General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 20, 2014 on GH

Lucas met Julian. Morgan betrayed Sonny. Kiki agreed to help Franco. Liesl Obrecht was hired as the hospital's new chief of staff. Elizabeth overheard that Patrick was the father of Sabrina's baby. Nathan arrested Silas.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 20, 2014 on GH
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Monday, January 20, 2014

Sam was surprised when Lucas bumped into her outside Kelly's. Julian interrupted as Sam and Lucas chatted about catching up. Julian told Sam that no matter what she thought, Julian was still her father. Lucas asked what was going on and quickly learned, that the father, Julian Jerome, that Lucas had thought was dead, was alive.

Julian was sarcastic until he learned that Lucas was his son. Julian was overwhelmed and told Lucas that he had only recently found out that he had a son. Julian said that he had been about to board a plane to Seattle to find Lucas and get to know him. Lucas' first comment was to question why his mother had not told Lucas the truth. Julian tried to hug Lucas, but Lucas said no and walked away.

Julian wanted to follow, but Sam told Julian to leave Lucas alone. She informed Julian that Lucas had thought that Julian was a mobster who had died twenty years earlier. Sam said that she thought that Julian was scum. She called him a monster that had started a mob war. She added that he was a liar and a user who was hiding behind her son, Danny. Julian was hurt and told Sam that she was his daughter and that Julian cared about her and her son. He added that maybe, someday, Sam would realize it.

Alexis went to see Sonny at his home so that he could sign papers. She jokingly told him that he needed an assistant or a consigliore during Max's absence. Sonny joked back that he thought that Alexis filled that bill. Alexis said that she wanted no part of the mob business and that she did not want to take sides. She emphasized that she handled Sonny's legitimate business only.

Sonny responded that he was not asking Alexis to take sides and implied that Julian had. Alexis then spilled the story of Sam and Lucas and ended with how awful it was to find out that you had a mobster for a dad. Sonny asked Alexis if she was comparing Sonny to Julian. Alexis replied that Sonny was a devoted father and a good friend. Alexis added that of the three mobsters that had gotten her pregnant, Sonny was not the worst. They laughed.

Alexis gathered her things while Sonny signed the document. As she left, Sonny said that he would take care of Julian, and had, in fact, already started.

Luke found Carly in the boathouse. Luke removed the gag, and Carly told Luke that they had to leave quickly. As he struggled to untie the ropes around her wrists, Luke asked if Franco was responsible for her predicament. Just as Carly said it had been Heather Webber, Heather appeared in the doorway. Luke told Heather that she had a nasty habit of tying people up. Heather called Carly a tramp who had turned Heather's son, Franco, against Heather.

Luke told Heather that he would not let Heather hurt Carly and stood between Heather and Carly, holding the golf club, but Heather pulled a gun and scoffed. Luke easily got the gun from Heather and pointed it at her. As Luke took out his phone to call the cops, he was hit from behind and knocked unconscious by a blow from one of Heather's goons. Heather gloated as she told Carly that a person had to get up pretty early in the morning to outsmart Heather. Heather looked thoughtful when one of her henchmen asked her what she wanted to do next.

Tracy and Monica argued as they sipped coffee in the Quartermaine mansion. Tracy told Monica about the raccoons that she had sent Luke to subdue with a golf club and fishing net. Tracy asked Monica to check on him. Monica laughed at that suggestion while she chided Tracy about the missing newspaper. Eventually, talk turned to the General Hospital board meeting. Monica said that she had been summoned to GH and was hopeful that she would be reinstated as the new chief of staff. Tracy did not give Monica much of a chance, but Monica was confident as she left the room to depart for GH.

Tracy opened the terrace doors and called for Luke. When he did not answer, she got her coat and went to the boathouse. When Tracy opened the door, all she found was the golf club and fishing net on the floor.

Franco arrived at the police station just in time to overhear Scott tell Anna that Scott would issue an arrest warrant under protest because of the pressure that Michael had put on them. Scott thought that Anna was the insider at the department who had called Michael with information. Michael said that Franco was all about games, and the knife did not mean that Carly was dead.

When Scott left to get the warrant, Anna thanked Michael for applying the pressure. She assured him that she would find out what Franco had done with Carly. Scott returned with the warrant. Anna dispatched police to find Franco and sent out an APB. Michael left the station.

Anna thanked Scott for getting the warrant but implied that he had held back because Franco was his son. Scott said that all he had wanted was for the police to do their job and give him an airtight case. As units checked in, Franco was nowhere to be found. Scott asked if Anna thought that Franco was running. Before she could answer, Anna received a phone call with news that stunned her.

Kiki responded to a knock on the door of the apartment that she shared with Michael and found Silas there. Silas said that he wanted to tell Kiki about his wife. At first she thought that he and Sam had eloped, but she quickly learned the details of Silas' affair with Ava and Kiki's subsequent birth. Silas admitted that he regretted the affair but not Kiki's birth. They shared a moment before Silas received a call summoning him to the hospital for a board meeting.

As Silas left, Kiki thanked Silas for being honest with her. Before Kiki could close the door again, Franco stuck his foot in it. Franco asked her to hide him after disclosing that an arrest warrant had been issued. Franco said that Kiki was the only one who believed him when he said that he loved Carly and had not hurt her. Franco feared if the police arrested him, they would stop looking for Carly and the real kidnapper.

Michael got home and tried to open the door but was stopped by the chain lock. He pounded and threatened to break it down. When Kiki opened the door, Franco was nowhere to be seen. Michael told Kiki about the anonymous call, which claimed that the police had found Carly's blood and Franco's fingerprints on a knife left in the parking garage. Kiki looked stunned when Michael told her that he was sorry because Michael knew that Kiki had wanted to trust Franco. Kiki looked at Michael and said that she had to tell him something.

Felix and Sabrina were arguing when Robin and Patrick stepped off the elevator. Patrick and Robin acted like concerned friends to Sabrina, but nothing more. Felix did not understand Patrick's cavalier attitude toward Sabrina and called him on it. Patrick said that Carlos was the father of Sabrina's baby. Felix was surprised but kept his mouth shut as Robin and Patrick went to get coffee before the board meeting began.

Felix took Sabrina to task, even after he heard how Carlos had interfered. Felix said that Sabrina was just as bad as Britt, because hiding the baby from Patrick was the same as pretending that Patrick was the father. Sabrina said that her mind was made up and that if Felix wanted to remain friends, he would have to promise to keep her secret. Felix raised his hand and swore that he would never tell anyone that Patrick was the father of Sabrina's baby. Elizabeth overheard Felix.

Robin sipped coffee and talked about running into Sabrina at the hospital. Patrick expressed surprise that Sabrina had not told Felix about Carlos. Britt ran into Silas and told him that she was also in the running for chief of staff. Monica, who was confident that she would get her job back soon, joined Robin, Patrick, Silas, and Britt. When the chairman of the board joined them to make the announcement, they were all speechless when Dr. Obrecht walked in and announced that she was the new chief of staff at General Hospital.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

At the police station, Anna wrapped up a phone call and then approached Dante. It was clear that she was upset, so Dante asked if he could help. Anna thanked him, but she insisted that she needed him to continue the search for Franco. Moments later, Anna left to take care of something.

At the apartment, Michael told Kiki about the knife with Carly's blood and Franco's fingerprints that the police had recovered. Kiki confessed that she needed to tell Michael something, but rather than reveal that Franco was hiding in the next room, she told Michael that Silas had stopped by. Kiki quickly filled Michael in about Silas' confession that Kiki had been conceived during an adulterous affair. Michael felt bad for Kiki, but she assured him that she was fine. However, she appreciated Michael's concern because she knew that he had been dealing with a lot because of Carly's disappearance.

Moments later, Michael decided to change his shirt, so he started for the room where Franco was hiding. Kiki quickly suggested that Michael take a long hot shower to help him "de-stress." Michael admitted that it was a good idea, so he headed to the bathroom instead.

Franco quietly stepped out of his hiding place and thanked Kiki for covering for him. Kiki made it clear that she hadn't enjoyed lying to Michael and then demanded to know what Franco had to say about the knife that the police had recovered. Franco insisted that he had been set up, but Kiki made it clear that she couldn't help him anymore, so she ordered him to leave. Franco started for the door but froze when someone suddenly knocked.

Franco wondered if Kiki had been expecting someone, but Kiki shook her head. Kiki's eyes rounded with fear when she heard Dante call out to Michael and Kiki, so she insisted that Franco duck out of sight. Franco returned to his hiding place seconds before Michael entered the living room to find out why Kiki hadn't answered the door. Kiki claimed that she had been about to and then opened the door.

Michael greeted his brother and asked if there had been news about Carly. Dante shook his head but explained that an arrest warrant had been issued for Franco. Michael revealed that he had pressured Scott into issuing the warrant but then switched gears to demand to know why Dante hadn't told Michael about the knife that had been recovered from the parking garage. Dante explained that he had been asked not to talk about it, but Michael wasn't satisfied because he thought that Dante should have shared the information with him. Kiki defended Dante by reminding Michael that Dante had been doing his job.

Kiki was certain that Dante had been doing everything possible to find Carly, so Dante explained that he had stopped by to ask for Kiki's help. Dante knew that Franco and Kiki had bonded when they had each believed that they were father and daughter, so Dante wondered if Franco had reached out to Kiki for help. Michael quickly dismissed the possibility because he was certain that Kiki would have mentioned it. "Right?" Michael asked Kiki.

At Wyndemere, Cameron fetched a game board from the closet, but Spencer announced that they weren't going to play the game because Spencer wanted to talk "turkey" with Cam. Cam admitted that he liked turkey, so Spencer suggested that Cam marry a turkey and stay far away from Emma. Cam insisted that he liked Emma, so Spencer suggested that Cam date Josslyn Jacks instead. Cam was curious why he and Spencer were arguing over Emma when it wasn't really up to them. Spencer agreed that it was up to Emma to decide who she wanted to date.

In the foyer, Lulu apologized if she had interrupted Nikolas' time with Spencer. Nikolas rocked Ben in his arms as he assured his sister that Spencer had Cam over for a play date, so he doubted that Spencer had even noticed Nikolas' absence. According to Nikolas, the cousins couldn't get enough of each other.

Nikolas then changed the subject by asking if there had been any news about Carly. Lulu was forced to admit that she didn't know because she hadn't talked to Dante since she had left him. Nikolas was stunned as Lulu explained that she had walked out on her husband after Britt had revealed that Dante and Lulu couldn't have a child together. Lulu rushed to assure Nikolas that she didn't blame Britt, who had seemed almost as upset by the news as Lulu and Dante had been. Nikolas gently reminded his sister that Dante and Lulu weren't to blame either, but Cam and Spencer walked up before Lulu could reply.

Spencer asked if Emma could visit. Nikolas pointed out that it was late in the afternoon, so Spencer fell to his knees to beseech his father to reconsider. Nikolas bit back a smile as he told his son to stand up and then handed Ben to Lulu so Nikolas could call to see if Emma was available.

At Kelly's, Emma confessed to her grandfather and uncle that she was "lovesick." Robert and Mac exchanged a surprised glance before Robert gently asked who had stolen Emma's heart. "Cameron and Spencer," Emma replied. Robert insisted that Emma was too young for boys but became distracted when he saw his brother's grin. Mac explained that he had gone through the same thing with Emma's mother, so it was Robert's turn to deal with a young girl's affair of the heart.

Robert made it clear that he forbade Emma to date until after she was thirty, but Emma merely laughed because she thought that her grandfather was being silly. Mac agreed but quickly added that Robert was right about Emma being too young. However, Mac was curious which boy Emma would choose if she had to pick one. Robert insisted that it wasn't necessary for Emma to choose and then suggested that she needed a convent education. Emma wondered what that was, but Mac assured her that she need not worry about it.

Mac's phone rang, so he stepped away to take the call while Robert told Emma that a decision could wait until she was out of middle school. Mac returned to announce that Nikolas had invited Emma to Wyndemere for a play date.

Emma became distracted when she saw her grandmother enter. Anna greeted Emma, Mac, and Robert and then explained that she needed to talk to Robert. Mac handed Emma's coat to his great-niece as he explained that he and Emma were headed to Wyndemere. Anna and Robert appeared concerned, so Mac assured them there wasn't anything to worry about because Faison was long gone.

After Mac and Emma left, Anna and Robert went to a quiet corner where Anna revealed that the World Security Bureau had set Liesl Obrecht free. Robert wondered how that was possible, so Anna explained that Liesl's attorney had met with the WSB. Robert realized that Liesl had provided the WSB with valuable information in exchange for Liesl's freedom. Anna wondered if it was possible that Liesl knew what they had done to Faison, but Robert assured Anna that they had covered their tracks well.

Anna pointed out that it wouldn't stop Liesl from asking questions, but Robert reminded Anna that they had put a plan in place for that eventuality. Robert was confident that Liesl would hit a brick wall if Liesl went looking for Faison. However, Robert admitted that they needed to figure out what Liesl had used to barter for her freedom. Robert feared that whatever it had been would return to bite them all "right in the ass." Anna suggested that they reach out to Frisco, but Robert suspected that Frisco had been cut out of the loop, otherwise Frisco would have called.

Anna hoped that Liesl stayed far away from Port Charles, so Robert decided to put out a few feelers to figure out what Liesl was up to. Robert assured Anna that they would get Liesl, but Anna pointed out that Liesl had already managed to slip through their fingers. Robert admitted that they had "bigger fish to fry" than Liesl; their granddaughter was involved in a love triangle.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was startled when Spencer walked up sporting a smoking jacket, so Nikolas asked where Spencer had gotten the jacket. "I have connections," Spencer bragged and then squirted breath freshener into his mouth. Lulu chuckled as Nikolas shook his head in disbelief.

Spencer ran to answer the door when the doorbell rang and then warmly greeted Mac and Emma. Nikolas thanked Mac for dropping Emma off as Spencer politely asked to take Emma's coat. "The apple doesn't fall far," Lulu observed with a smile. The children scampered off as Nikolas glared at his sister.

Nikolas wondered if he had pulled Emma away from something important, so Mac admitted that Emma was supposed to have spent the day with Robert, but Anna had stopped by to talk to Robert. Nikolas was curious if it had anything to do with the search for Carly, but Mac admitted that he had no idea. However, Mac was confident that the police would find Carly. Nikolas agreed and then changed the subject by promising to drop Emma off in a few hours.

Mac thanked Nikolas and then asked Lulu not to be a stranger. Mac appreciated that things had been strained between Lulu and Maxie, but he reminded Lulu that Lulu and Maxie had been best friends once. Mac admitted that he hoped that Lulu and Maxie could find their way back to each other when Maxie returned.

In the parlor, Emma was surprised when she saw Cameron. Cam greeted her and then handed her an origami figure that he had made. Spencer insisted that Emma was too smart to fall for Cam's "homemade crafts," so Cam countered by assuring Spencer that Emma wouldn't fall for Spencer's "shiny bathrobe." The two cousins began to bicker at each other until Emma asked why the boys were fighting.

Cam explained that he and Spencer each wanted to be Emma's boyfriend. Spencer agreed and then demanded to know which of them Emma wanted because not knowing had been unbearable. Spencer implored her to put them out of their misery. Cam declared his love for Emma, so Spencer quickly followed suit and then added that he had a castle. Cam argued that he could make Emma a castle.

Emma admitted that she couldn't choose because both boys were "cool." Spencer suddenly had an idea that would resolve their dilemma once and for all.

Moments later, Nikolas and Lulu entered the parlor, so Spencer asked if he, Emma, and Cam could go outside to play. Nikolas agreed, but he warned the children to dress warmly and to stay away from the cliffs and caves. Spencer agreed, so the trio went to the foyer, where Spencer explained that they were headed to the stables.

In the Wyndemere stables, Heather asked if Carly liked the new accommodations. Carly's hands had been bound behind her back and a gag had been shoved in her mouth, but she managed to glare at Heather and accuse her captor of being "psycho." Heather ignored the insult as she conceded that the stables were rustic, so she hoped that it wouldn't make Carly nostalgic for the doublewide in the Everglades that Carly had grown up in.

Carly insisted that Heather was a lunatic, so Carly couldn't wait to get her hands on a pitchfork. Heather merely smiled and assured Carly that no one would rescue Carly because Heather had dealt with the stable hand. Carly couldn't believe that Heather had killed an innocent person, but Heather was unapologetic as she reiterated that no one would find Carly. "Least of all Franco," Heather added with a smile.

Carly warned Heather that Sonny would look for Carly, so Carly was confident that Sonny would "dismember" Heather once he found out that Heather had been responsible for Carly's abduction. Heather became frustrated with Carly trying to talk around the gag, so she decided to remove it to give Carly an opportunity to have her say. Carly immediately began to scream for help, so Heather joined in until Carly realized that it was futile because no one could hear them.

Carly warned Heather that Heather wouldn't get away with kidnapping Carly, but Heather wasn't concerned because Franco would soon be arrested, and everyone else would assume that Carly had been murdered. "Not Luke," Carly reminded Heather. Heather assured Carly that Luke wasn't in any position to be of assistance to Carly, so Carly demanded to know what Heather had done to Luke.

"Nothing that he didn't richly deserve," Heather cryptically answered. Carly refused to believe that Heather had murdered Luke because she knew that Heather loved Luke. Heather agreed that she loved Luke, but she also loved Franco. "And look at what he forced me to do," Heather added. Carly insisted that Franco hadn't forced Heather to frame him, but Heather ignored the remark because she was certain that her son would soon be behind bars. Heather relished the thought of Franco appearing before a judge to face his crimes, including what Heather was about to do to Carly.

Carly warned Heather that the plan would eventually fail because there were too many moving parts, and Franco would figure out the truth. Heather reminded Carly that Franco believed that Heather was dead, but Carly was certain that Heather's luck would run out. Carly was certain that Heather's desire to have a front row seat to Franco's downfall would be Heather's undoing. "Because in the end, you're just too damn crazy to be smart," Carly explained. Heather decided to shove the gag back into Carly's mouth, but Carly bit Heather's hand and then lunged for her kidnapper.

Meanwhile, Cam, Emma, and Spencer made their way to the stables as Spencer pointed out everything that he owned, including the rocks and beach. Frustrated, Cam assured Spencer that they got it; Spencer owned everything. Spencer conceded that he didn't own the sky, sun, and wind, but pretty much everything else was Spencer's. "Give me a break," Cam muttered as Spencer asked if Emma liked horses. Emma admitted that she loved horses, so Spencer proudly revealed that he had a stable filled with horses.

Inside the stables, Heather quickly gained the upper hand in her struggle with Carly, but she froze when she heard Spencer announce that it was time for the duel for Emma to begin. Carly seized the opportunity to cry out for help.

In the hospital's conference room, Patrick, Robin, Silas, Monica, and Britt were shocked when it was revealed that Liesl Obrecht was the hospital's new chief of staff. Patrick informed the board member that Liesl wasn't even a doctor, so Monica demanded to know who Liesl Obrecht was. Robin explained that Liesl was a criminal, while Britt admitted that Liesl had made Joan Crawford look like June Cleaver.

Liesl smiled indulgently at everyone as she insisted that Joan Crawford had been woefully misunderstood and smeared by an ungrateful child. Robin informed the board member that Liesl should be rotting in a jail, so Britt asked how Liesl had managed to escape from prison and bamboozle the board. Disgusted, Robin attacked Liesl, choking her until Patrick stepped in and pulled his wife off of Liesl.

Robin accused Liesl of being a violent criminal, so Silas suggested that they call the police. The board member was disappointed by Robin's behavior, so Robin explained that Liesl had kidnapped Robin and then had enslaved Robin for two years. "Steve Hardy must be rolling in his grave," Robin added. "Spinning is more like it," Monica muttered. Liesl was confident that Steve Hardy would applaud the board for hiring her because Liesl had grand plans for the hospital.

Patrick demanded to know what Liesl was talking about. "Wait and see," Liesl replied. The board member assured everyone that he appreciated their concerns, but he insisted that he had the documents to prove that Liesl had been released from custody. Robin took the papers from him and then looked them over before accusing Liesl of forging the documents. The board member explained that he had talked to the director of the WSB to confirm that the papers were valid.

Liesl smirked as she revealed that all of the charges against her had been dropped and her record cleared, but Britt insisted that it didn't make sense for the board to hire her mother. The board member explained that they believed that Liesl had a "unique skill set" that could help grow the hospital's brand. Liesl assured everyone that she looked forward to working with them, but Patrick made it clear that he refused to work with Liesl. Patrick assured the board member that there would be a mass exodus when the rest of the hospital's staff learned about the board's decision.

Liesl reminded Patrick that he had signed a contract, as had Silas and Britt, so they couldn't walk out. Robin refused to be a part of the farce, so she tore up the documents that the board member had handed her and then walked out. Liesl assured Robin that Robin's job would be waiting when Robin had a change of heart, but Robin ignored Liesl.

Monica confronted the board member for firing her because of A.J.'s trial, even though A.J. had been acquitted, and then turning around to hire Liesl. Silas was curious how hiring a notorious criminal like Liesl would be good for the hospital's image. Liesl conceded that she wasn't squeaky clean, but Liesl reminded everyone in the room that none of them were. Britt looked away, so Liesl walked up to Silas. "Wouldn't you agree, Dr. Clay?" Liesl asked.

Liesl suggested that they adjourn for the day so everyone could have time to adjust to their new reality. Britt marched out, so Liesl followed her daughter to ask for an opportunity to "breathe new life" into their relationship. Britt resented how her mother had cryptically threatened to expose the truth about Ben moments earlier, but Liesl denied that she had. According to Liesl, she would never risk losing her grandson, so she promised not to tell anyone about Ben's origins. However, Liesl wanted Britt to give her a chance.

After Britt walked away, Liesl returned to the conference room to talk to Silas. She admitted that Silas was a brilliant doctor with a bright future, so she hoped that Silas would be able to work with her. Silas made it clear that he worked for his patients, so he warned Liesl to stay away from his loved ones and then left. Next, Liesl offered Monica a job as the head of cardiology because Liesl appreciated that Monica was the best in the field. Monica agreed to think about it.

After Monica left, the board member admitted that the announcement could have gone better. Liesl was confident that everyone would soon get used to the idea of working for her because they wouldn't have a choice any more than the board members had.

Meanwhile, Patrick caught up with Robin. Robin was upset because she was certain that Liesl intended to use Patrick's contract to make him a puppet. Patrick insisted that he wasn't anyone's puppet, except Robin's. Robin argued that Liesl would do the same thing to Patrick that Britt had tried to do with the baby, but Patrick promised Robin that he would not let Liesl get one over on him. Robin calmed down when Patrick suggested that they call Robert and Anna to figure things out.

At the nurses' station, Sabrina begged Felix not to let anyone find out about her secret, so Felix reluctantly assured her that he wouldn't tell anyone that Patrick, not Carlos, was the baby's father. Elizabeth was stunned when she overheard what Felix had said, so she cleared her throat and asked what they had been talking about. Sabrina nervously claimed that she and Felix had been gossiping about who the board had selected to be the new chief of staff. Sabrina revealed that the candidates were in the conference room, but Elizabeth cut Sabrina off to let Sabrina know that she had overheard what Sabrina and Felix had said.

Sabrina immediately implored Elizabeth not to tell Patrick, but Elizabeth couldn't understand how Sabrina could lie to the man that Sabrina had claimed to love. Sabrina insisted that it was in everyone's best interest for Patrick to believe that Carlos was the father of Sabrina's baby. Elizabeth argued that she couldn't keep the truth from Patrick because he was one of her best friends. Sabrina pointed out that Robin was one of Elizabeth's best friends, too, so she urged Elizabeth to think about what it would do to Robin.

Sabrina explained that Patrick would want to do the right thing because Sabrina had lived through it when Britt had claimed to be pregnant with Patrick's baby. Elizabeth insisted that the situations had been different because Britt had lied about the baby's paternity. Sabrina countered that the end result would be the same; Sabrina's pregnancy would cause a rift between Patrick and Robin that might not heal. Elizabeth argued that perhaps Patrick and Robin would behave like grownups, accept the situation, and learn to live with it.

Sabrina begged Elizabeth to help her stop the pain by not letting Patrick know that Patrick, not Carlos, was the baby's father. Elizabeth looked past Sabrina as Patrick and Robin walked up.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas revisited his earlier discussion with Lulu by reminding his sister that no one was to blame for Lulu and Dante not being able to have a baby. Lulu assured Nikolas that she didn't blame Dante, but she hadn't been able to let go of her desire to have a baby. Britt suddenly appeared in the doorway, so Lulu handed Ben to Britt. Nikolas was curious if the board had picked a chief of staff. Britt suggested that Nikolas brace himself.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

At the hospital, Liesl Obrecht was on the phone with a mystery person. She thanked the person for securing the chief of staff position for her and then admitted that the announcement hadn't been well received. However, Liesl was confident that in time, everyone would appreciate the discipline that Liesl intended to institute at the hospital because she was determined to whip the staff into shape.

Liesl confessed that her favorite kind of relationship was one that was mutually beneficial to both parties so she valued the opportunity at the hospital as much as the mystery person had valued what she had given the caller in exchange. Liesl assured the mystery person that she had been happy to help and looked forward to the fallout from their arrangement.

Nearby, Sabrina explained to Elizabeth that everyone had suffered enough, so she begged Elizabeth to help spare Patrick and Robin additional pain by not revealing that Sabrina was pregnant with Patrick's baby. Elizabeth looked past Sabrina's shoulder as Patrick and Robin walked up. Sabrina's eyes rounded with surprise when she saw the Drakes, so she made a silent appeal to Elizabeth to not say anything. Elizabeth quietly told Patrick that she needed to tell him something, but Patrick and Robin cut Elizabeth off to assure Elizabeth that they already knew that Liesl Obrecht had been hired as the new chief of staff.

Elizabeth, Felix, and Sabrina were shocked and couldn't understand how Liesl had managed to get released from jail and land a job with the hospital. Patrick and Robin quickly filled them in on what had transpired in the conference room. Robin admitted that she was grateful that she hadn't signed a contract with the hospital, while Felix realized that life as they knew it was over. Patrick realized that Elizabeth, Felix, and Sabrina hadn't known about Liesl so he was curious what Elizabeth had wanted to talk to him about.

Robin glanced down to check her phone as Elizabeth tried to find the right words to tell Patrick that he was the father of Sabrina's baby. However, Robin quickly interrupted to let Patrick know that Anna wanted to see Patrick and Robin right away.

After Patrick and Robin left, Felix pointed out that Sabrina had dodged the "baby reveal bullet" for the moment, but he warned her that it wouldn't happen again. Sabrina asked Elizabeth what it would take to convince Elizabeth not to tell Patrick about the baby. Elizabeth walked to the nurses' station as she confessed that she didn't feel comfortable lying to Patrick about the baby. Elizabeth admitted that she was confident that Patrick and Robin's marriage was strong enough to get through it.

Sabrina argued that Liesl's arrival had changed everything because clearly both Patrick and Robin had been "traumatized" by the turn of events. Felix made a few insulting remarks about Liesl's sensible shoes and "hatchet" face until Sabrina quietly warned Felix to stop talking. Felix suddenly realized that Liesl was standing behind him.

"Yes, the hatchet-faced, sensibly shod, sturdy scourge is indeed standing right behind you," Liesl confirmed. Liesl informed Felix that her first rule was never to speak poorly of one's supervisor, so Felix tried to apologize, but Liesl revealed that she despised the word sorry. According to Liesl, apologies were a waste of her time. Felix started to apologize again, but it died on his lips as Liesl glared at him. Satisfied, Liesl informed the nurses that she intended to call a meeting so she could have an opportunity to get to know the nurses. She advised Elizabeth, Felix, and Sabrina to be prepared for a late evening because Liesl had a lot to impart, since the doctors weren't the only staffers who required Liesl's brand of tough love.

Liesl fished a purse out from under the nurses' station counter and demanded to know who it belonged to. Elizabeth reached for her purse as she admitted that it was hers. Liesl warned Elizabeth that personal items were to be kept in their lockers and then asked if Elizabeth was on shift. Elizabeth revealed that she had ten minutes left, but she had to leave to pick her son up from a play date. Liesl threatened to dock Elizabeth's pay, so Elizabeth asked if Liesl was joking. Liesl assured Elizabeth that Elizabeth would know when Liesl was joking but suggested that Elizabeth make other arrangements for the children next time.

After Elizabeth left, Liesl turned her attention to Sabrina. "You, petite pink dust mop," Liesl said and then accused Sabrina of ruining Britt's chances with Patrick. Liesl revealed that she intended to conduct performance reviews for all of the nurses on staff, so Liesl was curious to see how Sabrina would do since Sabrina was no longer involved with one of the best surgeons on staff. Sabrina made it clear that her relationship with Patrick had been separate from her work, but Liesl merely smirked.

"With all due respect," Felix began, but Liesl cut him off because it had been Liesl's experience that any sentence that started with those words tended to be followed by a defensive statement. However, Liesl invited Felix to finish what he had been about to say. Felix pointed out that all of the nurses on staff answered to Epiphany, who conducted the performance reviews. Liesl was curious who Felix thought Epiphany answered to.

Liesl reminded Felix and Sabrina that she was Epiphany's supervisor, so everyone would have to follow Liesl's rules. "Or what? You going to arrange an explosion? Make everyone think we're dead?" Felix asked as Liesl started to walk away. "Yes," Liesl answered as she turned back to Felix.

Sabrina couldn't believe that Liesl had threatened to make them disappear, so Liesl reminded Felix and Sabrina that they would know when Liesl was joking. "And that was a joke," Liesl said with a stern expression. Liesl assured Felix and Sabrina that there wouldn't be any explosions or false deaths as long as everyone approached their jobs with vigor and a quest for perfection.

After Liesl walked away, Felix admitted that he hoped that their nightmare was not happening. Sabrina assured him that it was, just like Elizabeth would tell Patrick that Sabrina was having Patrick's baby.

At Michael and Kiki's apartment, Franco hid in another room as Dante asked if Franco had contacted Kiki. Michael assured Dante that Kiki would have told Michael if Franco had, but Dante wanted to hear it from Kiki. Kiki's phone alerted her that she had a text message, so she evaded the question by checking her phone. Kiki revealed that Franco had sent her a text message, asking to meet at Kelly's in ten minutes. Dante asked to see the phone, so Kiki handed it to Dante. Dante decided to head to Kelly's, and Michael insisted on tagging along. Dante reluctantly agreed but made it clear that Michael was to stay out of the way.

After Michael and Dante left, Franco stepped out of hiding and thanked Kiki for not turning him in. Kiki resented Franco putting her in an awkward position with Michael, but she admitted that she believed that Franco had been framed. However, Kiki didn't want to keep lying to Michael, so she insisted that it was imperative that they figure out who had kidnapped Carly and had set up Franco.

At Kelly's, police officers searched for Franco, to no avail. Dante instructed two police officers to check inside Kelly's as Anna called Dante for an update. Moments later, the police officers returned from Kelly's to report that Franco hadn't been spotted. Dante ordered the officers to keep searching the area, but Michael insisted that Franco had sent them all on a wild goose chase because Franco liked to play games. Dante explained that the only way to beat Franco was not to play by Franco's rules.

Dante pointed out that Franco liked to throw people off by making them emotional, which led to mistakes. Dante appreciated that Michael was angry and scared, but he warned Michael that it wouldn't help Carly if Michael kept giving in to those feelings. Michael was curious what Dante wanted him to do, so Dante asked Michael to let Dante do his job because Dante had resources available to him that would help Dante find Franco. Michael agreed, so Dante switched gears to ask if Michael had done as Dante had requested.

Michael assured his brother that he had sent Franco the text message, so Dante explained that they would have to wait for Franco to reply. However, it soon became clear that Franco had been onto them, so Dante suggested that perhaps Kiki and Franco had been working together to get Dante and Michael out of the apartment. Michael defended Kiki, certain that she would never help Franco because the bloody knife with Franco's fingerprints was proof of Franco's guilt. Dante argued that Kiki had never answered Dante's question about whether or not Franco had reached out to her for help, but Michael was adamant that Kiki wouldn't help Franco.

Michael feared that Franco had been watching the apartment, so he decided to return to the apartment to check on Kiki. Dante asked Michael to leave Kiki's cell phone with Dante, so Michael handed the phone to his brother and then left. Afterwards, Dante called Anna with an update.

At the apartment, Franco warned Kiki that Dante had tried to flush him out. He showed her the text message that he had received from Kiki's phone, warning him that the police were at Kelly's and requesting that Franco meet with Kiki at another location. Kiki reminded Franco that Michael and Dante were not the bad guys because they had reason to believe that Franco had harmed Carly. She admitted that she would never forgive herself if it were revealed that Franco had been responsible for Carly's disappearance.

Franco assured Kiki that she was not wrong to trust him, so Kiki suggested that they try to figure out who had targeted Franco. Franco was certain that Ava was behind the abduction because Ava had threatened Carly hours before Carly had vanished. Kiki admitted that she believed her mother's denials of involvement because it wasn't Ava's style to frame Franco. Kiki wondered if was possible that a family member of one of Franco's victims could have tried to set Franco up, but Franco was certain that whoever had taken Carly hated both him and Carly.

Kiki suggested that Heather might have taken Carly, but Franco assured Kiki that it wasn't possible. Rather than admit that he had stabbed his mother before burying Heather, Franco claimed that Scott had made certain that Heather had been locked up tight at Miscavige. Kiki was disappointed but shifted gears because Franco had to leave before Michael returned. Franco thanked Kiki for her support and then started for the door. Kiki and Franco froze when they heard Michael at the door.

Kiki shoved Franco onto the fire escape as Michael demanded to know why the door was locked. After Franco disappeared down the fire escape, Kiki answered the door. She apologized for locking the door and then changed the subject by asking if Dante had captured Franco. Michael revealed that Franco had misdirected them and then asked if Franco had contacted Kiki. Kiki claimed that she hadn't heard from Franco, so Michael wondered if she would tell him if Franco had reached out to her. Kiki assured Michael that she would.

At the police station, Patrick and Robin arrived to meet Anna. Anna revealed that she had disturbing information to pass along, but Robin admitted that she and Patrick already knew that Liesl Obrecht had been set free. Anna apologized to her daughter because Anna blamed herself for Liesl's freedom. Anna explained that she had known that Liesl's attorney had arranged a meeting with the World Security Bureau, but Anna had assumed that justice would be served.

Robin insisted that Anna was not responsible for the WSB striking a deal with Liesl, but Anna regretted that she hadn't made certain that Liesl had been buried behind bars in a maximum-security facility. Anna admitted that she would have personally taken Liesl down if she had known what the WSB had set Liesl free. "Like mother, like daughter," Patrick said with a smile.

Robin and Patrick told Anna about the meeting at the hospital when the chairman of the board had announced that Liesl had been hired as the new chief of staff. Anna was stunned and asked if Robin was okay. Robin admitted that she was frustrated because Patrick had been locked into a contract, but Patrick quickly added that he intended to have an attorney find a way to nullify the contract. Anna couldn't believe that a respected hospital like General Hospital had hired Liesl, so Patrick explained that he and Robin had hoped that Anna could find out why.

Anna revealed that Frisco was working to get some answers, but it was clear that the order to release Liesl had been approved by someone high up in the WSB. Patrick pointed out that the WSB apprehended criminals, so Anna explained that Liesl had obviously traded valuable information. Robin wondered what it could be. Anna had no idea, but she suspected that it had been extremely important and would impact many lives.

In Wyndemere's stables, Heather quickly gained the upper hand when Carly, arms bound, tried to overpower Heather. Both women froze when they heard Spencer call out, "Let the duel for Emma begin."

Outside, Cameron, Emma, and Spencer were startled when they heard Carly cry out for help. Emma became frightened, so Spencer assured her that he would protect both her and Cam. Spencer wrapped his arms around his two companions but then suggested that they fetch Nikolas. Cam wondered if Spencer was afraid, but Spencer denied it, so Cam challenged Spencer to prove it by checking out the stables.

Spencer straightened his back and then entered the stables. After several minutes, Emma began to worry because Spencer hadn't returned. Cam suggested that they go inside to look for Spencer, so Cam and Emma entered the stables. They found Spencer standing in front of Heather with his stick pointed threateningly at Heather. Spencer demanded to know who Heather was and why she was on his property.

Heather suggested that Spencer put the stick down so they could talk, but Spencer refused. Emma ordered Heather to start talking, so Heather claimed that a chupacabra was in the stable. The children wondered what a chupacabra was so Heather explained that it was a creature that was a cross between a coyote, a bear, and a monster. According to Heather, chupacabras lived on the blood of horses and children, so she urged the children to leave before the creature spotted them.

Emma was frightened, but Spencer pointed out that Heather had evaded his question, so he demanded to know who Heather was. Heather claimed that she was the stable girl. Spencer didn't believe Heather because he insisted that there wasn't any such thing. Emma disagreed and informed Spencer that girls could do the same jobs that boys could. "Girl power," Emma added as she raised her fist into the air.

"Right on, sister," Heather replied as she raised her own fist in solidarity. Spencer pointed out that if Heather worked for his father then she also worked for Spencer. Cam wondered if Spencer could be any more of a jerk, but Heather agreed that "Mr. Cassadine" was right. Heather was curious if there was something that she could do for Spencer, so he explained that Cam needed a stick because Spencer and Cam intended to duel for Emma. Spencer started for the tack room, unaware that Carly was hidden in the room.

Heather quickly blocked Spencer's path and then turned to Emma to ask if Emma was willing to let the boys decide who got Emma without Emma having any say in the matter. Emma admitted that she couldn't choose because she liked both Cam and Spencer. Heather explained that going with the boy who was bigger, stronger, and more violent was not girl power. Emma agreed, so Emma informed the boys that she wouldn't date either boy if they dueled. Frustrated, Spencer wondered how he could win Emma's favor, so Heather advised the boys to be creative.

In the tack room, Carly had been shoved into a large wicker basket. She twisted and wiggled until she managed to knock the basket over, open the lid, and roll out.

Cam, Emma, and Spencer were startled when they heard a loud noise in the tack room, so Heather warned the children that it was the chupacabra. Heather made the children promise not to tell Nikolas about the incident in the stables because Heather claimed that she didn't want to lose her job. After the children agreed to keep quiet, Heather urged them to flee while she dealt with the chupacabra.

After the children disappeared, Heather pulled a large syringe out of her purse and then entered the tack room. Carly's eyes widened with fright as an angry Heather approached her and then injected Carly with the syringe. Seconds later, everything faded to black for Carly.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was eager to know who the new chief of staff was. Britt suggested that he brace himself and then revealed that her mother had been hired to fill the position. Nikolas and Lulu were shocked as Britt explained that the WSB had given Liesl immunity. Nikolas decided to call the hospital's chairman of the board.

A short time later, Nikolas returned to the parlor and revealed that the chairman hadn't answered the call. However, Nikolas had reached out to several other board members who had been unaware of the decision to hire Liesl, so it appeared that the chairman had made a unilateral decision, which Nikolas intended to rectify immediately.

Lulu hoped that there was something that Nikolas could do because Liesl had no business being in charge of the hospital. Britt suggested that Lulu ask Dante to look into things too, so Lulu admitted that she and Dante were not together. Stunned, Britt wondered why. Lulu explained that she had needed some time away to deal with things after learning that she and Dante couldn't have children together. Britt felt responsible, but Lulu insisted that it wasn't Britt's fault.

Britt urged Lulu to go back to Dante because Lulu and Dante had been the poster couple for marriage. Britt appreciated that Lulu had lost a lot, but it was all the more reason for Lulu and Dante to hold on to what they still had. Lulu explained that she had a lot to work through, so Britt encouraged Lulu to allow Dante to help. Lulu smiled and then changed the subject by announcing that she had to get back to Bobbie. Nikolas asked Lulu to call if Lulu needed anything, and Lulu agreed. Lulu looked at Ben, smiled, and then admitted that she'd had fun hanging out with the baby because Ben was a sweet child.

After Lulu left, Nikolas thanked Britt for talking to his sister about Dante. Britt confessed that she felt bad for Lulu, especially since Britt had Nikolas and Ben in her life. Nikolas reminded Britt that she also had Spencer. Britt was curious where Spencer was, so Nikolas revealed that Spencer, Cam, and Emma had been playing outside. However, Nikolas was certain that the children had returned and were in the kitchen getting hot chocolate from Alfred.

After Nikolas left to track down the children, Britt hugged Ben close. "Oh, God, Ben. What did my mother and I do?" she quietly asked.

Later, Elizabeth arrived to pick up Cam. Elizabeth revealed that she'd had her first run-in with Britt's mother, so Britt assured Elizabeth that Britt had nothing to do with Liesl. Elizabeth didn't believe Britt. "God only knows what the two of you have cooking up," Elizabeth said.

Britt insisted that she didn't want anything to do with her mother, but Elizabeth recalled Britt helping Liesl after Liesl had nearly killed Duke. Elizabeth suspected that Britt had also known that Robin had been Liesl's prisoner for two years while Britt had been chasing after Patrick. Britt's temper flared. "Shut the hell up," Britt barked as she denied being involved with the plot to kidnap Robin.

Nikolas appeared in the doorway and asked what was going on. Elizabeth told him to forget about it and then explained that she was there to pick up Cam. Nikolas revealed that he had been about to step outside to look for the children unless Britt and Elizabeth needed a referee. Elizabeth assured Nikolas that it wasn't necessary, so Nikolas left to fetch his coat. Elizabeth decided to join Nikolas and stepped into the foyer as the children entered the front door.

Nikolas demanded to know where the children had been. Cam, Emma, and Spencer exchanged sheepish glances before Spencer quietly explained that they had gone to the stables to duel for Emma. Elizabeth and Nikolas were not pleased about the boys dueling for Emma or the children hanging out in the stables. Nikolas explained that the stables could be dangerous because there were horses and equipment that could hurt the children, so Nikolas insisted that Spencer check before heading to the stables again.

At Kelly's, Dante called Anna with an update and then ended the call as Lulu walked in. Lulu greeted Dante, so he asked why she was there. Lulu explained that she had decided to pick some food up for Bobbie because her aunt had hardly eaten since Carly's disappearance. Lulu was curious if there had been any news, but Dante shook his head.

Dante imagined that Lulu was a great comfort to Bobbie, but Lulu admitted that she doubted that Bobbie noticed that she was there because Bobbie was too worried about Carly. Dante didn't want to sound selfish, but he was curious if Lulu intended to return home. He admitted that he missed his wife, so Lulu suggested that they talk.

Dante became frustrated when a police officer poked his head into the diner to ask to speak to Dante. Dante told the officer to wait, but Lulu could tell that it was important. Dante apologized and promised that he and Lulu would talk soon. Lulu smiled and told Dante to take care of himself.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

At Kelly's, Silas and Sam enjoyed breakfast before Silas announced that he had to get to work. Sam was disappointed, but Silas explained that he couldn't be late because the new chief of staff ran a tight ship. Sam couldn't understand why the board had passed Silas over to hire a former fugitive to run the hospital. Silas revealed that the consensus was that Liesl Obrecht had leverage over someone on the board. Sam was tempted to look into what had motivated the unusual hiring, but Sam was determined to clear Silas' name by proving that Ava had been responsible for the overdose that had led to Nina's coma.

Silas was surprised when Sam revealed that she had been in contact with the hospital's pharmacist who had filled the prescription of liquid antidepressant that Nathan claimed Silas had written. Sam explained that Mr. Nakamura had agreed to stop off in Port Charles to talk to Sam before heading to Syracuse to visit family, so she expected Mr. Nakamura later that day. Silas wished that he could talk to Mr. Nakamura with Sam, but Silas couldn't risk canceling his shift because Liesl had fired the head of the pediatrics for less than that. Sam was surprised that that Silas was afraid of Liesl, but Silas quickly clarified that he would rather quit than have Liesl fire him.

After Silas left, Bobbie entered the diner and greeted Sam. Sam was curious if there had been any news about Carly, but Bobbie shook her head. Bobbie thanked Sam for looking after Lucas, but Sam regretted that she hadn't been of more help to Lucas when Lucas had encountered Julian. Bobbie was stunned because Lucas hadn't mentioned it when he had sent Bobbie a text message to let her know that he had decided to spend the night at Sam's place to get to know Sam and Danny. Sam admitted that she hadn't seen Lucas since the previous afternoon.

Frantic with worry, Bobbie decided to call her son, but Lucas walked in and spotted his mother. He quickly assured Bobbie that he was fine and then apologized for lying to Bobbie and dragging Sam into it. Sam let her brother know that she understood. Lucas asked his mother why Bobbie hadn't told him that Julian Jerome was alive; he assured Bobbie that he wasn't angry, but he wanted to understand.

Bobbie explained that she had been trying to protect him, but Lucas argued that it hadn't been necessary because he was a grown man. Bobbie admitted that she was overprotective, but she insisted that Julian was a dangerous man who would try to take advantage of Lucas' curiosity. Lucas conceded that he had always wondered about his biological father, so Sam revealed that she had been curious about their father too. However, Sam warned Lucas that Julian would only end up disappointing Lucas.

"Like he disappointed you?" Lucas asked. Sam admitted that Julian had saved Danny's life, but she insisted that Julian had had ulterior motives for donating bone marrow to Danny. According to Sam, Julian had refused to bank more bone marrow in the event that Danny became sick again because Julian had decided to hold Danny's health hostage by using the bone marrow as leverage against Sonny. Lucas appreciated his sister's warning, but he pointed out that it was up to him whether or not to have a relationship with Julian.

Bobbie wished that Lucas understood why she had kept the truth from him, so Lucas assured her that he did. Lucas knew that Bobbie wanted to fight his battles for him just as she had tried when they had learned that Lucas had diabetes and then again when Lucas had revealed that he was gay. Lucas gently kissed his mother's forehead and explained that he needed some time to think.

After Lucas left, Sam hugged Bobbie as Bobbie cried on Sam's shoulder. Sam promised Bobbie that everything would be fine.

Later, Mr. Nakamura arrived. He recognized Sam from a picture that she had sent to him, so he approached her table and introduced himself. Sam invited Mr. Nakamura to have a seat and then showed him a picture of Ava. Sam explained that she wanted to talk to him about the prescription that had put Silas' wife in a coma.

At the police station, Anna asked Nathan for an update on the search for Carly. Nathan admitted that he had been about to check in with Dante, but Anna told him that it could wait because she wanted to know if Nathan had made any progress on the Silas Clay investigation. She had heard about the incident between Nathan and Silas when Silas had charged into the squad room to confront Nathan. Nathan explained that Silas had been upset because Nathan had rattled Silas' cage by telling Silas' girlfriend about Nina.

Nathan showed Anna the prescription that Silas had written and revealed that he was certain that Silas had injected Nina with the liquid antidepressant that had put her in a coma. Anna was curious if Nathan had had the handwriting on the prescription analyzed, so Nathan explained that Silas had refused to provide a handwriting sample. Anna pointed out that refusing to cooperate with the police wasn't against the law, but Nathan was certain that Silas had tried to kill Nina.

Anna warned Nathan that the evidence against Silas was circumstantial and unlikely to impress the new district attorney, who refused to prosecute anything less than an ironclad case. Anna decided that it would be best to shut down the investigation because she feared that Silas would file harassment charges against the police department if Nathan continued to bother Silas. She explained that she needed Nathan to focus on current cases, but Nathan implored her to reconsider because he was certain that he could prove that Silas had tried to kill Nina Clay.

Anna was curious why the case was so important to Nathan. Nathan explained that he had become a cop because he had wanted to put men like Silas away. Nathan tried to change Anna's mind by reminding her that she had recently told him that a good cop always kept an open mind, but Anna admitted that it didn't seem like Nathan had done that. She conceded that Nathan had circumstantial evidence and a plausible theory, but she pointed out that the odds of solving a case diminished with each passing year. She warned Nathan that it was highly unlikely that he could solve the case two decades later, but she agreed to give Nathan one week to collect fresh evidence.

At the hospital, Liesl was studying the surgical schedule when Brad rounded the corner. Brad froze when he saw Liesl. "Good morning, Mr. Cooper," Liesl said and then blasted Brad for being nine minutes late. Brad was curious what Liesl was doing there, so she informed him that she was his new boss. Liesl explained that she was concerned about the lack of efficiency and security in the lab. Brad pointed out that she hadn't complained about those things when she had stolen embryos to implant in her daughter.

Liesl warned Brad never to mention it again and then strongly advised him to take the secret to his grave. Felix saw the tense exchange between Liesl and Brad, so he barked at Liesl to leave Brad alone. Liesl informed Felix that her conversation with Brad wasn't Felix's concern, but Felix threatened to go to Human Resources to lodge a complaint about the hostile work environment. Liesl backed down, but she reminded Brad that she expected him to be punctual.

After Liesl walked away, Brad thanked Felix for the save. However, Brad was surprised that Felix wasn't still mad at Brad. Felix surprised Brad by apologizing for their argument the other day.

Felix led Brad to an examination room to continue their conversation in private. Felix regretted their argument because Felix knew that it hadn't been Felix's place to tell Patrick about the baby or to cast stones. Brad assured Felix that it wasn't necessary to keep apologizing because Brad had done his fair share of bad things. However, Brad appreciated Felix's friendship and how Felix had gone to bat for Brad earlier. Brad was stunned when Felix confessed that he wouldn't mind trying for more than friendship with Brad.

Felix suggested that he and Brad go out on a date. Brad readily agreed. Felix invited Brad to make the reservations and then arranged to meet Brad in the parking lot when Felix's shift ended.

After Felix left, Brad called Metro Court Restaurant to reserve a table for two later that evening. "Here you are," Lucas said as he suddenly appeared in the doorway. Lucas was curious if Brad had received Lucas' text message. Brad seemed at a loss for words, but Lucas didn't notice as he entered the room and admitted that he had been disappointed to wake up to discover that Brad had left before Lucas had had a chance to give Brad a proper goodbye. Lucas grabbed Brad's shirtfront, pulled Brad close, and then kissed him.

Elsewhere, Silas entered the elevator as Nathan followed him. The door closed as Silas demanded to know what Nathan wanted. Nathan stopped the elevator because he wanted Silas to admit that Silas had given Nina the overdose. Silas accused Nathan of resorting to tricks because Nathan didn't have any evidence to prove that Silas had tried to kill Nina. Silas suspected that Nathan's bosses were tired of Nathan's antics.

Silas suggested that Nathan stop harassing an innocent man and focus on finding the person responsible for Silas' wife's coma. Nathan was curious if Silas had a suspect in mind, prompting Silas to suggest that Nathan talk to Ava Jerome. Nathan was disgusted that Silas would throw Silas' mistress and the mother of Silas' child under the bus. Silas reminded Nathan what they said about assumptions and then pointed out that Nathan had made a lot of assumptions.

Silas pointed out that Nathan had assumed that one infidelity meant that Silas hadn't loved Nina, that it didn't break Silas heart to think about Nina lingering in a coma for twenty years rather than living her life -- with or without Silas -- and that Silas didn't want justice for Nina. Silas admitted that Nathan could make all the assumptions about Silas that Nathan wanted, but they would all be wrong.

Nathan argued that Silas had written the prescription for the drug that had put Nina in a coma because Silas had wanted Nina out of the way. Silas was curious if Nathan ever got tired of being wrong, but Nathan was adamant that Silas had wanted Nina dead. Silas countered that Nathan couldn't prove that because it wasn't true. Nathan challenged Silas to be a man and admit that Silas had tried to kill Nina. Nathan pointed out that it was just the two of them, so it would be Nathan's word against Silas'. Silas merely shook his head in disgust.

Moments later, the door opened. Liesl glared at Nathan and Silas as she dismissed the maintenance man and then demanded to know who had stopped the elevator. Nathan introduced himself and then explained that he was investigating Silas for trying to kill Silas' wife. Nathan warned Liesl that Silas might be a danger to the patients, but Liesl insisted that Nathan was the only danger to the patients. "Excuse me?" Nathan asked.

Liesl explained that the elevator was vital to the hospital's work. She was furious that Nathan had monopolized it, but Nathan pointed out that there were other elevators. Liesl resented Nathan's flip attitude and accused him of being a "petty bureaucrat." Nathan clarified that he was a "petty detective," but Liesl wasn't impressed or intimidated. She pointed out that she was a doctor and expected to be addressed as such.

Liesl instructed Nathan to inform the police commissioner that Liesl would not tolerate the police interfering with the hospital's practice of medicine. She made it clear that Silas was one of the most talented members on staff and that the hospital paid Silas to use those talents on the patients, not to fend off Anna Devane's "underlings." Liesl made it clear that if Anna wanted to question Silas then Anna could do it on Anna's time, but not in the hospital. Nathan agreed to pass along Liesl's message and then warned Silas that it wasn't over.

After Nathan left, Liesl asked Silas if the accusations were true. Silas explained that his wife had ended up in a coma because of an overdose of antidepressant. Liesl preferred that Silas not say anything else on the matter because whatever had happened was between Silas and his wife. She was certain that Silas had had his reasons, but Silas insisted that he hadn't tried to kill his wife.

Liesl admitted that her remarks to Nathan about Silas hadn't been hyperbole because Silas truly was one of the best doctors on staff. Liesl realized that he had been disappointed that she had been picked as the chief of staff, but such was life. Liesl pointed out that she and Silas shared a passion for medicine, so she hoped that they could work together. She asked him to deal with his personal life on his own time and then left.

At Ava's apartment, Ava exchanged text messages with Morgan as she scrolled through pictures on her cell phone of her and Morgan. Julian entered the living room and snatched the phone out of her hand. Ava accused Julian of being rude and reminded him that she had opened her home to him when Olivia had evicted him from Metro Court. Julian was furious when he read the text messages because they had agreed that Ava and Morgan wouldn't have any contact. Ava insisted that she and Morgan had been careful, but Julian wasn't satisfied because Morgan hadn't given them any information even though Morgan had been back with Sonny for weeks.

Julian pointed out that he had agreed to keep Morgan around because Ava had assured Julian that Morgan could be useful. Julian decided to text message Ava's "adolescent bedmate" because Julian wanted to talk to Morgan. Ava advised Julian against it because Sonny's men were watching her apartment. Julian conceded that Morgan wasn't a rocket scientist, but he was confident that Morgan was smart enough to sneak in through the parking garage.

Ava was curious why Julian was in such a foul mood. Julian revealed that he had met Lucas the previous day, but it hadn't gone well. Ava felt bad for Julian because she knew what it felt like to be rejected by one's child. She realized that it truly was her and Julian against the world. Julian was curious where that left Morgan, but Ava didn't have an answer. Julian warned Ava that Morgan needed to shape up, or Julian would be forced to put an end to their arrangement.

On the piers, Morgan received a text message from Ava letting him know that she missed him. Morgan replied that he missed her, too, and Sonny walked up. Sonny was curious who Morgan had been text messaging. Morgan claimed that he had checked in with Michael to find out if there had been any news about Carly, but there hadn't been any. Sonny assured Morgan that Shawn was searching for Carly and that Sonny would join the search once Sonny had dealt with the Jeromes later that night. Morgan wondered what was going on, but Duke arrived before Sonny could answer.

Duke seemed reluctant to talk in front of Morgan, but Sonny assured Duke that it was okay. Duke revealed that he had talked to Carlos Rivera, who had been in hiding for several weeks. Duke assured Sonny that Carlos believed that Duke still worked for Julian, so Carlos had agreed to meet Duke in an hour on the piers. Sonny explained to Morgan that they planned to use Carlos to lure Julian to the piers, unarmed and unprotected. "And then we're gonna finish him off," Sonny added.

Morgan offered to help, but Sonny refused to consider it. Sonny insisted that Morgan focus on figuring out what Morgan and Michael intended to tell Josslyn about their mother's disappearance. Morgan pretended to accept Sonny's decision when Morgan received a text message from Ava asking to see him.

After Morgan left, Sonny and Duke went over their plans until Anna suddenly rounded the corner. Anna was curious what Duke was doing on the piers, talking to Sonny. Duke made up a story about having had a job interview with Nikolas at Wyndemere and then bumping into Sonny when Duke had returned to the mainland. According to Duke, he had tried to persuade Sonny to cooperate with Anna's investigation into the warehouse shooting. Anna appreciated Duke's effort to help her, but she didn't want the integrity of the investigation compromised.

Duke apologized and offered to walk Anna to her car, but Anna explained that she needed to talk to Sonny. After Duke walked away, Sonny pointed out that he had told Anna everything that he knew about Carly's disappearance. Anna admitted that she wanted to talk about the warehouse shooting because she had hoped that Sonny had changed his story about accidentally shooting Max while Sonny had been cleaning a gun. Sonny stuck to his story and tried to turn the focus back to Carly. Frustrated, Anna conceded that Sonny cared about his children and all of their mothers, but he was also ruthless. Sonny admitted that he protected what was his.

After Anna left, Duke stepped out of the shadows. Duke had hated lying to Anna, but he insisted that she couldn't know that Duke had been working for Sonny. Sonny agreed and added that Anna couldn't find out what they were planning.

At Ava's apartment, Morgan greeted Ava with a kiss, but she warned him that they were not alone. Julian stepped forward and explained that he had sent Morgan the text message because Julian wanted information. Morgan insisted that he had been trying to gain Sonny's trust, but it hadn't been easy. Julian wasn't satisfied, so he reminded Morgan of their agreement. Morgan recalled Julian's threat to hurt Morgan's loved ones and decided to tell Julian about Duke working for Sonny and Duke and Sonny's plans to lure Julian to the piers.

Ava thanked Morgan for the information. Julian conceded that Morgan had lived up to Morgan's end of the deal. Julian grabbed a gun and made certain that it was loaded. Morgan wondered what Julian planned to do. Julian explained that Duke would be expecting Carlos but would encounter Julian instead. "And I'll be the last person he ever sees," Julian said and then left.

Ava asked if Morgan was okay. Morgan admitted that he wasn't because he had just signed Duke's death warrant.

At Wyndemere, Britt and Nikolas woke up and snuggled in bed together. Britt confessed that she had hoped that her mother's appearance at General Hospital had been a bad dream. Britt couldn't believe that her mother wasn't safely locked up behind bars for life and couldn't understand how Liesl had managed to wrangle a total pardon after holding Robin captive, kidnapping Ben, and almost killing Duke. Britt considered quitting her job.

Nikolas assured Britt that he would support whatever she decided, but he didn't think that she should allow Liesl to take away a job that Britt loved and was good at. Nikolas insisted that Britt was an excellent doctor. Britt smiled and thanked Nikolas for the words of encouragement. Nikolas suggested that Britt be late for work, but Britt explained that her mother had a thing for punctuality. However, Britt quickly had a change of heart and kissed Nikolas.

Later, Britt exited the elevator at the hospital and passed Felix. She was startled when Felix greeted her with a smile and referred to her as "Dr. Westbourne." Felix admitted that he was in too good of a mood for name-calling.

Meanwhile, Nikolas was waiting for Anna when she returned to the police station. Nikolas explained that he wanted to talk to her about Liesl. Anna agreed to tell him what she knew, but first she wanted to thank Nikolas for seeing Duke earlier. Confused, Nikolas revealed that Duke hadn't been at Wyndemere.

On the piers, Duke paced until he heard a noise. "Carlos?" Duke called out. Julian rounded the corner. "Guess again," Julian replied as he aimed a gun at Duke.

Friday, January 24, 2014

At the Floating Rib, Felicia greeted her husband as he entered the bar and set his gym bag down. Felicia wasn't surprised when Mac admitted that Kevin had put them through their paces because Kevin wanted to get in shape for Lucy as a way to revitalize Kevin and Lucy's marriage. Felicia recalled Lucy's confession that Lucy had slept with Scott, but Felicia kept the secret to herself as Mac assured Felicia that Kevin's priorities were straight and that the Collins marriage was back on track.

Mac suggested that he and Felicia invite Kevin and Lucy out for a couple's night on the town but Felicia urged Mac to wait because Kevin and Lucy might need more time to work things out. Mac sensed that Felicia was not telling him something. Felicia denied it, but Mac didn't believe her and continued to push for an answer. Felicia refused to lie to her husband, even by omission, so she revealed that Lucy had slept with Scott. Felicia begged Mac not to say anything, but Mac was outraged that Lucy had cheated on Kevin.

Felicia assured Mac that Lucy had promised Felicia that it had been a one time thing that had happened during Kevin and Lucy's recent split. Felicia explained that Lucy had regretted the tryst and was done with Scott because Lucy was committed to saving her marriage. Mac argued that Kevin and Lucy's marriage didn't stand a chance if Lucy couldn't be completely honest with Kevin. Felicia begged Mac to stay out of it and let Kevin and Lucy to figure things out for themselves.

In Scott's suite, Scott wrapped up a phone call with Anna as someone knocked on the door. It was Lucy. Scott assumed that she was there because she had missed him, so he tried to kiss her. Lucy pulled away and demanded to know why he had sacrificed his son by issuing a warrant for Franco's arrest. "You're not the man I...," Lucy said before she caught herself.

Scott wanted to know what Lucy had been about to say but she refused to tell him. Scott wouldn't let her avoid the question. Lucy assured Scott that he was her nearest and dearest friend, but he was not the man that she had thought he was because he had squandered his chance to get to know his own son. Scott argued that he barely knew Franco and then admitted that Anna had forced Scott's hand by leaking information to Michael. Scott explained that Michael had threatened to hold a press conference on the courthouse steps with Morgan and Josslyn to accuse Scott of putting Carly in jeopardy by protecting Franco.

Lucy was curious if Scott believed that Franco was innocent. Scott conceded that there were other potential suspects like Ava Jerome, but Anna had been focused on Franco. Scott realized that he was in a bad situation with Julian trying to pull Scott's strings, Bobbie demanding justice for Carly, and Michael threatening to destroy Scott's career, so there was little that Scott could do to help Franco. Dejected, Scott urged Lucy to go because he knew that she didn't return his feelings. Lucy quietly assured Scott that he was not alone and then confessed that she couldn't stop thinking or dreaming about him.

Scott suggested that she not fight her feelings for him, but Lucy became upset and tried to leave. She dropped her purse, so Scott knelt down to help her pick up her scattered items, which led to a passionate kiss. Scott and Lucy began to rip off each other's clothes as they fell to the bed and made love.

Afterwards, Lucy felt terrible because she had cheated on her husband again. She pointed out that one time could have been attributed to a fluke but not twice. Scott insisted that it was a sign that Lucy should end her marriage to Kevin and be with Scott. Lucy conceded that things had changed between her and Scott, but she insisted that she still loved Kevin. Lucy's eyes filled with tears because she thought that she had evolved and become a better person than the unfaithful wife that she had once been during her previous marriages.

Lucy and Scott were startled when someone suddenly knocked on the door. Lucy jumped out of bed and ran to hide when Mac called out demanding to talk to Scott. Scott opened the door and was knocked backwards when Mac punched Scott in the face and then ordered Scott to stay away from Lucy.

At the nurses' station, Felix refused to let a sluggish computer ruin his mood because he was excited about his date with Brad. Annoyed, Silas asked Felix to dial it down because some of them had to work. Felix suggested that Silas prescribe himself an antidepressant to perk himself up, unaware that the remark had hit close to home for Silas. Silas growled that he didn't need an antidepressant, so Felix advised Silas to consider anger management or cheer himself up by following Felix's lead and going out on a date. Silas was curious if Felix wanted a medal because Felix had a date.

Felix was surprised that the board had passed Silas' winning personality over to hire Liesl Obrecht as the chief of staff. Silas ignored the remark, but Felix was undeterred as he pointed out that it said a lot about Silas that a "criminal in charge" had been hired over a fine and upstanding doctor like Silas.

In an examination room, Lucas passionately kissed Brad. Brad pulled away to close the door as he asked Lucas to slow down. Lucas was surprised by Brad's change in attitude, but Brad pointed out that he was at work. Lucas immediately apologized and explained that he had wanted someone to talk to because Lucas had had a difficult visit with his mother. Lucas realized that it might seem odd that he had sought Brad out, but Lucas felt an instant connection with Brad even though they had only known each other for a day.

Brad thought about the previous evening when he had met Lucas at the Floating Rib and the two had ended up commiserating because both men had been adopted and had biological fathers who had been notorious gangsters. Lucas had been surprised by how much they had in common and how well they had gotten along. Brad readily agreed, so Lucas admitted that he wanted to continue to get to know Brad.

Brad recalled telling Lucas about Brad's biological father, Kim Wu, and Kim's ruthless father, who had been the head of a triad in the Asian Quarter during the 1980s. Brad admitted that he hadn't regretted looking for his biological family, but he wished that he'd found better answers because his biological mother had died giving birth to Brad, while his father and grandfather had been part of something evil until both men had been killed. Lucas admitted that Brad had a unique insight into what Lucas had been going through with Julian.

Moments later, Felix barged in but stopped short in the doorway when he realized that Brad wasn't alone. Brad claimed that he was reviewing lab work with a patient. Felix apologized and explained that he had wanted to confirm their plans for later that evening. Brad smiled as he told Felix that they had reservations at Metro Court Restaurant. Felix returned the smile and then left.

Lucas realized that Felix had been the man that Brad had mentioned the previous evening. Brad nodded and then quickly clarified that he hadn't misled Lucas. Brad revealed that he had genuinely believed that there hadn't been a chance with Felix, but everything had unexpectedly changed when Brad had arrived for work earlier that day because Felix had apologized and had asked Brad out on a date. Lucas was curious if it was Brad and Felix's first date. Brad nodded, so Lucas smiled because it meant that Lucas might still have a chance with Brad.

Later, Lucas was waiting for the elevator when he spotted Brad and Felix at the nurses' station, finalizing their plans for dinner. Brad tried to focus on Felix when he noticed Lucas watching them, but Brad's eyes kept straying to Lucas until Lucas entered the elevator.

At Kelly's, Sam showed Mr. Nakamura, the pharmacist who had filled the prescription of antidepressant that had led to Nina Clay's coma, a picture of Ava and asked if Mr. Nakamura recognized the woman in the picture. Mr. Nakamura started to answer, but Sam became distracted when she saw Nathan seated at the counter. She quickly excused herself to approach the detective and inform him that she was about to solve his case by proving that Ava Jerome had tried to kill Silas' wife. Nathan's interest was piqued when Sam explained who Mr. Nakamura was.

Nathan followed Sam to the table, where Sam made the introductions. Nathan sat down as Sam began to question Mr. Nakamura. Mr. Nakamura admitted that he had seen Ava around the hospital, but he insisted that he had never talked to her. Mr. Nakamura also confirmed that he had filled the prescription in question for Silas. Nathan was about to show Mr. Nakamura a picture of Silas to make certain that they were talking about the same person, but Mr. Nakamura told Nathan that it wasn't necessary because Silas had just entered the diner.

Silas smiled at Mr. Nakamura and shook the man's hand then asked if Sam had been able to clear things up. Silas was stunned when Nathan revealed that Mr. Nakamura had claimed that Silas had requested the prescription. Silas insisted that it was impossible and suggested that Mr. Nakamura was mistaken because it had been more than two decades. Mr. Nakamura stuck to his story and explained that he had a clear recollection of the incident because technically a doctor was not allowed to write a prescription for themselves. However, Mr. Nakamura had done it because he had taken care of Nina Clay's monthly refills.

Silas insisted that none of what Mr. Nakamura had said was true, but Nathan wondered why Mr. Nakamura would lie. Silas pointed out that he wouldn't have agreed to have Mr. Nakamura interviewed if there had been any possibility that the pharmacist could incriminate Silas. Silas was certain that Mr. Nakamura was mistaken after twenty years, or someone, possibly Nathan, had gotten to the pharmacist. Nathan denied that he had ever spoken to Mr. Nakamura, but Silas didn't believe Nathan.

Silas thought that it was more than a coincidence that Nathan had happened along at the precise moment that Sam had arranged to meet Mr. Nakamura, especially since Nathan had suddenly appeared in Port Charles to investigate the cold case. Silas was curious why Nathan would risk his career to frame Silas, but Nathan insisted that he had simply followed the evidence. Silas disagreed because he was certain that Nathan had manipulated the evidence.

Infuriated, Silas prepared to punch Nathan, but Sam quickly pulled Silas back and assured him that she believed Silas. Sam admitted that something was off about Mr. Nakamura's statement because the man had waited twenty years to step forward with his story. Mr. Nakamura claimed that he hadn't said anything because he had been reluctant to get involved. Silas was disgusted by Mr. Nakamura's lies, so he turned to leave, but Nathan stopped Silas and placed Silas under arrest.

On the piers, Julian confronted Duke with a gun and revealed that he knew that Duke had been working for Sonny to help take down Julian. Julian assured Duke that things would not work out as Duke and Sonny had planned. Julian prepared to shoot Duke, but Shawn suddenly appeared and pressed a gun into Julian's back. Moments later, Sonny stepped out of the shadows and smiled with satisfaction when Julian realized that Julian had been set up. Duke told Julian that it had been a terrible mistake for Julian to assume that Duke would be alone.

"Wouldn't be the first time. However, it might be the last," Sonny said with a menacing smile. Julian wondered if Sonny intended to kill him. Sonny admitted that he wouldn't jeopardize Danny's life by putting a bullet in Julian. Julian pointed out that they were at a stalemate then turned to leave, but Shawn stopped Julian.

Sonny informed Julian that they intended to give Julian a beat down and then invited Duke to take the first swing. Duke smiled, took off his jacket, and then punched Julian.

At Ava's apartment, Ava asked if Morgan wanted a drink, but Morgan declined because it was too early. Morgan admitted that nothing could make him feel less guilty because he knew that Julian intended to kill Duke. Morgan revealed that he felt guilty about a lot of things including how badly he had treated his mother and sending a man to his death. Ava insisted that Julian was not committing cold-blooded murder but rather protecting himself, Ava, Morgan, and Carlos from a real and lethal threat.

Morgan explained that he didn't want anyone else to get hurt because Max had almost died, but Ava pointed out that Sonny would have killed Carlos if Morgan had not intervened. Ava assured Morgan that their business could be rewarding provided that they were willing to eliminate problems. "You mean kill people," Morgan replied. Ava didn't disagree, but she reminded Morgan that he had known what he was getting into when he had gotten involved with Julian. Ava insisted that Duke only had himself to blame if Duke ended up dead because Julian had a right to defend Julian's family.

Morgan confessed that he had wanted to tell Ava something for a while, but a bruised and battered Julian stumbled into the apartment before Morgan could say anything else. Alarmed, Ava rushed to her brother's side to help Julian to the sofa and then demanded to know what had happened. Julian explained that it had been a setup and that Sonny was onto Morgan. Stunned, Morgan asked how it was possible.

Julian pointed out that Sonny wasn't a stupid man and had clearly questioned Morgan's loyalty from the beginning, so Sonny had fed Morgan bogus information to test Morgan. Julian conceded that it was possible that Morgan and Sonny had been working together, but Ava quickly defended Morgan.

According to Ava, Sonny had gotten two things that evening: confirmation that Morgan was still working for Julian and the satisfaction of "beating the spit" out of Julian. Ava pointed out that Sonny had outmaneuvered Julian, so Julian should count his blessings that Sonny wouldn't risk leaving Danny without a bone marrow donor. Julian agreed and then advised Morgan to be worried about what Sonny would do next.

On the piers, Duke and Shawn felt bad for Sonny. Sonny confessed that he was disappointed that Morgan had lied to him and was still working for the Jeromes, but the trap that they had set had confirmed what Sonny had suspected from the beginning. Sonny admitted that it broke his heart that Morgan didn't have an ounce of love left for Sonny. "He's too far gone," Sonny concluded. Duke was curious how Sonny intended to handle Morgan's betrayal.

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