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Monday, June 1, 2009

On the Haunted Star, Holly confessed all to Ethan and Luke. She told them that she had gotten pregnant with Ethan when she and Luke had shared a dangerous adventure. She said that she did not tell Luke about the pregnancy because she did not want to interfere with his marriage to Laura.

Holly went on to say that she agonized for months before deciding to give Ethan up for adoption because she wanted him to have a stable home and loving family. She was worried that she would be unable to provide a stable home.

GH Recap Photo 09.06.01 Both Ethan and Luke wanted to know why she had waited so long to tell them of their relationship. Holly said that when she saw Luke recently, it had awakened her desire to know how Ethan had turned out. She said that she tracked him down and pointed him in Luke's direction and decided to let fate do the rest.

Neither Luke nor Ethan was satisfied with Holly's explanation. Ethan told Holly that he was proud to have Luke for a father, but he did not feel the same way about her. Ethan told Holly that she made him sick, then stormed out.

Luke wanted to know more. Holly admitted that she hoped to have it all and thought that there might be a chance for her to form a family with Luke and Ethan. Holly asked Luke to go away and share life's adventures with her.

Carly and Jax were relaxed and happy after making love. Carly told Jax that being with him was exactly what she needed to stay calm. He laughed and said he was following doctor's orders. Morgan interrupted and they shared a family moment before going to see Michael. Morgan was excited to be seeing Michael, but Carly cautioned him about Michael and his still-healing brain injury.

Jason went to Spinelli's P.I. office with a recording. He asked Spinelli to confirm that it was Claudia on the tape ordering Fredo to plant a bomb in Jerry's car. Using his many skills, Spinelli was able to determine that the voice on the tape did belong to Claudia.

Spinelli played devil's advocate when he defended Claudia to Jason. He noted the many kind and generous things that Claudia had done for him. Jason told him that Claudia only cared about herself and that anything she did had a selfish motive.

Claudia and Sonny were at home discussing Michael when Michael called them back to the hospital because he wanted to talk to them.

Lucky was still angry with Luke when he talked to Lulu about the very real possibility that Ethan was their brother. Lulu wanted Lucky to forgive Luke, but Lucky was not inclined to cut Luke any slack.

Michael was ecstatic when Claudia and Sonny arrived. He begged Sonny to let him live with them instead of having to live with Carly. Michael pointed out that he still had no control over his temper. He said that his poor impulse control might be too difficult for Carly to handle. He said that he wanted to eliminate the stress for both of them and give himself a relaxed environment for healing.

GH Recap Photo 09.06.01 Claudia was all for having Michael move in, but Sonny was more cautious and wanted to get Carly's approval first. Both Michael and Claudia agreed to wait for Carly's approval.

Lulu was gone when Liz stopped by to see Lucky. He was glad to see her and poured out his anger about Luke. He said that his disillusion with Luke began when he found out that Luke had raped Laura. He said that he was able to forgive Luke when he realized that his father really did love his mother, but since there was proof that Luke had cheated on Laura, he was no longer sure that Luke had really loved Laura.

Liz tried to comfort Lucky. She told him that she knew how much Luke loved him and the proof was that Luke stayed in Port Charles. She said that it was terrible that he cheated on Laura, but Luke's love was very real. She told Lucky that it was possible to love someone and still cheat on them. She said that Lucky, of all people, should realize that. She urged him to give Luke another chance.

Sonny and Claudia met Jax, Carly, and Morgan near the elevators. Carly sent Morgan to play in the pediatric waiting area when Sonny asked to talk. He told her what Michael had said and told her that he thought that they ought to honor Michael's wishes and let him stay with Sonny when he got out of the hospital. Carly reluctantly agreed.

Instead of going to pediatrics, Morgan went to Michael's room. Michael was very glad to see his brother, and they were soon both ensconced on Michael's bed playing the video game that Morgan had brought.

When Jax and Carly went to Michael's room, Carly was overjoyed to see how happy and normal the boys were together. When Morgan wanted to know when Michael was going home, Michael said that he would be living with Sonny. Morgan did not warm to that idea. He told Michael that he needed him because it was boring when Michael was not there. He begged Michael to go home with him, Jax, and Carly.

GH Recap Photo 09.06.01 Ethan ran into Lulu on the docks and he asked her if she had room in her life for another brother. She told him that he was a fine man and she would be proud to have him as a brother. Ethan was obviously relieved. They had a laugh when she told him there would have to be rules, like no stealing of petty cash from her employer.

Jason was waiting for Sonny when he got home. Sonny filled Jason in on Michael's request to live with his father. Claudia arrived and started making plans for Michael's arrival, but Jason was adamant that Michael belonged with his mother. Sonny disagreed, then noticed the tape that Jason was holding. When Sonny asked what it was, Jason looked directly at Claudia.

Luke told Holly that she had made him a flattering offer, but that he wanted to stay in Port Charles because he had made a life there. Holly understood. She told him that the offer was always open. They were sharing a goodbye kiss when Lucky interrupted and became angry. He told Holly to take his dad and get the hell out of town.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lucky berated Luke and Holly regarding their choices that created a child, but Holly decided enough was enough. She wouldn't tolerate Lucky's holier than thou attitude. Holly told Lucky that she and Luke had met a long time before Lucky had even been born. Years later, after extraordinary circumstances, Holly and Luke met again, and their union created Ethan. If Luke hadn't cared about Lucky or Laura, Holly would have asked Luke to run away with her and their child. Holly knew about Luke's devotion to his family, though, so she decided to escape without telling him about his other son.

Holly filled Lucky in on the past between Luke, Holly, and Robert Scorpio. Years before Lucky was conceived, Holly and Luke had been a couple. Holly had become pregnant, but she never had the opportunity to tell Luke because he had been presumed dead following another one of his adventures. Holly had married Robert, but she later lost the baby.

When Luke was discovered alive, he and Holly celebrated and created Ethan. Without knowing about the child, Luke walked away from Holly because of the love he had for Laura and Lucky. Holly couldn't understand why Lucky wouldn't give Luke any credit for that decision years earlier. Lucky claimed not to care and he stormed off.

Ethan and Lulu sat on the pier and talked about Ethan's newfound biological mother and the history he was just learning. Ethan couldn't understand why his mother gave him up, because clearly she made a decent living for herself with the scams she pulled. Ethan assumed that he was given up for adoption simply because he wasn't wanted. Lulu told Ethan that he couldn't ever assume to understand Holly's decision when she gave him up for adoption. Regardless, Holly had given Ethan life and for that, Ethan should be grateful. Ethan picked up the clues that there was something Lulu wasn't telling him that caused her to be able to relate to the situation better than some people. Lulu waved it off and said it was a story for another time.

Back at the Haunted Star, Holly told Luke that she couldn't understand why the son Luke had raised ended up knowing and understanding so little about Luke Spencer. Luke admitted that Lucky had never liked him, but Luke held on to hope that his other son would continue to like him. Ethan walked in just as Holly mentioned the hatred Ethan must have felt for her. Holly's son said he was working on it, but a wise friend told him he needed to thank his mother. Holly had, after all, given Ethan life and placed him with the best adoptive parents one could find.

Luke realized Holly was leaving Port Charles, but Ethan wasn't thrilled to learn about his mother's decision. Holly said she had accomplished what she had intended to do in Port Charles, and she wanted to leave on a positive note. Ethan told his mother that she would always be a con woman, and he knew when he was being played. Ethan told his mother goodbye until the next time she needed him.

After Ethan left, Holly and Luke talked about their son and Holly's hopes that she had not ruined either of their lives with her decisions. Luke wanted Holly to stay, but she refused to give him another chance to turn her down. They leaned in close to one another, as if for a kiss, until a furious Tracy walked in and caught them.

Tracy admitted she had bribed a lab technician to return a negative paternity test for Luke and Ethan. She knew it was wrong, and she was sorry for that decision. Luke tried to turn it around on Tracy and asked how she would feel if Luke had kept one of Tracy's children from her. Tracy was unfazed, and Holly warned the newest Mrs. Spencer that if Tracy ever mistreated Ethan or Luke, Holly would be back to claim them both.

Lucky met Lulu on the docks and her expression proved that she knew Ethan was her brother. Lucky apologized to his sister on their father's behalf, but Lulu seemed more mature than Lucky with the situation. It was not unlike Luke to sow wild oats, and Lucky was a fool to think otherwise.

Ethan found Lucky and Lulu on the docks, and Lulu asked about the conversation Ethan had with his mother. The hostility between Lucky and Ethan escalated until punches were thrown. Lulu broke the fight up and reminded them that they were brothers and needed to get along.

Jax and Carly took Morgan to visit Michael in the hospital, where Morgan asked some difficult questions as to why Michael refused to live with them. Michael tried to reason with his younger brother and said Morgan might need a change in living arrangements when he was older, also. Morgan asked if Michael knew about the baby and the danger it caused to Carly. Michael admitted that he did know about the situation, and Morgan wondered aloud why Michael wouldn't want to help take care of Carly.

At Sonny's house, Sonny demanded to know if there was any truth to Jason's accusations against Claudia. Sonny's wife immediately became defensive and acted insulted to be treated in such a way in her own home. The phone rang and interrupted them. It was Michael, who had decided to live with his mother, after all.

Sonny explained to Claudia and Jason about the phone call from Michael. Sonny was concerned about the stress the situation could have on Carly with Michael living there while his temper was out of control. Claudia felt that Carly had manipulated Michael, and a fight erupted between Jason and Claudia. Claudia told Jason that if he hated her that much, he should find another place to meet with Sonny besides the home she was living in.

After Claudia had stormed out, Sonny demanded to know what had developed that he didn't know about. Clearly, Jason had gone from not liking Claudia to hating her. Sonny wanted to know what information Jason had that had caused the change in attitude.

Outside the hospital room, Carly was enthusiastic about Michael's change of heart. Jax was also happy, but he couldn't contain his worry about the rough road they had ahead of them. Jax worried about Michael's temper and the effect it could have on Carly, Morgan, and the new baby.

Later, Carly found Claudia stepping off the elevator at General Hospital and she knew Claudia was there to see Michael. Carly tried to turn Claudia away, and she told Claudia that Michael was off-limits. Claudia felt Michael was old enough to make his own decisions regarding where he would live, and Claudia thought Carly was manipulating her own child. Carly made it very clear that she felt Claudia was the biggest mistake Sonny had ever made. However, Sonny had three children with two different women. Regardless of Claudia being pregnant, Sonny's baby would not protect her from Sonny if she crossed him.

Carly, Morgan, and Jax said their goodbyes to Michael for the evening, and Claudia quickly crept into Michael's room once everyone else was gone. Claudia told her stepson that it hurt Sonny when Michael said he wanted to live with Carly. As they talked, it became clear that Michael was exhausted. He said the sound of Claudia's voice summoned memories of her speaking to him while he was in the coma. He couldn't remember what she had said, but he knew it must have been important.

GH Recap Photo 090602 At the private investigation office, Spinelli listened to an audio recording of Claudia ordering Jerry's car to explode. Maxie walked in, and Spinelli quickly turned the audio off. They talked briefly but Johnny interrupted when he stopped by with papers from Bernie. Maxie inadvertently messed with the computer, and suddenly, Claudia's voice could be heard through the speakers. Johnny acted as if he heard nothing, and Spinelli inquired as to why Johnny had been demoted to errand boy. Johnny explained that he was just accommodating his sister, and then left the office.

Once they were alone again, Spinelli admitted that he gloated in the revelation that Maxie had chosen Spinelli over Johnny. Maxie smiled and said Johnny probably had his hands full with Olivia. Maxie left when Spinelli had to get back to work on the audio of Claudia that Jason needed.

As soon as Spinelli had the evidence he needed, he rushed out of the office and headed towards Sonny's house. Sonny and Jason were in the middle of a discussion regarding Sonny's need for proof that Claudia had a role in Michael's shooting. Jason knew that Spinelli's presence meant he had uncovered something big, so Jason asked Spinelli to meet him back at his office. Sonny interrupted and wanted to know about the evidence they had found against Sonny's wife. Spinelli tried to talk to Sonny and Jason, but Sonny quickly grew frustrated with Spinelli's inability to speak in clear sentences. Sonny's frustrations further flustered Spinelli, who gave up and decided to speak with Jason another time.

After Spinelli was gone, Sonny asked Jason what they would do about Johnny. It was clear that the bond between brother and sister was strong. Although, Jason doubted Johnny had a role in Michael's shooting, it was clear that Johnny would help cover any tracks for his sister. Sonny wanted Jason to befriend Johnny and become close to the younger Zacchara for the same reason that Sonny was still married to Claudia. Sonny reminded Jason to keep friends close and enemies closer.

Johnny waited for Spinelli to leave, and Maxie caught him breaking into Spinelli's office. Johnny was searching for whatever evidence against Claudia that Spinelli had accidentally let slip while they were all in the office earlier. Maxie tried to convince Johnny to leave the office empty-handed, because Spinelli would know immediately who the culprit was if the audio with Claudia's voice on it was missing or destroyed. Johnny reminded Maxie about the time when they helped Claudia after Ric nearly died in her bed. Johnny and Claudia were siblings who would stop at nothing to protect each other.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

At the hospital, Alexis approached Liz. Liz was watching Rebecca and Nikolas laugh and carry on at the nurse's station. Liz asked Alexis how the investigation into Rebecca's background was progressing. Alexis was hopeful that something would turn up.

Meanwhile, Rebecca and Nikolas wondered why they had agreed to wait two weeks to make love, while Alexis dug up dirt on Rebecca. Epiphany walked up as Rebecca and Nikolas kissed. Epiphany reminded them that Rebecca was on duty. Epiphany also pointed out that Nikolas' conduct was inappropriate for the workplace. Duly chastised, Nikolas and Rebecca went their separate ways.

Liz noted the subtle changes in Rebecca's appearance. Alexis agreed that Rebecca's resemblance to Emily was even more remarkable than when she had first appeared in Port Charles. Alexis and Liz were determined to expose Rebecca's duplicity. A short time later, Rebecca snuck up behind Liz and Alexis while they were seated in the lounge. Rebecca said that she knew they had been watching her.

Rebecca invited Liz and Alexis to listen in on her conversations with Nikolas any time. According to Rebecca, she had nothing to hide. Liz wasn't fooled by Rebecca's bravado. Liz accused Rebecca of having bizarre intentions towards Nikolas. Rebecca countered that Liz and Alexis' desire for Nikolas to remain faithful to a dead woman was what was truly bizarre.

Later, at the nurse's station, Liz conceded that Rebecca's decision to lose her heavy eye make-up had been a nice touch. Rebecca asked if Liz was the cosmetic police. Liz ignored the barb as she accused Rebecca of secretly enjoying being compared to Emily. According to Liz, Rebecca was trying to turn into Emily. Rebecca asked what if she was.

Liz made it clear that she would not stand idly by while Rebecca stole Emily's life. Rebecca suggested that she was helping Nikolas to move on. Liz agreed it was time for Nikolas to move forward, just not with Rebecca. Rebecca confidently declared that Liz couldn't stop her, then flounced away.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Alexis met with Agent Rayner. Alexis was eager to know if he had discovered anything useful about Rebecca's past. Rayner revealed that, before he left the office, new information had arrived. Alexis asked to see the file, but Rayner refused to hand it over. He told her that he would decide after their date whether or not to give Alexis the information. Alexis was startled that Rayner considered their meeting a date.

Despite her misgivings, she said nothing as Rayner asked for a wine list. While they ate and sipped wine, Rayner asked about her children. Alexis didn't hide her embarrassment over the fact that Sonny and Ric had fathered two of her daughters. Raynor seemed to appreciate Alexis' candor. He shared what he had learned about Rebecca's past; Rebecca had been illegally adopted on the black-market when she was an infant.

At the Wyndemere stables, Nikolas barked at Alfred because the stables were a mess. Alfred seemed to realize the true source of Nikolas' frustration. Alfred suggested that perhaps Nikolas should sever all ties with Rebecca or invite her to spend the night. Later, Rebecca appeared in the stable's doorway wearing a white dress and looking eerily like Emily. It took Nikolas' breath away. He suggested that she leave if she intended to honor her two-week agreement with Alexis. Rebecca said that she was tired of waiting. She walked into the stables and kissed Nikolas. The kiss led to more; the two made love.

At the Haunted Star, Luke and Ethan discussed taking another DNA test, with a home test kit, to confirm that they were father and son. Ethan wanted to get some things straight first. Luke assured Ethan that as far as Luke was concerned, Ethan was his son. Luke had known it on some level for quite some time. Luke promised that, regardless of the results, there would be no judgments or expectations. Ethan seemed satisfied with Luke's response.

A short time later, Tracy walked into the casino. Luke snatched up the test kit and hid it behind his back. Tracy immediately sensed that Luke was up to something, but Luke denied it. Tracy didn't believe him, especially when Ethan slid past Luke and took the kit out of Luke's hand. Tracy was certain she had seen Ethan take something from Luke, but Ethan played innocent.

After Ethan made a hasty exit, Luke asked Tracy why she couldn't be kinder to Ethan. Luke reminded her that Ethan was one of his children. Tracy corrected him; it was merely a possibility. Luke insisted that Ethan was his son. Tracy asked if Luke planned to take Ethan with him, the next time Luke went on one of his adventures, or if Luke intended to leave Ethan behind, like the rest of his children.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny was furious when he walked into the living room to discover Claudia ordering workers around while she redecorated. Sonny put his foot down on the project. Claudia immediately accused Sonny of trying to punish her because Michael liked her more than Carly. As they argued, Claudia mentioned that Michael remembered her.

Sonny found the statement curious. He asked Claudia, "What does Michael remember about you, Claudia?" Claudia scrambled to cover up her slip; she told him that she meant that Michael had remembered that she had been Sonny's enemy once. However, Michael had become closer to Claudia than he was to Carly. According to Claudia it was a wonderful surprise.

Sonny reminded Claudia that Carly was Michael's mother and that they had always been exceptionally close. Sonny was confident that the anger Michael harbored toward his mother was temporary. Sonny did not have any intention of coming between Carly and Michael. Carly had decorated his home and he wanted it to remain untouched, so that it would be familiar to Michael when he visited. Claudia insisted that Michael needed to live at Greystone Manor because Michael could barely stand to be in the same room with Carly. In comparison, Michael was comfortable around Claudia.

GH Recap Photo 090603 At the hospital, Michael's physical therapist ended their session. Michael insisted on continuing with the therapy. Monica stood in the doorway while the therapist explained that Michael shouldn't rush the therapy. Michael stubbornly insisted on forging ahead with the session. Monica intervened before things escalated.

After Monica dismissed the therapist, she patiently talked to Michael. Michael was eager to be released from the hospital. He believed that the more he pushed himself to walk, the sooner he would be able to go home. Monica understood Michael's desire to get out of the hospital. She talked about Jason's recovery, following his head injury, and her own struggle with breast cancer.

Eventually, she got through to Michael; he agreed to go back to his room. Sonny walked in moments later. Sonny was thrilled when he saw his son standing. Michael begged Sonny to help him find a new therapist, so that Michael could be leave the hospital a week early.

In Michael's hospital room, Jason asked Carly what she was doing. Carly confessed that she had brought Michael some junk food. Jason was concerned about Michael's reaction to Carly's presence. Carly pointed out that he couldn't be any angrier with her than he already was. Carly refused to stay away from her son. She confessed that she resented Claudia taking advantage of Michael's anger toward his mother. Jason told Carly not to worry about it; he would take care of it.

Carly realized that Jason was up to something. She begged Jason to let her help him. Jason refused to consider it. Carly resorted to pleading; she explained that helping him would help to distract her from everything going on. Jason reminded Carly that she needed to focus on her pregnancy. Jason's refusal frustrated Carly. She claimed that Jason was no different than Jax. Carly then revealed that she had to get a note from her doctor in order to have sex with Jax. Jason cringed as he told her that was way too much personal information.

Moments later, Sonny and Michael entered the room. Sonny told them about Michael's physical therapy session. Carly and Jason were happy to hear that Michael had been able to stand on his own. While Sonny helped Michael into the bed, Michael told Carly and Jason that he was hopeful he would be released from the hospital in a week. Carly was not pleased.

Jason asked to speak to Sonny in the hallway. Michael saw Carly and Jason exchange a look before Jason and Sonny stepped out of the room. Michael accused Carly of sending Jason a silent message to convince Sonny not to help Michael. Michael told Carly if his early release was too much of a burden on her and Jax, he would happily move in with Sonny.

In the hallway, Jason warned Sonny that there could be ramifications if Michael tried to speed his recovery. Jason reminded Sonny of the difficulties Jason had faced when he had walked out of the hospital before the doctors had cleared him. Sonny was determined to do everything in his power to help Michael.

Robin arrived at the hospital, with Emma in tow, to consult with Patrick on Michael's case. Patrick was surprised that Robin had brought Emma along. Robin admitted that she couldn't stand to be parted from her daughter. After they placed Emma in the hospital's daycare, Patrick and Robin went to Michael's room. Patrick explained that he had asked Robin to join Michael's medical team.

After Patrick left the room, Robin examined Michael. Robin noticed that Michael had winced a few times while she had moved Michael's leg around. Michael insisted that it had merely been a twinge. Robin decided to prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and order his physical therapy to be cut back.

Michael's temper flared. He insisted that he needed more physical therapy, not less. The more Robin tried to calm Michael down, the angrier Michael became. Michael yelled and threw things around the room until Jason raced into the room. Jason was forced to physically retrain Michael in order to keep him from hurting Robin.

Johnny and Olivia were flirting in Metro Court's restaurant when Olivia spotted Claudia stepping off of the elevator. Olivia deliberately leaned down to kiss Johnny, who remained unaware of his sister's presence. As predicted, Claudia was furious when she saw Olivia and Johnny kissing. Claudia stormed over to Olivia and yelled out, "Hey whore, get your hands off of my brother!" Claudia didn't wait for Olivia to comply; she pulled Olivia away from Johnny. Olivia slowly wiped her lips then gave Olivia a smug smile.

Claudia suggested that Johnny hire a hooker the next time he wanted to have sex. Olivia asked Claudia if she was always so interested in Johnny's sex life. Claudia's response was to threaten Olivia. Johnny ordered Claudia to back off. He warned Claudia that if anything happened to Olivia, he would hold Claudia accountable. Claudia was taken aback by the threat. Olivia dared Claudia to do her worst, then walked away.

After Olivia was gone, Johnny told his sister that it was time to tell the truth about their role in Michael's shooting. Claudia made it clear that she had no intention of confessing her sins to Sonny. Claudia insisted that Jason wouldn't show Sonny the evidence he had gathered because she was pregnant with Sonny's child. Claudia also told Johnny that Michael would be moving in with her and Sonny. Claudia was certain that she and Sonny could be a real family as soon as she got Carly out of the way. Johnny told Claudia that she was delusional. He was also disgusted by the way she carelessly used children.

At Greystone Manor, Carly talked to Sonny about Michael's recovery. Carly urged Sonny to reconsider helping Michael obtain an early release from the hospital. Sonny admitted that he was concerned about Michael moving in with Carly. Carly assured Sonny that she and Michael would work through Michael's anger issues. She promised Sonny that Michael and Morgan could visit their father often, but she made it clear that she intended for Michael to live with her. After Sonny and Carly reached an agreement, they hugged. Claudia stood in the doorway, seething with jealousy as she watched them.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Helena quietly walked into Rebecca's darkened room. She softly closed the door then made her way across the room to Rebecca's desk.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Rayner told Alexis that Rebecca had been illegally adopted on the black market. Alexis was stunned by the news. Rayner asked Alexis how she wanted to proceed with the investigation. Alexis decided that they needed to see if they could link Rebecca to Emily. She told Rayner that Emily's father, Frank Bowen, had died when Emily had been three years old. Emily had been eleven years old when her mother, Paige, had died from breast cancer. Just before Paige had passed away, she had befriended Monica Quartermaine. Monica had been undergoing treatment for breast cancer at the same clinic as Paige.

Alexis wondered if there was any possibility that the information about Rebecca's adoption could be wrong. Rayner explained that he hadn't found any records to indicate that the woman who had raised Rebecca had ever given birth. Rayner sensed Alexis' dislike for Rebecca. Alexis clarified that she didn't trust Rebecca. Alexis considered Rebecca's arrival in Port Charles and her timely breast cancer scare, followed by Helena's arrival, highly suspicious.

At the mention of Helena's name, Rayner noted that the diabolical Cassadine appeared to be immune from prosecution. He admitted that Helena's appearance in Port Charles raised questions; however, he hadn't found anything to suggest that Helena and Rebecca had ever met.

At the Wyndemere stables, Rebecca and Nikolas cuddled after making love. Rebecca joked that she had never had an actual roll in the hay. However, she wasn't complaining. Nikolas blamed Rebecca for their tryst; she had looked beautiful standing in the doorway. Rebecca was moved to tears. "Really", she asked. "Yes", Nikolas replied. They agreed to please themselves, not others, from that point on.

Later, Nikolas brought a tray, carrying a bottle of wine, two glasses, and a snack, into the stable. As Nikolas handed Rebecca a glass of wine, he hinted to Rebecca that he would like for her to spend the night. Rebecca was reluctant to accept; she preferred to remain spontaneous. Nikolas didn't pursue it, so Rebecca entertained him with a story about her childhood.

When Rebecca had been eleven years old, she had been sitting in a car waiting for her mother. Rebecca had gotten tired of waiting, so she had decided to drive the car. Rebecca climbed behind the wheel and ended up driving into a storefront. Luckily for Rebecca, no one had been hurt. However, Rebecca had to repay her parents for the damages by doing extra chores. Rebecca used the story as an excuse to admit that she'd consumed too much wine to drive safely. Nikolas was delighted that Rebecca had decided to spend the night with him.

When Rebecca noticed Nikolas' smile, she asked him if he was happy. Nikolas admitted that, at that moment, he was happy. However, he confessed that he did have walls up. Rebecca assured Nikolas that she was very good at climbing walls and careful once she got to the other side. The romantic moment came to an abrupt end when Alexis walked into the stables. Alexis groaned when she realized what she had walked in on.

Nikolas was furious. He told Alexis that she needed to learn how to knock. Alexis shot back that she didn't think she had to knock before entering a stable. Alexis then turned her attention to Rebecca. Alexis wasn't surprised that Rebecca had gone back on her promise. Rebecca decided to get dressed and leave. Rebecca quickly pulled on her dress, kissed Nikolas goodbye, and then dashed out of the stable.

Alexis asked Nikolas if he had made love to Emily in the stables, too. Nikolas admitted that he had made love to Emily all over Spoon Island and everywhere in Wyndemere. Nikolas told Alexis that if he had to avoid every place he had made love to Emily, he'd have to leave town in order to have sex with Rebecca. Alexis observed that Nikolas had said "made love" when he had talked about Emily, but said "sex" when he had talked about Rebecca. Nikolas wondered why that mattered, as long as he was happy.

Alexis explained that she thought Rebecca was lying to him, and Alexis worried that things would end badly. Nikolas assured Alexis that he cared about Rebecca. Alexis reminded Nikolas that he had cared about Nadine until Rebecca had shown up. Nikolas claimed that it hadn't been right with Nadine. Alexis told Nikolas that she feared that Rebecca would hurt Nikolas, or worse.

Helena lurked on the docks, waiting for Rebecca. As soon as Rebecca approached, Helena revealed herself. Rebecca tried to turn away, but Helena wouldn't permit it. Helena grabbed Rebecca to force Rebecca to face her. Helena asked the younger woman if wolves had raised her; she didn't appreciate Rebecca turning her back on her.

Helena studied Rebecca closely. She admitted that Rebecca was a worthy adversary, unlike Emily. Helena noted that Alexis had been partly correct; Rebecca was working a scam, but not with Helena.

At the hospital, Michael screamed at Robin while Jason physically restrained him. Michael refused to allow his physical therapy to be cut back. Jason eventually managed to calm Michael down.

Robin explained the healing process to Michael. She told Michael that it would take time. She warned that the more Michael tried to rush it, the longer it would take for his body to recover. Michael was frustrated because he had missed an entire year of his life. Michael didn't want to waste another moment in the hospital. Robin advised Michael to talk to Jason, and then left the room.

Jason understood what Michael was going through. Jason told Michael that he had felt the same way when he had been in the similar situation. Jason hadn't listened to the doctors, which had been a mistake. Michael was concerned about Carly and Sonny finding out about his outburst. Michael was certain that they would insist that he remain in the hospital indefinitely. Jason urged Michael to follow Robin's medical advice. Michael admitted that he felt stifled in the hospital. Jason promised to get Michael out as soon as it was safe for Michael to leave.

At Greystone Manor, Carly and Sonny talked about Michael. Carly didn't want Sonny to allow his guilt for what had happened to Michael to guide his decisions. Sonny promised Carly that he wouldn't allow Michael to pit him against Carly. Shortly after Carly's departure, Jason walked in. Jason told Sonny about the incident between Michael and Robin.

Sonny was furious that the hospital hadn't called to let him know about it. Jason explained that he and Robin had calmed Michael down. Sonny was concerned about the impact that Michael's fits of temper would have on Carly after Michael's release. Sonny believed that it would best for everyone if Michael moved into Greystone Manor. Sonny asked Jason to persuade Carly to agree.

Claudia went to Metro Court's restaurant to demand that Jax keep his wife away from her husband. Claudia told Jax about the embrace between Sonny and Carly that she had witnessed. She implied that there had been more than just friendship between the exes.

After Claudia left Metro Court, she went to General Hospital to visit Michael. She gave Michael some music that she had downloaded for him. Michael was happy to see Claudia. Claudia sensed that Michael was troubled. Michael admitted that he'd had a bad day. Claudia advised Michael to say and do whatever he needed to in order to convince the doctors that he was ready to go home. Michael told Claudia that she was the only person who understood him.

Claudia began undermining Carly; she implied that the staff was following Carly's orders. Claudia went on to tell Michael that Carly saw Michael as a little boy, not a young man. Claudia, on the other hand, knew that Michael wasn't a child. Michael confessed that he had found it odd that, despite Carly's frequent visits during his coma, he couldn't remember hearing her voice. However, Michael did remember hearing Claudia's voice. Claudia probed Michael for details. Michael said that he recalled Claudia crying and apologizing.

Jax surprised Carly with dinner at Metro Court's restaurant. As they sat down, Carly asked Jax about his day. Jax told her about Claudia's visit and added that he couldn't stand "that bitch." Carly was livid. She accused Claudia of spying on her and trying to cause trouble between her and Jax. Carly assured Jax that Claudia had misread the hug. Jax wasn't worried, but he cautioned Carly to stay away from Claudia. Carly was determined to do something about Claudia before Claudia could cause more trouble.

Robin updated Patrick on Michael's case. Patrick agreed with Robin's assessment that Michael was extremely volatile. Robin's professional opinion was that Michael should see a therapist and be prescribed medication to help reduce the intensity of his outbursts. Robin realized that she sounded hypocritical suggesting that Michael be prescribed medication for emotional problems.

Robin asked Patrick why he had requested her on Michael's case. She wondered if it was an attempt to test her. Patrick admitted that he did want to see if Robin was ready to return to work, but more importantly he asked her to consult because he missed working with her. Robin smiled; she appreciated Patrick's honesty.

Later, Robin returned to the nurse's station after fetching Emma from the daycare center. Patrick was surprised that Robin was ready to go home. He asked Robin if she was considering staying home with Emma full-time. Robin admitted that it had crossed her mind. Patrick was disappointed that she hadn't talked to him about it. He confessed that he missed spending time with her and making love to his wife. He didn't know what Robin wanted any more, because she didn't talk to him about it. Robin tenderly touched Patrick's face as she told him that she wanted to go home with him.

Sonny was surprised to find Michael's bed empty when he walked into Michael's hospital room. He asked Claudia where Michael was. Claudia told Sonny that Michael was gone.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Michael stepped off of the elevator. He was dressed in a hooded sweatshirt to help conceal his identity. As he slowly made his way to the exit, Touissant DuBois spotted Michael. Touissant asked where Michael thought he was going.

Jason was walking past a nightclub. He noticed Kristina among the people milling about. Jason walked up, removed the drink from Kristina's hand, and then dragged her away.

Friday, June 5, 2009

While Jax ate and Carly picked at her food, they sat in the Metro Court diner and talked about Claudia. Alexis stopped by and talked to them briefly, and Carly was actually cordial to Jax's ex-wife. Alexis bragged about Kristina and all her accomplishments, until she realized how inconsiderate she was being considering the year Michael had lost. Carly said Alexis had every right to be proud of Kristina, just as Carly was proud of Michael. Carly was still a little bitter that Kristina had not visited Michael, but Alexis promised to get a visit set up right away. After Alexis left to meet with Agent Rayner, Carly admitted that she loved Alexis like a sister compared to the hatred she felt for Claudia.

Jason drove Kristina back to his apartment where he tried to call Alexis. He didn't reach Alexis, but when he hung up the phone, he found Kristina starting to pour herself a drink. Jason quickly grabbed the alcohol away from the teenager. Kristina openly flirted with Jason, but her efforts were useless. It was clear that Kristina was hurt by the lack of attention she received from her parents, specifically her father. Kristina said she wasn't going to let her parents know how hurt she was, though, because she enjoyed the material things she received through their guilt. Soon, Kristina was bored and demanded Jason take her home.

At the hospital, Sonny demanded to know where Michael had gone. Claudia didn't know what had happened to her stepson, and she didn't like Sonny's accusing glare towards her. Claudia did her best to explain that she had left to get cookies when a nurse entered to check on Michael. When Claudia had returned, Michael was nowhere to be seen. Claudia warned Sonny not to overreact until they knew for sure whether something was wrong or not. If Michael walked back into the room and witnessed his dad freaking out, Michael would become just as resentful towards Sonny as he already was towards Carly.

When Jax and Carly walked into Michael's room, the situation became even tenser. Sonny tried to tell Carly that they weren't sure where Michael was, and he acted as if he weren't worried. Carly demanded to know what had happened to Michael, but she was furious when she found out that Claudia had been the last person to speak with Michael before he disappeared.

Meanwhile, in the lobby, Michael was trying to make his escape. Toussaint noticed the frail boy and wanted to get him back to his room. Michael lied and said he had the flu, but thought he was well enough to visit his brother. Toussaint agreed to get a cab for Michael if he revealed his name. Michael said he was Michael Corbin, but he disappeared as soon as Toussaint left to get a nurse to check him out.

Once Jason heard the news, he immediately started running around asking questions. Liz was already organizing the rest of the hospital staff to search for Michael, but Jason found Toussaint and asked if he had seen a teenage boy around. Toussaint told him that a young boy named Michael Corbin had been in the lobby earlier trying to make it outside to hail a cab. Immediately, Jason called Spinelli to track down all the cabs that had picked up passengers from General Hospital in the previous hour.

Kristina walked into her bedroom and was happily surprised to find Michael there. She had missed him terribly and apologized for not seeing him while he was in the coma. Michael didn't care, and said it was probably best that she hadn't seen him that way. They quickly caught up on their lives until Jason knocked on the door, demanding that Kristina and Michael leave the room. Michael quickly hid behind the bed, while Kristina stripped down into a bra and short shorts. When Kristina opened the door, she told Jason to stop faking it. She knew he was there because he wanted her.

Meanwhile, Alexis met with Agent Rayner, who offered up the file on Rebecca Shaw. He warned her that it might be just the opposite of what Alexis was looking for, though. They sat and talked a little while, and it became clear that Agent Rayner had not let go of his feelings for Alexis. She was more interested in the file on Rebecca and getting the information back to Nikolas, though.

On the docks, Helena met with Rebecca. Helena wanted to team up with Rebecca, but the young girl acted as if she didn't want to be a part of hurting Nikolas. Helena could not be fooled, though, and she ended up making Rebecca quite defensive.

Rebecca tracked Nikolas down at the Haunted Star, where he had shown up to meet Luke's other son at Lucky's request. Nikolas had been explaining how inhospitable Luke had been when he had first learned that Nikolas was Laura's illegitimate child. All eyes turned towards Rebecca when she entered, though. Nikolas walked over towards her and asked if she had followed him there. Rebecca led him on at first to believe that she had just walked into the casino wanting to gamble. She finally admitted that she had followed him, though, and Nikolas was pleased.

Nikolas and Rebecca left the casino and started to head towards the docks to go back to Wyndemere. Nikolas received an urgent phone call from Alexis, though, so Rebecca walked back home. When she opened her apartment door, Ethan was inside waiting for her. He walked across the room and pulled her into a passionate kiss. Meanwhile, Alexis was telling Nikolas that Rebecca was Emily's twin sister.

At the hospital, Carly overheard Claudia talking to Johnny on the phone. Carly realized that Claudia knew more about Michael's disappearance than she had led on. Carly confronted Claudia, but Claudia denied Carly's accusations. When Claudia turned to leave, Carly reached out to stop Claudia. Claudia tried to jerk her arm out of Carly's grasp, which sent the two women tumbling down a flight of stairs.

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