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Monday, September 1, 2008

Due to the Labor Day holiday, there was no new original episode of General Hospital today. This scheduling change has been accounted for and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming returns on Tuesday, September 2nd.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

As Lulu hugged her mom, she suddenly saw Logan standing behind them. Lulu became very upset and told her mother how she always saw Logan when she thought she was moving forward. Laura said it wasn't Logan stopping Lulu from moving forward, but it was Lulu's guilt keeping her from moving past Logan's death. Laura thought Lulu should talk to Logan's ghost and tell him why she killed him. Laura made her daughter relive the moment when Lulu killed Logan. Lulu talked through it and told Logan to stop. Surprisingly, Logan's ghost did as he was told and backed off. Lulu explained why she had killed Logan and that it was in self-defense. Logan's ghost went away and appeared to have left Lulu in peace.

Claudia lied and told Ric how she walked in to find Johnny killing Logan. She had heard yelling and saw the door Logan had broken through with an axe. Johnny had only been defending himself when he stabbed Logan, and Claudia had covered everything up. Logan was Scott Baldwin's son, and the special prosecutor would make sure Claudia and Johnny paid for killing his son. Claudia was willing to testify on her brother's behalf. Ric knew she was lying and he wouldn't allow Claudia to take the stand at Johnny's trial. If the prosecution had one shred of evidence to the contrary, Claudia's story would appear as if she were just trying to get her brother off the hook for murdering Logan Hayes.

Ric planned to put Lulu on the stand. Johnny was furious and said he would not allow Lulu to testify. Johnny told Ric and Claudia he would confess to premeditated murder the moment Ric put Lulu on the stand. Ric was exhausted with efforts to get Johnny exonerated. Claudia asked for some time alone with her brother. As soon as Claudia and Johnny were alone, she confronted him about Lulu. Claudia put two and two together and realized Lulu had killed Johnny. Claudia would not stand by and allow Johnny to go to prison to save Lulu.

Matt told Maxie about a heart patient of his who had died because she was given counterfeit drugs. Matt didn't want any more patients to die because they were taking placebo drugs. He had contacts, and traced the distributor of the counterfeit drugs to the same distributor as General Hospital used. The program Nikolas offered helped Matt out even further by allowing him to continue trying to bust the counterfeit drug ring. He intended to get into the warehouse and get the names of the people involved to take to the police.

Andre Karpov was furious that Jax had gotten his visa revoked. Mr. Karpov called his attorney and she quickly came to see what she could do. They spoke in German so Carly could not eavesdrop. Before Mr. Karpov left, he threatened Jax and said Jax would pay for creating obstacles in his life. Later, Carly talked to Jax and told him she was worried about what he had started with Andre Karpov. Jerry had warned Jax not once, but twice, about how dangerous Andre was. Despite Jax not living at home, he still wanted to protect Carly because he did love her. He thought he was almost ready to move back home. Carly asked if he could speed up the process. Jax said he just wanted to take things slow so he knew he was making the right decision.

After eavesdropping on Maxie and Matt's conversation, Jerry told Andre Karpov that Dr. Hunter was closing in on their counterfeit drug operation. Andre told Jerry to take care of the problem, permanently.

As promised, Sonny hand-picked a bouquet of flowers for Kate and brought it to her. The maid commented how Mrs. Corinthos always liked the same flowers as Sonny had delivered. Although she was clearly bothered by the information, Kate said nothing. She asked Sonny how long he had owned the island and what he enjoyed doing while he was there. Sonny told her he had owned the island for ten years and loved spending time on the beach or in the water. Kate reminded him that she didn't swim and wondered aloud if Sonny forgot who he was with. Sonny said he had not forgotten.

Later, Kate and Sonny sat down to eat dinner and Kate asked about the collection of shells she had seen in the beach house. Sonny explained that Carly and the boys used to collect shells. It was a passion of Michael's. He should have packed them all up and sent them to Carly after the divorce, but he never got around to it. Kate thought Sonny liked having the reminders of Carly around. Even Jax thought Carly and Sonny had an bond. Sonny reminded Kate of how Carly had betrayed him by taking the boys away from him. The other women he had been with during break-ups with Carly were never serious, committed relationships. Carly and Sonny were over. Sonny was a different man and he was in love with Kate.

Jason pulled away and told Liz he couldn't be with her. It was too dangerous. They had tried to be together before in the safe house but decided they couldn't risk it. Jason didn't want to try again with Liz just to have the same outcome. It was too painful. Liz asked if Jason still loved her. She thought he might just be trying to get rid of her, like he had done with Jake. Jason said there was nothing more he wanted than to be with her. Before he walked away, he told her that he did love her, leaving her with tears streaming down her face.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jax and Morgan made breakfast for Carly at their home. Carly was delighted, but wanted to know if the breakfast meant Jax was moving back home. Jax did not answer her, but when Morgan asked the same question, he told the boy that he would be there to tuck him in that night. As he said it, Jax had a big smile for Carly, and she smiled back at him. After Morgan left, Jax told Carly that he was coming home to her because he loved her and wanted to be with her. Carly was ecstatic. She told Jax that she would never let anything interfere with their love again. Jax crowed that they had gone through a rough patch and had come through it even stronger.

Jax asked Carly's opinions on architectural drawings of a house he claimed was a surprise for his mother, Lady Jane. As Carly admired the drawings, Jax looked on with a smile. When she gave her approval, Jax told Carly the drawings were for her, not his mother. Carly protested that they already had a house, but Jax pointed out that it was Carly's house and he wanted one that belonged to both of them. Carly could see his point and agreed to start over and build a new house with Jax to celebrate their love. They also decided to try for a baby. Jax and Carly held each other and shared a moment together that was happy, joyful, and filled with hope.

At the Quartermaines', Monica, Edward, Tracy, and Alice discussed the trial. Edward blustered that he had been called for jury duty, but that he was too important to be expected to waste his time serving on a jury.

On the terrace at Shadybrook, a revived Lulu thanked Laura for her recovery. She told Laura that she had finally slept through the night without seeing Logan. Laura cautioned Lulu that the nightmares could still recur, but Lulu felt that she had a better understanding of her feelings of guilt. She was confident that she could handle whatever happened, thanks to her understanding and compassionate mother.

A tired Laura went to rest and left Lulu on the terrace. When Lulu turned around, Tracy was waiting for her, but she did not see Laura. They talked about Luke and the family. Tracy was negative about Johnny, but Lulu told Tracy firmly that she knew that Johnny was innocent of the killing.

Anthony visited Johnny at the Port Charles Police Station. Johnny demanded to see Claudia and threatened to throw himself on the mercy of the court if Anthony did not produce her. Anthony told Johnny that his fatal flaw was that he trusted the wrong people. Before calling for the guard to let him out, Anthony told Johnny that he was lucky that Anthony was there to take care of him.

Shortly after Anthony left, Claudia rushed in. Johnny wanted her to promise that she would not tell anyone that Lulu had actually stabbed Logan and Johnny was covering for her. Claudia wanted to tell everything, but Johnny begged her to trust him. Claudia would not give her promise, but she said that she would stay away from the trial so that she could not say anything. She left as the bailiff order Johnny to court.

Jury selection began for Johnny's trial. Despite his protests, Edward was selected along with Epiphany, who gave Edward a dressing down for his attempts to evade serving. Tracy shared a laugh with a ghostly Alan as they watched Edward squirm. In the hallway, Anthony cautioned Trevor not to tell anyone that Anthony had paid off one of the jurors to hold out for acquittal.

As the trial began, the judge told the jury that it was murder with special circumstance, which meant that they could impose the death penalty. Ric protested that Logan was not a police officer, but Scott said that he could produce evidence that showed differently.

Jason went to see Spinelli at the hospital. When Liz came in to take his vitals, Spinelli noticed the tension between Liz and Jason. He asked if his phone call to Liz was responsible. Liz told him to channel all the energy he was wasting on her into his own recovery, and then left Jason and Spinelli alone. After she left, Jason said that Spinelli had an amazing imagination, but sometimes it took him to crazy places that just were not true, as was the case with Spinelli's ridiculous belief that Jason and Sasha were having an affair. Jason was firm with Spinelli when he told him that when Spinelli told Liz his concerns about Jason and Sasha, it had hurt Liz as much as if it had been true.

Before the conversation went further, Maxie rushed in to tell Jason and Spinelli that she had been subpoenaed to testify at Johnny's trial. She worried that even though she was good at prevarication one-on-one, she got very nervous in a crowd and feared that she would blurt out the whole truth and spend the rest of her days in jail for perjury, noting that she did not look good in orange. Maxie feared that she would start talking before her brain was engaged and Scott would catch her in a lie.

Spinelli immediately assured her that she was under Jason's protection. Maxie was thrilled to get a nod from Jason and started making plans to get a new identity and run away from Port Charles. Jason told her that running was not the answer, nor was breaking Scott's kneecaps, as she had suggested, because Scott would know that they had something to hide. Jason told Maxie that she was good at thinking on her feet and that she did not have to lie. All she had to do was keep telling the same version of the truth that she had been telling all along. Maxie took it as a compliment that Jason had faith in her. After Jason left to go back to his office, Spinelli supported Jason's advise to Maxie, who agreed that she would do her best to keep Scott from learning the truth-that Lulu had killed Logan.

Clarice approached Cody, who was waiting for Bernie outside Jason's office, because she needed to get in touch with Kate and wanted Sonny's phone number on the island. Cody said she should talk to Sonny's bodyguard, Max, but agreed to ask Jason anyway. Later, when Jason returned to the office, Cody mentioned that Clarice wanted Kate's number, but Jason was on the same page as Cody, and advised Cody that Clarice should contact Max.

Robin and Anna met in the lounge at the hospital. Robin wanted to know why Anna appeared on Patrick's blog to plead his suit. Anna said that it just happened, but that she really had expressed her true feelings. Anna did feel that Robin should marry Patrick. Patrick came over and showed his latest video, which featured Coleman appealing to Robin to accept Patrick's proposal. Anna, Robin, and Patrick all laughed at many of Coleman's unintentionally humorous and insightful comments. When Robin still would not say yes, Patrick left to get a recommendation from Mac. As he left, Robin was incredulous at the thought that her Uncle Mac would side with Patrick.

At the Nurse's station, Nadine shared her euphoria when she told Leyla about her amazing night with Nikolas, who showed up at that very moment to see a staff member. He told Nadine that the evening with her was "very nice," before going to his appointment. Nadine questioned the meaning of "very nice." Later she started asking Liz about understanding Nikolas, but Nikolas overheard her as he was leaving his appointment and told her she should ask him to clarify what he meant.

Nadine worried that she blabbed too many personal details, but Nikolas told her that he liked her and he wanted to see her again. She asked if he was being polite. Nikolas told her that he was pathologically polite, but he did not invite people back to his home if he did not like them. Nadine blushed and gave him a megawatt smile.

Carly went to see Jason. She told him about the house that she and Jax would build and how much she loved Jax. He expressed happiness for her. She thanked him for helping her stay sane during the time that Jax had left home to ponder their marriage. Jason said all that he did was keep her from doing something dangerous, like playing detective with Karpov. Carly acknowledged that she might have been in trouble there, but she said the alternative was running back to Sonny and they both knew how badly that could turn out. Carly expressed relief that she had never had to tell Jax that she and Sonny had sex on the limo ride back after taking Michael to the extended care facility. She believed that since she and Jax had reconciled, she would never have to tell what happened, and the lie would stay buried.

Over at Sonny's home, Diane was encouraging Max to tell Kate that Sonny had slept with Carly, as soon as Kate and Sonny arrived home from the island the following day. Diane felt Kate had a right to know, but Max said it was not his place to tell, and telling might cost his job. Before they resolved the issue, Clarice arrived and demanded Kate's phone number.

Jax met with Alexis and told her that he wanted her to handle the real estate deal for the land on which he and Carly would build their dream house, since they were reconciled. Alexis said that she could not represent him. She did not want to participate because she was sure that Jax would get his heart broken again.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

At Jason's penthouse, Carly helped Jason put away groceries while she updated him on her recent reconciliation with Jax. Carly looked forward to the future and told Jason that she wished Sonny well with Kate. Jason was a little surprised by that. Carly admitted she despised Kate but was satisfied knowing that Jax saw what a liar Kate really was. As far as Carly was concerned, Kate no longer mattered.

Alexis was visiting Jax and doing her best to convince Jax to reconsider his relationship with Carly. Jax defended Carly, explaining that she had been set up in an attempt to sabotage their marriage. He insisted that they had worked through their problems. Alexis remained skeptical. She felt that Carly and Sonny had a long-established pattern, which suggested that they were far from over.

Sonny and Kate returned from their vacation. They were surprised to walk into Greystone and find Diane, Max, and Clarice huddled in the living room. Clarice tried desperately to talk to Kate, but Kate brushed her off. Kate made it clear that, unless it was a business emergency, she was still on vacation. Clarice respected Kate's decision, and left.

Diane asked to speak to Sonny, privately, about urgent business. Diane was determined to send Max out onto the terrace so that he could tell Kate about Sonny and Carly's romp in the back of the limo in May. Sonny took his cue from Kate and refused to discuss business while he was on vacation. Diane proved to be quite tenacious, though, and eventually Kate decided to give Diane and Sonny a moment alone.

Max followed Kate onto the terrace and offered her some iced tea. Max tried to work up the nerve to tell Kate about Sonny and Carly's tryst by making small talk. However, the opportunity to tell Kate never presented itself. Sonny and Diane soon joined them on the terrace and Sonny sensed his bodyguard and attorney were up to something. After Kate left, Sonny told Diane and Max that he and Kate were happy and had every intention of getting married. He expected Diane and Max to respect their decision.

Jax arrived at the Crimson offices to see Kate but found Clarice there instead. He took a moment to tell Clarice that he didn't appreciate her involvement in Kate's scheme to discredit Carly. Clarice explained that she owed everything to Kate and then added that Carly wasn't as innocent as Jax believed.

Later, at the Metro Court restaurant, Alexis enlisted Jerry's help to talk some sense into Jax before it was too late. Jerry agreed to help and went to see his brother. Instead of urging Jax to leave Carly, Jerry told his brother that Carly was the best thing that had ever happened to Jax.

While Jerry was talking to Jax, Sonny stopped by the Metro Court restaurant to see Carly. Sonny explained that he had just returned from the island. He felt that he and Carly needed to make things right between them in order to move forward. Carly sat down with Sonny and they reminisced about the past, specifically family vacations on the island. Sonny was surprised when Carly told him that she wished him nothing but the best. She attributed her change of heart to her recent marital woes. It took losing her husband for Carly to realize how perfect Jax was for her.

Liz wheeled Spinelli to the elevator as she prepared to discharge him. Maxie was griping because Jason had not arrived to pick them up. When the "Slavic seductress" was mentioned, Liz couldn't hide her irritation. Maxie snapped at Liz and accused Liz of being petty and jealous. Liz ignored Maxie's taunts and urged Spinelli to get some rest when he arrived home. Jason walked up moments later, unaware of the root of the tension between Liz and Maxie. To Maxie's annoyance, Jason wheeled Spinelli into the elevator and left without her.

Jason and Spinelli returned to the penthouse. Jason helped Spinelli get settled in and then sat down to have a heart-to-heart talk with his friend. Jason made it clear that he did not want Spinelli endangering his life in order to prove something to Jason. Spinelli tried to defend his actions, explaining that he wanted to be like Jason. Jason asked him what part of his life appealed to Spinelli. Was it the crimes that Jason had committed or the jail time he had served? Was Spinelli impressed by the number of people that Jason had hurt and pushed away because of his choices, or the fact that Jason made a living intimidating and threatening people? Spinelli seemed at a loss for words. Jason told him that Spinelli was a far better person than Jason.

Spinelli didn't agree with Jason's assessment of himself. Jason pointed out that he had lost much over the past year, including Michael and Sonny. Jason didn't want to add Spinelli to that list. They were interrupted by a knock at the door. Jason was not happy to discover Maxie standing on his doorstep with suitcases in tow. Maxie intended to move in so that she could nurse Spinelli back to health. Spinelli appeared delighted by the news.

Johnny's murder trial began. Scott made the startling announcement that Logan had been a Port Charles police officer. Scott provided proof to back up his claim. The judge believed Scott and denied Ric's request for time to prove that the papers that Scott had submitted to the court were fraudulent.

Ric was furious. The judge's decision meant that Johnny could face the death penalty if he were convicted of murdering Logan Hayes. He advised Johnny to consider accepting a plea bargain. Johnny would face jail time, but he could avoid the death penalty. Johnny refused to consider it. He reminded Ric that Anthony would accept nothing less than an acquittal. If Johnny accepted the plea bargain, the first people to pay for Johnny's conviction would be Ric and those close to him.

As the trial progressed, Scott and Ric made their opening statements. Scott painted Logan as a war hero who had returned from war and decided to protect and serve the public by becoming a police officer. Ric countered, telling the jury that Logan was an ex-soldier with a violent streak who had attacked Johnny.

The first witness called to the stand was the coroner. He established that Logan had died of a single stab wound. He also testified that Logan had been dead several hours before his body had been discovered. Ric cross-examined the coroner and was able force him to admit that Logan could have been killed by any number of knives, not necessarily the one found in Johnny's kitchen.

On the stand next was David Harper. Ric questioned Detective Harper and was able to establish that there wasn't any direct evidence linking Johnny to Logan's murder. Edward, sitting in the jury box, spoke up and said that he was ready to convict Johnny. The judge admonished Edward, warning him to keep his comments confined to the jury room and behave in court. If Edward continued to be disruptive during court, the judge said that she would hold him in contempt. After Edward settled down, Scott called his next witness to the stand-Claudia Zacchara.

Nikolas paid Lulu a visit at Shadybrook. He was pleasantly surprised to find Lulu outside, enjoying the fresh air. Lainey was with Lulu and quickly updated Nikolas on Lulu's progress. Nikolas was happy to hear that Lulu showed signs of improvement. After Lainey walked away, Nikolas and Lulu sat down to talk. Lulu admitted that being near their mother had helped her, but she didn't go into detail about why.

Lucky joined his siblings, and soon Lulu asked about Johnny's trial. Lucky was reluctant to tell her anything, but Nikolas felt that it would be better for Lulu to hear news about the trial from loved ones rather than strangers. Lucky agreed and told Lulu that Scott had asked for the death penalty because Logan was a police officer. Lulu knew it was a lie and decided that she needed to testify. Nikolas and Lucky quickly talked Lulu out of following through with that idea.

After Nikolas and Lucky left, Laura rejoined Lulu outside. Laura sensed that Lulu was troubled. She asked Lulu if keeping the truth from her brothers about Laura's recent improvement was too much of a burden for Lulu to bear. Lulu reassured her mother that it wasn't. She admitted that she was upset because Scott had falsified evidence to ensure that Johnny would face the death penalty. Lulu realized that Johnny could die for a crime that Lulu had committed.

Kate returned to her office at Crimson. Clarice walked in moments later and told Kate that she didn't want to see Kate hurt. Kate jumped to the wrong conclusion and thought that Clarice was about to quit. Clarice assured her that she had no intention of quitting. Clarice told Kate that she respected and admired Kate and therefore knew that Kate would want to hear what Clarice had learned. Kate appeared to brace herself as Clarice confided that she had overheard Max and Diane on Sonny's terrace. Kate was stunned when Clarice told her that Sonny and Carly had sex in the back of a limo in May, after they had dropped off Michael.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Maxie made herself at home while an exasperated Jason and happy Spinelli watched. Although Jason didn't think Maxie was needed, Spinelli made it clear that he wanted Maxie around to help him. Maxie offered him some orange soda and potato chips, much to Jason's dismay. Maxie didn't think a little junk food would hurt Spinelli, especially after the horrible hospital food and tests Spinelli had endured. After Jason left the room, Maxie gave Spinelli the bell her mother had given her when she had been sick with her heart problems. Maxie offered to get Spinelli whatever he needed whenever he rang the bell. Spinelli used it right away, and Jason came downstairs wondering what the racket was all about. Jason was even more exasperated when he learned Spinelli had a bell and Maxie expected Jason to also be at Spinelli's beck and call. Maxie soon ran upstairs to get herself settled into the "pink room," and Spinelli told Jason he hoped to get closer to Maxie while she nursed him back to health.

Mac knocked on Jason's door, and Jason let him in. Mac wanted to ask Spinelli some more questions about the hit-and-run. Maxie came downstairs, wearing nothing but a towel. She was looking for a loofah. Mac was in a state of shock to see his daughter half-naked in two criminals' apartment. He insisted she come home with him, but Maxie wanted to make sure Spinelli was cared for, especially since she felt responsible for Spinelli's injuries. Mac reminded her that if Spinelli had not dragged her out to the "stakeout," Maxie and Spinelli would have never been in danger. Spinelli rang his bell to interrupt Maxie and Mac fighting to offer his loofah to Maxie. She quickly ran upstairs, and Mac left in a huff. Spinelli realized Maxie was paying the price for being his friend.

Mac left Jason's apartment and immediately went to the hospital to talk to Robin. His niece had just finished dealing with her friends who were all talking about her and Patrick. Mac wanted Robin's help to get Maxie to come home. Robin offered to go talk to her cousin, and Mac seemed appeased. Meanwhile, Nikolas came to see Patrick at the young doctor's request. Patrick was anxious to learn Nikolas' take on why Robin wouldn't marry him. Nikolas thought Robin didn't want to marry Patrick because she was worried it was all about the baby. Patrick said he had tried to explain that he really did love her, but Robin kept twisting his words around. Robin was the most frustrating woman he had ever met, but she made him a better person.

Robin went to Jason and Spinelli's apartment where Spinelli begged Robin to have mercy on him and let Maxie stay. Robin said she would work something out. Maxie tried explaining she was just trying to do something unselfish with her life. She knew what it was like to recover from surgery, and Spinelli had no one. Robin asked Jason's opinion, and Jason said it would have been better if Maxie had never met Spinelli. However, Spinelli wanted Maxie there, so he guessed it was all right. Robin thought things would be fine, also, and she promised to explain things to Mac. Robin's uncle was under a lot of stress, because Robin's due date was coming up. Jason congratulated her on the baby, and Robin asked if he knew about Patrick's blog. Jason had no idea what a blog was. Robin briefly ranted about how her little girl would be better off with two parents who were happy apart than living with two parents who were bitterly fighting and inevitably divorcing. Robin said she wasn't being a pessimist-she was only being a realist. Jason was suddenly sorry he brought anything up. When Robin realized Jason was truly clueless about Patrick's blogs, she decided it was time to leave.

After Jason and Robin were gone, Maxie answered a knock at the door. It was Sasha. She was looking for Jason. Spinelli was disturbed that Sasha and Jason were on a first name basis. Maxie told Sasha she needed to leave. Maxie said Jason would retaliate if anything happened to Spinelli.

After Patrick and Mac met and talked, Patrick thanked Robin's uncle for his confidence. Mac promised he would hurt Patrick if the man hurt Robin or turned out to be a bad father. When Robin saw the two men together, she was very exasperated. She started to vent to them but was suddenly struck with sharp pains. Patrick asked the nurses to page Dr. Lee. Robin was in labor!

Kate was shocked that Clarice thought Carly and Sonny had sex. She asked Clarice to repeat word for word what she had overheard Diane and Max saying. Clarice explained that she had gone over to drop off some Crimson pages at Sonny's house, and heard Diane and Max arguing. They wanted to tell Kate that Sonny and Carly had sex the night they took Michael to the after-care facility. Kate wanted to be absolutely sure there were no misunderstandings. Kate and Jax had been caught in a limo and had been completely innocent. Clarice explained that Carly had gone to Diane for legal advice because she thought she was pregnant with Sonny's child. Kate asked if Sonny and Carly had slept together since the May incident. Clarice wasn't sure but said Diane and Max were sure Carly and Sonny would always end up back together. Clarice reminded Kate that Sonny and Kate weren't married and many women had looked the other way at infidelities before marriage.

Jax thanked his brother for helping him with Carly. Jerry was surprised to hear his brother thank him, but the two had a good laugh as Jerry gloated over him being right about Carly. Jax said he was going to spend the rest of his life happily married to Carly.

Sonny and Carly met at the MetroCourt restaurant and talked about the night they had sex. They both agreed to never talk about it ever again. As far as they were concerned, it never happened. If it got out, a lot of people could be hurt. They were both in other relationships and didn't want to ruin them over a silly mistake. Carly said she hadn't intended to sleep with him that night, and she definitely hadn't done it to manipulate Sonny. She just wanted what was best for Michael and Morgan. Sonny asked if Morgan had been to see Michael, but Carly said no. She thought Morgan was too young to see his brother in a vegetative state. Sonny asked if he could send a gift for Morgan's upcoming birthday, and Carly agreed that he could. She said if things got better, Sonny might be able to see Morgan. They both congratulated each other on finding love with other people, and then Sonny left.

When Sonny got home, Diane was there to see him. She did her best to convince him to tell Kate about the night with Carly. Diane pointed out all Sonny's infidelities in the past, but Sonny promised Kate's heart was safe with him. Diane knew she needed a martini when she could actually see Sonny's logic, so she left to regain some perspective. Max, meanwhile, went to see Carly. She had been unwrapping the shells Sonny had sent her from the island. Max didn't know what to do about telling the truth about Sonny and Carly's night together. Carly told him she and Sonny had agreed the night had never happened. No one ever needed to find out about it.

Jax walked into Kate's office and asked to speak with her. Clarice was happy for the interruption, and Kate said she and Jax had a lot to talk about. Jax wanted to set some boundaries since he was back together with Carly. Kate could only call him for absolute emergencies and no more coming over unannounced. He also wanted Kate to apologize to Carly. Kate was beside herself and told Jax he really didn't know his wife at all. She blurted out that Carly and Sonny had slept together the night they had taken Michael to the after-care facility. Jax thought it was a lie, but Kate explained she had learned the information from Clarice who had overheard Diane and Max.

Jax came home and interrupted Max and Carly. He thought something was wrong at first, but Carly said Max was just there giving them his best wishes for getting back together. Once Max was gone, Jax came right out and asked Carly if she had slept with Sonny. Meanwhile, Sonny met up with Kate and offered her some grilled fish and wine from the island. Kate wasn't interested. She asked him one simple question: had he slept with Carly?

In the courtroom, Scott interrogated Claudia. Ric objected several times and the judge had to warn Scott to be on his best behavior. The judge also had to reprimand Edward for talking to Epiphany during the testimony. Scott asked Claudia if she knew Logan, and she replied that Logan had been one of her father's attendants. Scott asked if Claudia knew her brother and Logan were both in love with the same girl. Scott also asked where Claudia had been the night of the murder. Claudia explained she had been in and out of her apartment. Scott asked if she had seen Johnny that night, and Claudia said yes. Scott asked his final question: Did she see her brother before or after he murdered Logan Hayes?

Claudia stepped down from the testimony box after Ric said he had no questions for her at that time. Scott called Nadine to the stand. She explained she worked at General Hospital but she also worked at Emily Quartermaine's clinic. She was there with Nikolas the night Logan had been dropped at their doorstep. Scott asked if Nadine had seen the car or the driver. Nadine had not. Scott thought Nadine might be covering for Nikolas, since the man on trial was his sister's boyfriend. After all, everyone knew Nadine had a crush on Nikolas. Nadine didn't appreciate where Scott was taking the testimony and she told him so. Scott tried objecting, but Ric pointed out he couldn't object to his own witness. Nadine went off on Scott and told the courtroom that Scott shouldn't even be there, given his past history and rage against the Spencer family. The judge quickly silenced Nadine and she left the stand. Nadine left to go see Nikolas, who asked what she had done.

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