.

In the courtroom, Anna questioned how long Lomax and Kyle had been in cahoots. Neither answered, so Anna threatened to file a lawsuit then turned to Alexis. Alexis readily agreed to represent Anna in a wrongful dismissal suit, but Lomax appeared unconcerned.

After everyone filed out of the courtroom, Lomax and Kyle congratulated each other. Lomax was relieved that Kyle had managed to switch out the real ballot box the previous evening, especially after he had told her that Felicia had won the election. Kyle credited their mutual friend for making certain that things had turned out the way they had wanted.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas threw a stack of voter ballots for Felicia into the fireplace then watched them burn.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

At the apartment, Maxie read the Port Charles Press as Nathan lounged in bed with her. She was upset that her mother had lost the mayoral election, so Nathan agreed that Felicia had deserved to win, especially since Janice Lomax's first act after being sworn in as mayor had been to fire Anna and then appoint Kyle Sloane as the new police commissioner. Nathan couldn't understand why Mayor Lomax had waited until the election was over to fire Anna, but Maxie was certain that it was because Mayor Lomax knew that firing the popular police commissioner would not have pleased the voters.

Nathan confided that Kyle had been gunning for Anna since arriving in Port Charles, so Maxie asked about Anna and Kyle's history. Nathan explained that Anna had been Kyle's mentor during Kyle's early days at the FBI. According to Nathan, Kyle had been on the fast track to a promotion until Anna had reported him for a breach of ethics. Nathan conceded that Anna had considered Kyle to be a solid agent, but Kyle had had a tendency to cut corners, so Anna had hoped that holding Kyle back a bit longer would make Kyle a more effective agent.

Nathan and Maxie agreed that Kyle might be out for revenge, but Nathan wondered why Mayor Lomax had hired a man that the mayor barely knew to replace Anna. Maxie believed that Mayor Lomax and Kyle had been in cahoots and that together they had rigged the election. Nathan appeared skeptical, but Maxie insisted that something wasn't right, so Nathan promised to look into the matter.

After Nathan and Maxie made love, Maxie mentioned that she had to return to her parents' house, but Nathan suggested that Maxie move back into her apartment with him. Maxie admitted that the offer was tempting, but she wasn't ready to live with Nathan yet because she didn't want to rush things. She assured him that her heart said yes, but her brain told her to take things slowly. Nathan respected Maxie's decision, but he was curious what they should do about their living arrangements, so Maxie explained that he needed to move out. Nathan was disappointed until Maxie made him promise that he would ask her out for a lot of dates because she wanted an opportunity to actually date Nathan.

In the police commissioner's office, Anna's expression was sad as she slowly packed her belongings into boxes. Kyle appeared in the doorway to ask what she was doing in his office, so Anna pointed out the obvious. Kyle smirked as he suggested that she had deliberately timed things to bump into him because she had wanted to congratulate him on his new job, but Anna simply glared at Kyle. Kyle assured her that he'd had no idea that Mayor Lomax had intended to offer him Anna's job, but Anna didn't believe Kyle. She took it a step further by accusing Kyle and the mayor of working together from the beginning.

Anna reminded Kyle that the FBI didn't take kindly to someone quitting their job overnight, which meant that Kyle had likely given his notice weeks earlier when Mayor Lomax had offered him Anna's job. Kyle argued that Anna's theory didn't hold water because the mayor hadn't had any idea that the election would go Mayor Lomax's way, but Anna argued that Mayor Lomax and Kyle had conspired to rig the election in Lomax's favor. As proof, Anna pointed out that Kyle had been in charge of overseeing the investigation into the missing ballot box, but Kyle reminded Anna that Dante and Nathan had recovered the ballot box from Spoon Island.

Anna conceded that she didn't know how Mayor Lomax and Kyle had managed to tamper with the ballots, but she was certain that they had. Kyle went on the defensive by suggesting that Anna was bitter about losing her job and refused to accept that her own inappropriate behavior with Cesar Faison had led to the termination. Unfazed, Anna wondered who had Kyle in their back pocket, but Kyle remained mute. Anna vowed that she would get to the bottom of things then left.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Michael left his personal assistant a voicemail message demanding to know where she was. He explained that he needed someone he could count on then ended the call. Moments later, Carly ran up to excitedly ask if Michael was there to see her. Before Michael could answer, Carly wondered if he had received her text message wishing him a happy new year. Carly's smile withered when Michael revealed that he had changed his cell phone number and that he was at the restaurant to meet with a business associate who had picked the venue for their meeting.

Hurt, Carly told Michael that regardless of his reason for being there, she was happy to see him. After Carly left, Rosalie approached Michael to ask if his mother would be returning because Rosalie had hoped to talk to Carly about a clerical job that Carly had posted online. Michael assured Rosalie that she didn't want to work for Carly then revealed that he would like to hire Rosalie to work at the clinic when it opened. Rosalie confessed that she couldn't accept the job because she wasn't a real nurse.

Michael was surprised by Rosalie's admission, but she explained that Nina hadn't needed a real nurse to perpetrate the ruse on Silas then reminded Michael that Nina had blackmailed Rosalie to work for Nina. Michael offered to help Rosalie deal with the blackmail situation if Rosalie would trust him with the secret, but Michael's phone rang before Rosalie could respond. Michael spent a few minutes on the phone with his personal assistant then ended the call. He was furious because his personal assistant had quit without notice after eloping in Las Vegas.

Rosalie was surprised when Michael suddenly offered Rosalie the job, since Rosalie had mentioned that she was good with computers. Rosalie seemed reluctant to accept because of her checkered history, but Michael didn't care as long as Rosalie's secret couldn't harm ELQ. Rosalie assured him that nothing she had done could hurt ELQ, so Michael insisted the job was hers. Rosalie smiled as she accepted the offer then shook his hand to seal the deal.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas read the newspaper headline about Mayor Lomax's re-election, but his mind drifted to the previous evening when he had put the ballots that had been cast for Felicia into the fireplace and burned them. Helena entered the room in a cheerful mood but stopped short when she noticed the sour expression on Nikolas' face. Nikolas coldly informed his grandmother that they needed to discuss ELQ -- specifically the private stock certificates she had given him. Nikolas wanted to know how Helena had obtained Tracy and Alice's shares of ELQ, so Helena admitted that her good friend, Jerry Jacks, had given them to her.

Nikolas knew how Jerry had gotten the stocks, but he was curious what Helena intended to do with them. Helena explained that the stocks were the first step in seizing control of ELQ, but Nikolas argued that the stocks only totaled 15.5 percent, which wouldn't give her a majority vote. However, he was curious why Helena was interested in taking over ELQ. Helena cryptically confessed that she had several reasons, including the satisfaction of seeing the expressions on the faces of "that irksome family" when she pried ELQ away from the Quartermaines.

Nikolas wondered how Helena planned to get the majority of shares, so Helena reminded Nikolas that he had once had a "dalliance" with Ned's daughter, Brook Lynn. Nikolas was surprised when Helena suggested that Nikolas rekindle things with Brook Lynn to get his hands on her shares, but Nikolas argued that Brook Lynn's six and a half percent wouldn't give Helena the shares required to wrest control of ELQ away from the Quartermaines. Helena questioned Nikolas' reluctance, especially since he hadn't had any qualms about conspiring with a federal agent to fix the mayoral election.

Helena rushed to assure Nikolas that she was proud that he had managed to secure control of the mayor's office and the police department, but she wondered what had finally made him throw his morals away. Nikolas confessed that it had been life and love. Nikolas explained that losing Emily had been devastating because she had meant everything to him, but Helena dismissed Emily as unimportant.

Nikolas warned his grandmother to tread carefully then confided that all of his efforts to move on after Emily's death had failed because he had never found love like that again. Helena insisted that none of the women Nikolas had been involved with had been worthy of him, but Nikolas argued that he had been the problem not the women.

Nikolas admitted that he was tired of trying to be good and suppressing his natural instinct, so he was ready to be a Cassadine. Helena beamed with joy as she confessed that his actions to secure the election for Mayor Lomax had made Helena proud because it had been a classic Cassadine move. Helena praised Nikolas, but Nikolas admitted that Kyle Sloane had contacted him after discovering that Spencer had taken the ballot box. Sloane had offered Nikolas the opportunity to work with the agent or face the consequences.

Helena appeared unconcerned about the circumstances of Nikolas' role in the rigged election, but Nikolas made it clear to his grandmother that he refused to harm anyone in his family, even if Helena didn't consider them to be true Cassadines. Helena knew that he meant Sam, so she assured him that she didn't have any intention of laying a finger on Sam. Helena then switched gears by asking if Nikolas was ready to become the man she'd always known he could be. "Yes, I am," Nikolas answered solemnly.

Nikolas promised to take care of Brook Lynn, but he was curious how Helena planned to get the rest of the shares. Helena bragged that she had a secret weapon, so Nikolas wondered what it was. Helena smiled with satisfaction as she confided that she had arranged for Michael to hire a new personal assistant who would secretly be working for the Cassadines.

In Jake's hotel suite, Jake dreamed about his meeting with Helena in Kevin Collins' office when she had ordered him to kill Sam. Jake woke up covered in sweat then sat up as he looked around the room.

A short time later, Jake emerged from the bathroom after a shower, sporting a robe. He pulled a gun out of a large black duffel bag as Helena's orders replayed in his mind. Jake tensed when Carly suddenly knocked on the door, asking to speak to him about something important. He quickly returned the gun to the duffel bag then hastily tossed it under the bed as he went to the door. Carly immediately apologized for bothering him with her problems, but Jake invited her inside then asked her what was wrong. Carly's eyes filled with tears as she answered, "Michael."

Jake hugged Carly as she began to cry. Once the tears subsided, Carly told Jake about her encounter with Michael in the restaurant and how heartbroken she had been by Michael's cold attitude toward her. Jake excused himself to get dressed, so Carly sat on the bed as Jake disappeared into the bathroom. She frowned when her foot hit the duffel bag under the bed, but Jake returned before she could investigate it. Jake quickly shoved the duffel bag further under the bed then returned to the topic of Michael.

Carly confessed that she had been hopeful when she had first seen Michael, but her son had been as closed off as ever. She admitted that it had hurt deeply when Michael had treated her as if she had been nothing because she couldn't believe that her son could continue to hold on to his resentment. Carly acknowledged that Michael had a right to be angry, but he had never shut her out before. Jake urged Carly to have faith in Michael's strength and to trust that Michael would eventually work through everything that had happened.

Carly was surprised when Jake offered to talk to Michael, but Carly declined because she feared that it would make matters worse and hurt Jake and Michael's newfound friendship. Jake assured her that he wouldn't mind because he owed Carly for everything she had done for him, including getting Sam off his back. Carly was confident that Sam would leave him alone after Kevin Collins had determined that Jake's memory of holding Sam hostage had been a false memory. Jake appreciated that Carly had persuaded him to visit Kevin because it had taken "a load" off his mind.

Carly thanked Jake for listening to her vent about Michael then left. Afterwards, Jake pulled the duffel bag out from under the bed then retrieved the gun, a ski mask, and a box of bullets. Jake loaded the bullets into a clip, which he slid into the handle of the gun, cocked, and tucked into the back of his waistband.

At the hospital, Sam picked the lock on Kevin Collins' office door then slipped inside to hack into his computer. Sam smiled with relief when the password Spinelli had provided worked, but as she started to pull up Jake Doe's patient file, she heard Kevin's assistant approach the door.

On the other side of Kevin's office door, Patrick thanked the assistant for letting him into Kevin's office to use Kevin's laptop. The assistant assured him that it was fine but asked him to lock up when he left. After Patrick closed the door, he noticed that something seemed amiss. It took him mere seconds to find Sam hiding under Kevin's desk. Sam smiled sheepishly as she crawled out from her hiding spot with an assurance that she could explain everything.

Sam claimed that it was a funny story, but Patrick doubted it, since it appeared that she had broken into Kevin's office then hacked Kevin's computer. Patrick was curious what Sam had been looking for, so she told him about her encounter with Jake the previous day when Jake had claimed that Kevin had determined that Jake's memory of taking Sam hostage had been a result of Sam suggesting that Jake had been the gunman. Patrick urged Sam to let it go, but she refused because she insisted that Jake had held her at gunpoint. Patrick advised Sam to let the cops handle things, but Sam argued that the police were useless.

Patrick wondered if Sam was so desperate to find Faison's accomplice that she was willing to go after the wrong man. Sam seemed taken aback by the question then conceded that she had no idea what she was doing anymore. She suddenly realized the lengths she had gone to in order to get information on Jake, so Patrick gently confessed that he missed the fun "Sammy" she had been before. Sam admitted that she did, too, and she hoped Patrick found a way to coax that side out.

Patrick kissed Sam, so Sam suggested that they pick up where they had left off on New Year's Eve. She confided that she was free later that evening because Molly was in Manhattan with Ric, Alexis was busy with a case, and Danny was at Monica's for a sleepover. Patrick grinned because he decided it was fate. He smiled then kissed her again.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

In the police commissioner's office, Kyle was on the phone, reporting to someone that Anna had left the building. However, he suspected that she hadn't taken all the favoritism and secrecy she had cultivated within the police department. Kyle assured the caller that he wouldn't tolerate any police officers who were loyal to Anna ahead of the police department.

Kyle wrapped up the call when Dante and Nathan entered his office. Kyle thanked the two police detectives for stopping by, so Dante assured Kyle that they would always jump when the police commissioner called. Kyle either didn't hear or chose not to acknowledge the sarcasm in Dante's tone as Kyle assured Dante that Dante would go far with that kind of attitude. Dante and Nathan questioned how Kyle had ended up with Anna's job and why the mayor had waited until the election had been finalized before firing Anna. Kyle claimed that he was not privy to the mayor's inner thoughts, but he suspected that the long list of unsolved crimes and unsuccessful prosecutions might have had something to do with Anna losing her job.

Dante and Nathan defended the police department's record by insisting that a lot of cases had been solved that hadn't been reported in Julian Jerome's biased newspaper. Kyle shifted gears to ask if the men wanted to keep their jobs, so they both assured their new boss that they did. Kyle wondered if either man would have a problem reporting to him, prompting Dante to explain he wasn't particularly loyal to Anna because Mac Scorpio had hired Dante when Mac had been the police commissioner. Satisfied, Kyle turned to Nathan, who conceded that Anna had hired Nathan, but Nathan insisted that he was a police officer to uphold the law.

Kyle was pleased with Dante and Nathan's answers, so Kyle explained that he wanted to make the transition smooth, starting with the secret operations that Anna had going on. Nathan and Dante pretended that they had no idea what Kyle was talking about, but Kyle wasn't fooled because he knew from reviewing the police department's budget that Anna had made a large payment to an "outside contractor," which Kyle insisted was code for confidential informant. Dante and Nathan continued to deny any knowledge of a confidential informant or an undercover operation until Kyle's temper flared.

Dante suggested that Kyle talk to Anna about any secret investigations, but Kyle insisted that Anna had been a disgrace to the police force. Kyle had no idea what game Dante and Nathan were playing, but he advised both men to get with the program, or Dante and Nathan would be out of a job.

On the piers, Anna met with Jordan. Jordan revealed that she had heard about Mayor Lomax firing Anna and then hiring Kyle Sloane as the new police commissioner. Jordan felt bad for Anna, but Jordan was curious what that meant for Jordan. Anna confided that she suspected that Kyle and Lomax had been in cahoots to rig the election in Mayor Lomax's favor, but Anna couldn't prove it. However, Anna intended to get to the bottom of things, expose the fraud, and then reclaim her job.

Jordan was stunned when Anna advised Jordan not to contact Kyle because Kyle couldn't be trusted, but Jordan had reservations about remaining deep undercover, working for the premiere crime family without the police commissioner's knowledge. Anna warned Jordan that it was too dangerous to tell Kyle, but she promised that Jordan was not alone because Dante and Nathan had agreed to be Jordan's handlers until Anna could be reinstated as the police commissioner.

Jordan wondered how long she would have to remain undercover because it had already cost her everything including a relationship with her son, T.J. Anna reminded Jordan that some operations could last for months and even years, but Jordan wasn't satisfied because she feared Kyle's reaction if he found out Jordan had been working undercover. Anna argued that it was too late to turn back then reminded Jordan that Sonny and Julian were already in jail. According to Anna, the police had never been closer to eradicating organized crime in Port Charles, which Anna believed was due to Jordan's work. Anna begged Jordan not to give up until they had Duke and Shawn behind bars.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Kyle bumped into Nathan as Kyle left his office to meet with Mayor Lomax. Kyle apologized to Nathan for Kyle's earlier outburst but added that he was sorry for the tone he had used, not the comments. Kyle insisted that he wanted to fix what ailed the police department so the Port Charles Police Department could be held up as New York's premiere police force. Kyle warned Nathan that anyone who was not on board with that mission would find themselves out in the cold.

Nathan promised that he backed Kyle's objective 100 percent, as did Dante. Kyle shook Nathan's hand as he warned Nathan that he intended to hold Nathan to that promise. Moments later, Nathan's phone rang. It was Anna, but Nathan claimed that it was Nathan's girlfriend, Maxie. Kyle left as Nathan answered the call.

Anna informed Nathan that Jordan intended to remain undercover, so Nathan warned Anna that Kyle had already asked about Anna's informant. Anna reminded Nathan that Kyle couldn't get wind of Jordan's undercover work, but Nathan tensed when he noticed Kyle had returned. Kyle claimed that he had left his phone in his office, so Nathan waited until Kyle was out of hearing range then assured Anna that he understood the need for them to be careful.

On the Haunted Star, the man posing as Luke poured himself a drink as Johnny arrived. The imposter invited Johnny to join him for a drink to celebrate Julian's demise, but Johnny revealed that Julian was still alive. Furious, the impostor demanded to know why the order to kill Julian hadn't been carried out. "Sonny Corinthos," Johnny answered.

Johnny revealed that Sonny had intervened on Julian's behalf when Johnny's men had closed in on Julian. The impostor realized that Sonny had seen an opportunity to turn Julian, which meant that Julian had likely told Sonny everything including that Luke Spencer hadn't returned home as everyone believed. The impostor threw a glass of bourbon at the wall as he ranted at Johnny for failing to carry out the job. Johnny insisted that he simply needed more time, but the impostor was determined to deal with Julian on his own.

The impostor accused Johnny of messing up just as Lulu entered. Lulu was curious what was going on between her "father" and Johnny, so the impostor claimed that he had stopped by to take Lulu out for a surprise lunch but had encountered Johnny instead. Johnny explained that he and "Luke" had been catching up, but the impostor pointedly informed Johnny that they were done.

Lulu assumed that her father was concerned about her relationship with Johnny, but she insisted that Johnny was a friend who had been wrongfully imprisoned for Anthony's murder. The impostor scoffed as he reminded Lulu that Johnny had tried to frame Luke and Tracy for the murder, but Lulu continued to defend Johnny. The impostor suggested that a mother with a young child shouldn't associate with someone like Johnny, but Lulu argued that Johnny deserved a second chance. Johnny appreciated Lulu's support then pointedly added that he hoped "Luke" would give him another chance.

The impostor reluctantly agreed to consider it, so Johnny promised that he would do anything to prove that he was worthy of "Luke's" friendship. Moments later, the impostor's phone rang. The impostor claimed that it was Tracy as he excused himself to take the call, but it was Helena.

At the house on Elm Street, Michael invited Rosalie inside as he explained that it had been his grandmother's childhood home. Rosalie looked around at the dilapidated home then asked why they were there. Michael revealed that he intended to convert the place into the waterfront clinic, but he thought Rosalie might want to look around at the place first. Rosalie didn't see the point, since the house would be torn down, but Michael admitted that he simply wanted to check the place out.

Michael suggested that they start with the basement, but he discovered that the door was locked when he tried to turn the knob. After his key failed to unlock it, Michael slipped into the kitchen to see if he could find an old key or something that would allow him to open the door. Rosalie seized the opportunity to slip outside to call Helena on the pretext of looking for another way into the basement. Michael smiled because it proved that he had been right to hire Rosalie. Rosalie admitted she was glad he had then thanked him for taking a chance on her.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas informed Helena that if she expected them to collaborate with each other, then she would need to keep him in the loop. Helena conceded that he had a point, so she revealed that Michael had hired a new assistant who secretly worked for the Cassadines. Helena revealed that the woman was "an unrefined type by the name of Rosalie." Nikolas was curious how his grandmother had found Rosalie, so Helena explained that Rosalie had helped Nina.

Nikolas wasn't impressed, since Nina's ruse hadn't worked out as planned. Helena assured her grandson that Rosalie could be counted on because Helena had Rosalie by the "scruff of the neck" because she could reveal a dirty little secret that Rosalie was desperate to keep buried. Nikolas wondered what the secret was, but Helena's phone rang before Helena could tell him. It was Rosalie.

Helena was pleased when Rosalie revealed that their plan for Michael to hire Rosalie had worked. Helena's smile faded when Rosalie added that Michael had taken Rosalie to his grandmother's childhood home on Elm Street then mentioned that they were trying to get into the basement. Helena ordered Rosalie to get Michael out of the house immediately. Rosalie advised Helena to "chill," but Helena warned Rosalie that it was dangerous to cross Helena. Rosalie wondered what was in the basement that Helena didn't want Michael to see, but Helena informed Rosalie that it didn't concern Rosalie.

After Helena ended the call, she dialed the impostor to warn him that Michael had been snooping around the house on Elm Street. Helena assured the impostor that she had things under control, but the impostor insisted on dealing with the situation himself. Helena resented his tone, but he assured her that it hadn't been anything personal; he'd just been let down one too many times by friends who hadn't delivered.

After the impostor ended the call, he told Lulu that he would need to take a rain check on lunch because Tracy needed him. After the impostor left, Lulu and Johnny continued their discussion. Johnny believed that Lulu was the only person who trusted him, but Lulu was curious why Johnny was there. He reminded her that he owned the Haunted Star, but Lulu disagreed, since he had sold his half of the ship before he had been sent to prison. Johnny pulled out a piece of paper from his jacket pocket as he revealed that he had bought his half of the Haunted Star back.

Lulu was shocked, but Johnny suddenly realized that it might not have been a good idea because he was certain that Dante wouldn't approve. Lulu's eyes narrowed as she wondered if Johnny had talked to Dante since Johnny's release from Pentonville. Johnny feigned reluctance as he told her about Dante and Nathan's visit to warn Johnny to stay away from Lulu. Lulu was livid because she insisted that Dante hadn't had any right to talk to Johnny about her without discussing it with her first.

"Just wait until I get my hands on him," Lulu growled with anger. Johnny looked at the entrance then told Lulu that she would have her chance sooner rather than later. Lulu turned to discover that her husband stood in the doorway.

At Wyndemere, Helena returned to the living room. Nikolas resented being kept in the dark, so he demanded to know who they were dealing with. Helena appeared resigned as she answered, "It's Luke Spencer." Nikolas didn't believe her because he knew that Luke despised his grandmother and would never willingly work with Helena. Helena stuck to her story then reminded Nikolas that stranger things had happened.

At the house on Elm Street, Michael emerged from the kitchen with a crowbar after failing to find a key to unlock the basement door. Rosalie suggested they check out the rest of the house then return the following day with a locksmith to open the basement door. Michael refused then went to work on prying open the door. Desperate, Rosalie pretended to twist her ankle as she tripped. Michael dropped the crowbar and rushed to Rosalie's side. He insisted on taking her to the hospital to have a doctor examine her ankle despite her objections.

Rosalie assured Michael that all she needed was ice and to elevate it, but Michael was determined to have her ankle looked at. Michael helped Rosalie to the car as she pretended to limp in pain. They were unaware that the impostor had been watching them. After Michael and Rosalie were gone, the impostor entered the house.

At Pentonville, Sonny thanked Shawn for answering Sonny's summons. Shawn wondered what was going on, so Sonny quickly filled Shawn in on what had transpired with Julian after Johnny's men had tried to kill Julian in the prison courtyard. Shawn was shocked when Sonny added that Cesar Faison had been a decoy to allow the man posing as Luke to continue to pass himself off as Luke. Shawn questioned if Julian could be trusted, but Sonny assured Shawn that Julian had been on the level because the impostor had not only targeted Lucas but had also been behind the attempt on Michael's life a few months earlier.

Sonny wanted Shawn to follow the impostor to find out if Luke was still alive and where the impostor had been holding Luke captive since moving Luke out of Miscavige. Shawn suggested including Jordan in the investigation, but Sonny thought the fewer people who knew about the impostor, the better, because Sonny didn't want any more innocent blood shed.

Later, Shawn spied on the impostor as the impostor entered the house on Elm Street.

Friday, January 16, 2015

On the Haunted Star, Lulu was furious that Dante had warned Johnny to stay away from her instead of talking to her about it. She couldn't wait to get her hands on her husband, so Johnny pointedly looked at the doorway then told her that she would soon have the chance. Lulu turned and saw Dante.

Dante glared at Johnny as he demanded to know what Johnny was doing at the Haunted Star, but Lulu blasted her husband for teaming up with Nathan to warn Johnny to stay away from her. "Where the hell do you get off doing that?" Lulu asked. Johnny seized the opportunity to add fuel to the fire by subtly pushing Dante's buttons, which angered Dante. Dante ordered Johnny to stay out of Dante and Lulu's business then pulled Lulu aside to speak to her privately.

Dante conceded that he had paid Johnny a visit, but Dante insisted that he had merely been trying to protect his family. Dante didn't think it had been a big deal, but Lulu disagreed because he hadn't told her about the visit. Dante apologized and begged for her to not take what he had done as an attempt to control her, but Lulu was skeptical because he had gone behind her back. Dante insisted that as her husband, he had a right to protect his wife and be concerned.

Lulu promised Dante that he had nothing to worry about, but Dante pointed out that Johnny had sought Lulu out as soon as Johnny had gotten out of jail. Johnny argued that the encounter had been a coincidence, but Dante didn't believe Johnny. Dante also suspected that Johnny had told Lulu about the visit to manipulate the situation to paint Dante as the bad guy so Lulu would want to protect Johnny. Dante insisted that he and Nathan had calmly asked Johnny to back off, but Lulu remained skeptical.

Johnny continued to antagonize Dante, prompting Dante to accuse Johnny of trying to seduce Lulu. Things quickly got heated between the two men, so Lulu interjected that Johnny was there because Johnny had bought back Johnny's half of the Haunted Star. Johnny goaded Dante by adding that he had dropped by to share the "good news" with Lulu, but Dante demanded to know why Lulu hadn't mentioned it sooner. Lulu claimed that she hadn't had the chance between Dante ranting and getting in Johnny's face.

Dante remained concerned because of Johnny's shady history, but Johnny promised that he had been "squeaky clean" since leaving Pentonville. Dante scoffed at the idea because Johnny had grown up in the mob. Dante pulled Lulu aside again to point out that Lulu didn't need a criminal element in her business, but Lulu confessed that she didn't know what to do, since Johnny was her business partner. Dante shocked Lulu by suggesting that she sell her half of the Haunted Star.

At the hospital, Michael helped a hobbling Rosalie to a chair then offered to fetch a doctor. Rosalie protested because she was certain that her ankle was fine and only needed ice. Michael refused to take any chances that she had seriously injured her ankle, so he left to find a doctor. Rosalie nervously waited because she was certain that a doctor would quickly determine that she had faked the injury.

At the nurses' station, Michael was startled when he saw his uncle, Lucas, wearing a doctor's coat and making notes in a chart. Lucas smiled as he confessed that he had decided to put his medical degree to use by applying for a job at the hospital. Michael was happy for Lucas, but Lucas admitted that it had been a daunting decision because he hadn't been certain that he could live up to his father's legacy. Lucas reminded Michael that Tony Jones had been a big deal at the hospital, but Michael insisted that it wasn't about competing with his father or living in Tony's shadow; it was about helping people. Lucas smiled because Carly had told Lucas the same thing.

Michael tensed at the mention of Carly's name, so Lucas changed the subject by asking if Michael needed anything. Michael quickly filled Lucas in about Rosalie's mishap then asked his uncle to take a look at her ankle. Lucas grabbed a wheelchair then followed Michael to where Rosalie sat. Rosalie argued that she was fine, but Michael told her that he wanted Lucas to check out the ankle. After Rosalie reluctantly slid into the wheelchair, Lucas took her to an examination room.

Lucas examined Rosalie's ankle carefully but noticed that it wasn't swollen. Rosalie was ready to leave, but Lucas was concerned about the pain she felt, so he decided to have x-rays taken of the ankle to see if it had been fractured. Rosalie explained that she didn't have insurance to cover the expense of additional tests, but Michael assured her that she'd had full medical coverage from the moment he had hired her.

After Rosalie was taken for x-rays, Michael and Lucas continued their conversation about Lucas' new job. Lucas was disappointed that neither of his fathers could enjoy his accomplishment because Tony was dead and Julian was in Pentonville with Michael's father. Michael clarified that Sonny wasn't his father any more than Carly was Michael's mother, but Lucas refused to believe that Michael had truly disowned both Sonny and Carly. Lucas suggested that Michael had oversimplified a very complicated issue then added that everyone occasionally "screwed up." Michael argued that killing an unarmed man had been more than a screwup.

Lucas conceded that Michael had a point, but he was curious why Michael was angry at Morgan. Michael reminded Lucas that Morgan had lied, but Lucas argued that Morgan lied all the time. Lucas confided that Morgan had been floundering and aimless without Michael's guidance, so he begged Michael to make peace with Morgan. Michael warned Lucas, prompting Lucas to wisely switch gears by mentioning that he had heard about Michael's plans to build a free health clinic in the waterfront district.

Michael was surprised when Lucas revealed that it was a subject that Lucas felt strongly about and fully supported. Michael was curious if Lucas would be interested in running the clinic once it was opened, so Lucas happily agreed. Moments later, an orderly returned with Rosalie and the x-rays. Lucas quickly determined that the ankle was fine, but he advised Rosalie to put some ice on it when she got home. Rosalie thanked Lucas then limped out of the examination room with Michael's assistance. In the hallway, Rosalie assured Michael that he didn't have to drive her home, but Michael insisted.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Patrick and Elizabeth bumped into each other as they both prepared to leave at the end of their shift. After they exchanged greetings, Patrick asked if Elizabeth had plans for the evening. She revealed that Ric had taken Molly to the city for a father/daughter trip, so Elizabeth would spend the evening with her sons.

Elizabeth remarked that it appeared that Patrick had special plans when she noticed how nicely he was dressed. Patrick confided that he had a dinner date with Sam at the penthouse, but Elizabeth's smile faded. Patrick appreciated that Sam wasn't Elizabeth's favorite person because of the accusations Sam had made against Jake, but Elizabeth argued that Sam hadn't had a shred of evidence to back up the theory that Jake had helped Cesar Faison escape.

Elizabeth reminded Patrick that he'd had Thanksgiving dinner with Jake, so she was curious if Jake had struck him as someone who was dangerous. Before Patrick could answer the question, Elizabeth asked him not to because she realized it had been unfair of her to ask. However, she warned Patrick that Sam's obsession with finding Faison's accomplice might be an indication that Sam had not moved past the grief of losing Jason. Patrick appreciated the words of caution but assured Elizabeth that it hadn't been necessary.

At the penthouse, Sam finished setting the table for a romantic dinner then straightened up the living room. She stopped when she saw a picture of Jason, so she picked it up and stared at until Alexis suddenly arrived home. Surprised, Sam confessed that she had thought her mother had been busy with a case, but Alexis explained that both parties had settled. Alexis noticed the romantic dinner setting and Sam's beautiful dress then realized that Sam had plans with Patrick for the evening. Sam smiled as she confessed that she had even cooked dinner rather than ordering out.

Alexis appeared skeptical about her daughter's cooking skills, but Sam was confident that she had successfully followed the recipes. Alexis was certain the meal would be delicious, but she was curious why Sam was clutching a picture of Jason. Sam smiled sheepishly as she confessed that she was ready to take the next step with Patrick, but it felt awkward because the penthouse still felt like it belonged to Jason. Alexis wondered if Sam was truly ready take the next step with Patrick, but Sam assured her mother that she had been for a while.

Alexis decided to make herself scarce when Patrick knocked on the front door. After Alexis dashed to her bedroom, Sam answered the door. Patrick greeted Sam with a smile and a bottle of wine. Sam returned the smile then invited him into the penthouse.

Later, Patrick and Sam sipped on the wine as Alexis rushed through the living room on her way to the door, asking both Patrick and Sam to ignore her. Alexis babbled about Danny then promised that she would be gone for the rest evening before slipping out the door. Patrick wondered what had gotten into Alexis, so Sam asked him to ignore her mother because, despite having two grown daughters and a teenage daughter, Alexis still became flustered at the thought of men spending the night. "That is if, of course, you still want to spend the night," Sam added.

Patrick was curious if Sam wanted him to spend the night, so she promised him that she wouldn't have asked if she'd had any doubts. Patrick smiled then assured her that he wanted to stay because Emma was at a sleepover, so he had the night free. Relieved, Sam led Patrick to the dinning room. Patrick was impressed by the gourmet dinner Sam had prepared. Sam seemed leery about how it had turned out until Patrick took a bite of the risotto then assured her that was excellent.

After they finished dinner, Patrick thanked Sam for all the trouble she had gone to by cooking for him. Sam teasingly reminded him that she had owed him for not turning her in when he had found her hiding under Kevin's desk. Patrick pointed out that it hadn't been necessary, since she had decided to drop the investigation. Sam assured him that she still thought Jake was guilty, but she had decided to leave it to the police to prove because she had other priorities.

Sam shifted gears by offering to fetch dessert, but Patrick suggested they save dessert until later, and he kissed her. After the passionate kiss, Sam led Patrick to her bedroom.

On the piers, Jake checked his gun as he recalled Helena's order for him to kill Sam. Moments later, Elizabeth spotted Jake, so she called out to him. Jake tensed but quickly shoved the gun into the duffel bag then turned to greet her. Elizabeth appeared concerned that Jake was on the piers at night in the cold, but he assured her that he still worked for board at Metro Court. According to Jake, he had decided to take a walk after working out at the gym.

Elizabeth invited Jake to join her for dinner, but Jake wondered how Ric would feel about that. Elizabeth explained that Ric had taken Molly to the city, so it would be her and the boys. Jake quietly admitted that it wouldn't be a good idea because Ric would have a problem with Jake and Elizabeth spending time together, but Elizabeth was disappointed because she had missed her friendship with Jake. Jake confessed that if he spent time with Elizabeth, he doubted he would be able to stop from wanting more than friendship.

Later, Jake sported a ski mask as he slipped into Sam's penthouse.

In Pentonville, Julian demanded to know where Sonny had been, so Sonny patiently reminded Julian that it had been visiting hours. Julian wanted to know who Sonny's visitor had been, but Sonny refused to tell him because he didn't think it was Julian's business. Julian disagreed, especially if it had anything to do with what Julian had told Sonny about the impostor. Julian suspected that Sonny had put one of Sonny's men on the impostor's tail.

"You're damn right I did," Sonny admitted without remorse. Julian was furious because if the impostor realized that Julian had talked to Sonny about Luke Spencer then both Michael and Lucas would pay the price. Sonny assured Julian that he had only shared the information with Shawn because Sonny wanted Shawn to follow the impostor in the hopes of finding Luke. Julian wasn't satisfied, but Sonny assured Julian that Shawn was a professional. Julian reiterated that if the impostor caught Shawn, then the impostor would know that Julian had talked, which would put Michael and Lucas in danger.

At the old house on Elm Street, Shawn watched as the impostor entered the house, locked the door, and made his way to the basement. Shawn picked the lock on the front door and approached the basement door, but it was locked, so Shawn tried to pick the lock. However, he heard a noise on the front porch that sent him ducking around a corner just as Helena entered the house.

Moments later, the impostor emerged from the basement. He was startled when he saw Helena in the living room, but she explained that she had stopped by to ensure that everything was fine. Helena suggested that he trust her in the future when she told him that she had things well in hand. She was confident that Michael hadn't had any idea what had been hidden in the basement.

The impostor suddenly questioned how Helena had gotten into the house because he distinctly recalled locking the front door after he had entered. Helena admitted that the door had been unlocked, but she attributed it to the ancient lock on the door. The impostor panicked because he suspected that someone else was in the house with orders to kill him. He raced up the stairs to begin searching, while Shawn remained hidden around a corner near the basement. Helena suggested that the impostor was overreacting, but the impostor explained that he couldn't risk taking chances as long as Julian was alive.

The impostor feared that Julian would tell Sonny that Luke's impostor was still in place, but Helena pointed out that Sonny and Julian were enemies. The impostor explained that Sonny had foiled the plot to kill Julian in jail, but Helena doubted that Sonny and Julian had joined a "Pentonville coffee clutch" to swap information. Helena suggested that if someone had broken into the house to kill the impostor, then he and Helena wouldn't be standing there having a conversation.

The impostor conceded that Helena had a point, so she asked that they find a place more conducive to talking. The impostor quickly locked up then followed Helena out the door. Shawn waited until the coast was clear then returned to the basement door, determined to find out what was in the basement. He started to pick the lock on the basement door but decided to grab the crowbar Michael had discarded earlier to pry the door open.

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