General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 3, 2014 on GH

Sonny shot A.J. A.J. was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Tracy accepted Luke's proposal of marriage. Jason was revealed to be at the same facility where Nina Clay had stayed.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 3, 2014 on GH
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Monday, March 3, 2014

The receptionist at the Crichton-Clark Facility in Scarsdale, NY, refused to let Silas see his comatose wife, Nina, because of standing orders from Nina's family. Sam, who had entered the building surreptitiously, triggered an alarm and diverted the receptionist long enough for Silas to locate Nina's room number.

Silas met Sam in the hall. They reached the elevator, but were foiled when they did not have the key card required to operate it. Before Sam and Silas could make another plan, two armed security guards, whom Sam and Silas quickly rendered unconscious, confronted them. Sam snagged key cards from the guards, and then Silas hid the bodies. Sam sent Silas to find Nina while she found a way to occupy the receptionist. After a quick good luck call from Sam, Silas opened Nina's door and entered Nina's room.

In his office, Sonny assured Dante that he had not been the one to try to kill A.J., but he said that he would thank anyone who did. Dante did not like that response but did believe Sonny when Sonny proclaimed his innocence and declared that he would not break a promise to Michael. As Dante left to check in at work, Sonny assured Dante once more that he had not tried to harm A.J.

Michael appeared soon after Dante left. He asked Sonny the same questions as Dante had and received the same answers. Michael said that he was looking for A.J. but Sonny had no news. Michael assured Sonny that he knew that Sonny would not lie to him. Michael also told Sonny that Michael would always be loyal to Sonny and think of him as his father, but A.J. was his father, also, and A.J. needed Michael.

Sonny worried that Michael would end up hurt by A.J like Jason and Connie. Michael told Sonny that A.J. was remembering, and there was a chance that someone else had killed Connie. Sonny was skeptical. He told Michael that Ava had told Sonny that A.J. had no remorse. Michael said that A.J. felt very guilty. Sonny thought that A.J. was acting.

Michael did not trust Ava. Before Michael left, Sonny and Michael hugged, and Sonny once more promised not to hurt A.J. Sean returned with the information that while watching Ava's penthouse for Ric to show, he had seen A.J. enter the building.

At General Hospital, a patient's wife thanked Dr. Obrecht because GH had done a controversial procedure that had saved her husband from lung cancer, despite the fact that their health care provider had declined to pay. Dr. Obrecht defended the right of every patient to have the best care possible and then berated the woman because her husband had smoked and gotten the cancer in the first place.

After the stunned woman walked away, Victor approached Dr. Obrecht. He told Dr. Obrecht that he was leaving town. Victor showed Dr. Obrecht the WSB file on Faison and offered to give it to her if she would become his companion. Dr. Obrecht declined, so Victor settled for a torrid kiss before giving a thick file to Dr. Obrecht.

Anna was in her office at the Port Charles Police Station, tearfully remembering how Robin had broken the news that Robin was going away, when Duke interrupted and asked what was wrong. She told him that Robin was leaving, and she sensed that there was more to the story than Robin was telling her. Duke asked if Anna would pursue it, but Anna said that she had put Robin in the same position many times before, and she had to support Robin's decision to leave, even if it broke Anna's heart.

As Duke held Anna, Dante knocked on the door. Duke excused himself to get coffee while Dante reported that he had followed up on A.J.'s assertion that Sonny had sent the shooter after A.J. Dante said that he had gone to see Sonny and he had believed Sonny when Sonny had claimed no involvement in the shooting. Anna was not so sure.

Later after Dante left, Duke returned with the coffee. Anna bitterly decried that Duke's new boss, Sonny, might have ordered a hit on A.J., which put Duke at odds with Anna. Duke was incredulous. Not only did he not know anything about a hit on A.J., but he would never have sanctioned it because Duke not only liked A.J., but Duke's sole interest was protecting Duke's loved ones from Julian.

Anna said that she wished that she could believe him, but that was the problem when one of them was in law enforcement while the other worked for the mob and their worlds collided. Duke said that he was sorry and had not meant to put her in that position. Anna spat back that he had.

Anna was still wiping her eyes when Dr. Obrecht knocked and entered Anna's office. Dr. Obrecht told Anna that she knew what Anna had done to Faison.

Robin unlocked the door to her home, which was cheerfully decorated for a going away party. Emma and Patrick yelled, "Surprise." The family exchanged presents, loving words, photos, and goodbyes. Emma went to bed happy. Robin and Patrick spent their last few minutes together holding each other and expressing their love. Both had shed tears when Victor knocked on the door and told Robin that it was time to leave.

A drunken A.J remembered that Connie had been alive when A.J. had seen Ava at the elevator after leaving Connie's office. He went directly to Ava's penthouse to accuse her of killing Connie. Ava denied it, but A.J. persisted. Ava asked A.J. to explain how his fingerprints could be on the gun but not hers.

A rapidly sobering A.J. recalled that Michael had told A.J. that A.J. had been passed out on the couch and alone with Ava while Michael went to get coffee. A.J. explained how easily Ava could have framed him and how each of Ava's actions, including erasing the security footage, might look very suspicious to the D.A. As A.J. tried to leave, Ava pulled out a gun and stopped him.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

In Anna's office, Liesl vowed to make Anna and Robert pay for what they had done to Cesar Faison. Anna ignored the threat and demanded to know how Liesl had gotten into Anna's office. Liesl claimed that she had worn a latex mask bearing Anna's likeness, but then admitted that she had simply asked the police officer at the front desk, who had directed her to Anna's office. Anna threatened to have Liesl escorted out if Liesl didn't leave, but Liesl wasn't intimidated and countered that she would tell everyone what Anna and Robert had done to Faison.

Anna pointed out that it wasn't a secret that Anna and Robert had captured Faison and then had returned him to prison. Liesl warned Anna that she knew the truth and then handed Anna the file that Victor had given to Liesl. Anna glanced through the file and demanded to know where Liesl had obtained it because Anna knew that Liesl didn't have the clearance to access the file without help. Rather than answer Anna's question, Liesl repeated her own question because Liesl knew that Faison was not at Steinmauer.

Liesl pointed out that Faison had last been seen on Spoon Island, so Liesl wanted answers, or she vowed to snap Anna "like a twig." Anna welcomed the opportunity to defend herself, but Liesl backed down. Anna pointed out that Liesl had helped Faison to escape from Steinmauer in the past, so Anna and Robert had decided to put Faison in a place that he could not escape from. Liesl wanted to know where, but Anna informed Liesl that Liesl didn't have the clearance for that kind of information. Liesl wasn't satisfied because she was certain that her sources would have known if Faison had been transferred to a different facility.

Liesl feared that Anna and Robert had killed Faison while he had been bound and defenseless. "So what if I did?" Anna angrily asked. Shocked, Liesl asked if that had been an admission. Anna provided several different scenarios of how she and Robert might have killed Faison and then concluded with the suggestion that perhaps they had allowed Faison to live, so he could suffer for the rest of his days the way that he had made Anna and Robert suffer when Robin had been abducted. Anna was curious how Liesl felt to be at the whim of someone who despised Liesl, not knowing the truth from a lie.

Liesl promised to make Anna pay dearly for what Anna and Robert had done to Faison and then mentioned Robin's impending trip. Liesl took delight in tormenting Anna that Anna might never see Robin again, so Anna demanded to know what Liesl knew about Robin's trip. "What could I possibly know? I don't have the clearance," Liesl replied with a smirk. "Auf wiedersehen," Liesl added and then left. Anna screamed in frustration and anguish when the door closed. In the hallway, Liesl smiled with satisfaction.

At the Drake residence, Victor greeted Robin and then informed her that it was time to leave. He was curious if she had everything, but she admitted that she didn't. Victor was sympathetic to Robin's plight, but Patrick demanded proof that Jason was alive. Robin quietly assured Patrick that she had seen the evidence with her own eyes, so she believed that Victor had Jason. Patrick feared that Victor was trying to exploit Robin's friendship with Jason, but Victor pointed out that all that really mattered was what Robin, not Patrick, believed.

Victor was curious if Robin had changed her mind. Patrick conceded that Robin would do anything for the people that she loved, so he assured Victor that Robin would leave with Victor. Victor admitted that Robin was a lot like her father, Robert, but Robin resented Victor trying to flatter her. Victor shifted gears to confess that experience had taught him that long goodbyes simply added to the pain. Robin explained that she wanted to see her daughter one last time and then left the room.

Patrick took the opportunity to make it clear that Victor would be entrusted with Robin's safety, so Patrick expected Victor to return her home happy and whole. Patrick vowed to make it his life's mission to hunt down and kill Victor if Victor failed to properly safeguard Robin. Victor assured Patrick that the message had been received. Satisfied, Patrick ordered Victor to wait in the car.

After Victor left, Robin returned to the living room. Her eyes filled with tears as Patrick wrapped his arms around her and admitted that he didn't want to let her go. Robin reminded him that he had to, but she deeply regretted that she had hurt him and their daughter. Tears brimmed Patrick's eyes as she confessed that she would not be complete until she returned home to him. Patrick admitted that he was afraid and didn't want to forget that he loved her.

Robin promised that she would return, but Patrick didn't want to hear that because he couldn't take another broken promise. Robin nodded in understanding and then gently kissed him. Moments later, she gathered her things and then left.

Patrick picked up a framed photograph of him, Robin, and Emma as he thought about the first time that he had met Robin and how they had fallen in love. His memories drifted to Emma's birth, his wedding to Robin, the lab explosion, his grief over losing Robin, his reunion with Robin in the church, and finally their recommitment ceremony when he had vowed to love Robin until the end of time.

At the Crichton-Clark facility in Scarsdale, New York, Silas spoke to Sam on his cell phone and thanked her for "borrowing" the keycard to Nina's room. He confessed that it would be difficult to see his wife after twenty years, but he was determined to go through with it. Sam offered Silas words of encouragement and promised to wait for him by the lobby. After Silas ended the call, he took a deep breath and then reached for the doorknob, but Joan, the administrator, suddenly appeared and demanded to know what he was doing.

Joan reminded Silas that he was not permitted to see Nina, but Silas argued that Nina was his wife and then pushed past Joan. "What the hell is this?" Silas asked when he entered the room and saw an empty bed. Silas wanted to know where his wife was, so Joan informed him that he had the wrong room.

Moments later, Sam appeared and confessed that she had checked the file herself, so she was certain that Nina had been assigned to Room 306. Joan countered that it was a restricted area and ordered Silas and Sam to leave. Silas made it clear that he would not budge until Joan revealed where his wife was. Joan stubbornly refused to divulge any information and reiterated that it was a private facility. Joan insisted that Silas and Sam were trespassing and could be charged with theft for taking the keycard, so she advised them to leave. Silas and Sam ignored Joan as they searched the room for clues.

Joan warned Silas and Sam that the board of directors would press charges, but Sam doubted that the facility would want the publicity. Silas threatened to call the police and a team of lawyers to tear the place apart if Joan refused to cooperate, but Joan remained stubbornly silent, prompting Silas to ask if Nina had died. Joan advised Silas to contact Nina's family, but Silas demanded an answer.

Moments later, a couple of security guards appeared, so Joan ordered the guards to escort Silas and Sam off the premises. Silas refused to leave, but Sam gently suggested that they leave.

Meanwhile, Victor and Robin arrived at the facility. Victor informed Robin that she would have everything that she needed to start her work, but Robin insisted on being taken to Jason. Victor balked, but Robin made it clear that she would not begin her work until she saw Jason. Reluctantly, Victor complied and led her to Room 307, where they encountered Joan. Victor introduced Joan to Robin and then opened the door to Jason's room.

Robin entered the room and approached a cryogenic chamber. "Jason, it's really you," Robin said with relief as she looked at Jason.

In the lobby, Silas worried that Nina might have died. Sam promised Silas that they would find another way to get the answers to his questions about Nina.

At Corinthos Coffee, Shawn revealed that he had been watching Ava, so he had seen A.J. head to Ava's apartment. Sonny wondered what A.J. would be doing at Ava's place, so Shawn suggested that perhaps Ava and A.J. had decided to put their heads together to devise a plan to seize control of ELQ. Sonny doubted it because the last time that he had seen Ava and A.J. together A.J. had been looking for a job. Sonny confessed that he suspected that A.J. had been talking to Ava about Connie because Ava had told him that A.J. hadn't shown any remorse for murdering Connie.

Sonny admitted that something didn't add up about A.J. paying Ava a visit, so Shawn suggested that he and Sonny go to Ava's place. Sonny decided to handle it alone, but Shawn didn't think it was a good idea because of Sonny's history with A.J. Sonny assured Shawn that it was okay and instructed Shawn to keep searching for a connection between Ric and Julian. Shawn remained uneasy about Sonny confronting A.J., but Sonny reminded Shawn that Sonny had made a promise to Michael not to hurt A.J. Shawn suggested that Sonny avoid temptation by leaving his gun at the office, so Sonny placed his gun on the desk and then left.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael entered the parlor as his grandmother studied a piece of new artwork hanging on the wall. Monica was curious what Michael thought of the painting and wondered if she should move it to the foyer. Michael's eyes narrowed as he admitted that it depended on whether or not Monica wanted to greet her guests with "Egg Salad." Monica confessed that she was surprised that Lesley had parted with the painting, but Lesley had surprised Monica with the gift when Monica had gone to Lesley's to play Bridge with Lesley, Audrey Hardy, and Gail Baldwin.

Michael realized that his grandmother had no idea who the artist was, so he revealed that Heather had created the painting. "Lester, you rat," Monica growled with fury when she realized why Lesley had parted with the painting. Michael suggested that Monica regift the painting, but Monica couldn't think of anyone she despised enough to give the painting to. Moments later, she was struck by inspiration and announced that she would give it to Tracy for Tracy's birthday.

Michael changed the subject to ask if Monica had heard about the intruder that had confronted A.J. with a gun earlier that day. Stunned, Monica asked what had happened, so Michael quickly filled her in and told her about A.J.'s theory that Sonny had sent the intruder to kill A.J. However, Michael assured Monica that Sonny had denied any involvement. Monica was frustrated that A.J. and Sonny had been caught up in a cycle of retribution and hatred since Michael had been a child. Michael agreed and admitted that he wished he knew how to stop it, but Monica insisted that it wasn't Michael's responsibility.

Monica suggested that they accept that there wouldn't be any peace between A.J. and Sonny as long as A.J. and Sonny walked the earth. She assured Michael that she wasn't blind to her son's faults and knew that A.J. was capable of terrible things, but she didn't believe that A.J. had killed Connie. Michael agreed, but he pointed out that Sonny had been certain of A.J.'s guilt even before Scott had shown the incriminating security footage during A.J.'s trial. Michael assured his grandmother that Sonny had promised not to hurt A.J., but Monica remained uneasy about the promise because A.J. had been drinking again.

Michael promised Monica that he had been keeping a close eye on A.J., but Monica explained that only the alcoholic could be responsible for their own sobriety. She reminded her grandson that she knew firsthand because she was in recovery herself. Monica worried about A.J. because alcohol fueled A.J.'s worst impulses. Michael agreed, which was why he was determined to track down A.J.

At Ava's apartment, Ava aimed a gun at A.J., prompting A.J. to ask if she intended to shoot him in cold blood the way that she had shot Connie. Ava conceded that she had killed Connie in the heat of the moment and then blamed A.J. Ava explained that she had feared that A.J. had shot her brother, so she had called out to Julian when she had raced into Julian's office. Ava admitted that Connie had quickly put the pieces together and had intended to warn Sonny that Derek Wells was really Julian Jerome, so Ava had been forced to kill Connie.

Ava conceded that she liked A.J., but she had to kill him because she couldn't have Sonny find out that she had been responsible for Connie's murder. A.J. pleaded with Ava to reconsider and then reminded her that his death would devastate Michael and Kiki. Ava admitted that she was more concerned about Sonny avenging Connie's death and then pulled the trigger. A.J. and Ava were shocked when the gun jammed.

A.J. quickly reached for the gun as Ava fought to retain possession of it. During the struggle, the gun clattered to the floor. A.J. grabbed Ava by her throat as she fought him with all of her might. He shoved her against the wall and shouted at her that she had ruined his life.

Moments later, Sonny entered the apartment and froze when he saw A.J. and Ava. Sonny recalled A.J. confronting Connie in a similar manner, so he picked up the gun and then aimed it at A.J. Sonny ordered A.J. release Ava. A.J. immediately let go. Ava collapsed to the ground, trying to catch her breath as A.J. tried to explain that things were not as they appeared. Sonny was too enraged to listen. A.J. begged Sonny to lower the gun, but Sonny angrily accused A.J. of hurting, abusing, and killing women. A.J. assured Sonny that he had never intended to kill Ava.

Ava feared that A.J. would tell Sonny the truth, so she tried to get Sonny to shoot A.J. A.J. begged Sonny to hear him out, but Sonny accused A.J. of killing the woman that Sonny loved and then pulled the trigger. A.J. stumbled back as blood poured down the front of his shirt. Seconds later, A.J. collapsed to the ground.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

At Ryan's bar, Silas thought about his trip to the Crichton-Clark facility and the discovery that Nina wasn't there. Sam returned to the table and handed Silas a drink as she asked how he was holding up. Silas confessed that he didn't know, but he feared that Nina might have died. He had no idea why the facility had had Nina listed as a patient when it had been clear that the room that had been assigned to Nina had been unoccupied for a while. Sam pointed out that they didn't know for certain that Nina was dead.

Silas explained that Nina had been in a coma for over twenty years, so sometimes patients in Nina's situation simply slipped away. However, despite that, he hadn't entertained the possibility that Nina had died. Sam reminded Silas that there hadn't been a public record of Nina's passing. She also admitted that it didn't make sense that Nina's family wouldn't share the news of Nina's passing with Silas or that the facility would work so hard to keep Silas away from an empty room. Silas reminded Sam that rich people could be crazy and paranoid, so it was possible that Nina's family had been concerned that Silas would try to claim Nina's fortune.

Sam suggested that perhaps Nina had been moved to another facility, but Silas argued that it would have been noted on Nina's file. Sam countered that Ava might have become concerned because Nathan had reopened the investigation and Sam and Silas had made progress in proving that Ava had tried to frame Silas. Silas couldn't imagine what Ava would hope to gain by moving Nina, so Sam theorized that Nina's body might hold a clue that would in some way incriminate Ava. Silas conceded that it was possible, but he was curious how Ava could have circumvented Nina's family. Sam didn't have an answer, but she promised Silas that they would get to the bottom of things.

Meanwhile, a mystery person spied on Silas and Sam.

On the piers, Julian met with a mystery person. He admitted that he was surprised that the mystery person was in town, but he realized that it was because the mystery person wanted to personally take down Sonny.

A short time later, Julian suggested that he and the mystery person wrap things up because Julian didn't want to risk Ava questioning where had had been. Julian confessed that he was relieved that he hadn't told his sister about the mystery person's existence because Ava was no longer trustworthy. Julian knew that the mystery person intended to check in with an ex, so Julian bid the mystery person goodbye and then walked away.

In Anna's office, Anna was on the phone with Robert. She was surprised to learn that Robert was in Wisconsin, but then she quickly shifted gears to warn Robert that Liesl had been asking questions about Faison. Anna assured Robert that Liesl didn't know what Anna and Robert had done, but Anna wanted Robert to be aware of the visit. Moments later, someone knocked on Anna's office door, so she quickly ended the call with a promise to call Robert back and then opened the door.

Nathan announced that Silas had killed again. Anna realized that it was speculation on Nathan's part because she hadn't heard about an arrest. "For now," Nathan admitted, but he informed her that the New York City Police Department had serious questions for Silas. Anna wanted to know what had happened, so Nathan explained that he had followed Silas to Manhattan to find out the purpose of Silas' trip.

Nathan revealed that he had arrived at Silas' hotel to find that the NYPD were there because the key witness against Silas had overdosed and had been rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead. Anna was curious if the NYPD suspected foul play. "Not officially," Nathan replied but then quickly added that the investigation was ongoing. Anna conceded that the circumstances of Mr. Nakamura's death had mirrored Nina Clay's overdose and that it had been quite a coincidence that Silas had been staying in the same hotel as Mr. Nakamura.

Nathan quickly filled Anna in about his encounter with Silas at Ryan's bar and Delia's attempt to lure Mr. Nakamura to the bar. Anna was curious what Silas had said about Mr. Nakamura's death. Nathan explained that naturally Silas had denied any involvement and that Sam had tried to provide Silas with an alibi. However, Delia had revealed that Silas had been alone at the hotel for a short time, supposedly to talk to a patient.

Nathan explained that Silas had refused to provide the patient's name because of doctor/patient confidentiality. Anna assured Nathan that it was a valid excuse, but Nathan argued that he had simply asked Silas for the patient's name, not the patient's medical records. Nathan didn't believe Silas' claim, so Nathan wanted a warrant for Silas' phone records. Anna argued that even if Silas had lied about the patient, it wasn't proof that Silas had killed Mr. Nakamura. Nathan agreed, but he insisted that Silas had been working overtime to deflect suspicion and had even tried to blame Ava.

Anna was intrigued when Nathan reluctantly admitted that Ava had been in New York City to visit Delia around the time of Mr. Nakamura's overdose. Anna pointed out that it was a huge coincidence, but Nathan argued that it wasn't any more of a coincidence than Silas and Mr. Nakamura staying in the same hotel. Anna confessed that she was concerned that Nathan was blind to other possible suspects because he was determined to pin Nina's overdose on Silas. Nathan countered that Anna might want Ava to be guilty because of Anna's history with the Jeromes. Anna admitted that she had issues with the Jeromes, but she pointed out that she had only recently met Ava.

Moments later, Anna received a call about a shooting at Ava's penthouse.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael left A.J. a fifth voicemail message explaining that he was worried about A.J. and begging his father to return the call. Moments later, Tracy entered the parlor. Tracy was relieved when she saw Michael and promptly asked him to reach out to his mother because Tracy had been looking for Luke. Michael was more concerned about A.J. because he hadn't seen his father since the attempt on A.J.'s life earlier. Tracy wasn't surprised when Michael admitted that his grandmother had gone to the local bars to look for A.J.

Michael confided that his father had relapsed because A.J. had been haunted by the night of Connie's murder. Tracy softly admitted that Michael and Monica were the only two people who believed that A.J. was innocent. Michael decided to shift gears by questioning Tracy about the incident with the intruder. His concern mounted when Tracy walked him through the events and he realized that A.J. had been right about the masked man's intentions. Tracy revealed that A.J. had suspected Sonny of sending the gunman, so Michael told her about his visit with Sonny and Sonny's promise not to hurt A.J.

Tracy laughed at the suggestion that Sonny could be trusted, but Michael assured her that he had believed Sonny. Tracy quickly sobered when she realized the significance of Michael's visit with Sonny and explained that Luke had left hours earlier to attempt to broker a truce between Sonny and A.J. Tracy had an uneasy feeling and decided to call Luke. Her relief was instantaneous when Luke answered the phone.

Moments later, Luke strolled into the parlor. Tracy immediately scolded Luke for disappearing, so he reminded her that he had gone to see Sonny. Tracy accused Luke of lying because Michael hadn't seen Luke at Sonny's office, but Luke explained that he had gone to Sonny's home. Michael stepped in to thank Luke for trying to help, but Luke admitted that he had done it for Bobbie because Luke was certain that his sister would be upset if her grandson lost a parent, even though Michael had a spare one.

Tracy explained that it was Luke's way of acknowledging that Michael was family. Michael smiled and then decided to check the boathouse for A.J. After Michael left, Tracy admitted that Luke's story hadn't added up, so Luke confessed that he had lied.

At Ava's penthouse, Sonny shot A.J. and watched with a blank expression as A.J. collapsed to the ground. Sonny then walked over to check A.J. for a pulse, prompting Ava to ask if A.J. was dead. "The son of a bitch is still breathing," Sonny growled with frustration as he stood up. Sonny explained that he had flashed back to when he had walked in on A.J. strangling Connie and had snapped when A.J. had denied killing Connie.

Sonny tried to think of what to do next, but he made it clear that he wasn't sorry for shooting A.J. because it had been long overdue. However, Sonny did regret breaking his promise to Michael. Ava appreciated that no parent wanted to disappoint their child, but she warned Sonny that they couldn't afford for A.J. to survive because A.J. would immediately identify them to the police. Ava urged Sonny to finish A.J. off, but Sonny refused.

Ava insisted that it was the only option and assured Sonny that Michael would never know. Sonny was curious why Ava seemed desperate for him to kill A.J. "It's either him or us," Ava nervously explained. Sonny countered that it wasn't necessary to shoot A.J. again because A.J. would soon bleed out, but they had better figure out a plan because someone in the building had likely reported the gunshot to the police. Ava realized that Sonny was right, so she took the gun from Sonny, wiped it down to remove their fingerprints, and then set it on the floor next to A.J.

A short time later, Julian arrived home. He called out to his sister, but tensed when he spotted A.J.'s body on the floor. Julian quickly checked A.J. for a pulse, but became alarmed when he heard a noise. Julian grabbed the gun and then ducked around a corner as he alerted the possible intruder that he was armed.

Seconds later, Ava and Nathan burst through the front door with their guns raised. Anna spotted Julian and ordered him to drop the gun, so Julian quickly complied. Meanwhile, Nathan checked on A.J. and then called for an ambulance. Julian quickly explained what he had walked in on, but Anna didn't believe Julian, especially when Julian was forced to acknowledge that the gun used to shoot A.J. was registered to Julian. Anna handcuffed Julian, but Julian continued to deny shooting A.J.

Anna was curious how A.J. had ended up shot in Julian's apartment if Julian hadn't pulled the trigger. Julian admitted that it was his sister's apartment, but he refused to accuse Ava of the shooting. Julian continued to proclaim his innocence, so Anna asked if he had an alibi for the time of the shooting.

At the hospital, Felix confessed that he couldn't believe that Robin had left so soon after finding her way back home. Elizabeth assured Felix that Robin loved Patrick and Emma, so Elizabeth trusted that her friend had made the right decision. Felix wondered if Robin's departure had had anything to do with Patrick and Emma moving on with their lives during the years that Robin had been away. Elizabeth admitted that she didn't know, so Felix confessed that he felt bad for everyone. "Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can't escape your past," Felix concluded.

Elizabeth was startled when Ric suddenly walked up and called out to her. Stunned, Elizabeth asked what he was doing there, so Ric confessed that he had hoped to talk to her. Felix was surprised when Elizabeth revealed that Ric was her ex-husband.

After Felix walked away, Ric confessed that Elizabeth was as beautiful as ever. She smiled politely and asked why he was back in town. Ric explained that he had decided to visit Molly and then confessed that he thought about Elizabeth all of the time. "And Cameron too," Ric added before asking about Elizabeth's sons. Elizabeth talked about the boys and confided that they ran her ragged. Ric chuckled and then invited Elizabeth to dinner.

Elizabeth wondered if Ric was asking her on a date, so he quietly confessed that it depended if she was seeing anyone. Elizabeth admitted that she was single, so Ric grinned and asked her out. He appreciated that Elizabeth was reluctant to agree because of everything that had happened between them, but he assured her that he had grown as a person and wanted to rekindle what had once been good between them. Elizabeth didn't have an opportunity to reply because Felix returned to announce that a gunshot victim had arrived.

Moments later, Elizabeth was shocked when she saw A.J. wheeled in on a gurney. She quickly grabbed a set of gloves and started to go with the medical team to an examination room, but Felix stopped her with a reminder that she was too close to A.J. Elizabeth was desperate to help, so Felix suggested that she notify A.J.'s family and prepare them for A.J.'s dire condition. Elizabeth stepped aside and called Michael. Meanwhile, Felix began CPR when A.J.'s vitals crashed.

On the piers, Sonny remained troubled because he had broken his word to Michael. Ava assured Sonny that Michael would never know because A.J. had likely died from blood loss. Sonny wished that he hadn't pulled the trigger, but Ava reminded Sonny that he had saved her life because A.J. had been strangling her. Sonny argued that A.J. hadn't been touching Ava when Sonny had fired the gun, but Ava insisted that A.J. would have killed her just as A.J. had killed Connie.

Sonny demanded to know why A.J. had been in Ava's apartment, so Ava claimed that A.J. had shown up drunk and demanding a job because A.J. had been obsessed with helping Julian destroy Sonny. Sonny readily believed Ava's lies as she painted a picture of A.J. losing control when Ava had refused to help and then vowing to hurt Ava as he had Connie. Sonny was glad that he had stopped A.J., but he warned Ava that she was not in the clear because A.J.'s body would be found in her apartment.

Ava smiled with satisfaction as she explained that Julian would be the prime suspect because she had grabbed Julian's gun to defend herself when A.J. had attacked. She reminded Sonny that she had wiped their fingerprints off of the gun and then suggested that Anna would be eager to pin the murder on Julian.

Ava started to leave, but Sonny demanded to know where she was headed. Ava explained that she had been in New York City earlier that day, so she intended to return before anyone realized that she had left Manhattan. Ava assured Sonny that they would both be in the clear once their alibis had been corroborated, but Sonny worried that Ava would flip on him. Ava argued that she couldn't betray Sonny without implicating herself. However, she was confident that Julian would take the fall for the shooting. Sonny pointed out that Julian could have an alibi, so Ava suggested that they cross their fingers and hope that her brother didn't.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy nervously wondered what Luke had lied about. Luke advised Tracy to have a seat, but she refused because was certain that it was bad news, since Luke hadn't referred to her as "Spanky" once. Luke frowned with confusion but then assured Tracy that he didn't have bad news. He confessed that he hadn't gone to Sonny's house because he had been tracking something else down. Luke held up a small black jewelry box and then went down on bended knee to propose marriage to Tracy.

Tracy surprised Luke by turning him down because their last attempt at "connubial bliss" had been a farce. Luke conceded that he had entered into their marriage for the wrong reasons, but he assured Tracy that he had fallen hopelessly in love with her and that the feeling had never left him. Luke promised that his love for her had nothing to do with her wealth, the mansion, or the "booze," but Tracy wanted to know what had prompted the proposal. She feared that it had something to do with the drugs that had been given to Luke at Miscavige.

Luke explained that he had realized how much he had loved Tracy when she had rescued him from Cassadine Island. Luke didn't want to lose that feeling again, so he vowed to spend the rest of his life proving that loved her. Luke begged Tracy to be his wife until she eventually blurted out "All right, I will." Startled, Luke asked her to repeat what she had said. Instead, Tracy took the engagement ring from Luke, slid it onto her finger, and then held up her hand to admire the sapphire and diamond ring.

"It's a yes," Tracy grudgingly told Luke. Luke smiled and then scolded Tracy for making him work for her answer. Tracy's scowl transformed into a joyful smile as she hugged Luke. Luke promised that Tracy wouldn't regret it and then kissed her.

At Kelly's, T.J. complained to Shawn that Alexis wouldn't let Molly out of her sight, so T.J. and Molly had been reduced to stealing time together at school. Shawn felt bad for T.J. and regretted that he had failed to get through to Alexis after Shawn's altercation with Julian. T.J. was curious if Alexis was seeing Julian, but Shawn didn't know. However, Shawn admitted that it would be the height of hypocrisy if she were because Alexis had ended things with Shawn because of Shawn's work for Sonny.

Shawn was disgusted that Alexis had actually defended Julian, even though Julian continued to hide behind Danny and had threatened T.J. According to Shawn, Julian was far more ruthless and violent than Sonny.

At the lake house, a frantic Alexis left Molly a sixth voicemail message and sternly ordered Molly to return the call because it had been hours since school had let out. Moments later, Molly arrived home, so Alexis demanded to know where Molly had been. Molly snidely replied that she had been having sex with T.J. and then assured her mother that Alexis could relax because Molly had been at school with a tutor. Molly was offended when it was clear that Alexis didn't trust her, but Alexis countered that her trust in Molly had flown out the window when Molly had lied. Molly argued that she had only lied once because it had been necessary.

Alexis disagreed because Molly should have given Alexis the opportunity to talk about Molly having sex. Molly laughed at the idea that Alexis would have accepted Molly's decision as Ric had. Alexis' temper flared because she resented Ric having a say in the matter after being absent for five years. Molly accused Alexis of thinking that Molly would follow in Alexis' footsteps and get pregnant, but Alexis denied that she had tried to punish Molly for the mistakes that Alexis had made. However, Alexis conceded that the fear was in the back of her mind, but Alexis appreciated that Molly was more responsible than Alexis had been at the same age.

Molly was curious why, if that were true, Alexis had been upset at the idea of Molly having sex. Alexis pointed out that sex was a big deal, so Alexis wanted to be certain that Molly was old enough to handle it. Molly promised that she was because she and T.J. loved each other and had been together for years. Molly then added that they'd had the foresight to pick up condoms.

"Seriously, how much more mature could we be?" Molly asked with frustration. Alexis became irritated at the reminder of Olivia's role in Molly and T.J.'s rendezvous and threatened to have a word with Olivia. "Who rents a hotel room to children?" Alexis asked with annoyance.

Molly wanted to know why Alexis trusted Molly's judgment in every aspect of Molly's life except sex. Alexis recalled Julian's suggestion that perhaps Alexis' reaction to Molly and T.J.'s tryst had had more to do with Julian and Alexis than Molly and T.J. Molly sensed that her mother was not telling her something, so she demanded to know why Alexis was against Molly and T.J. having sex. "Because I'm your mother and I love you," Alexis gently explained. Alexis hoped that Molly would one day understand that that should be enough, but Molly wasn't satisfied and left the room.

Later, T.J. stopped by to talk to Molly. Molly greeted him with a warm hug and admitted that she had missed him. T.J. nervously wondered if Alexis was there, so Molly shook her head and explained that Alexis had been called away on an important matter. T.J. relaxed, but he regretted that their special night had turned into a nightmare. Molly assured him that she didn't blame him because her mother had ruined their night and had kept them apart.

T.J. was hurt by Alexis' reaction because he had thought that she had been a more accepting person. Molly vowed to find a way to be with T.J., but he doubted that it was possible to circumvent Alexis. Molly suddenly realized that she could turn to her father for help because Ric had supported her decision. Molly was certain that her father would agree to let her move in with him. T.J. warned Molly that Alexis would "implode." "So?" Molly asked.

In Anna's office, Julian denied shooting A.J. and informed Anna that he didn't know A.J. much less have a grudge against the man. Anna didn't believe Julian because she had walked in on Julian holding the gun that had been used to shoot A.J. Julian advised Anna to look at Ava as a suspect, but Anna suggested that Julian clear things up by providing the name of the business associate that Julian had claimed to meet during the time of the shooting. Julian refused and decided to call his attorney. Anna handed him the phone and then left to check on A.J. in the hopes that A.J. could name the shooter.

Julian hoped that Anna was right and then waited for her to leave before he made his call. A short time later, Alexis entered the office. Julian was relieved to see her and quickly explained that he had been implicated in A.J.'s shooting, but he couldn't divulge the name of his alibi. Alexis insisted that she would need to know the associate's name to help Julian, but Julian admitted that he couldn't reveal the person's name.

Alexis and Julian looked up when Anna returned to the office. Anna wasn't surprised when she saw Alexis, but Alexis quickly denied being Julian's attorney. After Anna was called to a crime scene briefing, Julian expressed disappointment that Alexis refused to defend him. Alexis explained that it was a conflict of interest because she was Sonny's attorney. However, she recommended that Julian contact Diane.

Julian wasn't interested in retaining his sister's attorney, so Alexis suggested that Julian call her ex-husband, Ric Lansing. Alexis conceded that Ric was Sonny's half-brother, but she assured Julian that the brothers despised each other. Alexis added that she wasn't fond of her ex-husband, either, but she promised that he was an excellent attorney. However, she warned Julian that Julian would have to share the alibi's name with Ric.

At Corinthos Coffee, Sonny spoke to Ava on the phone. He reminded her the importance of them both securing alibis and then let her know that he would be in touch with her once everything had died down. Sonny admitted that he hadn't heard any news about A.J., but he insisted that he and Ava would both be "screwed" if A.J. survived.

Shortly after Sonny ended the call with Ava, Morgan entered the office in an agitated state. Morgan explained that he had been concerned about Ava because he hadn't heard from her since she had left for New York City, so Morgan had decided to stop by her apartment. Morgan revealed that the police had been swarming the building because A.J. had been shot in Ava's apartment. Sonny was curious if A.J. was dead, but Morgan only knew that A.J. had been transported to the hospital. Sonny realized that Morgan wanted to ask him something, so he invited Morgan to speak his mind.

"You didn't have anything to do with this, did you? Morgan quietly asked. Rather than answer the question, Sonny reminded Morgan of the promise that Sonny had made not to hurt A.J. Morgan backed down and apologized because he was certain that Sonny would never let Michael down. Moments later, Morgan received a text message from Ava claiming that she had been delayed in the city.

Relieved, Morgan's thoughts turned to Michael. Sonny was certain that Michael had been notified of the shooting, so he suggested that Morgan go to the hospital and check on Michael. After Morgan left with a promise to call Sonny with an update, Sonny reached out to Shawn for help.

A short time later, Shawn entered Sonny's office. Sonny quickly filled Shawn in about the shooting and asked Shawn for an alibi. Shawn explained that he couldn't provide one for Sonny because Shawn had spent the day at Kelly's and had been seen by numerous witnesses. Shawn promised Sonny that they would find someone to cover for Sonny, but Sonny warned Shawn that it wouldn't matter if A.J. somehow survived.

Sonny was tormented that he had broken his promise to Michael because he knew that it would destroy his relationship with his son if Michael ever learned the truth. Shawn pointed out that Sonny couldn't know that for certain, but Sonny disagreed and admitted that losing Michael would be worse than rotting in any prison. Sonny made it clear that Michael could never know the truth about the shooting. However, Sonny confided that it had felt good to pull the trigger because it had been a sense of justice for Connie.

Shawn hoped that Connie could finally rest in peace. "God willing," Sonny replied, but then his anger quickly mounted as he recalled that A.J. had been a "coward" until the very end by proclaiming his innocence as Sonny fired the gun.

At the hospital, Elizabeth anxiously watched as the trauma team worked feverishly to save A.J.'s life. However, she stepped away when Michael arrived. Michael feared that his father was dead, but Ric assured Michael that A.J. was still alive. Michael ran to the examination room where the doctor continued to try to start A.J.'s heart with a defibrillator. Felix quietly suggested that the doctor call a time of death, but Michael implored the doctor not to give up on Michael's father.

The doctor agreed and applied the defibrillator to A.J.'s chest one more time. Michael was relieved when A.J.'s heart started. Felix urged Michael to go to the waiting area, so the medical team could focus on stabilizing A.J. Michael walked away and encountered Morgan as Morgan arrived at the hospital.

Michael was surprised that his brother was there, so Morgan revealed how he had heard about the shooting. Michael was confused why A.J. had been at Ava's apartment, but Morgan didn't have an answer. However, Morgan assured his brother that Ava had been in New York City, and Sonny hadn't been involved in the shooting. Michael wondered why Morgan would even mention Sonny, so Morgan admitted that he had stopped by Sonny's office and had asked their father about the shooting.

Morgan thought that Michael would appreciate having the assurance that Sonny hadn't been involved in what had happened to A.J. Michael thanked Morgan, but explained that it hadn't been necessary because Michael had trusted their father to keep his word.

Nearby, Ric was curious about Elizabeth and A.J.'s relationship because Elizabeth appeared to care deeply about A.J. Elizabeth revealed that she and A.J. had become close when A.J. had returned to town and she had seen that he had been trying to be a better person. Elizabeth confided that she hadn't been in a good place at the time because she had recently gotten out of a toxic relationship and had been grieving for Jason, whom she hadn't truly made amends to.

Elizabeth admitted that she and A.J. had connected because they had both been looking for redemption. Ric gently pointed out that Elizabeth had always been drawn to men who needed saving. He was curious if Elizabeth and A.J. were still close, but Elizabeth shook her head and told him that she had ended things when A.J. had relapsed. She then shared the details about Connie's murder and A.J.'s acquittal.

Ric wondered if Elizabeth thought that A.J. had killed Connie, so she admitted that she had. However, she had recently had an encounter with A.J. when A.J. had claimed that someone else had been in the office at the time of Connie's shooting. Elizabeth felt bad because A.J. had needed a friend, but she hadn't been there for him. After Elizabeth left to check on A.J., Ric received a call from Molly asking if she could move in with her father.

Later, Felix informed Michael and Elizabeth that A.J. needed immediate surgery. Moments later, A.J. was wheeled out of the examination room, but Michael insisted on having an opportunity to speak to his father. A.J. weakly called out Michael's name. Michael assured his father that he was there and then asked why A.J. had been in Ava's apartment and who had shot him. A.J. was too weak to answer, so Michael assured his father that he loved A.J. and begged A.J. to fight to live because Michael would be waiting.

Friday, March 7, 2014

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy used a jeweler's loupe to examine her engagement ring. Luke chuckled as he read the newspaper and warned her not to look too closely, or she might end up disappointed. Tracy was confident that the ring was the "real deal" because she'd had it appraised while Luke had been asleep.

Monica rolled her eyes and groaned in disgust when she entered the parlor and saw Luke and Tracy kissing. She suggested that Luke and Tracy get a room or take their act on the road, but Tracy was in too good of a mood to take it personally. Monica apologized for snapping at Luke and Tracy and then explained that she had spent the night driving around looking for A.J. and then had had the added frustration of her cell phone going dead. Luke was certain that A.J. had simply passed out on the floor of a seedy bar and suggested that Monica check the Outback. Tracy reminded Luke that the Outback had gone the way of the dodo bird and Luke's jazz club.

Luke seemed genuinely surprised, but Tracy ignored him to assure Monica that A.J. would turn up a little worse for wear, but otherwise safe and sound. Luke decided to steer the conversation to a more cheerful subject and announced that Tracy had agreed to be his wife. Monica was stunned and asked why Tracy would marry Luke after Luke and Tracy's first marriage had been a fraud and their second had ended in disaster. Luke's temper flared when Monica repeatedly accused Luke of wanting to marry Tracy for Tracy's fortune.

Luke countered that Monica had married Alan for Alan's fortune and the mansion that Alan had built for Monica. According to Luke, Alan hadn't gotten anything in return except a wife who had been a "serial cheater." Tracy was shocked when Luke made a few ugly remarks about Monica's affairs and then accused Monica of being a "legendary slut." "That's enough," Tracy sternly told Luke, but Luke was unapologetic because he had resented Monica trying to talk Tracy out of marrying him.

Moments later, Monica's cell phone rang, so she answered it. It was Michael. Michael advised Monica to brace herself and then revealed that A.J. was in the hospital. Tracy immediately sensed that something was wrong. After the call, Monica revealed that A.J. had been shot and was in critical condition. "Poor junior," Luke said without a hint of sympathy. "Well, Monica, karma is one nasty bitch, ain't she?" Luke asked. Monica ignored Luke and left for the hospital.

Luke offered a parting shot by claiming that he hoped that Monica wasn't hit by a bus on the way to the hospital. Tracy was infuriated by Luke's behavior and demanded to know what had gotten into him. Luke insisted that Monica had deserved it for trying to talk Tracy out of marrying him, but Tracy wasn't satisfied because Monica was dealing with a nightmare. Luke suggested that it couldn't have happened to a more deserving mother.

Tracy argued that Monica hadn't said anything that Monica hadn't said a thousand times before, so Tracy wanted to know why Luke had reacted uncharacteristically by kicking Monica when she was down. Luke pointed out that he hadn't known about the shooting when he had first spoken up, but Tracy countered that he had known that Monica had been worried, that A.J. had been attacked by an intruder, and that A.J. had disappeared. Tracy was concerned because she had never seen Luke behave in as mean-spirited a way as he had towards Monica. Luke insisted that he had merely responded in kind, but Tracy disagreed and wondered what had happened to Luke at Miscavige.

At the lake house, Alexis thanked Ric for stopping by. Ric assumed that Alexis had called to talk about Molly, but Alexis revealed that it was about Julian Jerome. Ric admitted that he had heard of the mobster through Sonny, prompting Alexis to wonder what Sonny had said about Julian. Ric confessed that it had been the usual ramblings that Sonny reserved for anyone who threatened Sonny's criminal organization. Alexis was curious if Sonny had said anything about her relationship with Julian, so Ric admitted that he knew that Julian was Sam's father.

Ric commented that Alexis had been nothing if not consistent in her fondness for criminals. Alexis shot back that Ric was part of that pattern, but he wondered how bad he and Sonny could be if she had managed to ensure that their gene pool continued by giving each brother a child. Annoyed, Alexis explained that she hadn't invited Ric over to discuss their dysfunctional past but rather to ask if he would represent Julian.

Ric questioned why Alexis wouldn't take the case herself, so she reminded him that it was a conflict of interest. Ric confessed that he had never thought that coffee importing and publishing would overlap each other. He was also surprised that someone as intelligent as Alexis would be completely lacking in wisdom. Alexis refused to argue, so Ric invited her to tell him about the case against Julian. She started to tell Ric about A.J.'s return to town, but Ric revealed that he had been at the hospital when A.J. had arrived by ambulance.

Alexis' eyes narrowed as she asked why Ric had been at the hospital. Ric became evasive, but Alexis pushed until Ric reluctantly admitted that he had paid Elizabeth a visit. Alexis warned Ric that Elizabeth had suffered a horrendous amount of heartbreak over the past five years with the loss of a child, Jason's death, and Lucky walking out, so she asked Ric to leave Elizabeth alone. Ric made it clear that whatever time he spent with Elizabeth didn't concern Alexis.

Alexis agreed to drop it and focus on Julian. She admitted that she would consider it a personal favor if Ric took the case, but Ric wondered why she hadn't asked another attorney. Alexis conceded that Ric was an excellent attorney despite being a lousy father and a despicable human being. Ric agreed to take the case, but he stopped at the door to quickly inform Alexis that Molly would be moving in with him. He ducked out of the door before Alexis could react.

Later, Alexis left Molly a tearful voicemail message reminding her daughter of everything that she had done for Molly and then asking Molly to return the call.

In the Port Charles jail, a police officer announced that Julian had a visitor. It was Carlos. Julian greeted his enforcer and then waited until they were alone. Julian quickly filled Carlos in on what had transpired at the apartment when he had found A.J. bleeding on the floor and then asked Carlos to find the real shooter. Carlos was curious if Julian had a suspect in mind, so Julian pointed out that it had been Ava's apartment. Carlos tried to cover for Ava by reminding Julian that Ava didn't have a motive to kill A.J. because she hadn't associated with A.J. since her failed bid for ELQ.

Julian didn't know why A.J. had been at the apartment or what had motivated Ava to pull the trigger, but he expected Carlos to find out. Julian suggested that Carlos use Ava's soft spot for Carlos to his advantage and then reminded his enforcer that Julian, not Ava, paid for Carlos' loyalty, so there would be consequences if Carlos failed. Shortly after Carlos left, Ric arrived and greeted Julian.

In Anna's office, Anna was on the phone with the lab, requesting ballistics report because she only had six hours to charge Julian or cut him loose. A police officer poked his head into her office to let her know that they had picked up the person of interest that she had wanted to talk to, so she ended the call as Morgan was escorted in. Morgan was curious if he was under arrest, so Anna explained that she had wanted to talk to him about his visit to Ava's apartment the previous evening. Morgan revealed that he and Ava had broken up, but he had gone to Ava's apartment because he had missed her.

Morgan assured Anna that Ava hadn't shot A.J. because Ava had been in New York City at the time of the shooting. He showed Anna his phone and the text message that he had received from Ava. Anna glanced at message, but warned Morgan that it wasn't incontrovertible proof. Morgan tried to point Anna in Julian's direction, but Anna asked Morgan about Sonny because Sonny had been the only person of interest with a documented history of bad blood with A.J. Morgan admitted that he had seen his father after the shooting, but he couldn't account for his father's movements at the time of the shooting.

At Corinthos Coffee, Sonny sat at his desk, reliving the moment in Ava's apartment when he had shot A.J. He snapped out of it when Shawn entered the office to give Sonny an update. Shawn revealed that Morgan had been taken to the police station for questioning. Sonny was annoyed, but he realized that there wasn't anything that he could do to stop it.

Sonny also had bigger things to deal with, so Shawn wondered if Sonny would need an attorney. Sonny made it clear that he did not want Alexis to know the truth about A.J.'s shooting. Sonny realized that he couldn't afford for A.J. to recover from the gunshot, so Shawn offered to make certain that A.J. didn't wake up. Sonny opted to wait and then turned the discussion to Julian's predicament. Sonny was pleased that Julian was the prime suspect; however, Sonny was determined to have an alibi in place in case the police asked questions.

A short time later, Duke arrived at Shawn's request. Shawn explained to Sonny that Duke had spent the previous evening, working alone at the warehouse. Sonny smiled and revealed that he needed Duke to tell anyone who might ask that Sonny had been at the warehouse with Duke. Duke was curious what Sonny had done, but Shawn suggested that it would be best if Duke didn't know, so Duke's surprise would seem genuine rather than practiced if the police questioned Duke. Sonny noticed that Duke seemed uneasy with the request, so he asked to speak to Duke alone.

After Shawn left, Sonny conceded that he had put Duke in a difficult situation by expecting Duke to lie to Anna. Duke admitted that his relationship with Anna had barely survived the last lie, but Sonny promised Duke that they would finally be able to take the mutual enemy down if Duke backed Sonny up.

A short time later, Anna entered the office to talk to Sonny, but Duke explained that Sonny was out on an errand. Duke was curious if he could help Anna, so she revealed that she needed to know where Sonny had been the previous evening.

At the hospital, Michael sat at A.J.'s bedside and talked to his father. Michael revealed that he hadn't been able to reach Monica, but he was confident that his grandmother was fine. Michael then begged A.J. to get better and return to him because Michael wasn't ready to lose his father.

Elizabeth entered A.J.'s hospital room and quickly assured Michael that his presence helped A.J. Michael wanted to know if A.J. would pull through, so Elizabeth reminded Michael that A.J. had survived worse. She was confident that if anyone could recover from the injuries that A.J. had suffered, it was A.J. Moments later, Carly arrived and asked Elizabeth for an honest assessment of A.J.'s condition. Elizabeth explained that A.J. was stable and that they were working to put A.J. in the best position possible for a speedy recovery.

Elizabeth reiterated that Michael's presence was a tremendous help to A.J. Carly was proud of Michael, but Elizabeth suggested that Michael take a little time to take care of himself in order to remain strong for A.J. Carly agreed with Elizabeth and urged Michael to get some rest. Michael refused, but he agreed to take a walk and grab a bite to eat. He was grateful when Elizabeth promised to stay with A.J. until Michael returned.

After Carly and Michael left, Elizabeth sat down beside A.J. and gently massaged his hand. She hoped that it felt good for A.J. and then apologized for not standing by him when everything had fallen apart. Elizabeth vowed to be there for A.J. when he woke up and begged him not to give up.

In the waiting area, Carly and Michael sipped on coffee and talked about A.J. Michael assured his mother that it wasn't necessary for her to act like she cared about A.J., but Carly quickly clarified that she wanted A.J. to recover because Michael loved his father. She promised that she would do everything in her power to help A.J., including contacting Dante and Anna to ensure that the shooter didn't get a second chance. She was curious if Michael had any idea who had tried to kill A.J., so Michael revealed that A.J. had been found in Ava's apartment, but he had no idea why A.J. had been there.

Michael filled Carly in about the attempt on A.J.'s life earlier in the morning when an intruder had broken into the Quartermaine mansion. Michael admitted that he had questioned Sonny about the incident, but Sonny had denied any involvement and Michael had believed him. Carly agreed that Sonny hadn't shot A.J., so she suggested that they leave the crime for the police to solve.

Later, Michael sat with A.J. as Carly and Elizabeth talked in the hallway. Carly appreciated that Elizabeth cared about A.J. even though Elizabeth and A.J. were no longer dating. Elizabeth confessed that it helped to have a job to focus on, so Carly assured Elizabeth that Michael appreciated everything that Elizabeth had done for A.J. Carly confided that she wouldn't have been as generous if their roles had been reversed. Elizabeth admitted that the past twenty-four hours had been filled with one surreal event after another.

Carly was stunned when Elizabeth revealed that Ric had returned to town. Carly couldn't imagine how Ric had had the nerve to show his face in town, so Elizabeth reminded Carly that people could say the same about Elizabeth and Carly. Carly argued that she and Elizabeth had never locked a pregnant woman in a panic room with the intention of stealing an infant. Elizabeth appreciated that Carly had issues with Ric, but Elizabeth admitted that she saw Ric differently.

Carly countered that Elizabeth saw Ric the way that Ric wanted Elizabeth to see him. "Kind of like you and Franco," Elizabeth quietly observed. Carly conceded that she lived in a glass house and shouldn't throw stones, but Carly confessed that she cared about Elizabeth because Jason had and because of everything that Elizabeth had done for Josslyn. Elizabeth was touched and thanked Carly. Carly believed that Elizabeth had gotten off easy with A.J., but she feared that it might not be the same with Ric.

Later, Carly stood in the hallway while Michael spent time with A.J. She looked up when she heard Sonny approach. After they exchanged greetings, Carly demanded to know why Sonny hadn't told her that Ric was in town. Sonny assured Carly that he had been handling Ric and then asked for an update on Michael and A.J. Carly's eyes narrowed as she studied Sonny. "You shot A.J., didn't you?" Carly asked.

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