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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 19, 2007 on GH
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Monday, November 19, 2007

Nikolas asked, "How do you live for love when the one you love is gone?"

Nikolas stood over Emily's body with the gun. He knew she would want him to be strong for Spencer's sake, but he couldn't do it without her. He sank to the ground, still holding the gun. He told her the person she'd expected him to be didn't exist without her. Sam walked in and asked what had happened. He told her that he'd had another blackout. When he'd woken up, he'd tried to revive Emily, to no avail. She asked if anyone else knew, and he told her that Jason and some other people knew. He didn't care, though. Liz gave him a shot to help ease the pain, but nothing would help the pain.

Mac talked on the phone, saying that he wanted everyone off the island as soon as possible. They found out a lot of information from Alexis, and they were going to get to the island as soon as the winds died down. At the hospital, Dr. Ford recruited volunteers to help evacuate and treat the Spoon Island victims. Dr. Julian volunteered, despite the risks.

As Luke had another heart attack, Tracy searched desperately for the pills. He told her the purse was on the couch. She got another pill and yelled for help. Luke didn't want her to leave him. Robin entered to check on Luke. She noticed the pill wasn't helping him and shocked him with the defibrillator. After multiple shocks, Luke was back to normal. He actually told Tracy to lighten up.

Robin told Luke he needed to take it seriously. If he had another heart attack, he would die. Tracy heard a helicopter approaching. When Robin left, Tracy thanked Luke. She'd been so worried about him, she'd totally forgotten about her back. He told her to call her boy toy "Ramone" to help her with her back, but Tracy said the only hands she wanted on her were his.

Kate told the gunman that Sonny was dead. She wouldn't let him desecrate his body. Suddenly, Sonny shot the man. Kate covered the body, and Sonny tried to get her to relax. He apologized for the way his life had affected her. She told him that as long as they were together, she didn't care about how his life had affected her.

Kate noticed that Sonny was shaking and tried to get him to relax. Kate wanted to find a doctor, but Sonny told her he just needed her. Kate got very agitated when she realized a helicopter had shown up, but she couldn't find it. Sonny told her to stop worrying. He asked her which was worse: him getting shot or him telling her he loved her. She said both.

Kate told Sonny that she had always loved him. Sonny thought she didn't mean it. He thought the only reason she had said it was because she was worried about him. She told him no -- she loved him. He thought she would rather him work in a different profession, but she said she didn't care. As long as she could be with him, she didn't care what he did.

Jason tried to stall Anthony and told him that he should leave. Liz jumped backwards and kicked Anthony in the leg. He fell, and he and Jason struggled for the gun. Anthony jumped off the balcony. Liz and Jason went back inside. She told him that all she could do was think of who would take care of her kids if something happened to her. He told her that she was stronger than she thought. She laid her head down on his shoulder.

Johnny found Carly unconscious and started giving her CPR. Lulu walked in and rushed over. She begged Carly to be okay. Carly started to cough, and Johnny got her some water. Carly said someone had slipped up from behind her. Johnny said it couldn't have been his father. When he'd walked in the room, the man had run off. He hadn't seen much of him, but he knew it wasn't his father. Carly couldn't believe she hadn't seen it coming. She told them about the text messages.

Logan walked over and still thought that Johnny was making excuses for himself or his father. Jason entered, also, and backed up Johnny's story. He told the group that Anthony had jumped over the ledge and was probably dead. If the fall hadn't killed him, the shots surely had. It had only happened 20 minutes before, so there was no way he could have strangled Carly, too.

Liz walked in the room with Nikolas and saw him talking to Sam. Liz tried to stay out of the way, but Sam walked over and yelled at her for leaving her best friend and Nikolas. They bickered about Jason and Lucky until Sam decided to leave to find Lucky.

Meanwhile, Anthony yelled at Trevor to get him out of there. Trevor told him no, not that time -- it was time for him to die. They had no use for each other anymore. Trevor told his men to get off the island immediately. One man went to get Anthony, but Trevor told him no. He was on his own. Johnny walked over and congratulated him. He couldn't have worked it out any better if he had killed Anthony himself.

Anthony called out for Johnny, and he went to his father. Anthony asked his son to take care of his roses and commented on how his eyes were just like his mother's eyes. Johnny went back over to Trevor, who told him to say nothing when the cops arrived. Johnny said he was done with all of it. Jason went over with his gun drawn. Johnny tried to stop Jason from shooting his dad, but Trevor told him to let Morgan go down for murder.

Mac walked over and told Jason to put his gun down. The cops went over to Anthony's body and asked what had happened. Jason told them that Anthony had jumped off the ledge. They asked if that had been before or after he'd been shot. Georgie, Maxie, Spinelli, and Nadine ran over. Nadine offered to help with Anthony. Maxie told Mac that Robin was inside, helping Ric. Georgie revealed that Emily had been killed. Mac went over to Jason and offered his sympathy but asked how soon it was after Zacchara had killed Emily that Jason had tried to kill Anthony.

Johnny sneaked away while everyone was preoccupied. A police officer caught up with him later and told him the commissioner was not done questioning him yet. Johnny said he was not saying anything until his lawyer was there. Suddenly, Trevor arrived and said he was the lawyer and would cooperate. The cop started to ask questions, but Trevor kept questioning him back. The police officer realized that Trevor wasn't going to let Johnny say anything.

Once the cop left, Trevor praised Johnny and told him to keep his guard up. They might be able to get through it and rule the world together. After Trevor left, Lulu walked out and asked Johnny what that had been all about. Johnny said Trevor just wanted to test the ring in his nose.

Dr. Julian went in to help Luke get to the helicopter. Tracy started to threaten Epiphany and Leo that she would sue if anything happened to her husband, but Epiphany started yelling back at her. Before they could leave, Luke asked about Lucky. He didn't want to go anywhere without him.

Mac saw Sonny as he was being wheeled out and stopped to question him. He asked what had happened. Sonny said that Anthony Zacchara had happened, but the blame went to Trevor. He'd known what had been going on, and he had done nothing to stop it.

Liz told Nikolas that a helicopter had arrived at the island. They would take Emily soon. Nikolas asked her to stay with Emily. He had something he needed to do. When he left, Liz talked to Emily and cried over losing her best friend. A cop walked in and asked about Emily. Liz gave him the details that she knew. She said Emily's fiancé had asked that she stay with her. Carly and Jason entered and told them what they knew. The cop asked Jason why he kept popping up everywhere.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

At the hospital, Kate didn't want to leave Sonny's side. Robin entered and told Sonny that a different doctor would be treating him, which he was okay with. Kate was just relieved that they were both alive. Sonny wanted to see Jason or Carly before he went in for surgery. She offered to give them a message, since she thought they were still on the island. He told her not to worry about it.

Kate fed Sonny ice chips as he talked about Emily. She had been the sweetest, kindest person he'd known. He wanted to know how it could have happened to her. He said it was his entire fault. He had brought Anthony Zacchara's wrath down on her. Kate thought it was her fault. If she hadn't gone to Port Charles, Trevor wouldn't have followed her there. Sonny told her he was going to let Anthony Zacchara take the full blame.

Robin watched as Leyla was taken in, and Epiphany started to help her. Robin went to talk to Patrick and apologized for deserting him. They complimented each other and commented how it was a miracle more people hadn't died. One positive was that they had been honest with each other. Robin said she was more at peace with their choices. Patrick told her that if she wanted a baby, she should go for it. He went to talk to Leyla as Robin watched. He kissed her head when she told him she didn't know what she'd been thinking when she'd stepped in front of the bullet.

Tracy watched as Dr. Julian walked over and asked Luke how he was doing. He said he was a mess. Dr. Julian talked about the procedure he was going to do on Luke, and Tracy got nervous and started to ask for credentials. Luke calmed her down, but when Dr. Julian left, Luke asked her to watch out for Lulu if something happened to him. Tracy warned him not to make her a widow. Dr. Julian returned and told Tracy that Luke's heart was badly damaged. No money in the world would help if he didn't stop drinking and smoking.

Nikolas talked to Nadine about how it had been such a perfect moment when he'd proposed to Emily and she'd accepted. He asked what he had done to her. Nadine tried to get him inside. She told him he was in shock. Nikolas told her there was no point in anything without Emily.

Lulu asked Johnny what he would do, since he was free from his father. He tried to apologize to her for everything that had happened, but she told him not to apologize for saving her life. Sam walked up to Lulu and asked her if she'd seen Lucky. Lulu thought he was on the helicopter with her dad. Sam said no and told her that he'd gotten into a fight with Liz and Jason. He'd gone off after Anthony and hadn't been seen since then. She was worried.

Ric was not on the helicopter yet, since he was stabilized. Trevor told his son that he would be okay. Ric thought it was interesting how his father had changed since the near-death experience. Ric was taken to the hospital, where he asked about Alexis. Dr. Ford entered and told him that Alexis was in much better shape than Ric was at that moment. He still needed surgery.

Ric noticed that Skye was still with him and asked her why she'd stuck around. She told him that they were both screwups. She wanted to stick around and help another lost soul. She left to check on Alexis and told her that Ric was asking about her. Alexis said that Skye could relay the message that she was all right. Skye thought she was well enough to tell him herself.

When Skye left, she overheard Dr. Julian talking about Mr. Spencer. She asked if it was Lucky or Luke. She was stunned to learn that Luke had suffered a heart attack. She went in to visit Luke, who was just waking up from surgery. He started to flirt with her, but Tracy made Skye leave. Tracy was furious that he was trying to flirt while he was just recovering from surgery. He told her that he was saving all of it just for her. Lulu stopped by to see her father, and Tracy warned her not to say anything to upset him. Luke asked Lulu where Lucky was.

Skye left Luke's room and ran into Edward. He was there for a board meeting. She realized he didn't know that Emily had been murdered. When she told him what had happened, Edward broke down. He told her how he had always tried to be like one particular man that he'd met in college. The man had told him to do whatever it took to become successful. One by one, disasters had struck the man. Edward had become that man, and he was paying the price. He told Skye to get away from him and his poison.

Alexis went to visit Ric and told him that Molly wanted to take him dinner. He told her that after watching his father, he'd decided he wanted to break the cycle. He wanted to make peace with her. She was an amazing woman, and it was time he treated her as such. She promised she would try not to hate him anymore, for her daughter's sake.

Liz told the police officer that Nikolas would never hurt Emily. It had to have been Anthony that had killed her. She told them everything that had happened. The officer asked Carly and Jason who had arrived on the scene first. Jason said he had. All he'd seen had been Nikolas holding Jason's dead sister. The officer wanted to know where he could find Nikolas.

Jason and Liz went over to Emily's body. She told him she was going to stay with Emily. Jason was going to go tell Monica what had happened before she heard it from someone else. When Liz was alone with Emily, she told her how beautiful she had been the night before. All her dreams had finally come true. Liz was not going to waste another minute of her life.

Sam overheard as Liz told Emily that she was going to follow her heart. Sam told Liz she was still looking for Lucky. Liz suggested she tell Mac, but Sam erupted into a fit of anger again, blaming Liz for hurting Lucky. Nikolas walked in as they were putting Emily in a body bag. He started yelling at them to get out of his house and hugged Emily's lifeless body. Sam tried to comfort him, but he pushed her away. Liz ended up comforting Nikolas as they took Emily's body away.

Mac questioned Carly and found out there were actually two killers on the loose. Jax and Jerry entered and found out what had happened to Carly. Jax was upset and told her he didn't know what he would do without her. They hugged but were interrupted when Jerry collapsed. He was rushed in for Patrick to examine. They decided he needed to go to surgery right away. Jerry wanted them to look at Carly first, though. Carly told him to go ahead with his surgery.

Carly went to visit Sonny, who wanted to know what had happened to her. She told him she would explain everything later. She just wanted to make sure he was okay. She went to check on Jax. After he left, Sonny told Kate that she could go, also. She told him she just wanted to sleep with him, and she lay down with him. Meanwhile, Carly caught up with Jax and hugged him. She told him that they never knew how much longer they were going to have. She didn't want him to ever let her go.

Jason walked in as Monica hung up from leaving a message for Emily. She realized right away that something terrible had happened. He told her that Emily had been murdered the previous night, and it was probably Anthony Zacchara that had killed her. Monica was devastated. She blamed Jason for Emily's death and kicked him out. He stood outside the door and listened to her cry and collapse on the ground.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nikolas sat alone in the empty, wrecked ballroom. When Lesley took Spencer over, Nikolas asked her to keep his son for a while longer. A distraught Nikolas ultimately convinced Lesley to take care of Spencer, explaining that he was in no shape to give the boy what he needed.

Still tormented by the events at Wyndemere, Carly tried to keep her emotions under control. Later, Carly decided that she, Jax, Mike, and Bobbie should give the boys a perfect Thanksgiving Day.

As Luke and Tracy spent the holiday in his hospital room, he proved to be quite the handful. After Luke resisted the idea of having more surgery, Tracy became overwhelmed with worry for him. When Lulu arrived at Logan's door, Scott made a hasty exit. After Scott's departure, Lulu and Logan shared an unconventional Thanksgiving together.

At the same time, Skye arrived at the mansion with Lila Rae to visit Monica.

Although yearning for one another, Patrick and Robin went their separate ways on the holiday. With Mac's blessing, Maxie invited Coop to dinner. Meanwhile, Georgie invited Spinelli, who was still as oblivious as ever about her feelings for him. Maxie and Coop later agreed to try again.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, ABC Daytime opted to air encore episodes of classic moments of its three dramas. No new episodes were broadcast. This schedule change was accounted for, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Regular broadcasting resumed on Monday, November 26.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, ABC aired college football in place of its daytime lineup. No new episodes were broadcast. This schedule change was accounted for, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Regular broadcasting resumed on Monday, November 26.

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