General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 21, 2014 on GH

Julian helped Ava escape from Sonny. Spencer ran away in a desperate attempt to throw Nikolas and Britt together. Sam broke things off with Silas. Patrick was fired. Maxie announced her engagement to Levi.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 21, 2014 on GH
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Monday, July 21, 2014

Maxie couldn't believe that Nathan was trying to tear her and Levi apart. She decided that she would go with Levi to Australia, but he didn't think it was a good idea. He told her that she couldn't leave her family, her home, and especially her daughter. She pressed the matter further, so Levi was forced to admit that there was a warrant out for his arrest in Australia.

Maxie demanded to know what Levi had done. He explained that he'd broken into a pharmaceutical company that had been conducting tests on animals. He'd set all of the animals free and declared that he would do it all over again. He thanked Maxie for making him so happy during the previous few months. "It cannot end like this!" Maxie said, pacing. Suddenly, she had an idea.

At the hospital, Patrick was looking at a file. Sam walked up and asked if the file was Rafe's. She wondered if Obrecht would put a hold on the press conference because Sam thought she'd gotten through to Silas about going public about Rafe's death. Patrick thought it was too late. Sam informed him that the reporters would be brutal, so he should try to stay calm.

Obrecht told someone on the phone that the hospital was ready for the press conference so they could "put the issue to rest." Anna entered and wondered if the press conference was necessary. She thought that, if Obrecht was a good leader, she would have let Patrick discuss things with an attorney first. Anna continued that Obrecht just wanted free press. Obrecht calmly responded that, when Rafe died, he'd been under the influence of cocaine and heroin that Anna and the police had failed to stop from entering the town.

Listening to Anna and Obrecht's conversation, Nina declared that everything was working out perfectly. She'd overheard Sam telling Silas that Patrick had thought about killing Rafe. She suggested to a confused Rosalie that a press conference would be the perfect place for that to be exposed.

Just then, Silas exited the elevator. Nina feigned worry for her husband and suggested that he let her take care of him at home. He asked if she'd seen Sam. She gladly pointed him in the right direction just in time for him to see Sam hugging Patrick. Silas walked right over to the pair. Rosalie remarked that Sam seemed to be doing a good enough job on her own of breaking Sam and Silas up.

Patrick expressed his condolences to Sam and Silas. Anna joined the group. She wondered if Patrick needed her to stay for the press conference. He assured her that he'd be all right "with Sam in my corner." With that remark, Silas stormed away, right into Obrecht's path. She apologized for the need for the press conference but told him that Silas had given her no other choice.

Two reporters stepped off the elevator right next to Nina. They speculated about the press conference. Nina told Rosalie to leave. Rosalie protested but left anyway. Nina dropped her purse on the floor and asked one of the reporters to help. He handed her purse back and asked if she needed help with anything else. "I don't need any more help, but I can help you," she told him deviously.

Anna wished Patrick luck and left. A reporter stuck a recorder in Silas' face and asked for a comment about Rafe's death. Before he could answer, Obrecht called for everyone's attention. She began the press conference by introducing herself and Patrick and touching on the details of Rafe's case. A reporter was horrified that Obrecht had let Patrick operate on Rafe even though it had been a clear conflict of interest.

Obrecht responded that, had any other doctor been available, she would have used him or her. However, she'd known that Patrick was professional enough to do his job. The reporter called out that Patrick had every reason to want Rafe dead. Patrick maintained that he'd done everything possible to save Rafe. "Then why did you admit that you wanted him dead?" the reporter shot back. Patrick glared at Sam over the commotion in the room.

At the station, Dante told someone on the phone that he hadn't seen Nathan. Right on time, Nathan stormed into the station, carrying the trash bag full of his clothes. He vented to Dante about Maxie throwing out Nathan's clothes and changing the locks. He went on about how Levi told her what to do and how to think, and he even convinced her that Levi's thoughts were her ideas. Dante agreed that Levi was a "tool."

Nathan swore that he hadn't called Immigration. He believed that Levi had done it to make Nathan look like the bad guy. Dante asked Nathan for the facts. Nathan was surprised that Dante believed him. "You're my partner," Dante replied. Dante looked at Nathan's phone and saw that the call had been made at 11:27 a.m. the day before.

Dante walked Nathan through the events of the day before to determine when Levi could have made the call. They determined that Levi had had the opportunity to steal the phone when Nathan had uncuffed himself and Maxie. After that, Nathan had gone to the station. He'd found his phone to call Mac when he'd returned home later that day.

Dante offered to dust the phone for prints, but Nathan knew that it wouldn't be solid proof, since he lived with Levi. He was exasperated that he had nothing on Levi. He was frustrated to know that Levi would hurt Maxie, and there was nothing Nathan could do about it. Dante advised him to take a break and cool off.

A few minutes later, Anna arrived at the station. She wanted to see Dante and Nathan in her office, but Dante informed her that Nathan had a "personal situation." He elaborated on Nathan's situation with Maxie. Anna loved Maxie because she was family, but she recognized that Maxie never made anything easy.

Anna informed Dante that, when Nathan returned, she wanted them to organize a task force to stop the drug trade in Port Charles once and for all. She continued that Rafe had had cocaine and heroin in his system when he'd died. She knew that Obrecht would use that fact against Anna.

"All is fair in love and war," Felicia told Mac at the Floating Rib, discussing the love triangle that was Maxie, Levi, and Nathan. As they argued over who had really called Immigration, Lucy entered the bar, sobbing. She cried that she'd just found out about Rafe's death. She was upset about focusing on Scott, therefore neglecting Rafe, her family.

Lucy continued that she'd been trying to call Kevin, but he only talked through his lawyers because of the divorce. Felicia suggested that Lucy give her daughter Serena a call, but Lucy informed Felicia that Serena was angry at Lucy for not treating Scott or Kevin fairly. Mac told her that she'd created the situation herself, and he left.

Lucy knew that she deserved everyone's anger, but she was angrier at herself than anyone else could be. She confided to Felicia that she missed Scott. She felt bad about pushing him away. Felicia advised her friend to reach out to Scott and clear things up if that was what she wanted to do. Lucy called Felicia an amazing friend and ran out of the bar.

Nathan entered the bar, and Mac knew that Nathan was probably upset about Maxie. Nathan swore to Mac and Felicia that he hadn't been the one to call Immigration on Levi. "Then who did?" Felicia demanded to know. Felicia thought it made no sense for Levi to call Immigration on himself. Mac was just happy that Levi would be "on the other side of the planet."

Just then, Maxie and Levi entered the bar. Maxie announced that Levi wasn't going anywhere because she'd had an idea. "We're getting married!" she squealed, to Nathan's horror.

Lucy arrived at Scott's hotel room door and knocked. She called out that she needed to talk to him and that it was important. Suddenly, the door opened, but Bobbie appeared clad in Scott's robe.

Nikolas called out for Spencer. Britt and Elizabeth returned from looking around, both without sight of Spencer. They wondered what could have happened to him. Britt divulged that Cameron had told all of the other campers that Spencer was a "loser," so Spencer could have been embarrassed enough to run off.

Spencer entered a hotel room at the Metro Court with a bellhop. The man asked when Spencer's parents would be arriving. Spencer assured the man that his parents would be there soon and gave him a large tip. The bellhop explained all of the high-tech features of the room and finally left. Spencer jumped on the bed and took out his phone.

Nikolas was on the phone with one of his staff members. He instructed them to call if they heard from Spencer. Just then, Britt got a text message. She stealthily read the message from Spencer, which asked if their plan was working. Elizabeth wondered if someone could have taken Spencer, but Britt cited how intelligent and resourceful Spencer was. "He's still a kid," Elizabeth replied with a dirty look. Britt decided that they should fan out in order to cover more ground. They agreed to meet back in ten minutes and all went in different directions.

There were candy wrappers all over the bed, and Spencer played video games. His phone went off, and he checked the message from Britt. Britt's reply read that the plan wasn't yet working because Elizabeth was in the way.

Britt received Spencer's reply that read to "get rid" of Elizabeth if she was in the way. Britt, Nikolas, and Elizabeth met up, again with no sight of Spencer. Britt lied that she'd told the other campers about Spencer, and they were all upset. She continued that Cameron wanted Elizabeth and instructed her to take him home. Elizabeth reluctantly left.

Britt offered to drive around with Nikolas to look for Spencer, but Nikolas wanted to call the police. Britt thought that calling the cops would just make Spencer feel worse in the end. Britt mentioned some of Spencer's favorite places and suggested that he'd gone to one of them. Nikolas suddenly remembered that, after the last time Spencer had disappeared, Lulu had enabled a tracking application on Nikolas' phone. He activated it and learned that Spencer was at the Metro Court.

As Nikolas freaked out that someone could have taken Spencer, Britt advised him to call the hotel and find out. Nikolas called the hotel and described Spencer. At the same time, Britt called Spencer to warn him that Nikolas knew where he was. She hung up as Nikolas discovered that Spencer was indeed at the hotel and had gotten a room under Nikolas' name.

A short while later, Olivia took Britt and Nikolas up to the room where Spencer was. Nikolas demanded to know how Spencer could have been allowed to get a room. Olivia didn't know who had been on the front desk, but she vowed to find out. "Heads will roll," she promised. She opened the door to the room.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

At the police station, Scott asked to meet with Anna because he wanted to discuss Rafe's situation. Anna assured Scott that everything had been done by the book, so Scott assured her that he believed her. However, he wanted to discuss how the drugs had ended up in Rafe's system when the police department was supposed to be cracking down on the drug trade in Port Charles. Anna snidely suggested that Scott ask Julian, since Scott had proven to be in Julian's back pocket by arranging for Julian to be released from jail after the shooting at the gallery. Scott insisted that it had been the right thing to do because he knew firsthand what it was like for a father to see his child in pain.

Anna didn't believe Scott because Scott had spent very little time with his son, Franco. Scott assured her that she was wrong but added that he had been referring to his daughter with Lucy, Serena. Anna suspected that Scott had been motivated to help Julian not out of compassion but rather to repay Julian for Julian's help forcing Scott's opponent, Benjamin Lazaro, to bow out of the race for district attorney at the last minute. Scott denied any wrongdoing during the election but added that Julian had been on the up and up since Ric had died, unless Anna knew something that Scott didn't. Anna was spared from having to respond when a police officer let her know that Nikolas was waiting on the phone to speak to her.

At Metro Court, Lucy knocked on Scott's door, but it was a smiling Bobbie, dressed in Scott's robe, who greeted her. Stunned, Lucy pushed her way past Bobbie, demanding to know why Bobbie was in Scott's suite without Scott's permission. Bobbie's expression turned smug as she revealed that Scott had invited Bobbie. Lucy sputtered with outrage as she tried to dismiss Scott and Bobbie's dalliance as insignificant. Bobbie bristled as she reminded Lucy that Lucy had repeatedly rejected Scott, but Lucy defended her actions by explaining that she had been confused and hurt over her crumbling marriage.

Bobbie was unmoved by Lucy's excuses, so Lucy accused Bobbie of using Bobbie's friendship with Scott to "slither" her way back into Scott's bed. Bobbie pushed Lucy's buttons by vowing to use all the tricks that Bobbie had learned from her days as a prostitute to hold on to Scott. Lucy conceded that it had been wrong to publicly humiliate Bobbie by throwing Bobbie's past as a prostitute in Bobbie's face. Bobbie agreed, especially since Lucy hadn't been in a position to judge Bobbie because of Lucy's own adulterous history of cheating on each of Lucy's husbands.

Annoyed, Lucy shot back that Bobbie had been dumped by more men than Lucy could count, including one man who had left Bobbie for Bobbie's own daughter. Bobbie warned Lucy not to talk about Carly, but Lucy ignored the warning and continued to goad Bobbie until Bobbie retaliated by slapping Lucy. Startled, Lucy struck back, prompting Bobbie to propel herself at Lucy. The fight escalated as the two women tumbled onto the bed and then rolled to the floor.

Moments later, Scott entered the suite. He took in the scene with shocked disbelief then loudly demanded to know what was going on. Bobbie was the first to pull away and speak up by accusing Lucy of starting it. Furious, Lucy launched herself at Bobbie, so Scott was forced to step in to pull the women apart. Lucy tearfully explained that she had stopped by to talk to Scott about something important, but it no longer mattered. Bobbie smiled with satisfaction as Lucy fled in tears.

At Metro Court, Olivia slid the keycard into the door of the suite where Spencer had been hiding. Nikolas was furious that Spencer had been given a room, despite not being accompanied by an adult. Olivia apologized and promised that heads would roll once she got to the bottom of things, but Nikolas was too worried about Spencer to care. He and Britt followed Olivia into the suite but stopped at the foot of the bed as Olivia searched the rooms. The bed was littered with candy wrappers and crumbs, but Spencer was nowhere to be seen.

Olivia immediately called the front desk to ask if anyone had seen Spencer. Nikolas was frantic with worry, so Britt suggested that perhaps Spencer had merely slipped down the hall for ice. Olivia promised to alert security and to have everyone on staff search for Spencer, but Nikolas feared the worst. Britt reminded Nikolas that he could use the application on his phone to track Spencer again so Nikolas pulled out his cell phone. Britt seized the opportunity to quickly send Spencer a text message to find out where he was.

Britt tucked the phone away when Nikolas growled with frustration because the application hadn't picked up a signal on Spencer. Britt assured Nikolas that it wasn't cause for concern because Spencer might have disabled the GPS on the phone. Nikolas decided to do another sweep of the suite to look for a clue that might lead him to Spencer. Britt covertly sent Spencer another text message asking where he was. Spencer replied by advising her to check under the chair by the mini bar. Britt glanced at the chair in question and saw a folded piece of paper, so she called out to Nikolas.

Nikolas picked up the note that Spencer had written. According to the note, Spencer had left because it had been too difficult for him to watch Emma "cavort" with Cameron. Spencer claimed to be heartbroken and disillusioned by love in part because of Nikolas and Britt's broken engagement. The letter ended with Spencer explaining that he had hoped that a day of watching movies and ordering room service would lift his spirits, but it hadn't worked, so Spencer had left.

Britt quickly pointed out that the note was proof that Spencer was unharmed, but Nikolas argued that his nine-year-old could easily land in a dangerous situation, running around the city alone. Nikolas decided that it was time to call the police.

A short time later, Anna arrived. Nikolas showed Anna the note that Spencer had written as he filled her in about Spencer's disappearance. Olivia returned to report that the security cameras had picked up Spencer leaving the hotel and that a doorman had seen Spencer getting into a taxi. Nikolas was shocked that the doorman hadn't stopped a child not accompanied by an adult from leaving the hotel. Olivia apologized and promised to deal with the doorman, but Nikolas wasn't satisfied because it wouldn't help them find his son.

Britt sent Spencer a text message asking where he was, so he replied with a promise to let her know when he reached his destination. After Anna and Olivia left to have a talk with the doorman, Britt assured Nikolas that she would stay with him until Spencer was found.

In the park, Jordan stopped to stretch her limbs during a morning run. Julian had also been out for a morning run, so he stopped when he spotted Jordan. Moments later, he tapped Jordan on the shoulder. Jordan turned, prepared to defend herself until she realized that it had been Julian. She immediately relaxed, but warned him that it wasn't a good idea to startle her because she had been prepared to reach for her pepper spray. Julian cut to the chase by questioning her about her relationship with Mickey Diamond and when they had started moving heroin through Port Charles.

Shocked, Jordan assured Julian that she hadn't known anything about heroin trafficking. She confessed that she'd had dinner with Mickey and that Mickey had hoped to start an intimate relationship with her, but she had insisted on keeping things professional. Julian warned Jordan not to underestimate him because he made a point of keeping tabs on everyone, even though he was no longer the one in charge. Jordan assured Julian that she wasn't interested in aligning herself with Mickey, but she wanted Julian to trust her because their only hope to stay a step ahead of their boss was to work together.

Jordan pointed out that the boss didn't trust her or Julian if neither of them had known about the heroin moving through town. Julian admitted that she had given him food for thought, but he was reluctant to trust her because he sensed that she was holding something back. Jordan assured Julian that she appreciated his desire to protect his family, but she warned him that he might soon discover that she was the only person he could trust.

At the hospital, Liesl held a press conference with Patrick at her side. She assured the reporters that the hospital and Patrick had done everything possible to save Rafe's life, but a reporter challenged her claim by asking if it was true that Patrick had contemplated killing Rafe and had even considered how easy it would be to slice a blood vessel during surgery without raising suspicion. Patrick was shocked speechless as Liesl demanded to know who had made the allegations. The reporter explained that he was not at liberty to say, but his source had been reliable.

Liesl confessed that it had been her impression that Americans were afforded the right to face their accuser, but the reporter countered that freedom of the press guaranteed the right not to divulge news sources. Liesl argued that wanting something and even being tempted to do something was not the same as committing a crime. Patrick listened with growing horror as the reporter repeated everything from the damaging statements that Patrick had made. Sam looked to Silas for an explanation, but he assured her that he hadn't shared their conversation on the rooftop with anyone. The reporter began to hammer Patrick with questions, so Liesl called a halt to the press conference and ordered everyone to leave.

Nearby, Nina watched everything unfold with barely contained delight as the reporters swarmed around Silas, requesting a statement. Sam approached Patrick to assure him that she hadn't told the reporter about what Patrick had confided to her. However, she admitted that she had told Silas. Meanwhile, Silas made it clear that he didn't have anything to say by pushing away from the reporters.

After the reporters drifted away, Patrick and Sam confronted Silas about their suspicion that Silas had told the reporter about Patrick's admission. Silas insisted that he hadn't told anyone, but Sam appeared uncertain because she knew that neither she nor Patrick had shared Patrick's secret with anyone. Sam also reminded Silas that Silas had threatened to go to the press, but Silas argued that he had merely thought about it. Sam remained unconvinced, so Silas was curious why Sam had been quick to believe Patrick but not Silas.

Sam explained that she had seen Silas talking to the reporter, but Silas maintained his innocence. Sam was curious if Silas had said anything to Nina, prompting Nina to innocently ask why Sam had dragged her name into it. Silas reminded Sam that he hadn't been the one to call a press conference then swore on his life that he hadn't told anyone, including Nina, what Patrick had said. Hurt by Sam's lack of faith in him, Silas offered to take Nina home.

After Silas and Nina left, Sam apologized to Patrick for trusting Silas with Patrick's confession. Patrick didn't have a chance to reply because Liesl returned after conferring with the hospital's legal department. She demanded to know if Patrick had made the statements that the reporter had attributed to him, so Patrick admitted that he had. Liesl was disappointed because she had no alternative except to fire Patrick.

At the Floating Rib, Maxie and Levi entered holding hands and sporting happy smiles until Maxie's eyes landed on Nathan. She demanded to know what Nathan was doing there, so Felicia revealed that Nathan had filled Mac and Felicia in on Levi's visa troubles. Maxie assured Mac and Felicia that there wasn't anything to worry about because Maxie and Levi had decided to get married. Mac demanded to know why, so Maxie assured him that she and Levi loved each other.

Felicia tried to be supportive, but Nathan accused Maxie of marrying Levi to keep Levi from being deported. Nathan was curious how Levi had manipulated Maxie into the green card marriage, but Maxie insisted that it had been her idea. Nathan didn't believe her because he suspected that Levi had told Maxie a story about being shot on the tarmac if Levi should set foot in Sydney. Maxie tensed, but she coldly informed Nathan that what she and Levi had discussed had been beautiful but private.

Levi smiled with approval as Maxie insisted that she was marrying Levi because she loved him. However, she conceded that it would be a bonus if their marriage saved Levi from being deported. Felicia urged her daughter to think things through carefully before rushing into marriage. Mac agreed because Maxie's last trip down the aisle had been a mistake. Both Nathan and Levi were surprised that Maxie had been married before, so she explained that it had been a marriage of convenience to protect Patrick's brother, Matt Hunter, from murder charges. However, she assured Levi that she was divorced and free to marry him.

Nathan pulled Maxie aside to try to get through to her. Maxie was curious why her marriage to Levi mattered to Nathan, so Nathan explained that the government frowned on people trying to circumvent the law with green card marriages. Maxie was stunned when Nathan warned her that she could face time in jail and a $250,000 fine if the government determined that she had married Levi to keep him from being deported. Maxie assured Nathan that she would welcome an investigation because she didn't have anything to hide.

Meanwhile, Levi apologized to Mac and Felicia for springing the wedding news on them at the last minute. He assured Mac and Felicia that under different circumstances, he would have asked them for their blessing before proposing to Maxie. However, he suddenly realized that it wasn't too late, so he formally asked Mac and Felicia for their blessing. Before Mac or Felicia could reply, Maxie returned and asked what Levi had been talking to Mac and Felicia about. Levi revealed that he had asked for Mac and Felicia's blessings, so Maxie turned to Mac and Felicia expectantly.

Felicia opted for a diplomatic approach by carefully assuring Maxie that she would respect Maxie's wishes if marriage to Levi was what Maxie wanted. Mac decided to be brutally honest by answering, "No way in hell." Mac resented that Levi had tried to manipulate Mac and Felicia by putting them on the spot in front of Maxie. Maxie was hurt by Mac and Felicia's lack of support, but defiantly informed them that it wasn't necessary because she intended to go through with the wedding regardless. Nathan watched helplessly as Maxie and Levi marched out of the bar.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lucy arrived at the Floating Rib, frantic to talk to Felicia, so Felicia quickly wrapped up a phone call with Mac to find out what Lucy's latest crisis was about. Lucy explained that she had paid Scott a visit, but Bobbie had answered the door, dressed in Scott's robe. Felicia reminded Lucy that Scott and Bobbie had been friends for a long time, so there might have been an innocent explanation for Bobbie being in Scott's hotel suite. Lucy argued that there wasn't any doubt because Bobbie had confirmed that Scott and Bobbie were lovers. Felicia was surprised but reminded Lucy that there had been a time when Scott and Bobbie had dated.

"I know -- way back in the Carter administration," Lucy grumbled. She insisted that Scott couldn't be involved with Bobbie because he belonged with Lucy, so Felicia advised Lucy to follow her heart and fight for Scott. Bolstered by Felicia's words of encouragement, Lucy thanked her friend and left to find Scott.

In Scott's hotel suite, Bobbie was curled up in peaceful slumber next to Scott as he recalled Lucy's visit the previous evening. Unable to shake his troubled thoughts, Scott slipped out of bed and showered. He intended to leave before Bobbie woke up, but she was waiting for him as he returned to the bedroom to fetch his jacket. Bobbie smiled seductively as she invited him to spend the day with her in bed, but Scott insisted that he had to leave because he had an important meeting with Anna. Bobbie didn't bother to hide her disappointment, but she shifted gears by suggesting that they discuss Lucy's visit.

Scott squirmed as Bobbie reminded him that he had been the one to pursue her after Lucy had ended things with him, so he assured her that he cared about Bobbie. Bobbie wanted more from Scott because she was certain that Lucy wanted Scott back. She insisted that he make a choice between her and Lucy, but Scott argued that it was pointless to discuss something that might not even happen. As if on cue, Lucy suddenly knocked on the door, asking to speak with Scott.

Bobbie immediately marched to the door to open it and greet Lucy. Lucy screeched with outrage when she realized that Bobbie had spent the night with Scott, but her anger didn't stop Lucy from entering the suite to talk to Scott. Scott was stunned when Lucy tearfully apologized for pushing him away and confessed that she wanted him back. Lucy was certain that she and Scott could be better than ever, but Bobbie reminded Lucy that Scott was with Bobbie.

Scott tensed when Bobbie and Lucy agreed that it was time for Scott to make a choice. Scott carefully explained that Bobbie and Lucy each knew what she meant to him, which promptly set off an argument between Bobbie and Lucy. Scott seized the opportunity to escape, but Bobbie and Lucy noticed before he managed to reach the door. They demanded that Scott tell them who he wanted to be with, but Scott insisted that he had to get to the meeting with Anna and fled. Bobbie and Lucy glared at each other as they agreed that it wasn't over.

Across town, Anna and Jordan had a clandestine meeting in the park to discuss Jordan's investigation. Jordan revealed that Julian had almost divulged the name of his boss but had had a change of heart at the last moment because he didn't trust Jordan. Anna was frustrated because she was tired of everyone believing Julian's lies, including Alexis, whom Anna had tried to warn. Alarmed, Jordan reminded Anna that it was for the greater good that the truth about Julian's involvement with the mob remain a secret.

Anna appreciated that Julian couldn't be arrested yet but she hated that Rafe and his family had paid the price for Julian's freedom. Jordan confided that Julian might not be the key to identifying the mystery man in charge of the Jerome organization because Julian had been kept out of the loop about the heroin moving through Port Charles. Anna was stunned when Jordan explained that Mickey Diamond had shown an interest in Jordan and had suggested that Jordan could get close to the boss by getting close to Mickey. Anna warned Jordan not to sleep with Mickey, but Jordan argued that it wasn't Anna's call to make.

Jordan made it clear that she was willing to do whatever was necessary to shut down the drug trafficking in Port Charles, so Anna conceded that undercover work required compromise. However, Anna warned Jordan that some choices might haunt Jordan forever. Anna urged Jordan to weigh her options carefully and promised to back Jordan up if Jordan decided to pull out of the investigation. Jordan appreciated Anna's support, but made it clear that she knew what she was doing. Anna quietly wished Jordan luck and then left.

At the lake house, Alexis bolted awake when she noticed the time. Julian smiled as he confessed that he had let Alexis sleep in because he had enjoyed watching her sleep. Alexis was touched when he quietly added that there were times when he thought she was a dream, so she offered to show him just how real she was. Julian chuckled as he wrapped his arms around her and asked her to be gentle.

Later, Alexis grinned as she admitted that each day should start the same way. Julian confided that he was grateful to have her in his life because he knew that he didn't deserve her. Alexis reminded Julian that he was out of the mob, so she urged him to let go of the past. Julian explained that he couldn't because their night together had been their last.

Alexis was stunned when Julian insisted that he had to walk away from her because he didn't want to be the reason Molly refused to return home. He appreciated that Alexis was a devoted mother who would soon be saying goodbye to Molly when Molly left for college, so he didn't want Alexis to lose any more precious time with her youngest child. Alexis assured him that she would find another way because Alexis refused to let Molly use emotional blackmail to dictate Alexis' love life.

Julian suggested that he and Alexis return to sneaking around, but Alexis objected because she knew that Julian had hated it when they had secretly dated. Julian assured Alexis that he wouldn't mind because it would be exciting, so Alexis reluctantly agreed because she realized that it was the only way to keep Julian from following through on his threat to walk away.

After Alexis left to get ready to go to the hospital, Julian received a call from his sister, Ava.

At the hospital, Ava asked Sonny to release her arm as he guided her past the nurses' station. Sonny refused because he refused to take any chances that she might try to escape. Ava was disappointed because she had hoped that Sonny would be more merciful after agreeing to take her to the doctor for a checkup. Sonny made it clear that she had lost the luxury of mercy a long time before then shifted gears to let her know that he had guards posted all around the hospital.

Sonny and Ava glanced at the nurses' station when they heard Morgan ask to talk to Monica. After the nurse walked away, Sonny and Ava approached Morgan. Morgan was curious why Ava was at the hospital, so she revealed that she had a prenatal checkup. She reminded Morgan that she was in her second trimester, but Morgan became increasingly uncomfortable as she continued to talk about the baby. Ava was startled when Morgan suddenly cut her off by confessing that he didn't want to hear about the baby because nothing about the pregnancy was normal.

Ava asked Morgan not to blame the baby for what had happened between the three of them, but Morgan resented her implying that he'd had some kind of say in Sonny and Ava's betrayal. Sonny asked Morgan to keep his voice down, so Morgan decided that it was time to leave. Sonny begged Morgan to stay because Sonny wanted to talk things out, but Morgan explained that there wasn't anything to say until Sonny was willing to be truthful about why Ava had moved in with Sonny.

Mickey Diamond walked past Sonny, Ava, and Morgan as Sonny denied being romantically involved with Ava, so Mickey stopped to eavesdrop on the conversation until Morgan stormed away seconds later.

Later, Mickey tracked town T.J. outside Molly's hospital room and explained that he had a few questions about Jordan. T.J. refused to discuss his mother with a stranger, so Mickey flashed T.J. a badge as he introduced himself as Bob Massicotte, an agent with the Drug Enforcement Agency. T.J. made it clear that he would not say anything that would get his mother into trouble, but Mickey promised that he merely had a few questions about Jordan's time in jail.

T.J. revealed that he hadn't had any contact with his mother during her two-year stint in jail. Pleased, Mickey thanked T.J. for his help, so T.J. quickly entered Molly's hospital room before Mickey could ask more questions. Moments later, Jordan called to ask if Mickey had any plans for the evening because she was interested in finishing what they had started on their previous date.

Meanwhile, Morgan ended up in the park just as Rosalie threw her phone in frustration. The phone hit Morgan in the eyebrow, so Rosalie immediately apologized when she realized that she had injured him. She quickly retrieved ice from her picnic basket for his injured brow, but Morgan assured her that he was fine. However, he was curious why Rosalie had thrown the phone.

Rosalie complained about her father sticking his nose into her business, so Morgan nodded in understanding because he knew what that was like. Rosalie was surprised when Morgan opened up about his pregnant ex-girlfriend who might be carrying his or his father's baby. Rosalie felt bad for Morgan, so she invited him to join her on her blanket and talk.

Rosalie listened as Morgan opened up about his fears of becoming a father to a child whose mother had slept with his father. Rosalie advised Morgan to take a step back to get his head in the right place, so Morgan thanked her then announced that he had to get back to a friend who was in the hospital. Rosalie realized that Morgan had a lot going on in his life, so she took his phone and punched in her number in case he wanted to talk again. She then asked if she could have his number.

At the hospital, Sonny escorted Ava into an examination room, but she pulled away and accused him of nearly confessing the whole sordid truth to Morgan about why she was living in Greystone Manor. Sonny didn't deny it, so she reminded him that he could lose everything if the truth about A.J.'s murder was revealed. Sonny informed Ava that she was only breathing because of him, and she would die for the same reason, so nothing she said mattered to him.

Sonny insisted that Morgan was his son, and therefore, it would be his decision what to tell Morgan. "Are we clear?" Sonny demanded. "Crystal," Ava replied. Moments later, the doctor entered and shooed Sonny out while Ava changed into a hospital grown. Ava waited until Sonny left the room before offering the doctor $1000 for the doctor's phone. After the doctor handed Ava the phone, Ava called Julian for help.

Julian was curious why he should help his sister, since Ava had tried to kill him the last time he had seen her. Ava argued that he had tried to kill her first, so Julian wondered if that was why Ava had moved in with Sonny. Ava was insulted by the suggestion that she would need Sonny's protection when she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself, but she conceded that she was Sonny's prisoner.

Ava cut to the chase by offering to give Julian information that would take Sonny down once and for all in exchange for his help. Julian informed her that he was out of the mob, but Ava didn't believe him because the story about Ric Lansing being in charge of the organization hadn't added up. Ava was certain that Julian remained as firmly "mobbed up" as the rest of them, so she was certain that he would want the information that she had on Sonny. Julian was curious what Ava wanted him to do.

Meanwhile, Sonny bumped into Alexis by the elevators. He inquired after Molly, so she assured him that Molly was on the road to recovery and scheduled to be released from the hospital later that day. Relieved, Sonny asked Alexis to let his niece know that he had been thinking of Molly. Alexis assured him that she would then asked why he was at the hospital. Sonny explained that he had accompanied Ava to a prenatal checkup. Alexis started to tease Sonny about Ava's pregnancy, but he warned Alexis not to judge.

Alexis assured Sonny that she knew that he genuinely cared about his family and was a good father to his children. Sonny appreciated Alexis' kind words, so out of respect to her, he promised not to tell her what he really thought about her boyfriend. However, Sonny acknowledged that Julian had been smart to leave the mob. Alexis smiled awkwardly then excused herself to check on her daughter.

Nearby, Julian approached the nurses' station and unwittingly offered Ava's doctor $1000 for a favor. Moments later, he ducked out of sight when he spotted Alexis headed his way. Julian waited until the coast was clear then slipped into Ava's examination room. Ava insisted that she and Julian needed to act fast before Sonny returned. They were unaware that Sonny stood on the other side of the door and was about to enter the room.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

In the park, Anna greeted Patrick then waved to Emma as Emma played nearby with the children from Lila's Kids day camp. Patrick admitted that Emma had been upset about Spencer's disappearance, so Anna revealed that Dante and Nathan were on the case. She confided that Spencer would be found safe and sound because he had left of his own accord, but Patrick intended to watch Emma closely until they were certain that Spencer hadn't been kidnapped. Anna appreciated Patrick's concern, but she pointed out that it might be difficult to watch Emma while he was at work.

Anna was stunned when Patrick told about his termination following the shocking press conference when a reporter revealed damaging statements Patrick had made. Anna couldn't believe that Liesl had given the lies credence by firing Patrick, but he confessed that the statements had been true. He rushed to assure Anna that he hadn't acted on the impulse to facilitate Rafe's death, but he had considered it. Patrick explained that it had been his darkest hour in the operating room, so he had talked to Sam about it because Sam was a good friend. Patrick admitted that he and Sam suspected that Silas had tipped the reporter off.

Patrick admitted that he was worried about Sam because he knew that she was upset about his termination and blamed Silas. Patrick confessed that he didn't want to be the cause of friction between Sam and Silas because he valued Sam as a friend, but Anna was more concerned about Patrick's job prospects. She wondered if his termination from General Hospital might make it difficult to find a new job. Patrick didn't know, but he confessed that he wanted his job back because the hospital had become a like a home to him.

Anna gently suggested that Patrick use the time off from work to reach out to Robin, so Patrick assured her that he had tried. However, he realized that his marriage to Robin might be beyond repair because both he and Robin had changed. Anna was saddened but relieved that Patrick promised to stay in Port Charles. He also decided that he would use the time off from work to focus on Emma and get his life back on track.

In Molly's hospital room, Molly was packing her things in preparation for leaving when T.J. entered. He apologized for running late then explained that he had been delayed because of an agent from the Drug Enforcement Agency who had been asking questions about Jordan.

In the hallway, Mickey Diamond called out to Alexis when he saw her about to enter Molly's hospital room. He confessed that he recognized her, but Alexis had no idea who Mickey was. Mickey explained that he was one of Julian's business associates, so Alexis asked which business Mickey had been referring to. "The one that makes money," Mickey answered. Alexis tensed when she realized that he was referring to organized crime. She quickly informed him that Julian had cut ties with the mob, but Mickey flashed a smug smile.

"Whatever you say," Mickey said then turned and sauntered away. Alexis brushed off the odd encounter with Mickey as she entered her daughter's hospital room. Molly and Alexis exchanged warm greetings and hugs, but the mood quickly sobered when Molly confessed that she couldn't believe that Rafe had died. Alexis quietly suggested that it might help if Molly moved back home, but Molly refused to consider it because nothing had changed between Alexis and Julian.

Molly was startled when Alexis admitted that Alexis and Julian had decided to cool their relationship for Molly's sake because Julian realized that Molly would not move back home unless he took a step back. Molly conceded that Julian had been right, but she was hurt that it hadn't been Alexis' idea. T.J. wondered why it mattered, since Molly had gotten what she'd wanted. Molly realized that T.J. was right, especially when he reminded her that she missed being at home with her mother. Alexis was thrilled when Molly happily agreed to move back home.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Silas and Nina arrived for her physical therapy appointment. Nina assured Silas that she had made all the arrangements for Rafe's funeral, so all he had to do was grieve for his nephew. Silas stopped to apologize for being distracted and to thank Nina for her help. He admitted that he wouldn't have gotten through the past few days without her. Nina insisted that it was the least she could have done to repay him for everything that he had done for her.

Moments later, Sam approached Silas. The tension was thick as Silas and Sam exchanged stilted greetings then talked about Molly. However, the conversation quickly sputtered to an end as the awkwardness increased, so Sam excused herself. Desperate to clear the air with Sam, Silas called out to her to ask for a private word. Nina hid her disappointment behind a polite smile as she assured Silas that she could get to her physical therapy appointment on her own.

After Nina left, Sam asked if Silas knew that Patrick had been fired because of what Silas had told the reporter. Silas resented Sam's lack of faith in him, but Sam argued that the reporter had revealed something that Sam had only shared with Silas. Silas was curious when Sam had stopped trusting him. He reminded her that she had trusted him during Danny's battle with cancer and later, when Silas had been falsely accused of trying to kill Nina. Silas insisted that their relationship had been strong and solid during those difficult times, so Sam admitted that he was right.

Sam confessed that if she didn't know better, she would suspect Nina of tipping off the reporter. Silas immediately defended Nina by reminding Sam that Nina was confined to a wheelchair and incapable of sneaking to the hospital's rooftop to eavesdrop on their conversation. Sam conceded that it sounded preposterous, but she couldn't ignore that a reporter had made public something she had told Silas in confidence.

Silas pointed out that they were right back where they had started, so Sam admitted she questioned Silas because she had barely seen or spoken to him since Nina had crashed Danny's birthday party. Silas countered by accusing Sam of spending a lot of time with Patrick, but Sam argued that Patrick was a good friend who had suffered the loss of a child. Sam was curious if Silas had expected her to hang out at his apartment while his wife was there. Silas appreciated that it was an awkward situation, but he insisted that he hadn't had any choice because Nina had needed his help.

Sam acknowledged that Silas was caught in the middle of a difficult situation, but she admitted that their relationship was no longer working. Silas sensed where Sam was headed, so he begged her not to say it because he wanted to work things out. Sam's eyes filled with tears as she confessed that she suspected that Nina had been sabotaging their relationship and that Nina's "selfless angel" act was just that -- an act.

Sam was hurt when Silas dismissed her concerns about Nina, but Silas argued that she had done the same to him with Patrick. Sam assured Silas that Patrick hadn't hurt Rafe, but Silas insisted that, at the very least, it had been completely unethical for Patrick to operate on Rafe. Sam agreed that Patrick shouldn't have operated, but she reminded Silas that Rafe's life had been on the line. Silas disagreed because he was certain that they could have waited for another neurosurgeon to be called in. However, he realized that it was a waste of time trying to convince Sam that there had been other options because her loyalties were with Patrick.

Sam tearfully admitted that the root of their problem wasn't Patrick, but rather Silas' feelings for Nina. Sam knew what it was like to love someone the way that Silas had loved Nina, so she was certain that there was a part of Silas that still loved his wife. Silas didn't dispute it, but he insisted that it was the same way that Sam would always love Jason. Sam confessed that she had imagined how she would react if Jason returned the way that Nina had, so she knew that Silas still had lingering feelings for Nina.

Silas asked if Sam was trying to end things with him, so she tearfully admitted that it was the last thing that she wanted to do because she loved him. However, she knew that their problems wouldn't disappear because their relationship no longer felt right to her. Silas wanted to work on things, but Sam believed that ending their relationship was the right thing to do. Silas' eyes filled with tears as he and Sam hugged. Moments later, Sam pulled away and left.

A short time later, Sam entered her sister's hospital room. Alexis happily announced that Molly had agreed to move back home, so Sam offered her family a watery smile. Alexis immediately rushed to Sam's side to find out what was troubling her eldest daughter. Sam began to cry as she revealed that she and Silas were over.

Meanwhile, Carly became alarmed when she heard excited cries emanating from Franco's art studio. She pushed past the door but stopped short when she saw Franco encouraging a patient to work out her feelings through painting. The woman attacked her work with enthusiasm until Franco noticed Carly. After the patient left, Carly explained that she had stopped by to see Franco in action. She confessed that seeing him happy was a major "turn-on."

Shortly after Carly left, Nina entered the art room. Franco assumed that she was his next patient, but Nina admitted that she had been looking for a place to hide out because she had decided to skip her physical therapy session. Franco questioned if that was a good idea, so Nina explained that she preferred to work out on her own as she listened to R.E.M. She quickly shifted gears by confessing that Franco had caught her during a weak moment in Rafe's hospital room. Franco was curious if Nina had heard any more voices, so she assured him that she had pulled herself together.

Franco was curious how Nina had managed that feat, so she cryptically revealed that something had fallen into her lap that had snapped her back into reality. Nina quickly changed the subject by asking Franco about his work. He explained that he helped people explore their negative emotions through art. Franco invited Nina to try it, but she balked because she wasn't artistic. Franco assured her that she didn't have to be a Picasso to benefit from the therapy.

Nina tensed when Franco suddenly asked how long she had been in a wheelchair. She carefully explained that she had been in a coma for twenty years, so he was curious what it had been like to wake up after twenty years and still be the same person. Nina blurted out that she had changed, so Franco encouraged her to show him how she felt through a painting. He promised that it would be for her eyes only then asked if she had a picture of herself prior to the coma.

Nina quickly pulled out her wallet to show him her expired driver's license, but she tensed when a piece of paper tumbled out and fluttered to the ground. Franco snatched it up and saw the list before she could grab it, so he questioned her about it. Nina claimed that she needed the list to keep track of the important people in Silas' life because the coma had compromised her memory, but Franco didn't believe her. He let Nina know that Kiki was a nice person that he cared about and then let the matter drop by exchanging the list for her driver's license.

In Ava's examination room, Ava implored Julian to move quickly because she needed to be gone before Sonny returned. Julian refused to help his sister until Ava held up her end of the bargain. Ava panicked because she feared that Sonny would return at any moment, but Julian was unmoved by her anxiety. He marched to the door, intending to leave, but Ava begged him to wait. Julian gave her until the count of three to give him what he wanted, so Ava blurted out that Sonny had killed A.J. She quickly explained that she had forced Carlos to confess to the shooting, but she insisted that Sonny was the real killer, and she had witnessed the shooting.

Julian wanted proof, but Ava revealed that she needed to escape Sonny's clutches to get her hands on it. Julian agreed to help her, so she warned him that Sonny's men were guarding all the exits in the hospital. Julian smiled as he explained that he intended to take her to the roof.

In the hallway, Sonny was about to enter Ava's examination room when Shawn called out to him. Shawn assured Sonny that all the exits were guarded, but Shawn had become concerned because Ava's appointment had taken longer than it should have. Sonny agreed, so he decided to find out what was going on.

However, Carly walked up before Sonny could enter the examination room. Sonny grumbled about the hospital suddenly turning into Grand Central Station, but Carly was more concerned about why Sonny was there. Shawn decided to excuse himself when Sonny revealed that Ava had had a prenatal checkup. Carly sensed that something was troubling Sonny, so he told her about his encounter with Morgan and Morgan's certainty that Sonny and Ava were romantically involved.

Sonny confessed that he was tempted to tell Morgan that Ava had killed Connie but Sonny couldn't risk Morgan confronting Ava and Ava revealing that Sonny had shot A.J. Sonny was confident that Morgan would eventually forgive him, but Sonny doubted that Michael would. He then began to rant about Franco, but Carly quickly shut Sonny down by insisting that Franco would not tell Michael. Carly explained that Franco was in a much better place, but Sonny warned Carly that the only reason Franco still breathed was because of her.

After Carly left, Sonny entered Ava's examination room and quickly determined that Ava was gone.

Carly entered the art room as Franco and Nina laughed over their driver's license pictures. Franco was amazed by how little Nina had changed in twenty years while she was amused that Franco had once sported blond hair. Carly cleared her throat, so Franco looked up and warmly greeted her. Nina quickly thanked Franco then excused herself.

Carly immediately questioned Franco about Nina. Franco smiled when he realized that Carly was jealous, but she denied it. Franco didn't believe her, but he assured her that Nina was nothing more than a patient. Carly was pleased when Franco added that it didn't matter because he was taken.

On the hospital's rooftop, Ava thanked her brother as she and Julian waited for the helicopter to arrive. Her smile vanished when Mickey suddenly appeared in the doorway and demanded to know what was going on. Julian explained that he had rescued his sister from Sonny, but Mickey reminded Julian that their boss wanted Ava dead for betraying the organization. Ava's eyes rounded with shock as Mickey pulled out a gun then aimed it at her.

Julian quickly stepped in front of his sister as he informed Mickey that Ava had information on Sonny that their boss would want to have. Mickey was unmoved until Julian pointed out that their boss was desperate to take Sonny down.

Meanwhile, Shawn and another guard joined Sonny in the examination room. Shawn assured Sonny that all the guards were searching for Ava, but Sonny became distracted when he heard a helicopter approach the hospital. He realized that Ava was on the roof, so he ordered his men to follow him.

A short time later, Sonny, Shawn, and the bodyguard arrived on the rooftop just as the helicopter took off. Shawn raised his gun, intending to fire at the helicopter, but Sonny stopped Shawn with a reminder that Ava might be carrying Sonny's child.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Ava, Mickey, and Julian entered Ava's penthouse. She was happy to be back in her own home, and she went in the direction of her bedroom. Julian clarified that, in her absence, he'd moved her to the guest room. After some bickering, Mickey chimed in that Ava was "better off taking your chances with Sonny" than with Mickey. He demanded to know what Ava had on Sonny and reminded her that he could still shoot her. He pointed his gun directly at her.

Julian walked closer to Mickey, agreeing that Ava should just talk. However, when he got close enough, he grabbed Mickey's gun and twisted the man's arm behind his back. Julian vowed that Mickey wouldn't get any information out of Ava until Julian got some information out of Mickey. As Julian pointed the gun at Mickey, he demanded to know about the heroin sales, because he'd never agreed to sell heroin. Mickey clarified that they weren't selling coke. It dawned on Julian that the cocaine was laced with heroin.

Mickey explained that the faster people got addicted to what they were selling, the faster their profits would rise. Julian no longer wanted to be a part of the scheme, but Mickey commented that history might "repeat itself" in regards to the safety of Julian's family. "If you come near my family, I'll tear you apart," Julian threatened. "And I'll help," Ava chimed in.

Mickey realized that he was late for a date but advised Julian to "sleep on it" and do the right thing. "I haven't forgotten about you," he said to Ava, and he was gone. Ava handed Julian a drink and took water for herself. Julian expressed his fear that someone would go after his family again. Ava advised him that, if that were the case, he needed to push back even harder. They clinked glasses and drank.

In Alice's empty hospital room, Tracy was on the phone with Luke. She wanted him to return home just in case something happened to Alice, but he had to stay away in order to keep up their ruse. She agreed that no one could know about their plans. Just then, Ned entered the room. She told Luke that they would "talk later," and hung up. She explained to a curious Ned that she'd been talking to a designer about sprucing up Alice's hospital room as a surprise, but Ned didn't buy it.

After much pestering from Ned, Tracy finally agreed to explain what her phone conversation had been about. She told Ned that she'd been "employing some not-so-legal means" of finding experimental medications and possibly a heart for Alice, so she'd been talking to Diane. Ned suggested that Alexis was more reputable than Diane -- so reputable, in fact, that she'd determined that Tracy and Luke's annulment papers were legitimate.

Tracy wanted to concentrate on Alice. She sadly talked about how many family members the Quartermaines had lost in recent years, and how much bickering and betrayal ran rampant in the family. Ned reminded his mother that the family always banded together in times of crisis. In the same vein, Tracy asked Ned to move back home. After some convincing from Tracy, he finally agreed. She thought that family members returning to the house would give Alice another reason to live.

A short while later, Ned was gone, and Tracy was back on the phone with Luke. She informed him that they were one step closer to taking over ELQ. She related that, as long as Alice kept her mouth shut, Tracy and Luke would have no trouble "bringing down Ned and Michael."

Jordan knocked on Mickey's hotel room door and announced herself. When there was no reply, Jordan took a credit card out of her wallet and tried to jimmy the door open. Just then, Olivia passed by and asked if Jordan needed help with something. Jordan claimed that her key card for the room hadn't worked and wondered if Olivia could let her into the room. Olivia explained that she wasn't allowed, but the front desk would gladly help out.

Just then, Jordan's phone went off. She informed Olivia that the man she was waiting for was on his way up, and that she would just wait for him. "Have a nice date!" Olivia called out as she walked away. Jordan used her credit card to get into the room. She announced herself to the empty suite and looked around. Finding it empty, she took a recorder out of her bag and explained that she was doing a search of the hotel room in order to find materials related to the identity of Mickey's superior. She wanted to plant a recording device before Mickey returned.

Shawn updated Sonny on Ava's whereabouts. Apparently, Ava had gone back to her penthouse after her helicopter ride from the hospital. Sonny wanted to find out who had helped Ava get away. Shawn produced an envelope full of DVDs of the rooftop security cameras from the hospital. Shawn put one of the DVDs into Sonny's computer, but it showed Sam and Silas on the roof.

Shawn rifled through the DVDs and found the one he was looking for. He popped it into the computer, and Shawn and Sonny watched as Ava, Julian, and Mickey walked onto the roof. Sonny thought that Ava was going to sell Sonny out in exchange for Julian's help. Sonny instructed Shawn to "stay on Mickey." As Shawn left the office, Olivia entered.

A short while later, Shawn entered Mickey's hotel room. "What are you doing here?" Jordan demanded to know from a surprised Shawn. She insisted that he leave, because he was going to "ruin everything." He wondered if she was going to sleep with Mickey, but she didn't think it was any of Shawn's business. "He's not the man you want," Shawn told her. "What makes you think that?" she inquired. He grabbed her and kissed her passionately.

Jordan pushed Shawn away and slapped him. She demanded that he leave before Mickey returned. "I don't give a damn if he does," he said, and he kissed her again.

Outside the room, Mickey spoke on the phone to Luke about Julian. He informed his boss that he'd arranged to send a message to Julian that Julian wouldn't forget.

Nina and Rosalie arrived back at Silas' place. Nina wanted to celebrate her "triumph" of Silas and Sam breaking up. She hadn't thought it would be as easy as leaking a secret to a reporter. She crossed Sam off her hit list. She told Rosalie that, because of Silas, she was losing out on watching her child grow up. "Silas owes me a baby," she stated.

Rosalie thought that Nina needed to stop and think, because using a baby to punish Silas wouldn't make Nina happy. Nina wanted Silas to feel the pain and loss that she'd been feeling. After he understood what she'd gone through, Nina thought that she and Silas would become closer, and he would be with her.

At the hospital, a nurse asked for Silas' signature on some paperwork. As he signed, she wondered if he was all right. Just then, Sam entered. The nurse left, and Silas asked Sam about Molly. Sam informed him that Molly was moving back in with Alexis, so it would just be Sam and Danny again. Silas had hoped that Sam had thought things over and reconsidered working on their relationship. Sam admitted that a part of her wanted to work on it, but another part thought it had been right to end things.

Patrick entered, clearly bitter about his firing. Silas swore that he never said a word to any reporter and that Patrick's firing wasn't what Silas had wanted. Patrick informed Silas and Sam that he'd filed an appeal and hoped for the identity of the reporter's source to surface. Just as Silas expressed his sympathy to Patrick, Silas' phone rang, and he walked away to take the call.

Silas answered the phone to Nina and made sure she was all right. She wondered the same thing about Silas and suggested that he return home. He immediately accepted and hung up. He told Sam to take care of herself, and he left the hospital. Patrick wondered what was going on with Sam and Silas. She confided that there was no more "me and Silas."

Patrick felt responsible, but Sam cited other issues that had contributed, namely, Nina. Sam told Patrick how she believed that Nina was responsible for the leak at the press conference, but she couldn't figure out how. Just then, she figured out a way to find out.

Patrick introduced Sam to the head of security at the hospital. Sam asked about the security cameras on the roof of the hospital. She wondered if she could take a look at some of the footage, because some of it was relevant to a case she was working on. The man told Sam that it had been lent out as a special exception. Sam wondered who had the footage. The man informed her that "an associate of Sonny Corinthos" had the footage.

Olivia informed Sonny that she was evicting him from the building for "suspicion of illegal activity." She asserted that, as half-owner of the hotel, she had the right to do so. Sonny reminded her that Carly was the other half-owner, and she would never agree to kick Sonny out. Olivia wondered if Sonny enjoyed causing her pain by being around her workplace every day. Sonny didn't want to cause her pain but begged her for another chance. "Another chance to break my heart again?" she asked. "Forget you," she said, storming out of the office, crying.

Olivia flew right past Sam, who was entering the office, and into the elevator. She bumped right into Ned, who was already in the elevator. He wondered if Olivia was all right. "I'm not," she cried, falling into Ned's arms.

Sam wondered if she'd visited Sonny at a bad time. He insisted that it was fine for her to be there, and the two made small talk for a minute. Finally, Sam admitted that she needed Sonny's help. She told him that she needed to see the security footage from the roof of the hospital. He wondered why. "If I'm right, I can catch a liar and expose the truth," she told him.

Nina sent Rosalie out on an errand. After she told Rosalie what the errand was, Rosalie made sure that Nina really wanted to go through with her plan. She ordered Rosalie to stop second-guessing her, and Rosalie left.

A short while later, Nina looked over her hit list and wondered what an appropriate punishment for Ava would be. Rosalie returned in a rush and told Nina to get back in her chair, because Silas was on his way up to the apartment. Silas entered and made sure that Nina was all right. She claimed to have been worried ever since Silas and Sam had "uncoupled." She hated seeing him heartbroken. "That makes one of us," Rosalie muttered.

Nina forced Rosalie to apologize to Silas, which she did, rudely adding that Silas could "spend more time with your wife now that you don't have a girlfriend." When Silas left the room to change, Rosalie berated Nina for making Rosalie "take the hit." Nina offered Rosalie a raise if she'd successfully completed her errand. Rosalie handed Nina a bottle of pills.

Later, Nina made Silas a drink. She crushed up one of the pills and mixed it into the drink. Silas returned. He suggested that Nina find a new nurse, Nina protested that Rosalie had been with Nina since she'd woken up. Nina handed the drink to Silas and told him that she wanted him to relax. He thanked her and began to drink.

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