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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 15, 2003 on GH
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Monday, December 15, 2003

Georgie walks in on Dillon and Sage in bed. She tells Dillon that she had come to apologize to him. He jumps out of the bed and tries to apologize to her, but she refuses to listen to him. Sobbing, she screams at him to never speak to her again, and runs downstairs. Dillon is visibly crushed. Georgie runs into the living room and yells at Tracy for tricking her into finding Dillon with Sage. Dillon dresses and angrily accuses Sage of setting him up. Sage gets upset and claims that this was all real for her, that she was a virgin, and it meant something to her. Dillon tells her that he wished it had never happened. He then angrily confronts his mother, telling her that he loves Georgie. She tries to reason with him, but he leaves, devastated. Sage takes off and runs into her uncle, who she pleads with to get her out of Port Charles. Alcazar tells her that he can't leave Carly, and that running away from someone you care about is not the answer.

Later, Georgie tells Maxie what happened with Dillon and Sage. Maxie tries to comfort an inconsolable Georgie, and later goes to the Quartermaine mansion to find Dillon. Maxie blasts him for hurting Georgie, and tells him about the deal Georgie made with Tracy. She then tells him to stay away from her sister. Dillon goes to GH and finds Georgie anyway. He tells her that he is sorry, that he knows about the deal, and that he truly thought she didn't love him when she broke up with him. He explains that he was devastated and decided he had no reason to keeping putting off Sage if Georgie didn't truly love him. Georgie refuses to forgive him.

Angry with Jax, Sam throws what she found while diving. It hits the deck, and she realizes that it's a valuable diamond tiara. She tells Jax that there must be more, and she dives back into the water. Once she's under, Nikolas arrives and inquires about what Sam has found. Jax tells him about the tiara and offers it to him since Sam is technically working for him at the time. Sam surfaces and overhears their conversation, and clearly does not agree with Jax. Nikolas gives her the tiara back, and she tells him that she will use the money from it to pay for more divers to help salvage his sunken freighter. He leaves and she reveals to Jax that she's found more-a ship that's centuries old and likely housing a treasure. Jax suggests that she give it to, or at least split it with, Nikolas. Sam refuses, and seduces Jax instead.

Skye begins to argue with Faith when she finds her setting up the casino on Luke's boat. They continue to spar as Luke watches from a distance. Faith challenges Skye to a game of roulette to decide who remains Luke's active partner. Skye accepts and loses. Faith continues to bait her, and Skye hauls off and slaps Faith in the face, prompting Luke to finally step in and break things up. Luke bets his boat and gambling license on a game with Faith, and when she refuses, Luke spins the roulette wheel and discovers that it's rigged. Faith gives Luke an ultimatum of her or Skye, and walks out. After she leaves, Skye quits, but Luke refuses and tells her he needs her and what she stands for to help make his business work. Later, Faith plots against Skye, but Zander tells her to drop it. She's initially annoyed, but he humors her and they begin to kiss.

An angry Carly yells at Alcazar to leave her alone. Suddenly, she's overcome with head pain and collapses. Jason calls 911, and they take Carly away in an ambulance. Behind at Kelly's, Courtney tells Alcazar that he doesn't love Carly, he's just obsessed. At the hospital, Monica informs Sonny that Carly's tests appear normal, and her collapse seems unrelated to her prior head injury. Carly wakes up and tells Sonny that she had a dream about him. She describes her dream and how she loved him in it. Sonny and Jason take her back to the penthouse and her family, and she finally reconnects with them again. Michael senses it and says what everyone realizes-Carly is back. She tells them that she can feel her love for them again.

Emily gathers all of the Quartermaines for a happy tree-trimming party. The usual chaos and arguing ensues, with Edward trying to break up Emily and Nikolas, Alan and Tracy arguing, and Skye showing up with Luke.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

A heartbroken Georgie looks over pictures of her and Dillon that are posted in her locker, but refuses to speak to him when he approaches her. As Dillon tries to again explain his actions, Sage walks up and announces that she has enrolled at the high school and is taking all of Dillon's classes. Enraged, Georgie attacks her for being a stupid slut who went after her boyfriend. She's shocked when Dillon defends Sage, saying that Georgie ought to blame him. Once Georgie storms off, Sage thanks Dillon for sticking up for her. She thickly lays on the charm to Dillon, telling him that he's the reason she's staying in Port Charles and going to school, and that he makes her feel better about herself. Dillon falls for her act and agrees to help her acclimate to the new school, although it is clear that Georgie is the girl who has his heart. Later at GH, Georgie tells Maxie that she won't just let go of what happened with Dillon, and she vows to make him suffer. Determined to hurt him, she flirts with a popular basketball player who is at the hospital for an injury. She continues her ruse until the boy's girlfriend shows up, but she still demands that Dillon pay for hurting her.

Skye is in a festive spirit, and much to Luke's irritation, she decorates the casino for the holidays. Later on, he warms to the idea as it allows him close proximity to Skye. She falls from a ladder, and he shocks them both by kissing her under the mistletoe. He recovers quickly, however, and loudly stops their path to romance. When Skye suggests that he is overreacting, he refuses to let her think that there might be something between them. Instead, Luke inadvertently insults her and she storms off, leaving him visibly bothered by the fact that she has gotten under his skin.

Alcazar attempts to pump Bobbie for information on Carly, but she brushes him off. After she reminds him that nothing means more to Carly than her family, Alcazar unsuccessfully tries to find out what's going on from Carly's doctor. He's clearly frustrated when Faith arrives at his apartment to break the news of Sonny and Carly's reunion. She further mentions that Carly had a breakthrough at the hospital, and has regained all of her suppressed feelings for her husband and family. Alcazar tries to spin Faith's news as her attempt to manipulate him into gong after Sonny for her, but she reminds him that HE is the one who really needs to get rid of Sonny.

Jason asks Courtney to move back home, but before she can reply they are interrupted by Faith. Her presence reminds Courtney of Jason's business, and she ends their conversation. She later tries to avoid explaining her marital problems to her dad by taking a break at work, and she runs into Carly outside of Kelly's. She tells Carly that she was mistaken to think that she could handle Jason's work, and Carly replies with the harsh reality that Courtney must accept her husband's life or say goodbye. Later, Faith returns to Kelly's to offer Courtney a hostessing job at the Cellar. Courtney laughs at her and attempts to get rid of her, but Faith persists. Fed up, Courtney punches her in the face and then attacks one of Faith's bodyguards, until she is pulled off of him by a costume-clad Brian who has been masquerading as Santa outside of the restaurant.

Jason reports to Sonny that Faith hijacked their shipment, and that she needs to be dealt with. Ric arrives in the middle of their discussion to warn Sonny that he had better not start another war with Faith. He lectures Sonny on how he received a second chance and ought not throw it away because if anything were to happen to Faith, he would be the prime suspect. Instead, he suggests, Sonny should find a way to coexist peacefully with Faith. Once Ric is gone, Jason reminds Sonny that Faith has no interest in coexisting. Jason also breaks the news that Courtney is not moving back in with him because she can't get over his actions regarding Sonny's shooting of Alcazar. Rather than offer advice on how to fix the situation, Sonny stuns Jason when he suggests to him that he let Courtney go. It hits home to Jason that he must choose between the life he leads and the woman he loves.

At the penthouse, Sonny and Carly share in their renewed love. She reiterates to him how she can feel her love again and is filled with happiness, but Sonny doesn't seem convinced. As Carly attempts to prove it to him, Michael runs into the room and reminds both of his parents that they now have everything that they could want. That evening, Carly and Sonny are finally able to show each other their feelings again, and they begin to make love. Alcazar's voice in the hall interrupts their happy moment. Sonny is all too pleased, however, to drag Alcazar into the apartment where he is shocked to see Carly on the couch and clearly in a close moment with her husband.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

As Jax and Samantha dive to salvage the sunken Cassadine freighter, Jax again tries to persuade Sam to tell Nikolas about the second ship she found at the bottom of the harbor. But Samantha continues to refuse to heed Jax's advice. As Sam tries to explain why she is anxious to continue looking for the second ship, Jax cautions Sam to at least wait until they have the proper equipment to conduct the dive safely. But Samantha argues that her conniving father will swipe the treasure for himself if Sam does NOT hurry to grab the treasure first. Meanwhile, Sam's father arrives at Wyndemere. Calling himself Bartholomew Cody, he applies to Alexis for the job of butler, bodyguard and launch pilot. Nikolas immediately voices his distrust of Cody, but Cody explains that he only wants to have a job in Port Charles so be can be near his estranged daughter in the hope of a reconciliation. Alexis agrees to hire Cody on a trial basis. Later, however, Alexis catches Cody snooping around Nikolas's desk. As Alexis quizzes Cody about his interest in Nikolas's desk, Nikolas and Emily return from a walk on the beach, carrying an unconscious Sam! As Emily and Nikolas report that they found Sam collapsed on the shore, Alexis calls for the paramedics and a helicopter. Cody uses the distraction to quietly disappear. As Samantha regains consciousness, she mumbles something about a ship named Courage, and Cody overhears his daughter's delirious ramblings. When the Emergency Team arrives and Sam begins to come around, Cody disappears again. Samantha insists that she does NOT need to go to the Hospital. When Alexis goes looking for Cody, an alarmed Jax suddenly arrives. As Jax reassures himself that Sam is OK, Nikolas and Emily try to quiz Sam about her delirious reference to "The Courage." However, Sam insists that she was just remembering one of her father's favorite sayings about courage. Later, aboard Samantha's salvage ship, Jax warns Sam that her obsession with finding the Courage treasure could end up costing Sam her life. But Sam argues that it is important to her to beat her father to the treasure. Jax warns Sam that Nikolas and Emily are suspicious of her reference to The Courage. However, Samantha confidently insists that she was successful in convincing Nikolas and Emily that she was NOT talking about a ship. At the same time, back at Wyndemere, Emily explains to Nikolas that, years ago, the Quartermaine family had a ship carrying a priceless treasure, which mysteriously disappeared. And the ship which mysteriously disappeared before it reached its destination was named The Courage!!

Aboard the Haunted Star, Skye blasts Luke for his morose attitude toward the approaching holidays, but Luke argues that he is mourning the loss of the woman who once made the holidays seem worthwhile. However, Skye counters that Luke at least has some happy memories to miss ~ whereas, Skye has no such memories! As Skye angrily packs up her Christmas decorations and declares that the last thing she is interested in is the hint of a romance with Luke, Luke asks Skye to stick around for the first and last apology she will ever get from him. As Luke apologizes, he sadly explains that Laura's birthday is right around the corner ~ and Laura does not even realize what time of the year it is!

On the street, Jason warns Brian, dressed in a Santa suit, to stay away from Courtney. However, Courtney informs Jason that Brian was just breaking up a fight between Faith and Courtney. When Faith insists that Courtney attacked her and demands that Brian arrest Courtney. Brian insists that, although Courtney threw the first punch, Faith provoked Courtney. However, Faith persists in her demands and Brian reluctantly arrests Courtney and takes her to the Port Charles Police Department. At the precinct house, Brian again warns Courtney that she does NOT belong in Jason's violent world and urges Courtney to save her own life by leaving. Jason angrily advises Courtney to refuse to speak to Brian and let her lawyer handle the police. Brian assures Courtney that he will try to convince Ric to reduce the charges. After Brian leaves to find Ric, Jason angrily chastises Courtney for risking her life by fighting openly with Faith. But Courtney argues that she only did what Jason would have done and the same situation. While Justus, Ric and Jason argue about Courtney's case, Brian slips into the interrogation room and informs Courtney that she is free to go. When Jason goes to find Courtney, Brian smugly informs Sonny's hit man that Courtney has already left. Jason tracks Courtney down in her room at Kelly's and Courtney begs Jason to train her in self-defense so she would be able to help Jason with his work as her brother's hit man. However, Jason declares that he refuses to allow Courtney to change herself in order to adapt to Jason's lifestyle. Courtney and Jason tearfully agree that their only solution is to get a divorce. Jason tells Courtney he was honored to be her husband, if only for a little while. Courtney insists that she is not ready yet to deal with papers and lawyers. After Jason leaves, Courtney breaks down in tears.

At Sonny's Penthouse, Sonny and Carly both inform the intruding Lorenzo that Carly and Sonny are an item and Alcazar needs to get out of Carly's life for good. Alcazar remains unconvinced, until Carly herself declares that she has fully recovered her memory of her life with Sonny and plans to stay with her husband. Lorenzo coldly warns Carly that it will not be long before Sonny hurts her again ~ then walks out. After Lorenzo leaves, Carly warns Sonny NOT to make another attempt on Lorenzo's life. When Lorenzo returns to his apartment, Sage tries to jolly her uncle into a Holiday mood. However, they are interrupted when Faith arrives and tries to convince Alcazar to join her in a plan to finally defeat Sonny. But Alcazar coldly informs Faith that he has his own plans, and they do NOT include any more business dealings with Faith! Faith warns Lorenzo that Sonny will eventually end up succeeding in killing Alcazar ~ and Carly would never love Lorenzo ~ even if he threw his life away for Carly! Alcazar angrily orders Faith to get out. Meanwhile, Carly assures Sonny that he is the only one whom she loves. As Sonny and Carly toast the season, they are thrilled when Leticia returns with Michael and Morgan. At the same moment that Carly dances around the Penthouse living room with Michael and Morgan, Lorenzo sadly remembers the tender moments he once shared with Carly.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Faith runs into Sage Alcazar on the pier. She warns that she shouldn't hang out on the pier alone at night or she may end up getting snatched by someone. Sage tells her that she shouldn't threaten her because her uncle doesn't like her and will go after her if she tries to hurt her. Faith gets a kick out of seeing Sage all upset and feeds on it by egging her on. Dillon comes over and tells Sage to go and let him handle it. He tells Faith that he is Sage's bodyguard and tells her to leave Sage alone. Faith asks him if he is suddenly hot for Sage instead of Georgie now. Dillon tells her to leave Sage alone. Meanwhile, Maxie calls Georgie on her cell-phone while she is doing her volunteer work at the hospital. She tells Maxie she isn't supposed to take calls when she is working. Maxie tells her that there is some hot looking guy she met who seems perfect for Georgie because he is smart like her. Maxie takes a digital picture somehow of him through her cell-phone and Georgie sees what he looks like over the phone and thinks he is good looking. Georgie decides to go check him out herself in person at Kelly's. When she arrives at Kelly's, Maxie is sitting with him at the table laughing at some of his jokes. She introduces them to each other. The teenage boy's name is Guy. Georgie and Guy hit if off while talking about school classes. Maxie makes an excuse to leave them alone. Guy invites her to join him in the skating park to watch all the skaters fall. Georgie is reluctant to go with him but changes her mind and goes with him and they sit and laugh on one of the benches. Dillon and Sage find them talking and laughing and Dillon gets jealous. When Georgie spots them looking at her and Guy, she laughs even harder to make him even more jealous. Georgie finds out that Guy's father was in the Air Force and that he works as a pilot. She tells him that her dad is the police commissioner. Dillon and Sage approach them. Sage makes it a point to tell Georgie that they are headed to a double-feature where it will be dark for hours to insinuate that they will be making out. Dillon ignores Sage. Dillon finds out that Guy is a movie buff like himself and tries to one-up him in movie trivia knowledge. Guy is very friendly towards Dillon and Dillon reluctantly introduces himself to him as well as Sage. As they walk away together, Guy looks at them and makes a remark about their looks. Georgie thinks he is talking about Sage and asks him what guy's see in her and makes a remark that Sage isn't that pretty. Guy looks at her and surprises her by saying that he was referring to Dillon as being hot. She stares at him in disbelief and asks him if he thinks Dillon is cute. Guy tells her he does. She asks him if he is gay and he admits that he is. They continue to talk on the bench seat and Guy advises her to give Dillon another chance if she loves him still and that it is obvious by looking at Dillon that he still loves her too the way he reacted to them talking. Georgie goes back to the hospital and looks up some website on "teen speed dating." Maxie arrives in her volunteer clothes and asks Georgie why she isn't on her date with Guy. She tells her that she and Guy weren't right for each other and that he suggested some website for her to check out and informs Maxie that Kelly's is having some speed dating night where you can meet several guys for a few minutes each and then right down your name on a card to give to a guy you want to know more about and give it to him. Maxie thinks it is desperate of Georgie to want to date like this when it is obvious that she is still in love with Dillon and really wants to be with him. Georgie tells her that Dillon and she have to move on now.

Brian shows up at downstairs at Kelly's to find Courtney working there. He asks her if she is ending her marriage to Jason. She tells him that it none of her business and that she isn't interested in dating him. Jason walks in and Courtney thinks he is getting the wrong idea about Brian. She approaches his table to make it clear to him that what he saw with her talking to Brian isn't what he thinks. Jason tells her he didn't think anything about seeing Brian there and tells her he came by to meet with Justus to discuss things. Courtney apologizes for interrupting and heads back to the counter and manages to spill hot coffee on her arm. Brian is right there to try to help her but she waves him off and tells him she is fine. She tells Brian that despite the fact that she is living and working at Kelly's doesn't mean she doesn't love her husband. Brian tells her that it is hard to let go of someone you love and that he wasn't trying to come on to her. Justus shows up. Jason offers him a job as he and Sonny's permanent legal counsel if he wants the job. Justus tells him he isn't interested in being a mouthpiece for the mob. Jason tries to persuade him to work for them but Justus tells him he is reviewing his options right now and isn't interested in working for them. Meanwhile, Sonny surprises Carly by announcing to her that he made arrangements with their priest to have Morgan christened later today despite the busy holiday season at church. He also informs her that he invited Bobbie and Mike and they accepted. Carly is happy with the news and they head over to Kelly's to tell Jason and Courtney the news since they want them as Morgan's godparents. Carly tells Jason about the christening later and is surprised when he suggests not going to the ceremony in person since Courtney will want to be there and it may be uncomfortable for her to see him. Carly persuades him to stand up for Morgan as his godfather and that Courtney wouldn't want him to miss it because of her. Sonny talks to Courtney, who is hesitant about being the godmother and going to the church since she feels Jason will do a good job as godfather but she has reservations about herself. Sonny persuades her that she will be a wonderful godmother to Morgan and that everything will turn out alright. Everyone shows up at the church for the christening. Jason and Courtney show up together late but act as Morgan's godparents. Sonny had lit a candle and talked to Stone's spirit and told him that he named his son after both Jason and him and that he will someday tell Morgan about him and how he dealt well with what was handed to him. Meanwhile, Alcazar has his men find out where Carly is when Sonny's goon Max shows up with a gun and points it at Alcazar when he opens the door. Max tells him he has a message to give him from Sonny and Alcazar lets him in. Max keeps the gun on him and tells him to stay away from Carly when he asks him where she is and if she had another relapse. Max won't tell him where she is and keeps the gun pointed at him. Alcazar is surprised when Sage hits Max over the head with her hairdryer. Alcazar tells her she shouldn't have interfered with his business by knocking Max out when he wasn't going to kill him. Sage tells him she didn't know that and promises to stay out of it from now on. He tells her to go find Dillon and leave him alone. She suggests to him that maybe he should stay away from Carly if that is what Max warned him to do. Alcazar tells her he can't walk away from this right now. Alcazar shows up at the christening and watches from the doorway. Mike sees Courtney lighting a candle and tells her that he knows she is having a rough time right now with Jason but that he feels things will get better and she and Jason will end up together again where they belong and that she could have a baby one day since miracles can happen just by looking at Sonny and Carly. Sonny offers a big donation to the church. The priest thanks him but asks him for help with something else. He explains to Sonny and Jason that every year they have a Christmas party for the poor and disadvantaged children in the community and that each child receives a present and that the truck that delivers each toy broke down and they need a van or truck to haul the gifts for the party. Sonny tells Jason to see what he can do to help. Jason promises to help get it done for the priest. Courtney overhears him and is touched by Jason's generous heart. Alcazar watches Carly and Sonny and their family and returns home in a bad mood. He calls Faith over to talk to her. He warns her to never threaten his niece again or he will have her eliminated. He tells her he has product to move through the pier and needs her cooperation. He still warns her that she isn't as powerful as she thinks and that he can find a way to remove her as an obstacle if she doesn't cooperate. Sage returns home later to find her suitcases out in the living room all packed up. She asks him why they are out. He tells her she is returning to boarding school for her own safety. She tells him she hates that school and wants to stay in Port Charles. She tells him that she wanted to leave Port Charles and he persuaded her to stick around and he can't go back on his word. Faith meets up with Zander on the docks. She hands him a bundle of cash as a Christmas bonus for doing a great job for her. He tells her he will think of it as severance pay since he plans to move on and gives her his notice. She asks him what he wants from her. He tells her he wants to make some of his own business decisions from now on and not have to answer to her. She realizes he is referring to getting revenge on Nikolas. She warns him that making business personal is a bad idea and that he should give up his vendetta against Nikolas because of Emily or Nikolas will win. She agrees to negotiate with him about what decisions she will let him make on his own. She shows up at Kelly's and overhears Jason talking to Courtney about personally taking care of the shipment (of presents) to go to the children. Courtney persuades him to come inside Kelly's for some coffee. Faith calls one of her men and informs him that Jason is personally accepting a shipment on his own and that they are to follow him and take care of him and intercept the shipment, unaware that the shipment is Christmas presents for poor kids not supplies.

Liz and Emily sit in the park and talk about Liz's pregnancy. Liz is afraid to tell Ric about her pregnancy and tell him he isn't the baby's father because she is afraid she will lose him this time for good. Emily advises her to tell Ric the whole truth about the pregnancy and that he most likely will want to help her raise the baby even if he isn't the biological father. Ric shows up with ice-skates and apologizes to Emily for not renting some for her. He tries to coax Liz to join him on skates but she refuses to go and surprises him when she snaps at him that she can't skate. Emily realizes her concern about skating while she is pregnant and steps in and covers for her by saying that Liz twisted her ankle and can't skate. He asks her if she saw a doctor about it. She tells him she didn't but she will be fine if she doesn't put weight on it. Ric accepts her explanation for not skating. His cell-phone rings suddenly and he excuses himself to go answer it somewhere else. While he is taking his call, Liz thanks Emily for covering for her. Emily advises her to just tell Ric the whole truth since she can't hide her pregnancy from him forever. Ric comes back and tells her he has to go deal with business and asks for a raincheck. He kisses her goodbye. Liz sits up and tells Emily that she is going to tell Zander and Ric the truth about her pregnancy by the end of the day. She finds Zander talking to Faith and waits until she leaves. She approaches Zander to talk to him to tell him she is pregnant with his child. Zander doesn't give her a chance to tell him anything and informs her that he has no interest in keeping any ties in Port Charles and wants to live his life solo and that he isn't the same person that was her friend before. She ends up not telling him about her pregnancy and wishes him luck and leaves. She runs into Ric again later at the park. He is concerned about her ankle but she tells him it is better. She notices something is on her mind and asks her what is wrong. She tells him that she hasn't been honest with him like she should and tells him she is pregnant. He is excited with the news and sees it as a second chance for them and assumes the baby is his and kisses her. She tries to tell him that Zander is the baby's father but he doesn't give her a chance to tell him when he hugs her and kisses her and tells her that they can move ahead and be a family again. Liz hugs him back but doesn't correct him about him not being the father of the baby.

Friday, December 19, 2003

Emily and Liz talk at G.H. Liz had just had an appointment with Dr. Meadows, which turned out fine. Liz tells her that she was going to tell Zander that he was the baby's father but he told her first that he didn't want any ties to anyone in Port Charles and that he wanted to live his life on his own terms. Liz told her that she was trying to tell Ric that he wasn't the baby's father but he was so excited and happy about the news of her pregnancy that she didn't have the heart to tell him. They run into Ric. Emily is barely lukewarm to Ric, since she still isn't sure she trusts him. Ric calls her on it. Emily tells him she has no problem with him as long as he doesn't hurt Liz anymore. Emily takes off. Ric tells Liz he doesn't think Emily likes him yet. Liz reassures him that Emily is just protective of her since what happened with them before and she will come around eventually. Liz mentions she has to go back to her studio and do some art work. Ric tells her that he has a surprise for her and won't take no for an answer. Liz is intrigued and goes with him. He takes her to the church where a priest is waiting to marry them. Liz is surprised but agrees to remarry him again. They marry and go back to Kelly's to have a quiet celebration. As they are getting their coats on to leave, Ric notices a note sticking out of his coat pocket. He opens it and reads it and puts it back in his pocket without telling Liz what it is. She notices his change in mood about the note and insists he tell her what the note said. He goes outside and tells her it is nothing but she insists. He tells her the note said that he wasn't the baby's father. Liz is shocked.

Nikolas shows up at the Quartemaine mansion and finds Edward in the study. He asks him if Emily is around. Edward tells him she is not here right now and gets suspicious of Nikolas for not knowing where she is. Nikolas tells him that he did come over for another reason and explains that Emily mentioned a ship the Quartermaine family had in the far past called "The Courage" and asks him what he knows about it. Edward tells him about some ancestor of the Quartermaines named Celeste who was engaged to some man with a treasure and she was sailing on the ship "The Courage" with her brother when it sank and she died by drowning. He tells Nikolas that there was a rumor that a treasure was on that ship. Edward realizes what Nikolas is interested in and laughs at him for thinking that there is a treasure in the water for him to find to get rich quick. Nikolas explains that he believes the freighter that sank is down under where "The Courage" sank and that a tiara was found at least to prove a treasure is down there. Emily shows up at home and finds out from Nikolas what is going. Meanwhile, Tracy overhears Jax getting information from some old seaman named Elias about the Courage and the information about whether there was really a treasure on the ship. Jax pays him for the information when it is revealed that a tiara was part of the treasure. Tracy talks to Jax about what he is doing helping Sam with her salvage business. Jax tells her that he is helping Sam and that whatever makes Sam happy makes him happy. Tracy pretends to drop her glove as she is walking by Elias who is sitting at the pier. He picks it up for her and calls her over. She suddenly asks him if he is Elias and he confirms but gets suspicious of her motives. She tells him about her family and the Courage and asks him for the same information. Tracy calls a family meeting at the house. Tracy announces to them that there is a treasure down below where "The Courage" sank and that since the ship is owned by the Quartermaines rightfully then they should get the treasure. Nikolas disagrees with her and tells them that the freighter he owns is down below as well and that is part of his property. He finds out from Tracy that a tiara is part of the treasure that is rumored to be below the Port Charles river. Nikolas proposes a 50/50 deal in profits for whatever treasure is found. Tracy agrees quickly to that deal which makes everyone suspicious. Tracy points out that 50% is better than being broke like they are right now. However, Sam has other ideas herself. She runs into her father who is coming out of Kelly's with a coffee in his hand. She grabs his coffee and starts drinking it. Her father Cody becomes annoyed with her. She tells him that she wants him to stop working for the Cassadines as their butler because it is interfering in her business. She tells him that he will stop spying on her and if he doesn't she will tell the Cassadines that he is her father and what he is really up to. Cody tells her that she should be careful about what she does and says against him and threatens to make her life miserable if she ruins his cover. Sam drops his coffee on the ground and pretends it was an accident before taking off. She goes back to the salvage boat and gets into her diving gear. Jax gets ready to join her but cautions her about trying to keep all the treasure for herself since Nikolas owns a big chunk of the salvage business with her and may want some of the treasure himself including the tiara. Sam tells him that this treasure including the tiara is going to be her big break and that since she is diving for the treasure she is gets to keep it. Jax worries that Nikolas will find out what is going on and insist on at least half of what she found. Sam distracts Jax and they kiss. Later, Nikolas shows up on the boat and overhears Sam talking to Jax about the tiara she found and how they are going to get rich. Nikolas spoils things by insisting he will get some of that treasure as well. Later, Tracy informs the family, except for Emily that she has no intention of giving Nikolas half of the treasure's profits but that they will make Nikolas think he will so he will cooperate and help them.

Courtney has dinner with Michael at Kelly's. He talks about Jason bringing toys to the children at the church. Courtney agrees that is a nice thing for Jason to do for others. Carly and Sonny are at G.H. where Carly had a checkup to make sure she was o.k. to leave the hospital after her collapse. She reassures Sonny that she is going to be fine and that she can come home. They stop by Kelly's to pick up Michael to go to the church. A snow storm hits Port Charles and Jason is driving the load of Christmas presents to the church when he sees a woman dressed in white standing by the road as if she is stranded. He stops his car and gets out to help her. As he gets closer he realizes it is Faith but one of her men hits him in back of the head and knocks him unconscious. Faith tells her men to get the product that Jason has in his vehicle and she calls Sonny. Sonny has no interest in talking to her but she tells him that she has something he wants and that to meet her at Pier 17. She makes a remark about Jason moving product on her territory. Sonny realizes she has Jason and he has to go to the pier to help Jason. Courtney becomes worried for Jason's safety but stays at Kelly's with Courtney and Michael. Carly tries to persuade Courtney to not give up on her marriage to Jason so quickly and give it another chance. Courtney isn't sure they can live together and she can't deal with the decisions he makes in his business sometimes. Sonny shows up on the docks to find Zander holding a gun to a tied up Jason. A big crate is there as well. Faith tells him that he was moving his product on her territory without her permission but that for the right price she will let him have it back and Jason if he will agree to cooperate with her and show her some respect. Sonny has fun with her by telling her to open the crate and that there are going to be a lot of people upset with him right now if that shipment doesn't make it. Faith opens the crate to find a load of toys inside and thinks he is hiding stuff inside the dolls and toys. Sonny informs her that the toys are legitimate and that he was sending them to the church to give to some poor children. Suddenly, a woman screams as she runs down to the pier and to try to grab her young daughter before she runs too close to the water. Sonny grabs the little girl before she falls into the water. The woman thanks Sonny and leaves. Faith lets them all go including Jason. Sonny tells Faith that she is too arrogant and sloppy to be able to be successful in her business. Everyone shows up at the church. Later Jason tells Courtney that he is leaving town for awhile and that he can't be around her right now since they aren't together and he wants her to have a nice Christmas. He leaves Courtney on the pier. She sits down and cries and feels a hand on her shoulder. She thinks it is Jason who came back and goes to rush into his arms but finds it is Brian not Jason and pulls away. Sonny finds Faith sitting in the church as the children get their toys. He tells her she did a good thing by bringing the toys to the church for him. She tells him that she had a crummy childhood herself and could feel for the children.

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