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Silas admitted that he was married, but there was more to the story. Nathan accused Silas of attempted murder. Heather kidnapped Carly. Patrick and Robin learned that Sabrina was pregnant. Rafe told Anna that T.J. had witnessed the warehouse shooting.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 6, 2014 on GH
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Monday, January 6, 2014

In Anna's office, Rafe revealed that he had information about the shooting at Sonny's warehouse. Anna sensed Rafe's hesitancy, so she promised to protect him. Rafe reluctantly admitted that T.J. had witnessed the shootout, and then Rafe filled her in on what he had overheard T.J. say. Anna assured Rafe that he had done the right thing and promised that she would try to keep his name out of it.

At the hospital, Nathan introduced himself to Silas and then explained that he had some questions that he would like Silas to answer. Silas insisted that he was busy, but Nathan knew that Silas' wasn't scheduled to start rounds for another hour. Silas resented Nathan's snooping, but Nathan made it clear that he didn't care because he wanted answers from Silas. Silas pointed out that the incident that Nathan wanted to talk to Silas about had happened twenty years earlier, so Silas was curious why it concerned Nathan.

Nathan refused to explain other than to state that it was a cold case that he had been working on. Silas suggested that Nathan contact Silas' attorney, Diane Miller, and then wished Nathan a safe trip back to the city. Silas walked away, but Nathan followed Silas to the elevator to let Silas know that Nathan had transferred to the Port Charles Police Department, so they would be seeing a lot of each other.

Later, Silas left Diane a voicemail message to let her know that Nathan would be contacting her. Rafe walked up as Silas ended the call. Silas immediately sensed that his nephew was troubled, so Rafe confessed that he had done something bad.

At the penthouse, Sam returned to the living room to let Molly know that Danny had fallen asleep right away. Molly suspected that playing with Danny had worn him out, but Sam countered that Danny had been exhausted because Molly had kept Danny up late the previous evening. Molly flashed a guilty smile and then changed the subject by teasing Sam about spending the night with Silas. Sam refused to discuss it with her little sister, but Molly insisted that she was old enough to figure out that Sam and Silas had been intimate.

Sam conceded that Molly wasn't a child, so Sam admitted that she and Silas had spent the night together. Molly seemed disappointed to realize that things had gotten serious between Sam and Silas, so Sam wondered why. Molly admitted that Rafe had been having a hard time with Molly's decision to work things out with T.J. Molly was surprised when Sam confided that Rafe had landed in the hospital with an injured hand recently after punching a wall in frustration because of Molly's relationship with T.J.

Sam quickly assured Molly that Sam had urged Rafe to move on, but Molly revealed that Rafe hadn't taken Sam's advice. Molly told her sister that Rafe had suggested that Molly would be better off with Rafe rather than T.J., so Molly had made it clear that she and Rafe could only be friends. Molly conceded that Rafe had agreed to settle for friendship, but Molly wasn't certain if Rafe had meant it.

Sam was curious if Rafe was the reason that Molly and T.J. had been tense when Sam had bumped into them outside of Kelly's earlier. Molly was spared from having to answer the question when her phone suddenly rang. Moments later, Molly announced that she had to leave. Sam reminded her sister that Sam was there if Molly needed to talk. Molly thanked Sam, admitted that she was happy for Sam and Silas, and then left.

Later, Sam smiled as she thought about making love with Silas on New Year's Eve. She returned to the present when she heard a knock, so she answered the door. Nathan showed Sam his badge as he introduced himself and then revealed that he needed to talk to her about Silas.

At Kelly's, Shawn and Sonny stood in the kitchen as they discussed the situation with T.J. Shawn assured Sonny that T.J. wouldn't be a problem and then shifted gears to ask about Morgan. Sonny revealed that he had talked to Morgan, but Sonny had no idea if he had gotten through to his son. However, Sonny wanted to talk to T.J. to make certain that T.J. understood the gravity of the situation that they were in.

Moments later, T.J. entered the kitchen. T.J. immediately apologized to Sonny and Shawn for going to the warehouse, so Sonny asked why T.J. had been there. T.J. admitted that he had been afraid that Shawn would get into trouble that Shawn couldn't get out of. Sonny was curious what had given T.J. that idea, so T.J. told Sonny and Shawn about Morgan's visit with Molly. Shawn realized that Morgan had used the teens to flush out Carlos.

Sonny suggested that it might be best for T.J. to get out of town for a while. T.J. immediately objected because he didn't have anywhere to go. Shawn reminded T.J. that T.J.'s mother could take her son in, but T.J. argued that it had been ages since T.J. had spoken to his mother. According to T.J., his mother didn't care about T.J. Shawn strongly disagreed and reiterated that it would be safer for T.J. to leave town for a while. T.J. insisted that Shawn was the only family that T.J. had, so he refused to consider leaving.

Shawn assured T.J. that he cared about T.J. too much to risk T.J.'s safety. Sonny explained that too many people knew that T.J. had been a witness to the shooting, but T.J. argued that Molly would never say anything. Sonny pointed out that Anna might want to question T.J. about the shooting, so T.J. promised not to tell Anna anything. Sonny explained that he didn't want to put T.J. in a position where T.J. felt that he had to lie. Sonny was also concerned about how the Jeromes might react if they got wind that the police were interested in questioning T.J.

Shawn admitted that he loved T.J. like a son, so he needed T.J. to be safe. Shawn promised that T.J. could return when the heat had died down. T.J. reluctantly agreed to leave, but he insisted on saying goodbye to Molly first.

Later, Shawn walked Sonny to the door and thanked Sonny for looking out for T.J. Sonny admitted that he had been in similar situations with both Michael and Morgan, so he appreciated the difficult position that Shawn was in.

A short time later, Molly was upset that T.J. had to leave town right away. Shawn walked up to hustle T.J. to the car, but Anna and a uniformed police officer appeared in the doorway before Shawn and T.J. could leave. "Going somewhere?" Anna asked.

In Franco's suite, Franco was on the phone with Carly as he tried to decide what to wear. Carly assured him that he didn't have anything to be nervous about and then ended the call with a promise to see him soon. Moments later, someone knocked on the door.

"Hello, son," Heather said when Franco opened the door. Stunned, Franco stared at his mother, who was covered in dirt and blood and clutched the knife that he had stabbed her with. Franco demanded to know what she was doing there and then tried to shut the door in her face before she could answer. Franco froze when he suddenly heard Olivia remind him that she was part owner of the hotel. Olivia pushed her way into the suite as Franco realized that the vision of Heather had been a figment of his imagination.

Franco quickly apologized for his odd behavior and claimed that he hadn't recognized Olivia because she looked different. Olivia hadn't made any changes to her appearance, so she was certain that Franco was lying. Franco changed the subject by asking why she was there, so Olivia admitted that she believed that he had murdered people because he was Heather's son, not because he'd had a brain tumor.

Franco was curious if Olivia was a geneticist. Olivia admitted that she wasn't, but she insisted that she was an expert because she had been engaged to Heather's son, Steven Lars. "Guess what? He's a killer too," Olivia added. Franco recalled hearing that his mother had sold his older half-brother on the black market, so he idly wondered if Heather had made more money selling Steven or Franco. Olivia scowled at Franco, so Franco shifted gears to ask if the basis for Olivia's theory was that both Franco and Steven were "psychos" because of their mother.

Olivia quickly clarified that Steven was not a psycho. She explained that Steven had killed a terminally ill criminal to save the life of a sweet young girl. "Oh, how noble, in a completely illegal way," Franco muttered. Olivia ignored the remark as she insisted that both Franco and Steven had inherited the ability to kill from Heather, but the difference was that Steven had a conscience.

Franco took offense. He assured Olivia that he had a conscience, too, but Olivia appeared skeptical. Franco insisted that he had been haunted by what he had done to Michael, Jason, and Sam. "And me," Heather reminded Franco.

Franco stared with horror at the vision of his mother as he ordered Heather to get away from him. Olivia immediately recognized the signs of someone suffering from a hallucination, so she called Franco out on it. Franco tried to deny it, but Olivia warned him that her visions always played out as she had seen them. Franco suggested that Olivia worry about her visions, while he worried about his own. Olivia agreed to drop the matter, but she made it clear that she would not rest until she found a way to toss him out of the hotel. She believed that she owed it to her cousin to keep all killers out of the hotel.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Ava spotted Carly at the bar on the phone, so she waited until Carly ended the call and then approached Carly. Ava explained that she needed Carly's help with Kiki because Kiki had completely shut Ava out. Carly admitted that she didn't blame Kiki, but Ava implored Carly to put in a good word for Ava.

Carly refused to help Ava, so Ava reminded Carly that Ava had been looking out for Carly's son. Carly was revolted by Ava's relationship with Morgan and blamed Ava's influence for Morgan turning his back on Sonny and then getting involved with the mob. Carly explained that she and Sonny had worked long and hard to keep that from happening, but Ava had managed to drag Morgan into the gutter.

Ava argued that Morgan had a mind of his own, but Carly insisted that Ava had manipulated Morgan and had taken advantage of his vulnerability. Carly refused to encourage Kiki to reconcile with Ava because Carly thought that Kiki was better off staying far away from Ava. Carly then made it clear that she would hold Ava personally responsible if anything happened to Morgan. Carly started to walk away, but Ava grabbed Carly's arm to stop her.

Ava growled that she wasn't finished with Carly. "I came to you one flawed mother to another," Ava explained between clenched teeth. Ava claimed that she had tried to be civil, but Carly was incapable of it, so Carly had made herself an enemy. Ava vowed to make it her mission in life to wipe Carly off of the face of the planet if Carly ever talked to Ava that way again or disparaged her to Morgan.

Ava instantly released Carly's wrist when Ava realized that Kiki and Michael had walked up. Ava smiled and tried to wish her daughter a happy New Year, but Kiki wasn't interested in niceties because she had overheard her mother's threat to Carly. Ava insisted that she could explain, so she asked for an opportunity to clear things up over lunch. Kiki informed her mother that Kiki and Michael had planned to have lunch with Carly, so Carly smiled with smug satisfaction and then led Kiki and Michael to a nearby table.

At the table, Michael was curious why Carly had asked to see him and Kiki. Carly smiled nervously as she explained that she had wanted Michael to know that she had been seeing someone. Michael was curious who the new man in Carly's life was. "Franco," Carly quietly admitted.

Michael quickly recovered from his shock and demanded to know how long Carly and been involved with Franco. She admitted that it had started on the night of Franco's art show. Michael was furious what his mother would become involved with Franco after everything that Franco had done to all of them. Carly gently reminded her son that Franco had suffered from a brain tumor, but Michael wasn't satisfied because he wanted nothing to do with Franco.

Carly and Michael looked up when they realized that Franco had arrived. Disgusted, Michael decided to leave, but Carly wanted to talk things out. Michael wasn't interested, so Carly reminded Michael that Franco had saved his life. Michael suggested that Franco had only done it to impress Carly, so Carly tried to defend Franco. Michael insisted that he had earned the right to hate Franco and then made it clear that he refused to stand by while Franco hurt the people that Michael loved.

Michael believed that Carly was lying to herself if she believed that Franco had changed, so Carly admitted that Michael sounded like Jason. Michael was curious if his mother would have been able to look Jason in the face and tell Jason that she was involved with Franco. Carly recognized that her son had every right to be upset, but she insisted that Michael was the fairest person that she knew, so she begged him to give Franco a chance.

Michael was disappointed that his mother believed that Franco's tumor had been to blame for every horrible thing that Franco had done. Michael warned Carly that she would get hurt if she didn't end things with Franco. Michael stormed off. Kiki apologized to Franco and Carly for Michael's outburst and then followed Michael.

Franco suggested that perhaps Michael had been right, but Carly argued that Franco was a changed man. He wondered how she could be certain, so she admitted that she wouldn't be with him if he weren't. Carly decided to go to Pozzulo's to continue her conversation with Michael, but Franco pointed out that Sonny would likely object to the relationship too. Carly assured Franco that nothing would keep her from being with Franco. Carly promised that everything would be okay, so she kissed him, asked him to wait for her, and then assured him that she would be back later.

Franco watched Carly enter the elevator, unaware that Heather hovered in the corner, sporting a disguise.

In Julian's suite, Morgan explained that he had made a mistake, so he wanted out of Julian's organization. Julian was curious what Morgan had thought working for Julian had entailed. "I don't know," Morgan replied sullenly and then added that it didn't matter because Julian had wanted Morgan to kill Morgan's own father. Julian pointed out that Morgan had claimed to hate Sonny, but Morgan insisted that he couldn't kill his own father.

Morgan also admitted that seeing Max bleeding from a gunshot that Morgan had inflicted had been too much because Morgan loved Max. Morgan confessed that he had always hated guns and had never been a good shot, so he hadn't had any business being in the warehouse. Morgan wanted out because he had finally realized why Carly and Sonny had worked hard to keep him out of Sonny's world.

Julian was curious if Morgan was ready to walk away from Ava because Ava couldn't afford to continue a relationship with their enemy's son if Morgan was not a part of the Jerome organization. Morgan argued that Ava was a grown woman who could decide for herself, but Julian insisted that things didn't work like that in their world. "Why?" Morgan asked. Julian pointed out that Ava was Julian's partner and that she couldn't afford to have Morgan in her life if he couldn't be trusted.

"Yeah, well, I guess we'll just see then, won't we?" Morgan asked defiantly. Julian warned Morgan that there would be consequences if Morgan were to walk away, so Morgan wondered if Julian intended to kill him. Morgan was confident that Sonny would kill Julian before Morgan finished bleeding out.

Julian argued that there were other ways to hurt Morgan. He realized that Morgan wasn't close to Carly or Michael, but there were others that Morgan cared about, like Max. Julian was curious if Morgan was prepared to live knowing that an innocent person had died because of Morgan.

Moments later, Ava arrived. She immediately picked up on the tension between Julian and Morgan, so she wanted to know what was going on. Julian claimed that he and Morgan had simply been having a friendly little chat, so he invited Morgan to tell Ava all about it. Morgan hesitated and then told Ava that he had been assuring Julian that he was on Julian and Ava's side. Morgan admitted that he had been shaken by what had happened to Max, but Morgan's loyalty was to the Jeromes, so Morgan was determined to do better the next time. Ava relaxed and then hugged Morgan, while Julian smiled with satisfaction.

Tuesday, January 7, 2013

Anna ushered T.J. and Shawn into her office and then invited them to sit. Shawn was curious why they were there, so Anna explained that she had some questions for T.J. about Sonny. Shawn offered to answer any questions that Anna might have because Shawn was the one who worked for Sonny. T.J. nervously began to ramble about barely knowing Sonny, who occasionally stopped by Kelly's for coffee.

Anna revealed that she knew that T.J. had been at Sonny's warehouse when Max Giambetti had been shot, so she wanted to know about the shootout between Sonny and the Jeromes. Stunned, T.J. was curious who had told Anna that he had been there. Shawn also wanted to know the informant's name, but Anna insisted that it was confidential. However, she assured both Shawn and T.J. that the person had been a reliable source.

Anna warned T.J. that T.J. could go to jail for obstruction of justice if he lied to the police about an ongoing investigation. Shawn decided to get T.J. an attorney before T.J. answered any questions, but Anna assured Shawn that it wasn't necessary because an attorney would complicate things. Shawn disagreed because Anna had threatened T.J. with jail. Shawn announced that it was time to leave, so Anna make it clear that T.J. was a person of interest and would not be allowed to leave town.

At the hospital, Silas left Diane a voicemail message to let her know to expect a call from Nathan West. Silas ended the call as Rafe walked up. He immediately sensed that something was troubling Rafe, so Rafe confided that Rafe had done something to T.J. Silas led Rafe to an examination room for privacy. Rafe revealed that he had overheard T.J. and Molly discuss the shootout at Sonny's warehouse, so Rafe had shared the information with Anna.

Silas was curious why Rafe had told Anna that T.J. had witnessed the shooting. Rafe confessed that he had been jealous and had hoped to get T.J. out of the picture. However, Rafe realized that he might have endangered T.J.'s life by telling Anna. Silas pointed out that Shawn would protect T.J., but Rafe remained uneasy, so Silas decided to call Anna.

Moments later, Anna answered Silas' call. Silas explained the situation to Anna, so Anna assured Silas that T.J. was fine and had left her office with Shawn. She added that Rafe didn't have anything to worry about because she had promised to keep Rafe's name out of it. Silas thanked her and then ended the call.

Silas assured his nephew that T.J. would be fine, but Rafe continued to have doubts and regretted that he had acted out of jealousy. Silas argued that Rafe hadn't put T.J. in the warehouse, but Rafe explained that he didn't want to be the guy who lashed out at people whenever he became upset. Rafe admitted that part of his frustration stemmed from his certainty that he and Molly would be perfect together if she would give Rafe a chance. Silas appreciated that Molly's rejection had hurt Rafe, but he pointed out that Molly had made her choice. Rafe wanted to get over Molly, but he didn't know how.

At the penthouse, Nathan identified himself and then explained that he wanted to ask Sam a few questions about Silas. Leery, Sam was curious why Nathan was interested in Silas. Nathan cleared his throat and asked for some water, but Sam knew that it was merely a ploy to gain entrance to the penthouse. Nathan didn't deny it, so he shifted gears by asking how well Sam knew Silas. Sam didn't offer any information, so Nathan asked her to hear him out and offered to leave if she didn't want to answer his questions.

Sam was curious why Nathan hadn't talked to Silas, so Nathan admitted that he had tried, but Silas had stonewalled him by referring Nathan to Silas' attorney. Sam suggested that perhaps Silas had been busy, but Nathan was certain that Silas had something to hide. Sam recalled a conversation with Ava when Ava had claimed to care enough about her niece to be concerned about Sam's reaction when Sam discovered that Silas had been keeping a secret from Sam.

Sam reluctantly invited Nathan into the penthouse and then fetched a bottle of water, which she handed to Nathan. He thanked Sam and then took a drink before asking how Sam had met Silas. Sam was certain that Nathan already knew the answer, so he admitted that he had read about Sam and Silas' custody battle for Rafe. Sam explained that Silas had wanted to take her foster son to the city, but Sam had thought that it would be best for Rafe to remain in Port Charles with Rafe's friends.

Sam then revealed that Silas had diagnosed her son, Danny, with cancer. Nathan was sorry to hear about Sam's son, but she assured him that Danny no longer had cancer because of Silas. Nathan imagined that Sam had been deeply grateful and then questioned how far that gratitude had extended. Sam was confused by the question, so Nathan bluntly asked if she had slept with Silas.

Offended, Sam informed Nathan that it was none of his business and then marched to the door and ordered him to leave. Nathan slowly walked to the door as he explained that he had simply been curious if she realized that Silas was a married man. Sam denied that Silas was married, but Nathan assured her that it was true. She demanded proof, but Nathan admitted that he didn't have it on him.

Sam accused Nathan of trying to make her doubt Silas. Nathan assured her that he hadn't meant to upset her, but he urged her to think twice about the man that she had become involved with.

After Nathan left, Sam recalled a conversation with Ava when Ava had warned her that Silas had "dark secrets." Moments later, the doorbell rang. Sam tensed when she saw Silas standing on her doorstep. Silas sensed that something had upset Sam, so he asked her if she was okay. She assured him that she was fine, so Silas explained that he had stopped by to talk to her about Rafe's broken heart. Sam suggested that they talk about Silas' wife afterwards.

Meanwhile, Nathan reported to Anna. She was curious if he'd had any luck with the Silas Clay investigation, so Nathan revealed that there hadn't been any movement. However, he had taken steps to rattle Silas' cage.

In Julian's hotel suite, Morgan assured Julian and Ava that he remained loyal to the Jeromes and promised to do better the next time. Satisfied, Ava hugged Morgan and then suggested that the three of them go to the restaurant to celebrate. Julian wanted a private word with Morgan, so he promised Ava that he and Morgan would catch up with her in a few minutes. Suspicious, Ava asked what Julian wanted to talk to Morgan about.

Morgan recalled Julian's threat to kill Morgan's loved ones if Morgan refused to cooperate, so Morgan assured Ava that it was fine. After Ava reluctantly left, Julian praised Morgan for making the right decision. Morgan pointed out that he hadn't had much of a choice. Julian insisted that he hadn't liked threatening Carly or Michael, but Julian needed to be certain that he could count on his employees.

According to Julian, the threat had merely been incentive to ensure Morgan's loyalty. Julian promised to extend the same loyalty to Morgan that Morgan gave to Julian. Morgan admitted that he didn't want anyone hurt, so Julian confessed that he appreciated how Morgan felt because Julian would do anything to protect Sam and Danny. Morgan assured Julian that he and Julian were good and then admitted that he had gone to the hospital to check on Max. Annoyed, Julian demanded to know why Morgan had done that, so Morgan explained that he had to make certain that Max would recover.

Morgan told Julian about his talk with Sonny and then revealed that Sonny likely expected Morgan to cut ties with Julian. Julian decided that they could use that to their advantage by allowing Sonny to believe that Morgan had walked away from the Jerome organization. Julian wanted Morgan to gain Sonny's trust and then feed Julian inside information. Morgan agreed to do it, so Julian made it clear that Morgan would have to stay away from Ava. Morgan objected, but Julian insisted that it was the only way for the plan to work. Julian then reminded Morgan that innocent people would pay the price if Morgan refused to cooperate.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly promised to return soon, so she asked Franco to wait. She then entered the elevator unaware that Heather hovered in the corner in disguise.

After Carly left, Franco sat down at a table, muttering to himself. Ava spotted him, so she decided to join him at the table. Franco was not happy to see her, but Ava ignored his scowl as she teased him for talking to himself. Franco suggested that she bother someone else, but Ava was more interested in what was troubling Franco. Franco reluctantly admitted that he was worried about Carly. Ava realized that Franco and Carly were in a relationship, so Franco tried to change the subject, but Ava refused to let him.

Ava taunted Franco about his feelings for Carly and reminded him that Carly had once tried to kill him. Franco countered by pointing out that the terrace had been the scene of Ava's botched attempt to kill him, so he was curious if the other gangsters made fun of Ava at their church basement meetings.

Ava feigned amusement, but Franco pointed out that she was lucky that he was still in one piece. Ava sobered as she quietly informed him that his girlfriend was lucky to be in one piece too. Franco tensed as he demanded to know if that had been a threat. Ava told Franco about her encounter with Carly when Carly had refused to put in a good word for Ava with Kiki. Ava insisted that she had been civil, but Carly had been determined to make things ugly. Franco argued that Carly had a right to be angry at Ava because Ava had been sleeping with Morgan.

Franco made it clear that Ava was to stay away from Carly or Ava would have to answer to him. Ava surprised that he had threatened her because she had thought that his killing days had been behind him. "You'd be surprised, Ava," Franco replied with deadly menace. Ava assured him that she was not afraid of him because, even though he'd had the higher body count, she had been the wildcard in their relationship. Ava suggested that Franco let his girlfriend know that Ava was not to be messed with.

After Ava left, Franco called Carly, but reached her voicemail. He admitted that he was worried because he hadn't heard from her, so he asked her to return his call.

Meanwhile, Ava returned to her brother's suite to find out why Julian and Morgan hadn't joined her in the restaurant. Julian revealed that there had been a change of plans, so Ava demanded to know where Morgan was.

In Sonny's office at Pozzulo's, Sonny left a voicemail message for Shawn. Sonny was curious if Shawn had managed to get T.J. out of town without incident. He also wanted to discuss the situation with Julian because he hadn't heard back from Morgan.

After Sonny ended the call, Carly arrived looking for Michael. Sonny explained that Michael wasn't there, but he sensed that Carly was agitated. Sonny was curious if Carly and Michael had had an argument, but Carly was evasive, prompting Sonny to assume that Carly and Michael had argued about A.J. Sonny was furious that A.J. hadn't been convicted of Connie's murder, so Carly quickly clarified that it had nothing to do with A.J.

Meanwhile, Heather lurked in the alleyway, spying on Sonny and Carly through Sonny's office window.

In Sonny's office, Carly blurted out that she and Franco had been seeing each other. "You're kidding me," Sonny replied with disbelief. He was curious when she had changed her mind about wanting Franco dead. Carly ignored the question as she insisted that Franco was a changed man. She told Sonny about her lunch with Michael and Michael's reaction to the news about her relationship with Franco. She had hoped to explain to Michael that Franco's brain tumor had driven Franco to do the horrible things that Franco had done.

Sonny insisted that the doctors had been wrong about Michael's coma, so they could have also been wrong about Franco's brain tumor, which meant that Carly had been sleeping with the "sick freak" that had put Michael into the path of a rapist. Carly insisted that she had seen a change in Franco, but Sonny was certain that Carly had only seen what she had wanted to. Carly refused to argue with Sonny about Franco, but Sonny wondered if it was fair of her to expect Michael to accept a man who would eventually hurt her.

Carly denied that Franco would hurt her, but Sonny insisted that he and Michael knew better because Carly tended to trust the wrong people, just like Morgan. Carly became emotional as she talked about their son and Morgan's association with the Jeromes. She confessed that she would do anything to get Morgan away from "those horrible people," so Sonny revealed that there was a possibility that Morgan had finally seen through Julian and Ava's veneer.

Sonny told Carly about his talk with Morgan at the hospital. Carly was curious why Sonny had taken responsibility for shooting Max, so Sonny claimed that it had been an accident. Carly didn't believe him, but she quickly figured out the real reason that Sonny had confessed. Sonny refused to confirm that Morgan had pulled the trigger, but Carly hadn't needed it. She hoped that Sonny had gotten through to their son and that Morgan would realize that Sonny hadn't meant to hurt Morgan at the gallery when Sonny had revealed the truth to Kiki about when Morgan had learned about Kiki's true paternity.

Carly asked Sonny to look out for Morgan, while she focused on working things out with Michael. Sonny hoped that Michael could convince Carly to stop seeing Franco. Sonny advised Carly to ask herself if Franco was worth losing her son because Sonny was certain she would eventually alienate Michael by expecting Michael to accept and to forgive Franco. Carly reiterated that Franco's brain tumor had driven Franco to do terrible things and then left.

Later, Heather approached Carly on the sidewalk when Carly had stopped to send a text message. Carly was startled when she realized that the woman with dark hair and sunglasses was Heather. Heather reached into her purse and pulled out a gun as she greeted Carly.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny was looking over some papers when Morgan walked in. Sonny was curious why Morgan was there. "I did it, Dad. I'm out," Morgan replied.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

In Julian's suite, Ava demanded to know where Morgan was, so Julian told her that he had sent Morgan home to Sonny. Stunned, Ava ordered her brother to explain, so he revealed that Morgan had wanted out of their deal. Ava wondered if Julian truly expected her to believe that Morgan had suddenly had a complete change of heart minutes after swearing loyalty to Julian and Ava. Julian assured her that it was true, so Ava was curious if Morgan had teleported to Sonny's or flown off on a unicorn because both scenarios were as believable as Julian's story.

Julian insisted that he was a reasonable man, but Ava accused her brother of being "reptilian" in nature. Frustrated, Julian confessed that he had decided to break the stalemate with Sonny by planting Morgan as a mole in the Corinthos organization. Ava argued that it was too dangerous, but Julian disagreed because he was confident that Sonny would never harm one of Sonny's own children. Ava reminded Julian that Sonny had nearly killed Dante, so Julian pointed out that Sonny hadn't known that Dante had been Sonny's son at the time of the shooting.

Ava warned Julian that he had underestimated their enemy, but Julian was confident that Morgan would be able to gain Sonny's trust. Ava continued to have reservations about Julian's plan because she was certain that Sonny would remain suspicious, since Ava and Morgan were intimately involved. "Not anymore, you're not," Julian replied.

Julian explained that Morgan had to cut ties with Ava to minimize the risk of Sonny discovering the truth. Furious, Ava refused to believe that Morgan would willingly walk away from her. Julian recalled his threat to hurt Morgan's loved ones if Morgan failed to cooperate, but kept silent about the blackmail. Instead, Julian assured his sister that Morgan had gone along with the plan. Ava didn't believe Julian, so she decided to call Morgan, but Julian snatched the cell phone out of her hand.

Julian warned Ava that he had tolerated her relationship with Morgan long enough, so he advised her to "man up" like Morgan had, or Julian would find a way to deal with her. Ava bristled at the threat, but Julian clarified that it had been a promise, not a threat. Ava chuckled, but Julian was not amused, so he suggested that she remember who was in charge. Ava made it clear that she was Julian's partner, not one of his lackeys, so she advised him to be prepared to carry out his threats the next time that he shot his mouth off. "Lord knows, I am," she added and then marched out without a backward glance.

At Pozzulo's, Morgan revealed that he had cut all ties with Julian and Ava. "Really?" Sonny asked with little emotion. Morgan was surprised by Sonny's subdued reaction because Morgan had assumed that Sonny had wanted Morgan to walk away from the Jeromes. Sonny assured his son that he had wanted that, but Morgan pointed out that Sonny didn't seem happy.

Sonny explained that Julian had relished Morgan joining the Jerome organization and had taken great pleasure in throwing it in Sonny's face, so Sonny had difficulty believing that Julian would simply allow Morgan to walk away. Morgan conceded that Julian hadn't been pleased, but Morgan had stood his ground and had warned Julian that Sonny wouldn't hesitate to kill Julian if Julian tried to retaliate. Sonny warned Morgan that leaving the Jerome organization had put a target on Morgan's back because Morgan had been privy to Julian's secrets.

Morgan assured Sonny that Julian wouldn't risk making a move against Morgan because the police had been keeping a close eye on Julian since the warehouse shooting. Morgan apologized to his father, but Sonny explained that Morgan had betrayed the whole family, not just Sonny. Sonny also pointed out that Morgan's defection had endangered lives because people in Sonny's world played for keeps. Morgan tearfully apologized until Sonny relented and assured Morgan that nothing could change his love for Morgan.

At Carly's house, Bobbie made her way to the front door as she spoke to Lucas on the phone. Bobbie explained that she had decided to remain in Port Charles a while longer because Lulu needed her.

After Bobbie locked up the house and then left, Heather and Carly stepped out of the shadows. Heather had a gun aimed at Carly as she forced Carly into the house. Heather was curious if anyone else was in residence, so Carly revealed that Josslyn was visiting Jax in Australia. Heather made it clear that she wouldn't have any qualms putting a bullet "in that corn child," but Carly insisted that she would never endanger Josslyn by lying.

Satisfied, Heather admitted that she didn't want any witnesses for what was about to happen. "You don't really want to kill me, do you?" Carly asked. Heather was surprised that Carly would ask her that because Heather had been dying to kill Carly for months. Carly was shocked that Heather would actually want to kill her for dating Franco, but Heather resented Carly acting as if that wasn't sufficient reason. Carly admitted that it wasn't.

Heather ignored the remark as she announced that she and Carly had a lot to do before the "fun" began. Carly demanded to know what Heather intended to do to her, so Heather confided that she had learned the hard way not to kill on the spur of the moment. Heather realized that she needed to take precautions, but Carly warned Heather that Franco would figure out that Heather had been responsible for Carly's murder.

Heather disagreed because Franco believed that he had killed Heather. Carly pointed out that Heather was very much alive, so Heather told Carly about the incident in Franco's hotel suite when Franco had caught Heather sneaking into the bathroom to kill Carly while Carly had been in the shower. Shocked, Carly realized that Franco had saved her life, but she pretended to be furious that Franco had deceived her by claiming to be a changed man. Carly wanted Franco to pay for his crimes, so she insisted on notifying the police. Heather agreed that Franco had to pay, but Heather insisted that the best way to punish Franco was by making him suffer the loss of the woman that he loved. Heather cocked the gun as she took aim at Carly.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Franco left a voicemail message for Carly, expressing his concern because he hadn't heard from her, so he asked her to return his call.

Moments later, Scott walked up to the bar to order three fingers of bourbon. "What's up Pops?" Franco asked his father. Scott scowled at Franco and then reminded his son that he didn't want anything to do with Franco. Franco appreciated that Scott had expected Franco to maintain his distance from Scott for the sake of Scott's career, but Franco suggested that Scott's career was over. Scott argued that he was still the district attorney, so Franco wondered if Scott expected Franco to pretend that they were not related.

Franco confessed that he had hoped that Scott's recent display of "terrible lawyering" would have paved the way for a father/son reunion. Scott started to explain why that wouldn't happen, but Franco cut his father off to assure Scott that Franco knew that a reunion would not be forthcoming. However, Franco was disappointed that Lucy had failed to get through to Scott by putting in a good word for Franco. Scott refused to discuss Lucy with Franco, which surprised Franco because Franco had been under the impression that Scott and Lucy were "besties." Scott tried to downplay his relationship with Lucy, but Franco accused Scott of protesting too much.

Nearby, Luke and Lulu entered the dinning room. Luke noticed that Bobbie hadn't arrived, so he suggested that he and Lulu wait for his sister at the bar. Lulu spotted Scott at the bar, so she steered her father to their table. Luke was disappointed because he had wanted to have a word with Scott, but Lulu insisted that Scott and Laura's divorce had been finalized, so Luke had nothing to say to Scott.

Luke reluctantly followed his daughter to a table and then sat down. He was curious what Lulu had wanted to talk to him about, so Lulu revealed that she had left Dante. Surprised, Luke was curious where she had spent the night. Lulu explained that she had decided to stay with her Aunt Bobbie at Carly's house. Luke suspected that Lulu and Dante's marital woes stemmed from more than their "baby problems," so Lulu admitted that she couldn't stop thinking about Dante's refusal to lie for her in court. She didn't know if she would ever be able to get past it.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Lucy entered. Lucy was delighted that Kevin had planned a romantic dinner for them at her favorite restaurant, but she tensed when she spotted Scott at the bar. Kevin was startled when Lucy suddenly suggested that they go somewhere else for dinner, so he asked her why. Lucy thought about her one-night stand with Scott as she floundered for an explanation.

Bobbie's timely arrival spared Lucy from having to answer Kevin. Lucy called out a greeting to Bobbie, but Bobbie was wary of Lucy's overly friendly manner. Bobbie pointed out that Lucy was only nice to Bobbie when Lucy wanted something or was up to something. "So, which is it?" Bobbie asked. Kevin admitted that he was eager to hear Lucy's answer as well as an explanation for why Lucy had changed her mind about a romantic dinner with him.

Lucy explained that she wanted to go to the Floating Rib to check on Mac and Felicia because their friends had been having a difficult time since Maxie had left town. Lucy abruptly stopped talking when Scott suddenly walked by and then stopped to greet Bobbie. Bobbie gave Scott a quick hug and then dashed off to join her family. Kevin spotted Franco at the bar, so he excused himself to have a quick word with Franco.

Scott seized the opportunity to tell Lucy that he loved her and wanted her back, but Lucy insisted that she and Kevin were working to save their marriage. Scott argued that he and Lucy were partners in crime, not just co-parents and best friends. According to Scott, Lucy knew him better than he knew himself. Scott confessed that he had felt in sync with Lucy when they had woken up together after their night of passion and that it had made him realize that he had been searching for that feeling for years. He wondered if she could honestly tell him that their night together hadn't meant anything to her.

Meanwhile, at the bar, Kevin reminded Franco that Franco had missed a therapy session. Kevin stressed the importance of continuing therapy because Franco had a lot to sort through, including what Franco had done to Heather. Kevin insisted that Franco needed to find a way to forgive himself if Franco hoped to move forward, but Franco denied that he needed forgiveness. "Not even from Carly?" Kevin asked. Franco argued that he had killed his mother to protect Carly, so Kevin quietly urged Franco not to miss their next appointment and then left.

Moments later, Kevin returned to Lucy's side. "Am I interrupting?" Kevin asked when he picked up on the tension between Scott and Lucy. Lucy smiled nervously as she claimed that she and Scott had been talking about Laura. Lucy pointedly advised Scott to get over his ex-wife, so Scott turned to Kevin for help because Scott was certain that Kevin knew what it was like to be madly in love with someone for a long time. Lucy agreed that Kevin did and then dragged her husband to the Floating Rib.

Nearby, Luke admitted that he was grateful that Bobbie had been on hand to help Lulu. Lulu appreciated her aunt's support because she knew that Bobbie had a lot going on with Lucas. Bobbie revealed that she hadn't told Lucas that his biological father, Julian Jerome, was alive, but she had no idea how much longer she could keep the information from her son. Luke added that Julian had been asking questions about Lucas.

Later, Franco went to Carly's house to check if she was home. He rang the doorbell and then pounded on the door, but no one responded. Inside, Heather threatened to kill Carly and Franco if Carly made a noise. After Franco left, Heather announced that she and Carly had a lot of work ahead of them before the big finish. Carly tried to reason with Heather, but Heather suggested that Carly accept that Carly would not get out alive.

At the penthouse, Sam asked Silas about his wife. Silas was stunned by the question, but Sam demanded an answer. Silas wondered who had told Sam that he had a wife, but then he realized that Nathan West had talked to Sam. Sam accused Silas of dodging the question, so Silas admitted that he did have a wife.

Furious, Sam ordered Silas to leave. She was hurt that he had betrayed her trust by lying to her, so she made it clear that she never wanted to see him again. Sam resented that Silas had made her the "other" woman because it had made Sam feel both cheap and pathetic. Silas agreed to leave, but he demanded that Sam hear him out first. Sam reluctantly agreed to give Silas an opportunity to explain his side of things, but she made it clear that it would not change how she felt.

Silas revealed that he had left home at eighteen to attend Columbia University in New York City, where he had met a young woman named Nina. Silas and Nina had fallen in love, so they had decided to marry after Silas' graduation. Silas admitted that Nina's wealthy parents hadn't approved of their daughter marrying someone poor like Silas, but he and Nina had been happy together. Silas explained that his wife had put him through medical school, so he owed his entire career to Nina. Sam was curious where Nina was, so Silas confessed that his wife had been residing in a private long-term care facility for over twenty years.

Silas explained that his wife had been in a coma the entire time, so in his mind Nina had died decades earlier. Silas admitted that he had wanted to take his wife off of life support, but her parents had used their wealth and influence to obtain a court order to bar Silas from visiting Nina or making medical decisions for her. Sam was shocked that Nina's parents had gone to such lengths to drive Silas away, so he admitted that his wife had lapsed into a coma because Nina had attempted suicide by taking an overdose.

According to Silas, he and Nina had grown apart and had constantly argued after he had finished medical school. Eventually, Silas had strayed from his marriage. Sam realized that the other woman had been Ava. Silas confirmed Sam's suspicion as he explained that he had ended up at Ryan's bar one night, and he had met Ava there. Silas revealed that Nina had taken an overdose of pills when she had learned about the affair and that he had been the one to find his wife.

Sam seemed at a loss for words, so Silas decided to give her time to take everything in. He started to leave, but Sam called out to him because she wanted to know why the police were interested in talking to him.

At the police station, Nathan introduced himself to Dante and then revealed that he was Dante's new partner. Dante seemed surprised, so Nathan invited Dante to check with Anna. Dante declined, but he admitted that he had gotten used to working alone over the past year. Nathan smiled and then began to unpack a box as he settled in behind his desk. Dante perked up when he saw Nathan's New York Yankees coffee mug, so the two men bonded over their disappointment that their favorite team had failed to make it to the playoffs the previous season.

Dante mentioned his wife, Lulu, so Nathan was curious if Dante and Lulu had any children. Dante's smile faded as he quietly explained that he didn't want to talk about his personal life. Nathan apologized, so Dante admitted that he and Lulu had been going through "some stuff."

Nathan respected Dante's privacy, so Dante changed the subject by asking why Nathan had transferred from the city to Port Charles. Nathan admitted that a case had drawn him to town and then told Dante about the investigation into Silas Clay. Nathan revealed that he suspected that Silas had intentionally caused Nina Clay's overdose in an attempt to murder her.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

At the apartment, Felix prepared to leave for work, so Sabrina was curious what he intended to say to Patrick if Patrick asked about her. Felix claimed that he would let Patrick know that Sabrina was through crying and that she was pregnant with Patrick's child. Sabrina was not amused, so she made it clear that Felix was not to say anything about the baby. Felix was offended that she didn't trust him to keep quiet, but she pointed out that he tended to have loose lips when he was flustered.

Sabrina appreciated that Felix thought that she should tell Patrick about the baby, but she asked Felix to respect her decision because she didn't want anyone to find out that she was pregnant. "Too late," Felix said as he noticed Carlos standing in the doorway.

After Felix left, Carlos asked Sabrina if it was true. Sabrina insisted that it wasn't any of Carlos' business, so Carlos asked her not to shut him out because they were still friends, and he cared about her. Sabrina admitted that she had discovered a few days earlier that she was pregnant with Patrick's baby, but she didn't want Patrick to know. Carlos insisted that Patrick had a responsibility, but Sabrina argued that Patrick's responsibility was to Robin and Emma, not her and the baby.

Sabrina was certain that, if he found out she was pregnant, Patrick would want to do the right thing by offering to support her and the baby, but Sabrina feared that it would cause problems for Patrick and Robin. Carlos pointed out that Robin was an intelligent woman, so he was confident that Robin would find a way to deal with the pregnancy, but Sabrina insisted that Robin shouldn't have to because Robin had been through enough.

Carlos urged Sabrina not to martyr herself, but Sabrina argued that it was her body and her decision. Carlos was curious what Sabrina planned to do about the baby, so she admitted that she hadn't made a decision because the pregnancy had caught her off guard. Concerned, Carlos wondered if Sabrina had been contemplating having an abortion. Sabrina made it clear that she believed in a woman's right to choose, but she confessed that she didn't want to terminate the pregnancy.

Sabrina explained that she couldn't hide the pregnancy from Patrick, but she didn't want to leave Port Charles for good because it had become her home, so she had been toying with the idea of taking an extended leave to have the baby and then give the child up for adoption. Carlos told her that he had a better idea that would allow her to stay in town, keep the baby, and not have to worry about Patrick. Sabrina was curious how she could do that, so Carlos suggested that they raise the baby together.

Outside of Kelly's, Robin spoke to Patrick on her cell phone. She revealed that Emma hadn't wanted to go to school that morning, so Patrick suggested that their daughter likely hoped to spend as much time as possible with Robin before Robin returned to work. "Smooth," Robin replied with a smile. Patrick acknowledged that his hint hadn't been subtle, but he reminded her that Monica had been fired as chief of staff, so Robin could be on the short list to replace Monica if Robin played her cards right. Robin explained that she wanted to focus on getting reacclimated with her life and to catch up on everything that she had missed.

Robin entered the diner and spotted Sonny seated at one of the tables, so she assured Patrick that she would keep what he had said in mind and then ended the call. Sonny smiled when he saw Robin, so he stood up and hugged her. The two friends then sat down to catch up.

At Carly's house, Bobbie was delighted when Michael stopped by. Michael gave his grandmother a warm hug then asked if Carly was home. Bobbie revealed that Carly hadn't returned home the previous night, so Michael told Bobbie about Carly's relationship with Franco because he suspected that Carly was with Franco. Stunned, Bobbie couldn't understand why her daughter would get involved with Franco after everything that Franco had done. Michael agreed and admitted that he had hoped to talk sense into his mother.

Outside of Kelly's, Franco waited for Kiki to arrive for her morning coffee. He jumped up and called out to her when he saw her approach. Startled, Kiki wondered why Franco had been waiting for her, so he explained that he had been looking for Carly. Kiki admitted that she hadn't agreed with Michael's reaction to Franco and Carly's relationship because she believed that Franco had changed. However, she respected Michael's position, so she didn't want to get involved in the argument between Michael and Franco.

Franco assured Kiki that he didn't expect her to put in a good word for him with Michael, but Franco was concerned because he hadn't been able to find Carly. Franco revealed that Carly had gone to Pozzulo's to catch up with Michael after Michael had stormed out of Metro Court Restaurant. Kiki explained that Michael hadn't gone to Pozzulo's and that she and Michael hadn't seen Carly since the lunch. However, she revealed that Michael had gone to Carly's house to talk to his mother, so she suspected that Franco would find Carly at home.

At Carly's house, Bobbie left her daughter a voicemail message to let Carly know that Michael had stopped by. Someone began to pound on the front door, so Bobbie ended the call and answered the door. She was not pleased when she saw Franco standing on the doorstep. She informed him that her daughter wasn't home and then tried to slam the door in his face, but Franco pushed past her and slipped into the foyer as he explained that he been looking for Carly.

Bobbie realized that no one had seen or heard from Carly since the previous afternoon. She worried that one of Sonny's enemies might have targeted Carly, so she decided to report Carly's disappearance to the police. Franco offered to go with Bobbie, but Bobbie asked him to stay in case Carly returned.

At the Quartermaine boathouse, Heather ordered a bound and gagged Carly to wake up. Carly slowly sat up, so Heather welcomed Carly to the first day of the rest of Carly's life. "Such as it is," Heather added with a smirk. Carly tried to break free of the rope that bound her wrists together and tethered her to the floor, but Heather merely laughed at Carly's useless struggles and then gloated that no one would find Carly because the Quartermaines were unlikely to go wandering in the cold temperatures to the boathouse. Heather's smile quickly faded when she heard someone approach the boathouse.

Outside, A.J. stumbled around as he drank from a flask of alcohol. He pulled out his cell phone and called Elizabeth, but the call went to her voicemail. A.J. suspected that Elizabeth had been deliberately avoiding him, so he ended the call. His frustration mounted when he dropped his cell phone, so he grumbled as he bent down to pick it up. A.J. jerked upright when he suddenly heard a loud crash from inside the boathouse.

In the boathouse, Heather glared at Carly, who had kicked a stack of boat oars over. Heather ordered Carly to be quiet and then pointed a gun at her captive.

Outside, A.J. started to open the door to the boathouse when Michael suddenly appeared and called out to A.J. A.J. managed to hide the flask as Michael asked what A.J. was doing at the boathouse on such a frigid day. A.J. claimed that he had wanted to get some fresh air, but he had heard a noise from inside the boathouse that A.J. attributed to the pesky raccoons. Michael seemed to accept the explanation, so he was curious if A.J. was ready to go to breakfast. A.J. assured his son that he was, so Michael offered to drive. A.J. followed his son, careful to throw the flask in the bushes before Michael noticed.

At Kelly's, Sonny confessed that he had needed to see Robin with his own eyes before he could allow himself to believe that she was alive. He began to apologize for how he had treated her over the years, but Robin cut him off because her experience had taught her to focus on the present rather than the past. Robin assured Sonny that she was grateful and happy, but she conceded that it hadn't been easy to rebuild her life. Sonny was curious if Robin had called Brenda, so Robin told him about her talk with Brenda.

Sonny and Robin then talked about Jason and the impact that Jason had had on both of their lives. Robin thought that it had been unfair that their friend had died before Jason had had a chance to learn the truth about Danny. Sonny resented that Jason had died, but Jason's "bastard" brother had lived. Robin had no idea what he was talking about, so Sonny told her about A.J.'s return and Connie's murder.

Sonny's temper flared when Michael, Kiki, and A.J. entered the diner. A.J. was surprised to see Robin, so he stepped forward to hug her, but Sonny blocked A.J.'s path and then laid into A.J. for not having any shame. According to Sonny, a decent person would have left town and certainly wouldn't have killed a defenseless woman. Michael reminded Sonny that A.J. had been acquitted, but Sonny ignored Michael as he continued to rant at A.J. Sonny informed A.J. that Michael had begged Sonny to spare A.J.'s life.

Sonny accused A.J. of hiding behind Jason and then Sonny's son. "My son," A.J. quietly corrected Sonny. Sonny barked at A.J. to shut up. Sonny apologized to Robin for cutting their visit short and then stormed out.

Robin broke the tension by greeting A.J. with a hug. Michael quickly introduced Robin to Kiki, while A.J. explained that he would forever be grateful to Robin because Robin had told A.J. about Michael. Robin asked to have a private word with Michael, so A.J. and Kiki went to a nearby table and sat down.

Robin quietly admitted that she was concerned about the situation between Sonny and A.J. Michael agreed that it was a mess, but Robin sensed that Michael didn't want to talk about it, so Robin seized the opportunity to explain that she had never meant to take Michael away from Jason by telling A.J. the truth about Michael's paternity. Michael assured Robin that he knew that she had tried to do the right thing.

After Robin left, A.J. decided to take a rain check for breakfast because A.J. had been rattled by the encounter with Sonny. Kiki waited until she and Michael were alone to ask if Michael was okay, but Michael didn't want to talk about the scene between his two fathers. Kiki shifted gears to ask about his visit with Carly, so he revealed that his mother hadn't been home. Michael suspected that Carly had spent the night with Franco, but Kiki told him that Franco hadn't seen Carly since their lunch date the previous day.

Later, Franco sent Carly a text message but looked up when he heard Carly's front door open. He went to the foyer, expecting to see Carly, but instead was greeted by a furious Michael. Michael shoved Franco up against the wall and angrily demanded to know what Franco had done to Carly.

At the boathouse, Heather looked down when Carly's phone buzzed. Heather noted that Bobbie was calling and then remarked that Bobbie probably wondered where Carly was. "Well, wonder away," Heather said with satisfaction.

Heather agreed to remove Carly's gag provided that Carly didn't scream. Carly agreed, but then began to yell for help as soon as Heather removed the gag. Heather patiently waited until Carly quieted down and then reminded Carly that no one was around to hear Carly. Heather pulled an envelope from her purse as she announced that she had written a farewell letter to Carly's loved ones.

Heather read the letter to Carly and then asked if it had captured Carly's despair. "It's the biggest load of crap," Carly sneered. Carly was certain that no one would believe the letter that Heather had composed, but Heather disagreed, so she ordered Carly to sign it. Carly refused until Heather pointed the gun at Carly. After Carly signed the letter, Heather snatched it out of Carly's hand and left.

Meanwhile, A.J. had returned to the boathouse to retrieve the flask that he had discarded in the bushes. Carly's head snapped up when she suddenly heard A.J. ask, "What the hell are you doing here?"

At the hospital, Patrick called out to Felix to ask for a moment of Felix's time. Felix explained that he was about to start his shift, but Patrick was determined to talk to Felix. Patrick explained that he was concerned about Sabrina, so he wanted to know how she had been doing. Felix suggested that Patrick talk to Sabrina if Patrick wanted to know, so Patrick admitted that he had tried, but Sabrina hadn't returned his calls.

Patrick appreciated that he had hurt Sabrina, but Patrick insisted that he still cared about her. Patrick realized that he had put Felix in an awkward position, but Patrick was concerned about Sabrina. Felix relented and admitted that Sabrina had been taking things one day at a time. Patrick was glad that Sabrina had a friend like Felix, but Felix refused to discuss it. Patrick sensed that Felix was hiding something, so he asked Felix what was really going on.

Felix insisted that he couldn't talk about it, which confirmed Patrick's suspicions. Patrick wanted to help Sabrina, so he implored Felix to tell him. Felix agreed, but he reminded Patrick that Patrick had insisted on knowing. "Sabrina's pregnant," Felix revealed as Robin walked up.

At Pozzulo's, Morgan left Julian a voicemail message to report that Morgan was back in the Corinthos family fold. Moments later, Ava walked in. Morgan nervously explained that Ava couldn't be seen there, but Ava assured him that Sonny would never make a move against her in a public place like the restaurant. Morgan argued that it wasn't a game, so Ava cut to the chase by revealing that she knew that Morgan was Julian's mole.

Ava wanted to know where she and Morgan fit in with Morgan and Julian's plans. Morgan assured her that he hadn't ended things with her willingly, but he doubted that Sonny would trust him if Morgan continued to be involved with Ava. Ava realized that it had been unfair to impose expectations on Morgan, since they had never defined their relationship. Morgan assured Ava that he cared about her, but Ava didn't believe him because it had been easy for him to walk away from her.

Morgan explained that Julian had made his wishes clear, so Morgan hadn't been given a choice. Morgan promised Ava that he regretted agreeing to go along with Julian's plan because Morgan hadn't been able to stop thinking about Ava. However, Julian had been adamant that it had to be that way. "And that's it?" Ava asked.

"Unfortunately," Morgan admitted. Ava turned her back to Morgan to wipe away her tears. She agreed to have his things packed up and then sent to wherever he was staying. Ava assured Morgan that things would be different the next time that they saw each other. Morgan begged Ava not to walk away. "Like you did?" Ava asked as she reached for the doorknob.

Morgan confessed that he couldn't let Ava go, so he pulled her into his arms and then kissed her. Afterwards, Ava assured him that they could find a way to secretly be together. Morgan started to reply, but Sonny suddenly appeared in the doorway.

Friday, January 10, 2014

At Carly's house, Michael shoved Franco against the wall and angrily demanded to know what Franco had done to Carly. Franco insisted that he hadn't seen Carly, but Michael refused to let Franco go. Kiki tugged on Michael until he finally released Franco and stepped back. She admitted that she believed Franco, but Michael wasn't satisfied because of the things that Franco had done in the past. Franco conceded that Michael had a right not to trust him, but Franco promised that he hadn't seen Carly since she had left Metro Court Restaurant the previous day.

Franco explained that Carly had gone to Pozzulo's to talk to Michael, but Kiki revealed that she and Michael had gone hiking after they had left the restaurant and then they had returned to the apartment to watch movies for the rest of the night. Franco decided that they needed to retrace Carly's steps because clearly something had happened to her, since no one had seen or heard from Carly in twenty-four hours. Michael made it clear that he would go to Pozzulo's alone, so Kiki suggested that she and Franco remain at Carly's house in case Carly returned. Michael remained suspicious of Franco, so he threatened retribution if Michael learned that Franco had hurt Carly.

After Michael left, Franco admitted that Carly was the best thing that had ever happened to him, so he would never hurt her. Kiki explained that Michael was upset and had lashed out because he was concerned about his mother. She was certain that Carly was fine, but Franco confessed that he couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. Kiki suddenly realized that there was someone who had wished Carly harm -- Ava.

Kiki revealed that she and Michael had heard Ava threaten Carly when they had arrived to meet Carly for lunch. Franco recalled that Ava's parting words to him the last time that he had seen Ava, so he agreed that Ava might have done something to Carly. Franco and Kiki quickly left to track Ava down to question her about Carly's disappearance.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny demanded to know what he had walked in on between Morgan and Ava. Morgan assured his father that it was not as it appeared. According to Morgan, he had told the "bleach-blonde nympho" to stay away. Ava appeared shaken by the vehemence in Morgan's tone as he coldly informed her that he had slept with her to get back at Kiki and Sonny and then cruelly added that sleeping with a "cougar" and doing business with Ava's "cold fish" of a brother had been too much misery.

Morgan ordered Ava to leave and never return, so Ava straightened her back, glared at Sonny, and then warned Morgan that Morgan had chosen the losing side of the war. Ava promised Morgan that he would never find a woman who could compare to her and then left. Sonny appeared satisfied with the exchange, so he excused himself to take a call from Shawn in his office. Morgan quickly sent Ava a text message that read, "Baby, I am really sorry. I had to make it look good."

Moments later, Michael burst through the door but stopped short when he saw Morgan seated at one of the tables. Michael warily wondered what Morgan was doing there, so Morgan revealed that he had returned to the family fold. Sonny returned to the dining room as Michael questioned Sonny's reaction to Morgan's return. Sonny admitted that he couldn't be happier that Morgan had finally realized that he belonged with his family.

Michael admitted that he remained skeptical, but they had more important things to worry about. Michael filled his father and brother in about Carly's relationship with Franco, her sudden disappearance, and his fears that Franco might have been behind it. Sonny revealed that Carly had stopped by looking for Michael and had told Sonny about Franco, which had led to a quarrel. Sonny suggested that Carly might have decided to take time to cool off, but Michael and Morgan argued that their mother wouldn't have left without checking in with someone. Morgan suddenly recalled Julian's threat to harm Carly, so he quickly grabbed his jacket and left on the pretext of starting the search for his mother.

Sonny promised to look into Carly's disappearance, but he urged Michael not to overreact because he didn't want Michael or Morgan to do something that they might regret. Michael pointed out that it was too late for that, so Sonny conceded that Michael and Morgan had both made mistakes. However, Sonny was confident that his sons could repair their relationship. Michael wondered how Sonny felt about Morgan's sudden turnaround and split from the Jeromes. Sonny was confident that his talk with Morgan at the hospital had gotten through to his son, but Michael continued to question Morgan's intentions.

However, Michael wanted to focus on Carly because he was concerned about his mother. Sonny admitted that he would walk through fire for his ex-wife, so he promised to have his men search for Carly.

In Julian's suite, Julian answered a knock at his door. He was immediately shoved backwards and stumbled onto the sofa as Shawn pushed his way into the room with a gun aimed steadily at Julian. Shawn made it clear that Julian and Julian's men were to keep their distance from T.J. and to forget that T.J. had been at the warehouse during the shooting. Julian slowly stood up as he warned Shawn that it hadn't been a good idea to threaten Julian because Julian knew that Morgan had shot Max. Julian accused Morgan of being a "pissant" who had gone to hide behind Sonny, but Shawn countered that Julian had ordered Morgan to kill Sonny.

Shawn added that Julian's henchman, Carlos, had taken a high school boy hostage. However, Shaw was confident that Julian wouldn't turn Morgan in to the police because Julian would face a slew of felony charges as well. Shawn promised that Julian would not see the light of another day if Julian didn't stay away from T.J. and then left. In the hallway, Shawn called to report back to Sonny.

A short time later, Julian opened the door but halted in his tracks when he saw Shawn in the hallway. Julian demanded to know what Shawn was doing there, so Shawn claimed that he had wanted to make certain that Julian had clearly understood Shawn's warning. Julian admitted that he wasn't interested in T.J. and then walked away.

In the parking garage, Julian made his way to his car when Morgan suddenly appeared out of the shadows and roughly pushed Julian against the wall, demanding to know if Julian had hurt Carly.

In the boathouse, Heather ordered Carly at gunpoint to sign the letter that Heather had composed. After Carly reluctantly complied, Heather snatched the letter away and then left. Moments later, Carly's head snapped up when she heard A.J. ask, "What the hell are you doing here?"

Outside, Heather ducked behind a bush near the door as Monica approached A.J. Monica objected to the way that A.J. had talked to her, so A.J. apologized. Both A.J. and Monica appeared oblivious to Heather, so Heather stealthily slipped back into the boathouse.

Carly was disappointed when she saw Heather, but Heather chuckled. "I wish those Quartermaines would keep their dysfunction inside," Heather grumbled as she listened to A.J. and Monica bicker. Carly remained bound and gagged, so she glared at Heather as Heather vowed that nothing would stop Heather from getting the letter to Franco. Heather was certain that sons were born to hurt their mothers, but Heather was determined to get even with Franco.

Outside, Monica's eyes had landed on the flask of alcohol in A.J.'s hand. A.J. claimed that he had found it during his walk and suggested that perhaps some kids had been drinking by the boathouse, but Monica saw through the lie because her son reeked of alcohol. Monica took the flask from A.J. then set out to search the area for additional hidden bottles of alcohol.

Inside, Heather realized that the coast was clear, so she seized the opportunity to leave. However, she promised to return soon.

A short time later, Heather entered Franco's suite, using the hotel's master keycard. Heather started to walk towards the bedroom but suddenly recalled Franco stabbing her. Upset by her son's betrayal, Heather turned away and put the letter on the coffee table. Moments later, Heather left but tensed when Ava walked past her. However, Ava had been distracted by a text message from Morgan.

Heather managed to walk away unnoticed as Ava replied to Morgan's message. Moments later, Franco and Kiki rounded the corner. Franco immediately demanded to know if Ava had made good on her threats to Carly, but Ava had no idea what Franco was talking about. Franco grabbed Ava's arm, so Kiki stepped between Franco and Ava and asked to speak to her mother privately. Franco reluctantly entered his suite as Kiki once again asked Ava about Carly.

In Franco's suite, Franco vented his frustration by throwing everything off of the coffee table. Moments later, he spotted the letter that Heather had planted.

At the boathouse, Monica continued to search for discarded flasks, so A.J. explained that he tended to only stash one bottle of booze at a time. Surprised, Monica wondered how long he had been drinking. He admitted that he had started the day that the jury had acquitted him of Connie's murder when Tracy had left a glass of champagne on the table. Monica was stunned that A.J. would try to blame Tracy for his relapse, but A.J. countered that he never took responsibility for his drinking.

Monica wanted to know why A.J. had started drinking again, so he admitted that he couldn't live with the knowledge that he had killed Connie. A.J. suddenly looked up when he heard a noise inside the boathouse, but Monica hadn't heard it, so she blamed it on his drinking. A.J. wanted to investigate because he had heard a noise in the boathouse earlier, but Monica refused to allow A.J. to sidetrack her, so she offered to send Alice to the boathouse later.

Monica pointed out that A.J. couldn't remember killing Connie, so it might be possible that he hadn't committed the crime, but A.J. argued that he had been the "star" of the security footage that showed everything except the actual murder. A.J. insisted that everyone believed that he had murdered Connie, including the jury because he had been acquitted for lack of evidence, not guilt.

A.J. confessed that the only way to stop thinking about what he had done was to stay drunk or die, so he had opted to remain buzzed since his acquittal. Monica warned A.J. that drinking wasn't the answer, so she urged him to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. A.J. insisted that the program hadn't worked for him, but Monica refused to allow A.J. to make excuses and wallow in self-pity. She insisted that A.J. fight for sobriety for Michael's sake, so A.J. agreed to accompany Monica to a meeting. A.J. and Monica were about to leave when they both heard a noise in the boathouse. Monica wanted to check it out, but A.J. insisted that they go to a meeting before he changed his mind.

Inside the boathouse, Carly's hopes plummeted when Heather returned. Heather announced that she had accomplished her mission, so she was ready for the next one. Carly's eyes rounded with fright when Heather suddenly produced a large knife and then smiled at Carly with deadly intent.

At the hospital, Robin was stunned when she overheard Felix inform Patrick that Sabrina was pregnant. She wondered if she had heard Felix correctly, so Felix immediately backpedaled by claiming that he had said that Sabrina was pleasant. Felix tried to leave, but Patrick stopped him and demanded to know what was going on. Felix reluctantly admitted that Sabrina was pregnant, but Sabrina hadn't wanted Patrick and Robin to know about the baby. Confused, Patrick asked why, so Felix revealed that Sabrina hadn't wanted to cause problems for Patrick the way that Britt had.

After Felix left, Patrick apologized to Robin, but Robin admitted that she had been waiting for the other shoe to drop because things had seemed too good to be true. Patrick insisted that he and Sabrina had been careful, but Robin pointed out that clearly they hadn't been careful enough. Patrick assured Robin that he loved her and wouldn't allow anything to tear them apart. Robin argued that it wasn't just about them, but Patrick insisted that things would be okay.

Later, Felix bumped into Robin at the elevator. He apologized for dropping the bombshell on Robin and Patrick, even though he believed that Patrick had had the right to know. Robin assured Felix that she didn't intend to shoot the messenger.

At the apartment, Carlos suggested that he and Sabrina raise the baby together, but Sabrina argued that Patrick would figure out the truth when Patrick realized that she was pregnant. Carlos argued that he and Sabrina could leave town together and start a new life in Puerto Rico. He admitted that he loved Sabrina enough to raise the baby as his own.

Sabrina insisted that she had a life in Port Charles and friends that she didn't want to leave. She appreciated that Carlos wanted to help her, but she admitted that she couldn't spend the rest of her life with him, baby or not. Carlos realized that his life was a mess, but he promised Sabrina that he could change for her. He reminded her that his offer meant that Patrick would never have to know about the baby.

Moments later, Patrick knocked on the door and asked to speak to Sabrina.

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