General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 25, 2014 on GH

Levi's true identity as Peter Harrell was revealed. Franco caught Bobbie in a lie. Sabrina paid Carlos a visit in jail. Nina learned that she was in menopause and unable to conceive a child. Ava had a change of heart about killing Michael.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 25, 2014 on GH
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Monday, August 25, 2014

At the hospital, Kiki offered to reschedule her and Michael's dinner plans with Ava if Michael wanted to spend more time with Alice. He insisted that it was all right because Alice and Morgan were watching wrestling, and Michael didn't understand any of it. He wondered where Ava was taking them. Kiki clarified that Ava had invited them to her penthouse. Kiki knew Michael wasn't a fan of Ava but told him that Ava had been "trying."

Michael assured Kiki that he was willing to try getting along with Ava for Kiki's sake and for the baby's sake. He admitted that he wasn't sure about going to Ava's because that was where A.J. had been shot. Kiki decided to cancel the plans, but Michael stopped her. He suggested that going to Ava's penthouse might give him some closure. As far as he was concerned, Carlos "got off easy," and A.J.'s killer deserved to be "rotting in the ground."

Ava entered her penthouse with two guards, who were carrying shopping bags. Julian reminded her of how risky it had been to leave. She informed Julian that Michael and Kiki would be over for dinner that night, and she'd "needed supplies." Julian wondered how Ava could possibly kill Michael when Kiki would be there as well. She pulled a vial out of her purse.

Ava explained that one of her old contacts had given her the name of a "botanist gone bad." She continued that not many people knew that oleander was toxic and that any coroner would miss it in an autopsy unless it was specifically searched out. She told Julian that, after eating the poisoned chocolate mousse, Michael would most likely die painlessly in his sleep, and it would look like he'd died of sudden heart failure. Ava only hoped that she were still around to help Kiki through the aftermath.

A short while later, Ava opened the door to Kiki and Michael, who gave Ava a bottle of sparkling cider. As Ava went to put it in the fridge, Kiki told Michael that they didn't have to stay. Ava returned as Julian entered the room. Kiki wasn't happy to see her uncle, and Ava pushed him out the door. Before he left, he wondered if Ava would be all right. She told him that she had no choice and shut the door.

A little while later, Ava, Kiki, and Michael ate in an uncomfortable silence. Kiki made small talk about the baby. Ava assured Michael that she'd never meant to hurt Morgan. "Doesn't change the fact that you did," he answered. Michael told Ava that, no matter what, the baby was part of his family, and he intended to be there until the child was grown up.

Ava noticed that Michael had hardly touched his food and asked if there was something wrong. Michael confessed that he'd been wondering where in the apartment A.J. had been shot. Ava claimed that she didn't know and apologized on behalf of Carlos, her former employee. Kiki assured Ava that they knew she'd had nothing to do with A.J.'s death.

When dinner was over, Kiki wondered how Michael was doing. "I couldn't avoid it forever," he replied. Just then, Ava carried out the chocolate mousse and hoped that they'd saved room for dessert.

On the phone, Sonny advised Shawn to keep an eye on Julian. Dante entered the office, and Sonny hung up the phone. Dante knew that he'd been harsh to Sonny recently, but he needed a favor. He updated Sonny on what had happened at Maxie's wedding, and Sonny offered to help in any way he could. Dante needed Sonny's help finding Lulu and Maxie.

Dante explained that Levi and Scribner's plan seemed to have been "months in the making." He wondered if Sonny knew anyone who could have been Levi's contacts. Sonny remembered that he'd heard about some people selling "museum-quality artifacts to private collectors." He advised Dante to talk to Coleman about it. Coleman had had some financial trouble and had sold the Floating Rib to Mac. Dante wondered if Coleman had been working in the black market to "make ends meet."

Later, over the phone, Sonny ordered Max to "stay on top of this" because he wanted Lulu found. A guard knocked on the door and told Sonny that he had a visitor. Sonny claimed to be too busy, but the guard assured Sonny that it was someone he'd want to see. "It's been a long time," Julian said as he entered the office.

At the police station, Nikolas yelled at someone over the phone that he'd hired them to find Lulu. He hung up and told Elizabeth and Britt that Levi had already had "too much lead time." Britt assured Nikolas that, with Dante and Nathan on the case, she was sure there would be good news soon. Elizabeth agreed that there was no reason to not believe that Lulu and Maxie were all right.

Just then, two cops exited the station, talking about a "floater." Nathan entered and informed Nikolas, Britt, and Elizabeth that the body had been that of a jumper from a footbridge. Nikolas wondered if there were any signs that Lulu and Maxie had survived, but Nathan told him that there was no evidence either way. Elizabeth assured Nikolas that both women were resourceful, especially when they were together.

A few minutes later, Britt and Nathan talked in the interrogation room. Nathan confided that he thought he was to blame. Britt reassured her brother and observed that it sounded like he liked Maxie as more than a friend. He didn't know if Maxie felt the same way and feared that it was too late to find out. Britt advised her brother to "take a page" from Obrecht. She told him that Obrecht never backed down and had passed the trait on to her children.

"Go find the girls," Britt told Nathan and hugged him. He thought he should check in with Dante but noticed that he had a text from Dante about a lead at the Floating Rib.

Nikolas was frustrated that his private security firm was worth so much money, but they weren't any closer to finding Lulu and Maxie than the police. Elizabeth assured him that the girls were safe. Nikolas appreciated her call. She wished he hadn't been alone when he'd heard the news about Lulu. Nikolas admitted that Britt had been with him but explained that she needed to stay in the guest room that night. Elizabeth excused herself to check on her kids.

"You should have seen his face when he heard his sister was in trouble," Britt told Elizabeth about Nikolas. Elizabeth accused Britt of using a tragedy to get closer to Nikolas. Britt only wanted to make sure there were no "hard feelings." Elizabeth told Britt that Nikolas had said he'd let Britt stay in his guest room. "Did he tell you that right when you called, we were about to have sex?" she asked a stunned Elizabeth.

Olivia and Ned arrived at the Floating Rib and discussed the movie they'd just seen. She thanked Ned for the dinner and movie. She added that Dante would probably thank Ned too for distracting Olivia enough for her to stop "smothering" them. Olivia talked about the memories she had of going to the movie theatre as a girl and wondered what Ned had done for fun. "Aunt Monica," he stated.

Ned explained to a confused Olivia how he'd had an affair with Monica before he'd found out that she was his aunt, "by marriage," he clarified. Coleman walked up to the bar, and Olivia was happy to see him. He informed her that he was covering Mac's shift since he'd been shot. He added how hard it was for Felicia to keep Mac in bed at the hospital. A shocked Olivia asked what had happened, and Coleman told her about Maxie's eventful wedding. Olivia wondered why Dante hadn't told her that Lulu had been kidnapped. Ned suggested that Dante had been busy looking for Lulu and Maxie. Olivia wanted to go to the police station.

Just then, Dante stormed into the bar. Olivia tried to talk to him, but Dante ran over to Coleman and pinned the man down on the pool table. He threw Coleman against the wall and demanded that he start talking about his "black market antiques." Coleman swore that he hadn't known anyone would be kidnapped or hurt. Nathan entered the bar and joined Dante.

Dante reminded Coleman that Lulu and Maxie together were "related to every major player on both sides of the law." "Times are tough," Coleman began. He explained that he'd only been in it for the profit, and he hadn't known things would go so far. He said that Levi and Scribner were supposed to call him in order to sell him Felicia's Aztec jewelry, but he'd never heard from them. After that, he'd heard about the boat sinking and related that things had gotten out of hand.

Olivia began yelling at Coleman, and she lunged at him, but Ned pulled her away. She hoped that Coleman got locked up for his part in the crime. She promised him that, "If they don't find the girls without a scratch, I'll make you wish you were dead."

At the safe house, Maxie tried to get the restraints off her wrists. She finally succeeded in ripping apart the rope but quickly replaced her hand when she heard someone approaching. Levi entered, and Maxie demanded to know where Lulu was. He only smiled. She vowed to kill him if he'd hurt Lulu and informed him that karma did exist. When Scribner kicked the front door open, Levi put down his gun to go help.

Lulu walked in behind Scribner, carrying supplies that the captors had needed help with. Maxie stealthily reached for the gun but knocked it over. Lulu sat in her chair and grabbed the gun, pointing it at Levi and Scribner. Levi called her bluff, but she informed them that she'd killed someone in self-defense before, and she would do whatever it took to get away.

As Lulu went on about how she had good aim, Levi took the gun from the back waistband of Scribner's pants, unnoticed. Maxie finished untying herself and seconded Lulu's story. "Fun's over," Levi said as he walked over to Maxie, gun pointing straight at her "donor heart."

Moments later, Levi and Scriber tied Lulu and Maxie to their chairs even tighter than before. They walked away to eat. Levi instructed Scribner to eat fast, because the "buyer" would be there soon. Lulu apologized to Maxie for backing down to Levi, but Maxie put all the blame on herself. She revealed that she'd not only wanted to change for herself and Georgie, but also in order to show Lulu that Maxie was worthy of their friendship. She lamented that Levi had known exactly who he'd needed to be in order to dupe Maxie.

Lulu assured Maxie that no one could have suspected that Levi was a con artist and a thief. She told Maxie that their only way out was to stay strong and make a plan. She thought that if they could get close enough together, she could untie Maxie. Just then, Levi and Scribner returned. Lulu thought that, since they had the Aztec jewels, they had no need to keep the women anymore. Levi talked about the fun he and Maxie had had, but Maxie disclosed that Levi had been "below average in the sack."

Obviously offended and self-conscious, Levi told Maxie to stop talking. Scribner said that they would let the girls go once their transaction was completed. "Sure we will," Levi said sarcastically. "What's that supposed to mean?" Scribner asked. Levi admitted that he hadn't been honest with Scribner and revealed that he had no intention of letting Lulu and Maxie go. He took out his gun.

Later, Dante and Nathan arrived outside the safe house. Dante kicked in the door, and both men pointed their guns into the house. "Oh, God," Dante said, looking down into the house.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

At the hospital, Carly's thoughts drifted to her passionate night with Sonny, but she quickly pushed the memory away as Franco walked up. Franco immediately sensed that Carly was troubled, so he asked her what was wrong. Carly pasted on a smile as she assured him that she was fine then invited him to dinner. She explained that she wanted to apologize and make up for the romantic dinner he had missed a few nights earlier, but Franco argued that it hadn't been her fault. Franco insisted that he owed her the apology because he had been wrong to accuse her of spending time with Sonny when in truth Carly had simply had dinner with her mother, Bobbie.

Carly tried to hide her guilt behind a brittle smile as she assured Franco that he wasn't to blame because she had caused him unnecessary anxiety by not telling him about Sonny's kiss. Relieved, Franco kissed Carly. Afterwards, he apologized then presented her with the floral arrangement that David Otunga and Jennifer Hudson had sent to Alice as a get-well gift. Carly smiled with delight as she snatched up the card then read it. Franco dutifully followed behind explaining to her who David and Jennifer were.

At the Floating Rib, a police officer assured Ned and Olivia that Coleman had been taken to the police station. Olivia wanted to make certain that Coleman stayed behind bars for his role in Lulu and Maxie's abduction, so the police officer nodded. After the police officer left, Ned reminded Olivia that Coleman had made a full confession to abetting Levi, so it was unlikely that Coleman would get out of jail anytime soon. Olivia appeared to relax as she thanked Ned for being there for her.

Moments later, Tracy strolled into the bar. Ned approached his mother to ask for a private word, but Tracy was in a foul mood. Tracy accused Olivia of being Ned's "Bensonhurst bimbo" then threatened to sue the hotel if Olivia decided to evict Tracy from Metro Court to please Ned. Eventually, Ned sternly ordered his mother to "shut up" because he had something to tell her. Tracy's annoyance quickly turned to shock when Ned revealed that Lulu had been kidnapped.

Olivia decided to call Sonny to let Sonny know about the abduction, so Ned asked how his mother was holding up because he knew Tracy loved Lulu. "Like a daughter," Tracy confirmed. Ned gently suggested that Tracy get in touch with Luke to let Luke know about what had happened to Lulu.

Later, Tracy left a voicemail message asking Luke to return her call as quickly as possible because it was an emergency. After she ended the call, Ned asked if she'd had any luck reaching Luke. Tracy admitted that she had tried to contact Luke by email, text messages, and phone calls, so short of talking into "a tin can with a very long string," she had done everything possible to reach her wayward husband. Ned offered to ask ELQ's security team to track Luke down, but Tracy quickly declined because she insisted that Luke was not missing. Ned conceded that he despised Luke, but he thought Luke had a right to know about Lulu.

Franco and Carly entered the bar in time to hear Ned's remark about Lulu, so Carly immediately asked what was going on. Ned broke the news to Carly about Lulu's abduction, so Carly decided to reach out to Sonny. Ned assured Carly that it wasn't necessary because Olivia had already notified Sonny. Franco suggested that he and Carly head to the police station to check for an update, but Carly was reluctant to leave because she had promised Franco a romantic evening. Franco assured Carly that he would take a rain check.

After Franco and Carly left, Tracy called Luke again, but the phone call went to voicemail. Tracy left Luke another urgent message, so Ned reminded his mother that the offer to look for Luke was still open. Tracy flatly refused to consider it because she was confident that Luke would return her phone calls.

At Corinthos Coffee, Sonny dismissed his bodyguard then demanded to know why Julian had stopped by. Julian explained that he wanted to help Sonny keep Sonny's loved ones alive, but Sonny took that as a threat. Julian clarified that he simply wanted to broker a truce with Sonny because the territory was big enough for both Julian and Sonny. Sonny rejected Julian's offer in part because Julian sold drugs. However, Sonny was curious what had motivated Julian's desire for a truce, so Julian blamed it on seeing Lucas shot, holding his bleeding son in his arms, and Alexis' house being burned to the ground.

According to Julian, he didn't want his loved ones getting caught in the crossfire, but Sonny resented the remark because Sonny had never taken aim at anyone in Julian's family. "Can you say the same for me and mine?" Sonny asked. Sonny insisted that he and Julian had a different code of honor and methods for handling things, so there would never be any peace between their organizations until Julian was dead. Julian was disappointed because he had hoped that common sense would prevail, especially with the lives of Sonny's family on the line. Resigned, Julian vowed to find another way to coexist with Sonny in the same territory, but Sonny was confident that one day Julian and Ava would be nothing more than a distant bad memory.

Sonny ordered Julian to leave, so Julian agreed. "Don't say I never warned you," Julian said as he walked out. After Julian left, Olivia called Sonny to let him know about Lulu's abduction. Sonny confessed that he already knew about the kidnapping, so Olivia filled him in about Coleman's agreement to fence the stolen jewelry for Levi. Sonny suggested that he and Olivia meet at the police station to wait for word from their son. Olivia worried about Lulu, but Sonny assured Olivia that Levi wouldn't be foolish enough to incur Sonny's wrath by killing Lulu.

At the police station, Lucy asked a police officer if there had been any news about Maxie and Lulu, but the police officer shook his head. Frustrated, Lucy demanded to talk to Anna, but Scott walked up instead. He assumed that Lucy was there to see him, but she quickly clarified that she had stopped by to find out if there had been a break in the search for Maxie and Lulu. Scott admitted that there wasn't anything new to report, so Lucy confided that she couldn't help but imagine how she and Scott might have felt if their daughter, Serena, had been abducted like Maxie and Lulu.

Scott led Lucy to the interrogation room as he assured her that their daughter was smart and strong, much like Maxie and Lulu. Lucy relaxed when he promised her that they had done a good job raising their daughter just as Maxie and Lulu's parents had. Scott reached out to give Lucy a comforting hug, but she quickly pushed him away with a stern warning not to touch her.

Lucy reminded Scott that he had yet to make a decision about whether he wanted to have a relationship with her or Bobbie. Lucy refused to allow Scott to touch her until she had her answer, but Scott insisted that he hadn't had time to think about it because of everything that had been going on. Lucy was hurt and disappointed because she wanted Scott to pick her, but Scott argued that he couldn't rush things because it was a major life decision. Lucy started to respond, but Scott cut her off to answer a call from Anna.

Moments later, Franco and Carly arrived as Lucy followed Scott into the squad room. Carly immediately demanded an update on Maxie and Lulu's abduction, but Scott explained that he didn't answer to Carly. Franco interceded by playing the "Dad-card," so Scott admitted that Dante and Nathan had entered the cabin. Scott filled everyone in on what had transpired at the cabin.

A short time later, Sonny and Olivia entered the squad room. Scott promised to keep everyone posted on any new developments then left. Lucy followed Scott to the hallway to warn him that she wouldn't wait indefinitely for his answer, so she urged him not to wait too long because he might end up losing both Lucy and Bobbie. After Lucy left, Franco approached his father to thank Scott for the update. As they spoke, Franco mentioned Scott's nightcap with Bobbie a few nights earlier, but Scott had no idea what Franco was referring to.

Meanwhile, Carly urged Sonny to make some phone calls to help find Lulu, so Olivia assured Carly that Sonny had already taken care of that. Sonny advised Carly to be patient and to trust that Dante wouldn't let anything stop him from finding Lulu.

In the woods, Dante and Nathan entered the cabin where Levi and his accomplice had taken Maxie and Lulu. However, the cabin was unoccupied. Dante became alarmed when he noticed blood on the floor. Nathan worried that it might be Maxie or Lulu's blood, but Dante warned Nathan that they couldn't afford to think that way. Both men went on high alert when they heard a noise in the next room.

Moments later, Jeffrey Scribner, Levi's accomplice, stumbled into the room, clutching a gunshot wound in his lower abdomen. Nathan rushed to Jeffrey's side as Jeffrey collapsed.

Dante immediately searched the rest of the cabin as Nathan tried to get Jeffrey to wake up. Jeffrey's eyes slowly opened as Dante returned to the room, so Dante demanded to know what had happened. Jeffrey explained that Levi had turned on him when Jeffrey had assured Maxie and Lulu that the women would be released after the jewelry had been fenced. Levi had informed Jeffrey that the plans had changed, so Jeffrey had made it clear that he would not hurt Maxie and Lulu. According to Jeffrey, Levi had shot him. Dante tried to question Jeffrey further, but Levi's accomplice had lost consciousness again.

After Jeffrey was transported to General Hospital via ambulance, Dante and Nathan continued to search the cabin for possible clues that might reveal where Levi had taken Maxie and Lulu. Dante called out to Nathan when Dante discovered an old newspaper clipping tucked into a book. The article was about Frisco helping to recover Felicia's Aztec treasure and featured a picture of Felicia and Frisco with Frisco's face circled.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava served dessert. Kiki conceded that her mother couldn't cook, but Ava made "killer" desserts. Ava smiled awkwardly as she invited Michael to try the chocolate mousse. Michael sniffed the decadent concoction then asked if it had been made with espresso and chili powder. Ava recalled telling to Julian that she intended to sprinkle deadly oleander on Michael's dessert, so her smile was tight as she praised Michael's sense of smell.

Michael picked up his spoon to take a bite of the poisonous mousse but halted as he watched Kiki practically inhale half of her dessert. Kiki smiled sheepishly as she confessed that the mousse was delicious. Michael dipped the spoon into his mousse, but Ava jumped up to announce that she had something to say first. Ava thanked Michael for setting aside all the ugliness between his family and Ava to join Kiki for dinner with her mother. Ava confessed that she loved her daughter and would do anything to protect Kiki.

Michael assured Ava that Kiki's safety was important to him, too, then mentioned how furious he had been when he learned what Luke had been doing to Kiki. Ava's brow furrowed as she asked what Michael was talking about, but Kiki assured her mother that it wasn't anything for Ava to be concerned about. Ava refused to let the matter drop because she realized that Kiki was trying to hide something. Ava continued to push for an answer until Kiki reluctantly told her mother about Luke's unwanted advances that had turned violent hours before A.J.'s funeral. Ava was outraged that Luke had harassed Kiki and that no one had told her, so Michael promised that he had taken care of Luke.

Michael lifted the spoon to take a bite of the mousse, but Ava quickly knocked the dessert out of his hand. Shocked, Kiki demanded an explanation for her mother's outburst, so Ava quickly attributed it to being upset about learning that Luke had been accosting Kiki. Michael and Kiki appeared to accept Ava's explanation.

Moments later, Julian arrived home, so Michael and Kiki decided to leave because they wanted to stop off at the hospital to check on Alice. Ava walked Michael and Kiki to the door with promises to make certain that Michael would get two desserts the next time they had dinner together.

After Michael and Kiki left, Julian asked if Ava had followed through on her plan to poison Michael. Ava confessed that she had granted Michael clemency because she had learned about their boss's "lewd" behavior and attempt to rape Kiki. Ava suspected that the order to kill Michael had nothing to do with ELQ and everything to do with getting Kiki's protector out of the way.

Ava decided to place a video call to their boss to put Luke's imposter on notice, but Julian refused to let his sister follow through on the threat because their boss might decide to teach Ava a lesson by targeting Kiki. Ava warned her brother that she would not kill Michael, so Julian suggested that it was time to present their boss with Sonny's head on a platter. Ava explained that she hadn't been able to obtain Carly's copy of A.J.'s recording because Franco wouldn't help as long as Franco believed that Carly was committed to Franco and not sniffing around Sonny.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Michael and Kiki agreed that Ava had overreacted by knocking Michael's dessert out of his hand. Michael warned Kiki that nothing would keep him from his dessert next time, so Kiki offered to make it up to Michael by buying him an instant pudding from the hospital's cafeteria. Michael jokingly grumbled that it wasn't his lucky day because Alice had been asleep, and he had been denied his favorite dessert.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Silas appeared troubled as he sat in his apartment, sipping on a scotch. He looked up when he heard a noise at the door, so he set his drink down then went to investigate. Nina smiled sheepishly up at him as she explained that she'd had trouble opening the door, but Silas was curious why Nina was alone. Nina entered the apartment as she explained that Rosalie had the night off. Silas' tone dripped with sarcasm as he pretended to be disappointed. Nina chuckled, so Silas shifted gears to ask about her physical therapy appointment.

Nina assured Silas that she was getting stronger every day then changed the subject by asking about Sam's visit. Silas revealed that Sam had stopped by to go through Rafe's things, hoping they would yield a clue that might lead to answers about everything that had happened to Patrick's family and Rafe. Nina wondered if Silas and Sam had found anything, so Silas showed Nina the business card from the Crichton-Clark facility that he had found among Rafe's possessions. Nina studied the card but assured Silas that she hadn't seen it before. She suggested that perhaps Rosalie had dropped it, but Silas explained that it was unlikely because Nina hadn't met Rosalie until Madeline had moved Nina from the Crichton-Clark clinic.

Nina's smile turned brittle as she pointed out that perhaps the business card had been attached to her medical records. Silas agreed that it was possible, but Nina sensed that he had doubts. Silas admitted that he was concerned because he had also found $500 in Rafe's wallet. Nina suggested that perhaps Molly had given Rafe the cash, but Silas assured her Molly hadn't. He explained that Rafe had asked for $400 to go camping with friends, but Silas had told Rafe that they would discuss it over dinner.

Silas was certain that Rafe hadn't had the money prior to fleeing the hospital, so Nina realized that Silas suspected that she had given Rafe the money. "Did you?" Silas quietly asked. Nina recalled handing Rafe the cash to disappear, but she assured Silas that she had no idea where Rafe had gotten the money then quickly added that all her assets had been frozen because of Madeline. Nina tried to throw off further suspicion by asking if Sam had made the accusation.

Silas conceded that he and Sam had discussed it, but he insisted that he simply wanted to make sense of everything that had happened to Rafe. Nina assured Silas that she hoped he found the answers to his questions because she loved him. Silas was startled when she suddenly confessed that she also wanted things then added that she was desperate to have a baby. Silas gently reminded Nina that she had spent nearly twenty years in a coma, which had taken a toll on her body. Nina assured him that she knew the risks, but a baby was only part of it; she wanted a husband too.

Silas tensed when Nina confided that she had hoped his breakup with Sam meant that Silas was ready to be Nina's husband so they could recapture the love they had once shared. Nina smiled when Silas conceded that they'd had a happy marriage. She carefully stood up then slowly unbuttoned her blouse as she approached Silas. Nina admitted that she wanted to share Silas' bed. She begged him to take her or reject her because she couldn't continue to live in limbo as they had. Nina was delighted when Silas suddenly swept her up into his arms then carried her to the bedroom.

At the Floating Rib, Patrick called out for a bartender, but the bar appeared to be deserted. "Who do I have to sleep with to get a drink around here?" Patrick muttered under his breath as Sam walked in. Sam immediately greeted Patrick with a smile then joined him at the bar. Patrick was curious what she was doing at the bar, so Sam explained that she had decided to get out for a while because Alexis was spending time with Danny. Patrick revealed that he had the evening off because Emma was at a sleepover.

Moments later, Chris, the bartender, walked up. Chris apologized for the wait then explained that he had been called in at the last minute because the other bartender had been arrested. Patrick and Sam wondered what had happened, but Chris confessed that he had no idea, so Patrick and Sam ordered a beer. Sam admitted that she needed a beer after the day she'd had. She quickly filled Patrick in about her visit with Silas and their argument about Nina.

Sam realized that it hadn't been her place to question Silas about Nina, since Sam had ended things with Silas, but Patrick explained that being the one to end a relationship didn't make it any easier. He held up his hand to show her his wedding band as a reminder that he spoke from personal experience. Sam immediately apologized, but Patrick assured her that it was okay then changed the subject by suggesting that they have some fun. He invited Sam to play a game of pool, but Sam warned him that she was a pretty decent shot. Patrick flirtatiously invited her to show him, so they each grabbed a pool cue.

Sam proposed that they make the game interesting. Patrick readily agreed then offered to put $50 on the table. Sam refused to take Patrick's money, so he suggested that the loser had to do whatever the winner asked. "Anything?" Sam wondered. Patrick nodded, so Sam agreed then took the first shot. The game was close, but Sam prevailed. She enjoyed her victory by ordering Patrick to shave his beard. Patrick chuckled then asked if she had hustled him. "What do you think?" Sam asked with a sly smile as she took a sip of beer.

At the cabin in the woods where Lulu and Maxie had been held, Dante and Nathan studied an old clipping of a newspaper article, which Dante had found tucked into a book, about Frisco recovering Felicia's family's Aztec treasure. Dante and Nathan noticed that Frisco's face had been circled, so Nathan wondered what Maxie's father had to do with the theft and kidnapping. Dante had no idea, but he intended to get in touch with Frisco to find out. Nathan agreed that they needed to contact Frisco immediately, but Dante reminded Nathan that Frisco was an agent for the World Security Bureau, and he traveled extensively around the world.

Nathan was confident that Felicia would know how to get in touch with Frisco, so he decided to head to the hospital to talk to Felicia. Dante opted to go the police station to check in with Anna because she had connections to the WSB.

In the squad room, Olivia worried about Lulu, so Sonny promised that nothing would happen to Lulu because Dante was on the case. Olivia agreed then decided to call to check on Rocco. Carly couldn't imagine what Lulu was going through because Carly recalled wondering if she would ever see her children again when Heather had held Carly captive. Sonny reached out to squeeze Carly's shoulder, but Carly quickly jerked away with a warning to be careful because Franco might see.

Sonny assured Carly that he hadn't been making a pass at her in the middle of a crisis. He explained that it had merely been a gesture of comfort, but Carly argued that Franco wouldn't understand that. Sonny resented the way Carly tiptoed around Franco as if she were afraid to set Franco off. Sonny reminded Carly that she didn't owe Franco anything because she had supported Franco throughout their relationship. Carly defended Franco then explained that she didn't want to argue with Sonny while she was worried about her cousin.

Carly turned to look at Franco but noticed that he had disappeared. Worried, she decided to track him down.

Meanwhile, Franco mentioned Scott's nightcap with Bobbie the previous night, but Scott had no idea what his son was talking about. Alarmed, Franco dragged his father into the interrogation room to question Scott further. Franco explained that he had been stuck in an elevator with a woman who had seen Sonny kiss Carly in front of the hospital. Franco revealed that he had gone home to confront Carly, but his suspicions had grown when he'd seen two glasses of wine and a half-eaten pizza on the table. Scott grew increasingly uncomfortable as Franco told him about Carly and Bobbie's innocent explanation.

Scott admitted that he'd had dinner with Bobbie but quickly added that it was possible that Bobbie had eaten pizza earlier with Carly because Bobbie had a big appetite. Franco was skeptical because Bobbie hadn't mentioned having dinner with Carly to Scott, but Scott reminded Franco that Bobbie might not have wanted to tell Scott that she had already eaten. Franco was certain that Bobbie had covered for Sonny and Carly, but Scott warned Franco not to go looking for trouble because Sonny was a dangerous man. Scott confessed that he didn't want anything bad to happen to his son, but Franco was determined to find out if Carly had lied.

Franco demanded that Scott hand over his phone so Franco could check when Scott had called Bobbie. Franco was certain that it would be earlier than when the pizza had been delivered at Carly's house. The issue became moot when Carly suddenly entered the room, looking for Franco. She picked up on the tension, so Franco pasted on a smile as he explained that he had asked Scott if there was anything Franco could do to help find Lulu. Scott seized the opportunity to escape when his phone rang and he saw that it was Anna.

Franco warned his father that they weren't done, but Scott disagreed then added that Franco had been grasping at straws.

In the squad room, Dante asked a police officer at the front desk where Anna was. Sonny and Olivia rushed to their son's side to explain that Anna was not at the police station. Dante grew frustrated because had found a lead that might offer them insight into what Levi had been involved in. However, Dante needed Anna's help to check into it. Sonny wondered if Dante had tried calling Anna, but Dante shook his head. Olivia was curious when Dante had last slept, but Dante only recalled taking a short nap on a sofa at one point.

Olivia insisted that Dante get some rest, but Dante refused because Lulu needed him. Olivia reminded Dante that Rocco also needed him. Dante suddenly sagged as he realized that he needed to check on his son, so Olivia offered to take Dante home. Sonny promised to stay at the police station and call if there were any new developments.

After Dante and Olivia left, Franco and Carly entered the squad room. Carly was curious where Olivia was, so Sonny filled her in. Sonny invited Franco and Carly to keep him company, but Carly quickly declined then walked out. Franco lingered behind long enough to advise Sonny to do the right thing by leaving Franco's girlfriend alone then followed Carly out.

At the loft, Dante and Olivia watched as Rocco slept peacefully in the crib. Olivia was relieved that Rocco had no idea what was going on, but Dante was certain that Rocco noticed his mother's absence. Dante vowed to his son that Lulu would be home soon.

At the hospital, Felicia was thrilled that Mac was feeling better, but she admitted that the shooting had given her a fright. Mac assured Felicia that it had only been a scratch then added that not all gunshot wounds were a matter of life or death. Mac and Felicia were startled when they noticed a commotion in the emergency room as paramedics arrived with Jeffrey Scribner. Mac and Felicia immediately recognized Levi's accomplice, so they demanded to know what had happened. The paramedics took Scribner to a trauma bay as Anna walked in.

Later, Nathan arrived as Anna returned to the waiting room to update Mac and Felicia on Scribner. Anna revealed that Scribner was alive but not talking. Nathan was curious if Scribner would pull through, but Anna had no idea. Anna asked if Nathan and Dante had found anything useful at the cabin, so Nathan explained that he had stopped by the hospital to ask Felicia about an old newspaper clipping of Frisco and the Aztec treasure.

Felicia looked at the clipping as Nathan wondered if she could reach Frisco. Felicia revealed that she had tried, to no avail. She explained that in Frisco's line of work it wasn't unusual for him to disappear for months and even years at a time, so she had contacted the field office. However, Felicia had been informed that Frisco was on assignment and unavailable. Anna decided to use her connections to find Frisco because she still had high clearance with the WSB.

Later, Anna returned to announce that she hadn't had any luck. Anna explained that she had just discovered that her clearance no longer included the ability to track down Frisco. According to Anna, there had been many odd things going on recently with the upper level of the WSB, so Robert had been quietly investigating to find out why protocols had been changed.

Mac suggested that perhaps Frisco didn't want to be found because Frisco was involved with the kidnapping. Felicia conceded that Frisco had many faults, but she was certain that Frisco would never hurt Maxie or jeopardize their daughter's life. Mac reminded Felicia that Frisco had had part of the Aztec treasure when Felicia had first met him, but Felicia defended Frisco because he had helped recover her family's Aztec treasure. Mac feared that it was too much of a coincidence that Felicia's jewels had been stolen at the same time Frisco had vanished.

Felicia was certain that Frisco would be just as worried as she and Mac were if Frisco knew about the abduction. Moments later, the doctor approached to give Anna an update. The doctor revealed that Scribner had been stabilized and was prepped for surgery. Anna was curious if Scribner could answer a few questions, so the doctor nodded.

Anna, Nathan, Mac, and Felicia entered the trauma bay to talk to Scribner. Scribner assured Anna that he had no idea where Levi had taken Maxie and Lulu, but he revealed that Levi Dunkleman was an alias for Peter Harrell. Felicia's eyes rounded because she recognized the name. Felicia revealed that she had once been engaged to Peter Harrell.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

At an undisclosed location, Maxie and Lulu each sat secured to a chair with a gag stuffed into her mouth. Maxie's thoughts drifted to Nathan while Lulu's mind was on Dante and Rocco. Moments later, Levi entered the room with two cups of coffee in a carry-out tray. As soon as he removed Maxie's gag, she began to scream for help, but Levi smugly informed her that he wouldn't have removed the gag if he'd thought that anyone could hear her.

Maxie glared at Levi as he handed her a cup of coffee without untying her hands. She snidely wondered if his new short hair was an attempt to disguise himself, so he explained that he'd worn his hair long to convince Maxie of his "hippie-dippie" ways. Levi removed Lulu's gag then handed her the second cup of coffee. Maxie and Lulu immediately began to fling insults at Levi then berated him for shooting Scribner, but Levi was unfazed. According to Levi, Scribner had served his purpose and had been nothing more than dead weight.

Lulu was certain that both Dante and Nathan would quickly track them down, but Levi merely chuckled. Maxie accused Levi of being incompetent for failing to fence the Aztec jewels, but Levi informed Maxie that it had never been about the jewels; it had been personal. Maxie and Lulu were surprised when Levi revealed that Maxie was far more than a hostage and that Lulu was as much a part of the "operation" as Maxie.

Maxie and Lulu noticed that Levi had repeatedly glanced at his cell phone as if he were expecting a call, so they warned him that Dante and Nathan would hunt him down before his accomplice could help. Maxie continued to insult Levi until his temper flared. Levi threw his phone across the room, knocking the coffee out of Maxie's hand, as he accused her of babbling incessantly like her "simpering" mother. Maxie was surprised because she'd had the impression that Levi had liked her mother, but Levi clarified that it had been part of an act to flush the jewels out. Maxie objected when Levi went on to accuse Felicia of being a "lying, cheating bitch" who was both faithless and untrustworthy.

Lulu argued that the slurs were an apt description of Levi, not Felicia, so Levi reminded both Maxie and Lulu that Felicia had always put Frisco first, even above her own daughters. Maxie conceded that her mother had made mistakes, but Felicia was with Mac not Frisco. Levi laughed because Mac hadn't been the only man that Felicia had "screwed over" for Frisco. Maxie demanded to know what Levi was talking about, but he refused to elaborate. Maxie and Lulu resumed taunting Levi about his imminent arrest until Levi grew frustrated and stormed out.

Seconds later, Lulu tensed. "Oh, my God, Maxie -- look." Lulu said as she stared at something near Maxie's foot. Maxie glanced down and saw the cell phone that Levi had thrown earlier, so she quickly stretched out her leg until she was able to scooch the phone close enough to put her years of soccer training to good use by kicking the phone into Lulu's lap.

At the loft, Dante played with Rocco in bed, but his mind was on the first time that he and Lulu had played with their son in bed. Dante pushed the memory aside to assure his son that he intended to keep his promise to return Lulu home.

A short time later, Elizabeth stopped by to check on Dante and Rocco and drop off a small stuffed animal for the baby. As she held Rocco, Elizabeth gently reminded Dante that Lulu was a survivor because Lulu was a Spencer. She was also confident that Lulu would return home because Rocco was waiting for his mother. Dante thanked Elizabeth for the reminders because he had needed to hear them. Elizabeth smiled then offered to stay with Rocco while Dante checked in at the police station.

In the squad room, Nathan yelled at a reporter who had called to ask for a statement about Maxie and Lulu's abduction. After Nathan slammed the phone down, his thoughts immediately drifted to the morning that he had woken up handcuffed to Maxie on the sofa. He reluctantly pushed the memory away when Nikolas and Britt arrived with coffee and breakfast. Nathan thanked them both, but Nikolas insisted that Britt deserved all the credit because she was a "champion" in a crisis.

Nikolas wondered if there had been any news about where Levi might have taken Maxie and Lulu, so Nathan revealed that Levi Dunkleman was an alias for Peter Harrell. Moments later, Anna walked up. She quickly assured Nikolas that they were doing everything possible to find Maxie and Lulu then turned to Nathan to let him know that she needed to talk to Nathan about the "new information" in the case. Nikolas wanted to be a part of the conversation, but Anna explained that it wasn't possible.

After Nathan and Anna left, Britt announced that she had to swing by her apartment to pick up clothes then get to work. Nikolas smiled as he jokingly suggested that it was time for him to learn to get through the day without Britt. She smiled and left with a promise to check in with him later.

Meanwhile, Anna and Nathan met with Dante in the interrogation room. She showed both men a picture of Felicia's ex-fiancÚ, Peter Harrell, as she explained that she suspected that Levi/Peter was Peter Harrell's son. Anna explained that Peter Sr. had stolen the Aztec treasure in 1984, but Frisco had helped Felicia recover it from Peter. During the struggle, Peter had been shot, and his body had plummeted into the water then plunged over a waterfall. Anna admitted that Peter Sr. had been presumed dead until a short time later when he had resurfaced to try to lure Felicia into a trap.

Anna revealed that Peter Sr.'s plot had failed, so Felicia's ex-fiancÚ had fled to Brazil, where he had vanished. Dante and Nathan were surprised when Anna confided that she had tried to get some information from her ex-bosses at the World Security Bureau, but no one had been willing to talk or put her in touch with Frisco. However, she was determined to keep trying, so she returned to her office to make some more calls. Dante and Nathan returned to the squad room just as Dante's cell phone rang. Dante decided to answer the call despite not recognizing the number. He was stunned when he heard Lulu on the other end of the call.

At the loft, Elizabeth showed Rocco pictures of his family members including Nikolas. She talked about Nikolas' gloomy home until she heard a knock at the door. It was Nikolas. Nikolas explained that he had stopped by to talk to Dante, but Elizabeth confessed that Dante had left. Nikolas took his nephew from Elizabeth's arms as they sat down to chat with each other. Nikolas told Elizabeth about his stop at the police station with Britt, while Elizabeth filled him in about how Dante had been holding up.

Nikolas thought that it was nice of Elizabeth to watch Rocco, but she insisted that it was the least she could do. She admitted that she wished she could do more for Nikolas, but Britt seemed to have it well covered. Nikolas picked up on the tension in Elizabeth's tone, so he defended Britt by claiming that she had been a "godsend" to him. Elizabeth assured Nikolas that she was well aware of how helpful Britt had been, but she was surprised that Britt hadn't accompanied him because Britt had been glued to his side throughout the ordeal.

Elizabeth acknowledged that it was understandable, since Nikolas and Britt were on the verge of getting back together. "Who said that?" Nikolas wondered. Startled, Elizabeth explained that Britt had let it slip that Nikolas and Britt had been about to sleep together when Elizabeth had called with the news about Lulu. Nikolas put Rocco into the crib then asked what Elizabeth was talking about. Elizabeth couldn't imagine that Nikolas was surprised because it wasn't a secret that both Britt and Elizabeth had feelings for him.

Elizabeth joked that soon Nikolas would start handing out roses, but Nikolas quipped that orchids were more his style. Elizabeth wasn't amused. "She's winning, isn't she?" Elizabeth quietly asked. Nikolas admitted that he had nearly slept with Britt, but he rushed to assure Elizabeth that he hadn't planned it. Elizabeth insisted that he didn't owe her an explanation because it was clear that he had made his choice.

"You think I chose her?" Nikolas asked in disbelief. Before Elizabeth could reply, Nikolas confessed that he had told Britt that he still had feelings for Elizabeth.

At Brad's apartment, Brad watched Lucas as Lucas slept. He smiled when Lucas slowly opened his eyes then greeted Brad with an affectionate good morning followed by a passionate kiss. Lucas confessed that he was happy that they had found their way back to each other. Brad agreed then pointed out that he and Lucas had been ensconced in the apartment for nearly forty-eight hours. Brad's smile vanished when he suddenly recalled that Britt had been forced to stay away during that time.

Lucas kissed Brad then suggested that Brad let Britt know that it was safe to return home. Brad suggested that perhaps he had done Britt a favor by keeping her out of the apartment for nearly two days because it might have given Britt time to work things out with Nikolas. Brad wanted Britt to find the same happiness with Nikolas that Brad had found with Lucas, so Brad hoped Nikolas had forgiven Britt.

As if on cue, Britt entered the apartment, asking how Brad's threesome had gone. She was surprised when she saw Brad and Lucas in bed together. Both men smiled as they greeted Britt, so Britt was curious where Felix was. Brad explained that there had been a change in plans when Brad and Lucas had realized that neither of them had wanted a third party in bed with them. Lucas was curious if Britt and Nikolas had worked things out, but Britt realized that Brad and Lucas hadn't heard about Lulu's abduction.

Lucas was stunned when Britt told him about his cousin's kidnapping, so he quickly grabbed his clothes then left to be with his family. Britt smiled at Brad because she was happy that things had worked out with Brad and Lucas. Brad was disappointed that Britt hadn't had the same luck with Nikolas, so she revealed that she had been close to getting Nikolas into bed until "Debbie Downer" had called with news about Lulu's abduction. Brad was curious if Elizabeth knew how close Britt had been to sleeping with Nikolas, so Britt confessed that she had "accidently" let it slip. Brad and Britt laughed.

At the hospital, Felix was in the supply room when Sabrina poked her head into the room to let her friend know she was back in town. Felix was delighted when he saw Sabrina, so he jumped up to give her a big hug. He apologized that he hadn't been there to welcome her home, but Sabrina assured him that it was fine. Felix explained that he had worked a double shift to cover for Elizabeth, so Sabrina confessed that she had hoped that Felix had spent the night out because he had been doing something fun with Lucas.

Felix quickly filled Sabrina in about Lucas' proposal to have a threesome with Brad and Felix. Sabrina was shocked, but Felix rushed to assure her that he had changed his mind at the last minute because of a talk with Milo. Felix told her about Milo's crush on Epiphany then confessed that it had made him realize that he wanted to find someone who made him feel the same way Milo felt for Epiphany. Their conversation took a somber turn when Sabrina told Felix about Rafe's final words to Molly.

Stunned, Felix wondered who would target Patrick and Sabrina. Sabrina explained that Sam was working on it, but Sabrina vowed on Gabriel's life to find out. Felix warned Sabrina to be careful because it might be dangerous, but Sabrina assured Felix that she was stronger than she had been when she'd left town.

Later, Sabrina entered the visitors' room at Pentonville to await the arrival of a prisoner.

Meanwhile, Brad sought Felix out to let Felix know that Brad and Lucas had worked things out. Felix assured Brad that he was happy for both Brad and Lucas. Brad confessed that everything had been wonderful until Lucas had learned about Lulu's abduction.

At Silas' apartment, Nina watched Silas sleep. She was amazed that Silas was able to sleep peacefully and dream the dreams of the innocent when he was really a "cheating bastard." Nina reached for a large kitchen knife that had been hidden under the mattress then lifted it above Silas' prone body as his eyes suddenly snapped open. Alarmed, Silas asked what Nina was doing. "Giving you what you deserve," she answered as she plunged the knife into his chest. Nina watched with satisfaction as Silas slowly bled out.

The fantasy evaporated when Silas woke up. Nina smiled sweetly as she confessed that it had been a long time since she had last watched her husband sleep, but Silas recalled that he had always been awake before Nina. Nina changed the subject by telling him how much she had always loved him and had looked forward to their future together. She confided that it had been amazing to make love with Silas after twenty years, so she was curious if it had been as good for him as it had been for her. Nina invited Silas to use a scale from one through ten, so Silas confessed that it had been a thirteen. Silas was grateful that she had given him the push he had needed.

After Silas and Nina made love again, Nina admitted that it had been amazing. Silas agreed but confessed that he hadn't realized that she had been as strong as she was. Nina reminded him that she had assured him that she had been steadily improving then shifted gears to ask if Silas thought they had made a baby. Silas gently reminded Nina that they didn't know if she could get pregnant or carry a baby to term, so he didn't want her to get her hopes up only to be disappointed.

Nina assured Silas that she knew the risks, but she desperately wanted to get back everything she had lost. She invited Silas to stay in bed with her for the day, but Silas explained that he had to get to work. After Silas went to the bathroom to shower, Nina leaned back against the pillows. She admitted that she wanted to hate Silas, but their love-making had been incredible.

Later, Nina approached Britt at the nurses' station. Britt happily greeted her cousin then confessed that she had been wondering when she would get to meet Nina. Nina returned Britt's smile. They acknowledged that their mothers were crazy, but they agreed they were blessed to have Nathan as a brother. Britt wanted to chat with Nina, but Britt had a patient waiting. Nina surprised Britt by revealing that she was Britt's patient then confessed that she wanted Britt to find out if Nina was pregnant.

Friday, August 29, 2014

At the loft, Elizabeth was startled when Nikolas explained that he had told Britt that he still had feelings for Elizabeth. Nikolas realized that it was unrealistic to think that he and Elizabeth might have a chance, but he admitted that he had never stopped being in love with her. "I love you," Nikolas quietly confessed with tears in his eyes. He knew that their timing had always been terrible, but his feelings for Elizabeth had never changed.

Nikolas reminded Elizabeth that they had always found their way to each other during times of crisis and then drove his point home by kissing her. Elizabeth tensed then angrily pushed Nikolas away as she accused him of being a "royal jackass." Stunned, Nikolas asked what he had done to upset her. Elizabeth's gaze shimmered with angry tears as she confessed that she resented him professing his love for her as if he only had eyes for her when they both knew it wasn't true. She reminded Nikolas that he had been on the verge of sleeping with Britt when Elizabeth had called to tell him about Lulu's abduction.

Nikolas was shocked when Elizabeth confessed that a part of her wished that he had slept with Britt because it would have allowed Elizabeth to move on once and for all. Elizabeth was curious why he had let things go as far as they had with Britt, so Nikolas quietly admitted that he hadn't been intimate with anyone since March. Elizabeth scoffed because she had been celibate for a year prior to rekindling things with Ric and another two years before she'd met A.J.

Annoyed, Nikolas reminded Elizabeth that they had been discussing their relationship, so she pointed out that he had feelings for Britt. Elizabeth explained that Britt might be okay sleeping with him after he had told Britt that he had feelings for Elizabeth, but Elizabeth had more respect for herself than that. Nikolas assured Elizabeth that he hadn't kissed her because he expected Elizabeth to sleep with him. "Good, because I wouldn't," Elizabeth clarified.

Frustrated, Nikolas asked Elizabeth where they stood with each other because they had been going back and forth declaring their feelings for each other since he had returned to town, but each time, others had pulled them away. Nikolas reminded Elizabeth that as recently as their dinner at Kelly's, she had been back to wanting to rekindle things with him, so he was confused why she was pushing him away. Elizabeth explained that she didn't want someone just for the bad times, but for the good times, and even the boring times. She wanted someone who found love exciting enough to be fulfilling.

Nikolas was hurt that Elizabeth didn't think he wanted the same things, so Elizabeth suggested that perhaps it wasn't the best time for them to have the discussion because Lulu was missing. Nikolas refused to let Elizabeth walk away without settling things, but Elizabeth made it clear that she was done talking. Nikolas became increasingly upset as he begged Elizabeth not to shut him out, but Elizabeth feared that they might wake up the baby. Nikolas' temper flared as he yelled that he didn't care, but he quickly regretted the outburst when Rocco woke up crying.

After Elizabeth settled Rocco back down, Nikolas tried to pick up their conversation where they had left off, but Elizabeth doubted that anything would be gained by continuing to argue. Nikolas reluctantly agreed to return to the police station to check for an update, but he stopped in the hallway to make another appeal to talk to Elizabeth. Elizabeth was visibly upset and refused to look at him as she closed the door before he could speak.

At the police station, Dante received a call from Lulu, so he quickly put it on speakerphone while a police officer attempted to trace the call. Lulu and Maxie assured Dante and Nathan that they were unharmed, but they had no idea where Levi had taken them. Maxie speculated that they had driven for one hour, but Levi had kept both Lulu and Maxie blindfolded during the drive. Dante was curious where Levi was, so Lulu and Maxie explained that Levi had stormed out after ranting about Felicia.

Dante revealed what they had uncovered about Levi, including Levi's real name and his connection to Felicia's con man ex-fiancÚ who had stolen the Aztec treasure in the 1980s. Maxie warned Dante that Levi had been trying to reach someone by phone, but the person hadn't returned Levi's calls. Lulu added that Levi had revealed that Lulu was as much a part of what was going on as Maxie, but Levi had refused to elaborate. Dante suspected that Levi might have targeted Lulu because Luke and Laura had been involved in the recovery of Felicia's Aztec treasure.

Dante became alarmed when the line suddenly went silent. Seconds later, Levi informed Dante that Lulu and Maxie were no longer available. Dante immediately tried to intimidate Levi into surrendering, but Levi was unfazed. Next, Dante tried to work out a deal, but Levi argued that Dante knew nothing about what Levi wanted. Desperate, Dante began to issue threats by vowing to kill Levi if anything happened to either Lulu or Maxie. Levi promptly ended the call.

Furious, Dante realized that he shouldn't have threatened Levi, but Nathan assured Dante that it was okay because Nathan knew Levi well enough to recognize when Levi sounded afraid. Dante feared that Lulu and Maxie would pay the price for Dante's folly, but Nathan insisted that Levi clearly had an agenda that required Levi to keep the women safe. Dante agreed, but he worried that it wouldn't last long. Moments later, the laptop pinged to signal that the phone call had been successfully traced. Dante and Nathan quickly suited up with fellow police officers then raced to Levi's hideout.

At Levi's hideout, Levi warned Lulu and Maxie that they had made things difficult but neither woman appeared concerned. Levi was startled when Maxie referred to him as Peter then revealed what she and Lulu had been told about his connection to Felicia's ex-fiancÚ. Maxie was curious if the theft and kidnapping had been nothing more than a lame vendetta because her mother had dumped his father. Levi growled that because of Lulu and Maxie's parents, his father had ended up a fugitive, which Levi believed had been as good as being dead.

"What goes around comes around, girls," Levi promised. Lulu and Maxie resumed taunting Levi by raving about Nathan. Maxie regretted that she hadn't heeded the "signs of the universe" by cancelling her trip when she had first met Nathan. Levi scowled as Maxie carried on about how wonderful and good-looking Nathan was compared to Levi. She then shifted gears to ask what Levi planned to do to Lulu. Maxie feared that he might kill Lulu, but Levi cryptically revealed that Lulu had quite a different fate in store for her.

Lulu and Maxie continued to chatter back and forth until Levi's patience snapped. He realized that the police might have traced the phone call, so he decided that it was time for them to leave before the police arrived. Levi started to untie Lulu until Dante's voice carried over a bullhorn and informed Levi that the building was surrounded. Dante ordered Levi to surrender.

In a hospital examination room, Nina confessed that it had been serendipitous that her newfound cousin had turned out to be a doctor just when Nina had been in need of one. Britt smiled as she asked if Nina had reason to believe that Nina was pregnant. "Two," Nina answered. "Last night and this morning," she added with a giggle. Britt assumed that Nina had been referring to two home pregnancy tests, so she asked if Nina wanted Britt to confirm the results.

Nina quickly explained that she didn't trust home pregnancy tests because they were notoriously unreliable, so she had decided to pay Britt a visit. Eventually, Britt realized that Nina hoped to find out if Nina had conceived a child while making love to Silas the previous evening. Britt gently explained that it would be too soon to tell, but Britt agreed to give Nina an examination and run some tests to find out if Nina could get pregnant and carry a baby to term. Nina was confident that everything would be fine because if Ava Jerome could get pregnant then Nina should be able to as well.

Later, Britt handed a nurse a vial of Nina's blood with instructions to have a rush put on the tests. Nina confessed that she hoped to get out of the wheelchair soon because she didn't relish being pregnant while confined to the wheelchair. Britt cautioned her cousin to take things one step at a time, so Nina was curious if Britt had ever had any children. Britt tensed, so Nina apologized for prying. Britt carefully explained that she had given birth to a baby, but she had been forced to give it up because it hadn't been hers.

Nina assured Britt that Britt could trust her cousin with the details, so Britt revealed that she had stolen an embryo to hold on to a man. Britt expected Nina to want to switch doctors, but Nina assured Britt that she didn't think less of Britt because Nina knew that people were capable of doing desperate things to get what they wanted.

Later, Nina anxiously awaited the results of her tests. Britt returned to the room to announce that an extraordinary thing had happened; the blood work indicated that Nina was pregnant. Nina was overjoyed as Britt conceded that it was a miracle. Nina decided to show her cousin another miracle by standing up and then hugging Britt in gratitude.

"Nina, did you hear what I said?" Britt asked. Nina blinked the fantasy away then focused on Britt. Britt gently explained that the tests had revealed that Nina was already in menopause. "You can't conceive a child," Britt softly added. Stunned, Nina argued that she was too young to be in menopause, but Britt explained that it was likely that her coma had pushed Nina's body into early menopause.

Britt handed Nina a business card with Kevin Collins' name on it as she urged Nina to talk to a professional about what Nina was going through. Nina accepted the card then asked for a moment alone. After Britt left, Nina ripped the card up then threw it in the trash because she refused to feel sorry for herself. Nina vowed that she would have Silas' baby one way or another.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Silas asked to speak to Franco about Nina. Silas explained that he had concerns about Franco because Franco had a reputation for being a violent man, so Franco reminded Silas that a brain tumor had been responsible for Franco's violent nature. Silas argued that people had been known to use the excuse of a brain tumor to avoid taking legal responsibility for their crimes, which is why Silas intended to keep a close eye on Franco. Franco promised to keep that in mind then asked if there was anything else.

Silas explained that Nina had been skipping physical therapy sessions to attend Franco's art therapy classes. "We can't have that, can we?" Franco asked with a smirk. Silas wondered what Franco found so funny, so Franco apologized. Satisfied, Silas revealed that it was important for Nina to go to physical therapy because failing to do so might keep her confined to the wheelchair for the rest of her life. Franco snickered as he assured Silas that no one wanted that.

Silas was curious if he had missed something, so Franco explained that he and Silas had different views about what Nina needed. Silas resented Franco suggesting that Franco knew Nina better than Silas, but Franco insisted that he knew Nina well enough to know how deeply she desired to have a baby with Silas. Silas was shocked that Nina had confided such personal information to Franco. Franco admitted that he had no idea why Nina wanted a life with Silas after Silas had broken Nina's heart by sleeping with Ava.

Silas reminded Franco that Franco had also had an affair with Ava, but Franco argued that Franco hadn't been married at the time. Silas realized that it was pointless to continue the conversation, so he excused himself when he received a text message.

At Pentonville, Carlos greeted Sabrina with a hug, but the prison guard pulled Carlos away with a reminder that visitors were not permitted to touch the prisoners. Carlos assured the guard that it wouldn't happen again, so the guard returned to his seat in the corner of the room.

Carlos asked Sabrina how her son was, but he had his answer when he saw Sabrina's expression clouded with sorrow. His eyes filled with tears as Sabrina quietly revealed that her son had died. Carlos was stunned because he had been told that her son had been getting stronger, so Sabrina explained that Gabriel had developed an infection and had died in her arms. Carlos told Sabrina that he was sorry for her loss, but Sabrina insisted that Carlos was the one who deserved an apology.

Carlos disagreed, but Sabrina argued that she had wrongly blamed him for Gabriel's premature birth and then later her son's death. Sabrina realized that she had been wrong because Rafe Kovich had confessed to driving Patrick's car off the road. Carlos was shocked when Sabrina confided that Rafe had revealed that someone had ordered Rafe to cause the accident. Carlos suddenly recalled Ava's threat to hurt Sabrina if Carlos failed to do as Ava asked.

"That makes sense," Carlos muttered. Sabrina frowned as she asked what he was talking about, but Carlos covered his slip by claiming that he had simply meant that it was the only logical explanation for why Rafe had intentionally caused the crash. Sabrina was certain that Carlos was hiding something, but Carlos warned Sabrina to drop it because the truth might get her killed. Sabrina explained that she couldn't rest until she had answers, so Carlos blurted out that he was trying to protect her from Ava Jerome.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava feared that "Not-Luke" might target Kiki when he turned on Ava for failing to kill Michael. Julian reminded his sister that he had warned her about their boss, but Ava explained that she couldn't risk leaving Kiki vulnerable and unprotected from their boss's unwanted advances by killing Michael. Julian was certain that A.J.'s recording of Sonny shooting A.J. would satisfy their boss's bloodlust, so he urged Ava to get it to the impostor as quickly as possible. Ava assured her brother that she was working on it, but Franco continued to refuse to play ball.

Julian and Ava discussed Ava's options. Ava hoped to persuade their boss that it would be best to leave Michael alone until she had secured the evidence against Sonny. Julian glanced down when his phone rang then announced that it was the impostor. Horrified, Ava wondered why the man was calling Julian, so Julian suggested that their boss might have noticed the lack of news reports about Michael's death.

Ava refused to take the phone from Julian, but Julian warned her that it would be a mistake to avoid their boss because the man didn't like to be ignored. Ava reluctantly answered the call then quickly explained that she had delayed killing Michael to avoid antagonizing Sonny before they had all their ducks in a row at ELQ. Ava assured the impostor that she wasn't trying to avoid carrying out the hit, but she had a better way to get to Sonny. Ava revealed that she had information that could send Sonny to jail for life, but she would need some time to get her hands on the proof because it had been hidden in a secure location that wasn't easy to access.

Ava was relieved when the impostor agreed to give her time to obtain the evidence needed to send Sonny away for good. After the phone call, Julian warned Ava that their boss hated Sonny with "the fire of a thousand suns," so the man wouldn't wait long for Ava to turn over the incriminating recording. Ava decided to track down Franco, but Julian pointed out that it was too dangerous for Ava to leave because Sonny's men would be watching. Ava explained that she didn't have a choice then marched out.

A short time later, Ava arrived at the hospital. She ordered the two bodyguards who had accompanied her to wait by the elevator then started to approach the nurses' station. However, Ava bumped into Nina's wheelchair as Nina rounded the corner.

At the police station, Nikolas was surprised when he saw Britt standing in the squad room. Britt explained that she had stopped by to check on Nathan and find out if there had been any news, but Nathan had left to follow up on a lead.

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