General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on GH

Lorenzo offered Diego the opportunity to join the family business. Diego accepted. During a confrontation with Ric, Alexis finally revealed that she knew about him sleeping with Sam. She ended their marriage and threw him out. She had a similar confrontation with Sam, who decided to leave before Alexis could ask her to. Ric tried to snatch Molly, but Sonny, Jason, and Sam intervened and quickly returned her to Alexis. Carly found Alexis in bad shape and rushed her to the hospital. Sonny and Carly suggested to Alexis that they could care for the girls while she was in the hospital. Carly told Jason that the paternity test had revealed that Lucky was the father. Later, Jason admitted to Sonny that he was disappointed with the results of the paternity test. Liz later burned the paternity test. Skye introduced her daughter, Lila Rae, to the family. Luke authorized Robin and Patrick to give Laura the experimental drug LS-49. He didn't want the children to know so that they wouldn't be burdened with the responsibility if things should go wrong. Laura emerged from her catatonic state. Her last memories were of preparing for the wedding. She seemed to have no recollection of Rick's death or the events that had precipitated it. She was shocked when she saw her children, realizing for the first time that significant time had passed.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on GH
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Monday, October 23, 2006

Skye is in active labor and Lorenzo is tied up in a chair. Robert and Luke are panicking and trying to figure out what they should do for Skye. Lorenzo directs them to boil water, get sheets, and sterilize a knife. Luke and Robert question what Lorenzo is telling them and he reminds them that he delivered Morgan Corinthos and helped a teenage girl deliver her baby in Kelly's. Lorenzo demands that they untie him but Luke and Robert refuse. They start arguing about what they should do and whether they should try to go and get help. Lorenzo stays calm and tries to be the voice of reason in all of this chaos. Skye's labor continues to progress and both Luke and Lorenzo try to coach her through it. Skye demands that Luke free Lorenzo so Luke relents and unties him. Skye's labor progresses and she rants and raves at Lorenzo for putting her in this situation. Luke tries to literally and figuratively support Skye as her labor intensifies. At one point Skye begins screaming that she wants her epidural and clean sheets and a doctor delivering her baby. Skye is screaming at the top of her lungs at Luke and Lorenzo as they urge her to push. She gives it her all and gives one final push and delivers her baby into Lorenzo's waiting arms. Lorenzo has a look of joy on his face as a baby's cries can be heard.

Emily is at the hospital leaving a message for Nikolas on his cell phone that she needs to talk to him ASAP about Colleen and warning him that Colleen cannot be trusted. Meanwhile, Nik is sleeping a drugged sleep and Colleen slips into his bed and begins passionately kissing him. Helena walks in and demands that Colleen get out of the bed. Helena throws Colleen across the room into a chair and threatens to slit her throat for trying to seduce a Cassadine. She tells Colleen she will slit her throat just like she did to Alexis' mother and she holds a knife up to Colleen's throat. Just then Emily is calling Nikolas' name and she bursts into the room. Colleen tells Emily that she got there just in time and that Helena was trying to smother Nikolas in his sleep. Helena denies this accusation and tells them that she walked in on Colleen in bed all over Nikolas after she had drugged him. Helena feels that Colleen should have been fired weeks ago. Colleen tells Nikolas and Emily that she just happened to walk by the room as Helena was holding a pillow over Nikolas' face. Nikolas tells Emily to call the police right away. Colleen agrees and urges Emily to call the police and tell them that Helena attempted to murder Nikolas. Helena scoffs at this statement and says "I don't attempt murder. If you don't get rid of her, I will." Helena then disappears into the secret passageway. Nikolas thanks Colleen for saving his life. Later Nikolas and Emily are talking about what happened. Nikolas tells Emily that he remembers taking his pain medication with coffee and then he fell asleep and the next thing he knew he heard voices and he heard Emily calling his name. Emily feels that the pain medication should not be causing this strong of a reaction. Nikolas tells Emily that he has been having very vivid dreams about her lately. Emily tells Nikolas what she has learned about Colleen's past as Colleen is listening in.

Kelly Lee gives Liz her paternity test results which are in a sealed envelope. Liz goes outside and opens the envelope and just as she opens the envelope a very pregnant woman appears and tells Liz she is in labor and needs help. Liz rushes over to help the woman and accidentally drops the paternity test results. Liz doesn't realize that the results blow away in the wind. Liz helps the woman inside where they are met by Dr. Lee and Epiphany. The woman's husband comes rushing in and is very concerned about getting batteries for his handheld TV because he does not want to miss the Cowboys vs. Giants on Monday Night Football. Later Liz panics when she realizes she lost the test results. She asks Kelly for another copy but Kelly says it will take a few days to get another copy. Liz goes outside to look for the results and while she is looking Lulu comes out and offers to help her look for whatever she lost. Lulu and Liz have a conversation about Lucky and Lulu is happy to hear that Liz went to see Lucky. Lulu tells Liz that she feels that Maxie is faking her pregnancy.

Later Liz is back inside General Hospital and she runs into Sonny. She tells Sonny about how she lost the test results. Liz and Sonny are discussing the pros and cons of both Jason and Lucky being the father of the baby. Liz feels Jason would be a great father. She says the Lucky she married was also a wonderful father but he is a different person that the Lucky she knows now. Sonny points out that he is trying to get better and if he does he will be a great father again. Sonny and Liz go back outside to look for the results and they find the paper in the bushes. Sonny picks up the paternity results and hands them to Liz.

Mac comes to the hospital to talk to Maxie and Dr. Lee about his concerns for Maxie's prenatal care because of the complication of her heart condition and transplant. Dr. Lee agrees that this is a special situation that requires close care and offers to examine Maxie. Dr. Lee has to put off the exam when the football loving woman in labor comes in. Maxie urges Mac that he doesn't need to wait around for Dr. Lee. He tells Maxie's that he wants to be there to support her and make sure she is ok. Maxie tells Mac she is ok and promises to call Mac after Dr. Lee checks her out. Later Dr. Lee advises Maxie that she will put a rush on the blood work. Maxie is worried something is wrong but Dr. Lee advises her that everything is fine and in 7 months she will deliver a healthy baby.

Ric and Sonny are talking in Ric's hospital room. Sonny tells Ric that Alexis needs to know the truth just as Alexis walks into the room. Alexis tells Sonny and Ric that she knows they are talking about Jason and she implores Ric to drop the charges against Ric because they won't stick. She questions Ric about what happened with Jason and Ric tells her his version of what happened. She then asks Sonny what he saw as an eyewitness. Sonny tells Ric and Alexis that he did not see Jason touch Ric at all. Ric is furious and asks Sonny if he is implying that Ric beat himself up. Alexis tells Ric to drop the charges again. She points out that it is his word against Sonny and Jason's and that he has no forensic evidence or witnesses. Sonny threatens Ric and tells him that if he keeps pushing the issue, then he is going to get hurt. Alexis asks Ric to drop the charges for her sake because she does not need this kind of stress in her life right now. Ric very reluctantly agrees to drop the charges. Sonny takes his leave after telling Ric he hopes he feels better. Ric is furious with Alexis and demands to know if Jason had tried to kill Sonny if she would be so quick to want the charges dropped.

Later Alexis is at home and Ric walks in. HE has discharged himself form the hospital against the doctor's orders. He tells Alexis that he dropped the charges. Ric wants to know why Alexis is defending Jason. HE tells Alexis that having cancer does not give her the right to do whatever she wants. Ric and Alexis continue to fight over this issue and Ric tells Alexis that she can't stand the sight of him because he is not Sonny and when she looks at him she thinks of the one that got away. Alexis tells Ric that she can't stand the sight of him because every time she looks at him she sees him having sex with her daughter.

Robin and Patrick are in the hospital room of a patient, Mr. Billings. They are discussing his surgery with him and reassure him that he is in good hands and that Patrick is a fabulous surgeon. Mr. Billings refuses to sign a consent form once he learns that Patrick was exposed to AIDS. Patrick tries to reassure Mr. Billings that while he was cut in the OR and exposed to AIDS, he has tested negative twice so far and he is on the PEP protocol. Mr. Billings doesn't care about this and refuses to allow Patrick to perform the surgery. Mr. Billings becomes even more upset when he finds out that Robin is HIV +. Alan walks into the room and Mr. Billings demands that another surgeon perform the surgery. Alan advises him that Dr. Richardson was scheduled to assist and that he can perform the surgery. Mr. Billings tells Alan that he wants Dr. Richardson to perform the surgery. Robin tells Mr. Billings that he is risking his health because Dr. Richardson is not as good a surgeon as Dr. Drake. Mr. Billings doesn't care and tells them that he is willing to take the risk. Patrick and Robin are talking in the hall outside the patient's room and Robin is upset at how the patient reacted.

Later Patrick invites Robin to go on a picnic with him since his afternoon is now free. Robin is upset because Patrick compared her concern for his safety to Mr. Billings refusal to allow Patrick to operate. Patrick explains to Robin that he feels like people who have HIV and AIDS need his help and that he enjoys pushing the envelope and taking risks to help them. As they are talking, Alan walks up and informs them that there were complications in the surgery and Mr. Billings passed away on the operating table. Robin feels like it was a pointless waste of a human life and Patrick realizes that is why Robin is a researcher and not a surgeon. Robin agrees and points out that she could not deal with a patient refusing care that they needed because they were afraid of getting HIV or AIDS. Patrick admits that he judged Robin too quickly and he apologizes for this. Robin accepts his apology and she apologizes to Patrick for letting her fear get in the way of what he does best. Patrick tells Robin that he understands why she worries about him and he admits that he likes it when she worries about him. He tells Robin that when he looks at her he realizes how fortunate he is to have her in his life. Robin agrees and they share a romantic kiss.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Liz was outside the hospital looking for the paternity test results when Sonny walked by. He asked if she would like some privacy, and she let him know that it was alright. After she read the paternity test results, she let Sonny know that it was what she had expected and that it was for the best. Sonny assumed that the father was Lucky and let her know that it was for the best because Jason was not ready to be a father, or to take care of a family. He reminded Liz that Jason's responsibilities were very dangerous, and that it would be hard to have a family with the life he leads. She understood, and said that she knew that she would have to give both of her children the love and support they needed. Sonny told her that he hoped that eventually her and Lucky would patch things up and get back together. She let him know that she would do whatever was best for her children.

Alexis shared with Ric that she knew that he had slept with her daughter the day after she was diagnosed with cancer. At first Ric tried to deny it, however, when she let him know that she saw them together, he tried to excuse it by saying they had both been coming from a bad place. He also got upset that she hid it for so long that she knew, and called her a hypocrite. He felt that she had tried to manipulate the situation because of her illness. She let him know that she did what she thought was best for her family, and that the only thing he worried about was his brother. Alexis decided that they should end their marriage, to which Ric let her know that he would fight for custody of Molly. At that time Sonny walked in, and demanded to know what was happening. Ric let him know that Alexis had known about the one-night stand. At that time Alexis broke down crying, and Sonny demanded that his brother leave. Ric left, but not before vowing, to fight for custody of Molly.

Maxie went to visit Lucky, and wanted to show him the tests that Kelly had ran, proving that she was pregnant. She let him know that Lulu was going around town telling people that Maxie wasn't pregnant. Lucky asked her how the pregnancy was going, and she told him that Kelly and Max were concerned because of her heart transplant, but that they were watching over her. She also let Lucky know that if he didn't want to have anything to do with the child that she would be alright with that.

Emily went to Nikolas to share her concerns about Colleen. She let him know that Colleen's last 3 employers had died or been presumed dead. Nikolas decided that prior to making any rash decisions that he would talk with Colleen, since he felt that it could have been information that Helena could have planted. As Emily was leaving, she received a call from Helena, asking that they meet.

Liz went to visit Lucky as well, and he let her know that he was in the process of writing her a letter. He let her know that Maxie had visited him, and had let him know that she would be alright if he wanted nothing to do with the baby. He said that he wanted to know if that was what Liz wanted. She let him know that he should be there for his child, and that she would never ask him to go to those extremes. He let her know that he wanted to be able to do the same thing for their child. Liz let him know that she hoped that the child she was carrying would have a strong bond with its father.

In Nikolas' room, Colleen came in, and he let her know that he had some questions about her previous employment. She let him know that they were presumed dead, and gave reasons for what had happened. He asked her why she hadn't shared the information with him and she let him know that she was afraid that he wouldn't have understood. She said she would understand if he no longer wanted her working there. He let her know that he would keep her employed because of Spencer.

At the docks, Helena was appreciative that Emily was willing to meet with her. She let her know that she had coached Colleen on what to say so that Nikolas would hire her, and now Colleen has turned against her. As she was talking to Emily, two men in white scrubs came by to take her away. As she was leaving, she begged Emily to watch out for her grandson.

Skye had her daughter with the help of Lorenzo and Luke. Soon afterwards, Luke knocked Lorenzo out to help Skye escape. She decided that she was tired of running, and that Lorenzo should be part of their daughter's life. He left with Skye so that they could get back to Port. Charles.

When Emily retuned to see Nikolas, he let her know that he decided to keep Colleen on staff. She tried to tell him of the information that Helena had shared with him, however, he was unwilling to fire Colleen unless she did something for him to distrust her.

Outside the hospital, Liz was leaving a message to Jason regarding the paternity test, when Ric came by and told her that his marriage to Alexis was ending. She was sorry about what he was going through and he commented on how they both were going through the same thing at the same time. When Liz tried to say that maybe the stress of Alexis' illness was keeping them apart, he let her know that it wasn't the case, and that it was more that they had settled for each other since neither one of them got over the true person they loved.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Skye came home with baby Lila Rae to the delight of the Quartermaines. Lulu was unnerved at the thought of seeing the child, while Luke was miffed that Alice seemed to have turned her affections toward Robert. As Skye chuckled about missing the Quartermaine bickering, the Q's were stunned when Alcazar showed up to see his child. Skye reiterated her desire to have Alcazar be a part of his daughter's life and he said he'd prove to her that his business wouldn't interfere with Lila's well-being.

At Shadybrook, Robin was saddened that there had been no change with Laura's catatonia, and resented Patrick's indifference in the matter. However, abiding by Luke's wishes, Robin kept silent about possibly using the wonder drug LS-49 when Nikolas came to visit. Patrick told Robin that she's too close to this case and needs to resign. Luke then showed up and asked, "When can we start Laura on the treatment?" He told Robin to go ahead with it. Lulu needs her mother, he reasoned. Luke had a conversation with Laura about how much her children need her. "Damn the odds!" He kissed Laura on the head, walked out of the room and told Robin and Patrick, "Let's do it!"

Jason visited Alexis, who told him she knew about Ric having sex with Sam, just as Sam and Kristina returned from Disney World. Jason filled Sam in about beating Ric and Alexis getting the charges dropped. Alexis dismissed Jason and the girls finally had at it. Sam was remorseful but she blamed Alexis for putting her on the path to adultery. "I will not allow you to make this my fault,' Alexis huffed. "Whose really done the most damage here, Mom?" Sam replied. Sam called Alexis on the carpet for her manipulations, then walked out and broke down in tears.

Carly saw Liz working at the hospital and assumed that, by her matter-of-factness, Lucky was the father. She hightailed it to Jason's penthouse, where he demanded to know what was wrong. She told him Liz's baby was sired by Lucky. Jason responded that Alexis knows about Ric and Sam. Carly was stunned at her sympathy for Alexis and advised Jason to rush to Sam and tell her that he's not the father of Liz's baby.

Maxie visited Lucky at rehab and kvetched that she can't raise a baby alone, citing her own absentee dad as the reason she's so messed up. Lucky said they'd work something out, just as Liz showed up. The women had words and Maxie left. Liz told Lucky not to make her a priority. Liz exited and Nik stopped by. Lucky reiterated that the only family he wants is with Liz. Meanwhile, Liz went to Jason's and said he knows Lucky's the father of her baby. He said he'd always be there for her and they'd always be friends. "Did it turn out the way you wanted?" Liz asked. Sam's arrival interrupted the exchange.

Carly barged into Alexis's house and was shocked to see how bad she looked due to the chemo. Carly offered help but Alexis said no... Lulu arrived at Lucky's room and when Nik mentioned seeing Robin and Patrick with Laura, Lucky wondered if their dad was going through with the experimental treatment Robin had previously mentioned... At Shadybrook, Luke took full responsibility and as Robin prepped the dosage, he told Laura to, "Hold on tight, Angel. Here we go!"

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Robin administers the experimental drug to Laura through her IV. Luke tells Laura what Robin is doing and then asks Robin and Patrick how long it will take to get a reaction from Laura. Robin tells him that it should be soon. Lulu, Lucky, and Nikolas show up to find out what is going on. Robin and Patrick explain the experimental drug and what it is expected to do. Nikolas is not pleased that he was not informed of the drug and its side effects. Robin and Patrick explain the side effects to them. Nikolas asks Robin and Patrick why they didn't tell him what was going on when he was there the other day visiting Laura. Robin tells Nikolas that Luke didn't want any of them to know in case the drug didn't work. Nikolas points out that Luke is not Laura's next of kin, her children are and they should have been notified first. Nikolas, Lulu, and Lucky barge into Laura's room to see her. Robin tries to stop them from disrupting Laura or trying to stop the medication from being administered. Nikolas insists they stop giving Laura the medicine and tries to pull the I.V. out of Laura. Luke stops him by grabbing him by the arms and warning him not to stop what they are doing. Lucky speaks up and tells them that he is for trying the new drug and points out that Laura would want them to try the drug on her even if there was a good chance it wouldn't work on her. Later, everyone is disappointed when Laura doesn't respond to the medicine within the time frame the doctors expect her to. Lucky, Lulu, and Nikolas go in separately to visit Laura. Lulu tells her about her abortion and how she really hoped the medicine would work so she could come back to her and tell her that she did the right thing. Meanwhile, Robin confides in Patrick that she should never have told Luke about the drug and promised not to tell the others about it. Robin examines Laura and sees no difference. Nikolas goes in to see Laura and tells her about how much his son reminds him of her and tearfully says goodbye to her. When he leaves, Laura moves her head a little bit and seems to be a little responsive. Luke goes in last to see Laura. He tells her that their luck has run out and starts to leave her room. Laura shocks Luke when she calls out his name.

The mayor stops by Ric's office to talk to him. Sonny shows up and tries to start trouble for Ric. He asks the mayor if he can talk to his brother about private family business. Sonny brings up the time at the hotel when he posed for a picture with the mayor and Ric and suggests they do that again. The mayor is not amused and storms out of Ric's office. Ric asks Sonny what he is doing there. Sonny warns him not to upset Alexis like he did the night before and tells him that he would never have threatened the mother of his child to take their child away when his wife had cancer. Ric tells him he is going to do what he has to in order to protect his daughter's best interests. Sonny threatens to have him killed if he tries to ruin him. Ric reminds Sonny that he knows a lot about his business from being his lawyer and can hurt him in ways that other authorities weren't able to. The mayor returns to see Ric after Sonny leaves. Ric tells the mayor that he and Alexis are separated and that his only concern is for his daughter's welfare. He tells the mayor that he plans to make sure that Jason gets the lethal injection and that Sonny spends the rest of his life in prison. The mayor tells him that if he manages to accomplish all that, he will guarantee that Ric keeps his job position permanently. Meanwhile, Sam shows up at Jason's and finds Liz talking to him. She asks Liz if she got the paternity test results back yet. Jason tells her that Lucky is the baby's father. Liz thanks Jason and they agree to remain friends. After Liz leaves, Sam asks Jason if he is disappointed. Jason hides his disappointment and tells Sam that it is best for everyone that Lucky is the father. Sam tells him about her talk with Alexis. She tells him that Alexis wants nothing to do with her. Jason tells her that he doesn't usually defend Alexis but that he can understand how hurt she would be over what happened and that she may need more time to forgive her. Jason tells Sam about why he beat up Ric, because he said some very negative things about her and was setting him up to beat him up so that Sonny would come and stop him. Sonny shows up and tells Sam and Jason that Ric is out to get them all. Jason gets a call from Bernie, who informs him that the police are raiding their offices on the docks but that he made sure that no incriminating evidence was around for them to find. Sonny thanks Bernie for all his help. Sonny hears about Sam's talk with Alexis and upsets Sam when he tells her that she should ask Alexis for forgiveness and act remorseful for a change about it. Meanwhile, Carly makes Alexis go to the hospital when her fever spikes to 103 degrees. When they get to General Hospital Carly tells Epiphany and Liz about Alexis' symptoms. Epiphany blasts Alexis for ignoring her symptoms and not taking better care of herself. Alexis is admitted but Carly hangs around her in her room and lectures her about being a better person and forgiving Sam for sleeping with Ric. Carly also doesn't believe that she ever really loved Ric and that he was just a poor replacement for the man she couldn't have, Sonny. Alexis denies what Carly is saying and asks her if she could forgive her daughter if she had one, for sleeping with her husband. Carly doesn't know if she could and that she isn't as good a person as her mother is. Carly goes out in the hall and calls Sam on her cell-phone. Sam is still at Jason's and takes the call. Sam tells her about Alexis being admitted. Sam isn't sure Alexis will want to see her but goes there anyway. Sam arrives at Alexis' room. She asks Alexis if she even is happy she is there to see her. Alexis isn't sure she can forgive Sam right now. She also thinks it may be too late for them to be mother and daughter after all they have done and said to each other and thinks it would be best if they stay out of each other's lives. Sam decides to abide by Alexis' wishes but points out that Alexis wants to be alone in her life. Alexis' oncologist calls Ric to tell him about Alexis. Ric tells the doctor that he and Alexis are separated and that he is not the person that Alexis would want to see right now or want to make decisions for her. Later, Ric shows up at the cottage and tells the nanny and Kristina that he is taking Molly out for awhile. Kristina asks him if she can come to. Ric tells her that he wants to take Molly out alone just like when her daddy wants to spend time with only her. The nanny starts to get nervous when Ric picks Molly up to take her. Sonny and Jason talk to Bernie on the docks and then talk alone about the paternity test. Jason admits that he was a little disappointed that he didn't turn out to be the father but thinks it is for the best because Lucky is getting better and he would be better for the baby and wouldn't be putting the baby in danger like he would. Sam shows up and listens as Sonny asks Jason if he can forgive Sam and take her back now. Meanwhile, Liz looks at the paternity results and burns them with a lighter.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Alexis thanks Carly for bringing her to the hospital and was trying to get her to leave. Carly tries to tell her that she needs to accept that she needs help. As Carly is trying to tell her that Ric took advantage of Sam's insecurities, the phone rings, it was Viola telling her that Ric took Molly.

Ric took Molly to his room and had Cruz come over to pick up custody papers to deliver to the family court judge. He told him to delivery them right away. Cruz didn't want to get involved, but Ric told him he worked for him.

Sonny asks Jason if he wants to get back with Sam, if he could forget about her sleeping with Ric. Sam was listening, and then her phone rang, letting Sonny and Jason know she was there. It was Viola calling to tell her that Ric took Molly. Sam told Sonny and Jason and they all went to Ric's place to get Molly. Sonny told him that he doesn't want Molly to grow up without a mother. Ric willingly handed Molly over to Sam. Sonny asked him if he really wanted to go down this road. Ric told him that he wanted his daughter; he didn't see how it was any different than him. Sonny said he didn't have twisted motives and not to compare them. Ric told him that Alexis favors Kristina over Molly and he knows what that was like growing up, he doesn't want that for his daughter. Sonny told him that once Alexis is cancer free and he wants to deal with it then so be it, but not now.

Sam took Molly to the hospital to see Alexis. Alexis thanked her for bringing her by and asked if she can impose on her one more time to take her to the house for Viola to watch her. She told Sam that she imaged that she was going to move out. Sam told her she only had a few more things to pack. Alexis asked that she talk to Christine since she hasn't had a chance to talk to her yet. Sam said she will make it quick and easy. As soon as Sam left, Carly told Alexis that she was being unbelievable, and wanted to know why she couldn't have asked Sam to stay. She told her that she was playing right in to Ric's hands. Alexis told Carly that she needs to work on getting better so she needs to leave. As Carly leaves, Sonny is outside. He told Carly that he has a solution. They are going to take the kids. Carly questions the "we." He told her that he was going to take Molly and Kristina home with him while Alexis is in the hospital and that Carly and the boys could move in to show a sense of family. She knew he was trying to get her away from Jax and he told her that didn't cross his mind. She gave in and said she would do it if he got Alexis's approval. They go to talk to Alexis; Sonny told her that the girls can't stay with the Nanny because Ric could go after them. He said he would take them home with him.

Sam is packing at the house and Christine asked her where she was going. Sam told her she was a big girl and it was time to get a place of her own. Christine asked if she would see her again. Sam told her of course. They will still do all the cool things they always do. Kristina told her she loved her and gave her a hug. As Sam is walking out of the house, Jason came and asked her if she needed help with her bags. She apologized for eavesdropping on him and Sonny. He asked her what she heard. She said that Sonny asked him if he could ever get over that she slept with Ric. He told her that he would have said that he wants them to both get past it. She told him that she has got to start living a life for herself. She is going to go back to work at the Police station. He told her that she would have to deal with Ric and she said that he didn't scare her. She is going to get her life back and she wants him in it.

Cruz goes back to Ric's place and returns the paper to him. He told him the judge denied the petition. Ric said that Alexis must have gotten to her. Cruz told him the judge was not going to take a child away from a cancer stricken mother and he informed Ric that he was a cop not a messenger and walked away.

Sonny and Jason are talking about Ric when Jason asked him how far he is he going to allow Ric to push before he pushes back.

Luke talks to Laura and told her that he had to try to get her back for the kids and for them because they have beaten the odds so many times, but it seems that the house won this time. He kisses her and walks to the door when Laura said his name. He came back to her and she is awake. They have a tearful reunion. He asked her if she was ok, she said she felt hazy and asked what happened. He told her they would take things slow. She said she didn't remember coming to the hospital. She asked if something happened on the way to the wedding. He asked her what the last thing was she remembered. She remembered they were going to get married. He told her she was unconscious for awhile, but she is going to be fine. She still thinks he looks worried.

Patrick examines Laura and said she is doing surprisingly well. Luke was excited telling Robin about when she woke up. He told her what she remembers so far. Robin told him that the large time gap can be unsettling to her so she will need a psychiatrist. Laney came and Luke filled her in on what Laura remembers. She thinks it is four years ago. Luke goes in to see Laura. She wanted to know what the Dr's said. He told her that they are going over her case and that she has defied medical precedence. She asked if there is something else.

Nikolas, Lucky, and Lulu were talking together about how they wanted Laura to come back to them. Nickolas said they need to accept that she isn't coming back. Lucky and LuLu realize that they wouldn't want their mother to see how they have messed up their lives. Robin and Patrick came and told them that Laura was awake.

Laura asked where the kids were. She started to panic, but Luke told her the kids are fine, he just hasn't had a chance to call them. He told her the Dr's want her to take things a little slowly. She said she wants the kids to see that she is alright. As he was telling her that he knows she will think of everyone else before herself, the kids walked in. She is shocked about how much LuLu has grown up and wants to know how long she has been like this.

Lorenzo told Diego that he could be involved in the shipments he is going to have coming in. Diego wanted to know why. Lorenzo told him that he would rather have him close. Skye walked in with the baby for a visit. Diego got to hold Lila for the first time. Diego told Lorenzo that he would take him up on his offer. Lorenzo asked Skye if she would like to go upstairs to see the nursery. He said he was still hoping that they would come live with him. Skye told him that she knows he loves his daughter, but the reasons she left town to have the baby haven't changed. He told her that he didn't want to lie to her again. He told her it would be too dangerous to quit, he knows too much. Skye asked where that leaves them. He told her that loves his daughter and wants to raise her and the best way to protect her is to become so powerful that no one can touch them. He said that power brings protection. Just then Ric barges in and said that he needs to speak to Lorenzo. Lorenzo is upset that he is barged into his home. Ric told him that it is obvious that he is trying to score points with the mother of his child, but he is way past that, he is trying to hold on to his daughter and he is going to help him. Ric told him the stakes are much bigger now that the kids are involved. If he found a way to hurt Sam, then Sonny and Jason would be a domino affect and then he gave Lorenzo a USB drive and told him that you can make lies appear to be the truth.

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