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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 11, 2008 on GH
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Monday, August 11, 2008

Lulu saw Logan's ghost in the professor's apartment. She started screaming and huddled into a ball on the couch. When she looked up, Johnny, not Logan, was in front of her. Lulu worried that she would become catatonic, just like her mother, Laura. Johnny tried to comfort her. He told her that she was experiencing post-traumatic stress, but she continued to fear for her sanity.

Maxie interrupted Sahsa and Karpov's thugs just as they nabbed Spinelli. He was in the warehouse to return Karpov's PDA, so Karpov would not suspect that Carly had pickpocketed it for Jason to copy. Maxie played dumb and threatened to call her father, the police commissioner. When Sasha wanted to know why Maxie was meeting Spinelli late at night in a warehouse, Maxie said it was for hot, crazy sex. When Sasha scoffed, Maxie started kissing Spinelli. The sparks of passion that fired between Spinelli and Maxie convinced Sasha and her thugs that Maxie was telling the truth, so they left Spinelli and Maxie alone.

As soon as Karpov's thugs were gone, Maxie started apologizing to Spinelli for embarrassing him by claiming that they were having sex together. She talked over him as he tried to get a word in. When he finally did, Spinelli told Maxie he was grateful that she had saved him.

At Wyndemere, Nadine kissed Nikolas. When Nikolas pulled away, Nadine apologized for stepping over the line. When Nikolas tried to let her down easily, Nadine said that she understood that he still loved Emily. She told Nikolas that she was attracted to him and wanted one kiss, but obviously there had to be more than one of them kissing. Liz dropped by in time to hear Nadine's painful confession. Nadine left the room because she was hurt by Nikolas' rejection and embarrassed by her own bold behavior.

Liz and Nikolas talked about Lulu's predicament. Then, after Nikolas told her about his encounter with Nadine, Liz encouraged Nikolas to consider letting love into his life again. She told him that Emily would want him to be happy. Nikolas smiled and told Liz how glad he was that she had been Emily's friend, and his. They shared a hug and a tender kiss. Nadine saw them through the door and jumped to the wrong conclusion.

Back at GH, Nadine told her story to Leyla. Nadine's jealousy showed when she alluded to the "woman" that she had seen kissing Nikolas without mention Liz. Leyla told Nadine that if Nikolas was kissing someone, it meant that he was ready to move on. She encouraged Nadine to continue pursuing Nikolas.

Karpov and Sonny had an angry confrontation in Sonny's home. Sonny refused to work with Karpov because he had brought drugs into Port Charles in violation to the deal he had with Sonny. Karpov seemed to think it was okay for him to do that because it was business. In turn, Karpov warned Sonny that those close to him would be hurt if Sonny reneged on his side of the bargain and refused to ally himself with Karpov. He told Sonny to honor his word and protect what he valued. Sonny tried to end his relationship with Karpov peacefully, but Karpov refused Sonny's overture. Karpov told Sonny that later on Sonny would discover that Karpov was a bad man to double-cross.

Jason, Claudia, and Carly were on the docks and under fire from Jerry. They hid behind some packing crates near the alley. Both Jason and Claudia pulled guns. While Carly and Claudia sniped at each other, Jason decided to make a run for it. He provided cover fire while Carly and Claudia scrambled for the alley. When fire was not returned, Jason searched the area and found a spent rifle cartridge. Carly and Claudia joined him. Carly accused Claudia of setting up the hit but Claudia retorted that it was more likely Karpov. Jason wanted both of them to be quiet. Claudia told Jason that he could believe her or not, but the only reason she was down there was because Johnny and Lulu had abandoned the mayor's car in the area and she was looking for clues. Claudia said all she was concerned about was finding her brother. Then she flounced away. After she left, both Jason and Carly agreed that they were inclined to believe her.

Kate dropped in on Sonny to see how Sonny's visit with Mike went. He told her that Mike feared that Sonny was as addicted to power as Mike was to gambling. Sonny told Kate that Mike also worried that Sonny would return to the mob. Sonny said that he was determined to stay clean and that he would spend the rest of his life showing Kate how much he loved her. When Kate asked Sonny for an honest answer, he agreed. She asked him if he were comfortable with the big wedding she was planning. When Sonny said he wanted her to have the wedding of her dreams, she rushed out to get sample menus to show him.

Diane stormed in and demanded that Sonny stop putting Max at risk. Just as she said that, Kate came back in and wanted to know what Diane meant. Diane quickly covered and said that Sonny was keeping Max so busy so that Max could not spend time with Diane. Kate sympathized with Diane and urged Sonny to give Max more time off. Sonny agreed. As she left, Diane exchanged eye contact with Sonny. Both knew that the risk Diane really meant was Sonny's involvement with Karpov.

Upon reaching Jason's office, Maxie was still apologizing to Spinelli for telling Karpov's goons that she an Spinelli were having hot sex. She kept telling him that he was her best friend and she did not want to let sex ruin their relationship. Spinelli told her he was grateful that she saved him, but that he was not an incompetent wimp. He wanted to save Maxie instead of always having her come to his rescue. She responded that Spinelli was her very best friend and she would not stand aside and see him hurt.

Jason and Carly went back to Jason's office, but not before Jason told Carly that she was taking too many chances and he wanted her to stay safe. They were still arguing when they arrived at the office to find Maxie and Spinelli having a similar argument.

Spinelli told Carly and Jason about his adventure with Maxie and Karpov's thugs in the warehouse. Carly told them about the shooting in the alley and said that they had to have a plan to back Jason up. Maxie agreed. Jason was stern when he told Carly to stay away from Karpov or he would send her to Sonny's island under guard. The he asked her nicely to leave. Because he had asked nicely, Carly complied. Maxie tried to stay behind, but Jason insisted that she leave also. Maxie did, but not before imploring Jason to keep Spinelli safe. After Maxie was gone, Spinelli vented and told Jason that he was determined to show his mettle and "man up" because Maxie was always rushing to his rescue and he wanted to prove that he could save her.

Claudia went to Wyndemere and told Nikolas that Johnny had phoned with questions about Laura. She told him that Johnny had asked if Lulu had ever hallucinated. Nikolas wanted to have more details as his fears for Lulu escalated, so Claudia told him all that she knew, which was not much. She tried to comfort Nikolas as she told him that she was no stranger to having a parent with a mental illness. She said Johnny had feared inheriting Anthony's madness, but that he was nothing like Anthony. Nikolas said that he worried because Lulu was very much like Laura. He told Claudia that Laura had a series of shocks that culminated in the memory of killing her stepfather. Claudia wanted to know if Laura had become violent, but Nikolas said no, just the opposite. Laura had withdrawn inside herself. She had become catatonic and was unable to move or speak. He feared that Lulu would become like Laura. Claudia speculated that Lulu needed more help than Johnny could give her.

Johnny called Claudia and told her to get hold of Nikolas and ask him about Laura's condition. He also wanted to know if Lulu had ever suffered from hallucinations. Before he could say more, Lulu appeared and he hung up. He comforted Lulu and told her that he would never leave her. Lulu was fatalistic and seemed convinced that Logan would be back, even though his "ghost" was held at bay for as long as she was in Johnny's arms. After taking a bath, Lulu fell asleep in Johnny's arms. When he woke, Lulu was gone. Johnny found her on the fire escape with a dazed look in her eyes, staring off into space.

Jerry met with Karpov on the docks. Karpov said that his men had heard shots fired. Jerry told him that he'd had an opportunity to kill Jason and had used it. When Karpov asked if he had succeeded, Jerry told him that Jason was a very hard man to kill, then wondered if he was losing his touch. Karpov said that he was staying in Port Charles, but he could not afford a mob war. He told Jerry that meant that Jason had to be dealt with.

Carly went back to the hotel and chastised Marty, the desk clerk, for telling Jason about her rendezvous with Karpov. He said that he feared for her safety. She reminded him that she was the boss. She told him that she would not fire him this time, but she would if, in the future, he ever failed to follow her orders. Then she told him to send Karpov another bottle of vodka with a note apologizing for the interruption of their meeting.

Maxie approached Carly and asked her to intercede with Jason on Spinelli's behalf and impress on Jason the urgency of keeping Spinelli safe. When Carly responded that Jason tried to keep everyone safe, Maxie called Jason a blockhead, which got Carly's hackles up. Maxie quickly apologized and explained that Spinelli was her best friend and she could tell him anything, because he did not judge her. She said that Spinelli was loyal and would do anything in the world for her and she would do anything in the world for him. Maxie said she could not sit on the sidelines and see Spinelli get hurt. With a smile, Carly said that she knew exactly how Maxie felt.

Using his computer, Spinelli determined that the shell casing that Jason had found in the alley was Russian made. This led to the conclusion that Karpov had arranged the attempted hit. Jason was reluctant to take action until more proof was available about Karpov's intentions. Spinelli wanted to stake out Karpov's warehouse with Jason.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Patrick told Robin he felt they were having a boy. It would be ironic for him to have a boy after all the trouble he caused for his own father. Robin reminded Patrick they would not make the same mistakes as their parents had made. Robin and Patrick would make their own mistakes. Patrick asked if Robin was having second thoughts about finding out the sex of their baby. Robin said no, but she was nervous. They sat down and Patrick told Robin she was very brave. If it hadn't been for Robin's heroic acts, they wouldn't even have been pregnant. They rushed off to the hospital to finally have the sex of their child revealed to them.

Nikolas saw Claudia running in the park and asked how many miles she had run. Claudia said she didn't count the miles. She would just start running as long and as fast as she needed to whenever she got stressed. Nikolas said he also exercised to release stress, but his exercise was in the form of horseback riding. He guessed they were both stressed about the same thing, Johnny and Lulu. Nikolas had gone to see Laura's doctor and learned some of the signs Laura had exhibited when she started to lose her mind. Based on Claudia's conversation with Johnny, they determined Lulu could be suffering the same symptoms. They needed to find a way to get Johnny and Lulu back safely. Claudia's phone rang. It was her father asking to see her.

After getting off the phone with Claudia, Anthony welcomed Trevor into the house that was finally rebuilt after the fire. Trevor was distraught over Johnny, but Anthony reminded him Ric was handling Johnny's disappearance. Trevor was supposed to be working on a strategy to handle Jason Morgan. Trevor said he had practically raised Johnny when Anthony was crazy. He was attached to Johnny and wanted to help him. He thought if they could convince Johnny that Lulu would be safe, Johnny might come back. They didn't know how they would get the message to Johnny, though. Claudia walked in at that time, and Anthony commented what great timing she had. Claudia assured Trevor and Anthony that she had not been in contact with Johnny. Anthony thought if Claudia's life were in danger, Johnny would come back to save her. Claudia disagreed with Anthony and thought Trevor's theory to keep Lulu safe was right on track. Johnny was in love with Lulu before the murder. Since Lulu rescued Johnny from jail, he was indebted to her. Johnny would not come back unless Lulu was kept safe.

Cody talked to Jason about the shipment from the previous night. Cody had witnessed Sonny at the docks overseeing the shipment of drugs. Spinelli walked in with chips and binoculars for the stakeout he thought they would be having. Jason dismissed Cody after asking him to keep an eye on Karpov. After Cody was gone, Jason told Spinelli they would not be doing a stakeout. Jason needed to make sure he had all the facts before he waged an expensive and bloody war with the Russian mob. Spinelli begged for a chance to show he wasn't just a computer geek. Diane walked in and asked if there was anything she could do for Jason for which she could bill him $500 an hour. Spinelli got up and said he knew his cue to leave. Jason stopped him and told Diane she would have to come back another time. He and Spinelli had work to do. Spinelli grabbed his bag of stakeout supplies with a goofy grin on his face.

Spinelli and Jason found a secluded area to park the car so they could watch the entrance to Karpov's suspected warehouse. Spinelli was excited just to mark items off his list of "Things to do on a Stakeout." Soon, the heat in the closed car proved to be too much for Spinelli. Just as Jason saw Karpov and the harbor manager walking into the warehouse, Spinelli passed out with his head falling onto the steering wheel and setting off the horn.

Alexis called Maxie in to repeat her version of events the last day she saw Logan. Maxie repeated her story, but Alexis wasn't convinced that Maxie didn't know more. Alexis wanted to know why Maxie had gone to see Johnny in jail. Maxie lied and said she visited Johnny so she would not lose an opportunity to hit on him. He was good-looking, rich, and had an edge about him that turned her on. Alexis seemed to buy the story, and Nikolas walked in just in time to save Maxie from any further questions. Maxie asked Alexis to be discreet and not tell Mac, but Alexis made no promises.

Once Maxie was gone, Nikolas asked if he could talk to Alexis as an aunt and not as a D.A. She was hesitant at first but finally agreed. Nikolas explained his worries about Lulu and asked if there was a way she would not be hurt if she turned herself in. Alexis said everyone involved just wanted Johnny and Lulu to turn themselves in so there would be no further bloodbath. Nikolas asked what Lulu was facing if she turned herself in. Alexis could not prevent any charges from being filed, so she would have to face trial. One exception, though, was if Lulu was committed for a mental evaluation.

After Nikolas left, Alexis gathered her things to go meet Kristina at the park. Trevor walked in and asked for leniency with Johnny. Trevor reminded Alexis of Anthony's mental instability. Back at Nikolas' ball, Anthony wreaked havoc on everyone when he thought he would never see his son again. If Johnny were killed or sent away to prison, there would be a huge price to pay. Alexis quickly left but was shocked to see Anthony playing with Kristina at the park.

Claudia went to Nikolas' house where they discussed ways to help their siblings out of their predicament. Nikolas explained what Alexis has told him about Lulu being tried for her crimes or being sent to a mental institution. Nikolas had another way out, though. He already had his people working on new identities for Johnny and Lulu. He was setting them up with a whole new, untraceable life in another country. Claudia wasn't sure if she could trust Nikolas, but he reminded her they had to trust each other for the benefit of their siblings. Claudia agreed and asked where she should tell Johnny to go the next time he called.

At the hospital, Dr. Hunter asked Liz to run a battery of tests on a patient. He was surprised when she didn't tell him he was asking too much. Dr. Hunter commented on how doctors were always looking for the simple solution but there wasn't always a simple solution to cure a patient's illness. Liz was shocked at how sincere Dr. Hunter was. They were interrupted when Kelly approached them and asked if Robin and Patrick were there yet. They would be arriving soon for an ultrasound to learn the sex of their baby.

As soon as Robin and Patrick arrived, a patient with head trauma also arrived in the emergency room. Dr. Hunter asked Patrick to help out, so Robin called Maxie to be with her for the ultrasound. While they waited, they talked about how amazing it was for Robin to be pregnant. This was something she never thought was possible after finding out she was HIV-positive. Kelly called them back into the ultrasound room, and Maxie confessed she was excited about the baby. Normally, Maxie wasn't the type of girl to get excited about babies. She thought this baby would be another person for her and Mac to love, though. Maxie wished Georgie were there, because Georgie always loved babies. Maxie hesitantly said she might even babysit, but Robin agreed not to hold her to that promise.

Just as the ultrasound was about to begin, Patrick walked in. He was relieved to be there and not too late for the ultrasound. Maxie decided to leave so Patrick and Robin could share the moment privately. As she left, she ran into Dr. Hunter. He thought she was there to fight/flirt with him. Maxie said she was actually there for Robin. Dr. Hunter seemed extremely interested in what Robin and Patrick were having, so Maxie asked him why he cared.

Meanwhile, both Robin and Patrick were amazed to finally get a glimpse of the child growing within Robin. Patrick made a comment about his little boy and Robin asked if Patrick's guess was right. Kelly revealed they were having a little girl.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On a stakeout of Karpov's warehouse, Spinelli freaked out when he thought that Karpov's thugs has spotted them. He fainted, became nauseous, and started babbling. As Spinelli became increasingly disoriented, Jason got worried, so he abandoned the stakeout and took Spinelli to the hospital.

Alexis went to the park to see Kristina and found Anthony chatting pleasantly with her. Alexis immediately sent Kristina away with the nanny. Anthony made comments that insinuated that harm would come to Kristina if anything happened to Johnny. When Anthony left, a shaken Alexis called Diane, who rushed to her aid.

Diane met a frightened Alexis in the park. Diane was a calming influence on Alexis, who told Diane everything. Alexis told Diane that Trevor had come to her earlier to let her know that Anthony was unraveling. Trevor told Alexis that she had to drop the charges against Johnny or Anthony would hurt everyone close to her. An hour later she had found Anthony in the park with Kristina. She then told Diane that Anthony had threatened Kristina on two occasions, the first time he had said that Kristina was a bargaining chip and the second time he had mentioned drowning.

Alexis told Diane that she had let Johnny go the first time Anthony had threatened Kristina, but this time, she could not, because Scott would not allow it to happen. Diane listened as Alexis said that she had told Jerry about the first attempt and that Anthony had backed off because Jerry had threatened to kill Johnny if anything happened to Alexis or her daughters.

Diane strongly advised Alexis to tell Sonny. Alexis told Diane that she did not want to start more violence, so she did not want to tell Sonny. Because Jerry had helped the first time, she was leaning toward telling Jerry. Diane scoffed that if Alexis did not want violence then she should not tell Jerry. Just at that moment, Jerry arrived on the scene and wanted to know what was it she was not telling him.

Diane did a convincing job of making Jerry believe that they were having "girl talk" about him before she sashayed away, leaving Jerry with Alexis. Alexis told him that he made her feel safer than anyone, but this was one problem that she had to take care of herself. They shared an embrace, then parted.

Sonny was at home when Trevor dropped in with dire pronouncements. He told Sonny that Anthony was cracking up and that if anything happened to Johnny, Anthony would destroy Lulu and anybody who had an association with her. Sonny said he had no contacts in the mob anymore and that he had nothing to do with what had happened. Trevor warned that because Sonny had previously kidnapped and held Johnny in captivity, Anthony would wreak vengeance on Sonny and anyone who was close to him.

Before Sonny could say more, Kate interrupted them. Trevor made a few snide comments to Kate belittling her and her relationship to Sonny, but Kate held her own with him. Sonny told Trevor that he had a lot of nerve denigrating Kate while asking a favor of Sonny. Trevor said one thing was personal and the other business. He left, but not before warning Sonny that he had better call in his favors and find Johnny and Lulu or there would be hell to pay.

Sonny told Kate about Trevor's request and they discussed Lulu and Johnny. When Kate expressed worry for Lulu, Sonny said that what he missed about the business was being able to tell the ones he loved not to worry because he would take care of whatever was upsetting them.

Kate did not want Sonny regretting what was gone, so she changed the subject and asked Sonny what he wanted as a private wedding gift from her. Sonny said the only wedding gift he wanted was Kate. Kate wanted to do something sentimental and private. They talked about their childhoods and Sonny said that he had always wanted to go to Ebbets Field in Brooklyn to see the Dodgers play, but the stadium was long gone by the time he was a youth. They laughed, kissed, and then Kate left for work.

As she was walking through the park to work, Kate called Clarice and told her to locate an original, signed Dodgers poster from the Ebbets Field era as a gift for Sonny. When Kate ended her call, Jerry, who was lurking nearby, confronted her with a warning, in lieu of congratulations. He said that Sonny would not be allowed to ride off into the sunset because he knew too much and had hurt too many people. Jerry told a stunned Kate that sooner or later the bill would come due and Sonny would have to pay.

Johnny found Lulu staring out the window when he arrived back from the deli with a bag full of goodies. She snapped out if it when she heard him, but despite Johnny's unconditional support, Lulu remained pessimistic about her sanity. She feared it was only a matter of time until she succumbed to madness as her mother had done. Johnny was convinced that all she needed was a shrink, so he offered to turn himself in so that she could get help.

Lulu said no, that she would be even worse off without Johnny. They were hugging when Lourdes came through the window to get Johnny to replace a fuse for her. Johnny left Lourdes with Lulu while he took care of the blown fuse.

Lulu was uncomfortable with Lourdes, especially when Lourdes blurted out that she though Johnny must be innocent. Lulu looked away to avoid eye contact and saw a ghostly Logan in the corner. When Lourdes asked if something was wrong, Lulu said yes. As Johnny ran down the hall, he heard Lulu screaming, "You're dead. You're not real. Leave me alone." When Johnny opened the door, Lulu was still screaming at the hallucination.

Carly was on the phone trying to set up another rendezvous with Karpov when Jax came home. She was really happy to see him. They embraced and kissed. Morgan was equally glad to see Jax, who had brought him a boomerang as a souvenir. Morgan wanted to stay with Jax, but Carly convinced him to go to his grandmother's party as planned. He agreed when Jax said he would take him to Kelly's and the park on the following day.

After Morgan left, Jax burst Carly's happy bubble when he told her he was staying at the hotel until their issues were resolved. Carly got loud and strident and accused him of not being able to make it through the long haul. Jax told her that her attitude and anger were the problem. He did not want to make up one day and have the same issues come up the next day. As Jax was leaving, Carly went after him but tripped and fell over a lamp. Jax rushed to her aid and helped her to the couch. She asked for ice, but Jax accused her of faking her sprained ankle as a ruse to get him to stay.

After showing the baby to Robin and Patrick using ultrasound equipment, Kelly left them alone to talk privately about their unborn baby girl. Robin asked Patrick if he was disappointed that it was not a boy. Patrick said no and then told Robin that he had never been happier that he was at that moment with her. He pronounced their little girl "perfect." Patrick and Robin held hands and shared a tender moment together.

Patrick immediately started worrying that he would be a terrible father to a girl. Robin laughed at Patrick's fears. As he started imagining his daughter growing up, he became more incensed on his yet unborn daughter's behalf as he imagined her at the mercy of a boy such as he had been. Robin smiled at his protective urges.

At the nurses' station, Kelly and Liz were talking about Robin and Patrick when Maxie rushed in and wanted to know what sex the baby would be. Kelly told her to paint the nursery pink. Maxie noticed that Matt was eavesdropping and confronted him. Maxie continued her attempts to get Matt out of the Scorpio abode by making her dislike of him obvious. She even accused him of "liking" her and told him he had no chance.

While Mat and Maxie argued, Jason arrived with a woozy Spinelli. Matt examined him while Maxie gushed over him. Matt thought Spinelli was delirious when he babbled on about failing in his quest to stop the evildoers. Maxie was immediately indignant on Spinelli's behalf, claiming that he always sounded like that. Jason said that he thought Spinelli was dehydrated from the heat of the car. Matt and Liz wheeled Spinelli to a room. Maxie stayed behind and blamed Jason for not taking better care of Spinelli. She did not let Jason get a word in and when Liz returned with good news, Maxie rushed off to Spinelli's room and told Jason he could wait to see Spinelli until she had finished her visit. Liz and Jason shared a momentary smile.

Robin and Patrick were still talking about how happy they were when they reached the nurses' station. Patrick was immediately called to surgery, which gave Robin and Jason a chance to chat. He told her how happy he was for her. Robin told him that she had never been happier in her whole life and she owed it all to Jason.

Once in the room, Matt was unable to get Spinelli to keep his eyes open and focus because Spinelli did not like the bright light that Matt was shining in his eyes. Matt told him it was necessary so that he could make a diagnosis. When Spinelli questioned the diagnostic tool, Matt said he had to determine what had caused the fainting spell. As Matt was listing possible causes, Spinelli fixated on brain tumor and jumped to the wrong conclusion.

Maxie walked in and Spinelli told her that Matt had said he had a brain tumor. She told Spinelli not to worry because Matt was only saying it to get back at her. Matt was incredulous, but before he could speak, Maxie said that she would call Nikolas and tell him that Matt was mistreating a patient, thereby getting Matt fired and guaranteeing that he would be out of her life and out of her house.

Anthony was in his recently renovated digs clipping roses when Trevor dropped by. Anthony told Trevor to keep the pressure on Claudia because he was sure that she knew where Johnny was hiding out. Trevor wanted to know how Anthony saw the scenario playing out. Anthony told him that Johnny would turn himself in and the charges would be dropped. Anthony told Trevor about his visit to Alexis and the pressure he had put on her.

Alexis followed Diane's advice and went to Sonny. She told him that Anthony had approached Kristina and that she fully expected that if anything happened to Johnny, Anthony would go after their daughter.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

In the apartment, Lulu became hysterical when she had another hallucination of Logan. Lourdes was taken aback by Lulu's behavior and asked if Lulu was on drugs. Johnny was too focused on settling Lulu down to answer the barrage of questions. Eventually, after Lourdes left, Johnny managed to calm Lulu. As he handed Lulu a glass of wine, Lulu began insisting that Johnny leave for safety, without her. Lulu felt that Lourdes knew too much and would eventually expose them to the police or her brother, Sal. Johnny refused to consider leaving Lulu behind. He realized that as soon as she returned to Port Charles, Lulu would confess to killing Logan. Johnny decided to take a different route. He made a quick phone call, then packed their things up, grabbled Lulu, and drove off. He told Lulu that they were headed to Canada, but she soon realized that they were headed to Shadybrook. Lulu became agitated and demanded that Johnny turn the car around. When Johnny refused, Lulu began screaming and clawing at the door, in an attempt to jump out of the moving car.

While Matt examined Spinelli, Maxie berated the young doctor for scaring Spinelli by suggesting that Spinelli might be suffering from a brain tumor. They bickered back and forth while Matt defended himself. When Matt walked out, Spinelli suggested that Maxie's intense dislike for the doctor masked feelings of attraction for the man. Maxie admitted that Dr. Hunter was the kind of man she could see herself having sex with, but only because she had incredibly poor taste in men.

Alexis went to Sonny's to tell him about the incident in the park with Kristina and Anthony. At first, Sonny thought that Alexis had overreacted to the situation and misinterpreted what Anthony had said. Alexis was adamant; Anthony threatened Kristina's life. Sonny had trouble believing it. He insisted that Ric had sworn to Sonny that he would keep Kristina safe as if she were his own child. Alexis pointed out that Ric had left town with Molly, on vacation, just before Anthony showed up in the park. Alexis went on to tell Sonny that Anthony had made three separate threats on Kristina's life. The first time, months earlier, when Anthony suggested that Kristina would make a good "bargaining chip." The second threat occurred more recently when Anthony suggested that Kristina could have a drowning accident at her day camp. The final threat took place earlier that day, in the park.

Sonny was stunned that he had not been told about the other incidents. His shock turned to anger when Alexis confessed that she had gone to Jerry Jacks for help after the second threat. Sonny didn't appreciate hearing that Alexis felt that Jerry could keep their daughter safe, not Sonny. Alexis pointed out that she did not tell Jerry about Anthony's latest threat; she went to Sonny instead.

Later, Sonny invited Jason to his house to let Jason know about the incident in the park with Anthony and Kristina. Jason already knew about it because Kristina's bodyguard had phoned in a report. Sonny wanted Jason to know what he intended to do about the Zacchara's. Jason was noncommittal, but pointed out that Sonny didn't have any right to make demands given his recent dealings with Karpov. The tension was thick between the two men. Sonny felt that Jason was in over his head. Sonny warned him that Jason couldn't continue to stand by and do nothing for much longer.

Jax accused Carly of faking her sprained ankle in an attempt to keep him at the house. Carly was outraged that Jax thought so little of her. The two continued to argue until Jax stormed out of the house.

At Crimson, Kate was surprised to find Maxie at her desk. Maxie quickly updated Kate on all that she had accomplished since returning to work. Sufficiently impressed, Kate asked Maxie where she had been. When Maxie told Kate about Robin's ultrasound, Kate was understanding. Kate mentioned she'd been in a similar situation with her cousin, Olivia. Maxie and Clarice were startled to hear Kate discuss her cousin. Maxie blurted out that she didn't think Kate had any relatives. Kate brushed off the comment as she headed to her office. As Maxie updated her on Jax's recent return to town, Jax walked in. Kate quickly led him into her office and began updating him on business but it was clear that Jax was distracted. When Kate asked him what was on his mind, Jax said "Carly." Kate wasn't surprised. She listened as Jax expressed guilt over walking out on Carly when she might have been hurt.

Jax returned to the house and found Carly sitting on the sofa, wearing a sweatsuit, eating junk food, and crying. Her ankle was propped up on a pillow and had a wet cloth draped over it. Jax joined her on the couch and apologized for walking out on her. Jax admitted that Carly had made him realize that he had been treating her harshly. Jax didn't want to be like that with her because he loved Carly too much. Carly was touched by Jax's sincerity and the two kissed and made up. Their newfound happiness was short-lived when Kate showed up, knocking on the door with emergency Crimson business. Carly watched Jax closely as he decided what to do-answer the door or stay with Carly.

Claudia was livid when Anthony demanded that Claudia move back into the Zacchara mansion. She absolutely refused to consider it and walked out. Claudia soon returned, angrier than ever. It seemed that Anthony had his men clear out her penthouse and move all of her things-and Johnny's-into the Zacchara mansion. Anthony refused to take no for an answer. He felt that Claudia was his only link to Johnny. Claudia denied having heard from Johnny since he had gone on the run, but Anthony didn't believe her. He warned Claudia that if anything happened to Johnny before he returned safely home, Claudia would be the one to pay.

Claudia pointed out that Johnny was unlikely to return home anytime soon since he had a murder charge hanging over his head and Scott Baldwin was determined to see Johnny prosecuted. Anthony disagreed and confidently told Claudia that Alexis would soon drop all charges. Claudia was skeptical and asked Anthony what he had done. Just then, Sonny walked in and announced that Anthony had made a fatal mistake, for which he would pay dearly.

At the hospital, Robin and Jason spent a few minutes talking about Robin's pregnancy and then the past. While they visited, Robin felt the baby kick and invited Jason to touch her tummy while the baby continued to move. Nearby, at the nurse's station, Liz watched them. When Jason looked up, his eyes met with Liz's and held. The moment passed and Liz was soon distracted by the arrival of Lucky and the boys. Lucky brought the kids by to visit with Liz before their aunt Bobbie picked them up for a sleepover. When Liz glanced up, she noticed Jason looking at them.

As Robin and Jason said goodbye, Patrick walked up and overheard Robin say that she hoped Jason would be a part of her daughter's life. Later, Patrick found Robin and told her that he had reservations about her decision. Patrick told Robin that he did not want Jason to be around their little girl, not after he had to dig a bullet out of Michael's head. Robin agreed.

Sam met with Karpov. He complimented her on a job well done with the previous shipment, and gave her another assignment. Sam returned to her apartment and found Lucky waiting for her. She was happy to see him and threw herself into his arms. They both admitted that their undercover work added an exciting element to their relationship and they were enjoying it. They soon made love. Afterwards, Lucky asked Sam to move in with him, once the counterfeit drug ring was exposed. Sam hesitated. All she could promise him was that she would think about it.

Jason was standing on the docks when Liz walked up. Liz said that she had told herself that if she found him there, then she was meant to find him. Liz went on to tell Jason that she had seen his expression when he felt Robin's baby kick and later, when he saw Jake. Liz could see how much Jason missed Jake. Liz said that she couldn't undo all of the choices that were made but she wanted Jason to know that she loved him and was there for him.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Sonny visited Anthony and warned him to never threaten anyone under his protection again. Anthony said he thought Sonny was retired and no one was under his protection anymore. Jason Morgan was the only one who offered protection, and Anthony had learned that Jason didn't take action. Sonny told Anthony he would learn just how retired Sonny really was if anyone from the Zacchara family ever threatened Sonny's children again. After Sonny left, Claudia asked her father why he was goading Sonny into taking back his business. Anthony explained that he felt he could manipulate Sonny more than Jason. They were interrupted when Nikolas came to see Anthony. He was there to ask Anthony to stop looking for Johnny and Lulu. Anthony wasn't impressed with Nikolas' plan to get the fugitives out of the country. He told Nikolas there was a price to pay if Johnny didn't come home. When Nikolas' phone rang, he answered it and rushed off. Claudia left with him, while Anthony was left wondering what was going on. Claudia and Nikolas drove off to Shadybrook after Nikolas explained he had received a tip about Lulu being admitted to the mental hospital.

Lucky was very worried about the shipment Sam was about to help Karpov bring in. He made her promise to call him if anything went wrong. Once on the boat, Sam told Karpov her plan for turning the boat engines off so they would coast into the harbor. She was worried about Harbor Patrol and also staying out of Jason Morgan's territory. Karpov told her not to worry about things she knew nothing about. Her job was to land the shipment safely or things would go very wrong for her and everyone involved.

Meanwhile, Lucky walked into the hospital and asked Epiphany when he would be able to speak with their assault victim. Detective Harper walked in at the same time and warned Epiphany their Emergency Room would take a hit that night. The DEA was raiding Pier 52, after receiving a tip about a shipment of drugs coming in via boat.

Liz begged Jason to confide in her. She knew he was upset and had no one to talk to. Jason confessed how he had taken over the business after asking Sonny to give up parental rights to Michael and Morgan. Sonny regretted that decision and held Jason responsible. Jason couldn't believe Sonny had turned against him, though. It was less than two months after Sonny retired when he made a deal with the enemy. They talked about Jason's decision to stay away from Jake and how it killed him not to be with Jake and Liz. It was the best decision for them, though. Liz told Jason that he needed to make things right with Sonny.

Kate knocked on the door at Carly and Jax's house, begging for Jax's help with their magazine. One of Crimson's vendors had pulled out of their contract, and Kate needed Jax to convince them they were making the wrong decision. Carly was annoyed when Jax immediately called the vendor and took care of the business issue. Kate apologized to Carly and thanked Jax before leaving. Once Kate was gone, Carly mentioned her thoughts that Kate was deliberately trying to ruin their marriage. Kate's business with Jax could all be handled over the phone. Carly asked if Jax would come back to their marriage if she unconditionally accepted his friendship with Kate. Jax said their marriage was not about making deals. He wanted to take things slow to make sure they were making the right decision about their marriage. After Jax left, Carly looked at their wedding album and relived their past together.

Lulu told Johnny she wouldn't allow him to take the fall for killing Logan. She was worried he would turn himself in if she were admitted to Shadybrook. Johnny was worried about Lulu's mental state, though. He knew about Laura's medical condition and he had seen his father's struggles as Johnny was growing up. Johnny knew Lulu needed help, and keeping her from seeing a doctor would only make things worse. Lulu finally agreed to go to Shadybrook but made Johnny promise he would escape to Canada as soon as Lulu was settled in.

Johnny and Lulu arrived at Shadybrook and talked to a doctor. Lulu said she thought she was overreacting and didn't need to be there. Johnny took her aside and she confessed she didn't think she could stay there. She started to become more and more frantic as he tried to insist that she needed to be there to get help.

Sonny called Mike over to talk, and Mike thought initially it was about his gambling debts. Sonny wanted Mike's opinion, though. He told his father about Anthony threatening Kristina. Sonny had gone to Anthony's house where he learned Anthony was appreciative of Sonny for turning the business over to Jason. The Zacchara's felt Jason had no spine, and Sonny was starting to think they were right. Mike said he thought Sonny was making excuses to get back into the business. Sonny said he felt he didn't have the power to keep his family safe anymore. Mike told his son he realized Sonny was angry at Jason for his part in making Sonny give his children up. Sonny said it was too hard to talk about that, so Mike asked a simple question: Did Sonny really think Jason would stand by and let something happen to Sonny or his family?

After Mike left, Jason came to talk to Sonny. He wanted to make sure there were no misunderstandings. As they talked, Kate walked in. She was upset to see Sonny and Jason together and demanded to know if Sonny was taking over the business.

At the docks, Karpov saw Carly limping with a suitcase. She told him she was meeting her husband for a midnight sail, and he offered to take her out on the water since her husband was not around. Meanwhile, Sam oversaw the shipment being delivered and shots rang out. Sam tried to take cover but was hit. She fell to the ground just as Lucky moved in.

At Shadybrook, Johnny finally had Lulu convinced to stay. He walked out of her room, but she soon ran after him. Just as she grabbed him, Scott and Mac showed up with uniformed police officers. Lulu started screaming as Johnny was arrested.

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