General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 31, 2004 on GH

Dillon met a mystery girl named Lynn. Sage refused to let Georgie be a part of Sage's project. Emily was shocked when Nikolas bumped into her on the beach and introduced himself as Connor.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 31, 2004 on GH
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Monday, May 31, 2004

Dillon was unable to shake his memory of the girl who had been singing, and he refused to give up on her returning to the studio. Georgie tried to get through to him, but he told her that he had to discover a great talent for Ned in order to make up for the Sage debacle. As he said that, Sage arrived and let them know her voice was better, and she planned to sing, after all. Georgie and Dillon were both apprehensive because of Sage's threats to break them up again, but Sage told them that they needed her uncle's money for the company.

Dillon warned Sage that he was tired of her games, and she replied that he'd better start being nice to her, or her uncle would pull his funding. She left in a huff, and Georgie reminded Dillon that, unfortunately, Sage was right. Dillon refused to let Sage control them, though, and stayed at the studio in hopes of the mystery girl's appearance. He fell asleep but later was woken up by a beautiful voice. He was overjoyed to look into the studio and see the mystery girl singing.

Ric placed Skye under arrest for Ross's murder and later eavesdropped on her conversation with Alexis. Alexis clearly said that she did not like Skye but was willing to help her because she knew that Skye was innocent and that Ric was railroading her. Ric continued to enjoy his flirtatious game with Alexis and later asked her for a drink. She refused and demanded he get a hearing for Skye immediately.

After the hearing proved successful for her, Alexis prepared to have Skye released on bail. Skye shocked Alexis by stating she was staying in prison because she was safer there than at home. Alexis enlisted Jax's help with Skye but couldn't escape Ric's pestering. Ric challenged Alexis again to a social drink in order to help their work relationship, and finally Alexis agreed.

Mary and "Connor" enjoyed their time at the beach as they prepared to renew their wedding vows. Nikolas, thinking he was Connor, told Mary that the beach seemed very familiar to him, but she replied that they had no ties there. The two said their vows in a candlelit ceremony, and professed their love for each other. Later, back at their suite, they reveled in their happiness.

Meanwhile, Emily and Lucky unknowingly shared the room next to Nikolas and Mary. The two attempted to have fun, and Lucky was determined to keep Emily's mind off of her sorrow over Nikolas. They played in the water all day, and that night, they stumbled upon Mary and "Connor's" wedding. Emily wanted to peek at the bride and groom, but Lucky got her to realize how it would upset her.

Back at Emily's room, Emily and Lucky laughed and fell onto the bed together, where Lucky kissed Emily. Both were stunned by the moment, and Lucky quickly apologized. Emily assured him that she was okay, and he left for his own room to turn in for the night. Emily walked onto her patio and was stunned when she looked over to the patio next door and saw Nikolas.

Sonny interrupted Sam and Jason and informed them that he did not want them to marry. Jason left to take care of business while Sam and Sonny argued over the arrangements. Sam reiterated her desire to leave and put the baby up for adoption, but Sonny would not consider it. He told her that marriage, however, was not part of the deal for her and Jason, and she reminded him that he needed to trust them to do what was best for the baby.

Jax listened as Courtney and Tracy went at it. Tracy insulted Courtney one last time before Courtney shoved her onto the ground. Before Tracy could attack back, Jax grabbed her and kept her from Courtney. Tracy promised to press charges and left. Jax assured Courtney that he wouldn't let Tracy bother her. Courtney thanked him, and he pulled her into a kiss.

Jason witnessed Jax and Courtney from a distance, and when Jax saw Jason, Jax informed Courtney of Jason and Sam's wedding plans. Jason tried to explain, but Jax continued to add fuel to the fire. Courtney wasn't interested in Jax's two cents, however, and told him to leave it alone. After Jason left, Jax was stunned that Courtney continued to defend him, but she pressed that Jason was only doing what was right.

Jax left Courtney sitting in the park, thinking about what could have been with Jason, when Sam suddenly approached. Courtney told Sam that she'd better take care of herself, since she was pregnant. When Sam got nasty about the advice, Courtney said that she had lost her own child and that Jason deserved better from Sam.

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Dillon listened quietly as Lynn practiced her singing in the studio. Once he spoke, however, she quickly stopped and accused him of eavesdropping on her. He realized that she had gotten in through an unlocked window, but he didn't care. He pressed her on her singing. Unwilling to discuss it, Lynn ran from the studio, but Dillon wouldn't let her go.

Lynn told Dillon that she had run away from a stage father who saw her singing as just something to promote rather than an art. Dillon shared his similar experiences with his own mother, and the two bonded. Dillon offered Lynn the studio as a place to stay, and she began to trust him.

Alexis agreed to have dinner with Ric but remained suspicious. Ric taunted her and got her to drink a lot of wine. Once she was inebriated, he began to ask her about Sonny. Although she refused to speak of him at first, she began to open up and admitted that she didn't completely regret the night she had shared with Sonny. Ric and Alexis then shared a dance, and Alexis ended up drunk. Unable to drive herself, she allowed Ric to take her home but warned him to behave.

Emily was stunned to witness Mary and Nikolas kissing on the patio next to hers. She ran back into her room, sick, and attempted to tell Lucky what she had witnessed. He was preoccupied over his problems with his parents and Skye, and Emily decided she couldn't add to his burden. She ran to the beach and was again shocked to find Nikolas, this time walking out alone near her. She spoke to him, and he realized that she was Mary's friend and begged her not to give him away.

Emily realized that Nikolas had no memory of being Nikolas and that he completely believed that he was Mary's husband, Connor. Emily was devastated when he told her that he had fallen in love with Mary again but promised not to tell their secret. Back in her room, Emily was further crushed to see Nikolas in bed with Mary.

Jason warned Sonny that he needed to decide what he wanted for his life and to remember the promise he had made to Michael. Sonny admitted he realized what Jason had gone through when he had given Michael up to Sonny, and he told Jason that he couldn't do it for his own child's sake, no matter how selfish he was being. Jason again reminded Sonny that he couldn't have both of his lives, and he had to choose. A call from the hospital interrupted them. Mike had been admitted after his bookie had beaten him up. Both Sonny and Jason rushed out to see if Mike was okay.

Courtney warned Sam to pay attention to Courtney's mistakes and not harm her unborn child. Sam tried to ignore her at first but realized that Courtney was right. Sam promised to take better care of herself. The hospital interrupted them, and they rushed to find out about Mike. Courtney defied Jason and went into Mike's room, where Mike and Sonny were having a heartfelt talk.

Sonny left and let both Jason and Sam know that they could go home, but he first told them he was sorry for balking at their marriage idea earlier. He crushed Sam when he admitted that it was for the best. Courtney returned to the hallway, and she and Sonny bonded over her foundation. She told him that the idea was from his bad childhood, and he was honored.

Wednesday, June 2, 2004

As Jax and Courtney jogged in the park, Courtney reminded Jax that she still remembered the crack Jax had made about Jason. Jax tried to apologize for his remark about Jason and Sonny's perception of territorial rights and then offered Courtney an opportunity to bow out of her ten million-dollar bet with Jax. Courtney archly reminded Jax that she planned to enjoy watching Jax lose his bet.

Meanwhile, at his penthouse, Jason ordered his accountant to arrange for an anonymous donation of one million dollars to be made to Courtney's children's foundation. Sam overheard Jason making the arrangements. Sam asked Jason why he wouldn't be able to give the donation directly to Courtney, but Jason protested that it was better for Jason to just avoid seeing Courtney. Jason tried to ignore Sam, but Sam pointed out that Jason's decision to marry Sam was one that Sam, Sonny, and Jason could all live with because they all knew that Jason could never love Sam.

Sam tried to convince Jason to make an effort to try to mend his relationship with Courtney rather than marry Sam. However, Jason blurted out that when he had gone to tell Courtney about the marriage, he had found Courtney kissing Jax. Jason emphasized that he was convinced that Courtney had moved on without him, and there was no hope for ever mending the relationship.

Meanwhile, in the park, after Courtney stormed away from Jax, she headed to the Cellar and began making plans for a fundraiser. Courtney was mildly surprised when she received the anonymous one million-dollar donation. She leaped to the conclusion that the money was from Jax when Jax arrived with flowers right after the messenger left. Realizing that Courtney was impressed by what she believed was Jax's generous gesture, Jax allowed Courtney to go on believing that the donation was from him.

Courtney reminded Jax that she wouldn't let him claim that the one million-dollar donation was merely a down payment for the ten million dollars involved in their bet and that Jax would still need to pay the entire ten million dollars when Courtney won the bet. As Jax and Courtney made plans for the fundraiser, Sam arrived and overheard their discussion about Jax's "donation" to Courtney's foundation. Sam declared, "Well, that is our Jax! The soul of generosity!"

A very hungover Alexis awakened on her couch when Kristina began playing in the living room. Kristina's nanny informed Alexis that Mr. Lansing had taken her home a bit smashed the previous evening and had left her a note. Alexis was appalled when she realized that Ric's note informed her that Skye's second bail hearing had been called for 9:00 a.m. that morning. As Alexis rushed to get ready, Ric waited at the courthouse, while Skye and Lucky wondered where Luke had gone.

Skye confided that Ric seemed to believe that it was Skye who had taken Laura out of the institution and that, somehow, Laura had escaped from Skye then Skye had made plans to blame Laura for Ross Duncan's death so that Skye could have an exclusive relationship with Luke. Although Skye protested her innocence, Ric was surprised when Lucky went to Ric with a letter from Luke, which alleged that Luke believed that Skye had set Lucky and Luke up. Skye was shocked when she saw Luke's letter.

Later, as Alexis rushed to leave for court, she was shocked to catch a news telecast of Ric's announcement that new evidence had surfaced in the case against Skye. Alexis grew even more concerned when she realized that Ric had a hickey. When Alexis arrived at court, she assured a troubled Skye that Luke's letter would not be admissible and that Skye had nothing to worry about. When Alexis cornered Ric and began quizzing him about the events of the previous evening, Ric was smugly evasive but insisted that he would never have taken advantage of Alexis in her inebriated state, if that was what was worrying her.

Later, Alexis was surprised when Skye announced that she had changed her mind and wanted to be released on bail because she could not stand another night locked up. Skye was thrilled when Alan and Edward arrived to provide moral support. When Alan and Edward reported that Tracy had been gloating that it was Tracy's evidence that would get Skye sent up the river, Skye confided that Tracy had only turned her evidence over to the police after Jax had dumped Tracy and refused to continue allowing Tracy to blackmail him.

Meanwhile, Alexis and Ric engaged in a muffled conversation about their "relationship," which Alexis claimed they did not have. Alexis was horrified when Ric gleefully pointed out that she was wearing mismatched shoes. As court convened, Ric argued that Skye was the one who had taken Laura out of the institution because Skye had believed Laura was a rival for Luke's affection. However, Laura had escaped from Skye and was with Luke. Ric made note of the letter that Luke had left with Lucky, claiming that Laura and Luke were together and that Skye had set them all up.

Ric moved that Skye be charged with murder and held without bail. Alexis argued that Skye was the one being victimized and succeeded in having Skye released on bail in Alan's custody. Alan reassured Skye that they would keep looking until they found who really was responsible for Ross Duncan's death. Afterward, Alexis caught up with Ric again and demanded to know what had happened between them the previous evening, all the while, attempting to sneak a surreptitious look at the mark on Ric's neck. However, Ric smugly hinted that Alexis would be able to remember the details of the evening if she put her mind to it.

Later, when Alexis returned home, she remembered Ric taking her home and that Alexis had made a drunken pass at Ric but that Ric had walked away. However, when Alexis lay down, she suddenly had a vision of herself pulling Ric back into a steamy embrace. An astonished Alexis jumped back up, wide awake.

When Georgie arrived at L&B, Dillon explained everything he knew about Lynn and expressed his confidence that he would be able to talk Lynn into singing for L&B. Dillon described Lynn's distinctive 60s retro jacket and stated that he had invited Lynn to sleep at the studio. As Dillon played the recording of Lynn singing in the studio, Ned arrived and was impressed by what he heard. However, Ned pointed out that what Dillon had wasn't enough to give to an interested investor. Ned encouraged Dillon to get Lynn to cut a demo and then arrange for the girl to meet with Ned.

After Ned left, Georgie reminded Dillon that he had no idea of how to contact Lynn. Plus, of course, Dillon needed to study for an important test. Later, in the park, Georgie tried to get Dillon to study for his exam, but Dillon was still too wound up about the situations with Sage and Lynn to concentrate. When Georgie began to cough, Dillon left to get her a drink.

While Dillon was gone, Georgie spotted Lynn hurrying through the park. Recognizing Lynn's distinctive jacket from Dillon's description, Georgie stopped Lynn and tried to convince Lynn to record for Dillon. When Dillon returned unexpectedly, Lynn slapped Dillon, claiming it was because Dillon had recorded her without her permission and had blabbed confidential details about Lynn's life to Georgie.

In Mexico, Emily arranged to catch "Connor" alone when he went for an early morning walk. Emily was disappointed when Nikolas began to talk about how much his life with Mary meant to him. Emily noticed Nikolas' cross and, when she asked him about it, Nikolas confided that Mary had given it to him and that when Nikolas had first seen the cross, following his accident, he had known that the cross reminded him of the woman who loved him as soon as he had seen it. Nikolas described the way he had felt as he had recognized the place in Mexico when he had first seen it in a travel brochure, then went on to admit that he had heard Emily's tribute to Nikolas on the day of the memorial service.

Emily confided that she had arrived at that spot in Mexico because her deceased fiancÚ had made arrangements for them to travel there before his death. Hoping to prod Nikolas' memory, Emily explained that the church had been special to her and Nikolas and that they had made private vows to each other in the church. Emily tried to hide her emotion as Nikolas described the incredible joy he had felt when he had recently renewed his wedding vows with Mary.

As Emily began to talk about the way Nikolas had made up St. Viviana's Day in the hope of jogging Nikolas' memory, Nikolas heard Mary calling for "Connor" and urged Emily to leave before Mary realized that Emily knew that "Connor" was not really dead. As Emily left, she was devastated when "Connor" assured her that, one day, she would find someone new to love. Later, Emily slipped back and sadly watched while Mary and Nikolas talked about how incredibly happy they were together.

Later, as "Connor" and Mary walked along the beach, Mary observed that he had been very happy since they had arrived in Mexico. She suggested that they should move to Mexico and get a whole new start on their lives. At the same time, Emily arrived back in Port Charles and rushed to Jason's penthouse. When Emily asked if Jason ever wished he could put his life back the way it had been before his accident, Jason admitted that he was puzzled by Emily's question. Emily suddenly blurted out that she had discovered that Nikolas was alive.

Thursday, June 3, 2004

Lynn grew angry with Dillon for trying to sell her out to a record label when she had made it clear to him that she didn't want any record deal. Dillon pointed out to her that she wasn't in a position to turn down any help, since she obviously had no money and needed to eat. He suggested he, Lynn, and Georgie go to Kelly's for dinner and asked her to hear him out before making any decisions. Lynn agreed to go. Lynn remained adamant that she didn't want to do anything but sing and didn't want to be another Britney Spears. Dillon said she could reinvent herself and suggested she think about making a deal with L&B to make some money for herself.

Dillon left Georgie alone with Lynn at Kelly's. Georgie tried to sell Lynn on the idea of letting Dillon help her and tried to convince her that Dillon was a good, honest guy she could trust. Lynn warned Georgie that men were scum and couldn't be trusted. Georgie told her Dillon was not like that. Georgie explained why she was helping Lynn and told her about Sage and how Georgie didn't want Sage to get close to Dillon as the new signed artist.

Georgie introduced Lynn to Mike when he showed up at Kelly's. Georgie put in a good word for Lynn to help her get a job at Kelly's. Georgie told Mike that Lynn was going to Port Charles University and needed a job for the summer. Mike asked Lynn what kind of job she wanted there. Lynn said she would rather work in the kitchen instead of waiting tables. Mike told her that he had an opening for someone to wash dishes. Lynn accepted the job, and Mike offered her a room as well.

Meanwhile, Ned and Sage spoke at the studio. Sage asked Ned if Dillon could be her director and told him that she believed Dillon had enough talent to direct her music video, but on one condition. Ned asked her what that condition was. Sage told him that she didn't want Georgie anywhere near the project and asked that Georgie not be allowed at the studio when they were working together. Ned agreed to her terms, since Alcazar was reinvesting in L&B.

Dillon returned to the studio. He told Ned that he had some conflicts but was very close to getting his new singer to sign with them. Ned reported on his meeting with Sage. He surprised Dillon when he said that Sage wanted Dillon to be her director. Ned said that Georgie wasn't allowed at the studio when they were working.

Dillon didn't take the news well and threatened to quit L&B. Ned said that Dillon would have to put his personal life aside because they needed Alcazar's financial backing. Georgie showed up at the studio to tell Dillon she had persuaded Lynn to stay in Port Charles and had gotten her a job at Kelly's and a room. Dillon told her about Sage's meeting with Ned and what Sage's conditions were. Georgie was hurt by the news but tried to hide it.

Alcazar had had a run-in with Faith at Kelly's, and she warned him that Sonny and Jason might try to go after him, since they had stalled her efforts to thwart them. Alcazar told her he had other plans to ruin Sonny that didn't concern her. Nikolas worried Mary when he told her he wanted to go back home and do some more work for Alcazar. Mary told him they couldn't trust Alcazar, and she wished they could stay at the resort a little while longer for their honeymoon. Alcazar showed up in Mexico to talk to Nikolas.

Alcazar handed a photo of Jason over to Nikolas and asked him to spy on Jason and find out where he was most vulnerable so Alcazar could use it against Jason. Alcazar warned Nikolas that Jason was armed and very dangerous and urged him to watch his back. Nikolas accepted the job. Mary returned from her walk and found Nikolas was gone and had left her a note. The note revealed that he had returned to Port Charles and that she could stay as long as she wanted at the resort. Mary started to panic that he would ruin things.

Alcazar surprised Mary by showing up at her hotel room. He told her that he had something important for Nikolas to do for him. Mary told Alcazar that what he did was too dangerous for Nikolas. Alcazar told her that if she interfered with his business, he would make sure that Nikolas found out who he really was, and she would lose him to his real love, Emily.

Nikolas returned to Port Charles. Emily showed up at Jason's place to tell him she had seen and talked to Nikolas in Mexico. Jason worried about her sanity, but she convinced him she had not been hallucinating when she had seen him. Jason gave her a glass of brandy to calm her nerves and made her tell him everything from the beginning. Emily explained to him about the night of her car accident and how she had thought she had seen Nikolas near her car. She said she had found out that Nikolas, not Mary, had carried her back to Mary's cottage that night.

Jason agreed that it made more sense, since he had never bought Mary's explanation about what had happened that night. Emily explained everything about what Mary had done to cover up Nikolas' true identity and efforts to pass him off as her husband, Connor. Emily asked Jason to help her figure out how to approach Nikolas. Jason explained that he had been angry with the family and anyone who had tried to tell him who he was and revealed how he had wanted to run. Emily worried about telling Nikolas the truth about his identity and having him run off or get into Helena's clutches.

Jason suggested Elizabeth keep thee knowledge to herself and not let on what was going on. He told her that Nikolas might get his memory back on his own eventually. Sam showed up at Jason's place, and Emily found out that Jason was the "father" of Sam's baby and that they were getting married. Emily was disturbed by the news but acted happy for them and wished Sam well.

Emily went to the park with Jason to take a walk. Nikolas spotted them together and watched from the woods. He recognized Jason from Alcazar's photo of him and saw that Jason was connected to Emily in some way. Jason tried to explain to Emily that he needed to marry Sam and do the right thing for his child. Emily voiced her concerns for him and guessed that things weren't what they seemed. She asked Jason to promise to think of his needs as well.

Jason left the park. Nikolas approached Emily. Nikolas smelled popcorn and made a comment. Emily told him there was a carnival nearby. He invited her to go with him to check it out. Emily reluctantly took his hand and walked with him.

Courtney and Jax talked about the one million-dollar check he had anonymously sent to her. Sam showed up at the Cellar and made a remark about how generous he could be. Jax wasn't very happy to see her and told her that they were busy with the fundraiser for that night. He asked Sam to leave. Sonny showed up and asked Courtney how he could help out. Jax told Sonny that they didn't need his kind of help and asked him to leave. Sonny refused to leave unless Courtney wanted him to.

Sonny asked Sam to leave so he could talk to Courtney alone. Courtney asked Jax to leave for the moment so she and Sonny could talk. Sonny asked her why she hadn't turned to him for financial help with her fundraiser. Courtney said that she couldn't afford to let him or Jason help her, since her reputation was on the line with her children's foundation. She revealed that she already had Ric breathing down her neck and accusing her of using it as a front for Sonny and Jason.

Sonny asked Courtney to choose between Jax and him, since she claimed to love her family so much. Courtney told him that her association with Jax was business and that her family was separate. Sonny didn't like her association with Jax, but Courtney refused to back down. She let him know that Jax could give her what she wanted financially without compromising her reputation. Sonny made dinner and took it across the hall for Sam. He was all dressed up for the fundraiser.

Sam didn't want Sonny to go, and they danced alone for a while. Sonny met with Jason. He asked Jason to break into Jax's office and find out anything he could use against Jax. Jason was upset when he saw Courtney all dressed up, heading with Jax to his limo to go to the fundraiser. Courtney saw his reaction and felt the hurt too.

Mac and Felicia showed up at the fundraiser. Felicia worried about Mac and if he was up to a party after just recovering from the fire. Mac told her he felt fine and that he was going to enjoy their date together. Tracy was all smiles and greeted them.

Edward made a rude comment about whether Mac had made any arrests lately. Felicia informed them that they were there for the fundraiser, and no police business would be discussed. Tracy told Mac that if Sonny showed up, Mac would be busy arresting him and Courtney by the end of the evening. Monica defended Courtney, which surprised Tracy, since Courtney had divorced both of Monica's sons.

Friday, June 4, 2004

Sonny was dressed for Courtney's fundraiser when he took dinner over to Sam in Jason's penthouse. They started to get close to one another but were interrupted when Jason returned early. Jason privately let Sonny know that the mission to break into Jax's place had been aborted, since Courtney had seen her ex-husband outside of Jax's. After Sonny left, Sam talked Jason into taking her to the fundraiser and said that people should see them in public as a couple.

Mary was upset that Alcazar had sent amnesiac Nikolas, her "Connor," back to Port Charles on business, still not liking the potential danger he faced with the job. Alcazar reminded her of her selfishness, keeping Nikolas to herself. In Port Charles, Nikolas and Emily had bumped into each other again. Emily continued to pretend he was Connor. Seeing she was hurting, he asked her to tell him about her lost love, Nikolas. She filled him in on some details of the relationship. She mentioned to him that she felt she had known him forever, and he replied that there was something familiar about her.

Dillon told Georgie he would quit the directing job since she could not help with Sage's video. She would not let him give up his dream. After she left, Sage and Dillon started to work, which led to an argument causing Sage to leave. She did return, however, and they agreed to work together professionally.

A man claiming to be Lynn's father showed up at Kelly's, looking for her. He asked if Maxie had seen her, and she replied that she had not. The man left, and Georgie later found Lynn at the diner. Lynn had seen the man and said she had to get out of town. Georgie begged Lynn to stay, wanting her to sing for the record label and assist in getting rid of Sage as talent.

Lynn hid when the man returned, and Georgie told him she had seen the girl and that she had left town on a train headed to Nashville. Once the man left again, Lynn reemerged from hiding to talk to Georgie, not realizing the man was watching them from outside the window.

Edward, Alan, Tracy, Monica, Ned, Justus, Ric, Alexis, Jax, Courtney, Faith, Mike, Mac, and Felicia all attended the charity event. When Sonny arrived, Jax suggested that he leave, which did not sit well with Courtney. Sonny stayed. Tracy was waiting for something to happen that would shut down the charity. When reporters interviewed Ric, he insisted his office had investigated the foundation and that it was indeed legitimate. Tracy warned him that her family could be very influential where his job was concerned and compared him to his brother, calling him a thug with a law degree.

Ric found time to antagonize Sonny, and then, seeing Ric and Alexis together, Sonny warned her that he would have her disbarred if she ever revealed anything she had learned while working as his attorney. He also said that she and Ric were perfect together, educated and full of themselves. When Ric and Alexis were speaking privately, she said she had some understanding of him, since they were both unwanted children. He asked if she was trying to stay close to Sonny or to him.

Sonny was annoyed when Sam and Jason arrived, even though he knew the reason for it. Sam announced to the Quartermaines that she and Jason were getting married, and Tracy immediately assumed she had to be pregnant. Jason stated that they were indeed having a baby. Monica wanted to speak to Jason alone but was interrupted when Jax provoked Jason about sleeping with Sam while not completely away from Courtney yet.

Jason flew off the handle and decked Jax. Mac asked if Jax wanted to press charges, but he didn't. Jason left, but Sam stayed and gloated about the altercation. She told Courtney that Jason certainly hadn't hit Jax without a reason and then revealed that the million-dollar check for the foundation was not actually from Jax.

On orders from Alcazar to come up with information about Jason, Nikolas broke into Jason's penthouse. In the dark, he did not notice a picture above the fireplace of Emily and himself. Jason returned home and drew his gun when he realized there was someone there.

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