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Sonny made a move against Ava, so she turned to Morgan for help. Jason was rushed to the hospital in critical condition with facial injuries after Ava struck him with a car. Carly accepted Franco's proposal of marriage. Helena kidnapped Robin.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 22, 2014 on GH
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Monday, September 22, 2014

Robert called Anna to check in with her. As she walked to her room at the Metro Court, she assured him that everyone involved was fine, and she thanked him for the backup. She told Robert about Liesl shooting Victor right in front of Anna, but she knew that if she pushed about it, Liesl would "cause hell" about what had happened to Faison.

Anna continued that she knew that she and Robert had done the right thing about Faison, but she felt wrong lying to her family. She entered her suite and was surprised to find Duke and Lucy looking cozy on the couch. She promised to call Robert back and hung up the phone. Duke immediately got up and embraced Anna, who assured him that she was fine.

Lucy admitted that she'd been confiding in Duke about her troubles with Scott and Bobbie. Duke briefly explained the love triangle to Anna, who wondered why Lucy and Bobbie would fight over a "sleazy criminal." Anna instructed Lucy to force Scott to make a decision and to threaten to walk away. Lucy thanked Anna and ran out.

Robin drove herself and Jason toward Port Charles. She thanked Jason for helping to get them out of Crichton-Clark "just in time." She felt Jason's head and declared that he was burning up. They passed a sign that said they were just thirty miles from home. Jason was clearly antsy. Robin informed him that no one knew he was alive, and she hoped he could forgive her for that. She explained that Victor had been very clear about nobody knowing.

Robin couldn't wait to see Emma again, and she knew that she had spent too much time away from her family. She disclosed to Jason that Patrick was divorcing her because of it. "You don't know," she said as she realized something. She not only informed Jason that he and Franco were not brothers, but she was happy to tell him that Danny was Jason's biological son and not Franco's.

Just then, Robin realized that they were being followed. Thanks to Anna and Robert's spy training, Robin knew exactly how to lose the other car, and she did. She wondered if Helena and her associates would be waiting at her and Jason's homes. She tried to think of somewhere safe for them to go and settled on Sonny's house. She told Jason that he could call Sam from there and related that everyone would be very happy to know that Jason was alive.

Jason took out his gun, which had no more ammunition. Because of that, Robin hoped that Helena wouldn't catch up with them. Robin reached in her pocket and handed him a letter opener. "Beggars can't be choosers," she rationalized. She told Jason that she was going to go to the Metro Court so that she could fill Anna in on what had happened and deal with Helena. She instructed him to drive straight to Sonny's.

Ava assured her unborn child that everything would be fine. She picked up one of her pills, but her phone rang. She answered the phone to Kiki, who wanted to check in with Ava after Ava's visit to the hospital. Ava assured her daughter that she was all right and would be better in the morning. She continued that the doctor had given her a prescription that was safe for the baby. Once Ava was off the phone, she picked up her pill but accidentally dropped it on the floor. She wondered about taking a dirty pill.

The guard outside Ava's door texted Shawn that Morgan was finally gone. "Let's go get Ava," Shawn told his men. The guard outside the door was surprised to see another guard walk up. He thought that the other guard should have made sure that Morgan went all the way home and didn't try to sneak back into the building. The second assured the first guard that there were dozens of men in the building to protect Ava. Just then, Shawn, Max, and their group of men arrived in front of Ava's door. The first guard knocked the second guard out.

Ava was alarmed at the sounds outside her door. Moments later, Max made his way into the seemingly empty apartment. He looked around for Ava, who crept up behind him and shattered a vase over his head, knocking him out. She opened the door and found Shawn. She wanted help from her guard. "If you wanted help, you should have paid him better," Shawn remarked.

Max warned Shawn that Ava had a good punch. More of Ava's guards showed up and began to fire shots. She angrily cautioned them not to hit her. Shawn's backup arrived, and they picked off Ava's guards one by one. Shawn directed Max to get Ava out of the building. She begged them not to "do this" because Sonny would kill her. "Not until after you have the baby," Shawn reminded her. He added that she should have thought of that before she'd "offed Connie." Suddenly, Ava doubled over in pain.

Scott was happy to open his door to Bobbie, even though she clearly wasn't happy. She mechanically informed him that Carly was throwing Franco a birthday party and that Scott's presence was requested. She started to walk away, but Scott stopped her. She didn't have anything else to say to him, and he wondered why she was acting like that. She let him know that she didn't enjoy being strung along.

Scott wondered why Bobbie had lied to Franco about where she'd been the night Scott and Bobbie had gone out to dinner. Bobbie dodged the question, but Scott knew there was something going on. Before Bobbie could answer, there was a knock on the door. He opened the door to Lucy.

Lucy told Scott that he could no longer string her and Bobbie along, and he needed to make a choice. She threatened to walk away if he didn't immediately make a choice, and Bobbie agreed with the sentiment. He realized that he'd been disrespectful and admitted that he cared deeply about both of them. He regretted that he would have to hurt one of them.

A short while later, Scott and Bobbie shared a kiss. "I should give you hell for putting me through that," Bobbie told him. She wondered if they were "official." Scott assured Bobbie that he liked the trust and honesty that he and Bobbie shared.

Anna and Duke shared a kiss and sat on the couch in robes, drinks in hand. Duke suggested that he ask Mac for a job behind the bar at the Floating Rib. Anna turned her nose up at the idea, but Duke didn't want to go to the Haunted Star, since that was where Anna had sent Faison for a job when he'd pretended to be Duke. He was grateful that Faison was behind bars and couldn't hurt them anymore.

Feeling guilty, Anna told Duke that she'd been keeping something from him, and she wanted to keep him "in the loop." Just then, Lucy burst into the room, crying. She lashed out at Anna for her advice to force Scott to make a choice. She informed the pair that Scott had chosen Bobbie, and she fell into Duke's arms.

A short while later, Robin arrived in front of Anna's door. She announced herself, banging on the door for Anna to let her in.

At the Metro Court, Sonny stroked Carly's face and told her that they belonged together. Franco walked in on the moment but hid. He entered the room just after Sonny left. Carly was startled by Franco's sudden appearance, and he wondered why she seemed surprised to see the "guest of honor." She told him that she wasn't finished setting up.

Franco wondered where the guests were, but Carly told him that it was too early. She guaranteed that Kiki and Scott would be there and wondered if he'd invited Nina. He informed Carly that Nina had plans with Silas, but it was probably better that Nina didn't show up "because she knows all about you."

Franco lied to a startled Carly that Nina knew that Carly was jealous of the friendship between Franco and Nina. Carly promised that she was joking around about her so-called jealousy because she knew nothing was going on between Franco and Nina. "Just like there's nothing going on with you and Sonny," Franco stated.

Just then, Michael and Kiki arrived. Carly left to finish setting up, and Franco suggested that Michael go help his mother. Michael agreed and left. "Did Carly sleep with Sonny?" Franco asked Kiki, wasting no time. Kiki wondered why Franco would think that, but Franco told her about Rosalie overhearing Kiki and Morgan talking about it. He continued that he was going to drop the issue, but he begged Kiki to be honest with him. "It's true," Kiki admitted.

Franco wanted to know everything Kiki knew. Kiki told him that she'd overheard Carly and Sonny talking about it, but she insisted that Carly had known that it was wrong, so it had been a "one-time thing." Kiki assured Franco that if it had been an affair, she would have told Franco about it. She confided that she hadn't even told Michael because he would have told Franco immediately. "The joke's on him. There's something I've been meaning to tell Michael," Franco said ominously. Kiki wondered what he meant.

Carly thanked Michael for helping her out even though he didn't support Carly and Franco's relationship. He admitted that it felt weird celebrating Franco on Jason's birthday. He hoped that Jason knew how much Michael loved him. As Carly hugged her son, Scott and Bobbie entered, and then Franco and Kiki returned. Everyone got a glass of champagne, and Carly started her toast.

Carly talked about what an "amazing, fascinating man" Franco was and said that she wished the world could see what she saw in him. She felt lucky that they got to know each other for who they really were, and she couldn't imagine her life without Franco in it. She hoped that he could see how much he meant to everyone in the room. When she was done, Franco announced that he had a few things to say.

Sam arrived at Sonny's and was surprised to find only one guard at the house. The guard informed her that everyone had been put on a special assignment. She walked into the living room and picked up a picture of Sonny and Jason. Sonny entered the room and informed Sam that Dante, Lulu, Maxie, and Nathan had all arrived home safely. Sam was happy to hear the news but told him that she was there to talk to him about something.

Sonny noticed that Sam had been looking at the picture of Jason and assured her that she hadn't been the only one thinking about him that day. Sonny remarked that there had never been a better friend than Jason, but everyone had thought that Jason had been invincible. Sam only wished that Jason had been around to learn that Danny was his son. Sonny assured her that she'd made Jason happy.

Changing the subject, Sam wondered what the big job was that Sonny had reassigned all of his men to. He told her not to worry about it. Sam admitted that she hadn't visited to talk to Sonny about Jason. She wondered about the possibility of Luke helping the Jeromes take down Sonny's organization. Sonny told Sam that he'd seen Luke and Spencer together at A.J.'s funeral, up to which Spencer had been insisting on talking to Sonny about something. After that, Sonny continued, Spencer had dropped the subject. Sam inferred that Sonny was suggesting that Luke had silenced Spencer somehow.

Sonny told Sam that Luke was like family, but he would keep his eyes open. He advised Sam to do the same. Sonny's guard entered, and he asked the guard to get ahold of Max and Shawn. Continuing the conversation, Sam and Sonny agreed that it still didn't feel real that Jason was gone. Sonny wished that he'd "taken out Faison myself." "Get in line," Sam replied. Sonny hoped that Faison "rotting" in jail was enough to let Jason rest in peace.

Outside of Sonny's, Jason opened the outside gate. He walked to the front door and reached out for the door.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Carly made a touching toast to Franco on his birthday then invited everyone to raise a glass to him. However, Franco asked for the guests to indulge him for a moment because he had a few things that he wanted to say. Kiki suddenly recalled reluctantly confessing to Franco that Carly had slept with Sonny. Michael became concerned when he felt Kiki squeeze his had, so he asked if she was okay. Kiki tried to smile as she assured Michael that she was fine.

Meanwhile, Franco thanked Carly for the birthday party then made a cryptic speech about how Bobbie had persuaded him that he had been wrong to suspect that Carly had been unfaithful with Sonny. Carly appeared nervous as Franco then addressed Michael because what Franco had to say would affect Michael the most. Carly tried to distract Franco by reminding Franco that they should focus on the party, but Franco insisted on finishing his speech.

Scott pulled Bobbie aside to ask if she knew what was going on with Franco, but Bobbie had no idea. Franco continued his speech by conceding that he was well aware that Michael despised Franco in part because Michael wanted Sonny and Carly to reconcile. However, Franco was confident that Michael would change his mind when he heard what Franco had to say. Carly appeared to panic until Scott stepped forward to ask his son to "spit it out."

Franco stunned everyone when he suddenly asked Carly to marry him. Michael and Kiki agreed that they had not been expecting Franco to propose marriage, so Franco admitted that the proposal had been spontaneous. However, Franco insisted that Carly was a loving, caring, open-hearted, and kind person whom he loved deeply and wanted to marry. Franco also wanted the opportunity to show both Michael and Bobbie that Franco would be good to Carly.

Franco went down on bended knee to officially propose marriage to Carly despite not having an engagement ring. Franco believed that Michael attending Franco's birthday party had been a promising sign that both of Carly's sons might eventually accept him, but Michael warned Franco not to jump to conclusions and added that Morgan would not be happy about the engagement. Franco remained hopeful then reminded Carly that he and Carly had never been a traditional couple, but they loved each other.

Carly recalled her conversation with Sonny when Sonny had insisted that Carly knew that Sonny and Carly belonged together, but she shocked everyone by accepting Franco's wedding proposal. Elated, Franco hugged Carly, but his smile quickly vanished when his back was to everyone. Scott was the first to congratulate the newly engaged couple, but Kiki pulled Franco aside to find out why Franco had proposed to Carly just moments after Kiki had confirmed that Carly had slept with Sonny. Franco reminded Kiki that she had also assured him that Carly had told Kiki that it had been a one-time thing. Franco was confident that Carly had accepted his proposal because Carly truly loved Franco and had meant it when she had claimed that sleeping with Sonny had bee a lapse in judgment.

Nearby, Michael asked his mother if she was sure that she knew what she was doing by agreeing to marry Franco. Carly was taken aback because it was something that Jason would have asked her. Michael insisted that he wanted Carly to be happy, so he was curious if she knew what she was getting into. Carly assured her son that she was happy then drifted away to talk to her mother. Bobbie was equally concerned about Carly's decision to marry Franco, but Carly was content with her decision.

At the Jerome apartment, Max grabbed Ava as she begged Max and Shawn not to take her. Shawn showed a decided lack of sympathy for Ava as she reminded both men that Sonny intended to kill her after the baby was born, but Max suggested that Ava should have thought about that before murdering Connie Falconeri. Ava surprised both men when she suddenly doubled over as she cried out in agonizing pain. Shawn studied Ava carefully as he asked her what was wrong. Rather than answer, Ava fainted.

Concerned, Max wondered if they should take Ava to the hospital, but Shawn remained suspicious so he checked Ava's pulse. Shawn conceded that her pulse seemed a bit fast but he remained reluctant to take her to the hospital. Max leaned down, intending to check Ava for himself, but she quickly sprang into action by grabbing Max's gun. After a brief struggle, Shawn stepped forward to wrench the gun away from Ava's tight grip then demanded to know if she was crazy. Unapologetic, Ava explained that she'd had to try something.

Shawn decided that it was time to get moving, but Ava balked because she needed her medication that had spilled onto the floor. Shawn informed Ava to leave it because they could replace whatever medication she needed. Confident that Shawn had things well in hand, Max decided to check in with their boss to give Sonny an update.

Shortly after Max left, Jordan entered the apartment, concerned about Ava when Jordan noticed the bullet holes in the hallway. Jordan stopped short when she saw Shawn holding Ava with a gun aimed at the doorway. Jordan quickly drew her own gun as she demanded to know what was going on. Ava begged Jordan to help because Shawn intended to take Ava to Sonny, who planned to kill Ava after the baby was born. Shawn warned Jordan to back off, but Jordan refused to allow Shawn to take a pregnant woman against her will.

Shawn argued that Jordan didn't know what she was talking about, but Jordan refused to back down. Jordan was confident that Shawn wouldn't shoot Ava or Jordan, so she instructed Ava to take the car keys from Jordan's purse then get into the silver SUV parked in front of the building. Jordan urged Ava to get into hiding, so Ava quickly grabbed Jordan's car keys.

After Ava fled, Jordan let Shawn know that she had been horrified by what he had tried to do to Ava, but Shawn refused to apologize because Jordan had no idea what had really been going on. Jordan disagreed because she knew firsthand that Ava had been having a difficult pregnancy and that Ava had been both vulnerable and helpless against Shawn. Shawn warned Jordan that Ava would do anything to protect herself because Ava was a "cold-blooded killer."

At Greystone Manor, Sonny and Sam talked about Jason. They both agreed that it seemed unreal that Jason had been gone for two years. However, Sonny was relieved that Cesar Faison had been rotting away at Steinmauer Maximum Security Prison because it allowed Jason to rest in peace.

Sonny and Sam's conversation drifted to Sam's failed relationship with Silas, so Sonny urged Sam not to give up on finding someone because Jason would have wanted Sam to move on and be happy. Sam smiled but confessed that she hadn't really been able to get past Jason -- even after two years. Sonny assured Sam that there wasn't a timetable on grief, especially with Jason because Jason had been the best man that Sonny had ever known.

Outside, Jason approached Sonny's front door, but one of Helena's goons suddenly appeared and stopped Jason from entering. Jason held a letter opener, but it wasn't any defense against Helena's henchmen's gun. Helena's man warned Jason that Helena's men were everywhere, so Jason should cooperate unless Jason wanted Sonny and Sam killed. Jason seemed surprised by the mention of his wife's name, but the henchman assured Jason that Sam was inside Sonny's home. Jason reluctantly agreed to leave with Helena's henchman, but he left behind a clue.

A short time later, both Sonny and Sam were surprised when they opened the front door and spotted a letter opener on the ground. Sam was certain that it hadn't been there when she had arrived, so Sonny picked it up then assured Sam that he would have his guard, Gus, check the property. Sam wondered if it was some kind of warning. Sonny conceded that it was possible, but he had no idea what the message might be.

After Sam left, Max entered the parlor to report that Shawn was extracting Ava as they spoke. Sonny was curious if there had been any problems, so Max revealed that a few of Julian's men had shown up, but Shawn and Max had successfully dealt with them. Their conversation then drifted to Jason's birthday. As they talked about Jason, Max referred to Carly as "Mrs. C." Max acknowledged that Carly had married Jax, but Max admitted that she would always be Mrs. C to him. Sonny smiled then offered a toast to successfully getting Ava back and to Jason's birthday.

At the Drake residence, Patrick checked Emma's schoolwork then called out to her to compliment her efforts with a school assignment. Emma thanked him as she entered the living room, so he told her to get ready for bed. He promised to join her in a few minutes to read her a bedtime story, but Emma admitted that she wanted to sleep in Patrick's bed again. Patrick gently explained that she was a big girl with a bed of her own. He added that it was what Robin would want, but Emma argued that Patrick had no idea what her mother would want.

Patrick was startled when Emma revealed that she knew that Robin hadn't sent the divorce papers back to him, which Emma suspected meant that Robin wanted to return home. Patrick was curious how Emma knew about the divorce papers, so she confessed that she had overheard him talking to Aunt Elizabeth. Patrick warned Emma that she was not allowed to eavesdrop on conversations, especially between adults, but Emma was unapologetic because it was the only way for her to know what was going on around her.

Moments later, Anna arrived to let Patrick know that Maxie and Lulu had been rescued. Anna happily greeted Emma but she was surprised that her granddaughter was still awake. Patrick quietly explained that Emma had been having a difficult time because Emma missed Robin. Anna sat down to assure Emma of Robin's love for Emma then gently changed the subject by revealing that she had picked up the book that Anna had promised Emma. Anna realized that Matilda might be a bit advanced reading for Emma, so she promised to read the first chapter to Emma once Emma was tucked into Emma's own bed.

A short time later, Anna returned to the living room to report that Emma was asleep. Patrick thanked Anna then opened up to Anna about Emma's concerns regarding Patrick and Robin's divorce. Patrick admitted that Emma was certain that Robin just wanted to return home. Their conversation then turned to Patrick and Sam's investigation into Patrick's car crash, but the doorbell rang before Patrick could share anything about Luke's possible role.

At the door, Patrick greeted Sam, so Sam filled Patrick and Anna in about her talk with Sonny. Sam confessed that Sonny had confirmed that Spencer had left several urgent messages for Sonny in the days leading up to A.J.'s funeral and that Spencer had been seen with Luke just prior to the funeral. Sam also admitted that Sonny had confessed that Sonny didn't trust Luke. Patrick realized that at least part of Spencer's claims had been true, so Anna was curious what Patrick and Sam were talking about. Anna was startled when Patrick and Sam told her about Spencer's claims that Luke had orchestrated Patrick's crash.

Anna confided that Luke was a suspect in a criminal investigation but quickly added that she couldn't share any details. Sam realized that they should continue to look into Luke's possible role in the crash, but she shifted gears to announce that she had to get home. Patrick walked Sam to the door then thanked her for her help.

After Sam left, Patrick was curious if there was any evidence against Luke, so Anna explained that she had been working on it until the situation at the Crichton-Clark Clinic had distracted her. Alarmed, Patrick asked what Anna was talking about. He was shocked when she revealed that the hostages had been kept at the clinic, which had been a World Security Bureau facility. Patrick's surprise turned to concern when Anna added that the clinic had been destroyed in an explosion, but she assured Patrick that the hostages and her team had escaped unscathed. "What about Robin?" Patrick asked.

Confused, Anna was curious why Patrick would ask about Robin. Patrick explained that Robin had been living and working at the clinic for months.

At Metro Court, Robin knocked on her mother's door as she called out to Anna. Robin's hope plummeted when Helena opened the door and smugly greeted Robin. Concerned, Robin entered Anna's suite then demanded to know where Anna and Duke were. Robin feared that Helena had harmed them, so Helena revealed that Anna and Duke had left with Lucy and were "blissfully" unaware that Helena was back in town. Robin marched to the phone as she warned Helena that Helena's freedom wouldn't last long.

Helena smiled indulgently as she advised Robin not to act hastily. Helena revealed that Helena's henchmen were all around town, including at Robin's home. Robin was certain that Helena was lying, so Helena opened a laptop to show Robin that Helena had a camera hidden in Robin's home. Robin was horrified when she saw Patrick sitting on the sofa as Anna entered the living room to report that Emma was asleep. Robin listened as Patrick talked to Anna about Emma's certainty that Robin didn't want a divorce but rather to return home to Patrick and Emma. Robin confessed that Emma was right, but Helena was unmoved.

Helena explained that Robin had two choices: Robin could call the police, or Robin could cooperate. "Is your family going to live or die?" Helena asked. Helena was pleased when Robin put the phone down, but Robin warned Helena that Helena's victory would be short-lived because Jason would find a way to rescue Robin. Helena chuckled as she revealed that Helena's henchmen had already captured Jason.

Frustrated, Robin demanded to know what Helena wanted with Robin and Jason. Robin pointed out that Helena was alive because of Robin's drug protocol. "Isn't that enough?" Robin asked. "No, it's not," Helena answered. Helena explained that she had "grand plans" for both Robin and Jason.

Meanwhile, Jason sat in the back of a car with one of Helena's armed henchmen, who watched Jason closely. The driver praised Jason for making the right choice by cooperating and reminded the goon in the back seat that Helena had instructed them to return Jason unharmed if possible. The driver assumed that Helena had big plans for Jason. Jason waited patiently until he had an opportunity to overpower the henchman in the back seat. During the brief struggle, Jason managed to throw himself out of the moving car. Seconds later, Jason rolled down a steep embankment.

Elsewhere on the road, Ava frantically left her brother a voicemail message explaining that Sonny's men had tried to kidnap her. Ava revealed that she had been forced to flee the apartment without money, her passport, or anything to protect herself, so she begged Julian to call her back because she desperately needed his help.

Distraught, Ava glanced down at her purse to look for something, unaware that Jason had managed to climb up the embankment. Ava looked up just as Jason stumbled into the path of her car.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

In Duke and Anna's suite at Metro Court, Robin insisted that she had done everything that Victor had asked of her, so she wanted Helena to allow Robin and Jason to return home to their families. Helena explained that it wasn't possible because Helena had "grand plans" for both Robin and Jason. However, Helena was not pleased that Robin's "insipid" mother had talked to Patrick because it meant that all of the clinic's secrets would be exposed. Helena expected Robin to rectify the problem.

Helena warned Robin that Robin's loved ones would pay the price if Robin made one false move. Helena also reminded Robin that Helena's men had captured Jason, which should provide Robin with sufficient incentive to cooperate. Resigned, Robin asked what exactly Helena wanted Robin to do.

Later, a knock at the door heralded the arrival of two of Helena's henchmen. She was disappointed that it hadn't been Duke. "I've always had a weakness for that kilt of his," Helena confessed. She then shifted gears to ask about Jason, but her mood quickly soured when the men reported that Jason had managed to escape by overpowering the guard in the back seat, taking his gun away, and then jumping out of the moving car. Furious, Helena asked for the driver's gun. The driver of the car reluctantly handed it to Helena, so she shot him dead.

The henchman who had been in the back seat with Jason begged Helena not to kill him, so she admitted that the only reason she had spared the man's life was because she needed him to dispose of the driver's body. Helena couldn't risk the police commissioner finding a dead body in the suite. Helena tossed the gun onto a chair, confident that she wouldn't be forced to clean up any additional messes -- provided Robin followed orders.

At the Drake residence, Anna was stunned when Patrick revealed that Robin had been living and working at the Crichton-Clark Clinic for months. Anna argued that Robin had told everyone that Robin had gone to Africa, but Patrick explained that it had been a cover story. Patrick feared that Robin had been in the clinic at the time of the explosion, so he begged Anna to call someone to find out if Robin had been among the casualties.

Patrick dashed into Emma's bedroom to confirm that his daughter remained asleep then returned to the living room to assure Anna that it was safe to talk. Anna immediately demanded to know why Robin had been at the clinic, but Patrick argued that it didn't matter because they needed to find out if Robin had been trapped in the building at the time of the explosion. Anna was curious when Patrick had last talked to Robin, so he revealed that it had been a couple of weeks. Anna was hopeful that it was a good sign, but Patrick was adamant that Anna call someone at the World Security Bureau to search for survivors.

Anna refused to make a call until she knew everything starting with why her daughter had been working at the clinic. Patrick quickly filled her in about Victor's threats and diabolical plot to revive both Helena and Stavros, using the possibility of saving Jason to force Robin to cooperate. Patrick explained that he hadn't been able to tell anyone the truth because Victor had threatened both Patrick and Emma if anyone got wind of Victor's plot to resurrect Helena and Stavros. Anna realized that it was the truth because it made more sense that Robin had left to save Jason rather than to work in Africa so soon after returning from Robin's abduction.

Patrick revealed that Robin had decided to stay at the clinic to continue her work even though Jason had died after receiving one of Robin's experimental drug protocols. Anna believed Patrick because Stavros had been revived, but Stavros had later been killed during the rescue of the hostages. Anna suddenly recalled that Emma had stayed in contact with Robin through Skype, so she suggested that they try calling Robin. Patrick ran to the laptop to quickly call Robin.

Patrick and Anna were relieved when Robin answered the call. Robin claimed that she had left the clinic weeks earlier after realizing that there hadn't been any reason to stay with Jason dead. According to Robin, she had fled to Paris to hide from Victor, so Anna assured her daughter that it was safe to return home because Victor was dead, and the clinic had been destroyed. Patrick and Anna were shocked when Robin refused because Robin needed time to figure things out. Desperate, Anna assured Robin that Robin's family and friends would help Robin sort things out, but Robin refused to consider it.

Patrick reminded Robin that their daughter missed her, but Robin argued that it was better for Emma that Robin stayed away because Emma needed stability and routine, which Robin couldn't provide. Patrick and Anna were shocked when Robin explained that she needed distance to figure things out, so she intended to build a new life in Paris. Patrick insisted that Emma needed Robin, but Robin disagreed because Emma didn't need a mother who was broken and continually made poor choices.

Patrick argued that it was a mistake for Robin not to return home to her family, but Robin tearfully begged Patrick and Anna to understand her decision and to give her time. Robin added that she had signed the divorce papers, so she would be returning them to Patrick within a few days. Moments later, Robin ended the call by closing her laptop.

Anna immediately made a call to the WSB for an update about the clinic and to gather information about Robin. After the call, Anna reported that it appeared that Helena's body had been recovered in the rubble. Patrick was visibly shaken because of the call with Robin, so Anna tried to offer him comfort, but Patrick confessed that Robin seemed like a different person.

Meanwhile, in a limousine, Helena commended Robin for the convincing performance with Patrick and Anna then suggested that Robin look on the bright side because they were headed to Paris to mail the signed divorce papers. Robin refused to look at Helena until Helena admitted that it was a shame that Jason couldn't join them. Robin immediately demanded to know what Helena had done to Jason, so Helena conceded that Jason had lived up to his reputation by managing to throw himself out of a speeding car. Robin was filled with hope because she was certain that Jason had survived and was on the hunt for Helena as they spoke. Helena didn't appear concerned because Helena intended to deal with Jason when the time was appropriate.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Carly closed the doors after the last of the party guests had left. She announced that she and Franco were alone then slid onto his lap to nuzzle his neck. Franco observed that his father had been the only person who had seemed genuinely happy about their engagement, but Carly wasn't surprised because not a lot of people had been supportive of their relationship. Franco agreed then surprised Carly by asking if she was excited about their engagement. Carly assured him that she wouldn't have accepted his proposal if she hadn't wanted to marry him.

Franco appeared skeptical, so Carly conceded that she had been caught off guard because they had been celebrating his birthday, but she promised him that she was happy. Pleased, Franco shifted gears to confess that he knew all about Sonny and Carly. Carly's smile faltered as she guilty asked what Franco was talking about. Franco continued to play mind games by revealing that he had seen Carly with Sonny earlier in the restaurant. Carly quickly explained that Sonny had stopped by to let her know that Dante and Lulu had been rescued and to talk about Jason because it was also Jason's birthday.

Carly claimed that she hadn't mentioned it sooner because she had been reluctant to spoil Franco's mood before the party. Franco smiled as if he was relieved then confessed that he didn't want there to be any secrets between them. Carly agreed, so Franco carefully asked if she had any other secrets to share. Carly quickly assured him that she didn't, prompting Franco to suggest that they move ahead by setting a wedding date. Startled, Carly reminded Franco that they had just gotten engaged, but Franco insisted that he was eager to marry her. Carly smiled as she admitted that she had always wanted to be a June bride, but the humidity tended to wreak havoc with her hair, so she suggested a May wedding.

Franco revealed that he didn't want to wait that long, so he proposed that they get married on Halloween. Carly was stunned, but Franco reminded her that the date was significant to them because the previous Halloween, they had finally stopped pretending and given in to their feelings for each other. Carly smiled in remembrance, so she happily agreed to marry Franco on Halloween. Franco returned her smile as he cryptically promised that it would be a day to remember.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny heard the front door slam, so he called out to ask if it was Shawn. Moments later, Michael entered the room. Sonny was delighted by his son's unexpected visit until Michael revealed that he had news for Sonny. Michael explained that he had attended Franco's birthday party for Carly's sake, but Franco had surprised everyone by proposing to Carly. Sonny chuckled because he wished that he could have seen the look on "the freak's" face when Carly had turned Franco down. Sonny's grin instantly vanished when Michael admitted that Carly had agreed to marry Franco.

"Son of a bitch," Sonny shouted. Michael appreciated that Sonny was upset because Michael knew about Sonny and Carly's kiss. Michael conceded that Sonny and Carly were like a lit match and gasoline at times but a part of Michael had hoped that his parents would get back together instead of Carly agreeing to marry Franco. Sonny started to tell Michael the truth about Sonny and Carly's relationship, but Shawn arrived to speak to Sonny about an urgent matter. Michael explained that he had to leave anyway, so he excused himself then left.

Sonny was curious how things had gone with Ava, so Shawn revealed that Ava had gotten away when Jordan had shown up. Shawn admitted that he had allowed his personal feelings to get in the way because he hadn't been able to shoot Jordan or hurt T.J. like by killing T.J.'s mother. Sonny was frustrated because a mob enforcer was not supposed to let his personal feelings get in the way of doing a job. Shawn agreed that he had screwed up but he vowed to make things right. Shawn hated that he had added to Sonny's troubles because Shawn sensed that Michael had delivered bad news before Shawn had arrived.

Shawn offered to help, but Sonny admitted that there was nothing to be done because Carly had agreed to marry Franco.

At the brownstone, Morgan looked up from the sofa when Kiki arrived home. He was curious where she had been, so she admitted that she had attended Franco's birthday party, which had been a crazy affair. Curious, Morgan wondered why, but Kiki had no idea where to begin. Morgan suggested that she start with the craziest part, so she revealed that Franco knew that Sonny and Carly had slept together, thanks to Morgan's friend, Rosalie. Kiki explained that Rosalie had overheard Morgan and Kiki talking at Kelly's about the affair, the details of which Rosalie had shared with Nina, who had then told Franco.

Kiki added that Rosalie had also told Michael that Morgan and Kiki had been keeping a secret from Michael, so Kiki had been forced to claim that Morgan and Kiki had been planning a surprise party to celebrate Michael and Kiki's one-year anniversary. Morgan was shocked by Rosalie's behavior, but Kiki moved on by revealing that Franco had cornered Kiki before the party to question her about Sonny and Carly's tryst. Morgan was curious why Kiki hadn't lied to Franco, but Kiki insisted that it had been impossible for her to do so while looking Franco in the eyes.

Kiki explained that Franco had proposed to Carly in part to test if Carly truly was over Sonny. Morgan admitted that it made sense in a "messed up Franco kind of way." However, Kiki had reservations about the proposal because Carly had agreed to marry Franco even though Carly had no idea that Franco knew that Carly had cheated with Sonny. Morgan feared that Franco had something up his sleeve, but Kiki assured Morgan that Franco loved Carly enough to forgive her and move forward. Morgan was tempted to tell his mother because he believed that Carly deserved to know the truth, but Kiki begged Morgan to let it go.

Morgan agreed but only because Kiki had asked. Kiki was relieved, but she hated having to keep the truth from Michael about Sonny and Carly's fling. Morgan didn't see the point in keeping the truth from Michael anymore since Franco knew the truth about the tryst, but Kiki feared that Michael would be upset that Kiki had first confided to Morgan, not Michael. As if on cue, Michael entered the brownstone. Michael sensed that he had interrupted something, but Kiki assured Michael that she and Morgan had merely been patting themselves on the back for a job well done on the renovation.

Kiki changed the subject by asking why Michael was there, so Michael admitted that he had hoped to persuade Kiki to go home with him. Michael and Morgan briefly talked about their mother's engagement, both agreeing that it was a mistake, while Kiki quickly grabbed her things. Moments later, Michael and Kiki left.

On an unknown road, Ava sped away from her apartment as she tearfully left her brother a desperate voicemail explaining about the attempted abduction. Ava confessed that she didn't have any money or even a passport, so she needed Julian's help. Ava glanced down to look at her purse, unaware that Jason had managed to climb up the embankment.

Ava looked up in time to see a man stumble onto the road mere feet in front of her car. "Oh, God, no," Ava screamed as she slammed on the brakes. It was too late; her car struck Jason and then ran over him before screeching to a stop. Horrified, Ava jumped out of the SUV then cautiously approached the unmoving man in the middle of the road. She was distraught as she apologized and explained that she hadn't meant to hit him. Ava was startled when she drew close enough to the man to realize that he was still alive, so she promised to call for help as she ran back to her car.

Ava started to call 9-1-1 but realized that Sonny would be able to track her if she did, so she called Jordan. A short time later, Jordan pulled up in an SUV. Ava quickly explained what had happened, but Jordan was concerned about Ava's pregnancy. Ava assured Jordan that the baby was fine, but Ava feared that the man had died. Jordan quickly checked the man for a pulse then confirmed that he was still alive. The two women debated turning him over, but Jordan decided against moving him because he might have suffered a neck or spinal injury.

Jordan called 9-1-1 to report the accident then surprised Ava by suggesting that Ava leave the scene before the police and ambulance arrived. Jordan pointed out that Ava had struck the man in Jordan's SUV and that Jordan had arrived in Ava's SUV, so Ava could leave without anyone being the wiser about who had been driving Jordan's car. Ava was moved by the offer and acknowledged that Jordan had saved Ava twice that day. Ava promised not to forget what Jordan had done for her and then reluctantly left when they heard sirens in the distance.

A short time later, Morgan answered an urgent knock at the door. It was Ava begging for Morgan's help.

Meanwhile, paramedics loaded a critically injured Jason into the ambulance as Jordan insisted that it had been a tragic accident.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

At the loft, Nikolas and Olivia were anxiously awaiting Dante and Lulu's arrival. Olivia sent a quick text message to Ned then looked up and smiled when Dante and Lulu entered the loft. Olivia immediately hugged her son as Nikolas welcomed his sister, Lulu. Lulu was eager to see Rocco, so Nikolas dashed off to fetch his nephew. Dante and Lulu beamed with joy when they saw their son then hugged Rocco tightly.

Dante and Lulu thanked Nikolas and Olivia for everything they had done to take care of Rocco during the abduction ordeal, but Nikolas felt partly responsible for what had happened because he had never realized that his uncle had been capable of such treachery. Lulu revealed that Victor had not acted alone then quickly filled her brother in about Stavros' diabolical plan and violent end. Shocked by his father's abhorrent behavior, Nikolas admitted that he was grateful that Stavros was "mercifully" dead.

Lulu assured Nikolas that Nikolas was not responsible for what Stavros and Victor had done, so she insisted that they each put the nightmare behind them and move forward. Nikolas agreed but then confessed that he had something to tell Dante and Lulu. Dante sensed that it was bad. Nikolas thought about Spencer's claim that Luke had been responsible for Patrick's tragic crash but he assured Dante and Lulu that they shouldn't be alarmed because what he had to tell them was based on speculation. Relieved, Lulu asked if it could wait until the following day because she needed time to recover from everything that had transpired since the kidnapping.

Nikolas quickly agreed just as Olivia returned to the living room to announce that she had put a dish of lasagna in the oven for Dante and Lulu. Dante and Lulu thanked Olivia, so Nikolas and Olivia shared another round of hugs with Dante and Lulu then left.

Later, Dante played with Rocco in bed as Lulu emerged from the bathroom after a long hot shower. She joined her family in the bed as she and Dante talked about how to move forward. Dante wanted to pick up where they had left off, but Lulu surprised him by admitting that she wasn't eager to have another baby because of what Stavros had put them through. She reminded Dante that they had years to follow through with the second pregnancy. Dante promised Lulu that he was fine with her decision as long as he had her at his side.

At the police station, Mac scowled when he noticed a poster taped to a wall, asking voters to reelect Mayor Lomax, so he tore it off the wall. Felicia scolded Mac then reminded him that they were there to be reunited with Maxie. Felicia confessed that she needed to see Maxie with her own eyes before she could believe that their daughter was okay. Mac smiled as he advised his wife to turn around. Felicia's eyes filled with tears of joy as Maxie walked out of Anna's office then ran into her mother's loving arms. Mac watched the reunion with a smile then wrapped his arms around his family.

Mac and Felicia confessed that they had been worried sick about Maxie, but Maxie admitted that she had feared the worst when Levi/Peter had shot Mac. Felicia was filled with remorse that her past had returned to haunt Maxie, but Mac argued that Levi had been to blame for everything that had happened because Levi had been a con man who had taken advantage of Maxie's vulnerability. Maxie felt partly responsible because she had been the one to invite Levi into their lives, which had put Dante, Lulu, and even Nathan in danger.

Felicia revealed that it had never occurred to her that her ex-fiancÚ, Peter Sr., had wanted revenge and would send his son after the "ridiculous" treasure. Maxie knew that Felicia was proud of the Aztec treasure because it was their family's legacy, which was why Maxie had picked up a special gift for her mother. Maxie gave Felicia an ornate knife with a jeweled handle as Maxie explained that Peter Sr. had commissioned the knife, using the jewels from the Aztec treasure. Maxie conceded that Peter Sr. had intended to use it to kill Maxie, but clearly, Peter Sr. had failed.

However, Maxie confessed that she had been forced to take a life by plunging the knife into Levi's back when Levi had tried to kill Nathan. Mac and Felicia were quick to assure Maxie that Maxie had done what had been necessary. Mac was confident that Nathan would agree. Maxie tentatively broached the subject of her relationship with Nathan by revealing that Nathan had confessed that he had feelings for her. However, Maxie couldn't trust her own intuition about men because of what had happened with Levi.

Mac reminded Maxie that Nathan and Levi were polar opposites. Maxie agreed, but she insisted that Nathan deserved to be with someone special who had better judgment than she had and who could trust herself.

Nearby, Nathan watched Maxie reunite with her parents until Britt walked up to greet her brother. Nathan led his sister to a quiet corner in the hallway as she asked about his head injury. He promised her that their mother had checked the injury and had cleared him. Britt was curious where Liesl was, so Nathan explained that Anna had taken Liesl into custody because Liesl had a lot to answer for, starting with what Liesl had known about his father, Victor.

Britt was surprised that Liesl had confirmed that Victor was Nathan's father. She tried to lighten the mood by sarcastically noting that they had each hit the father jackpot -- Nathan's was a homicidal maniac, while Britt's was a lunatic. Nathan confessed that it no longer mattered because Victor was dead, so he would never get an opportunity to know the man. Britt gently reminded Nathan that not all Cassadines were bad because both Nikolas and Alexis were good people.

Britt smiled as she realized that her brother's eyes kept straying to Maxie, so Nathan had more important matters on his mind. Nathan confessed that he had told Maxie how he felt about her, but Maxie had been uncertain if she could return Nathan's feelings. "Does Maxie have rocks for brains?" Britt asked indignantly. Britt reminded her brother that Nathan had been caring, chivalrous, and patient with Maxie from the start, so if Maxie couldn't appreciate how special Nathan was, especially after Nathan had saved Maxie's life, then Maxie was not worth his time. Nathan recalled his passionate kiss with Maxie then softly smiled as he confessed that he was not ready to give up on Maxie.

A short time later, Nikolas arrived. Nikolas thanked Nathan for helping Dante and Lulu during the ordeal at the Crichton-Clark Clinic then added that Nikolas and Nathan had a lot to talk about. Britt noticed that Nathan's attention was on Maxie, so she suggested to Nikolas that it could wait. Nikolas agreed then left with Britt.

Moments later, Nathan approached Maxie after Mac and Felicia stepped away. Maxie surprised Nathan by inviting him to stay at the apartment, since she had promised to spend the night with her parents. Nathan agreed then shifted gears by asking if Maxie had plans for dinner the following evening. Maxie admitted that she didn't, so she agreed to go out with Nathan.

At Greystone Manor, Julian demanded to know where Ava was. Sonny and Shawn made light of Julian losing Ava while Julian had been out of town, but Julian was not amused. Julian reminded Sonny that despite Sonny's hatred for Ava, the baby she carried was Sonny's flesh and blood. Sonny argued that if Julian had left Ava with Sonny then the child would be fine, so Sonny accused Julian of endangering Ava and the baby by taking Ava away from Sonny.

Julian explained that Ava had called Julian for help, but the call had abruptly ended with Ava screaming in terror. Julian wanted to know if Sonny had killed Ava, but Sonny denied any knowledge of what had happened to Ava. Julian didn't believe Sonny because the hallway outside Julian's apartment had been riddled with bullet holes, Julian's security team was missing, and Ava had vanished. Sonny further infuriated Julian by snidely suggesting that Julian use more caution when leaving town the next time.

Sonny's easy attitude suddenly evaporated as he began to rant about wanting Julian out of town and out of Sonny's life because Sonny resented that Julian sold drugs and had tried to turn Morgan against Sonny. Julian vowed that no one on the planet would be able to save Sonny if anything happened to either Ava or the baby.

After Julian stormed out, Sonny instructed Shawn to gather all the lieutenants because Sonny intended to personally oversee the operation to recapture Ava. Shawn asked for an opportunity to redeem himself because Shawn knew that it was his fault that Ava had gotten away. Sonny was curious if Shawn had any ideas where Ava might be hiding, so Shawn called Jordan because Shawn was certain Jordan might know. Jordan was tightlipped and quickly ended the call, but Shawn was certain that Jordan had been hiding something.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Ned smiled as he read a text message from Olivia revealing that Dante and Lulu were expected to arrive home soon. Moments later, Alexis walked up. Alexis noticed that Ned seemed busy with his phone, but he assured her that he was all hers for the evening as he put the phone away. "That is, if you are all mine?" Ned asked as Alexis sat down.

Later, Alexis took a grateful sip of her cocktail as she confessed that she had been looking forward to it all evening. Ned hoped that she had also been eager to spend time with him. Alexis smiled reassuringly, but Ned reminded her that she had asked him out because she had wanted to get over Julian. However, he hoped that she didn't intend to use him as a pawn to make Julian jealous. Alexis was certain that Ned had inherited his suspicious nature from Tracy. "Takes a Quartermaine to be suspicious of a Cassadine," Ned playfully remarked.

Alexis clarified that she was a Davis, so Ned admitted that he was concerned because Olivia had recently used him to stick it to Sonny. Intrigued, Alexis asked Ned what had happened. Ned revealed that Olivia had kissed him until his "toes curled." Alexis was curious if Ned had feelings for Olivia, but he insisted that he and Olivia were just friends and that the kiss had only been an attempt to prove a point to Sonny. Alexis recalled that Ned had been known to juggle several women at a time and had even been a bigamist once.

"The good old days," Ned said with a chuckle before reminding Alexis that they had been talking about Alexis and Julian's relationship. Alexis promised Ned that she had been sincere about exploring a real relationship with Ned because she and Julian were over and done. Ned heard the conviction in Alexis' voice, so he suggested that they get the party started because he looked forward to having a real date with her. Alexis relaxed because she was grateful that she didn't have to worry about a waiter opening fire on them or her house burning down.

Ned tensed as he quietly warned Alexis that she had spoken too soon. Alexis followed Ned's gaze to the bar where Julian was standing and watching them. Julian approached the table to ask for a moment of Alexis' time, but Alexis refused because she was on a date. Julian referred to Ned as "Ted," but Ned made it clear that Julian didn't intimidate him because Julian was just a thug who sold drugs. Julian ignored the comment as he turned to Alexis to explain that he only needed two minutes of Alexis' time to discuss an urgent matter.

Alexis reluctantly agreed, so she followed Julian to the bar. Julian revealed that he needed to know what her boss, Sonny, had done with Ava. Alexis had no idea what Julian was talking about, but Julian insisted that it was important she help him because he had returned home to find his apartment in shambles, bullet holes everywhere, and Ava missing. Alexis refused to make any promises then announced that she had to get back to her date.

Julian was curious what Alexis was doing with the "overgrown preppy," but Alexis reminded Julian that he didn't have any room to talk because Julian had graduated from Dartmouth College. Julian suspected that she wanted to make him jealous by going out with Ned, but Alexis insisted that she was simply moving on. Julian warned Alexis that Ned could never love her the way that Julian did. Julian was certain that she would eventually return to him, but he hoped that it wouldn't be too late. Alexis appeared rattled as Julian quietly dared her to try to forget what they had shared then told her to have fun on her date.

Meanwhile, Olivia was delighted when she saw Ned seated at one of the tables when she entered the restaurant. Olivia sat down then helped herself to a glass of wine as she happily told Ned about her reunion with Dante and Lulu. Ned tried to find a way to let Olivia know that he was on a date, but she kept talking and suggested that they go out to celebrate. Moments later, Alexis walked up.

Olivia greeted Alexis, so Alexis smiled politely as she explained that Olivia was in her seat. Olivia was mortified when she realized that Ned and Alexis were out on a date, so Olivia quickly snagged the bottle of wine that she had helped herself to with a promise to return with a fresh bottle. At the bar, Olivia looked upset at the realization that Ned and Alexis might be romantically interested in each other.

At the brownstone, Ava desperately asked for Morgan's help. Concerned, he asked what had happened. Ava nervously looked over her shoulder then begged him to let her in so she could explain everything. Morgan invited Ava in when he saw the genuine fear in her expression then demanded to know what was wrong. Ava's thoughts drifted to the horrific accident, so she confessed that something terrible had happened. However, rather than tell him about the accident, she revealed that Sonny had sent men to her apartment to kidnap her.

Morgan refused to believe Ava because his father would never hurt a woman, but Ava insisted that it was true. She revealed that Shawn and some "no-neck" thugs had shown up at the apartment and had murdered her security team. Ava explained that she had managed to escape during the chaos without mentioning Jordan's role in the events. Morgan remained skeptical because he doubted that Sonny would risk endangering the baby, since the baby was a Corinthos, but Ava explained that Sonny wanted Ava under his thumb until the baby was born.

Morgan was shocked when Ava added that Sonny intended to wait until Ava gave birth to kill Ava then take the baby. Ava implored Morgan to believe her and to provide her a place to stay until she could make plans to leave town and disappear. Morgan feared that it was another attempt to turn him against his father, but Ava explained that she had never intended to involve Morgan. She claimed that she had hoped to ask for Kiki's help, so Morgan agreed to help Ava.

Later, Ava sat on the sofa as she assured her baby that she had been right to believe that they could count on Morgan. Morgan returned to the living room with a pile of pillows and blankets in his arms. Ava thanked Morgan, but he informed her that the blankets and pillows were for him because he intended to sleep on the sofa so she could take his bed. Morgan insisted that she focus on taking care of the baby while Morgan took care of Ava.

At the nurses' station, Sabrina checked the computer but couldn't understand why Ava hadn't been admitted yet. Sabrina recalled switching the prescription that the doctor had written for Ava's cramps with medication that Sabrina had obtained to induce labor. She was certain that the medication should have started Ava's labor.

Moments later, Elizabeth walked up to warn Sabrina that their quiet shift was about to end because a critically ill patient was due to arrive by ambulance within minutes. Sabrina looked hopeful as she carefully asked if Elizabeth knew anything about the patient. Elizabeth admitted that all she knew was that the patient had been a pedestrian who had been struck by a car.

Seconds later, Jason arrived with critical injuries, including "severe facial edema" and internal bleeding. Elizabeth and Sabrina pulled on gloves as they followed the medical team to a trauma bay. The team worked on Jason, trying to assess his injuries and stabilize him as he drifted in and out of consciousness. Unaware that the patient was Jason, Elizabeth told him that he was at the hospital and promised that they would take good care of him.

Sabrina returned to the nurses' station to check with the police if they had been able to identify the pedestrian, so they could notify the man's family. Sabrina was startled when Jordan suddenly walked up, so she asked Jordan if everything was okay with Ava. Jordan thought the question was odd, but Sabrina pointed out that Ava had recently been in the hospital with severe cramps. Jordan assured Sabrina that Ava was fine then explained that Jordan was there because Jordan had been the driver who had struck the pedestrian. Jordan was eager for news about the man's condition, so Sabrina admitted that he was critical and that it could go either way.

Moments later, Jordan's cell phone rang. Jordan excused herself when she noticed that it was Shawn. After Jordan walked away to take the call, Sabrina noticed that Ava's prescription bottle had fallen out of Jordan's purse. After Jordan ended the call with Shawn, Sabrina demanded to know what Jordan had been doing with Ava's prescription. Sabrina insisted that Ava needed the medication for the cramps, but Jordan argued that Ava hadn't had any since leaving the hospital. Sabrina was curious if Jordan was a medical professional, so Jordan agreed to make certain that Ava received the medication.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth asked her patient if there was anyone they could call for him. Jason was unable to speak as his blood pressure suddenly plummeted. Elizabeth began chest compressions as the doctor grabbed a defibrillator. After several tense moments, Jason's heart started. Relieved, Elizabeth introduced herself to Jason then asked him to squeeze her hand if he had understood. She smiled when he weakly squeezed her hand, so she promised that she would be there when he woke up and would not leave his side.

Moments later, Jason was taken to surgery.

Friday, September 26, 2014

At the nurses' station, Jordan asked for an update on the pedestrian who had been struck on the road the previous evening. The nurse explained that the patient remained in surgery because of the extensive injuries but urged Jordan not to be too hard on herself because it had been the nurse's understanding that Jordan hadn't been to blame for the terrible tragedy. "You can say that again," Shawn said from across the way as he stared intently at Jordan.

Shawn dragged Jordan to a nearby trauma bay for privacy so he could remind her that he knew that Ava had been driving Jordan's car when the pedestrian had been struck. He suspected that Ava had called her only friend for help and that Jordan had taken responsibility for the accident to allow Ava to escape. Jordan didn't deny it because she hadn't been able to stand by while Shawn had carried out his barbaric plan to kidnap Ava then kill her after the baby was born. Shawn suggested that Jordan talk to Ava about some of the barbaric things that Ava had done, but Jordan was unmoved.

Shawn demanded to know where Ava was hiding, but Jordan insisted that she had no idea. Shawn didn't believe her. His temper flared as he admitted that getting involved with Jordan had been the biggest mistake of his life so he was through with her, but Jordan smiled confidently because she didn't believe him. She slowly approached Shawn then passionately kissed him to prove him wrong. With difficulty, Shawn pulled away from the kiss because he refused to allow Jordan to use seduction to distract him from the job he had to do. Jordan assured him that she honestly had no idea where Ava was, so he stormed out in frustration.

At the Jerome apartment, Julian left a frantic message for his sister, asking Ava to return his call because he was worried about her. Moments later, Julian heard a knock at the door. Alarmed, he grabbed his gun then slowly opened the door. A large man sporting dark leather clothing and a menacing expression stood on the doorstep. Julian immediately aimed the gun at the man as he demanded to know who the man was. "Kobe. You can call me your worst nightmare," Kobe answered.

Kobe ignored the gun aimed with deadly accuracy at him as he entered the apartment to explain that he worked for Julian's boss. Kobe revealed that their boss had heard about Julian's trouble with Sonny's men, so Kobe had arrived with a replacement crew. Kobe expected Julian to show his gratitude by revealing where Ava was, but Julian admitted that he had no idea what had happened to Ava as he tucked the gun in the back of his waistband. Julian confessed that Ava hadn't returned any of Julian's calls and that Sonny had denied taking Ava.

Kobe carefully made his way around the apartment, looking for signs of Ava as he explained that their boss was not happy. Julian wasn't concerned because their boss was never happy, but Kobe revealed that their boss had been "itching for a piece" of Ava ever since Ava had had the "stones" to ignore the order to kill Michael Corinthos. Kobe wondered if perhaps Ava might have confided to Julian about the damaging information she had on Sonny, but Julian insisted that Ava had kept her secrets.

Kobe appeared ready to torture the information out of Julian, but Julian assured Kobe that it would be a waste of time. Kobe cornered Julian in an attempt to intimidate Julian as he revealed that Julian had two choices: kill Michael or hand over the goods on Sonny. Julian proved to be a worthy adversary by swiftly overpowering Kobe then snatching the gun from the back of Julian's waistband. Julian growled that he wouldn't think twice about killing Kobe then informed Kobe that Julian, not Kobe, was in charge. Julian clarified that their boss needed Julian far more than Julian needed their boss, so Julian called the shots. Realizing that Julian would not cooperate, Kobe decided to carry out their boss's orders himself.

Julian ordered Kobe to leave, but Jordan marched through the door before Kobe took a step. Kobe immediately recognized the woman who had killed Mickey Diamond, whom Kobe insisted had been "good people." Julian argued that Mickey had been scum, while Jordan added that Mickey hadn't been able to keep his hands to himself. Julian pulled Jordan protectively back as Kobe glared at her. Kobe warned Jordan that their boss had his eye on Jordan then he marched out.

Julian immediately demanded to know if Jordan knew what had happened to Ava. Jordan confessed that she had been in the middle of it then quickly filled him in about the attempted abduction and Ava's accident. Julian seemed relieved when Jordan confessed that she hadn't been in contact with Ava after the accident. Jordan was surprised, but Julian explained that it was safer for Ava because their boss had sent Kobe to kill Michael.

At Michael's apartment, Kiki played a game of solitaire in the living room until Michael walked in and joined her on the sofa. Kiki explained that she hadn't been able to sleep, but Michael was concerned because she looked upset. Kiki insisted that she was just annoyed because she had lost the game. Michael confessed that he was happy that she had agreed to spend the night with him, but he had sensed that Kiki and Morgan had been hiding something when Michael had walked in to find them holding hands at the brownstone the previous evening.

Kiki smiled guiltily as she claimed that she been trying to offer Morgan words of encouragement and support because of Ava's pregnancy. Kiki pointed out that it had taken her, Michael, and Morgan a long time to get past what had happened when she had hurt Morgan, but Michael insisted that Michael had been equally to blame for the affair. Kiki argued that it didn't matter as long as they were in a good place. She claimed that she had wanted Morgan to know that she would be there for him and her mother when the baby was born.

Michael and Kiki's conversation drifted to Ava's strange behavior on the night that Ava had invited Michael and Kiki to dinner, so Kiki decided to lighten the mood by showing Michael a card trick. Michael was impressed and wanted to know how she had done it, but Kiki playfully explained that it had been magic. After Michael and Kiki made love, they cuddled on the sofa. Kiki assured Michael that she loved him and wanted to spend the rest of the day with him, but Michael admitted that he had to get to work. However, he invited Kiki to return later that evening.

Shortly after Kiki left, someone knocked on the door. Michael, wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist, answered the door.

At the brownstone, Ava glanced at her phone and saw that she had a missed phone call from her brother. She softly stroked her belly as she told her baby that she couldn't afford to tell its uncle where she was. Ava worried about how she would keep herself and the baby safe as Morgan entered the living room, carrying a tray filled with breakfast food. Concerned, he asked how she was, so Ava confessed that she hadn't slept a wink. Morgan conceded that he hadn't slept, either, because he had spent the night on alert in case someone had tried to get to Ava. Ava was touched but insisted that it hadn't been necessary.

Morgan confessed that he couldn't believe that his father would plot to kidnap Ava then kill her after the baby was born. Ava warned Morgan that it was true and that she needed to get out of town because Sonny's plans would not change simply because she had managed to evade Sonny. Morgan urged Ava to eat something for the baby's sake, but Ava insisted that she needed to go because Sonny's men might track her to the brownstone. Morgan insisted that Ava was safe with him and Kiki because Morgan could keep tabs on Sonny.

Morgan was also confident that Sonny would not hurt Morgan to get to Ava, but Ava refused to once again get between Morgan and his father. Morgan's mind was made up because he was determined to protect her from Sonny and have an opportunity to start being a father to the baby. Ava smiled because she had noticed that he had been reading up on fatherhood.

Moments later, Morgan and Ava heard someone at the door. Alarmed, Ava ducked out of sight while Morgan approached the door. Morgan sprang into action when the person entered the brownstone, but he quickly released his hold on the person when Kiki cried out with surprise. Stunned, Kiki demanded to know why Morgan had grabbed her. "Because of me," Ava answered.

At the penthouse, Sam answered the door, wearing nothing except a towel because she had assumed the person knocking was her mother. She was surprised when she saw Patrick standing on the doorstep. Patrick smiled with appreciation when he realized that Sam had just stepped out of the shower. Sam returned his smile with a hint of embarrassment as she invited Patrick in, while trying to explain why she had answered the door, wearing a towel.

Patrick picked up on Sam's nervousness, so he explained that he had thought it might be a good idea for them to go over what Anna had told them. Sam agreed but decided to get dressed first. After Sam ran up the stairs, Alexis arrived home with bags of groceries. Patrick helped her carry them to the dinning room table as she revealed that she had wanted to talk to him because she hadn't received the signed divorce papers yet. Patrick admitted that he had spoken to Robin the previous evening, so the papers would arrive soon. Alexis was disappointed because she had hoped that Patrick and Robin would work things out.

Patrick admitted that he had hoped for the same, but the decision had been made. Alexis assured Patrick that he would get past the pain then admitted that she had recently gotten "back on the horse" after her breakup with Julian. Alexis promised Patrick that it wasn't so bad provided the right woman happened along. As if on cue, Sam entered the room. Sam immediately tensed when she noticed her mother's grin, so she asked what Patrick and Alexis had been talking about. Alexis explained that Patrick had simply helped Alexis with the groceries, but Sam knew her mother was hiding something.

Alexis quickly changed the subject by asking if there had been any progress in the investigation into Patrick's crash. Patrick and Sam confirmed that they had learned something interesting then told Alexis about Luke's possible involvement. Stunned, Alexis insisted that it had to be a mistake because she couldn't imagine Luke targeting a child. Patrick and Sam explained that Spencer had seen Luke talking to a mystery man about taking Sonny down, so Luke had threatened Emma to keep Spencer silent. Patrick and Sam confided that Anna had also revealed that Luke was the target of a criminal investigation unrelated to the crash, so Patrick and Sam were desperate to identify the mystery man Spencer had seen Luke talking to.

Sam noticed her mother's tense expression, so Alexis confessed that she might know who Luke had met. Alexis explained that Julian had received a text from someone asking to meet on the night of Nikolas' engagement party. She admitted that Julian had disappeared for quite some time, so she had gone looking for him. Alexis had encountered Ric, but Ric had been alone. However, later, Alexis had bumped into Tracy, who had mentioned seeing Julian and Luke together.

At the loft, Lulu returned to bed to report that Rocco had fallen back to sleep. She suspected that Rocco had needed reassurance that both his parents were home. Dante snuggled next to his wife then smiled because everything was right with their world. Lulu wondered if Dante truly believed that, because she had changed her mind about having another baby right away. Dante promised Lulu that he didn't mind waiting because it would give them more time to be intimate.

Dante started to make love to Lulu, but she put the brakes on because she had promised to call her mother, Laura, in Paris. Disappointed, Dante invited Lulu to join him in the shower after the call, but he asked that she not wait too long because he didn't want to turn into a prune.

After Dante disappeared into the bathroom, Lulu started to reach for the phone until someone knocked incessantly on the door. Lulu threw on a robe then went to the door. Tracy was overjoyed when she saw that Lulu was truly home safe and sound. Tracy hugged Lulu then asked if Lulu had spoken to Luke. Lulu confessed that she hadn't, but she intended to give her father a piece of her mind for cheating on Tracy. Tracy assured Lulu that it wasn't necessary because the story about Luke cheating during the honeymoon had been part of a scheme to gain Michael's confidence and steal ELQ.

Lulu was relieved that Luke and Tracy were still together, but she was curious why Tracy had asked if Lulu had spoken to him. The ladies were unaware that Dante had finished with his shower, dressed, and slipped into the kitchen. Dante listened as Tracy explained that Luke hadn't been able to the return to the United States because Luke had lost his passport, but Lulu insisted that it was a flimsy excuse because Luke wouldn't let anything stop him from returning home.

Defeated, Tracy confessed that she had been making one excuse after another for Luke since she had last seen him, but the truth was that Tracy had no idea where Luke was. Concerned, Lulu asked if Tracy had talked to Luke since the honeymoon, so Tracy admitted that contact with Luke had been sporadic and that Luke was evasive and vague. Tracy admitted that despite being married to Luke three times, he had turned into a stranger.

Dante stepped forward to confess that he might know what had been going on with Luke. However, he quickly tried to backpedal when he realized that he had revealed far too much, but Lulu and Tracy refused to drop it. Dante explained that he couldn't discuss it because it was a police matter, but Lulu and Tracy pushed for an answer until Dante reluctantly confided that an undercover officer had identified Luke as the possible head of the Jerome organization. However, he assured both ladies that Anna had asked Dante to clear Luke's name.

Tracy insisted that Ric Lansing had been identified as the head of the Jerome organization, but Dante was curious if Tracy had ever seen Luke and Julian together. Tracy admitted that there had been an incident during Nikolas' engagement party when she had seen Luke and Julian talking in Wyndemere's stables.

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