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Monday, June 19, 2006

Sam's crying wolf regarding Manny caught up with her with Jason. However, Jason realized the window at Kelly's had been pried open from the outside, and he said that the fear in Sam's eyes was real. He believed she was indeed in danger. Jason said he wanted her to come home with him. Back a the penthouse, Jason made it clear to Sam that this arrangement was only for her safety and only temporary. The attraction between the two was still evident, as Jason tried to resist the urge to kiss Sam. Later, Sam asked Jason to join her for dinner, but he refused to eat, "And pretend everything's like it used to be." Lainey then showed up saying she was worried about Justus. He was supposed to meet her for dinner, but never showed. Jason said he'd go look for him.

At the docks, Manny told Justus's corpse that he was unlucky, being at the wrong place at the wrong time. "But, I have use for you," grinned that tattooed wonder. Then, Manny dragged Justus's body away.

Robin showed up at Jax's doorstep to explain about telling Nikolas the truth about John. Carly gave Robin an earful about destroying people's lives and Robin shot back that the fallout of this situation was not her fault — it was Carly's. Jax said there's no point in assigning blame. Carly vowed to make Robin pay for what she did. "Your narcissism is a thing of wonder," pointed out Robin, who had enough and left. Jax told Carly to leave things alone but Carly said she couldn't. Jax then asked Carly to focus on their relationship. They made love, but didn't speak afterwards.

At the hospital, Nik was charmed by the sight of Emily holding his son. "If I had held John before, I would have instantly known he was yours," Em cooed. Nik admitted that he was terrified at the thought of holding the baby, but Em assured him he'd be fine.

At Casa de Corinthos, Sonny shoved Ric against the wall, accusing his brother of trying to gaslight him. Ric played dumb and said he didn't know what Sonny was talking about. Ric lied and denied they had a conversation about the similarities between Emily and Lily. Sonny poured himself a drink and bought Ric's bill of goods. Ric reassured his brother that he only has Sonny's best interests in mind. After Ric left, Sonny asked Max to investigate Ric's recent activities. Emily showed up at Sonny's for dinner. Em could tell her man was upset about something. "Is it about Ric?" she asked. Sonny opened up to her about his suspicions. He recognized his paranoia and questioned his own judgment. Just then, the phone rang. It was Mike, telling him that Bobbie was hosting a welcome home party for John at Kelly's and he should make an appearance, for Courtney's sake. Emily and Sonny discussed the possibility of attending the shindig. They agreed to go, but Em insisted on driving. Sonny apologized for the whole dress incident from last week, and off they went.

Family and friends gathered at Kelly's for Bobbie's surprise party for Nik and John. As Bobbie asked Liz to whip up some brownies, Lucky pulled Maxie aside and asked her for more pills. Nik arrived and the gang all leapt out from behind the counter and shouted "surprise." Lesley grew teary when she held the baby and mentioned that Laura would be so proud of Nik and her new grandchild. Lulu got emotional thinking of her mom, but kept it to himself. Maxie slipped out of the party and met a drug dealer on the docks. The pills were $50 but she only had $20, and offered to "work things out." Meanwhile, Lucky told Liz he was fine without the pills, then told Liz he needed to go and left Kelly's. Lucky showed up just as the drug dealer attacked Maxie. Back at the party, Lulu told Nik that she's available for babysitting duties. Then, Luke arrived, bellowing, "All right, Barbara Jean. What's the big emergency?" He was stunned to see Nik holding a baby. "Nobody's calling me ‘Grandpa!'" grunted Luke. Sonny showed up with Emily, but a panic attack prevented him from entering the party.

Ric covered his tracks with the store he bought the dress from, stating under no circumstances were they to divulge to anyone who bought the dress.

Jason arrived at the docks and found a bullet casing and blood stains. He then left the scene. Lainey showed up later with the cops and noticed the number on the door. It wasn't 26 — the six was loose and upside down. It was 29, Justus's unlucky number. She feared the worst... Diego went to put a case of wine into his car and when he opened the trunk, he was shocked to find Justus's body inside... Jason went home and told Sam that he thinks Justus was ambushed and may be dead. He pointed out another person got shot because of him, and there's no way Sam can come back to him.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

At Kelly's, Nikolas was holding John with Robin, Liz and Mike surrounding him when Carly, Jax, Michael and Morgan walked in. Michael asked to hold John, and Nikolas said no. When Carly and Jax reminded him that the boys were cousins, Nikolas said that he was not comfortable with them forming a relationship because that would allow Carly to have contact with John. Nikolas accused Carly of doing whatever possible to have contact with John, even using her own children as an excuse. At that point, Michael demanded that Nikolas not talk to his mother like that and to apologize to Carly. Nikolas apologized to Carly for raising his voice to her, and at that point, Michael asked why they had not been invited to the party for John. Jax then said that the only reason that had happened was because Nikolas was mad at him. Jax, Carly, Michael and Morgan left Kelly's and back at home Michael asked why John was living with Nikolas. Jax explained that he had been trying to protect John from some bad people, that what he had done was wrong, and that Nikolas was mad at him for doing it. Later that night, while Carly and Jax were talking, Jax said that he felt that Nikolas was only mad at him, and that if he left town for a while that maybe Nikolas would allow Carly and John to spend some time together. At first Carly was resistant to the idea, however, as Jax persisted, she reluctantly agreed. Jax made arrangements to meet his mother in Botswana in a couple of days.

Jason and Sam were at the apartment, where he was certain that Justus has been killed. At that time Lainey came by and asked Jason to tell her what happened with Justus. She told him that she had gone to the warehouse with the police and had seen the blood and the bullet case. When Jason told her that he had seen the same thing before she had gotten there, Lainey asked Jason to let her know when he found out what happened to Justus. Jason asked Stan to take Lainey home, and after they left Jason left, telling Sam, that he was going to go make matters worse. On the way to her house, Stan and Lainey stopped at the hospital for her to be able to get some files. Epiphany saw them come in together, and assumed that they were seeing each other. When Stan appraised her of the situation, Epiphany could not understand why he would choose to live that sort of life, and that he was wasting all of the opportunities that were presented to him.

Diego showed Lorenzo Justus' body in the trunk of his car. At first, Lorenzo assumed that Diego had done this to start a war with Jason. After Diego told his father that he would have never done anything to Justus, especially because he had fought for him before going to prison, Lorenzo told him that he would take care of it. Later on when they met up, Lorenzo let Diego know that he had the body dropped in front of the Morgan warehouse and the car was reported as stolen. Diego was impressed with his father's insight and Lorenzo expressed disappointment about not being able to leave the business at this moment.

At the Quartermaines' Edward and Skye were discussing ways to get ELQ under from Tracy, when Lorenzo called to cancel dinner plans. Edward tried to get Skye to understand that Lorenzo was a gangster and would always remain one. After Skye left, Jason came to talk to Edward and let him know that he thought that Justus was killed. At first, Edward did not want to believe it, especially since Jason had not seen the body. However, Jason said that he was sure that Justus had taken a bullet that had been meant for him. Edward expressed his anger towards Jason, and how he had always held out hope that he would return to the family. However, he now realized that Jason was a killer and would never change. Jason apologized for what had happened and was leaving when Skye walked in. After Edward shared the news with her, he told her that if she wanted to keep her child safe that she would have to get as far away from Lorenzo as possible.

At the dock, Lucky had Maxie and the drug dealer at gunpoint. The dealer begged to be let go, which Lucky was willing to oblige, but he told him that the pills would be confiscated. Maxie was impressed with how Lucky had handled the situation. Lucky started to feel guilty about getting her involved in his situation, but she tried to tell him that she understood what he was going through, and that she wanted to support him. At that time, she tried to kiss him. When Lucky stopped her, she told him that there had always been a connection between them, and that he should just admit it. Lucky reminded her that he was married and that nothing could happen. When Maxie left, he took some of the pills, and then went to Kelly's. At Kelly's Liz is by herself cleaning up after the party when Lucky walked in. After talking about what had transpired at Kelly's while he was gone, Lucky wanted to dance with her. As they were dancing with the lights off, Maxie was outside looking at them through a window.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

At the nurse's station, Dr. Lee asked Dr. Drake, Jr., whether he and Robin were exclusive or if anyone could join him in the supply closet for some fun. Patrick was suspicious of her motives (Was she betraying her friend Robin or doing undercover digging for her? he wondered). He didn't answer the question. Then, Robin showed up. Kelly fibbed and said that Patrick was just saying that he and Robin were committed to each other. "Do tell," asked Robin. "Let's go to dinner," he huffed.

At Wyndemere, Helena hovered over baby John, and said the first thing they need to do is change his name. As the new nanny watched, Nikolas arrived and Helena disappeared. Nik and the nanny bonded while Helena listened in on a baby monitor. Hels was miffed when Nik instructed the nanny to keep his grandmother away from the baby at all costs. He then gave her the run-down on the Cassadine legacy and vowed to keep his son safe.

Jax made plans to meet his mother in Botswana, just as Carly came over and announced she had a special night planned for them. Jax said she couldn't convince he to stay, but she wanted to give him something to come back for. Jax emerged in a tux and took Carly's breath away. At Metro Court, Jax and Carly saw Robin and Patrick having dinner. The couples ignored each other. Jax and Carly settled down for a romantic dinner. He told her, "You are the best surprise I never saw coming." Jax then gave her a gift — the power of attorney for his half of the hotel. Carly was upset and feared Jax wasn't planning on coming back. Jax admitted he wasn't sure what he's going to do. Carly said, "You're giving up on me!" and walked out. Back at home, Jax stared at a photo of he, Carly and the baby. Carly returned and pointed out that they never said they loved each other. She wanted him to stay and fight. They kissed and made love.

Robin's obsessive interest in Carly and Jax turned off Patrick. "You are exactly like Carly," he pointed out. "You create your own drama." Robin got up and left. Patrick followed her out to the balcony, where Robin reluctantly admitted that Patrick was right. In turn, Patrick assured Robin that he really does like her. "When you let down your walls, I really, really, really ... liked having sex with you," he grinned. She laughed and they kissed.

Sonny visited Luke at the Haunted Star, where the former business partners had a drink together. Sonny made arrangements for a private party for he and Emily that night and Luke agreed to fix the games so Em would never lose. Luke was surprised that Sonny wasn't out for revenge after Jason betrayed him, but Sonny insisted he's done with the organization. Mentioning the night Lily died, Sonny wondered what took him so long to get out. Luke pondered their lifestyles and commented that the women who are their angels always end up getting their wings clipped. Luke wished his pal luck with starting his life over.

At the hospital, Emily sought out Lainey, but she had taken a personal day. Epiphany then handed Em a letter that came for her. It was an invitation to the Haunted Star. Emily showed up and met with Nikolas, who was there to see Luke. Nik decided to sneak out before Sonny arrived, but as he handed Em some chips to gamble with, Sonny walked in, saw them holding hands, smashed a wine bottle and threatened Nik. He accused Nik of trying to get Emily back. Em called Max for help. Nik called Sonny insane, which ticked him off more. When Em spoke up for Nikolas, Sonny stormed out. Emily stopped Nikolas from calling the cops. Nik stated that he's worried for her safety. "If you trust me at all ... you'll stay out of this," she begged. "Please!" He reluctantly agreed and said if Sonny ever hits her or threatens her, she'd better call him. Emily swore she would. "He won't hurt me," she assured. Back at Casa de Corinthos, Sonny chewed out Max for pulling him off Nikolas and ordered him to, "Take Cassadine out!" Max left the room, and Sonny caught him calling Jason.

Back at Wyndemere, Nikolas held his son and said he's the luckiest man in the whole world. The nanny watched and was touched... Emily returned to Sonny's and overheard Sonny and Max arguing over the hit on Nik. After Max tried to dissuade him, Sonny called it off. Em entered and pretended everything was fine, but cracked soon after. Sonny ran upstairs... Jax rose from the bed while Carly slept and got dressed. He then kissed her shoulder and just before exiting, said, "I love you." After he left, Carly opened her teary eyes and said, "I love you, too."

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Stan shows up at the penthouse to tell Jason that the cops found Justus' body. Carly shows up acting very upset and asks for Jason's help. Jason is planning on dismissing her at first but she insists she needs him right now. She tells him that Jax left the country and she doesn't know if he will ever come back. She blames Robin for everything. Jason tells her he has seen her like this before and he worries that she will try to do something crazy to lash out at someone. He tells her she needs to be strong and get it together. Jason asks her to check on Sam at the hotel and tells her he has armed guards there to protect her. The cops show up to question him about Justus' murder. Carly realizes that Justus is dead and that she walked in when Jason was grieving for him. Lucky and his partner tell Jason that Alexis would like Jason to go to the police station for questioning. Jason agrees to go. Carly leaves to go to the hotel. Meanwhile, Sam shows up at the hospital and asks Liz if there are any job openings at G.H. Liz tries to defend Jason's actions to Sam after she tells Liz that Jason practically threw her out of the penthouse and had her holed up at the hotel for her own safety. Liz also mentions that Justus' murder has made him more determined to keep her away for her own safety. Emily comes by the nurses' station and notices how somber everyone is acting. She asks what is going on. Sam is surprised Emily hasn't heard about Justus already. Emily is shocked by the news about Justus. Emily meets up with Lainey and gives her condolences. Lainey tells her that she regrets never making love with Justus when she had many chances and now it is too late. Dr. Lee comes over to comfort Lainey as well. Meanwhile, Robin and Patrick talk in the elevator. Patrick asks her to meet with him for dinner later and go somewhere more private to be together alone. They steal a few kisses before Robin gets off the elevator. Patrick shows up at the hotel to find Carly sitting at the bar crying and doing her work. Patrick hugs her after telling her how sorry he is for her loss. Carly tells him that he is too good for Robin. Patrick doesn't comment and only hugs her. Nikolas walks in and starts to chuckle when he sees Carly in Patrick's arms. Meanwhile, Robin notices that Emily and Dr. Kelly Lee are surrounding Lainey in the waiting area. Skye also shows up for a prenatal appointment and goes over to see Lainey. Lainey mentions that she had dinner plans with Justus that night and that he was going to meet with Lorenzo. Skye doesn't like what she is hearing. Robin approaches them. Kelly approaches her and tells her about Justus' murder. Robin is shocked by the news and upset a little. Kelly asks her if she was friends with Justus. Robin tells her he was kind of a friend of hers and that he was there for someone she loved once who died. Later, the ladies show up at Jake's to have a drink or two. Lainey proposes a toast to Robin, Emily, and Liz for being brave enough to take risks with the men in their lives and let themselves fall in love. Meanwhile, Sam tells her bodyguards that she is not staying at the hotel any longer and is moving back to Kelly's. She suggests they stop in the hotel restaurant and eat something before leaving the hotel. She sees Kristina, Molly, and their nanny at a table. Kristina walks over to her and looks very unhappy. She asks her what is wrong. Kristina's nanny tells her that Alexis got called in for work and was suppose to meet them there for high tea. Sam offers to sit with her and have tea with her instead. Kristina likes that idea but asks Sam why she moved out. Sam doesn't know what to tell her. Later, Manny walks around Alexis' house and finds Molly's teddy bear. Later, Jason shows up at the police station. Alexis already interrogated an irate Lorenzo about Justus' murder. She told Lorenzo they found his bracelet next to Justus' body and a shell casing. Lorenzo tells her he didn't kill Justus. Alexis shows Jason Lorenzo's bracelet and how it was at the murder scene. Jason doesn't know who the bracelet belongs to and doesn't know more than the fact that he sent Justus to meet with Lorenzo and doesn't know why anyone would want to kill Justus. Alexis suggests that whoever murdered Justus may have been trying to get a message to Jason that he isn't the one in power anymore. Jason returns home. Skye shows up to talk to Jason alone. Stan leaves them to talk. Skye asks Jason straight out if he thinks Lorenzo had anything to do with Justus's murder and if he is back in the mob. Lorenzo shows up to meet with Jason. He notices that Skye is there and asks her what she is doing with Jason. Skye ignores Lorenzo and asks Jason if Lorenzo is back in the mob. Meanwhile, Sam shows up at Alexis' to tell her she let Kristina talk her into moving back in with Alexis and Ric. Alexis is delighted by Sam's change of heart.

Max looks in on Sonny, who is sleeping on the living room couch. Emily calls to check up on Sonny. Max tells her he is sleeping on the couch and asks her if Nikolas is pressing charges against Sonny because of last night. Emily tells him she doesn't think Nikolas will press charges and Max is relieved. Sonny dreams about Lily's death from the car bomb. He yells out something as Ric arrives to see him. Ric pours him a drink and brings up Lily again. Sonny talks about her death and how much sunshine she brought to his life. Ric purposely draws comparisons between Lily, Emily, and their mother. Ric notices a text message from Alexis on his cell-phone. It tells him that Justus' body was found by the police and that she will be swamped at work. Ric doesn't mention Justus' murder to Sonny. Edward shows up and blames Sonny for his grandson's murder. Sonny thinks he is talking about Jason being dead but Edward tells him he is talking about Justus. He blames Sonny for his murder and for drawing Jason and Emily into his world. Edward tells Sonny that if anything happens to Emily he will kill him with his bare hands. Sonny listens and goes ballistic when Emily is mentioned. He takes his tie off and wraps it around Edward's neck from behind and starts to strangle him with it. He tells Edward not to mention Emily's name and threatens to break both of Edward's legs and throw him out with the trash. Max witnesses what is happening and has to pull Sonny off of Edward. Edward rants about how crazy Sonny is and how he needs to be locked up. Max can't disagree with him on that one. Sonny calms down but acts like nothing really happened that was alarming. He drinks the rest of the scotch in the decanter. Ric brings it to Max and asks him to refill it again. Max is disgusted with Ric's attitude regarding what just happened. He asks Ric why he stood by and let Sonny strangle Edward and not step in to stop him. Ric doesn't have a good reason why and goes on the offensive with Max. He accuses Max of having no respect for Ric and asks Sonny to come in to the room. He tells Sonny that Max treated him with disrespect by questioning him about what just happened. Sonny tells Max that he is to be respectful toward Ric and that when Ric gives an order he should act like it is coming from himself. Max agrees to follow Ric's orders and leaves to refill the scotch. Later, Max wants to call Jason but is afraid to and tells Milo that he is very worried about their boss. Sonny keeps hearing Lily's murder in his head while Ric is talking to him. Sonny tells Ric that he really appreciates him and that he needs him more than anything. He admits that he is in bad shape. Sonny keeps hearing Lily's laugh in his mind and turns around and yells for Max. Max comes in the room and orders him to go find Lily.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Skye asks Jason to confirm whether or not Lorenzo has gone back into the business for her unborn child's safety. Lorenzo informs Skye that he does not wish to discuss things in front of Jason. Jason informs Skye that he does believe that Lorenzo is back in business. Skye leaves Jason's and tells Lorenzo that for the baby's sake she will allow him to explain himself at the Metro Court.

Skye meets Lorenzo at the Metro Court and they discuss whether or not he has gone back into the business. Lorenzo informs her that he made a deal to get back into the mob to protect Diego. While talking he receives a business call on his cell phone, so Skye decides to walk out on him. Jason pulls the phone away from Lorenzo's ear and asks him to come outside. Holding Lorenzo at gunpoint, Jason asks him who is behind everything that is happening. Lorenzo informs Jason that Manny is alive and back in Port Charles with some unfinished business.

Alexis informs Sam that she is always welcome at her house, and tells her that living with them was one of the reasons that she had purchased the house. Sam tells Alexis that she may not want her living there once she says what she needs to say. Sam informs Alexis of the incident at Kelly's in which someone broke into her room and unpacked all of her belongings.

Alexis contacts the police asking them to station a squad car outside her home. Sam informs Jason's guards that they are permitted to leave once the police have arrived.

The police arrive at the house and Alexis asks for one guard to be stationed around the front entrance and the other to patrol the yard. Alexis informs Sam that she is quite pleased that she came back to stay with them. Sam tells Alexis how persuasive Kristina can be. Sam excuses herself to her room to retrieve her sweater, while Manny watches her from inside the closet.

Alexis tells Sam how proud she is that Sam is trying to make a life for herself without Jason. Alexis informs her daughter that she will be there for her. Sam decides to head off to bed.

Sam is lying in bed about to go to sleep when Manny places his hand over her mouth and tells her not to scream.

Ric comments on Jason's lack of competency in running the organization, while Sonny begins to hear faint laughter. He heads to the patio and flashes back to Lily walking away from him. Sonny screams for Max to go and find Lily. Max asks Sonny if he is meaning for him to go and look for Emily.

Sonny continues to have flash backs of Lily standing by the vehicle and then placing the key into the ignition. He tells Ric and Max that it should have been him that died in the explosion.

Ric sends Max to find Emily while he pours Sonny another drink. Ric suggests that perhaps it may make Sonny feel better to discuss the details of what happened to Lily. Sonny provides Ric with a detailed recap of what happened the night that Lily died.

Sonny asks Max if he managed to track down Emily. Max informs Sonny that Emily is at Jake's. Sonny grabs his keys and heads to the bar to get her. Max freaks out on Ric for feeding Sonny drinks and getting him to discuss Lily. Ric tells Max that his brother is sick and that he will stop at nothing to be the one to save him.

At the girls' night out, Lainey informs the girls that she really misses Justus and can't believe that he is dead. She then turns to Emily and asks her how she is able to live with Sonny in his line of work. Emily and Liz tell her that they need to live in the moment and not think about what could happen.

A drunken Sonny stumbles into Jake's looking for Emily. He tells Emily how concerned he was when she didn't come home from work. Emily informs Sonny that the girls decided to take Lainey out. Sonny offers his condolences to Lainey over the loss of Justus. When Emily finds out that Max did not accompany him to Jake's, Emily offers to drive Sonny home.

Sonny and Emily are just heading out of Jake's when Ric stops to apologize to Sonny about the discussion about Lily. As they are talking, Sonny happens to glance over at Emily who is smiling and about to unlock the car door when Sonny rushes over and pulls her to the ground. Believing that the car has just exploded, Sonny snaps back into reality and realizes that the car is still there. Emily is confused and tries to find out from him what exactly happened.

After watching Carly and Patrick embrace, Nikolas informs Patrick that Carly is just using him. Patrick informs Nikolas that what he does with Carly is neither his nor Robin's business.

Carly and Patrick are on the pier discussing how she is far from being over Jax. She tells him that it would not be fair to use him. She does inform him that there was a time when she would have jumped into bed with him right away, but things are different. At that moment Robin steps onto the pier. After spotting her, Carly leans over and kisses Patrick.

Diego brings Georgie a bouquet of flowers to apologize for his attitude the other night.

Georgie declines having dinner with Diego and apologizes for the mixed messages that she has been sending him. She informs him that she is still very much in love with Dillon and that it isn't fair to be stringing him along. Georgie gives him back the flowers and tells him that she is unable to keep them.

Diego runs into Lulu at Jake's. Lulu informs him that they need to break Dillon and Georgie up immediately. Lulu tells Diego that he is to take Georgie somewhere isolated and when Lulu and Dillon arrive Diego and Georgie will be in a compromising position, allowing Dillon to believe that they had sex. Lulu is sure that this plan will break the two up for good.

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