General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 27, 2014 on GH

Julian confronted Duke on the piers, but Duke turned the tables on Julian when Sonny and Shawn stepped out of the shadows. Robert bid farewell to Port Charles when Holly called to ask for Robert's help because Ethan had landed in some trouble. Britt became jealous when she saw Nikolas and Elizabeth during a close moment. Heather tried to enlist Spencer and Cameron's help to kill the "chupacabra" under a blanket where Heather had hidden a tightly bound and gagged Carly. Sonny agreed to give Morgan a second chance, provided that Morgan ended things with Ava. Alexis shared a heated kiss with Julian.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 27, 2014 on GH
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Monday, January 27, 2014

Duke went to Anna's office in the police station to ask her to lunch. Anna said that she was too busy and asked Duke why he had lied about meeting with Nikolas. Duke said that he had been ashamed to tell Anna the truth -- that he had had too much time on his hands, and he was concerned because his job prospects were so poor. Anna was very encouraging and said that she was proud of him because he had too much integrity to work for a mobster like Julian Jerome. Just as Anna told him that something would turn up, Anna got a call. Duke told her to take it and left the office.

Sonny angrily tossed a glass against his living room wall. Olivia hurried in and asked what was wrong. Sonny was evasive, but Olivia told him that he had to talk it out and that she was there for him. Sonny unburdened himself about the seriousness and the implications of Morgan's betrayal, which Sonny could not overlook.

Olivia sympathized as she told Sonny that she understood that Sonny had to take an action, but she added that it was a decision that Sonny had to make when he was calm, cool, and collected, not while the anger was eating at him. Olivia told Sonny that the decision could wait until morning, because it would be easier after a good night's sleep. Sonny's mood lightened, and he asked Olivia what would he do without her.

At Ava's penthouse, Julian taunted Morgan that Sonny was angry enough to kill Morgan. Ava told Julian not to be so dramatic because there was no way that Sonny would kill his own son. Julian said that Sonny had already tried to kill Michael and Dante. Morgan said that a ricochet meant for Sonny had hit Michael, and Ava chimed in that Dante had been an undercover cop that Sonny had not known was his son.

Ava told Julian to stop lashing out at Morgan because he was mad at Sonny for his bruised and battered face. Julian said that he was angrier with Duke, the cowardly, Scottish weasel, who hid behind Anna. Julian put on his coat and told Ava and Morgan that he was off to take care of Duke.

Once Julian was gone, Morgan asked Ava if Julian made good on his threats and if Ava thought that Julian meant to kill Duke. Ava got Morgan to tell her everything, especially about the threats that Julian had made against Morgan's family. Morgan unburdened himself about his shame and guilt for betraying his family. Morgan said that he had realized that he was not meant for the mob business when Sonny had given Morgan a gun and told Morgan to shoot him.

Ava encouraged Morgan to go when he said that he had to see Sonny. Ava offered him a gun, but Morgan said that he did not ever want to handle a gun again. Ava blurted out that she loved Morgan, Morgan returned to sentiment. Morgan put on his coat. They kissed passionately, and Morgan left.

While Lucy hid in the bathroom, Mac socked Scott in the jaw and told him to leave Lucy alone. Lucy realized that Felicia had spilled the beans. Scott worried about his reputation while Lucy fretted about Kevin finding out. Scott dressed for work as Lucy left to find Felicia. As Scott watched her leave, he muttered that he would not stop seeing Lucy.

At the Floating Rib, Mac admitted to Felicia that he had punched Scott, the "smarmy home-wrecker." Felicia worried that Scott would press charges, but Mac said that Scott better worry that Mac would tell Kevin.

Lucy breezed in and took Felicia aside as Duke ordered ribs from Mac that he intended to take to Anna. Mac said that Anna was lucky to have Duke, but Duke said that he was not so sure. When Mac asked what Duke had done, Duke said that nobody was perfect and that sometimes the choices a person made hurt the ones they loved most. Mac acknowledged that he understood that one.

Lucy confronted Felicia, who explained that she had not meant to tell, but it had gushed out when Mac had asked her if Felicia was hiding something. Felicia said that she and Mac had made a vow to always tell each other the truth and that was what she intended to do. Lucy approved and calmed down and then blurted out that she had slept with Scott again. Felicia was horrified when Lucy said she could not get over the attraction.

Mac walked over and asked if everything was okay. Lucy said yes. Mac explained that he and Felicia were honest with each other. Lucy said that she got that not having any secrets was what kept a marriage strong and that was what she intended to do, though she did not want to break Kevin's heart, so she was not going to tell him about her one-time fling with Scott. Lucy said that it would never happen again, and she was going home to her husband.

Mac told Felicia that he guessed that they had heard the end of Scott and Lucy. Felicia said that she guessed so, too. Mac added that at least it was out in the open. Felicia was non-committal.

Nathan handcuffed Silas and marched him out of Kelly's with Sam following. Rafe showed up just in time to ask questions. Sam urged him to stay put with a promise to call as soon as she had anything to report. She followed Nathan and Silas to the police station.

Molly and T.J. met Rafe at Kelly's. Rafe told them about Silas. T.J. speculated that Silas had killed someone. T.J. said that since Rafe's dad was a serial killer, perhaps his uncle was as well. Molly was appalled by T.J.'s insensitive remark. Rafe shot back that Shawn had killed T.J.'s dad.

T.J. remarked that it had been an accident and that Shawn was not a cold-blooded killer. Rafe replied that Shawn worked for Sonny and asked what had happened in the warehouse shooting if Shawn was not a hit man. T.J. realized that Rafe was the one who had talked to Anna and accused him of telling.

Scott and Anna exchanged barbs about Franco as Nathan escorted Silas into the police station. Sam sat with Silas as Nathan outlined his case to Anna and Scott. Nathan gave Scott a case with means, motive, and opportunity. Scott said it was circumstantial, and he needed hard facts. Julian interrupted and demanded to talk to Anna immediately. She escorted him to the interrogation room.

Sam told Silas that Alexis was in court and would call soon. Silas told her to call Diane, but Sam advised him not to call Diane because to most people, hiring Diane was an admission of guilt. Silas opted to wait for Alexis. Sam overheard Scott and demanded that Silas be released. Nathan pointed out that the law allowed for a 48-hour hold. Nathan promised Scott that he would have hard facts in that time. Scott ordered that Silas be held.

In the interrogation room, Julian told Anna that Duke was working for Sonny. At first Anna did not believe him, but she remembered Duke's smooth lies. She did not admit anything to Julian who said that he did not intend to press charges against Duke for assaulting him because it was not Julian's style. Julian left the room after telling Anna that he had just wanted her to know the truth about Duke.

Sam stopped Julian and said that she needed his help. Julian was thrilled until she asked him to prove that Ava was framing Silas. Sam told Julian that if he cared about Sam, he would get Ava to confess her misdeeds.

Lucy showed up at Scott's door to tell him that she had settled the issue with Felicia and Mac and that she was headed back to Kevin. Scott said that Lucy could not tempt fate. Lucy said that they were over. Scott asked why she was there to tell him in person instead of telephoning. They started kissing and moved farther into Scott's room.

Duke arrived at the station with ribs for Anna. Anna was thoughtful as she led Duke to her office for a chat. Silas shared a long kiss with Sam before Nathan escorted Silas to a cell.

Sonny was sitting in his chair in the dark when Morgan entered the room. Julian arrived at Ava's and told her that he had taken care of Duke. Ava turned and pointed a gun at Julian. Ava told Julian that he had threatened Morgan's family, and Ava intended to threaten her family.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

At the police station, Sam approached Dante to talk to him about Dante's "idiot partner," Nathan, who had an innocent man in lockup. Dante was surprised because he hadn't realized that there had been sufficient evidence against Silas to warrant an arrest. Sam explained that there hadn't been until she had called the pharmacist who had filled the prescription that Nathan had claimed Silas had written for the drug that had put Nina Clay in a coma. Sam was certain that Nathan, the "overzealous dope," was out celebrating and bragging about what a great cop he was to anyone who would listen. Dante pointed out that Nathan had merely been doing his job, but Sam insisted that Nathan had railroaded Silas because Silas was innocent.

Sam begged Dante to talk some sense into Nathan, but Dante gently pointed out that he wasn't familiar with Silas' case, in part because Dante had been focused on trying to find Carly. Sam was disappointed but determined to find another way to clear Silas' name, so she shifted gears to ask about Lulu. Sam was stunned when Dante revealed that Lulu had walked out on him. Dante assured Sam that he didn't blame Alexis for losing the custody battle because Connie had never been his and Lulu's child to keep. Sam appreciated the toll that the loss of a child could have on a marriage, but she encouraged Dante not to give up on Lulu.

Dante explained that Lulu had needed someone to blame for losing Connie because Lulu hadn't been able to accept that he and Lulu had been in an untenable situation that they couldn't have won. Sam was certain that Lulu would have a change of heart about walking out on Dante and then tactfully changed the subject by admitting that she hoped to get Silas released from jail within a few hours. Dante revealed that all of the judges had left for the day. Disappointed, Sam decided to go to Kelly's to check on Rafe.

At Kelly's, T.J. realized that Rafe had told Anna that T.J. had been at Sonny's warehouse when Max had been shot. Molly was shocked when Rafe didn't deny it, but T.J. was furious that Rafe had "ratted" T.J. out to the police commissioner. Molly demanded to know if T.J. was right. "Yes," Rafe quietly answered. Molly angrily pointed out that T.J. could have been arrested or worse if Julian had discovered that the police had questioned T.J.

Rafe argued that T.J. was to blame for being in the warehouse, but T.J. hadn't been arrested nor had Julian gone after T.J. when Anna had questioned T.J. about the shooting. "No thanks to you," T.J. barked. T.J. was certain that Rafe had been motivated by jealousy and a desire to get T.J. out of the picture. Rafe admitted that it was true, but he rushed to assure both T.J. and Molly that he had immediately regretted going to Anna with the information.

Rafe assured Molly that he knew that he had messed up, so he was deeply sorry for what he had done. T.J. wasn't satisfied because he didn't believe Rafe. Molly admitted that she couldn't forget what Rafe had done, and it was clear that Rafe couldn't accept that she could only offer Rafe friendship. Rafe was hurt when Molly admitted that Rafe was not the same person that she had once known.

After Rafe stormed out of the diner, T.J. was satisfied that Rafe understood that Rafe had lost Molly's friendship. Moments later, Sam entered the diner, looking for Rafe. Molly explained that Rafe had left and then asked about Silas' arrest. Sam insisted that Silas had been wrongly arrested by a cop with an axe to grind.

At the Floating Rib, Nathan spoke to a mystery person on the phone to let the person know that Silas had been arrested. Nathan conceded that Silas hadn't been charged with attempted murder, but it was only a matter of time. After Nathan wrapped up the phone call, he spotted Lulu at the entrance of the bar. Nathan called out a greeting to Lulu as he approached her. Lulu and Nathan struck up a conversation during which Nathan mentioned that he was at the bar to celebrate. Lulu lit up with hope as she asked if her cousin had been found.

Nathan apologized and quickly clarified that he had been talking about another case. He regretted that he had gotten Lulu's hopes up, but she insisted that it had been her mistake. Lulu explained that she had stopped by the bar to pick up an order of the bar's infamous ribs for Bobbie and Lucas as they all continued to wait for word on Carly. Nathan offered to buy Lulu a drink until her order was ready, so Lulu followed him to a table.

Lulu was curious why Nathan's partner wasn't celebrating with Nathan. Nathan explained that Dante was devoting all of his attention to searching for Carly, prompting Lulu to wonder how Nathan liked working with Dante. Nathan admitted that he didn't know Dante well, but Dante seemed like a nice guy. Lulu decided that it was time to tell Nathan that Dante was her husband. Nathan was shocked by the revelation and wondered why Lulu hadn't mentioned it when they had first met. Lulu explained that she and Dante weren't in a good place.

Lulu was startled when Nathan asked if Dante had cheated on her. Nathan quickly apologized and admitted that he had made the assumption because of the case that he had been working on. Lulu assured Nathan that Dante had never been unfaithful, but she confided that Dante had told a truth that had exposed her lie and cost them custody of their daughter. Lulu's eyes filled with tears as she opened up to Nathan about the custody battle for Connie and about Lulu's infertility issues, which had led to her walking out on her husband.

Nathan suggested that perhaps the loft was too painful of a reminder of everything that Lulu had lost. Lulu smiled sadly as she confessed that she had realized how much she missed Dante and wanted to go home to him when she had seen her husband the previous day. However, the thought of not seeing Connie when she arrived home was too much for Lulu to bear because it was a reminder of all the ways that Lulu had failed as a wife and mother. Nathan insisted that Lulu was not to blame and then pointed out that she and Dante could adopt, but Lulu admitted that she had screwed up and had ruined any hope of that.

Lulu burst into tears as she confessed that she had no idea why she had told Nathan everything. Nathan suspected that it was because Lulu was doing what she needed to in order to move forward. Lulu admitted that it sounded as if Nathan had spoken from experience, so he admitted that he had. Nathan reached out to Lulu when she began to weep. He held her as she cried on his shoulder, unaware that Dante had entered the bar and saw them.

In Anna's office, Duke set down a bag of takeout food that he had picked up for him and Anna. Anna fished a bib out of the bag and then handed it to Duke with a warning that things would get messy. Duke immediately sensed the tension in Anna, so he asked her why she was upset. Anna confronted him about working for Sonny. Duke denied it, but Anna revealed that Julian had stopped by the station to tell her about the assault on the piers.

Anna admitted that she had initially refused to believe Julian until she had recalled Duke's odd behavior on the piers when he had claimed to have gone to Wyndemere for a job interview and then had bumped into Sonny. Duke relented and confirmed that he worked for Sonny. Anna was hurt that Duke had lied to her, but Duke explained that he had been furious by Julian's deception and the danger that Julian posed to Duke's loved ones.

Duke explained that he was determined to take down Julian to keep Anna safe, but Anna reminded Duke that he had promised her that he wouldn't work on the opposite side of the law. Duke argued that he had made that promise before he had known the truth about Julian. Anna wasn't satisfied because it was her job to deal with men like Julian. Duke was curious what the police had done about Julian.

"Nothing," Duke pointed out. Anna became defensive and assured Duke that she had done what she could to protect the town. Duke explained that he didn't blame Anna, but Duke reminded her that Julian had been raised to be a mobster and was proficient at avoiding jail. Anna argued that Julian hadn't made a move against her or Duke, so Duke explained that he had felt powerless when he had learned what Julian had done and when Faison had tried to seduce Anna while Duke had been imprisoned in Switzerland.

Duke appreciated that Anna had rescued him and that she had once again been on hand when Faison had captured Duke and had held Duke in the catacombs on Spoon Island. However, Duke was determined to reclaim who he had once been by taking back control and protecting himself and his loved ones from people like Julian and Faison. Anna tearfully assured Duke that she loved him and felt blessed to wake up with him every morning, so she didn't need more.

"God help me, but I need it," Duke explained. Anna appreciated how Duke felt, but she couldn't condone him working for Sonny. Anna explained that she wanted Duke to be the good man that she knew and loved and begged him to find another way. Duke promised Anna that he loved her, but he refused to stop working for Sonny.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny was sitting in the dark as Morgan cautiously entered the parlor. Sonny claimed that it was good to see his son and then asked if there had been any news about Carly. Morgan admitted that he hadn't been with Michael. Sonny feigned surprised as he asked why, so Morgan confessed that he had been with Julian Jerome.

Sonny acknowledged that he knew that Morgan was still loyal to Julian and demanded to know why Morgan had betrayed his own father. Sonny cut off Morgan's attempts to explain and asked how Morgan could have shot Max, a man who had taken care of Morgan as a child and had been like an uncle to Morgan. Morgan insisted that it had been an accident, but Sonny argued that Morgan hadn't had any business handling a gun.

Morgan continued to try to explain his side of things, but Sonny wasn't interested in hearing his son's excuses. Sonny admitted that it had made him sick to test Morgan's loyalty. However, Sonny had been forced to because Morgan had planted a bug in Sonny's office, had shot Max, and had "ratted" Duke out to Julian. Sonny was disgusted that Morgan had risked a man's life and questioned if Morgan was prepared to continue to let people die all because Morgan felt that Sonny hadn't loved Morgan enough.

Morgan shouted that he hadn't had a choice because Julian had threatened Carly and Michael. Morgan claimed that he had been prepared to do whatever was necessary to protect his family. Sonny insisted that Morgan should have told Sonny about Julian's threat, but Morgan explained that he had been terrified because he had thought that Julian had been responsible for Carly's disappearance. Sonny admitted that Carly's disappearance wasn't Julian's style.

Morgan felt terrible that he had screwed up and had lives in jeopardy. Sonny promised to fix things, but he expected Morgan to stay away from Julian and Ava. Morgan objected to ending things with Ava because Morgan was certain that Ava wouldn't betray him. Sonny disagreed and was adamant that Morgan cut all ties with the Jeromes, including Ava.

At Ava's apartment, Ava confronted her brother with a gun, so Julian wanted to know what had upset Ava. Ava explained that she knew that Julian had forced Morgan to continue to work for them by threatening Morgan's loved ones. Ava suggested that shooting Julian would be self-defense, since she was one of Morgan's loved ones. Julian refused to apologize for what he had done because Morgan had been on the inside of their organization.

Julian suggested that Ava had gone soft because people in their business couldn't simply let people walk away. Ava countered that she and Morgan had a special bond, but Julian claimed that he had been trying to help Ava. Ava didn't believe him. Julian warned Ava that Morgan was a "goner," but Ava refused to believe that Sonny would hurt Morgan. However, she made it clear that she would hold Julian responsible if anything were to happen to Morgan.

Julian appreciated his sister's love for her guns and knew that she would blow anything away that got in her way. Julian confessed that Ava surprised him sometimes, so she demanded to know what he was talking about. Julian revealed that he knew what Ava had done to Silas and then told her about his encounter with Sam at the police station following Silas' arrest.

Ava demanded to know what kind of evidence the police had against Silas. Julian told her about Sam's accusation that Ava had arranged for incriminating evidence against Silas to surface two decades after the attempt on Silas' wife's life. Ava went on the offensive by attacking Sam, but Julian saw through his sister's attempt to deflect. Julian was certain that Ava had been driven by jealousy because Silas had preferred Sam over Ava. Julian challenged Ava to admit that she had tried to kill Silas' wife and then frame Silas for the crime, but Ava accused Julian of trying to buy his way into Sam's good graces by betraying Ava.

Ava advised Julian to find another way into his newfound family. "Am I making myself clear?" Ava asked. Julian nodded and admitted that it was also clear that she hadn't denied that she had set Silas up. Julian once against asked Ava to put the gun down, so Ava reminded him that she expected Morgan to remain safe. Julian assured her that he had received her message loud and clear.

After Ava put the gun away, Julian asked where Morgan was. Ava revealed that Morgan had gone to talk to Sonny. Julian thought that Ava had been foolish to let Morgan go because there were only two possible endings for Morgan: Sonny would kill Morgan, or Sonny would force Morgan to end things with Ava. Ava assured Julian that Sonny wouldn't kill Morgan, and she was certain that Morgan would never choose Sonny over her. Julian confessed that it sounded as if Ava was in deep, so Ava acknowledged that she and Morgan had something special.

Moments later, Ava's cell phone beeped, so she checked it. Morgan had sent her a text message that read, "I'm sorry. I have to end things between us. It's over. Much love, Morgan."

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

At the Floating Rib, Dante was furious when he saw Nathan comforting Lulu as Lulu cried. Dante approached the table and demanded to know what was going on between Nathan and Lulu. Nathan assured Dante that Nathan and Lulu had only been talking. Lulu rushed to explain that she and Nathan had met a few days earlier, prompting Dante to question why Nathan had neglected to mention meeting Dante's wife. Nathan quickly clarified that he hadn't known Lulu's connection to Dante until earlier that evening.

Lulu explained that Nathan had been comforting her because she had been upset. Dante assumed that Lulu had been worried about Carly, but Nathan revealed that Lulu had been crying because of Dante. Dante continued to bristle at the thought of Nathan comforting Lulu, so Nathan decided to give Dante the same advice that Nathan had given to Lulu; he suggested that Dante and Lulu talk because it was clear that Dante and Lulu loved each other.

After Nathan walked away, Lulu conceded that she had opened up to Nathan because it had been easier to confide to a stranger about what she had been going through. Lulu realized that she had been trying to run from what their life would be like without Connie. She admitted that she had been angry with Dante for refusing to lie for her on the witness stand because it had been easier than accepting that Connie had never really been theirs to start with.

Dante assured Lulu that he loved her, so Lulu confessed that she had regretted walking out on him. Lulu asked for Dante's forgiveness, but he insisted that there hadn't been anything to forgive. However, he wanted to know when Lulu would return home. Before Lulu could reply, Nathan walked up to inform Dante that Franco had been spotted. Lulu asked if Carly had been with Franco, but Nathan shook his head. Lulu decided to go to Bobbie and Lucas, so Dante gave her a quick kiss and assured her that they would finish their conversation later.

At the hospital, Kevin was shocked when Franco slipped into Kevin's office, wearing scrubs and hiding his face behind a surgical mask. Kevin explained that Franco had to leave because there was an APB out for Franco, but Franco insisted that he was innocent. Kevin suggested that Franco clear his name in a court of law, but Franco doubted that he would get a fair trial. Franco begged Kevin to believe him, so Kevin admitted that he had until Kevin had seen the news reports about the knife that had been found at the scene of the crime with Carly's blood and Franco's fingerprints on it.

Franco claimed that someone had set him up and implored Kevin to believe him because Franco needed Kevin's help to find Carly. Kevin relented and instructed Franco to stay put while Kevin made arrangements.

Shortly after Kevin left, a woman entered Kevin's office, profusely apologizing for being late. Tina explained that she'd had to return home because she had mistakenly believed that she had left the garage door open, but the words died on her lips when she saw Franco standing in Kevin's office. "You're not Dr. Collins," Tina said. Franco assured Tina that he was Kevin Collins, but Tina knew that he had lied. She was curious if Franco was a patient of Kevin's. She rushed to assure Franco that she hadn't been passing judgment because she didn't think that there was anything wrong with a medical professional needing psychiatric counseling.

Tina walked over to Kevin's desk and then began to put everything into its proper place. Franco assured her that he wasn't a patient. Tina relaxed because she had been afraid that Kevin had given her appointment away because she had been late. She explained that she was on a tight schedule and tended to be a very organized person because she had a high-pressure job and children at home.

Tina revealed that her friends and family had feared that she had been going overboard lately, so she had agreed to talk to Kevin. Franco realized that Tina suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder when he noticed that she kept rearranging things on Kevin's desk. Tina's suddenly eyes narrowed because there was something familiar about Franco. He assured her that many people mistook him for someone else because he had that kind of a face, but Tina was certain that she had seen Franco before.

Franco suggested that perhaps Tina recognized him because he was Kevin's assistant. Tina argued that Kevin's assistant was a woman named Jamie. Franco claimed that Jamie had taken a leave of absence and then shifted gears to suggest that Tina reschedule her appointment. Tina became upset at the idea of rearranging her schedule, but Franco insisted that it couldn't be helped. Tina demanded to know Franco's name, so she could let the receptionist know that he had authorized it.

Franco told Tina that his name was Steven Lars, but she questioned that because he didn't look like a Steven. Franco agreed and confided that he intended to change his name as soon as he was able. Tina seemed to accept the explanation and left. At the elevator, Tina quietly wondered if Kevin knew that his assistant was crazier than Kevin's patients.

In Scott's suite, Lucy insisted that she couldn't keep lying to Kevin. Scott agreed and suggested that Lucy ask Kevin for a divorce because it hadn't been an accident that Lucy had ended up in Scott's bed again. Scott was certain that Lucy wanted him as much as he wanted her. Lucy denied it, but then conceded that Scott was partially right. However, she was adamant that she loved Kevin. "Evidently, not enough," Scott pointed out.

Lucy was offended by Scott's observation and made it clear that he didn't have any right to comment on her relationship with Kevin because it was none of Scott's business. Lucy decided that it was time to leave, so she jumped up and began to get dressed. Her heart sank when Kevin suddenly pounded on the door, demanding to talk to Scott. Scott told Lucy to hide, so she ducked out of sight as Scott walked to the door.

Kevin explained that he needed to talk to Scott about Scott's son. After Scott closed the door behind Kevin, Kevin revealed that he had been seeing Franco in a professional capacity for a month. Scott was stunned when Kevin admitted that Franco had turned to Kevin for help to hide from the police. Kevin explained that he hadn't violated doctor/patient confidentiality by talking to Scott because Carly's life was in danger.

Scott was curious why Kevin had decided to share the information with Scott rather than call the police. Kevin admitted that he wasn't Scott's biggest fan, but Kevin appreciated that Lucy cared about Scott, so Kevin was certain that Lucy would want Kevin to give Scott a heads-up that Franco was hiding in Kevin's office. Scott thanked Kevin and then asked Kevin to return to the office to keep Franco busy, while Scott handled the rest.

After Kevin left, Lucy stepped out of hiding and admitted that she was stunned that Franco was Kevin's patient. Scott made it clear that he didn't want to talk about it and then picked up his cell phone.

In Kevin's office, Franco was relieved when Kevin returned. Franco was curious if Kevin had figured out a plan. "Yes, I'm sorry," Kevin said as he opened the door. Nathan and Dante appeared in the doorway with guns drawn. Franco was hurt by Kevin's betrayal, but Kevin insisted that he hadn't had a choice in the matter.

Meanwhile, Scott finished getting dressed. Lucy quietly asked if Scott was okay, so Scott pointed out that his son was about to be arrested. Lucy wanted to help, but Scott suggested that she go home to her husband because he knew that was where Lucy wanted to be. Lucy's eyes filled with tears as she assured Scott that she couldn't simply stop caring about Scott because he was her best friend and the father of her child. Scott argued that it wasn't enough for Lucy, but Lucy resented Scott putting words into her mouth.

Scott asked Lucy to be straight with him and tell him where they stood with each other because he loved her. Lucy began to cry because things had become far more complicated than she had anticipated.

In Anna's office, Robert wanted to know why Anna was upset. Anna claimed that she was fine, but Robert easily saw through the lie. Robert assumed that it had something to do with Duke, so he demanded to know if was another woman. Anna shook her head and revealed that it was actually another man.

Anna told Robert that Duke had aligned with Sonny to take down Julian. Robert wasn't surprised because Duke had always had a fascination with romancing the underbelly of life, but Anna insisted that Duke hadn't gotten involved by choice. Robert was startled when Anna suggested that it was his fault. She pointed out that the situation could have been avoided if Robert had warned them that Julian had worked out a deal with the World Security Bureau. Robert reminded Anna that the WSB had also set Obrecht free, so Anna should appreciate that it had been out of Robert's hands.

Anna immediately apologized because Robert wasn't to blame for Duke's choices. However, Anna pointed out that it wouldn't have been an issue if Julian had remained in hiding rather than trying to reclaim his father's old territory. Anna knew that it was hypocritical of her to be angry at Duke after what she had done to Faison, but Robert quickly reminded her that she hadn't made the decision alone and that they had been obligated to protect their own.

Anna admitted that Duke had used the same excuse, so Robert wondered if Anna had asked Duke to let the authorities handle Julian. Anna revealed that that Duke had rightfully pointed out that the police hadn't done a thing to stop Julian, but it didn't mean that she could simply turn a blind eye while Duke conspired with a known criminal. Robert was curious what Anna intended to do, but she didn't have an answer.

However, Anna was grateful that she had Robert to lean on. Robert quietly admitted that he had something to tell her and then revealed that he had to leave town to help Holly get Ethan out of trouble. Anna was curious if Luke was aware of Ethan's dilemma, but Robert hadn't seen Luke for some time. Anna was proud of Robert for going to Holly and Ethan's aid after they had lied to him.

Robert conceded that it had hurt to learn that Ethan wasn't his son, but Robert knew that Holly had stayed at Robert's side for most of the time that he had been in a coma. Anna confirmed that it was true and added that Holly wouldn't have left if Ethan hadn't been in trouble. Anna was curious when Robert planned to leave, so he revealed that he would be leaving in the morning. Anna hugged Robert goodbye, but Robert worried about leaving Anna when her life was in turmoil.

Anna assured Robert that she could handle things and that she would be fine because their daughter was home, safe and sound. Robert smiled and confessed that he was glad that he and Anna had had their adventure together. Anna asked Robert to be careful. Robert chuckled. "Come on, where's the fun in that?" he asked as he walked away.

Later, the phone rang as Anna looked thoughtfully at a framed photograph of her and Duke. Anna put the picture down and answered the phone. Nathan reported that Franco had been apprehended and that he and Dante were on their way to the police station with the prisoner. After the call, Anna picked up the framed photograph to drop it in her desk drawer, but then changed her mind. She set it back on her desk and then walked out of her office.

At Greystone Manor, Duke paid Sonny a visit to warn Sonny that Anna knew about their alliance. Sonny was disgusted when Duke revealed that Julian had told Anna. According to Sonny, it was an indication that the Jeromes lacked a code of honor. Sonny pointed out that the Zaccharas had never gone to the cops, but Duke conceded that it had been an effective way for Julian to cause trouble for Duke because Anna had been furious.

Sonny respected Anna, but he suggested that she was in denial if she believed that Julian could be taken down without crossing some lines. Duke agreed. Sonny admitted that Duke had been a great asset, and Sonny had liked working with him, but Sonny wanted Duke to know that Duke could walk away without any hard feelings. Duke appreciated the offer, but he made it clear that he had no intention of walking away because Julian had done the unforgivable by murdering Duke and Anna's unborn child.

Sonny promised to support Duke every step of the way, but he wondered if Duke was prepared to sacrifice his relationship with Anna. Duke admitted that he didn't want to lose Anna, but he had to be his own man and be able to look in the mirror, knowing that he had done whatever was necessary to protect his loved ones. Duke appreciated that it might require him to cross a line. Duke hoped that Robert would help Anna understand that Duke had to do what was necessary.

Duke quickly apologized for taking up Sonny's time, but Sonny assured Duke that it was fine. However, Sonny reiterated that the offer for Duke to walk away would remain open. Duke thanked Sonny, but Duke would rather have Anna alive and hating him than not alive at all. Duke believed that everyone was in danger as long as Julian walked around.

At the Jerome apartment, Julian greeted Alexis. Alexis looked away from his open shirt and explained that she was there to talk to Ava. Julian closed the door as Alexis entered the living room and looked around, noting that Ava was not there. Julian imagined that Alexis wondered why he was staying with his sister, but Alexis admitted that she was more curious about who had taken a tire iron to his face. Julian smiled and gave her three guesses. Alexis decided that ignorance was bliss.

Julian explained that Sonny's "moll" had tossed him out of the hotel. "Good for Olivia," Alexis said with a big smile. Julian realized which team Alexis was on, prompting her to wonder if there had ever been any doubt. Julian admitted that he had hoped that she would be interested in hearing his side of the story, but Alexis cut him off and told him to let Ava know that she had stopped by.

Julian followed Alexis to the door and offered to help her. Alexis tensed when he reached for her arm to stop her, so she warned him not to touch her. Alexis then shifted gears to explain that he couldn't help her because her business with Ava concerned Sam.

Julian reminded Alexis that Sam was their daughter and then revealed that he knew about Silas' arrest and Sam's theory that Ava had framed Silas. Alexis was surprised when Julian admitted that Sam had asked for his help and that he had questioned his sister about it, but Ava had denied everything. Alexis was certain that Sam had been grateful, which Alexis was equally confident had been the plan. Julian didn't deny that he would do anything to get into both of his children's good graces because he wanted to be a part of their lives.

Alexis was startled when Julian confessed that he wanted to be a part of Alexis' life, too, because he had been drawn to her years earlier and again when he had seen her at the Floating Rib. Julian dared Alexis to deny that she felt the same about him. Alexis nervously looked away as she accused Julian of having a unique way of rewriting history. "Love at first sight at the roadhouse?" Alexis asked as she tried to put some distance between her and Julian.

Alexis reminded Julian that he had lied to her for months to save his own "ass," but he insisted that he'd had to. Alexis pointed out that he had flaunted his relationship with Carly, so Julian confessed that he had never wanted Carly; he had wanted to get under Sonny's skin. Julian insisted that Alexis was the only woman that he was interested in, but Alexis made it clear that she refused to get involved with a criminal.

Julian argued that it had never stopped Alexis before. He reminded her that she had once admitted to him that she had been drawn to the bad boy thing. Julian suggested that perhaps he wasn't dangerous enough for Alexis and then slowly pulled her closer. He assured her that she need only tell him to stop and he would. "Don't," Alexis said as Julian pulled her into his arms. "Stop," she added as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

Julian and Alexis fell to the sofa, but Alexis suddenly put the brakes on and slid out from under Julian. "What is wrong with me?" Alexis asked as she quickly gathered her things. Julian tried to stop Alexis from leaving, but she made it clear that she would not get involved with Julian and then fled the apartment. Julian smiled as he watched her go.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

At the apartment, Ava looked at the text messages that she and Morgan had exchanged the previous evening when he had ended their relationship. She decided to send him a new message asking to meet, so they could talk things through, but Morgan didn't reply. Ava resented being ignored and decided to confront Morgan in person. She quickly collected her things and then marched to the door, but she stopped short when she saw Sam standing on the doorstep.

Sam informed her "Auntie Ava" that they needed to talk because Silas had been arrested. Sam blamed Ava for Silas' legal troubles, but Ava denied that she'd had anything to do with Silas' arrest. Sam didn't believe Ava because Sam was certain that Ava had framed Silas for Nina Clay's overdose in an effort to clear the way for Silas to be with Ava. Sam accused Ava of forging the prescription for the liquid form of antidepressant that Nina had been taking and injecting Nina with the overdose. According to Sam, Ava had decided to frame Silas for the attempted murder when Silas had dumped Ava.

Ava denied the accusation and insisted that she had moved on with someone new, so she wished Sam and Silas nothing but the best. However, Ava warned her niece to be wary of Silas because he had reason to want Nina dead. Sam was shocked when Ava revealed that Nina had bequeathed Nina's vast fortune to Silas. Ava was certain that Silas had played Sam for a fool, but Sam found it interesting that the police weren't aware of the will. Ava had no idea what the police knew or didn't know, but Ava suggested that Sam talk to Silas.

Sam refused to believe that Silas had tried to kill his wife for Nina's money because it was more likely that Ava had hoped that Silas would share his inheritance with his lover, Ava. Ava conceded that it was a valid argument, but she urged Sam to talk to Silas about the will. Ava was confident that Sam would see the truth in Silas' eyes.

At the police station, Franco sat behind bars as a guard showed Franco a copy of the morning edition of the Port Charles Press that featured a front-page story about Franco. The guard claimed that Franco was famous, but Franco informed the man that Franco had been famous long before the newspaper article. After the guard walked away, Franco wondered why he was on the front page of the newspaper instead of Silas, who had been accused of an equally headline-worthy crime.

Silas, stretched out on a cot in his own jail cell across from Franco's cell, suggested that perhaps Julian had decided to keep Ava's name out of the news. Franco was curious what their "mutual ex-inamorata" had to do with Silas' arrest, so Silas accused Ava of framing Silas. Franco conceded that he had suspected that Ava had been responsible for Carly's disappearance until Kiki had made Franco realize that Ava couldn't have done it, which meant that someone else had been behind it. Silas wasn't interested in hearing Franco's theory, but Franco explained that the longer the police focused on Franco, the more time the real culprit would have to hurt Carly or worse.

Moments later, Michael stormed in. Michael reached through the bars to pull Franco close as Michael angrily demanded to know what Franco had done with Carly. Franco insisted that he didn't know where Carly was, but Michael didn't believe him. Michael continued to hurl accusations and threats at Franco until a guard pulled Michael away and then marched Michael out of the jail. Silas was surprised by Michael's reaction, but Franco confessed that Michael had good reason to believe the worst of Franco.

Franco feared that it was only a matter of time before Michael turned Kiki against him, but Silas suggested that Franco have more faith in Kiki because she had stood by Franco despite not having any reason to do so. Franco agreed and admitted that Silas was lucky to have a daughter like Kiki.

A short time later, Sam arrived to talk to Silas. She demanded to know if Nina had had a will that had left everything to Silas. Sam was furious when he confirmed the existence of the will, so she decided to wash her hands of Silas and left. Silas shouted that the money hadn't meant anything to him, but Sam kept on walking. "Hmm, chicks," Franco muttered.

At Greystone Manor, Morgan received a text message from Ava asking to see him and admitting that she missed him. Morgan typed a reply that he missed her, too, but decided not to send it when he recalled Sonny making it clear that Morgan had to choose between his family and the Jeromes.

Moments later, Kiki entered the parlor. She greeted Morgan and asked if there had been any word about Carly, but he shook his head and told her that Franco continued to deny any involvement. Morgan suggested that Kiki remind Franco that the longer Franco remained quiet, the worse Franco's chances were of cutting a deal. Kiki pointed out that Franco might not be able to tell the police where Carly was because Franco hadn't been responsible for Carly's disappearance. Morgan couldn't understand how Kiki could continue to defend Franco when a knife with Carly's blood and Franco's fingerprints had been recovered from the parking garage.

Kiki was surprised that Michael hadn't mentioned to Morgan that Kiki had doubts about Franco's guilt. Morgan shrugged, so Kiki was curious if Michael was still with Sonny. Morgan admitted that he hadn't seen Michael all morning and then smiled when he realized what his brother had done. Morgan began to gloat that his brother had lied to Kiki, but immediately regretted it because he realized that it had been a cheap shot. Morgan apologized and admitted that he had his own "personal stuff" going on.

Kiki suspected that Morgan's problems had something to do with Ava. Morgan started to deny it, but then changed his mind and confessed that he cared about Kiki's mother. Their conversation was cut short by the arrival of Michael, who apologized for being late. Kiki was curious where Michael had been, so he admitted that he had gone to the police station to talk to Franco. Kiki was hurt that Michael hadn't told her, but Michael explained that he hadn't wanted to hear her defend the man who was responsible for Carly's disappearance.

Morgan was curious if Franco had revealed anything about Carly's whereabouts, but Michael shook his head and explained that Franco continued to deny any involvement. Michael's temper flared when Kiki admitted that she wasn't surprised. Morgan was equally annoyed and advised Kiki to do some research because Franco had hurt a lot of people. Disgusted, Morgan walked out.

Kiki assured Michael that she knew that Franco had done some horrible things in the past, but she insisted that Franco was not the same person. Michael refused to accept that Franco's brain tumor had been responsible for the crimes that Franco had committed and suggested that Kiki worry about her own biological father instead of Franco. Startled, Kiki wondered why she should be concerned about Silas, so Michael revealed that Silas had been arrested.

Kiki immediately called the police station and was told that Silas was suspected of attempting to murder his wife and that Kiki couldn't visit him. After the call, Michael snidely wondered if she thought that Silas had been framed as well. "Are you serious?" Kiki asked. Michael refused to apologize because she continued to defend the man who had hurt Michael's mother. Kiki was curious if Michael had ever wondered why she thought that Franco hadn't harmed Carly.

Michael gave Kiki an opportunity to explain herself, so she admitted that something seemed fishy about the situation. Michael wasn't satisfied. He insisted that Franco was guilty and challenged Kiki to provide one shred of evidence to prove otherwise. Michael stormed out when Kiki couldn't give him what he needed. Moments later, Kiki called Miscavige to arrange a meeting with Heather.

Outside, Morgan was stunned when he spotted Ava. Ava explained that they needed to talk because she loved him. Morgan assured her that he loved her, too, but he insisted that she had to leave before someone saw her there. Ava's eyes filled with tears as she reluctantly walked away.

At the Drake residence, Robin tried to get Emma to eat some breakfast, but Emma was busy looking up something on the Internet. Robin helped Patrick select a tie for work as Emma asked how to spell chupacabra. Patrick confessed that he had no idea what a chupacabra was, but he was willing to give it a try. With Robin and Patrick's help, Emma figured out the spelling by slowly sounding out the word.

Moments later, the doorbell rang heralding Robert's arrival. Robin greeted her father as Emma ran to give Robert a hug. Robin was disappointed when Robert announced that he had stopped by to say goodbye because he was headed out of town. Robin reminded Robert that they had just reunited and were finally together as a family, but Robert explained that it was important because Holly had called to ask for his help with Ethan. Robin was curious why Luke couldn't go to Ethan's aid, so Robert admitted that Luke had dropped out of sight.

Robert admitted that he wanted to help because Holly had stayed by his side while he had lingered in a coma. Robin reluctantly accepted his decision, so Robert asked Patrick to keep a close eye on Liesl Obrecht because Robert had questions about the deal that Liesl had cut with the World Security Bureau. Next, Robert sat Emma on his knee to offer her some advice about the boys that she liked. Robert suggested that Emma not rush into anything and instead wait until one of the boys performed an act of chivalry. Emma smiled and agreed.

A short time later, Robert and Emma were each playing a didgeridoo when Mac arrived to take his brother to the airport. Robert grumbled that there was plenty of time, but Mac disagreed because Robert had been booked on an international flight. Robin sadly realized that it was time to say goodbye, but Robert reminded her that there were two things that Scorpios never said. "Never say die and never say goodbye," Robert told her. "We say till next time," Emma added with a smile.

Robin needed more than that from her father, so she asked Robert to promise that he would stay safe and return home. Robert assured Robin that it was a promise that he could easily keep. Robert then reminded his daughter that a part of him would always remain with her. Robin's eyes welled up with tears as her father hugged her and then gave her a quick kiss before following Mac out the door.

Later, Emma was shocked to read on the computer that a chupacabra was from Sabrina's birthplace, Puerto Rico. Emma quickly persuaded Robin to adjust their afternoon plans to include a trip to the hospital to drop off Patrick.

At Wyndemere, Spencer was staring intently at his laptop as Britt quietly made her way to the sofa. She wondered what was going on, but Nikolas admitted that he had no idea. Spencer impatiently explained that he had been researching a chupacabra because they had one in the stables. Britt asked what a chupacabra was, so Spencer started to explain. However, Nikolas decided that his son needed a break and snatched the laptop away from Spencer.

Nikolas demanded to know who had told Spencer about the mythical beast. Spencer recalled his encounter in the barn with Heather, but opted to lie by blaming Alfred. Spencer was shocked when Nikolas seemed surprised because Alfred had recently put a jar of cranberry sauce out with breakfast and had claimed that it was strawberry jam. Britt chuckled, but Nikolas decided to have a talk with Alfred.

Spencer marched over to the coffee table and resumed drawing a picture of him defeating the chupacabra while Cam cowered with fear and Emma swooned with love. Britt decided to get ready for work, even though she would have preferred to slowly be lowered into a wood chipper. However, first she wanted to make certain that Nikolas would be fine spending the day alone with Spencer, Ben, and Alfred. Nikolas admitted that he had found a bratwurst with the cutlery a few days earlier, but he was certain that Alfred was fine. Britt suggested that perhaps it was time to hire new help.

Moments later, Elizabeth and Cam stopped by. Nikolas was surprised to see them, so Elizabeth reminded him that Cam and Spencer had scheduled a play date. Elizabeth's eyes narrowed and she turned to her son for answers when she realized that Nikolas had no idea what she was talking about. Nikolas immediately sprang to his nephew's defense by suggesting that Alfred had merely forgotten to mention it to Nikolas. Cam thanked his uncle and then dashed off to join Spencer in the parlor.

Elizabeth appreciated Nikolas allowing Cam to stay, but Nikolas pointed out that he had plenty of time because he was a "decadent man of leisure." Elizabeth smiled and promised to repay him, but she had to get to work for another fun-filled day of "arbeitsmoral," which was Obrecht's word for the new work ethic that Liesl intended to drill into the staff at the hospital. Elizabeth had no idea how Nikolas had managed to live with Liesl for a month, so Nikolas admitted that it had helped when Faison had kept Liesl tied up for a few days in the catacombs.

Nikolas sensed that something else was troubling Elizabeth and warned her not to deny it because he knew her too well. Elizabeth reluctantly admitted that she had overheard something important that concerned a friend, but she had no idea what to do with it.

In the parlor, Spencer frowned when he saw Cam and asked what Cam was doing there. Cam announced that he intended to kill the chupacabra, but Spencer argued that he intended to kill the beast himself. Cam explained that Spencer couldn't do it alone, but Spencer insisted that he could if he were armed. Cam challenged Spencer to prove it, so Spencer grabbed two pokers and handed one to Cam.

Moments later, the boys bolted out of the parlor, but their parents immediately stopped them. Nikolas ordered the boys to hand over the pokers and then warned them not to play with any sharp objects. Disappointed, the boys left the castle unarmed.

Nikolas tried to pick up the conversation where he and Elizabeth had left off, but Elizabeth decided that it was her problem to figure out. Nikolas hugged Elizabeth and promised her that he would always be there for her if she needed him. Britt appeared at the top of the stairs and cleared her throat.

"Elizabeth. Not even noon and you already need your knight in shining armor. What's so dire? Spider in the bathtub?" Britt asked. Elizabeth refused to take the bait, so she explained that she had dropped Cam off for a play date. Britt suggested that Cam make more friends because it was quite a trip to accommodate Cam's social calendar. Elizabeth merely smiled and announced that she had to leave. Nikolas promised to drop Cam off after Elizabeth's shift.

Britt asked Elizabeth to wait so they could share the launch to the mainland. Elizabeth agreed, so Britt made a point of telling Nikolas how much she would miss him and then kissed him passionately goodbye.

In the stables, Heather called out to Carly and announced that she had coffee and BLTs from Kelly's. Heather smiled with delight as she showed Carly the front page of the newspaper.

Heather sat down to read the article to Carly, who remained tied up and gagged. Heather became annoyed when Franco was described as a "mad artist" because she wondered if it meant angry-mad or crazy-mad. Heather hoped that it had meant angry-mad. Heather was pleased when the article mentioned that the arrest warrant had been issued after Michael had demanded that the police take action following the discovery of the knife. Carly was certain that Franco would eventually find Carly, but Heather promised Carly that Carly would be long dead before that happened.

Heather offered Carly something to eat, but Carly admitted that she'd rather starve. Besides, Carly was sick of Heather's obsession with BLTs. Carly was curious what exactly turned Heather on about bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes. "You forgot mayonnaise," Heather told her. Carly argued that it was just a sandwich, so she couldn't understand why Heather was fixated on it.

Heather revealed that Kelly's BLTs tasted almost like the ones that her father had once made. Heather's eyes filled with unshed tears as she talked about her father, who had been a traveling salesman. Heather explained that she would wait by the window and listen for the sound of his Studebaker as her father arrived home from one of his trips. He would hug his daughter and ask if home could be a person rather than a place.

Heather recalled that her father would kiss her mother and then go to the kitchen to whip up BLTs for Heather, while regaling Heather with stories of the wonderful places that he had seen. However, her father would always assure Heather that he ached to be with her the most because she was his number one girl.

Heather became choked up as she revealed that eventually the trips had become longer and the visits fewer until one day her mother had admitted that Heather's father had found another woman. "What about me?" Heather had asked. "I guess you're not his number one girl anymore," Alice had answered.

Carly quietly admitted that she had grown up without her biological parents and that her adoptive father had walked out when Carly had been young. Heather denied that she and Carly were the same, but Carly pointed out that they both knew what it was like to be thrown away by someone they had loved. Carly explained that they both had had a difficult time loving someone, including their own children because they lived with the fear that if their father could leave then their children could as well.

"Isn't that why you gave them up? So they couldn't leave you first?" Carly asked. Heather confessed that giving up Steven Lars and Franco had been the worst thing that she had ever done, but Carly pointed out that, unlike their fathers, Heather had returned because Heather hadn't stopped loving her sons. Carly realized that Heather was hurt because Franco had done what Heather's father had done; he had put another woman first.

Heather made it clear that Carly hadn't figured her out, but Carly warned Heather that hurting Carly to punish Franco would only push him further away. Heather tried to deny that she wanted Franco to be a part of her life, but Carly didn't believe Heather. Heather argued that she had already lost Franco because Franco loved Carly more than he loved Heather. Heather insisted that Franco had proven it by "killing" his own mother to protect Carly.

Carly revealed that Franco had been upset to learn that Heather and Scott were his parents, but despite all of the questions, Franco had finally understood why Heather had loved him. Heather argued that Franco had thanked Heather by stabbing her. "He'll discover that payback's a bitch, and so am I," Heather growled.

Carly switched tactics by announcing that she was through with Franco because Heather was too much for Carly to handle. Carly promised not to tell anyone what Heather had done if Heather let Carly go. Heather accused Carly of playing her, but Carly assured Heather that Carly knew what it was like to have a woman get between her and her sons because of Kiki. Heather insisted that Franco needed to pay, and so did Carly, which was why Carly had to die.

Meanwhile, Cam and Spencer arrived at the stables. The picked up a shovel and a rake and agreed that whoever killed the chupacabra would win Emma's heart.

At the Drake residence, Robin arrived home and noticed that the front door was ajar. She opened the door to scan the living room but decided to call the police rather than enter the house. Robin started to dial the number on her cell phone when a mystery person grabbed her from behind and pulled her into the house.

Friday, January 31, 2014

At Miscavige Institute, Kiki approached the front desk to talk to a nurse who had been reading a tabloid magazine that featured a story about whether or not A.J. had gotten away with Connie's murder. The nurse, Kelly, put the magazine down as Kiki asked to see Heather. Kelly explained that it was impossible because Heather was a "restricted patient" and not allowed visitors. Kiki claimed that she was Heather's granddaughter, but Kelly recalled reading a story that had proclaimed that Kiki was not Franco's daughter.

Kiki confided that the story had been untrue and that her family had decided to sue the newspaper because of the lies that had been printed in the article. Kiki's eyes filled with tears as she explained that she wanted to check on her "granny" to make certain that Heather was okay. Kelly agreed to allow Kiki to visit Heather, so Kelly asked a passing orderly to escort Kiki to Heather's room. The orderly was surprised because he knew that Heather wasn't allowed to receive visitors, but Kelly explained that Kiki was Heather's granddaughter.

The orderly led Kiki to a padded room where she saw a blonde-haired woman in a straitjacket, seated in a chair with her back to Kiki. The orderly claimed that Heather had been in a catatonic state since the night of Franco's party at the art gallery. Kiki asked if Heather could have slipped out of Miscavige, but the orderly insisted that it was impossible because Heather would have had to get past him.

Shortly after Kiki left, the orderly stood outside of the room, munching on a BLT sandwich. In the room, Luke, wearing a blonde wig, sat in the chair in a heavily drugged state.

At the police station, Franco was taken to an interrogation room where Anna and Dante tried to question him about Carly's disappearance. Franco refused to talk without his attorney present, but he insisted that Anna and Dante were wasting their time, looking at him as a suspect. Dante warned Franco that it could be awhile before Diane arrived, but Franco remained silent. Anna claimed that she wanted to give Franco an opportunity to clear his name, but it became clear to Franco that the opposite was true when Anna and Dante challenged Franco to explain how his fingerprints had ended up on a knife with Carly's blood.

"Oh, my God," Franco muttered as he realized that the knife that the police had recovered from the parking garage was the same knife that he had stabbed Heather with. Anna clucked that it hadn't been smart of Franco to drop the knife in the trashcan near the crime scene, but Franco insisted that the knife didn't belong to him and then reiterated that he would not say another word until Diane arrived. Anna shrugged and asked Dante to stay with Franco.

After Anna left the room, Dante closed the door and tried to intimidate Franco into confessing, but Franco remained tightlipped. Frustrated, Dante left the room and bumped into Kiki as she arrived at the police station to talk to Franco. Dante couldn't understand why Kiki continued to defend Franco, but he pointed her to the interrogation room.

In the interrogation room, Franco was stunned when Kiki revealed that she had gone to Miscavige, hoping to prove that Heather had been responsible for Carly's disappearance. Franco was curious if Kiki had talked to Heather, so Kiki explained that Heather had been in a catatonic state for months and in no condition to cause trouble.

In the squad room, Tracy demanded to talk to Anna because Tracy was concerned about Luke's sudden disappearance. Anna was certain that Luke was fine, but Tracy was adamant that something terrible had happened. Tracy explained that she had sent Luke to the boathouse to deal with a raccoon problem two days earlier, but he had never returned. Anna pointed out that it wasn't unusual for Luke to drop out of sight, but Tracy insisted that Luke had changed and wouldn't have left without letting Tracy know. Anna was curious if Tracy had checked her bank account, so Tracy assured Anna that it had been the first thing that Tracy had done.

Tracy revealed that there hadn't been any withdrawals from the bank indicating that Luke had gone on an adventure, but Anna remained certain that Luke had left town on his own and would eventually turn up.

In the tack room, Heather announced that it was time to make certain that the authorities found Carly's body. Carly's eyes rounded with fear as Heather grabbed a blanket and then threw it over Carly, whose feet and hands had been securely bound.

Meanwhile, Spencer and Cameron, armed with a shovel and a rake, agreed that whoever killed the chupacabra would win Emma's heart. The boys slipped into the tack room but stopped short when they saw Heather. Heather asked what Spencer and Cam were doing there, but the boys' eyes had zeroed in on the wiggling and moaning figure that had been covered with a blanket. Cam asked if it was the chupacabra, so Heather admitted that it was.

Heather spun an exciting tale about how she had caught the mythical beast, prompting Spencer to ask to see the chupacabra. Heather warned Spencer that it wasn't a good idea because it would likely give him nightmares for years. Spencer and Cam agreed that it wasn't necessary to see the beast in order for them to kill it. Heather seized the opportunity to have the boys do her dirty work by pulling a knife out of her bag and explaining that the special knife was the only thing that could kill the chupacabra.

Heather offered the knife to the boys as she quietly muttered to herself that the knife would create stab wounds that would match the knife that she had framed Franco with. She was curious which of the two boys would be brave enough to kill the beast under the blanket. Spencer took the knife and boldly approached the squirming figure under the blanket but quickly lost his nerve and ran out. Heather picked up the knife that Spencer had dropped and offered it to Cam, but Cam ran after his cousin. Disappointed that the boys hadn't had the fortitude to kill the beast, Heather decided that it was up to her to kill Carly.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was on the Internet reading about the chupacabra, when Lulu entered the parlor and tapped him on his shoulder. Nikolas was startled and jumped up. Lulu immediately apologized for frightening her brother, but he assured her that he was fine and then asked why she was there. Lulu explained that she had stopped by to talk to Britt to thank Britt for urging Lulu to talk to Dante. Lulu revealed that she and Dante had worked things out and that she would soon be returning home to her husband.

However, Lulu confessed that she was concerned about how empty the loft would feel without their child. As if on cue, Ben cried out, so Nikolas fetched the baby.

Nikolas returned to the parlor with Ben, who was fussy. Nikolas had no idea why Ben was cranky, but he suspected that the baby missed its mother. Lulu offered to take Ben, so Nikolas handed the baby to her. He was surprised when Ben immediately calmed down, and he attributed it to Lulu's "magic touch." Lulu was certain that it had simply been good timing, but Nikolas doubted it because Ben was a stubborn child who had never tired out before.

Moments later, Spencer and Cam returned to the castle. The boys were out of breath and clearly shaken. Concerned, Nikolas asked if anything had happened, so Spencer revealed that there was a chupacabra in the stables. Nikolas appeared skeptical, but the boys insisted that it was true and urged Nikolas to go to the stables to see for himself. Nikolas sent Spencer and Cam to the kitchen for lunch and then headed to the stables.

A short time later, Nikolas entered the stables and called out to see if anyone was there, but no one answered.

Meanwhile, Lulu became alarmed when she noticed a rash on Ben's arm.

At the hospital, a bedraggled Britt hunched under a blanket as she wondered if she had mentioned how much she hated Elizabeth. Elizabeth assured Britt that she had, but it had been three minutes earlier. Elizabeth was surprised by Britt's lack of gratitude because Elizabeth had saved Britt's life by fishing Britt out of the harbor. Britt accused Elizabeth of shoving Britt into the water, but Elizabeth insisted that she had merely tried to help Britt off of the launch. "And into the harbor. Well played, Elizabeth," Britt retorted.

Elizabeth was curious what reason she would have for shoving Britt into the water, so Britt pointed out that Elizabeth suspected that Britt and Britt's mother were in cahoots. Elizabeth and Britt entered the elevator as Elizabeth assured Britt that she wouldn't push Britt into the water because of Liesl Obrecht. Britt countered that Elizabeth was also jealous of Britt's relationship with Nikolas.

Elizabeth rolled her eyes and sarcastically confessed that she had a mini Britt voodoo doll at home and spent every evening poking it with sharp little needles. "That's hilarious," Britt replied. "So is this absurd theory of yours," Elizabeth retorted. However, Elizabeth conceded that she couldn't stand the fact that Britt was with Nikolas because Elizabeth didn't think that Britt was good enough for Nikolas.

"Oh, and you are?" Britt asked as she followed Elizabeth out of the elevator. Elizabeth denied that she had said that, but Britt accused Elizabeth of trying to turn Nikolas against Britt. Elizabeth explained that she didn't need to because Britt would destroy Britt's relationship with Nikolas without Elizabeth's help.

Meanwhile, Patrick gave Emma a piggyback ride as he approached the nurses' station. He confessed that he was happy to spend the day with Emma, but he reminded her that they had to keep their promise to Robin and avoid Liesl Obrecht. Emma looked up as Liesl approached Patrick from behind and then greeted them each with a saccharine smile.

Emma dashed behind her father and clung to his leg as Liesl admitted that she would recognize Emma anywhere because Emma looked like Robin. Liesl offered Emma a lime-flavored lollipop, but Emma scowled. "Witch, please," Emma snapped. Liesl was taken aback by Emma's rudeness and suggested that Patrick discipline his daughter. Patrick warned Liesl to stay away from Emma, so Liesl pointed out that he shouldn't take his daughter to work if he didn't want Emma around Liesl.

Emma spotted Sabrina and ran to greet her. Liesl demanded to know why Sabrina had been three minutes late, so Sabrina carefully explained that she hadn't felt well. Emma was shocked when Liesl attributed Sabrina's bout of illness to Sabrina's pregnancy. Sabrina resented Liesl keeping tabs on Sabrina's private life, but Liesl argued that Sabrina shouldn't see an OBGYN during "office" hours.

Liesl advised Sabrina to find a doctor with more accommodating hours and suggested that Sabrina consider going to Britt. Sabrina immediately rejected the idea, so Liesl shrugged and conceded that it was up to the mother. Patrick was furious when Liesl smiled innocently and speculated that he was the father of Sabrina's baby. Emma wondered if it was true, so Patrick asked Sabrina to take Emma away.

Patrick waited until Emma was out of sight and then blasted Liesl for talking about a personal matter in front of his daughter. Patrick made it clear that his private life didn't concern Liesl and then admitted that he couldn't understand why the World Security Bureau had set her free. Liesl revealed that she had provided the WSB with the most valuable commodity of all -- information. Patrick insisted that Liesl was worse than Heather Webber and Franco combined, yet mother and son were behind bars, so he couldn't imagine what kind of information Liesl had possessed that would persuade the WSB to release her.

Liesl became distracted when she spotted her daughter, so she demanded to know why Britt was late. Britt greeted her mother and blamed her tardiness on Elizabeth. Liesl made it clear that Britt was to address her as either Dr. Obrecht or Chief Obrecht while they were at work and then complained that it was unbecoming to blame others. Frustrated, Britt explained that she had fallen into the harbor.

Liesl was disgusted and wondered if Britt would next cry that the dog had eaten her homework. Britt apologized to Patrick because he had to deal with her mother, but he felt bad that Britt had been stuck growing up with Liesl. Liesl explained that Patrick was in a sour mood because he had been cheated out of a child once again. Britt was stunned when Liesl revealed that Sabrina was pregnant, but Patrick quickly clarified that the baby wasn't his.

Britt wondered how Patrick had handled the news, so he confessed that he had been both relieved and disappointed. Britt admitted that she was sorry, but Patrick shrugged. "It is what it is," Patrick said as he walked away.

Liesl couldn't understand why Americans had lackadaisical views of blood relations because in her family, an heir meant everything. "Unless it's a girl," Liesl added as she looked at her daughter. Britt sarcastically thanked her mother and walked away. Elizabeth, who had been listening to the exchange, also slipped away.

Nearby, Patrick called Robin, but the call went to voicemail.

Later, Britt was curious if her mother had intentionally tried to rub Patrick's nose in the fact that he wasn't the father of Sabrina's child. Liesl admitted that Patrick hadn't seemed heartbroken about it, but Britt argued that Patrick wouldn't give Liesl the satisfaction of seeing his pain. Liesl resented her daughter's tone, so she suggested that Britt should be grateful that Liesl hadn't told a far more salacious baby secret like Britt's son being Dante and Lulu's child.

In an examination room, Emma asked Sabrina about the baby's father. Sabrina claimed that Sabrina's friend, Carlos, was the father and that Sabrina had known him since they were children in Puerto Rico. Emma perked up because she wanted information about chupacabras, which was why she had asked to go to the hospital. Sabrina explained that chupacabras weren't real, but Emma disagreed and decided to prove it. Emma ducked down behind the examination table to pull something out of her backpack.

Seconds later, Elizabeth entered the room. Sabrina tried to warn Elizabeth that they were not alone, but Elizabeth didn't notice as she implored Sabrina to tell Patrick that he was the baby's father. Elizabeth tensed when she saw Emma stand up and look at Sabrina with confusion.

At the Drake residence, an armed gunman and his partner hauled Robin into her house. Robin assumed that the men were there to rob her, so she invited them to take what they wanted and leave before her family returned. The men ordered her to sit and explained that they weren't there to steal anything. Robin demanded to know who they were, but a third man entered the house and then calmly made his way to a chair as he revealed that the two men worked for him.

Victor Cassadine introduced himself, but Robin had no idea who he was. Victor wasn't surprised because he had been incarcerated for a long time. However, he was confident that she knew his great-nephew, Nikolas, very well. Robin admitted that Nikolas was one of her best friends, so Victor revealed that Nikolas' grandfather, Mikkos, had been Victor's brother.

Victor explained that he had business with Robin that pertained to the WSB, but Robin quickly clarified that she wasn't affiliated with the WSB. "But I am. I'm its new director," Victor revealed and then admitted that his appointment had been a well-guarded secret from people like Robert and Frisco. Robin realized that Victor had set Liesl free and demanded to know why.

According to Victor, Jerry Jacks and Liesl had commandeered Cassadine Island prior to Robin's stay there. Robin clarified that she had been a captive, not a guest. Victor smiled politely and continued his story. He revealed that Liesl had provided him with information about the lab's previous inhabitants because Liesl had known that Victor had been keenly interested in the people. Robin's curiosity was piqued, so Victor pulled out a photograph and set it on the table.

"To start with, my brother's wife," Victor explained as Robin looked at the picture of Helena. Victor revealed that Helena's body had been taken to the lab on Cassadine Island after the shooting on the Haunted Star. Victor set a second photograph on the table as he credited his nephew, Stavros, for making the arrangements. Robin pointed out that both Helena and Stavros were dead, but Victor assured Robin that they were no more dead than Robin was. "And you are going to bring them back," Victor explained.

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