General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 13, 2014 on GH

Silas learned about Nina's lies. Ava went into labor. Sonny put a plan to kill Franco into motion. Helena took steps to keep the police from identifying 'Jake' as Jason. Madeline returned to warn Nathan about Nina.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 13, 2014 on GH
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Monday, October 13, 2014

Elizabeth washed the ink off of Jason's fingers. Jason told her that he could use his hands, and that hers would probably be of better use elsewhere. She reminded him that it was her job. She hoped that Dante could find out who "Jake" really was. Jason wasn't sure that he wanted his fingerprints to show up in the police database just in case Dante returned with handcuffs. Elizabeth assured Jason that Dante was a good guy, and she knew because her ex-husband had worked with Dante.

Jason asked Elizabeth about her ex, Lucky. She revealed that Lucky had been a cop in Port Charles until he'd moved out of the country after their divorce. He wondered if Lucky was Jake's father, but Elizabeth shakily told him that her "good friend" Jason, who had since died, was Jake's father. Sensing her emotion, Jason apologized for prying.

Elizabeth assured Jason that she'd been thinking about Jason a lot in recent days but never had a reason to talk about him with anyone. She explained that Jason had make some choices that weren't conducive to being a parent, but she'd always made sure that Jason had been a presence in Jake's life.

The doctor responsible for Jason's facial reconstructive surgery entered the room. He was anxious to unveil his handiwork, and Elizabeth commented that "Jake" seemed to be a fast healer. The doctor cut the bandages off and revealed the man's face. "What do you think?" Jason asked Elizabeth.

Liesl knocked on the door of Nathan's apartment and begged for her son to open the door. The door opened, and Liesl was shocked to see Madeline standing there. Liesl barged into the apartment, calling out for Nathan. When there was no answer, Liesl demanded to know what Madeline had done to him. Madeline reminded her sister that she'd raised Nathan since infancy, but Liesl goaded Madeline about her crime against Nina, Madeline's biological daughter.

Madeline wondered what Liesl had gotten away with "this time" in order to merit a release from prison. "Nothing he didn't have coming," Liesl answered cryptically. She continued that she didn't want to go back to prison for harboring a fugitive. However, Madeline informed her sister that she was innocent of the two murders she had been convicted of. She explained that there had been "chain of evidence" problems with the murder of the pharmacist, and Nina had turned out to be alive.

Liesl explained, as chief of staff, that either Nina had inherited Madeline's lazy work ethic, or she was faking her need for a wheelchair. She continued that Nina had an "air of deceit," and that she wouldn't be surprised if Nina was unbalanced. She warned Madeline to "tread carefully" around Nina. Madeline shot back that Liesl should be concerned with her own daughter.

Liesl persisted that Nina's mental condition was probably not any better than when Madeline had put her into the coma. Madeline accused Liesl of being misinformed, but Liesl demanded to know what details she had wrong. Madeline refused to discuss Nina. "What about Nina are you holding back?" Liesl wondered.

Nathan and Maxie bumped into each other at the gym. Maxie explained that she'd needed to vent about Judge Walters to Lulu, who was at the gym for a class. Nathan told her that he was there to "blow off steam" about his mother. After some prodding from Maxie, Nathan revealed that Liesl had killed Victor, his father, "'for me'."

Nathan realized that he'd inherited some "messed up genes" and worried that he would turn out like his crazy family members. Maxie put her head on his shoulder and assured him that he was already a hero. Just then, Lulu entered and warned the two that being seen together wasn't a good idea. She divulged that a security guard from the courthouse, who was also a notorious gossip, had been in her class. If the woman saw Maxie and Nathan together, the word would surely get out. She wished them luck and left.

Nathan told Maxie he would leave, but then she offered to leave. He told her to take care of herself and turned to go. She followed him and told him that she was going to call Diane in order to think up a strategy. She vowed not to give up and didn't think he should either. He promised to always be there for her and left. She punched a punching bag, hurting herself in the process.

Dante was looking at Jason's fingerprints when Anna entered, wondering why Liesl had been released. Dante informed her that, without evidence proving whatever she had done, their forty eight-hour hold was up. Anna confided that Liesl had shot Victor right in front of Anna after he had already been in custody, but she had no evidence. Dante wanted to see Liesl in prison, so he promised to do anything he could to help Anna.

Anna continued that she believed Victor was the key to putting Liesl away for good. She thought that Liesl was hiding something that she didn't want to risk getting out. She regretted it, but she needed to put Liesl's case on the backburner in favor of more urgent cases.

Lulu entered the station and wondered if there was any news on Luke. Anna thought they should have information soon. Lulu reminded Anna that Luke had been dying from polonium poisoning at the time of some of his alleged crimes. Anna promised to let Lulu know when more information was available, and Lulu left. Dante thought they'd be able to solve one mystery immediately because he'd gotten a match on "John Doe's" fingerprints.

"I'm working on getting answers. I hope you're getting yours," Silas texted Sam. Just then, Travis greeted Silas. Silas wanted to speak to the physical therapist about Nina, who happened to be overhearing the conversation. Silas wanted to commend Travis for the miraculous work he'd done with Nina. He wondered how Travis had done it and led him to a conference room. A scared Nina watched Silas close the blinds. She took out her phone and texted Travis.

Silas demanded to know when Nina had regained her mobility. Travis looked at the text on his phone and answered, "about three weeks ago." Silas grabbed Travis' phone and read the text from Nina: "I saw you with Silas. Say 3 weeks!" Silas demanded the truth as Nina hoped that Travis wasn't messing up her plans. She texted him again. "Well? Did you tell him?" Silas read the text out loud.

Silas demanded the truth as Travis received another text from Nina, filled with threatening emoticons: "Back me up or I will hurt you and you will be sad. Do you get me?" Silas told Travis that Nina was pissed, but not as pissed as Silas, or as Liesl would be when she found out. He continued that Travis would be fired and probably arrested. He offered to keep things between him and Travis as long as Travis told the entire truth.

"She never needed the chair. She could always walk," Travis blurted out. He received another text from Nina: "Tell me what's happening before I make you regret it." Travis told Silas about how he'd thought that Nina had been resistant to physical therapy until she'd pushed her wheelchair over. Nina had said that she'd been putting on a show for Silas, and she'd paid for Travis' discretion with a large check that Silas was surprised to find out had cleared. Travis clarified that Rosalie had said that Nina had plenty of money.

Silas angrily wondered if Travis had considering telling anymore. "Your wife scares me," Travis stated. "I didn't want to be on her bad side," he continued. Travis swore that he'd told Silas everything until he remembered one more thing. He informed Silas that Nina didn't like Silas very much. Travis wondered if Silas was going to report him. Silas confessed that he was more concerned with Nina. He handed Travis his phone back as Nina stormed off and vowed to deal with things "on my own."

Patrick and Sam sat at their table at the restaurant and watched Tracy at hers. They assumed that Luke would arrive any minute. Just then, the door opened, and everyone was shocked to see Jerry Jacks enter the restaurant. Sam wondered why Jerry refused to die. Patrick thought they should call for help because of how dangerous Jerry was. Sam wanted to see how things played out with Tracy.

Tracy demanded to know how Jerry was alive, because the last time she'd seen him, he had fallen off the roof of the Metro Court while dying of polonium poisoning. He revealed that he'd "procured a dose" of the cure from Luke. Sam wanted to call for reinforcement, but two of Jerry's goons wouldn't let her leave the restaurant. Jerry caught sight of her and Patrick and invited them to join him and Tracy.

Tracy guessed that Jerry was Julian's partner and not Luke, and she accused him of framing Luke for causing Patrick's accident. Patrick suggested that Jerry and Luke were working together. Just then, Tracy got a message from Luke. However, Jerry revealed that he was in possession of Luke's phone. Tracy had known that there was a logical explanation for Luke being so out of touch.

Sam threatened to kill Jerry, and he expressed his sorrow that Jason, the only opponent who had ever challenged Jerry, wasn't there to do it for her. Sam yelled that it wasn't fair that Jason was dead and Jerry was alive. Tracy realized that Jerry had kidnapped Luke and demanded to know where Luke was. Jerry told them that, since his blood transfusion, Luke had been of no more use to Jerry. He could tell that Luke was worth something, so he wondered what Tracy, Sam, and Patrick were willing to give Jerry in exchange for Luke.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

At the hospital, Britt was startled when Nina ran into her. Nina barked at Britt to watch where Britt was going then accused Britt of being a "big oaf." "Excuse me?" Britt asked. Nina realized that she had verbally lashed out at her cousin, so she apologized, but Britt was astounded that Nina was no longer in a wheelchair. Nina explained that she had made a speedy recovery then tried to leave, but Britt wanted to know if Nina had taken Britt up on the suggestion to talk to Dr. Kevin Collins about not being able to have a baby.

Nina stunned Britt by claiming that Britt had been wrong about Nina's infertility because Nina had gotten a second opinion that had confirmed that Nina was not in early menopause and unable to conceive a child. Britt wanted to know the name of the doctor who had given Nina the erroneous information, but Nina insisted that it was none of Britt's business and then left.

Nearby, Brad had overheard the last of Britt's exchange with Nina, so he was curious what Nina's problem was. Britt had no idea where to begin, so Brad changed the subject by revealing that he had arrived home and discovered that all of Britt's things had been taken, but none of Brad things had been touched. Britt grinned as she announced that everything was okay; she had moved back in with Nikolas. Shocked, Brad was curious if Nikolas knew about the new living arrangement.

Britt credited her mother with giving Elizabeth double shifts as well as Brad and Spencer with helping to make it possible for Britt and Nikolas to rekindle things. However, she realized that she couldn't risk Nikolas finding out the truth about her role in Spencer's brief disappearance because Nikolas would never forgive her. Brad agreed then shifted gears to jokingly muse about the benefits of not having to live with Britt. Britt played along then sobered as she reminded him that they would still see each other at work and have their "Movie Mondays" because they were best friends.

At Wyndemere, Spencer looked at the banner on the wall, welcoming Britt home. Nikolas poked his head into the bedroom to ask what Spencer was up to. Spencer looked around at the balloons decorating the master bedroom as he explained that he had wanted everything to be perfect for Britt when she moved back in. Spencer confessed that he had thought that getting Emma back would be the best thing to happen to him, but he had been wrong because Britt returning to Wyndemere was far better.

Nikolas was surprised when Spencer confided that Britt's presence made Spencer miss not having a mother less. Nikolas curled up next to Spencer on the bed as they discussed Spencer's mother, Courtney. Nikolas regretted that he hadn't talked about Courtney more often, but he assured Spencer that Courtney would always be a big part of Spencer's life and that she had loved her son dearly. Spencer wondered if it was odd that he missed his mother even though he had never met her, so Nikolas assured Spencer that it was normal.

Spencer confessed that it had hurt when Nikolas had thrown Britt out, but Nikolas refused to apologize because Britt had broken Nikolas' trust, which they had needed to work through. Spencer muttered that it had taken a lot more than talking, so Nikolas wanted to know what Spencer had meant by that. Spencer easily covered the slip by claiming that Britt had had proven herself to Nikolas.

Nikolas clarified that Britt's dishonesty about Rocco had destroyed the relationship, but he conceded that Britt had made up for it during the past difficult month. Nikolas admitted that he had been able to forgive Britt because she had shown herself to be a good person deep down inside. Spencer agreed, so Nikolas assured Spencer that he appreciated how important Britt was to Spencer. Spencer was confident that his father wouldn't regret giving Britt a second chance then broached the subject of Nikolas and Britt getting married. Nikolas insisted that he needed to trust Britt again, but he admitted that marriage was a possibility down the road.

Later, Britt arrived, so Nikolas and Spencer made her close her eyes as they led her to the master bedroom to unveil their surprise. Britt was moved to tears by the banner and balloons, but Nikolas gave all the credit to Spencer. Britt thanked Spencer, who quickly excused himself to give Nikolas and Britt time alone. Nikolas confessed that he was happy Britt was back. They kissed then fell to the bed as they began to make love. In the hallway, Spencer silently whooped with joy.

At the apartment, Liesl was curious why her sister, Madeline, was so eager to change the subject from Nina. Liesl was certain that her sister was holding something back, but Madeline refused to confide to Liesl. Liesl reminded Madeline that sisters could always trust each other then pushed Madeline for an answer until Madeline reluctantly agreed to tell the truth about "poor Nina." However, Nathan arrived home then immediately froze in his tracks when he saw Madeline standing in the living room.

Nathan demanded to know what Madeline was doing out of jail, so Madeline explained that the murder charges she had faced for Nina's "death" had been dropped because Nina was alive. Nathan reminded Madeline that she had also been charged with Nakamura's death, but Madeline explained that her attorneys had managed to get the case dropped. Stunned, Nathan reminded Madeline that she had faced a slew of additional charges including trying to inject Sam with an unknown substance. Madeline shrugged as she reiterated that she was a free woman because her attorneys had taken care of all of her legal troubles.

Madeline claimed that she had returned to Port Charles to make amends, but Nathan scoffed because there weren't enough "mends" in the world for Madeline to make after almost killing Nina and causing Nina to lose Nina's baby. Liesl agreed with Nathan, but Madeline insisted that she had never intended to hurt Nina; Madeline had merely tried to protect her daughter from Silas. Nathan was shocked when Madeline implored him to talk to Nina on Madeline's behalf.

Nathan explained that Nina felt the pain of losing her baby every day and would likely never get over it. He ordered Madeline to leave, but Madeline confessed that she had nowhere to go because she was both homeless and penniless. Nathan accused Madeline of lying, but Madeline assured both Nathan and Liesl that it was true because Nina had regained control of the family fortune when Nina had awoken from the coma. Nathan appeared skeptical, but Liesl admitted that she believed her sister. Nathan was curious why Nina would lie about not having money, so Madeline suggested that it was because of Silas.

In the conference room, Travis asked if Silas intended to report him to Liesl for helping Nina. Travis confessed that he couldn't repay the money that Nina had given to him to go along with the deception because Travis had used the money to repay student loans. Silas dismissed Travis, determined to find a way to deal with Nina.

In the hallway, Nina tried to stop Travis to find out what he and Silas had talked about, but Travis explained that he couldn't be seen talking to her as he disappeared around a corner. Nina slipped into the conference room, claiming that she had hated leaving while things had been strained between her and Silas and then feigned innocence as she asked if she had just seen her physical therapist leaving the room. Silas smiled as he admitted that he'd had an interesting talk with Travis about her recovery. Nina sang Travis' praises, claiming that Travis had worked miracles with her, but Silas' temper flared as he suddenly shouted that he knew the truth.

Nina immediately went on the defensive by insisting that Travis had lied, but Silas didn't believe Nina. He realized that she had never being fragile or helpless as she had led him to believe. Nina claimed that she had been afraid of losing Silas, but he was unmoved because she had continually used the same excuse each time she had been caught in a lie. Silas doubted that Nina even knew the truth.

Nina's temper exploded because Silas hadn't had any room to point fingers after his betrayal of their marriage with Ava. Nina insisted that she had merely wanted to reconnect with Silas when she had woken up from the twenty-year coma, but Silas wanted to know about the money. He knew that Nina had lied about being destitute because she had paid Travis thousands of dollars. Nina was hurt when Silas mentioned that he had felt like a caged animal when she had moved in, so she reminded him that she was his wife.

Silas admitted that he could have forgiven Nina everything but not for destroying his relationship with Sam. Nina denied that she had sabotaged Silas and Sam's relationship, but he didn't believe her because Nina hadn't needed help getting up after falling out of the wheelchair during Silas and Sam's picnic date, and he was also certain that Nina had been in the stairwell when Silas and Sam had talked about Patrick on the hospital's rooftop. Silas dared Nina to look him in the eye to deny it, so Nina conceded that everything he had accused her of was true.

Silas was outraged because Nina had not just hurt Silas and Sam but also Patrick. Nina didn't show any remorse for Patrick being fired, which only enraged Silas further. Nina claimed that all she had cared about had been saving her marriage, but Silas informed her that their marriage was over because he was done with Nina. After Silas stormed out, Nina crumbled to her knees, but her expression remained intense as she tried to figure out a way to salvage the situation.

In Amsterdam, Jerry Jacks offered to trade Luke in exchange for something that Jerry wanted, but Patrick and Sam urged Tracy not to trust Jerry. Patrick and Sam pointed out that Jerry had been the reason that everyone in Port Charles had nearly died two years earlier. "Yes, how is the water supply?" Jerry asked with a smirk. Tracy ignored Patrick and Sam's advice because she wanted to know how to get Luke back. Jerry smiled as he revealed that he wanted ELQ.

Patrick and Sam were confused why Jerry would want ELQ, prompting Tracy to explain that ELQ would make a perfect money laundering front. Tracy informed Jerry that it wasn't an option because Tracy's family had voted her out, so Michael was in charge of ELQ. However, Tracy conceded that she still had nine percent of the shares, which she was willing to give to Jerry. Jerry agreed that it would be a good start, but he wanted more, so Tracy promised to talk to the shareholders. However, Tracy wanted to know where Luke was. Jerry refused to give Tracy any information until he had the ELQ certificates that he needed.

After Jerry left, Patrick and Sam warned Tracy that Jerry was pulling a scam because an undercover police officer had clearly heard Luke's voice. Tracy defended Luke by suggesting that Jerry had forced Luke to make the call. Sam reminded Tracy that Spencer had also overheard Luke plotting in the stables and that Luke had later threatened Emma, but Tracy refused to risk her husband's life on the word of a child. Patrick and Sam exchanged a worried glance as Tracy stormed out, determined to give Jerry what he wanted.

At the police station, Dante explained that the pedestrian who had been struck by Jordan's car had undergone facial reconstruction, so the man had provided Dante with fingerprints to run through the system to find out if the pedestrian could be identified. Dante ran the fingerprints through CODIS as he and Anna discussed the situation with Luke in Amsterdam. Anna confessed that she was concerned because she hadn't heard from Patrick and Sam.

Anna advised Dante to head home for the evening because it might be awhile before the fingerprints had a hit. She conceded that the unidentified man might be innocent, but he could also be a criminal who had conveniently lost his memory. However, the laptop alerted Dante that a match had been found. Dante raced to the laptop to find out who the fingerprints belonged to.

In Jason's hospital room, the doctor removed the bandages from Jason's face, so Jason turned to Elizabeth to ask what she thought. Elizabeth's eyes narrowed, but she remained quiet. Jason became nervous as he asked what she was looking at, so she rushed to assure him that she was pleasantly surprised because he had a "Brad Pitt thing" going on. Elizabeth praised the doctor for doing a fantastic job reconstructing "Jake's" face.

After the doctor left, Jason asked Elizabeth what she really thought, so she assured him that he was very handsome. Jason was disappointed because he had hoped that she would recognize him. She admitted that a part of her had hoped the same thing, but she assured him that they shouldn't give up. Elizabeth fetched a mirror then handed it to "Jake." She was curious if his reflection had sparked a memory, but Jason shook his head.

Moments later, an orderly entered the room to clean up. Elizabeth tried to assure Jason that everything would be okay, but Jason remained frustrated that he couldn't remember anything. Elizabeth promised that it was expected after a traumatic head injury then sat down to hold his hand as the orderly left.

In the hallway, the orderly called Helena to report that no one had recognized Jason and that Jason remained an amnesiac. Helena was pleased but ordered the man to keep an eye on Jason and instructed him to report back if anything changed. "Let's hope Ms. Webber's continued presence doesn't jog his memory and foil the entire plan," Helena added then ended the call.

In Jason's hospital room, Elizabeth offered Jason words of encouragement and reminded him that Dante might be able to provide "Jake" with answers. Jason feared that his memories had been suppressed because he had done something terrible that he couldn't deal with, but Elizabeth argued that perhaps something terrible had happened to him that he hadn't been able to deal with yet.

Moments later, Dante entered the room. Dante revealed that they'd had a hit on the fingerprints but it had been a glitch because when Dante had clicked to open the file, it had been empty. In the hallway, the orderly eavesdropped on Dante's conversation with Jason and Elizabeth.

In Amsterdam, Jerry reported to Helena that Tracy had fallen for the ruse and was ready to hand over shares of ELQ. "Good work," Helena said, but Jerry was disappointed by her lack of enthusiasm while she focused on the laptop. Helena explained that the Port Charles Police Department had attempted to run Jason's fingerprints through the system, so she had taken steps to remove Jason's file before the fingerprints could identify Jason. Helena explained that it suited her purposes for the moment that no one knew who Jason was or recognized him.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

At Corinthos Coffee, Sonny stared out the window as he and Shawn discussed assembling a list of people who would have a motive for killing Franco. Shawn wondered if Sonny had had any second thoughts about the plan, but Sonny assured Shawn that nothing had changed. Sonny wanted Franco to be killed before Franco and Carly exchanged wedding vows, in part because Sonny needed to save Carly from herself. Sonny was also certain that Carly was not in love with Franco.

Moments later, Carly appeared in the doorway. Sonny and Shawn relaxed when it quickly became clear that Carly hadn't overheard their conversation. She was upset because Michael had called to let her know that he and Kiki were on their way back from Sonny's island. Carly insisted that it was too dangerous, but Sonny revealed that he had already known about their son's plans. Shawn assured Carly that everything had calmed down after the botched hit against Michael, but she wasn't satisfied because Michael shouldn't have been targeted in the first place.

Carly wanted Michael to stay away as long as possible, but Sonny promised that everything was under control because Julian had been warned not to mess with Michael, and Sonny had doubled Michael's security. Carly remained concerned, so Sonny reminded her that it was Michael's decision and that Michael was determined to return home to safeguard ELQ from Tracy. Carly argued that Ned could run the company, but Sonny was curious why Carly wasn't eager to have all of her children present at her wedding to Franco.

Shawn quietly excused himself when Carly demanded to know why Sonny kept giving her a hard time about the wedding. Sonny admitted that he wanted what was best for Carly, but he suspected that she was marrying Franco to keep Franco quiet about how A.J. had really died. Carly insisted that she truly loved Franco, but she conceded that the wedding would ease a lot of Franco's insecurities.

Sonny was frustrated, but Carly was curious what the alternative was because she refused to risk Michael never forgiving them. Suddenly, Sonny and Carly heard someone clear their throat from the doorway. Michael and Kiki entered the office as Carly ran to welcome her son. Kiki stood back as Carly explained that Michael should have stayed on the island, but Michael explained that it was impossible because he needed to get back to ELQ for A.J.'s sake.

Kiki closely watched Sonny as Michael announced plans to open a free health clinic on the waterfront in A.J.'s name. Sonny remained quiet, but Carly confessed that it was a wonderful way to honor A.J. Michael quietly conceded that he understood Sonny's reluctance to support the idea because Sonny believed that A.J. had killed Connie. However, Michael was certain of his father's innocence and knew that A.J. had died trying to clear his name of the murder. Michael believed that A.J. had deserved better than to end up on the wrong side of an attempted robbery, so Michael was determined to make A.J.'s death mean something by building the free health clinic.

Later, Shawn returned to Sonny's office. Carly asked Shawn for assurance that Michael would be okay, so Sonny and Shawn readily gave it to Carly. After Carly left, Shawn and Sonny resumed discussing their plan to frame someone for Franco's murder.

At the nurses' station, Sabrina left Jordan a voicemail message begging Jordan to return the call because it was an urgent matter. After she ended the call, Silas walked up. Sabrina was surprised he was there because she knew that his shift didn't start until later, so Silas admitted that he had spent the night in the on-call room. Sabrina hoped that everything was okay, but Silas confessed that he needed to contact his attorney about starting divorce proceedings. He quickly changed the subject by asking if the conference room was available.

Sabrina checked the computer then announced that Franco had already reserved it for the morning. Silas wanted to talk to Franco about Nina, so he decided to go to the conference room to ask for its use and to question Franco about Nina.

In the conference room, Franco pulled out his phone to watch the video recording he had made of Carly confessing to Sonny that she felt guilty for sleeping with Sonny in their son's apartment. Franco paused the recording, closed the blinds, and shut the door before he turned his attention to the big screen television in the room. Moments later, Franco took a seat as the video began to play again.

On the recording, Sonny explained to Carly that what was done was done, so he urged her to stop torturing herself. Franco quietly vowed to personally take care of the torturing as Sonny proclaimed that Sonny and Carly shared a deep love. Franco was so completely focused on the recording that he hadn't heard Silas knock or enter the room until Silas groaned with disgust. Silas quickly looked away when he heard the moans, unaware that it was Sonny and Carly.

Silas assumed that Franco had been watching a pornographic movie. Franco quickly turned the video off, certain that Silas would run to Liesl to report Franco, but Silas agreed to keep quiet in exchange for information about how long Franco had been helping Nina. Franco tried to cover for Nina, but Silas revealed that he knew that Nina had been walking for quite some. Franco conceded that he had given Nina a place to hang out while she had skipped the physical therapy sessions, but Silas wanted to know if Nina had been keeping other secrets. Franco suggested that Silas get off Silas' high horse, since Silas had cheated on Nina with Ava.

Franco pointed out that Nina had woken up from a coma after twenty years, desperate to reconnect with Silas; however, her brain had been so scrambled by what she had endured that she had been forced to carry around a list of people's names. Intrigued, Silas questioned Franco about the list. Franco revealed that the list had contained names of people that Nina had needed help remembering like Silas, Sam, Ava, and Kiki. Franco added that Madeline's name had been at the top of the list, but it had been crossed off.

Silas was curious why Nina would have to keep track of people like her mother, him, and Ava, whom Nina had known before the coma. Franco had no idea, but he thought that Silas had put Nina through enough, so he told Silas to drop it. Instead, Silas decided to get some answers from Nina. After Silas left, Franco resumed watching the recording.

Later, Franco turned off the video recording as he quietly gloated that his wedding present to Carly had been progressing nicely. He couldn't wait to see her face on the big day. Franco's smile faltered when he looked up and saw Michael standing in the doorway.

In Silas' apartment, Nina clutched a picture of her and Silas on their wedding day in one hand while leaving Silas a voicemail message assuring him that she didn't blame him for being angry at her, but she added that they needed to talk. She begged him to call her back so she knew he was okay because she had been awake all night, worrying about him. She quickly ended the call when she heard keys rattle in the door.

Moments later, Rosalie entered the apartment. Nina didn't bother to hide her disappointment, so Rosalie promised to grab a few things that Rosalie had left behind then get out of Nina's hair. Nina was curious what had given Rosalie the impression that Nina no longer needed Rosalie. Rosalie reminded Nina that Silas knew the truth and had fired Rosalie, but Nina insisted that she still needed Rosalie.

Nina explained that Silas was on the verge of divorcing Nina because he had discovered the truth about everything. However, Nina was confident that she could salvage her marriage by blaming all the lies and deceptions on Rosalie. Nina intended to claim that she had opened up to Rosalie about everything when Nina had emerged from the coma and that Rosalie had taken advantage of Nina's vulnerability. Rosalie doubted that Silas would believe the "crazy" story but made it clear that she was through lying for Nina.

Rosalie also added that she had no intention of seducing Michael. Rosalie conceded that Michael deserved better than Kiki, but Rosalie insisted that Michael was a nice guy who didn't deserve to get hurt because Kiki was on Nina's hit list. Nina didn't understand Rosalie's reluctance to get involved with Michael, since it was clear that Rosalie cared about Michael, but Rosalie refused to debate things with Nina. Nina warned Rosalie to be careful because Nina wouldn't hesitate to expose Rosalie's "dirty little secret."

"What about if I give you Ava Jerome?" Rosalie quietly asked. Nina was surprised when Rosalie claimed to know where Ava was hiding. However, Nina was confident that she could find Ava if Rosalie had been able to. Rosalie reminded Nina that Ava's due date was fast approaching. "I know you want into that woman's uterus like an otter wants into a clam," Rosalie added.

Nina was offended by the crude remark, so Rosalie apologized. However, Rosalie had been certain that Nina had plans for Ava's baby ever since Nina had seen Ava's pregnant belly. Nina demanded to know where Ava was, but Rosalie refused to share the information until she was certain that Nina would not continue to hold Rosalie's secret over Rosalie's head. Rosalie announced that it was time to play by Rosalie's rules then decided to give Nina time to think things over. Nina tensed when Rosalie opened the door to leave as Silas arrived home.

At Wyndemere, Britt woke up in bed as Nikolas entered the bedroom with a breakfast tray. However, he angrily threw the tray and its contents against the wall as he accused Britt of being "the same lying bitch" that she had always been. Britt was stunned when Nikolas revealed that he had overheard Spencer talking to Josslyn about Britt and Spencer's plan to manipulate Nikolas into leaning on Britt during Spencer's disappearance. Britt desperately tried to explain that things had gotten out of hand and that she hadn't known where Spencer had gone after leaving the hotel, but that only infuriated Nikolas further because that had put Spencer in further danger.

Britt tearfully tried to explain that she had been desperate to win Nikolas back because he had been the only man who had seen something good in her. Nikolas vowed that he would never forgive Britt for what she had done to Spencer and that he regretted that he had thought Britt had been capable of changing because it had cost him the woman he had truly been meant to be with -- Elizabeth. Nikolas decided to call the police as Britt begged Nikolas to hear her out.

A short time later, the police arrived to arrest Britt. Britt cried that she loved Nikolas, but Nikolas continued to rail at her about what she had put him through. After Britt was handcuffed, the police officers dragged her away. Nikolas informed her that he didn't love her then slammed his bedroom door shut.

Britt awoke with a start then looked around as she realized that it had been a dream. Nikolas sat up when he realized that Britt had had a nightmare. He gently rubbed her back as he asked her what she had dreamed about. Britt confessed that she had thought that she had lost him, but Nikolas assured Britt that he wouldn't go anywhere.

At the brownstone, Ava was on the phone with Jordan. Ava was curious who had called Jordan, so Jordan admitted that Sabrina refused to leave Jordan alone, despite Jordan's assurances that Jordan had given Ava the medication for the cramps. Ava grumbled that the pills hadn't helped because Ava continued to experience painful abdominal spasms. Ava then shifted gears to ask about the pedestrian that Ava had struck.

Ava assured Jordan that it had been a terrible accident because the man had appeared out of nowhere, but Ava was grateful for everything that Jordan had done to help Ava. Ava had no doubt that Sonny would have found Ava and imprisoned her until the baby was born if Ava had made the call to 9-1-1. Jordan assured Ava that with any luck, the man would never remember who the driver had been. "God help us if he did," Ava said.

Moments later, Morgan entered the room, so Ava quickly wrapped up the call. Morgan wanted to know who Ava had been talking to because he had heard Ava's parting comments. Ava admitted that she had been on the phone with Jordan but rushed to assure Morgan that Jordan had no idea where Ava was. Morgan handed Ava another pill, which she promptly took. Morgan assured Ava that he wanted to protect both her and the baby because the baby was a part of his family regardless of whether Morgan was the father or not.

Ava suddenly doubled over in pain as she was seized by an agonizing cramp. Concerned, Morgan wanted to take Ava to the hospital but she refused to go because she didn't want Sonny to track her down. Morgan reminded Ava that she or the baby might be in trouble, but Ava stubbornly refused to consider it. However, she quickly realized that something was wrong when the pain didn't abate, so Morgan decided to call Britt. Britt ordered Morgan to take Ava to the hospital when Morgan revealed that he suspected that the pills Ava had been prescribed were making things worse.

In the Intensive Care Unit, Jason slept as Elizabeth checked his monitors. Brad entered to drop off "John Doe's" latest test results, so Elizabeth explained that the patient preferred to be called Jake. Brad took a close look at "Jake" then admitted that the man was good-looking. Elizabeth smiled politely until Brad changed the subject by asking if Elizabeth had heard that Britt was back in Nikolas' bed. Brad took pleasure in gloating that Elizabeth had once again lost out to Britt until Jason suddenly warned Brad, "That's enough."

Brad and Elizabeth were startled that "Jake" had heard them, but Elizabeth quickly tried to cover the awkward moment by suggesting that Jake ignore Brad. "Everyone else does," Elizabeth added with a pointed look at Brad. Jason wasn't satisfied, so he demanded that Brad apologize to Elizabeth. Brad reluctantly complied then marched to the door, muttering under his breath that Elizabeth always seemed to manage to get the cute guys.

Elizabeth quickly closed the door then assured "Jake" that it hadn't been necessary to defend her honor because she was a big girl, but Jason argued that Brad was a "jackass." Jason carefully asked if Elizabeth was okay because it had sounded like there had been history between her and Nikolas. Elizabeth stressed that she and Nikolas were in the past, but she suspected that Britt would find a way to mess things up with Nikolas anyway. Jason appeared concerned about Elizabeth, but she promised him that she was fine and ready to move forward.

Jason decided to change the subject by asking if there had been any news about his fingerprints, so Elizabeth shook her head. Jason was frustrated because he couldn't remember anything before the accident, but Elizabeth suggested that perhaps it might help if he focused on what he could remember of the accident. As if on cue, Jordan popped her head into Jason's ICU room. Elizabeth warned Jordan that it wasn't a good time, but Jordan explained that she had wanted to check on the patient because she had been responsible for the accident.

Jason seemed surprised as Jordan apologized then claimed that she had tried to stop, but it had been too late. Jason suddenly recalled hearing another woman's voice asking if he was okay, prompting Jason to question if Jordan had truly been responsible for the accident.

At the nurses' station, Brad overheard Sabrina leave Jordan an urgent voicemail message. She was surprised when he revealed that he had seen Jordan minutes earlier in ICU at Jake Doe's room.

Moments later, Sabrina entered Jason's ICU room to ask to speak to Jordan privately about an important matter. Jordan reluctantly agreed but promised to return later to check on "Jake." After Jordan left, Jason confided to Elizabeth that he recalled hearing another woman's voice at the scene of the accident. Elizabeth suggested that perhaps he was confused because Jordan had made the call to 9-1-1 and had taken full responsibility for the accident. Jason remained uneasy, so Elizabeth admitted that head injuries like his could cause confusion.

In the hallway, Sabrina claimed that she had made a clerical error with Ava's prescriptions, and the pills that Ava had been given induced labor.

At the brownstone, Kiki was stunned when she arrived home and saw her mother rocking in pain on the sofa. Morgan implored Kiki to help him talk sense into Ava because Ava needed to go to the hospital. Moments later, Jordan called to let Ava know about the mix-up with the medications. Ava ended the call and informed Morgan and Kiki that she might be in labor.

At the hospital, Nikolas dropped Britt off then kissed her goodbye. Brad was happy for Britt, but she confessed that she was haunted by nightmares about her lies.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

At Carly's residence, Bobbie, Maxie, and Lucas went through some wedding things as they waited for Carly to arrive to help plan Carly's Halloween wedding. Lucas noticed that Maxie seemed down, so Maxie explained that it was difficult for her to get excited about two people getting married when she and Nathan had been torn apart. Lucas and Bobbie were stunned when Maxie filled them in about Judge Walters' order for Maxie to stay away from Nathan. Bobbie and Lucas agreed that it had been unfair of the judge to make the demand, so Maxie revealed that she had already left a message for Diane.

Moments later, Carly arrived, blaming her lateness on a run-in with Sonny. Bobbie was curious why Carly had been with Sonny, so Carly reminded her mother that Sonny and Carly had a couple of children together then added that Carly had been talking to Sonny about Michael. Maxie seized the opportunity to ask if Michael intended to attend the wedding. Carly was surprised by the question because Michael was Carly's son. Maxie admitted that she didn't think Michael would want to be at the wedding because of everything that had transpired between Michael and Franco.

Carly immediately became defensive and reminded Maxie that Franco had never intended for Michael to get hurt and added that Franco had saved Michael by fishing her son out of the harbor at risk to Franco's own life. Maxie made a snide remark about Carly forgiving Franco, but Carly reminded Maxie that Maxie shouldn't talk because Maxie had slept with Franco before Franco's brain tumor had been removed. Maxie agreed, but she insisted that she'd never had delusions about saving Franco the way that Carly had.

Bobbie and Lucas quickly intervened before the argument escalated. Carly apologized then explained that she hated that people continued to slam Franco despite Franco being a changed man. Maxie also apologized, so Bobbie decided to call Josslyn into the living room to model the bridesmaid dress that Maxie had picked out. Everyone was surprised when Josslyn appeared at the top of the staircase, wearing a corn on the cob costume. Carly was not amused, but Josslyn made it clear that Josslyn intended to go trick-or-treating on Halloween rather than attend Carly and Franco's "joke of a wedding."

Carly argued that she and Josslyn had talked about it, but Josslyn disagreed because Josslyn had not been given a choice. Carly insisted that Josslyn had to be at her mother's wedding, but Josslyn was determined to celebrate Halloween with the other children. Josslyn whined that if Carly had to marry someone, then it should be Josslyn's father, Jax. Maxie, Lucas, and Bobbie agreed that Jax had been their favorite of Carly's husbands, but Carly ignored them. Instead, Carly warned Josslyn that it was not an option.

Josslyn claimed that she would rather her mother marry Stephen King or Victor Cassadine. "I'd even prefer Uncle Sonny," she added with a huff. Maxie and Lucas decided to help Carly out by picking up a protesting Josslyn and dragging Josslyn to the bedroom to put on the bridesmaid dress that Maxie had picked out. Bobbie fetched Carly a glass of water as Carly confessed that the confrontation with Josslyn had been "grueling." Bobbie chuckled because Bobbie knew from experience that girls could be difficult, so she advised Carly to pick her battles with Josslyn because Josslyn was headstrong like Carly.

Bobbie changed the subject to ask Carly about Carly's visit with Sonny. Carly claimed that it had been the usual, but Carly appeared distracted. Bobbie reminded Carly that it wasn't too late for Carly to cancel the wedding to Franco.

At Corinthos Coffee, Sonny and Shawn discussed their options about who should take the fall for killing Franco. Sonny wanted to make certain that the person could not be traced back to him because he didn't want Carly to know that Sonny had ordered Franco's death. Shawn was curious if Sonny recalled a thug named Joey Limbo. Sonny nodded because Anthony Zacchara had ordered Joey and Joey's crew to ambush Sonny on Baker Street years earlier. Sonny recalled that Dante had managed to save Sonny's life by getting Sonny into a limousine as the shots rang out. Afterwards, Jason had helped Dante take out the rest of the men, but Joey had been left alive.

Sonny revealed that Franco had watched the shootout from a nearby alley until everyone had left. Franco had then approached Joey to step on Joey's throat until Joey had died. Shawn was curious why Franco had done it, but Sonny had no idea. However, Sonny realized that perhaps they could pin Franco's murder on one of Joey's surviving crew members to make it appear that Franco's death had been in retaliation for Joey's murder. Shawn had no idea if any of the men were still around, but Sonny insisted that it was important to get rid of Franco before Franco told Michael the truth about A.J.'s death.

Shawn pointed out that there wasn't a shortage of people to frame, including Maxie Jones, but Sonny warned Shawn that only someone who deserved to take the fall should be considered. Sonny was suddenly struck by inspiration because he realized that there was someone who fit the description perfectly -- Heather Webber.

In the hospital's conference room, Michael asked what Franco was doing there. Franco reminded Michael that Franco worked at the hospital, so Michael explained that Michael was there for a meeting to discuss building a free health clinic on the waterfront, to honor A.J.. Franco claimed that he had just been thinking of A.J. because Franco wanted a close relationship with Michael the way that Michael had with Sonny. Franco rambled that Sonny had been able to put his anger aside toward A.J. for killing Connie because Sonny had made a promise to Michael.

Michael appeared confused by Franco's speech, especially when Franco confessed that he would want revenge if someone had hurt him. Michael asked Franco to get to the point, so Franco asked Michael to set his anger aside toward Franco, the way that Sonny had with A.J., to be Franco's best man at the wedding. Stunned, Michael suggested that Franco ask Scott, but Franco refused to put Carly through an uncomfortable situation because Franco knew that Scott was a reminder of Heather. Franco was certain that Carly would be overjoyed if Michael were to agree to be Franco's best man.

Michael reminded Franco that Michael had been seventeen years old when Michael had been sent to Pentonville for manslaughter and that Franco had decided to mess with Jason's head by asking Carter to keep an eye on Michael. Michael acknowledged that Franco had not intended for Carter to hurt Michael, but Carter had ultimately raped Michael. Franco appreciated that it had been an extremely difficult and painful time for Michael because Franco had felt a similar pain when Sonny had made a pass at Carly. Michael appeared shocked by the callous comparison, but Franco forged ahead by imploring Michael to consider Franco's offer to make Carly happy.

Michael appeared to struggle with his decision but reluctantly agreed to be Franco's best man for Carly's sake. Franco thanked Michael, shook his hand, and then quickly left. Afterwards, Michael appeared conflicted about his decision as he opened a file folder and saw a picture of A.J. smiling. He closed the folder then sent Kiki a text message to tell her that she wouldn't believe what he had just agreed to do.

Meanwhile, Franco went to the Miscavige Institute to pay his mother, Heather, a visit.

Near the nurses' station, Felix greeted Sabrina when he spotted her. He confessed that he might have questioned if she still lived in the apartment if he hadn't seen empty cereal bowls in the sink each morning. Sabrina apologized but blamed her absence on a crazy work schedule. Felix admitted that he had started to fear that Sabrina was trying to avoid him, but Sabrina assured him that he was wrong. Relieved, Felix changed the subject by asking if there had been any news about Patrick and Sam's investigation.

Sabrina's expression turned troubled as she confessed everything to Felix from suspecting Ava of orchestrating the car accident that had killed Gabriel to replacing Ava's medication with pills that would induce labor. Felix insisted that Sabrina right her wrong, so Sabrina admitted that she had already warned Jordan about the pills. Sabrina confessed that she had lied to Jordan by blaming the mix-up on a clerical error. Felix defended Sabrina by insisting that her desire for vengeance had been driven by grief. He was confident that Jordan had gotten to Ava in time so there hadn't been any harm done, but Sabrina remained anxious because she had no idea how many pills Ava had taken.

At the brownstone, Ava announced that she was in labor. Morgan and Kiki wanted to take Ava to the hospital, but Ava refused to go because she knew that Sonny's men were watching the hospital, waiting to nab Ava. Ava writhed in pain as she explained that there had been a mix-up with the pills, so Ava had been given pills that induced labor. Ava confessed that she suspected that Sabrina had deliberately switched the pills, but Ava hoped that the labor pains would stop once the pills left her system. Morgan and Kiki thought that Ava should be seen by a doctor, but Ava feared that it would make her vulnerable to Sonny.

Morgan offered to ask Britt to meet them at the brownstone, but Ava argued that Sonny's men were watching Britt because Sonny knew that Britt was Ava's doctor. Kiki suggested that she ask her father to help because Silas had experience delivering babies and would keep the secret as a favor to Kiki. Ava reluctantly agreed, so Kiki called Silas. However, the call went to voicemail. A quick call to the hospital confirmed that Silas wasn't working, so Kiki decided to go to her father's apartment.

After Kiki left, Morgan hovered over Ava, assuring her that everything would be okay. Ava continued to struggle through the labor pains, eager for Kiki to return with Silas.

At Maxie's apartment, Nathan left Nina a voicemail message explaining that he needed to speak to her about an urgent matter. Madeline stood in the background, waiting for Nathan to end the call, then entered the living room. She thanked him for giving her a place to spend the night then credited herself for raising him right because Nathan had been taught never to leave a penniless woman stranded. Nathan remained skeptical about Madeline's claim that Madeline was destitute because Madeline had continually lied to him in the past. Madeline assured him that it was the truth and confessed that there were a few things that he needed to know about Nina.

Madeline claimed that Nina had been a troubled soul long before Nina had met Silas. Nathan didn't believe Madeline because he couldn't recall Nina ever behaving in an unstable manner. Madeline explained that Nina had always been careful around Nathan because Nina had adored her little brother. However, Madeline assured Nathan that it was true; Nina had had problems from a young age.

According to Madeline, Nina had always been a troubled child who had exploited her father's love. Madeline had expressed concern about Nina's behavior, but Nina's father had turned a blind eye for years. Nathan argued that a lot of people grew up spoiled, but Madeline explained that it went well beyond that. Madeline revealed that Nina would suffer terrible mood swings, get tremendously angry, and even turn violent. Madeline had become so concerned about Nina's behavior that Madeline had arranged to have Nina institutionalized, but Nina had managed to slip away.

Madeline explained that Nina had returned a short time later, married to Silas. She conceded that she had been concerned that Silas had married Nina for her money but insisted that Nina had misled Silas about Madeline and Nina's father disowning Nina. Madeline warned Nathan that Nina was a wildcard and that Silas still didn't know the real Nina. Nathan appreciated what Madeline had told him, but he explained that he needed to hear Nina's side of things before he could decide whom to believe.

At Silas' apartment, Nina smiled as she confessed that she was relieved that Silas was home. She suggested that they needed to talk, so Silas agreed. Nina immediately began to blame Rosalie for manipulating Nina into lying to Silas about not being able to walk, but Silas scoffed, since he doubted that it had been Rosalie's idea for Nina to pretend to be destitute. "I didn't know what to do," Nina cried.

Nina claimed that all she had wanted was for Silas to love her. Nina's mood shifted to anger as she realized that it had been foolish of her to expect that after everything he had done to her. "You son of a bitch," Nina shouted with venom. She couldn't believe he had the gall to question Nina's loyalty after he had betrayed her with Ava. Nina resented that he'd had an affair after she had put him through medical school. "Don't you roll your eyes at me," Nina growled when she noticed Silas' reaction to her comments.

Nina's voice dropped to a whisper as she reminded Silas that she had been pregnant with their baby. She confessed that she had been deliriously happy until her mother had shown her the pictures of Silas and Ava then had stuck Nina with a needle that had put Nina in a coma for twenty years. Nina accused Silas of stranding her during those two decades, but Silas argued that Madeline and Nina's father had blocked his continual efforts to see Nina. Nina didn't believe him; she was certain that her parents had merely given Silas the out that he had been looking for.

Nina's mood once again shifted as she sadly admitted that she had woken up after twenty years in a coma only to learn that her husband had escorted another woman to a party. Silas frowned with confusion until he realized that Nina had been referring to the night that Silas had taken Sam to Nikolas and Britt's engagement party. Nina smiled as she confirmed that she, not Madeline, had trashed Silas' apartment that night. Nina admitted that she had enjoyed every destructive second because Silas had deserved it.

Silas changed the subject by asking Nina about her list. Nina pretended that she had no idea what Silas was talking about, but Silas revealed that Franco had mentioned it. Silas knew that Madeline, Silas, Sam, Ava, and Kiki's names had been on it, so he suspected that there had been more to the list than remembering people's names because Madeline's name had been crossed off. Silas demanded to know what Nina was up to, but Nina remained stubbornly silent.

Silas switched tactics by conceding that he had hurt Nina badly and had treated her unfairly, so he wanted to make things right. Nina smiled until Silas suggested that they talk to someone together. Nina couldn't understand why everyone wanted her to talk to Dr. Kevin Collins, so Silas gently asked what Nina was talking about. Nina revealed that Britt had made the suggestion because Britt had erroneously determined that Nina was in menopause and unable to conceive a baby.

"I'm perfectly capable of giving you a baby, right?" Nina asked. Silas assured her that she was then added that they just needed time. Silas stood up then reached for Nina's arm as he once again suggested that they talk to someone. Nina's smile vanished as she warned Silas to let go of her arm.

Later, Kiki arrived at her father's apartment. She became alarmed when she noticed that the door was ajar. Kiki entered the apartment and gasped when she saw Silas unconscious on the floor.

At Maxie's apartment, Madeline left a voicemail message for Nathan, reminding him to be careful around Nina because Nina could be dangerous. Madeline confessed that even she was afraid of Nina, so she didn't want Nathan to become a target of Nina's wrath. Madeline ended the call when someone knocked on the door. Madeline was shocked when she opened the door and saw Nina standing on the doorstep.

Friday, October 17, 2014

At the hospital, Sabrina confessed that she felt responsible for what she had done to Ava, but Felix defended his friend because Sabrina had put a stop to things before any harm had been done. However, Sabrina couldn't be certain of that because she had no idea how many pills Ava had taken before Jordan had alerted Ava of the danger. She reminded Felix that Ava could be in labor as they spoke, but Felix was confident that Sabrina had nothing to be worried about.

Sabrina admitted that she had no idea what had driven her to hurt Ava by going after the baby. Felix blamed it on Sabrina's profound grief over losing Gabriel, but Sabrina argued that it wasn't an excuse because her actions had been despicable and criminal as well as career ending.

Moments later, Nathan walked up to ask where Nina had her physical therapy sessions. Felix and Sabrina realized that Nathan hadn't heard about Nina's "miraculous" recovery, so they quickly filled him in. Nathan was surprised when Felix confessed that Nina's sudden recovery had made many question if Nina had really been in need of a wheelchair. Nathan decided to track down his sister, but Sabrina asked for a moment of Nathan's time to discuss a different matter.

Nathan explained that he didn't have time because it was urgent that he find Nina. After Nathan left, Felix asked why Sabrina had wanted to talk to Nathan. She freely admitted that she had intended to confess to what she had done to Ava. Felix urged Sabrina to pull herself together because she had no idea if Ava had even gone into labor. He asked Sabrina to wait until they knew if Ava was okay, but Sabrina insisted that it was the right thing to do.

Later, Sabrina stood at the elevator when Michael walked up. He was delighted to bump into her because he had wanted to talk to Sabrina about A.J. Sabrina tensed until Michael explained that he had plans build a free health clinic on the waterfront that would work in conjunction with the hospital. Michael needed a dedicated medical staff to donate their time to run the clinic, and Sabrina had been highly recommended. Michael conceded that his father had made plenty of mistakes, but A.J. had also done a lot of good.

Michael was confident that A.J. would have continued contributing to society if he hadn't been gunned down. Sabrina realized that Michael had been referring to Carlos, so she confessed that she had once been engaged Carlos. Michael wasn't surprised when Sabrina defended Carlos, but that changed when Sabrina clarified that she was certain that Carlos hadn't pulled the trigger.

At Silas' apartment, Kiki rushed to her father's side as he lay unconscious on the floor. Kiki called out his name several times until he slowly opened his eyes. Once he was conscious, Kiki asked what had happened. "Nina," Silas quietly answered. Kiki helped Silas to the sofa then fetched him a cold compress for the back of his head as he revealed that Nina had caught him off guard by hitting him with a heavy object. Kiki was stunned because she knew that Nina cared about Silas, so Silas revealed what he had learned about Nina.

Kiki was shocked, but she couldn't dwell on that because she was there to ask Silas for help. Kiki explained that Ava was in labor but couldn't go to a hospital because she had been forced into hiding by a deadly threat. Kiki insisted that she needed her father's help and a promise to keep the secret. Silas didn't hesitate to help Kiki, but they only made it as far as the door, where Nathan met them because he had arrived to talk to Nina. Silas explained that Nina wasn't there, but Nathan explained that it was important for Nathan to get in touch with Nina because Madeline was out of jail and had made some disturbing allegations about Nina.

Silas advised Nathan to heed Madeline's warnings because Nina had turned violent and could be dangerous. Nathan wanted to know what Silas was talking about, but Silas insisted that he didn't have time to explain. However, Silas promised to call Nathan at the first available opportunity to fill Nathan in about everything.

At the brownstone, Ava writhed in pain on the sofa as Morgan hovered nearby, offering Ava words of comfort and encouragement. He promised that he wouldn't let anything happen to Ava or the baby, so Ava offered him a weak smile.

Later, Morgan observed that the contractions had appeared to slow down, but his hope was quickly dashed when Ava cried out in pain as another contraction hit. Ava confessed that she was afraid, but Morgan assured her that help would arrive soon. Frustrated, Ava wondered where Silas and Kiki were because Kiki had been gone far longer than necessary. Morgan promised Ava that he would deliver the baby if he had to, but Silas suddenly appeared in the doorway with Kiki to assure Morgan and Ava that it wouldn't be necessary. Relieved, Ava begged for Silas' help.

At Maxie's apartment, Madeline left a voicemail message for Nathan, warning him to be careful around Nina because Nina could be dangerous. Madeline confessed that even she was afraid of her daughter. Moments later, someone knocked on the door, so Madeline ended the call and opened the door. It was Nina. Nina was as shocked to see her mother as Madeline was to see Nina. Nina recovered first by demanding to know what Madeline was doing out of jail.

Nina was infuriated when Madeline explained that Madeline's convictions had been overturned because among Madeline's crimes had been the murder of Nina's unborn child. Madeline's eyes rounded with fear as Nina repeatedly shouted for Madeline to repent. Nina's mercurial moods continued to shift between disbelief, sadness, and anger as she confronted Madeline about putting Nina in a coma for twenty years and about Nina's heartbreaking miscarriage. Madeline apologized for what she had done, but Madeline was concerned that Nina was not on proper medication.

Nina began to ramble about her list and putting Madeline's name back on it only to have to cross it off again. Madeline realized that her daughter was not well, so she cautioned Nina to be careful before she did something that she might regret. Madeline knew what it was like to live with regret, but Nina wasn't moved by Madeline's remorse because Nina was no longer able to have children. Things took a frightening turn when Nina locked the door, picked up small statue with a set of antlers, and advanced on Madeline.

Desperate, Madeline begged Nina to think of Nathan because Madeline doubted that Nina would want Nathan to walk in to find Nina standing over Madeline's dead body. Nina argued that Nathan would want to help her then took a swing at Madeline. Madeline managed to duck out of the way in the knick of time and tried to escape into another room, but Nina stopped her mother. Madeline begged for Nina's forgiveness then admitted that she wished that she could give Nina the baby that Nina had lost.

Nina suddenly froze as she realized that Madeline could still give Nina a baby. Madeline's eyes filled with compassion as she gently cupped her daughter's face in her hands to remind Nina that Nina had miscarried. Annoyed, Nina assured her mother that she knew that; she resented Madeline treating Nina as if Nina's brains had been "scrambled." Nina explained that Madeline could help by giving Nina a "certain" bundle of joy. Nina wanted Ava Jerome's baby.

At Carly's house, Bobbie reminded Carly that it wasn't too late for Carly to cancel the wedding. "Yeah, I'm not so sure about that," Carly quietly replied. Bobbie insisted that the only time it was too late was after the wedding, but Carly asked for her mother to trust her. Bobbie scoffed because if she'd had a dime for every time someone had said that to Bobbie, then Bobbie would be mistress of Wyndemere. Carly reminded Bobbie that Bobbie had been mistress of Wyndemere when Bobbie had been married to Stefan Cassadine.

Carly was curious what had become of Stefan, but Bobbie refused to allow Carly to change the subject because Bobbie sensed that Carly was hiding something. Bobbie continued to push for an answer until Carly reluctantly confessed that she needed to marry Franco for Michael's sake. Stunned, Bobbie wanted to know what Michael had to do with Carly marrying Franco, but Carly refused to elaborate. However, Carly insisted that she was happy, so she asked her mother to "show up, shut up, and wear beige."

At Corinthos Coffee, Sonny told Shawn about Sonny's idea to frame Heather Webber for Franco's murder because Heather hated Franco almost as much as Sonny did, and Heather was a homicidal maniac. Sonny explained that he wouldn't normally frame a woman for a crime, but Heather was a special case. Shawn agreed that it was a brilliant plan but pointed out that Heather also despised Carly, so Carly might also be in danger.

Sonny revealed that he intended to break Heather out of Miscavige, stash her in a safe house under guard until Franco was dead, plant the necessary evidence with Heather, then tip off the police. Sonny pointed out that Heather would have spent the rest of her life in Miscavige, anyway, so adding Franco's murder to her list of crimes wouldn't make a difference to her sentence.

Sonny poured two glasses of whiskey then handed one to Shawn. The men toasted to Sonny's plan. Sonny was pleased because killing Franco would save Carly from marrying a man she didn't love, and it would ensure that Michael never found out that Sonny had killed A.J.

At Miscavige, Heather was shocked when she saw her son standing in the visitor's room. She noticed that his hair had been slicked back, so she asked what he had done to it. Franco explained that it was a new look, but Heather didn't like it. Heather demanded to know why he was there, prompting him to remind her that he was her son. Heather argued that she only had one son -- Steven Lars. Franco pointed out that his brother was locked up in jail, but Heather insisted that Steven was a brilliant doctor who had been unjustly convicted.

Heather began to rant about what a terrible son Franco was, but he thought she was being a little harsh, since she had tried to kill him. Heather blamed it on Franco picking Carly over his own mother, but Franco suggested that Heather was slightly exaggerating things. Heather was curious how else she should have taken Franco "filleting" Heather and then burying his mother alive except as a sacrifice to the altar of Carly. "As a mistake," Franco quietly replied.

Heather was stunned when Franco asked his mother's forgiveness. Heather asked if Franco was still with "that slut," so Franco carefully explained that things had shifted between him and Carly. Heather realized that Franco was still with Carly, but Franco surprised Heather with a peace offering as he held up a bag from Kelly's. Heather sniffed the air as he confirmed that it contained one of Kelly's infamous BLTs.

Heather took the bag and dug into it, but she warned her son that it wasn't a sign of her forgiveness. Franco waited until Heather had indulged in her first bite of the BLT sandwich then announced that he and Carly were engaged. Heather immediately began to choke, so Franco quickly fetched her a small cup of water and advised her to take tiny sips. Heather glared at him until she stopped gasping for air once the food slid down her throat. Heather confessed that Franco had broken her heart with his stupidity because Carly was not worthy of Franco.

Franco shocked Heather by admitting that Heather had been right about Carly and that he regretted not heeding Heather's warnings. He admitted that Carly was a treacherous and deceitful person who was only capable of hurting him. Heather demanded to know what Carly had done to Franco, so he revealed that Carly had cheated on him with Sonny.

"Like mother, like daughter," Heather muttered with a sneer. Franco decided that it was a good time to break the news to Heather that Scott had rekindled things with Bobbie. Heather insisted that both Scott and Franco were idiots, but she was curious why Franco intended to go through with the marriage to Carly if Carly had cheated on Franco. Franco explained that he wanted to settle the score.

Heather was curious how Franco intended to accomplish that. "Well, Mama dear, that's where you come in," Franco answered. Heather smiled.

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