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Monday, July 27, 2009

Jax and Carly shared her hospital bed and talked about their new house. Carly promised to stay calm and not engage in any more stressful activity until after the baby was born. When she fell asleep, Jax noticed a mug shot of Michael on the TV and quickly turned it off.

GH Recap Photo 090727 Jason called Robin to the Port Charles Police Department and asked for her help with Mac. Mac joined the conversation and, after both Robin and Jason agreed that Michael would not use either the Quartermaine or Corinthos influence to leave town, he agreed to release Michael into Jason's custody. While Michael and Mac signed the release papers, Jason thanked Robin. She told Jason that Michael really needed him because Jason was the only one who really understood what Michael was going through.

At the lake house, Sam confronted Kristina with her suspicions that Kristina had been driving and might have caused the accident. Kristina admitted that she took the car, but said her upset was the result of a fight with her boyfriend, Kiefer, not because she had caused Claudia to crash. Sam kept talking to Kristina and shared her regret about a troublesome time in her past when telling lies had eventually had serious repercussions for her. Kristina continued to deny that she had anything to do with the accident.

Kristina grew angry when Sam injected Alexis into the conversation. When Sam tried to find out why Kristina was so hostile about Alexis, Kristina said it was because Alexis got to make mistakes and Kristina had to be perfect. Sam tried to disabuse her of that notion, but Alexis arrived home before Kristina responded, and told them that Michael had confessed and had been released to Jason's custody.

At General Hospital, Sonny went to Claudia's room. He told her that he had been in the chapel praying for her and the baby. She told him that their little boy was dying. Sonny voiced his deep regret and told her that she would have been a good mother. Sonny apologized for his treatment of her, and Claudia told him that she knew things would have been better between them as they raised their child together.

Sonny and Claudia held hands as they watched the fetal monitor and saw their baby's life slip away. After it was over, Claudia told Sonny to go to the chapel and pray, because he was much better at it that she was. She also told him that she would never pray again. Claudia cried silently as Sonny left for the chapel.

Johnny went to Carly's room and called Jax into the hall. Johnny was looking for Sonny, but Jax had not seen him. Johnny told Jax that Claudia's baby was dying and Michael had confessed. Jax said Jason had already called with the news about Michael, but they were trying to keep Carly in the dark until the following day when she would be calmer. Johnny agreed to keep silent.

Jason took Michael home to the Quartermaine Mansion. Despite Jason's best efforts, Michael remained convinced that he had caused the accident. Jason told Michael that he had to get control of his guilt and calm down. Jason asked Michael to trust him, and Michael said that he would.

Carly wanted to know what Jax and Johnny had had been talking about. Jax came clean and told Carly that Claudia had miscarried. Carly was very sympathetic. She remembered her own miscarriage and told Jax how lucky she felt.

When Johnny entered her room, Claudia told him to find the person who had killed her son. Johnny offered her comfort, but Claudia told him that she needed to know who had killed her son so that she could make him pay. Johnny left without telling her that Michael had confessed to the accident.

Sonny had just made a heartfelt prayer for his deceased infant son when Johnny found him. Johnny told Sonny about Claudia's desire for revenge. Sonny said that he agreed with Claudia and would start looking for the driver.

Johnny told Sonny that Michael was the driver. Sonny did not believe him, but Johnny said that Michael had turned himself in to the PCPD and confessed. Sonny left to find Michael, and Johnny went to see Claudia.

Johnny sat by Claudia's side and, when she asked, told her that she would have been a great mother. Claudia said that all she wanted was to be able to give the love to her child that she and Johnny had not received as children. Johnny said he had been looking forward to being an uncle. Claudia had tears in her eyes when she told him that she knew he would be a good one.

Johnny told Claudia that she needed to grieve. She told him that he needed to look at her carefully because she was screaming on the inside. Dr. Lee interrupted them to tell Claudia that it was time to do the D & C that Liz had scheduled for Claudia earlier.

Alexis seemed convinced that Michael was guilty. Kristina begged her to do everything possible for Michael. When Alexis said that it was out of her hands and Michael might get a sentence of six months or more, Kristina stormed out of the room.

Jason was headed to Carly's room when Jax stopped him. Jason gave Jax an update on Michael and said he needed to get details from Carly about the car she saw. Jax said Kelly had advised him to let Carly get stronger. Kelly had advised keeping the news about Michael from Carly until the following day.

Carly was watching TV in her room when she saw a news item about Michael. Her monitors went off at the nurses' station. Jax, Jason, Epiphany, and Liz rushed to her room. When they got there. Carly was already taking deep breaths and calming herself down.

Jason went to her side and told her that Michael was safe at the Quartermaines'. She told him that despite Michael's confession, he was not the driver of the car she saw. She said that she knew Michael's car and the one that ran Claudia off the road was definitely not Michael's.

GH Recap Photo 090727 Sonny confronted Michael at the Quartermaines'. When he asked Michael if he had run Claudia off the road, Michael said yes. Sonny was yelling when he ask Michael what he was thinking. Michael said that he was not thinking and that he was sorry.

Sonny told Michael that he was a danger to himself and others. Michael said that he panicked. Sonny asked Michael if he had even looked back to see what had happened. When Michael said no, Sonny told him that he had acted like an irresponsible coward. He told Michael that he had killed his baby brother, who had died as a result of Michael's actions. Michael was stunned.

After Kristina left Sam and Alexis alone, Sam wondered how Alexis could be so accepting of Michael's guilt. Alexis was speechless when Sam told her that Kristina had been upset and was also driving on Harborview Road at the time of the accident.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

At Alexis' house, Sam tried to convince her mother that Kristina could be responsible for Claudia's accident. Alexis refused to believe that Kristina could be so irresponsible, let alone keep that big a secret from Alexis. Sam reminded Alexis that Kristina had already lied about driving that night, and Kristina had always felt the pressure to be the perfect child. If Kristina had caused the accident, her first reaction would be to hide the fact that, while driving without a license, she had caused a fatal accident. Alexis couldn't accept what Sam was proposing, and she promptly kicked Sam out of the house.

Meanwhile, Kristina listened outside the Quartermaine mansion as Michael admitted to his father that he had been the driver of the car that had caused Claudia's accident. Sonny felt the accident was his fault, and not Michael's. After all, Sonny had bought the car for Michael, against Carly's wishes. Michael wanted to accept responsibility for what he had done, but Sonny was determined to have Diane start on the case and make sure Michael was not found guilty, despite his confession.

GH Recap Photo 090728 Edward walked into the den, furious that Sonny was there with Michael. Edward said one of his biggest regrets was allowing Sonny to take AJ's son away from the Quartermaine family. Edward blamed everything that had ever happened to Michael on Sonny. Michael started to defend his father to Edward, but Sonny didn't want the boy to waste his time. Sonny promised to see his son soon, and left the mansion.

Once Sonny was gone, Edward promised Michael that the Quartermaine lawyers had already been contacted. They had a long history of making guilty people look innocent, but Michael would have to stay away from Sonny. Michael saw Kristina out in the garden, so he placated Edward so he would leave.

Once he was alone, Michael walked outside and asked Kristina what she was doing. Kristina had wanted to warn Michael. Alexis had talked to a judge about the circumstances of the accident, but the best she could get for Michael was six months in a juvenile detention center. Kristina admitted that she didn't think Michael was guilty. She thought maybe her mother had been the one to cause Claudia's accident, or so she told Michael. Although he remembered nothing, Michael was adamant that he had caused the wreck and was responsible for his baby brother's death.

Michael thought back to the days of visiting the island whenever there was trouble for the Corinthos family. Kristina had never been able to visit, but she had always wanted to see the island. Michael decided it would be best if he disappeared again. The island would be too obvious, but he would go somewhere so he could take care of himself. His father never allowed anyone else to clean up his own mess, and Michael wasn't about to allow that, either. In the time it took Michael to pack his bag, Kristina was convinced that she would go with him. Michael tried briefly to talk her out of it, but soon they were both committed to disappearing.

At the hospital, Johnny visited his sister. She was still understandably upset over the loss of her son, and she wanted Johnny to find out who had caused the accident. Johnny already knew, and he told Claudia that Michael Corinthos has confessed to causing the accident. It had only been an accident, though. Claudia assumed that Johnny felt it was karma, since Claudia been ultimately responsible for Michael being shot. Johnny assured her that it was just a perfect example of how accidents happened. Claudia wanted revenge, but Johnny felt that Michael had already paid for his sins. When it became clear that Johnny would not do her dirty work, she told him that he made her sick and ordered him to get out of her room.

Down the hall, Carly insisted to Jason and Jax that Michael could not have been responsible for Claudia's accident. Carly hated the car Sonny had bought their son, but she was sure it was not the car that had caused the wreck. Yes, Carly admitted she would lie for her son, but she wouldn't lie to Jason and Jax. If Jax didn't call Mac, though, she would call him herself.

When Mac arrived, Carly gave her statement, which Mac thought was awfully convenient. Jason asked if the police had any other suspects before Michael confessed. Mac admitted that Michael's confession had caught them off-guard. They had been investigating Alexis Davis, since she had fought with the mayor's wife earlier that evening and was one of the first people on the scene of the accident. Carly latched on to that and started to argue with Mac. As Carly became more animated, the beeping on the machines became louder and faster until everyone was forced to leave for Carly and her baby's safety.

Later, Alexis visited Carly to explain that she had tried to pull some strings on Michael's behalf. Carly accused Alexis of causing the accident, and the two women argued until Jax walked in and made Alexis leave. Alexis apologized and said she hadn't meant to upset Carly. Jax understood, but he intended to do whatever was necessary to help Carly and Michael.

Jax walked back into Carly's room, and she told him she was sure that Alexis had framed Michael. Carly wanted to know if Jax believed her, and he said he believed that she believed what she was saying. Carly realized he had not really answered her, but Jax asked her to have faith in him. He would make things all right for her and Michael.

When Sonny arrived at the hospital, he ran into Jason in the hallway. Jason told him about Carly's absolute confidence in her son. Sonny wasn't sure that Carly was telling the truth, and he told Jason they just needed to concentrate on damage control at that point.

When Sonny visited Claudia, they talked about Michael's role in the accident. He also told her that Carly had remembered a brief description of the other car, and it was not Michael's car. Sonny asked Claudia if she would agree with Carly that it had not been Michael's car that caused her accident. Through tears, Claudia agreed to whatever Sonny needed.

Jason arrived home and found Sam waiting for him outside his penthouse. Jason told her the latest developments about Carly's memory of the other car. Carly's description matched the white hybrid car Kristina commonly drove. Sam reminded Jason of the caring network Michael had surrounding him. Kristina didn't have that. Kristina only had her mother, whom she had to be perfect for. Jason said he couldn't allow Michael to pay for Kristina's crime. Sam understood, but she had to protect her little sister, also.

After she had heard about the fate of Claudia's baby, Olivia called Johnny and left a message on his voicemail. She told him he could stop by her house later if he needed to talk to someone.

After she hung up the phone, Olivia walked into Kelly's for cup of coffee. She was shocked to see Dante speaking with Mike about renting a room. Mike said he needed to check his references, and Olivia mentioned out loud that she thought that was a good idea. Dante and Olivia acted as if they didn't know one another, and Dante introduced himself to her as Dominic. Mike mentioned that he only rented to people with jobs, and Dante said he had a job with Sonny Corinthos. Mike said he was Sonny's father, which Olivia said might or might not be a good thing. Mike also told Dante that Olivia had grown up with Sonny, but Olivia assured them both that she didn't communicate with Sonny any longer.

Olivia arrived home, and it wasn't long before Johnny showed up. Unable to bear the burden any longer, he told Olivia about his and Claudia's role in Michael's shooting. Olivia told him she had known for months, but it hadn't been her secret to tell. She didn't feel it was Johnny's fault, though. Johnny said Sonny would kill Claudia when he found out, especially because there was no child to protect her any longer.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jason was deep in thought when Spinelli arrived home. Spinelli had a huge grin plastered on his face as he explained that he was "floating on air" in the "afterglow" of an evening spent with Maxie. Jason wasn't interested in hearing about Spinelli's date. He reprimanded Spinelli for being half an hour late and then announced that Michael had falsely confessed to a crime.

GH Recap Photo 090729 After Spinelli changed, he returned to the living room. Spinelli suggested that perhaps they should search for another vehicle. Jason revealed that Kristina might have been the driver responsible for the accident. Spinelli asked if Jason planned to exonerate Michael by accusing Kristina. Jason clarified that he hoped to prove Michael's innocence without mentioning Kristina's role in the crash.

When Diane stopped by to talk to Jason, she found Spinelli home alone. Spinelli was eager to ask Diane for advice. Specifically, he wanted to know how one could be certain that they were engaged. Spinelli outlined his dilemma; Maxie had accepted the engagement ring, but not the proposal of marriage. Diane suggested that Maxie needed time to ponder things. Spinelli wasn't interested in waiting. Luckily for Spinelli, he had "a moment of clarity." Spinelli knew exactly what he should do to make his engagement to Maxie official.

Sam arrived at her mother's house to visit Kristina. Alexis asked if Sam intended to question Kristina about the accident despite the fact that Michael had confessed. Sam revealed that Carly had seen a white hybrid car, which matched the description of Alexis' two vehicles.

Alexis accused Sam of trying to "score points" with Jason at Kristina's expense. Sam admitted that she and Jason were investigating the accident; however, she denied trying to use her sister to impress Jason. Sam didn't think Alexis realized who the real Kristina was. Alexis refused to listen to Sam malign Kristina, so she ordered Sam to leave.

GH Recap Photo 090729 The tension evaporated when Molly entered the living room looking for Kristina. When Alexis told her that Kristina was in her room, Molly revealed Kristina's bed appeared not to have been slept in. A quick search of the house and grounds confirmed that Kristina was gone.

Morgan decided to check his email while he waited for his mother to arrive home. He found a message from Michael, which explained Michael's decision to leave Port Charles. As Morgan read the brief note, Carly walked in. Morgan tried to hide what he was doing, but Carly sensed that Morgan was troubled.

Jax assured Carly that Morgan was fine, and reminded her that she had orders to avoid stress. Carly reluctantly sat down, but refused to let the matter drop. Morgan promised his mother that he was fine; he explained that he had just read something on the Internet. Carly assumed it had been something unflattering about Michael. She took the opportunity to tell Morgan that Michael had not been responsible for Claudia's crash.

Morgan wondered why Michael had confessed, if he'd been innocent. Carly suggested that Michael had a near miss with someone else and he had wrongly assumed it had been Claudia's car. Carly decided to call Michael to tell him, but Morgan asked her not to. Morgan claimed that Michael wouldn't want to see Carly for fear of adding to her stress.

Morgan offered to email Michael, but Carly insisted on giving Michael the news in person. Morgan begged Carly to reconsider. He confided that her collapse had frightened him and he didn't want her to die. For Morgan's sake, Carly put her cell phone away. Jax decided to escort Carly to the bedroom, so that she could rest.

Moments later, Jason arrived to talk to Carly. Morgan told Jason about Michael's email. Jason quickly called Sam to ask if she had heard from Kristina. When Sam told Jason about Kristina's disappearance, he realized that Kristina was with Michael.

Later, Carly returned to the living room. Morgan lurked out of sight as he eavesdropped on his mother's conversation with Jax. Carly was eager to call Michael, despite her earlier promise to Morgan. Carly was forced to leave a message when she reached Michael's voicemail. Moments later, Alexis burst into the room and unknowingly dropped the bombshell that Michael and Kristina had left town together.

Jason returned to the penthouse to pack an overnight bag and arm himself with weapons and ammunition. Meanwhile, Spinelli discovered something interesting on surveillance tapes from the Quartermaine mansion.

Sam found Jason at the scene of Claudia's accident. Earlier, Sam had gone to her apartment to arm herself with weapons and pack an overnight bag. She asked Jason if he had discovered anything new about the teens. Jason revealed that Michael and Kristina were headed south and that Michael had snatched Edward's license plates. As Jason headed to his SUV, Sam followed and jumped into the passenger seat.

Maxie went to the Port Charles police station to talk to Mac about Spinelli. She didn't find Mac, but she did run into Lulu. Maxie hoped to keep her uncle from having "kittens" when he heard about Spinelli's proposal. Maxie was relieved that Mac wasn't around. Lulu sensed that Maxie was conflicted about the engagement. She advised Maxie to either tell Mac about the engagement or explain to Spinelli that she didn't want to marry him.

Maxie confessed that she loved Spinelli. Lulu asked if Maxie wanted to marry him. Maxie reluctantly confided that she didn't want to marry anyone. However, Maxie didn't think that she could look Spinelli in the eyes as she broke his heart. Moments later, Mac spotted Maxie. Maxie tried to work up the nerve to explain her visit, but Alexis' arrival provided her with a timely reprieve.

Alexis wanted an update on the investigation into Claudia's accident. Mac revealed that the tire marks found at the scene were inconclusive. They could have been left by any number of vehicles, not just Michael's make and model of car.

Later, Maxie and Lulu were stunned when they saw Spinelli enter the squad room. Spinelli was dressed in a suit and appeared quite determined as he marched up to Mac.

Nikolas winced as he entered Wyndemere's stables. Moments later, Liz approached. Nikolas had difficulty pulling off his shirt, so he asked Liz for help. While Liz pulled off the shirt, she explained that Alfred had called her. Alfred had been worried when Nikolas had taken a fall while horseback riding. Alfred's concern grew when Nikolas had opted to continue riding rather than check for injuries.

As Liz gathered items to treat Nikolas' injuries, Nikolas settled into a nearby chair. Nikolas confessed that he was frustrated because Rebecca had moved out. Liz was genuinely surprised by the announcement. When Nikolas revealed that Rebecca had moved into the Quartermaine mansion, Liz suggested that Edward might have had something to do with Rebecca's change of heart.

GH Recap Photo 090729 While Liz tended to Nikolas' wounds, she touched a particularly sensitive area on his chest. Nikolas grabbed Liz's hand, but rather than push it away he held it in place. Liz and Nikolas shared a long look, as sexual tension flared between them. Nikolas quickly dropped his hand and then looked away. Liz watched Nikolas closely, but he avoided eye contact with her.

At Liz's request, Lucky met her at the hospital. Liz told Lucky about Alfred's phone call, Nikolas' agitated state, and Rebecca's decision to move in with the Quartermaines. Lucky didn't understand why Liz was upset if Edward had effectively lured Rebecca away from Nikolas.

Liz explained that if Edward had found something to blackmail Rebecca with, then it meant that Rebecca had something to hide. Liz didn't want Nikolas to view Rebecca as one of Edward's victims. She preferred that Nikolas see Rebecca as the scam artist that she was. Liz thought it would be the most effective way for Nikolas to avoid further heartbreak.

Tracy and Monica were bickering about Michael while Alice served them breakfast. Monica didn't appreciate Tracy's harsh comments about her grandson. Alice added that Michael was a "breath of fresh air" in the Quartermaine mansion. Edward walked in with Rebecca and promptly announced that Rebecca had moved in.

Monica was delighted by the news and warmly embraced Rebecca. Tracy was less enthusiastic; she questioned Rebecca's motives. Rebecca made her way over to the breakfast table while Edward argued with Tracy. Rebecca was shocked when she glimpsed Ethan lounging on one of the patio recliners.

A short time later, Rebecca managed to sneak away to talk to Ethan. Ethan offered to give her a down payment of five hundred dollars on the money that he owed her. Rebecca admitted that she didn't trust Ethan because of his earlier attempt to blackmail her. Ethan claimed that his attempt to extort money from her had been a desperate attempt to keep from losing her to Nikolas.

Rebecca reminded Ethan that she wasn't his to lose. She insisted that they had temporarily teamed up to work a scam together, nothing more. Rebecca made it clear that her feelings for Nikolas were real, not part of the con. Ethan wondered if it had occurred to Rebecca that Ethan might have feelings for her.

Inside the mansion, Nikolas was annoyed because Edward had taken it upon himself to run interference for Rebecca. Edward didn't apologize for his attempt to keep Nikolas away from Rebecca. Edward accused Nikolas of ruining Emily's life, so he refused to stand by while Nikolas did the same thing to Rebecca.

Nikolas argued that Edward didn't have a right to control Rebecca's life. Edward countered that he and Monica understood Rebecca better than Nikolas did. Edward believed that he and Monica could provide Rebecca with more advantages than Nikolas could.

Later, as Edward drove Rebecca to work, a police officer pulled them over. Rebecca immediately crouched down as the police officer approached the car. When Edward grumbled at the officer, the officer drew his gun and then placed Edward and Rebecca under arrest. A short time later, Nikolas arrived to bail them out of jail.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Edward grumbled about the incompetence of Port Charles's finest, while he and Rebecca waited to be bailed out of jail. Edward's mood didn't improve when Nikolas walked up. Nikolas gloated to Edward that apparently Rebecca had need of Nikolas, after all. Edward didn't appreciate Nikolas' comment. Nikolas was unapologetic as he accused Edward of taking Rebecca on a joyride in a stolen car.

When Lucky joined them, he confirmed that he had spoken to Tracy. According to Lucky, Tracy's response when she learned of the arrest had been, "Oh goody. Let them both rot." Edward was outraged by Tracy's attitude. Edward claimed that Rebecca had shown more family loyalty in the 24 hours that she'd been in the family than Tracy ever had.

Later, Lucky returned to release Edward and Rebecca from police custody. It had been determined that Michael had switched license plates with Edward's car in an effort to elude the police. Edward smiled with pride at his great-grandson's resourcefulness.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy lounged on the patio while Alice hovered nearby, preparing a drink for her. Alice warned that Tracy would be sorry when Edward was released from jail. Tracy didn't seem concerned; she hoped that the time Edward spent with Rebecca would open her father's eyes to Rebecca's true nature. Alice defended Rebecca; she insisted that Rebecca was a sweet person. Moments later, Edward, Rebecca, and Nikolas stepped out onto the patio.

Rebecca thanked Tracy for not bailing her and Edward out of jail. Rebecca claimed that it had given Edward and Rebecca time to bond. Tracy sputtered with indignation. While Edward and Tracy argued, Nikolas asked Rebecca out on a date. Despite Edward's objections, Rebecca accepted Nikolas' invitation.

Kristina and Michael decided to break into a closed restaurant. Once inside, the teens helped themselves to the food. While they ate, Kristina asked Michael where he had learned to pick locks. Michael credited Max for teaching him the skill. As the discussion progressed, Claudia's accident was mentioned. Michael insisted that leaving Port Charles had been the right decision because it had spared Carly the stress of watching her son go to jail.

Michael suggested that they should head to Mexico instead of Canada. According to Michael, no one would expect them to go south. Kristina's hesitation prompted Michael to remind his sister that she could return to Port Charles. He offered to put her on the next bus if she wished to go home. Kristina refused to consider it; she intended to remain with Michael.

Jason was frustrated when his SUV stalled in the middle of "nowhere." A quick check under the hood revealed an odd-looking device that Jason immediately attributed to Spinelli. Jason recalled that Spinelli had been looking into ways to convert the SUV's engine in order to conserve fuel.

At the Port Charles police station, Spinelli tried to talk to Mac. Unfortunately for Spinelli, Mac wasn't in the mood to humor Spinelli. Mac insisted that he was too busy with work. Spinelli stubbornly refused to be dismissed. He explained to Mac that he was seeking Mac's permission for something. That snagged Mac's attention.

Spinelli slowly worked up the courage to ask for Mac's blessing to marry Maxie, but before he could get the words out, Maxie jumped out of hiding and screamed, "NO!" Heads turned and guns were drawn as everyone focused on Maxie. Spinelli was happy to see Maxie; he viewed it as an opportunity to talk to Mac together.

As the officers holstered their weapons, Lulu joined Maxie. Mac demanded to know why Maxie had screamed, forcing Maxie to find a plausible explanation. Eventually she confessed that she had been horrified by Mac's necktie selection. Spinelli, who wore a similar cravat, tried to unobtrusively hide it while Maxie ranted to her uncle about the hideous style and color. Mac knew Maxie well enough to see through the lie.

When Spinelli's cell phone rang, Maxie urged Spinelli to answer it. Spinelli capitulated when he recognized Jason's number. Jason was furious. He demanded to know how to disable the device that Spinelli had put on the SUV's engine. Spinelli tried to give Jason the proper instructions, but it was clear that Spinelli had no idea what he was talking about.

Mac had walked away by the time Spinelli ended the call. Lulu and Maxie urged Spinelli to abandon his plan to talk to Mac. They pointed out that Mac appeared to be in a hostile mood and was unlikely be receptive to Spinelli's request. Lulu didn't think it would be fair to make Maxie chose between Mac and Spinelli. Spinelli reluctantly agreed.

Jason's anger mounted when he failed to properly disengage the gas-saving device from his engine. Sam suggested that they call the auto club, but Jason nixed the idea. According to Jason, it would take too long. Eventually, Sam offered to take a look at the engine. Jason was delighted when Sam managed to fix the problem. Moments later, they were back on the road.

Jason and Sam ended up at the same restaurant that Michael and Kristina had stopped at. However, Michael and Kristina were gone by the time Jason and Sam arrived. Sam found it curious that the restaurant's door had been open, yet no one appeared to be working. While they stood inside the restaurant, Jason noticed a smudge on Sam's cheek. A moment of awareness passed between them when Jason tried to wipe it away.

At the Jacks residence, Carly angrily accused Alexis of driving Claudia off of the road and then framing Michael for the deed. Jax tried to calm Carly down, to no avail. Alexis asked Jax if he honestly believed that she was capable of driving a pregnant woman off the road, leaving her there, and then framing a teenager for the accident. Jax confessed that he didn't think Alexis would do such a thing.

After Alexis left, Carly lashed out at Jax. She was angry because she felt as if Jax had sided with Alexis over his own wife. Jax assured Carly that he believed her when she insisted that it hadn't been Michael's car that had caused Claudia's accident. He decided to prove it to Carly.

Sonny was surprised to find Claudia out of bed when he entered her hospital room. Sonny admonished Claudia, insisting that it was too soon for her to be walking around. Claudia demanded to know why Sonny was there. Sonny waited until Claudia was settled back in bed before he tackled her question. He explained that Carly claimed that Michael hadn't been responsible for Claudia's accident.

Claudia appeared to have her doubts, but remained quiet. Sonny asked Claudia to back Carly's story. Before Claudia could respond, Alexis walked in. Alexis offered Sonny and Claudia her condolences on the loss of their child before she revealed that Michael and Kristina had left town together.

Sonny went to Carly's house to talk to her about Michael. He assured her that Jason had been sent to track down the missing teens. Sonny felt partly responsible for what had happened, because he had given Michael the car. Carly insisted that Michael had not driven Claudia off of the road.

Sonny's guilt was compounded because that meant that he had wrongly "unloaded" on Michael. Sonny believed that he had failed Michael and Kristina. He was certain that his confrontation with Michael had prompted his children to run away. He was sick with worry that something would happen to them if they weren't found in time.

Claudia was on the phone with her Uncle Rudy. She thanked him for his help and vowed that she would have justice for her baby. After she ended the call, Claudia called Jerry. She told him that her baby was "no more" because Michael had gotten behind the wheel of a car. Jerry wondered why Claudia had called him. Claudia instructed Jerry, "find Michael and bring him to me."

At the police station, Jax approached Mac to discuss Claudia's accident. Mac led Jax to an interrogation room for privacy. Jax insisted that Carly had told the truth about the hybrid car that she had seen fleeing the scene of the accident. While the men spoke, Diane walked in. She had a search warrant for Alexis' automobiles.

Alexis entered the interrogation room moments later. Alexis demanded to know why Diane had gone behind her back to talk to a judge. Diane explained that she had a responsibility to represent Michael to the best of her ability. When Lucky poked his head in, the news was grim. Forensics had found something on one of Alexis' cars.

In the police department's garage, Alexis seemed resigned when chips of paint matching Claudia's car were found on one of her vehicles. Mac asked Alexis who had driven the car. In a surprising move, Alexis took responsibility for driving Claudia off of the road.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Michael and Kristina found themselves hopelessly lost. Their faulty GPS had led them to a cornfield. Kristina suggested that they find a map to help them get to Mexico. Michael agreed, but shortly after they resumed their trip, they were pulled over for making an illegal U-turn.

When the patrol officer asked for Michael's license and registration, Michael stalled. Kristina mustered up tears to tell a sad tale of teenage pregnancy and a mother who didn't understand her. When she finished her story, the patrol officer wished the kids well and sent them on their way. Michael was impressed with his sister's ability to lie. Kristina admitted that, other than the pregnancy, her story had been true.

Michael and Kristina decided to take a bus to Mexico. At the bus station, Michael gave Kristina another opportunity to return to Port Charles. Kristina declined the offer; she wanted to stay with her brother.

Jason and Sam were startled when a police officer, with his gun drawn, ordered them to stay where they were. Sam tried to explain that they hadn't broken into the restaurant. The police officer asked them for identification. Sam handed over hers, but Jason hesitated. Jason explained that he had a permit to carry a gun. As soon as the police officer heard that Jason had a gun on him, he ordered Jason and Sam to raise their hands.

The police officer was thrilled when he realized that he had Jason Morgan and his "girlfriend," Sam McCall, in custody. The young cop considered Jason and Sam a modern day "Bonnie and Clyde." His joy turned to disappointment when he discovered that neither had outstanding warrants. However, he kept them in custody while he checked the restaurant.

During the police officer's search, he discovered a necklace. Sam denied any knowledge of it, but as soon as the cop's back was turned, Sam whispered to Jason that the jewelry had belonged to Kristina. Jason and Sam were eager to resume their search when they realized that they were hot on the trail of the teens.

After they were released, Sam and Jason found Michael's abandoned car. They realized that it was near a town with a bus depot. Sam and Jason agreed that it would be more difficult to track Michael and Kristina if they had used public transportation.

In the garage of the Port Charles police station, Alexis confessed to causing Claudia's accident. Jax refused to believe that Alexis was responsible. Alexis stood by her confession, so Mac placed her under arrest.

In the squad room, Jax asked Lucky if the confession would hold up in court. Lucky admitted that Alexis had been their primary suspect before Michael had turned himself in. Jax wondered if Mac thought Alexis would have left the scene of an accident or have let a teenager take responsibility for a crime that she had committed. Mac explained that it didn't matter what he thought; Alexis had confessed and the evidence supported her statement.

Jax went to the interrogation room to reason with Alexis. It was clear that Alexis had been crying. Jax demanded to know whom she was covering for. Alexis begged Jax to let the matter drop. She made it clear that she had no intention of retracting her statement.

When Diane arrived at the police station, Mac told Diane about Alexis' confession and arrest. Diane immediately marched into the interrogation room to talk to her friend. After Jax left, Diane insisted on the truth. Alexis tearfully confided that Kristina had caused Claudia's accident.

Diane pointed out that Alexis would lose all credibility, and give Andrea's claims credence, if she insisted on taking responsibility for the accident. Alexis refused to ruin Kristina's life because her daughter had made some poor choices. Diane worried that Alexis would be arrested for Brianna Hughes's murder. The possibility didn't alter Alexis' decision.

At the Jacks residence, Carly angrily accused Alexis of framing Michael. Sonny tried to calm Carly down, but she was too agitated. When Jax called to tell Carly about Alexis' confession, Carly's anger marginally subsided. She remained upset because Alexis had an APB issued on Michael, knowing that he had been innocent.

Olivia's arrival distracted Carly. Olivia was so startled to see Sonny, when she entered the living room, that she had dropped some folders she'd been holding. Carly watched with interest as Sonny helped Olivia gather the scattered papers. After Sonny left, Carly accused Olivia of "having it bad" for Sonny.

Olivia initially denied that she had feelings for Sonny, but Carly didn't believe her. Olivia insisted that she didn't need someone like Sonny in her life. Carly warned Olivia to be prepared, because Carly had recognized the look in Sonny's eyes when he gazed at Olivia. Carly was certain that Sonny intended to pursue Olivia with everything that he had.

Jax arrived home a short time after Olivia had left. Carly was eager to hear every detail about Alexis' confession. To Carly's disappointment, Jax suspected that Alexis had lied. Jax explained that the police had found paint on the car that Alexis had bought for Viola. Carly found it odd that Alexis would drive the nanny's car rather than her own. Jax suggested that perhaps Alexis hadn't been the one to drive the car.

Carly wondered why Alexis would confess to driving if someone else had been behind the wheel. Jax responded by asking what would make Carly confess to a crime she didn't commit. Carly answered that she would do it to protect one of her children. At that moment Carly realized what Alexis had done; she'd lied to protect Kristina. Carly was horrified when she realized that Kristina had caused Claudia's accident.

Claudia demanded that Jerry Jacks locate Michael. Jerry reluctantly agreed. Satisfied, Claudia suggested that Jerry begin his search in Mexico. Meanwhile, Johnny lurked outside of Claudia's hospital room, listening to the conversation. When he heard his sister mention Michael's name, he made his presence known. Johnny was curious why Claudia was searching for Michael.

Jerry realized that Claudia was no longer alone. After he ended the call, Claudia focused on Johnny. She easily lied as she explained to her brother that she was concerned about Michael. Claudia admitted that she would feel better if Michael were accounted for. Johnny found the choice of words strange. He worried that Claudia intended Michael harm.

Claudia suggested that if she could get Michael home, to prove that she was a supportive stepmother despite what had happened, it would help her relationship with Sonny. Johnny was disappointed that Claudia intended to stay with Sonny. Claudia confessed that the loss of their child had drawn her and Sonny closer together.

After Johnny left, Sonny stopped by to talk to Claudia. He told her about Alexis' confession. Claudia realized that Michael was innocent of the crime. However, she was livid that Alexis had been responsible for the accident. Sonny reminded Claudia that regardless who the driver was, the accident had not been intentional. Claudia's fury mounted when Sonny added that he was glad Michael hadn't been in the wrong.

Olivia was not happy when she discovered Sonny standing on her doorstep. She ordered him to leave, but Sonny refused. Sonny insisted that he needed to talk to her and then pushed his way into her apartment. He admitted that the timing was less than perfect, but he wanted Olivia to know that he cared about her and he couldn't let her go.

Jerry managed to use his skills at an embassy in Europe to track down the whereabouts of Michael's car.

At Jake's, Dominic ordered a beer and informed Coleman that Bernie had sent him. Coleman was frustrated because he had paid a protection fee, yet his backroom had been broken into twice. Coleman expected a return for his money. Dominic assured Coleman that he would take care of the problem.

Lulu walked in a few minutes later to ask Coleman to host another Karaoke Night. Lulu explained that Spinelli had proposed to Maxie, but Maxie hadn't accepted. Coleman realized that Lulu hoped to temporarily distract Spinelli from the proposal by forcing him to focus on another musical performance. He agreed to host the Karaoke Night as soon as he could line up another karaoke machine.

Smiling, Lulu walked over to the jukebox. While she was scanning the selections, a middle-aged biker approached her. Lulu managed to shoo him away; however, Dominic was another matter. Dominic struck up a conversation with Lulu and then invited her to play a game of pool with him.

As they prepared to play, Dominic asked Lulu what her name was. Lulu introduced herself as Trixie. Dominic chuckled as he introduced himself as Biff. Just as Lulu revealed her real name, Ethan strolled into the bar. When Dominic joked about Ethan's accent, Lulu revealed that Ethan was her brother. Ethan ignored Dominic as he walked over to the bar.

A short time later, Lucky walked in. Lucky demanded to know why Ethan had called. Ethan pointed to Dominic and then informed Lucky that Dominic worked for Sonny. Lucky approached the pool table to order Dominic away from Lulu. Dominic didn't appreciate Lucky's attitude. The confrontation quickly escalated when Ethan joined the discussion.

Lulu was shocked when Lucky and Ethan started trading punches with Dominic. Coleman ordered them to take it outside, but otherwise he didn't interfere. Lulu yelled at her brothers as they continued to pummel Dominic. When that failed, Lulu forcibly pulled her brothers off of Dominic.

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