General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 23, 2014 on GH

Nina stepped up her plan to destroy those who had wronged her. Patrick and Sam found clues that led them to the driver that caused the crash. Nathan vowed to expose Levi's lies.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 23, 2014 on GH
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Monday, June 23, 2014

Lulu wondered how Maxie's hearing had gone. Maxie sadly shook her head and said, "I lost her. I lost Georgie again." Maxie explained how she'd thrown out the notice for the first hearing, but Nathan had lied to help her get a new one. She continued that the judge had been suspicious of Nathan, but Maxie had saved Nathan from lying under oath by telling the truth. The judge had concluded that Maxie hadn't changed.

As Maxie and Lulu speculated about how the judge had figured out that Nathan had lied, Rocco let out a cry. Lulu took him out of his crib and asked Maxie if she wanted to hold Rocco. Maxie wanted to but wondered if Lulu trusted her. Lulu assured Maxie that Lulu wasn't worried and handed Rocco to her. Lulu wondered why Maxie had skipped her first hearing.

Maxie answered that Levi had convinced her that losing Georgie had been the way it was supposed to have turned out. However, she added that Nathan had helped her see that she had just been afraid. She related that she'd liked Nathan when she'd first met him, but they'd clashed when Maxie had returned from her trip. She wished that Nathan and Levi got along better.

Lulu was curious as to why Nathan and Levi were always "at each other's throats." Maxie assumed it was because the two men were so different. She was happy that Levi had stuck up for Nathan at the hearing. She wished that she were holding Georgie. Lulu promised that Maxie would be holding Georgie someday, but Maxie wasn't sure about that. "You will," Lulu told her.

At the courthouse, Nathan blamed the outcome of the hearing on Levi, but Levi reminded Nathan that Nathan had been the one to lie to the judge. "And you told him about it," Nathan accused. Nathan recounted that only he, Maxie, Diane, and Levi had known about Nathan's lie, and he suggested that Levi had put in an anonymous call to the judge.

Levi reminded Nathan of Levi's interruption that had distracted the judge from forcing Nathan to lie on the stand. Nathan remembered the "big, grand gesture." He told Levi to "be a man and admit it." Levi answered that, even if he had tipped the judge off, there would be no way to prove it. Nathan shot back that only the guilty ones talked about proof. Levi excused himself to go comfort his girlfriend.

A frustrated Nina got out of her wheelchair and pushed it over. She grabbed the glass plaque off the bookshelf. As she held it, she flashed back to how she'd broken into Silas' apartment and trashed it. Rosalie entered the apartment and proclaimed it a miracle that Nina was out of her chair. "We're the only ones here," Nina muttered. Rosalie warned Nina to be careful the next time she felt like getting up. Silas could have seen her standing, and then it would have been "game over."

Nina told Rosalie that Silas was on a date with "his whore." She remembered finding out that Sam and Silas were together after seeing them together at Nikolas and Britt's engagement party. She couldn't believe that Silas thought that Madeline had been the one to trash his apartment. "He doesn't know who his true enemy really is," Nina stated ominously.

Rosalie advised Nina to get back in the wheelchair, but she danced around and jumped on the couch instead. She yelled about how she'd had to fight her entire family for Silas, and she'd supported him through medical school. She told Rosalie how she'd planted the seeds of doubt into Silas' head after noticing that Sam still wore her wedding ring. She vowed to put an end to the relationship.

Nina regretted that she had to act so supportive and loving even after Silas had "left me to rot for two decades." She vowed to get payback on everyone "who screwed me over." She ordered Rosalie to get her a pen and paper so she could make a list of everyone she needed to pay back. First on the list was Madeline, "for killing my unborn child" and for causing Nina's current situation. After Madeline were Silas, Sam, and "that slut Ava Jerome."

Nina thought back to the day Madeline had shown Nina the pictures of Silas and Ava together. She'd wanted to get revenge on Ava, but Madeline had gotten to Nina before that could have happened. She added Kiki to her hit list. Rosalie wondered what Kiki had done to Nina. "She was born," Nina replied. She was angry that Kiki was out there, walking around, while Nina's baby wasn't. Rosalie protested, but Nina told her to stop or else Rosalie would be on the list as well.

Nina reviewed the list. She knew that Madeline was in jail, which was all right "for now." She pondered what to do to Silas and decided to "take away Sam." "When, where, and how?" Rosalie asked, on board with Nina's plan. "Now," Nina said, and she asked for the phone.

Ava was surprised to find Carly sitting on the couch in Sonny's house. Carly wanted to "keep an eye" on Ava. To quote Ava's words to A.J., Carly told Ava that, "Your death has been in the cards for quite some time now." Carly remembered that Ava had threatened to kill her as well, and she wondered how that was going. "Much better now that I have you in my grasp," Ava said, picking up a letter opener.

Carly defiantly told Ava that the death threat wouldn't make her leave. Carly was there to make sure that Ava didn't mess with Sonny. Ava wondered how Franco felt about Carly being there to "protect" Sonny. Carly assured Ava that Carly and Franco were secure in their relationship, but Ava remembered Franco as being "the jealous type." Carly thought that Franco had nothing to be jealous about and added that Sonny wasn't even there. Just then, Sonny entered with a pizza.

Sonny wondered what was going on. Ava said that Carly had made herself Ava's prison matron. Sonny told Ava the pizza was her dinner, so Ava decided to take it up to her room. Carly warned Sonny that Ava was the one enemy that shouldn't be kept closer, but Sonny assured her that he would be fine. He appreciated her support, and she hugged him and left.

A short while later, Ava returned downstairs. She wondered where Sonny's "guard dog" was, and Sonny said that Carly had left. "Lucky her," he added. Ava reached for the wine on the table, but Sonny grabbed her hands. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" he demanded to know.

Franco was unpacking some of his boxes when he caught Josslyn sneaking up behind him with a crowbar. He took the crowbar away from her, and she called him a "bad guy." She wondered where Carly was. "Good question," Franco answered. Josslyn accused him of doing something to Carly and told him that she was going to call 9-1-1. He finally told her that Carly was at Sonny's. "She likes him better than you," Josslyn taunted. "I do too," she added.

Josslyn wanted to call Carly to return and get her, but Franco stopped her. He grabbed the phone out of Josslyn's hand to call someone "who knows how to handle you." "Help!" he yelled into the phone. He tried to amuse her for a few minutes and was relieved when the doorbell finally rang. "What took you so long?" he asked Kiki. "Please save me," he pleaded.

"Kiki!" Josslyn yelled happily when Kiki entered. Kiki handed a sticker book from the movie Frozen to Josslyn, who began to happily play by herself. Kiki asked Franco where Carly was. He explained about Carly running over to Sonny's, and the two speculated on why Ava had moved in. Kiki knew it wasn't for protection from Julian or romantic reasons. She got the sense that Franco knew the reason, but he claimed ignorance.

Franco admitted to Kiki that Morgan thought Franco had a reason to be jealous about Carly and Sonny. Morgan had said that Sonny would always be Carly's number one, which bothered Franco. Kiki assured him that he had nothing to worry about. "I hope you're right," he said.

A short while later, Kiki was gone, and Carly returned home. Carly saw the sticker book and asked Josslyn if Franco had gotten it for her. "Kiki did. She's thoughtful," Josslyn replied. As Carly tried to shuffle Josslyn upstairs to bed, Franco wondered if Carly had been at Sonny's that whole time. "What took so long?" he inquired. "He needed me," she answered, and she went upstairs with Josslyn.

Silas spread a blanket on the ground in the park and mentioned that the blanket was what he'd needed to go back to his car for. "I thought you were checking on Nina," Sam admitted. Silas told her that Nina had a nurse, and the night was all about Sam. They sat down on the blanket. Silas admitted that he hadn't been able to get a reservation at the nicest local restaurant like he'd wanted, but he'd found out that they did takeout. Just then, a bike pulled up with bags of food in the basket.

Silas set up the food as Sam expressed her disbelief that the restaurant delivered. "Or do they?" she asked. "I have my ways," he said mysteriously. They toasted to each other and shared a kiss. A few minutes later, Silas poured more wine, glancing at Sam's wedding ring. She noticed his stare and asked about it. He admitted that Nina had asked Silas if Sam wearing her wedding ring bothered Silas.

"Does it?" Sam asked. Silas told her that it hadn't bothered him, but he'd thought that "when we admitted how we really felt, maybe..." he trailed off. He regrouped his thoughts and told Sam that the night was about creating new memories. "No ghosts, just a fresh start," he said. She asked again if wearing her wedding ring bothered him. "No. Maybe. A little," he confessed. "Why don't I just take it off?" she suggested.

Silas told Sam that she didn't have to take the ring off if she wasn't ready. She explained that it was her way of holding on to Jason and their life together. She vowed never to forget her past and knew that she would always love Jason, "but you are my future," she revealed. She took the ring off. He told her that she didn't have to do that, but she insisted that she wanted to.

Just as Sam and Silas shared a kiss, his phone rang. He needed to check it, since he was on call at the hospital. From the look on his face, Sam knew that it was Nina calling. Silas answered and asked if everything was all right. On the other end of the phone, Nina acted distressed and told him that she'd fallen and couldn't get up.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

At Carly's residence, Carly entered the living room after putting Josslyn to bed. Franco sat on the floor, adhering stickers from Josslyn's sticker book to the side of the coffee table, so Carly asked about Kiki's visit. Franco grumbled that he had been forced to call in reinforcements to help with Josslyn because Carly had been "playing house" with Sonny, but Carly reminded Franco that had been less than two miles down the road. She insisted that it had been necessary to check on Sonny and to let Ava know that Carly would be watching Ava like a hawk, but Franco didn't agree and questioned if Carly was ready for Franco to move in.

Carly assured Franco that she wasn't having second thoughts, but she explained that Sonny had a terrible illness that Ava wouldn't hesitate to exploit. Carly revealed that her concerns had been well-founded because Sonny had nearly told Dante the truth about A.J.'s shooting. Franco surprised Carly by asking if that would be a bad thing, so she reminded Franco that the truth would devastate Michael. She refused to allow Sonny's actions to rip their family apart and cause Michael more pain, but Franco suspected that there was more to Carly's anger toward Ava.

Franco appreciated that Carly was upset that Ava had slept with Morgan, but he wondered if it bothered Carly more that Ava had slept with Sonny. Franco explained that Morgan had warned him that Carly would always drop everything to run to Sonny's side because Sonny and Carly had a special bond. Carly conceded that she and Sonny would always share a bond, but she assured Franco that Morgan had been lashing out in a fit of anger, because her bond with Sonny was not romantic in nature. Franco remained uncertain, prompting Carly to wonder if Ava had been right to suggest that Franco was the jealous type.

Franco was curious why Carly expected him to ignore what Morgan had said about Sonny and Carly's relationship, yet it was okay for Carly to believe Ava. Carly's shoulders sagged as she asked if they could stop fighting. She assured Franco that he didn't have any reason to be jealous of Sonny because Sonny wasn't more important than Franco. As if to test Carly, her phone rang. Franco walked out when he saw that it was Sonny.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny demanded to know what Ava was doing when he saw her pick up a bottle of wine. She explained that she had intended to pour herself a glass of wine, but Sonny objected and snatched the bottle away from her because she was pregnant. Ava argued that there had been studies to suggest that one glass of wine a day would not harm the baby, but Sonny didn't care because he refused to take a chance with the baby. Ava shrugged and then made herself a martini.

Sonny's eyes rounded with fury when Ava threatened to take a sip of the alcoholic drink, confident that Sonny couldn't stop her. Sonny knocked the drink out of her hand, so she accused Sonny of being certifiable for striking a pregnant woman. Sonny pointed out that he hadn't touched her when he had knocked the drink out of her hand. He lectured her about the dangers of drinking during pregnancy, but Ava was unfazed, since she would be killed as soon as the baby was born. Ava refused to make things easy for Sonny and Carly, who would raise her child with "any abnormalities that come along with it."

Disgusted, Sonny couldn't believe that Ava would intentionally hurt an innocent child and possibly hurt Morgan, who might be the baby's father. Ava resented Sonny judging her when he expected her to hand over a healthy child before he killed Ava. Sonny refused to apologize. He informed her that he would instruct Max to remove all the alcohol from the house, so Ava vowed to find another way to torture Sonny. After Ava sauntered away, Sonny called Carly.

Across town, Maxie arrived home and called out to Nathan. When he didn't respond, she started to go to his bedroom to see if he simply hadn't heard her because he had his headphones on, but she stopped when she heard someone at the door. Maxie called out to ask if it was Nathan, but Levi opened the door. She hid her disappointment behind a soft smile as Levi asked if she was okay. He confessed that he had been concerned when she had left the courthouse, but she explained that it hadn't been necessary because she had gone to Lulu's place to talk to her friend.

Levi quietly assured Maxie that he was there for her, so she wouldn't need anyone, including Nathan. Maxie frowned as Levi hugged her, but she remained upset that she might not get to see her daughter until Georgie was walking. Levi assured Maxie that she would always be Georgie's mother, but Maxie wanted to know how the judge could have found out that Nathan had lied. Levi was spared from having to answer when Mac called to check on Maxie.

Mac revealed that Nathan had told him about the judge's decision to deny Maxie visitation with Georgie, so he invited Maxie to spend the night at home with Mac and Felicia. Maxie appreciated the offer, but she assured Mac that she had Levi to help her. After she ended the call, she told Levi about the conversation. Levi tensed when he realized that Nathan and Mac had talked because it meant that Nathan had likely shared his suspicions about Levi with Mac. Maxie was curious what Levi was talking about, so he carefully explained that Nathan had accused him of tipping off the judge.

Maxie was stunned that Nathan would think that Levi would sabotage her petition to see Georgie. Levi suggested that Nathan's ridiculous suspicions stemmed from Nathan's inability to accept Nathan's own role in the judge's decision. Levi painted Nathan in a bad light by twisting things around to make it appear that Nathan had acted out of spite and jealousy. Maxie seethed with anger as she ranted about Nathan, while Levi recalled placing the call to the judge, careful to drop the Australian accent to avoid being recognized.

Levi returned to the present to suggest that he and Maxie let it go and move forward rather than confront Nathan about it. Maxie agreed until she heard a key in the door. She immediately marched over to the door and threw it open. "How dare you?" Maxie asked as she glared at Nathan. Maxie appreciated that Nathan felt bad that the judge had ruled against her, but she insisted that blaming Levi for tipping off the judge wouldn't help her get her daughter back. Nathan was not pleased that Levi had upset Maxie when she had enough on her plate to deal with, but he pointed out that only Maxie, Nathan, Diane, and Levi had known that Nathan had lied.

Maxie insisted that Levi would never hurt her like that, but Nathan disagreed because Levi had tried to convince Maxie not to pursue an opportunity for visitation with Georgie. Maxie was adamant that Levi hadn't called the judge, but she refused to debate it further because she was tired and wanted to go to bed. Levi flashed Nathan a smug smile of satisfaction as he bid Nathan goodnight and followed Maxie to the bedroom.

In the park, Silas answered a frantic call from Nina. She tearfully explained that she had fallen out of her wheelchair and couldn't get up. Silas calmly asked where Rosalie was, so Nina explained that the nurse hadn't arrived yet. Nina's voice trembled as she asked Silas to call the building's superintendent to help her because she didn't want to ruin Silas and Sam's date, but Silas explained that he couldn't do that. He promised to be there shortly, so Nina tearfully asked him to hurry.

After Silas ended the call, he explained to Sam that he had to leave because Nina had fallen. Sam assured him that she understood, but Silas felt bad, so he promised to make it up to Sam. After Silas left, Sam started to clean up the picnic area, but stopped when Patrick walked up. He explained that he had just left Gabriel's gravesite and had decided to take a walk because Duke and Anna had Emma for the evening. Sam revealed that her picnic dinner with Silas had been cut short when Nina had called with an emergency. Patrick sensed that there was more to the story, but Sam didn't want to burden Patrick with her problems.

Patrick admitted that it would help to keep his mind off his own troubles, so Sam agreed to talk about her problems if he helped her finish the bottle of wine. Patrick sat down on the picnic blanket with Sam as she poured him a glass of wine. She quickly filled him in about Nina's financial situation, Silas' offer to let Nina stay with him, and Sam's visit with Nina. Sam confided that Nina had twisted things around to make it appear to Silas that Sam had asked Nina to move out. Sam rushed to assure Patrick that she couldn't blame Nina for having feelings for Silas because due to Nina's coma, Nina's love hadn't had twenty years to wane.

Patrick realized that Sam suspected that Nina had intentionally interrupted the date. Sam confessed that the timing had been a bit too convenient, especially since Nina's nurse should have been with Nina. Patrick pointed out that Sam had good instincts, so Sam should trust her gut if Sam suspected that Nina had an agenda. Sam conceded that she couldn't be objective about Nina because of Sam's feelings for Silas, but she feared that Nina wanted to hold on to Silas.

Sam realized that she wasn't in a position to judge Nina because Sam hadn't been ready to take off her wedding ring until that night. Patrick was curious what had prompted her decision, so she explained that she was ready to move forward because she and Silas were serious. Sam changed the subject by apologizing for not having made any headway in her investigation into the crash that had ultimately claimed Gabriel's life. Patrick assured Sam that he was grateful for anything that she could do, but Sam was determined to find the person responsible for the crash, so she intended to visit the scene of the accident the following day.

Patrick surprised Sam by announcing that he would meet her there, but Sam didn't think it would be a good idea. Patrick insisted that it would help him to take an active role in the investigation, so she let the matter drop then thanked him for listening to her vent about Nina when he had his own troubles. She quietly assured Patrick that he was not alone, but his thoughts drifted to his conversation with Robin when he had accused Robin of putting Jason ahead of her own family. Patrick returned to the present when Sam wondered aloud why Silas hadn't called her with an update on Nina, so Patrick suggested that Sam call Silas.

In Silas' apartment, Nina smiled with satisfaction as she ended the call with Silas then she tossed the phone onto the table. She was pleased that Silas had believed her because it gave her hope that her plan to make him pay for abandoning her would succeed faster than she had anticipated. Nina was confident that her plan for vengeance against others who had wronged her would be equally swift and successful. Rosalie was not happy that Nina had thrown Rosalie under the bus because it might damage Rosalie's professional reputation. Nina assured Rosalie that Rosalie didn't have anything to worry about because Nina had plenty of money to make certain that Rosalie wouldn't have to work again.

However, Nina explained that Rosalie would need to leave before Silas arrived home. Nina handed Rosalie some cash and gave the nurse instructions, including orders to return in thirty minutes.

At the Floating Rib, Nathan ordered a stiff drink. Mac sensed that something was troubling Nathan, so Nathan told Mac that Maxie had lost custody of Georgie. Mac was shocked by the news because Mac and Felicia had been told that the hearing had been scheduled for the following day. Nathan revealed that the judge had moved the hearing up because someone had alerted the judge that Nathan had lied about tossing Maxie's first summons into the garbage before Maxie had seen it. Nathan blamed himself for the judge ruling against Maxie, but Mac insisted that the only one to blame was the person who had persuaded Maxie that Georgie would have been better off without Maxie.

Mac had his suspicions about who that person was, so he decided to check in with Maxie and then call Felicia. After Mac stepped away, Rosalie approached the bar. She was annoyed by the lack of service, but Nathan defended Mac by revealing that the bartender had just received some bad news. Rosalie complained because she had fifteen minutes to kill before her appointment, so she had wanted a drink. Nathan offered his untouched drink to Rosalie, but she was leery to accept until he revealed that he was a police officer.

After Rosalie knocked back the shot, she thanked Nathan then left. Moments later, Mac returned and revealed that he had talked to Maxie, but Maxie had been with Levi. Mac noticed Nathan's reaction to hearing Levi's name, so Mac asked if Nathan had a problem with Maxie's boyfriend. Nathan confided that he suspected that Levi had tipped off the judge about Nathan's deception, but he didn't have any proof. Mac was certain that Nathan was right because Mac had never trusted Levi, so Nathan decided to go home to check on Maxie.

A short time later, Franco sat down at the bar and struck up a conversation with Mac about Sonny. Franco was curious what Mac thought of Sonny. Mac described Sonny as a "self-glorifying, narcissistic man who imagines himself to be something better than the two-bit thug he is." However, Mac conceded that Sonny knew how to charm women, so Sonny was like a drug; once women were addicted to Sonny, they couldn't shake it. Franco frowned then downed a shot of alcohol.

In Silas' apartment, Nina carefully stretched out on the floor and pretended to be distraught when she heard Silas arrive home. Silas rushed to her side as she tearfully expressed her frustration with her inability to take care of herself. Silas helped Nina into her wheelchair as she cried that she hated feeling helpless. After Nina calmed down, Silas noticed the broken plaque on the ground behind her, so he asked what had happened to it. Nina claimed that she had wanted something special to both of them to hold onto, so she had tried to reach for the plaque.

According to Nina, the plaque had slipped out of her fingers as she had fallen to the ground. Silas demanded to know where Rosalie was, but Nina claimed that she didn't know. Seconds later, Rosalie rushed through the front door, apologizing for being late because of car trouble. Annoyed, Silas asked why Rosalie hadn't called, so she explained that her phone's battery had died. Silas snapped at Rosalie because Nina had fallen and could have been hurt. Rosalie bristled at Silas' attitude.

Rosalie informed Silas that it wouldn't have been a problem if he hadn't called her at the last minute to ask her to stay with wife, while he went out on a date with another woman. Rosalie pretended to be offended by Silas' lack of commitment to his wife and lectured him about forsaking his wedding vows until Nina finally interjected to defend Silas. Rosalie reluctantly apologized to Silas, so Nina asked Rosalie to help Nina get ready for bed. After Rosalie and Nina left the room, Sam called Silas. He assured Sam that everything was okay then offered to return to the park, but Sam explained that it wasn't necessary because she had bumped into Patrick, and Patrick had agreed to drive her home.

Meanwhile, in Nina's bedroom, Nina praised Rosalie's performance. Rosalie returned the compliment, so Nina promised that it wouldn't be long before Nina had successfully destroyed Silas and Sam's relationship.

At Carly's residence, Carly returned Sonny's phone call. Sonny quickly filled her in about Ava's threat to drink alcohol, so Carly promised to be at his side to help him deal with Ava during the upcoming months.

Elsewhere, Ava placed a phone call to someone and invited the person to Port Charles because it was long past time for them to reconnect.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

At Greystone Manor, Michael paid Sonny a visit as the guards carried out the last of Sonny's alcohol. Sonny explained that he had decided to remove the alcohol because Ava was pregnant, but he didn't elaborate beyond that. Michael seized the opportunity broach the subject of Sonny's decision to move Ava in, but Sonny warned Michael that Dante and Morgan had already said everything. "You want to bet?" Michael asked.

Michael conceded that he couldn't pretend to know what had driven Sonny to sleep with Ava or invite her to move in, but Michael sensed that something deeper was at play because Michael knew that Sonny wouldn't intentionally hurt Morgan and Olivia. Michael promised that, whatever Sonny's reasons were, Michael trusted Sonny to handle things. Sonny was touched by Michael's faith in him. Michael realized that Sonny hadn't had any use for A.J., but Michael had been grateful that Sonny had never judged Michael's love for A.J. Michael credited Sonny for keeping Michael anchored after A.J. had died, so Michael wanted to return the favor.

Sonny promised Michael that it wasn't necessary, but Michael disagreed. Michael regretted that things had been left unsaid between Michael and A.J. when A.J. had died, so Michael wanted Sonny to know that Michael loved Sonny and was grateful for everything that Sonny had done. Michael was confident that Dante and Morgan would eventually forgive Sonny, but until then Sonny would continue to have Michael's support. Sonny hugged Michael in gratitude as he thanked his son. After Michael and Sonny pulled apart, Michael handed Sonny a gift bag containing a belated Father's Day gift.

Michael apologized that he hadn't given Sonny the gift sooner, but Michael had been busy with work. Sonny revealed that he had heard about the waterfront redevelopment project that Michael had been working on. Sonny thought it was a great idea and would benefit the community, but Michael explained that he still needed City Hall to approve the deal. Sonny was certain that Michael wouldn't have any problems persuading the city to move ahead with the project because Carly had raised a great man. "Well, you did too, Dad," Michael replied.

Shortly after Michael left, Sonny received a call from Spencer asking for Sonny's help.

At Carly's residence, Josslyn tiptoed into the living room as Franco slept on the sofa. She carefully filled one of Franco's open hands with shaving cream, grabbed a feather, and then tickled his nose as she recorded a video of Franco swatting the feather. She burst out laughing as Franco ended up with shaving cream all over his face. Franco demanded to know why Josslyn had pulled the prank on him, so Josslyn pointed out that it had been a joke. Franco was not amused, but Josslyn was certain that everyone online would enjoy the video.

Josslyn scampered away as Carly entered the living room. Carly smiled as Franco wiped the shaving cream from his face but then sobered to ask why he hadn't joined her in bed. Franco explained that he had arrived home late and hadn't wanted to wake Carly, but she suspected that Franco was still mad at her. Carly explained that she and Sonny would always have an unbreakable bond because they had two children together, but she assured Franco that it wasn't romantic in nature. Franco remained doubtful because even Mac had mentioned that Sonny was like catnip to women, but Carly dismissed Mac's comments by reminding Franco that Mac played with "dolls."

Carly explained that she had realized long before that she and Sonny were better as friends only, so she didn't have any interest in reliving a hollow memory of something that had been over for a long time. Franco appeared appeased and apologized for walking out on her. Carly also apologized because she regretted that her words and actions had hurt Franco. She promised him that she loved him and assured him that she wasn't going anywhere. Franco smiled then kissed Carly as Josslyn returned to the living room to inform Carly that Josslyn was late for summer day camp.

Carly suggested that Franco take Josslyn, so Franco and Josslyn could spend time getting to know each other, but Josslyn wasn't interested. Carly explained that she had to get to work, prompting Josslyn to make an unflattering remark about Franco's lack of employment. Carly was not pleased, but Franco surprised Carly by agreeing that Josslyn had a point. He announced that he intended to find a job right away, so Carly decided to take Josslyn to camp to give Franco time to focus on his job search.

Later, Carly and Josslyn arrived at the park. Carly decided to call Franco to wish him luck. Franco once again apologized for overreacting to Carly's desire to help Sonny. Carly promised Franco that it wouldn't be an issue in the future because Sonny could handle his own life. As she ended the call, she looked up and saw Sonny approach.

At the cemetery, Emma held a bouquet of flowers as she and Patrick made their way to Gabriel's grave. She was upset and wanted to know why they'd had to lose Gabriel. Patrick hugged his daughter as he admitted that he didn't have an answer. However, he was hopeful that Sam could find out why the accident had happened.

In the park, Alice was in charge of Lila's Kids, a summer day camp. Children were lined up to register for various activities, but Spencer ignored the line and cut to the front. Nikolas quickly pulled Spencer aside to scold his son, but Spencer was unapologetic because Spencer was determined to sign up for an activity that Emma was certain to join.

Moments later, Elizabeth and Cam arrived. The boys were civil as they greeted each other, so Elizabeth and Nikolas stepped aside to chat while the boys waited in line to sign up for activities. Elizabeth confessed that she was relieved that their sons were getting along, but Nikolas was more concerned about how Elizabeth had been holding up. She admitted that it had been difficult to break the news about Ric to Cam and Aiden, but her sons were resilient, so she was confident that they would bounce back quickly. Nikolas assured Elizabeth that she would too.

Nikolas invited Elizabeth to let him know if she needed anything, so she jokingly asked him to help her find a job. She considered signing up as a counselor for the day camp, but Nikolas insisted that it would be a waste of her talents because she was a great nurse. Elizabeth decided to apply at Mercy Hospital, but Nikolas objected because he believed that she belonged at a better hospital like General Hospital. Nikolas revealed that he intended to talk to Liesl on Elizabeth's behalf, but Elizabeth warned him that it would be a waste of his time.

After Nikolas left, Spencer warned Cam that Cam's relationship wouldn't last because Spencer and Emma were meant to be. Patrick and Emma walked up. Spencer quickly extended his condolences to Emma about her brother's passing and then surprised her by handing her cash. She was touched when Spencer proudly explained that he had decided to start the Gabriel Fund to raise money to help children like Gabriel, so the money was the first donation. Cam considered starting a fund to honor Ric, but Spencer snickered because Ric had been killed escaping from jail. Emma warned Spencer to be nice because Cam was grieving just as much as she was.

Spencer's smile fell when Emma added that Cam was her soul mate because Cam knew what she was going through.

Nearby, Patrick and Elizabeth talked about her recent firing. Patrick admitted that he had tried to persuade Liesl to rehire Elizabeth, but Liesl had refused to consider it. Elizabeth thanked Patrick and admitted that she was grateful to have people like Patrick and Nikolas in her corner. She explained that Nikolas had left to talk to Liesl, but she didn't hold out much hope that Nikolas would have any more success than Patrick had. Patrick felt bad for Elizabeth, but suddenly noticed the time. He explained that he had to leave to meet Sam because Sam was investigating the crash that had led to Gabriel's death.

At the hospital, Liesl led Britt to the conference room and turned on a PowerPoint presentation to show her daughter the blueprint on how to "recapture a Cassadine." Britt was curious when her mother had had the time to put the presentation together, so Liesl explained that she had made the time for Britt.

Liesl began the presentation by listing Nikolas' attributes including his wealth, royal bloodline, dedication to his son, and his potency. Britt was shocked when a picture of Nikolas wearing only a towel around his waist appeared on the projector screen. She demanded to know how Liesl had obtained the picture, but Liesl ignored Britt to address the problem that prevented Britt from rekindling things with Nikolas. Liesl conceded that Nikolas was entitled to his anger at Britt for stealing his sister's child, but Liesl pointed out that time healed all wounds, so forgiveness was possible. Liesl insisted that Britt's primary obstacle was Elizabeth Webber.

Britt was startled when a picture of a gun appeared on the screen as Liesl talked about eliminating Elizabeth. Britt made it very clear that killing Elizabeth was not an option, so Liesl assured Britt that it wouldn't be necessary because Liesl was confident that Britt's sex appeal far outshined Elizabeth's. Britt cautioned Liesl not to underestimate Elizabeth's pull because Nikolas and Elizabeth had known each other since they were teenagers. Britt was certain that Elizabeth would be able to give Nikolas what he needed once Elizabeth got past losing Ric. Liesl flashed a flattering picture of Britt in a bikini and then one of Elizabeth without makeup, in scrubs, and sporting a ponytail to illustrate that Britt was sexier than Elizabeth.

Meanwhile, Nikolas stopped a nurse to ask where Liesl was. The nurse pointed him to a conference room. Moments later, Nikolas entered the room, but stopped short when he saw Elizabeth's picture on the projector screen. He immediately demanded to know what was going on, so Liesl calmly explained that she was holding a seminar on efficiency. "Good turnout," Nikolas remarked as he noted the lack of staff in attendance.

Nikolas quickly cut to the chase by ordering Liesl rehire Elizabeth, but Liesl flatly refused. He was startled when Britt suddenly jumped up and ordered her mother to reinstate Elizabeth. Liesl remained steadfast until Britt threatened to turn her back on her mother and to persuade Nathan to do the same. Liesl agreed to rehire Elizabeth but insisted that Elizabeth attend a seminar in efficiency and adjust her attitude. Satisfied, Nikolas walked out, so Britt followed him.

At the elevator, Nikolas thanked Britt, but she assured him that it wasn't necessary because it had been wrong for Liesl to fire Elizabeth when Elizabeth had been grieving. After Nikolas left, Liesl approached her daughter. "It's working already," Liesl said with satisfaction.

Britt followed her mother back to the conference room. Liesl was delighted that things had gone better than she had anticipated because Liesl would have the opportunity to bog Elizabeth down with overtime, while providing Britt with ample time to seduce Nikolas. Britt insisted that she was light-years away from getting Nikolas into bed, but Liesl was confident that Nikolas would succumb to Britt's charms. Britt argued that Nikolas could barely stand to be in the same room as Britt, but Liesl assured Britt that not all was lost because Britt could use Spencer to get close to Nikolas.

Meanwhile, Nikolas returned to the park to give Elizabeth the good news about her job. Elizabeth smiled as she hugged Nikolas in gratitude, but Nikolas admitted that Britt had been the one to make it happen.

At Sam's penthouse, Sam reviewed Patrick's accident report. However, she took a break to check her phone. She was disappointed when she realized that Silas hadn't called or sent any text messages. Sam ran to the door when she heard a knock, but it was Alexis. Alexis noticed Sam's unenthusiastic greeting, so Alexis asked what was troubling Sam.

Sam admitted that she hadn't heard from Silas since Nina had cut Sam and Silas' date short with an emergency. Sam quickly filled her mother in about Nina's phone call, so Alexis questioned if Sam thought that Nina had fabricated the emergency. Sam didn't have an answer, but she admitted that Patrick had asked Sam the same thing the previous evening. Alexis wondered what that told Sam, so Sam tried to lighten the mood by suggesting that Sam was a paranoid mess. Alexis was curious if Silas had any reservations about Nina.

"No," Sam admitted, but Sam was reluctant to discuss it with Silas because she didn't want him to think that she was overreacting. Sam decided focus on more important matters by investigating Patrick's accident, so Alexis asked if it would be okay for Alexis to wait for Molly to return.

At Silas' apartment, Silas had been about to call Sam when Rosalie guided Nina's wheelchair into the living room. Nina invited Silas to join them for breakfast, but Silas' mood quickly soured when Rosalie made several snide remarks about Silas' priorities and lack of commitment to his wife. Nina pretended to defend Silas, but Rosalie remained hostile and referred to Sam as "the other woman." Silas grew weary of Rosalie's insults, so he announced that he had to get to the hospital. Nina feigned disappointment and promised to find something to do to keep herself occupied, but Silas surprised her by insisting that she accompany him to the hospital because he wanted Nina to begin physical therapy.

Nina assured Silas that it wasn't necessary because Rosalie helped Nina with physical therapy, but Silas argued that Rosalie wasn't a professional. He made it clear that he refused to take no for an answer because it was important to get Nina back on her feet as quickly as possible. After Silas left to fetch the car, Nina vented her frustration with the turn of events. Nina warned Rosalie that they couldn't risk anyone realizing that Nina wasn't as weak as Nina pretended to be.

At the hospital, Sam arrived to meet Patrick. As she waited, Silas, Nina, and Rosalie exited the elevator. Nina pasted on a brittle smile as Silas and Sam greeted each other. Silas explained that Nina had accompanied him to the hospital to begin physical therapy sessions, so Sam asked if Nina had been injured during the fall. Nina promised that she was fine and apologized for interrupting Sam and Silas' date. Sam assured Nina that she didn't blame Nina because Nina's nurse should have been on hand to help Nina. Rosalie resented Sam's remark and coldly informed Sam that she had been stranded on the side of the road with car trouble when Nina had fallen.

The tension was thick as Nina apologized for Rosalie's rude tone, which Nina attributed to Rosalie's desire to protect Nina. Nina explained that the fall had been a perfect storm, so Sam pointed out that no one was to blame, especially not Nina. Sam quickly excused herself when she spotted Patrick at the elevator.

At the elevator, Sam greeted Patrick then hustled him back into the elevator without a backward glance at Silas.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

In the conference room, Liesl was surprised when Franco dropped by to talk to her. She was excited by the artist's visit, so he revealed that he had a surprise for her. Liesl happily unwrapped the painting that Franco handed to her and then smiled when she realized that it was the "Egg Salad Sandwich" painting that she and Cesar had bought via telephone on the night of Franco's show at the Jerome Gallery. She assured Franco that she and Cesar had had a deep appreciation for his work, but she was curious how Franco had ended up with the painting.

Franco revealed that Nikolas had given the painting to Lesley Webber, who had given it to Monica Quartermaine, who had then turned around and returned it to Franco. Liesl grumbled about Monica's inefficiency at running a hospital then thanked Franco for returning the painting. Franco quickly clarified that he hadn't returned the painting, but he was willing to give it to Liesl in exchange for a job. Surprised, Liesl reminded Franco that he was a world-famous artist, but Franco argued that his talent had vanished when the brain tumor had been removed.

Liesl disagreed that his artistic ability was gone, but Franco insisted that he needed to find a job because his girlfriend shared an unbreakable bond with an ex-husband. Franco was desperate to make himself worthy of his girlfriend before he lost her to the ex-husband. Liesl empathized with Franco's plight because she had been in a similar situation with Cesar, who had been obsessed with Anna Devane. Liesl conceded that she didn't have any proof, but she was certain that Anna had killed Cesar.

Liesl's eyes filled with unshed tears as she talked about how Cesar had purchased the painting for Liesl, so the painting had represented a turning point in Liesl and Cesar's relationship. However, Anna had snatched all of Liesl's hopes and dreams of a future with Cesar away when Anna had killed Cesar. Liesl confided that seeing the painting had strengthened her resolve to avenge Cesar's death, but Franco reminded Liesl that the painting wasn't hers yet. Liesl was at a loss as to what kind of job she could offer Franco that would be worthy of him until she was suddenly struck by inspiration.

After Liesl outlined her idea, Franco happily accepted the job offer. He was eager to share the news with Carly, so he shook Liesl's hand. After Franco left, Liesl looked at the painting as she vowed to Cesar to make Anna pay.

In the park, Alice found Spencer standing in a clearing by himself. She reminded him that his father had signed him up for Lila's Kids summer day camp, so Spencer could socialize with other children, but Spencer refused to join in the activities because he was expecting an "associate" to arrive.

Nearby, Sonny approached Carly and Josslyn. Josslyn warmly greeted "Uncle Sonny," so Sonny asked if Josslyn would be interested in going out on Sonny's speedboat soon. Josslyn was excited by the idea, but Carly quickly distracted her daughter by sending Josslyn to sign up for summer day camp activities. After Josslyn dashed off, Carly revealed that she had just promised Franco that she would stay away from Sonny. Surprised, Sonny wondered why, so Carly reluctantly admitted that Franco was jealous of the bond that Sonny and Carly shared.

Carly quickly changed the subject by asking why Sonny was at the park on a hot June day. Her interest was piqued when he revealed that he was meeting someone. "Who?" Carly wondered. "Me," Spencer answered as Spencer walked up.

Spencer confessed that he was inconsolable because Emma continued to prefer Cameron Webber over Spencer despite Spencer's generous gift of $100. Carly bit back a smile as Sonny reminded Spencer that Emma had broken up with Spencer because Spencer had always talked about how rich Spencer was. Spencer explained that the money had been a donation for the Gabriel Fund that Spencer had started in honor of Emma's brother who had died. Spencer was desperate to know how he could win over Emma and recapture the special connection they had once shared.

Sonny and Carly admitted that it wasn't always possible, but Spencer argued that Spencer and Emma were meant to be together. Sonny revealed that Sonny and Carly had once thought the same thing, but they had eventually moved on and fallen in love with other people. Spencer insisted that a person should never stop fighting for real love, but Sonny argued that it was sometimes best to let go of the person one loved even though it hurt. Carly added that letting go might allow the door to open to a new and better love.

Spencer insisted that no one was better than Emma, but Sonny assured Spencer that there were other fish in the sea. Spencer disagreed, but Sonny promised that there were other girls who were as beautiful and smart as Emma. "Who?" Spencer asked with disbelief. As if on cue, Josslyn walked up to show Carly the keychain that Josslyn had made. Sonny and Carly exchanged a grin and then reintroduced Spencer to Josslyn.

Moments later, Alice walked up to let the children know that popsicles were available. Josslyn invited Spencer to join her and then ran off, but Spencer lingered behind to let Sonny and Carly know that Spencer had seen through their attempt to distract him with Josslyn. Spencer warned them that Josslyn wasn't like Emma; Carly agreed because Josslyn was her own person. Josslyn returned to fetch Spencer, so Spencer reluctantly left with her.

Carly admitted that Sonny was good with Spencer, so Sonny reminded her that he'd had a lot of practice with their children. Carly warned him that Spencer had it bad for Emma, but Sonny argued that if Spencer and Emma were meant to be, then they would find their way back to each other. Sonny then shifted gears to confess that nothing had gone right for him since Ava had killed Connie. Carly promised that she would always be there for Sonny, so he admitted that he could use a friend. Carly hugged Sonny, unaware that Franco had walked up.

At the crash site, Patrick worried that Sam wasn't ready to investigate the crash because she had a lot going on in her personal life with Silas. Sam assured Patrick that she could focus on the investigation because she was determined to find the person responsible for Gabriel's death. Patrick tensed as he looked around, prompting Sam to wonder if it was his first time visiting the site of the crash since the accident. Patrick's eyes welled up with tears as he admitted that he had avoided the road by taking the long way to work.

Sam gently explained that she hoped the visit would jog Patrick's memory, which would hopefully yield a clue that would point them to the driver. She asked Patrick to close his eyes and walk her through the events leading up to the crash, so Patrick braced himself then quietly talked about how Sabrina had felt the baby kick as they had driven home from Emma's dance recital. Patrick smiled sadly as he recalled Sabrina guiding his hand to her stomach as Emma asked to feel the baby kick. As Patrick talked about the crash, he confessed that it had seemed as if the car had intentionally driven him off the road.

Patrick's eyes suddenly snapped open as he realized that he had heard the sound of another car scraping against the guardrail on the other side of the road. Sam consulted the pictures that the police had taken of the skid marks on the road then speculated where the other car might have veered off. She quickly located evidence that confirmed Patrick's recollection. Sam quickly collected samples of the paint chips and suggested that she and Patrick visit local auto body repair shops to search for a black vehicle that had gotten recent work on the passenger side.

At Silas' apartment, Rafe looked at the front page of the Port Charles Press, which featured a story about Gabriel's burial and the search for the driver who had caused the crash. Agitated, he pulled out a small container of cocaine then sprinkled some of the powdery substance onto the table. However, he was forced to toss the newspaper over the drugs when Kiki arrived home to pick up some workout clothes. Kiki sensed that something was troubling Rafe when he jumped up and nervously greeted her, so he admitted that things had been awkward since Nina had moved in.

Kiki was certain that Rafe was holding something back, so she assumed it had to do with Molly. He conceded that he still cared about Molly because Molly had been the first person to befriend him and show him kindness when he had arrived in Port Charles. Kiki was surprised when Rafe admitted that he had spent most of his life on the run because his mother, Allison, had been convinced that a vampire had been chasing them. He conceded that his mother had been partially correct, but the person chasing them had been his serial killer father.

Kiki assured Rafe that he was not alone because he had her, Silas, and Sam, but Rafe doubted that Sam would still care about him after she found out what he had done. Concerned, Kiki asked what Rafe was talking about, so Rafe revealed that he had stolen money from Sam. Kiki feared that Rafe was in trouble, but he refused to discuss it. Kiki assured Rafe that Sam would not turn her back on him, so she urged Rafe to go to Sam and talk things out.

At Sam's penthouse, Molly was startled when she arrived home and found Alexis waiting in the living room. Molly pointed out that she had moved in with Sam to avoid Alexis because Alexis continued to believe Julian's lies. Molly asked her mother to leave, but Alexis explained that she had stopped by because Anna had dropped off Ric's personal effects. Alexis quietly handed Molly the envelope and started to leave, but Molly asked her mother to stay because Molly didn't want to be alone when she looked through Ric's things. Alexis hugged Molly then joined her daughter on the sofa as Molly opened the envelope.

Molly pulled out Ric's wrist watch that had an inscription from Elizabeth. Alexis' eyes filled with tears as she recalled that Elizabeth had given Ric the watch on Ric and Elizabeth's wedding day. Molly decided that Elizabeth should have the watch, so Molly set it aside then pulled out the other items, which included loose change, a cell phone, and a wallet. Molly began to cry when she found that Ric had tucked a recent picture of him and Molly into the wallet.

Alexis admitted that she had never seen a man who had loved his daughter more than Ric had loved Molly. Molly wiped away the tears as she continued to check the envelope. She was surprised when she pulled out a letter that had been addressed to Molly in Ric's handwriting. Molly unfolded the letter and began to read it out loud.

The letter opened with Ric claiming to have written the letter as he had waited to be taken to his arraignment. Ric conceded that he had no idea what his future held, but the best thing to ever happen to him was Molly's visit to assure Ric that she had believed in him. Ric assured Molly that her unwavering faith in him had meant everything to him. He confessed that his greatest regret had been leaving town five years before, but he promised that Molly would always remain in his heart even if they were separated for a long time.

"With unending love, Dad," Molly finished as she began to weep. Alexis rocked her daughter in comforting arms until Molly stopped crying. Molly thanked her mother for staying with her, so Alexis asked Molly to return home. Alexis was disappointed when Molly explained that she wasn't ready. Determined to respect Molly's wishes, Alexis collected her things. She assured Molly that she loved Molly every bit as much as Ric had and then left.

A short time later, Rafe knocked on the door. He quickly extended his condolences to Molly then explained that he needed to talk to Sam about an important matter.

At Maxie's apartment, Nathan was working out on the living room floor, while the music blasted, when Levi entered the room. Levi confessed that the song playing was one of his favorites, but Nathan stood up to confront Levi about ruining Maxie's chance for visitation with her daughter. Nathan conceded that Levi might have Maxie fooled, but Nathan had seen through Levi's lies. Levi recalled making the damaging phone call to the judge but innocently suggested that Nathan not rush to judgment because it might end in a man's death again. Nathan informed Levi that Ric had been trying to grab Nathan's gun, but Levi argued that they only had Nathan's word for that.

Nathan's temper flared as Levi continued to goad Nathan about Ric's death until Nathan pulled back a fist to punch Levi. However, Maxie entered the living room in time to order both men to stop arguing. Nathan explained that Levi had accused Nathan of being a murderer, but Levi countered that Nathan continued to accuse Levi of tipping off the judge. Maxie defended Levi and made it clear that Levi would never hurt her like that. Nathan vowed to use all of the police department's resources to prove that Levi had lied.

Maxie started to reply, but a knock at the door stopped her. It was Anna. Anna explained that she needed to talk to Nathan, so Maxie dragged Levi out the door. Anna waited until she and Nathan were alone to return Nathan's badge and gun because he had been officially cleared of any wrongdoing in Ric's death. Nathan hated that Ric's daughter continued to suffer, but Anna explained that it had been necessary to ensure everyone's safety.

However, Anna confessed that Ric had written Molly a letter before Ric had been put into the witness protection program. Nathan made it clear that he would not rest until Ric and Molly were reunited. Anna sensed that something else was troubling Nathan, so she asked if everything was okay with his roommates. Nathan confided that he suspected that Levi didn't have Maxie's best interests at heart, so Nathan intended to prove it.

At the park, Levi focused on his yoga exercises as Maxie expressed her disappointment over the judge's decision to deny her visitation with Georgie. Maxie had no idea how she would get through the next six months, so Levi suggested that she help others as she had in the past. Maxie didn't know where to begin. Levi smiled as he confessed that he had found the answer in the local newspaper.

Friday, June 27, 2014

In the park, Maxie worried about how she would get through another six months without seeing her daughter because she couldn't stop thinking about Georgie. Levi reminded Maxie that she had survived the first six months by helping people in need, but Maxie couldn't imagine how she could accomplish that from Port Charles. Levi smiled as he told her that he had found the answer in the newspaper. Maxie frowned when he showed her the article about ELQ's waterfront revitalization project and then began to rant about companies that hid behind ambiguous initials to keep the public in the dark about what the business was really about.

Maxie explained that Edward Louis Quartermaine had founded ELQ, and he had been a very good person. "For a greedy capitalist," Levi scoffed. Maxie informed Levi that she had known Edward personally and that Edward's last act on earth had been completely selfless. Levi sarcastically wondered if Edward had left a large amount of money to charity, so Maxie conceded that Edward had. However, she clarified that she had been referring to Edward's refusal to take the last remaining dose of life-saving medicine when the town's water supply had been poisoned. She revealed that Edward's selfless act had saved a little girl's life, but Levi was not impressed.

Annoyed, Maxie informed Levi that the little girl whom Edward had saved was her cousin's daughter, Emma. Maxie conceded that Edward hadn't been perfect, but she insisted that Edward had been a good man who had never hurt anyone less powerful than Edward. Levi wisely shifted gears to talk about the waterfront revitalization project. Maxie confessed that she hadn't seen a problem with the plans because the project would improve the neighborhood and boost the local economy. Levi argued that it would also push out the people who already lived in the neighborhood because they wouldn't be able to afford the housing.

At the brownstone, Michael and Morgan stood in the foyer as they looked at the scaffolding, drop cloths, buckets of paint, and other renovation supplies scattered throughout the first floor. Morgan admitted that he only had a vague recollection of their grandmother's brownstone, but he was curious why Michael hadn't hired a cleaning crew. Michael explained that he had as he pointedly looked at Morgan. Morgan smiled in understanding and decided to get started with the cleanup on the second floor in his bedroom because Morgan didn't relish the idea of sleeping with a spider. Michael assured his brother that the bedroom had been taken care of so Morgan could focus on the main floor.

Morgan confessed that the project wasn't what he'd had in mind, so he thanked Michael and started to leave. At the door, Morgan stopped to admit that he had been joking. "You don't think that I'm that big of a jerk, do you?" Morgan asked good-naturedly. Michael conceded that he wouldn't have blamed Morgan for walking out because there was a lot of work to be done, but Morgan assured Michael that Morgan appreciated the opportunity to help Michael with the plans to revitalize their grandmother's old neighborhood, in part because it would keep Morgan's mind off of Ava and the baby.

A short time later, Kiki arrived looking for Michael. Morgan explained that Michael had left, so Kiki revealed that she had wanted to take a look at the building because she had heard about Morgan's agreement to live in the brownstone rent-free in exchange for renovating the place. Morgan was surprised when she added that she had decided to work out a similar deal with Michael because Silas' place had become a bit too crowded with Nina moving in and Rafe already living there. Morgan wondered why Kiki hadn't simply moved in with Michael, but Kiki confessed that she and Michael had agreed that it wouldn't be the best idea for their relationship at that time. "And living with your ex-husband is?" Morgan asked.

Kiki conceded that Michael had feared that Kiki's new living arrangement might be awkward, but Kiki had assured Michael that Michael was the only Corinthos for her. She apologized if that offended Morgan, but he assured her that he understood. Morgan admitted that he was happy that he and Kiki had managed to forge a friendship after everything that had happened. Kiki was equally grateful then opened up about her concerns regarding her cousin, Rafe.

Kiki realized that she hadn't known her cousin long, but she cared deeply for Rafe. She told Morgan about Rafe's admission that Rafe had stolen money from Sam and Rafe's fear that Sam would turn her back on Rafe when she learned the truth. Morgan argued that Sam would never judge Rafe if Rafe was honest with Sam. Kiki agreed, but Rafe was certain that Sam would never forgive him if Sam knew why Rafe had taken the money. The conversation then drifted to Kiki's childhood and how she had always wanted a large family and siblings.

Morgan fondly recalled growing up with Michael then remarked that in a "weird" way, Morgan and Kiki were family too. Kiki smiled as she confessed that she was glad to be back in his life, so he handed her a paint scraper and invited her to get to work. A short time later, Levi and Maxie entered the brownstone to announce that they were there to shut down the waterfront project.

At ELQ, Tracy knocked on Michael's office door. She quietly slipped inside when no one replied then called Luke to let him know that she was in Michael's office. Tracy conceded that as much as she'd hated being separated from Luke and groveling to Michael and Kiki, Luke's plan to take Michael down from the inside had been brilliant. She was eager to make Michael appear incompetent, so the "traitors" who had voted her out would return her to power, but her attempts to hack into Michael's computer quickly failed. Tracy decided to get a "tech guy" to work on it, but a file on the waterfront revitalization project that had been left on Michael's desk suddenly caught her eye.

Tracy's smile vanished when Michael suddenly appeared in the doorway. She immediately made a big show of ordering Luke not to contact her again because she had made amends with her family and was through with Luke. After Tracy ended the call, she explained to Michael that Luke had been trying to worm his way back into her life, but she had made it clear that the marriage was over. Michael was proud of his great-aunt, but he demanded to know why she was in his office. Tracy claimed that she had been looking for a pen to sign her annulment papers.

Michael appeared skeptical because Tracy could have signed the documents elsewhere, but Tracy reminded Michael that he had asked to see the annulment papers before he considered giving her a job with ELQ. She quickly scribbled her name on the papers then handed them to Michael as she encouraged Michael to have his attorneys look over the documents. Michael was satisfied with what he saw, so he agreed to give Tracy a job. She immediately seized the opportunity to ask if she could be a part of the waterfront revitalization project.

Michael was surprised that Tracy wanted to focus on a local project, but he agreed. She grabbed the file, thanked Michael, and left. At the elevator, Tracy called Luke to tell him that she had found the key to her kingdom.

In the park, Franco was furious when he spotted Sonny hugging Carly, so he approached the couple to demand to know what was going on. Carly tried to assure Franco that it had merely been a friendly hug, but Sonny pounced on the opportunity to push Franco's buttons until Franco insisted that Sonny promise to stay away from Carly. Sonny refused and accused Franco of being a freak, so Franco cautioned Sonny not to push Franco too far because Franco knew Sonny's secret. Carly insisted that Franco had overreacted to the situation, but Franco stubbornly waited for Sonny to agree to stay away from Carly.

Sonny refused to meet Franco's demands. "Don't say I didn't warn you," Franco quietly warned before stalking off. Carly called out to Franco, but he ignored her. She quickly apologized for Franco's reaction, but Sonny demanded that she find a way to keep a leash on her boyfriend. Carly assured Sonny that Franco wouldn't go to the authorities to reveal that Sonny had shot A.J.

Later, Franco entered Michael's office to ask for a moment of Michael's time.

At Sam's penthouse, Rafe extended his condolences to Molly but explained that he had stopped by to discuss an urgent matter with Sam. Molly revealed that Sam had met Patrick at the crash site to investigate the accident. Rafe was rattled by the news, but Molly didn't seem to notice as she ranted about the driver who had fled the scene of the accident without calling for help. He was startled when Molly suddenly asked if he had stopped by to talk to Sam about the accident, so Rafe guiltily asked why Molly would think that. Molly shrugged as she admitted that it had simply been a guess because he had mentioned that he had something important to discuss with Sam.

Rafe assured Molly that he had wanted to talk to Sam about something else, and he started to leave. However, at the door, Rafe changed his mind because he wanted to take the opportunity to sincerely apologize to Molly about the way he had been behaving and lashing out at Molly. Rafe explained that he had been jealous and hurt, so he had thought it would make him feel better if Molly was as miserable as he was. He confessed that instead, it had made him feel worse. Molly appreciated the apology and praised Rafe for being brave enough to be honest, but he admitted that it had been the first brave thing he had done in a long while.

Rafe regretted how he had treated Molly because she had been there for him when he had lost his mother. He admitted that he had fallen in love with Molly, so he had resented her relationship with T.J. Rafe realized that it had been wrong and that he had messed everything up because of his inability to let Molly go, but he asked for her forgiveness. He was relieved when she readily offered it because she had missed their friendship. Molly smiled as she reminisced about their love of literature and how he had once given her flowers that he'd called "Flores para los muertos." "Flowers for the dead," Rafe quietly translated.

At the crash site, Sam collected samples of paint from the guardrail that she and Patrick suspected the other driver had hit. Afterwards, Sam snapped pictures, but Patrick doubted they would find the other driver because there were a lot of auto body shops in the area, and they had no idea what kind of black car they were looking for. Sam studied the skid marks and determined that the other car had been a sport car, which meant that the car had likely been taken to a custom auto body shop. She also suspected that the driver lived within a ten-mile radius of the country road where the accident had occurred. Sam used her phone to run a quick search of nearby custom auto body shops and found three, so she and Patrick left.

Later, Patrick and Sam entered one of the auto body shops on their list, where a man named Bill greeted them. Sam explained that she and Patrick were looking for a black sports car that had received repairs on the passenger side in the days following April 24, 2014. Bill had a vague recollection of a car that matched the description but explained that another employee had processed the work order. Sam asked Bill to check his computer system for the repair bill because she and Patrick needed the owner's name and address, but Bill balked because he was reluctant to give out his customers' private information.

Patrick made things worse by assuming that Bill wanted cash in exchange for the information. Bill was offended by the suggestion, so Sam explained that she was a private investigator hired to find the driver in a hit-and-run accident. Bill assured Sam that he would cooperate, but only with the police. Sam agreed to call Nathan, but Patrick refused to wait, so he told Bill about the crash that had led to Gabriel's death.

Moved by the story, Bill quickly pulled up the receipts for the period in question then left to help another customer while Sam reviewed the records. "Oh, my God," Sam said when she found what she had been looking for.

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