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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 11, 2007 on GH
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Monday, June 11, 2007

Kate has the statue brought back to Sonny's. Sonny tells her he is going to donate it to the city in her name. After fighting with Sonny, Kate leaves but runs straight into the statue knocking her down. Sonny helps her in the house and suggests she go to the hospital which she refuses. While trying to stand up, she nearly faints and Sonny catches her.

Dr. Ford catches Robin and Patrick kissing and tells them their behavior is unacceptable, that if it happens again, they will be brought before the review board. He goes on to tell them that Dr. Quartermaine, when alive, brought a lot of financial issues on the hospital and that they would be less apt to give care to those patients who are uninsured.

Lucky sees Spinelli talking to Jake and tells him to stay away from his son. Spinelli insists that he meant Jake no harm.

Epiphany tries to play matchmaker with Stan and Lainey. Patrick plays interference. Then, a woman arrives at the hospital holding her baby. She needs medical treatment and Robin takes her baby. Patrick watches her hold the baby and afterwards she speaks about the baby in a motherly way, scaring Patrick. Later, Patrick and Stan are at Jake's discussing women. Patrick says that he never wants to be a Dad. Robin, Lainey and Kelly show up and the five of them do shots. They talk about relationships and babies.

Tracy and Luke devise a plan and Luke tells Lulu that he will bring Laura by later to say goodbye. Lulu tells Lucky and Nikolas about Luke's plan and for them to be at the house to say goodbye to Laura. Tracy and Luke make it to Laura's room. Later, Scotty arrives at Roselawn to pick up Laura to move her but finds Tracy disguised as Laura. Laura is gone. Luke shows up at the Spencer house with Laura in the car and allows each of the kids to say goodbye. Alan continues to haunt (and taunt) Tracy. He tells Tracy that Luke isn't coming back to her.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sonny tells Kate that she either has to go to the hospital or stay at his house for the night. She reluctantly agrees to stay and changes into a button-down shirt. They reminisce about the Cerullos and their school days. Throughout the evening, a number of visitors drop in, all assuming that Kate and Sonny are sleeping together- Bernie, Milo, Max and Diane. They all express their disapproval in some way. She is horrified when Max confuses her with a former Miss Nascar. Kate lets her guard down a bit with Sonny while sharing dinner on the terrace, but retires "before anyone else can show up and assume they are together".

Upon Jason's request, Amelia meets him in the interrogation room with the files she has on Sam. She tells him about her father and his death at the hands of Sam. Jason is sorry for her loss, but does not see how this affects him. She reveals her plans of revenge to Jason, who tells her he cannot let her hurt Sam. Amelia tells Jason he is just like all of her other victims. She reveals to him that Sam knows the paternity of Jason's baby.

On the set of ‘Everyday Heroes', the woman who lost her child tells Sam about the events surrounding the fire. She breaks down, and Sam tells her about the loss of her own baby girl. She asks Sam if she still feels the pain. Sam tells her that it gets easier, but the pain never goes away. Later, Alexis shows up to see Sam. They exchange pleasantries, and she observes that despite her promising career, she does not seem happy. She tells Alexis she's preoccupied with having a baby, and explains that she is angry about her situation and is bitter that Liz was able to have a healthy baby.

At Jake's, Robin tells Lainey, Kelly, Patrick and Stan that she does not spend her days dreaming about motherhood. Patrick tells her he likes children but that he likes his freedom. Kelly tells him that in this day, Robin doesn't need him to have her own baby. Stan comments that it's not ideal for a child to grow up with only one parent. He explains that he respects his mom, but also knows that the presence of a father would have made a difference. Robin and Patrick get cozy, and the crew sends them home. As they leave, they lament that it cannot last. At home, Robin and Patrick are about to make love and Patrick goes to get a condom. A tipsy Robin sarcastically asks if it's so she doesn't get pregnant.

At the Quartermaines, Edward criticizes Tracy for talking to ghosts. In conversation, Tracy insinuates Luke is gone. Edward is delighted as Lulu walks in. Tracy tells her that with no one to look after her, Lulu should move back in with the Qs. Scott storms in and demands to know where Luke took Laura. Tracy denies any wrongdoing and the family backs her up. After Alice drags Scott out of the living room, the family including Alan questions Tracy's judgement. Lulu is her lone defender. Scott shows up later to arrest Tracy.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Carly and Jax get ready to go out for an evening on the town. When Jax sees Carly he is impressed with her dress. Just as they are about to leave, Morgan gets sick. They change clothes and decide to play board games at home. Jax even makes sure they don't make frozen pizza for dinner so that Morgan isn't jealous of their dinner. The phone rings and Michael answers the phone, thinking it is a girl for him. It's just a hang up. Two more hang ups occur while they are playing board games. Carly thinks Jerry is trying to contact Jax.

After Lulu bails Tracy out of jail, Tracy returns to the Quartermaine mansion. She's furious that the rest of the family stayed home to finish dinner and dessert. Tracy asks Edward to call the judge and try to get her out of it. She starts talking to Alan and both Monica and Edward tell Tracy to take a bath and relax. After she leaves, Monica asks Edward if it's possible that Alan really is haunting Tracy.

Maxie walks into Kelly's and sees a waitress flirting with Coop. He tells her it's the best coffee he's ever had. Maxie walks over and kisses Coop and tells him she's trying to keep the competition away. He's getting ready to leave for work and tells her that he will call her when he's off. She tells him not to bother because she'll be waiting for him in his room. Logan walks in and takes Coop's seat as he leaves. He and Maxie talk about their deal. Maxie tells him she will sleep with him as an "ends to a mean", but then she will go back to Coop. Logan tells her that once she's had him she won't want to go back to Coop. Lulu walks in after having bailed out Tracy and Scott follows shortly after. Scott tells her to stop helping Tracy and Luke and tell him where her mother is. Logan punches Scott, who in turn, calls the police. Coop comes back to Kelly's where Lulu and Maxie both say that Logan did not punch Scott and he just tripped. Scott is furious, but Coop tells him it's just his word against theirs. When they leave, Lulu asks Logan why he punched Scott. Logan says that the Spencer family is not the only family Scott has messed with.

At the station, Amelia finishes filling Jason in on Sam's past. He refuses to believe Sam is who Amelia says she is. She tells him that Sam wants to have his baby via a surrogate mother. He tells her he would never agree to that, but she retaliates by saying he doesn't have to agree. He tells her that when he talks to Sam, Amelia will lose Sam and Everyday Heroes. Amelia isn't sure that he will actually confess to Sam what he knows, but she says that shows will come and go. She thinks she did right by her dad, though, and maybe this will cause Jason to do right by his son. Amelia leaves and goes back to the studio. Alexis had just been by to talk to Sam where she learned of her desires to become a mom. Alexis decides to stick around and talk to Amelia while Sam goes to see Jason. Alexis wants to know what Amelia's angle is. She handpicked a hotel clerk with a mobster boyfriend to be a star and wants to know why. Meanwhile, Sam goes to see Jason and asks what she can do to help. He tells her nothing. Diane is taking care of it. She tells him Lucky filled her in on the situation. She loves him and wants to try to do something to help him. She asks him to promise her that once their legal troubles are over with, they can start a family. He tells her he can't promise anything until he's out of jail.

Patrick fixes Robin something to eat to try to help her with her inevitable hangover in the morning. Robin tries to convince him that a child is the furthest thing from her mind, but Patrick still seems paranoid about it. They decide to go to bed and hopefully not remember any of this conversation in the morning.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Carly is worried when she can't get a hold of Jax. Jax comes home and tells her that the police called him in to identify a body they found to see if it was Jerry. Jax tells her it wasn't Jerry's body. Carly hopes that Jax doesn't have to go after Jerry again anytime soon. Meanwhile, Sonny plays host to Kate at his home and they have breakfast together. He tells her she should stop trying to be someone she isn't and be more like she was before as Connie Falkenari and how Connie would have liked the statue and laughed. Carly walks in and asks who Connie is. Sonny doesn't tell her that Kate and Connie are one in the same and tells her it is someone Kate is friends with. Carly refuses to apologize for getting that statue for Kate. Kate acts like she isn't bothered by what Carly did. Connie thanks Sonny for dinner last night and for making breakfast for her this morning. Carly assumes that they slept together and makes a comment about how she is glad that her boys weren't at Sonny's last night and that she doesn't care if they slept together. Kate tells Carly that she never slept with Sonny last night and would never do it while his kids were there anyway. Sonny watches them trade barbs back and forth and can't help but be amused. Kate leaves them alone to talk. Carly asks Sonny not to go after Jerry and kill him. Sonny promises not to go after Jerry as long as he stays away from them all. Meanwhile, Jax goes to the hotel and has a talk with his mother Jane. Jane thinks that Jax should not go after Jerry and help him anymore because he made a vow to make Carly and his stepsons his priority now. Jax thinks that he should make sure Jerry is safe and asks her if she has washed her hands of him for good. Jane tells Jax that she would care of something happened to Jerry but that she realizes that Jerry is not the son she remembers. Jax tells her about Jerry being tortured awhile back and how Jerry told Carly that he had to watch a woman he cared about get killed in front of him and that something inside him snapped. Jane doesn't know whether to believe that happened or not but she tells Jax she is proud of him for being such a loyal brother. Jax goes home to Carly. Carly tells him about her conversation with Sonny and how he had promised not to go after Jerry as long as he stays away from Port Charles for good. Jax thanks Carly for doing that for him and the two of them head upstairs to their bedroom to make love. Carly locks the bedroom door. Jax's cell-phone rings and Carly worries that it could be Jerry calling him. Jax checks the caller I.D. and notices it is just the hotel. He turns off his phone so he can be with Carly alone without interruption. Meanwhile, Nikolas worries about Emily having to deal with the possibility that if Jerry dies, evidence will surface that implicates her and she could be charged with treason one day. Alexis shows up at his request. She finds Nikolas kissing Emily, who is trying to leave for work so she isn't late. Nikolas asks Alexis if she can help him find a way to prove Emily is innocent of the charges that could be brought against her someday. He asks her if he can trust that she won't try to protect Jerry to help Jax. Alexis doesn't know how she can prove Emily's innocence. Nikolas hires a private investigator to bug Jax and Jane's phones in case Jerry gets in contact with them and to spy on them. Emily overhears them talking and questions Nikolas about it. Nikolas tells her he will do what he has to for her to keep her from going to prison. He distracts her by kissing her passionately.

Sam meets with Dr. Lee about her test results. Dr. Lee has bad news for her. She explains to Sam that her embryonic eggs are too weak to survive in a surrogate mother's womb and that the only option she has now is to adopt a baby. Sam is devastated by this news and asks why her eggs wouldn't work. Dr. Lee tells her that she has had a lot of trauma to her reproductive system which has caused a strain on it and that has weakened the eggs that her body produces. Sam goes to the t.v. studio but is very distracted by what she learned at the hospital. Amelia asks her what is wrong. Sam tells her what she found out from Dr. Lee. Amelia acts all sympathetic. Sam interviews the woman who lost her little girl in a house fire recently. The woman barely holds it together during the on-air interview. After the cameras stop rolling the woman bursts into tears. The woman confesses to Sam that when she sees a woman on the street holding a baby, she can't help but hate the woman because she has something she lost. Sam tells her she knows how she feels and means it. She thinks about Liz. The woman runs off crying. Amelia tries to help the woman by having her stage manager go after her to see if she is o.k. Sam snaps at them to leave the woman alone and give her some space and tells them that they don't know what it is like to lose a child like they have. Amelia acts sympathetic towards Sam. Sam tells Amelia that she resents Liz for being able to have everything she has always wanted, a child by Jason. She also tells Amelia that she wishes she could turn back time and change some things so that Jake never existed. Amelia points out that she has Jason, not Liz. Sam feels that she is losing Jason because they are moving farther and farther away from each other. Meanwhile, Ric comes into the visitor's room and waits for Jason to arrive so he can talk to him. Jason refuses to talk to Ric without his attorney present. Ric tells him that he has hard evidence against him and suggests that something about that night must have rattled Jason enough to make a mistake when he killed Alcazar. Jason refuses to respond to him. Liz shows up to visit Jason. Later, when Lucky comes into the office, Ric tells him that it doesn't look good for their case against Jason when his wife comes to visit him all the time. Liz tells Jason about their son and how he is doing. She tells Jason that she wishes things could be different so that he could be a big part of his son's life instead of locked up in jail. Later, Lucky comes into the visitor's room and asks Jason why Liz came to see him. Jason tells him he doesn't know why she came. Lucky tells Jason to stop letting her come see him. Diane, Jason's lawyer comes in and asks Lucky what he is doing talking to her client without her presence. Lucky tells her it is personal, not police business. Diane tells Lucky to leave and that it would be interesting in court if Lucky explains to a judge what personal matters he has with the man he arrested for murder. Lucky storms out and heads to the hospital to see Liz, who returns for her first day back to work after her maternity leave. Emily is at the nurses' station talking to Liz about what is going on with Jason. Liz tells her that she feels that Jason is keeping something to himself that has him deeply disturbed and she doesn't know what it is. Lucky comes over and asks Liz if he can speak to her alone and confronts her about visiting Jason again after they had already had a big argument about it before. Liz tells him she wanted to see if he was alright and was afraid to tell him because she knew it would bother him. Liz asks him if he wants to go to the park with her and the children. Lucky tells her he has too much work to do right now and can't go. He tells Liz that she is a super mom and can handle both of the children on her own. Liz smiles and tells him she can handle it. Later, Sonny shows up to see Jason while Diane is there. Diane isn't too pleased by all the visitors who have come to see Jason. Mayor Floyd tells Ric that he better get a conviction for Jason and offers as many resources to go after Sonny next if he does get Jason first. Ric assures him he has hard evidence with the tape to prove Jason killed Alcazar. He also tells Floyd that he has someone from the police department inside Sonny's organization as well. Meanwhile, Sonny asks Diane to leave so he can talk to Jason alone. Diane isn't pleased since they don't seem to be worried about Jason's defense when they should be. Jason finally decides to tell Sonny about being the father of Liz's baby and how Sam knows the truth but is acting like she doesn't know. Sonny doesn't agree with Jason's decision to stay out of his son's life because Liz asked him to. He feels that Jason can protect his son just fine and should claim him as his own. Jason points out that he is in jail now and can't protect his son and could be a danger to him right now. Sonny asks Jason if Amelia told him about Sam's past. Jason tells him that he heard what she said but feels that it doesn't matter.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Nikolas and Emily argue over Jerry. Emily is content to just sit tight and make sure Jerry remains safe and unharmed. Nikolas wants to hunt him down, though. He doesn't want to live in the constant fear that Emily could be arrested. Emily just doesn't want Nikolas to end up dead. Alexis comes to talk to them after speaking with Jax. She has put Jax in charge of finding Jerry. She wants Nikolas to stay out of it.

Maxie asks Georgie if she covered for her with Mac. Georgie is getting sick of covering for her and tells her so. She storms off to work. Lulu comes in to Kelly's and asks Mike for a room. She and Tracy are now living together and she can't stand it. Meanwhile, Maxie tells Coop that if Lulu starts living there, she is going to be all over him. Coop wants to know what she has against Lulu. Maxie tells him that Lulu and Logan deserve each other. Logan shows up and Lulu comes to talk to him and asks what Scott did to his family. Logan tells her that Scott teamed up with his family with a business deal and the deal went bad. Scott left Logan's family to take the brunt of it, so Logan is back for revenge. Lulu wants to know why he doesn't just press charges, but Logan says sometimes revenge is better. Ric shows up and Logan decides to show off and pay for everyone's dinner. Ric asks if he robbed a bank and Georgie lets it slip that he's working for Sonny.

Jax mentions to Carly that he wants to BBQ for Father's Day. She is surprised because she didn't peg him as the type to barbeque. She asks him if he would be willing to go to a barbeque at Sonny's house. He says no, but later changes his mind when she tells him that she will take care of Sonny agreeing to it. She goes over to Sonny's house and runs into Kate. The two have words, as usual, and Sonny walks in just as Carly threatens Kate's property. Kate ends up leaving. Sonny is intrigued as to Carly's infatuation with Kate. Carly says she doesn't care. She mentions the barbeque which he also turns down. When she tells him that Jax agreed to it, he decides to agree as well. Kate comes back after Carly goes home and asks Sonny if he sabotaged her catering truck. It's been filled with leaves. He denies it, but tells her that he has plenty of food and she and her guest can join him.

At the police station, Sonny tries to convince Jason that it's in his and his son's best interest to take a part in the child's life. Jason tries to convince him that it's better off for Jake to be brought up in a home without violence. Sonny realizes the only reason Jason is allowing this to go on is because Liz asked him to. Sonny asks what Sam thinks about all this. He doesn't think Sam is the person Jason thinks she is. After Sonny leaves, Diane comes in and tells Jason that he may not have to stay in jail for another night. She ends up being wrong, though, and the mayor denies her request for bail.

Sam tells Amelia she can't stop obsessing about Jason's son. She has to do something about it.

Liz cries to Lucky about how blessed she is. She's grateful to Jason for saving Jake's life. They kiss and Liz decides to take the boys to the park.

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