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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 2, 2009 on GH
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Monday, February 2, 2009

On the Haunted Star, Luke got the drop on Ethan Lovett, the new Aussie in town. Ethan had his hands on Luke's stash and Luke had his fingers on the trigger of a shotgun. Ethan wanted to know if Luke was going to turn him in, but Luke said he did not have anything to do with the police.

What Luke wanted was answers, but he did not get many. Luke recognized Ethan as a kindred spirit when they played a few hands of cards and simultaneously caught each other with an ace up the sleeve.

Luke offered Ethan a job as the house shill, but Ethan said no thanks. Luke warned Ethan to stay away from the Haunted Star and to refrain from fleecing the customers unless Luke got a cut.

Things were tense in the General Hospital boardroom. Claudia tried to warn Sonny about Anthony's plot against him, but collapsed before she could. As she was wheeled out to ICU, Anthony let Ric know he was very displeased because Ric had told Claudia his plans. He told Ric that if Claudia spilled the beans to Sonny about Kate's shooting at Anthony's hands, then Ric would pay the price for both sets of loose lips.

Anthony pretended that he was worried about Claudia's condition, but Sonny told Anthony that he knew that Anthony was more worried about what Claudia had told him than he was about Claudia.

Sam and Jason stood in the hospital lobby waiting for help to arrive when Jax tapped on the window. Jax tried to get in the hospital, but Jason and Sam explained that the FBI had quarantined it. Jax asked about Carly and learned about the crisis in the boardroom.

A person dressed in a biohazard suit entered the Operating Room and removed one of the spheres containing the deadly biotoxin.

Johnny and Maxie were trapped in an old abandoned garage. They bonded as they drank beer and discussed their dreams. Maxie complained about the rundown garage, but Johnny saw it as an opportunity to create a special place for custom car owners to take their special vehicles.

Johnny shared his desire to own and operate a custom car repair service. Maxie encouraged his dreams and shared her own. They realized that they had a lot more in common than they thought, especially when Maxie voiced her fear of ruining her relationship to Spinelli. Johnny acknowledged the same fears about his relationship with Lulu.

Mac was on the phone trying to get answers from the Feds when Lucky walked in. Mac brought Lucky up to speed on the situation at GH and told him that Liz was in ICU in critical condition. Jax arrived and offered all his resources to help evacuate the hospital. Mac said thanks and Lucky rushed off to GH.

Liz woke up in ICU and Epiphany was standing by. Epiphany outlined what had happened. Liz tried to talk, but Epiphany told her to keep the breathing mask on and to go back to sleep. Jason waited outside the room. Epiphany came out and told him that Liz's condition was critical.

Ric Nadine, Tracy, and Edward waited with Sonny, Anthony, and Carly in the boardroom. Tracy blamed everything on Carly, and Edward blamed Sonny. Anthony thought he should be the next to be evacuated from the room because he was in a wheelchair. The doctors agreed, and Anthony was the next to leave.

Patrick checked on Matt and Leyla, who was still unconscious. Matt was awake, so Patrick told him what had happened. Matt felt responsible because it was "his" surgical team. Patrick said that by Matt's reasoning, Patrick would be at fault, because originally, Patrick, not Matt, was supposed to perform the surgery.

Patrick told Matt that as his brother and his doctor, Patrick would make sure that he pulled through.

Lulu, Spinelli, and Sam were standing around in the lobby trying to figure out what more they could do to help when Lucky came in. Both Lulu and Sam were astounded that he had broken the quarantine to get to Liz.

Jason passed Claudia as she was being wheeled to ICU. She tried to warn him about Anthony's plans, but fainted before she could tell him that Anthony had shot Kate.

Sonny and Carly were the only ones left in the boardroom after Ric left for decontamination. Sonny told Carly that she was rock-steady in a crisis and that was one of the things he admired about her. Before he could say more, the phone rang. It was Jax for Carly. He told her that he had come back, because he did not want to let her down again.

Carly was thrilled. Even though Jax had to wait outside the hospital, Carly told him that it was enough that he was there for her.

When Jason joined Sam, Spinelli, Lucky, and Lulu, Lucky immediately demanded to know where Liz was. As soon as Jason told him that she was in ICU, Lucky left to see her. Jason and Sam speculated that Earl Bragg might have had an accomplice, and decided to check that the biotoxin spheres were still in OR where Patrick had left them.

Lulu and Spinelli had speculations of their own and surmised that Jason and Sam's real concern was Lucky's obvious love and devotion for Liz.

Liz woke up when Lucky entered her room. She told him that he should be there, but he said there was no place else he belonged, except by her side. He told her that he would not leave her alone, and that together they would beat the poison.

Leyla woke up, but Patrick told her to rest. She took off her mask and told Patrick that she was really glad that he was happy, and she wished him the best, especially since she had found her own happiness.

Patrick thanked her and put the breathing mask back over her mouth and nose. A few moments later, Leyla coughed, then coded. Patrick called for a crash cart and started doing CPR, while Matt struggled to get out of bed to help.

After finishing his decontamination, Anthony found out that Claudia was in ICU 2. When the nurse left him alone, he wheeled himself to Claudia's room. Even though Claudia was unconscious, Anthony explained that he was going to kill her because business was more important than family. He told her that things might have been different if she had come to him and told him that Ric had betrayed him, but Claudia had gone to Sonny instead.

Jason and Sam examined the OR through the viewing window. Jason noticed that one of the remaining four spheres was missing. Sam declared that the situation had just gotten a whole lot worse.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sam discovered that one of the toxic spheres was missing from the operating room. She found Spinelli in the waiting area and told him the latest news. Jason was looking for a biohazard suit so he could enter the operating room. Spinelli and Sam decided they needed to inform the FBI of the situation. Spinelli dialed the phone and Winnifred answered. Spinelli quickly filled her in on the situation and asked if the FBI had any information about any possible accomplices Earl Bragg could have been working with.

Anthony spoke to an unconscious Claudia in her hospital room. He wasn't about to let her recover and tell everyone how he had shot Kate. Anthony prepared to perforate Claudia's oxygen tube, but Sonny walked in and asked what Anthony was doing. Sonny wasn't fooled when Anthony acted like father of the year to Claudia. Anthony tried to convince Sonny to go find Kate and leave Anthony alone with his daughter. Sonny wanted to stay with his wife until she recovered. Claudia had been brave enough to block off the vents in the boardroom, so Sonny felt he owed it to Claudia to sit with her and protect her from Anthony. Claudia's father decided it was a battle not worth fighting, so he left Sonny alone with Claudia.

Nadine came in to change Claudia's I.V. and asked Sonny if he could step out of the room briefly. Once Sonny was gone, Nadine realized she needed additional supplies and also left the room. Anthony took advantage of the situation and wheeled himself into Claudia's hospital room and shut the door. Anthony stood up, grabbed a pillow, and said he was going to have to make Claudia's death quick.

Suddenly, Trevor walked in and found Anthony standing over Claudia, preparing to suffocate his daughter. Trevor was shocked, but Anthony was shocked even more. Everyone else who had collapsed from the toxins was still unconscious. Anthony couldn't figure out how Trevor had healed so quickly. Trevor revealed that he had faked the illness just to get out of the boardroom. He wasn't as good of an actor as Anthony apparently was, though. Anthony tried to change the subject and said he needed Trevor's help dealing with his lying bitch of a daughter. Meanwhile, Claudia was waking up and desperately trying to use the call button for a nurse. Trevor pushed Anthony back into his wheelchair just as Nadine returned to the room. Nadine asked both men to leave so she could examine Claudia. The first thing Claudia did was ask for her husband, and Sonny was walking in just at that moment.

Ethan walked into a bar and found his girlfriend sitting on Luke's lap. Luke had offered the girl ten dollars to sit on his lap. Ethan offered his girlfriend twenty dollars to get off Luke's lap. Once the girl was gone, Luke and Ethan talked about a potential business deal. They both recognized how much alike they were. Luke was concerned with the money Ethan stole from him, though. Ethan finally gave most of the money back, but Luke wasn't content until he received it all back. Ethan didn't have the missing money and asked for some empathy. He promised he would pay Luke back. Ethan didn't think Luke needed the money, since he owned his own casino, married a rich woman, and obviously didn't have his own children. Luke laughed at his last comment.

In the ICU, Leyla's heart stopped and Patrick immediately started administering CPR. Other nurses, including Epiphany, came into the room to assist. They tried multiple times to shock Leyla's heart, but finally Patrick had to admit defeat, and declared Leyla dead.

Back at the nurse's station, Epiphany showed a picture of a young man to Patrick. Leyla had asked Epiphany to retrieve it from her locker. The picture was of Leyla's fiancÚ. Leyla had intended to marry the man during the upcoming summer. Later, the very man in the picture approached Patrick. He acknowledged there was a crisis going on. Patrick stopped the man from continuing when he realized the man was Leyla's fiancÚ. The man said he had paged Leyla, but she hadn't called him back yet. Patrick had the unfortunate task of telling the man that Leyla had passed away only moments before. Sam walked over and helped the man to a private sitting area so he could grieve. Then, she walked back to speak with Patrick and Sonny about the toxins. Sonny wanted an update on what was going on, and Sam revealed to both men that one of the toxic spheres from the operating room was missing. Patrick told them that the outer shell of the spheres had been severely compromised. More people could die.

Nikolas finally tracked down Nadine and apologized for leaving her in the boardroom. Nadine wasn't bothered by the crisis, though. She had been scrubbed down and was feeling no ill effects from the poison. Rebecca, Emily's look-a-like, walked past as Nikolas and Nadine talked. Nadine noticed Nikolas was distracted and asked if he was okay. He lied and said he had just been worried about her.

Later, Lulu found Nikolas in the halls of the hospital and asked what was going on. Nikolas explained that he had seen a girl looking exactly like Emily. Lulu didn't seem upset at first and said Nikolas must have just seen her from a distance. Besides, other people would have said something. Emily was an employee of the hospital when she was alive, so other co-workers would surely notice if someone resembling her were roaming the halls. Nikolas noticed Lulu was distracted, and Lulu revealed that she and Johnny had a terrible fight. Nikolas didn't think Lulu should worry too much yet, though. The storm was causing some problems with cell phone signals, so Johnny might just be unable to call.

Olivia sat by Kate's bedside and filled her cousin in on the details from the evening once Kate awoke. Olivia was in tears over the thought of something happening to Kate, and wanted Kate to keep the oxygen mask on and rest. Kate was concerned about the DVD from her purse, though. She wanted Olivia to go back to the boardroom and retrieve Kate's purse. Olivia explained that the boardroom was off-limits, but Kate was insistent that the purse be obtained. The DVD contained information that would mean the difference between life and death. Kate wouldn't reveal what was on the DVD, though. Finally, Olivia agreed to try to get the purse.

Olivia left Kate's room and ran into Sonny in the hall. He asked how Kate was doing, and Olivia said Kate was getting back to her normal self by bossing people around already. Sonny wasn't happy, because, once again, Kate was injured while Sonny got off scot-free.

Olivia went back into Kate's room after trying to locate Kate's purse from the boardroom. She'd had no luck. Everything from the boardroom had been boxed up to be burned later. Kate was very distraught when Olivia told her the news. She had to get her hands on that DVD.

Maxie and Johnny bonded in the garage over their past and how Spinelli and Lulu thought Maxie and Johnny were perfect. Spinelli always acted as if Maxie could do no wrong, and Johnny felt Lulu acted the same way. Maxie said everyone in her life seemed to leave her, either by choice or by dying. She was just sure that she would do something to cause Spinelli to leave her. Johnny laughed and asked if she meant something like sleep with him, Johnny. Maxie said yes, that was just the sort of thing Maxie would do to ruin her friendship with Spinelli. Suddenly, both Maxie and Johnny stopped talking and sat in awkward silence. They talked about the lives they would ruin if they slept together. Finally, both Maxie and Johnny decided to do what felt good and pay the price later.

Robin stood over Emma's crib and wondered aloud why the little girl was crying. Robin told her daughter she loved her but didn't know what to do to make her happy. She thought maybe Emma wasn't feeling well and put her hand to Emma's forehead. Robin realized Emma was burning up with fever. Initially, Robin wasn't concerned. She was going to give Emma medicine to bring down the fever and everything would be okay. However, once Robin took her little girl's temperature, she realized the fever was too high for simple medication. She bundled Emma up and prepared to make the trip to the hospital after leaving a voicemail for Patrick.

Patrick talked to Spinelli and Sam about Earl Bragg and the toxins. Suddenly, he decided to check his voicemail, since he hadn't heard from Robin. He listened to the message about Emma having a fever, and Patrick told Spinelli and Sam that Robin was headed to General Hospital.

As soon as Claudia and Sonny were alone in her hospital room, she told him that her father had just tried to kill her so she wouldn't tell Sonny her secret. Claudia admitted that her father wasn't paralyzed and he had been the one who shot Kate on the day of Kate and Sonny's wedding.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

At General Hospital, the biotoxin crisis continued. Patrick was in the Emergency Room with Epiphany. He was trying to reach Robin. Epiphany was organizing the workforce. Spinelli, Jason, and Sam were also there trying to figure out who took the biotoxin from the Operating Room.

Despite Epiphany's assurances to Patrick that Robin was a doctor and would know what to do for Emma, Patrick became frustrated when he could not contact Robin. Jason took Patrick aside and told him to focus. Sam got on the horn to Mac and he said he would send a car out to Robin's house. Patrick was momentarily mollified and returned his attention to the crisis.

As Emma's tears continued, Robin made several wrong turns and got lost in the blizzard. Before she could find her way again, the car stalled and would not restart. When Emma's cries got louder, Robin decided to look for a nearby house. Robin bundled Emma up, and then abandoned the car.

Johnny and Maxie kissed each other as passionately as they could, but neither really wanted to have sex with the other. Johnny was the first to halt the action, but Maxie was in complete agreement. Both admitted that having sex together would wreck their respective relationships to Lulu and Spinelli. Neither was sure that they were ready for such an irrevocable action

Maxie worried that she would eventually lose Spinelli. She thought it would be better to end her relationship on her timetable rather than have Spinelli walk out later. On the other hand, she reasoned that having sex with Johnny would hurt Spinelli a lot more than she wanted. She also did not want to hurt Lulu. She said it was because she did not want to break in a new roommate.

Johnny wanted to know why Maxie could not admit that she was really a good and caring person. Maxie listed the mean things she had done to other people, but Johnny pointed out the good. Maxie thanked Johnnie, and advised him to be honest with Lulu, rather than wait for the truth to come out, which, Maxie said, it always did. Johnny acknowledged the honesty of Maxie's advice, but decided to keep mum about his dark secret for a while longer.

Lulu was on pins and needles because Johnny was not responding to her calls. She imagined that all kinds of terrible things had happened. Just as she was about to attempt to escape quarantine to look for him, Carly found her and told Lulu just how serious the situation was. She told Lulu that even if she could dodge the police snipers, she was jeopardizing many more lives if she left the hospital and let the biotoxin escape.

Carly encouraged Lulu to throw herself into hospital work. Carly told her it would help keep her mind off Johnny. Carly dragged a reluctant Lulu off to find Epiphany.

Liz woke up and found Lucky at her bedside. Lucky was thrilled that she was awake and talking. They reminisced about happy memories from their life together. Lucky vowed his devotion to Liz and she responded. Jason observed their love for each other as he watched from outside.

Jax was in the Port Charles Police Department mobile command post trying to reach one of his state's senators when Agent Rayner walked in. He brought Jax up to speed on the biotoxin and the missing sphere. He warned Jax that anyone trying to break out of quarantine would be shot.

Edward was at Monica's bedside when Tracy walked in and started berating him. Their loud argument appeared to wake Monica, who asked them to keep it down. Edward was overjoyed and quickly told her about the poison and the quarantine.

Jason stopped in to check on Monica. She wanted to know if he had anything to do with the poison. He assured her that he was not involved and that he would never do anything that would cause harm to innocents. Monica was relieved to hear it, and proud when Jason said that he was working with the FBI to resolve the situation.

Jax was alone when Alexis entered the command post. She wanted to go after Equinox Corporation, which had violated several laws when the biotoxin crossed state lines. Jax said that he had returned to Port Charles because he did not want to let Carly down again. He told Alexis that even though he had been headed for Hong Kong, he had turned his plane around and had been fortunate to be the last to land before the airport closed.

Spinelli and Sam watched surveillance tapes hoping to get a clue as to who might have taken the sphere of biotoxin. Spinelli worried about Maxie, but Sam told him to have faith. Sam said that Maxie was resourceful and would be okay.

Sam also told Spinelli that he reminded her of her brother. Spinelli was flattered. Sam decided that Spinelli needed an orange soda and he agreed. Sam went in search of vending machines while Spinelli continued to scan the surveillance tapes.

Carly and Lulu found Epiphany in the hall with Patrick. Epiphany was delighted to have help and gave Lulu enough work to keep her very busy. Carly planned to help, but Patrick waylaid her before she could follow Lulu and Epiphany.

Patrick told Carly about the missing sphere of biotoxin. He wanted to know if anyone in the boardroom might have taken it. Carly did not have any answers, but promised to keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

Liz and Lucky continued their heartfelt stroll down memory lane. Sam watched them bond through the observation window. Their deep and abiding love for one another was obvious. When Lucky told Liz to rest, he also told her that he would be there when she woke up. Liz was all smiles when she said that she knew that he would.

Back at the nurses' station, Patrick was on the phone with Agent Rayner, who was demanding that Patrick find the missing sphere. Patrick demanded that someone find his missing wife and child before he slammed down the phone.

Jason found Carly and told her how much he appreciated that she had been able to keep everyone from panicking when they had been trapped in the boardroom. She said that she was glad to help.

Lulu wheeled her snack cart up to Spinelli and offered him an orange soda. They commiserated with each other about the missing Maxie and Johnny. Carly joined them. When the phone rang, Spinelli rushed over, hoping it was word about Maxie. It was Jax for Carly.

Jax told Carly that he was looking for a way in, but she told him it was too dangerous inside. She said she was very glad that he was outside waiting for her and that he was there for Morgan.

Johnny decided that he had to find Lulu and apologize. He started looking for tire chains so that he could drive to the hospital. Maxie said that she had always known that Lulu loved Johnny, but she had realized that Johnny loved Lulu. Before leaving the garage, Johnny and Maxie agreed to forget what had almost happened between them.

Jason and Sam stopped a deliveryman from breaking through the front door and leaving the hospital. When they explained the situation and said that the FBI would shoot anyone who tried to exit, the man pulled a gun and held it on Jason. He said he intended to use Jason as a hostage to get out. He told Sam that he would shoot Jason unless she smashed through the door.

Sam pulled a gun of her own, but hesitated to shoot. Despite Jason's order for her to fire, Sam tried to talk the deliveryman into surrendering. Jason told Sam to kill the guy or he would. When it seemed that Sam would not shoot, Jason took action and grabbed the gun. Just as he moved, Sam fired. She shot Jason, who was incredulous when he cried, "You shot me!"

Emma's carryall became too heavy for Robin to handle, so she tucked Emma under her coat and left it. Robin was still lost as she and Emma began to trudge through the knee-deep snow.

Tracy confronted Patrick in the hallway and started lambasting him. She collapsed before finishing her tirade.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Robin had difficulty trekking through the woods, with Emma in her arms, as she tried to search for help in the blizzard.

Johnny and Maxie drove into town, after leaving the abandoned garage. Johnny wanted to know where Maxie wanted to be dropped off. When Maxie suggested the apartment, Johnny told her that he didn't think it would be a good idea. Maxie realized that he was probably right; it would be a disaster for them to be alone, in the apartment, after their brief, but passionate, encounter.

Maxie admitted that she felt guilty even though they had only shared two kisses. She focused on the fact that they didn't have sex, but it didn't seem to help much. Johnny tried to ease Maxie's conscience by taking full responsibility for the kisses, but Maxie wouldn't let him. She told him that they were equally responsible for what had happened in the garage. She took comfort in reminding Johnny, and herself, that they were determined not to act on their mutual attraction for each other.

As they were driving, Maxie and Johnny spotted a stranded minivan on the side of the road. They pulled over to see if the driver needed help. As soon as Maxie approached the van, she realized that it was Robin's vehicle. Worried that something had happened to her cousin, Maxie set out to search for Robin. Johnny thought it was a bad idea because of the heavy snowfall. He offered to look for Robin himself if Maxie agreed to stay behind, but Maxie stubbornly refused. Realizing that it was pointless to argue, Johnny led the way into the woods. Their search proved difficult. At one point, Johnny decided that they should return to their car. He feared for their own welfare as the storm continued to bear down on them.

Maxie wouldn't give up. She was prepared to forge ahead without Johnny when she suddenly spotted something in the snow. Johnny went to check. Their hopes plunged when Johnny uncovered Emma's empty carrier. Fueled by fear, Maxie and Johnny searched the nearby area until they stumbled on Robin. She had collapsed in the snow. When Maxie helped Robin to sit up, Emma was nowhere to be seen. Maxie asked her cousin where Emma was, but Robin seemed confused. She didn't seem to know where Emma was.

At General Hospital, Jason couldn't believe that Sam had shot him in the arm. Sam defended herself; she told Jason that she had aimed for the deliveryman's shoulder but unfortunately Jason had jumped in the path of the bullet at the last moment. Meanwhile, the deliveryman took off, unnoticed, while Jason and Sam continued to argue about whether or not Sam could properly shoot a gun.

Eventually, Jason made his way to an exam room where Epiphany patched him up. When Sam walked into the room to check on Jason, Epiphany asked her to keep Jason and his mobster cohorts out of further trouble. Shortly after Epiphany left, Spinelli barged in. He was agitated because of something that he had learned about Equinox Corporation.

Nikolas stopped by Liz's room to check on her. When he saw Lucky standing in the room, Lucky explained how he came to be in the hospital. They then began making plans for small get-together after the crisis had passed. They decided to celebrate by going to Kelly's after it was rebuilt. They wanted to have a private party with just the three of them. Lucky was a little surprised; he wondered why Nikolas had not included Nadine on the guest list. Nikolas said their small parties at Kelly's were something that they had shared with Emily. He didn't want Nadine to feel pressured by that.

As Nikolas, Lucky, and Liz discussed their party plans, Rebecca Shaw was seen standing outside Liz's room as she talked to a nurse. No one inside the room noticed her. Moments before Nikolas turned to leave, Rebecca stepped away. She had rounded the corner just as Nikolas walked out of the room.

Sometime later, Nikolas returned to Liz's room. He wanted to give his brother a break from his bedside vigil. Lucky declined the offer. He was content to sit and stare at Liz while she slept. Lucky found comfort in memorizing Liz's face. Nikolas understood his brother's desire. He admitted he felt the same way about pictures of Emily, and had even imagined that he had seen her earlier that day.

Patrick was on hand when Tracy collapsed, the latest victim of the deadly toxin. With Carly's assistance, help arrived to whisk Tracy off to ICU. Afterwards, Carly went to find Edward. She located him in one of the hospital's waiting areas. She sat down next to him then gently broke the news about Tracy. The news upset Edward greatly. He admitted that he was afraid. He had lost Lila, Justice, Alan, Emily, and Michael, and had nearly lost Monica. He couldn't take losing his last remaining child, Tracy.

Edward made his way to Tracy's room. He sat down and began talking to his daughter as she rested. He told her that he loved her and was proud of her. Tracy stirred upon hearing her father's touching words. She warned him that he was going to make her sick. Edward chuckled, comforted by Tracy's spunk.

Patrick updated Agent Rayner on the situation at the hospital. Patrick was frustrated with Rayner's inability to provide crucial information, which might help Patrick treat the critically ill patients felled by the biotoxin. Rayner was sympathetic, but his hands were tied. He insisted that his FBI superiors had stymied all his efforts to gather medical information to help Patrick. The only thing that Rayner could do to help the hospital was to arrange to have the biotoxin spheres removed.

When Patrick ended the call, Jason, Sam, and Spinelli asked for an update. When Spinelli learned that the FBI would arrive with a team to extract the biotoxin, he became upset. He was convinced that the Equinox Corporation was behind everything. Spinelli begged Patrick to keep the biotoxin from falling into Equinox's hands. Patrick told Spinelli that he didn't have the authority to stop the FBI from entering the hospital. He reminded Spinelli that his priority was treating the patients who had been affected by the deadly poison. Spinelli wasn't satisfied with Patrick's answer, so he appealed to Jason for help. Jason told Spinelli that Patrick had made his decision; he warned Spinelli to stay out the FBI's way.

As Patrick and Jason walked away, Sam lingered behind to talk to Spinelli. She beseeched Spinelli to respect Jason's wishes, but Spinelli was undeterred. Later, when Winnifred arrived with a team to extract the biotoxin, Spinelli managed to obtain a HAZMAT suit. He snuck into the operating room as Winnifred instructed the team to collect the spheres. She was stunned when she looked up and immediately recognized Spinelli.

Claudia spilled all Anthony's secrets to Sonny. She told him that Anthony had faked his paralysis and shot Kate so that Sonny would be forced to turn to Anthony for help. Sonny wanted to know what Anthony stood to gain by his nefarious deeds. Claudia explained that Anthony's goal had been to drive a wedge between Sonny and Jason until Sonny was forced to kill Jason. Once Sonny eliminated Jason as a threat, Claudia said that Anthony intended to kill Sonny. Anthony's objective had been to seize complete control of the criminal organization in Port Charles by eliminating all competition.

Sonny asked Claudia how long she had known of her father's role in Kate's shooting. Claudia cleverly lied. She told him that she suspected for some time, but managed to figure it out earlier that day when she discovered that her father had faked his paralysis. Claudia believed that Anthony needed to be stopped.

While Claudia was alone in her room, with her back to the door, Anthony made his way to his daughter's bedside. Claudia didn't turn around when Anthony started in with his usual diatribe. However, Sonny walked into the room just in time to hear Anthony talk about the need for Claudia to disappear once and for all. Sonny demanded to have a private word with Anthony in another room. As soon as Anthony left, Claudia turned around. She and Sonny shared a long glance before Sonny followed Anthony down the hall.

At Claudia's request, Carly stopped by her room. Carly was surprised when Claudia told her that Sonny intended to kill Anthony. Claudia wanted Carly to stop Sonny; she didn't want Sonny going to jail for murdering Anthony.

In another room at the hospital, Sonny confronted Anthony about shooting Kate, manipulating a mob war with Jason, and faking his paralysis. Anthony immediately began accusing Claudia of lying. He claimed that Claudia wanted Sonny to do the dirty work for her by killing her father. Sonny asked Anthony what Claudia had to gain by Sonny killing Anthony. Anthony cunningly responded that Claudia's scheme was to have Sonny sent off to jail for Anthony's murder so that she could take over the entire organization. To add credence to his claim, Anthony revealed that Claudia had cuckolded Sonny when she engaged in an affair with his brother, Ric.

Sonny was unmoved by Anthony's lies and entreaties. He leveled a gun at Anthony then threatened to kill him. He gave Anthony the choice of dying like a man or a coward. Anthony recoiled with fear. He cried and pleaded with Sonny to reconsider. Just as Sonny seemed poised to pull the trigger, Jason burst through the door. He told Sonny to drop the gun, but Sonny refused. Sonny defended his actions by exposing all Anthony's crimes and transgressions. Jason reminded Sonny that they needed Anthony alive. When Jason and Sonny's argument turned into a struggle for Sonny's gun, Anthony took advantage of their inattention. He jumped out of the wheelchair then ran out of the room just as Sonny's gun went off.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Ethan and Luke played pool and talked about the beautiful girl named Holly who Luke had long ago seduced into skinny-dipping. Ethan said he had met a beautiful girl named Holly, also. Luke asked if Ethan knew her last name, and Ethan said it was Sutton. Luke was stunned that they were talking about the same Holly and didn't believe their meeting was a coincidence. Luke was sure Ethan had heard about Luke before, but Ethan swore he had never heard any stories about Luke Spencer. After Luke asked for some more information on the young man, Ethan revealed that he had been adopted and his adoptive parents had been killed.

Jason told Sam that he had to find Anthony before Sonny killed him. Someone had to be turned over to the Feds. If Sonny killed Anthony, Jason would be forced to turn over Sonny.

Claudia told Carly that Anthony could walk and he had been the one who shot Kate on the day of Sonny and Kate's wedding. Carly thought that information was awfully useful to Claudia, and felt the woman was using it to her advantage. Claudia said she had just given up the only chance at a relationship with her father she could have ever had. Carly wasn't concerned with Claudia's relationship with her father, and she stormed out.

Ric tried to reason with Sonny and convince him not to kill Anthony. Sonny was tired of Anthony hurting and killing the people Sonny loved. Sonny was sure Ric probably knew Anthony could walk all along, and Sonny realized Ric might have even known Anthony had been the one to shoot Kate. Sonny said he would allow Ric to live if Ric helped Sonny get revenge on Anthony.

Jason and Sam ran into Ric in the hallway, where Jason threw Ric up against the wall and asked if he had seen Sonny. Ric laughed and didn't want to help them, but he ended up telling them that he had seen Sonny running around looking for Anthony. Meanwhile, Trevor found Anthony in the hospital chapel where Anthony told him that Sonny was after him. Trevor promised to help Anthony by finding Sonny and distracting him until Anthony could escape. Anthony was relieved for his friend's help, and Trevor quickly ran away.

Trevor ran into Sonny in the hallway not long after leaving Anthony in the chapel. Trevor admitted that Sonny had always been a thorn in his side, even as a child when Trevor was married to Sonny's mother. What Anthony did to Kate, though, was inexcusable. Trevor admitted to Sonny that he had left Anthony in the chapel after promising to distract Sonny. That was Trevor's gift to Kate, but he wanted Sonny to make sure he aimed his gun right between Anthony's eyes.

Carly went into Kate's room and was relieved to see she was awake. Carly explained that Anthony had been the one who shot Kate. Carly needed to know if Sonny had been there and where he had gone. Kate said Sonny would come back to her once he realized what scum he had married. Carly stood and listened in disbelief as Kate explained that everything Sonny had ever done was for Kate. After all the risks Kate had taken with her life in the past few months, Kate realized she needed to listen to her heart. She loved Sonny and wanted to be with him. Carly said Sonny was in love with power more than he was in love with Kate. As long as Claudia offered power to Sonny, he would stay married to Anthony Zacchara's daughter.

Maxie and Johnny tried to warm Robin up and get her to remember where she had left Emma. Suddenly, Johnny and Maxie heard crying. They looked up and found Emma in a tree not far from where they were. Maxie grabbed the little girl and was relieved to find she was okay. All four of them walked back to the van, where the girls got in and Johnny tried to get the van running again. Robin kept repeating herself, saying that Emma had a fever. Robin had been trying to find a house where someone would help her or find a place where her cell phone would work. Johnny knocked on the window and told Maxie to try to start the engine. Maxie tried to hand Emma off to Robin, but Robin wouldn't take her little girl. She kept saying that Emma was all right. A frustrated Maxie held Emma as she got in the front seat and turned the key to the van.

After Johnny managed to get the van running, he started driving the group to the nearest hospital. He wasn't sure if Mercy Hospital or General Hospital was closest, though. Emma was distraught and wouldn't stop crying, although Maxie didn't think the little girl's fever was very high. Maxie seemed more concerned about Robin, though. Robin refused to hold Emma, even after Maxie said she thought Emma wanted her mother. Robin was also acting delirious, and Johnny and Maxie thought Robin could be suffering from hypothermia. Robin closed her eyes and appeared unconscious. Maxie told Johnny that Robin wasn't acting like herself. Robin was normally a planner and didn't act so unprepared.

Jax went into the FBI trailer and asked for an update from Agent Rayner. The FBI agent was feeling the stress from his superiors, and he didn't need civilians pressuring him, also. Jax said he knew he wasn't supposed to be there, but he knew influential people. He could make phone calls to people in the media and make it even worse for Agent Rayner. Jax said Agent Rayner had one hour before Jax would take matters into his own hands.

Nikolas found Carly and asked if she had seen a woman who resembled Emily walking around the hospital. Carly looked concerned about Nikolas, but said she hadn't seen anyone matching Emily's description. As soon as Nikolas turned and walked away, he saw Rebecca, Emily's look-alike. He walked over to her and they stared at each other.

Patrick found Sam and asked if she had seen Spinelli. Patrick needed to find out if Emma and Robin had been admitted to Mercy Hospital. Sam hadn't seen Spinelli in a little while, but she was concerned that Spinelli had done something crazy and gotten himself into trouble. Patrick was worried Spinelli might have found a way to leave the building, but Sam was sure Spinelli wouldn't have done that. Spinelli knew he was the only one who could enable the hospital to communicate with the outside world, so no one thought he would abandon them. Sam was worried because Spinelli didn't want the poison falling back into the hands of the Equinox Corporation. She was afraid he would do something daring, and Patrick thought he might endanger the rest of the people at the hospital.

Patrick and Sam's conversation was halted when Patrick's cell phone rang. It was Robin, and the cell phone connection was bad. Patrick tried to tell Robin to go to Mercy Hospital, but she couldn't hear him. When Patrick hung up, Sam assured him that the phone call had at least verified that Robin was okay. Patrick worried about his daughter, though.

Maxie, Johnny, Robin, and Emma arrived at General Hospital, where Jax greeted them outside. Jax told them about the poison that had been released and how the hospital was on lockdown. Robin was concerned about Patrick and asked if anyone had seen her husband.

Spinelli tried to convince Winnifred that they shouldn't be returning the poison to Equinox. Spinelli felt that any corporation that would manufacture such a deadly toxin shouldn't be trusted. The fact that such a deadly toxin was stolen was proof of Equinox's incompetence. Spinelli wanted Winnifred to use her own conscience, not the orders she was given, to stand up and be counted as a savior to the human race. The two argued over Spinelli's desire to do what was morally right and Winnifred's desire to follow orders from her superior.

Spinelli and Winnifred stopped arguing when two other individuals came into the operating room claiming to be from the FBI. Winnifred and Spinelli talked as the two FBI agents put the poison in safe, metal tubes. As they worked, Spinelli noticed the fluctuation of the oxygen sensors. He and Winnifred managed to jump out of the operating room just as an explosion went off.

Ric went into Claudia's hospital room where he and Claudia fought. Ric was still upset that Claudia had betrayed him and told Sonny the secret about Anthony's ability to walk and shooting Kate. Claudia said she was trying to prove her loyalty to Sonny. She could protect Ric after cementing her position with Sonny. Ric was furious, and kicked the hospital tray in the corner.

Trevor walked into Claudia's hospital room just as Ric was erupting in anger, and he grabbed his son's arm. Ric and Trevor fought over Ric's decision to try to make an ally of Anthony. Trevor said Claudia had at least married the right brother. Ric always wanted immediate gratification, which was why he always seemed to make the wrong choices. Trevor implied that Anthony wouldn't leave the hospital alive. Trevor said Claudia would do just fine without her father, and Trevor had made sure he had a business and life outside of Port Charles. Ric needed to disassociate himself from all things Zacchara. Ric assured his father that he would be just fine before he stormed out of Claudia's hospital room.

Once Ric was gone, Claudia asked Trevor why he had to come between her and Ric. Trevor said he wanted Claudia to see how well he had played the game. When everything was over, Johnny and Trevor would be the only ones left standing. Sonny would take care of killing Anthony. Trevor had his own insurance policy, though. He showed Claudia a vial with one of the toxic balls in it. He planned on using it to get out of the hospital and possibly avoid prosecution.

Sonny walked into the chapel and didn't see Anthony, so he quietly waited. Anthony tried to crawl out the other door, but Sonny saw him and stopped him from leaving. Sonny told him no one was left to save Anthony. Sonny wanted to know why Anthony shot an innocent woman, but Anthony said there was no such thing as an innocent woman. Anthony couldn't believe Sonny would shoot him in a chapel, but Sonny pointed out that Anthony had no problem shooting Kate in the church where Sonny and Kate were about to be married. Sonny pointed the gun at Anthony's head, prepared to kill his enemy.

Jason stormed into the chapel with his gun drawn. He yelled to Sonny not to shoot Anthony. Sonny was upset that Jason had a gun pointed at him. Jason tried to explain why he needed Anthony alive, but Sonny was only interested in revenge. Anthony kept yelling that Jason needed to shoot Sonny before Sonny shot Anthony. Jason pleaded with Sonny that no matter what had happened between the two of them, Spinelli didn't deserve to go to jail. Frustrated, Sonny kicked Anthony and knocked him out. Sonny looked at Jason and told him he wanted to kill Anthony more than anything else. He would refrain from doing so as a favor to Jason, though.

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