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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 8, 2005 on GH
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Monday, August 8, 2005

Although Jesse tells Maxie he doesn't want to be responsible for her, he is clearly upset when he finds her in bed with Dillon. Maxie tells him she wants a man who kisses her because he wants to, and doesn't give a damn what her dad thinks. Dillon rushes over and kisses her and tells Jesse to close the door on the way out. After he leaves, Maxie slaps Dillon off of her. Dillon tells her he was trying to help her make Jesse jealous. She says she didn't want him to leave, though. She thanks him for letting her stay there, but from now on to stay out of her love life with Jesse.

Georgie runs into Jesse and tries to explain how Maxie reacts quickly and stubbornly. Jesse's not interested in hearing, though, and asks her if she knows where Maxie is right now. Georgie realizes that Jesse found out she was staying with Dillon and tells her she's the one that came up with that idea. Jesse goes on to tell her that the two of them were in bed together, but Georgie blows that off as well. Finally, Jesse gets right to the point and tells her Dillon was kissing Maxie.

Just as Maxie and Dillon are discussing how wonderful Georgie is, she walks in furious over their kiss. They convince her that it meant nothing and Dillon loves Georgie, not Maxie. She tells them there's only one way this arrangement can continue. All three of them end up sharing the little twin bed together.

Alcazar tells Skye he wants her to help him keep Carly. Skye doubts her abilities to help him, but Alcazar reminds her that he helped her scheme to keep Luke. Skye tells her that they aren't married and she didn't have as much at stake as Alcazar does. She says at one time she thought the two of them had a chance at a relationship, but after seeing his love for Carly she knows better. She won't do anything to ruin what he has with Carly. Alcazar is incredulous that she could turn him down; after all, it was her idea to make Carly think another woman was picking up the slack. Skye says that's something she would do, but that usually turns the people she loves away from her. Skye asks what happened and maybe she can help by listening to his woes. He tells her that he and Carly started the day thinking Michael killed AJ and would be placed within John Durant's custody. Skye interjects at that point, saying how impressed she was that they were able to compromise and get Michael in the Quartermaine's custody. Alcazar thanks her for taking care of Michael. Skye tells him that she loves Michael like a nephew, and she loved AJ like a brother. He tells her he knows what it's like to have a brother that can't be saved. They briefly talk about Luis and how he loved Brenda and tried to save her. She was his ultimate demise, though. Alcazar tells her how Luis would always call him and asks him to bail him out when he was in trouble. Skye notices that Alcazar never called Luis for help, though. She tells him he was a caregiver, a co-dependent. When he died, he looked for someone else to care for, Carly.

Before he makes his getaway, Dr. Thomas injects a powerful sedative into Sam. Jason and Sonny break through the door and Jason rushes to get help for Sam. Due to a bus accident, all attending physicians are busy so Sam's life is left up to Emily. Emily finds the serum she needs to counteract the drug Dr. Thomas gave her and tries to revive Sam. When she awakens, her heart is beating rapidly and she is out of breath. Tony comes to check on Sam and tells them that the reaction is normal due to the initial drug entering Sam's blood stream.

Durant rushes into the hospital after hearing that shots were fired on the roof. He runs into Sonny, Reese, and Carly, and tells Sonny that he's not leaving until he finds out exactly what happened. Sonny tells him that hell just froze over, they will be working together.

Dr. Thomas escapes the hospital in a helicopter and lands at the Quartermaine mansion. Alan goes to call the police, but finds Dr. Thomas with a shotgun. Alan asks why Dr. Thomas is aiming the gun at him. Dr. Thomas tells him that 10 years ago, he agreed to kill Jason for AJ. Unfortunately, Jason wasn't as far gone as he thought he was, and has now remembered everything and is aiming to kill him. Alan tells him he is a dead man. If Jason intends to kill him, he's dead. Dr. Thomas disagrees and tells him he's going to make it look like Alan hired him to kill Jason, not AJ. He's going to skip town. Monica approaches from outside in the garden and spies Dr. Thomas holding a gun to Alan.

As Sam stabilizes, Jason leaves the room to receive a phone call from Monica. She tells him that Dr. Thomas is holding a gun to Alan, but after she hangs up Dr. Thomas finds her and tells her to put the phone down before she makes a call. Or, he asks, if he too late. Meanwhile, Jason rushes out of the hospital, telling Sonny that this is his fight to fight. Carly rushes after Jason, but Sonny stops her. Carly tells Sonny he needs to go after Jason. This fight is too personal for Jason. He knows how Jason bottles everything up, and Pandora's Box is going to open and God help anyone who gets in the middle of that. Sonny tells her to go home to Alcazar and ride horses, or do whatever they do together.

Alcazar tells Skye how he fell in love with Carly as she was fighting for her son Morgan's life when she was in premature labor. He tells her about all of Carly's redeeming qualities and how wonderful it is when she's working with you, but how awful it is when she's working against you. Skye tells him he's lucky because Carly married him. Alcazar counters by asking her how many times she's been married. She says she's married for all kinds of reasons, out of love, out of hate, out of revenge, etc. She says that marrying out of revenge is the worst. Alcazar says that Carly would probably agree with that statement. Skye says that Carly's never married out of revenge, unless he's referring to AJ. Alcazar doesn't want to hear lies, though. Skye tries to convince him that Carly loves him, but he asks why Carly is spending the evening chasing after Sonny. Carly comes home and tells Alcazar she's sorry for erupting at him at the hospital. He ignores her. He finally erupts into his own anger ball and tells her she married him just to make Sonny jealous. He brings out her bags. Carly is shocked that he would kick her out. She tells him that he's been leading up to this all along. As soon as he gets the object of his affection, he throws it away. She wasn't going to give up her life by marrying him, but she comes home to HIM every night. As she's crying and telling her she loves him, Alcazar reaches down and kisses her.

Sonny goes to visit Sam in the hospital. She tells him she's worried about Jason, but she understands why he's doing what he's doing. Sonny compliments her on the way she treats Jason. He apologizes for not trusting her initially when she came to town, but he's grateful she's a part of Jason's life and his own. When he leaves, he goes and finds Sam, disgusted with him for allowing Michael to see Dr. Thomas. Reese tells him she won't allow him to put himself down as a father. He's a good man, and he inspires a lot of love in a lot of people, including her. Meanwhile, Sam tries to leave the hospital to go help Jason. Emily comes in to stop her, though, and they move her to a room. Emily tells her that Jason was the real reason why Sam recovered and he will come back for her.

Dr. Thomas pushes Monica into the study with Alan. She asks how Alan is doing, but before he can answer Dr. Thomas demands a jet to get out of the country and money. Monica makes him promise he won't hurt either her or Alan before she starts making any phone calls to arrange for his demands. As she goes to the phone, Alan tells Dr. Thomas he's better off staying and letting the police catch him than running and letting Jason catch him. When Alan asks him if he's always been this crazy, Dr. Thomas rams the butt of the shotgun into Alan. Monica finishes making the arrangements, and Dr. Thomas explains that he's going to take Monica as insurance. Before he can leave, Jason walks in with a gun to his head. Dr. Thomas rushes to put a knife to Monica's throat. Before Jason can shoot him, Dr. Thomas tries to convince Jason that Alan was the one who hired him to kill Jason. Jason turns the gun on Alan. It appears he's going to kill Alan, but instead shoots Dr. Thomas and kills him. Jason asks if it was his heart stopping that caused the brain damage. Monica tells him they'll never know if it was Dr. Thomas or AJ that caused the brain damage, but maybe it's easier to believe it was Dr. Thomas. Jason tells them it was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Reese mentions the affair to Ric right as Alexis walks up to them, but it doesn't appear she hears them. She offers to take Reese to breakfast. When they arrive at the Metro Court, Alexis explains to Reese that she feels partly to blame for Reese's relationship with Ric. Ric watches from a distance as the two women talk. Alexis explains how much she loves Ric and that they are getting back together. Alexis is actually talking about the three of them getting into the law business together. After Reese leaves, Ric tells Alexis he doesn't think it's a good idea to be law partners since they're just getting back together. He's worried they won't be able to separate between their personal life and business life. Alexis sees right through it, though, and asks what he's hiding. Ric lies again and says he's worried about her health and the baby's right now. She tells him she will sue him for rightful employment.

Courtney and Jax search for Liz, as she wakes up in Lucky's arms. Courtney goes to the hospital to look for her, but she's not there even though her shift had already started. Before Jax gets off the phone searching for her, Liz and Lucky knock on his door. Jax is upset and chastises Liz for her irresponsibility. Lucky stands up for her, though, and tells Jax that whatever Liz does is her decision. Jax tells Lucky that his relationship with Liz is not just about the two of them anymore. Courtney comes in and sides with Liz. She's upset when she sees the two of them arguing over Liz. Lucky leaves to take Liz to work, and Courtney tells Jax the surrogacy doesn't give him a right to control Liz and Lucky's lives. Courtney tells him that he manipulates her by calling it "their" child, but Jax denies that he's intentionally manipulating her. Courtney tries to explain how much stress he's causing her, but Jax tells her she can handle it since she's not the one who's pregnant. Courtney storms out, and Jax goes to the hospital to apologize to Liz at the hospital.

Lucky goes into the station and Durant tells him he knows Lucky's personal situation and he's put him in line for a promotion and raise. Lucky is suspicious, but Durant says there are no strings attached. Lucky tells him he's not interested in a promotion he doesn't deserve.

Nikolas suggests that Emily come home and take a nap with him since she pulled an all-nighter at the hospital. She turns him down, though. When he complains to Monica about Emily's work load, Monica tells him that Emily volunteered for all those hours. Later, Emily sees Nikolas in the waiting area and approaches to talk to him. Nikolas starts to ask Emily why she's volunteering for hours and avoiding him, but decides against it and starts to walk away. Monica steps in and tells him not to walk away, because it's exactly what Emily is doing. Monica tells Emily just because she's of legal age she's not going to stop caring about Emily. When she leaves, Nikolas tells Emily that he had a conversation with Monica about Emily's extra hours. Monica explained that Emily feels safer in the cold hospital, than with Nikolas. She tells him she feels more competent and effective at the hospital. Nikolas bluntly asks where their relationship is headed. Emily talks about moving out and going back to therapy, but Nikolas tells her that's a separation and questions if that's what she really wants. Emily responds by telling him she loves him, but Nikolas says that's just another way to show him how far apart the two of them really are now.

Liz comes to talk to Emily, and Emily asks when she knew it was over between her and Jason. Emily tells her when she thinks about her and Nikolas being over, it feels so wrong. Liz tells her that's a good thing, there's still something left to fight for. Meanwhile, Nikolas is pacing at the waterfront. Courtney walks down to the piers and they both smiled, relieved to see each other. Nikolas tells her it's over between him and Emily. Courtney tells him she's doesn't believe him. She empathizes and tells him she knows how rare it is for him to understand what his wife has been through, but Nikolas tells her it's not enough. It's over between him and Emily. The rape made everything cold between the two of them. Nikolas tells Courtney she came into his life just when she needed him most, and they kiss.

Michael is relieved to see Jason alive and well. Jason talks to Michael about Dr. Thomas' death, Jodie, and AJ's death. Michael is still concerned that he can't remember the past about AJ, but Jason tells him it will come back with time. Before Sam and Jason can leave, Mike tells them Sonny has a surprise for them and he's left it up to Mike and Michael to deliver. They all go into Ruby's diner, but Michael goes back for his toy outside. As he starts to head back in, Jodie approaches him and says hi. Jodie tells him that she's a part of him made up to help him. He seems to find peace with the situation before Jason shows him back inside.

Inside Ruby's, Jason and Sam find clues, an Uncle Sam hat and a moving fish. It turns out their surprise is to take a trip on Sonny's boat for two weeks. He said Sonny told him the two of them needed to get away and spend some time together. Michael tells them it's the love boat. When they ask about the Uncle Sam hat, Mike says that part is actually Michael's surprise. He's going to New York to see the Yankees play. When they leave, Jason tells Sam they're not coming back until they find the perfect place to get married. When they go to the bedroom, it appears that Sonny didn't miss a thing. Their room is decorated with rose petals, with champagne on ice, and a CD player with romantic music. As Jason turns the music on, Sam tells her of her wishes she made that night many nights ago. She tells him she wished Michael would come home safe and that Jason would want to marry her again someday. He kisses her and tells her all her wishes came true. As they sit out on the deck with champagne, Sam hears the wind shift. She tells Jason they some people believe that to be a bad omen. He brushes it off, though. Inside, a gloved hand is fingering Sam's necklace that she left hanging in the bedroom.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Carly and Lorenzo have a discussion about their argument. Lorenzo isn't ready to give up on their marriage but he admits that he scared himself the previous night. He was furious with Carly but still wanted her. He doesn't want to have the kind of marriage that she and Sonny shared. He wants a healthier marriage, based on mutual trust. Carly confronts him about the tracking device in her cell phone. He explains that he had it put on because he's a wealthy man and she is a potential kidnapping target. Carly understands why he did it, she just wishes he had discussed it with her first. They agree to work out their problems in their marriage.

Courtney and Nik share a passionate kiss on the docks. Courtney finally pulls away. She is shamed that she was kissing Nik. She tells him that she loves Jax. Nik reminds her that he loves Emily. They agree that things between them have gone too far and it has to stop. Nik reluctantly walks away. He ends up at Kelly's and calls Emily. He's not surprised to learn that Emily isn't available. He leaves a message, telling Emily that he's at Kelly's and waiting for her. As he disconnects the call, Lucky walks up. When he joins Nik at the table, Nik decides to tell him what has been going on between himself and Courtney. Lucky is shocked to learn that there is a sexual attraction between the two. He worries that Nik is rebounding with Courtney and tells Nik as much. Lucky then advises Nik to be the honorable man that he knows him to be and end things with Courtney then go home and wait for his wife.

Jax shows up at the hospital. Initially he tells Liz that he's there for a meeting but Liz sees right through his lie. He sheepishly admits that he wanted to make certain both she and the baby were ok. Liz tells him that he's welcome to hang around during her prenatal visit with Dr. Meadows but makes it clear that he is not welcome to be present during the exam. Later, a beaming Liz walks out and shows Jax ultrasound pictures of the baby. Lucky arrives at the hospital and see them. Liz shows Lucky the pictures before walking away. Left alone, Jax apologizes to Lucky for the way he has been behaving lately. He promises to try harder to back off. Lucky in turn tries to warn Jax about Courtney. He explains that, like himself, Courtney is feeling somewhat excluded. Jax takes offense. He claims that his relationship with Courtney is on solid ground and that Lucky should mind his own businesses. Jax then walks away.

Sonny and Reese spend some time together before Reese has to leave for a meeting with Ric regarding Alexis's lawsuit. Sonny decides to ask his question later, after Reese returns. He goes inside and finds Michael on the floor with Morgan, the contents of Reese's purse everywhere. Michael notes that a letter in Reese's purse references the year 1990 which is before he was before he was born. When Sonny asks him what Michael is doing, Michael explains that Morgan got into Reese's purse and Michael was cleaning it up. Sonny asks Michael to join him on the sofa for a talk. He explains to Michael that he cares deeply for Reese and is considering asking her to move in with him. He wants Michael's support because Sonny knows that if he doesn't have it, Reese might turn down his offer. Michael asks Sonny if he loves Reese. Sonny hesitates and then repeats that he cares for her. They discuss Reese for a bit until Michael agrees to give it a try. Sonny is pleased and tells Michael what an amazing young man Sonny thinks he is.

Reese meets Ric at Kelly's to discuss business. Ric realizes immediately that Reese is preoccupied. When he says as much, Reese tells him that she thinks Sonny is going to ask her to move in with him. She goes on to confide that she's considering telling him the truth about whom she really is. Ric cautions her that Sonny may not take the news well and there's a distinct possibility that she could end up losing him. Reese feels conflicted about whether or not to tell him. She doesn't want to risk Carly finding out the truth and going to Sonny with it, fearing that such an event is sure to destroy her relationship with Sonny. After Ric leaves, Carly walks in. She doesn't waste any time walking up to Reese and confronting her. Carly warns Reese that she is determined to expose Reese and get Reese away from her sons. As Reese walks away, Carly tells Reese that she is living on borrowed time.

Sonny runs into Ric on the docks. He asks Ric if he happens to know where Reese is. When Ric answers, Sonny decides to seek some brotherly advice. He asks Ric if there's anything about Reese that Ric feels he should know. Ric speaks highly of Reese and tells Sonny that he should accept Reese for whom she is and not make the mistake he's made in the past of putting her up on a pedestal. Later, Sonny and Reese are at Sonny's sharing a private dinner. Sonny asks Reese to move in with him and Reese accepts. Sonny senses that Reese is somewhat subdued and asks her what is bothering her.

Jason and Sam are not alone on the yacht. As Sam notices that her necklace is missing, someone is hidden nearby watching Sam and Jason. Jason suggests retracing their steps in the hopes of finding the necklace. When they finally return to the room, empty handed, Sam immediately spots the necklace where she had last left it. Both are baffled by its sudden appearance but dismiss it as an odd occurrence. Jason and Sam then curl up and cuddle on the bed. They hear a loud noise followed by an announcement from the San Sereno Sea Patrol that the yacht is being boarded. Jason and Sam get up and go to the deck to find out what is going on. Two uniformed men immediately restrain Jason while another rips Sam's newfound necklace from her neck claiming that it was reported stolen by the Montenegro family. Accused of being thieves, Sam and Jason are taken into custody. However, they are not taken to a jail. Instead they are taken to a barn. Jason quickly realizes that the men who took them are not really who they claim they are. This is further confirmed when Jason is able to rip away one of the phony badges which turns out to be plastic. While Jason is cuffed to a pipe, Sam is taken from the barn. Jason later hears a woman softly weeping nearby. Fearing it's Sam he calls out to her. Meanwhile Sam is taken to a mansion. A beautiful older woman soon joins her and is taken aback when she sees Sam.

Courtney and Nik meet once again on the docks. They decide that they can't let their infatuation go any further. Before Nik walks away, Courtney asks him to kiss her. They passionately kiss a couple of times before walking away from each other. Unbeknownst to either of them, Liz is standing nearby and witnessed them kissing.

Michael and Morgan arrive at Carly's to spend the night. While Lorenzo takes Morgan upstairs, Michael drops the bombshell that Sonny is asking Reese to move in. Carly takes the news exceptionally well. She asks Michael how he feels about Reese, assuring him that it's ok if he likes her. Michael admits that he does. Carly then changes the subject, offering to show Michael his room. As they start to go upstairs, Michael sees a letter on Carly's table. Surprised, he turns to Carly and says "Hey, I didn't know that you and Reese went to the same high school."

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Reese updates Ric on her new living arrangements but admits that she hasn't told Sonny who she really is. She claims she'll do it when the time is right but he points out that Sonny still hasn't forgiven him for his lies about being siblings. Alexis interrupts and when a process server gives Ric the notice to appear for a sexual discrimination lawsuit, Reese lays into Alexis until Ric sends her away. After a few words are exchanged, he offers her a full partnership in his and Reese's law firm and, as she smiles, Alexis tells him she's not interested. Ric announces he's going to sue her for alienation of affection. Carly snoops at Sonny's until she finds Reese's high school reunion invitation. Reading the name "Charlotte," Carly realizes Reese is the late "Charlotte Roberts" from her school days. Admitting she was once Charlotte, Carly's best friend, Reese confesses to Sonny that she came to town because of her. Allegra introduces herself to Sam and explains that she has been chosen to replace her daughter Alicia who died. She goes on to tell her that Sam is to take her place and marry her daughter's fianc?. As Sam protests, Allegra explains how easy it will be for her to fool her future groom, Allegra shows her a painting of Alicia, her lookalike. Sam pulls a knife from the wall and threatens to kill her but her captor is unimpressed. Saying that her family's legacy is at stake, Allegra defends doing anything in her power including killing Jason. Sam agrees to the idea after Allegra assures her she and Jason can go on their way once she marries Andrew. However, to prove to Andrew that she is her daughter, she'll have to learn to dance. Sam tries to run out but bumps into Andrew who tries to kiss her. Sam responds with a vicious slap. Meanwhile, still locked in the basement, Jason hears a woman moaning and tries to get to her.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Sam takes great exception to Andrew kissing her. She pulls away from Andrew and slaps him soundly. Andrew is amused by "Allie's" reaction. Before Sam can set Andrew straight about whom she really is, Allegra steps in and manages to send Andrew on his way. Once Andrew is gone, Allegra turns her attention to Sam. Sam tries to reason with her, warning her that Andrew will see through the ruse, but Allegra assures her that he won't. She tells Sam that Andrew knows Allie as a spirited young woman and that the first time they met, Allie was dancing naked in a fountain. Allegra leaves Sam, reminding her that Jason's life is on the line so Sam should think carefully before deciding her next move. Andrew enters through the terrace doors moments later, claiming that he couldn't stay away from Allie. He tells her that he is fully aware that Allegra is determined to see they are married because of his wealth and feels that a cash infusion of the family coffers is a small price to pay to have Allie as his wife. He then takes "Allie" in his arms to dance, much to Sam's objections. When Sam stumbles, she tries to cover up her inability to dance by claiming to have hurt her ankle. Andrew doesn't believe her. He tells her that his Allie would be able to tango on crutches. He looks at Sam intently and then announces that there is something different about her. When he hears someone coming, he quickly slips out of the terrace doors.

Jason finds Alicia in the room next to where he's being imprisoned and is immediately struck by her resemblance to Sam. Allie, as she prefers to be called, explains that her mother locked her up when Allie refused to marry Andrew. Jason quickly realizes that Allegra plans to have Sam stand in for Allie. When Jason questions why Allegra would be so intent as to kidnap a woman and have her pose as her daughter in order to marry a man, Allie explains that she comes from a long line of "layabouts and dilettantes." As a result of her wastrel ancestors, the family coffers are empty. Andrew, who is extremely wealthy, is Allegra's solution. Unfortunately for Allegra, Allie is in love with another man and refuses to marry Andrew. Just then they hear someone approach. Allie quickly hides while Jason rolls a barrel to hide the hole that he and Allie dug between the two rooms. Allegra walks in moments after Jason resumes his position with his hands cuffed to the wall. She announces that she has decided that Sam needs inducement to cooperate and Jason is just the person she needs to achieve that goal. With her guard's help, Allegra has Jason brought to Sam. She instructs Jason to persuade Sam into cooperating and leaves the alone to talk. Jason quickly tells Sam about Allie and then suggests that Sam go along with Allegra to buy them some time until he can figure out how to escape. Jason changes his mind though when he learns that part of Allegra's plan is for Sam to consummate the marriage. They attempt to escape then but are quickly thwarted when Allegra's guards block all of the exits. Jason is brought back to his prison while Sam is left alone. Andrew sneaks back in and announces that he's figured out what is different about Allie. He knows that she was in love with another man and that she had gone to Corfu to be with him. Clearly he must have rejected Allie because the loathing that once was in her eyes when she looked at Andrew is now gone. Sam plays along with it up to a point. Andrew turns on the music and tells "Allie" that he would never make love to a woman while another man was in her heart but clearly that is no longer the case. Sam becomes nervous when he adds that it's time for them to act like adults just before he reaches for her. Meanwhile, Jason is once again chained to the wall and left alone. He tries to use a piece of metal to pick the lock on his cuffs but drops it when Allie sneaks back in. She finds it but hesitates to give it to Jason until he agrees to help her escape so that she can return to Greece where her lover, who is wanted, is hiding out. Jason refuses. He has no intention of leaving without Sam. Allie slips the piece of metal into her bra and warns Jason that he will remain chained to the wall until he is more agreeable to her plans.

Brook runs into Diego on the docks as he prepares to go to a party at the Pizza Shack. When Diego invites Brook to join him, she is on the verge of agreeing until Maxie joins them. It's clear she intends to go to the party with Diego as well. Hurt, Brook walks away, declining Diego's offer. Maxie and Diego turn to leave but are stopped by Jesse. He warns them not to attend the party because something is supposed to happen. Maxie and Diego ignore his warning. At the Pizza Shack, Georgie is somewhat depressed. The party signifies the end of Summer which means Dillon will soon be starting college. She's worried that once Dillon is in college will be too busy to be interested in spending much time with his high school girlfriend. Dillon assures her that nothing could be further from the truth. Nearby, Bobbie drops Lucas off at the party. She wants to meet some of the mystery friends he's been hanging out recently with. Lucas tells her that they haven't arrived at the party yet. She offers to pick him up but Lucas declines the offer. Maxie and Diego soon join them. When Maxie sees Jesse nearby, she invites Diego to dance. Diego is more than happy to accommodate Maxie. He takes the opportunity to warn her that Brook, who is standing nearby with Lucas, may still be somewhat jealous and hostile toward Maxie. Maxie isn't worried. Just then Jesse approaches them. He first chides them for attending the party despite his warning and tries to get Maxie to leave. Diego stops Jesse, reminding him that Maxie is his date. Jesse delivers a quick jab with his elbow to Diego's stomach much to Maxie's pleasure. She tells Jesse that it's about time he fights for her. Diego is shocked. He realizes at that moment that Maxie was callously using him to make Jesse jealous. Maxie doesn't deny it when Diego accuses her of it. Angry, Diego calls her a selfish brat and leaves the party. Maxie is unfazed. She throws her arms around Jesse and beings to dance. Jesse, pulls away. He tells her that he isn't interested in dancing. He wants her to leave the party. Maxie refuses to leave and walks away. Elsewhere, Dillon gives Georgie the news that Lucas is his new roommate. Georgie is thrilled but Dillon isn't. He was hoping to meet someone new. Just then Maxie walks up and drags Dillon away to dance with her, grabbing a drink from Georgie's tray and taking a sip. She leaves it unattended while she dances with Dillon. While they are dancing, someone walks up and casually slips a pill into her drink. Later, when Lucas comments that Maxie seems to have recovered from her heart problems, an inebriated Brook decides to leave, tired of Maxie's antics and the effect she has on all the guys around her. Maxie meanwhile is starting to show signs of inebriation as well. Dillon tries to get her to stop dancing and settle down a bit but Maxie seems out of control. Jesse joins them and tries to settle Maxie down as well but to no avail. When she climbs up on a table to dance, Jesse asks her if she's been drinking. Overcome suddenly, Maxie faints and falls off of the table. Dillon catches her while Jesse calls for an ambulance. He orders everyone to stay where they are and then turns to Georgie and Dillon to tell them that someone has been going to parties and slipping drugs into the girls drinks. Maxie is lucky that she fainted at the party rather than left.

On the docks, Brook is stumbling along, clearly under the influence as she finishes off the last of her drink. She stops when she sees someone approach and a look of akin to fear comes over her face.

Carly finally puts the pieces together and realizes who Reese really is. Moments afterwards, Lorenzo walks into the room. He wants to know if she would like to join him in the garden to enjoy the evening and a bottle of wine. Carly declines, claiming she has something that she needs to do. Allowing Lorenzo to think it is related to General Hospital's charitable endowment, Carly hands Morgan to him and rushes out the door. Lorenzo has his doubts and decides to call someone and orders him to follow Carly. Later, Diego walks in, very upset. He tells his father what happened but their talk is interrupted when Lorenzo receives a call informing him that Carly went to Sonny's.

Reese comes clean to Sonny about whom she really is. She tells him about her relationship with Carly. She explains that Carly's life with Virginia, her adoptive mother, was difficult and that the Roberts took Carly in. Reese goes on to tell Sonny that one day she and Carly had a tremendous argument but that the next day Carly pretended like it never happened. Reese was still very upset over the argument and got into her car and moments later had an accident. She tells him of the three years of facial and body reconstruction that she endured and how her mother had lied to her father, telling him that Reese had died in order to punish him. Her father became a heavy drinker after he was told that she had died and had several run-ins with the law and DUIs that led to him coming home one night and committing suicide by taking a gun and shooting himself. Reese claims that she only kept in touch with one person after the accident, a girl that Carly never liked. Other than that, she never looked back. She went on to college, got married and had a son. Unfortunately, her son was murdered once again throwing Reese's life into turmoil. Then one day a file came across her desk. A file on Sonny. She learned then that her ex-best friend not only appropriated her name but stole her entire identity. While Reese's life was in ruins, Carly's was perfect. Sonny asks Reese if that is why she came to town, to pay Carly back for stealing her life. Reese admits that she did fantasize about seeking revenge but she never acted on it. When she came to town, she was too focused on trying to find Sonny's children. Sonny still has doubts about Reese's story. He finds it difficult to believe that an argument between two teenagers would have the power to rip apart a family. Reese admits that it was no ordinary argument. Carly did something. Just then Carly walks in, warning Sonny not to believe a single word out of Reese's lying mouth. Confident, Carly walks up to Reese and looks her in the eye while she announces that Reese is actually Charlotte Roberts, Carly's best friend from high school who supposedly died in a car accident. Carly is momentarily taken aback when Sonny tells her that she already knows who Reese really is but quickly recovers. She turns to Reese saying that at first she couldn't figure out why Reese had come to town. Reese is shocked. She asks Carly if she is serious but before Carly can say anything, Reese puts Carly on the spot by daring her to tell Sonny what caused the argument that led to her family being destroyed. Carly hesitates long enough for Reese to volunteer the information. She tells Sonny that Reese came home one day and walked in on Carly and her father in bed together and that later Reese's mother overheard the two girls arguing and learned the truth. Carly explains herself, pointing out that she was an impressionable teenager who was seduced. Carly accuses Reese's father of never regretting what he did. Reese informs her that maybe he did but they'll never know. Carly realizes that Reese's father is dead but Reese doesn't volunteer the details of how he died. She tells Carly that she was far from innocent. That day after day Reese watched Carly throw herself at her father every single chance that she got. She goes on to accuse Carly of envying Reese's life and setting out to intentionally destroy it. Carly doesn't deny the accusation but instead attacks Reese for coming to town and trying to steal her husband. Sonny defends Reese much to Carly's shock. He points out that Reese stole nothing away from Carly. The house was never hers and they were already divorced when Reese came to town. Carly vehemently disagrees, insisting that Reese stole Sonny from her. She asks him how he can possibly forgive Reese's lies but not hers. Sonny points out that Reese's lies were about her while Carly's lie was about his child that he never knew about. He then orders Carly to leave. Defeated, Carly walks out the door. Reese thanks him for defending her after Carly is gone but Sonny turns his back on her and steps away. He tells her that he respects her for not acting on her desire for revenge but that he hates the lies. He went through that with Carly too many times and has no intention of dealing with it again, not even for Reese.

Carly arrives home and immediately tells Lorenzo that she was right about Reese all along. She tries to explain why she left and what she discovered but Lorenzo stops her when he picks up a heavy vase and throws it across the room. He is furious and yells at her that he wants her gone.

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