General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 8, 2014 on GH

Spencer told Patrick and Sam about Luke's threats. Rosalie overheard Morgan and Kiki discuss Sonny and Carly's tryst. Stavros made a shocking announcement. Liesl confirmed to Victor that Nathan was his son.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 8, 2014 on GH
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Monday, September 8, 2014

Spencer wondered why Emma was scared. She confided that someone was after her and her family. She'd overhead Patrick tell Elizabeth that Rafe had run their car off the road on purpose because someone had told him to. Spencer claimed to know who had caused the accident, but when Emma asked for a name, Spencer changed his story and the subject.

Emma accused Spencer of lying, and she felt hurt by that because she'd thought that they were friends. After hearing that, he admitted that someone had told him who had arranged for the accident to happen. However, he told her that no one could know because the person had threatened to hurt Emma. "Forget I said anything, and let it go," he pleaded.

Patrick swore to Sam that he hadn't left anything out about any evidence he'd found. She wondered about the Crichton-Clark business card he'd found and why he'd withheld the information. He hadn't thought it was important, but Sam tried to figure out why Rafe would have had the card. Suddenly, Patrick admitted that he hadn't told Sam everything about the clinic.

Just as Patrick was about to continue talking, Emma and Spencer burst out of Kelly's. Emma blurted out that Spencer knew who had caused the accident, but Spencer claimed to have made it up. Sam sat Spencer down, "cousin to cousin," and wondered what he was scared of. She told him that she and Patrick were the "good guys" and that the good guys always stuck together and stood up for what was right.

Sam asked Spencer what was going on. He replied that he wanted to talk, but the person who'd caused the accident had told Spencer that if Spencer "squealed" then Emma would be hurt. Sam promised that she and Patrick would protect Spencer and Emma if Spencer would tell them who had caused the accident. "It was Luke Spencer!" he exclaimed.

Dante woke up chained to a bar attached to the wall. Lulu awoke at the same time and wondered where they were. Dante tried to figure out if anything in the room looked familiar. Lulu remarked that the room looked like General Hospital, so Dante deduced that they were in some kind of medical facility. Lulu wondered who had drugged them and where Maxie and Nathan were. Dante knew that Nathan hadn't been gassed, since he'd been outside the house when the canisters had been thrown in.

At any rate, Dante said that Anna knew they were missing. Lulu hated being away from Rocco, but Dante assured her that Sonny, Olivia, and Nikolas would look after the boy. Lulu tried to figure out how she was involved with Levi's plan. Dante suggested that it was revenge on Luke and thought back to Anna telling him that Jordan had thought that Luke was Julian's boss.

Dante asked Lulu if she thought that Luke had been acting strangely since he'd left Miscavage. Lulu countered that her father had been pumped full of drugs for weeks. Dante thought there was more to it. As Dante was about to tell Lulu about Jordan's suspicion, the door buzzed open. Lulu and Dante were shocked at who they saw.

Two guards led a handcuffed, blindfolded Nathan down the hallway. He heard Maxie crying for help, and he began fighting against the guards. The two men got the drop on Nathan, but Victor stopped the fight. The guards stood Nathan up, and Victor took off Nathan's blindfold. He studied Nathan's face and wiped some blood away from his cheek.

Nathan demanded to know where Maxie was. "All you had to do was ask," Victor said, and the two guards chained Nathan up in Maxie's room. One of the guards punched him in the stomach before leaving and warned, "Don't make me look bad in front of the director again." "You're a sight for sore eyes," Nathan told Maxie.

Nathan tried to get out of his restraints, but Maxie insisted that he rest before they make an escape plan. Nathan thought the place looked like the facility he'd visited Nina in over the years. Maxie suggested a connection between Levi and Nina, but Nathan doubted it. Maxie offered to rip up some of her clothing to make bandages for the bleeding cuts on Nathan's face, but he refused.

Nathan revealed that Victor Cassadine was "the guy in charge." He continued that Victor had wanted to kill Nathan until he'd found out who Nathan's mother was. Maxie went on and on, blaming herself for the danger she, Nathan, Lulu, and Dante were in. She begged for Nathan's forgiveness for ignoring all of his warnings, and Nathan immediately forgave her.

Nathan explained that Levi was a criminal, and it had killed Nathan to watch Levi tear Maxie down. Maxie wished that she had listened to her heart and not gone through with the wedding. Nathan wondered if she hadn't wanted to go through with the wedding because she'd finally seen through Levi's act. "No. Because of you," she admitted.

At the police station, Nikolas and Britt talked about their missing siblings. As Britt remarked that she trusted Anna, Liesl stormed into the station and past Britt and Nikolas.

Anna looked at the newspaper on her desk that had a headline of "Disappeared Detective?" and pictures of Nathan and Dante. On the phone, she updated Mac with all the information she had. Just then, Liesl burst into Anna's office. Anna told Mac that she would call him back and hung up the phone.

Anna informed Liesl that she was in the middle of a manhunt, so she had no time to deal with Liesl. Liesl wondered if Anna thought she would get away with destroying Liesl's family "one by one." She accused Anna of assigning Nathan to Maxie and Lulu's case because he was Liesl's son. Anna reminded Liesl that Nathan had been hired months before, and he was an "outstanding" cop. She added that using family to hurt someone was Liesl's style, not Anna's.

Liesl pleaded with Anna to "own your victory" and admit to killing Faison. "Believe what you want to believe," Anna stated. When Liesl asked her to prove that she hadn't killed Faison, Anna told Liesl that it was pathetic that Liesl was using her missing son as a way to dig for answers about a man who didn't want her. "Get out before I have you thrown out," Anna yelled. "This isn't over," Liesl said, narrowing her eyes at Anna. She left the office, and Anna slammed the door behind her.

Nikolas remarked that Britt's mother was very intimidating, but Britt told him that Liesl had been reaching out to her children. Britt mentioned that Nikolas' uncle Victor had probably helped to fuel Liesl's fire. Britt explained to a confused Nikolas that she had a theory that Victor was Nathan's father, but Liesl hadn't given Britt a straight answer.

Britt continued that Victor had given Liesl a classified file on Faison. She and Nikolas questioned how Victor had the file and why he had given it to Liesl. Britt told him that Liesl had claimed that Victor "carries a torch for her." She added that Liesl had dodged questions and then shut Britt down. She knew that her mother was hiding something because she'd seemed flustered.

Nikolas said that the career and associations of Victor had always been unclear, so it was possible that Victor had been involved with Liesl. Just then, Liesl reappeared from Anna's office, muttering that Anna was a "self-righteous murderous cow." She declared that she would find someone who could find Nathan.

Victor sat at his desk staring at the blindfold that was soaked with Nathan's blood. Just then, his phone rang, and it was Liesl. She asked him for help "locating someone" and named Nathan. He wondered why she didn't enlist the help of the police. "They can't be trusted, unlike you," she schmoozed. He agreed to help her, "on one condition. Is he my son?"

Victor yelled at a confused Liesl that he couldn't be deceived so easily. He threatened her if he found out that she'd kept his son from him. He promised to "be in touch" after the DNA test results were returned to him. He cited it as one of the perks of being the head of the WSB and hung up. Victor swabbed the inside of his mouth with a Q-tip and gave it to an assistant. He instructed that the results were to be the top priority. He looked at a file on Nathan.

On the phone, Anna asked Robert if he'd had any contact with Frisco and suggested that Frisco knew something about Peter Harrell or his son. Nikolas and Britt entered, and Anna ended her call with Robert. She informed Britt and Nikolas that the state police and the FBI were joining the search and wouldn't stop until everyone returned home safely. She promised to update them further when more information presented itself.

Britt apologized to Anna on behalf of her mother and warned that Liesl could be lethal. She blurted out that Liesl had told Britt that Anna had killed Faison. She informed Anna that Liesl had obtained classified files that claimed that Faison had never been returned to Steinmauer. Britt clarified that she didn't care one way or the other about Faison, but until the allegations were put to rest, Liesl would never leave Anna alone. Britt just wanted answers and wondered if there was any truth to Liesl's ravings.

Anna explained that Faison had chased, blackmailed, and tormented Anna for most of her life hoping to make her his. She had always refused him. After she and Robert had rescued Robert, they'd apprehended Faison. They'd had a choice between jail, which Faison had always gotten out of, or a "more lasting solution." Just then, Liesl burst into the office. "Nathan and the others, I think I know where they are," she announced.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Outside of Kelly's, Patrick prepared to tell Sam about what he had discovered at the Crichton-Clark Clinic during their visit to uncover the truth about Nina, but Emma ran out dragging Spencer behind her. Emma revealed that Spencer knew who had ordered Rafe to drive Patrick's car off the road, but Spencer refused to elaborate. Sam pulled her cousin aside to assure Spencer that he could trust them with the truth, but Spencer feared for Emma's safety. Eventually, Patrick and Sam wore Spencer down until Spencer blurted out that Luke Spencer had been responsible for the crash.

Patrick was certain that Spencer was confused, but Spencer assured Patrick that it was the truth. Patrick explained that Luke was a close family friend, but Spencer argued that Luke had arranged for the accident to keep Spencer quiet because Spencer knew Luke's secret. Patrick asked Spencer and Emma to stay with Spencer's chauffeur, Chandler, while Patrick and Sam entered the diner to talk in private.

Patrick and Sam sat down at a table then discussed the possibility that Luke might have arranged for the accident that had ultimately claimed Gabriel's life. Patrick knew that Luke had deeply regretted killing Jake, so Patrick couldn't imagine that Luke would target Emma. Sam agreed that it sounded impossible but she confessed that Luke had seemed off in recent months. She explained that Luke had been both erratic and irrational -- being nice one moment and then suddenly turning mean. Sam confessed that it also had seemed out of character for Luke to decided to get married in a very a public fashion during the Nurses Ball.

Sam suggested that she and Patrick hear what Spencer had to say before making up their minds, so Patrick fetched the children. Moments later, Patrick returned with Emma, Spencer, and Chandler. Chandler stood off to the side as Patrick and Sam questioned Spencer about why Luke had been concerned about what Spencer might say. Spencer revealed that he had gone to the barn on the night of Nikolas' engagement party to be alone because Emma had broken his heart. However, Luke had been in the barn, talking to a man about going after Sonny.

Spencer admitted that he had confronted Luke about what Spencer had overheard, so Luke had threatened to hurt Emma if Spencer told anyone. Spencer insisted that he hadn't told a soul about what he had overhead, but Luke had targeted Emma anyway. Patrick and Sam decided to talk to Anna about Luke, but Spencer panicked because he feared that Luke might retaliate by trying to hurt Emma again. Spencer begged Patrick and Sam not to say anything, so Sam suggested that she and Patrick continue to quietly investigate Spencer's claim before talking to Anna.

Spencer was relieved when Patrick agreed with Sam. Patrick suddenly noticed the time, so he offered to take Spencer to school to explain why Spencer and Emma were late. Spencer dashed off to let Chandler know, so Sam decided to take the opportunity to ask what Patrick had intended to tell her earlier because she'd had a sense that it had been important. Patrick assured her that it wasn't as important as what they had learned about Luke.

At the loft, Carly knocked on the door then entered as she let Olivia know that she was there to relieve her friend. Carly announced that she had even picked up a present for Rocco, but Carly's smile quickly vanished when she saw Sonny standing by the window, holding his grandson. Carly was curious where Olivia was, so Sonny explained that he had sent Olivia home to rest because Olivia had spent the night taking care of Rocco, who had been fussy throughout the night.

Sonny and Carly talked about Lulu and Maxie's abduction followed by Dante and Nathan's sudden disappearance. Sonny confessed that he and Olivia were terrified that Dante was in trouble, but Carly reminded Sonny that Dante was a fighter like Sonny. She was confident that Dante could handle anything that was thrown at him. Sonny thanked Carly for her words of encouragement, so she decided to leave, since Sonny had things well in hand with Rocco. Sonny asked Carly to stay as he put Rocco down for a nap. Carly explained that she couldn't because she didn't want to tempt fate or give anyone the wrong impression that she was trying to spend time with Sonny.

Sonny wasn't concerned what anyone might think, but Carly warned him that they had to be careful because Kiki had gone straight to Franco when Kiki had left Sonny's office. Cary explained that Kiki hadn't told Franco that Sonny and Carly had slept together because Carly had convinced Kiki that it would needlessly hurt Franco, since Sonny and Carly were over. However, Carly didn't want to risk Kiki changing her mind by giving Kiki any reason to doubt Carly's claims. Sonny assured Carly that he understood, but he was equally certain that Carly knew that she and Sonny weren't over. To prove his point, he kissed her.

Sonny and Carly continued to kiss until Rocco suddenly began to cry. Carly immediately pulled away and tried to leave, but Sonny begged her to stay to help with Rocco because Carly had a knack for calming a fussy child. Carly picked up Rocco, who immediately quieted down. Pleased, Sonny joined Carly on the sofa as they continued to chat and play with Rocco. Their conversation drifted to Ava when Carly confessed that she had tried to get Ava to take a paternity test.

Sonny wasn't surprised that Ava had refused to cooperate because the baby was Ava's insurance policy. Carly was curious if Sonny still intended to kill Ava after the baby was born, so Sonny explained that he owed it to Connie. Carly wondered what would become of the baby without Ava in the picture. She pointed out that their son was immature on his best day, so Morgan would not be able to raise a child if the baby turned out to be Morgan's.

Sonny reminded Carly that Morgan would have Sonny and Carly to help with the baby, but Carly was curious who would help Sonny if Sonny was the father of the baby. Sonny assured Carly that they would cross that bridge when they got to it.

At the police station, Liesl entered Anna's office to announce that she might know where Nathan, Dante, Maxie, and Lulu were. Nikolas and Britt were startled, but Anna demanded to know what Liesl was talking about. Annoyed, Liesl suggested that Anna "shut up" and listen because Liesl knew where the hostages had been taken. Anna questioned if Liesl had been involved in the theft of Aztec jewels, but Liesl denied it. Annoyed, Nikolas insisted that Liesl reveal where Lulu was.

Liesl refused to tell Nikolas and Anna anything until Britt finally intervened. Liesl conceded that she knew where the hostages were because she had called Victor for help when Anna had failed to find Nathan. Britt explained to Anna that Victor and Liesl had a past, but Anna wondered why Liesl would call Victor. Britt revealed that Victor had recently given Liesl classified documents about Cesar Faison. Stunned, Anna was curious how Victor had ended up with a file from the World Security Bureau, so Liesl smirked as she informed Anna that Victor had been in charge of the WSB for quite some time.

Anna suddenly realized that Victor had been the reason for the recent policy changes at the WSB and why she had sensed that something was wrong with the upper echelons of the organization. Anna and Liesl began to argue again until Nikolas reminded the ladies that they needed to focus on rescuing the hostages. Anna agreed then questioned Liesl about the kidnapping.

Liesl revealed that Victor had said something that had led her to believe that Victor had been behind the abduction. Britt suspected that Victor might have questioned Liesl about Nathan being Victor's son. Startled, Anna looked to Liesl for confirmation of the stunning revelation, but Liesl insisted that Nathan's paternity was irrelevant because they needed to focus on getting to the hostages. Anna demanded to know where Victor had taken the hostages, but Liesl shocked everyone by refusing to share the information until Anna told the truth about Faison's fate.

Nikolas was outraged that Liesl would bargain with his sister's life, but Liesl was unapologetic. Britt finally stepped forward to remind Liesl that Liesl had wanted to make amends to Nathan for giving him up for adoption so that Liesl could follow Faison around the world. Britt insisted that it was her mother's chance for Liesl to put her money where her mouth was. "They're all at the clinic in Scarsdale -- Crichton-Clark. Hurry, before it's too late," Liesl quietly revealed. Anna sprang into action as Britt hugged Liesl in gratitude.

At the Crichton-Clark Clinic, Victor handed one of his associates a sample of Nathan's DNA with instructions that they make the paternity test a top priority. After the woman left, Levi/Peter marched into Victor's office. Victor noticed that Peter appeared to be recovering nicely from the gunshot wound despite botching the entire operation. Peter insisted that it hadn't been his fault; he blamed Dante for shooting him and Victor for abandoning him after the abduction. Victor replied that what was done was done, but Peter was not satisfied because he wanted Dante to pay for shooting him.

Victor informed Peter that it would have to wait because Dante and Lulu were otherwise engaged. Peter was surprised when Victor revealed that Stavros had been taken out of the cryogenic stasis. Victor explained that there weren't many Cassadines left, so the least Victor could do was to give his nephew what Stavros wanted. Victor quickly filled Peter in on Stavros' plans for Dante and Lulu.

"No offense, but that guy is one sick bastard," Peter confessed. Victor chuckled because it hadn't been the first time that someone had said something similar about a Cassadine. Victor conceded that his family tended to get what they wanted, but Peter wanted to be afforded the same courtesy by having access to Dante. Victor resented Peter's attitude because Peter appeared to have forgotten that Victor was in charge. Peter argued that Victor had made certain promises to Peter, but Victor argued that there were more pressing matters to attend to.

Peter wasn't satisfied, but Victor didn't care because Victor had other guests to accommodate. Victor explained that as the head of the WSB, he had many balls in the air, not to mention a personal life. Victor cryptically revealed that he had someone else on his mind, so Peter was curious who. "Someone I thought I loved -- someone I thought I could trust, but I'm not so sure anymore," Victor answered.

In a room at the clinic, Nathan and Maxie were handcuffed to a wall. Maxie blamed herself for their predicament, but Nathan insisted that it wasn't Maxie's fault. He confessed that he had hated the way Levi had made her second-guess herself and would tear her down, so Nathan refused to let Maxie continue to do it. Maxie argued that she, Nathan, Dante, and Lulu would be safe at home if Maxie had listened to her heart instead of going through with the wedding to Levi.

Nathan and Maxie talked about Maxie's decision to marry Levi and why she had balked at the altar. Maxie told Nathan about her talk with Mac before the wedding when Mac had claimed that Nathan had feelings for Maxie. Maxie had assumed that it had been a last-ditch effort to keep Maxie from going through with the wedding, but Nathan admitted that Mac had told her the truth. Nathan confessed that he'd had feelings for Maxie from the first moment that he had laid eyes on her.

Maxie was stunned when Nathan revealed that he had been dazzled by Maxie's beauty and charm when he had first met her and that the pain he had seen in her eyes had made him want to comfort her. He realized that they had only talked for an hour before she had left for her trip to find herself, but he had never stopped thinking about her while she had been gone. Nathan confessed that Maxie had returned home on the night that Nathan had learned about Liesl and had been most in need of comforting.

Nathan and Maxie then talked about the signs that Levi hadn't been who Levi had claimed to be. Maxie regretted that she had been "stupid" enough to allow Levi to manipulate her, but Nathan argued that it wasn't her fault because Levi had exploited her heartache and pain. Maxie hated that Levi had ruined her chances to be a part of her daughter's life and that because of Maxie's choices, Nathan had ended up handcuffed to a wall. Nathan tried to make light of things by admitting that at least they'd had an opportunity to clear the air between them.

Nathan quietly asked how Maxie felt about him, so Maxie confessed that she had thought about him during the flight out of town. She admitted that she had questioned if she had made the right decision to leave town because she couldn't forget how Nathan had told her that she didn't seem so bad the way she was. Nathan assured Maxie that she wasn't. "Neither are you," Maxie replied with a soft smile. Nathan appreciated the compliment, but he pointed out that it hadn't been an answer.

Maxie explained that she couldn't answer Nathan's question because she didn't trust her feelings. Maxie confided that she had seen glimpses of the real Levi, but she had always given Levi the benefit of the doubt and blindly defended Levi to everyone around her. Maxie was grateful that Nathan had stopped the wedding, but she couldn't trust her judgment yet. Nathan conceded that the circumstances were less than ideal to explore her feelings, so he tactfully suggested that they focus on getting out. Relieved, Maxie agreed.

In another room at the clinic, Lulu was curious why Dante had been investigating Luke. Dante started to explain until the door suddenly opened. "Oh, my God. No, it can't be," Lulu said with shock. "Hello, Lulu," Stavros replied with a smug grin as he entered the room. Dante sputtered with outrage, but Stavros ignored Dante as Stavros approached Lulu. Lulu couldn't understand how Stavros could be alive, so Stavros explained that Laura's attempt to put Stavros in a deep freeze had failed because Stavros had fought his way back from the brink of death.

"For you, my Ice Princess," Stavros added with a wicked smile. Dante warned Stavros to get away from Lulu, but Stavros simply laughed as he leaned in to kiss Lulu. Lulu spit in Stavros' face, but Stavros was undaunted as he slowly wiped away the spit. Lulu threatened to scratch Stavros' eyes out if he got near her again, so Stavros confessed that he loved the feistiness she had inherited from her mother. He admitted that it was one of the things that had made him fall in love with Lulu.

Lulu denied that Stavros loved her because he didn't even know her. Stavros disagreed because they had spent time together, but Lulu argued that she had rejected Stavros. Stavros revealed that the chase was part of the appeal, but he was confident that he would soon wear her down and start a family with her. Lulu insisted that Stavros was insane because she already had a family with Dante. She almost blurted out Rocco's name, but Stavros assured her that he knew about her son with Dante.

Stavros explained that his and Lulu's child would be of noble blood rather than the blood of peasants from Bensonhurst. Dante thought that being a peasant beat being from "lunatic inbred" stock like Stavros, but Stavros refused to rise to the bait. Lulu revealed that the joke was on Stavros because he had rendered her infertile when he had put her in the cryogenic chamber. Stavros revealed that she was wrong, but Lulu insisted that she could no longer produce eggs.

Stavros shocked both Dante and Lulu by retrieving a cylinder from a freezer in the room then announcing that it was a frozen embryo. Stavros explained that he had feared that putting Lulu in the cryogenic chamber would make her infertile, so he had extracted an egg from Lulu, which he then had fertilized with his sperm. Lulu refused to have Stavros' child, but Stavros ignored her. He insisted that the cylinder contained a miracle, so all that was left was to implant it in Lulu.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

At Kelly's, T.J. happily presented Shawn and Molly each with a hoodie from Port Charles University as he talked about attending college. Molly confessed that she missed seeing T.J. at the high school, so Shawn admitted that he also missed having T.J. around. T.J. grinned as he jokingly confided to Molly that the only person who didn't miss him was Shawn's mystery girlfriend. Shawn tensed and became evasive when T.J. began to question Shawn about the woman that Shawn had been spending time with, so Shawn quickly seized the opportunity to excuse himself when his cell phone rang. T.J. offered to give Molly a tour of his new dorm at PCU, but Molly asked for a rain check because she needed to study and wasn't feeling well.

Shortly after Molly left, Shawn returned to the dining area. T.J. apologized for bugging Shawn about Shawn's mystery girlfriend but he was eager to know who the woman was. Shawn recalled Jordan warning him that T.J. couldn't find out about their affair because she feared that T.J. would be upset and cut Shawn off. However, T.J. kept pushing for information about the woman, so Shawn decided to take a chance by being honest with T.J. by confessing that he had been dating T.J.'s mother.

After T.J. recovered from the shock, he wondered what had changed between Shawn and Jordan. Shawn revealed that somewhere down, the line the anger between Shawn and Jordan had blossomed into something "more," but T.J. reminded Shawn that Shawn and Jordan worked for rival organizations and that Jordan was a drug trafficker. Shawn conceded that he hated what Jordan did for the Jeromes, but he insisted that there was a lot about Jordan that people, including T.J., didn't give her credit for.

Shawn confessed that he hoped to persuade Jordan to leave the Jerome organization, but T.J. was skeptical that Shawn would succeed. However, T.J. was curious why Shawn had told him about being involved with Jordan. Shawn conceded that Jordan had been concerned that T.J. would push Shawn away if T.J. knew the truth about Shawn and Jordan's relationship, but Shawn appreciated that T.J. was a grown man and had a right to know. Shawn assured T.J. that he loved T.J., so he hoped that Jordan's fears had been unfounded. Shawn was relieved when T.J. insisted that he didn't have any intention of cutting Shawn out of his life.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava was startled when Jordan stopped by for a visit. Jordan noticed that Ava seemed jumpy, so Ava explained that she tended to get nervous when the guards didn't call ahead to let Ava know that she had a visitor. Ava rubbed her pregnant belly as she added that her protective instincts were on high alert. Jordan appreciated Ava's concerns, but she promised Ava that she had simply wanted to drop off a present. Surprised, Ava opened the small box that Jordan handed to her. It contained several delicate good luck charms similar to the ones that Jordan had pinned next to T.J.'s crib after her son's birth.

Jordan confessed that the charms would protect Ava's baby as they had T.J., who had grown into a fine young man who was in college. Ava appreciated the gift, but she was curious why Jordan had gone through the trouble, since Jordan had tricked Ava into hiring Jordan in the first place. Jordan conceded that she had lied to Ava to get close to Julian, so Ava admitted that Julian had grown to trust Jordan. Jordan scoffed at the idea because Julian hadn't trusted Jordan enough to reveal who their boss was. Ava explained that Jordan was better off not knowing.

Jordan immediately pounced on the opportunity to pump Ava for information when she realized that Ava knew who their boss was. However, Ava refused to tell Jordan anything about their boss other than for Jordan to be careful because the man hadn't hesitated to target both Julian and Ava's children. Jordan suggested that she and Ava band together to take the man down if he was that dangerous, but Ava remained leery. Jordan switched tactics by suggesting that Ava needed to take steps to protect her unborn baby if the boss was a scourge and a sociopath as Ava had claimed.

Jordan offered to take the man down if Ava provided Jordan with a name. Ava liked the idea of Jordan going after their boss, but before Ava could reveal the man's identity, she appeared to suddenly go into labor as she clutched her stomach then cried out in agony.

At the penthouse, Alexis played with Danny until the doorbell rang. Alexis assumed that it was Diane, but it was Julian. Julian quickly assured Alexis that he wasn't there to woo her back -- as much as he would like to. Alexis appeared skeptical, so Julian showed her the text messages that he had exchanged with their daughter to prove to Alexis that Sam had agreed to allow Julian to spend time with Danny. Alexis reluctantly invited Julian inside but warned him that he couldn't stay long because Molly would be back. Alexis grabbed her things then announced that she had to leave, but Julian asked her to stay.

Alexis explained that it wasn't a good idea because she was trying to move on with her life, and she didn't want to risk Molly getting the wrong idea. Alexis reminded Julian that he had made his choice by staying in the mob, so Alexis had to do what was best for her and her family. Julian was disappointed that Alexis continued to reject him, but he was grateful that she had allowed him to spend time with Danny. Alexis conceded that, despite everything, she knew that Julian would die before allowing anything to happen to their grandson.

After Alexis left, Julian played with Danny. He assured his grandson that he would keep Danny safe then quietly confessed that Molly had been right about Ric being innocent. Moments later, Molly arrived home. She stopped short when she saw Julian then angrily demanded to know what Julian was doing there. Julian explained that Alexis had said it was okay for him to spend time with Danny, but Molly didn't care. She proceeded to rant at Julian for putting her entire family in danger and lying about Ric.

Julian assured Molly that he had never intended for Molly to be hurt or for Ric to die, but Molly argued that Julian would tell the truth about Ric if that were true. Molly implored Julian to admit that Ric had been an innocent man, but Julian couldn't. Desperate, Molly pulled out the last letter she had received from her father then read it out loud. Julian's expression clouded with guilt as he listened to how much Ric had appreciated Molly's belief in Ric's innocence. After Molly finished the letter, she informed Julian that if he truly considered them family, then he would tell the truth about Ric.

Outside Kelly's, Ned and Olivia sat at a table. Ned was curious if Olivia liked her BTL, but she confessed that she couldn't eat it after watching a documentary about what happened to pigs. Ned insisted that Olivia had to eat, but Olivia explained that she was too worried that something terrible had happened to Dante and Lulu. Ned pointed out that Olivia wore a necklace with a crucifix pendant, so he urged her to have faith that everything would work out.

Olivia smiled weakly then decided to get back to the loft to relieve Sonny, who had been watching Rocco. "God help us all if that man tries to change a diaper," Olivia added. Ned insisted that Olivia at least have a fry, so she dutifully took a bite. However, she refused to eat anything else because she didn't have an appetite. She thanked Ned for being a good friend then left.

Moments later, Alexis walked up. She noticed all the food on Ned's table, so he revealed that he and Olivia had been having lunch, but Olivia had been too concerned about Dante and Lulu to eat. Alexis sat down as she carefully asked Ned about his relationship with Olivia. Ned admitted that he and Olivia had gone to the movies together and had spent time with each other, but he added that they were just friends. Relieved, Alexis surprised Ned by suggesting that they go out on a date.

Ned wondered about Alexis' relationship with Julian, but she insisted that it was over because she couldn't accept Julian's choices. Alexis admitted that she was trying to avoid Julian, who was at the penthouse with Danny, because she was determined to move forward. Alexis confided that she had recently suggested that both she and Sam needed to find new men to date, so Alexis was curious if Ned would be interested. Ned reminded Alexis that she had once sprinted out of a church to avoid marrying him, so Alexis apologized.

Alexis regretted that she had hurt Ned in the past but she insisted that they had managed to remain friends despite their "checkered past." Alexis was pleasantly surprised when he confessed that she was the most challenging woman he had ever met then agreed to go out with her.

At the penthouse, Julian appeared on the verge of confessing the truth to Molly about her father, but he stopped himself when Alexis arrived home. Molly immediately turned her wrath on her mother by snidely suggesting that Julian was Alexis' boyfriend. Alexis insisted that she and Julian were over, but Molly didn't believe Alexis. After Molly stomped off, Julian admitted that he hoped that Molly was right about Alexis' relationship with him, but Alexis explained that she was determined to move forward then revealed that she had a date with another man.

At the Crichton-Clark Clinic, Nathan suggested that he and Maxie focus on escaping. Maxie agreed until she noticed Nathan wince in pain every time he moved. She feared that one of Victor's henchmen had broken Nathan's ribs, but Nathan insisted that he was fine. Nathan slowly stood up then looked around for something to use to pick the locks on their handcuffs. Maxie recalled their adventure on the Fourth of July when they had been handcuffed to each other, so she quietly apologized for the way she had acted that day.

Nathan admitted that he had enjoyed being handcuffed to Maxie on the Fourth of July because their adventure through the park had been fun. Maxie smiled as she softly confided that she had been disappointed when the key to their handcuffs had been found. Nathan returned her smile then shifted gears to remind Maxie that they needed to free themselves then track down Dante and Lulu.

Moments later, Nathan spotted a medical cart with an assortment of items on it, so he carefully stretched out his leg to slowly pull it closer until he could knock it over. After the items scattered to the floor, Nathan instructed Maxie to reach for a small stack of papers. He explained that they could use the paperclip on the packet to unlock the handcuffs. Maxie quickly secured the paperclip then handed it to Nathan.

Nathan immediately went to work on Maxie's handcuff. After several tense minutes, Nathan and Maxie heard a click as the handcuff was unlocked. However, one of Victor's henchmen entered the room to investigate the noise from the medical cart crashing to the floor. Maxie pretended to be handcuffed to the wall as Nathan distracted the man by demanding to speak to someone in charge. The guard looked at the mess on the floor but didn't seem concerned as Maxie asked where Dante and Lulu were. The guard refused to answer Nathan and Maxie's questions because his job was simply to make certain that Nathan and Maxie stayed put.

Victor's henchman turned then marched out the door, unaware that Nathan had managed to kick a small dumbbell that had been on the tray. The dumbbell rolled to the doorway, preventing the door from closing all the way. Maxie waited until she was assured that the guard hadn't noticed then went to work trying to pick the lock on Nathan's handcuff but the paperclip suddenly snapped. Maxie apologized, but Nathan refused to allow Maxie to blame herself. He asked her to look around for something else, but she realized that they didn't have time.

Maxie announced that she would go for help, but Nathan objected because it was too dangerous. Maxie argued that they didn't have a choice because the guard might return. Nathan knew that Maxie was right, so he asked her to promise that she would return to him. Maxie assured Nathan that she would then quietly slipped into the hallway, closing the door behind her. "Stay safe," Nathan quietly whispered.

In a nearby room, Stavros announced that he intended to have his and Lulu's frozen embryo implanted in Lulu's womb. He anticipated that their child would be born in nine month, but Lulu was outraged and accused Stavros of violating her on Cassadine Island by taking her egg. Stavros was unmoved by Lulu's fury, but Lulu informed him that she was unable to carry a child to term. Dante explained that it was the reason they had turned to Maxie as a surrogate. Stavros revealed that he knew that Lulu had recently undergone a medical procedure to make it possible for her to carry a baby to term.

Stavros began to unlock Lulu's handcuff as he gleefully suggested that she say goodbye to Dante. Lulu struggled to keep Stavros from dragging her away as Dante desperately explained that there was more to a successful pregnancy than simply implanting a frozen embryo. Lulu added that she would need to undergo a series of hormone injections before the frozen embryo could be implanted. Stavros seemed shocked by the news, so Lulu urged him to verify what she and Dante had told him. Stavros assured Lulu that he would, but he warned Lulu that even if Dante and Lulu were right, it would only delay his plans, not stop him.

After Stavros marched out of the room, Dante suggested that perhaps Stavros had lied about the frozen embryo as a way to torture Dante and Lulu. Lulu was uneasy because it was clear that Stavros was as fixated on her as ever. She admitted that she couldn't imagine having Stavros' child, so she hoped that Stavros had lied. Dante assured Lulu that he would do whatever was necessary to keep Stavros from hurting her again.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

At Silas' apartment, Rosalie listened to a voicemail message from Morgan inviting her to join him, his brother, and Kiki at Kelly's for dinner. Rosalie smiled, but Nina was not pleased because Nina expected Rosalie to seduce Michael, not Morgan. Rosalie explained that she wasn't interested in Michael, who was in a serious relationship with Kiki, but Nina didn't care because Kiki was on Nina's list. Nina insisted that the list was everything because Nina wanted everyone left on the list to feel her wrath just as Sam had. Rosalie suggested that Nina relax, but Nina reminded Rosalie that Nina had spent twenty years relaxing in a coma, so it was time for Nina to take action.

Rosalie pointed out that Nina expected Rosalie to take action despite Rosalie's reluctance to seduce Michael. Nina snidely wondered if Rosalie had another plan that would adequately punish Kiki, so Rosalie conceded that she didn't. Satisfied, Nina instructed Rosalie to meet Morgan then spend the evening prying Michael away from Kiki. "Do you understand, or do we have a problem?" Nina asked.

Rosalie sent Morgan a text message to let him know that she would join him at Kelly's then showed it to Nina as she asked if Nina was satisfied. Nina explained that she would not be satisfied until there was nothing left of Kiki except a puddle of ears and one of the "off one shoulder t-shirt" that Kiki seemed to favor. "Even I know that the Flashdance style is over," Nina said with a smirk. Rosalie argued that the 1980s look was popular again, but Nina argued that only people who lacked fashion sense would favor the style.

Nina explained what she expected Rosalie to do, but Rosalie shifted gears to ask what Nina planned to do once all the names on Nina's list had been crossed off. Nina smiled tightly as she suggested that Rosalie focus on the task at hand so Nina could cross Kiki off the list. Nina and Rosalie were startled when Silas suddenly entered the apartment. Nina quickly tucked her list away as she cheerily welcomed Silas home then announced that Rosalie had been about to leave to spend the evening with friends, at Nina's urging.

After Rosalie left, Nina asked to hear about Silas' day, but he wanted to know what he had walked in on between Nina and Rosalie. Nina feigned confusion, so Silas asked why Nina had been talking about crossing Kiki off a list. Nina smiled as she claimed that she had been referring to a Christmas list, but Silas was skeptical, since Christmas was months away. Nina claimed that for the first time since emerging from the coma, she was excited about her new circle of friends and family, including Silas and Kiki, so she wanted to shower everyone with presents and love.

Silas pointed out that it was a long time to hide a Christmas present, especially since Nina had never been good at keeping secrets, but Nina boldly asked what other kind of list she could have possibly referred to. Silas recalled his recent conversation with Sam when Sam had warned Silas that just because Sam hadn't uncovered a secret about Nina, it didn't mean that Nina wasn't hiding something. Nina noticed Silas' worried expression, so she boldly asked why Silas seemed suddenly suspicious. Silas admitted that he had talked to Sam about the business card from the Crichton-Clark Clinic.

Nina quickly reminded Silas that neither she nor Rosalie had seen the card before, so Silas conceded that he believed Nina. However, he confessed that Sam had mentioned that Sam and Patrick had gone to the clinic to investigate Nina. Nina was outraged, but Silas assured Nina that Sam hadn't found anything. Nina angrily wondered why Sam couldn't stay out of their lives and focus on building a relationship with Patrick. Silas tensed, but Nina didn't notice as she ranted about Sam then threatened to contact the American Disability Association to file an official complaint because Nina was certain that Sam's investigation was illegal and constituted harassment.

Silas calmly explained that asking questions didn't rise to the level of harassment then reiterated that Sam hadn't found anything incriminating. Nina calmed down, but she hoped that Sam and Patrick had moved on to another case. She snidely compared the couple to the wealthy couple on an early 1980s television show called Hart to Hart, but Silas had no idea what Nina was talking about. Nina excitedly suggested that Silas change into something comfortable so they could watch episodes of the show online. Silas appeared less than enthused but disappeared into the bedroom.

Nina's smile immediately vanished as she pulled out her list then muttered that there was plenty of room to put Sam back on the list, especially once Rosalie dealt with Kiki. Nina ran her fingers over Ava's name then quietly assured Ava that Ava and the baby were never far from her mind.

Across town, Patrick walked Sam to her front door then offered to leave, but Sam invited him to stay, since he didn't have to rush off to fetch Emma. Patrick agreed when she pointed out that they needed to discuss what Spencer had told them. After Sam went to check on Danny, Patrick made his way to the fireplace, where he noticed a family picture of Jason, Danny, and Sam.

A few minutes later, Sam returned to the living room to report that Danny was asleep and that her mother was exhausted from giving a rambunctious Danny a bath. Patrick joined Sam on the sofa as they began to talk about Spencer's certainty that Luke had arranged for Rafe to drive Patrick's car off the road. Patrick confessed that it was hard to believe because Luke was a family friend. Sam was surprised when Patrick admitted that he intended to talk to Anna about Spencer's claims. She warned him that Spencer's accusations might not rise to the level that would warrant a police investigation, but Patrick was confident that Anna wouldn't be a stickler for the rules under the circumstances.

Sam pointed out that she and Patrick couldn't afford to tip off Luke because Luke might go into hiding or try to cover his tracks. Patrick realized that Sam was right but he reminded her that they couldn't go after Luke by themselves. Sam agreed, but she reminded Patrick that they could corroborate Spencer's claims before going to Anna. Sam suggested that they start their investigation by going back to the night of Nikolas' party, when Luke had met with a mystery man in the stables. Patrick smiled knowingly when Sam confided that she and Silas had gone to the stables during the party, but they hadn't seen Luke.

Patrick playfully asked what Sam and Silas had done in the stables, but she ignored Patrick's questions by suggesting that they focus on identifying the mystery man. Patrick was curious who hated Sonny enough to go after him, so Sam admitted that the list was long. Patrick recalled that Ric had been trying to take Sonny down and that Ric had been at the party, but Sam reminded Patrick that Ric was dead, so they couldn't question him. Patrick feared that they were back to square one, but Sam suddenly tensed when she heard a noise. She quietly confessed that she felt like someone was watching them.

Moments later, Danny yelled "Boo" as he jumped out of his hiding spot then ran to the sofa. Patrick smiled as he picked Danny up then set the little boy on his lap. Sam grinned because she'd had a feeling that Danny had been playing possum when she had checked on him. Danny smiled sheepishly, so Sam informed her son that it was time for bed. Patrick asked if it would be okay to spend some time with Danny, playing cars. Sam quickly agreed when Patrick confided that he had bought toy cars for Gabriel that remained in boxes at home.

Later, Patrick confessed that he had never played cars with Emma, which might appear sexist, since he had never thought to ask his daughter if she would have been interested. Sam was confident that Emma would have said something if Emma had wanted to play cars with Patrick. Sam assured Patrick that he was welcome to play with Danny anytime because she knew that her son had missed out by not having Jason around. Patrick insisted that Sam was an awesome mother, but she argued that there were some things that she was not well suited for that Jason would have done with their son.

A short time later, Patrick's cell phone rang. It was Elizabeth asking Patrick if it would be okay for Emma to spend the night because the children wanted to have a sleepover. Patrick agreed, so Sam invited Patrick to stay for dinner because she wanted to discuss their next move with Luke. Patrick agreed.

Outside Kelly's, Michael and Kiki debated what to order for dinner until they noticed that Morgan was distracted with his cell phone. Morgan apologized then explained that he had been expecting to hear from someone. Michael and Kiki assumed that Morgan had been referring to news about Dante and Lulu, but Morgan surprised them by admitting that he had invited Rosalie to join them for dinner. Morgan noticed Kiki's unenthusiastic reaction, so he asked if Kiki had a problem with Rosalie. Before Kiki could reply, Morgan confided that Rosalie didn't have any friends.

Kiki suggested that perhaps Rosalie was friendless because Rosalie had a nasty attitude and a wicked tongue. Morgan appeared ready to defend Rosalie until his phone pinged. Morgan glanced down then announced that Rosalie would be joining them. Morgan warned Michael and Kiki not to give Rosalie a hard time, so Michael conceded that he was happy that Morgan had taken a break from all the work at the brownstone. Kiki agreed, prompting Morgan to become defensive as he wondered if they were suggesting that it was time for Morgan to get over Ava.

Michael assured Morgan that there wasn't a rush because Michael appreciated that Morgan had been through a lot. Kiki agreed but confessed that she and Michael had had dinner with Ava. Morgan revealed that Michael had already mentioned it, so Kiki broached the subject of Morgan trying to find a way to make peace with Ava for the sake of the baby. Kiki reminded Morgan that the baby would be part of Morgan's family regardless of who the father was, but Morgan resented Kiki trying to give him advice about Ava after the way Ava had betrayed him.

Kiki insisted that she cared about Morgan, but Morgan was tired of people claiming to care about him while breaking his heart and wrecking his life. Kiki explained that she didn't want Morgan to have any regrets by cheating himself out of spending time with the baby before it was born. Morgan appreciated that Kiki wanted everyone to get along because Ava was her mother but he warned her that it would not happen. Annoyed, Morgan decided to find their waitress, so he entered the diner. Michael started to follow his brother, but Kiki explained that it was her fault that Morgan was upset, so she should be the one to clear the air with him.

After Kiki entered the diner, Rosalie walked up. She quickly introduced herself again to Michael, so he shook her hand then explained that Morgan and Kiki would be right back. Rosalie sat down as she asked if there was a problem. Michael admitted that it was "family stuff," so Rosalie asked if it had something to do with Ava being pregnant with either Morgan or Sonny's baby. She admitted that it sounded like a Greek tragedy waiting to happen then quickly apologized when she noticed the disapproval in Michael's expression.

Rosalie explained that she wasn't trying to be flippant, so Michael conceded that it was an awkward situation that was "a little incestuous" if one thought about it too long. Rosalie recalled that Kiki had once been married to Morgan. "Okay, maybe more than a little," Michael amended. Rosalie smiled then carefully began to plant seeds of doubt about the nature of Morgan and Kiki's relationship by remarking that it seemed odd that Morgan and Kiki had been gone for quite some time. Michael assured Rosalie that Morgan and Kiki were just friends, but Rosalie appeared skeptical.

Rosalie was curious if Michael ever worried about Morgan and Kiki living together, so Michael reiterated that nothing was going on between Morgan and Kiki. Eventually, Rosalie grew impatient waiting for Morgan, so she decided to fetch a cup of coffee and find out what was taking Morgan and Kiki so long.

In the diner, Kiki apologized to Morgan. She promised him that her advice had been intended for his benefit not her mother's, so Morgan explained that even though he knew Kiki was right, he wasn't ready to hear her advice. Kiki promised to repeat what she'd said when he was ready to hear it then asked if he could forgive her. Morgan assured Kiki that he could, so she hugged him.

Morgan and Kiki sat down at the counter then talked about Carly. Kiki was grateful that Morgan had kept her secret because Carly had begged Kiki not to say anything to Franco about Carly and Sonny sleeping together. Neither Morgan nor Kiki realized that Rosalie had entered the diner in time to overhear the shocking secret.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava explained that she needed time to consider Jordan's offer to take down their boss, but Jordan warned Ava that time was of the essence. Jordan suggested that Ava at least reveal the identity of their boss so Jordan could get things rolling, but Ava suddenly cried out in pain as she clutched her stomach. Concerned, Jordan helped Ava to the sofa then asked Ava what was wrong. Ava confessed that it might be the baby but changed her mind when the pain quickly subsided. Jordan remained worried, but Ava insisted that she was fine.

Moments later, Ava started to stand up but cried out when another wave of pain washed over her. Jordan decided that Ava needed to get to the hospital, so Jordan called out for a guard. When the guard appeared, Jordan ordered him to fetch the car.

At the nurses' station, Felix caught Sabrina reading Ava's medical file. Sabrina claimed that she had merely been cleaning up, so Felix offered to take over. Sabrina snapped that she was perfectly capable of taking care of Britt's patient files without having another breakdown. Felix assured Sabrina that he knew that she was more than capable then started to leave.

Sabrina quickly apologized for the way she had talked to Felix then conceded that it bothered her that someone like Ava, a reputed mob figure who had done terrible things, was pregnant and would have a baby while Sabrina had been forced to bury her own son. Felix agreed that it wasn't fair, but he promised Sabrina that she and Gabriel would get the justice they deserved.

Felix asked about Sam's investigation into the crash, so Sabrina claimed that there hadn't been any new leads. Felix confided that he had heard that Sam was the "real deal" as a private investigator, but Sabrina explained that Sam hadn't uncovered anything yet. Felix suggested that Sabrina give it some time because he was confident that Sam would find the person who had put Rafe behind the wheel of the car.

Moments later, Jordan and Ava, flanked by two bodyguards, exited the elevator. Felix rushed to help Ava into a wheelchair as Ava cried out in pain. Jordan quickly filled Felix in about Ava's sudden onset of pain then revealed that they hadn't been able to reach Britt. Sabrina followed Felix and Ava to an examination room to get Ava settled. Ava was uncomfortable with Sabrina in the room, but Felix assured Ava that Ava was in good hands then left to page a doctor.

Sabrina lacked any sympathy for Ava as Ava continued to cry out in pain. Sabrina cryptically assured Ava that she had familiarized herself with Ava's file so there wasn't anything about Ava that Sabrina didn't know. Ava appeared to sense an underlying message, but she was seized by another spasm of pain. Sabrina coldly watched as Ava begged for something to ease the pain. Sabrina offered to fetch Ava ice chips or a stress ball, but Ava wasn't satisfied, so Sabrina suggested calling the father of Ava's baby.

Ava reluctantly admitted that there wasn't anyone to call then cried out in pain again. Sabrina glared at Ava until Ava demanded a doctor, so Sabrina informed her that the attending physician would arrive soon. Worried, Ava asked what Sabrina thought might be wrong with Ava. Sabrina coldly suggested that it could be a ligament issue, cramps, or Braxton Hicks contractions -- or Ava might be having a miscarriage. Horrified, Ava had finally had enough of Sabrina's attitude.

Ava felt bad that Sabrina had lost her baby, but Ava insisted that it hadn't given Sabrina the right to be insensitive. Sabrina yelled that she hadn't lost her baby; her baby had been murdered. Ava started to reply, but the doctor entered the room then told Sabrina that he would take it from there.

Meanwhile, Jordan asked Felix how Ava was. Felix explained that everything appeared to be fine, but a doctor would have to examine Ava to determine if there was a concern. The bodyguards started to walk to the examination room, but Felix stopped them. Jordan objected, but Felix insisted that Ava needed to remain calm. Jordan explained that the bodyguards protected Ava, but Felix refused to let the men near Ava's examination room.

Jordan hoped Felix didn't treat the patients with the same disrespect that he had shown Jordan, but Felix was unapologetic as he admitted that he only treated drug dealers with disdain. Felix was curious how Jordan slept at night when she peddled "smack" to kids who turned into addicts. Jordan resented the question, but Felix accused her of exacerbating a stereotype of black drug dealers.

Jordan suggested that Felix turn the mirror on himself because she was certain that Felix had cultivated a few of his own clichés. "Miss Mouth," she added. Felix explained that T.J. was a friend of his, so Felix was curious if Jordan had ever considered how her choices had affected her son. They continued to trade words until Ava walked up. Ava revealed that she had suffered "pre-term contractions" but they were harmless.

At the nurses' station, Sabrina watched as Ava assured Jordan that Ava simply needed to rest. Jordan was relieved when Ava added that Ava and the baby were fine. "Only for the moment, Ava," Sabrina quietly said as she watched Ava enter the elevator.

Friday, September 12, 2014

At the police station, two reporters cornered Mac and Felicia, asking for a statement about the abduction of their daughter. Mac explained that it wasn't the right time, but the reporters were undaunted. One of the reporters revealed that there were rumors that Frisco had been behind the kidnapping, but Mac defended Frisco by denying that Frisco was involved. The other reporter was curious if Felicia had decided to suspend her campaign for mayor because of Maxie's kidnapping, but Felicia assured the man that she was confident that her daughter would be returned home safe and sound.

Mac and Felicia were shocked when one of the reporters asked what would happen to Felicia's campaign if Maxie were found dead. Furious, Mac took a swing at the reporter for the insensitive question as a photographer snapped a picture. Felicia pulled Mac away then dragged him into Anna's office.

Felicia was shaken by the question because she feared that the worst might happen to their daughter. Mac assured Felicia that he felt it in his heart that Maxie was still alive. Felicia calmed down then fetched Mac some ice for his hand, but she was too nervous to sit still, so she began to straighten up Anna's office. Moments later, Felicia noticed a file on Anna's desk that had a picture of Felicia's ex-fiancé, Peter Harrell, on the inside.

Felicia confessed that she hadn't thought of Peter in forever, so it was hard for her to imagine that she had actually been engaged to the man. She admitted that she had thought she had seen the last of Peter because she had assumed that Peter had been dead. Felicia feared that the sins of the mother had been visited upon the daughter because of the Aztec jewels, but Mac refused to allow Felicia to blame herself. Felicia was filled with regret for being a "crummy" mother and then trying to make up for it by encouraging Maxie to marry Levi.

Mac insisted that Maxie adored Felicia, but Felicia believed that she should have done more for Maxie. Mac reminded Felicia that he had been at the wedding, too, but he had failed to stop Maxie from marrying Levi. He pointed out that Maxie was an adult who had to make her own mistakes, but he reminded Felicia that their daughter was a force of nature and always landed on her own two feet.

In Scarsdale, NY, Anna and Liesl sat in a surveillance van outside the Crichton-Clark Clinic. Liesl was relieved that they were finally in a position to extract her son from the clinic, but she blamed Anna for the mess that Nathan was in. Anna reminded Liesl that Maxie, Lulu, and Dante were also hostages then denied any role in the abduction. Liesl and Anna began to bicker until Anna suggested that they put the blame where it belonged -- Victor. Anna believed that they were lucky that global domination wasn't Victor's only pursuit; he also had eyes for Liesl, which Anna intended to use to their advantage.

Anna peered through her binoculars to study the clinic but she became frustrated when she failed see any sign of the hostages. "Did you think they'd be waving from the window?" Liesl asked. Anna rolled her eyes then carefully explained that she had hoped to spot something that would corroborate Liesl's claims because Anna needed evidence to enlist the help of local law enforcement. Anna decided to send Liesl in to get the lay of the land, but she warned Liesl that Liesl would be wired, so Anna would be listening carefully.

In Victor's office, Victor was on the phone with one of his minions, demanding to know why the DNA test results were not ready. He insisted that the director of the World Security Bureau shouldn't have to wait for a paternity test. Victor growled that he would not accept any more excuses then slammed the phone down. Afterwards, he took a deep breath then picked up Jason's file, but his patience was quickly tested when Stavros marched in demanding to talk about Lulu.

Annoyed, Victor informed Stavros that just because they were family, it didn't mean that Stavros was exempt from knocking. Stavros refused to apologize because he was upset that Lulu hadn't been "jubilant" about the prospect of having Stavros' child, and she had revealed that the implantation wouldn't bear fruit unless she underwent hormone treatments. Victor had no idea if the latter was true or not, so Stavros reached for a file on Victor's desk, assuming that it was Lulu's medical file. Victor quickly snatched the file away from Stavros but admitted that it was Jason's file, not Lulu's.

Victor reminded Stavros that Jason had been in a similar condition as Stavros and Helena, but the mention of Helena's name quickly distracted Stavros because he wanted his mother to be awakened. "Stay focused," Victor ordered then explained that there were big plans for Jason once Jason was back on his feet. Stavros only cared about Lulu having his baby then muttered that he wished his mother were there. "Well, she's not," Victor snapped.

Victor admitted that he was getting tired of indulging Stavros' baby plans because Victor had only agreed to help Stavros out of respect to Victor's brother, Mikkos. However, Victor promised that Stavros would get everything Stavros wanted in time, but Stavros would have to be patient. Victor ignored Stavros' scowl and suggested that Stavros get some rest because it was clear that his nephew was not back to full strength yet. Stavros promised to return in the morning then left Victor's office.

In the hallway, Stavros suddenly flashed a sinister smile then walked away as if on a mission.

In Victor's office, Victor was reading Jason's file when an underling named William entered. Victor immediately asked if the paternity test results were back, but William admitted that they weren't. Irritated, Victor demanded to know what William wanted, so William revealed that Liesl Obrecht was there to see Victor. Victor smiled as he asked William to show Liesl in before checking on Jason.

Meanwhile, Liesl listened through a small earpiece as Anna instructed Liesl to confirm that Victor had the hostages and to find the exact location of each hostage. Liesl insisted that she had understood the orders the previous times Anna had given them. Moments later, William fetched Liesl.

After the door closed, Victor confessed that Liesl's visit was an unexpected surprise then asked why she was there. "My son," Liesl answered. "You mean our son," Victor carefully corrected her.

In one of the rooms, Nathan tried to find a way to break away from the wall he was handcuffed to, but his thoughts were on Maxie. "Please be okay, Maxie," Nathan said before he redoubled his efforts. Moments later, Levi/Peter entered the room. Peter smiled smugly as he asked if Nathan had thought he'd seen the last of Peter. Peter's question was forgotten as he noticed that Maxie was missing. Peter immediately pulled a gun then aimed it at Nathan as he demanded to know where Maxie was. Nathan refused to tell Peter then invited Peter to shoot him.

Peter admitted that he was tempted because Nathan had been a thorn in Peter's side for a long time. However, Victor wanted Nathan alive. Nathan glared at Peter as he accused Peter of messing up Maxie's life, but Peter argued that Levi had been the man of Maxie's dreams for several months. Nathan doubted that Maxie would have fallen for Peter's act if she hadn't been in a bad place and vulnerable. "Probably, but she did," Peter replied without a hint of remorse.

Peter was certain that he had fooled Nathan, as well, but Nathan quickly clarified that he had known from the start that something had been off with Peter. Nathan explained that the "new age crap" Peter had spewed had been like an ill-fitting suit because nothing had seemed sincere. Peter was curious why Nathan hadn't said anything if that had been true, but Nathan didn't have an answer. Peter smiled knowingly because he suspected that Nathan's instincts had been unreliable because Nathan knew that his judgment had been clouded by jealousy. Peter was certain Nathan might still be jealous, so Nathan admitted that Peter was right because Nathan wished that he was the one holding the gun.

Nathan revealed that he wanted payback for everything Peter had done to Maxie, including keeping her away from her daughter. Peter simply smiled then advised Nathan to get used to the accommodations because Nathan would be there for a while. Alarmed, Nathan demanded to know where Peter was going. Peter grinned as he informed Nathan that he intended to find Maxie because Victor hadn't given any instructions about her.

A short time later, a guard checked on Nathan but became concerned when he noticed that Maxie was missing. The guard advanced on Nathan to ask where Maxie was, so Nathan seized the element of surprise by using the long chain between his handcuffed wrists to overpower and knock out the guard. Once the guard was unconscious, Nathan quickly swiped a keycard and the key to unlock the handcuffs.

In Victor's office, Victor assured Liesl that he would soon have the results of a paternity test to confirm that Nathan was his son. Liesl demanded to know if Victor was in league with Peter Harrell, so Victor admitted that Peter was one of his agents. Anna tried to direct the conversation by instructing Liesl what to ask, but Liesl became annoyed. After Liesl removed the earpiece, she admitted that Nathan was Victor's son then explained that she had been forced to hide Nathan's existence because Cesar would never had forgiven Liesl for giving birth to another man's son.

Victor was furious that he had been denied an opportunity to know his son because of Cesar but Victor's rant was suddenly cut short when Nathan stormed into the office with a gun and demanded to know where Maxie was. "Come now, Nathan. You wouldn't shoot your own father?" Victor asked his son.

Elsewhere, Maxie carefully made her way through the clinic, looking for a phone to call for help. She ducked out of sight when she saw a doctor and several guards leave a patient's room. Once the coast was clear, she slipped into the room she had seen the doctor exit. Maxie quietly called out to the patient but didn't get a response, so she moved the curtain aside and saw a man on a bed. The man's eyes darted around the room in apparent confusion, so Maxie introduced herself then explained that she needed to make a phone call because it was an emergency.

The man's gaze finally landed on Maxie but he called her Felicia. Maxie became alarmed when he suddenly grabbed her wrist, so she wrenched it out of his grip then fled to the door. However, Maxie stopped short when she saw Peter standing in the doorway. He grabbed her by the arm then announced that he wanted to introduce her to his father. Maxie was shocked when she realized that the patient was her mother's ex-fiancé, Peter Harrell Sr., who had once terrorized her parents. Peter informed Maxie that she had it wrong; her "innocent, can-do-no-wrong parents" had shot Peter Sr. in the head.

According to Peter, Peter Sr. had made a seemly full recovery, carved out a life, and had even had a child, but a bullet fragment had migrated over time to a part of the brain that had been too delicate to operate on without killing his father. As Peter told the story, Peter Sr. kept muttering Felicia's name, so Peter explained to his father that Maxie was Frisco and Felicia's daughter. "Thank you, son, for bringing her to me. Now it's time for her to die." Peter Sr. replied, to Maxie's horror.

In another room at the clinic, Lulu desperately tried to tear her handcuffs loose from the bar that she had been secured to, but Dante urged her to calm down. Lulu explained that she couldn't relax knowing that Stavros wanted to impregnate her with the embryo that Stavros had created. Lulu admitted that she felt as if they were in a freak alternate universe, so Dante confessed that he had never imagined that they would have to deal with Stavros again. Lulu thought it was some kind of twisted joke that Stavros had robbed her of the ability to have children, yet he had managed to secure an egg from her then create an embryo using his sperm.

Lulu couldn't believe that the embryo was a part of her but also a part of Stavros, which made her sick thinking about it. Dante promised Lulu that Stavros wouldn't succeed with the outrageous scheme because they had managed to throw a wrench in Stavros' plans by mentioning the hormone injections. Dante hoped that learning about the necessary step had been enough to change Stavros' mind about proceeding with the implantation, but Lulu feared that she and Dante had only bought themselves a little time because Stavros wasn't the type to give up.

Dante vowed that he would not let Stavros touch Lulu, but Lulu pointed out that it wasn't a promise he could keep because they were both at Stavros' mercy. Moments later, Stavros entered the room, followed by a woman named Dr. Young. Stavros conceded that Lulu had been correct about the hormone injections, so he had asked Dr. Young to start the treatments. Lulu's eyes filled with tears as she tried to assure Dante that it would be okay, but Dante was horrified at what Stavros and the doctor intended to do.

Dante screamed "No!" as the doctor stuck Lulu with the needle. Afterwards, Dante asked if Lulu was okay, but Lulu glared at Stavros as she demanded that Stavros leave, since Stavros' business was done. Stavros smirked as he informed Dante and Lulu that Lulu would be leaving with Stavros and Dr. Young.

Meanwhile, William asked Jason's doctor for an update. The doctor explained they had been forced to restrain Jason because Jason had failed to cooperate. In the bed, Jason fought to break free.

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