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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 29, 2007 on GH
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Monday, January 29, 2007

The Metro Court was under siege. Police used tear gas. Nikolas emerged carrying Robin. The building exploded.

Fifteen hours earlier:

Patrick bailed Robin out of jail. He tried to convince her that he loved her and wanted to be with her. Robin refused to go back to the apartment and took a room at Metro Court. Patrick told Mac how much he cared about Robin. Mac explained that Robin was afraid of being left behind just like she was by her parents and Stone. Later, Patrick told Robin that he wanted to be with her and that the only one keeping them apart was her. He then received a phone call that his HIV results were in and were inconclusive.

The doctor told Sam that she could not have children. She was very upset and, when she got home, took her anger out on Spinelli. She became devastated when Jason told her that he wanted to have children and could not wait until she had a baby.

While celebrating Spencer's homecoming, Bobbie talked about the benefit at Metro Court and asked everyone to attend. Liz and Lucky prepared to go together. Unhappily, Maxie assisted Liz at the store with a maternity dress. Nikolas and Emily talked about Lucky and Liz, and they confided to each other that they knew about Liz and Jason and that fortunately the baby was Lucky's.

Carly overheard Sonny and Diane talking and believed Sonny might have lied to her. She asked Jason, and he denied that Sonny had lied. Jason asked Sonny if he was planning to stall the case. When left alone, Carly asked Sonny if he had lied to her and he admitted that he had. He then told her that it was worth it because he had gotten her back. She told him she was going to the Dominican Republic to get a divorce and went to see Jason. Sonny met with Diane and told her to do everything she could to prevent Carly from getting a divorce.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuesday January 30, 2007

14 hours earlier:

Seeing Lucky in a police uniform at the Metro Court, Mr. Craig asked if there was any cause for concern. Lucky reminded him the security there was state-of-the-art. Maxie saw Lucky and taunted him that Liz didn't appear excited to be with Lucky for the night. Lucky met Nikolas while on duty, and asked if Nikolas was pushing Liz too hard. Nikolas reminded Lucky that it was going to take a long time for Lucky and Liz to get back to a happy marriage. Lucky admitted to Nik that he'd stolen hydrocodone from the crime scene but had not taken any. Nikolas reminded Lucky that whatever happened, he had many people on his side. Lucky insisted that Liz completed him, and that she was the reason he did everything.

As Jason consoled Sam, Carly burst into the penthouse with the revelation that Sonny had tricked her into marriage. After Sam left, Carly told Jason about how she had caught on to the plot. Jason apologized to her, and said he'd had no idea about Sonny's plan. She asked Jason when they could go to the Dominican Republic for the divorce. Milo showed up and told Carly that Sonny would not release Carly's passport. A distraught Carly called Bernie and asked for a fake passport, but he told her that Sonny wouldn't allow it.

Jason tried to calm Carly down, and suggested filing for divorce in New York. Carly said that it would take too long. Sonny was turning on the charm, and she was afraid that she would fall back in love with him. Jason told her he would support her no matter what. After Carly left, Jason got a phone call about a shipment. He was not aware of any arrivals, and set out to see what was going on. At the bridge, he ran into Liz.

Liz confided to Emily that everyone was pushing her to go back to Lucky. She was very conflicted, and thought maybe her best bet was to be alone. Emily questioned if Jason was really the one that Liz wanted. Emily reminded Liz that Jason and Sam had worked things out. Liz asked who would be better for Jason, herself or Sam. Emily didn't directly answer, but admitted things would be different if Jason were the baby's father.

Emily went on to ask Liz why she and Jason hadn't worked in the past, before Sam and Jason had ever met. Liz's response was that life had pulled them in different directions. She admitted to Emily that she had imagined what life would be like with Jason. On the bridge, Liz told Jason that she was tired of everyone bothering her about Lucky. Jason told her to focus on what she needed, and said he'd like to help.

At Kelly's, Dillon visited Georgie to tell her he was back as a film major. He asked her to join him at a film festival, but she declined. Upon learning she had plans with the professor, Dillon questioned the professor's motives. She wondered if, at that point, her relationship with Dillon was too much work and if they should let go. Dillon was taken aback, and reminded her of the connection they had always shared.

At that moment, Lulu ran into Kelly's to report to Dillon about the progress she and Spinelli had made on the case. Georgie pushed Dillon away, but Dillon asked Georgie for another chance. The professor arrived for Georgie, but offered to meet with Georgie another night if she wanted to see the movie with Dillon. Georgie was anxious to read more of the novel, and left with the professor.

Lulu and Spinelli asked Dillon to tap into Alan's bank account records. They planned to snag his PDA at the upcoming fundraiser. Lulu was delighted at the prospect of clearing her mother's name. As Dillon and Spinelli questioned whether anyone else could be involved, a man walked into a lobby and signed in under the name London. The man was revealed to be Scotty Baldwin.

Patrick told Robin his HIV test had been inconclusive. Robin urged him to get re-tested right away, and promised that things in their relationship would stay the same. Alan told Patrick that they could not read the antibodies in his system. Alan began to make arrangements with the lab to make sure there was no mistake, but Patrick tried to delay him. Robin told him he couldn't waste time, but Patrick wanted to stall. Alan told Patrick to call when he was ready and walked away.

Mr. Craig asked Sam if he could see the hotel vault, as he was skeptical about storing his goods there. She told him that only employees had access to it, but assured him that it was a first-class system.

At the Metro Court, Dr. Lee asked Sam to deliver an envelope. Sam asked for a second appointment to talk about whether she could carry a baby. Dr. Lee agreed, but confirmed that Sam probably could not conceive or carry a baby because of scar tissue from her gunshot wound. Dr. Lee began to discuss other fertility options, but Sam quieted her.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Alexis went to talk with Sonny about her custody battle with Ric. Ric ended up interrupting them with a search warrant to search Sonny's warehouse for marijuana. Alexis tried to compromise with Ric, but he wouldn't back down from full custody of Molly.

While Carly and Bobbie talked about Sonny, Jason confronted Sonny about how he had manipulated Carly into marrying him. Sonny wanted to make his marriage to Carly work, regardless of the fact that it had started as a farce. He went to the Metro Court to talk to Carly.

Luke was not exactly welcomed home with open arms by Tracy. She was still mad at him for marrying Laura, legal or not. He tried to pacify her, but was side-tracked when Lulu walked in. Lulu was happy to see her father and the two shared a happy reunion. Lulu rushed off to meet with Spinelli to go over the evidence in the Rick Webber murder mystery.

Meanwhile, at Shadybrook, Nikolas, Spencer, and Emily visited Laura. Nikolas told her that he knew she had been watching over them while they were rescuing Spencer. Scott watched them from afar and went to talk to Laura after they left. He was upset about something but didn't reveal what it was. Luke went to visit Laura, as well, and just barely missed seeing Scott.

Robin and Patrick continued to fight. Robin found someone to talk to in Alan, while Patrick vented his woman frustrations with his dad, Noah.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Police surrounded the Metro Court Hotel and watched as Sam jumped off of the hotel and ran toward them to warn them about the hotel being about to explode. Nikolas ran out of the hotel with Robin in his arms. He laid her down, and Patrick ran over to check on her condition. Sam and Nikolas yelled for their loved ones as an explosion rocked the hotel.

12 hours earlier in Port Charles:

Scott Baldwin visited Laura and placed a bouquet of daisies, her favorite flower, in her room. While he was visiting, Luke showed up to see her also. Scott waited until Luke was talking to the nurse and left without Luke seeing him. Luke noticed the daisies and asked the nurse if his son had delivered them. The nurse told him that guy a little younger than Luke had stopped by to see Laura, a man who called and asked about Laura all the time. Luke became concerned about who could be checking up on Laura's condition. Luke guessed it was Scott who visited her and wasn't pleased.

Lucky showed up to see Laura and was happy to see Luke. Father and son shared a hug. Luke told Lucky that he'd chartered a boat and gone around Europe but that no matter how far away he went, he couldn't stop thinking about Laura. Lucky told Luke that Liz was doing fine with her pregnancy and that Lucky had found out that Maxie had lied about being pregnant. Luke said it was a mistake for Lucky to get involved with Maxie to begin with. Lucky agreed.

Meanwhile, Bobbie tracked down Jason at the coffee shop. She asked him to help Carly deal with the Sonny situation before Carly did something crazy. Bobbie also asked Jason to talk to Sonny to get Sonny to back off of Carly, since Carly belonged with Jax. Jason didn't want to get more involved in Carly and Sonny's crazy marriage and told Bobbie he couldn't make decisions or force them to do what he asked. Bobbie worried that Sonny would charm his way into getting Carly back and that their marriage would be a disaster all over again. Jason didn't think he could do anything else.

Bobbie was all dressed up and ready to go to the hotel for the hospital fundraiser. She headed to Kelly's and found Scott there, sitting down at a table and eating French fries. She was happy to see him but wondered what he was doing back in town. Scott told her that he'd gone to visit Laura and that he knew that Laura had emerged from her catatonic state a couple of months before. Scott asked Bobbie what had happened. Bobbie explained what had happened, and Scott wanted to instantly blame Luke for it.

Bobbie alarmed Scott when she told him that Laura had remembered what had really happened when she'd accidentally killed Rick Webber and how she had ended up making peace with it to be able to enjoy the time she had with her family. Later, Luke ran into Scott outside of the hotel. He warned Scott to stay away from Laura and not to give her any more daisies like he had done earlier that day.

Inside the hotel, Mr. Craig, disguised in a ski mask and black clothing, told everyone to stay where they were and not to move. He told them that his men were going to go around the room with bags and wanted everyone to put all of their valuables inside the bags. Sam tried to push the silent alarm behind the service desk, but Mr. Craig noticed it and told her to put her hands up where he could see them. She did manage to activate the alarm somehow because the police responded on the scene outside the front entrance of the hotel.

Jason also showed up at the hotel and looked inside the window before the hostage-takers painted all the windows black. Jason saw what was going on and reported to Mac what he had seen. Mac set up the SWAT team and his other cops. He told Jason that they had a protocol they followed in hostage situations. Luke showed up and learned from Lucky who was inside the hotel because of the hospital fundraiser.

Meanwhile, Liz took out her cell phone and tried to get Lucky's help, but Mr. Craig noticed her and had his men grab for the cell phone and rough-handle her a little bit. Emily yelled at them to be gentle because Liz was pregnant. Maxie was standing behind the desk with Sam and made a remark to Liz about how Liz shouldn't endanger Lucky's baby by trying to be heroic because it was stupid. Carly stepped up and told Mr. Craig off. She told him she was one of the owners of the hotel and that she was responsible for the welfare of her guests and employees. Mr. Craig ordered everyone to take out their cell phones, beepers, or pagers and put them in the bag. Mr. Craig ordered Carly to take off her engagement ring and put it in the bag also.

Carly refused to give up her ring, in order to keep Mr. Craig talking so she could try to remember why his voice was so familiar to her. Sonny stepped in and tried to get Mr. Craig to let her keep the ring. Carly gave up the ring anyway. Carly and Sonny tried to create a diversion so that Sam could set off another silent alarm and close the vault shut. Sonny whispered to Carly that he didn't think it was just a simple robbery and that Mr. Craig and his men were there to look for something. Sonny thought it involved the shipment that Alcazar was waiting for that had made Alcazar desperate enough to try to kill Sonny when Sonny had learned about it. Sonny went over to one of the clerks and asked if Alcazar had stored anything in the vault earlier that day.

Carly confronted Mr. Craig again to divert attention onto herself. Mr. Craig had two of his men go into the vault and take a hostage with them. They grabbed Maxie, who protested as they dragged her into the vault room. Sam hit the button behind the desk to close the vault down, and Sonny motioned to her not to do it just as Mr. Craig turned around. However, it was too late, and the steel door to the vault started to close.

The two men and Maxie tried to get out of the vault before it closed, but only one of the men escaped, and Maxie ended up locked in the vault with the other guy and Alcazar's briefcase still inside with them. Maxie was scared and started babbling about getting killed inside the vault because of a lack of oxygen. Mr. Craig's man told her there was enough oxygen for them to breathe just fine. Maxie asked him not to shoot her.

Meanwhile, the other man returned to report to Mr. Craig that the vault door had shut completely, he hadn't been able get the briefcase out with him, and the other two were sealed inside. Carly informed Mr. Craig that the vault would remained sealed for the next twelve hours, and only then could they activate it to open again. Mr. Craig tried to not let it bother him. Sonny told Mr. Craig to leave while he was able because a lot could happen in twelve hours; Sonny said the police might enter and shoot them before Mr. Craig could get into the vault.

Suddenly Mac's voice could be heard from outside, announcing the police's arrival and stating that the building was surrounded. Mr. Craig told everyone that he wouldn't be able to escape and took everyone as hostages. He notified everyone that he wanted them to play a game. He had some sort of black box in his hand and told them he was going to toss it to someone, and he wanted them to say their name and give themselves a nickname that told Mr. Craig something about them -- and they'd get points if they rhymed.

The hostages tossed the box around and did what Mr. Craig asked. One of the hotel clerks froze and couldn't think of a nickname. Mr. Craig pointed a gun at the clerk, who asked if Mr. Craig was going to kill him. Mr. Craig also took Sonny's gun away as well. Mr. Craig shocked everyone when he took his gun and shot Robin all of a sudden for no real reason. He told them he'd done it to show that he was in charge and they needed do what he said, or they would be next.

Back at the hospital, Patrick told Alcazar that he needed Alcazar to stay at the hospital so Patrick could run some tests on him. Alcazar didn't want to stay there and insisted on going to the hotel, but Skye insisted he stay at the hospital instead. She won and he had himself admitted for tests. Patrick called Robin on her cell phone later and got her voicemail, unaware of what was happening at the hotel. He left a message telling her that he had finally understood what she had been trying to tell him. He had just realized that he was acting like patients he lectured when they were stubborn and wouldn't have tests done. He told her he'd had another HIV test done and that he loved her.

Alcazar told Skye that he needed to be at the hotel the next day for his meeting and to get the money in exchange for the shipment. Skye told him she was afraid for him and wanted him to take care of himself. He admitted that he loved her, and she told him she loved him too. Patrick entered the room and told Alcazar and Skye that the test showed that Alcazar's brain was bleeding and he needed surgery immediately because it was too dangerous for them to wait.

Alcazar reluctantly agreed to the surgery, and Skye agreed to attend the meeting for him the next day at the hotel. He told her the code to open the briefcase but started to have a seizure before he could tell her the entire code. He did manage to warn her that if the briefcase was not opened within twelve hours, the briefcase would self-destruct. He told her that the seller had set it up so that the briefcase didn't end up in the wrong hands.

Friday, February 2, 2007

11 hours earlier - 6:00 p.m.:

Outside Metro Court Hotel, the hostage situation escalated. Mac ordered Rodriguez and Lucky to go inside and get as many people as possible out before things got worse. Meanwhile, Spinelli told Jason about Alacazar's briefcase. Jason quickly ran off to find Skye at the hospital and demanded to know what exactly Alcazar had that the robbers needed, then broke the news that they were holding everyone hostage and people were going to die if she didn't help hand over whatever they needed.

Skye claimed she didn't know anything, but remembered that Alan and Emily were there for the charity gala occurring on the top floor. She told Jason that Alcazar was only acting as a middleman for Mr. Craig. Then Patrick arrived to tell Skye that Alcazar was fine, but Patrick was waiting on test results so he could remove more shrapnel. Jason let Patrick in on the news about the situation at Metro and said Patrick needed to wake Alcazar up, fast. They needed the access code to the briefcase; Alcazar was the only one who knew it.

Inside, Maxie and Three were still stuck in the vault. Maxie was curious about why there was a flashing light on the briefcase; Three informed her it was set up to self-destruct if anyone tried to take it -- just to make sure. She nervously made an attempt at conversation in order to find out the identity of this "Three" character, but he said he wasn't interested. Maxie couldn't believe that "Three" wasn't curious what was inside the briefcase, especially since it could possibly kill them.

Meanwhile, in the lobby, Sonny dared Mr.Craig to shoot him; Mr. Craig cocked his gun and pointed it at Carly, seething, and stated, "Ladies first." Later, a severely injured Robin started moaning. Alan said he was a doctor and begged the robbers to let him help her; they were indifferent. Sonny spoke up, reminding the criminals that if they were caught, they'd go to prison for good, especially for killing innocent people. Sonny asked once again if medical personnel could assist Robin. Finally they allowed Liz, Emily, and Alan to assist Robin. Then Alan lost it and railed at Mr. Craig because Alan was unable to properly care for Robin in such conditions; the hooligan had Alan pistol-whipped, and Alan fell to the ground.

At the charity event at Metro Restaurant, no one was aware of the events unfolding below them. Monica searched for Alan, who had gone missing with Lulu. Meanwhile, Georgie snarked at Dillon, who sarcastically called Georgie's Professor Pete her "slave driver." Then Georgie snapped at Dillon for only paying attention to her once Lulu left the room. When everyone found out the elevator was broken, tensions rose.

Tracy commented that she was having a bout of déjà vu because the exact same thing had happened when the Port Charles Hotel fire occurred: no elevator service and a large group of people trapped on the top floor. Everyone scoffed at her until Lucky suddenly arrived with Rodriguez, both of them in bulletproof vests, to ask the charity-goers to please quietly and calmly evacuate the building because of a "security matter." They all escaped down the stairs, but once outside, they started counting those who were still missing. Chaos erupted.

Later, Nikolas offered the criminals one million dollars, admitting he was a rich Cassadine, if they let Robin go. Sonny countered that he had a better offer because he had lots of power in Port Charles. He bartered that he'd find a way for the robbers to escape if they let Robin go; the criminals weren't receptive to the proposition. Then Carly tried to create a diversion, but Sonny stopped her, demanding she not do anything he didn't tell her to do. Meanwhile, Mac called the "kidnappers," who smugly informed him that they'd shot Robin. Spinelli spread word to Jason, who told a shocked Patrick.

Back outside, Luke didn't agree with how Mac was handling the hostage crisis, noting that Lulu was still inside. Mac said he was doing the best he could and added that Georgie, Robin, and Maxie were inside as well. When Luke discovered where Lulu had last been seen, he resolved to go inside to find her, but Mac stopped him. Meanwhile, Jason and Spinelli tried to figure out why the hostages were being kept alive.

At the end of the episode, when Skye ran into Monica, who was retrieving Robin's medical files, she lost it, screamed in anguish, and threw her papers across the room. Meanwhile, Mes, one of the bad guys, explained to the hostages that the entire hotel was laced with explosives, so they needed to just sit down and relax unless they all wanted to die. Sonny decided the masked men were likely going to wait until the vault was opened then blow up the entire hotel, but told Carly he was going to devise a plan because he wasn't going to let that happen.

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