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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 9, 2004 on GH
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Monday, February 9, 2004

Skye and Faith drag an unconscious Luke out of the smoke-filled hallway and into safety. Once there, Skye begins to administer CPR. Luke wakes up and moves to get them out of the hotel until Skye begins to panic and refuses to leave the room. Luke won't leave without her, and although she continues to hesitate, she's convinced to leave the room when she sees Luke's devotion to her.

Courtney rushes up the hotel stairwell in order to find Jason. She's chased by a fireman who warns her to get out before she gets trapped, but she breaks loose from him and goes in search of her husband. She continues to run up the stairs until she encounters an old woman with a dog. The woman can't make it down the stairwell while carrying her dog, so despite of her search for Jason, Courtney agrees to take the dog and help them out.

Meanwhile, Jason and Brian are trapped in a stairwell with two children. They argue on how to get out, but try to keep it together for the sake of the kids. They finally find a door that isn't hot, and leave the stairwell into the hallway. The usher the kids into a room and give them water and fresh air from the window. Suddenly, they look up and the girl tells them that her brother left to go and help the firefighters, and Jason runs out into the hallway to search for him.

Sonny and Alcazar fight on the stairs and stumble down a flight. They begin to tussle more until a huge burst of flames knocks both out. When they wake up, they've been blown into the hall, and Sonny gets up to find his way out, but Alcazar is trapped under a beam. Sonny goes out into the hall and discovers they are alone on the floor. He grabs an ax from the wall and breaks the board that's trapping Alcazar. Apparently a second explosion occurs that changes the tables, with Alcazar free and Sonny unconscious. Despite a moment's hesitation, Alcazar grabs Sonny and drags him with him to safety in the hallway, where they later split up to search for a way out.

Georgie and Tom realize there's smoke and rush to alert Dillon. He grows alarmed, but Sage tells Georgie that she's lame for trying to break them up while they are in a hotel room together. Dillon sees the smoke himself and they all realize they are in danger. Sensing that it could be the end, Georgie admits to Dillon that she's been lying and he's the only person she's ever loved. Before Dillon can respond, Sage begins to freak out. He tries to comfort her, but her uncle bursts into the room and is able to do it instead when he promises that they will all get out.

Back in the auction room, everyone begins to bicker about the emergency situation. Helena and Tracy hope that Nikolas and Emily will not stay together, and Monica warns them to leave Emily and Nikolas alone. Nikolas is distraught to realize he could be partially to blame if Zander dies. He tells Emily that he knocked Zander out and locked him in the furnace room where the fire began. Emily tries to comfort him and tell him that he's not to blame. Edward admits to Justus that it's his responsibility to keep the building up to code, and Lucky informs everyone that propane tanks from construction on the floor below have burst and that the only way out is the roof. Everyone rushes out to the balcony to wave down the helicopter, but it turns away. They all begin screaming, and Lucky tells them that the winds are too high for the helicopter to land and rescue them.

Outside, a devastated Maxie realizes that the burned body that was just pulled from the hotel is probably Zander. Ric comes upon her and tries to assure her that Mac is going to be fine, and that he will take her to him at the hospital, but Maxie breaks down and tells him that Zander is dead. She's escorted away, and the next person on the scene is a frantic Liz, in search of her husband. She finds him and he tells her to go home where it's safe, but she refuses to leave until her friends are out of the hotel. Ric breaks the news to her that Zander is likely dead, and they are then approached by a fireman who tells them that the helicopter can't land on the roof to rescue people.

Carly and Alexis remain trapped in the elevator. Alexis tells Carly to stay calm and wait to be rescued, but having no interest in dying, Carly does the opposite and pries the elevator doors open with her shoe. Unfortunately, the two women are between floors and their exit is blocked by a wall. Carly then pulls off the top of the elevator and looks into the shaft to discover that the cables have frayed and are beginning to break. She and Alexis attempt to connect wires in the panel in order to get the elevator to move to a floor, but suddenly they scream as the elevator begins to fall. They abruptly stop as the emergency brake kicks in, but know that their time is short. They try to distract each other by bonding as mothers, but after Carly admits that despite her problems with Sonny he is a great father, Alexis begins to cry. Carly tries to comfort her by pointing out that Ned will be there for Kristina, but Alexis tearfully admits that Sonny is Kristina's real father.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

In the auction room, chaos continues and people begin to worry if they will be rescued. Helena keeps on Nikolas to try to get out on his own because he's more important than the others, and Edward feels guilt for his part in the fire. Tracy tries to bond with Edward, but he tells her that she frightens him because she reminds him of everything that's bad in himself. Meanwhile, Nikolas and Emily decide that Helena may have a point, and they decide to go to the stairwell to investigate a possible alternative to the helicopter rescue. Nikolas tries to get Lucky to go with them, but he says he has to take care of the people waiting to be rescued. As Emily crosses the room after kissing Monica, the ceiling and chandelier begin to collapse. Nikolas runs to push her out of the way, but it falls on both of them. Nikolas escapes unharmed, but Emily gets a cut on her leg that hits her artery. Monica wraps the cut and puts a tourniquet on her, but informs Nikolas that she has to get the wound stitched soon or Emily could bleed to death. While Emily rests and Monica tends to other people, Helena takes the opportunity to loosen Emily's dressing so that she will die and free Nikolas.

A rescued Sam awakens in Jax's penthouse and remembers that the hotel is on fire. She rushes to prepare for them to try to escape, but Jax tells her that they are safer staying there and waiting to be rescued. She thanks him for helping her, and wonders why he bothered. He tells her that he doesn't hate her, he only hates the choices that she makes. Jax tries to be brave for Sam, but she overhears his phone conversation and realizes that their odds of getting out alive are poor. She asks Jax to hold her, and he comforts her as they wait to die.

Maxie breaks down in Mac's hospital room, and begs him to live. She guiltily confesses that she helped Zander, so it is her fault that Mac could die. Maxie walks out into the hospital hallway, where she encounters Cameron. He tries to comfort her, and she breaks the news to him that Zander is dead.

Courtney continues to help the frightened old woman and her dog down the stairwell. When the woman grows too weak to walk alone, Courtney ties the dog to the rail and walks her down with the intention of going back for the dog. Once they get outside the hotel, the woman thanks Courtney and calls her an angel. Courtney tells her she's going back into the hotel to get the dog, and if the woman should find Jason to tell him that Courtney loves him. Elsewhere in the stairwell, Jason finds the lost boy, and then he and Brian take the kids to the roof for rescue. Once they get in the auction room, Jason discovers from the police report that the old woman gave, that Courtney is in the hotel. The two men run out in search of her. As they are looking, they hear the dog barking and find Courtney in a hotel room full of smoke. She rushes into Jason's arms, and ignores Brian completely.

Skye, Luke, and Faith walk down the stairwell, but Luke is distressed from his earlier smoke inhalation. He decides to go into the hallway and try to find an alternate route, and Skye sticks with him when Faith proceeds down the stairs. Faith goes down another flight and runs into Sonny who is looking for Sam in her room. She tries to set up business ties with him, but he's not interested. She then begins to taunt him about Carly and Alcazar, and Sonny leaves her in the room. Back in the hallway, Luke and Skye find the security room, where they can watch the monitors for the clear exits. Just as they see a stairwell free of fire, Luke notices the Sam's abandoned laundry cart containing the treasure. He makes Skye accompany him to get the treasure, and then they make their way down the clear stairwell. As they descend the flights, they pass Cameron who is heading upward. They ask him if he's lost, and he informs them that he has nothing left to lose.

Alexis confesses to Carly that Sonny is Kristina's real father, and a disbelieving Carly angrily calls Alexis a lying bitch. Alexis presses that it's the truth and explains she lied because she didn't want Kristina around the danger that killed her namesake. Carly counters that Alexis just couldn't bear to share her daughter with anyone, and Alexis asks her if she blames her when Sonny is trying to keep Carly away from her own two sons. As Alexis continues to ramble on about her impending demise, Carly's irritation grows and she decides to do something to get them out of the elevator. Alexis panics at her movement, but Carly tells her to move her butt and help her pry the door open. They manage to open the door and jump down to the hotel hall in the small space that's open. Once out of the elevator, Alexis immediately regrets her admission regarding Kristina's paternity, but Carly assures her they are far from being safe from death. They continue to make it down the hall when Carly thinks she sees someone and turns back to look. An explosion rips through the room, and knocks Carly unconscious and blocks Alexis from her. Alexis makes it out of the hotel and tells the police where Carly is trapped and hurt. Meanwhile, Sonny appears back in the auction room and demands that Lucky find out if Carly has been evacuated. When no one outside can account for her, Sonny forces Lucky to take him to the security room where he can see areas on camera. Fearing the worst, Sonny heads to an area where the camera has been destroyed, in hopes of finding his wife.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

On the Twelfth Floor, flames continue to burn perilously close to Carly. At the same time, Lucky and Sonny make their way to the surveillance room to see if any of the cameras on the Twelfth Floor are still functioning. Meanwhile, in Jax's Penthouse, Jax and Samantha head for the bed. After they hit the sheets, Jax wonders if it might have been possible for them to get out of the fire if they had spent less time arguing. At that moment, Sonny arrives and demands that Jax open the door. Sam scrambles to cover up and hide out of sight. Sonny informs Jax that he is headed to the Twelfth Floor to look for Carly. Jax offers to accompany Sonny, but Sonny rushes away, after informing Jax that the last explosion cleared a stairwell down to the street and that Jax will be able to escape if Jax leaves immediately. Jax is surprised when Sam later blasts Jax for allowing Sonny to rush off into the fire alone. Jax sarcastically suggests that maybe Sam should run after Sonny while Sonny runs after his wife! Sam insists that she only wants to be with Jax. However, when Jax and Sam make their way to the stairwell, they find their way blocked again and return to Jax's Penthouse.

As Skye and Luke wrestle Samantha's abandoned treasure down the stairs, they meet Cameron, going UPSTAIRS! Luke tries to convince Cameron that he is headed in the wrong direction, but Cameron ignores Luke's advice. As Cameron informs Luke about Zander's death, Lucky notices that the surveillance cameras have recorded Luke and Skye in the stairwell. Lucky heads out to help Luke get out of the fire. As Cameron stubbornly continues to climb upstairs, Luke goes after him, asking Skye to stand guard over the treasure. As Skye waits on the stairwell with the treasure, a man, dressed in a firefighter's uniform, comes up behind Skye, hits her on the head, and takes the treasure. Meanwhile, Luke catches up with Cameron and again tries to convince Cameron to leave the burning building with him. As the two men talk, Lucky arrives. At the same time, the floor above them collapses and Cameron is pinned under the falling debris after he pushes Lucky to safety. Cameron insists that Lucky and Luke should leave him behind and make it to safety themselves. Cameron urges Luke to learn a lesson from Cameron's regrets and to take better care of Lucky and LuLu. Cameron then passes out. When Luke finds no pulse, he informs Lucky that Cameron is dead. Lucky points out that Cameron died because he shoved Lucky away from the falling debris. As Luke and Lucky scramble to escape the flames, Luke suggests that Lucky try to take Cameron's body out of the building, while Luke returns to make sure Skye gets out OK. Luke rushes back to the stairwell, where he discovers Skye unconscious and the treasure gone.

Outside the burning Hotel, on the street, as Ric tries to assist in evacuating the guests trapped in the Versailles Room, Capelli arrives and informs Ric that the coroner's office has declared that the body they discovered in the basement of the Hotel was NOT Zander! Capelli speculates that Zander either escaped or is somewhere in the building. Later, Capelli informs Ric that the body in the basement has been identified as Scott Baldwin. When Capelli implies that Scott may have been done in by one of his many enemies and that Scott was being investigated by Internal Affairs, Ric warns Capelli that Internal Affairs MIGHT be investigating Capelli as well. Capelli retorts that Andy is just as squeaky clean as Ric's flunky, Brian Beck. Maxie arrives at the fire scene and learns that the body in the basement is no longer thought to be Zander. Maxie implores Ric to continue looking for Zander. Ric reassures Maxie that his plan is to be able to rescue everyone inside the building ~ including Maxie's sister, Georgie! Alexis returns to the scene of the fire just as Lucky brings Cameron's body out of the building, and Alexis breaks down. Lucky reports to Ric that he did NOT see Zander inside the building.

As Skippy the puppy succeeds in reviving Courtney with his constant yipping, Jason and Brian follow the little dog's cries and find Courtney. Courtney rushes in to Jason's arms, much to Brian's disgust. Jason and Brian both lecture Courtney about the foolhardiness of rushing back into the burning building. Jason advises Brian and Courtney that they should head for the roof, where helicopters are sure to rescue the trapped treasure hunters. But, at that moment, another explosion rips through the building. Falling debris separates Jason from Brian and Courtney. Jason orders Brian and Courtney to continue without him, assuring them that Jason will be able to find another way out of the fire. Brian finally convinces Courtney to follow him. Courtney is angry when Brian suddenly insists that they are closer to the lobby than to the roof and tries to persuade Courtney to go down with him rather than following Jason's orders to go up. As Courtney and Brian argue, Sonny suddenly shows up, with a drawn gun focused on Brian. Courtney is surprised when Brian accuses Sonny of sending Jason to kill him. At the same time, Jason finds himself on the twelfth floor and finds a woman's shoes and address book. Then Jason spots Carly in the midst of the flames. Meanwhile, in the stairwell, Courtney implores Sonny NOT to shoot Brian, but Sonny warns Courtney that Brian is still using Courtney to find a way to put Courtney's husband and brother behind bars. Sonny decides that he doesn't want to put Courtney in a position where she would have to lie to protect her brother and orders Brian to leave. After Brian leaves, Courtney blasts Sonny for ordering Jason to kill Brian and angrily declares that she is through with Sonny's way of life. At the same time, Jason succeeds in dragging Carly to safety. As Jason and Carly take refuge in one of the untouched rooms, Carly tries to tell Jason about being trapped in the elevator with Alexis. However, Jason shocks Carly by informing her that he believes that Alexis is dead because Jason found Alexis's identification in the rubble and Jason believes that Alexis is under the debris. As Carly wonders what will become of Kristina now that her mother is dead, Jason and Carly try to leave the room. However, they discover that their path is now blocked by flames and slam the door on the flames. Meanwhile, Sonny blasts Courtney because she changed her mind mid-stream about being able to live with Jason's "business." Sonny warns Carly that, by allowing Brian to get close to her, Courtney has given the police officer all the ammunition he needs to take them ALL down! While Courtney and Sonny argue, Skippy the puppy makes his way, alone, out of the fire and is happily reunited with Louise. Later, as Brian tries to find his way out of the fire, he suddenly encounters a man with a gun, who shoots Brian point blank. The man walks away and leaves Brian for dead in the flames. Meanwhile, Carly tearfully confides to Jason that she believes they are doomed and confesses that Jason has always been her best friend. When Carly asks if there had ever been a possibility of a deeper relationship developing between them, Jason admits that he believes it WAS possible. Carly asks Jason to kiss her goodbye ~ and Jason complies with her request. At the same time, Sonny and Courtney continue their argument, just as more debris from the ceiling falls between them, striking Sonny.

On the balcony outside the Versailles Room, Monica and Nikolas wait together for one of the helicopter pilots to drop a medical kit onto the roof so Monica can suture the wound in Emily's leg. Meanwhile, Helena takes advantage of Monica's absence to remove the tourniquet from an unconscious Emily's leg. At the same time, Cassandra Kanelos, the Hotel Electrician who warned Edward about the faulty wiring, arrives in the Versailles Room and collapses at Edward's feet. Pointing towards Edward, Cassandra dies. Later, Edward admits to Tracy that Cassandra had warned him about the faulty wiring in the Hotel, just before the guests began to gather to bid on the treasure. Tracy urges Edward to stay mum, but Justus advises Edward that choosing to remain quiet is the WRONG decision for Edward to make. When Monica and Nikolas return with the medical kit, a horrified Monica discovers that Emily is bleeding again and rushes to stop the bleeding. Helena overhears Tracy, Justus and Edward arguing over the best way to deal with Quartermaine responsibility for the fire. Later, Edward sits beside Emily and prays for forgiveness for the shortcomings that precipitated the disaster at the Hotel. Lorenzo leads Sage, Dillon, Georgie and Travis up the stairwell, toward the roof. Lorenzo and the young people arrive in the Versailles Room, just as Faith also arrives, having lost Sonny in the smoke. Faith gets Lorenzo alone long enough to inform Lorenzo that Carly is lost somewhere in the Hotel and that Sonny has gone searching for Carly. Faith taunts Lorenzo for leaving Carly alone in the fire. Later, Justus and Faith trade insults but are interrupted when Sage approaches Faith and begs Faith to help Sage convince Lorenzo NOT to return to the fire to look for Carly. Faith coldly advises Sage NOT to try to come between Lorenzo and Carly. However, before Lorenzo can leave the Versailles Room, he collapses. Georgie rushes to assist Lorenzo and discovers that he has a bad cut and has lost a lot of blood. As Sage runs to get bandages, Dillon asks Georgie if she meant it when she told him she loved him. They are interrupted when Sage and Travis return with bandages. Travis takes Dillon aside and warns Dillon that he would be a fool to let Georgie get away. In the meantime, Tracy orders Justus to stay out of family business, since Justus has disavowed his Quartermaine family connections. At the same time, Monica quietly informs Nikolas that Emily's bandage could NOT have just fallen off the way it did and that the bandage was probably removed deliberately. Nikolas immediately suspects Helena. However, before Nikolas can confront his grandmother, Emily opens her eyes and tells Nikolas that she loves him. Meanwhile, Helena quietly lets Tracy and Edward know that she is aware that the fire was caused by Quartermaine negligence and that she wants the Quartermaines to turn the treasure over to her to insure her silence. When Tracy reminds Helena that the treasure was stolen, Helena insists that when the treasure DOES resurface, the Quartermaines MUST give the treasure to Helena or Helena will blab about the Quartermaine family's responsibility for the fire.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

An unknown person finds Brian in one of the rooms in the hotel and shoots him a few times. Brian falls down and lays there unconscious. The shooter is wearing a jacket with a hood. He/she drops the jacket to the floor to escape. Meanwhile, Luke runs downstairs in the stairwell to find Skye. Skye is lying on the floor unconscious. He shakes her and wakes her up. She asks about the treasure. He tells her it doesn't matter as long as she is o.k. Skye tells Luke that someone hit her over the head and must have stolen the treasure. Luke is glad she is o.k. and tries to persuade her to go back upstairs with him to join the others. Skye throws a fit and tells him they need to go find the person who knocked her out and get the treasure back since she needs to bring the treasure back to the Quartermaines so they will be in debt to her and treat her like one of the family again. Luke tells her that the treasure is his not the Quartermaines and she isn't giving it back to them. He gets Skye to go with him. Jason finds Brian sprawled out unconscious from being shot. He hears someone coming so he hides in the other room. Skye and Luke find Brian and realize he is still alive. Luke starts to pick Brian up to carry him. Skye reminds him that Brian is a cop and that she is surprised he would try to rescue him. Luke reminds her that Lucky is a cop and that he would hope that if his son was laying unconscious someone would pick him up and get him some help. Later, Luke and Skye find some fire extinguishers and use them to get through the fires. Jason picks up the jacket with the hood that the shooter left at the scene and used it to cover his face to keep the smoke out of his lungs.

Alexis mourns the loss of Cameron. She leans on Ned for comfort. Ned worries that his whole family will die up in the hotel. Alexis starts to regret all the times that she gave Cameron a hard time and that she wishes she had thanked him more for all that he did for her. Meanwhile, Maxie panics when she learns that Georgie is up in the hotel. She cries and tries to get Lucky to go rescue her sister. Lucky calls up to Nikolas on the police radio and asks him if Georgie is will the group. Nikolas confirms to him that Georgie is with the group and is o.k. Liz wonders if Zander is really dead. Ric thinks he had to have died in the fire. The press interviews Ric about the fire and the death of Scott Baldwin. Ric tells the press that the body has been identified as belonging to Scott Baldwin. Ric also tells them that he has an investigation pending in the origin of the fire. Helena corners Edward and Tracy and blackmails them into giving her back the treasure. Tracy loses her temper and tells Helena that they don't have any treasure to give her and that they don't plan to give her anything. Helena tells them that she can make sure that everyone knows that the Quartermaines knew there was a problem in the electrical system of the hotel and that they purposely ignored the problem even after warnings. Edward and Tracy realize that Helena must have overheard their conversation with Justus. Justus and Faith talk about their past and their relationship. Justus doesn't deny that he wanted Faith but denies that he tanked the case against her lover on purpose so he would go to jail. He tells Faith she can't deny that she wanted him too even though she was with another man. Faith can't deny it but thinks that they have both moved on and should forget the past. Justus tells her he wishes he could forget the past but he can't.

Georgie tends to Alcazar's wound on his arm. Sage tells Dillon that she is worried that Alcazar will go after Carly if they don't keep him there. Alcazar wakes up and asks about Carly. They tell him they don't know where she is. Alcazar heads out to the stairwell to go look for her. Dillon thinks fast and hits Alcazar hard enough to knock him out. Sage asks him what he is doing. He apologizes for hitting Alcazar but that he could only think of knocking him out to keep him from going after Carly. Dillon decides to go out on the balcony to get some fresh air. He doesn't like to see Georgie hugging Tom for comfort just as Sage hugs him after an explosion goes off in part of the hotel and almost knocks out the power. Tom follows Dillon out to the balcony. Tom tells Dillon that Georgie is an amazing person and tries to tell Dillon that he is starting to fall for him for real but Dillon doesn't give him a chance and tells Tom that he should make sure that he does everything to keep Georgie and not be stupid and make the mistake of taking her for granted. Dillon tells Tom that Georgie seems to love him and that when he was with her before she was like having Christmas, the fourth of July and the Super Bowl on the same day. Tom tells him that he thought he was the stupid one. Georgie comes out to check on things. Dillon starts to notice that the wind seems to have died down a bit and maybe a helicopter could try landing on the roof. They go in to get Nikolas to call on the radio for a helicopter to land. Nikolas calls for Lucky on the radio. Lucky agrees to get a helicopter to fly up and land on the roof as soon as possible. Liz panics when she overhears Ric make plans to go up to the roof on the helicopter and help with the rescue. Ric reassures her he will be very careful and that he should be back soon.

Jason and Carly talk. The ceiling in the room they are hanging around in gets weaker from the fire and Jason tells her they need to make an escape route out of the hotel somehow. Carly panics and suggests opening up a window. Jason tells her not to since the fire is right outside the corridor and the oxygen in the air outside will make the fire bigger. Carly tells him she doesn't want to die and gets angry with Jason for suggesting they stay calm. They get out of the room. Jason and Carly reach the stairwell safely. A mystery man in a fireman's outfit and an oxygen tank and mask is on the stairs above them, dragging a bag of jewels with him. He hears Jason and Carly come in the stairwell and hides the bag of jewels from the treasure in a corner near the stairs. He/she doesn't talk. Jason asks the fireperson to help escort Carly upstairs to join the others. Carly is reluctant to let him leave and go off on his own. He asks her to stop arguing with him for once and just do what he asks. He gives her his leather jacket to wear to protect her from the heat. The "fireperson" escorts her upstairs. Carly starts to feel out of breath going up the stairs after drawing all that smoke into her lungs. The "fireperson" stops walking up the stairs in front of her and turns around. He gives her an oxygen mask to help her with her breathing so she can make it the rest of the way upstairs. Carly makes it upstairs and joins the others near the roof. She finds Alcazar laying on the floor, waking up on his own. She goes to him. He is happy to see she is o.k. He is dismayed though when she starts to worry about Sonny since she doesn't see him or Jason upstairs. Alcazar tells her that Sonny will make it up o.k. and tells her about the fight they had on the stairwell earlier and how they each saved each other's lives so now they are even and can go back to hating each other again. Meanwhile, Courtney and Sonny argue in the hallway. Courtney tells Sonny that she can't live like him and that she can't be the sister that he wants her to be. Sonny grabs Courtney when the ceiling starts to cave in from the fire. He knocks her away from the ceiling and they are both o.k. Courtney thanks him for pulling her away from being killed. Sonny tells her she can't escape the life she has as his sister or as Jason's wife. He tries to get up but his knee gives in and he tells her that he can't walk on it on his own. Courtney uses pieces of wood from the ceiling that fell that aren't on fire and uses it to make a splint for his bad leg. She helps him climb up the stairs. Sonny tells Courtney about how he got involved with the mob and how he likes his lifestyle even if she doesn't and tells her that he loves her. She smiles at him and tells him she loves him too. They run into Jason later. Luke and Skye make it upstairs as well with an injured Brian. Ric gets up on the roof by helicopter to help rescue everyone. He wonders how Capelli got upstairs so quickly since he wasn't with him in the helicopter. Capelli tells him he used the stairwells. Jason, Carly and Sonny arrive upstairs to join everyone. Ric asks Brian if he knows who shot him. Brian sees that Jason is wearing the same jacket that his shooter was wearing and points to him and tells Ric that Jason shot him. Nikolas confronts Helena about loosening the tourniquet on Emily's leg to kill her. Helena denies it. Nikolas warns her that if he finds out she had anything to do with trying to harm Emily, she will wish she died in this fire. Sam and Jax stay in the penthouse and watch the fire from the window. They hear a knock on the door. They go to open it and a man in a firefighter suit comes in and collapses on the floor. Jax goes over to check if he is alive and tells Sam that he is dead. As this is happening. A man in a similar firefighter suit walks by all the rescue personnel and other firefighters carrying a sack of what is probably the treasure and ignores everyone who calls out to him. The person in the firefighter suit opens up his mask to wipe his face of sweat and it is revealed to be none other than Scott Baldwin.

Friday, February 13, 2004

Luke is dismayed when he sees everyone pushing and shoving at each other to get up to the roof to get on the helicopter. He takes out a gun and points it at everyone to get them to listen to him. He tells everyone that no one's life is more important than another's and that everyone will draw a number and go in the order their number is called. Ric agrees to that as a solution and makes out pieces of paper with numbers on it. Nikolas tells Emily that he will give her his number if it comes up first before hers since she was injured. Emily doesn't want him to do that and tells him she is fine now. They both are pleased when they find out that their numbers are close together and they will be getting on the helicopter at the same time. Luke offers to give Skye his number which comes up before hers. Skye refuses to accept his offer but is touched by his gesture. Edward tells Justus that he can't go on the helicopter before everyone else since he is the owner of the hotel and that the fire is really his fault and that he doesn't feel right about it. Justus tells him that he has to take his number when it is called like he agreed to do and not to play the martyr now.

Capelli accuses Jason of shooting Brian, who is put on the helicopter first because of his gunshot wounds. Jason refuses to speak to him or Ric. Justus tells Ric that there is no probable cause to arrest Jason for Brian's shooting since no one was there to witness it and that Brian has a known bias against Jason. Ric is reluctant to arrest Jason at first. Sonny loses his temper at Ric. Ric has Jason arrested out of spite. Capelli tells Jason that he will not allow him to be on the helicopter and suggests he has to wait until the last helicopter comes. He then suggests that he take Jason down the stairs in handcuffs and bring him out that way. Ric is against this idea at first but Sonny's temper gets worse and he accuses Ric of murder if he allows Capelli to take Jason down the stairs and risk his life like that. He accuses Ric of getting someone to do his dirty work for him so his hands don't get dirty. Ric allows Capelli to take Jason down the stairs. Jason gives his number to Courtney to take and to get on the next helicopter instead of him. Courtney is reluctant to go on the next helicopter without him. She hugs him and kisses him and tells him she loves him. Carly goes over to speak to Sonny to find out why Jason is being led to the stairs instead of being allowed to get on the helicopter. Alcazar tries to follow her over to where Sonny is but Justus stops him and tells him to let Carly speak to her husband alone without interfering. Alcazar doesn't move but watches Carly and Sonny talk in private and isn't pleased. Sonny blames himself for losing his temper and that if he hadn't Ric may have let Jason go in the helicopter instead. He tells Carly that he has been doing a lot of things lately that he regrets. Suddenly the floor beneath them caves in from the fire. Sonny and Carly fall to the floor below them. Alcazar tries to go after them to help Carly. Justus pulls Alcazar back and tells him that it would be suicide to jump down there. Justus tells everyone that there is no way Sonny and Carly could have survived that kind of a fall. Alcazar refuses to get on the helicopter with Edward and them. He is determined to find Carly before he leaves the hotel. Meanwhile, Georgie tries to get Dillon to go to the hospital with her, Sage, and "Tom" to get checked for smoke inhalation. Dillon tells her he can't go to the hospital without first making sure his mother gets out of the hotel safely. Georgie gives him a look of disdain when he mentions his mother. He tells her he understands that his mother can be a rotten person to almost everyone but that she is still his mother and he loves her. Ned grabs Dillon and hugs him and Georgie when he sees them. Georgie takes off to the hospital in a van that is provided for them. Dillon sees Tracy get out of the helicopter and runs to her and hugs her. Ned finds Tracy and hugs her too. Tracy makes a joke about Dillon still loving her despite everything and she hugs both Dillon and Ned and tells them she loves them. Luke almost got on the helicopter when Skye ran to him on the roof of the hotel. He thinks that she changed her mind and decided to go on the helicopter and take his place. She tells him she hasn't changed her mind about that and surprises him by kissing him goodbye. Luke kisses her back passionately. Skye arrives from the helicopter later and reunites with Luke again. They play down their kiss but each of them realizes they don't really regret it that much. They discuss the treasure and who may have stolen it. Luke tells her he hasn't given up finding the treasure and who stole it. Most of the treasure is seen in a dumpster nearby. Jax manages to use mountain climbing gear to shimmy down to a room on one of the floors below them. Sam follows him by climbing down the side of the hotel that isn't on fire. They manage to get outside of the hotel.

Georgie arrives at the hospital along with "Tom" and Sage. She is grabbed by Bobbie who hugs her and is relieved that she came out of the hotel alive. She tells Georgie that Maxie has been worried sick about her and that she should go find her and let her know she is o.k. and has to rush over to treat Brian for his gunshot wounds. Maxie is relieved to find Georgie in the E.R. alive and well. She grabs her and hugs her. Georgie starts to tell her everything she did to help everyone including Alcazar. She asks Maxie if Mac is around so she can tell him what she did so he will be proud of her. Maxie interrupts her and Dillon enters the E.R. and overhears them talking. Maxie starts crying and tells Georgie that Mac got caught in a backdraft while trying to find Zander and arrest him and that he was burned severely and is in the hospital. Maxie starts to blame herself for what happened and admits to Georgie that she hid Zander out and that she is to blame for Mac being burned. Georgie is upset with the news but hugs Maxie and gives her comfort. Dillon feels bad for Georgie. Brian is still semi-conscious and asks Bobbie if Courtney made it out alive. Bobbie tells him that as far as she knows Courtney made it out alive but that she doesn't know about Jason, Carly, and Sonny yet. Courtney runs over to Mike to get comfort. He asks her about Sonny. Courtney overhears Ric talking to Liz about Sonny and Carly. She notes a tension in Ric and asks him what is going on. He informs Mike and Courtney that Sonny and Carly fell through the floor that collapsed under them and that it looks like they are dead. Courtney and Mike are devastated. Courtney gets even more upset when she asks about Jason and is informed by Ric that Capelli arrested Jason for shooting Brian and is taking him through the stairwells to the front of the hotel instead of by helicopter. Courtney loses her temper and accuses Ric of purposely trying to get Jason killed. She starts punching Ric several times and accuses Liz of being clueless about her husband. She tells Ric she hates him and that he should have died in the fire not Sonny and Carly. Capelli follows Jason down the stairs. Jason is still in handcuffs. Capelli orders Jason to stop on the stair and points a gun at him and plans to kill Jason and make it look as if Jason tried to overpower him instead. Jason surprises Capelli by striking him with a kick instead and knocks Capelli's gun away. Capelli grabs Jason and throws him against the wall and knocks him out briefly and retrieves the gun. He handcuffs Jason to the stairwell and leaves him there. Jason asks him how he is going to explain the handcuffs being attached to the stairwell railing and Capelli tells him he will convince Ric that he had to handcuff him because he got violent with him and that he had to and that he planned on getting someone to help find him but it was too late. Capelli goes up on the roof and insists on getting on the last helicopter. Monica, Emily, and Nikolas ask him where Jason is. Capelli lies and tells them that Jason got too violent so he had to handcuff him to the stairwell until someone could find him and get him out. Monica and Emily yell at Capelli. Nikolas tells Emily to go on the helicopter and he will go back and help Jason. Emily tries to insist on going with him to help Jason but he refuses to let her and makes her go on the helicopter and get medical treatment there. Emily reluctantly gets on the helicopter. Nikolas heads into the hotel just as a big explosion rocks the hotel close to where Nikolas is. Emily screams and fears that Nikolas could have been killed in the blast. Sonny wakes up after being buried under some rubble and parts of the floor that he fell under. He calls out to Carly and looks for her. He finds her unconscious and cradles her in his arms. He tells her that he hates her as much as he loves her and tells her she can't die on him now and that he wants more than anything for her to take care of their boys and love them. Alcazar finds them and watches Sonny cradle her.

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