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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 7, 2006 on GH
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Monday, August 7, 2006

As Lulu left Lucky, Liz and Cam at the pier, she dropped her box of "condoms." A suspicious Liz demanded to know whom Lulu was sleeping with, and Lulu fled. Recalling the fictional Elvis, Lucky scoffed at Liz and told her to stay out of it. Liz got mad and told Lucky she was taking Cam to Grandma's, but they should meet back on the docks for an argument. When she left, Lucky called Maxie and told her to buy more pills so he can give Liz his stash. At that moment Liz returned for their scheduled argument, telling Maxie she and Lucky needed to "speak alone." Lucky admitted he blames himself for Jesse's death, but he takes the pills for back pain, and offered his wife the bottle. She initially balked, but took them anyway. "I'm not the bad guy," she insisted. Back home, Lulu opened a birthday card from Grandma Lesley. Then she opened a home pregnancy test. Tracy entered before Lulu got the results. She demanded to know why Lulu skipped work. and offered to take her to Kelly's.

At the police station, Alexis cut Jason loose, making Carly suspicious. The power blinked and they left. Carly recapped the Ric situation, and fretted over Sonny taking his medication before a meeting. Ric and Sam pondered how to share a house, and discussed Alexis' selective parenting of Molly and Kristina — she clearly favors Kristina. Sam and Ric traded sob stories about who's the bigger burden on Alexis, then Ric accused her of always defending Jason — even when he lied to and stole from Sonny. Sam insisted she never wanted Jason's money. Later, Ric went to the police station in search of Alexis, but she wasn't there. He became suspicious that she's never around anymore — even as Alexis seemed distressed by a letter.

Sonny's meeting turned out to be a crossover between GH and STARGATE SG-1, as Sonny held Rosales (played by Tony Amendola, SG-1's Bra'tac) at gunpoint, blaming Alcazar for spreading rumors about his professional demise. Sonny said Alcazar was working for Feds, and Rosales needed Sonny because all avenues pass through Sonny's territory. Bra', Rosales was penitent, and Sonny ordered him to sever ties with Alcazar. Jason appeared just as Sonny sealed the deal, then asked to be taken home. Carly found Lainey and voiced her concerns. Lainey regretted booting Sonny out of their last session and told Carly to keep him on his meds. Back home, Sonny tried to self-medicate with booze. He forgave Jason for missing the meet, then admitted he doesn't feel completely in control. Carly arrived, and Sonny said everything's fine. Jason said the meeting was cool. While Sonny refused to talk shop, Carly fretted until he reassured her, so she left. "What do we do now?" Sonny asked, admitting he bluffed Rosales. Sonny asked Jason if he's ready to get back in the game; Jason said no. Suddenly, Ric waltzed in and accused Jason of not wanting Sonny to recover. Sonny blasted his brother. Ric called Sonny a figurehead, so Jason had to hold Sonny back from punching Ric. Jason and Sonny ordered Ric out. "I can't keep doing this," Sonny gasped. He went to Lainey at GH and surrendered to her judgment on meds and therapy. Whatever she wants, "I'll do it," he vowed.

Carly went to the lake house to tell Sam that Sonny "is back" — so Sam can get back with Jason. They quarreled over what more Sam can do to reclaim him. Carly insisted Jason loves her — just as Alexis returned. She ordered Carly out, and Carly warned Alexis that her kids will resent her until she does everyone a favor and drops dead.

At Kelly's, Lulu tried to check her pregnancy test, but a surprise birthday party broke out.

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

At Kelly's, Liz, Lucky, Bobbie, and Tracy surprised Lulu for her 18th birthday. Lulu was surprised that everyone remembered. When Nikolas came in, he brought the baby with him, and at that time he let Lulu and Lucky know that the baby's name had been changed to Spencer to honor his siblings. At that time Dillon came into Kelly's, and Lulu asked that he not share what had gone down between them with her family. Dillon agreed, and stayed to celebrate. Maxie also came to the party, and when she said hello to Lucky his reply was abrupt, and he went to another part of the restaurant. Patrick came into the restaurant, and when he realized it was a party, he turned around to leave. Liz asked him to stay, and when Patrick said she did not have to be friendly to him because of his ordeal, she let him know that she had noticed that he was distancing himself from friends and that she would not let him do that. Lucky, witnessing this, went to Maxie and apologized for being abrupt. Maxie said she understood that he wanted to make sure that Liz was not suspicious of what was going on, and it was too bad that she was all over Patrick.

At Alexis', Carly was trying to convince Sam to fight to get back with Jason. When Alexis tried to explain that whatever actions she took, it was so that her children had a better life. Carly said that she wanted her children to only live the life that she wanted for them, and that they would be happy when she finally died. At that time, Rick showed up, and Alexis demanded that Carly leave. After Carly left, Alexis commented how beautiful Sam looked, to which she commented that she was going out to celebrate her first paycheck. Alexis asked if she would like someone to go with her, to which Sam commented that she was looking forward to spending some time alone. After Sam left, Alexis became upset about what Carly had said, which surprised Rick, because he commented that whenever the two of them got into it, that Alexis never took it personal. Alexis angrily said that she didn't like the comment that her children would be better off when she died. She then left to go back to the office.

Jason met Emily at Metro Court, commenting on how much he was looking forward to having dinner with her. He asked how she was doing since the break up with Sonny, to which she said that she was doing alright and that she was taking it day by day. When Jason suggested that they get a table, she told him that they were not having dinner, but that she had invited him on someone's behalf. Jason automatically assumed that she was trying to set him up with Sam, and Emily let him know that it was actually Edward who asked to have dinner with him. When the two of them sat down, Edward asked Jason to eliminate Lorenzo, that doing so, would allow Skye to return to her family, and have her child with her love ones around her. Jason told him that Skye was safe with the friends who were helping her, and that asking him to kill Lorenzo would only be on his conscience. Edward said that he had done a lot of things in his life that he regretted, and that one more regret would not be too bad. Jason asked if he really wanted to send his grandson to kill someone, to which Edward said that looking into his eyes, it reminded him so much of Lila, and he changed his mind. He felt that his duty was not to add another crime to the list of crimes Jason had committed, but to try to get him back into the family. While they were talking, Sam walked in to have a seat, which visibly shook up Jason. Edward and Jason ended the conversation, Edward apologized for what he had said after Justus' death, and the two of them shook hands. Jason went onto the balcony, and began to relive the night that Sam was shot. When Sam came onto the balcony, he asked that she run to him like she had that night. When she did, he showed her where she had gotten shot, and that if he had held her 3 inches lower, that the bullet would have killed him. That is when Jason said that he could not love her any longer, because that could kill her.

At Lulu's party, Carly showed up to wish her cousin a happy birthday, and around the same time Georgie showed up at Kelly's. Dillon asked Georgie not to share what had happened between them and Lulu, and Georgie agreed that other people should not be involved in what had happened between them. When Dillon commented that he was impressed with Georgie, she reflected that things may be different then what they appear. At that time she interrupted Maxie and Lucky's conversation, and told Maxie that it was obvious that she was sleeping with Lucky, and if she was not careful that Liz would notice. Maxie told her not to worry, since it was so obvious that Liz was interested in Patrick.

After the party ended, Lulu went to Shadybrook to visit her mother. In the room she let her mother know of what she had done to get Dillon to be with her and that after he had found out about her lies, he ended it with her. She said that she had accepted the decision, and had been willing to move on, but it was impossible to do that now because she was pregnant.

Liz and Carly were at Kelly's cleaning, when Lucky went outside to meet Maxie, who gave him some more pills. Lucky apologized again for being abrupt with her, and Maxie said she knew how they felt about each other. Maxie kissed Lucky, and when he pulled away, he said that they could not do that in the open. Carly came out with a bag of garbage at that time, and spied the passionate kiss. Maxie then led Lucky back into Kelly's rooms through the back, Carly followed them up there, and witnessed them beginning to make love. She went downstairs and was helping Liz, when Liz commented that she wondered where Lucky was, that he had was not answering his cell phone. Carly was visibly uncomfortable, and when Liz started to pressure her, she confessed that she saw Lucky upstairs making love to Maxie. Liz did not believe her, and said that she was going to go upstairs to prove Carly wrong. Carly told Liz that she shouldn't do that because the image would be burned into her for the rest of her life. Liz did not heed her warning, and walked up the stairs. She then went to the door of the room that Maxie and Lucky were in, and opened the door to see the two of them in bed.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Robin is working at the hospital where Lorenzo Alcazar begins bothering her about the whereabouts of where Skye and his unborn child are. Robin informs him that she cannot divulge any information them due to patient-doctor confidentiality. Lorenzo then makes a dig about Robin doing her father's bidding. Robin tells him if he has a problem he should take it up with the chief of staff, and she walks away. Sonny exits the elevator and he and Lorenzo begin to trade insults. Sonny tells Lorenzo that he is fine, and that his attempt to make him look bad in front of the Rosales family failed. Lorenzo tells him all of the families know that he is fragile as an egg, and with the right pressure, he will crack.

Carly is on the phone with Max at the Metro Court, asking if Sonny had gone to therapy, or if he used the heat as an excuse to skip it, but she is happy to find out he went. She hangs up and without looking up; Carly tells a person standing in front of her that if they aren't there to fix the air, the MC is closed. Then Jane Jax tells her it's almost as hot in Port Charles as it is in Africa. Carly looks shocked as Jane says she needs Carly to save Jax.

Patrick is in the locker room changing as Robin enters, telling him she has been searching everywhere for him. He says if this has to do with the Taylor case, he isn't interested. But then Robin asks him if he wants to have dinner at her place that night.

Liz is making the bed at her apartment, and in a fit of anger she throws the pillow away from her. Just then Lucky walks in the door, apologizing for not calling because he was on a stake-out all night and it was too late for him to call. Liz calls him a liar, and tells him he was staked-out all right, in bed with Maxie.

Georgie walks out of the elevator at GH and corners Maxie. Georgie tells her that she had to lie to Mac about Maxie's whereabouts the night before, and then Georgie tells her that both she and Mac are worried about her. Maxie tells her that there is no reason to be worried, and that she was safe with Lucky. Georgie tells her it's not safe, that he is married. Maxie tells her sister that she won't give him up.

Back at Lucky and Liz's apartment, Lucky asks where Liz got the idea of him sleeping with Maxie. Liz tells him she found out from Carly, and Lucky tries to brush her off asking when she started believing Carly about anything. Liz says she defended him to her. She tells him that both she and Carly saw him and Maxie because they had forgotten to shut the door. Lucky starts to drink a beer, and Liz angrily asks why he could do that to her. Lucky becomes defensive and asks her how she expected him to do anything else.

In the locker room, Patrick tries to decline by saying he is busy but will take a rain check.

Robin tells him that she checked his schedule, and that he isn't busy. She also says the rain check isn't possible, at least not in her nice quiet apartment because she is moving in with Kelly and Lainey. So Robin asks if he wants to take advantage of the privacy while they still have it, and Patrick sighs, and asks when does she want him? Robin replies ‘almost always.' Patrick tries to suppress a smile as he tries to find out the real time, and Robin tells him in about an hour. Robin leaves, and Patrick shuts his locker loudly, looking worried.

Jane tells Carly that Jax is involved with another woman, and this woman is trouble. Carly gets up and walks away angrily, and Jane follows her, proceeding to tell her about how bad this woman is. Carly tells her that if Jax is so stupid he deserves everything he gets. Jane defends Jax, and she tells Carly that Jax will only accept help from her. Carly asks how would she explain her presence in Africa, and doesn't think Jax would even want her help because he left her. Carly then goes on to talk about the postcard Jax sent her, and after Jane tells her it's the thought that counts, it dawns on Carly. JANE sent the postcard. Carly shakes her head and tells her that it doesn't matter anymore, because she has better things to do.

Sonny and Lorenzo continue their unfriendly banter at the hospital. Sonny asks if Lorenzo is trying to instigate him, to make him look lunatic. Lorenzo says he doesn't have to do anything, that Sonny put his own instability on display. Lorenzo tells Sonny that no one has to put time or effort into destroying him, he will do that himself.

Gwen, Patrick's old bed buddy, starts hitting on Patrick at the hospital, and asks him where he's been. He tells her he's been busy, and she says he can take her out to dinner, but dessert is on her. Patrick then tells her that he was exposed to AIDS in the OR. Gwen looks shocked, and actually takes a step back. She mumbles a couple of pleasant things to say and then hastily makes her exit. Patrick sighs and looks a little upset after she leaves.

Maxie tells Georgie that Lucky isn't a bad choice, and Georgie reminds her again that Lucky is MARRIED. Maxie serves a low blow when she asks about Georgie and Dillon's marriage, and then Georgie tells her that they made up. Georgie also warns Maxie to Maxie to wake up because she will get hurt in the end if she continues with Lucky.

Liz reminds Lucky of the vows they took, and how he promised to never sleep with another woman. Lucky tells her that Maxie wants him, unlike Liz, and that's why he slept with her. Lucky begins a jealous tirade about Patrick, and Liz becomes even angrier and tells him not to use his jealousy as an excuse, and tells him that she doesn't even know him anymore. Lucky goes on with his pity-party and goes on about Patrick, and Liz cuts him off by telling him he spat on their marriage vows and that she would gladly get out of the way if he wanted Maxie. Lucky says that she is happy that she now has an excuse to run to Patrick. Lucky begins searching for his pills in his pocket, and Liz pulls them out of her purse and throws them at him, saying he loves them more then he loves her before storming out of their apartment.

Sonny informs Lorenzo that he and Jason will not let him take over and warns him to be careful and prepare for the unexpected. Lorenzo leaves with one last crack at Sonny, and Sonny calls after him telling him that he can get Lainey to help him out. Lainey comes up behind him and tells him that was impressive, but asks how much of it was real.

Jane admits she sent the postcard, but the only reason she sent it was to keep hope alive. Carly says hope went out the door when Jax left her. Jane tells Carly that Jax has ‘almost' called Carly tons of times, but he always hangs up before the call is through. Jane begs Carly again to come to Cairo with her, and Carly replies that Jax can be the one to crawl back. Carly also tells her that she would rather be alone with pride intact then be with the man she loves. She tells Jane about the bad experiences in her relationship with Sonny. Jane asks if Jax ever treated Carly badly, and Carly says no, she thought they were awesome together. Jane agrees, and asks why won't Carly answer Jax's call for help.

Lainey and Sonny are in his therapy session, talking about his altercation with Lorenzo. Sonny admits he has been taking his medicine, and Lainey tells him that he has been calmer in the past weeks, and that is progress. Sonny says he wants to continue, but he wants Lainey to come to his house instead. Lainey says no and tells him the whole point is to get him out of his comfort zone, and keeping him coming to her keeps him committed. Sonny starts going on about his business, and how coming to therapy makes him look weak, and she should start coming to his house. He quickly tells her it's not like what she thinks because he just broke up with Emily... but then asks her how she feels about casual dating.

Liz walks up to the nurse's station and finds Maxie, and Maxie starts into Liz about her and Patrick. Liz calls her a few choice words and then slaps her. Maxie accuses Liz of cheating on Lucky with Patrick, and asks why she can't give Lucky the attention that Liz has been giving Patrick? Liz tries to start a fight with Maxie, but Patrick comes and breaks them up.

Lainey tells Sonny she won't pretend to date him, no matter what. Sonny says they will have a situation because he has to look strong for his business. Lainey tells him that if he uses her refusal to go off his meds or stop coming to therapy, he will have another breakdown.

Carly tells Jane she is afraid Jax has moved on, and that she is afraid of being hurt. But Jane tells her that she is perfect for Jax, and that Jax is not Sonny. Carly is still slightly bitter that Jax left her without saying goodbye, and she won't jerk her kids around in her love life. Jane suggests that Carly brings her kids to Africa to find Jax. Jane compares herself to Carly, saying they are a lot alike. Jane goes on to talk about Jax's mistakes, but Carly wasn't one of them. She tells Carly that she has watched her son Jax lose at love over and over, but she thought Carly was different and would fight for him, but Jane realizes she was wrong, and is sorry she wasted Carly's time.

At the nurse's station Liz calls Maxie a tramp, and threatens to tell Mac about Maxie sleeping with Lucky. Maxie tells her to do what she wants, and stomps away. Patrick tells Liz he is sorry that Maxie and Lucky are sleeping together, and tells Liz that he had seen Lucky and Maxie kissing one night, but he didn't tell her because he didn't want to hurt her. Lucky walks in at that moment and sees Patrick placing a comforting hand on her back, and then leaves the hospital. Patrick leads Liz to the waiting room and asks her what she is going to do, and Liz tells him that it was the pain meds that made him do this, and that she is going to fight for him.

Carly and Michael are at Sonny's, and Michael asks how Sonny is. Sonny tells him he is better, but next week Sonny is taking a boat trip, but Michael says they have to wait to until he gets back, because they are going to Africa to save Jax.

Maxie and Lucky meet on the pier and talk about Liz catching them. Maxie offers to get him more pills, and she tells him she will meet him later at his apartment. Lucky agrees after Maxie presses his buttons about Patrick. After Lucky leaves, Maxie calls the hospital to leave a message for Liz, claiming to be her neighbor and that she heard strange noises coming from her apartment.

Patrick arrives at Robin's with some wine, and they sit on the couch and being talking about her move with Lainey and Kelly, and how she isn't so sure about it anymore, but she has to continue because already paid the rent. Robin tries to seduce Patrick, but he tells her that he doesn't think they should do this.

Liz comes to the nurse's station and receives the message that the neighbor (Maxie) left about ‘strange noises.'

Michael leaves Sonny and Carly alone, and Sonny asks why she is going to rescue Jax. Carly tells him she brought the boys over to get some toys and say goodbye, and Sonny tells her to do what she wants but leave the kids with him. Carly asks if that's a good idea, and Sonny asks if she thinks he isn't capable of taking care of the kids.

Lainey returns to her office and finds Lorenzo Alcazar inside, asking to make an appointment because he needs her help.

Patrick tells Robin about his experience with Gwen earlier, and Robin tells him that prejudice and ignorance come in all shapes and sizes. Patrick says he doesn't know if he is in the clear for 6 more months. Robin asks if he plans to remain celibate for the next 6 months, and then asks if he has ever gone without sex for that long. Patrick tells her he won't sleep with her, and Robin asks if he is afraid of his own HIV status, or hers. Patrick says it's not going to happen and leaves.

Lucky is lying shirtless on his bed, drinking, when Maxie comes in. She hands him the pills and then starts kissing him and Lucky is un-sure about doing this in his and Liz's apartment. Liz makes a quip about getting a hotel room like Liz and Patrick do, and then Liz pushes open the door and finds them standing there, making-out.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Liz finds Lucky kissing Maxie in their apartment. Lucky backs away from Maxie when he sees Liz. Liz tells him that their marriage is over. She takes off in tears and heads to the docks. Lucky tells Maxie she needs to leave and that he shouldn't have been here with her near the bed he shares with his wife. He tells her he is a mess and that she should stay away from him. He pushes her out the door. Meanwhile, Liz heads to the pier and runs into Lulu there. Lulu notices she is upset and asks her what is wrong. Liz doesn't tell her what is wrong. Lulu offers her cell-phone to her to call Lucky. Liz tells her that Lucky is the last person she would call right now. Liz ends up meeting with Audrey at Kelly's to ask her grandmother if she could take care of Cameron for a few more days. Audrey asks her what is wrong. Liz tells her that she is having problems in her marriage and that things just got worse. She tells Audrey that her marriage is over. Audrey can't believe it is that bad and asks her what happened. Liz won't get into it with her. Audrey asks her if she still loves Lucky. Liz tells her she still loves him. Audrey advises her to try to give her marriage one last shot before deciding on a divorce. Later, Lulu calls Nikolas but she is informed he isn't available to talk. Lulu goes to see Lucky and finds him drunk. She tells him that she found Liz crying and asks him what is going on with him. Lucky tells her that Liz saw him for who he really is, a loser and not the hero she thought he was. He doesn't make much sense which scares Lulu. Lulu tells him that he is the dependable one and that he is nothing like their father. Lucky tells her he understands Luke more now than ever and warns her that the Spencer family is made up of bad blood and asks her to leave. Lulu leaves in tears. Later, Maxie shows up at Lucky's apartment again to check on him. She tells him that there has been a black-out due to the heat wave and she was worried about him. Lucky lets her come in and isn't aware that Liz is watching them from out in the hallway.

Sonny and Carly discuss her trip with the boys to Africa to find Jax. Carly asks Sonny if he thinks he can take care of their sons if she went to Africa alone. He is honest with her and tells her he is not ready to take care of the boys full-time right now. He questions why she would go look for Jax after he left her the way he did. Carly tells him that she is going to make Jax work hard and grovel to get her forgiveness and that she is strong enough to handle it. Carly asks him if he is threatened by the idea that Jax may bond with his sons and her. Sonny doesn't think Jax is worthy of her. She offers to send him a postcard but Sonny asks her not to and instead asks her to think on the plane and decide whether Jax is worth it. Carly heads home with the boys. Sonny goes to his next therapy session with Lainey. He finds Alcazar there with Lainey. Alcazar leaves. Sonny asks Lainey what he is doing there and starts to worry that Lorenzo may try to get a hold of his file and use it against him. Lainey assures Sonny that won't happen and leads him in to her office to talk. Sonny tells her about his conversation with Carly earlier and how well he handled it when Carly told him she was taking the boys to Africa to find Jax. Lainey thinks that is great progress. Sonny heads to the docks and runs into Lulu there. Lulu is upset about something and Sonny asks her if he can help her. Lulu isn't so sure he can help her. Sonny offers to help her and tells her that it would help him to keep his mind off his own problems.

Jason runs into Alexis at Kelly's. She tells him about the incident earlier where Carly showed up at her house to convince Sam to try harder to get him back. She asks Jason to talk to Carly and keep her from bothering Sam, who needs to be able to move on with her life without Carly's interference. Sam sees them through the window on her way into Kelly's and realizes they are talking. She comes into Kelly's and approaches them. She asks them if they were talking about her and if Alexis was pressuring him into staying away from her. Jason tells her that he made the choice to end their relationship not Alexis. Sam doesn't buy it and accuses Alexis of pressuring and blackmailing him into leaving her. Jason takes Sam aside and tells her that he made the choice and that last night he told her it was over. Sam leaves in a huff. Alexis tells him she knows how hard this has been for him. Jason heads over to Carly's to confront her about bothering Sam. Carly refuses to apologize for talking to Sam and trying to persuade her to fight for him. Jason tells her to leave Sam alone instead of making it harder for her. Carly refuses to back down and sits down with him. She tells him that she has never seen him more happier than when he was with Sam and that even she can admit that she was wrong about Sam. She tells him that Sam has felt like trash her whole life and that what he did confirmed to Sam that she is not worthy of love. Jason listens to Carly and admits that she is right for a change and agrees to talk to Sam and see if they can work things out. Carly tells Jason about her trip with the boys to Africa and Jason thinks Jax isn't worth it but doesn't try to stop her from going. Meanwhile, Ric talks on the phone with the nanny who is in a room at the hotel with the girls because of the power problems they are having at the cabin and the air-conditioning is not working. Bernie, Sonny and Jason's accountant shows up with some files. He tells Ric that Jason asked him to drop these files off to him and to inform him that they are not going to make any business deals that he set up for Sonny and that they will no longer need his services. Ric tells Bernie off and rants about how Jason betrayed Sonny and he is the one who can't be trusted to run Sonny's business. Bernie tells him he works for Jason not him and leaves. Ric knocks the files off the table in a rage. Sam comes home and hits the liquor bottle to make a drink. She tells Ric that Alexis is a controlling "bitch." Ric asks her what happened just as Alexis comes home and walks in the door. Alexis tells Sam that she deserves more respect as her mother. Sam refuses to apologize and tells Alexis off for guilt-tripping Jason so much that he ended their relationship. Alexis tells her that Jason made that choice, not her. Sam refuses to accept that and blames Alexis for what happened and that it is her fault. Alexis infuriates Sam when she refuses to accept any blame. Sam takes the bottle of liquor and drinks it from the bottle. Alexis loses her temper and tells Sam she has given up on trying to protect her and tells her to go after Jason if she wants to. Sam can't believe it when Alexis accuses her of wanting to be taken care of and not having any identity of her own and kicks her out of the house. Ric listens long enough and tells Alexis she has gone too far and asks her what is wrong with her. Alexis stops and realizes what she just said and tries to backpedal. Sam refuses to pretend she didn't hear what she just said and tells Ric that Alexis is finally being honest about how she feels about her. She accuses Alexis of thinking she is trash and that is why she tried to mold her into being like her because she never has accepted her for who she is. Alexis denies that is what she thinks of her. Sam refuses to believe it and tells Alexis off. Alexis kicks Sam out of the house and tells her she doesn't want her hatred to rub off on her sisters. Ric intervenes again and tells Alexis off for how she is behaving. Alexis can't believe Ric is defending Sam and not her. Ric accuses Alexis of keeping some hidden secret and that she is taking out her anger on Sam for no reason. He tells her to leave. Alexis decides to leave and Ric tells her to go see the mayor. Sam asks him what he is talking about but he doesn't answer her. Sam starts drinking heavily. Ric starts drinking also. Later, Alexis returns home and gets the shock of her life when she sees Ric and Sam making out and starting to make love in the living room. Meanwhile, Jason tells Bernie he can't meet with him right now and is on his way to see Sam. Jason has a smile on his face. Meanwhile, Carly turns her security system on before she leaves the house. Suddenly there is a power failure after she leaves and the security system is disabled.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Sonny offers his assistance to Lulu who is unwilling to take him up on his offer. After plenty of hesitation, Lulu finally reveals that she is pregnant. Sonny tells Lulu that he will assist her in any way possible should she wish to give her child up for adoption or keep it. Sonny promises Lulu that he will keep her secret.

Dillon runs into Lulu on the pier and informs her that he and Georgie have decided to get back together. He informs her that he thought he owed it to her to tell her in person.

Patrick goes back to Robin's apartment and wants to know if he is too late for dinner. Patrick apologizes for walking out on her and tells her that he was just trying to protect her. He informs her that he is concerned that he could be compromising her health and that he could not live with himself if she got sick.

Robin tells Patrick that she believed that she only had a few years to live when she saw quickly Stone had passed away. She continues to say that she never thought that she would have lived as long as she has, or become a doctor.

Robin and Patrick head to the hospital to enjoy their dinner with April. Patrick manages to relate with April regarding her illness and how it can shut a person in.

Liz accuses Georgie of hiding Lucky and Maxie's affair from her. Georgie attempts to justify Maxie's action suggesting that the cause was Jessie dying and her being able to relate with Lucky over the loss. Georgie informs Liz that she tried to get Maxie to end the affair. Liz informs Georgie that Maxie was quite pleased with herself for getting in between the two of them.

Epiphany sends Liz home after witnessing a scene in which Liz accuses Dr. Lee and an engaged doctor of infidelity.

Alexis witnesses Sam and Ric in the heat of passion, when Jason begins to approach her. Alexis informs Jason that Sam has gone to stay at the Metro Court hotel due to the lack of air conditioning. Jason escorts Alexis to the hospital when she begins to have another coughing fit and has trouble breathing.

Jason arrives back at Alexis' house in search of Sam. Looking through the window, Jason witnesses Sam and Ric together. Jason heads to his Penthouse to drown his sorrows in a bottle. Liz arrives at Jason's for comfort from the day's events.

Alexis arrives at the Metro Court restaurant to pick up Kristina from her ice cream date with Sonny. Alexis informs Sonny that she is not up to fighting with him and would like to escort her daughter to her hotel room. Sonny asks Alexis what is wrong with her health, after finding out about her coughing fits from Kristina.

Ric tries to drink away his guilt, while Sam calls out Jason's name in her sleep.

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