General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 18, 2014 on GH

Alice exposed Tracy's secret plans for ELQ. Luke ordered Ava to kill Michael. Sonny and Carly made love. Sabrina returned to Port Charles.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 18, 2014 on GH
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Monday, August 18, 2014

Anna looked through binoculars at the Haunted Star and the harbor as the rain poured. She instructed one of her officers to search the apartment that Maxie shared with Levi and Nathan. She updated a man from the Coast Guard on how Nathan had figured things out about Levi, and what had transpired at the wedding. She added that Nathan and Dante were pursuing the boat that Levi and Scribner had escaped in, but she hadn't heard anything in over an hour.

Just then, Dante and Nathan escorted a man on the dock. They introduced him as Captain Quint, the captain of the boat that Levi and Scribner had made off with. Anna fired questions at Quint. He explained that he was "for hire," and his policy was "no questions asked." Levi had hired Quint that morning. He continued that Levi had had Quint at gunpoint when Levi, Scribner, Lulu, and Maxie had boarded the boat.

Quint remembered Lulu and Maxie talking about their "friends in law enforcement," and about how Levi and Scribner were "amateurs." Maxie had been reminding everyone that the wedding hadn't been finished, so she wasn't really Levi's wife. Quint went on to tell Dante, Nathan, and Anna that, once the boat had gotten out of the harbor, Levi had threatened to shoot the man if he didn't jump out, so Quint had jumped out.

Quint confessed that all he knew was that the boat had been heading northwest. Nathan suggested that the boat was heading to Canada. The man from the Coast Guard returned and revealed that helicopters had seen the boat sinking. Anna followed the man away and had officers escort Quint to the station. Nathan blamed the entire situation on himself for not checking out Levi's background when he'd known that something about Levi wasn't right.

Anna and the man from the Coast Guard returned. Dante wondered if there was any sign of Lulu and Maxie. The man from the Coast Guard informed them that there was a dive team searching the lake around where the boat had sunk. Just then, an officer from the Coast Guard walked up and showed them Maxie's veil.

"I want you," Sonny told Carly. Carly brushed their kiss off as retaliation against Olivia for kissing Ned. She reminded him that they'd hurt a lot of people every time they'd been together. She thought that they were "perfect as friends." He wondered what kind of friend he was if he let her make the "terrible mistake" of being with Franco. "The kind of friend that respects me enough to make my own decisions," she shot back.

Sonny reminded Carly that all three of her kids hated Franco. She didn't care to defend Franco to Sonny. Sonny continued that, if she loved Franco like she said she did, "nothing I do would get to you." She informed him that she had other things to think about and called him arrogant. He got closer to her and kissed her. She pushed him away.

Carly admitted that she hadn't been able to stop thinking about Sonny after he'd kissed her, but she knew the attraction would fade. She insisted that Franco was the man that she wanted to be with. Sonny went on about all the things wrong with her relationship with Franco until she said, "Enough." He dared her to tell him to leave. "Go," she demanded. He walked away, but she stopped him. "I want you to stay," she said, and she kissed him.

At the hospital, Elizabeth asked the elevator repairman what had happened as he put up "Out of Order" signs. He informed her that two people were stuck on the elevator because Obrecht hadn't wanted to spend the money on elevator maintenance months before. He told her that, if he couldn't locate the necessary part soon, the people would be stuck in the elevator until morning.

Inside the elevator, Franco demanded to know what Nina knew. "I saw Sonny and Carly kissing," she blurted out. He demanded to know where and when. She told him that she'd been waiting for Silas when she'd seen Carly and Sonny having an intense-looking conversation. "Who kissed whom?" Franco asked. Nina replied that Sonny had kissed Carly, but Carly had kissed him back. She took his hand and apologized for not telling him sooner, but she hadn't wanted to hurt him. She assured him that the kiss had probably meant nothing.

Franco began beating on the elevator doors, yelling and screaming to be let out. He remembered seeing Sonny earlier that day and making sure that Sonny had been keeping his distance from Carly. Sonny had called Franco paranoid. Nina begged Franco to stop before he hurt himself, but he didn't listen. Finally, she jumped up from her wheelchair and stopped him.

"You're taller than I thought," Franco observed. Suddenly, Nina leaned onto Franco and asked him to help her back to her chair. He guessed that she didn't need the chair, but she wanted people to think that she needed it. He wondered why, but she refused to tell and asked for him to keep it a secret. He assured her that he had "more pressing things to worry about."

"That gangster's gotta go," Franco stated. Nina advised Franco to talk to Carly before he did something stupid. She added that she didn't want anything to happen to him, since he was her first friend in twenty years. He figured that he would decide in the morning after they were out of the elevator. Just then, the elevator doors opened.

The elevator repairman told Franco and Nina that he'd shopped around for a part and had gotten lucky. He asked them to put in a good word for him with Obrecht, and he left. Nina wondered what Franco was going to do. He decided to talk to Carly.

Lucy and Felicia escorted Mac to the hospital. A short while later, a doctor was examining him in a room. When the doctor told Mac that he was going to be fine, Mac tried to get out of bed. He wanted to help find the girls, but the doctor informed him that the wound needed cleaning and stitching. The doctor left, and the three discussed what had happened. Mac chastised himself for not taking any action, even thought he'd known that something was "off" about Levi. Felicia blamed everything on her Aztec jewelry.

Elizabeth entered the room, shocked to find Mac, Felicia, and Lucy. The three updated her on what had happened. Elizabeth immediately thought Nikolas would want to know that something had happened to his sister, Lulu. As Mac wondered why he hadn't checked Agent Scribner's badge number, Elizabeth rushed out to call Nikolas. A short while later, Mac got off the phone with Anna. He told Felicia and Lucy that the boat had sun,, and the Coast Guard was looking for Maxie and Lulu in the water.

Britt leaned forward to wipe the marshmallow off of Nikolas' cheek. She leaned in closer and kissed him. He eventually stopped her, and she wondered why. "Elizabeth," he said. He explained to a confused Britt that he wanted to be honest: he still had feelings for Elizabeth. He continued that he'd gotten the impression that Elizabeth wanted to be with him, and he wanted to start over with her. Britt wondered if he no longer had feelings for her.

Nikolas responded that he couldn't just stop loving her, but he couldn't get over how she'd betrayed him for months. She wondered what she had to do to prove that she cared. He assured her that she'd done a lot to restore his trust in her, but he didn't want to hurt her by sleeping with her if there was still a chance for him and Elizabeth. Britt told him that she just wanted to be with him, "even if it's only until dawn." The two kissed passionately. A short while later, his phone rang, but he ignored it. Moments later, it rang again. He answered it to Elizabeth, who had something to tell him about Lulu.

Maxie and Lulu walked up to a cabin with Levi and Scribner. They taunted the men about how they were basically dead men walking. Maxie mentioned that Nathan had been trained as a sniper, and Lulu mentioned that Dante had a "good shot" as well. "I should have gagged you," Levi said, exasperated. Lulu suggested that he sounded nervous. "Get the hell inside," he demanded, pointing a gun at them.

Inside the cabin, which was filled with cobwebs and boxes, Maxie and Lulu sat down. Scribner kicked a duffel bag in their direction. Levi instructed them to change into the dry clothes in the duffel bag. Maxie suggested that Levi and Scribner start running for their lives. Levi informed them that they wouldn't be rid of him and his accomplice that easily. "We'll be together for a while," he added.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

At the Jerome apartment, a guard announced that Ava had a visitor. Moments later, Kiki entered with a gift for her mother's birthday. Kiki regretted that she'd only had time to pick something up from the hospital's gift shop, but Ava waved away her daughter's concern. Ava confessed that she hadn't expected anything from Kiki because their relationship had been strained over the past few months. Kiki credited Alice's crisis for opening Kiki's eyes to the importance of family. Ava confessed that she had learned a similar lesson with Julian.

Later, Michael called Kiki with an update on Alice. After Kiki shared the good news with her mother, the two women chatted about Alice and how much they each respected the Quartermaine maid. The conversation then drifted to Kiki's relationship with Michael. Kiki claimed that things were better than ever between her and Michael then revealed that she had moved in with Morgan to help him renovate the brownstone. Kiki quickly rushed to assure her mother that she and Morgan were just roommates then explained why it had been necessary to move out of Silas' apartment.

Ava was surprised to learn that Nina had moved in, but Ava was curious how Ava's niece, Sam, had taken the news. Kiki knew that Ava hadn't asked out of any true concern for Sam, but she revealed that Silas and Sam had broken up in part because Sam had suspected Nina of trying to undermine Sam's relationship with Silas. Ava conceded that Kiki had made the right decision to move out because Ava doubted that Nina had wanted to be reminded of Silas' infidelity.

Kiki confessed that she had thought the same thing until Nina had assured Kiki that Nina wanted to know Kiki because Kiki was important to Silas. Ava remained skeptical because she recalled the adage that "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Kiki promised Ava that everything was fine, so she invited Ava to make a wish then blow out the candles on the birthday cupcakes.

In Alice's hospital room, Alice was surrounded by her loved ones when she woke up from surgery. Michael, Morgan, Ned, and Tracy greeted Alice with smiles, so Alice tearfully confessed that she had never had bosses as wonderful as the Quartermaines. Ned argued that Alice was family, but Tracy jokingly warned Ned not to go overboard because Alice still wanted to be paid. Everyone, including Alice, chuckled.

Ned decided to call Brook Lynn and Dillon with the good news, so Michael excused himself to call Kiki. Eager to talk to Alice alone, Tracy suggested that Morgan fetch the latest editions of Alice's favorite magazines from the gift shop. After Morgan left, Tracy seized the opportunity to remind Alice of their agreement, but Alice argued that Tracy hadn't technically found Alice a new heart. Tracy disagreed, but Alice insisted that Mickey Diamond's sister deserved all the credit for Alice receiving a new heart. Furious, Tracy demanded to know if Alice intended to "rat" Tracy out to Michael.

"Rat you out to me about what?" Michael asked as he returned to Alice's hospital room. Tracy tried to salvage the situation by claiming that it wasn't the right time or place to discuss it because Alice was still weak, but Alice insisted that she could speak for herself. Michael was stunned when Alice revealed that Tracy and Luke had been conspiring to take control of ELQ. Tracy immediately tried to dismiss Alice's remarks as the ramblings of a person on heavy medication, but Alice refused to allow Tracy's deception to continue.

Meanwhile, Ned wrapped up a phone call as Olivia walked up. She explained that she had stopped by to check on Alice, so Ned revealed that Alice was awake following the heart transplant. Delighted, Olivia pointed out that miracles really did happen. Ned agreed, but he suspected that there had been another reason for Olivia's late-night visit. Olivia confessed that she had wanted to let Ned know that he could rest easy because she had told Sonny the truth about the kiss.

Ned admitted that he hadn't been concerned about Sonny, but he had been interested in continuing a relationship with Olivia. Startled, Olivia confessed that she wasn't ready to date anyone. "Who said anything about dating," Ned asked with a friendly smile. He explained that he could use a few new friends because most of his old friends had moved away since Ned had last lived in Port Charles. Olivia conceded that she could use a new friend, too, because her best friends were her son and daughter-in-law. Pleased, Ned invited Olivia to go to the movies the following evening, so Olivia happily accepted.

In Alice's hospital room, Alice quickly filled Michael in about what had transpired in his office at ELQ before she had collapsed. Tracy tried to deny Alice's accusations, but Michael didn't believe Tracy so he fired her on the spot. Tracy threatened to sue Michael for wrongful dismissal, but Michael refused to back down. Tracy stormed out vowing that Michael wouldn't get away with terminating her. "What did I miss?" Ned asked as returned in time to hear his mother's parting words.

At the nurses' station, Rosalie approached Silas to let him know that she was concerned because she hadn't been able to reach Nina. Silas told Rosalie about the broken-down elevator, but Rosalie wasn't satisfied because she felt that Silas should have found a way to rescue Nina. Silas explained that nothing could be done until a part for the elevator arrived in the morning, but Rosalie continued to grumble about Silas' lack of effort to help Nina.

Silas decided that it was time to set a few things straight with Rosalie, so he reminded her that she was paid to take care of Nina rather than to comment on the proficiency of Silas as a husband. "Or lack thereof," Rosalie muttered under her breath. Silas flashed Rosalie a saccharine smile as he confessed that he hoped Rosalie's résumé matched her "shining little attitude." Rosalie's eyes rounded with surprise because she feared that Silas was firing her. Silas assured Rosalie that she still had a job unless the rude remarks continued.

Rosalie decided to wait by the elevators for Nina, but Silas informed her that it wasn't necessary because he would be on hand to help his wife. Shortly after Rosalie walked away, she bumped into Morgan. Morgan immediately sensed that Rosalie was upset, so she revealed that her boss had just said some "pretty brutal" things to her. Morgan suggested that she quit, but Rosalie explained that it wasn't an option because she needed the job.

However, Rosalie confessed that she took comfort in knowing that she would get the last laugh in the end. Morgan questioned Rosalie about the comment, but she deftly changed the subject by asking if Morgan's sick friend was better. Morgan smiled as he explained that his friend was on the mend after a successful heart transplant. Rosalie hadn't realized that it had been that serious, but she was happy for both Morgan and his friend.

As Morgan and Rosalie chatted, Morgan mentioned that he and his father had talked and cleared the air, so Morgan was hopeful that things would get better. Rosalie was happy for Morgan, but her smile faded when he asked if she had worked things out with her own father. Rosalie evaded the question by inviting Morgan out for a drink, but he asked for a rain check because he wasn't ready to leave Alice's side.

Meanwhile, Franco and Nina exited the elevator that they had been stuck in. They were relieved that the maintenance man had found another replacement part to repair the broken elevator, so the maintenance man asked Franco and Nina to put in a good word for him with the chief of staff. After the man left, Franco sarcastically wondered if Nina needed a "push" somewhere. Nina was not amused because they both knew that she didn't need the wheelchair. She was curious what Franco intended to do, so Franco explained that he planned to follow Nina's advice by having a talk with Carly about Sonny and the kiss.

Nina clarified that she needed to know if Franco planned to tell anyone that she could walk because she couldn't risk Silas finding out the truth. Franco assured Nina that he wouldn't tell anyone, but he warned her that she couldn't keep lying indefinitely. Nina carefully reminded Franco that she had information that could blow his relationship with Carly apart, so Franco wondered if that had been a threat. Nina explained that she had simply hoped that Franco would return the favor because Nina hadn't told Carly that Franco had known that Spencer had been hiding out in Carly's house.

Franco promised Nina that her secret was safe with him and then left. Moments later, Silas rounded the corner. Nina greeted him with a smile then confessed that she was ready to go home. Silas assured her that they could leave, but he first he wanted to know what secret she had been keeping from him. Nina smiled nervously as she pretended that she had no idea what Silas was talking about, but he revealed that he had overheard the last part of her conversation with Franco.

Nina covered by claiming that she had been skipping physical therapy sessions to take advantage of Franco's art therapy classes. Silas reminded Nina that physical therapy was essential to her recovery, but Nina argued that she needed the art therapy to help deal with everything that had happened to her. Nina claimed that she had been having a difficult time accepting that she had lost their child. Silas' eyes filled with unshed tears as Nina opened up about how thrilled she had been to discover that she was pregnant and the plans she had made to tell Silas about their child.

Nina confessed that the devastating miscarriage would have driven a lesser woman mad. Silas thanked Nina for talking to him about the loss of their child because he wanted to help her through it. He gently suggested that Nina consider counseling, so she assured him that the art therapy classes had helped her tremendously. Silas was relieved, but he reminded her that she couldn't skip her physical therapy sessions. Nina promised to work out a schedule so she could attend both physical and art therapy.

A short time later, Silas and Nina bumped into Rosalie. Rosalie fussed over Nina, so Silas decided to fetch the car. After Silas left, Rosalie asked if Nina was okay. Nina confessed that being stuck in the elevator had been illuminating because she had learned that Ava was pregnant again.

At Carly's residence, Sonny and Carly shared a passionate kiss. Carly quietly reminded Sonny that they had the place to themselves for the night, so he took her hand then led her to her bedroom. In the bedroom, Sonny and Carly fell to the bed in a passionate embrace, unaware that a framed photograph of Franco and Carly had been knocked off the nightstand.

Later, Sonny and Carly agreed that their intimacy had been the same yet wonderfully different. Carly's smile vanished when she glanced down and noticed the framed photograph on the floor of her and Franco. "Oh, my God. What have I done?" Carly asked as she looked at the picture with the broken frame. Carly was immediately filled with regret, but Sonny told her that she shouldn't beat herself up because Carly's relationship with Franco had been as unstable as Franco.

Carly resented Sonny insulting Franco, but Sonny refused to apologize for sleeping with Carly because Sonny had enjoyed every moment. Sonny kissed Carly, but she pulled away because she regretted cheating on Franco. Undaunted, Sonny kissed Carly again, but she tensed when she heard a noise. Moments later, she panicked when Franco called out to her. Carly threw on a robe then ordered Sonny to get dressed and hide, but Sonny refused to budge. Carly warned Sonny that they couldn't risk Franco finding Sonny in her bed because Franco would go straight to the police station to turn Sonny in for shooting A.J.

Meanwhile, Franco tensed when he noticed two glasses of wine next to the box of pizza. Moments later, Carly sailed down the stairs to happily greet Franco. Her smile disappeared when he told her that he knew about the kiss between Carly and Sonny. Carly immediately became defensive as she asked if Nina had mentioned that Carly had pushed Sonny away. Carly claimed that she had been blindsided by the kiss, but she promised that she had set Sonny straight by making it clear that she was with Franco.

Franco demanded to know why Carly hadn't told him about the kiss, so Carly assured him that it hadn't been necessary because she had handled things. Franco picked up one of the glasses of wine as he demanded to know who it belonged to.

Meanwhile, Sonny lurked nearby, eavesdropping on Franco and Carly's conversation.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

In Jordan's apartment, Jordan and Shawn snuggled together in bed after making love. Jordan mentioned that their clandestine affair had started fourteen days earlier, so Shawn noted that he had been sleeping with the enemy for two weeks. Jordan frowned as she carefully reminded Shawn that they had agreed to keep quiet about their affair because T.J. would not be happy about Shawn's involvement with her. Shawn admitted that he was more concerned about Jordan working for a rival organization because it might put them in a dangerous position, but Jordan argued that it hadn't posed a problem yet.

Shawn warned Jordan that Sonny would eventually make a move to stop the Jerome organization from distributing drugs on the streets. Jordan immediately became defensive when Shawn expressed his disapproval over her putting drugs on the street. Jordan pointed out that Sonny wasn't any better than the Jeromes simply because Sonny didn't allow drugs through the territory, but Shawn disagreed. He reminded Jordan that the drugs she had helped distribute to the streets had led to Rafe's tragic death.

Jordan became defensive when Shawn pointed out that it could have easily been T.J. who had ended up brain-dead in the hospital. Frustrated by her inability to tell Shawn the truth about her undercover work, Jordan blurted out that Shawn had no idea what he was talking about. She assured Shawn that she didn't intend to work for the Jeromes indefinitely because she had a plan that would leave her "free as a bird" if it panned out. Shawn wanted Jordan to elaborate, but she quickly managed to distract him by kissing him passionately.

At the hospital, Ned questioned Michael about the decision to terminate Tracy's employment with ELQ, so Michael explained that Alice had revealed that Tracy had been conspiring with Luke to seize control of the family empire. Ned wasn't surprised that his mother had lied about the marriage to Luke falling apart, but Ned was curious about the annulment papers that Tracy had produced because Alexis had confirmed that documents had been real. Michael pointed out that perhaps Tracy and Luke had annulled their marriage to give their lie legitimacy.

Ned was disappointed that his mother failed to see Luke for who he really was. Michael speculated that Tracy might leave town to join Luke and regroup, but Ned dismissed the possibility because it wasn't in Tracy's nature to take a tactical retreat. Ned was certain that Tracy would remain in town to plot her next move, so he warned Michael that they would need to act quickly to stop Tracy and send her a strong message before she caused them more trouble. Ned admitted that there was no telling how far Tracy would go, since she had already used Alice's brush with death to try to further Luke's agenda.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy entered the library then opened the laptop to call Luke. The man posing as Luke answered the video call by asking if their plan was still intact, so Tracy was forced to explain that it was dead in the water because Alice had told Michael everything. Annoyed, the imposter instructed Tracy to attribute Alice's claims as morphine-induced hallucinations, but Tracy revealed that she had already tried without success. The imposter Luke was furious when Tracy explained that Michael had fired her, but Tracy resented his attitude because she had done all the dirty work.

Tracy insisted that it was time for Luke to return home, so she and Luke could work together as a team to devise a Plan B and seize control of ELQ. Luke insisted that he needed to keep working to secure votes from the other board members to support Tracy, but Tracy wasn't satisfied because Luke had failed to win over any of the board members. The imposter switched tactics by reminding Tracy that it was necessary for everyone to believe that their marriage was over, but Tracy disagreed because everyone already knew that it was a lie.

The imposter tried to hide his frustration as he assured Tracy that he wanted nothing more than to return home to her. However, he insisted that she deserved to have her birthright, so he intended to work tirelessly until she had it. The imposter promised Tracy that it would all be worth it when she regained control of ELQ, but both he and Tracy suddenly jumped when Ned leaned over his mother's shoulder to inform Luke that the jig was up. Ned vowed that Luke would never get his hands on ELQ then snapped the laptop closed as the imposter growled that it wasn't over.

Furious, Tracy blasted Ned for interrupting her conversation, but Ned refused to apologize because he had caught Tracy and Luke plotting to take over ELQ. Tracy accused Ned of betraying her by siding with Michael, but Ned defended Michael because Michael would never have used the misfortune of a family member to line his own pockets the way that Tracy and Luke had. Tracy was curious what good Michael's honesty would do any of them when Michael ran ELQ into the ground, but Ned ignored the question.

Ned was certain that his grandfather, Edward, had rolled in his grave when Tracy had put her power play for ELQ ahead of Alice's welfare. Tracy resented Ned presuming to know how Edward would have felt about Tracy trying to preserve Edward's legacy while Ned and Michael squandered it away through mismanagement. Ned warned Tracy that Luke was not the person that Tracy believed Luke to be, but Tracy argued that Luke loved her more than anyone in her own "rotten" family ever had. Tracy vowed to regain control of ELQ because it was what her father had intended.

Ned informed his mother that Tracy would have to do her plotting elsewhere because she could not remain in the mansion. Tracy doubted that Monica would ever evict her, but Ned reminded Tracy that she and Luke had targeted Monica's grandson, who was the only link Monica had left to A.J. Tracy's smile vanished when she realized that Ned had a point, so she asked if Ned truly intended to throw her out of the mansion. Ned admitted that it would be payback for when Tracy had done the same thing to him.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava blew out a birthday candle on one of the two cupcakes then invited Kiki to blow out the other candle. Kiki reminded Ava that it was Ava's birthday, but Ava wanted her daughter to make a wish. Kiki smiled as she dutifully made a wish then blew out the candle. Ava immediately wondered what Kiki had wished, but Kiki argued that it would be bad luck to tell Ava.

Kiki admitted she couldn't believe that Ava was pregnant, especially after all the years that Kiki had pestered her mother for a sibling. Ava confessed that she questioned if she was up to the task of raising another child, so Kiki warned Ava that Ava was about to find out because the baby would arrive soon. Kiki was confident that everything would be fine, but Ava recalled Sonny's threat to kill Ava after the baby was born.

Moments later, Ava was startled when she felt the baby kick for the first time. She quickly reached for Kiki's hand to let Kiki feel the baby move. Kiki's face lit with joy as she returned her mother's smile. Ava and Kiki were both excited because feeling the baby's movement had made everything more real to them. Ava's eyes filled with tears as she confided that she had thought that Kiki would be Ava's only miracle. Kiki beamed as her mother opened up about how proud she was of the person that Kiki had grown up to become. Kiki warmly hugged her mother.

Ava wiped away the tears of happiness as she confessed that she had enjoyed the visit with Kiki. Kiki agreed that it had been a wonderful visit, but it was late. Ava suggested that Kiki get home before Morgan wondered where Kiki was, but Kiki was adamant she and Morgan were just roommates because Kiki only had eyes for Michael.

After Kiki left, Ava received a video call from the imposter posing as Luke. He wished Ava a happy birthday, but she reminded him that it was past midnight. Luke cut to the chase by reminding Ava that he wanted to know what damaging information Ava had on Sonny. Ava assured Luke that she was working on it, but Luke was not satisfied because he wanted results. Ava promised Luke that the person she had reached out to would soon realize that he would benefit from neutralizing Sonny just as much as she and Luke would.

The imposter warned Ava that his patience was wearing thin, so Ava agreed to prove her value another way. Pleased, the imposter ordered Ava to kill Michael Corinthos. After Ava recovered from the shock, she reminded Luke that her daughter had been dating Michael. The imposter was unmoved because he wanted Michael dead. He advised Ava to make it happen then disconnected the call.

At the hospital, Kiki caught up with Michael. She apologized for running late but confessed that she'd had a wonderful visit with her mother. Michael assured Kiki that it was fine then revealed that Alice had been steadily recovering from the heart transplant. Kiki's smile faded when Michael filled in her in about Tracy's scheme to take back ELQ. Kiki immediately became concerned because she realized that it meant that Luke was not out of their lives. Michael assured Kiki that Luke would not get to her because Luke would have to go through Michael first.

At Carly's residence, Sonny hovered in the hallway, eavesdropping on Franco and Carly as Franco picked up one of the two glasses of wine then demanded to know who Carly had spent the evening with. Franco was certain that it had been Sonny, but Carly immediately denied it. Franco wasn't satisfied because the two glasses of wine proved otherwise. Carly scrambled for an explanation until Bobbie walked in.

"My mother," Carly answered. Franco appeared skeptical, especially when Bobbie asked what was going on. Carly quickly explained that she needed Bobbie to assure Franco that Bobbie, not Sonny, had joined Carly for dinner and wine. Bobbie didn't hesitate to cover for her daughter, but Franco pointed out that Bobbie had only just arrived. Carly explained that Scott had cancelled dinner plans with Bobbie earlier that evening because of work but had later called to invite Bobbie for a nightcap. Franco appeared to waver, but he remained determined to check the bedroom.

Carly panicked as Franco marched to the bedroom. Bobbie held Carly back as she demanded to know what was going on, but Carly feared that Franco would find Sonny. Bobbie pointed out that it was quiet, which meant that Franco hadn't found anyone. Moments later, Carly's phone rang, so she begged Bobbie to stall Franco while Carly answered the phone. Bobbie agreed, but she warned Carly that she expected Carly to answer her questions.

After Bobbie left, Carly answered the phone. She immediately demanded to know where Sonny was, so he revealed that he was standing on Carly's front porch. Carly quickly ran to the door to check on Sonny. Sonny explained that he had decided to climb out the window because he couldn't risk Franco going straight to the police with the truth about A.J.'s murder. However, Sonny warned Carly that he would not simply go away, because they had shared something special in her bedroom.

Sonny insisted that Franco was the wrong man for Carly then kissed her to prove his point. Carly pushed Sonny away because she remained determined to stay with Franco.

Inside, Franco searched the bedroom then crawled under the bed, desperate to find a sign that Sonny had been in the house. Bobbie warned Franco that he was overreacting, but Franco argued that Sonny had kissed Carly. Bobbie confessed that she wasn't surprised because Sonny had a tendency to become fixated on Carly whenever Sonny went through a difficult breakup. Bobbie assured Franco that Carly had moved on, but she cautioned Franco not to let his jealousy drive Carly into Sonny's arms.

Moments later, Bobbie and Franco returned to the living room as Carly entered the house. Franco immediately apologized to Carly for overreacting. He realized that he had been foolish to suspect Carly of spending time with Sonny. Franco hugged Carly as he continued to apologize, but Carly appeared troubled as she exchanged a worried glance with Bobbie over Franco's shoulder.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

In Jordan's apartment, Shawn bristled when Jordan turned to him in bed to remind him that it was morning and time for him to leave. His temper flared when she added that he had to report to Sonny, so he reminded Jordan that she wasn't in any position to judge.

At the Jerome apartment, Julian spoke via a video call to the man posing as Luke Spencer. The imposter gloated that Sonny was about to have a very bad day if everything went according to plan. Julian was curious what "Luke" was talking about, but the imposter would only reveal that Ava was involved in the secret plot. The conversation was abruptly cut short when Jordan suddenly entered the apartment, unannounced.

Julian demanded to know how Jordan had gotten past the guards, so she explained that she had simply reminded the guards that she was Julian's business associate. On the laptop screen, the imposter silently warned Julian that he didn't want Jordan to know about their video call. However, Jordan noticed Julian glance at the laptop, so she asked if Julian had been speaking to someone. The imposter quickly severed the connection as Jordan playfully accused Julian of prowling the Internet for woman as she tried to catch a glimpse at the laptop's screen.

Julian smiled with satisfaction when realized that the laptop screen was blank, so she asked him if he had been speaking with Luke Spencer. Jordan told him about the phone call following Mickey Diamond's shooting, but Julian refused to believe that she could have recognize Luke's voice during the brief exchange. Jordan pointed out that Julian had once left a briefcase filled with drug money out in the open while Luke had been at the gallery, so Julian swore on the lives of his family and all those he cared about that the man that Jordan had heard on Mickey's phone was not Luke Spencer.

"Then who is he?" Jordan asked. Julian appreciated that she was frustrated because she didn't know who she was working for, but he promised Jordan that she was better off not knowing. Jordan insisted that that she was eager to play with the big boys, but Julian was adamant that she didn't want to get close to the boss. Julian explained that he had already lost Alexis because of the boss.

At Carly's residence, Carly received a text message from Sonny asking if she was okay. Carly assured him that she was fine then ordered him to stop text messaging her. She quickly put the phone away when Franco entered the living room. Franco immediately began to apologize for the way he had behaved the previous evening, but Carly assured Franco that it wasn't necessary to keep apologizing because she had moved past it.

Carly changed the subject by offering Franco some coffee, but Franco explained that he had to get to work. He once again apologized for his behavior then promised to make it up to her after work. Carly assured Franco that it wasn't necessary, but Franco ignored her as he gave her a quick kiss then left.

Moments later, Bobbie entered the living room, demanding to know what was going on between Carly and Sonny. Carly explained that she didn't want to drag her mother into her problems, but Bobbie was concerned because she couldn't understand why Carly would be sneaking around behind Franco's back with Sonny "of all people." Carly became defensive as she confided that Sonny had been going through a rough time, but Bobbie argued that it was nothing new for Sonny.

Resigned, Carly confessed that she and Sonny had grown closer in recent months and that he had kissed her. However, Carly quickly added that she had pushed Sonny away and had kept him at arm's length since, but Bobbie didn't believe her because Sonny had ended up in Carly's bed. Carly confessed that both she and Sonny had been surprised by the unexpected feelings that had resurfaced when they had kissed, but she was adamant that it wouldn't happen again because Carly was with Franco.

Carly lamented that she felt like she was an awful and deceitful person for lying to Franco, but Bobbie refused to allow Carly to beat herself up. Bobbie confessed that Carly had seemed lost ever since Jason had died, so Carly conceded that Bobbie was right. Bobbie warned Carly to be careful because she didn't want Carly to trade one mistake for another, but Carly argued that Franco wasn't a mistake. Bobbie disagreed because both Franco and Sonny were volatile men.

At Corinthos Coffee, Sonny put down his cell phone when Shawn entered the office. Shawn was curious why Sonny hadn't met him at Kelly's, so Sonny explained that he had stopped by, but T.J. had told Sonny that Shawn had been out all night. Shawn decided to be honest by revealing that he had been secretly seeing Jordan for two weeks. Sonny surprised Shawn by simply advising Shawn to be careful then let it drop, so Shawn confessed that he had expected more of a reaction. Sonny admitted that he wasn't in a position to judge Shawn because Sonny had recently rekindled things with Carly.

Shawn was curious if Sonny's tryst with Carly had been a one-time thing. Sonny admitted that he had no idea but he was concerned about Franco. Sonny and Shawn agreed that the affair might drive Franco to reveal the truth about A.J.'s murder, so Shawn offered to take Franco out as Sonny and Shawn had once discussed. Before Sonny could respond, Carly barged into the office demanding to talk to Sonny. Shawn greeted Carly then quickly excused himself, so Sonny flashed Carly a charming smile as he asked why she had stopped by.

At Silas' apartment, Silas served breakfast as Nina grumbled with frustration when she failed to successfully send a text message. Silas offered to help her until someone knocked on the door. It was Sam. Sam apologized for interrupting, so Nina explained that Silas and Nina were about to have breakfast. Sam quietly explained that she needed to speak to Silas privately, but Nina objected because it was Nina's home, and Silas was Nina's husband.

Nina insisted that Sam could include Nina in the conversation, but Sam argued that it didn't concern Nina because Sam wanted to talk to Silas about Rafe. Nina reminded Sam that Rafe had been Nina's nephew by marriage, but Sam countered that Nina had barely known Rafe. Silas finally stepped in to remind Nina that Rosalie was waiting in the lobby to take Nina to a physical therapy session. Nina argued that she could skip the session, but Silas disagreed because Nina had missed too many appointments already.

After Nina reluctantly left, Sam questioned why Nina would skip physical therapy when Nina had claimed to be eager to get back on her feet. Silas explained that Nina had decided to seek alternative therapy by attending Franco's art therapy classes, but he and Nina had worked everything out. Sam changed the subject by revealing that she had decided to find out who had put Rafe behind the wheel of the car on the night of Patrick's accident. Sam gently added that she hoped to look through Rafe's things -- and in particular, Rafe's cell phone -- to search for clues that might lead them to the mystery person responsible for the tragedies.

Silas confessed that he hadn't yet mustered the courage to look through Rafe's things, so Sam quietly offered to return when Silas was ready. Silas insisted that it was fine then left to fetch the box containing his nephew's few meager belongings. Moments later, Sam fished out Rafe's cell phone from the box Silas set on the table, but the phone's battery was dead. She plugged it into a charger while Silas looked through Rafe's wallet. Silas and Sam were surprised when Silas found $500 in cash stashed in the billfold because they had no idea what Rafe had been doing with so much money.

Silas explained that prior to the crash, Rafe had asked Silas for $400 for camp, but Silas had decided to discuss it with Rafe over dinner before handing over the money. However, Rafe had fled the hospital before Silas and Rafe had gone to dinner. Silas wondered if perhaps Molly had given Rafe the money, but Sam doubted it because Molly wouldn't have been able to get her hands on that much cash without going through Alexis. Sam pointed out that Rafe had gone from the hospital to Silas' apartment, but Silas insisted that Nina couldn't have given Rafe the money because Nina's mother had left Nina destitute.

Sam carefully reminded Silas that she had simply followed Rafe's timeline leading up to the crash, but Silas resented Sam implying that Nina had given Rafe the cash. Silas insisted that Nina was not responsible for every bad thing that happened. Sam gently assured Silas that she didn't want to argue, so she turned her attention back to the phone, which had charged sufficiently to power up.

At the hospital, Franco bumped into Nina as she exited the elevator. He was surprised that Nina had taken the elevator after what had happened the previous evening, but Nina argued that she hadn't had a choice. Franco smirked because Nina continued to pretend that she couldn't walk, so Nina warned him to keep his voice down because she couldn't afford for anyone to learn the truth. Nina shifted gears by confessing that she had been thinking about Franco because she was eager to know what Franco had done when he'd left the hospital the previous evening.

Franco confessed that he had talked to Carly about the kiss and that Carly had assured him that Sonny's kiss hadn't been reciprocated. Nina was happy that everything had worked out, but Franco admitted that it hadn't been quite that easy. He confided about his suspicions and then the desperate search for Sonny in Carly's bedroom. Nina revealed that under the same circumstances, she would have reacted the same way. She regretted that she hadn't been as vigilant when Silas had cheated on her with Ava, but Franco bristled at the suggestion that Carly had lied.

Nina rushed to assure Franco that she hadn't meant to imply that Carly had cheated on Franco. Franco relaxed, so Nina wisely changed the subject by confiding that Silas had overheard part of Nina and Franco's conversation when they had discussed Nina's secret. However, she had managed to convince Silas that she and Franco had been talking about Nina attending Franco's art therapy sessions.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Alexis called out to Ned when she saw him exit an elevator. Alexis confessed that she had been visiting with Alice and that Alice had mentioned that there had been some trouble with Tracy. Ned pulled Alexis aside to fill Alexis in about Tracy's plot with Luke to seize control of ELQ. Ned admitted that Alexis had been right to suspect that Tracy and Luke had been in cahoots. Alexis felt bad for Ned, but she assured Ned that the annulment papers had checked out. Ned confessed that he wasn't surprised because Luke had been behind the false documents.

Alexis was surprised when Ned revealed that he and Monica had been forced to evict Tracy from the mansion because Tracy could not be trusted around the family. Alexis reminded Ned that Luke had been around for a long time, but Ned argued that Luke had changed from a freeloader who had made his mother happy to a threatening and malevolent person. Alexis conceded that she had a soft spot for Luke, but she also trusted Ned's instincts. Ned appreciated Alexis' support, but he changed the subject to ask how she had been holding up since the fire.

Alexis revealed that she still couldn't process everything that had happened even though she had met with the fire investigator and insurance adjuster. Ned was curious if the authorities had determined a cause for the fire, so she revealed that Mickey Diamond had planted an explosive device. Ned was shocked because Alice had received Mickey's heart. Alexis was equally stunned, but she was glad that something good had happened as a result of the tragedy.

Ned and Alexis' conversation drifted to Mickey's untimely demise. Ned was startled when Alexis quietly confided that Mickey had been one of Julian's business associates and that she had been forced to end things with Julian when she had discovered that Julian had never left the mob. Ned hated seeing Alexis in pain but he was glad that she had walked away from Julian. Alexis quietly admitted that it had been very difficult to do.

At the Drake residence, Sabrina stopped by to visit Patrick. Patrick was surprised because he hadn't realized that Sabrina had returned from Puerto Rico. Sabrina was curious if Emma was home, but Patrick shook his head as he explained that he had dropped Emma off at day camp. However, he was certain that Emma would be delighted when she learned that Sabrina was back.

Patrick invited Sabrina inside as he asked how she was doing. Sabrina confessed that it had been a tremendous help to spend time with her family after Gabriel's death but she was ready to return to work because she couldn't risk losing her job. Sabrina remarked that Liesl was the type of person who would easily fire someone for simply disagreeing with Liesl. Patrick agreed then revealed that he had been fired. Sabrina was shocked, but Patrick assured her that he was appealing the termination.

Sabrina couldn't understand why Liesl had fired Patrick, so he admitted that a patient of his had ended up brain-dead. Sabrina felt bad for the patient, but she pointed out that it was a risk in neurosurgery. Sabrina was stunned when Patrick admitted that he had contemplated letting Rafe die because Rafe had been responsible for Gabriel's death. Patrick quickly filled Sabrina in about Sam's investigation and everything that had transpired at the hospital after the accident that had led to Rafe's life-threatening injuries.

Sabrina was hurt that Patrick hadn't told her sooner, but Patrick insisted that both he and Felix had worried that it would be too much for Sabrina to handle during her grief over losing Gabriel. Sabrina was curious why Patrick had wanted Rafe to die, since the accident had been a terrible tragedy. She conceded that Rafe should have stopped to help, but she also recognized that Rafe had probably been scared. Patrick revealed that Rafe had confided to Molly that someone had forced Rafe to drive Patrick's car off the road. Shocked, Sabrina wondered who would want to hurt her and Patrick. Patrick confessed that he didn't know, but Sam was determined to find out.

Friday, August 22, 2014

At the hospital, Michael carried a large vase filled with bright, colorful flowers that had been sent to Alice from David Otunga and Jennifer Hudson. Kiki was disappointed that Alice couldn't keep the flowers, but Michael explained that it had been necessary to remove the flowers from Alice's hospital room to lower the risk of infection. Franco noticed the flowers as Michael set the vase down at the nurses' station, so he asked if he could have the floral arrangement for Carly. Michael suspected that Franco had upset his mother, but Franco insisted that he merely wanted to give Carly a token of affection. Michael pointed out that it wasn't much of a gift to give a woman flowers that had been intended for someone else.

Annoyed, Franco blurted out that Sonny was the one who had done something wrong. Moments later, Morgan walked up, so Franco revealed that Sonny had kissed Carly, but Carly had pushed Sonny away because she wasn't interested in Sonny. Michael and Morgan smirked because Sonny and Carly had married each other four separate times. Kiki was confident that Sonny would respect Carly's relationship with Franco, but Morgan disagreed because Sonny disliked Franco. Morgan added that Sonny's love for Morgan hadn't stopped Sonny from sleeping with Ava.

Franco grumbled that Carly and Ava were completely different "species" in part because Ava was manipulative. Franco was certain it would turn everyone's stomach if they knew what Franco knew about Ava, so Kiki asked what Franco was talking about. Realizing he had said too much, Franco quickly backtracked by claiming that he had simply meant that Carly would never cheat on Franco with Sonny. Morgan snorted because he had once thought the same thing about Ava.

After Franco and Morgan left, Michael apologized to Kiki for trading words with Franco. Kiki conceded that it had been tacky of Franco to take the flowers, but she suspected that Franco always said and did the wrong thing around Michael and Morgan because Franco felt insecure around Carly's sons. Michael admitted that Carly dumping Franco to go back to Sonny would be the perfect solution, but Kiki doubted that Carly was interested in getting involved with Sonny when Ava might be having his child.

At Corinthos Coffee, Carly explained that had stopped by to talk to Sonny, but Sonny thought it was just an excuse to see him, since Carly could have easily called him on the phone. Carly's temper flared. "Who the hell do you think you are?" Carly demanded as she glared at him. She reminded Sonny that she had resisted him for years then added that she had wanted to tell him to his face that they would not have a repeat of the previous evening.

Sonny chuckled, but Carly warned Sonny that Franco would go straight to Michael with the truth about A.J. if Franco discovered that she and Sonny had slept together. Sonny conceded that he didn't want that to happen, so he suggested that he and Carly be more careful the next time. Carly growled that there wouldn't be a next time, but Sonny merely smiled because he was confident that Carly would soon realize that she had been wrong about Franco. Carly was startled when Sonny suddenly kissed her, so she briefly gave in to the passion until she gathered the strength to push Sonny away before things went too far.

Sonny was satisfied that he had proven that he and Carly hadn't had a one-night stand the previous evening, so he urged Carly to get rid of Franco. Carly immediately suspected that Sonny had intentionally seduced her to get Franco out of her life, but Sonny assured her that it was merely an added bonus. Furious, Carly informed him that she intended to stay with Franco because she loved him, but Sonny argued that the only person she was fighting was herself.

At the hospital, Rosalie closed the door to an examination room as Nina paced back and forth. Rosalie urged Nina to return to the wheelchair before someone saw Nina, but Nina was too upset to sit because Silas was alone with Sam in the apartment that Nina shared with Silas. Nina was also livid that Ava was once again pregnant. Rosalie pointed out that people got pregnant all the time, but Nina disagreed because Nina didn't have a child.

Nina conceded that she had once been pregnant but she had lost the baby because of her mother. Nina had no idea if her child had been a boy or a girl, but she was certain that her child would have ripped Silas out of Ava's arms. Nina ranted about the injustice of what she had suffered, so Rosalie wondered if Ava was pregnant with Silas' child. Nina accused Rosalie of being an idiot then explained that Ava had slept with a mobster and the mobster's son, so Ava was uncertain who the father was.

Rosalie suddenly realized that she knew the mobster's son, but Nina doubted that anyone in the Corinthos family would notice Rosalie. Rosalie explained that she had met Morgan in the park and that Morgan had opened up to her about his pregnant ex-girlfriend. Nina ranted that it had been unfair that Ava had been able to raise Silas' child, while Nina had lingered in a coma, alone and empty. Nina lamented that even Sam had had a child and then complained that she had been asked to leave the apartment so Silas and Sam could speak privately.

Rosalie assured Nina that Silas and Sam would not rekindle things then promised Nina that Nina would get everything Nina deserved. Nina cheered up and hugged her nurse with gratitude. Nina decided to focus and work hard so she could have a baby soon. "Assuming you can get pregnant," Rosalie quietly added. Nina bristled as she demanded to know what Rosalie had meant by that, so Rosalie gently reminded Nina that Nina had spent a long time in a coma and had had a miscarriage.

Rosalie explained that she simply didn't want Nina to be disappointed, but Nina assured Rosalie that it wouldn't be a problem because Nina intended to have a baby one way or another. Rosalie was shocked that Nina would cheat on the man she loved, but Nina confessed that she both loved and hated Silas with a passion because he had betrayed her. However, Nina added that there were other ways to get a baby without cheating on Silas.

In Silas' apartment, Sam powered up Rafe's cell phone. Silas and Sam were touched when they noticed that Rafe's cell phone wallpaper was a picture that had been taken of Silas and Sam at Christmastime. Sam realized that she and Silas had been the closest thing to parents that Rafe had had. Silas was upset that someone had cruelly used his nephew, so he wanted to find the person responsible for everything that had happened. Sam scrolled through the call log and quickly noticed several unfamiliar phone numbers including one that had appeared under the letter "D."

Silas suspected that the number might have been Rafe's dealer, so Sam agreed to pass it along to the police to have it checked. Sam saw an incoming call that had lasted twenty minutes, prior to Patrick's crash; however, the call log had only displayed the call but not the number. Silas was curious if it was possible to trace the call, so Sam offered to contact Spinelli, but she warned Silas that it would be a long shot. Silas questioned Sam's reasons for investigating Rafe's claims when she admitted that she wanted to give Patrick answers.

Sam assured Silas that she wanted to know who had used Rafe. Silas believed her, but he confessed that he knew Sam had spent a lot of time with Patrick in recent weeks. Sam pointed out that Silas had spent more time with Nina, which quickly led to a talk about the night Sam had walked in on Silas and Nina kissing. Silas admitted that he didn't have an explanation for that night, but Sam questioned why Nina had been possessive of Silas when Sam had asked to speak to him privately.

Sam was curious if Silas and Nina were living together as husband and wife, but Silas revealed that he slept on the sofa. Sam smiled awkwardly then asked if she could hold on to Rafe's cell phone. Silas agreed, so Sam thanked him for everything then left. "Take of yourself," Silas quietly said as the door closed then returned to the box of Rafe's things. Moments later, Silas was startled when he found a business card from the Crichton-Clark facility tucked into a pocket among Rafe's things.

At the Drake residence, Sabrina was stunned that someone would target Patrick and Sabrina. Patrick assured Sabrina that Sam would work hard to find out who had put Rafe behind the wheel of the car the night of their crash, so Sabrina offered to help Patrick pay for Sam's services. Patrick declined because Sam had agreed to investigate the accident for free. Sabrina was impressed that Sam was such a good friend, but Patrick's smile faded because Sam had been a better friend to him than he had been to Sam.

Sabrina promised that Patrick could trust her if he needed to talk. Patrick was reluctant to open up, but Sabrina assured him that whatever he had to say would stay between them. Patrick believed her, so he confessed that Robin had left town to save Jason Morgan. Sabrina was shocked as Patrick told her about his encounter with Robin a few weeks earlier when Robin had revealed that Jason had ultimately died while under Robin's care.

Sabrina was curious why Robin hadn't returned with Patrick if Jason had died, but Patrick admitted that he had no idea. However, he had decided to file for divorce. Sabrina felt bad for Patrick, but he assured her that he had made peace with the end of his marriage. However, Patrick remained conflicted about keeping Sam in the dark about Jason.

Sabrina warned Patrick that it would only cause Sam unnecessary anguish and regret for failing to find and possibly save Jason. Patrick agreed, but he was haunted by his decision not to tell Sam when Robin had first left town.

Moments later, the doorbell rang. It was Sam. Patrick invited Sam inside, where Sabrina greeted her. Sabrina revealed that Patrick had filled her in about the accident investigation, so Sam reluctantly revealed that a search of Rafe's cell phone hadn't yielded anything useful.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava entered the living room. Julian apologized for disturbing her rest, but she confessed that she hadn't slept a wink. Julian wondered if it had something to do with the baby, but Ava shook her head then revealed that Luke had ordered her to kill Michael Corinthos because Michael had ruined Luke's plans to infiltrate ELQ. Ava insisted that she couldn't kill Michael because of Kiki, but Julian had little sympathy for his sister's predicament because he had warned Ava not to tangle with the boss.

Ava conceded that Julian had been right, but she was desperate to find a way to handle Luke. Julian warned Ava that it wasn't possible. He reminded Ava that their boss had sent a hit man after Lucas when Julian had tried to leave the organization and then had sent Mickey Diamond to burn down Alexis' home. Ava admitted that it didn't make sense that a man like Luke would to target his own nephew and strike out at Alexis, a longstanding close friend. She was curious how a person changed that much, so Julian explained that Luke had never changed.

Ava was shocked when Julian confided that the real Luke Spencer was locked up at the Miscavige Institute and that an imposter had taken Luke's place. Ave wondered who the imposter really was, but Julian admitted that he had no idea. Julian explained that he had met the man in the witness protection program and that the man had had several aliases. Julian told her about his business arrangement with their boss to rebuild the Jerome organization.

Julian conceded that the imposter had been an ideal silent partner for many years, but everything had changed when the man had revealed his true colors. Julian insisted that their boss was a dangerous sociopath with ice in his veins, so it would be a mistake to cross the man. Julian appreciated that Ava didn't want to hurt Kiki, but Julian warned Ava that Kiki would pay with her life if Ava failed to follow the imposter's orders.

After Julian left, Ava called Kiki to invite Kiki and Michael over for dinner.

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