General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 30, 2004 on GH

Carly went to New York City to confront the man that she believed was her father. Sam wanted Jason to help her raise her baby. Sonny ordered Jason to kill Faith, even if Jason had to kill Justus to make it happen.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 30, 2004 on GH
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Monday, August 30, 2004

Heather again spoke as if she was Lila. She claimed not to be faking this time. Edward left to warn Emily about what Lila had said. Heather threatened Alice that she would tell Edward about Alice's involvement in the "scarlet ribbons" scenario, and Alice responded with a veiled threat that she had Edward's best interest at heart and Heather better not try to take advantage of him.

The teens were racked with guilt. Each had individual memories of the events leading up to the murders. Lucas reassured Georgie that the killer would be found. Brooke admitted to feeling responsible.

Nikolas and Mac, followed by the others, walked in on Faith in the boathouse. When Nikolas discovered that the killer was not in there, he made his way back to the house. Felicia questioned Justus on whether he had hid Faith at the Quartermaine house. Dillon drew attention to the fact the killer was still in the house and that they should all concentrate on that. They all got back to the house and stood in the hallway bickering. Justus resigned as Faith's lawyer. Mac and Felicia brought Faith to the freezer, hoping to frame Justus as Faith's accomplice.

Emily pulled off the killer's mask only to discover Mary behind it. She told Emily she would save Connor from her. Emily tried to convince Mary that Nikolas was safe. Mary insisted on calling him Connor. She threatened Emily. She admitted to killing Trent because she believed he was working with Emily to keep Connor prisoner. She killed Sage because she thought she was Emily. They struggled.

Lucas let Nikolas into the house. Nikolas warned them to stay in the room and to stay together. Nikolas walked into Emily's room only to find her on the floor. Fearing the worst, he was relieved to see her alive. She told him the killer was Mary. She explained to Nikolas what exactly had happened. She told him that Mary was completely unhinged. Nikolas tried to come to terms with the situation of Mary's insanity. They headed downstairs to tell the others. Nikolas and Emily told Felicia and Mac the details of what had transpired between the two women and the history behind Mary's killing spree.

Georgie and Brooke asked the channeling board who the killer was and it spelt out "widow." Dillon joined them, and he and Georgie worried about Alcazar's reaction to his niece's death. Brooke thought that Lois telling Alcazar would be a better idea than him hearing it from someone else, and just then Mary appeared at the window, smiling. They ran to the others and told them about seeing Mary. Nikolas threatened to kill Mary, in front of everyone present. The power came back on and Mac, Nikolas and Emily went to the boathouse to look for Mary. Heather claimed to be tired and she and Edward headed upstairs. Alan and Monica tried to convince Felicia that they had redeemed themselves and that they should be allowed back in the inheritance contest.

Justus ran to Faith and she warned him that the whole thing was a setup. He told her he knew, but that Mac and Felicia were tied up right now and that this would be their only chance to get away. Faith did not want him to put everything on the line for her, but he insisted and they fled.

Lucas consoled Brooke by telling her she handled the situation with strength and courage. She told him that she did not think he was as much of an idiot as she had originally thought. Meanwhile, Georgie and Dillon discussed their feelings of guilt and how they would handle Alcazar. Tracy walked in and just as she dialed Alcazar's number, Dillon grabbed the phone and hung up. He called his mother heartless and he warned her that he and Georgie were together and that she should stay out of their lives.

At the boathouse, Nikolas and Mary came face to face. She continued to call him Connor and told him that she did everything to protect him. She threatened Emily and as she lunged towards her with the knife, Nikolas grabbed Mac's gun and fired.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Sam admitted to needing help with the baby. Jason reassured her she would be fine. Sam wanted to do everything perfect. Jason continued to tell Sam that she did not need books and rules to show her how to raise her daughter. Dillon called Jason to meet him at Kelly's. Dillon asked Jason for help regarding the backlash of Alcazar when he discovered what happened to Sage. Jason told Dillon and Brooke to stay away from Alcazar, but that it was unlikely that he would go after them.

Sonny yelled at Max for allowing a stranger to walk into the house the previous night. Carly claimed to have yet another plan to finding her father. She told Sonny she had found a box at "The Cellar" that belonged to Ruby. Carly and Sonny went to the nightclub and found the box Carly had mentioned. They searched for clues about her father. They found the ledger of Ruby's brothel with names of clients in it. She found three of them with the initials "JD." Carly then had a moment of doubt, but pushed on to discover her father's identity. She thanked Sonny for his offer to help and for his support, but told him this was a journey she would need to take alone, and that she had thought of a shortcut to the truth.

Bobbie ordered the private investigator she hired to go back to Carly's house to retrieve her diary. The detective had doubts due to Carly's connection to Sonny. Bobbie insisted that Carly must not find out who her father is. She later met up with Carly at Kelly's. Carly asked for her help but Bobbie refused. She claimed not to know who Carly's father is. Carly told Bobbie that she would not stop looking for her father until she found him.

Lois told Alcazar about Sage' death. Alcazar cried at the news and was angered when Lois told him it was Mary who killed her. Lois consoled Alcazar and went with him to the police station when he insisted on questioning Ric about the investigation. He wanted to have Ric's assurance that Mary would be charged with first-degree murder if she recovered. When Ric told Alcazar that he would have to wait and see, Alcazar attacked Ric. He then proceeded to tell everyone that whoever had a part to play in Sage's death would pay. Lois pulled him aside and told him that it was a teenage prank that led Sage to be locked in a freezer. He told her he understood and told Lois he would take care of things his way. Lois met with Brooke and Dillon at the pier. She told them she did not have a good feeling about Alcazar's reaction to Sage's death.

Ric demanded to know what happened with Nikolas and Mary. Emily defended Nikolas' actions. Ric called Alexis to help Nikolas. He told her things did not look good for Nikolas. Ric questioned Nikolas and Emily about the events of the previous night. They both recounted what had happened. Nikolas claimed responsibility for what he had done and told Ric that if he had to, he would do it again. Emily left, and Nikolas continued to defend his actions. Alcazar walked in and asked to speak to Nikolas alone. Nikolas told him exactly what had happened. He informed him that Sage died due to a case of mistaken identity. Ric apologized to Alexis for having arrested Nikolas. Alexis told him that Alcazar would seek revenge, if not on Mary, then on Ric.

Emily went to the hospital and met up with Lucky. He warned her that nothing could come out of her going to visit Mary and that if Mary died, things would get even worse for Nikolas. Emily went to Mary's room. She told her she tried to feel sympathy for her but then proceeded to call her devious and conniving. She told her she did not deserve to live. Emily yelled at Mary to do everyone a favor and die. Mary woke up and grabbed Emily.

Sonny visited Sam. Sonny was upset to hear that Sam was ordering books so Jason could read to the baby. It was important for her daughter to know Jason's voice. She told him that she was still in love with him and that Sonny could spend time with his daughter after she was born. It would be too difficult for Sam to have Sonny spend time with her now that the baby was still inside her. Sam told Sonny to stop being selfish and to think of someone else for a change. Jason walked in on them and slammed the door. He asked what was going on.

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

At Jason's Penthouse, Jason reminds Sonny that Samantha and her baby will be Jason's responsibility once the baby is born, but Sonny confesses that Sonny believes that Jason is getting too close -- to Sam AND her baby! Sam reminds Sonny that Sonny has his OWN family and Sam is well aware that Sam's daughter will NEVER be a part of Sonny's family. After Sam reminds Sonny that it will be JASON who will be there on a day-to-day basis for her daughter, Sonny storms away. Later, Sam confides to Jason that the possibility COULD exist that their relationship COULD become MORE than just a mutual concern for the baby's well-being -- then rushes on to confide that it is a relief to her to NOT have to worry about stuff like 'romance' while she is with Jason. Later, however, after Jason leaves, Sam finds herself daydreaming about a perfect life with Jason after her baby is born. When Jason returns home later, he finds Sam asleep on the couch with a parenting magazine in her hand, and gently covers her up.

Carly meets at The Cellar with Coleman and asks Coleman to help her in her search to locate her biological father. Carly warns Coleman NOT to contact any of the prospective candidates. When Carly offers Coleman $10,000 for the job, Coleman suggests the favor might be worth some of Carly's "personal" attention, just as Sonny arrives. Carly warns Coleman that he might not live to collect his reward, because her husband just overheard his last remark! Coleman rushes to explain to Sonny that he was only joking. However, when Coleman tries to apologize to Sonny, Sonny coldly gives Coleman the brush-off. After Coleman leaves, Sonny reminds Carly that Sonny's men would be more reliable than Coleman, but Carly insists that she wants to handle everything herself. Sonny again warns Carly that she COULD end up being VERY disappointed when she meets her father -- and that Carly's father COULD be the kind of person who would want to "use" Carly's powerful connections for his own gain.

As Courtney fantasizes about a romantic evening with Jax, Jax knocks at the door of her loft and kisses Courtney as soon as he enters. Jax tries to discover if Courtney is still fantasizing about him, but Courtney evades Jax's questions and hustles Jax back out the door. Later, Courtney meets Carly at The Cellar and admits that Jax is starting to get to her. Carly dismisses Jax as a grinning, plastic doll, but Courtney admits that she is worried, because she enjoys being kissed by Jax. Just as Courtney confides that she is afraid she will land in bed with Jax and lose her bet, Sonny returns and overhears. Sonny warns Courtney that getting too close to Jax will turn out to be a major mistake. Courtney reluctantly explains her bet with Jax to Sonny. When Sonny demands to know if Jax is pressuring her, Courtney begs Sonny NOT to hurt Jax and Sonny promises NOT to interfere with Courtney's life. After Sonny leaves, Carly warns Courtney that Sonny was entirely too calm about Courtney's bet with Jax to presume that Sonny actually plans to forget about Jax's bet. Later, Sonny tracks Jax down at Kelly's and warns Jax that Jax will be a dead man if Jax touches Courtney. Jax retorts that making threats appears to be Sonny's answer to everything. Sonny orders Jax to go look up one of Jax's old girlfriends and leave Sonny's sister alone, but Jax protests that he actually CARES about Courtney -- AND Jax's interest in Courtney has NOTHING to do with Sonny. Later, as Courtney tries to convince Carly to help her resist Jax's charms, Jax arrives at The Cellar. When Jax learns that Courtney and Carly were thinking about going to Atlantic City, Jax announces that JAX also plans to go to Atlantic City. Carly is surprised when Courtney accepts Jax's plan and agrees to meet Jax later in Atlantic City. However, after Jax leaves, Courtney explains to an amused Carly that, while Jax heads to Atlantic City, Courtney will be busy, going somewhere else! Carly arranges for Sonny's jet to take Courtney to Sonny's Island. Later, when Carly meets again with Coleman, Coleman reports that two of the prospects on Carly's list are dead. The third prospect would have been about seventeen years old when he knew Bobbie. Coleman further reports that the third prospect lives in an expensive neighborhood in Manhattan. After Coleman collects his $10,000 and reminds Carly to keep him in mind if she needs any more similar jobs done, Sonny arrives and again warns Carly NOT to get her hopes up about finding a warm, fuzzy father who will be happy to welcome his illegitimate daughter into his life. Later, as Courtney boards Sonny's jet for the island, Courtney is surprised when she realizes that Jax has taken her pilot's place in the cockpit.

At the Port Charles Police Department, Lorenzo becomes incensed when Nikolas confides that Lorenzo's niece was murdered by Mary because Mary mistook Sage for Emily. Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Emily's decision to confront Mary backfires badly when Mary seizes Emily by the throat and begins strangling Emily. When Emily breaks free and slugs Mary, Lucky rushes to Emily's side. However, Mary accuses Emily of attacking Mary while Mary was helpless in a Hospital bed. Back at the Police Station, Nikolas confides to Lorenzo that he has finally recovered his memory and demands to know WHY Lorenzo had been so chummy while Nikolas's memory was gone. Lorenzo admits that Lorenzo had hoped that Nikolas's presence in Lorenzo's organization would give Lorenzo some leverage where Jason was concerned. They are interrupted when Alexis returns to confer with Nikolas. As Lorenzo slams out of the interrogation room, Ric stops Lorenzo and warns Lorenzo NOT to try to go after Sage's killer on his own. Lorenzo angrily retorts that he expects to make SURE that Ric throws the book at Mary Bishop! After Ric warns Lorenzo again to stay away from Mary, Lorenzo storms out of the squad room. Once outside, Lorenzo checks his gun. At the same time, Emily tries to explain to Lucky that Mary tried to choke her, but Lucky just hustles Emily out of the room, while Mary babbles incoherently that Emily wants to kill Mary so that Emily can have Mary's husband. Lucky warns Emily to stay away from Mary, and Emily reluctantly agrees. As Emily leaves the Hospital, she runs into Lorenzo, coming out of the elevator. Lorenzo begins quizzing Emily about Sage's death. Lorenzo confides that he is trying to figure out when Mary crossed the line into madness, but Jason suddenly appears and orders Lorenzo to leave Emily alone. At the same time, at the PCPD, Alexis tries to convince Ric that the District Attorney's office should only charge Nikolas with attempted manslaughter, but Ric reminds Alexis that many witnesses heard Nikolas promise to kill Mary only moments before Nikolas grabbed Mac's gun and shot Mary as Mary was walking away from Nikolas and Mac. Alexis insists that Nikolas shot Mary ONLY to protect Emily. Ric accuses Alexis of asking him for a personal favor. Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Jason and Emily try to convince Lorenzo that Mary's mind just snapped, but Lorenzo reminds them that Sage had been locked in the freezer by the police commissioner's daughter, which set Sage up to become Mary's victim. Jason and Emily remind Lorenzo that Mary ALSO killed Sage's friend, Trent, but Lorenzo reminds them that his niece IS gone! Jason tries to convince Alcazar that going after Mary's other victims will NOT bring Sage back. After Lorenzo leaves, Jason warns Emily that Jason is afraid that Alcazar will blame Emily rather than the teens for Sage's death. Emily insists that she believes that Lorenzo is just grappling with his grief and will be able to see the tragedy from a different prospective soon. Emily informs Jason that Nikolas has regained his full memory and thanks Jason for his support. At the same time, Alcazar enters Mary's room, and takes out his gun. After sighting down the gun barrel at the unconscious Mary, Lorenzo's hand wavers and he lowers his gun. Later, Emily meets Nikolas at PCPD and learns that Nikolas is being released on bail and will only be charged with attempted manslaughter. Meanwhile, Ric tries to convince an incredulous Alexis that his decision to be lenient with Nikolas had nothing to do with Alexis's impassioned plea for leniency for her nephew!

Thursday, September 2, 2004

Jax and Courtney kiss on the terrace of her cabin on Sonny's island. Suddenly Jax finds Courtney pointing a gun at him telling him not to move a muscle. It turns out that Jax was just dreaming about kissing Courtney while sleeping on the terrace and Courtney pointing a gun at him woke him from the dream. Jax tells her she doesn't need to point a gun at him to get him to notice her. She tells him to stop flirting with her for one minute and look down near his lap on the lounger. Jax looks down near his legs and sees a coiled snake laying inches from his vulnerable parts. He asks Courtney to watch where she is aiming her gun because something far more important than his pride will be hurt if she shoots at him accidentally. Courtney waits until Jax is out of the way a little bit and shoots at the snake. The snake gets away and slithers back toward the grass. Jax and Courtney share banter back and forth with each other about their attraction to each other. Jax bets Courtney that she will be inviting him into her bed by sundown. Courtney has a hard time resisting Jax's advances. He tells her that Sonny threatened his life if he went near her again and that she should appreciate the fact that he didn't listen and came to find her anyway. Courtney tries to go off to the casino nearby to have dinner but Jax prepares one of his specialties and persuades her to try it. She pretends the food is just o.k. and not great but Jax catches her stealing some bites off another plate he had for her out on the terrace on her way out. He feeds her some of the food and persuades her to stay and eat dinner with him. They eat and have a glass of beer together. Jax gets her to dance slowly with him and starts to kiss her. Courtney lets him lead her to the lounger where they lay down and make out.

Brooke listens to one of the tracks they recorded of Sage singing at the studio. Georgie runs into the studio in a panic and turns off the music. Brooke asks her what is wrong. Georgie tells her that Dillon is on his way over to see Alcazar and take the blame for what ended up happening to Sage. Brooke leaves a message for Lois to come to the studio immediately. Lois comes right over when she gets Brooke's message. Brooke and Georgie ask Lois to go over to Alcazar's and use the fact that he likes her to persuade him not to hurt Dillon to avenge Sage's murder. Lois defends Alcazar to them but they make a case for Alcazar wanting any kind of revenge on anyone who had anything to do with what happened to Sage. Meanwhile, Dillon does go over to see Alcazar and tells him it was his fault for what eventually led to Sage's murder. He explains to Alcazar that he was a friend to Sage but admits he used her a bit to make Georgie jealous after she dumped him. He also lies to Alcazar and tells him he was the one who locked Sage in the former freezer room to keep her away from Georgie after the pranks she pulled on them all earlier. Alcazar listens to Dillon then tells him that he doesn't believe Dillon would lock Sage in the freezer and doesn't blame him for Sage's murder. Alcazar goes over to his desk. Dillon tells Alcazar to use him as a target if he wants to avenge Sage's murder. Alcazar takes out an envelope from the desk drawer and hands it to Dillon. He explains that he found the letter in Sage's bedroom last night and that she never mailed it. He tells Dillon the letter is addressed to him and asks him to read it. He tells Dillon that he already read it. Dillon returns to the studio. Georgie, Brooke, and Lucas are there and are relieved to see Dillon in one piece. Georgie asks him if Alcazar hurt him in anyway but Dillon tells her he didn't hurt him at all but instead shook his hand and thanked him for being a good friend to Sage. The other teens are surprised by Alcazar's behavior. Dillon explains about the letter Sage wrote for him but never mailed or gave him. Dillon tells them that he can't believe he didn't really see through Sage's attitude and bravado before now. He reads the letter Sage wrote him which tells him how insecure Sage felt about herself and how she would hide it by acting like she was better than anyone and that she would test people as well. Sage thanks Dillon for being her one true friend and how he was the only person who tried to be a friend to her and that she planned to invite him on her birthday and let him invite his friends as well and that she would be her real self to them. The letter makes the others feel really sad that Sage was never allowed to show her true self to them and will never get that chance now. Dillon tells her that Sage put a used birthday candle in the envelope for him to remind him about the day he had pancakes made for her on her birthday as a surprise. Brooke reads the poem Sage wrote. Georgie and Brooke cry after the poem is read. Lois shows up at Alcazar with a gift. She asks Alcazar if Dillon was there and if he left in one piece or not. Alcazar tells her that he doesn't blame Dillon for what happened and that he is thankful to Dillon for being there for Sage when he wasn't. He blames himself for not being there for Sage when she needed him and that Sage was just as impulsive as her father was and needed guidance and attention which he never gave her. Alcazar opens Lois' gift which is a nice publicity photo they took of Sage when she signed with their record company. Alcazar gets a call from his pilot letting him know his jet is ready for take-off. He tells Lois that he is having Sage buried next to her father and grandfather in Venezuela. Lois leaves and he thanks her for being there for him and for the picture. He also tells her that unlike his brother's murder, his niece's murder will be avenged this time. Lois tells him that getting revenge won't bring Sage back and tries to encourage him to let it go.

Ric calls Sonny over to the police station. He informs him that the police believe that Justus is helping Faith hide out somewhere since he disappeared when she did from the Quartermaine estate. He asks Sonny if they can trace his accounts in case Justus tries to get money from them to help in Faith's escape. Sonny tells Ric that Justus doesn't work for him any longer and that he will not let him near his accounts since he doesn't trust him to use them to nail him for some charges. Ric tells him he isn't interested in getting him on anything right now. Sonny doesn't believe him and points out that Ric needs him in his life to feel important but not vise-versa. Meanwhile, Jason returns home. Sam notices Jason looks a little glum and asks him what is wrong. Jason tells him that he doesn't like to see people he cares about hurt themselves and explains that he just dropped Carly at the airport on her way to find her father. He worries that Carly will be rejected by her biological father and points out that she never had a father before and that DNA is just science and that doesn't make him a real father since he was just one of Bobbie's clients when she was a teen prostitute. Sam is surprised to learn Bobbie was a prostitute once. Sam agrees that DNA doesn't make someone a child's parent in the ways that really count. Sonny walks in and asks them what they were talking about when he just walked in. Jason brings up the fact that Carly is going to New York to find her biological father who doesn't know she exists and that he fears she is setting herself up to be hurt. Sonny understands Jason's worries but supports Carly's decision to want to find her father and get to know him. Sonny feels strongly about this issue because Sam is carrying his child and he wants his child to know him. Sonny asks Sam to leave him alone to talk to Jason about business. Sam goes upstairs. Sonny tells Jason that Faith has disappeared again and that Justus is probably helping her hide out since she isn't in good health to travel right now. He tells Jason to find Justus and Faith before the cops do and call him if he finds out anything. Jason leaves. Sam asks Sonny if he sent Jason off so he can talk to her alone to corner her about Jason. He tells her he wanted to talk to her alone though. He tells her that he understands that Jason wants to help with the baby but that he will be the baby's father and not Jason. Sam tells him that he will be the father but Jason will be around the baby more than he will. Faith leads Justus to some cave-like room on the Cassadine estate to hide out in. Faith tells him that Luke told her about the hide-out he sometimes uses and that it is secluded enough to keep them from being spotted. Faith starts to feel weak again after being attacked by Mary Bishop at the Quartermaines plus getting over being stabbed in jail. She starts to come down with a fever. Justus worries she will end up with pneumonia and tells her he needs to leave her there for a little while and get her some medicine to help her. Faith is reluctant to let him go but trusts him when he says he will be back. Justus calls on a pay-phone in town and gets a prescription for Faith to be ready in 10 minutes. Justus gets off the pay-phone and turns around only to come face to face with Jason, who asks him what he is doing.

Friday, September 3, 2004

On the island, Jax and Courtney were kissing, but she stopped things. She did finally admit that she wanted to make love with him but that she wants the first time to be perfect. She tried to excuse herself to freshen up, but Jax wouldn't allow her to leave the room, thinking she was just trying to get away. As they started getting romantic again, Courtney yelled to Jax that the snake was back. He didn't believe her, was bitten by the snake and passed out when he hit his head. Later, he woke up and was told by Courtney that the snake was not poisonous, so he would be fine. She then showed him that she had her bag packed and was planning to leave the island and keep away from him until the bet expired. He asked her how she was going to leave without him stopping her but then realized that she had him bound to where he was reclining.

At Wyndemere, Emily and Nikolas discussed the charges against him for shooting Mary. Nik was convinced everything would work out okay, and they made love. At General Hospital, Lucky and Ric visited Mary. She wanted to know why they hadn't brought Connor to see her. They repeatedly told her that Connor had died in the war. Outside the room, Lucky said to Ric that he was sure Mary was only pretending to be crazy. Later, Emily visited Mary. Mary started speaking as though "Mary" were actually another person and said that Mary would never stay locked up for the crimes that had been committed. She was sure that Mary would be released after treatment. Emily asked if then she was just planning on chasing Nikolas around for the rest of her life. Mary said she was going to come back and cut Emily's heart out. When Em left the room, she ran into Liz, who was there for her nursing studies. Liz was pushing the patients' drug cart and realized she had forgotten something, so she asked Emily to watch the cart for her. A bit later, Lucky spotted Emily coming out of Mary's room. He entered the room, and, within a minute, the alarms on Mary's monitors went off! Nikolas arrived at the hospital and ran into Emily as a code blue was announced. They realized it was for Mary's ICU room!

Jason accused Justus of lying about Faith's whereabouts and said that Faith was using him. If he weren't careful, helping Faith would end up getting him killed. Helping Faith would make him as much of an enemy to Sonny as Faith already is.

Sam and Sonny continued to argue about his involvement in their unborn child's life, along with Jason's involvement. When Sonny said that he loved Jason like a brother, Sam countered that she had seen Sonny's version of love. She accused him of being devoted and protective until loving someone got in the way. He swore he would decide how much time he spent with his own daughter. Jason arrived, and Sam was asked to go upstairs so he and Sonny could discuss business. Jason told Sonny that Justus had said he wasn't helping Faith. Jason also said he didn't believe Justus but that he wasn't having Justus followed. Sonny wanted to know why. Jason said that he wanted Justus to have a chance not to be with Faith when Faith was found. Jason reminded Sonny how they had pulled Justus out of the monastery to defend Sonny in court. Sonny blew up, stating he didn't want to hear about that. He was mad that Jason wouldn't follow his orders, and he said that he wanted Faith killed-if Justus was with her, then he needed be killed, too. Sonny continually asked if Jason was going to do as instructed, and Jason finally agreed. Perturbed, Sonny left. Sam had been eavesdropping, and Jason knew it. She spoke about the differences between Sonny and Jason and said that she would never judge him for the work he does, since he had taken her in. Sam stumbled, falling into Jason's arms. Their eyes were fixed on one another.

Justus brought medication to Faith to their hiding place in the tunnels of Wyndemere. He told her about his encounter with Jason and finally convinced her to take a boat to Miami while he led Jason and Sonny in a different direction. They made love, and, afterward, Faith wondered what it was that haunted Justus. Before they could discuss that, Sonny arrived with a gun.

Carly showed up outside a building in New York City, and, when she tried to enter, was stopped by the doorman. She stated she was there to see John Durant, but the doorman said only family was allowed to enter. The doorman said everybody wanted to see Durant, and, when Carly asked why, she was shown a newspaper article and learned that Durant was a federal prosecutor who had just brought down a Soho drug syndicate. Carly tried bribing her way into the building, but the doorman told her Durant wasn't even there. She did get the information out of him that perhaps she should visit Paddy Mac's Place, a local Irish pub. When she arrived there, an interview with John Durant appeared on the TV. John stated that the media needed to quit glamorizing the mob and realize the mob for the parasites and terrorists that they are. When asked if he feared retribution, he said it was the gangsters who should be afraid. Another man in the bar appeared very interested in the telecast as well. Durant and some co-workers arrived. Suddenly, the man at the bar pulled a gun on Durant, but Carly, on instinct, grabbed the man's arm and kept anyone from getting hurt. The other men took the gunman away, and John thanked Carly. She then claimed to be a law student who had hoped to run into him there for an interview. She wanted to get some personal background information, rather than everything that was already in the papers. He mentioned that he had grown up an army brat and loved beaches, so he had enjoyed his time in Florida. As the questions persisted, Durant finally asked Carly who she really was and what she really wanted!

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