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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 26, 2009 on GH
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Monday, October 26, 2009

At Jake's, Kate made cryptic comments to Dante about his relationship to Sonny. When she told Dante that revealing his true identity would protect him from Sonny and Sonny from him, Dante was confused. Olivia heard Kate's remark and hurried over.

Dante was curious about Kate's statements, but Olivia rushed Kate away and warned her not to tell the secret. Dante joined them and told Kate that Sonny would kill him if she told his real name. Kate insisted that nothing would happen to him.

Dante paid her no heed. Before leaving the cousins alone, Dante told Kate that if she spilled his identity, she would not only be responsible when Sonny killed him, but she would be responsible when Sonny killed Olivia. Kate scoffed, but Dante stormed out of Jake's without listening to her explanation.

Olivia wanted to know how Kate could possibly tell Sonny that he was Dante's father. Kate wanted to know how Olivia could remain silent. Olivia said that she would tell the truth if things got out of hand and violence threatened.

Kate made a cogent point when she said that violence happened in an instant and that there would not be time for Olivia to tell. Kate said she had been shot at her wedding without warning and that the same thing had happened to Michael.

Kate told Olivia that if it played out that either the father killed the son or the son killed the father, Olivia would spend the rest of her life in hell knowing that she could have saved them both and did not.

At Jason's place, he and Sam got definite proof that Claudia was responsible for Michael's shooting. They found a CD containing a voice recording of a meeting between Jerry, Devlin, and Claudia planning the hit on Sonny. It was clear that Claudia was the driving force behind the shooting. Jason was ready to take action against Claudia immediately, but Sam slowed him down. She told Jason that he had to tell Sonny. She said that he had to be prepared for all possibilities, including that Sonny might chalk it up as a hit that went bad.

Spinelli stopped in to pick up his laptop, still smarting from the argument that he' d had with Jason earlier. Jason recognized the tension and apologized to Spinelli for yelling at him. He told Spinelli that he appreciated how Spinelli had stood up to him.

Spinelli was surprised but glad. When he asked Jason if he could help, Jason remained mum and told Spinelli to distance himself for a while to give Jason a break. Spinelli understood and left. When Sam asked why Jason had not told Spinelli about the proof, Jason said that Spinelli sometimes unintentionally told what he knew, plus Jason wanted to protect him.

Jason told Sam that she should stay away, too, but Sam said that she was a big girl. Jason told Sam that she had been right earlier, that he did have to tell Sonny about Claudia before he took any action on his own. Sam wanted to know what Jason would do if Sonny no longer wanted revenge. She also wanted to know what Michael's feelings would be if Jason killed Claudia.

As Jason took his gun out of the closet, he told Sam that his loyalty to Michael was very strong because he had raised Michael for the first year of his life. He said that he had sworn to protect Michael and he had failed the boy . Jason said that as long as Michael felt no guilt, he had no qualms about killing Claudia.

At Kelly's Michael told Kristina that he remembered both Claudia and Jerry talking about the shooting. He said that Claudia had confessed to him that she was responsible for his shooting. He told Kristina that Claudia was as good as dead once he told Jason and Sonny what he remembered. Kristina thought he ought to go to the police instead, but Michael told her she was na´ve.

When Kristina wanted to know if Michael really thought Claudia should die, he said yes. Kristina changed the subject to Kiefer. Michael apologized for not protecting her from him. When Kristina defended Kiefer, they had heated words before Michael stalked out. Mike came over and comforted Kristina.

Shortly after, Kiefer arrived. He explained that he had not seen her lately because school, sports, and family were taking up his time. Kristina accepted his explanation. Kiefer told Kristina how much she meant to him. He said that his family would be out of town on the following Thursday and asked her to spend time with him.

Kristina hastily agreed, until Kiefer said that he would book a room. She looked uncomfortable, but would not tell Kiefer how she really felt. Instead, she said it was a school night and she would have to get permission from Alexis.

Kiefer drove Kristina home. As they were standing on the porch, Alexis appeared at the door and invited Kiefer inside. They chatted and talked about his plans for Harvard. Just before he left, Kiefer asked Alexis if Kristina could attend a poetry slam at a coffee house with him on the following Thursday.

Alexis asked if the coffee house served alcohol. When Kiefer said no, Alexis agreed that Kristina could go out with him as long as she got her school work done and she was home by 11 p.m. Kiefer looked happy when he left, but Kristina looked stricken. Sonny and Claudia jetted home from Puerto Rico and spent the time toasting their success. Sonny was in awe of Claudia and the way she had pulled a gun from her purse to back him up at the meeting with the South American partners.

Jax and Carly were at home discussing their baby and Carly's schedule during the last few weeks of her pregnancy when Sonny called to arrange a party for Claudia. Carly agreed, but as soon as Sonny was off the phone, Carly called the hotel and started special arrangements. She charged Sonny premium rates, ordering the best liquors, tacking on gratuities and any other charges she could think up.

She told Jax that she wanted to make sure that Sonny paid through the nose so that he would finally realize what an awful person Claudia was. Jax asked Carly if she ever thought that maybe Sonny and Claudia were together because they were so much alike. Jax suggested that they deserved each other.

Carly ignored Jax's comments and made plans to oversee the party. Jax wanted her to stay home and not get stressed, so he called Olivia to take over. When Olivia arrived and found out it was a party for Claudia, she was in total agreement with Carly that Claudia was a witch. A frustrated Jax told Olivia to handle it, because he did not want Carly anywhere near the Metro Court on Thursday night.

Sonny and Claudia talked about the children, especially Kristina and how they could help her. Claudia suggested that she and Sonny teach Kristina to cook. Sonny was intrigued by the idea. They were talking about other activities they could do with Sonny's brood when the plane hit turbulence and started to bounce and shudder.

Patrick and Robin relaxed in their living room and wondered if they had done the right thing when they helped Jason find evidence against Claudia. On the one hand, Patrick felt Claudia should pay because she had cost Michael one year of his life, on the other, he wondered if what he had done was medically ethical, since he was pretty sure that Jason or Sonny would kill her, once they found out the truth.

Robin said they could warn Claudia, tell Mac, or do nothing. Patrick said that he understood the choices. He said that he kept thinking about what he would do if something like that happened to Emma. He told Robin that if it had been Emma, he would want the person responsible to pay.

Robin told him that since they really did not know what the evidence was, that they really were not responsible. She said that they could do nothing and trust Jason and Sonny to make the correct decision. Patrick said that he could live with that solution.

Dominic dropped in on Johnny at the garage to pry information out of him about the whereabouts of Claudia and Sonny. Johnny did not know any more about where they were than Dominic did. Johnny said that he knew that Claudia had put the moves on Dominic.

Dominic wanted to know if Johnny also knew that Dominic had turned her down. Johnny congratulated Dominic for making a good decision. Though Dominic doubted that Claudia would come after him again, Johnny told Dominic to call if he needed help fending her off. Dominic thanked Johnny, and left.

Michael also visited Johnny at the garage. Michael told Johnny that he remembered Claudia's visit and knew that she and Jerry were responsible for his shooting. He said that he was going to tell Sonny everything, but he wanted to give Johnny a chance to help Claudia if he could.

Michael said that if Kristina were in trouble, he would help her, even if he knew she was guilty, because she was his sister. He told Johnny that he wanted to give Johnny the same opportunity.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lucky arrived at Liz's house, and she nervously greeted him for their dinner date. The boys were spending the night at Gram's house, so Liz and Lucky had the entire night to themselves. Lucky helped Liz find her jacket and calmed her down before they left for the Haunted Star.

Luke was thrilled to see his son and Liz as they walked through the door at the casino. He walked towards them and offered free drinks and some chips for them to gamble with. Liz saw Nikolas across the room with Rebecca, and Liz started daydreaming about running across the room and kissing Nikolas. She realized it wasn't a good idea to be around Nikolas, so she told Lucky that she wanted to spend the evening with him at home.

When Liz and Lucky arrived home, they started making out and kissing on the couch. Lucky asked Liz if she was sure about what she was doing, but she agreed that she was ready to be intimate with him. Suddenly, Liz started daydreaming about kissing Nikolas again. She sat up and realized she couldn't be with Lucky. Liz told Lucky that she knew she loved him, but she was afraid of making another mistake and hurting him. She ran out of the house, and Lucky called his mother for advice.

Meanwhile, Rebecca and Nikolas were gambling at the Haunted Star. When Rebecca ran out of money, Nikolas offered to give her more money so she could continue enjoying her night out. Ethan rushed over and tried to tell Rebecca that Nikolas was just trying to get rid of her. Ethan and Nikolas started to fight until Luke and Tracy broke it up. Nikolas left to take Rebecca home to the Quartermaine Mansion, while Luke tried to talk to Ethan. He warned his son about the Spencer/Cassadine feud that had gone on for decades. Ethan needed to keep his love life out of the casino. Tracy was impressed with Luke's speech, and she agreed to keep an eye out on Ethan while Luke tracked down Nikolas.

Luke and Liz unknowingly found Nikolas at the same time on the docks. Luke watched from the shadows as Liz ran into Nikolas' arms and they passionately started kissing.

Back in Johnny's garage, Michael stopped by to warn him that Claudia's secret was out. Sonny probably wouldn't let Claudia live, but Michael knew Jason wouldn't allow Claudia to live when he found out she had been responsible for Michael's shooting. Johnny was shocked at how mature Michael was, and he thanked Michael for his help.

Johnny's day of surprises wasn't over, and Jason was the next visitor to arrive at the garage. He told Johnny that Michael had remembered Claudia visiting him at the aftercare institute. Jason had also uncovered evidence that pointed to Claudia being behind the shooting. Again, Johnny was stunned at that revelation. Jason explained that he had a sister once, and he would have done anything to save her. Johnny understood, but he also understood the business. Claudia wouldn't be allowed to live for what she had done.

When Jason arrived back at his apartment, Sam was waiting for him as the fury inside her raged on. She couldn't stop thinking about what could have happened to Michael and Kristina if she and Jason hadn't have found them in Mexico. They talked about the possibility that Kristina could have been sold to a drug dealer, and Jerry could have killed Michael. Sam realized they couldn't wait any longer. Claudia had to be killed as soon as possible.

Back at Johnny's garage, though, another mobster appeared to be beating the Corinthos organization to the punch. A man walked into the garage with a gun to Johnny's head. He told Johnny that Anthony had told him a lot about his young son.

Meanwhile, Dominic fought with another cop about the evidence they had on Sonny. The other man didn't think they had enough to put Sonny away. Lulu overheard enough of the conversation to understand that Dominic was an undercover cop. Dominic was horrified that she had uncovered his secret, but soon he realized that something wasn't quite right with Lulu. She stumbled around and her speech was slurred. Lulu promised him that she hadn't been drinking, because she had been at a photo shoot that night. Dominic asked her if she'd had anything to drink, and she admitted to drinking a bottle of water.

Dominic thought someone could have slipped something into the water. He wanted to take her to the hospital, but she convinced him to take her back to his apartment. Once they arrived at his place, Lulu started kissing Dominic and she told him how she had wanted him from the very first time she had seen him. Dominic insisted that they couldn't sleep together while she was under the influence of something. He pushed her down on the bed to sleep off the drugs, and he hoped she would have no memory of that evening when she woke up in the morning.

Michael arrived home to find his mother working on paperwork for the hotel. Carly told him that Sonny was having a birthday party for Claudia on Thursday, and Carly was preparing the Metro Court for the event. Although Carly knew that Michael would want to go, she didn't think she could allow him to attend the party. Michael agreed and said Sonny probably wouldn't even go through with the party. Carly was confused and wanted to know what he knew.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lucky was waiting at the pier when Luke arrived an hour late for their meeting. Luke apologized for his tardiness, blaming it on his hangover. Lucky wondered what had sent his father diving head first into a bottle of booze; he suspected that a phone call from Laura might have set his father off. Luke revealed that he had not spoken to Laura, but he realized that Lucky had.

Lucky admitted that he'd called Laura to let her know how things were going with Liz, but he refused to elaborate beyond that. Luke was curious if Lucky had any doubts about remarrying Liz. Lucky assured Luke that the marriage was best for everyone, including Cameron and Jake. Luke wondered if Lucky had truly moved past Liz's relationship with Jason and her lies about Jake's paternity.

Lucky couldn't believe that Luke would go there given Luke's recent discovery of his long-lost son, Ethan. Luke refused to allow Lucky to deflect; he reminded his son that they were talking about Lucky and Liz, not Luke. Luke wanted to know if Lucky truly trusted Liz. Lucky assured his father that he didn't doubt Liz, but Liz didn't trust herself. According to Lucky, Liz was judging herself just as harshly as Luke was.

Luke clarified that he wasn't judging Liz, but Lucky didn't care. He suggested that Luke mind his own business. Luke forged ahead as he asked if Lucky and Liz wanted the same things out of life. Lucky wondered what that even meant, but then answered that he and Liz wanted a family. It didn't bother Lucky that he didn't share the same DNA as Cameron and Jake. They were his sons in every way that mattered.

Luke sensed his son's sincerity, so he backed down. After Luke left, Lucky lingered on the piers. He was deep in thought when Nikolas approached him. Lucky explained that he'd had an argument with Luke. Lucky confessed that it irritated him that, despite everything, Luke knew him best and therefore was always able to ferret out the truth.

Lucky explained that Luke had suggested that Lucky might be carrying some lingering resentment over Liz's affair with Jason and Jake's conception. Lucky assured his brother that he had moved past Liz's betrayal. According to Lucky, it was Liz who had not been able to forgive herself for what had happened. Nikolas was curious if Lucky had any doubts about marrying Liz. Lucky resented the question. Nikolas apologized, but suggested that perhaps Liz might be holding back from Lucky.

Lucky went to the hospital to ask Liz to join him for a cup of coffee. Liz explained that she had half an hour before her break. Lucky was disappointed. He didn't have time to wait because he had to get to work. As Lucky started to leave, Liz called out to him. She apologized for running out on him the previous night. Liz confessed that she didn't know what was wrong with her. Lucky revealed that Nikolas has told him what was really going on with Liz.

According to Lucky, Nikolas had suggested that Liz was terrified of hurting Lucky again. Lucky understood that Liz felt responsible for the breakup of their marriage because she had lied about Jake's paternity, but he insisted that he didn't expect her to be perfect. Lucky wanted Liz: her confusion, fears, and anger.

Liz couldn't believe how wonderful Lucky was to her. Lucky didn't understand why Liz didn't feel as if she deserved it. He realized that their relationship was messy, but he urged her to find a way to forgive herself. Lucky assured her that he would give her all of the time that she needed.

Joey Limbo and his associates took Johnny to a warehouse where Johnny was to be held prisoner while Joey carried out his assignment. As if on cue, Joey's cell phone rang. It was Anthony. When Joey handed the phone to Johnny, he wasn't surprised to hear his father's voice. Johnny demanded to be released, but Anthony refused to comply. Anthony explained that Sonny and Jason were to be killed and that Anthony wanted to make certain that Johnny was not caught in the crossfire.

Johnny warned Anthony that Claudia's lies were about to catch up with her; Johnny was determined to get to his sister before she was killed. Anthony wasn't moved by his daughter's plight. According to Anthony, Claudia had made her choice. Johnny was frustrated by Anthony's lack of concern. After the phone call, Johnny warned Joey that Anthony wasn't in control of the organization. Joey didn't care; he owed Anthony a debt and he intended to honor it.

As Joey walked out, he ordered his guard to keep a close eye on Johnny. Within a short time, Johnny managed to escape the warehouse. However, Johnny didn't get far. Joey and his goons captured Johnny within moments of the escape. Joey decided to chain Johnny to a wall in the warehouse, in order to thwart any future attempts to flee.

Dominic returned to his room after a shower in the communal bathroom. Wearing nothing but a towel, Dominic quietly approached his dresser while Lulu slept soundly in his bed. Dominic dropped the towel, and was in the process of pulling on his underwear, when Lulu suddenly began shrieking. Dominic realized that she'd seen him in all of his glory; he apologized as he gathered his things and then fled to the bathroom. A short time later, Dominic re-entered his room, fully dressed. He found Lulu crawling on the floor in a mad search for her shoes.

Agitated, Lulu demanded to know how she had wound up in Dominic's room. Dominic was stunned to discover that Lulu didn't remember anything after the Crimson photo shoot. He explained that he had bumped into Lulu on the docks and that he had quickly surmised that she'd been drugged. Lulu questioned why Dominic had taken her to his room.

Dominic realized that Lulu suspected that he'd taken advantage of her condition. He admitted that they had kissed, but he clarified that it had not gone beyond that. Dominic took offense when Lulu didn't immediately believe him. He told her, in embarrassing detail, how she had been the aggressor, not him. To Lulu's annoyance, he added that she looked cute when she was "stoned."

In the office at the warehouse, Jason and Sam discussed the situation with Claudia. Jason was frustrated because he hadn't been able to talk to Sonny since Sonny's return from Puerto Rico. Moments later, Max called to let Jason know that Claudia was headed to Metro Court. Jason demanded to know where Johnny was, but Max hadn't heard from the younger Zacchara. Jason warned Max to make certain that Sonny and Johnny did not cross paths until Jason had an opportunity to talk to Sonny. Jason then instructed Max to keep a close eye on Claudia.

Shortly after Sam left, Carly entered the office. Jason reminded Carly that she was supposed to be resting at home. Carly confessed that she couldn't relax because Michael seemed upset. She told Jason that Michael had implied that Sonny wouldn't be eager to throw Claudia a party if Sonny knew the truth about his wife. Michael had also hinted that Jason knew what the truth was. Carly demanded to know what was going on.

Carly's frustration grew when Jason refused to tell her what he knew about Claudia. Jason reminded Carly of her promise to remain calm for the sake of the baby. When that failed, Jason confided that he'd been frightened when she had nearly lost the baby. Carly agreed to drop the matter, but only until the baby's birth. Afterwards, Carly expected Jason to tell her everything.

Sam went to the Jacks residence to talk to Michael. Michael was curious why Jason hated Claudia. He wondered if Jason suspected Claudia of being responsible for Michael's shooting. Sam suggested that Michael talk to Jason, but Michael didn't think he'd get any answers from Jason. Michael was certain that Jason would try to protect him from the truth.

Sam returned to Jason's office to tell him about her visit with Michael. Jason worried that Michael might know the truth about Claudia, but Sam assured Jason that he didn't. However, she added that Michael appeared determined to learn the truth. Jason was frustrated with the situation and questioned what kind of influence he was on Michael. Sam urged Jason not to let Claudia destroy his relationship with Michael.

Claudia called Olivia to go over last-minute preparations for the party. Olivia was less than enthusiastic, prompting Claudia to remind Olivia who was in charge. Claudia demanded to see Olivia before the party, in order to discuss Dante. After Claudia disconnected the call, Sonny entered the living room.

Claudia announced that she had decided to go to Metro Court to prepare for the party. As they discussed the party, Claudia admitted that she was excited. She also revealed that she had a surprise in store for Sonny, but she refused to share any details. She wanted Sonny to trust her. Sonny smiled at her indulgently and then suggested that she take extra guards with her in case someone decided to make trouble because of the situation in Puerto Rico.

Claudia was trying to reach Johnny on the phone when Dominic entered the living room. Sonny informed Dominic that he wanted additional guards to accompany Claudia to the hotel. When Dominic agreed to assign some men to guard duty, Sonny clarified that he expected Dominic to watch over Claudia.

After Dominic and Claudia left, Jax arrived to talk to Sonny. Jax wanted Sonny to cancel the party for Carly's sake. Jax worried that Carly would push herself too hard and endanger herself and the baby. Sonny suggested that it wasn't his problem if Jax couldn't control his wife. Jax threatened to kill Sonny himself if anything happened to Carly or the baby.

Dante followed Claudia in to her hotel room. As soon as the door closed, Claudia began issuing threats. She was certain that Johnny had disappeared to "play house" with Olivia. Claudia vowed to tell Dante's secret if Johnny wasn't at her party. Dante suggested that there could be many reasons that Johnny wasn't returning Claudia's calls, but Claudia insisted that Dante track down her brother.

After Dante left, Claudia met with Olivia. Claudia accused Olivia of not living up to her end of the bargain and then she revealed that Johnny was missing. Olivia explained that she didn't know where Johnny was, but suggested that perhaps he was simply avoiding Claudia. Claudia didn't appreciate Olivia's comment. Claudia appeared to take great delight in suggesting that she could prove her loyalty to Sonny by telling him about Dante.

When Dominic returned to Greystone Manor, Sonny informed Dominic that he wanted Dominic to attend Claudia's party. While they talked about the party, Dominic noticed that Sonny had casually tossed a folder on a chair. After Dominic assured Sonny that he would be at the party, Sonny excused himself. Sonny explained that he had to meet Jason. Once Sonny was gone, Dominic flip through the folder and then began riffling through Sonny's desk.

Michael walked in moments later. Dominic explained that he was on an errand for Bernie. Michael didn't question Dominic; he was too preoccupied with his own thoughts. Michael admitted that he needed to speak to his father about an important matter that couldn't wait.

The moment that Sonny entered the warehouse office, Jason played Ian Devlin's tape. Sonny showed little emotion as he listened while Claudia and Ian finalized their plan to kill Sonny. As the tape concluded, Sonny smiled with malice.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

At the Jacks residence, Lulu wondered if it was wise for Carly to attend Claudia's birthday bash. Carly argued that she might not have another opportunity to go to a party after the baby arrived. When Carly returned to the living room, dressed for the party, Lulu asked her cousin what she thought of Dominic. Carly admitted that Dominic seemed like a nice guy; however, he worked for Sonny. When Carly asked why Lulu thought that Dominic worked for Sonny, Lulu confided that she didn't know. It seemed to Lulu that she was missing a piece of the puzzle.

Carly was curious if Lulu was referring to her memory loss the previous night. Lulu confided that she sensed that she had learned something important about Dominic, but she couldn't remember what it was. Lulu hoped that Maxie would be able to help her figure it out. When Lulu mentioned that Maxie was going to the party, Carly was relieved. Carly had changed her mind about going to the party.

Carly explained that, as much as she wanted to snoop, she had to put the welfare of her child first. Carly decided that it would be best to stay home with Mercedes and the boys. Lulu was disappointed, but agreed with Carly. Before Lulu dashed off to the party, she promised to call Carly with frequent updates. Carly intended to hold Lulu to the promise.

In Claudia's hotel room, things quickly escalated after Claudia threatened to tell Sonny about Dante. Olivia screamed, "Screw you, you psycho bitch" before she punched Claudia in the face. Claudia retaliated by attacking Olivia. The two women were swinging punches and throwing each other across the room when the police kicked in the door. Officer Roy Williams pulled Olivia off of Claudia.

Claudia immediately demanded that Olivia be arrested for the assault. Williams explained that he had been in the lobby when the front desk had received a complaint about the fight. Claudia didn't care; she wanted Olivia hauled off to the police station. Olivia insisted that she hadn't done anything wrong, but Williams explained that he had to arrest her. He advised Olivia to cooperate, so that she could be released later that evening.

At the police station, Olivia pleaded with Mac to drop the charges against her. After Mac dismissed Williams, he explained that he was aware that Dante was an undercover police officer. Olivia was stunned, but she quickly used it to her advantage. Olivia implored Mac to release her, so that she could warn her son that his cover was about to be blown. Mac readily complied; he hoped that Dante's investigation would be a success.

Johnny tried to enlist Joey's help to save Claudia, but Joey wasn't interested. According to Joey, the only person who cared about Claudia was Johnny. After Joey left, Johnny called out for help.

Molly and Morgan were walking along the waterfront when they heard someone yelling for help. They ducked out of sight at the sound of approaching footsteps. After Joey and his associates walked away, Morgan suggested calling the police. Molly didn't think that the police would arrive in time to help the person locked in the warehouse. Moments later, Morgan and Molly realized that Johnny Zacchara was the person locked in the warehouse.

Morgan changed his mind about calling the police. He quickly devised a plan to rescue Johnny and then shared the details with Molly. A short time later, Molly approached Joey's men as they guarded the door to the warehouse. She explained that she needed to collect a water sample for a school project. The guards advised Molly to go home, but Molly claimed that she didn't know her way out of the labyrinth of warehouses. Eventually the guards decided to fetch a sample of the water as they escorted Molly to the entrance.

When the coast was clear, Morgan slipped in to the warehouse. Johnny was stunned to see Morgan. He insisted that Morgan leave because it was too dangerous. Morgan complied, but only long enough to find a pair of wire cutters, in order to free Johnny from the heavy chains. As soon as Johnny was released, Molly entered the warehouse. The goons were hot on Molly's heels. After a brief struggle with Joey's henchmen, Johnny, Morgan, and Molly escaped.

Later, Johnny dropped Morgan and Molly off at the Jacks residence.

At Greystone Manor, Michael insisted that he needed to speak with Sonny. Dominic asked if it could wait until after the party. When Michael explained that it was an urgent matter, Dominic suggested that Michael talk to Jason. Michael appreciated the advice, but didn't think that Jason could help him.

At the coffee warehouse, Sonny sat at his desk while Jason replayed the recording of Claudia, Jerry, and Ian conspiring to kill Sonny. When the recording ended, Jason clarified that it was definitive proof of Claudia's involvement in the shooting. Jason explained that the meeting had been recorded on March 31, 2008. Michael had been shot on the following Friday. Jason was stunned when Sonny calmly announced that he was headed to Claudia's party.

A short time later, Sam stopped by the warehouse to find out how Jason's meeting with Sonny had gone. Jason was frustrated because Sonny had not reacted to the shocking revelation. Jason insisted that he couldn't allow Claudia to get away with what she had done, no matter how Sonny felt about the situation. Jason wanted to trust that Sonny would do the "right thing," but he feared that Sonny's feelings for Claudia might cloud his judgment.

Sam cautioned Jason about taking matters into his own hands. She warned him that killing Claudia might be viewed as the ultimate act of defiance. Sam reminded Jason that going against Sonny's orders could cost Jason everything that he held dear.

In the front seat of the limousine, Max and Milo shared a look of concern. Sonny sat in the backseat holding his gun while he smiled with malicious intent.

Claudia was delighted when Sonny entered her room. Sonny appeared relaxed and cheerful as he surprised Claudia with a birthday gift: a necklace. While Claudia admired the expensive jewelry, Sonny poured a glass of champagne and then proposed a toast. Claudia beamed with joy as Sonny told her, "You are finally getting what you deserve."

Jax gave his staff last-minute instructions for Claudia's party; he wanted them to limit the amount of alcohol served because the partygoers were a volatile group. As the guests began to trickle in, Jax noticed Dante's arrival. He quickly approached the undercover cop to remind Dante of his assignment. Dante didn't appreciate Jax's interference or advice.

Lulu arrived just as Maxie demanded to know what Dominic's intentions were towards Lulu. Lulu tried to salvage the embarrassing situation, but Dominic didn't make it easy. He revealed to Maxie that Lulu had spent the night in his room after he had found her as "stoned as a rock star" on the piers. When Maxie pointed out that Dominic could have taken Lulu to her own apartment, Dominic pointed out that he could have also left Lulu wandering around on the docks.

Maxie questioned if Dominic had taken advantage of Lulu, but he clarified that he had not laid a hand on Lulu, despite Lulu's repeated requests. After Dominic excused himself, Maxie confided that Lulu was in deep trouble. Lulu smiled in response. Later, Lulu apologized to Dominic for Maxie's questions. Dominic admitted that he liked knowing that he kept Lulu off balance. Lulu confessed that she felt as if she didn't know the real Dominic. Dominic's response was a simple, "Good."

Dominic called Carly when he spotted Michael lurking on the fringes of the party. Carly thanked Dominic for calling her; she promised to collect her son as soon as she could.

Michael saw Kristina enter the party, but she was careful to remain out of sight of the guests. Kristina confessed that she was curious if Michael had told their father about Claudia's involvement in the shooting. Michael explained that he hadn't had an opportunity to speak to Sonny, but he felt that his father deserved to know the truth.

Luke and Tracy were among the guests mingling at Claudia's party. As they watched the mayor with Alexis, Tracy observed that it was obvious that Mayor Floyd was corrupt. Luke didn't see anything wrong with the mayor's dealings; he asked Tracy where she would be if it weren't for all of the crooked politicians she had bribed over the years. Tracy wondered why Luke was being so "ornery." Luke confessed that he was concerned about Lucky.

According to Luke, Lucky was putting himself on the line for a third try at marriage with Liz. Tracy suggested that there was no arguing with a man in love. Luke acknowledged that Lucky and Liz might be in love, but he also believed that Lucky was suffering "deliberate delusions" about his future with Liz.

Mayor Floyd approached Alexis at the party to apologize for Andrea's attempt to frame Alexis for Brianna's murder. In the spirit of reconciliation, Garrett offered Alexis her old job back as district attorney. Alexis declined; she found it much more rewarding to be in private practice.

At the party, Robin and Patrick debated whether or not they should warn Claudia that Sonny was on to her. Robin worried that it could be considered a betrayal to Sonny.

When Olivia arrived at the hotel, she sprinted to the elevator. Moments later, Carly entered the lobby. However, Marty blocked Carly's way ; Jax had left strict instructions not to allow Carly to attend the party. Carly begged and cajoled until Marty relented. Shortly after Carly entered the elevator, Johnny ran into the lobby. Instead of waiting for an elevator, Johnny decided to race up the stairs to the restaurant.

All heads turned when Sonny and Claudia arrived at the party. Claudia clung to Sonny's arm, while he smiled indulgently at his wife. Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to Claudia as a huge birthday cake was wheeled out on a serving cart. Afterwards, Sonny and Claudia greeted their guests.

Jason and Sam arrived moments before Sonny asked for everyone's attention. As Sonny announced that he wanted to say a few things about his "lovely wife," Carly, Olivia, and Johnny entered the restaurant within seconds of each other.

Sonny started his speech by acknowledging his long-standing friendship with Luke, who had always been loyal to Sonny. Next, Sonny thanked Robin for being like a sister to him and for bringing Patrick into their lives. Sonny was eternally grateful to Patrick because he had saved Michael's life. Sonny then thanked Mike for never giving up on him. After Mike, Sonny thanked Alexis, conceding that, despite their differences, they had mutual respect for each other. When Sonny thanked Jason, he admitted that they had both paid a high price for their choices.

Finally, Sonny turned to Claudia to ask, "What can I say about you? What best describes my wife? How can I ever repay you?"

Friday, October 30, 2009

At the Metro Court restaurant, party guests were gathered around Sonny and Claudia as Sonny acknowledged the important people in his life and then concluded his speech by turning to his wife. As everyone listened, Sonny credited Claudia for changing his life and leaving her mark on him and his family. Claudia's joy turned to trepidation when Sonny accused Claudia of being everything that people had warned him about.

No longer masking his fury, Sonny angrily denounced Claudia for plotting to kill him and setting the events into motion that had resulted in Michael's shooting. Claudia appeared shell-shocked until Sonny called her a "faithless bitch." The insult seemed to jerk Claudia out of her daze. Claudia insisted that she was innocent, and then accused Jason of trying to frame her. When that failed to impress Sonny, Claudia begged to have a moment alone with her husband.

Sonny laughed, but there was no humor in the sound. He apologized to the guests and then assured them that Claudia had lied to everyone for the last time. Sonny vowed that he would make certain that everyone would pay for their role in Claudia's plot.

Desperate to save his sister, Johnny stepped forward. Johnny claimed that he had arranged the failed hit against Sonny. Johnny also insisted that Claudia had not known about it. Sonny revealed that he had heard every sordid detail of the plot with his own ears, so he knew that Johnny was lying. Sonny clarified that not only had Claudia hired Ian Devlin, but she had also enlisted Jerry Jacks to help carry out her plan.

Sonny urged Jax to confirm that he had known about Jerry's involvement in Michael's shooting. He invited Jax to explain the steps that Jax had taken, in order to protect Jerry. Near the elevator door, Carly appeared devastated by Sonny's revelation. Meanwhile, Claudia's eyes filled with tears as she begged Sonny to stop. She reminded him of the life that they had built together and the child that they had lost.

Sonny shouted for Claudia to "shut up" and then admitted that he "thanked God" that she had lost their child after the accident. Claudia reacted as if Sonny had slapped her; she couldn't believe Sonny considered the loss of their baby a blessing. Sonny shrugged his shoulders and then accused Claudia of getting pregnant on purpose. Claudia lashed out at Sonny.

She claimed that everyone knew that the Corinthos children ran wild. According to Claudia, it was Sonny's fault that Michael had been at the warehouse on that fateful night. Sonny had enough of Claudia's twisted lies, so he ordered his men to grab her. Claudia immediately pulled a gun out of her purse and then threatened to shoot anyone who approached her.

As Claudia made her way to the elevator door, Johnny and then Jax tried to persuade Claudia to drop the gun before things escalated. Claudia ignored them as she pulled Carly in front of her and then shoved the gun against Carly's stomach. Carly was seized by a contraction, but Claudia held the gun firmly in place. As Claudia slowly backed into the elevator, Carly begged Jason to take a shot. Jason refused to risk Carly's life.

Alone in the elevator, Claudia threatened to shoot Carly in the head if she did not cooperate. Carly tried to reason with Claudia; she claimed she was useless as a hostage because she was in labor. Claudia wasn't swayed. When they reached the lobby, Claudia forced Carly out of the elevator. Moments later, Claudia shoved Carly in to the backseat of a car before she quickly climbed behind the wheel and then peeled out.

As soon as the elevator door slid closed, the restaurant exploded into a flurry of activity. Sonny ordered his men to take Johnny, but Jason urged Sonny to reconsider. Jason insisted that they needed Johnny's help. As soon as Sonny agreed to release Johnny, Jason and Johnny raced down the stairs. Jax and Sonny opted to take the elevator.

In the elevator, Jax tried to blame Sonny for what had happened, but Sonny wasn't interested in hearing what Jax had to say. Sonny wondered how Jax could continually lie to Carly. In the lobby, Jax and Sonny met up with Jason and Johnny. They raced to the street, but Claudia and Carly were gone.

Jax questioned the staff about the car that Claudia had stolen. It was revealed that it was a rental car that had belonged to one of the guests. No one had a clear description of the vehicle or a license plate number. Mac arrived a few minutes later. Johnny quickly shared the location of several safe houses where Claudia might take Carly.

Kelly Lee entered the lobby a short time later. Jax wanted to know just how dangerous Carly's situation was. Kelly explained that she and Carly had discussed scheduling a c-section to reduce the risk of stroke. Jax was beside himself at the thought of losing Carly and the baby. Kelly reminded Jax that Carly had managed to weather each pregnancy crisis. Kelly was confident that it was a good sign.

Meanwhile, Jason called Spinelli to let him know what had happened. He asked Spinelli to remain on standby in the event that Jason needed Spinelli's help. After Jason ended the call, Johnny approached him. Johnny briefly explained the details of his abduction and then revealed that he suspected that Joey Limbo had been ordered to kill Claudia. Jason was curious where Johnny's loyalties were; Johnny understood that saving Carly and the baby was his priority. Satisfied, Jason walked away.

Moments later, Mac received information on the car that Claudia had stolen. However, he stopped Jason from trying to follow the lead. Mac realized that if he allowed Jason to leave, Claudia would end up dead. Mac decided that, since Jason had drawn his gun in a crowded restaurant, he could arrest Jason. Mac wanted to make certain that he had 48 hours to find Claudia.

Jax was furious; he reminded Mac that they needed Jason's help to find Carly. Mac suggested that Jax calm down, but Jax refused. He told Mac that he wasn't going to let his wife and baby die just because Michael had been shot. Too late, Jax realized that Michael stood in the lobby and had overheard everything.

In the restaurant Alexis tried to comfort Kristina. Kristina understood, for the first time, why Alexis had been concerned about how much time Kristina had spent with Sonny. Kristina admitted that seeing Sonny so angry had been like seeing a "monster." Sonny stepped out of the elevator in time to hear his daughter's tearful confession. Sonny apologized for scaring Kristina; he promised to explain everything after Carly had been found.

After Sonny walked away, Kristina revealed that she was also worried about Michael. Kristina realized that Michael was blaming himself for everything that had happened to his mother. Alexis decided to take Kristina home. She invited Sam to join them, but Sam declined the offer.

Nearby, Michael felt responsible for what had happened. Michael believed that he could have stopped the tragic events. Dominic insisted that Michael was not to blame for the kidnapping. When people started to leave, Dominic asked for everyone's attention. Dominic explained that the police were going to want to question everyone, so he advised all of the guests to get comfortable and not to discuss the events with each other.

Luke wondered who had died and made Dominic "chief of police." Dominic ignored the taunt. Luke decided to fetch Tracy a strong cup of coffee to help sober her up. Later, Luke confided to Tracy that he had contacted some of his associates to help track down Carly.

Robin and Patrick wondered what had been hidden in Ian's duffle bag. Sam explained that she was uncomfortable sharing the details of the evidence, but she assured them that it had been sufficient proof of Claudia's role in the shooting. Later, Robin confessed to Patrick that she was sick of the violence and how Sonny always seemed to be at the center of it.

Olivia pulled Dante aside to warn him that Claudia had been very close to blowing his cover. Olivia suggested that it was time for Dante to return to being a police officer. Moments later, Detective Williams entered the restaurant. Williams immediately zeroed in on Olivia, who had been in a fight with Claudia earlier that evening. Williams wanted to know if Olivia had known about Claudia's secret at the time of the confrontation. Dante was surprised to hear about the altercation.

Sonny had a brief meeting with his men. He instructed Max and Milo to "hang tight" and to keep their cell phones turned on. Sonny then turned to Dominic to update him on the events that had transpired in the lobby. Williams approached Sonny moments later. Williams wanted to know what evidence Sonny had obtained to suggest that Claudia had been responsible for Michael's shooting.

Sonny explained that Jason had found it and that the evidence was at his coffee warehouse. Sonny offered to let his people know that the police would be by to pick it up. Williams appreciated Sonny's cooperation. A short time later, Williams announced that everyone was free to leave.

As Alexis prepared to depart, Sonny stopped her. He apologized for Kristina seeing him at his worst. Alexis wondered why Sonny never opted to go to the police when he had evidence. After Alexis walked away, Olivia approached Sonny. Sonny acknowledged that Olivia had been correct about Claudia from the start. Olivia gently touched Sonny's cheek as she reminded him that there was good inside of him. Olivia claimed that she had carried that part of Sonny with her for most of her life. Nearby, Dante watched Olivia and Sonny.

Carly sat in the backseat of the stolen car trying to breathe through the contractions. Between the labor pains, Carly attempted to reason with Claudia. Carly argued that Jason couldn't make a move against Claudia after Sonny had threatened Claudia's life in a room full of witnesses. Claudia was nearly tempted to drive Carly to the hospital, but changed her mind at the last moment. Claudia was certain that nothing would stop Jason from killing her.

Claudia insisted that she just needed to find a safe haven. Claudia then began talking about how Jason had ruined everything for her. Claudia confessed that she had felt guilty about what had happened to Michael. When Claudia claimed that she hadn't planned for Michael to get shot, Carly snapped. Carly confessed that she hoped that Claudia burned in hell for what she had done to Michael.

Claudia wondered how Carly would feel if her baby had been taken from her. Carly demanded to know what Claudia had meant by the remark. Claudia cryptically told her that she would do whatever she had to, in order to survive. Fearing for the life of her child, Carly made a grab for the wheel. The car careened out of control and then crashed. Afterwards, Carly and Claudia were visibly injured and alarmingly still.

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