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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 8, 2004 on GH
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Monday, March 8, 2004

Faith warns Courtney that she should abide by her rules or trouble will be made for Sonny in his custody fight for his brats. Courtney grabs and attacks Faith and tells her not to insult her nephews. Courtney tells Faith to get the hell out of her office, but Faith grabs her gun and fires a shot, narrowly missing Courtney's head. Faith explains that was Courtney's last warning, and leaves.

Michael tells Alcazar to stay away from his mom, and not hurt her. Alcazar tentatively tries to reach out to the boy and explain to him that he won't hurt Carly. Alcazar explains that he isn't the one who yells at Carly and makes her cry. Michael is confused, but seems to understand that Alcazar is his mom's friend and wants only good for her. He agrees to allow Alcazar to take him home, but Courtney finds them before they leave the docks. She chases Alcazar off and asks Michael what he's doing. Michael explains he's trying to find a way for his mom to be able to come home. When he says he doesn't understand why his parents can't work things out, Courtney admits she doesn't know either and hugs the boy.

Emily shows Nikolas the note she was mailed from Zander, and the two try to figure out how to deal with it. Ric comes upon them and eavesdrops to hear what they are saying. He then rushes up to them and demands the note as evidence in a murder case, but Emily runs off with it and Lucky refuses to cooperate. Emily rushes back to Wyndemere where Nikolas is telling his lawyer that he wants his trial to begin as soon as possible. Emily tells Nik about her note, and Ric overhearing her discussion with Lucky. Nikolas shows Emily the note that he received from Zander and they realize that Zander was trying to pit them all against each other. Emily tells him they need to leave town, but Liz walks in and says that won't be necessary. Ric rushes in and tries to stop her, but Liz admits to murdering Zander. Ric tells them he only wants to help his wife, and asks them to trust him, but Emily and Nikolas refuse to do that and suggest Liz turn herself in and they testify on her behalf. As they say this, Ric realizes that Liz has left to turn herself in. He rushes after her, but she's already on the road. She reaches in her purse for a tissue, and when she looks back through the windshield she sees something in her path and swerves the wheel to run off the road.

Felicia sits with Mac as he wakes up and she tells him she's grateful for all that he's done for their daughters. She is upset that he never called her when Maxie was having trouble, but explains that Mac needs to rest and she will take care of things now. Audrey approaches Felicia later in the hospital lobby, and inquires about Mac's insurance. Felicia realizes that his bills exceed his coverage, and promises to pay for whatever else is needed. Once Audrey leaves, Tracy approaches Felicia and offers her a check from the Quartermaines for $10,000. Felicia tells her that she isn't interested in the blood money.

Sage comes upon Dillon and snatches tickets that he's holding out of his hand. She assumes they are for him and her to attend the opera, and she begins to go on about the outfit she'll buy. Dillon quietly tells her the tickets are for him and Georgie. Sage tries to talk him out of it, but he tells her that he is still in love with Georgie, and will do anything to get her back. Later, Georgie meets Dillon at Kelly's and they bond. Just as he's about to ask her to the opera, Tom runs in and interrupts. Having been put up to it by Sage, Tom asks Georgie to the opera first, ruining Dillon's plans. Dillon spots Sage at the front door, and angrily grabs her and leaves the restaurant. He blasts her for her interference, but she denies having anything to do with Tom's plans. At first Dillon doesn't believe her, but she manipulates him long enough that he buys her story.

Alexis puts Jason on the stand and gets him to admit that Carly is a good mother. Jason continues to help Carly's case by explaining the length she's gone to for her children, and how much she loves them and will protect them. She also damages Sonny when she forces Jason to admit that Sonny is surrounded by constant violence. Justus has his chance with Jason next, and is able to repair some of the damage by getting Jason to say that Sonny is the best father that he knows. In the end, Jason helps neither Corinthos fully, when he admits that it's his opinion that the best thing for Michael and Morgan is shared custody. Once he's off the stand, Carly blasts him for not helping her. She tells him that he's left her no choice, and that she will have to testify against Sonny. She leaves and Sonny walks up to Jason to yell at him too, but Jason tells him he did what was best for the boys, and admits that Carly blackmailed him. Sonny is devastated to realize that Carly will tell the judge about his manic depression and breakdowns, and goes into the court to demand that Justus paint Carly as a liar and discredit her testimony. Carly takes the stand, and Alexis inquires about Sonny's mental instability and nervous breakdowns, and Carly can't say a word.

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Liz runs off the road in her car and crashes. She realizes what has happened, and that she's alright, but she's frantic about the well-being of her baby. Lucky comes upon the scene, and Liz tells him that she was on her way to the police station to confess to murdering Zander. Lucky gets an ambulance to her, and notifies Ric who is still at Wyndemere. Ric, Emily, and Nikolas rush to GH where they encounter Lucky, who tells them of Liz's confession. Ric tells Lucky that Liz didn't really kill Zander, and confesses to the murder himself. Lucky doesn't necessarily buy it, and he, Nik, and Emily follow Ric to Liz's room where she tells them not to let Ric cover for her. Nikolas comes up with the idea for Ric to use his favor with Sonny to pin Zander's murder on Capelli, so that none of them take the blame.

Ned and Tracy plot to keep ELQ for themselves, once they find out that Edward was not responsible for the fire. With the official report stating that the electrical system was up to code, and a deliberate fire was set, they realize they will have to bribe the fire marshal to bury the story in order to keep Edward from gaining back control of the company. The two continue to discuss their plan, unaware that Dillon is eavesdropping.

Meanwhile, Luke and Skye camp out at her house, and endure more of Edward's poor behavior. Dillon rushes in to tell them what he overheard at the Quartermaine mansion, and they decide they need to get to the fire inspector before Ned and Tracy. Skye distracts Inspector Morse while Luke steals the files, but before he can get away, Morse walks back in. Luke quickly covers and pretends to be from an official agency, and he and Skye make off with the file. After they run out, Ned appears at Morse's door, ready to bribe him. He's unsuccessful, and Tracy is enraged. Edward arrives home, with Luke and Skye in tow, and he tries to kick Ned and Tracy out of the house. But the guards from Shadybrook arrive, and thanks to Ned, Tracy, and Alan and Monica's medical opinions, they are able to cart Edward off to the mental hospital. Skye and Luke vow to get him out and fight the rest of the Quartermaines.

Alexis presses Carly, but is unable to get her to admit to mistreatment at the hands of Sonny. Carly lies and says that Sonny has never suffered from mental instability or breakdowns, and simply expresses her desire to be with her children. Fed up, Alexis ends her questioning. Sonny is overwhelmed by his wife's loyalty, and demands that Justus not attack her. Justus briefly takes a turn at Carly, who continues to defend her husband. Court adjourns, and Alexis angrily berates Carly for her foolish testimony. Carly tells her she isn't interested in destroying Sonny, she only wants her children, and Alexis had better get them regardless of Carly's testimony. Carly again threatens to tell Sonny about Kristina, and Alexis nervously watches as Carly takes Sonny aside to try to work out an agreement. Alcazar approaches them, sending Sonny packing, and questions Carly on her testimony. Carly defends her actions as being truthful, but Lorenzo continues to push her on whether she's wanting to now make amends with Sonny. Carly turns the tables and asks what it is that Lorenzo is wanting out of the situation.

Back at the penthouse, Sam shows up per Michael's invitation, and the boy asks her help in getting Alcazar out of his parents life so that they can get back together. Sam is uncomfortable, and assures Michael that Alcazar won't hurt him or his mom. Sonny and Jason walk in, and are surprised to find Sam there. Michael explains himself to Jason, and Sonny orders Jason to take Sam home. Sonny then sits down with his son, and tells him that he needn't worry about handling things, Sonny will take care of it. He talks a bit about the day at court, and says that Carly backed down, so now he might be able to do the same and they can try to work together on the situation.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

At the Courthouse, Faith reports to Lorenzo that Courtney is cooperating with Faith's plans for the docks. Lorenzo confides that Alexis' pointed questions about Sonny's temper leads Alcazar to believe that they will be able to win Carly's case for her by continuing to pressure Sonny until Sonny loses his temper in public. Meanwhile, Courtney reports to Justus that Faith is leaning on her again. Justus reminds Courtney that any investigation into violence on the waterfront would most likely reflect adversely on Sonny ~ so Justus urges Courtney to be patient with Faith's bullying just a little while longer. Meanwhile, on the Docks, Sonny blasts Alexis for her plan to call Samantha as a witness. Sonny warns Alexis that he KNOWS her weakness and will use what he knows to break his former attorney if that is the only option she leaves him. Alexis hands a subpoena to Sam any way, then storms away. Afterward, Sam quizzes Sonny about his previous relationship with Alexis. Sonny admits that he hit the sheets with Alexis one time. Sonny goes on to explain that he believed that Alexis had hope for a more long-term relationship with Sonny, and when things didn't work out the way Alexis had hoped, her feelings were hurt. Then Alexis blamed Sonny for her sister's death when Kristina was killed on the Docks by a bomb intended for Sonny. At the same time, Carly meets with Jason in the park and confides that she still loves Sonny and could not bring herself to tell the world about Sonny's breakdowns ~ but that she also can NOT give up her children. As Carly assures Jason that she could NOT bear the thought of losing Jason's friendship during the custody hearing, Lorenzo suddenly shows up and tells Carly that he needs to speak to her alone. After Jason leaves, Carly admits that she believes that Lorenzo DOES love her, but that Lorenzo still hates Sonny enough to be willing to do whatever it takes to get back at Sonny. Lorenzo promises that now that he has sold his business to Faith, the pressure should ease up. In the meantime, Samantha listens as Sonny explains his complicated relationship with Alexis, then Samantha wonders if Sam's friendship with Sonny will end up being sacrificed on the altar of a casual fling. Sonny assures Sam that he does NOT plan for that to happen. Sam assures Sonny that she is not worried about testifying for Sonny in court. In the meantime, Faith tracks Courtney down and tells Courtney that Faith is expecting an important shipment soon and wants NO interference from Courtney. Later, Sam takes the stand at the custody hearing and both Sam and Sonny are stunned when Alexis suddenly begins quizzing Samantha about her past involvements in prostitution and auto theft. Sam reluctantly admits that, when she was 18, her boyfriend was much older than she was and was involved in an auto theft ring. When Sam realized that the man had been lying to her and using Sam to cover his activities, Sam testified against him. When Samantha asks what that has to do with custody of Sonny's children, Alexis begins to quiz Samantha about the times that Sam met Sonny's children and the time that Sam has been spending with Michael and Morgan. Sam admits that she had been at Sonny's Penthouse the previous evening, while Michael and Morgan were there. When Justus gets his chance, Justus asks Sam if Sonny asked her to be a part of his children's lives and Sam declares that the subject never came up for discussion. When Justus asks if Sonny knows about any of Sam's arrests, Sam testifies that she had never mentioned anything about her arrest record to Sonny. When Justus sits down, he whispers to Sonny NOT to make eye contact with Sam when she leaves. After she leaves the stand, Sam goes out into the hallway and breaks down in tears. Later, Justus quizzes Lorenzo about his past history with Sonny and Carly, including Lorenzo's plot to kidnap Carly. Lorenzo admits that he DID have a woman undergo reconstructive surgery to resemble Sonny's deceased wife in order to create a rift between Sonny and Carly because Lorenzo was in love with Carly. When Alexis questions Lorenzo, Lorenzo tells Alexis that he went to such extreme measures because he was worried about Carly's safety as long as she remained with her abusive husband. Lorenzo explains that the extreme measures he used were solely to free Carly from an obviously abusive relationship with Sonny. Lorenzo goes in to detail about the way Sonny tried to kill Lorenzo at the same time that Lorenzo was assisting with the birth of Carly's son and that, when Sonny missed Lorenzo, it was Sonny who put the bullet into his own wife's head! Afterward, Justus puts Sonny on the stand to testify about Michael and Morgan's safety while in Sonny's care. However, when Alexis gets an opportunity to quiz Sonny, Alexis asks Sonny point blank about detonating a bomb in his Penthouse. Alexis rushes on to quiz Sonny about the way his first wife died in a car when the car was destroyed by a bomb intended for Sonny. Alexis then begins quizzing Sonny about his claustrophobia and begins to ask pointed questions about Sonny's childhood experiences, including an incident when Sonny's stepfather locked him in a closet and beat him. As Justus objects, Carly also rises and angrily orders Alexis to leave Sonny alone. At the same time, Samantha meets with the Harbor Master and begins making plans to leave town. At the Hospital, Ric informs Emily and Nikolas that he believes it might be best for Emily to approach Jason and explain that Liz plans to confess to Zander's murder rather than let Ric appeal to Sonny to ORDER Jason to implicate Officer Capelli in Zander's death. Ric explains that they can say that Jason's general distrust of law enforcement was the reason why Jason did NOT come forward with what he knew sooner. Ric explains that Jason can say that Jason did NOT want Nikolas to be convicted of a crime that Nikolas had NOT committed. Later, Ric visits Liz and reports that Nikolas and Emily plan to approach Jason first before they involve Sonny. Ric hints that he hopes that Jason might be persuaded to help because of his previous fondness for Liz, if for no other reason. Meanwhile, Nikolas and Emily meet with Jason outside the custody hearing and explain Liz's involvement in Zander's death. Emily explains that they would like for Jason to state that, before Capelli died, Capelli bragged to Jason that it was Capelli who killed Zander. Jason reminds Nikolas and Emily that IF he swears to something that is NOT true, it will be perjury and COULD be Ric's way of setting Jason up. However, Jason accompanies Nikolas and Emily to the Port Charles Police Department, where Ric hands Jason a prepared statement to sign. Jason reminds Ric that Jason KNOWS that Ric could come after Jason later on a perjury charge, but Ric assures Jason that Ric's ONLY motivation is to protect Liz and guarantee Liz the life that she deserves. Ric appeals to Jason as Liz's friend to help them all protect Liz. Ric assures Jason that Ric, Nikolas, Emily and Lucky would never have any reason to contradict Jason's statement and, since Capelli and Zander are BOTH dead, NEITHER of them would be in any position to contradict Jason's statement. Nikolas and Emily assure Jason that they believe that, in this instance, Ric's only motivation is to rescue Liz and that they all agree that they SHOULD protect Liz. Jason reluctantly signs the statement and Ric announces that the case is now officially closed. Even as Emily thanks Jason for his help, Jason again warns Nikolas and Emily to remember that Ric is NOT their friend. As Jason leaves, he runs into Courtney and asks her why she is at the PCPD. Courtney convinces Jason to walk with her in the park and reluctantly explains that Faith has been leaning on Courtney to move Faith's shipments on Courtney's docks. Courtney explains Lucky's plan to try to get Faith to incriminate herself on tape. But Jason reminds Courtney that she should have come to Jason instead of Lucky for help. Courtney reminds Jason that she can NOT allow Jason to help her until the custody hearing wraps up because violence on the waterfront would probably end up reflecting negatively on Sonny. Later, Ric leaves the Hospital with Liz, who confides that she feels as if a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Meanwhile, as Nikolas and Emily head home, Emily confides that she feels sad that Zander's death was just something they all felt they needed to cover up. Nikolas assures Emily that that part of their lives in finally over and they can now truly begin making plans for their future together.Felicia arrives at the Hospital to visit Mac and confides that his nurse had reported that his vital signs had improved overnight. As Felicia chats about old time with a silent Mac, Maxie arrives and asks to speak to Mac alone. After Felicia leaves, Maxie tearfully confesses to Mac that she was helping Zander hide out the evening of the fire. However, Maxie defends her actions by declaring that she believed everyone had misjudged Zander and that he was a truly good person at heart. Maxie is thrilled when a silent Mac gives her hand a reassuring pat. After Maxie leaves, Felicia returns and tries unsuccessfully to get Mac to speak to her. Felicia leaves when the nurse arrives to change Mac's bandages. After Felicia leaves, "Mac" whispers to the nurse that the bandages had just been changed and he is in too much pain to endure the ordeal again so soon. The nurse wonders why the bandage change had not been noted on the chart and corrects the chart before leaving. After the nurse leaves, "Mac" pulls off his bandages and reveals that the bandaged man in Mac's Hospital bed is really Zander!

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Nikolas and Emily arrive at Kelly's to find an anxious Liz waiting there. They ask her what is going on with the murder case. Ric shows up with flowers for Liz and assures her that the murder case is officially closed and that Zander is now in their past. Emily defends Zander by reminding Liz that Zander had some good in him and wonders if Liz will ever tell her child about his/her biological father. Liz understands that Emily wants to see the good in Zander but isn't sure she will tell her baby about him. Nikolas makes an excuse why they have to go do something. They go outside and Nikolas tells her he made up an excuse so that they could get away from Ric, who they can't stand. While they share a tender moment outside of Kelly's, Helena shows up. She tells Nikolas that she bought a big chunk of the treasure back from some scoundrel who hid it in a dumpster and sold it back to her. She informs him that she has put $25 million into a Swiss bank account for him and suggests that they go to Paris to celebrate together. Nikolas surprises her when he tells her that he is going to take half of the $25 million and give it to the victims of the hotel fire and the other half he is going to split with the Quartermaines. Helena is furious with him for even considering giving any of that money to the Quartermaines. Nikolas reminds her that the Quartermaines are one of the reasons they even found the treasure and they gave him Emily. Helena makes her usual threats but Nikolas warns her not to cross him or she will pay dearly. Back inside Kelly's Ric and Liz talk about Zander. Liz tells Ric that she needs to see Jason and thank him for lying to protect her. She goes to the courthouse and finds Jason talking in the hallway with Courtney. She asks Jason if she could speak to him alone. Courtney goes over and sits in the corner. She can't help but be jealous when she witnesses Liz talking to Jason and then having Jason touch her stomach when her baby kicks and Jason looks awed by it. Liz thanks Jason for helping her even though he doesn't like the cops or Ric. He tells her that he hopes that she has a happy life with her new baby. Later, Courtney tells Jason that when she watched him talking with Liz and how he looked when he felt Liz's baby kick, she was imagining him looking at her that way when she was once pregnant. Meanwhile, at G.H. a bandaged up "Mac" tells the nurse that he just had his bandages changed 2 hours ago by another nurse and it was very painful. The nurse backs away and suggests she make a notation in his chart so they will know he just had them changed and walks out of the room. After the nurse leaves, "Mac" takes his head bandages off and it is revealed that it isn't Mac but Zander, who is alive and well and was pretending to be Mac. The real Mac ends up at Mercy Hospital and is listed as a "John Doe" and placed in their care. The nurses comment that he is a John Doe that mysteriously appeared at their hospital. One of the nurses checks on Mac and tells him they will need to change his bandages. Mac looks like he wants to talk to her but has a hard time. Maxie goes to see "Mac" at G.H. but Alan stops her in the hallway and suggests she let Mac rest since he just had his bandages changed and it is quite painful. Maxie worries that Mac is worse but Alan reassures her that Mac is doing much better and is improving tremendously. Zander makes his escape while Alan and Maxie's backs are turned and poses as a surgeon in mask and scrubs to escape in the elevator. Zander goes and breaks into some apartment and raids the refrigerator. He turns on the TV and gets angry when the local news comes on and it is reported that Nikolas has been exonerated for murder. Zander hears a knock on the door and a woman calls out for someone named Wally. Zander goes out on the balcony when hears the woman come inside the apartment. He ends up finding Nikolas and Emily at some church out in the country. Emily and Nikolas decide to do their own private vows in front of God without family. Zander doesn't looked pleased to see them so happy and kissing. Felicia goes to Mac's room at G.H. and finds that the pillows are inside Mac's bed but there is no sign of Mac around. She runs out of the room and alerts Alan to the fact that Mac took off. Alan tries to get a search party looking for him at the hospital but comes back with the news that no one saw Mac leave the hospital or see him around anywhere. Alan tells Felicia that the longer Mac is outside the hospital, the greater his risk for infection. Georgie tells Felicia that Mac would never leave them.

Sonny is called to the stand by Justus. Justus tries to establish to the judge that Sonny wanted to adopt Michael and has done everything he can to love and protect his sons. Alexis gets up to cross-examine him. She digs into his background and asks him if he is badly claustrophobic and he admits he is. She asks him if it is because he was locked in a closet as a boy by his stepfather who beat him and his mother. Sonny doesn't really respond but acknowledges that he was abused as a child. Alexis tries to paint a picture of Sonny as being unstable because of it and that is what caused him to have nervous breakdowns. Carly surprises everyone when she stands up and yells at Alexis to stop badgering Sonny about his childhood. The judge orders Carly to sit down but she refuses and accuses Alexis of having her own agenda. She tells Alexis to admit she has a secret she doesn't want anyone to know about. The judge gets sick of hearing Alexis and Carly bicker and orders Carly to retake the stand again. He makes Carly tell him what she was referring to about a secret. Carly tells the judge that Alexis was once Sonny's lawyer and is in love with Sonny and that is why she made up the nervous breakdown scenario to get back at him for not loving her back. Alexis denies that is what is going on and tells the judge that she agreed to take Carly as a client because she doesn't believe that Sonny should be raising any child with his dangerous lifestyle. She admits that she used poor judgment but points out that when she slept with Sonny it was for one night and he was divorcing Carly at the time even then. The judge asks Justus if he has any questions for Carly and Justus says no. Alexis tells the judge that she would like to take herself off of the case and have someone else represent Carly. The judge points out that by doing that they would have to start a new hearing all over again and asks Carly and Sonny if they would be willing to do that. Carly and Sonny refuse to start the hearing over again. The judge denies Alexis' request and orders that the lawyers start their closing arguments after a short recess. Alexis' closing argument is passionate as she opposes Sonny being allowed to raise any child in the dangerous environment he lives in. Alexis tells Carly that she is through with her since she undermined her whole case just now. Carly tells her that if she doesn't win custody she will tell Sonny about Kristina being his child and won't feel bad about it since if he is too busy going after Alexis he will leave her alone. After that, Carly talks to Alcazar. Sonny approaches her and invites her to come back to the penthouse and see the boys and have dinner. Carly thanks him and accepts his invitation. She shrugs at Alcazar and leaves with Sonny. Jason approaches Faith outside the courtroom and Courtney tries to stop him from causing a fight before the hearing is officially over. Jason goes over to Faith and tells her that after the judge makes his decision and the hearing is over, she won't be much good to anyone. Alcazar warns Alexis that she better have won custody for Carly or she will be in more trouble with him. Alexis tells him that if Carly loses the case, it will be because she tied her hands throughout the whole case. Sonny and Carly ride in Sonny's limo. Sonny asks Carly why she stood up to Alexis in court and why she didn't tell the judge about his breakdowns when she could have done it and won custody easily. Carly tells him she couldn't do it after she saw him sitting there. She tells him it wasn't his fault that he was abused as a child and that he has breakdowns and that it is because he has an illness. Sonny refuses to talk about that and changes the subject. Suddenly, the car careens off the road a little. Max tells Sonny that the car's steering failed suddenly. Sonny orders him to arrange for another car to pick them up and they will wait in the limo. Max goes and finds Jason at the penthouse. Alcazar is also there and overhears Max tell Jason that Sonny's car had problems and they need another one to pick Sonny and Carly up. Sonny asks Carly why she hired Alexis. Carly tells him that Alexis wins cases and so she wanted her to defend her since he was being such a jerk about he seeing the kids. Sonny doesn't deny that but asks her why Alexis would agree to represent her when she doesn't like her. Carly tells him that Alexis probably needed the money but Sonny doesn't buy it and tells her that Alexis' stunt had nothing to do with needing money and that she was acting desperate in court.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Zander spied on Emily and Nikolas at the church and saw them kiss after saying their spiritual marriage vows and declaring their love to each other. Nikolas told Emily that he thought half the money from the treasure should go to aid victims of the hotel fire, with the remaining half to be split evenly between the Cassadines and the Quartermaines. After the two left the church, Zander found a scarf that Emily had dropped. Zander picked it up and twisted it, as though ready to use it to strangle somebody. Zander then returned to the apartment where he had been hiding. Lucky and Enid arrived, causing Zander to rush out to the balcony. Enid, from Pine Valley, had told Lucky that her brother Wally, an employee at the Port Charles Hotel, had not contacted her by telephone weekly, as was tradition, since the hotel fire. This was Wally's apartment, and she had brought Lucky there as an officer of the law to help investigate her brother's disappearance. Lucky stated there was fresh milk in the refrigerator and that the coffee pot was still warm, indicating that somebody had been there. Later, Zander returned to the home he and Emily had shared as man and wife. He remembered their time there together.

Dillon called Sage to meet with him. He told her he did not trust her since he believed she had pulled another stunt the other day to keep him and Georgie apart. Because of this, he said, he did not want to see Sage anymore. She slapped him and then apologized for the reaction, saying that she still wanted to be his friend.

Disguised as a doctor, Luke managed to get Edward out of Shadybrook. They returned to the Quartermaine mansion. Emily told the family about sharing the treasure money. Also in attendance were Alan, Monica, Tracy, Ned, and Skye. Ned let the Drs. Q. know that Edward had made Skye the sole heir to his fortune. A vote was called to decide who would run ELQ, Tracy or Edward. Monica voted for Tracy, as much as she hated to do so, based on her fear of Edward's health being at stake by the stress of the position. With a tie vote in place, Tracy announced she had used the power-of-attorney that she had received during Edward's incapacitation to allocate AJ's vote to Dillon, who then arrived.

At the courthouse, Alcazar and Alexis questioned Jason and Courtney about the car problem that had stranded Sonny and Carly together. Jason told Alexis he thought Carly must have something on her, for Alexis to even be representing her. To the side, Alcazar let Alexis know that he thought the same. Out of earshot, Courtney told Jason she thought he had arranged the car problem to help play matchmaker for the estranged husband and wife. Sonny and Carly were very civil with each other in the car, discussing how neither was able to destroy the other in the courtroom during the custody battle. Sonny continued to wonder why Carly had Alexis representing her. On a more personal note, Sonny and Carly also spoke about how both of them were the type of people who had difficulty letting people in. Carly tried to convince Sonny that his breakdowns were not his fault, but Sonny did not want to talk about that. Really making progress in resolving some of their issues, they were then interrupted when Max returned with another car. Sonny and Carly returned to the courthouse, with the judge meeting both of them separately and privately. The judge told Carly he wasn't convinced either parent should have custody but that she had one more chance to convince him. Carly told the judge she had sought sole custody, reacting to Sonny's initial declaration that he would not share custody. In the corridor, Sonny tried to get at Alexis to figure out her role in all this. He told her they were both killers and what he thought about her trying to bring up any of his mental issues on the stand, since it was public record that she was crazy. When Sonny met the judge alone, the judge wanted to know how Sonny could promise to protect the children, given the history of violence surrounding him. Sonny appeared to be in deep thought about this. When court reconvened, the judge announced he had reached a decision!

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