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Monday, August 17, 2009

Sam found Jason and managed to extricate him from the rubble of the abandoned church where Jerry had left him to die. Since both of their vehicles were inoperable, Sam helped him to a room in a part of the church that was still intact. She found candles, water and brandy, but no first aid kit.

GH Recap Photo 090817 Luckily for Jason, the bullet in his collarbone went though cleanly, but San had to remove the bullet in his leg. To keep Jason alert, Sam told him how she had escaped the dire situation Jerry had left her in. Sam told Jason that Jerry had sold her to a drug dealer and left her handcuffed to chair in the dealer's room.

Sam said that she pretended to be interested in the guy and got him to remove the handcuffs. As soon as he did, Sam hit him on the head with a lamp and escaped. She headed back to the apartment where Jerry was keeping the kids, but when she got there, she overheard Jerry's henchman telling Jerry that the kids had escaped.

Sam did not wait around. She stole an old car and headed to the church where Jerry had lured Jason. Jason worried about Michael and Kristina. Sam told him that she was sure that they were taking care of each other. She told Jason that they were tough kids and that as soon as Jason recovered, they would find Michael and Kristina. Jason was in bad shape and shivering violently with fever when Sam put a blanket around him. She held him tightly and offered her body heat to help stop his chills.

Johnny went to see Sonny at home. Sonny was not pleased to learn that Dominic had been arrested. He told Johnny that Johnny was the senior man and that it was his job to look out for Dominic.

Johnny said that Dominic had seemed almost anxious to be arrested, but that he had done a good job of being cool under pressure. Johnny added that Diane had gotten Dominic off on a technicality so there was really nothing to worry about.

Sonny told Johnny that he had to learn to be more meticulous like Jason was. Sonny then wanted to know about Johnny's visit to Anthony. Johnny told Sonny that Anthony said Johnny was working too hard for Sonny. Johnny asked if Sonny could see his dilemma, that he was unable to please either Sonny or his father.

Johnny told Sonny that his loyalties were with Sonny, not only because Sonny was married to Claudia, but because he did not run drugs. Johnny also added that at the end of the day, Anthony was still insane and Sonny was just hard to work for. Sonny was satisfied with that answer.

Johnny told Sonny that he was really sorry about Sonny's kids and that, if he could, he would return them. Johnny also told Sonny that he was sorry if he had screwed up the Dominic situation and he would do everything in his power to make it right. Sonny accepted Johnny's explanation and told him to get out, which he did. After Johnny left, Sonny put in a call to Dominic. He got voice mail and left a message telling Dominic to go to his house right away.

Dante was with Olivia and they were reading each other the riot act. Dante refused to give up his undercover work, and Olivia refused to return to Bensonhurst. Olivia listed all her reasons for staying in Port Charles, and Dante gave all his reasons for being an undercover cop and busting the Corinthos organization. I They were at an impasse when Dante picked up his message from Sonny. Before leaving, he implored Olivia to ask Jax to give her a job at another of his hotels, perhaps the one in Canada.

Nikolas was on his way to being very drunk when Rebecca showed up at Wyndemere. She realized that something was wrong and asked what was going on. Nikolas offered her a check for a million dollars and told her that he knew her for what she was, a cheap substitute for Emily. Then he ordered her out of the house.

Rebecca refused to budge until she got to tell her side of the story. Nikolas told her that Ethan had confessed everything to Lucky, and Lucky had told him. Rebecca vowed that she had intended to tell Nikolas the whole story before they left for Greece, but Nikolas scoffed and called her a gold-digging tramp. Rebecca poured out her story and her heart.

Rebecca said that even though it had started out as a con, she had developed deep feelings for Nikolas and she knew that he had feelings for her. Nikolas gave her a hard kiss, then told her that she was a poor substitute for Emily, and again ordered her out of his house. That time, Rebecca left.

Dominic showed up at Sonny's and Sonny chastised him for taking the fall for Johnny. Sonny said that he did not like to see his people arrested and, as a senior employee, Johnny should have taken the fall. Dominic said that if he had let Johnny get arrested, he would not have been able to impress Sonny.

Sonny said that he was not impressed. Dominic said that the cops had been tipped and since it was a Zacchara drug shipment, he thought he had a better chance of getting off than Johnny did, especially since the cops had nothing on him.

Sonny accepted his explanation, but told Dominic that he expected him to work with Johnny and get along with him in the future. He then told Dominic to have Bernie set up a meeting with the South American partners in Mexico City. Dominic asked if that was so Sonny could check up on the search for his children. Sonny agreed that it was. After offering hope that Jason would be back with the teens before the meeting, Dominic left to take care of business with Bernie.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy, Edward, Monica, and Alice were trading insults when Rebecca walked in. Edward immediately recognized her distress and told her that he had warned her about how evil the Cassadines were. Rebecca came clean with them and told them the whole story of how she had met Ethan and planned the con to get money from both Nikolas and the Quartermaines. She said that she had broken the cardinal rule of the con when she got emotionally involved with the marks.

Tracy was delighted to hear Rebecca's confession and ordered her out of the house. Monica said, "Not so fast,." Rebecca said that she planned to be on the first train out of Port Charles, but she wanted to say goodbye and tell them the truth before she left. Edward was gleeful when he told her that he was glad that she had shown her true colors. He said that he had liked her from the start and, after her confession, he knew why. He also told her that she was not going anywhere until she paid him back the $10,000 that he had loaned her.

GH Recap Photo 090817 After trashing his living room, Nikolas perched precariously on the parapet outside the room and continued to drink. Liz found him there. He wanted to know how she had gotten past Alfred. Liz said that they were worried about him. When she told him that he was being very rude to her, he responded that she always knew what to say to him.

A sloppy drunken Nikolas said that he feared that he was being taken over by the Cassadine darkness. Liz said that they could not let that happen. She offered her hand and asked him to go inside with her. When Nikolas clasped her hand. Liz put her other hand on his shoulder and looked deeply into his eyes.

Olivia went to Sonny's to get him to sign papers authorizing the transfer of funds from his accounts to the Michael Corinthos Foundation. She accused him of not signing the papers as a ploy to get her to show up at his house. Sonny did not deny her accusation, but sidestepped it by saying that they lived in a small town and were bound to run into each other.

Olivia told Sonny that she had been friends with him and loyal to him since they were kids and that she had something to tell him. Before she could say more, Dominic, who had returned from his errand and was listening at the door, interrupted them.

Rebecca found Lucky at Jake's. When he greeted her, she slapped him and called him "a son of a bitch."

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nikolas drank his vodka and mourned his beloved Emily, but Liz was not about to allow him to wallow in his sorrow. Although Rebecca had been a bad decision, Nikolas had built a shrine out of Emily's memory that no woman could ever have lived up to -- even Emily herself.

Nikolas was shocked when Liz told him that he was also to blame. Nikolas had used Rebecca just as much as she had used him. Rebecca was Nikolas' sugar pill. Although he knew she wasn't Emily, he felt better and could pretend things were alright when he was with Rebecca.

GH Recap Photo 090818 Nikolas admitted that he felt foolish and was embarrassed over what had happened with Rebecca. There had been only one time when everything had felt all right, though, and he bent down to kiss Liz passionately. Meanwhile, Alfred tried to convince Lucky to go home after he arrived at Wyndemere, wanting to speak with Nikolas.

At Lucky's, Rebecca was furious with Lucky for telling Nikolas the truth about the scheme she and Ethan had tried to pull over. Lucky told her that his loyalties would always be with his brother, and nothing Rebecca could do would have made Nikolas forgive her.

Sam made Jason promise he would survive, and he tried to tell her it would be okay. Sam knew he wasn't answering her question, and she reminded him of all the things that would go wrong if he weren't around. Spinelli would be lost without Jason, and Sam knew that Carly would kill her if Jason didn't survive. Jason thought Sam was overreacting, but he still promised her that he would survive.

Despite attempts to find a painkiller, Sam couldn't locate anything that could dull Jason's pain. She noticed Jason's fever was getting worse, and she worried about a possible infection. As she tried to cool him down with a wet cloth, Sam retold the story of a female client who thought her husband was cheating on her. Sam had taken a job at a strip club to spy on the husband, who had been planning a surprise anniversary party for his wife with her sister. Sam said it was good that everything had ended so well, and Jason told her that happy endings rarely happened.

Sam noticed Jason's eyes were closed and his breathing appeared to be shallow. Sam laid her head on his chest to check his heartbeat and reminded him of his promise to her. Meanwhile, Jerry was sneaking back into the church yard.

Alexis arrived at Jax and Carly's house and tried to convince them it was time to call in more help, since Jason hadn't contacted anyone. Carly was sure that Jason could handle the situation, but Alexis was still worried. After Alexis left, Carly asked Jax to help her decide if they needed to call in additional help.

At Sonny's house, Dominic tried to leave, but Olivia insisted that he stay and listen as she told Sonny the truth. Olivia told Sonny that they had no future or present and she wanted him to leave her alone. Sonny warned her to be careful of what she wished for.

Olivia was adamant that she wanted nothing to do with Sonny, especially since she was with Johnny. Sonny tried to get her to say out loud what was going on with Johnny, but Olivia couldn't do it, especially with her son in the room.

Sonny reminded Olivia that she would have to communicate with him, especially since she was the president of the charity in Michael's name. Before she stormed out of the house, Olivia insisted that everything be kept professional.

Once Olivia was gone, Sonny apologized for Dominic having to witness Olivia's behavior. She just hadn't realized what she really wanted yet. Dominic said he thought Sonny was delusional, but Sonny said he was just reading between the lines. Dominic said he was reading the actual lines, though. Sonny was a married man and he was hitting on a woman who had already told him to stop. Sonny didn't look very happy as Dominic left.

GH Recap Photo 090818 In Mexico, Kristina prepped Michael for his date and asked where he might want to take the girl. Michael mentioned going for a walk on the beach, and Kristina said there was only one thing 17-year-old boys wanted, and they went to the beach to get it. Michael asked Kristina if her boyfriend had ever tried to get her to do something she didn't want to do. Michael was not happy at the thought of a teenager pushing himself onto his little sister. Kristina assured Michael that her relationship with her boyfriend in Port Charles had been fine. She was in Mexico, though, and he was still in Port Charles.

Michael seemed to hit it off with his date, but he cut it short when he found a cell phone on the beach. Kristina couldn't understand the significance, but Michael explained that they could send messages without them being traceable. Soon, both Carly and Alexis were receiving e-mails from the kids saying they were all right. They even included personal information to assure their parents that it wasn't a scam.

Rebecca sat at the bar with a drink until Dominic walked in and asked to join her. Soon they were flirting and downing shots, and Rebecca suggested they go someplace where he could show her what he thought about her body. No sex was in store for Dominic when he took her back to his apartment -- the very same room Rebecca had previously rented. She saw the paint job and remembered the evening she had painted the room with Nikolas. Rebecca sat on the bed in tears, but it wasn't long before Dominic's drunk, hot woman was passed out on his bed.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

At Greystone Manor, Sonny suspected that Alexis had taken responsibility for Kristina's car accident. When Alexis hesitated to confirm Sonny's suspicions, Sonny reminded her that he had a right to know, because he was Kristina's father. Alexis capitulated. Despite his certainty of Kristina's guilt, it was difficult for Sonny to hear Alexis' confirmation. Alexis broke down in tears as she confessed that their daughter was in trouble because Kristina had been terrified to face her parents.

, Alexis implored Sonny to find a way to save their daughter. Sonny was struck by inspiration. As he headed for the door, he invited Alexis to join him, confident that he had found the perfect solution.

At the Jacks residence, Carly and Jax asked Spinelli to trace Michael and Kristina's text message. While they waited for Spinelli to work his magic online, Jax announced that he would fetch the teens once Spinelli determined where the text message had originated. Carly insisted that she would accompany Jax, prompting him to remind her why it would be impossible.

Spinelli decided to take the opportunity to ask Jax and Carly for wedding advice. He considered them experts, since they had a dozen weddings between them, not including Jax's three failed attempts to marry Brenda. Jax appeared slightly embarrassed, while Carly seemed to take their numerous trips down the aisle in stride.

Jax was spared from having to dispense advice when Sonny and Alexis arrived. Sonny hoped that they could work together to find the teens. When Alexis received a phone call from Nikolas, advising her that Molly was at Wyndemere and would be spending the night, Alexis was upset. She lamented that her children seemed to be constantly running away. Carly suggested that perhaps the younger children were acting up because their older siblings had taken off.

The conversation drifted to what the parents would do when Spinelli's search yielded results. Sonny was determined to personally look for his children. Jax and Alexis advised Sonny against it. They feared that it would only lead Sonny's enemies to the teens. Carly reiterated that she intended to join the search. She ignored everyone's protests and reminders of how it could compromise her pregnancy.

Spinelli listened intently. When his computer beeped, Spinelli checked it. Moments later he informed the concerned parents that he had failed to locate Michael and Kristina's whereabouts. Sonny was livid and accused Spinelli of being useless. Spinelli quickly gathered his things and then fled before Sonny's temper spiraled.

Moments later, Mac called Alexis to inform her that the paint from her car had matched the paint found on Claudia's vehicle.

Diane was waiting when Spinelli arrived at his office. Spinelli had asked Diane to meet him because he wanted to update his will. Diane was curious why Spinelli felt the need to review his final wishes. Spinelli confessed that he had lied to Sonny; he had found Michael and Kristina. Spinelli feared that Sonny would have him killed when he learned the truth.

Diane accused Spinelli of being paranoid. She didn't doubt that Sonny would be angry, but she was certain that Sonny wouldn't kill him. Spinelli was confident that Sam and Jason were closing in on the kids. He hoped that they would find Michael and Kristina before Sonny learned of the deception.

Jason and Sam were forced to hide in the rafters of the abandoned church when they heard someone snooping around. It was Jerry. As Jerry searched the bedroom, Jason's wound bled. Blood slowly dripped to the floor while Jerry made his way around the room. As Jerry walked out, he glanced up. He stared at the ceiling for a moment, but then left the church.

Once the coast was clear, Sam helped Jason back to bed. Sam realized that Jason's condition was deteriorating, but she refused to leave his side. While Sam applied a cold compresses to Jason's forehead, he began rambling. It was clear to Sam that Jason was lost in the past. He believed that they were in Hawaii and that he was dying from the deadly brain seizures that he had suffered in 2005.

Sam gently held Jason in her arms while he confessed that he wasn't afraid of dying. What Jason feared was leaving Sam behind. Sam revealed how much Jason meant to her. She credited Jason for accepting her when she was pregnant with another man's child and for helping her during the devastating loss of her daughter. Sam also thanked Jason for the kindness that he had shown Danny the last few months of her brother's life. When Jason insisted that Sam had deserved more, Sam stopped him. It was enough for Sam just to feel connected to Jason.

As Jason rested his head in Sam's lap, Sam reminisced about the perfect sunset they had seen in Maui. Jason smiled as he told Sam that he loved her. He regretted that he hadn't told her more often. Sam confessed that she loved him ,too.

At the Drake residence, Robin wondered if Brianna's murder had not been premeditated. Robin suggested that perhaps Andrea had gone to the hotel room to confront her husband and his mistress about their affair. According to Robin's theory, when Andrea saw Garrett exit the hotel room, she had entered without thinking. Robin believed that Brianna might have indicated, with a touch or comment, that her head had been injured. Robin concluded that perhaps Andrea had capitalized on the injury by striking Brianna with a killing blow to the same area in the hopes that it would cover up the murder.

Robin's scenario was too far-fetched for Patrick. Robin argued that Andrea seemed calculating enough to carry out such a crime. Robin suggested that they re-enact the crime. Patrick reluctantly agreed, playing the role of Andrea. As the scene played out, Patrick realized that Robin might be correct. Meanwhile, Robin came to the conclusion that Andrea had used an item in the hotel room as the murder weapon. Robin was certain that Andrea had taken it with her after the murder.

Robin and Patrick were startled when they noticed Andrea peering through one of their windows. Robin opened the door. As Andrea entered, Robin observed that, generally, people knocked or rang the doorbell when they stopped by for a visit. Andrea apologized; she explained that she had wanted to make certain that she wasn't interrupting them.

According to Andrea, her housekeeper, Myrna, had mentioned that Robin had been snooping around the mayor's mansion. Robin clarified that she had merely been passing by while she'd been out for a jog with her daughter. Robin insisted that the housekeeper had struck up the conversation. Andrea invited Robin to ask whatever questions she might have.

While Robin went to attend to Emma, Andrea engaged in idle chit-chat with Patrick. She admitted that she had never been blessed with children. Moments later, Robin returned to the living room with Emma in her arms. Andrea smiled brightly as she confessed to understanding why Myrna had been so taken with Robin's beautiful daughter. As Robin settled on the sofa next to Patrick, Patrick tried to cover for Robin.

Patrick explained that he and Robin were competitive about Emma's outings. He confessed that they liked to see who could cover the most distance. According to Patrick, Robin had gone all the way to the mayor's mansion in an effort to beat Patrick's record. Andrea again offered to answer Robin's questions, but Robin declined.

After Andrea's departure, Robin realized that Andrea was on to her. Robin decided that she had to quickly gather evidence. She was determined to obtain an inventory list of the items in the hotel's rooms; she hoped to determine if anything had gone missing from the mayor's room. Patrick cautioned Robin. He didn't think that Andrea would give up without a fight. Robin assured Patrick that Andrea didn't intimidate her.

At the hospital, Andrea pretended to be looking for Robin. When the nurse informed Andrea that Robin wasn't on duty, Andrea asked for Robin's schedule.

In Wyndemere's turret room, Nikolas and Liz shared a passionate kiss. When they stumbled to the sofa, Liz was forced to put a stop to things before they went too far. Liz was certain that Nikolas was using the kiss to avoid facing his true feelings. Lucky's sudden appearance prevented Nikolas from responding. Lucky seemed oblivious to what had transpired between Liz and Nikolas.

As Lucky expressed his concern for Nikolas, Liz and Nikolas glanced at each other. Both appeared nervous and guilty. Nikolas spoke up when Lucky questioned what they had been doing before he had entered. Nikolas explained that Liz had offered him support after Rebecca's betrayal. Nikolas thanked Liz for her time and asked that both she and Lucky leave. Lucky relented when Liz urged Lucky to respect Nikolas' wishes.

As Lucky and Liz walked out, Nikolas called out to Liz. She had left her purse behind. Liz took her purse, shared a long look with Nikolas, and then left. Nikolas stepped out to the turret to speak to Emily's spirit. Nikolas was ashamed; he felt that he had taken advantage of Liz when she had been trying to help him. Nikolas confessed that the goodness in him had disappeared when Emily died. He started to talk about the "one woman he thought could make a difference" when Molly suddenly appeared and asked him who he was talking to.

Nikolas called Alexis to let her know that her daughter had slipped past Viola and then made her way to Wyndemere. Due to the late hour, Nikolas suggested that Molly spend the night. After Molly spoke to her mother, Nikolas asked Molly why she had sought him out. Molly explained that Kristina and Alexis were in trouble, so she desperately needed Nikolas' help. Nikolas felt terrible that his family had been falling apart while he'd been focused on his own problems.

Nikolas realized that Emily would not approve of the way that Nikolas had been behaving. He vowed to make some changes in his life, starting with helping Kristina and Alexis.

Lucky sensed that Liz was tense after they arrived at her house. He worried that Nikolas had hurt her. Liz assured Lucky that Nikolas had not harmed her in any way. Liz admitted that she was concerned because Nikolas had never really gone through the grieving process. According to Liz, any woman who became involved with Nikolas would just be a replacement for Emily.

Lucky cuddled up to Liz on the sofa. He confessed that he was happy that there wasn't anything between them that they couldn't handle. Liz didn't say anything, but her expression indicated that she continued to be plagued by guilt over the kiss with Nikolas.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jax and Carly were in his office before Carly's scheduled prenatal visit. Carly wanted to walk to the hospital, but Jax refused to consider it. He reminded Carly that it was 90 degrees outside; Jax was concerned that Carly would overexert herself in the heat. Carly argued that she was suffering from cabin fever, but Jax stubbornly insisted that he would drive her to the appointment.

Kate's arrival put a crimp in Jax's plans. Kate had urgent business with Jax, so Carly promised to take a cab to the hospital. After Carly's departure, Kate told Jax that Giselle had been blackmailing her. Kate explained that she had accepted money from Trevor Lansing to cover some of the expenses to launch Crimson. According to Giselle, Kate had laundered Zacchara money through Crimson. Giselle had threatened to expose Kate's illegal activity if Kate didn't provide her with advanced copies of Crimson's photo layouts.

According to Kate, Giselle was furious because a Crimson layout went to press without her seeing it beforehand. It was an exceptional layout, which had earned Maxie a promotion. Kate sensed that Jax was furious, so she offered to resign. Her only request was that Jax would promise not to shut down Crimson. Jax didn't want Kate to step down, despite his anger. He assured her that he would handle the situation. After Jax left, Kate broke down in tears.

GH Recap Photo 090820 Ronnie was annoyed when Olivia marched into the laundromat with a determined stride. Olivia immediately launched into another round of demands. She expected Ronnie to send Dante back to Bensonhurst. Ronnie warned Olivia that she had to stop showing up at the laundromat; she was compromising their operation. As if to illustrate Ronnie's point, Carly strolled in. Carly had been on her way to the hospital and had noticed Olivia enter the laundromat. Olivia struggled for a plausible explanation, but failed.

Ronnie claimed that he and Olivia knew each other from Bensonhurst and that they had been arguing about subletting Olivia's apartment. Carly smiled, but didn't comment. After Ronnie walked out, Carly insisted on hearing the truth. Olivia stuck to Ronnie's story.

Later, Olivia found Kate crying in Jax's office. Concerned, Olivia asked Kate what was wrong. Kate wiped away her tears as she confessed that she had jeopardized her career by lying. Olivia wondered what Kate had lied about. Kate confessed that it wasn't important; the point was her lie had caught up with her. Kate urged Olivia to tell Sonny and Dante the truth. Kate believed that Sonny and Dante had a right to know that they were father and son.

Olivia didn't think that there was anything to be gained by revealing the truth. Kate disagreed; she wondered what would happen if Dante were ever in a position where he had to arrest Sonny. Kate feared that things would end in tragedy if Sonny and Dante remained in the dark about their connection to each other. Kate implored Olivia to tell Sonny that Dante was his son. Neither Olivia nor Kate realized that Jax stood outside of the office and had overheard the exchange between the cousins.

Jax made his presence known moments later. After he assured Kate that he had the situation with Giselle under control, she left. When they were alone, Olivia started running down a list of business meetings for Jax. Jax stopped her; he confessed that he knew Dante was Sonny's son. Jax was curious how long Olivia thought she could keep her secret.

Rebecca woke up in bed with a vicious hangover. When she looked around the room, she spotted Dominic sitting in a chair, working out some kinks in his neck. Rebecca questioned what Dominic was doing in her room. Dominic clarified that they were in his room. Horrified, Rebecca wanted to know if they'd had sex, but she couldn't finish the sentence. Dominic played around a bit, but ultimately let her know that they'd just slept, nothing more. Rebecca was relieved. She gratefully accepted Dominic's offer to buy her breakfast.

Molly and Nikolas sat down for breakfast at Kelly's. While Mike fetched them blueberry pancakes, Molly asked Nikolas why he had been talking to Emily on the turret. Molly didn't understand why Nikolas had turned to a dead person with his problems. Nikolas smiled as Molly revealed that Alexis' method of dealing with problems was to not talk about them. Nikolas' good humor fled when he spotted Dominic and Rebecca standing near the stairwell. He asked Molly to fetch some syrup and then he approached Rebecca.

Nikolas commented that it appeared Rebecca hadn't wasted any time moving on to someone new. Neither Rebecca nor Dominic responded as Nikolas returned his table. Molly admitted that it was a bit unsettling how much Rebecca resembled Emily. Nikolas changed the subject to ask Molly if she looked forward to going back to school. Molly confessed that she dreaded the start of school because everyone would say awful things about her mother.

Moments later, Alexis walked in. When she saw Molly enjoying blueberry pancakes, she scolded Nikolas for sending Molly the wrong message. However, Alexis allowed Molly to continue eating the pancakes. Meanwhile, at the counter, Dominic offered to help out if Rebecca ever wanted to make Nikolas jealous. Rebecca smiled her appreciation, but she didn't take him up on the offer.

After Dominic left, Rebecca walked up to Nikolas' table. Realizing that Rebecca had something to say, Alexis sent Molly to the kitchen to thank Mike for the pancakes. Defiantly, Rebecca confessed to Alexis. As she concluded, Rebecca snidely observed that it wasn't as if she had run a pregnant woman off the road. Alexis noticed Molly's return out of the corner of her eye, so she advised Rebecca not to say another word.

As Molly sat down, Rebecca walked away. Molly reminded Alexis of an appointment, prompting Alexis to ponder whether or not to allow Molly to go horseback riding when she was supposed to be grounded. After Molly and Alexis left, Rebecca returned to the table. She angrily told Nikolas that she was disappointed that he couldn't get past what she had done.

Lulu went to General Hospital to seek help for a sticky situation. Lulu had glued her hand to her hair. When Patrick suggested cutting her hair, Lulu shrieked, "No!" It would have required Lulu to get a buzz cut, because her hand was practically glued to her scalp. Lulu waited in the lounge while Robin went to look for something that might help.

Dominic was concerned when he saw Lulu holding her head, as if it were injured. Lulu was reluctant to tell him the exact nature of her problem, but Dominic quickly figured it out. He was sympathetic with her plight; Dominic had his own horror story to tell about the pitfalls of playing with glue. Dominic turned serious as he confided that Lucky had arrested him. Dominic explained that he had been released on a technicality, but he had wanted Lulu to know, because Lucky was livid about the release.

Dominic revealed that he didn't want the incident to affect his relationship with Lulu. Lulu clarified that they were not involved. As Matt walked toward them, Dominic invited her out for a date. Lulu lied; she claimed that she had plans with Matt. Luckily for Lulu, Matt covered for her. A short time later, Matt escorted Lulu to an operating room. He had found a bottle of solution, which would allow her to unglue her hand without sacrificing her hair.

Ronnie showed up at Jake's and sat down at Johnny's table. They talked about Anthony Zacchara and Dominic. Ronnie assured Johnny that Dominic had been looking out for Johnny during the police bust. Johnny wondered what the Zacchara henchman thought about Anthony's bid for power. Ronnie confessed that he didn't think that Anthony would succeed in overthrowing Sonny. Ronnie added that Johnny could count on Dominic ending up on the winning side.

After Ronnie left, Dominic entered the bar. As Dominic joined Johnny for a drink, Johnny commented that Dominic seemed to have known that the drug bust was about to happen. Dominic admitted that it had been odd the way the police had shown up. Johnny fired a few questions at Dominic, which he managed to answer to Johnny's satisfaction. With business concluded, Dominic asked Johnny about Lulu.

After Johnny confirmed that he and Lulu were over, Dominic asked about Johnny's relationship with Olivia. Johnny confessed that Olivia knew things that Lulu never would. Dominic took offense to Johnny's tone and punched him.

At the hospital, Liz called Nikolas. When she received his voicemail, she left him a message. She told Nikolas that they needed to discuss what had happened in the turret room. As Liz ended the call, Lucky walked up. Lucky wanted to know if she had talked to Nikolas. He was disappointed when Liz told him that she hadn't reached Nikolas. Lucky confessed that he'd observed that Nikolas responded to her. He urged Liz to spend as much time as possible with Nikolas in order to help him through his difficult period.

Later, Monica saw Lucky at the nurse's station. She wondered if he had received the files he had requested on Brianna Hughes. After Lucky assured her that he had the reports, Monica asked if Lucky had heard from Rebecca. Moments later, Rebecca rushed past Monica. When Rebecca apologized for her tardiness, Monica reminded Rebecca that she answered to Epiphany, not Monica. Meanwhile, Lucky quietly excused himself.

Rebecca and Monica continued to talk. Rebecca was touched by Monica's kindness. Monica explained that she considered Rebecca a part of the family because she was Emily's twin. Rebecca apologized for being a con and a grifter. According to Monica, Ethan was a grifter, while Luke was a con. Monica considered Rebecca merely a troubled girl who'd had a difficult life. Rebecca wished that Nikolas had the same view of her.

Liz was waiting for Nikolas when he returned to Wyndemere. He told her that he had received her message and had taken the precaution of deleting it. Liz thanked Nikolas for his understanding. She warned him that they could never repeat what had happened in the turret room. She was determined to move forward as if it had never happened. Nikolas wondered if either of them could forget the kiss that they had shared.

Liz insisted that they had to. She promised that she would always be his friend, but nothing more. However, she realized that it would be difficult to keep their distance while Lucky expected her to be there for Nikolas. Nikolas assured Liz that he would find a way to work through his problems without her guidance. He also offered to find a graceful excuse to explain why they couldn't hang out all of the time.

Their resolve was tested almost immediately. Lucky walked in and promptly announced that he expected Nikolas and Spencer to join the family barbecue at the Spencer house later that evening. Lucky added that Liz and the boys would be there.

Friday, August 21, 2009

In Mexico, Sam and Jason remained hidden in the abandoned church. Sam wanted to check on Jason's recover, so she decided to wake him up. Jason's fever appeared to have broken and his pain seemed significantly diminished. Jason was eager to get going, but Sam cautioned Jason against moving too soon. She didn't want to risk Jason suffering a relapse. She jumped up to fetch Jason something to eat.

When Sam returned, she sat down on the bed next to Jason. Jason wanted to know what had transpired while he'd been out of it. Sam confessed that he had been delirious and had rambled quite a bit. Jason was curious if he had said anything about Hawaii. Jason admitted that he recalled dreaming about it. Sam seemed a bit disappointed that Jason didn't remember their conversations. However, she smiled when Jason confessed that, he had often thought about their trip to Hawaii.

As Sam and Jason reminisced about their time in Hawaii, both seemed quite at ease with each other's company. Sam confided that Jason's illness in 2005 had made her feel helpless. Jason believed that Sam had done her best. Jason revealed that he had been ready to die, but Sam had convinced him to have the surgery. He told her that he would never forget what she had done for him.

At Jake's, Johnny tested his tender jaw. He wondered why Dominic had punched him. Dominic informed Johnny that he didn't appreciate men talking disrespectfully about women. Johnny clarified that he had been complimenting Olivia, not insulting her. Johnny decided to return the favor by punching Dominic. Dominic took it in stride; after he recovered, Dominic and Johnny resumed drinking.

Johnny admitted that he thought Lulu deserved better than someone like Dominic. He told Dominic that Lulu enjoyed excitement, but not danger. Dominic appeared reflective as Johnny sipped his drink. Johnny switched gears to ask Dominic whom he was loyal to: Sonny or Anthony. Dominic made it clear that he was on Sonny's side of the mob war; however, he did question Johnny's loyalties. Johnny confessed that he despised Anthony. The admission prompted Dominic to reveal that he'd grown up without a father, so he had no idea what it was like to be in Johnny's position.

Sonny was startled when he entered his living room to find Claudia sitting in the dark while she gently swayed in a rocking chair. Claudia wiped away her tears as Sonny turned on the lights. She explained that she had forgotten to cancel her order for the rocking chair. Claudia went on to reveal that she had purchased it for the baby. Sonny was angry as he tried to have the rocking chair removed. He didn't think that Claudia needed to see the painful reminder of her miscarriage.

Claudia insisted that she wasn't bothered by the rocking chair. She claimed that she fondly remembered purchasing it after she'd had an argument with Sonny. When Sonny suggested that Claudia needed to move forward, Claudia confessed that she didn't have any reason to. According to Claudia she had nothing. Claudia then shared a sad tale from her past.

Claudia revealed that she had wanted a puppy when she was a little girl. Anthony had insisted that the only dog worth having was a guard dog, so Claudia had befriended one of the security dogs from her father's kennel. Claudia had grown attached to a German Shepherd named Duchess. The dog had slept in Claudia's room until one night Duchess' growling had awakened Claudia. Anthony stood in the room. He was furious with his daughter, so he had decided to take her dog. Claudia never saw Duchess again.

Claudia admitted that she couldn't forget what she had loved and lost. Sonny didn't think it was healthy for Claudia to wallow in her grief. Claudia changed the subject to ask Sonny what kind of father he had been. Sonny talked about building trains with Morgan. It had reminded Sonny of his younger days in Bensonhurst when he used to hang out at the train tracks. To Sonny, trains had represented a temporary escape. Claudia was riveted as Sonny confided that he had wanted to give his children everything that he never had.

Claudia confessed that she had daydreamed about their son. She had seen him as a grown man and envisioned his life. She tearfully asked Sonny if they would have been decent parents. The moment was ruined when Sonny suddenly announced that he had to leave. Claudia wanted to know where Sonny was going, but Sonny didn't tell her.

A short time later, Johnny walked in. Claudia was in a dark mood. When he asked her about the rocking chair, Claudia told him that she was thinking about her dead baby. She followed that statement up with the announcement that Sonny had gone to see "the Madonna of Easy Street." Johnny realized that Claudia was referring to Olivia. He refused to get into an argument about Olivia, but Claudia didn't care. She continued to berate Olivia by calling her a whore.

Johnny realized what had prompted Claudia's tirade when Claudia revealed that she had shared a moment of connection with Sonny until he had dashed off to be with his mistress. Johnny warned his sister that she was clinging to something that didn't exist. Claudia lashed out; she warned Johnny that his "cougar" had secrets just like everyone else.

Sonny returned home shortly after Johnny's departure. Claudia continued to be weepy and angry. When Sonny handed her an envelope, Claudia questioned if it contained divorce papers. Sonny urged Claudia to open the package. Reluctantly, Claudia opened it. Her confusion seemed to grow as she read the document. He explained that he had set up a scholarship fund in their son's memory to help underprivileged children receive a college education.

In Jack's office, Olivia was momentarily speechless when Jax revealed that he knew Sonny was Dante's father. Olivia wanted to know if she could trust Jax to keep her secret. Jax promised her that he would honor her wishes, because Olivia had had done the same for him when he had learned about Jerry's involvement in Michael's shooting. Jax confessed that he admired Olivia for choosing to keep Sonny out of Dante's life.

Olivia admitted that Sonny made great kids; it was a shame that he would never know what a wonderful son Dante was. However, it was for the best. Jax agreed, provided that Dante and Sonny weren't on a collision course with each other. Olivia remained silent.

Jax wondered if it had occurred to Olivia that Dante might be assigned to a case involving Sonny. Jax suggested that perhaps Olivia should tell Dante and Sonny the truth, in case they ever crossed paths. Olivia insisted that she couldn't risk it. She had always feared that Dante would follow in his father's footsteps. She was thrilled when he had announced that he wanted to go into law enforcement.

Olivia admitted that Dante was a lot like his father. Both men were daring and stubborn. According to Olivia, Dante and Sonny were two sides of the same coin. The qualities that made Dante a great cop made Sonny a clever criminal. Olivia didn't want anyone, especially Carly, to know the truth. She feared how Sonny and Dante would react to the news. Olivia explained that if Carly ever found out, she might feel that Sonny had a right to know about his son.

Jax assured her that he would keep her secret, but he warned her that Carly had a way of stumbling onto the truth.

Dominic was enjoying an ice cream sundae at Kelly's when Morgan and Carly entered. Morgan ran up to his grandfather, asking for ice cream. Dominic turned to show Morgan his sundae. While Morgan waited for Mike to make him an ice cream sundae, Dominic went to a table. After Morgan was handed his treat, he joined Dominic. Carly walked up moments later with a spoon in hand.

While Dominic and Morgan talked baseball, Carly helped herself to some of Morgan's sundae. The three were chatting when Olivia entered. Olivia was stunned to see her son hanging out with Carly and Morgan. All eyes turned to Olivia when she dropped her purse.

Dominic jumped up to help Olivia, which provided her with an opportunity to ask her son if he was using Carly and her son to get to Sonny. Dante was offended by his mother's question. He whispered, "Of course not. Why don't you lighten up?" As Dominic returned to the table, Olivia excused her odd behavior by claiming that she'd had a bad day. Carly asked if Olivia had argued with Dante again. Olivia looked pointedly at her son while she answered Carly, "Sometimes Dante doesn't have the sense that God gave lice."

Dominic turned to Morgan to offer him some sage words about mothers. He advised Morgan never to tick off Carly because Morgan would never hear the end of it. However, Dominic added, mothers always forgave their children. Dante looked to his mother for confirmation. Surprisingly, Olivia replied, "Not always." At the same moment Jax entered Kelly's. He appeared deep in thought as he watched Olivia and Dominic.

In Lucky's backyard, Liz filled the children's pool with water while Lucky set the snacks out. When Nikolas and Spencer arrived, Liz took Spencer inside to find a bathing suit for him. Meanwhile, Nikolas sat down at the table with his brother. When Liz returned, she helped Spencer into the wading pool. Spencer thanked Liz before he proceeded to splash around with his cousins. Nikolas apologized for not arriving properly attired for a backyard barbecue. He promised to have the nanny pack a swim bag for their next visit.

While Liz went inside, Nikolas and Lucky talked about Nikolas' situation with Rebecca. Lucky was concerned that Nikolas would embrace his Cassadine side. Nikolas felt terrible because he had not heeded Liz and Alexis' warnings. Moments later, Liz walked out to inform Lucky that they didn't have any cake. When Cameron heard the tragic news he announced, "We're outta here."

Lucky chuckled as he volunteered to go to the store. Liz was surprised when Lucky insisted on taking the boys with him. After they left, Liz sat down with Nikolas. She confessed that she'd noticed that Spencer and Nikolas seemed closer. Nikolas admitted that he could use some help. Liz made a point of saying that she and Lucky were there for him.

Nikolas seemed to understand the unspoken message; Liz intended to keep her distance from him. Liz's resolve was tested when the skies opened up and rain poured down on them. Liz and Nikolas grabbed up various items from the table and then dashed to the porch. They were drenched from the rain and out of breath from the sprint. The attraction between them flared, but Liz and Nikolas resisted temptation.

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