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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 30, 2005 on GH
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Monday, May 30, 2005

Maxie lets a sympathetic Felicia know that she's not happy to be in the hospital facing a health crisis with her heart. Felicia reminds her that they've been through all of this before and together they will get through it again. In the waiting area, a tearful Georgie talks to Dillon. She tells him that when she was little she used to wish for a heart transplant so that everyone would fuss over her and shower her with attention. She had no concept of what it all meant except that BJ was Maxie's guardian angel. She questions how an angel's heart could now be failing. Elsewhere, Felicia seeks out Bobbie and unburdens some of her worry. Bobbie offers comfort, reminding Felicia that BJ's heart is a good one and that their girls will not let their mothers down.

While Maxie is alone, Diego pays her a visit. He apologizes to her for putting her in the middle of him and Brook. Maxie senses that Diego is blaming himself for her collapse. She assures him that he had nothing to do with it. She goes on to explain that one of the reasons she doesn't tell people about her heart transplant and went through plastic surgery to get rid of the telltale scare is because she wants to be treated like an ordinary person. Diego feels that is not possible because she's not an ordinary person. A bit later, Georgie and Dillon visit Maxie. They stop short when they see Diego speaking Spanish while Maxie is laughing. Maxie tells them that Diego is showing her his impression of Mac only in Spanish. While Maxie is laughing she suddenly experiences shortness of breath. Before Georgie and Dillon can go for help, Maxie is able to get her breathing back to normal. Diego, clearly worried he might have been the cause, quietly excuses himself and leaves. After Mac and Felicia walk into Maxie's room, Monica enters with test results. Seeing Georgie and Dillon, Monica suggests that they step out while she discusses the tests with Maxie and her parents. In the hallway, Georgie senses that things don't look well for Maxie. Inside, Monica shares grim news. According to Monica, Maxie has Acute Dilatory Atrial Myopathy which because of an untreated strep infection could have caused the dysfunction of the valve. In other words, Maxie's heart is failing. With medication they are lessening the heart's workload but she is still at a high risk for a heart attack. Monica recommends Maxie being put on a donor-transplant list. Maxie strongly objects. She tells them that she would rather die with BJ's heart than live with someone else's.

Reese and Ric meet at Metro Court. Reese wants to be the one to tell Sonny about their night together if Ric decides he wants the truth to come out. Ric insists that he doesn't. Just then John Durant walks up to them. He wants to know what they are discussing. Reese points out that Ric is no longer in public service and John no longer works for the government so their discussion is none of his business. John isn't discouraged. He knows that Ric is in possession of a tape that could incriminate him in a bribery or a graft or some other reputation destroying allegation which he feels Ric might be tempted to turn over to the state bar in an attempt to get his job back. He warns Ric that if he does that then John will be forced to reveal the source of the money. Alexis. He asks Ric if he's willing to save his career in exchange for Alexis's career before walking away feeling smug.

At Metro Court, Courtney is furious with Carly for trying to sabotage her wedding to Jax. She tells Carly that she is no longer invited to her wedding. Carly is shocked and hurt but leaves without further argument. Carly's stunt reignited Jax's doubts about Courtney's commitment to their marriage. Courtney is quick to assure him that he is her priority and that her family will just have to live with that. Jax is relieved. He starts talking about the children he plans to raise with Courtney which prompts her to remind him that she may not be able to have children. Jax isn't worried. He tells her that when they are ready to start a family they will go to fertility specialists and if they determine that Courtney can't have children then they will seek other options. Courtney questions whether he would be satisfied not raising their own biological children but Jax assures her that to him it does not matter. Courtney is satisfied with his answer. They embrace and then Jax gains the attention of the patrons. He apologizes for his request, but asks them all to leave, offering a complimentary dinner at The Grill as compensation for their inconvenience. He then dismisses the staff so that he is left alone with Courtney. As they dance, Courtney begins to seduce Jax. He reminds her of her vow of celibacy until the wedding. Courtney smiles and tells him that rules are made to be broken.

Sam is distraught over the news that she has to wait a year to get pregnant. She insists that she feels better than ever and thinks that Dr. Meadows is wrong with her diagnosis. Sam tells Jason that she doesn't want to wait a year to have a baby and doesn't care about the risks. Jason doesn't agree. He does care about the risks and feels that they should wait. As he is comforting Sam on the sofa, Carly barges into the penthouse. Sam is furious and orders her out. Carly ignores Sam as she tells Jason that it is urgent she speaks with him. Disgusted at Carly's lack of respect for their privacy, Sam storms out of the penthouse. Carly doesn't seem the least bit bothered by Sam's exit. She makes it clear to Jason that she would not appreciate him following Sam and is thrilled when he tells her that he has no intention of chasing after Sam. Her satisfaction is short lived. Jason is furious with Carly. He tells her that she is out of control and he's getting tired of it. Things go from bad to worse as Carly gives Jason the details about her failed plans to break up Courtney and Jax, insisting that she did it for Jason and Courtney whom she feels belong together. Carly goes on to beg Jason to leave Sam, telling him that he is nothing but a back-up after Sonny dumped her. Jason warns Carly to not make him chose between her and Sam because she will not like the answer that he gives. Carly is shocked and leaves the penthouse in a huff.

Reese lets Sonny know that she does not regret anything that has happened between them and goes on to explain why she keeps coming back to him. In part because of his loyalty and conviction. Sonny reciprocates, admitting that her intelligence, the way she stands up to him and her beautiful smile are some of the reasons that he's drawn to her. They share a tender kiss but are interrupted by Michael when he runs down the stairs and yells "Stop it!." Sonny and Reese are both shocked. Sonny asks Michael what he's doing downstairs but Michael ignores the question and instead demands to know why Sonny was kissing her. Sensing it as her cue to exit, Reese leaves after a quick goodbye. Sonny meanwhile sits down to talk to Michael. He wants an explanation from Michael for his behavior. Michael instead starts talking about Carly and Sonny's feelings for her. Realizing that Michael is hoping that his parents will reconcile, Sonny is quick to set Michael straight. He explains that while they care for each other they are not going to reunite. Later, after Sonny returns Michael to bed, Jason visits Sonny. He warns Sonny that Carly is out of control and tells him what happened earlier in the evening. Sonny wants nothing to do with Carly's problems or her antics much to Jason's frustration. He does admit though that Carly could have gotten the wrong message over recent weeks. Just then Sonny receives a phone call from Coleman with disturbing news.

Carly walks into Jakes to find Sam sitting at the bar and drinking. Carly joins her. She doesn't bother exchanging pleasantries before she tells Sam the story of how she met Jason in Jakes and ended up in bed with him that very same night. Sam tries to ignore her but Carly is persistent. She offers Sam $5,000,000.00 to leave town. Sam walks away and sits at a nearby table. Carly follows her and starts talking about Robin and how in the end she went to Paris and Jason didn't follow her. Getting little reaction from Sam, Carly switches tactics and threatens to run her "skanky butt out of town." Sam finally reacts. She punches Carly in the face, knocking her backwards in her chair. Carly is quick to recover and proceeds to attack Sam. As the women trade blows Coleman and patron are forced to pull the women apart. After Carly leaves, Coleman calls Sonny to warn him that Carly is on a rampage.

Jason arrives at Jakes a short while later to find Sam sitting at a table. She is fed up with Carly and realizes that Carly's hatred for her runs deep. She feels that she could never make Jason chose between herself and Carly and tells Jason that she loves him enough to walk away. Jason asks her if she loves him enough to stay.

Sonny tracks Carly down to her apartment. When he tries to talk to her about her recent behavior Carly admits that she tried to pay Sam off with $5,000,000.00 if she would leave town. Sonny tells Carly that it isn't about Sam. It's about Reese. Carly doesn't want to get rid of Jason's girlfriend, she wants to get rid of Sonny's girlfriend. Carly is momentarily speechless to hear Sonny refer to Reese as his girlfriend. She quickly recovers. She denies that she wants Sonny but when he kisses her it's clear she isn't immune to him.

Reese returns to Sonny's to find Mike sitting on the sofa. He tells her that he's there to watch Michael while Sonny is over at Carly's. The impression that he gives her is that it's more than a platonic visit.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

At Emily's request, Nik meets her at the hospital, hoping to take her to lunch. Emily tells him that she can't go because she has another session with her therapist scheduled. Nik is leery and lets her know that he can't pretend to be Connor again. To his relief, Emily doesn't expect him to continue role playing. She explains that she asked him to meet her because she was hoping that they could spend some time together after her session but since the phone call, she's gotten backed up with work.

Liz goes to Kelly where Lucky is getting ready to go before the review board in the hopes of being reinstated as a police officer. He asks Liz if she would reconsider moving in with him if he should get his badge back. Liz is hesitant. She needs time to consider such a big step which Lucky understands. While Lucky goes to his hearing, Liz heads over to the hospital where she runs into Nik. She tells him about Lucky going before the review board and then shares with him her concerns about Lucky's desire to live together. Liz feels that not only does she have Cameron's welfare to consider but to her living together should not be a final step but a 1st step toward marriage. They discuss the effects her living with Lucky would have on Cameron, her worries about moving in with Lucky and the difficulties of marriage. When they finish talking, Liz thanks Nik for listening to her and leaves. As soon as Liz departs, Emily approaches Nik. When he tells her that she just missed Liz, Emily admits that she saw them talking and didn't want to disturb them. Emily then asks Nik if he is sorry for marrying her, indicating that she had overheard part of their conversation. Nik is quick to reassure her that he has no regrets. He goes on to thank her for not telling him about her rape while he was in prison. He feels it was the right thing to do because it would have made him insane being confined behind bars unable to do anything for her.

At Kelly's Liz waits for Lucky to return. She passes the time telling Cameron a fairytale like story about her relationship with Lucky. Later, Lucky returns, smiling and showing off his badge. He's been reinstated. They decide to get a bottle of root beer from Mike to celebrate. When Lucky tells Mike to put it on his tab, Liz suggests to Lucky that he settle up his tab the following day. Lucky is thrilled at the implication and asks Liz if she's serious. Liz smiles and tells him that she couldn't pass up a rent sign to a place with lots of potential, much like their relationship.

Tracy is quite satisfied that she has the upper hand over Luke thanks to the picture that she took of him kissing Skye. Confident that she will get the divorce she wants without having for hand over a single penny, Tracy indulges in a bit of gloating. The judge arrives at the Quartermaine mansion as Tracy's request. She promptly hands the judge the envelope containing the picture as proof of Luke's infidelity. When the judge opens it, Tracy soon learns that the picture isn't of Luke and Skye kissing but of Lorenzo and Skye kissing. Tracy is furious and accuses Luke of tampering with the picture. She vows to prove the picture is a fake by calling Lorenzo. Skye quietly whispers to Luke that Tracy won't be able to get in touch with Lorenzo as he's currently out of town on business. Unfortunately Skye is wrong. A short while later, Tracy comes strolling back into the living room with Lorenzo. She immediately hands the picture to Lorenzo, hoping he will corroborate her claim that it's an altered photo. Lorenzo pretends to be completely outraged as he gazes at the photo and turns to Tracy, accusing her of invading his privacy. He declares that she is unfit to run ELQ. Tracy is completely outraged as is the judge who feels his time has been wasted. He leaves, hoping to still make it home in time for dinner. Tracy follows him to the door, determined to make him change his mind about granting her a divorce. Meanwhile, Skye thanks Lorenzo for helping them out. Tracy returns and asks to speak privately with Luke. They step out of the room and into the foyer where Tracy shocks Luke by announcing that she has given up trying to obtain a divorce. She continues by asking him to give her a night that she can remember.

Reese asks Mike if he has any idea how long Sonny will be at Carly's. Mike admits that he has no idea. Given the volatile relationship that Sonny and Carly have, it could take quite some time. Reese is given the impression that Sonny's visit might be more than just platonic in nature. Just then Michael appears at the top of the stairs and demands to know what Reese is doing back at Sonny's house. He goes on to tell her that his parents are getting back together. When Reese turns to Mike for confirmation of this claim, Michael tells her that Mike is out of the loop on this one. Reese decides to leave.

At Carly's apartment, Sonny and Carly enjoy a passionate kiss. They end up stretched out on the sofa but before their kiss goes any further, Sonny brings a halt to things. Carly is confused and a bit upset that Sonny pulled away. She insists that he loves her which Sonny doesn't deny. The problem, he says, is that despite their best efforts and their feelings a relationship would never work between them. It hasn't in the past. Eventually they would drive each other crazy. Carly reluctantly agrees but reminds Sonny that no matter who he is with, she will always love him more than anyone else.

When Sonny returns home, Mike shares with him the details of the conversation that Michael had with Reese. Sonny explains to Mike that he has no intention of reconciling with Carly. Sonny asks Mike to stay a while longer while he goes to talk to Reese to straighten things out. Michael, who is sitting at the top of the stairs, overhears their conversation and quickly calls Carly. Carly, feeling a bit melancholy as she looks at her divorce papers, answers the phone. Michael insists that she come over to Sonny's immediately because it's urgent. Carly rushes over to Sonny's. She sends Mike home and sits down to talk to Michael about what was so important that she had to come over right away. Michael tells her that Sonny is on his way over to Reese's place. Carly doesn't see the importance in that and says as much. Michael explains that Carly needs to stop him since they still love each other. Finally understanding what Michael is so upset about, Carly gently tells him that their marriage is over and that they are moving on with their lives.

Sonny arrives at Reese's hotel room. She is clearly upset, thinking that he and Carly are planning on reconciling. Sonny immediately sets her straight. He explains why he went to see Carly and then tells her that he's not ready to let Reese go. He asks her if she's willing to give their relationship a try to then kisses her. He abruptly pulls away from the kiss when it seems like it is going to go further. He tries to make her understand that he needs to take things slowly because he's been burned before. Reese is upset as she watches him leave.

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Skye arrives at the Quartermaine Mansion and is delighted when she discovers Luke with suitcases. However, as Skye ribs Luke that his plan to regain the embezzled Cassadine money by marrying Tracy has fallen apart, Tracy arrives. Seeing Luke's suitcases, Tracy immediately announces that she is prepared to divorce Luke because Luke is abandoning her. Luke declares that the suitcases are there because Luke plans to whisk Tracy away for an evening of passionate romance at the Metro Court. Hoping to frighten Luke away, Tracy pretends to be eager for an evening of bedroom gymnastics with Luke. However, after Tracy leaves, Skye blasts Luke for planning to cheat on her with his wife! When Luke brings up Skye's flirtation with Lorenzo, Skye retaliates by kissing Luke, then announces her plans to go look up Lorenzo if Luke is going to be occupied with Tracy all evening. Later, Skye arrives at Metro Court and tries to learn which room Tracy and Luke would be occupying. Later, Tracy spots Skye and hints that Skye is looking green with envy -- then Tracy gloats that Tracy and Luke COULD end up staying married for life! When Tracy leaves the dining room, Skye follows Tracy to her room and listens at the door. Skye is appalled when it sounds as if Luke and Tracy are, indeed, involved in some passionate bedroom games. Later, Skye cons a maid into giving Skye a passkey and begins to enter Luke and Tracy's room. Only Luke suddenly grabs her from behind and Skye realizes that Tracy is alone in the darkened room, with a tape recording!

Liz and Lucky look over their new home and are stunned by the shocking state of disrepair. Meanwhile, Nikolas and Emily meet and talk over old times. Nikolas and Emily decide to take their relationship back to Step One and just enjoy dating. Meanwhile, Liz and Lucky make plans to renovate their apartment and decide that they are probably going to need help to get the place whipped into shape. Later, when Nikolas and Emily drop by with a house-warming gift, Lucky and Liz press them into service and the two young couples begin to straighten the place up together. When Nikolas and Emily get ready to leave, they look wistfully at the easy companionship Liz and Lucky are enjoying. After Nikolas and Emily leave, Lucky and Liz 'christen' their new apartment with a quick roll in the hay.

When Courtney and Samantha run into each other at the Hospital, Sam is surprised when Jax arrives and announces that Courtney will be seeing Dr. Meadows. After Sam leaves, Jax reassures Courtney that she does NOT need to worry about her ability to have children impacting their marriage in any way. After her appointment, Courtney delivers the bad news to Jax that it is STILL impossible for her to conceive a child! Later, at Metro Court, Jax again reassures Courtney that they will have wonderful adopted children, if that is their only option for having a family. After Courtney leaves to see Mike, Jane arrives and declares her intent to be present at her son's wedding in spite of her misgivings. Later, Jax confides to Jane that it DOES bother him that he and Courtney will NEVER be able to have their own children. Jane warns her son that, even though Jax BELIEVES that Courtney's inability to have children will NOT cause difficulties in their marriage, Jax needs to be realistic enough to realize that the problem WILL eventually cause some difficulties. Meanwhile, Courtney stops off at Kelly's and tries to reassure Mike that she CAN be happy with Jax and adopted children. But Mike suggests that if Courtney STILL loves Jason, Courtney SHOULD call off the wedding to Jax. At the same time, Jane warns Jax that Courtney WILL find one more excuse to see Jason BEFORE the wedding, so that Courtney can give Jason one last chance to reunite with Courtney.

At Sonny's Mansion, when Michael guesses that Jason plans to get Michael in to see a psychiatrist, Jason reassures Michael that the doctor will HELP Michael deal with his nightmares. Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Sam speaks to Dr. Winters and learns that IF Dr. Winters learned of a major crime during therapy, even with a child, Dr. Winters would be duty-bound to report the crime to the proper authorities. Then Dr. Winters warns Sam that IF the crime they are speaking about is the murder of AJ Quartermaine, a child witnessing such a crime WOULD be in immediate need of serious therapy. After Sam returns to Sonny's Mansion and reports her news to Jason, Jason decides that they just need to find a psychiatrist who will keep his mouth shut for a price. As Jason considers the possibility that perhaps, all Michael needs is to be left alone to heal on his own, Michael wakes up with another terrifying nightmare and Jason rushes to be with Michael. Later, Michael confides to Jason and Sam that he keeps seeing AJ when he closes his eyes and feels really bad that AJ is dead and that AJ's death was Michael's fault. After Michael goes back to bed, Jason and Sam decide that Jason should contact Courtney, before her wedding to Jax, to see if Courtney's foundation would be able to help them locate a psychiatrist who would stay mum about Michael's part in AJ's death.

Thursday, June 2, 2005

Tracy wakes up thinking she slept with Luke the night before. She is shocked and disgusted when she finds out that she actually slept with Coleman, the owner of Jake's Bar. Luke shows up at their hotel room dressed as a waiter with a cart full of breakfast. Tracy accuses Luke of setting her up with Coleman's help. Luke pretends to be offended that he caught her cheating on him. She tells him she can prove that she was set up since she remembers hearing Luke's voice in the dark. She starts to look for a sound system but Coleman grabs the speaker under the bed and hands it back to Luke. Tracy tells Luke that he can't prove she slept with Coleman. Luke shows her a picture of her asleep laying beside Coleman. Luke leaves. Tracy gets dressed and asks Coleman if he would be willing to work for her helping her instead. Coleman asks her how much she is willing to pay him for his help. Tracy comments that money is the reason for everything. Coleman surprises her by grabbing her and throwing her on the bed and seducing her. Meanwhile, Luke finds Skye waiting outside Tracy's room and asks him if his plan worked. Luke tells her that soon they will have $15 million to share and have fun with. Skye and Luke go downstairs to sit at a table. Luke starts making plans with her so they can spend some of the money. Skye stops him and tells him that he is like alcohol for her, addicting and bad for her health. She also tells him he is an adrenalin junkie. Luke points out to her that she is too. Skye tells him that she can't be that way anymore and that she needs to set boundaries for herself from now on which means she can't be with him like he would like her to be. Luke tells her she is perfect the way she is and shouldn't have to change who she is and tells her he is willing to change for her. She tells him she could never ask him to be someone he wasn't and that she couldn't love him if he changed who he was. Tracy and Coleman show up downstairs. Tracy surprises them both when she tells Luke that she will give him back the $15 million and give him a divorce in exchange for having Coleman for herself. Luke tells her that Coleman is scamming her and she shouldn't trust him and that he refuses to grant her a divorce. Skye looks at Luke and accuses him of actually being jealous of Coleman because she is willing to toss him and the money over for Coleman.

Reese runs into Ric at the hotel. She suggests they go into private practice together as partners since her days as an FBI agent are probably over with. Ric tells her he changed his mind about moving to Manhattan and wants to stay in Port Charles to be close by when the baby is born. Ric doesn't think going into business partnership with Reese is such a good idea considering what happened between them recently. Alexis shows up and overhears what Ric says to Reese and asks him what he meant by what happened between Reese and himself. Ric lies and tells her that he was talking about what happened in court when they both helped Sonny and compromised their careers. Reese leaves them alone to talk. Alexis sits down at a table with him. She puts on a brave face as if she is fine with the divorce. A judge they are mutually friendly with and respect shows up for their meeting to discuss their divorce. The judge surprises them when he informs them that he came as a social call and didn't bring any of the papers with them. They ask him why he came unprepared when he knew they were there to discuss their divorce privately. The judge tells them that he was shocked when he heard they had filed for divorce since he thought they were a great couple that would last. Alexis and Ric tell him that they both agreed to the divorce and things happen. The judge tells them he will not grant them a divorce since he doesn't think they are ready to call it quits right now. They both tell him that it isn't his decision to make. He tells them they will have to find another judge to grant a divorce but it won't be him. He advises them to wait until after the baby is born before making a decision and thinks that the birth of a child may change how they feel about their marriage later. Alexis and Ric think about staying married until after the birth of their child and think maybe they are rushing things right now.

Felicia and Georgie fuss over Maxie at G.H. Monica shows up and they know she has some new information for them. Monica tells Maxie that when she collapsed at the party she was actually having a heart attack and could be having one now. Maxie is confused since she didn't feel anything when it happened. Monica tells her that her heart isn't getting enough oxygen and that she is going to run some more tests on her. Later, Mac, Felicia, and Georgie wait outside of Maxie's room to hear word of the results from the tests Monica just ran on Maxie. Dillon returns to sit with Georgie on the floor outside of Maxie's room. Georgie is worried about Maxie's condition and the toll it is taking on her parents as well. She tells Dillon that Felicia is putting on a brave face but she must be scared to death right now. Dillon comforts her by telling her that Maxie will get through this and suggests that Georgie go and sit with her parents and keep a positive attitude about Maxie pulling through and that will help them get through this. Georgie agrees with his idea and goes to see Felicia. Dillon gets up and cringes when he sees Mac approaching him. He thinks Mac is there to tell him to stay away from Georgie again but Mac surprises him when he stops him with his hand and tells him he came over to tell him that he would like him to stay there with Georgie because he can support her in a way that they can't right now. Dillon is touched by Mac's words. Dillon goes in to see Maxie alone. Maxie tells him that she is not willing to give up B.J's heart and she will fight for her life no matter what happens. Dillon sees Georgie outside of Maxie's room later and tells her that Maxie has so much courage and he admires her for that. Georgie tells him that Maxie is going to need all that courage because the tests came back and the results aren't good.

Jax orders his wedding planners to get rid of anything that is too flashy and wants the wedding to be simple but elegant. He is surprised when his mother Jane shows up for the wedding at the park. He tells her he didn't think she would show up since she doesn't approve of Courtney. She tells him that she could never stay away from the wedding since his late father would want her to come and support him no matter what he does. Jax tells her that if she came to the wedding he wants her to keep her feelings to herself and not spoil this day for him or he wants her to leave if she can't promise that. Jane tells him she still believes that Courtney is all wrong for him because she still is emotionally involved with Jason but agrees to stay out of it. Meanwhile, Courtney is expecting her bouquet to be delivered any moment. She answers the door to her hotel room to find Carly and Sonny there. Carly pleads with her to not slam the door in her face and hear her out first. Carly tells her she wants to be there for her wedding even if she doesn't believe Jax is right for her. Courtney thinks Sonny is there with Carly to try to stop her from marrying Jax. Sonny tells her he just came to see her to give her a gift and tell her he isn't coming to the wedding. Courtney asks him to come to the wedding since it would mean so much to her. He reluctantly agrees to come. Carly apologizes for scheming against her and puts her hand up and swears to behave at the wedding and not to object at the ceremony. Sonny gives her a lovely gift of beautiful earrings and necklace that match her wedding gown. Courtney is touched by the gift and thanks him for being so supportive even though he hates Jax. He tells her that he just wants her to be happy even if he thinks she deserves someone better than Jax. Courtney forgives Carly and asks her to be her maid of honor. Carly accepts that position. Sonny leaves her with Carly. Jason meets with Sam at the park. Sam asks him it is weird for him being there at the park watching them get ready for Courtney's wedding to Jax. Jason tells her he is fine with it and that he loves her now. He tells her he has to do a few things right now and will see her later. Jason shows up at Courtney's hotel room. He sees Carly there and asks her what she is up to now. Carly tells him that she promised to behave and is going to be her maid of honor. Jason is pleased. Carly heads out. Jason tells Courtney that he is happy for her if Jax makes her happy and is good to her. Courtney hugs him and thanks him for his support. However, Jane sees them embracing through the partially opened door and gets the wrong idea. She leaves without seeing her. Jason tells Courtney that he really came by to ask her for a favor. He wants Michael to see a therapist but he wants the therapist to be someone who will honor confidentiality where Michael is concerned and hoped she knew someone through her foundation that could help Michael. Courtney tells him she will get in touch with a few people and get back to him later. Meanwhile, Carly finds Jax downstairs in the hotel bar. She tells Jax that she will help organize the rest of the wedding and that she will be the maid of honor. Jax lets her help out and tells her he is going to go up and see his bride. Carly lets him go at first knowing Jason is up there with her but has a change of heart and runs over to stop him from going up to see Courtney. Jax asks her what she is up to now. Carly tells him that it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony and that Courtney doesn't need to see him when she is busy getting ready. Jax accepts her explanation. Carly leaves the hotel to head to the park later. Jane shows up at the bar and finds Jax there still. She tells him that she came over to stop the wedding. Jax tells her he is not listening to her anymore. She tells him that she was right about Courtney and that she just saw her in the arms of Jason. Sonny goes home to change for the wedding. Reese is there waiting for him. He asks her to be his date at Courtney and Jax's wedding. She is uncomfortable about going there with him to a public event considering what each of them does for a living and she also thinks he is taking her to some how get back at Carly. Sonny tells her that no everything they do revolves around Carly and that he wants his family to get use to the idea that they are seeing each other. Reese doesn't buy that. Sonny admits that he also wants her to go because he wants her to be there in case he has the urge to slug the groom. Reese thinks that is funny and agrees to go with him. Mike shows up with a box at Courtney's hotel room. Courtney puts on her wedding gown in the other room. Mike surprises her by opening the box and presenting her with a bouquet. He tells her that he intercepted the delivery of the bouquet and persuaded the florist to let him change the flowers in the bouquet to orchids which are her favorite flower that she wanted as a little girl in her wedding dreams. Courtney is touched by Mike's thoughtfulness. He leaves her to get ready. Courtney takes her veil and looks in the mirror to put it on. Jane shows up to her room and tells her not to bother putting on the veil since she will not be marrying Jax today or any day. Meanwhile, Jason finds Jax in the hotel bar on his way out. He notices that Jax is drinking heavily and confronts him. Jax tells him it is his hotel and he can get drunk if he wants to. Jason is confused and asks him why he would get drunk right before his wedding. Jax tells him they will be no wedding because Courtney still loves him. Jason tells him that is ridiculous. Jax tries to brush Jason off. Jason grabs Jax by the arm and tells him that he is going to marry Courtney even if he has to drag him down the aisle. Sonny shows up at the park with Reese. Carly is surprised when she sees them show up together.

Friday, June 3, 2005

Carly is furious when she sees Sonny arrive at Courtney's wedding with Reese. She accuses Sonny of only inviting Reese to hurt her and starts venting her anger at Reese. Sonny cautions her to calm down, reminding Carly that she had promised Courtney that she would not ruin her wedding day. Privately, Sonny tells Carly that he did not bring Reese to hurt her but Carly is unconvinced.

Jane Jacks delivers Courtney devastating news. She was Courtney in Jason's arms and told her son about it. She predicts that not only will Jax not marry Courtney now but that he is most probably on his plane headed out of town. Courtney is upset and accuses Mrs. Jacks of never supporting Jax's decision to marry her. Jane admits she isn't happy with Courtney as a choice of brides. She feels that Courtney still has feelings for her ex-husband Jason and that eventually Courtney will hurt Jax the way that Brenda did. Courtney disagrees and goes to the park. Her worst fears are confirmed when she learns that Jax is nowhere to be seen. When she tells Carly what happened, Carly sees it as a sign that the wedding should be called off. Courtney refuses to consider it. Vowing to find Jax and convince him to marry her, Courtney starts to leave but stops short when she sees Jax arrive at the other end of the park. She is thrilled beyond measure. She turns to a rather surprised Carly and tells her "That's the way love works. You show up for the one you love." Carly smiles when she sees Jason standing nearby.

Earlier, Jax was at Metro Court, determined to not go through with the wedding. He was convinced that Courtney was not over Jason. Jason, upon learning of Jax's decision, tells Jax that he was only in Courtney's room to discuss Michael and for no other reason. He is finally able to convince Jax to go through with the wedding when he sees Jax's wedding vows and reads them. After he asks Jax if what he said in his vows was true, Jax realizes that he can't walk away from Courtney. He leaves for the park, asking Jason to keep their talk between themselves.

The wedding begins with minister asking if anyone objects to Courtney and Jax marrying. A moment of humor occurs when everyone turns to Carly. Jax and Courtney then exchange vows. The theme is trust as they both pledge to trust each other. As they begin exchanging rings, Carly is compelled to object by declaring that it's wrong of them to marry and everyone gathered knows it. Courtney does her best to convince Carly that Jax is the right man for her but to no avail. Carly walks away from the wedding. Undaunted, Courtney returns to Jax and the wedding continues until they are pronounced man and wife.

At the reception, Sonny apologizes to Reese for pressuring her into attending the wedding with him. She notes that her room is in the hotel close by and leaves.

Sam is at the hospital looking for Dr. Thomas's office. She sees Alan and approaches him. When he notices the bruise on her face, he's alarmed thinking that Jason hit her. Sam is quick to reassure him that Jason never laid a hand on her. She asks him where she can find Dr. Thomas's office. Knowing Dr. Thomas is a child psychologist, Alan realizes that the inquiry is for Michael's sake. He's relieved that Michael will get the help that he desperately needs and tells Sam where she can find Dr. Thomas. When she walks into his office, Dr. Thomas is resting on his sofa. He apologizes and then asks Sam how he can help her. Sam asks him a series of questions in the hopes of determining whether Dr. Thomas can keep any information he may learn from Michael confidential instead of reporting it to the police. Dr. Thomas assures her that he considers doctor/patient confidentiality sacred. Just then he's interrupted by a call. As Sam, listens it becomes clear that Dr. Thomas is refusing to divulge something he heard in a session to the authorities. After he finishes up the call, Jason walks in. It's obvious that Jason knows Dr. Thomas and isn't very fond of him. He quickly ushers Sam out of the office and tells Dr. Thomas that they would be in touch with him. At the penthouse, Jason confides to Sam that Dr. Thomas was the doctor that Kevin Collins consulted with after the accident that left Jason brain damaged. He initially seems reluctant to send Michael to Dr. Thomas but eventually changes his mind. Sam calls Dr. Thomas and sets up an appointment. When Dr. Thomas gets off of the phone he turns to Alan and says "We're in."

Brook runs into Diego at the hospital. She apologizes to him for the way she overreacted when he got his car. Diego too apologizes. Brook then notices the stuffed animal that Diego is holding. He explains that he got it for Maxie. Brook seems a bit taken aback but successfully hides it from Diego. Later, Georgie gives Brook and update on Maxie's condition. Brook confides that she thinks Diego may like Maxie as more than just a friend. Georgie thinks Brook is being ridiculous and reading into things after her fight with Diego.

Maxie needs a procedure called angioplasty. While in surgery, Maxie's blood pressure suddenly starts dropping. Monica realizes that she is suffering a coronary spasm. While this is going on, Maxie sees a white light. She starts walking toward it when she sees a young BJ holding her hand out toward her. Later, Maxie wakes up and tells Bobbie about it. According to Maxie, BJ is fine and happy. Bobbie explains that it was probably a result of the anesthesia but Maxie wonders if it could be a sign that BJ wants Maxie to join her. Felicia quickly assures her that Barbara Jean wants Maxie to live, not die. In the corridor, Monica tells the family that Maxie suffered a heart attack while on the table and as a result they were unable to perform the angioplasty. The walls of her heart are simply too weak. Monica advises them that the only help for Maxie at this point is a heart transplant.

At the park, Carly is sitting on the steps of the gazebo, clearly feeling down. Lorenzo joins her and tries to give her support. She admits that Courtney was right when she said that one had to let go in order to see what is right in front of them. She then turns to Lorenzo. She tells him that through everything, he has always stood by her side, believing in her and loving her. Carly then proposes marriage to Lorenzo. Unbeknownst to either, Sonny returned to the park and overheard the conversation and proposal.

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