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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 5, 2009 on GH
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Monday, October 5, 2009

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was upset when Alfred could not tell him where Liz had gone after giving a note intended for Nikolas to the trusty butler. The note had been an apology for not meeting Nikolas in the park as planned. Liz said that they needed to put space between them. She said that she intended to go away for a few days. Before Nikolas could ask more questions, Robin interrupted, allowing Alfred to beat a hasty retreat. At first Nikolas thought that Robin was there on Liz's behalf, but Robin said that she was just visiting her friend, Nikolas.

Nikolas confided his feelings to Robin. He told her of his desire for Liz and the stolen kisses that they had shared, as well as the mutual desire that had built between them. He said that it had started innocently, but had turned into something else. Nikolas asked Robin what to do.

Robin told him to leave Liz alone. She told Nikolas that if he did not, a lot of people would get hurt and he might damage his relationship to both Lucky and Liz irreparably. Nikolas seemed to heed Robin's words. He was cordial when he offered to walk her back to the launch.

While he was gone, Spencer entered the den. He saw Liz's letter and drew a picture on the reverse side. He took the picture with him when he went back to the nursery.

Later, Lucky dropped in for a guys' night. He told an interested Nikolas that Liz was in New York with the boys and her grandmother, Audrey. Nikolas said that he wished only the best for Lucky and Liz.

Nikolas called Alfred and told him to add a place for Lucky at dinner. While he was on the phone, Spencer entered the room and proudly showed Lucky his drawing. Nikolas noticed that it was drawn on the back of the note from Liz.

Sam and Jason had dinner together. They talked about Michael and his returning memories of Claudia. Jason had questioned Michael, but had not told Michael about his suspicions that Claudia had been behind the shooting that had put Michael in a coma. Jason told Sam that he wanted definitive proof of Claudia's guilt before he said anything to anyone. Sam told him to trust his instincts.

Sam told Jason that she would help him any way she could. Jason remembered that Ian Devlin's last words had been, "There's more." Sam suggested that perhaps a search of Devlin's belongings would reveal a clue.

Sam decided that she would try to get the police department to let her look at Devlin's personal effects while Jason pursued information about Claudia.

Claudia got the upper hand with Olivia when she threatened to tell Sonny and Dante that they were father and son. Olivia could not stand against Claudia's sure knowledge, and finally caved in and asked Claudia what she wanted. Claudia told Olivia to break up with Johnny. Olivia said that if she did, Sonny would pursue her. Claudia scoffed at that and told Olivia that she and Sonny were going to have another baby, so Sonny would not be seeking Olivia's company.

Before leaving Olivia's apartment, Claudia warned Olivia that if she did not break it off with Johnny immediately, Olivia would tell Sonny everything she knew about Dante, and then Olivia would lose both Dante and Sonny.

Dominic met Sonny in his den to tell him that he had uncovered the traitor in the organization. Sonny was very glad and told Dominic that he wanted Dante to kill the traitor, Tommy, immediately. Dominic proposed using Tommy to give false information to the cops, but Sonny wanted him dead instead. When Johnny popped in during their conversation Sonny told him that Dominic had found the traitor. When Sonny asked Johnny if he would kill Tommy, Johnny immediately said yes.

Dominic was not pleased. He told Sonny that he would finish the job that he had started, and he would take care of Tommy. Dominic brushed past Johnny on his way out. After Dominic left, Sonny told Johnny that he appreciated Johnny's prompt support. Johnny said that he had always been loyal to Sonny.

Lulu and Ethan arrived in Greece and used subterfuge to gain entrance to a large villa. Once inside, armed guards, who were not impressed that Lulu was Nikolas' sister, confronted them. Before ordering them out, the guards made it clear that neither Nikolas nor Helena were paying their salaries. As they were leaving, they noticed a young woman walk down a hallway.

Ethan and Lulu went to a local bar to plot their next move. While they were there, the woman they had seen in the villa sat down at the bar. Ethan introduced himself. The young woman said her name was Mischa. Ethan invited her to sit at the table with him and his sister, Lulu.

Mischa told Ethan and Lulu that they were in danger. She said that she was in the villa because the doctors who were treating Helena had hired her. She said that she had become suspicious because of the protocol they were using to treat Helena's condition. She told them that a Cassadine was in charge, but it was neither Nikolas nor Helena.

When Ethan and Lulu asked about Luke, Mischa confirmed that he was being held prisoner and that she had found his phone among Helena's possessions. She told them that she had sent the text messages to Lulu and Ethan.

When Carly entered the nursery, she found Jax, Michael, Morgan, Kristina, and Molly waiting for her. She thought they were having an intervention because she had sneaked a doughnut and she got very defensive.

Jax started laughing and Carly was chagrined to learn that they were there because they wanted to settle on a name for the baby. Carly was all smiles when she said that she appreciated the help, but they would have to go with the Jax family tradition and come up with a name that started with "J."

Juliet, Jade, and Jasmine were all suggested, but none seemed to fit. Carly told everyone to write down their suggestions and she would look them over. She shooed them away so that she could have a nap in the rocking chair. While she slept, Carly had a dream about her daughter. When she woke up, Jax was there. She told him that she knew what they should name their daughter.

Sonny told Jason what he had learned from Dominic. He asked Jason to check up on Dominic and make sure that he did the job he had been assigned. Jason agreed. As he was leaving, Claudia entered. Jason was not friendly to her.

Claudia immediately complained to Sonny, who told her that she had to get used to Jason's ways. She shrugged it off and wanted to start working on making a baby. Sonny told her that he had been rethinking. Claudia was stunned when Sonny told her that he did not want to have a baby just because he felt guilty that his daughter had been responsible for Claudia's baby's death. Sonny told Claudia that he had made his decision before. He did not want to have another child.

Johnny went home to Olivia all smiles. He gave her a cuddly stuffed animal, because he had not won one for her during the carnival. Olivia was in tears as she told Johnny that she wished that she had met him at a different time or place. Johnny said it was the perfect place and time, because he loved her. Olivia replied that it was not perfect for her. She told him that she had been lying when she said that she loved him. She looked him in the eyes and said that she did not love him. She said that she loved Sonny.

Dominic took Tommy out to the woods. When Tommy realized it was a hit, he swore his loyalty to the Corinthos family. Dominic told him that there was only one way out. He told Tommy that he would have to testify against the mob and go into witness protection.

Jason was in the car talking on the phone to Sam, who was busily trying to gain access to Devlin's possessions. Jason told Sam that he was on his way to check up on Dominic to make sure that he had done the job as Sonny had ordered.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

At Wyndemere, Spencer showed Lucky the drawing he had made. Nikolas realized the drawing was on the back of the letter from Liz, so he quickly took the drawing away and promised to hang it up somewhere for everyone to see. Lucky was horrified when he heard Nikolas tell Spencer to go upstairs and his nanny would put him to bed. Nikolas claimed that it was best for Spencer to have his nanny put him to bed every night so the routine wouldn't ever have to change. Although Lucky agreed that kids needed a routine, he told Nikolas that he had a lot to learn about families.

Nikolas said it was best if someone else had a hand in raising Spencer. After all, the Cassadine family had that crazy streak that ran through them. Lucky pointed out that Nikolas was nothing like some of the members in his family. Nikolas was a good person and should have been more involved in his son's life.

Meanwhile, Lulu and Ethan continued their conversation with Helena's nurse. She confirmed that Luke had tried to escape, but he hadn't gotten too far before he had been caught. The nurse said she didn't know for sure that Luke was still alive.

Luke, however, was just waking up to discover he was chained to a chair in Helena's bedroom. Helena needed Luke's help. Mikkos had another bastard child, Valentin . Mikkos had disowned his son as soon as he had been born. Valentin, and his rage, had grown. Helena needed Luke's help to prevent Valentin from hurting everyone they cared about.

Back in Port Charles, Claudia tried to understand why Sonny didn't want to have more children with her. Sonny reassured her that he wasn't questioning her maternal abilities. After the miscarriage, Sonny had seen how much Claudia had hurt, and he knew she would have been a loving mother. Claudia asked what would happen if she were already pregnant. Sonny assured her that if she was already pregnant they would raise the baby. Claudia tried to accept that there would be no future tries for a Corinthos-Zacchara heir.

Meanwhile, Dominic was doing Sonny's dirty work, and he took Tommy Soto deep into the woods to kill him. As soon as they were far away from anyone who could have overheard them, Dominic revealed to Soto that he was an undercover cop. Soto could choose to go into witness protection or be killed. Soto tried to refuse witness protection, but he quickly changed his mind and left.

Jason showed up and found Dominic in the woods. Soto was nowhere to be seen, and it appeared that Dominic had been knocked unconscious. Jason quickly looked around for Soto, but they left when Jason couldn't find any sign of the traitor.

Jason took Dominic to Sonny to explain what had happened. Sonny was furious, but Jason asked him to give Dominic a break. Dominic had saved Morgan's life, and they owed Dominic for that debt. Sonny reluctantly agreed, and Dominic left.

Once they were alone, Sonny told Jason that he wanted to talk about Claudia. Jason thought Sonny might have more information about Michael's shooting, but Sonny just wanted Jason to show some respect to Claudia. She had her faults, but she just lost a child. Sonny thought Jason should give Claudia a break.

At Olivia's apartment, Johnny could not believe Olivia was breaking up with him. They had just told each other they loved one another, and he knew Olivia enough to realize she wasn't faking her feelings for him. Olivia made all kinds of excuses, and she said that her attraction to him was just physical. Johnny knew something wasn't right with the situation, but he couldn't do anything to help if Olivia didn't trust him enough to tell him what was going on.

Dominic showed up at Sonny's house and found Claudia waiting in the living area. She offered him a drink, and Dominic was immediately suspicious. Claudia had always been mean towards him, so he couldn't figure out why she suddenly changed her mind about him. Dominic didn't have to fend off Claudia for long, though. Johnny rushed through the door and threw Dominic out of the way. Johnny raised his hand as if to punch his sister and demanded to know what she had done to Olivia.

Happy news was being delivered across town at Carly and Jax's house. Michael, Morgan, Molly, and Kristina all sat in the living room and waited to hear the name of Michael and Morgan's baby sister. Michael was sure that Carly would find a way to name the girl Jason. Carly walked into the room and proclaimed that the baby would be named Joselyn John Jacks. Kristina liked Joselyn, but she couldn't figure out why they would give their daughter a boy's name as her middle name. Carly explained that John was Jax's father's name. Michael said he was sure Carly would still call the child Jason, but Carly insisted that she wouldn't.

As they all talked and laughed, Michael froze. He was remembering Claudia talking to him while he was unconscious. Carly noticed that Michael had zoned out, and she asked him about it. Michael acted as if it was nothing, but he later caught Kristina and Carly talking about his "episodes." Michael was furious, and he screamed at them to stop talking about him.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

At the Jacks residence, Carly tried to calm down an infuriated Michael. Kristina, Molly, and Morgan breathed a sigh of relief once Michael's rage had subsided. Michael apologized for worrying everyone; he suspected that his bouts of rage were tied to his recently recovered memories. Morgan suggested that it might help if Michael talked to them about what he had remembered, so that they could help him to sort things out.

Michael admitted that his memories were incomplete; they were snippets of conversations during his coma. Morgan was curious if Michael recalled the time that Morgan had tried to wake him, so that they could play a video game together. Michael confessed that it didn't sound familiar, but he wanted to hear more about the incident. Carly explained that she had tried to take care of Michael at home instead of sending him to the after-care facility. Michael was surprised by the revelation.

Carly welled up with tears as she reminded everyone that what mattered was that Michael had emerged from the coma. Moments later, Kiefer arrived to pick up Kristina and Molly. Michael demanded to know why Kristina had called Kiefer instead of allowing Michael to drive her home. Molly reluctantly explained that they weren't allowed to be in a car with Michael. Kiefer smirked at Michael, prompting Michael to lash out.

Jax entered the living room in time to pull Michael off of Kiefer. Kristina and Molly quickly gathered their things and then left with Kiefer. Michael immediately regretted his outburst. Jax and Carly suggested that Michael avoid contact with Kiefer until they could determine what was going on with Michael. Michael reminded them that he attended the same school as Kiefer. Jax and Carly assured Michael that he could change schools, but Michael refused to abandon his sister.

At the Davis residence, Kiefer confessed that it made him crazy when Kristina sent him mixed signals. He assured Kristina that he could wait if she wasn't ready to have sex. Kristina promised that she was ready. Moments later, Alexis asked the teens to step into the house. Alexis was startled when she noticed the bruise on Kiefer's face. Kiefer insisted that it was nothing, but Alexis wanted to know what had happened.

When Molly revealed that Michael had hit Kiefer, Kiefer decided to leave. After Kiefer's departure, Alexis demanded to know every detail of the incident. Molly told Alexis about Michael's earlier outburst and then his reaction when Kiefer had arrived to pick up Kristina and Molly. Alexis decided that Michael's behavior was too unpredictable. She forbade Molly and Kristina to be around Michael until he had learned to control his anger.

Kristina objected, but Alexis was unmoved. She insisted that ever since Kristina had been spending time with Michael, she has made numerous bad choices. It was clear that Alexis blamed Michael for her daughter's behavior.

Jason was furious when he entered Sam's office. Sam was surprised to learn that Sonny had ordered Jason to leave Claudia alone. Jason was frustrated because he was certain that Claudia had been involved in Michael's shooting. Sam admitted that she wanted to reserve judgment until she had more information. Jason realized that he couldn't be objective when it came to "that bitch," but he remained determined to learn the truth, despite Sonny's orders.

While Sam did an Internet search for information about Ian Devlin, Spinelli entered the office. He had returned from his "non-honeymoon" trip with Maxie. Jason was eager to put Spinelli to work, but thoughts of Maxie distracted Spinell . It took several minutes for Jason to persuade Spinelli to focus on his investigation.

While Spinelli worked his magic in cyberspace, he admitted that he had his doubts about Claudia's guilt. Jason made it clear that until they had definitive proof that Claudia wasn't involved, he would always suspect her of orchestrating the hit on Sonny. A short time later, Spinelli found the Port Charles Police Department evidence log, which listed items taken from Ian Devlin. When they realized that Ian had a micro-recorder on him at the time of his death, Jason insisted that Spinelli find a way for Jason to get into the police warehouse were the evidence was stored.

In Greece, Luke remained secured to a chair in Helena's room. Luke and Helena argued about Valentin, Mikkos' illegitimate son. Luke doubted Helena's claim that Valentin was out to destroy their loved ones. He suspected that the threat was one of Helena's games. Helena insisted that, for once, she and Luke were on the same side. Their attention was drawn to the door when they heard approaching footsteps.

Moments later, Mischa ushered Ethan and Lulu into the room. Luke smiled as he saw his children; he wondered what had taken them so long to find him. Ethan confessed that they had not realized that Luke had been kidnapped until Mischa had contacted them. Luke was curious why Mischa had sent Ethan and Lulu a text message, but Mischa didn't provide an answer. Mischa insisted that they had to hurry before the guards discovered them. After Ethan freed Luke from the handcuffs, Luke and his children prepared to flee.

Helena begged Luke to take her with them. Ethan and Lulu didn't want to, but Luke scooped up Helena and then deposited her in a wheelchair. The group made their way to the front door, but before they could escape, armed guards surrounded them. Helena tried to order the men to stand down, to no avail. One of the guards instructed another guard to return Helena to her room.

Lulu warned the men that her brother, Nikolas Cassadine, would not appreciate the way that she had been treated. They ignored Lulu until she announced that Nikolas was behind them. When the guards turned to check the doorway, Luke and Ethan sprang into action. Within moments, the guards were disarmed. To everyone's surprise, Nikolas really did appear on the doorstep, demanding to know what was going on.

Later, Nikolas went to Helena's room seeking answers. Helena told Nikolas about Mikkos' son, Valentin, who had been born out of wedlock. According to Helena, Valentin was a treacherous person, who was determined to destroy all of the Cassadines and Spencers. Nikolas didn't appear to be surprised that there was an evil Cassadine lurking somewhere in the world. However, he was curious why Helena was ill. She explained that she had been drugged.

Meanwhile, Luke questioned Mischa in the living room. Luke wondered why Mischa hadn't contacted Nikolas instead of Ethan and Lulu. Mischa claimed that she hadn't known the family dynamics. Luke observed that he'd never seen Helena as terrified was she was at the prospect of tangling with Valentin.

At Olivia's apartment, Olivia suggested that the solution to her problem was to expose Claudia's secret. Jax reminded Olivia that the only reason that she knew about Claudia's role in Michael's shooting was because he had told her. He advised Olivia to allow Dante to do his job. Jax was confident that once Dante completed his assignment, Sonny would go to jail. Jax was certain that Claudia would also end up in prison because she was entrenched in Sonny's business.

Olivia feared that Johnny would be dragged off to jail, as well. Jax pointed out that Johnny knew the risks. Olivia worried that if Sonny learned the truth about Dante, it would ruin her son's life. Jax was certain that Olivia's decision to end things with Johnny had bought Dante time to complete his job. Jax offered to transfer Olivia to an out-of-town hotel until everything had died down, but Olivia refused to leave Dante. She was certain that Claudia had another trick up her sleeve.

Olivia explained that she had never intended to hurt anyone, certainly not Dante or Johnny. Olivia confessed that she cared deeply for Johnny because he understood her. Johnny had made Olivia believe that anything was possible. She was furious that she had let "that psycho bitch" take Johnny away from her.

At Greystone Manor, Johnny demanded to know how Claudia had forced Olivia to end things with him. Dominic stood nearby, listening to the exchange between the siblings. Claudia insisted that she hadn't done anything, but Johnny saw through her lies. When Claudia suggested that Johnny was better off without Olivia, Johnny disagreed. He warned Claudia that she would pay dearly for interfering in his relationship with Olivia.

Claudia argued that Johnny couldn't blame her for Olivia's decision to break up with him; she suggested that perhaps Olivia had found another "young stud to get her sick fantasies off with." Johnny seemed to take pleasure informing Claudia that Olivia had claimed to be in love with Sonny. Claudia resorted to name-calling; she accused Olivia of being a "rusty old cougar" and then insisted that the "hooker" didn't threaten her. Dominic tried to de fuse the situation to no avail. Meanwhile, Claudia wanted to know why she would demand Olivia to end things with Johnny, given how Olivia felt about Sonny.

Johnny reminded Claudia that it was what she did best; she got mad and then made impulsive choices that hurt innocent people who couldn't defend themselves. Claudia claimed that she didn't know what Johnny was talking about, so Johnny enlightened her. According to Johnny, Claudia didn't think things through. She didn't take into account who might be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was clear that Johnny was referring to Michael's shooting.

Johnny offered Claudia the opportunity to right her wrong. Instead, Claudia accused Olivia of using Johnny in order to make Sonny jealous. Johnny explained that Olivia was his safe zone. She was the only person that he could turn to who wasn't filthy or corrupt. Johnny accused Claudia of destroying the best thing that had ever happened to him. He wondered why he shouldn't do the same thing to Claudia.

As tears streamed down his face, Johnny reminded Claudia that he could make her disappear. He wanted her to give him one good reason why he shouldn't. Dominic stepped in to urge Johnny to back off.

After Johnny left, Claudia decided to use the ugly confrontation to her advantage. She tried to cry on Dominic's shoulder, in an effort to seduce him. Dominic offered Claudia sympathy, but nothing else. Claudia resorted to more aggressive tactics; she kissed Dominic. Dominic pushed Claudia away and then reminded her that Sonny could walk in at any time. Claudia suggested a more private setting, but Dominic declined.

Johnny went to Olivia's apartment to return her key. Olivia was crying when she answered the door. Johnny revealed that he had confronted Claudia because he suspected that his sister was behind Olivia's decision to break up with him. Olivia stuck to her story; she claimed that she was in love with Sonny, not Johnny. Johnny didn't believe Olivia. He offered to tell Sonny about Claudia's role in Michael's shooting, but Olivia begged him not to. Olivia insisted that if Johnny truly loved her, then he would accept her decision.

After Johnny left, Claudia called Olivia. Claudia wanted Olivia to reserve a room at Metro Court under the name, "Deborah Jackson." Olivia realized that Claudia was planning a liaison with someone; she refused to help Claudia cheat on Sonny. Claudia reminded Olivia that she called the shots, not Olivia.

Dante met Ronnie at a safe house. Dante told Ronnie about Sonny's orders to kill Tommy Soto and Jason's decision to make sure that the hit was carried out. Dante also revealed that Claudia had tried to seduce him. Ronnie was not pleased; he realized that they had reached the point where they had to make their move. Ronnie wanted Dante to wear a wire, so that they could gather sufficient evidence to nail down their case against Sonny.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sam accompanied Kristina to a family planning clinic. Kristina was nervous about being there, but Sam explained that the clinic was there to help prevent unwanted pregnancies and STDs. Kristina commented that she and Sam were both unplanned pregnancies for Alexis. Sam encouraged Kristina to not be so hard on their mother.

Kristina said that all she ever did was what her mother wanted her to do. Kristina did not want Alexis to know that Kristina had been to the clinic. Just then, Dr. Lee walked in and Kristina became worried that the doctor would tell her mother that Kristina had been there. Dr. Lee assured Kristina that the visit to the clinic was completely confidential and that Kristina's mother would not be told about it. Kristina again thanked Sam for Sam's support. After the appointment Sam made sure that Kristina was okay with everything that had happened.

Sam told Kristina about the first time that Sam had sex. Sam said that she had sex for all the wrong reasons. Sam wished that Kristina would wait until she was older, but Sam understood and respected that Kristina had made up her own mind. Sam told Kristina that Sam did not have a real relationship until Sam was an adult. She did not want Kristina to miss out on a real emotional connection.

Later, Sam dropped Kristina off at home. On the porch, Sam said that she hoped that Kristina would learn from Sam's past mistakes. Kristina said that she had to wait a month before the birth control would take effect. Sam thought that was good, but Kristina said that she hoped that Kiefer could wait. The two entered the house wh ere Alexis waited for them.

Dante and Ronnie discussed the plan to have Sonny incriminate himself while Dante wore a wire. Ronnie reminded Dante that the wire could not be turned off, and Dante needed to be careful what he said and to whom. Ronnie questioned Dante's ability to be objective and to follow through with the case against Sonny.

Dante blew up at Ronnie. Dante said that he did feel bad that he would bring down Morgan's father, but that Sonny was a criminal who needed to be stopped. Dante said that he was a cop and he would not let anything get in the way of his job.

Claudia spoke on the phone to Olivia. Claudia made Olivia set up a hotel room at the Metro Court for Claudia under the name Ms. Jackson. Claudia walked back in the house from the balcony. Sonny stood in the living room and questioned her about the phone call. Claudia said that she had made dinner arrangements for her and Sonny.

Sonny gave Claudia a diamond necklace to thank her because she forgave Kristina for the accident that killed their child. He said it was also great that Claudia accepted that he did not want another child. Claudia told Sonny that she could already be pregnant.

Claudia said that she would not know for a couple of weeks if she were pregnant. She hoped that she already was. Sonny said that if Claudia were pregnant, then he would be the best father that he could be.

Marty teased Olivia at the front desk of the Metro Court about the suite she had reserved. Olivia told him not to worry about it. Carly walked in and asked Olivia for an update. Olivia insisted that everything was fine, but Carly could tell that Olivia was frazzled. Carly asked Olivia if Olivia's problem was about Johnny or Olivia's son.

Olivia told Carly about what happened with Johnny. Olivia said that she still missed him and that he was a great man. Carly asked why Olivia broke up with him if that were the case. Olivia told Carly that she broke up with Johnny because of Claudia.

Carly thought Claudia's plan would backfire because Sonny would be all over Olivia with Johnny out of the picture. Claudia entered the hotel and Olivia assured Claudia that everything was fine. Carly asked why Olivia was so nice to Claudia and what was really happening.

Dominic showed up at Sonny's house and Johnny arrived shortly after. Sonny wanted Dominic to deliver some papers to Olivia. Dominic left and Johnny told Sonny about the fight that Johnny and Claudia had in front of Dominic. Sonny asked Johnny why he and Claudia would fight over Olivia.

Johnny said that Olivia had broken up with him and that it was Claudia's fault. Sonny sat with a smug look on his face at the news. Sonny did not believe that Claudia was responsible. He told Johnny not to drag Dominic into Johnny's personal life with Johnny's sister.

Dante arrived at the hotel to deliver the papers to Olivia. She loudly asked him if he could stay to make sure all the papers were in order. Once they were close to each other, Olivia quietly asked Dante why he had not returned her calls. Out loud he talked about the Michael Corinthos Foundation, but he wrote the word "wire" on the paper Olivia held.

Olivia understood Dante's message and quickly walked away. Dante received a phone call from Claudia. She requested that he meet her in the hotel room she was in. Dante went to the room to meet Claudia. They talked about his botched hit on Jason that Claudia had ordered. Dante said that Claudia had wanted him to disappear.

Claudia said that she was glad that Dominic had stayed around because she needed him. Claudia kissed Dominic. Dominic said that he was not interested in her, but Claudia would not take no for an answer. She started to take off her clothes.

Dominic said that he was loyal to Sonny and did not want a bullet in the head. Claudia said that Dominic could give her something that Sony could not, and she would make it worth Domnic's while. Claudia told Dominic that she could give him information, facts, and figures that would help him move up in Sonny's organization. Claudia tried to take off Dominic's shirt, but he stopped her.

Sonny arrived at the Metro Court. Olivia thanked him for the paperwork. Sonny said he was not there to talk about the foundation. Sonny asked Olivia if she broke up with Johnny because of him.

Matt teased Patrick because Patrick needed a babysitter for Emma. Matt said that Patrick was a long way from amateur race car driving and skirt chasing. Patrick told Matt that Matt was the sad one, and Patrick would not trade his life for anything. Louise entered the hospital and asked Patrick if he was "the Patrick Drake" who dated her college friend.

Patrick confirmed that he had, in fact, dated Louise's friend, and Louise commented that he was a legendary wild man. Louise told Patrick about stories her friend, Lisa, had relayed to her about Patrick. Patrick said that he did not race anymore. Louise asked him to let her know if he ever raced again. Robin walked up to the two and Patrick introduced her to Louise Addison.

Robin had previously meet Louise and knew that Louise was the new Assistant District Attorney. Louise said that Robin must have been an amazing woman, because Louise's friend, Lisa, said that Patrick was the kind of guy that would never settle down. Louise continued to tell stories about Patrick from his wild college days that she had heard from Lisa.

Robin said that she was glad she did not know Patrick back then. Patrick said he was glad, too, because she would have run for the hills. Robin left to continue her work for the day. Louise told Patrick that there was no better husband than a reformed ladies' man. Louise said goodbye and Matt returned right after she left Patrick.

Patrick had his schedule cleared to go sing karaoke. Robin said that he would have to go with Matt or her Uncle Mac, because she had just taken on two more patients for the night. Robin made Patrick promise not to sing a duet with anyone else.

Later, Patrick was headed out to karaoke and Matt said that he could not join him. Matt had a date. Although, Patrick thought karaoke would be a nice icebreaker, Matt insisted that he did not want to look like a fool on the first date. Patrick headed to the elevator and ran into Louise.

Louise said that she had heard about Jake's, but had never been. She asked if she could join him, and Patrick said of course. They got into the elevator together. Robin stood around the corner with a concerned look on her face.

Alexis found Michael on the docks. She asked if she could sit and talk to him. He said that was fine and moved over for her to sit down. Alexis tried to explain to Michael that she supported him, but she was concerned about how he hit Kiefer. Michael did not have an explanation as to why he hit Kiefer. Alexis asked if Kiefer had done anything or said anything to set Michael off.

Michael said that he just did not like Kiefer. Carly walked around the corner and listened to Alexis and Michael's conversation. Alexis told Michael that she was concerned about Kristina and Molly. She told Michael that the girls adored him. Michael said that he would never do anything to hurt the girls. Alexis knew that he would never mean to hurt the girls, but he had been reckless.

Carly interrupted and Michael told her that everything was fine. Carly insisted that Michael leave so that she could talk to Alexis alone. Michael complied and once he was gone, Carly told Alexis never to lecture Carly's son again. Alexis said that she was not lecturing Michael, but that she did not want the girls around him for a while.

Carly did not believe that Michael would ever harm Kristina or Molly. Alexis said that she could not take that chance. Carly was upset and told Alexis that the girls would resent Alexis if she cut Michael out of their lives.

Friday, October 9, 2009

At the Davis residence, Alexis wondered where Kristina had been. Sam lied, claiming that they had gone to a mall. She told her mother that she had enlisted Kristina's help with a case involving a teen. Kristina apologized for not letting Alexis know, but she assured her mother that it had been fun hanging out with Sam. After Kristina left, Alexis confessed that the only time that she had gone to the mall had been to get her ears pierced. It was clear that Alexis wasn't a fan of malls.

Later, Alexis tried to have a heart-to-heart talk with Kristina. Kristina assumed that Alexis wanted to discuss the birds and the bees. She assured her mother that she was well aware of the facts of life. Alexis realized that, since Kristina had gotten an A in sex education. However, Alexis just wanted Kristina to know that she would be happy to answer any questions that Kristina might have. Kristina immediately jumped to the conclusion that Alexis did not approve of her spending time with Sam.

Alexis realized that Sam loved Kristina dearly and that she had the best of intentions, but Sam's upbringing had been difficult. Alexis didn't think that Sam had the proper experience to draw from. Kristina argued that at least Sam hadn't driven a pregnant woman off of the road and then allowed her mother to take the blame for the accident. Alexis refused to allow Kristina to put herself down. Kristina remained determined to twist everything that her mother said. She accused Alexis of not wanting her to spend time with her father.

Alexis denied the accusation. Kristina didn't believe her. She jumped back to the subject of Sam, demanding to know was wrong with Sam. Alexis insisted that nothing was wrong with her eldest daughter. Sam had wonderful qualities that she hoped that Kristina would emulate. Kristina countered with a, "But?" Alexis refused to be baited into an argument. She insisted that she wanted better for Kristina.

Alexis admitted that she wasn't perfect. Alexis had a terrible childhood that she didn't wish on anyone. According to Alexis, there were things that she would have done differently. Kristina suggested that perhaps two of those things were not having Kristina and Sam. Alexis was stunned by the assumption. She quickly corrected her daughter.

Alexis promised Kristina she had loved her from the moment that she learned that she was pregnant. Kristina wondered if that included when Kristina acted like Sonny. Alexis pointed out that Sonny had good qualities. As Alexis talked about Sonny, Kristina softened. Kristina jokingly wondered if there was anyone that Alexis approved of. Alexis chuckled as she confided that if she named someone, then undoubtedly Kristina would pull away from that person. Kristina smiled and then added that if Alexis had said, "not Kiefer," Kristina would have had to break up with him.

At the penthouse, Spinelli suggested that he arrange to have the box containing Ian Devlin's possessions moved from the police warehouse. Jason nixed the idea; he wanted Spinelli to find a way for Jason to get into the warehouse undetected. When Jason returned to the living room a short time later, dressed in black, he noticed that Spinelli wore similar garb. Jason demanded to know what Spinelli was doing. Spinelli pulled on his black ski mask and then announced that he intended to join Jason.

Jason vehemently objected to Spinelli accompanying him on the mission. Before Spinelli could argue his case, someone knocked on the door. It was Sam. Jason immediately asked Sam to help him retrieve the evidence from the police warehouse. Sam readily agreed. Later, at the police warehouse, Sam and Jason communicated with Spinelli at the penthouse via headphones.

They followed Spinelli's instructions as he guided them, using the warehouse's schematics, into the evidence room. Sam and Jason were frustrated when they were unable to locate the box. They decided to split up to widen their search while Spinelli tried to determine exactly where the box was located. No one realized that someone had entered the building until it was too late. Jason managed to duck out of sight before Lucky appeared with his gun drawn.

In Metro Court's lobby, Sonny wondered if Olivia was upset because of him. Olivia made it clear that Sonny had never been an option for her. Sonny was relieved because he wasn't available. He had been worried that he might have led Olivia to believe that there could be something between them. Olivia informed Sonny that she had been fine without Sonny for the past couple of decades.

Sonny realized that he couldn't help her if she was upset about her breakup with Johnny. However, Sonny could apologize for the way that he had treated her. Olivia didn't want to hear his apologies. She revealed that part of the reason she had ended things with Johnny was because of the way that Sonny had put Johnny into constant danger. Olivia blamed it on Sonny's wounded male pride. She told him that she had severed ties with Johnny because she had cared about Johnny.

A short time later, Carly entered the lobby. She apologized to Sonny for being late. Carly explained that she had asked to see Sonny because she wanted him to talk to Alexis. She told Sonny about the conversation that Alexis had with Michael on the pier. According to Carly, Alexis had nearly persuaded Michael to commit himself. Carly resented that Alexis considered Michael to be the problem instead of Kristina.

Sonny wasn't concerned about Michael because he was strong like Carly. However, he was worried about Kristina. He confided that she was one of the reasons that he had changed his mind about having children with Claudia. He told Carly about how Kristina had overheard him admit to Mike that he felt obligated to give Claudia a child. Kristina had begged her father not to bring another unwanted child into the world.

In a van, Ronnie listened in on Dante's conversation with Claudia in the hotel room.

Claudia was not pleased when Dante made it clear that he did not intend to sleep with her. Dante claimed that he thought too highly of Sonny to betray him like that. Claudia smiled with malice as she revealed that she knew that he was Dante Falconeri. Dante tried to call Claudia's bluff, but she saw through his ploy. She smiled victoriously as she observed that his family had a really bad habit of changing their names.

Dante cut to the chase; he demanded to know what she wanted. Claudia informed him, "You. Now and any other time that I say." Claudia was furious when Dante continued to reject her. Dante sensed Claudia's desperation; he wondered why she would resort to threats in order to force him to sleep with her. Claudia didn't have an opportunity to reply because the police began pounding on the door.

When Claudia opened the door, detectives swarmed into the room and then promptly arrested Dante. Claudia demanded to know what was going on. One of the detectives explained that Dante was wanted for questioning in an incident involving a Corthinos shipment. Dante played along with the bust, insisting that he was innocent. After Dante was dragged away, Claudia left the room.

As Claudia stepped off of the elevator, Sonny spotted her. Claudia stopped short when she heard Sonny call out to her. Claudia wondered what he was doing at the hotel. Sonny admitted that he had been about to ask her the same question.

Dante was taken to a safe house where Ronnie was waiting for him. Ronnie announced that Dante had been removed from the case because his cover had been blown. Dante argued that it was not a lost cause, but Ronnie refused to budge. Dante warned Ronnie that he would quit the force and complete the assignment as a civilian.

Maxie went to the hospital to enlist Robin's help returning wedding gifts. As the cousins talked, Robin let it slip that Patrick had gone to Jake's with Louise. Maxie was shocked that Robin didn't have a problem with Patrick hanging out with another woman. Their conversation was cut short when Lucky approached the nurse's station to pick up some paperwork.

Robin handed Lucky a file for a patient who had been a victim of domestic violence. She took the opportunity to ask about Liz. Lucky assured Robin that Liz was fine; she had just needed some time to herself. Lucky congratulated Maxie on her non-wedding and then walked away. Maxie pointed to Lucky as a perfect example of a failed marriage. According to Maxie, Lucky had strayed because Liz had stopped paying attention to him. Robin insisted that she paid attention to Patrick.

At Jake's, Patrick and Louise Addison approached the bar to talk to Coleman. Patrick introduced the new Assistant District Attorney and then led her to a table. Coleman approached moments later with drinks. As he set them on the table, he asked Patrick if Robin knew that he was out with Louise. Patrick assured Coleman that she did.

Coleman returned to the bar where the new bartender, KZ, was working. KZ was eager to sing on the Karaoke machine. Moments later, Johnny sat down at the bar and ordered shots of tequila. As Johnny was knocking back drinks, Olivia entered. She stopped when she saw Johnny. Johnny and Olivia shared a long look and then Olivia walked to the end of the bar, where she sat down.

When she deliberately turned her body away from Johnny, he asked Coleman to continue pouring him shots of tequila until he passed out. Meanwhile, KZ went to the Karaoke machine to sing his rendition of Phil Collins' song, "Against All Odds." Johnny welled up with tears as he stared at Olivia. Olivia did her best to not look at Johnny, while she fought back tears of her own.

After the song ended, Johnny walked over to the piano. Olivia watched as Johnny sang forlornly about how to treat a woman. Before the song ended, Olivia ran out of the bar in tears.

Patrick decided to go home. He invited Louise to join him, certain that Robin would enjoy the company.

Robin arrived home to find Maxie standing in her living room. Maxie had transformed the room into a sexy other world. Robin took in the moon and star balloons and lava lamps scattered around the room with an expression of trepidation. Maxie assured Robin that Patrick would enjoy the fantasy setting. Next, Maxie presented Robin with a costume. It was a silver vest with fuzzy pink fur and a matching mini skirt.

After Maxie left, Robin emerged from the bedroom wearing the costume complete with high-heeled boots and a sassy blonde wig. She was about to run back into the bedroom when she heard Patrick's car pull into the driveway. Robin quickly ran to the sofa, grabbed a space gun, and then struck a sexy pose. Moments later, Patrick and Louise walked through the front door. Robin was horrified.

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