General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 17, 2014 on GH

Luke and Scott were rescued. Britt made a partial confession. Nikolas proposed to Britt. Elizabeth declared her love for Nikolas. Dante was united with his son. Robin revealed to Patrick why she had to leave town.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 17, 2014 on GH
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Monday, February 17, 2014

In Liesl's suite, Liesl was on the phone with Steinmauer Maximum Security, demanding to speak with Faison. Her frustration mounted when she was informed that Faison was prohibited phone calls. In a fit of anger, Liesl ended the call and threw her cell phone on the coffee table. She looked at the picture of a much younger Faison that she had been holding and tearfully confessed that she missed her "funny Valentine." Moments later, someone knocked on the door, so she put the picture down and answered the door.

Victor stood on her doorstep, holding a heart-shaped box of chocolate, which he offered to Liesl. Liesl tried to close the door in Victor's face, but he managed to push his way into the suite and then showered Liesl with compliments before giving her an heirloom broach of white diamonds and emeralds to match her eyes. Liesl was not impressed and pointed out that the broach was not practical. Victor wondered what he could do to make her happy, so Liesl suggested that he find out what had happened to Faison.

Victor reminded Liesl that Faison had been taken to Steinmauer, but Liesl insisted that something was amiss because she hadn't been able to talk to Faison in months. Victor explained that Faison was a dangerous criminal, so he wasn't surprised that the officials at Steinmauer had decided to keep Faison "incommunicado." Liesl pointed out that Robert and Anna had supposedly taken Faison to Steinmauer, but Liesl didn't trust Anna and Robert because they had blamed Liesl for Robin's disappearance.

Victor confided that if all went according to plan then Robin would soon disappear again. Liesl realized that Victor intended to have Robin revive Helena and Stavros. Victor smiled as he admitted that once Liesl had told him about Helena and Stavros' fates, he hadn't been able to allow the Cassadine family members to "rest in peace." Liesl was surprised that "a sour little thing" like Robin would agree to help, so Victor confessed that he had given Robin the right incentive by offering Robin the opportunity to revive Jason Morgan.

However, Victor revealed that Robin would need to give everyone a plausible explanation for her departure because Robin's real mission needed to remain a secret. Liesl and Victor discussed Robin's close friendship with Jason and agreed that Robin would do what was necessary to honor Victor's wishes for Jason's sake. Victor then switched gears to pin the broach onto Liesl's jacket. Liesl smiled and assured Victor that she would not forget that he had agreed to confirm that Faison was safe. Victor confessed that he hoped to arrange a visit, so Faison could reject Liesl once again.

Liesl was disappointed that Victor would want that for her, but Victor explained that he wanted Liesl to realize that Faison was not the right man for her. He added that stranger things had happened and then pointed out that Robin had decided to leave Patrick to take care of Jason.

At the Drake residence, Robin quickly tucked a picture of Jason away when Patrick arrived home. Patrick greeted his wife and asked why she wasn't ready for their Valentine's Day date. Robin confessed that she wasn't in the mood to celebrate, so Patrick was curious what was troubling her. He was shocked when Robin announced that she would be leaving Port Charles.

According to Robin, AMFAR had reached out to her to ask her to continue her AIDS work in Africa. Patrick was curious how long Robin would be gone, so she admitted that it would be an open-ended trip. Stunned, Patrick demanded to know what was really going on. Robin calmly conceded that her trip was unexpected, but she explained that it would allow her to make a difference in people's lives. Patrick was not satisfied because he knew that Robin wouldn't leave her family without a good reason, especially since she had just returned from a two-year absence.

Robin appeared to wrestle with her conscience, but then claimed that she needed to leave town because she feared that Liesl would retaliate for Faison's arrest by targeting Patrick and Emma. Patrick suggested that they talk to Anna and the World Security Bureau, but Robin immediately objected because the WSB had allowed Liesl to walk free. Robin insisted that it would be best for everyone if she simply disappeared until she was certain that it was safe to return. Patrick insisted that he and Emma leave with Robin, but Robin refused to uproot Emma and take her daughter away from Emma's support system including Anna and Elizabeth.

Patrick would not be swayed, prompting Robin to remind him of his baby with Sabrina. Patrick explained that he could travel back and forth to visit the baby, but Robin argued that it wouldn't be fair to the baby. Patrick made it clear that he would not allow the baby to dictate what happened to their family, so Robin quietly confessed that she no longer felt like she was a part of Patrick and Emma's family. According to Robin, something inside her had changed. Patrick didn't believe Robin because he was certain that Robin had been happy since Christmas.

Robin claimed that she had been faking it for Patrick and Emma's sake, but she could no longer continue the farce. Patrick suggested that Robin suffered from posttraumatic stress and urged her to consider therapy, but Robin rejected the idea and insisted that the only solution was for her to leave town. Patrick made it clear that he refused to let her walk away without a fight, so Robin pleaded with Patrick to trust her. Patrick countered by begging Robin to tell him what was really going on because nothing that she had said had made sense to him.

In Franco's hospital room, Carly sat at Franco's bedside and asked the doctor why Franco remained unconscious. The doctor reminded Carly that Franco had suffered life-threatening trauma as a result of the gunshot wound, but then conceded that it wasn't a good sign that Franco hadn't regained consciousness. After the doctor left the room, Carly explained to Franco that she had been waiting patiently for him to wake up, but she was sick of being nice, so she tearfully ordered him to return to her. Carly was filled with relief when Franco's eyes suddenly fluttered open.

Later, the doctor finished examining Franco and then ordered Franco to rest. Carly waited until she and Franco were alone to ask what Franco remembered. He admitted that he recalled being shot, so Carly revealed that Heather had pulled the trigger. Franco was relieved that he had found Carly, but he regretted that it had taken him so long to figure out what had happened. Franco revealed that at first he had been afraid that Carly had left him, but once he had realized that she had been abducted, he had prayed for someone to find her and return her home. Carly's eyes rounded with shock as she suddenly recalled that Luke had tried to rescue her.

Brad arrived at Felix's apartment and presented Felix with a bottle of red wine and a bottle of white wine. Felix thanked Brad and asked which bottle of wine Brad wanted to start with. Brad decided to start with a kiss instead. After the kiss, Brad surprised Felix with a gift. Felix was touched by the CD of Felix's favorite music but admitted that he felt guilty.

Brad assured Felix that it hadn't been necessary for Felix to get him anything for Valentine's Day, but Felix confessed that he had something to tell Brad. Felix revealed the truth about the paternity to determine if Dante was Ben's father and admitted why he and Elizabeth had lied to Brad because they had been afraid that Brad would change the results of the test to cover for Britt. Brad was curious if Felix had gotten the answer that he had been looking for, so Felix confirmed that the test had proved that Britt had borrowed Dante's "donation" to give herself a baby.

Felix was curious if Brad had known that Dante was Ben's father and if Britt had forced Brad to take the sample. Felix reminded Brad that Brad could not only lose his job but face legal charges because it had been both unethical and illegal to take Dante's sample. Brad confessed that had known that Dante was Ben's father, but then added that things were far more complicated than Felix realized.

At Wyndemere, Britt set Ben in the playpen and then confessed that she had to tell Nikolas something about Elizabeth. She explained that Elizabeth had stopped by to return Ben's brush and had claimed that it had been taken accidentally. Nikolas was satisfied and shifted gears to suggest that he and Britt focus on Valentine's Day because he intended to make it a night that Britt would never forget.

After Britt left to change clothes, Nikolas walked over to the playpen to show Ben the engagement ring. Nikolas confided that he intended to make an "honest woman" of Britt and to make Ben his son.

A short time later, Britt returned to the parlor, where Nikolas was waiting with a romantic candlelit dinner. Britt was impressed with the elegant table for two. Nikolas invited Britt to start with the first course as he sat down, so Britt lifted the silver dome from the plate. She was surprised when she saw a small velvet box on the plate.

At Nikolas' urging, Britt opened the jeweler's box. She was stunned by the diamond engagement ring. Britt's eyes filled with tears as Nikolas took the ring from her and then, on bended knee, proposed. Nikolas reminded Britt that they had weathered more storms than most couples in the short time that they had been together, and he assured her that he loved both her and Ben. Nikolas asked Britt to spend the rest of her life with him, but she told him that she couldn't marry him.

Nikolas was stunned because he had been certain that Britt loved him. Britt assured him that she did love him, but she explained that Elizabeth had taken Ben's brush to obtain a sample of Ben's hair for a paternity test. Nikolas was shocked when Britt quietly revealed that Dante was Ben's father. Nikolas wondered how Elizabeth could have possibly known, so Britt told him how Elizabeth had put all of the pieces together and then had run a paternity test behind everyone's back.

Nikolas demanded to know if Britt had known that Liesl had used his sister's husband's sperm to impregnate Britt. "Tell me you didn't know it was Dante's," Nikolas begged. Britt opted to lie by blaming her mother for everything and denying any knowledge of who Ben's father was. However, Britt insisted that Elizabeth hadn't believed her, so Elizabeth had gone to Dante and Lulu's to tell Dante and Lulu about Ben's paternity. Nikolas believed Britt and assured her that everything would be okay. He suggested that they go to Dante and Lulu's to explain what had really happened, but Britt feared that Dante and Lulu would try to take Ben away from her.

Nikolas assured Britt that Dante and Lulu would understand, but Britt reminded him that Dante and Lulu had fought Maxie for custody of Maxie's baby. Nikolas insisted that the circumstances had been different. He was certain that Dante and Lulu would realize that Liesl had deceived everyone, including Britt.

At the loft, Elizabeth apologized for stopping by unannounced, but Lulu assured Elizabeth that it was fine. Elizabeth confessed that she had something to tell Dante and Lulu about Britt, so Lulu revealed that she already knew about Nikolas' plans to propose to Britt. Shocked, Elizabeth sat down on the sofa. Lulu assumed that Elizabeth had hoped to enlist Dante and Lulu's help to persuade Nikolas not to marry Britt because Britt wasn't Elizabeth's favorite person. However, Lulu had already given Nikolas her blessing. .

Elizabeth clarified that she'd had no idea that Nikolas had intended to propose to Britt. Dante was curious why Elizabeth was there, but his phone rang before Elizabeth could answer. Dante spoke to someone on the phone for a few minutes and then announced that he had to leave because Carly had asked to see him on an urgent matter.

After Dante left, Lulu suggested that Elizabeth might have an easier time talking to Lulu without Dante present. Lulu suspected that Elizabeth was upset about Nikolas' relationship with Britt because Elizabeth was still in love with Nikolas. Elizabeth conceded that she cared about Nikolas, but insisted that she and Nikolas were just friends. However, Elizabeth was certain that Britt would end up destroying Nikolas.

Elizabeth confided that Britt had demeaned Sabrina and then reminded Lulu that Britt had also tried to railroad Patrick with Ben and had lied to Lulu about Maxie's pregnancy. Lulu insisted that Britt had been bound by doctor/patient confidentiality, but Elizabeth argued that it had merely been an excuse that Britt had used to keep Dante and Lulu in the dark about the baby. Elizabeth revealed that Britt was a nightmare to work with, but Lulu countered that becoming a mother had changed Britt and then opened up about how Britt had tried to help Dante and Lulu have a baby.

Lulu confided that Britt had been devastated to discover that Lulu's eggs were no longer viable and had urged Lulu to consider using an egg donor, but Lulu had rejected the idea because Lulu had been uncomfortable with the idea of her husband having a child with another woman. Lulu admitted that the child would be a constant reminder of what Lulu had failed to do. Lulu quickly added that Dante had been amazing and understanding about all of it. Lulu suddenly realized that she had been talking about herself.

Lulu apologized and invited Elizabeth to tell her what Elizabeth had wanted to talk to her about. Elizabeth changed her mind about revealing that Ben was Dante's son, so she assured Lulu that it wasn't important.

At the hospital, Carly explained to Dante that Luke had tried to rescue her but two of Heather's goons had intervened and had dragged Luke away. Carly admitted that she had no idea if Luke was alive. Dante thanked Carly for telling him and then left.

Later, Carly curled up next to Franco in bed. She felt terrible that she hadn't told the police about Luke sooner, but Franco insisted that it wasn't Carly's fault because she had been traumatized by everything that had happened. Franco started to blame himself for Heather's actions, but Carly refused to let him. She assured him that he was nothing like Heather and then kissed him.

At the loft, Dante arrived as Elizabeth prepared to leave. Dante explained that he needed to talk to Lulu and then revealed that Heather had had another victim. However, Dante didn't have an opportunity to elaborate because Nikolas and Britt arrived. Nikolas quickly explained that he wasn't sure what Elizabeth had told Dante and Lulu, but he urged his sister and brother-in-law to give Britt an opportunity to tell her side of things. "Britt's side of what?" Lulu asked.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

In the hotel suite, Ava lounged in bed as she watched Morgan get dressed. She admitted that she was happy that they'd had the chance to spend Valentine's Day together. Morgan agreed, but he wondered how much longer they would have to settle for stolen moments. Ava assured Morgan that their wait would be over soon because she was confident that the information that she had given to Sonny would check out.

At the hospital, Lucas typed a text message to Brad, hoping that Brad had had a happy Valentine's Day. Lucas confessed that he wished that he could have spent the evening with Brad but then quickly erased the last part of the text message and suggested that Brad call Lucas sometime, so they could hang out. After Lucas sent the message, Morgan walked up and greeted his uncle. Lucas revealed that Carly was asleep in Franco's hospital room.

Lucas confessed that he had difficulty wrapping his mind around his sister dating a serial killer, prompting Morgan to remind Lucas that Franco had supposedly been reformed because a brain tumor had driven Franco to kill and terrorize people. However, Morgan conceded that accepting his mother's relationship with Franco wasn't any "weirder" than Morgan asking Carly to respect Morgan's relationship with Ava. Lucas seized the opportunity to ask what Morgan's impressions were of Julian. Morgan wondered if Lucas had met Julian, so Lucas told Morgan about Julian's reaction to learning that Lucas was gay. Morgan wasn't surprised and accused Julian of being a "real ass."

Lucas assured Morgan that Julian had apologized and had expressed a desire to have a relationship with Lucas, but Morgan warned Lucas that Julian was bad news. Lucas pointed out that the same could be said for Morgan's father. Morgan agreed but insisted that Julian had crossed a line that Sonny would never cross. Morgan explained that Julian had threatened to kill Carly and Michael when Morgan had decided to break away from Julian's organization. Surprised, Lucas admitted that Morgan had given Lucas a lot to think about.

Lucas then shifted gears to tell his nephew that he was sorry that Morgan hadn't been able to spend Valentine's Day with Ava. Morgan thought about his clandestine meeting with Ava but kept quiet and turned the focus onto Lucas' love life by asking if there was anyone special in Lucas' life. Morgan smiled knowingly because Carly had mentioned that Lucas had a reputation as a Don Juan. Lucas conceded that he was interested in someone, but the guy was into someone else.

At Corinthos Coffee, Sonny asked Shawn if Ava's information had checked out. Shawn confirmed that the addresses of the safe houses had been legitimate. Sonny was pleased, so he scanned through Julian's other files. Sonny realized that Ava had told the truth about Julian tracking Corinthos Coffee's finances for months, but he tensed when he suddenly saw a file about Jason. Shawn wasn't surprised because Jason was the father of Julian's grandson, but Sonny pointed out that the file dated back before Julian had known about Danny.

Sonny was curious why Julian had been keeping tabs on Sonny's people, but the question was quickly forgotten when Sonny suddenly discovered another file. Sonny demanded to see Ava right away.

At Ava's apartment, Julian poured himself a drink as he thought about his talk with Lucas. Moments later, Ava returned home. Julian greeted his sister and then asked where she had been. Ava was evasive, so Julian kept pushing for an answer until she told him that she had been with Kiki. Julian revealed that he had seen Kiki earlier and that Kiki had indicated that Kiki and Ava were still on the outs. Ava assured her brother that it was a work in progress, but it was clear that Julian didn't believe her lie.

Ava was curious what was troubling Julian, so he confronted Ava about what Alexis had told him. Ava denied that she had touched Julian's laptop and accused Alexis of lying. Ava reminded Julian that Alexis worked for Sonny and even had a child with their enemy, so she suggested that Alexis had tried to sew the seeds of discontent between Ava and Julian. Julian conceded that it was possible, but he trusted Alexis and suspected that Ava had tried to double-cross him.

Ava was offended by the accusation, but Julian reminded her that she had recently threatened him with a gun because of Morgan. Ava tried to downplay the incident, but Julian made it clear that he wouldn't hesitate to take Ava out if she pushed him against the wall. Ava doubted that Julian would kill his own sister, but Julian pointed out that he had done it before when their sister Olivia had crossed him. Ava's smile faded as she warned Julian that he didn't know who he was dealing with.

Ava pointed out that Sonny might not kill Julian because of Danny, but Ava wouldn't have any qualms. "That little brat you call a grandson means nothing to me," Ava growled. Moments later, Ava's cell phone beeped, so she checked her text messages and then announced that she had to leave. "Let me guess, Kiki again?" Julian snidely asked. Ava ignored the question and left.

A short time later, Ava entered Sonny's office, confident that Sonny had confirmed that the information that she had downloaded from Julian's laptop had checked out. Sonny was curious who Ava answered to. Ava explained that she hadn't answered to anyone because she and Julian had been equal partners. Sonny explained that a moneyman had financed Julian's media company, but Ava insisted that Sonny was wrong and explained that Julian had built the company from the ground up and had used Ava's art gallery to launder money.

Sonny showed Ava one of Julian's spreadsheets. Ava's smile vanished as she realized that Sonny had told the truth. Sonny smiled with satisfaction because it was clear that Julian had kept secrets from Ava. Sonny revealed that someone had been bankrolling the Jerome organization for years.

In the apartment, Julian was working on his laptop when he received a video call from someone. Julian accepted the call. "Well, well, well, speak of the devil," Julian said by way of greeting.

At Felix's apartment, Brad explained that the situation with Britt's pregnancy had been far more complicated than Felix realized. Felix thought that it was bad enough that Britt had stolen Dante's sperm from the lab to impregnate herself and that Brad knew it, so Felix couldn't imagine what else there could be. Brad recalled warning Britt that Dante and Lulu knew about the missing frozen embryos, so it would only be a matter of time before the Falconeris realized that Britt had their son.

Felix realized from the expression on Brad's face that there was indeed more to the story and that it wasn't good. Brad prepared to tell Felix everything, but Brad needed a drink first. Felix took Brad's wine glass and then refilled it. However, Felix tensed when he noticed Brad's phone on the table and saw the text message that Lucas had sent.

Felix handed Brad the glass of wine and then asked who Lucas was. Brad was startled by the unexpected question, but quickly recovered and stammered that Lucas was just a friend. Brad lied by claiming that Lucas wasn't gay, so Felix held up Brad's phone and asked why Brad had a picture of Lucas naked in Brad's bed. Felix recognized Lucas as the man that Brad had been talking to in the examination room a few weeks earlier.

Felix assured Brad that he wasn't mad because Felix and Brad hadn't made any promises, but Felix thought that Brad owed it to himself to be honest. Felix was curious if Brad and Lucas had slept together. Brad quietly admitted that he had been intimate with Lucas and then opened up about how he and Lucas had met at the Floating Rib. Felix wondered if it had just been one night. "Not exactly," Brad quietly confessed.

However, Brad assured Felix that he had made it clear to Lucas that it he wasn't interested because Brad wanted Felix. Felix was hurt and admitted that that he had planned for Brad to spend the night, but Felix realized that it was no longer a good idea. Disappointed, Brad apologized, but Felix walked Brad to the door and admitted that he and Brad were looking for different things. Felix suggested that perhaps Brad and Lucas were on the same page and then closed the door.

At the loft, Nikolas asked Dante and Lulu to give Britt an opportunity to tell Britt's side of things, but Lulu had no idea what Nikolas was talking about. Elizabeth tried to explain that she hadn't told Dante and Lulu about Ben, but Nikolas cut Elizabeth off and revealed that Britt hadn't known that Dante was Ben's father. Dante and Lulu were shocked and at a loss for words, so Elizabeth quietly confessed to Nikolas that she hadn't told Dante and Lulu about Ben.

Lulu demanded to know what Nikolas was talking about. Britt confessed that Dante was Ben's father. Dante tried to make sense of what Britt had told them, but Britt seemed unable to explain what had happened. Elizabeth realized that Britt wouldn't give Dante and Lulu a straight answer, so Elizabeth revealed that Britt had stolen Dante's sperm from the lab and had used it to father Britt's child. Stunned, Dante asked Britt if it was true.

Nikolas tried to clarify what had happened, but Britt realized that Dante needed to hear it from her. Britt explained that she had been in a bad place and deeply hurt when Patrick had broken things off with her, so she had decided to get pregnant. However, Britt carefully put all of the blame on her mother by claiming that Liesl had taken care of the insemination.

"Dante, you're a father," Lulu quietly said as Dante tried to take it all in. Dante wondered why he should believe Britt, so Elizabeth told Dante about the paternity test and what had led to it. Britt grumbled that Elizabeth had gone behind everyone's back to run the paternity test and then accused Elizabeth of being "Saint Elizabeth." Elizabeth warned Britt not to go there, but Lulu wanted to know why Elizabeth hadn't shared her suspicions with Dante and Lulu. Elizabeth admitted that she hadn't wanted to say anything until she was certain that Dante was Ben's father.

Britt insisted that it had been her understanding that Liesl had used an anonymous donor's sperm sample, but Elizabeth was certain that Britt was lying. Britt insisted that she could have never kept something like that from Dante because she knew how badly he had wanted a child. Dante reached for Lulu's hand and demanded to know where his son was because Dante wanted to see Ben. Nikolas suggested that Dante wait until morning because it was late and Ben was asleep. Britt agreed and promised to call Dante in the morning to make arrangements for Dante to visit with Ben.

Moments later, Nikolas and Britt left. Elizabeth assured Dante and Lulu that she had never intended to hurt them, but Dante and Lulu lashed out at her because they realized that Elizabeth would have left without telling them about Ben. Elizabeth explained that she had decided to wait for a better time because Lulu had opened up to Elizabeth about why Lulu had rejected the idea of using an egg donor. Elizabeth handed Dante the results of the paternity test and then left.

Dante wondered if Lulu was upset about Ben. Lulu assured Dante that she was fine and reminded Dante that it was what he had wanted. She insisted that his son would be a part of both of their lives and then hugged her husband, but her smile faded, and her expression clouded with concern.

In the hallway, Britt apologized to Nikolas for ruining his Valentine's Day surprise. She imagined that he was relieved that she hadn't accepted his proposal, but Nikolas assured Britt that he believed that she hadn't known that Dante was Ben's father. Nikolas insisted that he loved Britt and then pulled the engagement ring out of his jacket pocket and got down on bended knee.

Elizabeth stopped short as she rounded the corner and saw Nikolas propose to Britt and Britt tearfully accept.

At the Drake residence, Patrick demanded to know what was really going on because Robin kept jumping from one excuse to another to explain why she intended to abandon her family. Patrick insisted that none of it had made sense and suggested that Robin suffered from posttraumatic stress. Robin assured him that she didn't have PTSD, so Patrick begged her to tell him the real reason that she was determined to leave town. "I'm doing this because of Jason," Robin confessed.

Robin explained that she couldn't tell Patrick anything else, but he wasn't satisfied. He wanted to know what Jason's death had to do with Robin leaving town, so she revealed that Jason wasn't dead. Robin tearfully apologized for lying to Patrick and then told him about Victor's request and the opportunity to return Jason to Sam and Danny. However, she conceded that she would have to leave Patrick and Emma behind to do it. Patrick was outraged that Robin would go along with Victor's plans even though Victor couldn't be trusted.

Robin revealed that Victor had provided her with proof that Jason was alive but lingered in a cryogenic stasis. She insisted that she didn't have a choice except to leave town if she wanted to save Jason, but Patrick disagreed and pointed out that Robin could stay with her family instead of running off on an adventure. Robin argued that it wasn't an adventure because her friend's life was hanging in the balance.

Patrick was furious that Robin had intended to abandon her family without an explanation and put their daughter through that kind of heartbreak again. "What about Jason's child?" Robin asked. Patrick confessed that he didn't care if Danny grew up without Jason. He only cared about their daughter who had spent two years grieving for Robin. Patrick was curious if Robin intended to tell Emma that Jason's son was more important than Emma.

Robin insisted that Patrick was being unfair and begged Patrick to try to understand what Jason meant to her. Patrick assured Robin that he understood that Jason was the most important person in the world to Robin even though Jason had been a gangster. Robin reminded Patrick that she wouldn't have met Patrick or had a child with him if it hadn't been for Jason because Jason had saved her life. Patrick argued that the medications had saved Robin's life, but Robin argued that Jason had been the one to convince her to take forty pills a day when there hadn't been any guarantee that the drug cocktail would work.

Patrick assured Robin that he was grateful that Jason had been there for Robin when Robin had discovered that she was HIV positive, but Patrick insisted that there were limits to what Robin was expected to do to repay Jason. Robin reminded Patrick that Jason would die if she didn't help, but Patrick was unmoved. Patrick accused Robin of putting Jason before her own family and then reminded her that it hadn't been the first time. Patrick pointed out that it had been two years to the day that Robin had decided to sacrifice her life to save Jason by entering the lab to obtain a cure for Jason. He was curious how long Robin intended to be gone this time.

Robin reminded Patrick that she had been a prisoner and that she had hoped and prayed that someone would find her, knowing that no one would. Patrick argued that they had believed that she had died in the lab explosion. Robin pointed out that everyone believed that Jason was dead, too, so Jason was in the same situation that she had been in except Jason was immobilized. Robin explained that she couldn't live with herself if she left Jason to a fate like that. Patrick argued that she would be leaving him and Emma behind.

Robin countered that she needed to save Jason for Sam, Danny, and because Jason deserved to live. Patrick disagreed, but Robin insisted that Jason would do the same for her. She added that Jason had never let her down. "And I have," Patrick replied. Robin assured Patrick that she loved him and Emma, so Patrick ordered her to say no to Victor. Robin watched helplessly as Patrick stormed out of the house.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

In the hospital's elevator, Kevin promised Lucy that she could count on him to participate in the 2014 Nurses Ball. He also assured her that he would be with her every step of the way. However, Lucy's smile faltered when Kevin added that she wouldn't have to enlist Scott's help.

Moments later, the elevator door opened, and Kevin saw Franco, seated in a wheelchair, glaring at Kevin. "Well, well, well, if it isn't Dr. Turncoat," Franco said as Kevin approached. Kevin apologized to Franco and suggested that they find a private place to talk things out, but Franco wasn't interested. Lucy tactfully excused herself, so Kevin seized control of Franco's wheelchair and then steered Franco into a nearby examination room.

Kevin ignored Franco's protests and once again apologized for alerting the police, but Franco wasn't appeased. Franco pointed out that Carly could have died if Franco hadn't managed to elude the authorities. Kevin explained that he had been bound by law to report Franco's whereabouts, but Kevin had been careful not to tell the police all of Franco's secrets, including what Franco had done to Heather. Franco reminded Kevin that it was a moot issue because Heather hadn't died.

Kevin assured Franco that Heather wouldn't escape again because the revolving door in and out of Miscavige had finally been closed. "Scotty Baldwin," Franco suddenly blurted out as an expression of panic crossed his features.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Patrick listened to a voicemail message from Robin and then put his phone away as Lucy approached and greeted him. She was eager to meet with the 2014 Nurses Ball planning committee, but she suggested that she and Patrick show a united front to keep those holding the purse strings from cutting their budget. However, she had good news because the people from AMFAR had reached out to her and had promised to help ensure that the upcoming Nurses Ball was the best one ever.

Lucy was curious when Robin would be joining them, so Patrick revealed that Robin wouldn't be around for the Nurses Ball. Lucy feared that Robin had become sick but Patrick quickly assured Lucy that Robin was healthy. Confused, Lucy wondered what would prevent Robin from participating in the Nurses Ball. Patrick suggested that Lucy talk to Robin. Lucy realized from Patrick's tone that there was trouble between Patrick and Robin and assumed that it had something to do with Sabrina's pregnancy.

Lucy urged Patrick not to let things get "awkward" between Patrick and Robin. She confided that she and Kevin had had their fair share of rough patches but they had always loved each other deep down inside and hadn't allowed their problems to consume them. Lucy began to cryptically ramble about her problems with Kevin and made some veiled references to her affair with Scott, prompting Patrick to ask who she was talking about. "No one," Lucy quickly replied and then assured Patrick that if he and Robin worked through their problems, they could emerge on the other side, stronger. Patrick hoped that Lucy was right.

In the examination room, Franco revealed that Scott had been headed to Miscavige to check on Heather the last time that Franco had seen his father a few days earlier. Lucy entered the room in time to hear what Franco had said and became alarmed when she realized that Scott was missing. Kevin was curious if Lucy had heard from Scott, but Lucy denied that she had and then announced that she had to meet with the planning committee.

After Lucy dashed out of the room, Franco suggested that Lucy reexamine her priorities. Kevin ignored the remark as he conceded that Franco had had a right to feel as if Kevin had betrayed Franco's trust, but Kevin implored Franco to continue the therapy sessions. Franco advised Kevin to focus on himself and take a close look at Lucy because Kevin's wife had more than a casual interest in Scott.

In the police station's interrogation room, Heather made it clear that she had said all that she intended to say about Franco and "Snarly." Anna explained that she wanted to discuss Luke's whereabouts, but Heather denied that she knew where Luke was. Anna warned Heather that Carly's story about Luke's rescue attempt had checked out, but Heather insisted that Carly had lied. Anna decided to switch tactics when it became clear that Heather wouldn't cooperate.

Heather's eyes narrowed as Anna fetched a plastic bag and set it on the table. Anna casually explained that she had picked up breakfast from Kelly's and then fished a Styrofoam container out of the bag. Heather perked up when she realized that it was a BLT from Kelly's. Anna waxed poetic about Kelly's BLTs until Heather asked if Anna had a BLT for Heather.

Anna admitted that she only had the one BLT but offered to give Heather the sandwich if Heather revealed where Luke was. Heather refused. Anna shrugged and then took a bite of the sandwich. Heather tensed as Anna moaned with delight and proceeded to talk about how wonderful the BLT tasted. Heather's resolve quickly crumbled, so she agreed to tell Anna everything in exchange for the BLT.

At the Drake residence, Robin left Patrick a voicemail message imploring him to return her call because she was worried about him and needed to know that he was okay. After the call, Robin picked up her keys and prepared to track her husband down, but she opened the door and saw Elizabeth standing on the porch. Elizabeth offered to return at a more convenient time, but Robin invited her friend inside and asked what was going on. Elizabeth revealed that Nikolas had proposed to Britt.

Elizabeth told Robin about the discovery that Dante was Ben's father and Britt's claim that Britt hadn't known the truth about Ben's paternity because Liesl had handled everything. Elizabeth admitted that she didn't believe Britt and worried that Nikolas would get hurt because Nikolas refused to see what a terrible person Britt was. Robin wondered if Elizabeth objected to Nikolas marrying Britt because Elizabeth was still in love with Nikolas.

Elizabeth was curious why Robin would ask that, so Robin reminded her friend that Nikolas and Elizabeth had sacrificed a lot to be together a few years earlier. Elizabeth pointed out that their affair had been disastrous. Robin agreed but added that it wasn't too late for a second chance if that was what Elizabeth wanted. Elizabeth admitted that she did love Nikolas.

Elizabeth revealed that she had realized that she was in love with Nikolas when he had returned to town and had tried to rekindle their romance. However, she had pushed him away because she had been afraid that she and Nikolas would repeat their past mistakes. Elizabeth also pointed out that she had been involved with A.J., in part because she had identified with A.J.'s need for redemption. Elizabeth explained that Nikolas had moved on with Britt by the time that Elizabeth had walked away from A.J., so Elizabeth had missed her chance just like she had with Jason.

Robin tensed at the mention of Jason's name, but Elizabeth didn't notice. Elizabeth confided that she had hoped to expose Britt's lie in the hopes that Nikolas would realize his mistake and pick Elizabeth. Elizabeth accepted that it wouldn't happen, so she was prepared to lie in the bed that she had made. "Alone," Elizabeth added. Robin was curious if Elizabeth had considered that it might not too late.

Elizabeth pointed out that her attempt to play detective with Ben's DNA had ruined any chance that she might have had with Nikolas. Robin disagreed and confessed that Nikolas would want to know how Elizabeth felt. Robin urged her friend to go to Nikolas and talk to him.

Shortly after Elizabeth left, Patrick returned home and told Robin that they needed to talk. Patrick thought that they should tell Anna about Victor's offer.

At Corinthos Coffee, Sonny spoke to Shawn on the phone. Sonny ordered Shawn to continue digging because Sonny wanted to know who was bankrolling Julian. Sonny ended the call when he saw Dante exit the elevator. Dante greeted his father and then told Sonny about Ben. Stunned, Sonny was curious how Lulu had taken the news, so Dante admitted that she had reacted surprisingly well, but Dante remained concerned about Lulu.

Sonny asked about the mother of Dante's son. Dante quickly filled Sonny in about the circumstances of Ben's conception and then confessed that he regretted that he had missed a lot of Ben's life already. Sonny pointed out that things could have been worse and then reminded Dante of their own turbulent beginning. Dante conceded that Sonny was right. Sonny assured Dante that there would be plenty of time to make new memories because Ben was still a baby.

"My baby, not Lulu's," Dante quietly added. Dante felt bad for Lulu and opened up to Sonny about Lulu's struggles to accept that they wouldn't have a child of their own. Sonny insisted that Dante's son was a gift and that Lulu would realize that Ben was a blessing. Dante argued that Ben would be a reminder of everything that Lulu had lost, but Sonny advised Dante to give Lulu more credit. Dante admitted that he wished that Lulu, not Britt, was Ben's mother.

Sonny switched gears to ask if Dante had seen Ben. Dante explained that Nikolas and Britt had suggested that Dante wait until later that day. Sonny worried that Nikolas and Britt would try to keep Dante away from Ben, but Dante assured his father that it had simply been a matter of timing. Dante thanked Sonny for listening. Sonny promised Dante that Lulu would fall in love with Ben, regardless of biology, because it had happened for Sonny with Michael.

At Wyndemere, Britt admired her engagement ring as she snuggled in bed next to Nikolas. She couldn't believe that they were actually engaged, but Nikolas assured her that the engagement was real and that she would soon be Mrs. Nikolas Cassadine. Britt smiled as Nikolas leaned forward and kissed her. Britt confessed that she was the happiest woman alive. Nikolas warned Britt that they would still have to contend with her mother, but Britt wanted to wait.

Nikolas agreed, but he sensed that something else was troubling Britt. She confessed that she was concerned about Dante wanting to see Ben right away. Nikolas admitted that he couldn't blame Dante because Nikolas had felt the same way when Nikolas had found out about Spencer. Britt worried that Dante would want to have a big role in Ben's life.

Moments later, Spencer burst into the bedroom, eager to know if Britt had accepted Nikolas' proposal. Nikolas scolded Spencer for not knocking and then asked why Spencer wasn't in school. Spencer explained that he wanted to know about the proposal. Britt held out her hand as she assured Spencer that she had agreed to marry Nikolas. Spencer was delighted and suggested that they pick a date because it wasn't too late to book a venue for an early summer wedding.

Nikolas made it clear that Spencer had to go to school. Spencer reluctantly agreed but then cheered up because he realized that his classmates would be jealous when they learned that Spencer would have a "scorching" hot stepmother. Spencer admitted that it would be cool to have a stepmother because Spencer had never known what it was like to have a mother.

After Spencer left, Nikolas assured Britt that it wasn't too late for her to back out of marrying him. Britt insisted that Spencer was adorable, so she would be happy to raise Spencer with Nikolas. However, Britt remained concerned about Dante because Dante and Lulu had tried to take full custody of Maxie's baby. Nikolas argued that the situations were different because Maxie had lied about the baby's parentage. Nikolas suggested that Britt deal with the situation head-on by taking Ben to visit Dante and Lulu and then broach the subject of shared custody.

At the loft, Lulu had an unsettling dream of Dante playing with Ben as Britt watched with approval. Lulu suddenly woke up and realized that she was alone.

A short time later, Tracy stopped by to enlist Lulu's help to pressure Anna to find Luke. Tracy was furious that Anna had dragged her feet on the search for Luke because it might have given Heather ample opportunity to harm him. Tracy became emotional as she confessed that she had no idea what she would do without Luke, so she asked Lulu to accompany her to the police station to put a fire under Anna and Dante.

Lulu revealed that Dante had paid his father a visit, but Tracy insisted that Sonny's latest crime spree could wait because Luke's life was at stake. Lulu explained why Dante had gone to see Sonny and then confided that she feared that she wouldn't be able to accept Ben as part of the family. Tracy recovered from her shock and smiled because she had spent a lifetime watching her parents, Edward and Lila, embrace a cavalcade of orphans and interlopers and treat them like family. Tracy hadn't understood it until she had met Lulu.

According to Tracy, Lulu had expanded Tracy's concept of family because Tracy's love for Lulu had made Tracy realize that family wasn't an accident of blood; it was who one chose to love. Tracy promised that if she could figure that out then so could Lulu. Lulu assured Tracy that she was happy for Dante. Lulu also appreciated that Ben could be good for both Dante and Lulu.

Tracy warned Lulu that it would be an adjustment because motherhood was difficult. However, Tracy had faith in Lulu because Lulu was a Spencer and more than capable of walking a tightrope. Lulu hugged Tracy and thanked her. Lulu conceded that she already felt a connection to Ben because of Nikolas' love for the baby.

Shortly after Tracy left, Dante returned home. Lulu told him about Tracy's visit and then surprised Dante by suggesting that they go to Wyndemere so Dante could be properly introduced to his son. Dante was touched by the offer, but he argued that it could wait until they found Luke. Lulu smiled with gratitude.

Dante and Lulu opened the door, intending to leave, but stopped short when they saw Britt standing in the hallway with Ben.

At the police station, Anna was about to make a phone call when Tracy marched into the squad room, demanding answers about the search for Luke. Anna revealed that Heather had confessed, so Anna knew where Luke was. Moments later, Lucy arrived and reported that Scott had been missing since he had gone to Miscavige to check on Heather days earlier. Anna was stunned because Heather had Luke hidden at Miscavige.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas returned to the bedroom after a shower. He was startled when he saw Elizabeth waiting for him.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

At the Drake residence, Patrick suggested that he and Robin tell Anna about Victor's proposal, but Robin refused to involve her mother. Patrick told Robin about his talk with Lucy when Lucy had made him realize that he and Robin had been through too much together to give up without a fight. Robin assured Patrick that nothing would happen to her because she would be working in a lab, but Patrick wasn't satisfied because he had no idea how long Robin would be gone or where she would be going.

Robin appreciated Patrick's concern, but she explained that she couldn't risk Jason's life by involving Anna because Anna would start an investigation, which would tip Victor off. Patrick explained that Victor needed Robin, so it was unlikely that Victor would hurt Jason. Robin refused to go up against Victor and warned Patrick that it was entirely possible that she had made a mistake by confiding to Patrick because Victor might be listening in. Patrick stubbornly insisted that they turn to Anna for help and grabbed Robin's hand.

Patrick and Robin started to leave, but stopped short when they encountered Victor on the front porch. Victor smiled pleasantly and then entered the house as he introduced himself to Patrick. Patrick glared at Victor and cut to the chase by making it clear that Robin would not help Victor. "Oh, dear, you told your husband," Victor said to Robin. Robin wasn't fooled; she was certain that Victor had already known.

Victor was disappointed that Robin didn't understand the rules of espionage, but Robin countered that the rule was that there were no rules. Victor nodded and then confirmed that he'd had Robin under surveillance, so he knew about Patrick's plan to talk to Anna. Robin demanded to know what Victor intended to do, since she had violated the terms of their agreement. Victor assured Patrick and Robin that they were free to tell Anna, but Jason would be "toast." Patrick resented Victor threatening Robin by trying to make her choose between her family and her friend.

Victor explained that Robin had a unique set of skills that only one in a million doctors possessed, so Victor's options were limited, and he was unable to guarantee Jason's well-being without Robin's help. Furious, Patrick ordered Victor to leave. Victor complied but warned Robin that the plane would leave the following day. Victor hoped that Robin would be on it.

After Victor left, Robin confessed that she felt as if she had made a deal with the devil. Patrick insisted that Robin didn't have to go, but Robin disagreed and explained that Jason would do everything possible to save her if their roles had been reversed. Robin assured Patrick that she loved him and Emma, but she intended to be on Victor's plane when it departed because she couldn't allow Jason to die.

At the nurses' station, Epiphany and Sabrina were surprised that Lucy had missed the planning meeting for the upcoming Nurses Ball, but they agreed that Lucy had likely had a good reason for skipping it. Epiphany was surprised when Sabrina confided that Sabrina likely would not participate in the event because it might be awkward with Robin back. Epiphany was disappointed because Sabrina had resurrected the Nurses Ball, but she conceded that there might be some tension because Sabrina was pregnant with Patrick's baby.

Sabrina was curious how Epiphany had known who the father of her baby was, so Epiphany reminded Sabrina that Felix was not known for his discretion. Sabrina quickly explained that she hadn't expected Patrick to take an active role in the baby's life because of the circumstances, but Patrick had made it clear that he intended to be there for both Sabrina and the baby. Epiphany wasn't surprised because Patrick was an honorable man. Sabrina agreed and then wondered where Patrick was because he had expressed an interest in joining Sabrina for her appointment with the obstetrician.

Later, Sabrina left Patrick a voicemail message to remind him of her appointment. After Sabrina ended the call, Epiphany reminded Sabrina that Patrick was a busy man, so she offered to take Patrick's place if Sabrina needed moral support. Sabrina thanked Epiphany, but she didn't want Epiphany to get in trouble with Liesl Obrecht. Epiphany made it clear that "Frau Doctor" did not intimidate her and that Obrecht would have to earn Epiphany's respect.

At Miscavige, Anna approached the front desk as two police officers trailed behind her. She handed an orderly a search warrant and explained that she was there to search the institute. Heather's henchman demanded to know who Anna was, so she showed the orderly her badge and then pictures of Scott and Luke as she explained that she was looking for both men. The orderly denied that he had seen either man, which immediately aroused Anna's suspicions. She accused the orderly of being one of Heather's minions and revealed that Heather had confessed to hiding Luke at the institute.

Anna advised the orderly to cooperate because he could face a slew of criminal charges including kidnapping and false imprisonment. The orderly reluctantly led Anna and the police officers to a padded room and unlocked the door. Anna became alarmed when she saw Scott and Luke huddled in a corner, unconscious and restrained in straitjackets. Anna and one of the police officers immediately went to Scott and Luke's aid and tried to rouse them. Scott woke up, but Luke was slower to regain consciousness and seemed confused and disoriented.

At the police station, Tracy and Lucy waited for news about Luke and Scott. Tracy was frustrated because Anna hadn't taken Tracy's concerns seriously when Tracy had initially reported that Luke was missing. Anna had suggested that Luke had gone on one of his walkabouts, when in reality, Luke had been imprisoned at Miscavige. Lucy was equally concerned about Scott and felt responsible for him going to Miscavige because she had "guilted" Scott into helping Franco. Lucy was distraught at the idea that Scott had been suffering while she had been unaware of his disappearance.

Tracy was curious why Lucy was so upset about Scott. Lucy reminded Tracy that Scott was Lucy's ex-husband and that Scott and Lucy shared a child. However, Lucy conceded that she had carried Serena for both Scott and Dominique. Lucy began to ramble about her decision to be Dominique and Scott's surrogate, but Tracy cut her off because Tracy had no desire to hear a recap of Scott and Lucy's sordid relationship and then pointed out that Serena had inherited a substantial fortune from her biological mother, Dominique, so Tracy was certain that Lucy had been well compensated.

Lucy denied that she had been paid, so Tracy conceded that it didn't matter because it was ancient history. Tracy wondered why Lucy had even mentioned it. Lucy reminded Tracy that Tracy had questioned why Lucy had been worried about Scott. Tracy suspected that there was more to Lucy's concern for Scott, but Lucy vehemently denied it. Tracy smiled knowingly because she realized that she had struck a nerve and accused Lucy of protesting too much.

Lucy insisted that she and Scott were just friends, but Tracy laughed because Scott and Lucy were not known for their moral integrity. Tracy was certain that Scott and Lucy were still the "lying cheats" that they had always been, but Lucy made it clear that she was happily married to Kevin. Moments later, Lucy received a call from Anna to let Lucy know that Scott and Luke had been found and transported to the hospital. Lucy promised to meet Anna at the hospital and then quickly filled Tracy in. Tracy and Lucy left the squad room, bickering about which of them would drive.

At the loft, Britt explained that she had stopped by to give Dante an opportunity to meet Ben. Dante assured Britt that he wanted to spend time with his son, but Lulu's father was missing, so he and Lulu had been about to head out and join the search. Lulu insisted that Dante spend time with his son and pointed out that Tracy would call them if there was news. Dante smiled with gratitude and invited Britt and Ben into the loft.

Later, Dante held his son as Lulu and Britt looked on. However, Britt received a page from the hospital and announced that she had to leave to cover for a colleague. Dante offered to keep Ben so Britt wouldn't have to drop the baby off at the hospital's daycare. He assured Britt that it wouldn't be a bother because Ben and Lulu were already "buddies," and Ben was his son. Lulu assured Britt that they would be happy to spend time with the baby.

Britt agreed and explained that there were extra clothes and formula in the bag. Britt then said goodbye to Ben and left. Dante played with Ben and admitted that he couldn't believe that he had a son. A short time later, Dante fed Ben and was impressed with the baby's healthy appetite. Lulu suddenly realized that Olivia would be thrilled about having a grandson and then noticed that Ben had Dante's chin. Dante heard the emotion in Lulu's voice, so he asked if she was okay. Lulu smiled and assured him that she was happy for him.

Later, Lulu received a call from Tracy. Lulu promised to join Tracy at the hospital and then ended the call. Dante offered to go with Lulu, but she insisted that he stay and get to know his son. After Lulu left, Dante confessed to Ben that he was happy that Ben was in his life. However, Dante wished that Lulu was Ben's mother.

At the hospital, Epiphany pushed Scott's wheelchair, while Anna was in charge of Luke's wheelchair. Luke had a closed expression and remained silent, whereas Scott grumbled and complained about being in the hospital. Epiphany accused Scott of being a big baby and suggested that Scott thank Anna for rescuing him. Scott grudgingly complied. "You're welcome," Anna replied in a similar tone and then instructed Epiphany to make certain that Scott and Luke were thoroughly checked out.

Moments later, Lucy arrived and ran to Scott to hug him. Tracy followed behind and scolded Luke for allowing himself to be kidnapped by Heather. Tracy lectured Luke as Anna repeatedly tried to interrupt, but Tracy ignored Anna and then demanded to know what Luke had to say for himself. "Hello, Tracy," Luke replied in a monotone voice. Alarmed, Tracy asked Anna what was wrong with Luke.

Anna explained that Luke had been drugged for weeks in a mental institution, so he was not himself. Tracy hugged Luke and demanded that Epiphany get a doctor to examine Luke right away. Moments later, Lulu arrived. Tracy quickly updated Lulu about Luke's condition and then went to the nurses' station to check on the doctor. Lulu apologized to her father for not realizing that something had been wrong.

Lulu wondered what kind of drugs Luke had been given, but he told her that it wasn't anything for her to worry about. Lulu was concerned, so she asked if Luke would be okay while she checked to find out what was keeping the doctor. "Lesley, I'm the same as I ever was," Luke replied. Lulu frowned at her father's use off her first name but quickly brushed it off and went to the nurses' station.

Nearby, Lucy was relieved when Scott confessed that he wanted a drink because she realized that he would be fine. Scott was surprised when Lucy admitted that his disappearance had scared her. She vowed to stop avoiding him because she had realized that she wouldn't know what to do if anything had happened to him. Scott and Lucy were unaware that Tracy stood at the nurses' station and watched them as Lucy hugged Scott tightly.

Elsewhere, Sabrina entered an examination room and announced to Dr. Chu that it would just be the two of them. Sabrina was startled when she realized that she had been talking to Britt. Britt explained that Dr. Chu had been called away on an emergency, so Sabrina was stuck with Britt.

Sabrina changed into a hospital gown and then approached the examination table. Sabrina conceded that it was awkward, but she realized that if she could deliver Britt's son then Britt could scan Sabrina's baby. Sabrina climbed up onto the examination table. Britt admitted that it seemed surreal that Sabrina was pregnant with Patrick's baby. Sabrina assured Britt that she didn't intend to use the baby to win Patrick back because it wasn't her style.

Britt conceded that she had deserved that. Britt explained she had seen the connection between Patrick and Sabrina and had thought that she could have the same thing if she manipulated the situation. However, Britt appreciated that it had been wrong of her to do, so she apologized to Sabrina. Sabrina saw the sincerity in Britt's expression and accepted the apology. Britt thanked Sabrina and then started the sonogram.

Moments later, Britt assured Sabrina that the baby was healthy and offered to tell Sabrina if it was a boy or a girl. Sabrina wanted to know the sex of her baby, but she decided to wait until Patrick could be there. Sabrina confessed that she had heard that mothers had a sense of their child's gender, so she was curious if Britt had known that Ben was a boy. Britt admitted that she didn't recall, but she loved Ben. Britt gushed about how Ben had changed her and how she would never want anything to get between her and her son.

Later, Britt offered to schedule Sabrina's next appointment. Sabrina was surprised when she noticed Britt's engagement ring, so Britt happily confirmed that she and Nikolas were engaged. Sabrina acknowledged that her own happily ever after hadn't worked out, but she hoped that Britt's did. Britt thanked Sabrina.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was surprised when he entered his bedroom, wearing a towel, and saw Elizabeth waiting for him. Elizabeth apologized and explained that Victor had sent her up. Nikolas closed the bedroom door as Elizabeth once again apologized. Nikolas assured her that it wasn't her fault because most Cassadines had an overdeveloped sense of entitlement, and Victor was under the impression that Victor ruled the world. Nikolas reminded Elizabeth that they had never stood on ceremony and then asked what he could do for her.

Elizabeth thought about Robin's advice to open up to Nikolas about her feelings, so she explained that she wanted to talk to him about something. Nikolas sensed that it was important and decided to get dressed, so he stepped out of the room to get changed. Elizabeth seized the opportunity to give herself a quick pep talk.

Moments later, Nikolas returned to the bedroom and asked if Elizabeth wanted to talk about what had happened the previous evening. He warned her that he believed that Britt hadn't known that Dante was Ben's father, so Elizabeth quickly explained that she knew that Nikolas and Britt were engaged. Nikolas was surprised when Elizabeth admitted that she had seen Nikolas propose to Britt, but she had stayed out of sight because she hadn't wanted to intrude.

Nikolas was curious if Elizabeth's visit had to do with his engagement. "Yes. Please don't marry her," Elizabeth quietly asked as her eyes welled up with tears. Nikolas appreciated that Elizabeth didn't approve of Britt, so Elizabeth conceded that Britt had hurt a lot of people that Elizabeth cared about. Nikolas pointed out that they all had done things that they had regretted. Elizabeth agreed, but she assured him that she wasn't there to judge Britt.

Elizabeth confessed that she didn't want Nikolas to marry Britt because Elizabeth was in love with him. Stunned, Nikolas asked her to repeat what she had said. "I'm in love with you," Elizabeth repeated. She explained that she had tried to deny her feelings for him and had been afraid to rekindle things when he had returned to town because they had hurt a lot of people the first time that they had been together.

Nikolas was shaken by Elizabeth's heartfelt confession and asked her what had changed. Elizabeth revealed that she had thought that she and A.J. could help each other start over, but she had been wrong. She conceded that she hadn't been fair to A.J. because she had been in love with Nikolas. Elizabeth insisted that she had tried to do the right thing, but she had been wrong.

Elizabeth admitted that perhaps it might have been better if she had stayed silent because he was with Britt. However, Elizabeth was determined to do the right thing and tell him that she was in love with him before it was too late. Nikolas seemed at a loss for words as his eyes filled with unshed tears. Elizabeth begged him to say something, so Nikolas confessed that she had no idea how long he had waited for her to admit how she felt about him.

Nikolas admitted that he had loved Elizabeth for years, but he had done what she had asked by moving on and falling in love with Britt. Nikolas wondered what else there was to say. Crushed, Elizabeth admitted that there was nothing and then walked out of his bedroom. In the hallway, Elizabeth's eyes filled with unshed tears as she looked back at his bedroom door and then left.

Friday, February 21, 2014

At the Drake residence, Robin assured Patrick that she loved him and wished with all of her heart that she could stay, but she intended to be on Victor's plane the following day because Jason's life was at stake. Frustrated, Patrick insisted that she didn't have to go. Robin explained that she wasn't leaving on a whim or going on a vacation; she was trying to save Jason's life. Patrick argued that Robin's obligation was to her husband and daughter. Robin tensed when she suddenly heard Mac clear his throat.

Mac and Emma stood in the doorway with matching expressions of concern. Robin ran over to greet her daughter and asked if Emma had enjoyed ice-skating. Emma wanted to know what her parents had been arguing about because Emma had heard her father use a bad word. Patrick immediately apologized, but Emma wanted to know why Patrick was mad. Mac picked up on the tension between Patrick and Robin, so Mac suggested that he and Emma go to the kitchen to make hot chocolate.

After Emma dutifully followed Mac to the kitchen, Robin conceded that Emma was a lot like her. Patrick agreed and then warned Robin that if she intended to leave town then she would have to break the news to both Emma and Mac. Patrick warned Robin that it would have to be believable because Mac would ask questions. Robin implored Patrick to help her, but Patrick objected to lying to their daughter. Robin respected Patrick's right not to support her decision, but she insisted that they had to present a united front to make things easier for Emma.

Moments later, Mac and Emma returned with cups of hot chocolate, so Patrick and Robin broke the news to Emma that Robin had to leave town to help sick people in Africa. Emma was devastated and begged her mother not to go, but Robin gently explained that doctors were expected to make sacrifices. Emma argued that Patrick was a doctor, too, and he didn't have to leave. Robin agreed but added that Patrick was not the kind of doctor that the people in Africa needed. Robin insisted that she couldn't allow people to die if she had the power to help them, so Emma reluctantly accepted the decision, provided that Robin wasn't gone for long.

Robin admitted that she had no idea how long she would be away. Emma's eyes filled with tears as she realized that he mother would miss the dance recital the following week. Robin quickly assured Emma that Patrick, Mac, and Anna would go, but Emma didn't care because she wanted her mother to be there. Patrick promised Emma that Robin would call and Skype, but Emma argued that it wouldn't be the same as having Robin at home.

Robin realized that it was a lot to ask of her daughter and promised Emma that she wouldn't have agreed to go if it hadn't been necessary. Emma's heart broke when Robin revealed that she would be leaving the following day. Robin watched helplessly as Emma ran out of the room in tears and Patrick followed.

Mac confessed that he didn't understand why Robin had to leave. He suspected that there was more to the story, so Robin confessed that he was right. She claimed that she had been having difficulty settling back into her life and needed time to sort things out. Mac conceded that he and Felicia had wondered if Robin had adjusted to her life since returning, but he feared that leaving was not the answer because it sounded like Robin was running away rather than dealing with her problems. Robin begged Mac to accept her decision.

Mac assured Robin that he loved her and that he would support whatever she decided. Robin was relieved and hugged her uncle. Mac reminded Robin not to forget the good luck charm that Robert had given her, so she showed Mac that she wore it on a chain around her neck. After Mac left, Patrick returned to the living room to let Robin know that Emma was still upset. Robin decided to have another talk with her daughter and went to Emma's bedroom.

Sam bumped into Julian in the hallway outside her penthouse. She pressed the button for the elevator as she explained that she was on her way to New York City to clear Silas' name. Julian assured Sam that he hadn't given up trying to get information from Ava about Nina's overdose. Sam appreciated Julian's help, but she revealed that she had another plan that she was working on. Sam didn't elaborate, so Julian admitted that he had stopped by to talk to her about Danny.

Sam revealed that her son was with Alexis, but Julian clarified that he had meant her brother, Danny McCall. He knew that it was the eight-year anniversary of Danny's passing. Sam was surprised when Julian confessed that he had made a point of learning as much about his daughter as he could, so he was also aware of her criminal background and everything that she had done to help Danny. Sam refused to apologize, but Julian assured her that he understood because her adoptive father, Cody McCall, had influenced her and taught her to break the law, just like Victor had taught Julian.

Julian revealed that Lucas had agreed to give Julian a chance to get to know Lucas, so Julian hoped that Sam would do the same. Julian was grateful when Sam agreed to think about it. He thanked her and then handed her a manila envelope. Julian explained that he had done some research about fragile X syndrome, the genetic disorder that her brother Danny had suffered from.

Sam was pleasantly surprised when Julian revealed that they had made a lot of progress in treating the disorder, so he had made a donation in Danny's name. Julian explained that they had sent him a certificate with Danny's name on it, which Julian had decided to give to Sam. Sam was moved by the gesture and hugged her father. Julian was startled by the unexpected display of gratitude, but he decided not to push his luck, so he quickly wished her luck and then left.

At the hospital, Silas asked Kiki to keep an eye on Rafe while Silas and Sam were in New York City. Kiki assured him that she would because it was the least that she could do after Silas had given her a place to stay. "We jailbirds have to stick together," Silas jokingly told his daughter. "Like father, like daughter," Kiki replied with a smile. Silas turned serious as he asked what was going on between Kiki and Michael.

Kiki confessed that she hadn't talked to Michael since their argument after Carly had been rescued because Michael had been furious that Kiki had lied about Franco. Kiki insisted that she had known that Franco was innocent, but Michael had refused to listen to her. Kiki explained that she was angry because she had expected Michael to apologize when he had learned the truth about Carly's abduction, but instead, Michael had accused her and Franco of risking Carly's life by withholding information.

Kiki insisted that Carly would have died if Kiki hadn't helped Franco escape. Silas dutifully assured Kiki that she was right. Kiki thought that blaming Franco for what Heather had done would be like blaming Kiki for the awful things that Ava had done, so she wanted Silas to confirm that Michael didn't have a right to be mad.

Silas confessed that he had limited experience with relationships, so he was uncomfortable dispensing advice. He explained that until he had met Sam he had shied away from relationships because of what had happened to his wife. Silas regretted that he hadn't told Sam about Nina because it had been a lie by omission that had nearly destroyed what he had with Sam. Kiki insisted that she'd had to lie to protect Franco, but Silas pointed out that Michael had viewed it as a breach of trust.

Silas advised his daughter to find a way to reach out to Michael to rebuild the broken trust. He suggested that a sincere apology would go a long way in helping to mend the relationship, but Kiki explained that Michael refused to accept why she had lied. Silas suggested that perhaps Kiki was determined to stay mad at Michael, so Kiki admitted that Michael had let her down. Silas urged Kiki to decide if she wanted to work to save her relationship or walk away from it.

Later, Sam arrived to fetch Silas. Silas explained that he had to quickly check on something, and then he would be ready to leave. After Silas walked away, Sam and Kiki talked about the trip to New York City and the pharmacist who had lied about Silas. Sam admitted that she was certain that Ava had tried to frame Silas, so Kiki revealed that Ava had bailed Kiki out of jail.

Sam wasn't surprised because Ava would do anything to get into Kiki's good graces. Kiki observed that Sam sounded just like Julian. Sam and Kiki talked about what it was like to suddenly have a father in their lives. Kiki realized that Sam's situation was far more complicated because of who Julian was. Sam confided that Julian had done something wonderful for Sam, but she still couldn't trust him.

A short time later, Rafe and then Silas approached Sam and Kiki. Silas told Rafe that Kiki would be around if Rafe needed anything while Silas was away. Rafe thanked Silas, so Silas handed his nephew some money and suggested that Rafe and Kiki grab a bite to eat at a nice restaurant. Rafe and Kiki readily agreed and then left.

At Corinthos Coffee, Michael greeted his father and asked if Sonny had time to talk. Sonny led Michael to the office and asked what was troubling Michael. Michael confessed that he didn't know what to do about Kiki and then opened up about his recent argument with Kiki. Sonny pointed out that a lot of people had believed that Franco had been responsible for Carly's abduction, but Michael explained that Kiki was hurt that Michael hadn't believed her when she had insisted that Franco was innocent.

Sonny was curious if Kiki knew what Franco had done to Michael. Michael explained that Kiki had blamed the terrible things that Franco had done on Franco's brain tumor and that she was upset because she had expected Michael to trust her. Michael thought it was ironic, since Kiki had been the one who had lied to Michael when Carly's life had been on the line. Michael was frustrated that Kiki had continually insisted that Carly would have died if Kiki hadn't helped Franco, but both Kiki and Carly failed to realize that it could have all been avoided if Carly had simply stayed away from Franco.

Sonny agreed with Michael, but he was certain that Kiki hadn't. Michael admitted that he hadn't seen Kiki since their argument and then began to rant about Kiki's betrayal. Michael realized that he and Kiki looked at things differently and that they might have made a mistake by jumping into a relationship. Sonny reminded Michael that if Kiki hadn't helped Franco, they might have been standing at Carly's funeral.

Michael conceded that he was grateful that Franco had saved Carly's life, but that hadn't made everything else okay. Michael explained that he couldn't trust Kiki and he was uncertain if that could be fixed. Sonny suggested that Michael had two choices: patch things up with Kiki or cut his losses and let her go. Sonny was curious what Michael's gut told him, but Michael didn't have an answer.

At the lake house, Molly was on the phone with T.J. T.J. assured her that he had taken care of everything, so she just had to meet him at Metro Court. Molly was surprised because she knew it was expensive to rent a room at the hotel. T.J. insisted that she was worth it and that he wanted their night to be perfect. Molly's plans to slip out of the house hit a snag when she heard her mother arrive home. T.J. feared that Molly wouldn't be able to meet him, but she assured him that she had a plan.

Moments later, Alexis entered the house with Danny and announced that Danny would be spending the night because Sam had gone out of town with Silas. Alexis revealed that she had movies and snacks for a fun slumber party, but Molly explained that she had plans to spend the night at her friend's house, so Molly and Carson could study for the Standard Achievement Test. Alexis was proud of Molly for wanting to study but suggested that Molly invite Carson to spend the night there. Molly argued that she and Carson would end up playing with Danny and would not get any work done. Alexis conceded that Molly had a point.

Later, Molly prepared to leave. Alexis was surprised that Molly was dressed up. Molly claimed that Carson liked to dress to the nines, so Molly had wanted to keep up with her friend. Alexis worried that Molly might be stressing herself out with studying and made it clear that she didn't want Molly worrying about getting into college because it would happen. Alexis urged Molly to have fun. Molly heard her friend's car horn honk, so she told her mother goodbye and left.

Alexis chatted with Danny as Danny played with building blocks. She talked about being pregnant with Sam at Molly's age, which Alexis realized had been incredibly young. However, Alexis was confident that Molly was far more sensible than Alexis had been.

Moments later, the doorbell rang. Alexis' smile faded when she saw Julian on her doorstep. Julian greeted Alexis and then Danny as Danny played in the living room. Julian confessed that Sam had told him that Danny was there. Alexis was surprised that Sam had sent Julian over, but Julian confessed that Sam had only mentioned in passing where Danny was.

Julian asked Alexis if he could enter, but Alexis was reluctant to agree. Julian was disappointed and asked her to have a heart because she had put him on the right track with Lucas, so he wanted the same chance with Danny. Alexis relented and invited Julian inside.

At Metro Court, T.J. approached the front desk to ask for a room. The desk clerk requested T.J.'s identification, so T.J. handed it to the man. However, T.J.'s confidence vanished when Olivia walked up and greeted T.J. She pulled T.J. aside to ask why he wanted a room. He claimed that he had decided to give Shawn some privacy because Shawn had planned a romantic evening for a lady friend.

Olivia saw through the lie and realized that T.J. wanted a room for him and Molly. She advised T.J. not to deny it because she had raised a son and then warned him that having sex was a big deal, so she hoped that T.J. had protection. Olivia admitted that she had been younger than Molly when Dante was born. T.J. assured her that he had condoms and that he had saved up sufficient money to rent a room. Satisfied, Olivia decided to give T.J. a family discount and instructed him to order something special for Molly from room service.

T.J. thanked Olivia and then asked her to keep his plans for the evening between them. T.J. was horrified when Shawn suddenly walked up and greeted T.J. Shawn was curious why T.J. was there, so Olivia covered for T.J. by claiming that T.J. had been looking for extra work because T.J. had wanted to save up for college. Shawn was impressed with his ward's initiative and assured T.J. that T.J.'s father would have been as proud of T.J. as Shawn was.

After Shawn left, T.J. thanked Olivia. Olivia smiled and told T.J. to treat Molly right. As if on cue, Molly arrived. Olivia sent T.J. to the front desk to sign some paperwork and then took the opportunity to pull Molly aside to make certain that Molly hadn't been pressured into having sex with T.J. Molly insisted that she was where she wanted to be and that T.J. was her best friend. T.J. returned, so Olivia handed him the keycard.

T.J. thanked Olivia for being nice, but she quickly clarified that she had simply been realistic. Olivia reminded the teens to be careful, so Molly promised not to get pregnant like Alexis had with Sam.

Meanwhile, Rafe and Kiki arrived for dinner but bumped into Michael in the lobby. Kiki sent Rafe ahead to the restaurant with a promise to join him shortly.

At the elevator, T.J. asked if Molly was nervous, but she admitted that she was excited. T.J. promised to make it a night that she would remember and then kissed her. Moments later, T.J. tensed and glared when he spotted Rafe.

In Sonny's office, Sonny was curious if Shawn had discovered who Julian's mystery moneyman was. Shawn revealed that he had.

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