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Monday, July 20, 2009

Maxie met Spinelli on the roof for a romantic rendezvous. Spinelli was anxious to propose, but Maxie was equally anxious to keep him from doing so. She pretended that she thought he had decorated the rooftop to celebrate her promotion to junior editor, but Spinelli was not deterred.

Just as a helicopter flew overhead, Spinelli got down on one knee and proposed. When he asked for an answer, Maxie said that she had not heard a word that he had said because of the helicopter noise. Spinelli was frustrated and pulled out the expensive engagement ring he had purchased.

Before he could show it to Maxie, Spinelli clumsily fumbled the box and sent it flying off the rooftop. A contemplative Maxie was alone on the roof while Spinelli went away to recover the ring.

Kiefer told Kristina that it was her fault that he had hit her. Kristina was not fully convinced, but she forgave him when he asked her. He started kissing her again, but when Kristina said that she was not ready to go further, Kiefer got hostile and walked away.

At the country club, Michael and Carly enjoyed watching Sonny intimidate, Chip, the club manager who had threatened to press charges against Michael. Sonny made Chip apologize for calling Michael "brain-damaged." Sonny also forced Chip to allow Michael in the club any time he wanted to go there.

Kelly gave Claudia the news that the baby she carried belonged to Sonny. Claudia was very happy. When Kelly left to answer a page, Claudia told the baby that she would have loved him no matter who the father was, but she was very glad that they were going to have a life with Sonny.

Johnny showed up to support Claudia. When he found out the baby belonged to Sonny, he was relieved, but urged Claudia to get a divorce. Claudia said that since she was the mother to Sonny's child, she would get the same respect as the mothers of his other children and it no longer mattered if someone found out that she was involved in Michael's shooting.

Claudia said that the child she carried was not only the Zacchara heir, but the Corinthos heir, as well, and that gave her real power. Johnny still insisted that she would be better off away from Sonny, but Claudia said she had everything she wanted. Johnny offered to drive her home, but Claudia said she had her own car and wanted to go home and tell Sonny the news.

Molly entered the room to borrow a sweater as Kristina was using makeup to cover the bruise on her cheek that Kiefer had left. When Molly noticed the bruise, Kristina said that she had bumped into a door. Kristina got dressed and told Molly that that she was going to meet Kiefer at a party at the country club.

Sonny and Carly took Michael back to the Quartermaines'. Michael was very impressed with the way Sonny handled Chip, and even more impressed when Tracy entered and tried unsuccessfully to bully Sonny. Carly became uncomfortable with using force as the only form of negotiation. Sonny supported that position, but ultimately told Michael to pick his battles.

Carly received a call from Morgan, who had lost a trinket in the woods. Carly said that she would go search for it. She and Sonny left, but Michael stayed behind.

As Michael picked up his car keys, Tracy confronted him about the phone call she had received from Chip regarding Sonny's visit. When she asked him what Sonny thought he was doing, Michael smugly told her that Sonny had shown Chip Howell what it meant to be a Corinthos. Though Tracy blocked his path, Michael jiggled his keys and walked out the door.

Molly was waiting for Alexis as Alexis arrived home. When Alexis asked her about her day, Molly said that some of the girls in her class had mentioned the emails to the mayor. Alexis said she was sorry that Molly had to listen to the lies about her. Molly wanted to know why Alexis could not make everyone listen to the truth. Alexis seemed to have a brainstorm and told Molly that she needed to go out for a little while.

When Kristina arrived at the party, she found another girl sitting on Kiefer's lap. Kristina tried to talk to Kiefer, but he told her that she'd had her chance. He told her that he was through with her. Kristina was devastated.

Olivia was cleaning house and looking at old photographs when Sonny showed up. He told Olivia that the baby must be Ric's, because he had not heard from Claudia. He told Olivia that he was free to be with her. She shot back that he was still a married man.

Sonny told Olivia that they had unfinished business between them. Olivia told Sonny to leave, but he grabbed her and kissed her. Olivia resisted momentarily, then responded hungrily as they embraced passionately.

As dusk fell, Claudia got in her car and started the drive home. She called Ric to tell him the news about the baby. She also told him to get lost and not show his face in town again.

Alexis also got in her car, strapped in, and started back to her house.

Michael was being tailgated by a truck that finally passed, but Michael was mad and sped up to stay behind the offending vehicle.

Kristina was crying while driving and swerving on the road.

Carly was near the road, using a flashlight to look for Morgan's trinket when she looked up and was startled by headlights and the sound of cars crashing.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kristina sobbed as she drove down the road, and Michael appeared upset as he also drove down the same road. Claudia, anxious to get home to reveal her child's paternity to Sonny, sped down Harbor View Road. Carly stood at the bottom of her driveway, searching for the medal Morgan had lost. She witnessed the crash and ran to help the driver of the car that had rolled over.

As Carly approached the car, she dialed 9-1-1 and told the operator about the crash. Carly recognized Claudia and informed the emergency contact that the victim was Claudia Zacchara, and she was unconscious. It didn't take long for Claudia to wake up, and both she and Carly smelled gas and knew their time was limited. Carly fought with the seatbelt and finally freed Claudia from the car. The car exploded soon after Carly and Claudia were a safe distance away.

Meanwhile, Olivia and Sonny kissed in Olivia's apartment. She seemed to struggle internally with her desire to be with him, but knowing it was the wrong decision. Johnny walked in, and Olivia jumped away from Sonny. Johnny reminded Sonny that he was still married to Claudia, and they had a child on the way. Sonny said the baby wasn't his, so the divorce would just be a matter of time. Johnny disagreed. He was with his sister when she revealed the test results. Sonny was the father of the baby.

As soon as Sonny was gone, Olivia expected Johnny to start berating her over the compromising position he had caught her in with Sonny. Instead, Johnny was very understanding. He knew that the marriage between Claudia and Sonny was a scam. He also knew that Olivia still held a soft spot for Sonny. The mobster was taking advantage of that soft spot, also. Epiphany's phone call interrupted them, and Johnny rushed off to the hospital to see his sister.

Because he didn't believe Johnny, Sonny left to get the news directly from Dr. Lee. They met in a conference room at the hospital, where Dr. Lee confirmed that a second test had been run at a different lab. Sonny was the father of Claudia's baby. Epiphany interrupted them when she entered the room and told Sonny that Claudia was on her way to the hospital after suffering a serious car accident.

Back on Harbor View Road, Michael believed he might have caused an accident, so he quickly called Jason for help. As soon as Jason arrived, Michael told him as much as he could remember about the incident on the road. Michael wasn't even sure there had been an accident. He thought it had been better and safer when he was in a coma and institutionalized. That comment infuriated Jason, and he told Michael to never say something like that again.

Jason took Michael back to the Quartermaine mansion and promised to protect Michael, no matter what happened. Edward overheard the exchange and tried to convince Michael to reveal what had happened. Michael tried to lie, but Edward saw right through him.

Kristina, also believing she caused an accident, called Kiefer to help her out. Kiefer arrived and told her she needed to drive her car home so no one would know she had been out in the car that night. Kiefer followed her, and when they arrived at Kristina's house, he told Kristina to deny ever being out. They entered the house, where Sam was playing with Molly. Sam immediately knew something was going on, and as soon as Kiefer was gone, she asked Kristina why she was so tense.

When Alexis later arrived home, mentioning Claudia Zacchara's car accident, Kristina freaked out and dropped her glass of water. Alexis had seen the flashing lights on the side of the road and had stopped to help. As soon as Mac arrived, he told Alexis she could leave. It appeared to be a simple one-car accident, so a prosecuting attorney wasn't necessary. Alexis didn't believe that, considering the victim was Claudia Zacchara.

Suspicious, Sam arrived at Jason's penthouse and told him what had happened with Kristina. Sam was concerned that Kristina might have caused Claudia's accident. Jason revealed Michael's story, also. Either Michael or Kristina could have caused the accident.

Back at home, Alexis listened as Kristina called the hospital to check on her stepmother. Alexis thought it was sweet that Kristina was so caring. Kristina mentioned that she didn't think it was fair that someone ran Claudia off the road. Alexis was curious why Kristina thought any other cars were involved.

At the hospital, Carly filled Patrick and Dr. Lee in on everything she knew about the accident. Sonny stood back as Patrick performed tests on Claudia's head, while Dr. Lee tried to hear the baby's heartbeat. Claudia's only concern was saving her baby. Johnny rushed into the room as soon as he arrived at the hospital. He was just in time to hear the prognosis. Patrick was concerned that Claudia had a life-threatening brain injury, and Dr. Lee was concerned that the baby had suffered injuries from the crash.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Spinelli and Maxie ate cake up on a roof, with candles and stars as their light. Maxie, seeming to suspect something was going on, babbled away nervously about the cake. Spinelli told Maxie that she had changed his life. He had more confidence in himself and the future. He loved Maxie, and initially that seemed to be an unreachable goal. Everything they had been through had brought them together, though. Spinelli got down on one knee and asked Maxie to marry him.

Maxie knelt down next to Spinelli and reminded him that she was scared of marriage. She liked how their relationship was at that point. Marriage was a bunch of promises that most people didn't keep, even if they originally meant to keep those promises. She reminded Spinelli of the people in her life whose marriages had failed. Spinelli didn't care about promises made between other people.

Spinelli suddenly realized he had forgotten to give Maxie her ring. He brought out the box, but Maxie didn't want to appear shallow by accepting a ring without accepting the marriage proposal. Spinelli knew Maxie wasn't shallow, and he also knew that she put on an act to protect her heart. He put the ring on Maxie's right hand, as a token of their love and respect for each other. That would have to do until Maxie agreed to marry him.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

At the crash site, Lucky informed Mac that they had discovered skid marks on the road, indicating that another car had been involved in Claudia's accident.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward bragged that he could do more for Michael than Jason and Sonny could, but Michael remained tight-lipped about his near collision earlier that evening. Tracy sauntered in as Edward talked about what a valued member of the family Michael was. She didn't think Michael should be entitled to any family perks after the damage he had caused. Tracy was referring to the incident at the country club. She told Edward about Michael's altercation with Kiefer, followed by Sonny's threat to lop off the head of Chip's wife's horse.

Edward pointed out that the Quartermaines had practically built the country club from the ground up. Edward didn't appreciate Chip's attitude toward Michael; he threatened to bankrupt the man in retaliation. Tracy was furious that Edward refused to see that Michael was more of a Corinthos than he was a Quartermaine.

At Jason's penthouse, Sam and Jason discussed the details of Claudia's accident. Sam acknowledged that things looked bleak for Michael. She asked what Jason intended to do about it. Jason was determined to protect Michael. According to Jason, Michael had gone through too much in his young life, and he shouldn't have to suffer further hardship. Sam reminded Jason that Claudia and her child could die as a result of their injuries. She wondered if Jason could cover up a potential vehicular homicide.

Jason admitted that he would feel bad if Claudia or her child died, but that didn't impact Jason's desire to protect Michael. Jason decided to go to the hospital to tell Sonny about Michael's possible involvement in Claudia's accident. Jason believed that Sonny was partly to blame for what had happened, because Sonny had given Michael the car.

At the Davis residence, Alexis and Kristina talked about Claudia's accident. Alexis assured Kristina that it had been a single-car accident, but Kristina remained anxious. Alexis couldn't understand why Kristina was upset. Kristina reminded her mother that Claudia was pregnant with Kristina's brother or sister. In the next breath, Kristina announced that she had a confession to make.

GH Recap Photo 090722 Kristina came clean about going to the country club with Kiefer. However, she failed to mention that she had been on the road at the time of Claudia's accident. Alexis appreciated Kristina's honesty and decided that there wouldn't be any repercussions. Moments later, the phone rang. It was Mac notifying Alexis that they had found evidence that a second car had been involved in Claudia's crash.

After Alexis left, Kristina called Michael to tell him about Claudia's accident. Michael raced over to Kristina's house to hear the details in person. As Kristina updated Michael on what she knew, she revealed that the accident had occurred on Harbor View Drive. Michael was stunned. He realized that he might have been responsible for Claudia's wreck.

Sam went to her mother's office at Alexis' request. Alexis confessed that she needed Sam's help. Alexis explained that a conversation with Molly had prompted Alexis to seek out the mayor earlier that evening. Alexis had intended to reason with the mayor, but the meeting had not gone well. Things had gone from bad to worse when the mayor's wife had confronted Alexis.

After Alexis left the mayor's mansion, she recalled that there were security cameras everywhere. Alexis was certain that every unflattering moment of her visit had been recorded. She hoped that Sam and Spinelli could obtain the security tapes and destroy them. As Sam listened to the story unfold, she realized that her mother had been on Harbor View Drive around the time of Claudia's accident. Sam asked leading questions to confirm her suspicions, but she carefully avoided any mention of the crash. Sam promised Alexis that she would do her best to help her and then left.

A short time later, Diane walked into Alexis' office. Diane explained that Commissioner Scorpio had called her to suggest that she join Alexis at her office. Mac had warned Diane that Alexis would need a good lawyer.

GH Recap Photo 090722 At the hospital, Patrick informed Sonny and Claudia that they were waiting for test results to determine the extent of Claudia's injuries. As Patrick stepped out of the examination bay, the tension between Sonny and Johnny mounted. Claudia clung to Sonny's arm as she explained to her brother that she needed Sonny. Frustrated, Johnny left the room.

Overwhelmed by everything, Claudia broke down in tears. She told Sonny that he was the father of her baby. Claudia admitted that she had finally been happy after she had received the paternity test results. Claudia believed that she should have realized that something awful would happen; it always did when she was happy. Sonny offered Claudia words of encouragement and reminded her that their son was a survivor because he had both of their genes. Johnny stepped into the cubicle to ask for a moment alone with his sister.

After Sonny walked out, Claudia confided that she was confident that her marriage would survive. She was certain that things would change because Sonny had confirmation that he was the father of her child. Johnny grumbled, "What Sonny wants doesn't have a damn thing to do with you." Claudia begged her brother to make peace with Sonny for the sake of her son.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Olivia revealed that she had been "making out" with Sonny at the time of Claudia's accident. Carly was stunned by the confession. Olivia realized that it had been a huge mistake to give in to her attraction to Sonny. She swore to Carly that she had not followed Sonny to Port Charles in order to rekindle their romance. Carly wondered what Olivia would do if Sonny were free of Claudia.

Sonny overheard Carly's question as he approached. He admitted that he was eager to hear Olivia's answer. Olivia wasn't in the mood to humor Sonny. Olivia refused to have that conversation with Sonny while his wife and child were fighting for their lives. After Olivia walked away, Sonny asked Carly what she and Olivia had discussed.

Carly changed the subject to Claudia. Sonny updated Carly on Claudia's condition and revealed that she was pregnant with his son. Carly confessed to Sonny that Claudia's only concern, while she'd been trapped in the wreckage, had been for her baby. Sonny hoped that he would have an opportunity to raise his unborn son. He wanted another chance to get things right. Carly wished Sonny luck with his endeavor.

A short time later, Jason tracked Sonny down. Before Jason could talk about Michael, Sonny told Jason about the paternity test results. Sonny was filled with regret and realized that he had behaved selfishly. He was determined to put his son first and wanted Olivia to know where he stood. Sonny thought Olivia was entitled to know as soon as possible, so he asked Jason to explain things to her. Jason agreed and left without telling Sonny about Michael's possible involvement in Claudia's crash.

Sonny returned to Claudia's cubicle with Patrick and Robin in tow. Claudia was taken aback when she saw Robin and asked, "What is she doing here?" Patrick and Robin recalled that Claudia had an issue with Robin's HIV status. Robin offered to leave, but Claudia reconsidered when she realized that Sonny was watching her closely. Claudia reluctantly admitted that she could use all the help that she could get.

Robin and Patrick explained that Claudia required medical intervention. Claudia asked what her options were. Robin was honest as she explained that the medication that Claudia needed could result in a miscarriage. Claudia refused to risk her child's life.

GH Recap Photo 090722 Olivia was furious when she walked into her apartment and found Dante waiting for her. She demanded to know what he was doing in Port Charles. Dante sensed that his mother was upset, and asked what was troubling her. Olivia refused to talk about it, but Dante wouldn't let it go. Olivia opted to talk about Aunt Carmen, who had her heart broken by a married man. Dante realized that Olivia might be in a similar situation. Olivia didn't deny or confirm it. A few minutes later, Jason knocked on Olivia's door.

At home, Carly gently broke the news about Claudia's accident to Morgan. Morgan offered to say a prayer for his father's wife and baby. When Morgan smelled gasoline on Carly, she explained that she had been with Claudia until help had arrived. Morgan was proud of his mother and called her a hero. As he prepared to go to bed, Carly suddenly collapsed. Morgan raced to his mother's side and tried to wake her, but she was unresponsive.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

At the police station, Mac and Lucky asked Alexis where she was during the time of Claudia's accident. A car, fitting the description of Alexis' hybrid vehicle, had been spotted fleeing the scene after the accident. Diane argued that the information didn't prove that Alexis had caused the accident. Unfortunately for Alexis, Andrea Floyd marched into the police station and promptly accused Alexis of stalking the mayor then driving off like a "maniac" following a confrontation with Andrea. Andrea added that it had been a miracle that Alexis hadn't "hit anyone" in her car.

Diane pulled Alexis aside to question her about Andrea's accusations. Alexis explained that Molly had asked Alexis why she hadn't defended herself against the false allegations in the press. Alexis had decided to go to the mayor's home to ask him to confirm that she had not sent the obsessive emails to him. According to Alexis, she'd encountered the mayor's wife first, and an ugly confrontation had ensued. Alexis insisted that she had not sped off in an agitated state, as Andrea had claimed.

Against Diane's advice, Alexis decided to have a private chat with Andrea. Alexis wanted to know why Andrea had twisted the facts about Alexis' visit, earlier that evening. It made Alexis wonder what else the mayor's wife would lie about. Alexis hit a nerve when she suggested that Andrea might be capable of planting false emails.

Andrea demanded that Mac arrest Alexis for driving recklessly. Mac informed Andrea that there wasn't any proof that Alexis had caused the accident. Andrea reminded Mac that Alexis had trespassed on her property. Mac ignored Andrea and released Alexis.

Jason knocked on Olivia's apartment door while Dante quickly hid in another room. Olivia opened the door to shoo Jason away, to no avail. Jason explained that Sonny couldn't leave the hospital because Claudia might lose the baby. Olivia reluctantly invited Jason inside to hear him out. Jason confirmed to Olivia that Sonny was the father of Claudia's son. Jason gently added that Sonny had decided to put his family first, despite Sonny's feelings for Olivia.

Olivia was keenly aware of Dante's presence in the next room. She chose her words carefully as she told Jason that she understood Sonny's decision. She wished Sonny well; however, she made it clear that she didn't want Sonny to contact her again. As soon as Jason left, Dante burst from the other room. He was furious because he realized that his mother was involved with Sonny. He demanded that Olivia return to Bensonhurst immediately. Olivia reminded Dante that he didn't have the right to order her around.

Dante and Olivia continued to argue back and forth until Dante's cell phone rang. Dante answered it, had a brief conversation with someone, and then announced that he had to leave. Moments later, Olivia called Johnny to get an update on Claudia. After the call, Olivia decided to head out of the apartment.

Morgan raced to Carly's side after she collapsed in their living room. When Morgan failed to revive his mother, he called 9-1-1. Jax arrived home while Morgan was on the phone. Morgan handed the phone to Jax when the operator began asking questions. Jax told the operator about Carly's blood-clotting disease and stayed on the phone until the paramedics arrived.

As the paramedics prepared to transport Carly, Jax insisted on accompanying her to the hospital. The paramedics explained that they couldn't allow children to ride in the ambulance, but Jax refused to leave Morgan behind.

At the Davis residence, Michael told Kristina about his near collision earlier that night. Michael feared that he had caused Claudia's car accident. Kristina argued that Michael didn't have any proof that he had been responsible for the wreck. Michael asked Kristina if she knew of anyone else who had been on Harbor View Drive around the time of Claudia's accident. Kristina remained silent.

Michael decided that he needed to tell their father about his possible involvement in the accident. Michael feared that Sonny would seek vengeance if the worst happened to Claudia's baby. Michael didn't want an innocent person to pay for something that Michael had done. Kristina thought it was a bad idea, and urged her brother to wait until they had more information.

Morgan called Michael to let him know that Carly had collapsed. After Michael ended the call, he broke the news to Kristina. Michael's guilt was compounded because he had endangered his mother and another sibling. Michael believed the stress of helping Claudia after the accident had landed his mother in the hospital.

After Michael left, Kristina called Kiefer. She was distraught because she was more certain than ever that she had caused Claudia's car accident. Kristina quickly ended the call when she heard Alexis and Diane approach the house. Kristina managed to hide before they walked through the front door.

Diane chastised Alexis for the numerous blunders in judgment that Alexis had exercised earlier in the evening. Diane asked her best friend if it was at all possible that Alexis could have caused Claudia's car accident. Kristina lurked nearby and overheard the question.

When Liz spotted Jason in the hospital's emergency room, she assumed he was there because of Carly. Jason was surprised when Liz informed him that Carly hadn't arrived. Before Jason could question Liz further, the paramedics raced through the doors. Carly remained unconscious as she was rushed to an examination bay. Liz accompanied Carly while Jax and Morgan filled Jason in on what had happened.

Later, Kelly informed Jax that Carly and the baby were stable and had been settled into a room. She promised to update them on Carly's condition as soon as the tests were completed. While Jason went to talk to Carly, Michael arrived. Morgan updated his brother on their mother's condition and then asked his brother to talk to Carly. Morgan hoped that hearing Michael's voice would encourage Carly to wake up. Michael couldn't bring himself to visit his mother.

Jason slowly approached Carly's bed. While Jason begged Carly not to give up, Jax walked in. Jason stepped aside, so that Jax could talk to Carly. Jax reminded Carly of how much they had to look forward to. Jax insisted that Carly was the center of their family; they all desperately needed her to wake up. Carly's eyes slowly opened. Morgan was overjoyed as he ran to his mother. Carly beamed with pride when Jax revealed that Morgan's quick thinking had saved her life. Carly called Morgan her hero as she hugged him fiercely.

When the test results were in, Kelly asked to speak alone to Carly and Jax. Jason took Morgan out of the room as Kelly prepared to deliver grim news. In the hallway, Morgan told Jason that Michael had been by to check on Carly. Jason was stunned when Morgan revealed that Michael had been racked with guilt over causing Claudia's accident and Carly's collapse.

At the police station, Jason walked in seconds after Michael confessed to causing Claudia's crash.

Patrick and Robin explained that Claudia had two options: medication or surgery. There was a possibility of miscarriage with the medication. However, the surgery wasn't without risk; Claudia could die. Claudia refused to compromise her pregnancy, so she opted for surgery. Johnny strongly objected to Claudia's decision and turned his wrath on Sonny. Johnny demanded to know why Sonny pretended to care for a child that he had never wanted. Sonny reminded Johnny that it was Claudia's decision to make, not his.

Claudia was confident that Patrick could successfully operate on her. Johnny begged Claudia to take the medication, but his pleas feel on deaf ears. Claudia was determined to have the surgery. She reminded Johnny that Patrick had helped Michael. Patrick looked uncomfortable, but promised to have the operating room prepped for surgery. At the nurse's station, Robin asked Patrick why he had agreed to operate on Claudia when he had an injured finger. Patrick insisted that he would be fine after he took a couple of anti-inflammatory pills.

Robin wouldn't let the matter drop. She picked up an orange and a set of keys then challenged Patrick to cut into the orange without shredding the rind. Patrick was annoyed, but the request forced him to accept his limitations. Patrick decided to ask Matt to perform the delicate operation. Matt was reluctant until Patrick revealed that he didn't trust anyone but Matt to perform the surgery.

Johnny became enraged when he learned that Matt would operate on Claudia. Johnny reminded his sister that Matt had recently lost a patient. Patrick explained that he had a sprained finger, which prevented him from operating. Claudia decided that if Patrick had confidence in Matt's ability, then she would, too.

Later, Johnny warned Patrick that if anything happened to Claudia because of Matt's incompetence, Johnny would shoot Matt in the head. Matt overheard the threat.

Before Claudia was taken to surgery, Sonny spoke to his wife privately. He told her that he had been impressed with her instincts to protect their child and respected her for it. Claudia was thrilled with the praise. When Sonny revealed his desire to focus on his family, Claudia vowed to hold him to the promise.

In the waiting room, Johnny and Sonny continued to argue about Claudia. Sonny threw Johnny out before things turned violent. Moments later, Dominic entered. Dominic announced that there was an issue, which required their immediate attention.

When Olivia arrived at the hospital, she asked Epiphany where Johnny was. Epiphany directed Olivia to the waiting room. Olivia was shocked when she approached the room and noticed Sonny and Dante in the middle of a heated discussion.

Elsewhere, Johnny watched from the observation room as Matt prepared to operate on Claudia.

Friday, July 24, 2009

At the Davis residence, Kristina lurked out of sight while she listened to Diane question Alexis about Claudia's accident. Diane wanted to know if there was a possibility that Alexis had caused the crash. Alexis emphatically denied any involvement. Diane warned Alexis that the circumstantial evidence was damaging. A call from Jason interrupted them. Jason asked Diane to meet him at the police station because Michael was in trouble.

After Diane left, Alexis called the hospital to get an update on Claudia's condition. Alexis was told that Claudia was in surgery. As Alexis ended the call, Sam arrived. Sam told Alexis that the surveillance tapes from the mayor's mansion had been found and destroyed. Alexis was delighted; she revealed that because of Andrea Floyd, she was a suspect in Claudia's accident.

Moments later, Mac called to notify Alexis about Michael's confession. When Alexis shared the news with Sam, Kristina stepped forward. Kristina accused Alexis of allowing Michael to take the fall for something that Alexis might have done. Alexis insisted that Andrea's accusations had been false. She stressed to her children that she had not been involved in the accident.

Kristina didn't believe her mother. Alexis promised that she would help Michael in any way that she could. To prove her point, Alexis left for the police station. Alone with Kristina, Sam asked her sister what was going on. Sam wondered why Kristina was certain that Alexis had been responsible for the crash.

Kristina tried to deflect the questions, but Sam wouldn't let her. Sam told Kristina that she had checked Viola's car and had found that the engine was warm. Sam pointed out that Viola had spent the evening at home with Molly, so the engine shouldn't have been warm. Sam knew her sister well enough to realize that Kristina was hiding something. Sam asked if Kristina had caused the accident.

At the police station, Michael confessed to causing Claudia's car crash. Jason reminded Mac that Michael was a minor and couldn't be questioned without an attorney present. Mac countered that Jason wasn't Michael's guardian; therefore Jason didn't have a right to speak on Michael's behalf. Mac turned his attention back to Michael and urged him to resume his confession.

As Michael relayed what had happened, Mac periodically asked questions. When Michael was done, Mac thanked Michael and assured him that his honesty would count. Jason pulled Michael aside to warn him not to trust the police. According to Jason, the police would pretend to care, but in reality they were only interested in obtaining a full confession.

When Diane arrived at the police station, she tried to force Mac to release Michael from custody. Diane argued that Michael's confession wasn't sufficient evidence for an arrest. Diane reminded Mac that Michael was recovering from brain surgery and had suffered brain damage. His diminished mental capacity made the entire confession suspect. Mac considered Michael a flight risk, so he arrested Michael.

Dante went to his mother's apartment at Olivia's request. Olivia demanded to know why Dante had been talking to Sonny. Dante refused to answer his mother, so Olivia threatened to go to Sonny for answers. Dante reluctantly admitted that he was working for Sonny. Olivia's angrily responded, "Over my dead body!"

Dante found his mother's reaction hypocritical given Olivia's relationship with Sonny. Olivia didn't apologize for the double standard; she was desperate to save her "baby." Olivia warned Dante that if anyone double-crossed Sonny, Sonny wouldn't hesitate to kill that person.

Olivia pleaded with Dante to resign from Sonny's organization. Dante explained that he couldn't do that, but didn't elaborate beyond that. Olivia reminded Dante that she had grown up with Sonny. She was certain that Sonny would figure out what Dante was up to.

After Dante left his mother's apartment, he met up with an associate named Ronnie. When Dante told Ronnie about Claudia's accident, Ronnie suggested that it was the perfect opportunity for Dante to move in to get the information that they needed to take down Sonny. Dante was uncomfortable capitalizing on the situation.

Ronnie reminded Dante that Sonny was a "thug" who had murdered many people. Ronnie didn't think Sonny would think twice about putting a bullet in Dante's head. Ronnie insisted that they had a job to do.

At the hospital, Morgan eavesdropped while Carly learned that her blood pressure was dangerously high. Kelly warned Carly that she could suffer a fatal stroke and miscarry the baby if she continued to throw herself into stressful situations. Carly defended her decision to pull Claudia out of the wreckage. Kelly wasn't pointing fingers; however, she advised Carly to call for help the next time she spotted trouble. Kelly explained that Carly had to be selfish if she hoped to continue the pregnancy.

GH Recap Photo 090724 After Kelly left the room, Carly vowed to follow Kelly's orders. Jax told Carly that he wanted the baby, but nothing was worth risking Carly's life. Carly refused to pursue that line of thought; she was determined to put herself first for the sake of her child. Carly laughingly suggested that she would spend the remainder of her pregnancy reading the vampire books that Lulu had recommended. According to Carly, Lulu claimed that the books had been better than the movie.

In the hallway, Johnny ran into Morgan. Morgan was quite upset. Between sobs, Morgan explained that his mother was sick. Johnny gently guided Morgan to a nearby waiting area in order to talk privately. With little prodding from Johnny, Morgan told Johnny what he had overheard Kelly tell his mother. Adding to Morgan's concerns was the knowledge that Michael had caused Claudia's accident.

Johnny hid his surprise as he offered Morgan words of encouragement. He also advised Morgan to keep the truth about Michael to himself. Johnny suggested that Morgan had to be strong for his mother's sake. Morgan slowly pulled himself together then thanked Johnny. Johnny walked Morgan to Carly's room. Before he left, Johnny thanked Carly for saving Claudia's life.

After Morgan went home with Bobbie, Jax received a phone call from Jason informing him of Michael's confession and arrest. Jax returned to Carly's room, but opted not to tell her about her Michael's situation.

Matt successfully operated on Claudia. Patrick praised Matt's performance during the surgery. When Robin returned to the operating room, she discovered that Liz suspected a problem with Claudia's baby.

Later, Johnny was at Claudia's bedside when she woke up. Johnny told Claudia that the surgery had gone well. Claudia asked about her baby seconds before Kelly entered the room. Kelly explained that during the accident, the seatbelt had caused severe trauma to Claudia's abdomen. As a result of the injuries, Claudia's pregnancy had been compromised. They had discovered that the baby's heartbeat had been steadily declining since the accident.

Claudia was devastated as Kelly revealed that Claudia's baby could not be saved. She was too early into her pregnancy to make a caesarian section a viable option. Claudia begged Johnny to find Sonny for her.

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