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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 20, 2005 on GH
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Monday, June 20, 2005

Georgie has a near death experience in which Maxie stops her from going into the light. Maxie tells her that she doesn't want Georgie to die for her. Rather, she wants Georgie to live for her. Georgie hugs Maxie and at that moment, Georgie's vital signs begin to stabilize. Tony announces a short time later that at this point there is every indication that Georgie will enjoy a full recovery much to everyone's joy. Their happiness is short lived as Monica asks to speak to Felicia. Maxie is growing weaker and according to test the medications are no working. As a result, Maxie is suffering renal failure. Monica assures the family that Maxie is not in pain or suffering. She is growing sleepy and eventually she will loose consciousness and then her heart will begin to fail. Monica advises the family to say their goodbyes but Felicia refuses to go into her daughter's room to tell her daughter that she is dying. Tony and Bobbie comfort each other while Mac and Felicia go to sit with Maxie. They both feel as if they are losing BJ all over again. Dillon takes the opportunity to go into Georgie's room in the hopes of waking her. He is certain she would want him to do whatever it takes to give her the chance to see her sister one last time. Dillon persistently orders Georgie to wake up until eventually her eyes flutter open. When she asks Dillon what is going on, he gives her the news that Maxie is dying. She insists on going to see her sister despite Tony warning Dillon that Georgie not be moved. As Maxie tells Mac what a wonderful father he was to her and apologizes to Felicia for all of the arguments, Dillon helps Georgie into a wheelchair. He then takes her in to see Maxie. Maxie smiles when she sees Georgie and tells her that she's been waiting for her so that she can say goodbye.

Ric releases Reese and tells her that her ex-husband had just tried to kill him. Ric also refers to Reese as Charlotte just moments before Sonny and Jason arrive at the scene of Evan's shooting. Sonny immediately demands to know what is going on. Ric quickly explains that he killed Evan in self-defense and called the police. He warns Sonny and Jason to leave before the police arrive, certain that John Durant will find a way to pin the murder on Sonny. Jason is reluctant to leave, not trusting either Ric or Reese but Sonny sees the merit in Ric's warning and insists that they go. When John Durant arrives, he is full of suspicion about Evan's death. Ric explains that he had seen Evan and recognized him. When he approached Evan, he pulled a gun which resulted in Ric and Evan struggling over it. During the ensuing struggle, the gun went off and Evan was subsequently shot. Durant questions Reese about her involvement. Reese explains that she had arranged to meet Evan but had arrived after the shooting. Durant remains doubtful and warns both of them that he intends to interrogate them further on another day at the police station. Neither Ric nor Reese is surprised. Left alone, Reese asks Ric why he is protecting her given that she obviously has plenty to hide. Ric tells her that he wants to hear her version of events after learning from Evan that Reese knew Carly in high school. Reese reluctantly confirms Evan's claim and goes on to explain that she and Carly had a typical teenage girl argument which resulted in Reese getting into her car, driving off and then being hit head on by a drunk driver. What followed were weeks in a coma and months of extensive plastic surgery to her face. Her appearance was altered to such a degree that Carly no longer recognized her. Ric points out that Reese of course recognized Carly. He asks her when exactly Reese knew about Carly. Reese admits that it was two years ago when a file about Sonny came across her desk. She saw that Carly was married to a handsome, powerful man and had a son the same age her own son, Jamie, would have been had he lived. She goes on to admit that it didn't seem fair that Caroline had everything that Reese was suppose to have had. Ric quickly concludes that is the moment that Reese decided to take it all back from Carly. Reese doesn't deny it. She resents Carly. Ric finds that too mild of a term. He shares his own experiences with Sonny when he first came to town to convince her that he truly does understand how she feels but he goes on to warn her that revenge is pointless. Reese tries to convince him that she no longer wishes to take from Carly what she feels she herself was entitled too. Reese is attracted to Sonny because she's attracted to him, not for any other reason. Ric is skeptical but makes it clear that he won't say anything. He tells her that she better hope Carly doesn't eventually recognize her and advises Reese to tell Sonny the truth.

Nik visits Emily at Sonny's compound. He is not happy with Emily's continued avoidance of him. He's also still hurt that Emily had refused to leave with him when Sonny had ordered Nik out of the house. Emily tries to explain that Sonny had the wrong impression about the nature of their relationship. Sonny erroneously believed that Nik was abusing her. Nik doesn't really care what Sonny thought. He's more concerned about the state of their own relationship. Emily admits that she's been using Michael to hide, not from Nik but from herself. She clarifies that she is frustrated that her healing is not progressing faster and so rather than deal with it she's been focusing on Michael. Nik is disappointed. He tells her that being together used to come easy for them but lately it's too much work and it shouldn't be that way. He feels his love seems to be hurting her rather than helping her so he decides that from now on he will keep his distance and give her space in the hopes it will help her. As he leaves, Emily tells him that she loves him.

Later, Emily seeks some advice from Sam. Sam promises that whatever Emily tells her will remain confidential. Emily appreciates the gesture and opens up to Sam about her problems with Nik. Sam feels that sex has become a pink elephant to Emily and Nik. Both are trying to avoid it when they shouldn't be. Sam's advice to Emily is to end the stalemate and go to Nik. They should be making love not avoiding it. Emily takes Sam's advice and goes to Nik. She tells him that she doesn't want space. She wants him to make love to her. Nik feels it's too soon but Emily is determined and eventually convinces him. Before kissing her, Nik makes Emily promise to tell him if she starts feeling uncomfortable or panicked.

Lorenzo makes a call and gives the order to have his jet fueled and ready. Diego walks into the room and interrupts his call. He asks Lorenzo to use another phone as he is waiting for a call from the hospital to update him on Maxie's condition. Lorenzo hangs up and lends Diego a sympathetic ear as he talks about Maxie. Eventually, Diego asks Lorenzo about his sudden travel arrangements. It's Diego's turn to listen as Lorenzo tells him about his argument with Carly. Diego points out that most likely Carly's concern is not for Sonny but for her children.

Carly goes to see Bobbie at the hospital. She starts to tell her all about her suspicions regarding Reese but Bobbie stops her. Bobbie fills her in on what has been happening with Maxie and Georgie and the heart wrenching choice Felicia and Mac may face should Georgie die. Carly is saddened by the news. Carly tells Bobbie how growing up she had a best friend whom she tried to pretend was a sister but it was just make believe because there wasn't a real sisterly bond between them. She never met BJ but she always felt a sisterly connection to her because of what she saw in Bobbie's eyes every time she talked about BJ. Carly offers to do whatever Bobbie needs to help her through this difficult time. Bobbie is deeply moved by Carly's words and thanks her for them. After she gives Carly an affectionate hug, Bobbie leaves to check on Maxie and Georgie. Lorenzo walks up to Carly just then and after a few words they make up.

Jason is not happy to have left the scene of Evan's shooting. He is convinced that there wouldn't have been any repercussions for either him or Sonny had they stayed. Sonny disagrees. Jason is certain that Ric wanted them gone so that they wouldn't be privy to what he told the police. Sonny shocks Jason when he tells him that he knows Reese is capable of lying but not Ric. Jason asks Sonny when he started trusting Ric. Sonny replies "Say what you want, but Ric came through for me when he acquitted me of AJ's murder. He lost his marriage and his career." Jason isn't impressed. He doesn't think that proves anything. He reminds Sonny of all the things that Ric has done since coming to town including kidnapping and holding a pregnant Carly in a panic room, chained to a wall. Sonny admits that he won't ever forget what Ric did but he now realizes that Ric had a breakdown. He was a grieving father and an envious brother who snapped. Sonny questions how he can hold that against his own brother, when Sonny himself has suffered breakdowns more than once. Jason drops the matter of Ric and decides to focus in on Reese, asking Sonny how he can trust her after all the lies she's told. Just then Reese walks in. Once they are left, Sonny and Reese talk. When Sonny theorizes that Reese sent him to a false meeting place because she feared he was going to kill Evan, Reese admits that is the exact reason she lied to him. She tells him that she didn't want Evan dead, she just wanted him to go away and take her past him with him because that part of her life was over. Sonny senses that Reese is still keeping things from him. He can't take lies, having gone down that path with Carly too many times.

Jason finds Ric and begins to question him about the shooting.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Carly walks in the hospital to see John Durant and Alan talking. She overhears Alan asking Durant to pull some strings in family court to help the Quartermaine's get custody of Michael. Carly confronts the two, saying that if they try to take Michael away from her and Sonny, it will be the last thing they do. Durant says that Michael's problems aren't helped by Carly's choice of husbands. Carly explodes at Durant, and Bobbie comes running over. When Carly explains the situation to her mother, Bobbie tells them they won't be able to take Michael away from Sonny and Carly. Durant tells Bobbie that she wasn't exactly the best mother to Carly, so she probably shouldn't be giving advice. Jason steps off the elevator and rushes over to find out what's going on. Jason says that Michael knows where he wants to live, so they should leave him alone. Alan thinks that Jason is the last person who should have an opinion, considering he abandoned his family. Carly tells Durant she wishes she never found him. As Durant storms off, Carly makes sure Bobbie is ok. Bobbie says that the only decent thing Durant ever did for her was to give her Carly.

Jason find Sam and immediately tells her about Alan trying to get custody of Michael. Sam convinces Jason not to let Alan get to her. She thinks that Durant can step in and call in some favors, but Jason says that's one more reason why Durant needs to be stopped.

Sonny confronts Reese about her lying to him. He says that he may make mistakes, but one thing he will never do is lie to her. Reese says there is nothing she can do about the past, but she won't make the mistake of lying to him again. She tells Sonny that she believes Ric that he shot Evan in self defense. She says she is glad he is dead, but she didn't want Sonny to shoot him. Sonny thinks that now that Evan is dead, Reese probably shouldn't stay with him, considering all of Michael's problems. Reese agrees that she needs to find her own place and make a name for herself in Port Charles. She tells Sonny that she plans to open a law office with Ric. Michael overhears her tell Sonny that she is going home, but will leave her door unlocked in case he wants to come over later.

Emily and Nikolas make love. As they cuddle afterwards, Nikolas asks Emily to stay the night. Before Emily can answer, her cell phone rings. Michael sounds upset, but tells Emily not to worry because there are other people at his house that can help him. Emily tells Nikolas she will stay with him, but he convinces her to go to Michael. She says she will be back in the morning. Michael is surprised when Emily shows up. He tells her he had a nightmare, and Emily tells him how she gets over her nightmares. Emily explains that even if she can't come, Michael's parents will be there for him. Michael doesn't think they can be there for him because of how busy they are with lives of their own. Michael asks why Emily doesn't have someone to make her life complicated.

Georgie tells Maxie that she can't give up, but Maxie says she is tired. Maxie tells her there is a box under her bed with their "to-do" lists in it, and she wants Georgie to continue on with their list but Georgie doesn‘t want to without her. Maxie convinces Georgie to continue on without her, but Georgie says she will not say goodbye. As Maxie loses consciousness, Monica comes in and gives them all hope by telling them there is another medicine she is going to try on Maxie. As Monica stands outside Maxie's room, Bobbie approaches and asks about Maxie. Monica tells her about the new medicine, but doesn't think it will work. Bobbie can't understand why a young teenager is struggling to live, while there are monsters out there living a perfectly healthy life.

Georgie collapses on Maxie's bed and after she is moved back into her room, Tony examines her. He lectures Felicia and Mac about moving her to Maxie's room. He orders another round of tests and leaves. Dillon says this is his fault because he woke Georgie up and brought her into Maxie's room. Mac softens toward him and says that Georgie would never have forgiven them if she hadn't had the opportunity to tell Maxie goodbye.

As Ric and Reese talk about a possible business venture, Alexis approaches and overhears Ric mention Charlotte's secret. When questioned, they explain that Charlotte is a client. Durant approaches and wants Reese and Ric to come and give separate statements. While he badgers the two, Durant is shot in the back.

As Durant is prepped for surgery, he asks Liz to stay with him. Liz can't, though, because she's not an OR nurse. He tells her that someone tried to kill him and he needs her to be his eyes and ears and he trusts her. As Liz goes to find an orderly, a strange boy looks on. It appears he is trying to stay away from the cops circling the hospital. He hides and finds himself in Maxie's room. When she sees him, she asks if she has died and gone to heaven. A police officer shows Lucky a picture of the strange boy. He tells Lucky that his name is Jesse and he's an undercover cop gone bad. His gun is the one that shot Durant.

Carly goes to Sonny and tells him about Alan trying to get custody of Michael. Sonny says it will never happen. Carly is convinced that Reese is trying to manipulate Sonny, but he tells Carly that Reese is moving out. Carly thinks that this is just another scheme for Reese to manipulate Sonny. He tells her that they aren't married anymore, and this is all about Carly not wanting Sonny to be with anyone but her. Reese interrupts to tell Carly that her father has been shot. As Carly rushes off to GH, Reese asks to speak with Sonny alone. She asks Sonny if he had anything to do with Durant's shooting. Sonny says that the only thing he ordered was two dozen roses to be sent to her hotel room. Reese says this is the last time she will ask him about his work. She tells him that she won't lie for him or go to jail for him and their personal life will be kept separate. Sonny tells her he can't come over tonight, because of Michael's bad dreams but tomorrow night they will play by his rules.

Liz and Lucky ask Alexis to draw up the legal papers in order for Liz to be a surrogate mother. When questioned, Lucky claims to be fine with Liz's surrogacy. Alexis questions Liz and Ric's break up while she was pregnant with Zander's baby, but says they will need to find another time to talk about more details, because it is more complicated than it seems. For example, if Lucky and Liz marry before the baby is born, then Lucky would be considered the legal father. As they walk away, Lucky stops Liz and asks if she will have any problems giving up this baby but Liz says she can't back out now.

Nikolas asks Emily to stay the night after they make love. Before Emily can answer, her cell phone rings. Michael sounds upset, and Nikolas convinces her to go to Michael. When Emily shows up, Michael is surprised but tells her about his nightmares. Emily explains that if there's ever a time she can't come to him, Michael's parents will be there for him. Michael doesn't think they can be there for him because of how busy they are with lives of their own. Michael asks why Emily doesn't have someone to make her life complicated.

Jason talks to Michael about his nightmares, and then asks him where he wants to live. Michael wants to know why Jason is asking. Jason tells him about Alan trying to get custody, but Michael doesn't want to live with the Quartermaines. Michael thinks that Alan will be mad at him when he finds out he killed AJ. Jason tells him that no one ever needs to know that Michael killed AJ, and if he wants to live with his dad then Jason will make sure that's where he lives. Sonny overhears Jason making the promise to Michael.

As Emily starts to leave, Sam stops her and thanks her for everything she is doing for Michael. Emily confesses that she and Nikolas slept together and it wasn't as bad as she feared it would be. Sam asks how enjoyable the experience was for them. Emily thought it was good for Nikolas, but for her it was all about getting through it. Sam asks her if she faked it, and Emily confesses that she did. Both women agree that men don't need to know these details. As Emily starts to leave, Sam asks her if she thinks Jason has been acting strangely. Emily doesn't think so, but tells her sometimes his job does this to him. When she gets home, Emily climbs back in bed with Nikolas and wakes him up. He is surprised that she came back. As he starts to cuddle with her, she turns away.

Bobbie walks in to surgery, shocked to find it is John Durant that they will be operating on. As Carly rushes to the hospital to find her dad, Reese also appears asking about Durant. Carly wants to know why everything in her life is so important to Reese.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Jason is brought in for questioning in Durant's shooting because of Alan's false accusations. Michael goes to the police station to try to protect Jason. Jason stops Michael from confessing to having killed AJ. Jodie overhears that Michael killed AJ. Monica is furious at Alan for his vendetta against Jason. Jason is cleared in Durant's shooting. Bobbie is forced join the surgical team operating on Durant. Durant experiences complications during the surgery. Ric stops Carly and Reese's heated argument before Reese reveals her secret. Alexis asks Reese to sleep with Ric so that Alexis can obtain her divorce. Ric and Alexis argue, but it is clear they are still attracted to one another. Jesse claims to Maxie he's wanted for a crime he didn't commit. Maxie's condition improves and Monica tells Felicia that Maxie might not need a heart transplant after all. Not wanting to leave Georgie, Dillon decides not to go to film school. Courtney seduces Jax with the intention of collecting a specimen from him but they get too caught up in their passion to fulfill their goal.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Edward tells Tracy to get rid of Luke from their lives or he will have her booted from ELQ. Luke finds an ally in Alice, the housekeeper. When Tracy gets mouthy with Luke and her, Alice puts Tracy in a chokehold. Luke tells Tracy that he will have Alice let go of her if she doesn't promise to divorce him and give him the $15 million. Tracy refuses but Luke tells Alice to let up. Tracy doesn't think Luke is going to continue to live in their sham of a marriage forever. Luke tells her he can do this for a long time. Tracy reminds him that he wants Skye. After Tracy leaves the room, Alice worries about Luke and isn't sure that Skye is the right woman for him. She tells Luke that she knows everything that goes on in that house so she can protect herself. Luke asks her to tell him what she knows. Alice is smitten by Luke's charm. Meanwhile, Skye tries to persuade Coleman try again with Tracy, by putting on the charm and showing her he has some class. Coleman tells her that his fling with Tracy wasn't supposed to last. Skye tells him she will help him get Tracy back. She pretends to be Tracy and has Coleman approach her table at Jake's. Coleman has no finesse and Skye tells him he needs to be more classy if he wants to woo Tracy. She offers to teach him how to dance. Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy offers a proposal to Luke. She tells him that if he can be faithful to her for 3 months and be a model husband for her, she will grant him a divorce and pay him $10 million. She tells him he can get on her father and the rest of the family's nerves if he wants but if he is unfaithful to her with Skye, the deal is off. Luke gets her to agree to take just $1 million in exchange for him to be a model husband. She kisses him to seal the deal. Luke shows up at Jake's and finds Skye dancing with Coleman.

Michael is relieved when Jody, his little friend sneaks back into his house. He asks her if she heard his conversation with Jason if she now knows he killed his father, AJ Jody can't believe he killed his father. Michael explains that he didn't kill him intentionally and that AJ was just his biological father not his real father, and that he did some bad things against his family. Jody agrees to keep the secret. She tells Michael she is late meeting her mother in the park, for something called "high tea" where she has to wear a dress. Max tells Michael he is watching him tonight. Michael asks Max if they can have a picnic in the park. Michael finds Jody at the park. Jody is embarrassed that Michael saw her in a dress. Jody's mother finds them talking. She recognizes Michael as being Sonny's son. She tells Jody that she is not to go near him ever again or even talk to him. She tells Jody that Michael comes from a family that has no morals and that they do bad things and get away with it. She grabs Jody's hand and runs off. Michael is hurt by what he hears. Meanwhile, Reese is packing up her things from her hotel room since she no longer works for the FBI and they are no longer footing her bill. She digs out her yearbook and looks at the picture of her and Carly when they were cheerleaders. She remembers her argument with Carly right before her car accident. Sonny shows up at her room unannounced. She tells him she isn't use to him just dropping by without calling first and asks him to let her know when he is coming by first. Sonny thinks she is overreacting a little bit. She puts her yearbook in a box of files and pushes the box a little under the bed. She and Sonny make love. Sonny offers to pay for her room at the hotel now that she no longer has a job. Reese tells him she needs to find a more permanent home, like an apartment. Sonny offers to pay for that too. Reese asks him if he thinks she is like Carly, letting men pay for things for her. Sonny is surprised by her question. He tells her he wants her to live somewhere safe. He goes back home. Justus shows up and hands him a small gift box with a bow on it. He tells him the key to Sonny's old penthouse is in it. Sonny thanks him for getting it ready for him to give to Reese. Justus questions Sonny's motive for having Reese live in his old place where he lived with Carly and where Michael learned to walk. He asks Sonny if he is doing this to get back at Carly. Sonny tells him that this has nothing to do with Carly and that he wants Reese to live somewhere safe where Jason will be nearby. Sonny shows up at Reese's hotel room to find she isn't there. He sees a box peeking out from under the bed. He takes it out and finds a yearbook inside it. The name of the high school rings a bell for him. He remembers a time when he was married to Carly still and they were discussing where they went to high school and what their experiences were. He remembers Carly telling him she went to Robert Kennedy Memorial High School. He notices that Reese's yearbook has the same name as the high school.

Carly visits Durant and brings him some breakfast from Kelly's. He is in a surly mood and tells her that he doesn't want any breakfast when he can't even feel his legs. He tells Carly that someone screwed up in his surgery and he is going to make the hospital pay for it. Bobbie overhears Durant's tirade and gets nervous. Tony comes in to check on him and run some tests. He tells Durant that it is normal for Durant to have temporary paralysis because he has swelling around his spine from the surgery and that he needs to be patient and heal. Durant isn't satisfied with Tony's explanation. Liz comes in to check on him. Durant asks her if she was there in surgery the whole time. She reassures him she was. Durant asks her to tell him what happened. Liz tells him everything went fine and there were no complications. Durant asks her if she is telling him the truth and wants to know who was on the surgical staff. Later, Bobbie checks on him and he accuses her of purposely paralyzing him as revenge for how he left her all those years ago and how he has treated everyone. Bobbie denies any wrong-doing. She tells him she wouldn't do anything to jeopardize her career and that he isn't worth it. He threatens to sue the hospital and ruin her career. Carly walks in the room and hears his threats. Carly tells him that he will not do anything to her mother. Bobbie leaves the room. She talks to Tony and asks him if her hesitation in the O.R. could have caused Durant's paralysis. Tony tells her that she did nothing wrong but that they should be prepared for a malpractice suit from Durant. Carly tells Durant that Bobbie has dealt with more things in her life and survived than he ever did. She tells him to leave her mother alone. Durant tells her that her threats don't mean anything to him since she is already keeping him out of her life and keeping him from seeing his grandsons. Carly calls Justus and asks him to meet her at the hospital. Justus gets there. Carly tells him that she needs him to represent her mother against Durant if he decides to sue her for malpractice. Bobbie thanks Justus but tells him she already hired a lawyer, Reese Marshall. Carly is not too pleased and accuses Reese of using her mother to get to her. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman walks into Durant's hospital room. He tells her that he is cashing in on a favor she owes him.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Luke enters Jakes just as Coleman is kissing Skye. He is not pleased and let's both Skye and Coleman know his feelings. He ends up giving Coleman a demonstration of how to dance with a lady by dancing with Skye. While they are dancing, Luke tells Skye that he knows exactly what she is up to. She intends to reunite Coleman and Tracy so that he will be free to be with Skye. Skye flatly denies Luke's theory and pulls out of his arms. She tells him that the reason she was there was to ask Coleman to be her date for the charity cocktail party being thrown by the Quartermaines. Luke laughs at the idea of Coleman attending such upscale party. When Coleman returns the favor, they end up making a wager. Luke shocks Skye when he suggests that the winner of the wager receives Skye as the prize. After Luke leaves, Coleman shows Skye his best suit. Skye is dismayed when she takes in the ruffled tuxedo shirt and his retro tuxedo jacket that he picked up at a consignment shop. She is even more alarmed when Coleman suggests finding a pair of canary yellow slacks to go with the outfit. Realizing she has to take matters into her own hands, Skye orders Coleman to change. She is going to take him shopping.

Jesse visits Maxie and confides to her that he is falsely accused of shooting someone. When Monica enters the room she assumes that Jesse is an intern because of the hospital uniform that he's wearing. She gives him a friendly but stern lecture about flirting with pretty patients and sends him on his way. After Jesse leaves the room, Monica gives Maxie the good news that she is steadily improving and provided she takes the medication exactly as prescribed, there is every reason to believe that BJ's heart will last Maxie a good long time. Maxie is elated. Later, Jesse returns after he overhears Mac order a warrant for his arrest. He tells Maxie that the hospital is crawling with police and he needs somewhere to hide for a bit. He also tells her that he's an undercover cop and that someone used his gun to shoot Durant. Maxie offers to help him, explaining that her father is the police commissioner. Just then Mac walks in. Maxie comments that she was just talking about him while Jesse is careful to keep his back to Mac.

Georgie goes home, fully recovered from her fall and life saving emergency surgery.

Durant tells Alexis about his suspicions that Bobbie deliberately caused his paralysis. He lets her know that he intends to sue both the hospital and Bobbie. Alexis initially tells him that she wouldn't take the case on a bet but after Ric enters and announces that he and Reese are now representing Bobbie and that Durant doesn't have a case, Alexis changes her mind. She points out that regardless of what Ric thinks the fact is, John Durant ended up paralyzed after surgery and that he and Bobbie were at odds. The case has merit. After Ric leaves, Alexis advises Durant to tone down his attitude toward Bobbie because it makes it look like he has a personal vendetta against her. The impression that he's giving is that he's more interested in punishing Bobbie than he is in finding the person responsible for shooting him.

Courtney and Jax continue to have difficulty collecting Jax's sperm specimen because they end up making love each time.

Tracy talks to Monica about the charity cocktail party where Tracy hopes to court new investors. Monica suggests that Tracy keep Alan and Skye away from the booze and Edward away from everyone. Moments after Monica walks away, Luke approaches Tracy. He lets her know that he intends to be at the party much to her chagrin. Tracy refuses to even consider it even when Luke offers to drop $50,000.00 off their agreed settlement price. Tracy throws him a wad of cash and tells him to stay away from the party.

Jason asks Sam to take Michael to his appointment with Dr. Thomas. Sam is disappointed in Jason's continued lack of support in regards to Michael's therapy. She tells him that he needs to decide what is more important: Michael or Jason's hate for Dr. Thomas.

Carly isn't happy to discover that Bobbie hired Reese to represent her if John Durant should sue her. Carly feels that Reese has an agenda and tells Bobbie as much. Bobbie refuses to acquiesce to Carly's demands of firing Reese and hiring Justus. She feels that Carly's motivation is Sonny and reminds Carly that she is now married to another man so she has no right to have her panties in a twist over Sonny's girlfriend.

Sonny finds Reese's yearbook. He remembers a conversation he had with Carly where she mentioned being a cheerleader at Robert F. Kennedy High School which is the same name on the yearbook. He opens the yearbook and flips to the page of Caroline Benson. When Reese returns to her room awhile later, Sonny questions her about the yearbook. Reese explains it away by reminding him that when she first came to town she was trying to get all the information about Sonny and Carly that she could get. Sonny points out that the yearbook doesn't belong to Carly. It belongs to someone else. Reese has an answer for that too. She tells him that research couldn't very well get their hands on Carly's yearbook so they got one from another student. Sonny is satisfied with her answer and switches gears. He hands her keys to his penthouse and asks Reese to meet him there in an hour. After Sonny leaves, Reese looks through her yearbook and remembers an argument that she had with Carly. When she hears an insistent knock at her door, Reese puts the yearbook down and answers the door. She finds Carly standing on the other side. Reese tries to shut the door on Carly but Carly is a bit quicker and is able to enter Reese's hotel room. She wastes no time confronting Reese about how she not only is insinuating herself into every facet of Carly's life but how since the very beginning Carly sensed quite a bit of animosity from Reese. Carly demands to know what she ever did to Reese to warrant such hostility. Reese doesn't answer her. Instead she pushes Carly's buttons until Carly storms out of the room, vowing to give everyone a much overdue wake up call about Reese.

Jason notices that the door to Sonny's penthouse is ajar and goes to investigate. He finds Sonny inside. Jason has concerns when Sonny informs him that Reese will be his new neighbor. Jason feels that it's going to cause quite a bit of hurt to Carly. Sonny resents the idea that Carly has moved on and married someone else but he can't do the same. He points out that the penthouse belongs to him and it's his decision. After Jason leaves, Reese arrives. She accepts the offer of the penthouse under the condition that she pays rent at fair market value and Sonny cash the check each month. Sonny accepts her condition. Meanwhile, in the hallway, Carly arrives to talk to Jason. He tries to get her into his penthouse before she realizes that someone is in her old penthouse but he's unsuccessful. Carly, upon hearing voices coming from inside the penthouse goes to investigate. She walks in just as Sonny is nuzzling Reese's neck. She doesn't hesitate to tell Sonny that now way will the conniving tramp live in her home.

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