General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 19, 2007 on GH

Jason fantasized about telling Lucky the truth about Liz's baby, while Lulu decided to keep quiet about the paternity of the baby because she didn't want Lucky to relapse. Robin feared that moving in with Patrick would do more harm than good. Sam's past began to catch up with her.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 19, 2007 on GH
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Monday, March 19, 2007

Carly and Sonny are at Jake's playing pool when Jax and Amelia come in. Sonny tries to divert Carly's attention away from them. Amelia interviews Jax about Sam. They get up and dance to which Carly becomes jealous. She then calls Jason to help her. When Jason arrives, he runs interference. Sonny gives in and tells Carly she can have her marble. Jax and Amelia leave. Once alone, Carly and Jason talk and he expresses his concern for her. He tells her she needs to make a decision once and for all and then leave the other one behind. When Jax takes Amelia back to his place for drinks, they open the door to find Carly in a negligee with champagne chilling.

At the Spencer house, Lulu appears as if she is going to tell Lucky the truth about the baby when Liz comes downstairs. Lulu starts talking about Scotty and how he keeps insinuating that there are secrets. Liz tells Lulu that sometimes people keep secrets because the truth may be harder to take and can hurt people. After Lucky and Liz leave, Scotty arrives and is clearly upset about a text message he received. The message was sent by Maxie, Cooper and Logan but Scotty believes Lulu sent it. He again leads her to believe that her family is keeping secrets that will hurt her, not him. Before he can say anything else, Logan appears in the doorway and interrupts their conversation. After words are exchanged, Scotty leaves and Lulu expresses her displeasure about Logan being there and he leaves but not before telling her to make sure her Dad leaves him alone.

While back at Kelly's, Maxie and Cooper wait for Logan to come back. Cooper inquires as to why Maxie hates Lulu so much and, when Maxie tells him about their history, Cooper comically realizes that it is because Lulu calls Maxie out and she cannot get away with anything. Logan returns and tells them that he will not involve Lulu in their blackmailing of Scotty. Maxie threatens that if they leave Lulu out of it, they'll cut Logan out of the plan.

Alexis has another road of chemo and is exhausted. Epiphany calls Ric to come and get her. When Ric arrives, he offers help to Alexis who is hesitant but accepts. She tells him she will get better and will get Molly back. When Ric gets back to the office, the Mayor hops on him about building a case against Alcazar or Sonny. Ric informs the Mayor about a shipment that is coming in that afternoon. Later, however, Lucky tells Ric that the shipment hasn't arrived.

Stan tells Sonny there was a problem with the shipment and he had to reroute it. He says he caught onto the cops. They discuss how this happened and where was the police leak. Sonny tells them they need one of their guys to get on the inside and start leaking information. Ric is heard telling Lucky they need to have one of their guys deliberately leak information to Sonny's guys so they can set him up.

Mr. Craig gives Nikolas a counter agent for the drug he injected him with, then orders Nikolas to create him a new identity and life. He tells Nikolas they will go into business together and become partners. Nikolas refuses but, after Mr. Craig threatens Spencer, Nikolas reluctantly agrees to listen to his terms. Mr. Craig tells him that he wants to stay in town and work with him. Nikolas says that people will recognize him and Mr. Craig contemplates several things including plastic surgery or, similar to the priest, he could become his own twin brother. Liz comes to visit Nikolas and Mr. Craig hides.

A package arrives for Angela Monroe and Sam signs for it. She plays off that it is a package for her friend but then tells Jason that it is probably for Spinelli. After Jason leaves, she calls the package company and they don't have any information as to where it came from. She decides to open it and when she does, she finds a copy of a news article with a picture of Sam and the mystery man shown in previous photos. There is a headline that reads, "Real Estate Developer Bill Monroe and wife Angie". After viewing it, she burns it in the fireplace. Just then, Lulu arrives and wants to talk to Jason but Sam answers the door and Lulu talks to her instead.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Clad in a negligee in Jax's living room, Carly tells Jax he can choose between her or Amelia. Amelia excuses herself. Once they are alone, Carly comes on to Jax and they make love. Carly tells Jax how much she missed him, and is sorry that they could not last. She tells him that since they slept together, he should be able to let go since he is now even with Sonny. Jax wants to fight for them, but Carly doesn't think it can work. She gets dressed and leaves. Jax starts to follow her, but lets it go.

Luke walks into the room as Tracy has another argument with Alan's ghost. Monica and Edward tell Tracy and Luke that they are contesting the will. They bicker about it some, and finally Monica tells Tracy that although she failed him in life, she will not do the same to him in death. After Monica and Edward leave the room, Tracy gets a visit from an irate Sam. She tells Tracy to stop sending her pictures of Angela Monroe, or she will blow her out of the water. Tracy insists that the article came from someone else. Meanwhile, Amelia makes a phone call to inquire about "Angela".

Sonny offers to take temporary custody of Christina while Alexis gets her strength back. She appreciates the gesture, but declines and notes that Sonny will have to find another excuse for Carly to move back in with him. He tells Alexis that he and Carly will work out their differences. Alexis does not know who to feel sorrier for: Jax or Sonny. She suggests to Sonny that Carly and Jax are really in love, and maybe it's time for him to let that go.

At the penthouse with Jason, Lulu tells him that she did not tell anyone about the paternity of Liz's baby. She wishes that she did not know the secret now that has gotten his life back together. Lulu questions Jason what he will do when he sees Liz with the baby, and draws comparisons between Jason's situation and that of her own pregnancy last year. Jason acknowledges that he thinks about the child all of the time. He will try to stay away from his child, but does not know how he will do it. Jason wants to tell Sam about the baby, but cannot because of Sam's inability to have children. Lulu offers that Sam could be a stepmom to the baby, but Jason feels that custody battles are not good for anyone. He knows that his work is dangerous for a child, and he cannot be selfish. He tells Lulu to tell Lucky if she feels that she must, but the results might not be what she wants. She notes that Jason and Lucky look enough alike that no one will question the baby's paternity.

Liz and Lucky visit Nikolas, who appears to have the flu. They note how sick he looks as Mr. Craig looks on in the background. When Emily joins them, Nikolas becomes belligerent and pushes everyone away. He resents their interference, and tells Emily that he doesn't know if he will ever marry again. Emily offers that they take a break, and Nikolas agrees. A heartbroken Emily leaves the room. An angry Lucky and Liz also take their leave. Mr. Craig questions the meaning behind his performance, and threatens Emily and Liz. Craig tells Nik to invite Em to dinner to apologize. Nikolas refuses. Craig orders Nik to find him a new identity.

Emily tells Monica that she and Nikolas are taking a break. Monica is happy to hear that she is coming back to the Quartermaines.

Sam tells Jason that she has been keeping a lot of things from him. She wants to be honest with him. She asks him if he is ready to move on from the fact that she cannot have children. She tells him they have a great life together and they can make each other happy.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jax ran into Carly at Kelly's and returned her bracelet to her. Jax apologized to Carly for his comments to her about being a quitter. Carly, in turn, apologized, but Michael and Morgan interrupted and gave Jax a hearty welcome, and Jax joined them for breakfast. Jax offered to take the boys sailing when the weather gets warmer, and Carly couldn't say no. Carly visited Jason asked for his advice. She told him how she had slept with Jax. Jason told Carly to stop complaining about her life and stop complicating it.

Sonny confronted Skye and Alcazar about the shipment that tried to move through his territory, and warned Skye that if she had anything to do with it then she's going to have a problem. Alcazar warned Sonny against threatening Skye. Sonny told Skye if she wants to be a player then she needs to accept the risk and warned her not to interfere in his affairs again or suffer the consequences. Bobbie warned Scotty not to drag Lulu into his battle with Luke. Scotty warned that Lulu is making choices that could affect her for the rest of her life. Bobbie warned Scott not to make veiled threats and to leave Lulu alone. Scotty expressed his dismay over Lulu's involvement with "that computer kid" and whatever they could be digging up on the Internet. Bobbie found Luke and told him to back off from Scott because he's looking for an excuse to tell Lulu about the rape.

Sam had a flashback about being called a lying slut who will pay for what she did. Spinelli observed that something was wrong. Sam asked him for his help with a woman named "Angela Monroe," her previous identity. Sam told Spinelli how a package arrived for her addressed with that name and how she covered by telling Sonny the package was for Spinelli. She begged him to protect her and keep her cover. A smitten Spinelli vowed to do anything to help her. At Kelly's Sam called around on her cell trying to get a description of the person who delivered the package, but was interrupted by two women who saw her on TV and wanted her autograph, complimenting her for being a role model. Amelia arrived and noted how Sam has the chance to make a difference in people's lives. Amelia showed Sam the ratings for her broadcast, and noted how well received she was by the audience. Sam said she's flattered by her offer, but it wasn't for her, and walked out. Sonny warned Jason that if he can't focus on work then he needs to step back and let someone else do the job. Sonny asked Jason if he thought Alcazar is faking his memory problems. Sonny and Jason were interrupted by Ric, who arrived with Kristina in tow to needle him about his illicit operations. Ric left and ran into Alexis at GH, where Molly had her check-up. Alcazar took a call from an associate who promised that Sonny and Jason "won't know what hit them."

Lulu eavesdropped as Luke updated Laura about life with their kids, and how Lucky wants to name Liz's baby Laura if it's a girl. "I can't think of anything more perfect," Luke cooed. After Luke left, Lulu visited Laura and broke the news to her mother that Scott Baldwin, not Laura, killed Rick Webber. Lulu conceded that she didn't think the news would cause Laura to wake up, though she hoped it would. Lulu explained that if she told everyone the truth Luke would probably kill Scott and then have to skip town. Lulu then confided another secret to Laura : Jason is the father of Liz's baby, not Lucky. A tearful, conflicted Lulu cried to Laura that she wished Laura was able to help her and tell her what she should do. Lulu told Laura about her three boyfriends, and lamented that Laura isn't able to see them in action. Lulu marveled at how Laura was able to keep the secret of Nikolas from her father all those years. After Lulu left Scott paid Laura a visit and admitted to her how he killed Rick Webber by accident when he was trying to protect her from him. Scott apologized for letting Laura take the rap for what happened. "I have suffered every day of my life for the pain I have caused you. I love you," Scott declared.

Lesley arrived to help Liz and Lucky prepare for their wedding festivities. After walking them through how to stage everything Lesley left to run some errands. Luke arrived to check in on them, and noted how happy the baby has made Lucky to a guilt-ridden Liz. Later, Sam woke up a guilt-ridden Jason from a nightmare in which he dreamed of telling the truth to Lucky. Amelia arrived on the scene and accused Jason of being the reason she's turned down her offer and asked them both to reconsider. Jason told her to not let him get in the way because she's already lost too much because of him.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Robin gets ready for a lunch date with Patrick. Patrick shows up and plans for her to move back in with him and tells her he is going to help her move her things back into his place. She surprises him when she tells him she isn't ready to move back in with him and wants to live with Mac and her cousins for now. Patrick tries to talk her into moving back in with him but she tells him that she doesn't think it is a good idea for them to move in together since the last time she did that it didn't work out so well. Patrick packs her things at his apartment and comes back with most of her things. He tells her he left some of her things at his place since she probably will spend some nights at his place. Robin admits she plans on doing that but not moving in. They end up making out on the couch. Patrick is concerned about fooling around with her at her uncle's house and having someone walk in. Robin tells him there is no one but them there and it is o.k. As Robin takes her shirt off and they make out, Georgie shows up unexpectedly and interrupts them. Georgie is all apologetic about disturbing them and claims she is just going upstairs to get her laptop and is leaving for the library. Robin realizes that Patrick has a point about how they won't have as much privacy as they would be if she moved back into his apartment with him. Robin changes her mind and tells him she will move back in with him. Georgie comes downstairs and asks Patrick if there is anything else she can do for him not realizing Robin is in earshot. Robin realizes that Patrick asked Georgie to show up suddenly to interrupt them so that he could persuade Robin to move back in with him. Georgie realizes what she has done and tries to backpedal but Robin realizes Patrick tried to trick her by using Georgie's help. Georgie leaves them alone to talk. Robin makes him admit to what he did. He confesses that he did call Georgie and ask her to show up to help him. Robin tells him that despite the fact that they love each other to death they are so incompatible.

Lucky shows up at Wyndemere to check on Nikolas to find out what is wrong with him. Nikolas still pushes Lucky away and tells him he has a business deal that is very important and he won't be able to make it to the wedding and stand up for him as his best man. Lucky doesn't know what is wrong with Nikolas and why he hasn't talked to Emily yet after he hurt her feelings like he did. Nikolas tells him he can't miss out on this business deal or he could lose everything and that he wants something for his son's financial future. Lucky storms off. James Craig overhears the whole argument and approaches Nikolas after Lucky leaves. He tells Nikolas that he can't be acting differently with his family and friends or they will get suspicious of him especially Emily who will probably go and ask Jason or Sonny for help with him and they will find out about him being around. Nikolas tells him he doesn't want his family and friends around him while he is dealing with him. Craig tells him that he is going to go to the wedding and be his brother's best man or he will not give him the antidote to the poison he gave him. Nikolas tells him he won't make a deal with him unless Emily and the rest of his family is out of harm's way. Craig tells him to go to the wedding and return by 8:00 p.m. Later, Alexis shows up at Wyndemere unexpectedly to get some book. She finds Craig sitting there with a drink in his hand and asks him who he is and what he is doing there. He makes up some phony name and tells her he is a business acquaintance of Nikolas' and is waiting for him to return from a wedding. Alexis goes to get the book she was looking for and introduces herself to him as Nikolas' aunt. She has a weak spell as she is heading for the book. He grabs her arm to steady her and asks her if she is o.k. She tells him she is fine and notices he is still holding on to her arm. She looks at him quizzically.

Lulu heads to Kelly's before Liz and Lucky's wedding. Maxie shows up at Kelly's and starts harassing her about the wedding. She tells Lulu that she doesn't believe that Liz really loves Lucky and that she is only marrying him to keep her "halo" shiny. Lulu doesn't defend Liz but slaps Maxie instead when she keeps getting in Lulu's face. Spinelli shows up and tells Maxie to leave Lulu alone or else. Maxie backs off and leaves. Lulu tells Spinelli that she doesn't know what to do about Lucky and Liz and the secret she is keeping about the baby's paternity. She tells Spinelli that she hates it but Maxie doesn't realize how right she is about Liz. Spinelli tries to calm her down before the wedding. Meanwhile, Liz is getting cold feet about the wedding and if she is doing the right thing. Emily shows up to help her get ready and tells her she shouldn't marry Lucky if she isn't ready to just because she is pregnant. Liz puts on a brave face and tells Emily she is doing the right thing and loves Lucky. Emily gets paged by the hospital about a patient who was one of Alan's patients that she took over caring for. She tells Liz that she feels obligated to go see about him at the hospital and promises to be back by the time the reception. Liz is very understanding and tells her to do what she needs to do. Emily comes downstairs and tells Lulu that Liz wants to talk to her. Lulu goes upstairs and Liz asks her to stand in for Emily as her maid of honor. Lulu can't believe she would ask her and blurts out something about what nerve she has to ask her to that after what she is doing to Lucky. Liz has no idea what Lulu is talking about. Lulu is about to tell her that she knows the truth about Jason being the real father of her baby but Bobbie and Lesley walk in with things to help Liz get ready to go down the aisle. Lulu doesn't say anything more. Meanwhile, Nikolas shows up and tells Lucky he is sorry about earlier and asks where Emily is. Lucky tells him that she had to leave for the hospital and so the pressure is off for now. Carly shows up at the coffee shop office and begs for Jason to be her date for the wedding because she needs someone to stop her from saying something she will regret because all of her family will be there and she doesn't get along with all of them including Luke. Jason tells her he isn't comfortable about going to the wedding after what happened between Liz and him. Carly promises she will be on her best behavior and needs to be there for Lulu. Jason ends up showing up for the wedding but tells her he doesn't think it is a good idea. Spinelli also shows up unexpectedly and tells Lesley that he is Lulu's guest and friend. Spinelli is dressed in a suit and tie and funny purple hat and tells her he came to stop her from blurting out the truth at the wedding. Jason feels even more uncomfortable when Lucky greets him and tells him he is one of his most honored guests because he saved Liz and their unborn baby in the hotel after the hostage crisis. Lucky sits with Carly. Luke shows up with Tracy after she persuades him to be happy for Lucky and Liz even if he doesn't believe in happily ever after weddings. The wedding ceremony begins and Liz walks down the stairs. She is a little dismayed when she sees Jason there watching her. She greets Lucky and the justice of the peace. Maxie shows up and watches from the window outside on the porch. The ceremony begins and when it gets to the part when someone who feels they shouldn't be married should speak now or hold their peace. Lulu looks like she is about to object as Jason watches in alarm as well as Spinelli.

Friday, March 23, 2007

At Sonny's Best Coffee, Stan told Sonny they couldn't move their mysterious product. Ric dropped by to gloat about that very thing. At the Metro Court, Max gave Coop a hard time before Coop used his mad military skillz to take down a purse snatcher. Jax didn't stumble over the "Barrett" when making his report to Cruz and then warned Coop about flirting with Carly. Across town, Sonny told Ric that Lorenzo is pulling his strings. Later, wet Alexis showed up at Jax's, feeling like an "afghan that went through a blender." The lightbulb going on, Max informed Sonny that Coop is Three the mercenary. While jean-clad Jax and robed Alexis got all cozy with popcorn and wine, Max instructed Coop to take a message to Sonny. "I'm taking care of you," he promised. Alexis and Jax got a bit serious about Molly but then returned to joking. Alexis ended up losing her head towel and Jax told his bald ex-wife, "I think you're beautiful." At Coffee Central, Sonny questioned Coop about Mr. Craig and told him "you deserve to die." When Maxie asked Max about Coop's whereabouts, Max shrugged things off. "I may have use for you," Sonny mused of Coop. Tearful Alexis dubbed her wig "the back end of a possum," and Jax pulled her into his arms. Naturally, Carly walked in!

At Wyndemere, Craig charmed Alexis to throw her off his trail. He was glad he didn't have to "resort to my 30 second Hamlet" to make her smile. Meanwhile, the priest did the "speak now" bit at Lucky and Liz's wedding. "The Jackal objects!" Spinelli cried so Lulu would hold her peace. He went off on a anti-marriage rant and Lulu dragged her "boyfriend" out the door. Maxie eavesdropped as they hashed things out. Inside, the ceremony continued with the vows. Jason twitched when Lucky mentioned Cam and the new baby. Outside, Maxie jumped out crying "ah-ha!" over Liz's hypocrisy and Lulu couldn't exactly disagree. Lulu and Spinelli stormed back in on the "you may kiss the bride," and family pictures and Maxie ended up at Kelly's warning Logan away from Georgie and Port Charles. "Now you have to stay away from Jason, Mrs. Spencer," Carly murmured to Liz before Lucky toasted to his happy family. Lulu offered Liz her passive-aggressive congrats. "Love is a gamble, may you both come up winners," Luke toasted (after Lesley chided him for his first toast). Sadly, high on love Spinelli failed to bond with the Blonde One's father. On his way out, Luke told his "angel" he could feel her smiling. At Kelly's, Lulu cited Nikolas donating bone marrow while talking to Jason about paternity reveals. Of course, Jason maintained that Liz made her decision. At the emptied Spencer chateau, Lucky and Liz heaved married sighs of relief, but Liz couldn't quite get out that crucial "I love you, too."

Patrick refused to believe he and Robin were cursed. "You can't stand me!" Robin pointed out, claiming she was trying to "preserve" her and Patrick. He was understandably confused. "I love you!" he cried. Robin claimed they were moving too fast and kept citing their "incompatibility." "You're a control freak with abandonment issues," Patrick diagnosed. The duo went around in circles about living together. Then, she kicked Patrick out into the rain and wept. Soaked Patrick ended up getting coffee from Georgie at Kelly's and telling her that her cousin is "certifiable." Where was Robin? Magically at Wyndemere tending to Craig's wound. Nikolas was shocked.

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