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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 23, 2005 on GH
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Monday, May 23, 2005

In Skye's bedroom, Luke shocks her when he announces that he intends to commit adultery with Skye. She insists that she wants nothing to do with Luke but isn't very convincing when she ends up throwing her arms around Luke and kissing him.

Tracy enlists Dillon's help in obtaining proof that Luke is committing adultery so that she can secure a divorce. As incentive she reminds Dillon that without her help he will not be able to attend film school. Georgie has grave reservations about Dillon helping Tracy. She continues to advise Dillon not to help Tracy out even as they stand outside of Skye's room with a digital camera. Dillon tells Georgie that he doesn't believe that Luke would risk giving Tracy the advantage. They sneak into Skye's room and are shocked to discover Skye and Luke on the bed passionately kissing. The flash from Dillon's camera as he unintentionally takes a picture alerts Skye that she and Luke are not alone. Realizing that she and Luke are caught in a compromising position, Skye quickly pulls away from Luke. Dillon and Georgie quickly leave, embarrassed by what they have witnessed. Luke doesn't seem concerned about Dillon and Georgie catching them until Skye points out that Dillon is quite desperate to go to film school and would do just about anything including turning the picture over to Tracy to live out his dream. Luke realizes that Skye is right and quickly goes after Dillon. In the foyer of the Quartermaine mansion, Georgie and Dillon discuss what to do with the picture that he has taken. Georgie feels that he should destroy it before Tracy gets her hands on it and uses it against Luke. Dillon isn't so certain. Unfortunately for Dillon, Tracy overhears their conversation and demands to know what the picture is of. Dillon hesitates long enough for Tracy to realize that it's a picture of Luke that she could use to get her divorce. She demands that Dillon hand over the camera but just then Luke finally finds Dillon. He begs Dillon to not give into Tracy's demands. It's Georgie who is finally able to convince Dillon to turn the camera over to Luke. Tracy is livid and lets Dillon know that she will not be financing his film school education. Resigned, Dillon and Georgie go to Kelly's.

At the park, Brook Lynn is joined by Diego. She is less than impressed when she takes in Diego's new look. Dressed in a suit he purchased when his father took him shopping and eager to show off his new Porsche, Diego is surprised when Brook Lynn makes it clear that she does not like the changes she sees. She feels that Diego has sold out. Diego counters, accusing Brook Lynn of being upset because he's no longer the bad boy her parents object to. He tells her that he's a changed person and if she can't accept him for whom he is now then maybe they shouldn't be together. Brook Lynn angrily agrees. They part ways and Brook Lynn heads over to Kelly's. Dillon and Georgie enter a short while later and immediately realize that something is amiss with Brook Lynn. She shocks them when she announces that she and Diego have broken up. Outside of Kelly's, Diego runs into Maxie. Having no idea who she is, he flirts a bit with her and offers her a ride to show her around town.

Ned joins Jax at Metro Court. Ned successfully enlists Jax's help with ELQ. Jax makes it clear there is no love lost between himself and Lorenzo Alcazar because of Courtney. When talk of Sonny leads to talk of Courtney, Ned asks Jax if he's certain he's ready to marry Courtney given her loyalty to Sonny and Carly. Jax admits that before they exchange vows he needs to talk to Courtney about her priorities.

Worried that Ric is about to reveal Michael's role in AJ's death, Sonny desperately tries to stop Ric from addressing the jury. Ric is determined. He shocks everyone when he tells the jury that the state has not met its burden to prove Sonny is guilty of murdering AJ and therefore he should not be found guilty. After a brief round of objections on John Durant's part, Ric is given the opportunity to finish addressing the jury. Ric explains that Sonny was forced to confess in order to protect Michael who was in the throes of post traumatic stress after spending an extended period of time with his kidnappers. Ric goes on to tell the jury that John Durant was so determined to put Sonny away that he used Michael's dreams to railroad Carly for a murder she did not commit and threatened to put Michael on the stand to testify against his mother. Seeing no other alternative, Sonny confessed. Ric concludes, that given the lack of any real evidence, the jury doesn't have any choice but to come back with a not guilty verdict. After the judge instructs the jury and sends them off to deliberate she calls a recess. Sonny makes his way to Ric to thank him. John Durant is livid and tells Ric that the jury is going to see him as nothing but a corrupt DA. When Sonny walks away, Alexis lets Ric know how upset she is with him. She accuses him of throwing the case when he realized that John Durant was about to win. Ric insists that Sonny did not kill AJ and should not be sent to prison for a crime that he did not commit. Meanwhile John Durant vows to retry the case should the jury end up deadlocked. He also promises that he will not hesitate to put Michael on the stand. Overhearing the threat, Carly warns John that she will not allow him to hurt her family. She also tells John that she regrets ever seeking him out. Just then it's announced that the jury has reached a verdict. When all parties return to the courtroom, the verdict is read. Sonny is found not guilty. Sonny and Carly go home to give Michael the news. Michael is thrilled. When Jason and Sam join them, Michael insists on making plans to celebrate Sonny's victory. While everyone is deciding what to do, Sonny slips out when he sees Reese standing quietly to the side in the hall. He thanks her for everything that she did and credits her for saving his life, explaining that it would have killed him to have gone to jail. They end up kissing passionately and going up to Sonny's bedroom. Downstairs, Carly sends Michael off with Jason and Sam, promising to find Sonny and joining them in a short while. Carly ends up going to Sonny's bedroom and slowly opening the door where she sees Sonny and Reese half dressed on his bed and kissing. Carly hesitates a moment before she swings the door as she says something about Michael. Pretending she has no idea what Sonny and Reese were doing, Carly acts shocked upon seeing them but shows no remorse for interrupting them.

At the courthouse Alexis makes it clear that she is very unhappy with Ric. She feels that he has chosen Sonny over Alexis and their family. Ric disagrees. He thinks they still have a chance at a life together but it's up to Alexis. He tells her that she will have to be the one to walk out on their marriage because he won't be the one to do it.

After leaving the courthouse, Courtney ends up in the park at the gazebo where she plans to marry Jax. She tries to call him but reaches his assistant. His assistant informs Courtney that Jax is at Metro Court and has cleared his schedule. When she confides to Courtney that she believes Jax is a big surprise, Courtney is pleasantly intrigued and decides to go to Metro Court. Meanwhile Rachel runs into Jax who ends up inviting her to join him at his table. Rachel accepts.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

As Rachel and Jax sip champagne and engage in small talk, Courtney walks in. She is none too pleased to see her fiancÚ with Rachel and lets him know how hurt she is. Rachel excuses herself when the friend that she was expecting finally arrives. Jax meanwhile clarifies that there is nothing going on between himself and Rachel. When Courtney takes the vacated seat, Jax tells her that there was a specific reason he had asked for Courtney to meet him. He gets right to the point and asks her what role her family will play in their lives once they are married. Courtney is upset that Jax seems to be asking her to choose between her family and him. She tells him as much before she storms out of Metro Court.

After Alexis admits that she does not want her marriage to Ric to end, Ric drops the bombshell that Michael was AJ's killer. Alexis is shocked. When she asks why Ric did not tell her about Michael sooner, Ric fills her in on what transpired and how he has been trying to protect Michael. Alexis is understanding and sympathetic especially when Ric points out that he's trusting her with information that could be used to hurt Sonny. Alexis is appreciative and realizes that there is still hope that their marriage will work out. Ric doesn't share her confidence. He tells Alexis that can't return home with her and then leaves the courtroom. Alexis follows him out, tearfully asking him to give their marriage a chance. Ric explains that he's tired of fighting Sonny and doesn't want to be caught in the middle of a never-ending battle between Sonny and Alexis. Ric then shocks Alexis with the announcement that he has put some feelers out to contacts in Manhattan in the hopes of finding a new job. He explains that John Durant will make certain Ric's career in Port Charles is over. Alexis is devastated. She reminds Ric that she's pregnant with his child. Ric is not immune to Alexis's pain. He gently tries to make her understand that he can't stand by watching Sonny and Alexis hurt Kristina with their behavior and then brokenhearted, walks away.

At Kelly's, Michael, followed by Jason and Sam, gives Mike the happy news that Sonny is a free man. After Mike hands Morgan and Michael some cookies, Jason joins Michael at a table for a private chat. He cautions Michael that he should only discuss what happened to AJ with his parents and Jason. Michael agrees and then notes that neither of his parents have joined them yet. He is hopeful that it's a sign that Carly and Sonny may be reconciling. Jason is quick to explain to Michael that while his parents love each other they have no intention of reuniting.

When Maxie tells Diego that her father is the police commissioner, he realizes that she's Georgie's sister. He lets her know that he knows Georgie. At first Maxie is a bit worried that he might be an ex of Georgie's but her fears are soon set to rest when Diego assures her that he isn't. She teases him that she'll accept his offer of a ride around town after she checks out his car and together they leave Kelly's.

Georgie is excited that Maxie is returning home. Dillon is happy for her but both him and Brook Lynn are down in the dumps. When Dillon expresses his regret over not having forced Tracy to sign the tuition check before agreeing to her terms, Brook Lynn makes the suggestion that Georgie forge Tracy's signature on the check. Georgie is initially against the idea until Dillon convinces her. However, once Georgie relents, Dillon realizes what a mistake it would be for her to forge Tracy's signature. He vows to confront Tracy and convince her to do the right thing and pay for Dillon's tuition to film school. Determined to see his plans through, Dillon leaves Kelly's. Alone with Brook Lynn, Georgie listens as her friend shares her heartbreak over ending things with Diego. After Georgie leaves, Brook decides to write Diego a letter. As she's pouring her heart out into the letter, Brook glances up just in time to see Diego outside smiling down at Maxie after they return from their car ride.

Carly has no remorse for interrupting Sonny and Reese. Sonny is annoyed with Carly's antics and calls her out on them, asking her if she couldn't have knocked instead of barging into his room. He suggests that she knew that he and Reese were together. Carly doesn't deny it. She is outraged that Sonny chose spending time with Reese over spending time with his family. Sonny doesn't see it that way and lets her know that he did no such thing. Carly isn't satisfied with his answer. She tells Reese that she means nothing to Sonny and that he's only using her to get back at Carly. Sonny is finally forced to yell "Enough!" to end Carly's tirade but only momentarily. Carly switches tactics and asks Sonny what their recent intimate dinner was all about. Reese clearly knew nothing of it and seems a bit surprised. Sonny gently explains to Carly that the dinner was to say goodbye and that he never intended to lead her on. Carly counters, claiming that Sonny wants her; he knows it and now Reese knows it as well. On that note, Carly walks out of the room, claiming that she is through with Sonny. As soon as Carly is gone, Sonny apologizes to Reese for Carly's behavior. Reese, herself on her way out of the bedroom, tells Sonny that while Carly was out of line they both know that she was right. Sonny follows Reese downstairs in the hopes of getting her to change her mind about leaving. Sonny tries to convince Reese that he wants her for her and that he and Carly are better off apart than together. He tells her about how he first met Carly and how much they despised each other but Reese isn't swayed. She confides to Sonny that while him and Carly were arguing in his bedroom, Reese had felt embarrassed to be there in the room with them because the passion between them was so strong that it felt as if they were making love. She also informs him that she intends to return to Washington and be reassigned to another case. Just then Michael, Jason, Sam and Morgan return from their outing. While Sonny greets his family, Reese quietly slips away.

Carly runs into Courtney outside of Kelly's. She tells Courtney about finding Sonny in bed with Reese which prompts Courtney to admit that she too is upset having just found Jax and Rachel sharing a table at Metro Court. Carly smiles and suggests that Courtney cancel her wedding to Jax and reunite with Jason. Courtney tells Carly that it's time for her to let go of her hope that Jason and Courtney will reconcile. As Courtney is discussing her love for Jax, Jax walks up. Courtney joins him in Kelly's where they once again discuss Courtney's priorities in regards to her family. When they are unable to resolve their issues, Jax leaves Courtney with the parting words that if she wants the same things as he does then she knows where to find him.

At Metro Court, Reese runs into Ric who is sitting at the bar, drinking. Reese joins him and they end up commiserating over their troubles. Ric announces that he is returning to Manhattan while Reese gives him the news that she's returning to Washington. They have several more drinks before Reese decides to call it a night. Ric offers to walk her to her room. When they stumble into her room, they quickly end up kissing passionately.

Sam and Jason enjoy their privacy and having nothing urgent to worry about. As they kiss, Carly walks into the penthouse demanding Jason's attention. Sam walks over to the front door and opens it before ordering Carly to leave. When Carly turns to Jason for support, he remains silent.

Alexis is upset about Ric not returning home with her. She is hopeful however when she hears a knock at the door. Praying that it's Ric, Alexis swings open the door to find Sonny standing in the hallway.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

When Carly barges in to Jason's Penthouse to complain about finding Sonny in bed with Reese, an exasperated Samantha blasts Carly for monopolizing Jason's time. Jason promises Carly that he will call her tomorrow. After Carly leaves, Sam apologizes to Jason, but Jason reassures Sam that she was right to draw the line with Carly. However, Jason warns that whenever Carly is hurt Carly will go flying off the handle and someone will end up getting hurt. In the hallway outside, Carly calls Rachel and makes an appointment to meet with Rachel. Jason comes outside and warns Carly NOT to get some new scheme in the works to try to get Sonny back, but Carly insists that she does NOT have any new scheme in the works, and flounces away. At the same time Courtney spots Rachel at Kelly's and blasts Rachel for trying to get her hooks in to Jax. However, Rachel insists that Courtney is just making herself look like a possessive whacko because Courtney constantly leaps to conclusions about Rachel's designs on Jax. Nevertheless, Courtney warns Rachel to stay away from Jax, then storms away from Kelly's. At the same time, Jason returns to his apartment and warns Sam that Carly's mood swings COULD cause a great deal of harm to someone. Later, Jason and Sam discuss their plans for a family, then hit the sheets. However, they are interrupted by a call from Michael, who explains that he is alone with only Max and Leticia and needs to talk. Jason leaves a disappointed Sam behind and immediately rushes to Sonny's Mansion, where Jason discovers that Michael is worried that the boy is now destined to suffer throughout eternity for killing his father. Jason reassures Michael that God understands all the circumstances and forgives Michael for AJ's death. Then Jason advises the little boy to learn how to forgive himself.

Brook Lynn looks on in dismay when she looks through Kelly's window and spots Diego flirting with Maxie outside. Later, Brook Lynn blasts Diego for flirting, but Diego insists that he was just being nice to Georgie's sister. Meanwhile, Maxie returns home and is greeted warmly by Felicia, Mac, Georgie and Bobbie. Maxie explains to Bobbie that Maxie has determined that, from now on, Maxie will lead a life worthy of B.J.'s heart and Bobbie applauds Maxie's renewed resolve to get her life in order.

Alexis is upset when she finds an angry Sonny on her doorstep and Sonny declares that he is there to make sure the Alexis pays for trying to maneuver Michael into testifying during the trial for AJ's murder. As they argue, Alexis lets slip that she now realizes that it was Michael who killed AJ and that Sonny was trying to protect Michael from having to face the consequences. Although Alexis tries to apologize for her hasty actions, Sonny remains unimpressed. Alexis argues that Sonny has succeeded in turning Michael into a duplicate of Sonny - a killer! Alexis again tries to convince Sonny that what Alexis is trying to do is to spare Kristina from being rushed headlong into a similar fate. Sonny merely accuses Alexis of keeping Kristina away from Sonny because Alexis is STILL jealous that Sonny chose to reconcile with Carly, following Sonny's brief fling with Alexis. After threatening again that he will make Alexis pay for her mistakes, Sonny slams out of the apartment. Meanwhile, a tipsy Ric helps an equally tipsy Reese to her hotel room and then the two of them fall into bed together.

Emily and Liz meet at Metro Court and Emily confides that she has NOT been able to locate Nikolas following the role-playing session in Dr. Winters' office. Liz prevails on Jax to let Emily know if Nikolas is staying at the Hotel and Jax confirms that Nikolas is checked in under an assumed name. Later, Emily sets out in search of Nikolas. At the same time, Carly meets at Kelly's with Rachel and suggests that the two of them work together to break up Courtney and Jax so that Jason can dump Sam and reunite with Courtney. Carly explains that it then should be easy for Rachel to grab Jax on the rebound. Rachel eventually agrees with Carly's plan to make Jax believe that Courtney has hopped back into bed with Courtney's ex-husband -- Jason! Meanwhile, Courtney arrives at Metro Court and apologizes to Jax for leaping to conclusions when she found Jax enjoying a cozy chat with Rachel earlier. Jax agrees that maybe they were both a bit too inclined to leap to conclusions and Jax and Courtney kiss and make up. Courtney runs off later and excitedly resumes making wedding plans.

Following their romp in the sack, Ric confides to Reese that his marriage to Alexis is now beyond repair and that he would not have stayed with Reese if he had any kind of hope left at all that his marriage could be salvaged. Reese admits that she feels pretty foolish for ever letting herself believe that her relationship with Sonny could ever develop into anything deeper, then continues to make plans to return to Washington. Meanwhile, after Sonny storms out of Alexis' apartment, Kristina wakes up and Alexis decides that Kristina could call Ric to say goodnight and it would make Kristina feel better. At the same time, Sonny arrives on Reese's doorstep and, when Ric hears Sonny banging on the door, Ric scrambles in to hiding. As Sonny comes inside the room, Ric's cell phone on the night stand begins to ring. Reese quickly grabs the phone and turns it off, telling Sonny that it is a call she will be able to take care of later. Sonny then surprises Reese by declaring that he would like to keep Reese in his life and asks the F.B.I. agent to reconsider her decision to return to Washington! Reese reluctantly agrees. After Reese hustles Sonny away before Sonny notices some of Ric's clothes on the couch, Reese tries to explain her feelings for Sonny to Ric. Ric assures Reese that he understands her conflicting feelings, but warns Reese that Sonny can NEVER learn about the night that Ric and Reese spent together. Reese agrees that Ric is right about Sonny interpreting such an event as a betrayal and they decide they will both stay mum about their romp in the sack. In the meantime, Jax arrives at Alexis's apartment, bringing a stuffed pony for Kristina -- and stays to tell Kristina a story. After Kristina goes to bed, Alexis explains to Jax the reasons WHY Ric is gone. Then Jax and Alexis fondly recall their long-ago marriage of convenience, and Jax tries to reassure Alexis that everything will work out fine in the end. Later, as Ric gets ready to leave Reese's Hotel suite, Ric gives Reese a final kiss at the door and promises that he will always be there for her in case Reese should ever need his help. Reese assures Ric that he will always be able to count on Reese as well. After Reese closes the door, Ric turns around and realizes that Emily was in the hallway and saw Ric give Reese a good-bye kiss!

Meanwhile, Sonny returns to his Mansion and is informed by Jason about Michael's nightmare. However, when Jason suggests that, perhaps, Michael needs some psychological counseling and therapy, Sonny coldly vetoes the idea, without giving the suggestion a second thought. Then Sonny explains why Sonny felt he needed to go after Reese and persuade the F.B.I. agent to stay in Port Charles. Just as Sonny explains that he simply can NOT get involved in the same destructive merry-go-round with Carly again, Carly arrives and overhears Sonny's declaration!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Quartermaines start quarreling and come into the living room to find Luke sleeping on the couch. Luke is upset that they woke him up so early with their arguing. They ask him what he is doing there. Luke tells them that he is going to camp out on the sofa to sleep every night until Tracy agrees to return the money she stole from the Cassadines. Edward tells Tracy to let Luke have the money so he will leave them all alone. Tracy refuses to give up the money. Dillon comes into the room to find them all arguing and decides to leave the room. Skye tells everyone they should wish Dillon a happy birthday. Tracy is still angry with him for helping Luke in his scheme and tells him she will probably give him a small check for his birthday. Dillon tells her he doesn't want her money but wants her to let him have a birthday party instead at the boathouse. Tracy and the family say no to that idea. Luke tells Dillon that as his new "stepdad," he will give him a birthday party on the "Haunted Star" if he wants one. Dillon likes that idea. Skye points out to Luke that he will have to actually act like a chaperone if he is giving a party with a bunch of teenagers as guests. The Quartermaines are still against a party and think Luke will be a joke as a chaperone. Meanwhile, Georgie wants Mac and Felicia to let her go to Dillon's party at the Quartermaine boathouse that evening. Mac is dead set against it since the last time they were at the boathouse, he caught them alone there with no supervision and the time before that, a body was found there. Later, Georgie gets a call on her cell-phone while she is at Kelly's still with Maxie. Georgie tells Maxie that the party is now going to be at the "Haunted Star" and that Luke will be in charge. Maxie surprises Georgie when she shows how mature she has become since she was away at prep school. She suggests that if she wants Mac and Felicia to trust her she better tell them about the party being at Luke's casino. Georgie tells her it will take a while to get use to seeing Maxie act like the big sister for once instead of the other way around. Meanwhile, the Quartermaines still argue about letting Tracy stay married to Luke just so she can keep all that money. Luke manages to get alone with Skye. Skye tells Luke he can't just sit in his office, drinking a bottle of scotch while there are teenagers running around the casino unsupervised. Luke suggests that Skye join him and help him supervise the party. He also suggests they find time alone to share a dance on the balcony while they are there. Skye isn't adverse to that idea. Later, Alcazar shows up and tells Tracy that he is going to use his 30% of ELQ shares to get her fired as CEO. Tracy tells him that he shouldn't be so confident he will succeed since she has a lot more support than he thinks. Luke doesn't like seeing Alcazar there cozying up to Skye and suddenly acts like the supportive husband and tells Alcazar he will make sure she stays as CEO. Edward, Monica, and Alan show up in the room to continue arguing with Tracy and Luke. The doorbell rings. Alice answers it and Mac and Felicia show up with a birthday gift for Dillon, thinking that is where the party is going to be. Luke and Skye look at each other and realize they were suppose to be chaperoning the party that is going on in full swing at the casino, unsupervised. Speaking of the birthday party, Brook Lynn shows up and looks depressed. Georgie asks her if she got back together with Diego yet. Brook Lynn tells her that she saw Diego talking to some nice looking blonde girl outside of Kelly's, Georgie's sister, Maxie. Maxie is talking and flirting with Diego when Georgie comes up and grabs her and pulls her away. She accuses Maxie of not really changing at all and purposely flirting with another girl's boyfriend. Maxie is confused and tells Georgie that she didn't know that Diego was Brook Lynn's boyfriend since she thought that Brook Lynn's boyfriend was some foster child, living on his own now. Georgie goes off on Maxie, not listening to what Maxie is trying to tell her. Maxie gets more and more upset and suddenly collapses onto the floor, unconscious. Georgie is shocked but then goes down on the floor to help her.

Ric is in his office and thinks about the night before when he slept with Reese. Alexis comes to his office to discuss their separation and divorce. Alexis informs him that Dara is representing her and Ric thinks she is a good choice. Alexis admits to Ric that she was hoping he may have reconsidered the divorce. Ric tells her he still loves her and wishes they could have made their marriage work but is afraid that if they continued to be married, eventually they would have torn each other apart because of their differing views on Sonny as a parent. Alexis leaves him alone. Ric heads to the hospital. He sees Emily talking to Jason. Emily finds out that Sonny has been seeing Reese romantically lately and wonders why Sonny would be seeing a federal agent. Jason doesn't know if it is a good idea or not but can't do anything about it. Ric approaches Emily later and asks her not to tell anyone, including Jason that she saw him leaving Reese's room last night. He tells her that he and Alexis are no longer together and Reese is unattached at the moment. Emily tells him she isn't a gossip and has no plans to tell anyone. Emily tells Liz that she lost her nerve about going to see Nikolas at his hotel room. She tells Liz that she thinks she needs to give Nikolas more time to think things through. Liz disagrees with her and thinks that she needs to go to him soon before she loses him forever. Nikolas and Lucky chat outside Kelly's. Nikolas tells Lucky that he finally realized what Emily was trying to tell him about their marriage being over and that she will never get over seeing Connor Bishop's face whenever she sees him or is near him. He tells Lucky that he is going to file for divorce. Alexis finds him outside Kelly's and asks him what is wrong. He tells her that he and Emily won't be able to get past their problems and that he plans to file for divorce. Alexis advises him to really think things over before making a decision like this and tells him that he will probably never find someone like Emily ever again. She also tells him that she is the last person to give him advice on marriage and love. She tells him that she wants him to remind her never to fall in love again. Nikolas shows up at the hospital to tell Emily that he will grant her a divorce. Emily asks him to be patient with her a while longer and that she doesn't want to give up on their marriage just yet. She tells him that she knows one day she will be able to look at him and see in his eyes, the love he has for her and will be able to get close to him again. Nikolas asks her if she would like to take a walk in the park with him right now. She walks off with him and they hold hands. Liz runs into Lucky outside of Kelly's with Cameron in a stroller. She invites him to join her in the park. She tells him that she was thinking of plotting something where they both invited Emily and Nikolas to join them separately and that way they would run into each other and maybe talk. She asks Lucky to promise that they will always be honest with each other whether they make it together in the future or go their separate ways as just friends. Lucky tells her he won't make the same mistake he made before when he wasn't honest to her about how he really felt and that he is happy they are together again. Meanwhile, Ric returns to his office to find Durant sitting at his desk. Durant tells him he has bad news and even worse news and asks Ric what he wants to hear first.

Carly shows up at the Metro Court Hotel and meets with Rachel, who is still reluctant to go along with Carly's crazy scheme to break up Courtney and Jax. Courtney and Jax are sitting at a table in the hotel restaurant, drinking champagne and planning their wedding and honeymoon which is suppose to happen in 8 days. Rachel points out to Carly that they seem really in love and happy. Carly tells her that Jax is all wrong for Courtney and she is her best friend and is doing what is best for Courtney. Carly approaches Courtney and Jax at their table. Carly tells Courtney she has a surprise gift for her. She tells Courtney she booked her to spend the day at the spa in the hotel to pamper herself. Jax leaves so they can talk alone. Courtney leans over and asks Carly what she is up to since she didn't even know when they were getting married until ten minutes ago. Carly tells her that she had booked the spa appointment awhile ago as a consolation gift in case Courtney and Jax did end up breaking up and that if they didn't it would be a wedding gift instead. Carly tells her she booked a hotel room for her to use in between spa treatments. Meanwhile, Jason tells Sam that he wants to talk to a psychiatrist to see if he can get Michael into therapy. Sam questions why Sonny and Carly haven't already done it themselves. Jason tells her that they don't want him to go into therapy. Sam thinks that Jason makes Michael more of a priority than his own parents do and that just proves to her that he will make an excellent father. Later, Sam finds Jason in the hallway at the hospital and seems upset and asks him to leave right now so they can talk. She goes home with him and tells him she is upset because Dr. Meadows thinks she should run more tests on Sam before giving the o.k. for her to try to get pregnant. Sam doesn't think she should have to wait for some tests to give her permission to get pregnant when it should be about her and Jason's love for each other and wanting to have a baby together. Meanwhile, Carly shows Courtney the hotel room she booked for her and gives her something to change into. While Courtney is getting ready for her spa treatment, Carly goes outside her hotel room and tells Rachel it is time to put her plan in motion. Carly calls Jason at home and tells him she is in trouble and needs his help. Rachel goes back to the hotel restaurant and purposely runs into Jax there as if it was an accident. She pretends to think that Jax and Courtney split up. Jax tells her they are still getting married next week. Rachel tells her that she would never have guessed that. Jax asks her what she is trying to get at. She tells him that she just saw Courtney with Jason and that they didn't act like just friends.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Georgie yells at Maxie for showing an interest in Diego when she had emailed her that Diego and Brook Lynn were a couple. Maxie tells Georgie that while she had emailed her that Brook Lynn was involved with someone, Georgie had neglected to mention the name of the guy. As they argue, Maxie suddenly collapses. Georgie fears it might be her heart. While Dillon calls for an ambulance, Mac and Felicia arrive on the Haunted Star. They are livid with Luke for allowing the teens to have a party there and hold him partly responsible for Maxie's collapse. After Georgie tells Felicia what happened, she too worries that it might be Maxie's heart. Georgie is filled with worry and regret, fearing she might have contributed to Maxie's current health crisis. At the hospital, Monica oversees Maxie's treatment. Georgie is soon joined by her friends while they await word on Maxie's conditions. At Diego's prompt, Georgie explains the events that led up to Maxie receiving a heart transplant when she was a child. In Maxie's room, Monica continues working on Maxie. She is soon joined by Emily who was sent in to help out. Maxie's condition worsens forcing Monica to call a code blue. Eventually, Monica is able to stabilize Maxie. Afterwards, Monica goes out to talk to the family and let them know that tests are currently underway to determine what is wrong with Maxie. She permits Georgie to see her sister but cautions her against upsetting Maxie in any way. In her room, Maxie assures Georgie that she does not blame her for the collapse. Later, Monica returns to talk to Felicia and Mac about Maxie's test results. She's accompanied by Bobbie. They explain that Maxie's heart is enlarged and that she needs to remain calm and well rested. They also tell the family that Maxie has a low grade fever indicating an infection for which they are treating her. The best case scenario is that Maxie will recuperate completely. The worst case is that Maxie may require a heart transplant to save her life. Felicia, Mac and Georgie are devastated.

Nik visits Emily at the hospital. She smiles brightly as she tells Nik that while she was helping Monica with Maxie she did not think of Conner. She is hopeful that it's a sign that she's moving past her rape.

Rachel follows through with her role in Carly's scheme to break up Jax and Courtney. She pretends to be surprised that Jax and Courtney are going through with the marriage and then lets it slip that she just witnessed Courtney with Jason in the hotel. She tells him that she remembered the hotel's room number, 614, because it was her birthday. Jax decides to see for himself and leaves. After he is gone, Rachel calls the room to leave a message. Meanwhile, Carly steps out of the room while Courtney changes and calls Jason to tell him to meet her in room 614, claiming that she did something awful and desperately needs his help. Once she's off the phone with Jason and Courtney leaves the room, Carly starts scattering Courtney's clothes around the room as well as some rose petals in an attempt to make it look like a lover's tryst had taken place there. Jason walks in though and asks her what she is doing. Carly is momentarily at a loss for words but then quickly comes up with the lie that she's attempting to lure Sonny there in the hopes of seducing him. When she looks over at the phone and notes the blinking red light she realizes that Jax is on his way to the room. She starts yelling "YES! YES! YES!" and making all kinds of noise so that Jax, who is by now on the other side of the door, overhears her and mistakenly believes that he is overhearing Courtney and Jason making love. Her plan is successful. Jax is visibly shaken by what he overhears but does not go into the room. Just then Courtney walks up from behind and asks him what he is doing in the hall. He quickly realizes that he's been duped. After Jason, who by now is tired with Carly's antics, leaves, Courtney goes into the room and tells Carly that she has decided to call an end to her spa treatments because she has a bad feeling. Carly sees it as an opportunity to try to talk Courtney out of marrying Jax. She tells Courtney that the bad feeling is her subconscious telling Courtney to call off the wedding. She goes on to inform Courtney that she had just seen Jax kissing and pawing Rachel. Courtney storms out of the hotel room upon hearing that.

In Metro Court, Jax rejoins Rachel. He tells Rachel that the wedding is off after having just confirmed that Courtney was with Jason. Rachel is sympathetic and comforts him by reaching for his hand. Jax then surprises Rachel when he tries to seduce her, pointing out that she is obviously attracted to him and admitting he is to her. When they kiss, Courtney walks into Metro Court seemingly furious. Angry words are exchanged between Courtney and Jax before Courtney reaches for a knife and turns on Jax. Just then Carly arrives and yells for Courtney to stop. Carly is forced to confess that the entire incident had been a set up in the hopes of keeping Courtney from marrying Jax. Courtney is furious at Carly. She vows that nothing will stop her from marrying Jax.

John Durant is sitting in Ric's chair when Ric walks into his office. John Durant plays back several messages from his voicemail. They are all by Reese who is desperate to talk to Ric. John Durant then drops the bombshell that not only is Ric no longer DA but that John quit his job as Federal Prosecutor and has taken over as DA. He offers Ric the position of ADA if Ric is willing to play by John's rules. John tells him that the primary objective for the DA's office will be to put Sonny behind bars. Ric declines the offer, telling John that he'd rather live in a cardboard box beneath the pier. Just then Alexis arrives to talk to Ric. After John leaves, Alexis declares her love for him and makes one more plea for Ric to reconsider the divorce. Ric explains to her that he doesn't question her love but he needs more than that from her. Her priorities don't include him and that makes him feel more like a bystander. Alexis is deeply hurt but resigned. She tells him that after their baby is born that she wants Ric to have a full relationship with their child. She leaves with the promise of starting divorce proceedings.

Reese visits Sonny. She can't help but remember her intimate encounter with Ric the previous night. When Sonny goes to kiss Reese, she pulls away telling him that she needs to talk to him before things go any further between them. It seems she is about to tell him about Ric but at the last moment she doesn't. Instead she talks about her intentions when she first came to town. As the discussion progresses, Reese admits that her career with the FBI is over because John Durant will have contacted her superiors by now and it will only be a matter of time before they decide to fire her. Sonny offers to stop things between them right then and there if she feels it's going to cost her career but Reese declines the offer. Her heart, she tells him, made the decision for her long ago. Before they can act on their attraction, Michael comes downstairs after having a nightmare. Sonny momentarily excuses himself to take Michael back to bed, leaving Reese alone in the living room but not for long. Ric walks in much to her surprise. They talk about their night together. Ric advises her that if she has a chance at happiness with Sonny she should grab it and not share their secret with Sonny. Ric has no intention of telling anyone either. Sonny is surprised to see Ric when he returns to the living room. Ric tells both Reese and Sonny that he's been relieved of his position as DA. Sonny, grateful for all that Ric has done for him, goes to his desk and pulls out several bundles of cash which he offers to Ric to help him out until he gets back on his feet. Ric declines the offer of money, explaining that what he did in court was for Michael, not anyone else. After he leaves, Sonny admits to Reese that Ric is full of surprises. Reese too admits that she's surprised and has clearly misjudged Ric. Sonny smiles and tells her that he knows what happened between Reese and Ric.

Jason returns home to a very happy Sam. They enjoy a quiet evening at home, dancing and sharing a romantic dinner. As they cuddle on the sofa, they discuss what their future baby may be like and how it will be conceived in love. As they start to go upstairs, the phone rings. Dr. Meadows is calling to talk to Sam about her test results. Sam is upset when she hangs up. She tells Jason that Dr. Meadows has advised her to wait a year before trying to get pregnant or she may put herself and her baby at risk.

Skye feels guilty for what happened to Maxie and says as much to Luke. She also is tired of playing games with Luke. They start to kiss but Skye calls a halt to things. She reminds Luke that he's married to Tracy and needs to keep the upper hand if he wants to outwit Tracy. They end up kissing again but are interrupted when Tracy snaps a picture of them. Smiling, Tracy tells Luke that she will see him in divorce court.

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