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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 23, 2007 on GH
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Monday, April 23, 2007

Lucky tells Liz that he wants Jason to be the godfather of their child. Liz questions his reasons. Emily arrives and, after Lucky is called away, she shares her thoughts with Liz that Jason will have a permanent connection to the baby if he is the godfather. They also discuss Robin and Nikolas and Emily says she is trying to deal with everything. Lucky rethinks things after the shooting at the studio and changes his mind about asking Jason to be the baby's godfather, and tells a relieved Liz.

Carly brings Sonny his birthday gifts from the boys. Morgan has given Sonny his favorite toy; Michael gave him a picture of Carly. They talk and Sonny decides to let Carly go. Later when Jason arrives at the coffeehouse, Sonny tells him he has finally decided to let Carly go and Jason reassures him that it is for the best. After Jason leaves, Sonny reminiscences about his relationship with Carly.

Jason and Sam battle the gunmen at the studio. Sam shoots and kills one of them. The police arrive and Lucky questions Jason while Detective Cruz questions Amelia. Amelia calls Mayor Floyd down to the studio and blackmails him into keeping the shooting out of the press. She doesn't want the bad publicity for the show. After everyone leaves and Sam is talking to Amelia, she has flashbacks and remembers shooting Bill Monroe.

Mr. Craig torments Robin, Patrick and Nikolas with a gun. He tells Patrick and Robin to continue their charade or they will die. Once they leave, Nikolas asks Mr. Craig why he continues to stay in Port Charles. Nikolas tells him that he will be recognized and needs plastic surgery. Mr. Craig responds, saying that he doesn't know if he wants to get plastic surgery again, he says that he hasn't had his face for very long. When Nikolas comments that it must be hard not having anyone to trust, Mr. Craig tells him he has his fiancée.

Once Robin and Patrick arrive at the hospital, Patrick tells Robin he is going to help her isolate the toxin but she refuses his help. After a lecture from Noah in the lobby, Patrick and Robin go to the locker room and are spied on kissing by Emily.

Lady Jane comes for a visit and Jax tells her about the wedding. She tells him she will stay in town for it and they discuss his relationship with Carly. After meeting back at the house with Carly, Jax shares his news of his mother's visit with Carly and they are interrupted by a phone call. Jerry is on the phone and Jax questions him as to whether he will be able to make it to the wedding. The camera turns to Jerry as he tells Jax he will not be able to attend and we see Jerry who is none other than Mr. Craig!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Emily tries to ask Patrick if he is back with Emily, but he brushes her off as Noah approaches them about challenging Dr. Ford. He instated a new hospital policy where patients are turned away who cannot afford treatment. Later, Emily confronts Robin about the kiss she saw between Robin and Patrick. Robin insists that Emily misunderstood, and that she just has to accept that she has lost Nikolas.

While at Wyndemere, Craig/Jerry dodges a call from Jax, while Jax is seen leaving a message for Jerry that he expects him at the wedding. Nikolas informs Jerry that his new identity as Mr. Brosnan is official. Jerry informs them both that he plans to stay in Port Charles for the near future.

On the set of ‘Everyday Heroes', Sam apologizes to Amelia for the shooting incident. Amelia accepts the apology, but tells her that Jason is clearly a liability to her career and that she should leave him. Sam tells her that if forced to make a decision, she will choose Jason every time. Later, Amelia looks at a picture of Angela and Bill Monroe while the show is being recorded.

Jax and Carly talk about Jerry being at the wedding. Carly wonders why it is so important to Jax that he be there. Jax reminds Carly that it's Jerry's fault they did not get married back in the fall. He admits to Carly that he did not actually see Jerry while he was in Russia. Jerry or no Jerry, they are still getting married this Friday. Lulu arrives, and Jax leaves the women to talk wedding plans. Carly tells Lulu that Milo is invited to the wedding, and wants to know who will be her date. Lulu insists she just wants to be friends with her three suitors, and Carly questions if Lulu is not allowing herself to feel anything other than friendship. Bobbie arrives to help with the wedding arrangements. After Lulu leaves, she asks Carly if she is truly over Sonny. Carly insists that she wants to marry Jax, as she and Sonny cannot be together. She admits that Sonny is important to her, but Jax is right for her.

Jax meets with his mother, who asks about whether Jerry is coming to the wedding. Together, they call Jerry and try to convince him to be at the wedding. Mrs. Jax asks about Jerry, and together they call and try to recruit him for the wedding. At Wyndemere, Nikolas listens in the doorway while Jerry speaks with his mother. She makes him feel guilty about blowing off the wedding. He tells his mother his current assignment could be fatal. He sees Nik walk in the room and immediately ends the call. Nikolas takes note of the personal tone of the call.

Later, Jax and his mother reminisce about Jax's father. Missing him is all the more reason they want Jerry at the wedding. Jerry watches them from afar.

At the Metro Court , Tracy and Luke sit at the bar. She admits her love to Luke. They start drinking, and Luke acknowledges that Tracy changed his life.

Monica and Noah argue with Dr. Ford about patient care. Dr. Ford questions Alan's decisions as administrator, and that certain hard policies must be in place if the hospital is going to stay open.

Lulu starts to tell Milo that he is invited to the wedding, and he assumes that she wants him to be her date. Dillon walks in and does not understand why Lulu is going with Milo. They argue, and Lulu informs them that she will bring all three suitors to the wedding.

It is Cooper's last day at the Metro Court before joining the Police Academy. Max warns Cooper about not messing up. Logan is taking over for Cooper at the hotel. He arrogantly tells Max that it's just a matter of time before he moves into Sonny's organization.

At the penthouse, Spinelli greets Carly. Spinelli goes on about how much Lulu trusts Carly, hoping to discuss Jason's baby. Carly thinks Spinelli is talking about being Lulu's date for the wedding. Carly becomes suspicious, and covers by saying he is worried about Jason over losing his father. Lulu arrives, and they both ask Carly what they can do for Jason. Spinelli tells them that Jason took off on his motorcycle. Carly panics and says she cannot get married without Jason.

Emily goes to see Nik as he is talking to Spencer. Nik tells her to leave. She refuses to leave until Nik tells her what is going on.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Carly has a total melt down because she can't find Jason. She tells Spinelli and Lulu that she is going to have to postpone if Jason isn't around. Carly rants at Spinelli and Lulu, telling them that Sonny tricked Jason to take off to ruin her wedding. Spinelli tells Carly that Jason went out driving to "seek solace for his pain." When Carly leaves, Spinelli calls and leaves a message for Jason. Carly heads to Sonny's office and storms in screaming about how Jason isn't there and it's ruining her wedding. Sonny has no idea that Jason is out of town. He tells her he just wants her to be happy and reminds her that if Jason gave his word that he will be at the wedding, then he will be there.

Lady Jane talks to Jax about how much she misses Jerry. She is heartbroken because Jerry is so selfish and will not show up at the wedding. Mr. Craig hides and listens to Lady Jane and appears sad.

Jax arrives at the penthouse looking for Jason. Spinelli greets him and amuses Jax by talking his normal "Jackal talk." Jax tells him that he also thinks that Sonny put Jason up to leaving in order to sabotage the wedding, but Spinelli disagrees with him.

Sonny tells Coop he has to be the best at the police academy, which starts tomorrow. He tells him to do exactly as he says, which for now, is to uphold the law until he hears otherwise. Max walks in and Sonny explains that Coop will be his contact so they can keep up the appearance of a friendship. When Coop leaves, Maxie runs into him and asks him why he's at the coffee shop. Meanwhile, Logan is at the Metro Court being a jerk to a hotel guest. Lulu intercedes and helps the guest out who leaves. Lulu asks Logan why he took a job he doesn't want. She also wants to know why he's so interested in Sonny and why he saved his life.

Coop and Maxie join Logan in eavesdropping on Ric and Lorenzo. Ric wants to know if Lorenzo tried to kill Jason and Sam last night. He wants to know who ordered the hit.

Lorenzo tells Ric that he knows Ric wants Sonny and Jason dead as much as he does. When they both leave, Maxie, Coop and Logan come out of hiding. Maxie asks why Logan wants to eavesdrop to give information to Sonny. Logan tells Maxie and Coop he wants to work for Sonny.

Robin calls Patrick and tells them they need to be more careful about their relationship. They have to keep up appearances that Robin and Nikolas are falling in love. Meanwhile, Emily goes to Wyndemere and demands an explanation from Nikolas. He tells her they are over and he wants her to leave. She knows he is up to something. Alexis arrives and looks for Mr. Brosnan. She wants him to be her date to the wedding, but Nikolas doesn't like that idea and Emily is curious as to what Nikolas has against Mr. Brosnan. Robin arrives and yells at Emily, causing her to flee. Mr. Craig wants to know who spilled the beans, because Emily had hope in her eyes. When Nikolas leaves, Mr. Craig tells Robin that Nikolas is too romantic for his own good. Robin thinks Mr. Craig provokes Nikolas, but Mr. Craig says he just likes to bring out people's weaknesses. Outside, Nikolas walks through the gardens of Wyndemere when Emily comes out from behind the bushes. Emily approaches Nikolas and tells him she will not let him push her away. Nikolas confesses to her that Mr. Craig is Mr. Brosnan. He explains how Mr. Craig broke in and injected Nikolas with poison. Emily wants to rush Nikolas to the hospital, but he tells her he can't and further explains the situation. Emily will not leave, and tells him that she loves him and they will get through this together and they kiss.

Sonny calls the studio looking for Sam, but she is on location and not there. Sonny asks to speak with Amelia instead, who will not come to the phone. Sonny is furious and slams down the phone. Sonny decides to go down and talk to Amelia personally, but walks in on her while she is changing and only has a bra on. Sonny tells Amelia that he's trying to find Sam so he can find Jason. Amelia tells him that it's in Sam's best interest to be done with Jason. Sonny tries to explain Sam and Jason's relationship to Amelia and wants to know why she thinks Jason isn't good enough for Sam. Amelia doesn't want Sam or the show associated with a gangster boyfriend. Sonny tells Amelia it's her fault Jason left and says she doesn't know Sam as well as she says she does.

Lulu arrives at the wedding rehearsal and talks to Lady Jane and Bobbie. Lulu is trying to cover for Carly, but Bobbie asks her what she's trying to cover up. Lulu tells her about Jason being missing. When Carly arrives, they start the rehearsal. Spinelli decides to show up and stand in for Jason to walk Carly down the aisle. Carly is very upset and says she doesn't need Jason here anymore, but Lulu convinces her otherwise. Spinelli is happy that his efforts to impersonate Jason (complete with Jason's clothing and slicked back hair) paid off and tells them all that Jason will be there for the actual wedding. When the justice of the peace asks if anyone objects, Alexis coughs. Carly tells her if she has something to say, say it now and not on their wedding day. Alexis explains she is worried that Carly is still in love with Sonny and she thinks Carly is using Jason's absence as an excuse.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

As he prepared to leave for Rice Manor, Jax was greeted by the Metro Court staff, who extended their best wishes to their boss. Lady Jane sighed that since they haven't heard back from Jerry, it looked like he wasn't going to be there for his li'l brother.

At the coffeehouse, Sonny contemplated asking Carly not to go through with marrying Jax. Just as he was about to pour himself a drink, Michael and Morgan showed up and announced they were skipping their mom's wedding. Michael said they were okay with Jax; they just didn't want their father to be alone. Sonny thanked his sons and ordered them to go and welcome Jax into the family. The boys complied.

At Wyndemere, Alexis ran into Mr. Craig/Jerry and realized Nikolas did not pass along her message about attending the wedding with him. He admitted he would have loved to have escorted her but he could not. Nik reiterated they had a very important conference call. Alexis smiled and exited as graciously as possible.

At the penthouse, Spinelli was relieved that Stone Cold returned. Spinelli was wearing Jason's tux and had the slicked back ‘do, and explained how he filled in for Jason at the rehearsal. Jason felt bad about missing it. Then, Spinelli brought up the whole baby thing again. Oy!

Lulu showed up as Carly got dressed. Carly was frantic, and worried that her earrings didn't say "bride" but instead said "hoochie mama." As she fretted about Jason's absence, she dropped her compact and the mirror broke. Lulu solved Carly's hair problem with a tiara but the conversation shifted to the whole Sonny/Jax thing. Carly insisted she was happy marrying Jax. Then, Bobbie and Lady Jane entered for the bridal ritual. "Something old" was a necklace Bobbie bought with her first check as a nurse. "Something new" was lingerie from Lady Jane. "Something borrowed" was Laura's engagement ring from Lulu. But, they'd forgotten "something blue!" No worries. Max showed up with a card for "Mrs. soon-to-be-J" and the gals commandeered his blue hankie. Max was thrilled to help out. As Carly dismissed the gang, her heel broke. As she fretted, Jason arrived and Carly burst into tears. Was she doing the right thing? she wondered. Carly calmed and she and Jason shared a laugh as he slipped her garter up her leg. They then left for Rice Manor.

At the Quartermaine's, Edward huffed about having to go to Carly and Jax's wedding. Monica, Emily and Ned said they had to be supportive for Michael's sake. Luke entered and stated he had no plans to attend. Then, he heard the latest news of the Sonny/Alcazar rivalry and bolted. Luke went to see Sonny and asked him not to make Skye a casualty of their feud. Sonny stated he didn't want to see Skye hurt but he couldn't make any guarantees. The men then discussed the women in their lives over coffee but after Luke left, Sonny downed a drink.

As Alexis told Jax that her date stiffed her, Craig/Jerry listened to Jax's voicemail and felt guilty for staying away from the wedding... Lucky gave Liz a belated wedding present... Nikolas and Robin attended the wedding together. Nik told Robin that Emily knows about the ruse. "Guess this proves you lied," Alexis noted to her nephew regarding his attendance.... Monica and Alice were missing Alan during the festivities.... When Patrick pretended to flirt with Emily, she confessed she knew the truth about Nikolas and Robin... Dillon, Spinelli and Milo argued over their places as Lulu's dates. As jealousy reared its head, Lulu went to hang with her other dates, Michael and Morgan... Jax patiently awaited Carly's arrival and realized Jerry wouldn't be attending.... Ned agreed to be Alexis's date for the wedding... Guests began to wonder if Carly would stand up Jax... The minister went to take his place. Jax had no fears that Carly wouldn't show... Craig lurked outside the site, watching his brother and mother through the window... Carly and Jason arrived, as did Sonny, just as they were about to walk down the aisle.

Friday, April 27, 2007

When Carly arrives, Alexis asks her where she's been and then tells her to start down the aisle. As Carly and Jason are about to walk, Sonny shows up. He walks past them and sits down. Alexis is worried something is going to happen, but Jax tells her not to worry. Carly looks at Jason and he tells her she can do this. She reiterates the fact that she does want to marry Jax, so they start down the aisle. As the priest talks, the citizens of Port Charles look at their loved ones during the passionate speech. When the priest asks if anyone objects, thankfully, no one does.

Outside, Lulu is not having such an easy time, and tells her three dates that they are ruining the wedding. She finally has had enough and tells them she doesn't want any of them. She's never had a real boyfriend before and doesn't know what she wants to do. She thinks she should just remain single until she figures out what to do, but they all promise to be on their best behavior. As they start to go back inside, they almost run into Mr. Craig who is eavesdropping on Liz and her conversation with a waiter. She's talking to the waiter about her pregnancy, but goes back in after drinking a glass of water. Jax and Carly are in the middle of giving their own vows that they have written for each other. Jax tells Carly that she gave him strength and loyalty. She is a wonderful mother and he is proud to be a part of her life. He promises he will stand by her through everything and love her with all he has. Carly then takes her turn and recites a poem. She says those words never meant much until she met him. She feels safe with him, free to make mistakes, and knows that when they are together anything is possible. They exchange rings and are pronounced man and wife. They kiss, while Sonny watches, obviously uncomfortable.

After the wedding, Lady Jane and Bobbie discuss why the boys weren't in the wedding while members of the Quartermaine family discuss how a bet was made about Sonny breaking up the wedding. Sam tells Jason she was surprised he showed up and escorted Carly down the aisle to marry Jax. He decides to go check on Sonny and the boys. Meanwhile, Sonny is talk to Michael. Michael thought Sonny would try to stop the wedding, but Sonny says no. He and Carly are over.

At the reception, Alexis and Jason discuss who will announce Jax and Carly. Alexis ends up announcing them when they arrive and Jax and Carly share their first dance with Sonny watching. Emily knows Sonny is hurt and goes over to make sure he is ok. Lulu and Spinelli (along with Milo and Dillon) are also watching Jax and Carly dance. Spinelli daydreams about dancing with Lulu at their wedding, but it brought out of the daze when clapping starts. Edward comes over and tells Dillon that he should dance with Lulu. Lulu says she doesn't like to dance, but they end up dancing anyway. When they get done, Milo approaches her to dance as well. Spinelli goes to interrupt the dance, and another argument breaks out among the three suitors over who has danced the longest with Lulu. Sam and Alexis sit down together and talk about Sam's new show. Sam thinks she is good at hosting, but Alexis is worried about the contract. Sam changes the subject and tells her mother that she looks good and hopes she is feeling better. Alexis says she is feeling better and has been getting her energy and appetite back. Outside the reception, Robin and Patrick sneak a kiss. Robin knows they have to be careful, and they talk about how Alexis wanted to bring Mr. Craig. Patrick asks how Nikolas is doing and if any progress has been made on the counter-agent to the poison. Robin says she is keeping an eye on Nikolas. Although she has to pretend to be in love with Nikolas, she kisses Patrick one more time. Back inside, Carly dances with the boys while Sonny watches. When Sonny gets up to leave, Jason eyes him but is cornered by Edward. Edward wants to know why Jason isn't dancing. Monica comes over to save him and tells Edward to leave Jason alone. Jason seems relieved to see Monica and takes her and Edward over to see the boys. They talk about how life is changing with Carly getting married, but Michael says he is happy for his mom. He says his mom looks beautiful, just like Monica.

When Carly leaves the reception area, she runs into Sonny. He tells her she has always made a beautiful bride. They share a tender moment when he says she will be happy with Jax and she tells him he will find someone, too. She tears up when he tells her he just wants her to be happy. She says she will always be grateful to him for letting go of her. Jax comes out and thanks Sonny for coming to the wedding. Sonny wishes them all the best and the two men shake hands. They go back inside and get ready to cut the cake and take some pictures. Carly pulls Max and Stan aside and asks them to keep an eye out on Sonny. She is worried about him. Carly goes back and throws the bouquet. Poor Lulu catches the bouquet, and her suitors jump up and down in excitement. They get ready to catch the garter and Spinelli says that whoever catches the garter gets to dance with Lulu. The garter is thrown and lands on Jason's table. Spinelli lucks out when Jason gives him the garter. Spinelli is speechless, but Jason is relieved (by the silence and the removal of the garter!).

Finally away from the wedding, Sonny makes a phone call and orders the best bottle of Scotch money can buy. Then he calls Eva and asks if she can come over. He wants to see her for a little while. As he's drinking, there's a knock at the door. When he answers it, Amelia is there. Meanwhile, Jax and Carly kiss but are interrupted by his phone ringing. Carly doesn't want him to take it, but he says he has to. It's Jerry. He asks how the wedding went, but Jax realizes he can hear the same music in the phone as what's playing where he's at. He asks him if he came to surprise him.

Jason approaches Liz and asks how she and the baby are doing. She says they are doing well, and they talk about how the due date is approaching. They depart and Jason goes to dance with Carly, even though he doesn't want to. Carly knows she can get him to dance with her, though and he does. She thanks him for being her best friend. Meanwhile, Liz watches the two of them dance and rubs her belly while Sam watches her.

Out at a gazebo, Nikolas approaches Emily and kisses her. He can't stand to be away from her. He wants to be with her, but Emily stops him and tells him they can't be together until Mr. Craig has been stopped.

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