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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 23, 2009 on GH
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Monday, March 23, 2009

While Jax waited for Carly to finish her shower, he listened to the DVD that had come with his mail. Jax was stunned to learn that Jerry was still alive and that he had knowledge of Michael's shooting.

Jax listened as Jerry revealed that Claudia Zacchara was the motivating force that sent Ian Devlin, Jerry's partner, to kill Sonny and instead, put Sonny and Carly's son, Michael, in a coma. Jax quickly ejected the DVD and hid it behind a sofa cushion before Carly finished her shower.

When Carly entered the bedroom, she inquired about the voice she had heard from the bathroom. Jax told her that he had been on the phone and it must have been him. He explained his downcast attitude as bad news about a Berlin business deal. Carly noted that he sounded just like Jerry when he got upset.

Carly told Jax how much she loved him and how secure she felt since they trusted each other and they had no secrets from one another. Jax agreed. Carly wanted to make love again, but Jax convinced her to get dressed so that they could go to dinner.

When they returned from their dinner, the mood was much more upbeat. Jax said he had a surprise for Carly and left her to get the gift from the hotel vault. While Jax was gone, Carly found the DVD he had hidden behind the sofa cushion. She was just about to watch it when Jax returned.

Spinelli was disguised as a janitor when Winnifred sneaked him into Rayner's office to upgrade Winnifred's security clearance so that she could enter the remote location where the flash drive, which held the evidence against Spinelli, was stored. They had just gotten started when someone opened Rayner's office door. Winnifred and Spinelli hid under the desk, but Sam, who was disguised as an FBI agent, quickly discovered them. She had gained access by using the credentials that she had stolen from Agent Rayner earlier.

Sam impressed Winnifred and Spinelli with her boldness. Spinelli's repeated attempts to defy the FBI firewall and get Winnifred's security upgrade met with failure. Sam told him that she had a better chance of getting the flash drive than either Winnifred or Spinelli. Spinelli was reluctant to give up, and pleaded with Sam for a little more time to crack the system. Winnifred fretted that they were running out of time and Agent Rayner would soon be back.

As the feds listen in on the bug Jason was wearing, he and Sonny shared chitchat and vague references to business. They did a lot of talking about their South American partners and shipping of product, but never mentioned anything specific.

After barging into Claudia's bedroom, Ric wasted no time in letting her know that he had one of Jerry's DVDs and had listened to it. Claudia wanted to know if Ric planned blackmail, and he referred to it as "creative justice." Ric tried to take the high road by telling her that he was acting on behalf of his nephew, but Claudia soon pricked Rick's ego and he revealed his baser motives.

Claudia offered Ric money to keep quiet, but he told her that he had enough money. What he wanted, he said, was to renew his sexual liaison with Claudia. She said that it was difficult to be passionate with a man who was using blackmailing to bed her. Ric leaned close and whispered that she should think of him as the man who held her life in his hands, then squeezed her derriere, told her to get dressed for the party, and left Claudia alone in her bedroom.

Liz went to Patrick's to watch Emma while he went in search of Robin. Liz fed Emma, and Patrick did research about postpartum depression on the Internet. He told Liz that he was afraid to make the situation with Robin worse.

Liz said that what he was going through with Robin was a lot like what she went through when Lucky was addicted to drugs. She told Patrick that if he did not act honestly with Robin, he would be enabling her behavior instead of helping her get the care she needed.

Liz asked Patrick what he really wanted. He said that he wanted Robin to return home and for them to be a family again. Liz smiled and sent him off to find Robin and get her back home.

Robin and Brad were in her hotel having drinks and flirting. One thing led to another and soon Robin and Brad were sharing a passionate kiss. Things heated up, but Robin called a halt before they went too far. Robin apologized for leading him on, and Brad was very understanding.

Robin was tearful when she said that all her life, she had made careful choices and since that she had everything that she thought she wanted, she realized that all the choices she had made had been wrong.

Brad proved a sympathetic ear and a shoulder to cry on. Robin was very appreciative of his company and support. As he opened the door to leave her room, they shared a long, lingering kiss, which Patrick observed as he approached Robin's room.

Johnny got dressed and made ready to leave the apartment. Lulu wanted to know where he was going. They got into a fight when he said he was going to Sonny's party because Claudia wanted him there. As Maxie walked in, Johnny walked out.

Lulu was angry when Johnny left, but Maxie told her to get a grip and look at it from Johnny's point of view. Lulu wanted to know how Maxie knew Johnny so well. Maxie told her that they talked a lot on the limo drives to the Crimson gigs.

A forlorn Spinelli arrived at the apartment a few minutes later. He worried that he had been unable to secure the evidence that the Feds were hanging over his head. He feared that he would end in jail or on the run. He almost blurted out that Maxie would turn to Johnny, but caught himself just in time-but not quickly enough to douse Lulu's suspicions and demand to know what he meant.

The party at Sonny's was in full swing when Claudia made her entrance in a standout, silver dress. Ric complimented her, but she brushed him off. Ric sidled over to Sonny and Jason. When he questioned Jason's integrity, Jason grabbed him. Ric spilled his drink on Jason and the wire Jason was wearing stopped sending a signal.

Sonny called the party to order and discussed the business of the party. He announced that he had taken back the Corinthos organization and was consolidating. Jason voiced his full support for Sonny and Sonny acknowledged Jason as his number two. Johnny also announced his support for Sonny.

Jason received a phone call from a very angry Rayner. He ordered Jason to make his excuses and meet Rayner's in his office immediately.

Johnny took Claudia aside and wanted to know what was troubling her. When he jumped to the conclusion that Sonny had done something to hurt her, she said no. Johnny wanted the whole story, so Claudia took him away from the crowd to tell him.

When Jason got to Rayner's office, Rayner played a tape for him of a conversation between Sonny and Jason that at first sounded like it was about drugs but turned out to be about coffee. Rayner accused Jason of giving Sonny a heads-up. Then he told Jason that he was widening the search for Spinelli and placing Jason under arrest.

As Sam slid her stolen keycard through the electronic lock for the room that held the evidence against Spinelli, a guard stopped her and demanded to know who she was and what she was doing there.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In Maxie and Lulu's apartment, the two girls ate dinner with Spinelli, who accidentally made a comment about how close Maxie and Johnny were becoming. Maxie tried to cover up Spinelli's mistake, but she was saved when Johnny walked in. Knowing he had come from Sonny's mob party, Lulu lit into him about going back to the mob. However, Lulu thought Johnny would be freed from Maxie and Crimson if he went back to the mob. Lulu and Johnny got into a fight, and she stormed out of the apartment.

Spinelli tried to convince Johnny to run after Lulu, especially since he was worried Johnny and Maxie might sleep together. Johnny was outraged that Maxie had told Spinelli about their night in the garage. Maxie was saved again from explaining the situation when Spinelli was unfortunately arrested.

In his office, Agent Rayner yelled at Jason for revealing the wire to Sonny. Although he had no proof of that, Rayner was sure Jason had tipped Sonny off, because only coffee had been discussed on the tapes. Diane burst into the office and demanded to see the evidence that Rayner claimed to have against Jason and Spinelli. Next, the FBI agents brought Spinelli into Rayner's office in handcuffs. When Jason and Diane saw Spinelli, they both appeared concerned.

Meanwhile, another FBI agent saw Sam in the hallway of the FBI office and wanted to see her security clearance. Winnifred pounced on the situation and told Agent Samuels, a.k.a. Sam, that she needed to get into Winnifred's office immediately. In an effort to distract the other agent, Winnifred asked him to obtain some documents from the Port Charles Police Department. As soon as the coast was clear, Sam slipped into the evidence room and erased the flash drive, making sure not to leave any fingerprints.

Rayner asked an assistant to get the evidence against Spinelli and Jason, but the assistant came back with bad news. A computer worm had compromised the file. Rayner was sure Spinelli was behind the worm, but he just laughed at Spinelli's attempt to destroy the evidence. He said Spinelli's situation had gotten worse because of the worm.

Rayner revealed that a backup had been made on a flash drive, but the assistant said the flash drive was blank. Rayner became enraged and asked for the badge ID of the person who most recently entered the evidence room. He was shocked to learn his ID was the most recent one to be used to enter that room. Jason and Spinelli were free to go.

Back at Sonny's house, the party was just clearing out when Claudia saw Ric and Sonny talking. Ric spotted her and asked her to join them, since he would be giving valuable information to Sonny that affected Claudia. She realized she was being bribed and had no other choice but to give in to Ric's demands. Although Claudia made it clear to both Sonny and his brother that she hated Ric, she said there must be some place for Ric in the organization. Ric was satisfied with Claudia's behavior, and left.

Once they were alone, Sonny asked Claudia what was going on between her and Ric. Claudia insisted nothing was going on, but she had learned from her father to keep friends close and enemies closer. She felt they could use Ric to obtain information by keeping him happy with a menial job. Claudia was able to change the subject by starting to seduce Sonny.

In their honeymoon suite at the Metro Court hotel, Jax quickly stopped Carly from watching Jerry's DVD by bringing out a gift for her. It was a watch to remind them that it was their time. After making love again, Carly left the room for some dessert and Jax was able to finish watching the DVD. Jerry said he knew the information about Claudia and Jerry's role in Michael's shooting would be painful for Jax and Carly. Jerry didn't know what else to do, though. Despite all the promises Jax and Carly had made, Jax decided to keep the information and DVD to himself, at least temporarily.

In Rochester, Patrick watched from the shadows as Robin and Brad spoke at the door of Robin's hotel room. When Brad and Robin kissed, Patrick couldn't watch any longer, and he left. Had he stayed, he would have heard Brad when he told Robin/Nancy goodnight. Brad said that it was obvious there was someone else back home whom Robin/Nancy had feelings for. They both wished each other well in their endeavors and parted ways. Robin closed the door and sat down on her bed, realizing she almost slept with another man.

Patrick drove back to Port Charles where Liz was watching Emma at the Scorpio-Drake home. Liz was surprised Robin didn't come back with Patrick, but he explained that Robin had been kissing another man. Robin didn't see Patrick, and Patrick didn't want Robin or anyone else to know what he had witnessed. Liz tried to console Patrick by reminding him that women who suffered postpartum depression sometimes cheated on their spouses. It was a disease and the patient wasn't aware of what was happening.

Patrick asked how Liz felt when Lucky had cheated on her while he was using drugs, and Liz realized the hurt Patrick was going through. No matter what the cause, cheating still hurt. Patrick wondered if Robin had even told Brad that she was HIV positive.

After Liz left, Patrick walked with Emma and told her he was confused about her mother. Patrick had left the bachelor life for a wife and child after all the grief Robin had given him about his days of chasing women. It was Robin who had the change of heart and was cheating, though. Robin walked through the door as a crying Patrick talked to Emma. After Emma was put to sleep, Patrick told his wife he knew where she had been because Mac had put an APB out on her.

Robin was glad Patrick hadn't come looking for her, because she needed to come back on her own. Robin said she had met a woman at a bar and spent the evening talking to her and making up lies about her life. Robin told Patrick she thought he had been right and she was suffering from postpartum depression. She begged him for his help.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On the docks, Lucky and Nikolas argued about Lucky's friendship with Rebecca. Nikolas couldn't believe that his brother had been flirting with a woman who looked like Nikolas' dead wife. Lucky said that Nikolas was out of line. Lucky reminded Nikolas that Rebecca wasn't Nikolas' wife or girlfriend; she was nothing to Nikolas.

As Liz approached, she caught Rebecca eavesdropping. Liz alerted Lucky and Nikolas to their audience. Rebecca was embarrassed when the brothers turned to look at her. Rebecca explained that she had overheard their argument and decided not to intrude.

Liz asked Lucky and Rebecca why they couldn't understand Nikolas' difficulty accepting Lucky and Rebecca's relationship. Rebecca mumbled an excuse then fled before anyone could stop her. Lucky apologized to Nikolas, but Nikolas brushed it off. Nikolas assured Lucky that everything was fine before Nikolas hurried away.

Later, Nikolas bumped into Rebecca at Mercy Hospital. He assured her that he was there for a General Hospital reconstruction meeting. Rebecca felt terrible that Nikolas felt compelled to justify his comings and goings to her. She apologized to Nikolas for listening in on his earlier argument with Lucky. Rebecca told Nikolas that he didn't need to worry about her relationship with Lucky. Rebecca insisted that she and Lucky were just friends.

Nikolas confided that he wished Rebecca felt as comfortable around him as she did around Lucky. Rebecca believed that the reason she had an easy friendship with Lucky was because Lucky didn't have the same emotional attachment to Emily that Nikolas had. Rebecca suspected that was the reason Lucky didn't have any difficulty accepting Rebecca for who she was.

Nikolas stepped away to answer his cell phone. At the same time, a nurse approached Rebecca to let her know that they were ready to do her mammogram. Nikolas looked up when he heard why Rebecca was at the hospital.

Edward went to the Haunted Star looking for Tracy. He offered Ethan money if Ethan would agree to pass along a message to Tracy. Ethan declined the offer of payment; he said he would be happy to help Edward for free. Edward put his wallet away then searched for a pen and paper to write a note. Meanwhile, Ethan managed to pilfer Edward's wallet. Luke witnessed the theft.

After Edward left, Luke turned to Ethan. He informed Ethan that Edward was Tracy's father. Luke demanded that Ethan return the stolen wallet. While the two argued, Tracy walked in. She wanted Edward's wallet returned to her. Tracy explained that she had talked to Edward when he had realized that his wallet was missing. When she asked Edward to retrace his steps, Tracy knew Ethan had taken the wallet.

Ethan apologized to Tracy. Tracy was pleased by Ethan's ability to grift. She wanted to enlist Ethan's help to run a scam on Edward. Luke tried to talk Tracy out of it. Tracy suspected that Luke was up to something; she didn't believe that Luke had suddenly sprouted a conscience. After Tracy left, Luke warned Ethan that Tracy would cut Ethan out of his share of the booty. Luke suggested that Ethan join forces with Luke to swindle Edward out of his money.

At Greystone Manor, Johnny confessed that he had sensed fear in Claudia during the party. Claudia attributed it to hosting a party for mobsters, but Johnny didn't believe her. He kept prodding until Claudia finally revealed that Ric had found one of Jerry's DVDs. Claudia admitted that it had become a full-time job to keep Sonny from discovering the truth about her role in Michael's shooting.

Johnny was worried about what Ric intended to do with the information. Claudia believed that Ric wanted to use the contents of the DVD to get into her bed. Claudia insisted that she would handle the situation with Ric.

At Kelly's, Sam and Spinelli celebrated Spinelli's freedom from his legal troubles. Spinelli confessed that he had been impressed by Sam's resourcefulness during his ordeal with the FBI. He proposed that he and Sam open a private investigation business. Sam reminded Spinelli that she didn't have her PI license.

While Spinelli tried to persuade Sam to agree to the joint business venture, Winnifred walked into Kelly's. Winnifred was distraught because she had been fired; she was considered a security risk. Spinelli was outraged on Winnifred's behalf. Sam reminded Spinelli that Winnifred had helped Spinelli break into Rayner's office. Spinelli pointed out that Rayner didn't have any proof; he wondered if Alexis could intervene.

Sam told Spinelli that she didn't want her mother to become involved in FBI personnel issues. Winnifred revealed that Alexis couldn't help even if she were inclined to do so. Rayner had warned Winnifred that if she tried to fight her termination, he would order a full-scale investigation into the disappearance of the evidence against Spinelli.

Spinelli made a surprising offer. He invited Winnifred to work for him and Sam. Winnifred beamed with joy while Sam appeared resigned to her fate.

Jason was displeased when he found Ric standing on his doorstep. Ric strolled into Jason's penthouse with an air of confidence. Ric suggested that he and Jason put their personal differences aside in order to band together. Jason scoffed at the idea; he had no interest in working with Ric. Ric warned Jason that Sonny would see Jason's reluctance to work with Ric as a sign of disloyalty. Jason wasn't intimidated by the threat.

Ric's smug attitude led Jason to believe that Ric had leverage on someone. Jason vowed that he would find out what Ric was hiding. He promised to use the information to destroy Ric once and for all. Jason also warned Ric that he would make certain that Sonny never trusted Ric again.

Ric countered that he would plant doubt about Jason in Sonny's mind. Jason's response was to throw Ric out of the penthouse.

Ric went to Rayner's office to strike a deal with the FBI agent. Ric would help Rayner take down Sonny and Jason in exchange for Rayner's promise to turn a blind eye when Ric took over Sonny's organization.

At the Drake residence, Robin announced that she had invited Lainey Winters over to discuss Robin's postpartum depression. Patrick's lack of reaction prompted Robin to ask if that was no longer enough to satisfy Patrick. Patrick apologized for not being nice enough to Robin after she had abandoned him and Emma. Robin understood Patrick's anger. However, she believed that accepting that she had a problem and taking steps to address the PPD should count for something.

Patrick asked Robin if Lainey knew why Robin had invited her over. He wondered if Robin had told Lainey how out of control Robin had been since Emma's birth. Patrick also wanted to know if Robin had done anything that wasn't a result of PPD. Robin seemed confused by the question, but answered that everything she had done had been because of her depression.

When Lainey arrived, she immediately sensed the tension between the Drakes. At Robin's urging, Patrick left without talking to Lainey about Robin's problems. As the two ladies sat down on the sofa, Robin explained that Patrick believed Robin suffered from PPD. Lainey quietly listened as Robin confessed that she needed help.

At Lainey's urging, Robin revealed that, from the beginning, she had not felt a special connection to her daughter. Robin felt overwhelmed, miserable, and incompetent as a mother when she looked at Emma. Lainey asked Robin if she felt like she had made a mistake. The question rattled Robin. Robin stood up, then raced out of the door before Lainey could stop her.

Patrick took a moment to apologize to Matt while they were between rounds at the hospital. Patrick confided to his brother that he was no longer in denial about Robin's PPD. Matt was supportive when Patrick revealed that Robin had decided to turn to Lainey for help.

Later, Lainey talked to Patrick about her visit with Robin. Patrick was disappointed when he learned that Robin had abruptly left the house a few minutes into the visit.

Jason ran into Robin on the pier. Robin was upset after her meeting with Lainey; she ran into Jason's arms. Robin opened up to Jason about her recent troubles. She told Jason that she had left Emma, unattended, at Kelly's for several hours while Robin had dashed off to work. Robin also revealed that she had left town and pretended to be someone else in order to escape her life in Port Charles.

Jason tried to offer words of encouragement; he reminded Robin that Carly had recovered from PPD. Robin believed that it was time for her to accept that she was a terrible mother. She believed that Emma would be better off without Robin. Jason asked Robin if she truly wanted to give up her daughter. Robin welled up with tears as she confessed that she wanted to get better for her daughter's sake.

Patrick asked Liz to keep an eye on Emma. He explained that Robin had walked out during her visit with Lainey. He was furious because Robin had not confessed to being with another man. Patrick wondered why he shouldn't walk away from everything as Robin had done.

Claudia walked into the living room just as Ric slipped through the patio doors. Ric didn't mince words; he wanted Claudia to gather incriminating information on Sonny and Jason. Ric warned Claudia that if she didn't cooperate, he would give Jerry's DVD to Sonny.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ethan was impressed when Luke ushered him into the Quartermaine Mansion. Ethan decided that they had hit the jackpot as he began lining his pockets with purloined items. Luke retrieved the stolen goods. He cautioned the young man that their mission was to steal Edward's money, not strip the house of its valuable possessions.

Luke went over their plans. Luke would distract Edward while Ethan snatched Edward's cell phone. Luke intended to use the phone to gain access to Edward's password so that he could raid Edward's portfolio. Once their mission was accomplished, Luke would slip the phone back to Edward.

Luke and Ethan went to work as soon as Edward walked into the living room. Unfortunately for them, Edward kept a close eye on his phone. Tracy's arrival further complicated matters. Tracy realized that Luke and Ethan were up to something. She proved to be a formidable foe by thwarting all their attempts to steal Edward's phone.

At the Drake residence, Patrick debated walking out on Robin. Liz advised Patrick not to let his jealousy over witnessing a kiss between Robin and another man guide his decisions. They both looked to the door when they heard it open. Robin had returned home.

Patrick told Robin that he knew she had walked out during her visit with Lainey. Robin wanted to talk about it, but Patrick decided that he needed to leave. Robin was hurt when Patrick asked Liz to stay with Emma.

After Patrick left, Robin opened up to Liz. Robin admitted that she understood why Patrick was angry. Liz didn't pull any punches; she pointed out that Robin had an illness, which she chose not to treat. That decision had hurt Robin's family.

Robin revealed that she envied her friend; Liz was able to juggle a career and motherhood as a single woman. Robin wondered how Liz managed it. Liz was quick to point out that she was far from perfect. Liz reminded Robin that Cameron and Jake had different fathers; they had also been exposed to dangerous situations.

Liz likened Robin's postpartum depression to cancer. She urged Robin to seek treatment.

In the lobby of the Metro Court, Olivia scolded Carly and Jax for trashing their honeymoon suite. Carly and Jax smiled with pride; they had no remorse for what they had done. Olivia chuckled as she tactfully changed the subject. Jax tensed when Olivia asked him if he had viewed the DVD that she had given him. Jax downplayed the importance of the DVD to avoid raising Carly's suspicions.

A short time later, Patrick approached Carly. He was eager for Carly's insight into PPD. Carly was happy to answer Patrick's questions when she learned that Robin struggled with the illness. Carly revealed that she first realized something was wrong shortly after Michael's birth. Carly explained that she had believed Michael's arrival would make everything perfect for her, but it hadn't. Carly found herself unable to touch her child following his birth. It led her to feel inadequate as a mother.

Carly credited Jason for helping her to recover. She told Patrick that Jason had taken care of Michael without criticizing Carly. More importantly, Jason had never judged Carly. Carly suggested that Patrick offer Robin the same unconditional support.

Later, Patrick returned home. Liz gathered her things then left. Robin confessed that she was glad Liz had stayed. Robin admitted that she had PPD; she was determined to seek treatment for it. Patrick told Robin that, their problems aside, he loved her and would support Robin every step of the way.

Later, Mercedes arrived to help take care of Emma. Robin was outraged when she realized that Patrick had talked to Carly about Robin's problems.

Jax was in his office, listening to Jerry's DVD, when Olivia walked in. Jax raced to his computer to stop the DVD, but he wasn't fast enough. When Jax saw the shocked look on Olivia's face, Jax realized that Olivia had heard revealing information. Olivia admitted that she had heard Jerry mention a shooting.

Jax decided to trust Olivia with the details of the DVD; he needed her advice. Olivia was stunned to learn that Claudia had recruited Jerry Jacks and Ian Devlin to carry out a hit on Sonny. The assassination attempt had resulted in Michael being shot in the head. Jax wondered if he should tell Carly.

Olivia advised Jax to destroy the DVD. She said that some secrets were meant to remain buried; Claudia's role in Michael's shooting was one of them. Jax was desperate to protect Carly. He feared that if he told Carly about the DVD, she would always be reminded of Jerry's involvement in Michael's shooting every time she looked at Jax. Olivia and Jax were startled when Carly suddenly walked into the office.

Rebecca accepted Nikolas' offer to wait for her while she had a mammogram. Nikolas tried to find out if the test was routine or a follow-up visit, but the nurse refused to disclose the confidential information to him.

When Lucky arrived at the hospital, he pulled Nikolas aside. Lucky demanded to know what was wrong with Rebecca. Lucky was worried that Nikolas had been following Rebecca again. Nikolas explained that Rebecca was at the hospital for a mammogram.

Nikolas pointed out that Rebecca's need for a mammogram was another thing she had in common with Emily. Rebecca walked out while the brothers were talking. Lucky's concern was evident. Nikolas apologized for revealing Rebecca's private information to Lucky. Rebecca assured Nikolas that she was not angry.

After Lucky was called away, on police business, Nikolas offered to take Rebecca home. Rebecca said that she'd been instructed to wait. Moments later a nurse approached Rebecca to inform her that she needed to have another mammogram.

Later, Nikolas stood beside Rebecca as a doctor broke the news that they had found "an area of concern."

Sonny walked into his living room while Ric attempted to blackmail Claudia. Sonny demanded to know what was going on. Claudia decided to call Ric's bluff; she insisted that Ric reveal all to Sonny.

Claudia kept her back to Sonny as she kept her eyes pinned to Ric. Ric appeared on the verge of revealing Claudia's darkest secret, but, as Claudia's eyes filled with tears, Ric changed his mind. He told Sonny that Claudia had stolen a fortune from Anthony before the Zacchara and Corinthos organizations had merged. According to Ric, Claudia had squirreled the money away in the event that Johnny decided to join the organization.

Sonny took the news in stride. Ric walked out while Claudia tried to do damage control. She admitted that she had stolen the money, but insisted that she had taken it for herself. Claudia didn't want to end up penniless.

Claudia suggested that Ric's intention in revealing the secret had been to turn Sonny against Claudia. Sonny waved Claudia's concerns away. After the two shared a brief kiss, Sonny called Bernie. Claudia was stunned when Sonny ordered Bernie to find Johnny; Sonny wanted to talk to his brother in-law.

Claudia walked into her bedroom where she found Ric lounging on her bed. Ric congratulated Claudia on calling his bluff in front of Sonny. However, Ric insisted that it had been a temporary victory for Claudia. Ric had no qualms about revealing the truth to Sonny.

Claudia dared Ric to follow through with his threat, but Ric saw through her bravado. He warned Claudia that her time had run out. He expected Claudia to provide information about Sonny and Jason, which Ric intended to turn over to the FBI.

Claudia accused Ric of being a fool for believing that Agent Rayner would hold up his end of the bargain. Ric didn't seem concerned about the possibility of betrayal. Claudia eventually capitulated. She agreed to help Ric, but begged for more time. Ric refused to grant Claudia's request.

Claudia picked up the phone after Ric sauntered out of her bedroom. She called Dr. Hill to tell him that she was having difficulty sleeping. Claudia wanted the doctor to prescribe her some sleeping pills.

Ric warned Sonny that an upcoming meeting with a mobster was actually an ambush. The mobster intended to kill Sonny. Sonny was dubious, but he decided to err on the side of caution. A short time later, Sonny received confirmation of Ric's claims. Sonny appointed Ric his new liaison with the Zacchara organization.

After Claudia picked up her prescription, she left Ric a voicemail message. She promised to do as he asked and more.

Friday, March 27, 2009

After a routine physical prompted a mammogram, Rebecca was soon in Radiology at Mercy Hospital for an ultrasound. She tried to make small talk with the radiologist by telling him she had been hired at General Hospital before the fire. The man wasn't very interested in talking to her, though. She asked why he was performing the ultrasound when a lowly technician would usually perform such a task. The radiologist explained he was the only one available, but Rebecca became sidetracked by a dark mass on the ultrasound machine.

The radiologist insisted Rebecca lay still and be quiet. After the test was finished, Rebecca asked when she could expect to see the results. The radiologist showed no empathy and said she should know the answer to that, since she was in the business.

Meanwhile, Nikolas sat out in the waiting room worrying about Rebecca. Monica saw him and worried that something was wrong with Spencer. Nikolas explained what was going on with Rebecca, and Monica was shocked that the woman who looked so much like Emily could also possibly have breast cancer, just as Emily had.

After Nikolas prodded for more information, Monica told him about her time with Paige, Emily's mother. Monica was sure that Emily had no other living relatives. Paige was very concerned that Emily would be left all alone after Paige's death. Nikolas admitted defeat and decided Emily and Rebecca's similarities were just coincidences.

After Monica left, Nikolas seemed to have a connection with Rebecca as he became more worried. Rebecca was also worried, and she stopped for a brief cry before leaving the exam room. She met up with Nikolas out in the waiting area and told him she had to have a biopsy.

At the Drake/Scorpio household, Patrick and Robin got into a huge fight over Robin's postpartum depression. Patrick revealed he had asked Carly for advice, but this information only fueled Robin's temper. She stormed out of the house, and Patrick told her to say hi to her friends in Rochester for him.

Jason walked into Sonny's house and was surprised to see Ric and his brother actually getting along. Ric had saved his brother's life and proven they could trust each other again. Jason was shocked, but Sonny revealed the truth as soon as Ric left. Sonny told Jason he was going by the motto, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

Meanwhile, Claudia had been upstairs emptying pill vials into a decanter of liquor. She came downstairs and tried to be friendly to Jason, but he just walked away without saying a word. Claudia was upset, but Sonny changed the subject to his brother. He wasn't sure of Claudia's relationship with Ric. One minute she hated him, and the next minute she wanted to hire him into their business. Claudia explained that Ric could be used to get information. Once he was of no use to them, he could be terminated, literally.

Jason walked down to the docks and saw Robin just as she dropped everything she had been carrying. He asked if she was okay, but Robin admitted she was not okay. She was suffering from postpartum depression. Jason tried to counsel his friend, and he knew from first-hand experience that it was painful to love someone who was suffering from the disease. Jason assured Robin that Patrick loved her and was just trying to help.

Sonny soon left to visit Patrick and find out if Michael had experienced any improvements. Patrick said he would try to visit Michael during the evening, but he wasn't expecting any change. Sonny noticed Patrick was stressed, so Patrick gave Sonny the synopsis on his problems with Robin. Sonny understood why Patrick would think Carly could help, but Carly and Robin hated each other. Sonny was sure Robin and Patrick would figure out a way to get Robin the help she needed-and save their marriage.

Patrick decided to go find his wife and apologize. He found her on the docks where she told him she had confided in Jason. Patrick wasn't upset, though, and thought communication was key to saving their marriage.

After Sonny left, Claudia was alone until Ric showed up. She had left a voicemail for him saying she had incriminating evidence against Sonny, but Claudia said it had turned out to be nothing. Ric was upset, but he decided to forgive Claudia if she took him to bed. They went upstairs where Ric demanded Claudia pour him a drink. Claudia was very generous and poured Ric a glass full of the tainted liquor.

In and out of the bed, Ric continued to drink until he became drowsy. Still not suspecting anything, he mentioned that he couldn't be killed unless Claudia wanted the truth revealed to Sonny about Michael's shooting. Upon Ric's death, he had arranged to have one of Jerry's DVDs delivered to Sonny. Claudia soon realized she was in trouble, but the situation became even worse when Sonny came home.

Carly walked into Jax's office and demanded to know why Olivia and Jax were meeting without her. Olivia made herself scarce when a shocked Carly saw the picture of Jerry on Jax's computer. Jax told his wife that Jerry was alive and had sent him an email. Carly wasn't sure how to feel, but she knew Jerry had to have an agenda. She was also angry on Jane's behalf, since the poor mother had been grieving for months. Carly wanted to see the email for herself, but Jax made excuses and said he didn't want her involved with Jerry's nonsense.

Later, Jax went to see Michael at the long-term care facility. He told his unconscious stepson that he couldn't tell Carly the truth because he was scared of losing her.

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