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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 14, 2008 on GH
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Monday, July 14, 2008

Anthony met with Maxie in his apartment. He demanded that she tell the truth or face the ominous "else." He told her he could always spot a liar. Maxie spun a convincing tale of the events. Anthony questioned her adroitly, but Maxie lied smoothly and remained cool under pressure. Anthony accepted her explanation. When asked why she and Lulu were willing to help cover up the crime when they had relatives in law enforcement, Maxie mentioned Scott Baldwin's vindictiveness and the fear that Logan's killer would be convicted of murder instead of acquitted in self-defense. Anthony considered her answer, then coldly dismissed Maxie, telling her he would kill her and Lulu if they ever betrayed Johnny.

At Jason's penthouse, Lulu and Johnny tried to convince Spinelli to destroy the footage that would give the cops clues to Logan's killer. He wanted to know why, but answers were not forthcoming. When Johnny asked why he was pursuing the case, Spinelli told him that he was doing it to help comfort Maxie. Before leaving with Johnny, Lulu said it would be a big favor to her if Spinelli would just drop the whole investigation. After they left, Mike dropped by with Spinelli's takeout order and wanted to know how Sonny was taking retirement from the mob. Spinelli told him that it appeared that Sonny was mad at Jason because Jason did what Sonny wanted and took over the mob. Mike said that was how addiction worked. He told Spinelli that no matter how much one knew logically that something was bad for them, it did not make a person want it any less.

Spinelli said that besides his conflict with Jason, Sonny had other problems. When Mike inquired about what they were, Spinelli told Mike about the compromising photo of Jax and Kate. Later, a tearful and badly shaken Maxie showed up at Spinelli's door. She immediately started babbling and telling Spinelli to get rid of everything that had anything to do with Logan's murder. Spinelli wanted to know what was wrong and she said that she had never been so frightened of anything in her life. Under Spinelli's gentle but insistent probing, Maxie spilled the beans. She told Spinelli the whole story, that Lulu, not Johnny, had killed Logan. Spinelli told Maxie that he would never let anyone hurt her. Maxie told Spinelli that no one had ever made her feel as safe as she felt with him. They looked deeply into each other's eyes, then kissed, tentatively at first, and then with passion.

Claudia spied Jason in her parking garage. He was looking at her car. She pulled a gun on him and wanted to know what he was doing. Jason told her that there was video footage of her car around Nikolas' clinic about the time Logan's body was dumped there. He also told her that it made it look like Johnny had killed Logan. Claudia scoffed and asked if the video footage showed her license plate. Jason said no, but told her that there was evidence on her car that the plate had been changed. Claudia asked Jason why he cared. He said it was because he was a suspect, so he had to find out who really did it. Claudia put her gun away and told Jason that he was better off than Johnny.

Before they could talk further, the cops arrived with guns drawn. Claudia insisted that they had no reason to search her car without a warrant and tried to call her lawyer. Jason refused to answer questions without his lawyer. Lucky and the other detective did not like those answers, so they arrested Claudia and Jason and took them to the police station. At the PCPD, they were handcuffed to the table in the interrogation room and left alone. Claudia begged Jason not to tell what he knew. Jason said that he would never tell the cops anything. He told Claudia that she and Johnny would have real problems after the police got done with forensics on the car. Claudia said that she was not an amateur and that she would be home before dinner. Jason was skeptical and when Claudia asked what he recommended, but he told her to get a lawyer and do damage control. Claudia wanted to know whom to call, Trevor or Ric. Before Jason could respond, Mac came in and told them that they were free to go, because the cops knew who killed Logan.

Johnny and Lulu went to his apartment. Lulu wanted to tell the truth, but Johnny insisted that she stick to the story that he had killed Logan, because they had already destroyed evidence. Johnny told her that she needed to trust him to protect both of them. As they hugged, Anthony and Trevor knocked on the door. Once admitted, Anthony gave Johnny advice. He told him no confessing, no arguing with lawyers, and no taking things into his own hands. Anthony told Johnny that if he followed orders, Anthony could make everything go away. If not, then he intimated that Lulu would pay the price. Johnny reacted to the threat to Lulu, but Anthony was not swayed. He insisted that if anything happened to Johnny, Lulu would pay. Before exiting, a grim-faced Anthony said he would do everything to protect Johnny, but that he was really hurt that Johnny went to someone else before coming to Anthony for help. He said it was a slap in his face, then Trevor wheeled him out, leaving Johnny and Lulu alone. Lulu wanted to confess more than ever, but Johnny was adamant that she stay silent. She agreed, on the condition that Johnny run away with her.

At the Crimson offices Jax walked in on an argument between Carly and Sonny. Sonny made Carly tell Jax that she had started the rumors about Kate, and she had allowed the reporters into the hotel to ambush Kate. Jax wanted to know why. Carly told him it was because she did not like Kate. Jax was livid. He asked if he was just collateral damage and if it was okay that he got ambushed, too. Carly said that she was sorry, but Kate deserved it and she would do it again. Jax was incredulous and said that Carly's real reason for hating Kate was that she was marrying Sonny. Sonny smiled, perhaps remembering that he had recently said those same words to Carly. Carly denied that she hated Kate for marrying Sonny. Instead, she said it was because Kate was half responsible for what happed to Michael and did not have the guts to own up to it. In the background, Sonny shook his head.

Jax told Carly that the rumors that Kate and Jax were having an affair were about to be splattered all over the tabloids. He wondered who was really going to be embarrassed. Carly said Kate, and that she would do it again. Jax shook his head and said that he was not going to fight because he had just stopped caring about what Carly did, and then walked out, leaving Carly with Sonny. Sonny told her that she was a heartbeat away from losing Jax. He told her that when that happened, not to even think about coming back to them. He told her to stop trashing Kate, because she was embarrassing herself. Kate walked in and interrupted them shouting at each other. Kate wanted to know why Carly was there and why they were yelling. Before storming out, a mean-mouthed Carly told Kate that it was foreplay and sometimes that was better than the sex itself.

Sonny told Kate that he would not let Carly come between them. Kate told Sonny to stop reacting to Carly, and when Carly saw that she could not get a rise out of him, she would go away. Sonny said that he only loved Kate and he would try, but the thing that Kate did not understand about Carly was that Carly would never stop trying. Sonny said that he would not let Carly hurt Kate. Kate said that Carly already had. Her business depended on perception, and if Carly made a laughing stock out of her, she was sunk. Diane interrupted them with contracts for Kate to sign. When Kate worried about the media, Diane informed her that it was all good for Crimson.

After Diane left, Mike showed up. When Kate said that he deserved an explanation, he said he did not need one because he knew Kate and knew she would not betray Sonny. He also complimented Sonny for supporting Kate instead of jumping to the worst-case conclusion. Mike gave Kate credit for her positive influence on Sonny. After Mike went back to Kelly's, Kate looked at the news on the Internet. She found out that she was being portrayed in the tabloid press as the woman who had it all, a successful career, a married tycoon for a lover, and a sexy power broker for a fiancÚ. She was overjoyed to see that the situation was creating good buzz for Crimson. Sonny looked less than enthusiastic when she said it might be good for business to spend more time with Jax and not disabuse the press of the notion that she and Jax were having an affair.

At home, Jax came downstairs with a packed bag. He was about to leave when he spotted Morgan in his karate clothes. Morgan demonstrated some of his moves, and then asked Jax if he would attend Morgan's upcoming class demonstration. Jax hesitated only a moment before saying that he would not miss it for anything. He was waiting when an angry Carly arrived home. She told Jax that she was hurt and angry that Kate had hit on him. Jax said he was sorry and that it would never happen again, but it was obvious that Carly neither believed him nor trusted him. Carly said she trusted Jax, but not Kate. Jax said that whatever Kate felt about Carly stemmed from Carly's hatred for Kate. Carly accused Jax of turning it back on her and making it seem that Carly was being unreasonable. Jax told her that she was being unreasonable.

Carly once again shifted all the blame to Kate and responded with an ultimatum. She told Jax that he could stay married to her or stay in business with Kate. Jax said he did not take well to ultimatums, and that what they should be concentrating on was their marriage and their commitment to Morgan, who they were trying to raise together. He said that nothing should be more important than their trust for each other. Jax admitted that he had made a bad call when he kissed Kate, but he was sorry and that he thought that they had hashed it out and settled the issues the previous evening, when Carly had told him she forgave him and they had made love. Instead, she had leapt out of bed at first light, and gone out looking for revenge, that she had ambushed both Jax and Kate, and then he told her to pay attention to the essential point, which was that Carly had jeopardized a major business investment. He said that he had a large amount of money, as well as his reputation, invested in Crimson. Jax said that he could not afford for it to tank and he had thought that Carly understood.

She answered quietly that she did understand, but Jax said that obviously she did not understand. He proposed that they stop going around in circles and try to get past the incident, if they could. Carly calmed down and said that she would stop attacking Kate. In fact she would do her best to avoid Kate altogether. Jax was willing to meet Carly halfway. He agreed to limit his contacts with Kate to strictly business, not because he could not resist Kate, but because it would make Carly feel better. He said that Carly's feelings were more important to him than anything else. Carly said she could accept that. Then she told him that outside of her kids, he was more important than anything else. They kissed tenderly and made up.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lulu did her best to convince Johnny to skip town. Luke and Laura both would skip town anytime things got rough, so Lulu thought that would be the best thing for Lulu and Johnny to do. Johnny sat her down and tried to calm Lulu's fears. He asked her to trust him, just as the police knocked on the door. Lulu was stunned to see her brother arresting Johnny for Logan's murder.

Down at the station, Jason was finally released. Claudia was brought in after her car was confiscated and searched. Anthony, Trevor, and Ric showed up, too, after they heard the Zacchara children were in trouble. They watched as Johnny was brought in and shoved into the interrogation room. While Claudia promised to get her brother out of the mess, Trevor and Ric told Anthony that Johnny would have to stay in jail overnight. Anthony felt it would serve his son right for going to Claudia with his problems instead of going to Anthony. He warned the two lawyers they would pay if Johnny were convicted, though.

At Jason's apartment, Maxie and Spinelli made love after discussing Logan's murder. They cuddled on the couch until Jason walked in. Spinelli politely asked Jason if he could step outside while they dressed, and Jason obliged. Maxie rushed to get dressed and ran out of the penthouse as quickly as possible. When Jason walked back into his living room, he asked Spinelli if he was all right. Spinelli said he was better than all right. He had found nirvana with his one true love. Later, Jason brought an orange soda to Spinelli as he recited Shakespeare. Spinelli was preparing for his next meeting with Maxie, but he was surprised how quickly he received the call from her. Before he left, Spinelli told Jason about Maxie's confession and Lulu's involvement in Logan's murder.

Spinelli quickly left to meet with Maxie but was disappointed when she revealed to him she wanted to remain friends. She felt as if she had taken advantage of him. She always used sex during her times of fear and insecurity. She hadn't wanted to do anything to destroy the friendship she had with him, and she promised they would never make love again.

Lulu arrived at the police station to help Johnny, but his family quickly turned her away. They assured her they would take care of Johnny. Lulu went back to the Quartermaine mansion where Tracy tried to talk to her. Lulu admitted she felt helpless. Logan was dead and Johnny was in jail. There was nothing she could do about either situation, though. Tracy did her best to comfort Lulu, but Lulu was in no mood to hear anything her stepmother had to say. Lulu said she would leave if Tracy dared to say, "I told you so." After Tracy left, Lulu was shocked when Jason stormed into her room. He told her he knew about Logan's murder and would try to help.

Jax walked into Crimson and was surprised to see Sonny there with Kate. Jax didn't want to talk business with Sonny there, but Kate convinced him otherwise. Kate had a grand idea to feed the paparazzi by continuing to be seen in public together with Jax. The rumors would be great publicity for the magazine. Sonny didn't like the idea, and neither did Jax. Although Jax understood Kate's logic, he knew it would upset his wife so he declined the invitation. Kate was disturbed that Carly was still managing to ruin her magazine, but Jax left soon after to go home to his wife. Carly was shocked to see Jax arrive at home with flowers and her favorite junk food. She was even more surprised to learn Jax had turned down Kate's offer to advance their magazine because it might upset Carly.

At the hospital, Anna talked to Patrick and Robin about Eli Love's arrival. Although the concert would be great fun, Eli didn't know that his favorite groupie was about to be a grandmother. Epiphany seemed annoyed at all the commotion Eli was causing, and Cassius was annoyed because everyone knew Eli Love was there before he had known. When Eli finally entered the hospital, Robin hid from him behind the nurse's station. Eli kept asking for her, but Robin was determined to stay out of sight. When Kelly saw her, she thought Robin might need a shrink for her pregnancy-induced stress. Robin did her best to explain the situation and asked for help in getting out of the hospital.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sam visited Nikolas at the clinic. Dr. Matt Hunter saw them together and wondered about Sam's identity. Nadine wanted to know why he cared. When Matt said that if she was seeking medical attention she should be talking to a doctor instead of someone who threw money at everything, Nadine responded that Matt was very lucky to have the internship provided by Nikolas in Emily's name. Before any more was said, a Spanish-speaking woman came in carrying a sick little girl. With Sam acting as interpreter, the group found out that the woman had been to Mercy Emergency a few days before and her child had been treated with antibiotics. When she returned to the hospital, she had been turned away, with instructions to give the medicine time to work. Matt said that the girl had a serious infection that appeared to be untreated. He said that the child would die if they did not get the infection under control. Nikolas sent the child to GH with Matt and Nadine. Sam and Nikolas stayed behind and discussed the counterfeit drug business that seemed to be rampant in Port Charles. Sam was aghast at such a hurtful scam and wondered how to take action.

At Sonny's home, Max brought in flowers, sent to Sonny by Kate, with a note of apology for the disagreement she had with Sonny the previous evening. Sonny read the note silently. When Sonny was done reading, Max told him that he and Milo wanted to come back to work for him. They would not be bodyguards, but drivers with security experience. Sonny wanted to know if Max and Diane could separate their personal lives from the job. When Max said they could, Sonny said, "Fine," but told Max to clear it with Jason. Max would have preferred that Sonny do the clearing for him, but when Sonny insisted that Max had to talk to Jason, Max agreed to do the talking.

Sonny told Max to take the flowers away, but Max worried that Kate would be hurt. Sonny unburdened himself and told Max that he did not want to be disrespected. He said even though he loved Kate, and she always treated him right and gave him no reason to distrust her, he could not go along with letting the press run false rumors that led people to the conclusion that Kate and Jax were having an affair. Max suggested that there might be a compromise.

At the PCPD, Johnny was handcuffed to the interrogation table, where Lucky, who told Johnny he was off the case, interrogated him about Lulu, who appeared at the door and told Lucky that if he wanted to know something about her, he should ask her, not Johnny. Lucky took Lulu aside and told her that Logan's obsession with Lulu was well known and that was certainly a motive for Johnny, who also had means to do murder. Lulu defended Johnny and demanded to see him. Lucky told her that Johnny would be interrogated for several hours. Lulu said, "Fine," and that she would be back later, before stomping out. Lucky accused Johnny of being selfish. Johnny said nothing was more important to him that keeping Lulu safe. Lucky scoffed. He feared for Lulu. He told Johnny that Lulu was blaming herself and he knew it would get worse. Johnny acknowledged that Lucky was correct, but protested that he could not help Lulu while he was locked up.

Outside the interrogation room, Jerry dropped in to see Alexis and ran into Mac. They had words. Mac told Jerry that Alexis would eventually see him for the lying scum he was. Jerry told Mac there was nothing he could do and turned his back. Mac sucker punched him in the kidney and sent him to his knees. When Lucky tried to help Jerry up, Mac waved him away. Jerry told Mac that he would overlook one punch, but if Mac came after him again, Jerry would put him away, police commissioner or not. Mac did not back down. He told Jerry that he was a lousy gambler who did not know when to quit and it would not take Alexis long to see through him. He then escorted Jerry out of the building.

At Crimson, Kate told Clarice how happy she was to have her on staff. When Kate wanted to know where Lulu and Maxie were, Clarice said that she had sent them out on errands. Kate said fine, as long as her special delivery got made to Sonny.

While Kate and Clarice tossed ideas around, Diane walked in and wanted a word with Kate. They talked about fashion, but Diane's real purpose was to warn Kate about Sonny. She told Kate that Sonny was bad for her, but since Kate clearly loved Sonny, Diane felt compelled to tell Kate that she was handling Sonny all wrong. She told Kate that Sonny was a proud and possessive man, who was not happy about the suggestion in the press that Kate and Jax were having an affair. Kate understood Sonny's discomfort, but said she hoped for a compromise.

Maxie arrived in the outer office after running errands. Clarice thanked Maxie and said that she had covered for Lulu, but wondered where Lulu was. Maxie did not know, but assured Clarice that Lulu would arrive soon. A frantic Lulu arrived a few minutes later. Clarice told Lulu that she had covered but not to be late again, or Kate would replace her. After Clarice left the room, Lulu told Maxie that Johnny had been arrested. She wanted to confess to get Johnny out of jail, but Maxie persuaded her to sit tight because there was the possibility that she would not be believed and would hurt Johnny's case even more.

Before the argument was over, an important fashion designer, Alonzo, arrived for his appointment, several hours ahead of schedule. He was boarding a plane to Milan earlier than planned. He demanded to see Kate so that they could select the models that would wear his designs. He tried to walk into Kate's office unannounced, but Maxie stopped him. She interrupted an abrupt Kate with the news. Kate started scrambling to accommodate Alonzo, and Maxie was sent back to the outer office.

Sonny arrived on the elevator. When he demanded to see Kate and was about to walk into her office, Alonzo mistook him for a male model and told him he could not go in because he was not Kate's "type." Sonny got the wrong impression. Alonzo dismissed him, but Sonny did not budge. Alonzo interrupted Kate and said that there was a model waiting who was not what they were looking for. Sonny heard Kate tell Alonzo to send him away. When Alonzo dismissed him again, Sonny left in a huff. Lulu interrupted a multi-tasking Kate and told her that Sonny had been sent away. Kate rushed out, but Sonny was gone. She intended to follow him, but Alonzo demanded her attention, so Kate put the issues with Sonny on hold and went back to work on the magazine.

Nikolas and Sam went to GH, to find out the status on the little girl that had been in the clinic earlier. Nadine came to the lobby and told them that her condition was critical, but she was stable and it appeared that the girl would recover.

Anna dropped in to visit Robin at her apartment. Robin could tell that Anna and Eli had been together. Anna was jazzed because she had been a fan of Eli's for a long time and it made her very happy to know that he enjoyed spending time with her. Anna thanked Robin for not letting Eli know that Robin was pregnant. She went on to tell Robin that she was not sorry that Robin was pregnant and she was very happy for Robin. She was also happy for herself. She said that she did a lot of things wrong when Robin was growing up and she wanted to make up for that. Anna said that she was looking forward to being a grandmother and she felt silly for not telling Eli. Robin said that she understood and that she loved Anna and wanted her mother to be happy. She told Anna that she did not want her to be a stereotypical grandmother. Robin wanted Anna to just be herself. Robin said any child would be lucky to know Anna. Robin said that she certainly felt that way about her life with Anna.

At Jake's Bar, Spinelli ordered whiskey and told Coleman to keep them coming. Coleman suggested orange soda. Spinelli wanted to drown his sorrows, but Coleman would not serve him alcohol, because he feared that Jason would be upset with him if he let Spinelli get drunk. While Spinelli bemoaned his fate, Eli Love walked in. He asked for the whiskey that Coleman had denied Spinelli. Eli asked Coleman to join him. Each raised a glass as Eli toasted Anna Devane and sang her praises. Spinelli looked longingly at his empty glass.

After a few toasts, Coleman asked Eli to give Spinelli some advise about how to get the girl. Eli was glad to oblige. He told Spinelli to learn to play the guitar. Spinelli wailed that he was rhythmically challenged. Before Eli could answer, Anna came in. She said it depended on the guy and what kind of guitar. Eli was delighted to see her. He gave Anna a welcoming hug.

At Sam's request Lucky met Sam at the clinic. Sam shared how devastated she felt when her daughter died. She told Lucky that seeing a little girl almost die had brought it all back to her and she was passionate about taking action against those people trading in counterfeit drugs. Lucky said there was not much the PCPD could do without more clues and facts. Nikolas and Nadine joined Sam and implored Lucky to do something, Lucky said that he would take down all the information and turn it over to the narcotics division, because there was not enough money in the budget for a task force. Sam asked what would happen if going through official channels were too slow for her. Nikolas chimed in that he would put up whatever money was necessary to fund a private task force to work in cooperation with the PCPD. Lucky thought that was a good idea and they started making plans.

Matt treated Jerry's injury in the ER. When Jerry started asking questions about his income and medical school loans, Matt wanted to know why Jerry was asking him questions.

Diane went to see Sonny, but he was away from home. She asked Max what he was doing at Sonny's. Before he could answer, she told him that obviously he was going back to work for Sonny because he had been miserable away from him. Diane approved, as long as Sonny did not forbid Max and Diane to see each other. Max said that was his only condition. Diane was very happy. Sonny walked in and caught them kissing. He sent a reluctant Max away to talk to Jason.

Diane had contracts for him to sign, but he was in a somber mood. She recognized the reason and told him that she was assuming that Kate had failed to meet an expectation. She said that women like her and Kate were defined by their careers and that if Sonny thought that a five-karat ring was going to turn Kate into a docile housewife whose only job was catering to his mood swings, then he had better think again. Diane strongly advised Sonny to reconsider marriage to Kate, or "get used to the inevitable disappointment," before flouncing out.

When Maxie arrived at the PCPD to see Johnny, Mac wanted to know why. She told him that Logan was a louse who deserved to die and Johnny was a friend who she believed in and trusted. A disgruntled Mac let her see Johnny. She told Johnny that Lulu was about to crack and confess to Logan's murder. Johnny asked Maxie to be patient and thanked her for helping. Maxie feared that Lulu would go crazy like her mother, Laura. Johnny said he did not believe that Lulu was like her mother. Lulu walked in on them and said sarcastically, "Don't you two look cozy?"

Kate stopped by Sonny's to ask about if he had received the flowers and to apologize for not realizing he was in the office earlier that afternoon. Sonny said that he understood, but that flowers would not fix the problem. Kate said that was not her intent. She said if she had realized that Sonny was in the office earlier, she would never have let Alonzo send him away. She told Sonny that she loved him and he acknowledged that he loved her, but Sonny continued adamantly, he absolutely could not and would not be second in his wife's life.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

At the penthouse, Spinelli was worried about the direction of his relationship with Maxie and turned to Jason for advice. Spinelli told Jason that Maxie had apologized for sleeping with Spinelli, and vowed that it would never happen again. To Spinelli's frustration, they were interrupted when Max stopped by to see Jason. Once Spinelli left the room, Max told Jason about his and Milo's decision to go to work for Sonny. Once Jason ascertained that Max and Milo weren't pressured into working for Sonny, he gave the brothers his blessing. Before Max left, Jason asked Max to let him know if Sonny was in trouble. Jason explained that, contrary to what Sonny thought, Jason had not turned his back on his friend.

Carly was furious when her morning with Jax was interrupted by a visit from Kate. Kate needed Jax to attend an important business meeting with a European distributor. Carly stood next to Jax and began barking at Kate. Kate ignored Carly's comments and told Jax that the meeting was strictly business. After Kate left, Carly continued with her rant. She accused Kate of trying to manipulate Jax into spending time at Crimson in order for Kate to seduce him. Jax didn't agree, and left.

Spinelli returned to the living room and resumed his talk with Jason about Maxie. Jason suggested that Maxie might want to preserve her friendship with Spinelli rather than risk it on a romance that might not last. Unfortunately, their discussion was once again interrupted when Carly pounded on the door. After she marched in and dismissed Spinelli, Carly turned to Jason and asked him to help her get rid of Kate. Jason tried to calm Carly down, to no avail. Carly insisted that Kate had designs on Jax and was constantly trying to hit on her husband. Jason pointed out that one kiss hardly equated to repeated attempts at seduction, but Carly refused to listen. Rather, Carly viewed it as an attempt on Jason's part to defend Kate. Jason switched tactics and reminded Carly that her schemes tended to backfire. Carly ignored the warning and declared that getting Kate out of the way would not cost her Jax. Carly's main concern seemed to be Sonny's reaction. Carly worried that Sonny might retaliate and tell Jax about his tryst with Carly in the limo.

At Crimson, Jax charmed the German distributor and convinced him to give Kate and Crimson a chance. Kate was thrilled with the way that Jax handled the meeting. Jax returned home and found Carly in the living room, looking at floor plans. He told her that the meeting had made him realize that he needed to take more of a hands-on approach with Crimson until it was launched. Carly bristled at the idea but told Jax that she trusted him. After Jax left on Crimson business, Carly placed a phone call and said that she needed to see the person on the other end of the line right away.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Lulu appeared determined to save Johnny by confessing to killing Logan. She wanted Johnny to trust her. Johnny refused to listen. He was convinced that they all needed to keep quiet and let things play out as they were. Lulu stormed out. Maxie, who had been standing nearby, turned to Johnny and said that Lulu's behavior just then was an example of Lulu's instability. Maxie felt that Lulu couldn't be trusted to stay quiet. Maxie asked Johnny to find a lawyer who could protect all of their interests-including Lulu's when she went to confess her crime to the police. Johnny warned Maxie not to turn on Lulu. He was certain that Scott Baldwin would not allow a self-defense argument to stand. Johnny then reminded Maxie that there wasn't any evidence to back up their claim that Logan had attacked Maxie and then Lulu.

Maxie left the police station and tracked Lulu down. Maxie found her at the piers. Lulu's mood remained hostile and dark. When Maxie tried to talk to Lulu, hoping to convince Lulu to keep quiet about Logan's death, Lulu lashed out and threw Maxie's past deceptions in her face. Lulu said that she couldn't lie with the same ease that Maxie could and then walked away.

Spinelli paid Johnny a visit at the police station. Spinelli admitted that he had told Jason about Maxie's confession that Lulu killed Logan. Enraged, Johnny picked up a chair and threw it across the room. Detective Harper came in and tried to hustle Spinelli out of the room. Spinelli quickly covered for Johnny and convinced Harper to let the visit continue. After Harper left the room, Spinelli talked things out with Johnny. They agreed that there wasn't an easy fix for Lulu's dilemma.

Patrick and Robin snuggled on her sofa, and talked about Anna's issues with the word grandmother. Robin believed that it stemmed from fear of the unknown and then realized that Patrick faced the same kind of fear about fatherhood. As they talked, Robin admitted that it was easier to understand her mother's fear because Robin knew that Anna would always love her. Patrick took the opportunity to tell Robin that she and the baby were everything to him and that he couldn't imagine his life without them. Robin smiled and then announced that the baby wanted cheese fries from Jake's.

At Jake's, Anna and Eli were sitting at the bar discussing the atmosphere at Jake's. Eli said that the bar reminded him of one of his favorite places in London. Eli suggested that he take Anna to the bar when she joined him on his tour at the end of October. Anna stammered for a moment and said that she would have to meet up with him later in the tour because she had plans. Just then Robin and Patrick walked in. Eli spotted the couple and invited them over. Eli took one look at Robin as she approached him and realized that she was pregnant.

Anna confessed that she and Robin had been trying to hide the pregnancy from Eli because of his rock star status. Eli smiled and told Anna that she was an exciting, kick-ass woman. He would be crazy to walk away from her because she was going to be a grandmother. Later, as Anna and Eli were playing pool, his manager brought in a journalist to interview Eli. When she mistook Anna for Eli's girlfriend, Eli explained that his girlfriend was in Sydney on a photo shoot and that Anna was an old friend. To Anna's horror he then told the woman that Anna was about to be a grandmother. Patrick was offended on Anna's behalf. He marched up to Eli and punched him in the face.

At the free clinic, Sam tried to convince Lucky, Nikolas, and Nadine that her plan, to find work with the smugglers in order to uncover who was behind the counterfeit drug ring, would be the best way to shut down the operation. Lucky refused to consider it. He felt it was too dangerous and that Sam should allow the police to investigate the crime.

At the hospital, Matt ordered several tests for Jerry Jacks. Liz thought the tests were excessive for what was essentially a bruise. However, she continued jotting down the orders until Lucky walked up and asked to speak to her for a moment. Lucky apologized and explained that he wouldn't be able to take Cameron to a baseball game over the weekend because of work. Liz waved away his concerns and told Lucky that it wasn't a problem. Lucky reached out and grabbed Liz's hands as he thanked her profusely. Just then, Sam walked up and began shouting at Lucky. Liz tried to explain that Sam had misread things, but Sam and Lucky ignored her as they yelled at each other. Everyone watched at the argument escalated. Sam announced that she was through with Lucky and stormed out of the hospital. As she passed Liz, Sam stopped for a moment and told her, "He's all yours!"

Liz stopped by the free clinic to asked Nikolas to talk to Lucky. Liz told Nikolas about the fight between Lucky and Sam, and insisted that she didn't want to be the cause of Lucky losing Sam. Nikolas wondered why Liz cared, given the animosity between her and Sam. Liz said that she was under the impression that she had reached a truce with Sam. Liz also admitted that, after everything she had put Lucky through, the least that she could do was step aside and let Lucky be happy with Sam.

Sam walked into her penthouse and found Lucky waiting for her. They kissed and then Sam thanked Lucky for trusting her and staging their public breakup. Lucky said that he hated lying to the people he cared for but that it was necessary.

Nadine overheard Matt talking on his cell phone, when he thought he was alone. She was alarmed when she realized that he was talking about counterfeit drugs. Nadine called Nikolas to tell him about the call, unaware that Matt stood nearby, listening.

Lulu walked up to the Port Charles Police Station. She appeared nervous as she stopped short of walking in. She reached into her purse and revealed that she had a gun.

Spinelli opened the penthouse door to find Maxie on the other side. She walked in and told Jason that she needed his help; things with Lulu had gotten worse.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Leyla and Nadine talked to Nikolas about the clinic until Leyla had to leave. Dr. Hunter walked in as Nikolas and Nadine talked quietly, and he asked if he was interrupting a personal conversation. He thought it was odd to have a personal conversation in the middle of such a public place. Nikolas said they were actually talking about him. Later, Nadine watched Nikolas and Dr. Hunter as they talked to each other. Nikolas tried to compliment Dr. Hunter's work with a girl that had previously been brought in and transferred to General Hospital. Nikolas was worried about some of Dr. Hunter's behavior, but he was not given much of an opportunity to speak with the new doctor as they were interrupted by Dr. Hunter's cell phone. Dr. Hunter stepped out to take the call and told the caller the nurse had overheard their previous conversation. He would deal with her himself, though. When he walked back inside, Dr. Hunter complimented Nadine for making him look good with the girl that had been transported. He offered to buy her dinner in appreciation for her help.

Jason asked Maxie about Logan's behavior on the day he died. Maxie explained she had seen Logan with Dr. Hunter and had informed the new doctor that Logan was a loser in her opinion. After Logan had stormed off, even Dr. Hunter thought Logan was going crazy. Later, Logan had shown up at Crimson and promised Lulu he would do whatever necessary to get her back in his arms again. The next time Maxie saw Logan was after everyone had left and she was alone in the office. He yelled at her and said his failure with Lulu was Maxie's fault. He hit her and was possibly going to rape her before he suddenly stopped and looked up at Johnny's apartment. Maxie blacked out and when she woke up Johnny was standing over her. They rushed over to Johnny's apartment and Lulu was standing over an already dead Logan. Jason asked if Maxie had any marks on her from Logan's abuse, but she had none. Spinelli asked Jason if he would be a little more empathetic towards Maxie after her ordeal. Jason took his advice and made sure Maxie was okay. He told them both to stay put in the penthouse while he was gone. He was going to try to "fix things."

At the police station, Mac tried to offer a deal to Johnny. When Trevor walked into the police station, he approached Lulu first and told her to go home. He knew Johnny was possibly taking the blame for something Lulu had done. The more Lulu hung around Johnny, the bigger the possibility the real truth would come out. Trevor left a much shaken Lulu on the bench and went into the interrogation room. Johnny and Mac explained the plea deal to the lawyer, and Trevor advised his client not to take the deal. When Mac left, Trevor tried to remind Johnny to do as he said and he would be acquitted. When Trevor walked out, Lulu rushed in to see Johnny. She had just been chastised by Lucky for being there, and she was already on edge. Johnny noticed Lulu was very nervous and rushed to her side. Lulu revealed she had a gun in her purse. She didn't want Johnny to pay for her crime, and she didn't know what else to do. When Lucky walked in, Johnny grabbed the gun and put it to Lulu's head.

At the hospital, Anna and Robin had a heart-to-heart talk after Eli's immature behavior. Anna felt that being a grandmother was a gift from Robin to Anna, and she would not take it for granted. Patrick came over to them and told them Eli might have a fractured jaw. His manager was threatening to sue Patrick if Eli wasn't able to perform his next show. Anna decided to approach Noah and ask if he would be interested in being Eli Love once more. Noah was appalled when he heard how Eli had treated Anna. He declined the offer to be a superstar again, though. Noah was an alcoholic, and the temptation to drink when he was Eli Love was too great. Anna told him he was a good man, but Noah said he was just a slow learner. His alcoholism had ruined his relationship with his son. He couldn't risk an encore as Eli Love.

Later, Eli was preparing to leave after learning his jaw was not fractured, and he would be able to sing. He apologized to Anna for his previous comments and extended an offer for her to come to his hotel room for dinner later. Anna offered to leave with him when he left the hospital, but Eli didn't think that was such a great idea. He didn't want to be seen in public with her, because he had an image to maintain. Anna was furious and declined the offer to ever meet up with him again. Noah took things a step further and punched Eli Love, who fell to the ground.

Carly tried to convince Claudia to buy out Jax's share in Crimson magazine. Claudia would have access to Sonny and could seduce him again. Claudia asked why she would be interested in a man she already had seduced. Jax interrupted them, and Claudia revealed the nature of their conversation. Jax said his shares of Crimson were not for sale. Claudia asked him to call her if he changed his mind. Jax was furious with Carly and, after Claudia left, he reminded his wife of his past RICO charges. Jax could lose everything he had worked for if he had another violation, and Carly had risked all that with just one conversation with Claudia Zacchara. Jax felt that any business deal with the Zacchara family would result in a federal investigation. Carly apologized before Jax stormed off to meet with Kate.

Jax arrived at Crimson and warned Kate that Claudia Zacchara might be contacting her. He explained Carly's offer to Claudia, and Kate was furious. She immediately threatened to sue Jax if he sold his shares to Claudia. Jax said he was not selling to Claudia and if he ever did sell, he would discuss it with Kate first. Jax warned Kate not to threaten him again, though. Kate acknowledged she had flown off the edge a bit, but Kate didn't want to risk losing her magazine. Jax said he was fed up with Carly and another attempt at sabotage would be the end of Jax and Carly's marriage.

When Jax arrived home, he told his wife about his conversation with Kate. Carly was upset he had revealed her plans to Kate, but Jax said he just wanted an open and honest business relationship. He also felt his marriage should be open and honest. Jax warned Carly that another betrayal would be the end of their marriage. Meanwhile, Kate told Clarice that Jax would be late to a meeting they would be having. Kate wanted Clarice to tell Jax she had left the message with Carly and she must not have given him the information. This would cause Jax to leave Carly and make things a lot easier on Kate. Clarice applauded Kate for finally standing up for herself. She would have never allowed that type of behavior when she was running Couture.

A representative for Andre Carpot met with Sonny to propose a possible business deal. Sonny said he was no longer in the mob business, but he suggested he meet with Mr. Carpot in person. Everyone agreed and a meeting was scheduled at a restaurant, popular to local crime lords. When Sonny arrived at the restaurant, Andre explained he needed an ally in Port Charles. He wanted to do business in the United States, but he didn't want problems with the Zacchara family or Jason. They discussed the terms of a business arrangement, and Sonny agreed to think about it and get back to him. Meanwhile, Claudia walked in the restaurant and noticed the two men. She immediately cancelled her plans and sat down at a close table. When Sonny left, Claudia followed him home. She warned Sonny not to deal with the Carpot organization. Sonny wasn't interested in taking advice from a woman who wasn't allowed in her own family's mob wars.

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