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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 26, 2007 on GH
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Monday, March 26, 2007

Patrick and Georgie talk about Robin and come up with a plan to once again try to get Robin to leave the Scorpio house and move back in with him.

Nikolas and Robin are at Wyndemere with Mr. Craig. Nikolas tries to get her to leave but Mr. Craig won't allow it. He tells her to redress his wound while he tells Nikolas how he coerced Robin into staying there. Robin tells Nikolas she was coming to the castle to ask if she can rent a room when Mr. Craig startled her. Mr. Craig tells them that Robin will move in and tend to Nikolas while he suffers from the symptoms of the drug that was injected. He further tells them that they will go along like nothing has changed and to not let on to anyone. Robin leaves to go pack her things and stops by the hospital to pick up syringes for Mr. Craig. There, she runs into Patrick who is angry when he finds out she is moving in with Nikolas.

Lulu and Jason discuss the baby. Lulu tries to come up with different scenarios as to how he can be a part of the baby's life. He tells her the situation is the best the way it is and then shares with her the history of Michael. He says though that he would be relieved if the truth came out. Later, Lulu goes to the Spencer house and tells Liz not to hurt her brother. When Lulu leaves, Liz and Lucky have a quiet wedding night. They agree not to make love, as Liz doesn't feel very attractive while she is pregnant.

Sonny tells Cooper that he wants him to become a cop and work on the inside for him. He tells him that he basically has no choice, and that if he didn't have any use for him, he would have killed him because of his part in the Metro Court situation. Cooper returns to Kelly's and tells Maxie he is joining the Police Academy. Maxie tells him she is scared and doesn't want him to end up like Jesse. Lulu comes in Kelly's and runs into Cooper. In the midst of apologies, Maxie interrupts, clearly infuriated with Lulu.

Mike comes to visit Sonny and Sonny believes he is there for money. He tells him that he is busy and Milo will give it to him. Mike says that he has it wrong and he just wanted to come see how Sonny was. They talk and Sonny opens up to Mike. He tells Mike that he saw what Jason when through when Alan died and he doesn't want that to be them. He says that he doesn't want any regrets, he forgives him for everything from his childhood and that he wants to have a fresh start. Mike tells him how much it means to him and also advises him that it works with everything and for him to not give up on Carly.

In a moment of clarity following his discussion with Lulu, Jason visits AJ's grave. He says that he finally realizes how AJ felt when he took Michael away from him, since he is in a similar situation now with Liz. He apologizes for not giving AJ a chance to be a father.

Carly walks into Jax's and catches him and Alexis in an embrace. Jax leads her on to believe that he and Alexis have been together. Carly is angry and storms off after giving them a piece of her mind. She goes to see Jason, who tells her not to do anything stupid while she is upset. Alexis tells Jax that, if Carly is so jealous over her with her wig, then she must really love him. She goes on to tell him that she knows he wants to be with Carly and that he needs to tell her that before Sonny does. Carly is seen with Sonny in his office and they begin to kiss and undress.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

While Sam is working at the front desk, Amelia checks into the Metro Court. She tells Amelia to forget it if she is there to recruit her for the TV show, and that all she wants is her life back to normal. After being interviewed by the local TV news, however, Sam changes her tune. When Amelia returns to the front desk, she convinces Sam to take the job. Later, Amelia is seen talking on the phone while holding a picture of Angela Monroe and her husband. She tells the person that Sam is on board for the show, and comments on the resemblance between Sam and Angela. She goes on to tell the person on the other end to look for two other female names.

Jason walks into Sonny's office to see Sonny and Carly kissing. After he turns to leave, Carly gets upset and pulls away from Sonny. She tells him that she is not being fair to anyone. When he starts to question her, she tells him to ask Jason.

Jax is interviewed on the re-opening of the Metro Court. He welcomes back employees and asks if anyone has seen Carly. She arrives as Sam's interview begins. The two start bickering over Sam being interviewed. Jax likes the publicity, but Carly is concerned that viewers will see footage of the explosion as part of the story. The conversation turns to Alexis. Jax tries to tell Carly that he does not want their relationship to end, but she pulls away.

At Kelly's, Maxie is angry to see Lulu talking to Cooper. They argue back and forth, and a catfight breaks out when Maxie brings up the abortion. Logan and Cooper step in to break it up. Cooper tells Logan about his plans to join the police academy. Logan wonders if he should try to Cooper's job at the Metro Court, which upsets Maxie. Lulu wants to know why Logan is always showing up in her life. Milo walks in, and Lulu introduces him to Logan as her boyfriend. They are soon joined by Dillon and Spinelli, and the three of them argue over who is Lulu's boyfriend.

While Mr. Craig continues to terrorize Nikolas, Robin and Patrick argue about her moving into Wyndemere. Although she insists that Nikolas is one of her closest friends, Patrick senses that she is hiding something from him. Robin head over to Wyndemere, and finds Nikolas suffocating on the couch. She pleads with Craig to give him the antidote. Craig reminds Robin that if she doesn't cooperate, he will see to it that Patrick becomes a quadriplegic. Later, Patrick approaches Mac and tells him that he is worried about Robin. He doesn't think her move to Wyndemere makes any sense, and knows something is wrong. Mac does not see reason for concern, given her long friendship with Nikolas.

At the penthouse, Jason flashes back to a conversation he had with Liz where she tearfully pleads for him to let Lucky raise their child. Sonny comes over and wants to know what is going on with Carly. Jason tells him that Carly slept with Jax. Sonny is frustrated, but Jason reminds Sonny that Carly has said she does not want to be married to him.

With Maxie looking on, Cooper applies for the police academy, and asks to see Rodriguez so he can apply to the academy. Rick is pleased with the application.

Lulu visits Carly seeking help with her three suitors. She is afraid that she will break their hearts, and Carly tells her that she is the wrong person to ask. She does tell Lulu that it is possible to love more than one man, and that she should take it slow. She also tells her that love can make you do crazy things.

Sonny asks Max about Carly. Max is reluctant to give any information, as "Mrs. C." is his friend. When Sonny questions Max's loyalty given their history together, Max says that he is not taking sides for either Sonny or Jax. He reminds Sonny that he has always treated Carly with respect and suggests that Sonny should do the same.

Spinelli visits Jason, who thanks him for keeping the baby's paternity a secret. Jason tells him that revealing the truth would devastate Sam. Spinelli suggests various alternatives to keeping quiet, such as shared custody. As they talk about the situation, Sam walks in asks why they are so serious. Spinelli uses Lulu as an excuse and takes his leave. She tells Jason that she accepted the offer to host "Everyday Heroes". Jason is happy for her.

Lulu goes back to Kelly's, and tells her suitors that she cares about them all but needs time to think. She will date all of them or none of them. They all start bickering again.

At the Metro Court, Marty tells Jax that Carly was the real hero during the hostage ordeal. Jax says that he is always proud of Carly, and wishes that she saw that.

Sonny goes to see Carly and asks her to have faith in them. He is hurt that she slept with Jax, but he knows that she is hurting too. He tells her to listen to her heart and come back to him. She looks distraught.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Jason walks into Sonny's office and finds Spinelli at the head of Sonny's desk. He asks him what he is doing there and Spinelli tells him he needed privacy in order to delete the paternity files. Jason is surprised to know that Spinelli hadn't already deleted the files and orders him to do so immediately. After Spinelli deletes the files, he notices how upset Jason is. He offers to pull up Liz's test results and ultrasounds so they can look at the baby and tell if it's a boy or a girl. Spinelli starts to ramble about what Jason would name a girl (mentioning that Lulu is a beautiful name) when Jason abruptly cuts him off. He tells him that he's not going to be able to name his child so it doesn't matter. He doesn't want to see a picture of his child because he's supposed to be giving up the child and he doesn't want to become attached. Jason is visible upset and leaves. He finds Liz and Cameron at the park. Liz had just come from Kelly's where she invited Lulu to come with her and Cameron to the park, but Lulu tells her she has studying to do. Liz asks why she's suddenly avoiding her. Lulu tells her that it just seems strange how she was so against ever getting back together with her brother and then suddenly she marries him again. Lucky comes in and unknowingly splits up the argument by sitting down and talking to the two ladies. Later, when Jason runs into Liz and Cameron at the park, he offers to push Cameron on the swings. Liz watches the two and starts crying softly. Jason asks her what's wrong and she tells him that he is a natural father and it must be hard for him to not be a part of his baby's life. He asks her if she's changed her mind about telling the truth.

Back at Kelly's, Spinelli comes in and talks to Lulu. She vents to him about how she is still torn between what to do about Jason and Liz. She doesn't want to be held responsible if Lucky goes back to drugs. Dillon and Milo come in and Mike is forced to intercede between the three suitors and Lulu. She finally reveals that she is going to have a trial date between all three of them. They then proceed to fight over who gets the first date.

While working at the Metro Court, Cooper runs into Scott who asks if the police were asking about him. Cooper tells him no and asks if he has anything to hide, which Scott denies. Maxie sees them talking and asks Coop what's going on after Scott leaves. Logan arrives and tells Maxie that he's ready to proceed with the blackmailing. He needs the money. Cooper expresses his worry about making it into the police academy after Logan leaves, and Maxie tells him not to worry. His combat training will make the physical part of the test easy and she will help him out with the police protocol information. After Maxie leaves, Mac comes over to threaten Coop and tells him that as soon as he's in the police academy he's out of the Metro Court. Coop tells him not to threaten him until he's spent time in Iraq.

Jason is bewildered when Amelia and a whole crew come waltzing into the apartment with clothes for Sam. She starts to make her over and mentions wanting to do an "at home" segment with Jason and Sam. The audience will want to know the man behind the woman, she says. Sam has her first "diva" moment and tells Amelia that Jason is not a part of this at all. Jason decides to take that moment and leave. Amelia continues to push Sam by mentioning all the different segments she wants her to do, including one on self-defense. She says it's a shame they can't tell the viewers to just shoot the attacker's head off with a shot gun, which seems to bother Sam. Sam starts to remember her past and asks to step outside to get some fresh air.

Back at Wyndemere, Nikolas appears to be doing better after being given the temporary anti-venom for the poison. Robin wants to try to find a way to get a blood sample to the lab. Mr. Craig comes in and tells them that he wants everyone to believe the two have fallen in love with each other. They balk at the idea, but while they are talking, Robin secretly pokes Nikolas' hand with a pin. Mr. Craig has decided to allow Robin to continue working at the hospital, so Robin makes her exit with the pin that has Nikolas' blood on it. She gets to the hospital where Patrick is anxiously waiting for her to arrive. He had talked to Alexis previously, who also thought the living arrangements were strange between Nikolas and Robin. Alexis agreed to go over and talk to Nikolas about what was going on. Robin rushes past Patrick and talks to her favorite lab tech about running the tests on the bloody pin as quickly and secretly as possible. Patrick wants to know what's going on, but they are once again interrupted by Noah who is talking about signing a petition about how the hospital is starting to refuse patients without insurance. Robin quickly signs the petition and leaves.

Alexis goes to Wyndemere and wants to know what is going on with Nikolas, Emily, and Robin. Nikolas tells her that he and Emily just need to take things slowly and Robin has asked for a place to stay. She tells him he looks terrible and Mr. Craig walks in and tells her it is his fault. Since Alexis doesn't know who Mr. Craig really is, she is under the impression that Mr. Craig is a business acquaintance of Nikolas. He tells her that he is currently staying with Nikolas until they finish up their business deal. Alexis leaves when Nikolas gets a phone call regarding the business deal. She tries to leave the door cracked and listen in on the conversation, but Mr. Craig closes the door behind her. After Alexis leaves, Nikolas tells Mr. Craig that his new identity is being worked on but could still take several weeks. Mr. Craig thinks that an attorney could get it happening quicker, and mentions how handy it is that there is an attorney in the family.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lulu shows up at Kelly's to find Maxie and Logan talking at a table. She ignores them and walks over to sit at the counter. Maxie discusses the blackmail plan with Logan and thinks that if Logan can get close enough to Lulu he will have an easier time setting her up to take the fall for the blackmail scheme against Scott. Maxie pretends she is angry with Logan and tells him to stay away from her. Lulu buys the fight and asks Logan what he did to upset Maxie so much. Logan tells her that he realized how crazy Maxie is and told her. Cooper shows up at Kelly's to pick Maxie up for work. Maxie comes over to Lulu and Logan and calls them losers before she leaves with Cooper. Lulu explains to Logan that last summer she had a lot of the same qualities as Maxie with how she lied and hurt other people but that the difference between her and Maxie is that she learned her lesson and paid a high price for her mistakes and that Maxie hurts people on purpose and doesn't care as long as she gets what she wants. Spinelli walks into Kelly's and gets upset when he sees Lulu and Logan talking at the counter. He leaves before they see him and heads over to talk to Jason at the coffee shop office. He starts talking to Jason before Milo even lets him in the office to see him. Jason tells Milo to let him in and that it is o.k. Spinelli starts talking in his usual weird language and Jason gets frustrated with him trying to figure out what he wants from him. Spinelli tells Jason that he came to see him because Jason is a "chick magnet" and thought he could give him advice about how to talk to women. Jason tells him to listen and explains that women like to talk a lot and that if he just listens to Lulu even if he doesn't understand where she is coming from will win him points. Meanwhile, Maxie and Cooper show up for work at the hotel. Maxie tells him that she is going to help him get into the police academy by stealing a copy of the entrance exam even though she doesn't understand why he would want become a cop with his background and that he was one of the hostage takers and could get caught. Cooper doesn't tell her the real reason he is doing this is because he is being forced to by Sonny.

Carly isn't happy when Skye shows up with Alcazar at the hotel. She tries to kick them out of the hotel because she believes they didn't prevent the hostage situation from happening because of business. Skye tries to defend Alcazar, claiming that he had a brain injury caused by Sonny shooting him and isn't responsible for what happened at the hotel. Carly doesn't agree and tells them to get out. The argument starts to get physical when the two women go at it. Sonny shows up in time to witness what is going on. He tries to intervene by stopping Skye from hitting Carly but Alcazar has quick reflexes and stops her himself. Alcazar claims he was just protecting Skye but Sonny is suspicious of Alcazar's behavior. Skye and Alcazar leave. Sonny warns Carly to stay away from Skye right now and explains that Skye is trying to run Alcazar's business and is getting in over her head and he worries about Carly's safety if she provokes Skye. Carly isn't afraid of Skye . Sonny pulls her aside to talk to her and Jax watches them huddled together talking and doesn't like it. Carly tells Sonny that they are getting divorced and worrying about her isn't his concern anymore. Later, she overhears Jax outside Kelly's talking to Alexis and eavesdrops on their conversation. She finds out that Jax never slept with Alexis but made her think he did. Alexis tells Jax that he shouldn't play anymore games with Carly and to fess up to her about what really happened when she came over the other night. After Alexis leaves, Carly wastes no time confronting Jax about his deception. Jax defends himself by telling her he never actually lied to her but that she jumped to conclusions on her own and he just let her to make her jealous and it worked. He tells her that proves that she still loves him. Sonny and Jason talk later about how to handle Alcazar with Skye taking over control of his business for him and getting in over her head. Meanwhile, Skye and Alcazar talk on the pier. Ric finds them there and approaches them. Skye asks Ric why Sonny is still walking around free after he shot Alcazar and almost killed him. Ric reminds her and Alcazar that Sonny is free because Lorenzo didn't kill Sonny when he had a chance and that Sonny had a witness he could control like Carly. Ric suggests that a real man wouldn't use a woman as a cover to protect himself. Alcazar leaves Skye for an appointment. Skye picks up her phone to call someone. Jason shows up later and asks her what she wants him for. She brings up that they are both mourning Alan and that she needs him to help her.

Earlier Sam and Jason had tried to have an intimate moment alone in their apartment but Amelia shows up unexpectedly at their apartment to talk to Sam. Jason tells her it is o.k. because he has to go to work anyway and leaves them to talk. Amelia tells Sam that she came over to give her some tips on handling the press conference at the hotel later. They get on the subject of Jason again. Sam tells her that she and Jason were just friends at first for a long time before falling in love. Amelia makes a comment about her being financially supported by Jason and that she wouldn't have had to get a job at the hotel. Sam tells her that she never went after Jason for his money. Amelia quickly apologizes if she insinuated otherwise but she said it to actually rattle Sam. Amelia tells her she looked up Jason and knows about what kind of work he is in. Sam tells her it isn't true and that Jason is in the coffee import business. Later, Sam handles the press very well at the hotel during the press conference. Amelia is handed a picture of a woman named Susan Curtis who looks just like Sam by her assistant. Amelia knows that it is one of Sam's aliases from her past.

Patrick shows up at Wyndemere to confront Nikolas about why Robin moved in with him. James Craig watches them talk from afar and holds his gun to show Nikolas he holds all the cards and could kill Patrick if he doesn't do what he wants. Nikolas claims he is just friends with Robin and that Robin asked to stay there for awhile. Patrick thinks there is more going on with Robin than he is letting on. Nikolas doesn't know what else he can say to Patrick to get him to leave. Robin shows up and tries to get Patrick to give her some space to think about their relationship and what she wants. Patrick thinks she is hiding something else from him and that she doesn't seem to trust him enough to tell him. Robin tells him to stop badgering her right now and give her the space she needs. Patrick feels betrayed by her since she acts like she doesn't love him anymore. He storms out. Later, Patrick shows up at Kelly's and finds Alexis outside. He tells her that Robin is pushing him away for no real reason and that she is living with Nikolas and won't tell him why. Alexis tries to give him advice and reassure him that Nikolas is in love with Emily not Robin. Patrick tells her that he is free again and is going to play the field again. Later, James Craig seems to be enjoying the drama between Robin and Patrick and thinks that the only way Robin and Nikolas will be able to keep their loved ones away and prevent them from investigating their behavior is if they pretend to be in love. Nikolas and Robin are totally against this since no one would believe they are suddenly in love since they have been friends only for years. Craig tells them that they can use the hostage situation as the reason they fell in love because Nikolas saved Robin by carrying her out of the hotel before the explosion. They still argue with Craig about it but he makes it clear that if they don't do what he says he will hurt Patrick and Emily. Later, Alexis gets the shock of her life when she shows up at Wyndemere and finds Nikolas making out with Robin on the couch. Nikolas and Robin break apart when they hear Alexis come in and Robin starts to button up her blouse.

Friday, April 30, 2007

On the docks, Jason told Skye he doesn't blame her for Alan's death, but would not offer her or Lorenzo protection from Sonny. "You heartless bastard," she replied. Jason mentioned that if she continues to interfere on Alcazar's behalf, she will be dealt with.

At the coffeehouse, Sonny accused Lorenzo of faking his brain injury and taunted him over hiding behind Skye's skirt. Sonny branded him a coward for letting Skye take all the risks running his business. Alcazar struggled to keep his temper in check and his ruse alive. When Skye burst in to stand up for her man, she tried to use the old you-can't-hurt-a-woman routine. Sonny deflated that argument by bringing up the late Faith Rosco and pointed out that by getting involved in the business, Skye had made herself a target. Afterward, Ric paid a visit to Sonny and asked his brother not to go after Alcazar. Ric talked of his desire to be a good father and made a a plea for peace on behalf of all their children. However, Sonny was skeptical of his brother's sincerity.

At Wyndemere, Alexis was stunned to catch Nikolas and Robin in a clinch on the couch. They announced that they're in a relationship now as a lurking Mr. Craig looked on. Alexis said she's not one to judge. She asked Nik if she could bring Kristina by later to pick wildflowers for a school project. He said of course. After Alexis left, Craig emerged from hiding and said the duo needs to be more convincing in their lies. They argued that nobody who knows them would fall for the act, but Craig insisted they keep it up. He also suggested that if they do some method acting and really show passion, Robin and Nikolas just might fall in love for real. When he left the room, Robin and Nik secretly plotted to find a way out of their precarious situation by outsmarting the nefarious Mr. Craig.

Outside Kelly's Jax and Carly argued about Sonny again. Jax said he didn't want to give up on them. Carly insisted that after Jax's stunt with Alexis to make her jealous that she has had enough — they're through. Never one to say never, Jax used a little fancy wordplay to get Carly to attend a black-tie function with him at Metro Court. Figuring he was up to something, she turned him down, but later relented. All glammed up, Jax's had arranged a prom-like, yet romantic setting for two with candles, tons of balloons, flowers and a pretty table.

At the hospital, Patrick asked out Kelly but she realized that he just wants to get back at Robin and said she won't be his rebound girl. She handed him the phone to call Robin, but he responded that he's done trying to understand her actions when she refuses to open up to him. Meanwhile, Robin fretted to Nik that Patrick was probably hitting on every nurse at the hospital. She then called G.H. to make sure they put a rush on the "tox screen" she wanted. Craig walked in and smirked. He again reminded her to do as he says or else she'll be responsible for Nik's death. Afterward, Robin advised Nikolas not to be too mouthy with Craig... Patrick unloaded to Kelly about Robin. Kelly encouraged him to pursue the romance, but he felt it was too late and blamed himself for losing her.

Inside Kelly's, Lulu literally bumped into Scott. It wasn't a pleasant exchange. She blamed him for Laura being in Shadybrook. Scott confronted a puzzled Lulu about the blackmail threat he received. She ordered him to keep his distance or else, but he countered that she doesn't have as much leverage as she thinks. Ms. Spencer stormed off. Meanwhile, a knowing Maxie was confident that Scott would never do anything to hurt Lulu. Coop told Maxie and Logan they should abandon their blackmail scheme but they refused.

Jason pulled a gun on Spinelli when the nerd surprised him in Carly and Jax's abandoned club, The Cellar. Spinelli pulled a Matrix-like move which led a puzzled Jason to ask if it was a "spasm." He warned his quirky protegé never to sneak up on him. Spinelli launched into a spiel about what a great team they are, however Jason said he doesn't want him to get hurt. Later, Jason met with Sonny and suggested they use the abandoned site in their business dealings, as no one would think to check it out. Sonny was worried, both about the ambush possibilities and dragging Carly into the business.

Later in the afternoon, Alexis and Kristina arrived at Wyndemere to pick flowers but their mommy/daughter day quickly turned to disaster when a weakened Alexis collapsed. Kristina ran off to get help and encountered Mr. Craig.

Alcazar made arrangements for a secret meeting.

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