General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 6, 2009 on GH

Claudia decided the only way to keep Sonny from killing her was to have his baby. Ric revealed to Sonny and Jason that Claudia had hired Ian Devlin. Robin's postpartum depression put a strain on her marriage.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 6, 2009 on GH
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Monday, April 6, 2009

After Claudia and Sonny had sex in Claudia's bed, Sonny told Claudia that he was sorry he had taken his bad mood out on her. Claudia said that she did not mind and explained that she liked him and wanted to help him relieve his pain in any way she could. She told him that he had not hurt her and that she was happy with the way things were working out between them.

Sonny told Claudia that he was also satisfied with how things were between them. Yet when Claudia asked him if he wanted to spend the night in her room, he said that there was somewhere else that he had to be and hastily left her bed. As soon as Sonny was gone, Claudia took out a home pregnancy kit and read the directions, noting that the test could be taken two days after her monthly cycle failed to begin.

Carly and Jason both showed up at the coffee warehouse to mark the anniversary of Michael's shooting there. Carly was there to think about the decision she had to make about permitting potentially life-ending experimental surgery on Michael.

Jason went to the warehouse to see if there were any clues to Michael's shooting that he might have missed at the time of the shooting. He told Carly that he wanted to find out the truth and punish the perpetrator if someone else besides the late Ian Devlin had been involved. They continued to talk, unaware of a lurking listener.

Carly pointed out that revenge would not make him feel better, but Jason said that the crime against Michael cried out for justice. Carly and Jason spoke of their love for Michael and their feelings of guilt about the tragedy.

Carly told Jason that she was going to see Sonny. She wanted to tell him that there was a two in ten chance that Michael would not survive the surgery. Carly felt it was too big a decision to make alone. She wanted to get Sonny's input on whether or not to allow the procedure.

Jason and Carly laughed as they walked to the exit. When the door shut behind them, Ric emerged from hiding as was revealed as the lurker. Jason appeared suddenly and put a gun to his head.

While Nikolas waited in pre-op with a lightly drugged Rebecca, he heard her say, "Nikolas must never know." Before Nikolas could find out what she meant, Rebecca was wheeled into surgery.

Patrick found Robin floating next to the pier and rescued her. He was able to get the water out of her lungs, and she started breathing before he called for an ambulance. Robin recovered enough to be worried about Emma, so Patrick phoned home and was relieved to find that their daughter was there. Robin said that she wanted to know about the other Emma, the one that she had seen on the docks.

Maxie went to the hospital on what she thought was urgent business but found that Matt had called her there in an attempt to soften up her attitude and persuade her to go out with him. Maxie did not agree to a date, but she did spend some time with him. They were just working up a good flirt when Robin arrived in the emergency room.

Once Rebecca was in surgery, Nikolas asked Epiphany if patients were aware of what they said in twilight sleep. She did not answer his question but did put his mind at ease by describing the procedure for a core biopsy.

Sonny left Claudia and went downstairs to called his daughter, Kristina. He congratulated her on her good grades. Claudia overheard him as she was walking downstairs. Claudia immediately offered to make an overture to invite Kristina over for more visits so Sonny could stay in touch.

Sonny said that Claudia was not at fault. He said that Alexis did not want him to be around Kristina. Claudia jumped to his defense as a parent, but Sonny backed Alexis and said that he was dangerous to his kids. Sonny was ironic when he said that he loved his children to death then followed up by saying that he never should have had them.

Sonny said that he did not want any more children because he could not guarantee their safety. He told Claudia that he was glad that she did not want kids, either.

Patrick was at Robin's bedside when she woke up. He asked her why she had not responded to his calls, but all that she would say was that she needed time to de-stress. When Patrick continued to question her, Robin finally told him that she had gone to see Sonny then had gone back to the pier to think and had accidentally slipped and fallen into the water. Robin insisted that the fall had been an accident, not a suicide attempt. Patrick was not so sure because he had found part of Robin's torn-up prescription for antidepressants on the docks.

Nikolas sat with Rebecca in recovery. He probed to see if she remembered what she had said while in twilight sleep, but she did not seem to have any memory of the conversation, so Nikolas did not tell her the truth but instead told her that she had thanked him.

Matt and Maxie argued about Robin. She slapped him when he suggested that Robin had deliberately jumped in the water. Maxie did not want to entertain the notion that Robin would deliberately try to hurt herself, but Matt played devil's advocate and caused Maxie to think about the consequences if her faith in Robin was unjustified.

Maxie went to see Robin, and Patrick left to make phone calls. Maxie tried to believe Robin's story of an accidental slip, but she had a hard time keeping the faith after her talk with Matt. When she left Robin's room, Maxie was not as firmly in Robin's corner as she had been before.

Despite the fact that Jason had a gun to his head, Ric could not resist taunting Jason when he said, "Don't tell me you are going to shoot me for something I didn't do." Though Jason did not believe that Ric was in the warehouse because Michael was his beloved nephew, his bravado did convince Jason to put down his gun. Jason told Ric that he was going to find out if anyone else had acted with Ian Devlin.

Jason warned Ric that if he found out that Ric had had anything to do with Michael's shooting, or if Ric had knowledge of anyone who had, Jason would find Ric and kill him with his bare hands. Ric was visibly shaken when Jason left the warehouse.

Nikolas took Rebecca back to her room at Kelly's. She told him that she would be fine. Nikolas said that he would look in on her the following day. Before he left, she thanked him for his support. Outside her door, Nikolas looked back pensively, while inside her room, Rebecca seemed equally lost in thought.

Maxie was waiting at the penthouse when Jason got home. She told him that Robin needed someone cold and emotionless to listen to her so that she could have a sounding board. She encouraged Jason to be that person for Robin.

Epiphany was tending Robin when Patrick got back. She told Robin how lucky she was to have Patrick, then left them alone. Patrick told Robin that he had called her doctor. Robin resisted treatment, but Patrick was adamant that Robin stop trying to be her own doctor, take the role of patient instead, and follow her psychiatrist's regimen. Patrick told Robin that he loved her and wanted to know that she was safe. He begged her to take the medication that had been prescribed for her. Reluctantly she did.

Carly arrived to see Sonny. As she dismissed Claudia to the kitchen, she told Claudia not to visit Michael again. She accused Claudia of using Michael to suck up to Sonny. Claudia denied it and told Sonny that she had been paying her respects and had been doing so for some time, using the name "Quartermaine."

Carly was not convinced that Claudia was so selfless and insisted that Claudia stay away from Michael. Sonny did not think that Claudia meant any harm, but agreed out of respect for Carly. Carly then told Sonny about the dangers of the surgery. She told him that she did not want to make the decision alone. When she asked Sonny's opinion, he said that he thought that it would be better to wait for new discoveries that might be less risky than to take such a big chance with Michael's life.

Carly accepted Sonny's opinion, and they agreed not to risk Michael's life but to hope for something better in the future. They shared their love for Michael. Then, Sonny told Carly that he was looking into the possibility that someone else besides Ian Devlin had been involved. Carly told him that revenge would not get Michael back.

Claudia listened from the kitchen as Sonny said that it did not matter because one way or the other, he would have justice for Michael.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tracy walked into the Haunted Star and told Ethan she knew he was stealing from the casino. Ethan said he and Luke had an understanding. Whatever Ethan could pocket without Luke knowing, Ethan could keep. Tracy wanted Ethan gone and offered to pay him to leave town, but Ethan couldn't be bought. While Ethan's back was turned, Tracy rummaged through his wallet. When Ethan turned around, he grabbed a paper out of Tracy's hand, and she appeared shocked. They were interrupted when Lucky walked in and demanded to see Ethan's work visa.

Maxie went to Jason's apartment and tried to convince him to visit Robin in the hospital before she was released. Maxie feared Robin wouldn't take her medication or go to therapy once she was out of the hospital. Jason said he couldn't talk to Robin and convince her that therapy and medication were the best choice for her. After his accident, he had undergone therapy and hated it. Maxie told him to quit making excuses to do nothing, and her comments seemed to have an effect on Jason.

Lulu was busy working at Crimson when Dr. Hunter entered asking if Maxie was there. Lulu explained that Maxie was not at work, but Matt wasn't about to leave. He offered to stay until Maxie returned. Lulu was annoyed at first, but she found Matt's interest in Maxie amusing.

When Maxie rushed in, Matt was thrilled to see her. Maxie, however, was not as thrilled to see him. She wanted him gone, but he couldn't leave fast enough. Kate soon walked out of her office and asked the girls to find Johnny. There was a promotional event Maxie and Johnny needed to attend. Lulu claimed not to be able to get in contact with Johnny, but she suggested Dr. Hunter attend the event with Maxie. Maxie was horrified, but Kate seemed to think it was a good idea.

Ethan walked in just as Kate, Maxie, Lulu, and Matt were arguing over who would attend the event for Crimson. Maxie suggested that Ethan accompany her, but Lulu said she had a date with Ethan. That new information shocked everyone, but Kate agreed to send Matt and Maxie off to the promotional event. Maxie stormed out with a happy Matt, and Kate wished Lulu and Ethan a wonderful date.

Once they were alone, Lulu told Ethan she had no plans to go out with him. She had a boyfriend, but Ethan pointed out that she was unable to contact that boyfriend who had recently been attending social events with Lulu's co-worker. Ethan finally resorted to bribery to convince Lulu to hold up her end of the bargain. He threatened to tell Kate that Lulu had lied if she didn't go out with him.

At the hospital, Robin was packing to go home when Patrick stopped in to see her. Robin acted as if nothing had happened and started talking about getting a diaper service. Robin dropped her charade when her therapist walked in, and Patrick reminded her she had an appointment. After seeing how upset Robin was, the therapist left Robin and Patrick alone briefly to talk. Patrick told his wife he just wanted her to get better -- for her sake, his sake, and their daughter's sake. Robin started to become defensive, but Patrick wouldn't allow her to try to change the subject by fighting with him.

Reluctantly, Robin met with the therapist after Patrick had left. Robin told the woman how she had fallen off the docks and Patrick had saved her. She insisted she was fine and even had taken her medication that morning. The therapist was happy with Robin's progress, but she pointed out that postpartum depression wouldn't go away on its own.

Robin disagreed with the therapist and said she had done her own research. The therapist admitted there were all kinds of statistics, but she asked Robin if she really wanted to wait around to find out what category she would fall into. Robin agreed that wasn't the best idea and seemed as if she might continue therapy and medication.

While Robin was with the therapist, Patrick made his rounds at the hospital. Liz noticed he didn't have a lot of sympathy or patience and asked if things still weren't going well with Robin. Patrick admitted he was trying to avoid the situation with his wife. The two friends talked, and Liz tried to help Patrick understand what was going on with Robin. She tried to convince him that Robin would need his help to get through the depression. Patrick told her that he still wondered about the man from Rochester and whether or not Robin was still communicating with him. Patrick just knew Robin had to be confiding in someone, but it sure wasn't her husband.

Jason was on the docks when Robin ran into him after having been released from the hospital. He told her he was still trying to decide whether or not to visit her. Robin confided in him the truth about the previous night. She had actually seen a little girl named Emma who had claimed her mother hadn't wanted her. Robin thought she had hallucinated, and Jason agreed that perhaps her mind had created the child to convince her to seek treatment.

Robin asked Jason if he would take medication for depression, but Jason couldn't answer that question. He didn't have a child relying on him, and his life wasn't falling apart. Robin knew that Jason just wanted her to do whatever was necessary to get better for herself and her daughter. They were hugging when Patrick stumbled upon them.

Carly and Jax met with the doctor who was performing the experimental treatments on patients with conditions similar to Michael's. They asked about the patients who had died, and the doctor explained that they had preexisting conditions that had caused their deaths. Michael did not have those preexisting conditions. The doctor seemed to agree with Patrick's opinion that Michael was not a candidate for the procedure. However, if Carly and Jax did nothing and Michael woke up years down the road, his body could have deteriorated so much that his quality of life would be greatly compromised. Carly was left with the decision to risk her son's life by trying the experimental treatment or risk her son's body not being healthy if he ever woke up on his own.

Jax left to return to work while Carly visited with Michael. She told her unconscious son about what the doctor had said. Carly asked Michael for a sign to help her decide what he would want her to do. Unfortunately, there was no sign for Michael. Carly had hoped he would move a finger, but she told her son it would all be okay. She would figure out what needed to be done.

Jax arrived back at the office, where Olivia greeted him with all the business he had missed. She mentioned there had been several hang-ups on his personal line, but Jax was sure it had been the specialist he and Carly had met with regarding Michael. Olivia asked how the meeting had gone, and Jax told her about the decision Carly had to make. Olivia also asked about Jerry and whether or not Lady Jane knew her son was alive. Jax assured her that Jerry always left the dirty work to Jax, because Jax would sugarcoat the news on Jerry's behalf. Jax wasn't sure how he was going to handle the situation that time, though.

Carly walked into Jax's office at the Metro Court, but no one was there. The phone was ringing, so Carly answered it. After a brief silence, Jerry asked if it was Carly. She knew right away it was Jerry and asked "what the hell" he was doing and where he was. Jerry immediately apologized to Carly, but she didn't know what he was apologizing for. Jax walked in and overheard Carly as she asked Jerry what he was sorry about.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nikolas was waiting for Rebecca on the docks. Rebecca apologized for being late; she had been detained at work. Rebecca revealed that she had received a call from Monica.

Later, Rebecca went to the Quartermaine mansion to visit Monica. Monica knew that Rebecca had been waiting for the results on her breast biopsy. Monica shared her own story about waiting for biopsy results, as well as the days following Monica's breast cancer diagnosis. Monica credited Alan for being supportive and understanding. When Monica began talking about the Wellness Center, where Monica had undergone cancer treatment, she mentioned Emily.

Rebecca divulged that she felt terrible for leaning on Nikolas. Rebecca worried that her crisis had opened deep wounds for him. Monica assured Rebecca that Nikolas was fine. Rebecca appreciated Monica's support and kind words.

Edward and Tracy were surprised when Lulu and Ethan showed up on the Haunted Star during a "date." Tracy immediately put her foot down to Ethan dating Lulu. Lulu reminded Tracy that she didn't have any say in the matter. However, Lulu did put Tracy out of her misery by explaining that they weren't on a real date.

Tracy was pensive as she watched Lulu and Ethan at a nearby gaming table. Edward speculated about Ethan's reasons for being in town. Tracy and Edward agreed that the most likely motivation was revenge. They suspected that Ethan knew he was Luke's son and therefore, he wanted to wreak havoc on Luke's life.

Later, Edward arrived at the Quartermaine mansion. He was pleasantly surprised when he saw Rebecca in the living room with Monica. Edward quickly invited Rebecca to stay for dinner or, if she was interested, longer. Rebecca seemed reluctant to agree to either proposition. She was relieved when Nikolas arrived to pick her up.

Tracy ordered Ethan to start a work shift, since he wasn't on a date. Lulu wanted to know why Tracy had suddenly turned against Ethan. Tracy admitted that Lulu had been correct to accuse Ethan of having an agenda. Tracy was concerned that Ethan could be dangerous for both Luke and Lulu. Lulu didn't seem convinced; she thought Ethan was generally harmless.

Lulu's attention was diverted when Nikolas and Rebecca walked into the Haunted Star. Lulu waited until Nikolas was alone before she approached him. Lulu didn't mince words; she told Nikolas that it was a bad idea for Nikolas to spend time with someone who looked exactly like Emily.

Tracy called Spinelli to ask him to run a background check on Ethan Lovett. Tracy instructed Spinelli to focus on Ethan's parents.

Jax walked into his office while Carly was on the phone with Jerry. Jax immediately took the phone out of Carly's hand. Jax made it clear that he wanted nothing further to do with his brother. Jax demanded that Jerry never contact them again. Jerry assured Jax that he had received the message loud and clear.

Jax admitted that Carly deserved to know the truth. However, Jax didn't tell Carly about Jerry's DVD. Carly refused to let Jax beat himself up because of the things that Jerry had done. Jax realized that Jerry was no longer a bone of contention between him and Carly. Jax promised Carly that he wouldn't have any more contact with Jerry.

Sonny was helping Olivia with something on the wall when Claudia walked in. The sight that had greeted her eyes did not please Claudia. Jealously reared its ugly head; Claudia demanded to know what was going on. Sonny and Olivia shared a few more laughs before Sonny finally explained that they had been straightening out a picture on the wall.

Claudia wasn't pleased with Sonny's answer. Sonny and Olivia were oblivious to Claudia's growing ire. Sonny and Olivia laughed as they reminisced about a similar incident when they had been students in Bensonhurst. Claudia listened to them carry on for a few minutes before she announced that she was leaving. As Claudia stomped out of the room, she told Sonny that she hoped Sonny could spare some time for his wife when Claudia returned.

Olivia raised an eyebrow. She warned Sonny that he was in trouble with his wife. Sonny wondered what was new.

Claudia went to Mercy Hospital to talk to Kelly. Kelly reminded Claudia that patients needed to have an appointment to see her. Claudia countered by reminding Kelly that Sonny had donated millions of dollars to the hospital. Kelly wasn't impressed, but she did ask Claudia what she wanted. Claudia asked how soon a woman could find out if she was pregnant. Kelly explained that a blood test could determine pregnancy seven to ten days after conception.

Kelly offered to set up an appointment for the blood test but warned Claudia that she couldn't secure one immediately. That was not good enough for Claudia. Claudia insisted that she needed to find out if she was pregnant immediately.

Later, Claudia tracked Olivia down to Jax's office. Claudia warned Olivia to stay away from Sonny. Claudia claimed that Sonny's life was with Claudia and that they shared a family together. Olivia's eyes rounded at the mention of family. Olivia laughed at Claudia's audacity to suggest that she shared a family with Sonny. Claudia didn't catch the undercurrent of Olivia's words.

Claudia backed down when Olivia threatened to tell Sonny about Claudia's little visit. Olivia walked to the door, threw it open, and then suggested that Claudia find a place to pray. Olivia promised to make Claudia's life miserable. Finally, Olivia tossed Claudia out of the office.

Carly went to Greystone Manor to talk to Sonny about her consultation with the specialist who had been asked to review Michael's case. Sonny helped Carly to a seat when Carly was hit by a dizzy spell. He offered to get her something to eat, but Carly insisted that she was fine.

When Carly had recovered, she told Sonny the news about Michael. Carly explained that Michael's body would atrophy daily while he remained in a coma.

Claudia arrived home after Carly had left. Sonny told Claudia that Olivia would always be welcomed in his home. Claudia bristled, but wisely kept silent. Claudia changed the subject by asking if she could redecorate the house. Sonny pointed out that Carly knew his tastes and had done a great job. Claudia cajoled Sonny, suggesting she could do better. Claudia used the opportunity to turn the discussion into a seduction.

After Claudia and Sonny made love in Claudia's bedroom, Sonny got dressed. Meanwhile, Claudia lounged in bed. Before he left, Sonny agreed to Claudia's request to redecorate. As soon as Sonny was gone, Claudia pulled a book out of her nightstand.

Later, Sonny returned to the bedroom for a forgotten item. Claudia was on the floor, her feet propped up on the sofa, while she read a book about optimizing pregnancy. Sonny asked Claudia what she was doing.

Olivia asked Jax if he had made a copy of Jerry's DVD. Jax wondered why Olivia wanted to know. Olivia confessed that she'd had an encounter with Claudia earlier that day. Olivia decided that she wanted Sonny to know the truth about Claudia. Olivia felt horrible that Sonny had been tricked into a marriage with the woman who had hurt Michael. Jax didn't have any sympathy for Sonny. Jax's main concern was Carly.

Jax did not want Carly to learn about Claudia's role in Michael's shooting. Jax confided that he intended to track Jerry down to settle the matter once and for all. As Jax prepared to leave, Carly walked into the office. Jax was able to convince Carly that he was leaving town on business.

Carly was left alone in Jax's office. She suffered another bout of dizziness then crumpled to the floor, unconscious.

Liz stepped in when Patrick took his foul mood out on the staff at Mercy Hospital. Patrick admitted that he had seen Robin and Jason together on the pier. Patrick suggested that perhaps Robin and Jason were sleeping together. Liz looked up when she saw Robin walk in.

Robin had not heard the exchange, but she sensed that Liz and Patrick had been talking about her. Robin became defensive and took it out on Liz. Liz reminded Robin that, despite her illness, Robin was responsible for what she said. Before Liz walked away, she advised Robin to seek treatment for her postpartum depression.

Patrick scolded Robin for sniping at Liz. Patrick reminded Robin that Liz had juggled her own busy schedule to take care of Emma when Robin couldn't. Robin admitted that she had taken her anger out on the wrong person. Patrick was whom Robin was truly angry at. Robin claimed that she was doing everything that she was supposed to, but it didn't seem to be enough to please Patrick. Patrick was frustrated because Robin continued to resist treatment. They argued, without resolution, until Patrick stormed off.

Patrick caught up to Liz as she was leaving the hospital. He apologized for what he had said about Robin and Jason. Patrick realized that it had been insensitive, given Liz's feelings for Jason. Liz assured Patrick that she had not been offended. She did confess that it was an image that was difficult for her to forget.

Patrick felt bad because Robin had taken her anger out on Liz. Liz reminded Patrick that Robin had been right; they had been talking about Robin. Patrick confided that he was tired of always arguing with Robin. He admitted that he couldn't remember the last time that he had laughed. Liz lit up; she believed that she knew what could help Patrick smile again.

Kelly ran into Robin in the park. She invited Robin to join her for a yoga class. Robin asked if Patrick had put Kelly up to the invitation. Kelly joked around but then admitted that she hadn't seen Patrick all day. Robin visibly relaxed then began talking about her recent argument with Patrick. Kelly was sympathetic but advised her friend to accept the medication and treatment being offered. She told Robin that she should be grateful that they were available to her.

Later, Robin decided to go to her house. She asked Mercedes to pack Emma's things so that Robin could take her daughter to the park. Mercedes informed Robin that Patrick had picked Emma up earlier and gone to the park. Robin was delighted by the news; she left to join Patrick and Emma.

Patrick sat in the park with Emma. He promised his daughter that he would do what was best for her. A few minutes later, Liz, Jake, and Cameron joined them. Robin walked up while Patrick and Liz played with the children. She left before anyone noticed her.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

At the Haunted Star, Lulu accused Nikolas of being attracted to Rebecca because of Rebecca's resemblance to Emily. Nikolas denied the charge, but Lulu wasn't convinced. Nikolas refused to consider walking away from Rebecca when she might be facing breast cancer.

Elsewhere on the Haunted Star, Tracy was on the phone with Spinelli. Tracy instructed Spinelli to look into Ethan's past. Tracy admitted that she didn't trust Ethan. Tracy ended the call then walked over to the gaming table where Ethan was flirting with Rebecca. Tracy decided to play matchmaker; she suggested Ethan and Rebecca get to know each other better. Rebecca smiled politely but didn't show any romantic interest in Ethan.

Lulu stopped by the gaming table to say goodbye to Tracy and Ethan. Meanwhile, Nikolas resumed his seat next to Rebecca. As Lulu left, Ethan noticed that Tracy was visibly relieved. Ethan asked Tracy why she objected to him dating Lulu.

Rebecca proved to be quite skilled at blackjack. Ethan and Nikolas were impressed with her streak of wins. Tracy approached the table, convinced that there was more to Rebecca than met the eye.

Rebecca didn't flinch at Tracy's accusations. Rebecca sniped back that she resented Tracy staring at her. Tracy informed Rebecca that Tracy was part owner of the Haunted Star. It was Tracy's right, as proprietor, to kick undesirables to the curb. Nikolas demanded that Tracy apologize to Rebecca. Tracy refused to retract a word; Tracy had meant everything she had said.

Nikolas insisted that an insult to Rebecca was an insult to him. Tracy remained unapologetic. Nikolas stood to leave. Tracy didn't stop Nikolas, but she did have some parting words for him. Tracy understood that Nikolas' interest in Rebecca stemmed from her uncanny likeness to Emily. However, Tracy asked Nikolas if he had ever wondered why Rebecca was in Port Charles.

When they were out of earshot from Tracy, Rebecca stopped Nikolas. Rebecca wanted to know if Nikolas had believed anything that Tracy had said. Nikolas assured her that he did not suspect Rebecca of having an agenda.

Ethan wondered why Tracy had chased Nikolas and Rebecca away. He pointed out that Nikolas had been losing a significant amount of money. Tracy explained that she didn't trust Rebecca. She turned to Ethan, looked him in the eye, and then added that she didn't trust Ethan, either.

Tracy asked Ethan why he was interested in Lulu. Ethan countered by asking, "Why wouldn't I be?"

Nikolas walked Rebecca to her door. Rebecca thanked Nikolas for not treating her with pity. Nikolas admitted that he admired Rebecca. As they talked about Rebecca's biopsy, Rebecca invited Nikolas into her room. She appreciated that Nikolas had encouraged her to have the biopsy. Rebecca confessed that she would have delayed the procedure to avoid dealing with the problem.

Nikolas lightened the mood by changing the subject to Rebecca's talent at blackjack. Rebecca suspected that Nikolas had lost on purpose, but Nikolas denied it. Things turned serious when Nikolas leaned in to kiss Rebecca. Rebecca wrapped her arms around Nikolas as she returned the kiss.

In Claudia's bedroom, Sonny asked Claudia why her legs were up in the air. Claudia responded that she was doing yoga. Sonny didn't view Claudia as the yoga type. Claudia insisted that she enjoyed the benefits of yoga: stress relief and flexibility in bed. Claudia assumed another yoga-like position to keep her legs elevated. Sonny found the position odd; he asked her what it was called. Claudia answered that it was called "the pregnant mushroom."

Later, Ric arrived at Greystone Manor to talk to Sonny. Ric smiled when Sonny said that Claudia had stepped out for a while. Sonny didn't appreciate Ric's reaction. Sonny made it clear that he was satisfied with his marriage to Claudia. Ric didn't think Claudia deserved Sonny's trust. However, Ric let the matter drop. Ric wanted to discuss Michael's shooting.

Ric told Sonny about his encounter with Jason in the warehouse. Ric was furious because Jason had held a gun to Ric's head. Ric resented that Jason had accused Ric of being involved in Michael's shooting. Ric suspected that Jason was setting Ric up as a scapegoat. Sonny asked Ric if he had been involved in Michael's shooting. Ric swore on Molly's life that he'd had nothing to do with what had happened to Michael.

Ric warned Sonny that, if Jason continued to pursue the wrong avenue, Sonny would never learn the truth. Sonny asked why Ric had been at the warehouse. Ric seemed offended by the question. Ric explained that he had been there because Michael was Ric's nephew. Ric suggested that Sonny figure the rest out for himself.

While Johnny waited on the piers for Claudia, he thought back to an argument he'd had with Lulu in the aftermath of Michael's shooting. Johnny recalled telling Lulu that everyone involved in the mob lifestyle, including Johnny, had been responsible for what had happened to Michael. Lulu had challenged Johnny to walk away from all of the violence in Johnny's life. Johnny didn't think it was possible to truly escape his father's legacy.

When Claudia joined her brother, Johnny tried to convince Claudia to leave town. Claudia refused to run; she had another plan. Johnny was furious when Claudia told him that she intended to get pregnant with Sonny's child. Claudia was convinced that Sonny would never kill a pregnant woman. Johnny couldn't believe that Claudia would intentionally deliver a child into the kind of life that they had spent their entire lives trying to escape. Johnny walked away from Claudia in disgust.

A short time later, Ric approached Claudia on the docks. Ric admitted that it had grown increasingly difficult for him to keep quiet about Claudia's role in Michael's shooting. Claudia wasn't intimidated by Ric's threat; she'd heard it too often. Ric was undaunted as he pointed out that Sonny would view Ric as a hero if Ric told Sonny the truth. Ric wondered what incentive he had to remain quiet.

Maxie and Matt returned to Crimson after their date. Maxie insisted that the entire evening had been a complete fiasco. Matt disagreed with Maxie's assessment of their date. Kate walked out of her office and congratulated the couple on their success. Kate had received several phone calls praising Maxie's new date.

Lulu walked into the office moments later. Lulu was thrilled when she realized that Kate had been pleased by the reaction to Matt. Lulu encouraged Kate to replace Johnny with Matt. Maxie objected to Lulu's suggestion, but Kate ignored Maxie. To Maxie's horror, Matt offered Maxie a deal. Matt would turn down Kate's job offer in exchange for Maxie's agreement to go out on a real date with Matt.

Maxie reluctantly agreed. Matt declined Kate's job offer then left. Maxie blamed Lulu for Matt's proposition. Lulu was unrepentant; she was tired of Maxie dating Johnny. Maxie snapped back that Maxie wasn't the problem between Lulu and Johnny.

Later, Johnny met Lulu at her apartment. Lulu warned Johnny that Maxie was on the warpath after an argument at work. Johnny confirmed that he had received a call from Maxie, but he had been unable to answer the call because he'd been with Claudia at the time. Lulu was frustrated when Johnny refused to tell her why he had met with Claudia. Johnny told Lulu that if she didn't like his secrecy then she was welcome to walk away.

Lulu was taken aback by Johnny's attitude. She asked him why he seemed determined to end things with her. Lulu wondered if Johnny wanted to break up with Lulu so that he could date Maxie. Johnny remained silent.

Sam went to Jason's apartment to tell him that she would not be going into business with Spinelli. Sam's application had been declined. Sam had passed the test, but she had lacked experience. Jason felt bad for Sam; he realized how disappointed she was.

Bernie and Spinelli joined Sam and Jason. Spinelli admitted that he had gone online to find a solution to their dilemma. Sam feared that Spinelli had engaged in illegal activity again. Spinelli assured Sam that he had merely done some research. During his search, Spinelli had discovered that Bernie was a licensed private investigator. Jason and Sam were surprised by the news. Bernie confirmed that he had once been a P.I.

Spinelli suggested that Bernie open the private investigation business for Spinelli and Sam. Bernie adamantly opposed the idea. Bernie's concern was Spinelli. Bernie worried that Spinelli, a loose cannon, would act impulsively. Sam assured Bernie that she would keep a close eye on Spinelli. Jason went a step further; he guaranteed that Spinelli would remain on his best behavior. Jason promised that there would be no risk to Bernie's reputation if Bernie agreed to open the agency.

To Spinelli and Sam's delight, Bernie finally agreed to help them go into business. Jason thanked Bernie. After Spinelli and Sam left, Bernie revealed that he had news about another matter that Jason had asked Bernie to look into.

Spinelli went to Crimson to share his good news with Maxie. Maxie was too preoccupied with thoughts of revenge to celebrate Spinelli's happy tidings. Maxie insisted that Lulu had fought dirty when Lulu had helped Matt conspire against Maxie. Maxie decided that she would return the favor. Spinelli cautioned Maxie not to act rashly, but Maxie ignored Spinelli's advice. Maxie insisted that Lulu would eventually thank Maxie for putting Lulu out of her misery with Johnny.

Jason went to Greystone Manor to talk to Sonny. Jason told Sonny that he had found proof that Ian Devlin had not acted alone. Sonny asked if Jason had found the people who had paid Ian. Claudia had approached the room, but she stopped in her tracks when she heard Sonny's question.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Tracy met with Spinelli on the docks and asked what information he had for her regarding Ethan. Spinelli was happy to provide his client with an address for Ethan, but Tracy wasn't thrilled with that information. Tracy was looking specifically for information about Ethan's birth, such as if he had been adopted and who his birth parents were. Spinelli had concerns because Tracy was asking for information that would require breaking laws to obtain. Tracy didn't care, though. She wanted as much information as she could find about Ethan.

Just as Spinelli suggested Tracy speak with Ethan about the information she wished to obtain, Ethan appeared on the docks. He was curious as to why Tracy wanted to know so much about him. He asked Spinelli if Tracy had hired him to track down information on Ethan, but Spinelli said he couldn't reveal anything due to client/attorney privilege. Ethan tried to rile Spinelli up by showing him all the tells Spinelli had when he was trying to lie. That flustered Spinelli until finally Tracy excused the young private investigator.

Once Ethan and Tracy were alone, Ethan asked why Tracy was so interested in finding out more about him. Tracy told him she believed that if something seemed too good to be true, it probably was. She didn't trust him, and she aimed to find out what he was hiding.

Nikolas and Rebecca went downstairs after their romp in Rebecca's bedroom and were surprised to see Lucky walking into Kelly's. Rebecca explained that Nikolas was helping pass the time while she waited to hear from the hospital about the biopsy results. Lucky was clearly upset, and he told Nikolas that Nikolas was using Rebecca as a substitute for Emily. Nikolas tried to defend himself, and Rebecca even tried telling Lucky that his brother really was helping her. Lucky was jealous, though, so he didn't want to hear anything that would contradict his belief that Nikolas was pretending Emily was still alive.

After Lucky left, Nikolas and Rebecca sat down to talk, but Rebecca's cell phone soon rang. It was the hospital, and they wanted Rebecca to go there to hear the results from her biopsy. Rebecca said she didn't want to wait and wanted to hear the results over the phone. As she listened, she grabbed Nikolas' hand for support.

Claudia stood outside the den as Jason told Sonny that Bernie had discovered an offshore bank account of Ian Devlin's that had been accessed during the previous few weeks. Money had been deposited after Michael's shooting, and recently someone had been trying to withdraw funds. Spinelli was trying to track down who was accessing the funds, but Jason had his suspicions -- Ric.

As Jason and Sonny talked, Claudia walked in and realized she was interrupting a serious conversation. She apologized and asked if she and Sonny would still be going out for dinner. Sonny agreed to whatever dinner plans she arranged, so Claudia went upstairs to get ready.

Meanwhile, Sonny told Jason that he was worried Jason was blaming Ric just because of their past. Sonny thought Jason was holding a grudge against Ric and blaming him for Michael's shooting while the real perpetrator was getting away. Sonny decided to call Ric and ask him to head over and explain himself.

Ric got the call from Sonny while he was at the Metro Court. He cheerfully said goodbye to Carly on his way out, which made Carly suspicious of his good mood.

Once Ric arrived at his brother's house, Sonny explained Jason's fears that Ric was behind Ian Devlin shooting Michael. Ric told Sonny and Jason that he was not responsible, and he, too, felt that Jason was blaming him because of the grudge Jason held against him. Ric knew who was responsible for Michael's shooting, though. Although he knew Sonny wouldn't like knowing the information, he confessed that Claudia had been the one to arrange the shooting.

At the Metro Court, Carly and Olivia went over house plans and talked about Jax's trip and research into Michael's options. Carly started feeling lightheaded, and Olivia tried to help her by getting her to drink some water. Carly said Jax was always telling her she wasn't taking care of herself, but Olivia knew there had been several recent incidents and wanted Carly to see a doctor.

Olivia and Carly talked about passing out when they had been pregnant in the past, but Carly insisted she could not be pregnant. After her miscarriage the previous year, the doctors had told her she would have difficulty conceiving and carrying a child. She would most likely need fertility drugs just to conceive.

On the other side of town, Johnny was breaking up with Lulu. He tried to let her down easy but decided to be more brutal when Maxie walked in. He told Lulu about kissing Maxie the night of the blizzard and how they'd almost had sex. Maxie tried to defend herself by reminding them both that they had stopped before actually doing the deed. Finally, Johnny said he had been trying to be a better and different person, but he couldn't be, and he was going to stop trying.

After Johnny stormed out of the apartment, Lulu started yelling at Maxie and called her a lying slut. The fight escalated until Maxie also stormed out. She ended up on the docks where Johnny had just met up with his sister. Claudia had summoned Johnny, but he wasn't very happy with her. He thought getting pregnant was the worst thing she could try doing. Claudia had tried to explain that getting pregnant could save her life if Sonny found out she was responsible for Michael's shooting.

Once Claudia was gone and Maxie and Johnny were alone, Maxie tried to talk some sense into Johnny. He told her she wasn't there to convince him to go back to Lulu, though. He thought Maxie had tracked him down because she wanted to be with him. If she didn't leave, Johnny would know she wanted to kiss him. Spinelli walked onto the boardwalk just as Maxie and Johnny passionately kissed.

Tracy showed up at Lulu's apartment and barged right in because the door had not been locked. Lulu had been crying on the couch, and she tried to tell her stepmother that it wasn't a good time. Tracy knew instantly that Johnny and Lulu had broken up, and she tried to tell Lulu that she was better off without Johnny. It seemed like there wasn't much Tracy could say to comfort Lulu, though.

In Ethan's apartment, he left a message for someone and said they needed to talk. The picture Tracy had found in his wallet of Robert Scorpio and Luke, taken many years before, was sitting on the table. When Ethan heard a knock, he walked toward the door and said that it better not be the individual who had agreed not to meet in person. Ethan was shocked to see Lulu at his door, offering to play cards with him. Ethan quickly pulled her inside and asked how she had found him.

At the hospital, Claudia met with Dr. Lee, who said she was having trouble finding Claudia's file. Things would be a lot easier once they moved back to their offices at General Hospital, which was scheduled to happen the very next day.

Claudia really just wanted general information from Dr. Lee, though. She wanted to know how quickly she could get pregnant. She wasn't using birth control and had a very active sex life. Dr. Lee tried to ask questions to get better answers for Claudia, but Claudia didn't want to give out much personal information such as if she had ever been pregnant before.

After having decided a doctor's visit wouldn't hurt, Carly arrived at the hospital to see Dr. Lee, who had managed to fit her into that day's schedule. Carly was shocked to see the doctor sitting in the waiting area with Claudia. Both Claudia and Carly saw each other at the same time, and Carly appeared to hear Dr. Lee as she told Claudia she should have no trouble getting pregnant as soon as possible.

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