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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 4, 2003 on GH
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Monday, August 4, 2003

Liz went to the penthouse looking for Sonny. Courtney informed her that he was not home, but Liz insisted on waiting for him. Courtney told Liz that Ric was fine, that she shouldn't worry about him anyway. Liz began to defend Ric, saying that he had done horrible things but that she had seen some good in him. Courtney reminded Liz that Ric had made conscious choices to do bad things and warned Liz against taking him back. Liz declared that she would never take Ric back, but that she would always feel some attachment to him because of the baby they lost together. Liz told Courtney that when you share that kind of pain with someone, you are always connected.

Faith could not convince Ric that they belong together. Ric told Faith that he had to show Liz that he was good by helping get Carly back. Faith was disgusted by Ric's continued devotion to Liz. Faith left and approached Liz outside Kelley's. She gave Liz the address to the safe house where Sonny was holding Ric, hoping that Ric would see for himself that Liz was not interested in a reunion. Liz surprised Ric when she arrived at the safe house.

Jason discovered a bomb on Alcazar's yacht with only few seconds left to detonation. Jason showed it to Sonny. The two men froze and braced themselves for the blast, but it never came. Jason checked the bomb again. Sonny determined that Alcazar was simply playing mind games with him and letting him know that he was in control. Jason returned to the penthouse and told Courtney that Alcazar had taken Carly from the yacht before they got there. Courtney asked what would happen next, and Jason told a frightened Courtney that he would have to invade Alcazar's compound in order to free Carly. Courtney struggled to tell Jason that she was pregnant, but could not find the words. She begged Jason not to go off on the dangerous mission, but Jason insisted that he had made a promise to help Carly whenever she needed him. Meanwhile Sonny went to the safe house to check on the progress of Ric's map. Ric pleaded with Sonny to let him go help rescue Carly, citing his knowledge of the compound and of Alcazar's employees as essential assets to make the mission a success. Sonny warned Ric that he would not give him another opportunity to betray him. Ric tried to convince Sonny that he really did want to help free Carly since it was his fault that Alcazar had her. Sonny returned to the penthouse. Jason insisted to Sonny that Jason should take the greatest risks in their mission. Sonny refused, insisting that it was his duty to take any risks necessary to save his wife.

Aboard Alcazar's jet, Carly went into premature labor. Disbelieving at first, Alcazar soon realized that her trauma was real this time. Carly demanded medical attention, fearful that her water would break if she did not take medication to prevent it. Alcazar ordered the pilot to land and have a doctor ready at the tarmac. Alcazar warned Carly that he would kill the doctor in front of her eyes if she made any attempt to tell him she was being held against her will. The doctor examined Carly and informed Alcazar that they must do an emergency C-section or Carly could die of hemorrhaging. The doctor said it was too late to prevent it, that the medication wasn't working. He declared that Carly must be transferred to a hospital immediately. Posing as Carly's husband, Alcazar struggled with the decision. Carly struggled with the pain, but yelled at them to wait longer and see if the medication would work since her water was still intact. When she realized that Alcazar was about to authorize the procedure, Carly screamed that she would rather die with the baby than lose it and live.

Lucky visited Lydia in her bedroom and admitted that he knew Nikolas would leave, so he came by to check on her. Lydia seduced Lucky, but just as they kissed Stefan walked in. Stefan ordered Lucky to leave. Zander went to Wyndemere and told Nikolas to stay away from Emily. Nikolas resisted the urge to fight with Zander and just told him that he only wanted Emily to be happy. After Zander left, Emily emerged and thanked Nikolas for handling Zander so delicately. Nikolas and Emily expressed their mutual feelings, but agreed that they could no longer act on them. They shared a kiss, and Nikolas promised that it was their last. Emily left and went straight to Zander. They agreed to work things out, and Emily promised to be completely honest with Zander going forward. Stefan told an indifferent Nikolas that he had caught Lucky kissing Nikolas's new wife. Stefan reminded Nikolas that Lydia's grandfather's will required that they produce an heir. Nikolas dryly told Stefan not to worry, that Lucky might take care of that for him. Nikolas returned to the bedroom, where Lydia tried to convince him to make love to her. Nikolas pushed her away and demanded that she select another bedroom to sleep in. Lydia told Nikolas she hated him and stormed out.

Tuesday, August 5, 2003

Georgie urges Dillon to come clean with Mac to prove that he's learned from his earliest mistakes. Liz tells Ric that although she still cares for him they can never get back together again after all the pain he's caused. A tearful Courtney begs Jason not to risk his life but he reminds her why he must keep a promise he made to Carly long ago. Though Lorenzo presses her to undergo the C-section, Carly insists that her child is not yet ready to be born. Lydia bitterly complains to Lucky about the way Stefan has ruined her life. Dillon's plan backfires when Mac warns him once more to keep his distance from Georgie. Ric persuades Sonny to give him a chance to redeem himself. Out of his brother's earshot, however, Sonny orders Jason to shoot Ric dead if he makes one false move. Lorenzo stays close to Carly as her labor pains intensify. Courtney explains to Mike why she still hasn't revealed her secret to Jason. Lucky offers Lydia a way to take revenge on Stefan. Dillon stumbles over a small fortune after witnessing a shoot-out on the docks.

Wednesday, August 6, 2003

When Alexis meets with Stefan about his plan to win custody of Kristina, Skye and Ned round the corner, wheeling Kristina ~ and Stefan loudly pretends to be reading Alexis the riot act about her most recent inappropriate behavior. After Alexis storms away, Stefan apologizes to Ned for Alexis's behavior and reminds Ned that Emily and Nikolas have always been friends. However, after Ned leaves to attend a meeting, Skye informs Stefan that she does NOT believe a word that Stefan has said. However, Stefan smugly assures Skye that he is, indeed, sincere! Later, Alexis shows up for a session with Cameron and confides that she has made a deal with her immoral brother to try to get her daughter back ~ and that Stefan may find it necessary to try to ruin Ned. Cameron coldly informs Alexis that he believes that Alexis really IS nuts! Cameron argues that Ned has done NOTHING to deserve Alexis kicking off a vendetta to RUIN Ned's life! Alexis asks Cameron to "fix" her ~ but Cameron offers the opinion that Alexis came to Cameron to obtain some kind of absolution for what she is about to do. A tight-lipped Cameron informs Alexis that he will NOT validate her plan to ruin Ned's life. As Alexis angrily storms out of Cameron's office, Cameron implores Alexis to get hold of herself and do what Alexis KNOWS is the right thing where Ned is concerned! After Alexis leaves Cameron's office, Alexis again meets with Stefan. Stefan informs Alexis that he has discovered some hidden information that will work perfectly in their plan to destroy Ned's credibility!

After spending the night in Georgie's room, Dillon and Georgie heave a sigh of relief after they believe that Mac has left for work. However, Mac doubles back and catches Dillon in Georgie's room! Mac angrily orders Dillon out of the house, but Dillon leaves the suitcase full of money under the covers on Georgie's bed. After Dillon leaves, Mac asks Georgie if Georgie and Dillon have been sharing a bed. When Georgie defiantly asks what if she WAS sleeping with Dillon, Mac tries to explain to Georgie the great heartbreak Robin's loved ones have had to live with since ROBIN hit the sheets with a boyfriend who was HIV positive. Georgie assures Mac that she is NOT Robin and knows enough to be careful if she DID decide to hit the sheets with Dillon. But, at this moment, Georgie reassures Mac, Georgie and Dillon are NOT "an item!" Meanwhile, Faith heads to Sonny's Penthouse with a report about the way that the police busted her drug deal with Alcazar. Finding only Courtney at the penthouse, Faith demands to be put in touch with Sonny right away, but Courtney informs Faith that she can NOT get in touch with Sonny! As Courtney and Faith argue, Scott ALSO shows up, demanding to know what has become of the money Scott gave to Faith to buy the drugs from Alcazar's stooge! Scott implores Courtney to get in touch with Sonny and Scott warns Courtney that Jason and Sonny will probably get killed in their half-baked attempt to rescue Carly. Afterward, Faith asks Scott what kind of reward Scott would be handing out to whomever found Scott's missing money. Scott hints that some kind of reward might be worked out! At the same time, after Mac leaves the house again, Georgie retrieves the briefcase full of money from under the covers and heads off to see Jason.

On board Sonny's jet, Jason cautions Sonny about relying on Ric's report about Carly's whereabouts, but Ric insists that Alcazar's guard told Ric that Alcazar stopped in Leon because Carly had gone into labor. Jason questions whether or not one of Alcazar's guards would have all of that information, but Sonny points out that Sonny's guards know a lot about Sonny's business that Sonny doesn't necessarily tell them ~ just because they are, by nature, observant. At the same time, Lorenzo calls Sonny, reports that the police busted Alcazar's associate in the middle of the drug transaction and Alcazar demands his money from Sonny right away. Sonny demands to speak to Carly first, but Alcazar hangs up on Sonny. Later, Lorenzo visits Carly in her Hospital Room and praises her for her courage. Carly thanks Lorenzo for not being stampeded into allowing the doctor to perform an emergency C-Section on Carly! Meanwhile, on board Sonny's jet, Jason tells Sonny that Jason believes it MIGHT help them blind-side Alcazar if Lorenzo is distracted about the money lost in the drug bust. In the meantime, back at the Clinic, Lorenzo brings Carly a change of clothes and Carly begs Lorenzo to let her call Sonny to assure him that Carly is OK. But Alcazar insists that Sonny has NO way to know that Carly is experiencing complications with her pregnancy and Lorenzo refuses to allow Carly to call. But, later, Carly notices that one of the nurses has a cell phone in her purse! Carly decoys the nurse away to look for a brush and then Carly grabs the cell phone. At the same time, on Sonny's jet, Sonny tries to find out if Alcazar stayed in Leon or took Carly somewhere else, but Sonny loses the connection to his contact in Leon. Jason reminds Sonny that Alcazar STILL needs Sony, so ~ IF they do NOT find Carly in Leon ~ they should return to Port Charles. Ric tells Sonny that Ric spent a LOT of time in Leon when working for Alcazar, and knows his way around the city. Ric promises Sonny that Ric WILL be able to help Sonny set Carly free. At the same time, Carly uses the cell phone and calls the Penthouse. Courtney answers. Carly tells Courtney that she is at the Clinica Central in Leon, Colombia. When Courtney informs Carly that Jason and Sonny have gone to South America to rescue Carly, Carly tells Courtney that Carly can NOT be moved for a while, so Carly will NOT be taken to Alcazar's compound for at least another 24 hours! However, Lorenzo comes to see Carly and catches Carly on the phone. Lorenzo angrily grabs the phone out of Carly's hand and blasts Carly for repaying his kindness with a betrayal! At the same time, Courtney leaves a message with Jason's voice mail, then calls Sonny's associate in Leon. When the Associate informs Courtney that he is out of touch with Sonny, Courtney orders a plane so Courtney can fly to Leon and deliver the message herself. As Courtney gets ready to leave, George suddenly arrives at the Penthouse door with the suitcase full of money, looking for Jason. Georgie quickly fills Courtney in on the details about Dillon and the suitcase and tells Courtney that Faith SAW Dillon grab the suitcase when the police busted Faith buying drugs from Alcazar's contact. Courtney orders Georgie to stay at the Penthouse and tells Georgie that Courtney plans to take the money to Faith at the Port Charles Hotel. In the meantime, Faith spots Dillon at Kelly's and suddenly kisses him just as a couple of Alcazar's men walk past. Faith insists that she is saving his life with that maneuver. Faith cons Dillon into hiding out in her room while Alcazar's men comb the city for the missing money. Once Faith has Dillon in her room, Faith begins to make moves on a VERY reluctant Dillon! At the same time, Courtney realizes that Georgie has followed Courtney as far as Kelly's. As Courtney tries to convince George to return to the Penthouse, two of Alcazar's men spot the briefcase and Courtney hands the suitcase to Georgie and orders Georgie to run. Then Courtney surprises Alcazar's men by attacking them! Until one of the men pulls a gun on Courtney and orders Courtney to stand still! When Georgie arrives at Faith's Hotel Room with the briefcase, Georgie finds a very embarrassed Dillon with his shirt unbuttoned. At the same time, at the Clinic in Leon, Lorenzo warns Carly that, IF Carly has succeeded in luring Sonny to the Clinic, then Alcazar will regretfully HAVE to kill Sonny when Sonny arrives! At the same time, Sonny, Jason and Ric slip into a clinic in Leon, but are devastated when they discover only the cleaning crew! Sonny concludes that Alcazar has already moved Carly. At the same time, in a DIFFERENT clinic, Lorenzo informs Carly that he plans to keep Carly as long as he needs her ~ which COULD be a VERY long time!

Thursday, August 7, 2003

Maxie runs into Kyle at the Breast Cancer Walk at the park. Maxie feels bad that she couldn't score some drugs from the hospital to get into the party. Kyle tells her there is no pressure but if she could just steal one bottle of pills, preferably downers, they can get into the party next time. Maxie agrees to try to steal some. She is bringing a cart of books across the hallway when she spots a nurse with a cart of medicine stop nearby and get beeped for an emergency. The nurse leaves the cart of meds alone and takes off to handle the emergency. Maxie sees that no one is around and walks over to the meds cart and looks for some drugs. She finds a bottle of Hydrocodone and grabs it just as Alan comes around the corner and sees her. He doesn't see what she has done but comments about how she is there so much he thinks she must live at the hospital. Maxie smiles and tries to act casual while she holds the bottle of pills with her hands clasped behind her back so he can't see what she stole. Alan tells her that she shouldn't work so much and Maxie tells him she is trying hard to make up for what she did to Mac. Alan asks her if she is going to the park since they may need some volunteers there for the breast cancer walk. Maxie asks him if he is going there too. He tells her he can give her ride if she wants to go. She says thank you and waits until his back is turned and puts the bottle of pills in her pants pocket and walks out with him. When she gets there she meets with Kyle in the woods. She hands him the bottle of Hydrocodone and he is pleased with it and takes one and drinks it down. He offers a pill to Maxie who is hesitant since she od'ed on drugs before. He tells her that this nothing like Ecstasy and she will be fine. She agrees and takes one of the pills. Meanwhile, Georgie hands over the briefcase with the money to Faith. Faith checks it out and sees no money has been taken out of it. Georgie tells her she wouldn't do that and is just returning it to her so they can get out of there. She looks at Dillon's shirt and notices it is half open and figures what was going on before she arrived. She isn't too happy but tells Faith that she won't tell anyone what happened. Faith isn't so sure about whether she can trust them not to tell anyone about their meeting. Dillon tries to assure her that they don't plan to tell anyone what happened. Faith asks Georgie who she is. Georgie introduces herself as the police commissioner's daughter. Faith can't believe her bad luck that Georgie is Mac's daughter. Georgie tries to explain with Dillon's help that Mac is really her stepfather and that they aren't that close and fight all the time. Faith worries about whether Georgie will tell Mac on her. They are interrupted when they hear a commotion outside the door with the guard. Outside Kelly's Courtney manages to knock one of Alcazar's men down and run off. She heads to Faith's hotel room and knocks out the guard there as well. Faith lets her in. Courtney tells Faith to call Alcazar and tell him she has his money so he won't ruin the deal with Sonny. Courtney walks out with Georgie and Dillon after assuring Faith that they won't tell anyone what happened. Outside of the room, Courtney tells them they are lucky that Faith didn't have them killed after what they did. She tells them to go home and she will deal with Faith. She has a dizzy spell but tells them she is going to be o.k. Georgie and Dillon go to Kelly's. Georgie doesn't want to talk about what she saw him doing with Faith. He makes a lame joke about how good of a kisser Faith was but realizes his mistake when Georgie gets angry with him and tells him she hates him and leaves. Later, he climbs up to her bedroom window and sees her laying on her bed pouting about him. He tells her to let him explain and climbs through her window into her room. She opens the bedroom door and tells him he can leave this way since Mac isn't home. Dillon apologizes for making the joke about Faith and that she needs to know that he isn't interested in being with Faith but wants to be with her. Georgie pretends she still is angry with him but he manages to say the right things and they kiss and make up.

Nikolas is writing out a check to donate to the breast cancer walk. Lydia finds him alone in the office and tries to come on to him. Nikolas ignores her and tells her that the donation is for a worthy cause and that he is doing it for Emily. Lydia tries to get him into bed before he goes to the park to hand it to Emily in person. Nikolas ignores her come-ons and rejects her politely. Stefan comes in and sees Lydia touching Nikolas intimately and apologizes for interrupting. Nikolas excuses himself and tells Stefan he has to go to the park. Lydia complains to Stefan about Nikolas' behavior toward her and that she needs to consummate her marriage to him and have a child by him so she can get the rest of her inheritance. She threatens Stefan that if Nikolas doesn't change his attitude soon she will have their marriage annulled and find some one else with a fortune to help her and he and Nikolas will be left without a penny. As she is leaving, Alexis walks in. She tells Stefan she is going to be walking for the breast cancer walk in the park. He tells her that will be perfect since he has a surprise for Ned in the park later to help make him look like an unfit father in public. Alexis has reservations but doesn't say anything and goes to the park. Stefan hides in the bushes and watches as Alexis and Cameron talk. Cameron runs into Zander who is walking to help Emily. He asks him how it is going with him and Emily and Zander thanks him and tells him he followed his advice about giving her another chance. Cameron tells him he wants to give a donation to the cause in his name for her. Zander turns it down and says that he will use his own name to help her himself. While Cameron is talking to Alexis, Ned approaches them and tells her that Kristina is there with them in the park. Alexis tells him she knows that but she can't be near her baby no matter how much she wants to because of the restraining order. Cameron suggests to Ned that he let Alexis hold her baby. Ned tells her he can't since he has to follow the judge's order. Emily overhears them and asks Ned to let Alexis hold her baby and that there is no judge around to see what is going on and that he should do it to honor the mothers and daughters who are here today. Ned gives in for Emily and hands the baby over to Alexis to hold. Alexis thanks Ned and enjoys her time. Skye and A.J watch them from afar. AJ wonders about what is going to happen now that Ned has given in and let Alexis see the baby. Skye decides not to interfere and asks AJ his opinion about Stefan. AJ tells her he is a megalomaniac and to watch out. After Alexis holds her baby and hands him back to Ned, Cameron tells her that she doesn't need to scheme against Ned to make him look like an unfit father now that he is starting to give in and let her see her baby. Alexis starts to feel bad and later tells Stefan that she doesn't want to go through with the plot to harm Ned now. Stefan tells her it is too late and sets his plan in motion. Edward scolds Ned for allowing Alexis near Kristina but Monica tells Edward off and compliments Ned for doing something good. Stefan waits until Ned and Skye are standing near the baby's stroller and motions for a scantily clad woman to approach them. The woman comes up to Ned and asks him if he is "Eddie Maine." He tells her he once was. The woman slaps him across the face and Ned and everyone is in shock. Emily runs into Gia and apologizes for trying to set her up with Zander and letting her get hurt. Gia tells her that she and Zander are still friends. Lydia sees Emily talking privately with Nikolas and goes over to the podium to interrupt and announce the large donation she and Nikolas made for the breast cancer walk. She makes it clear that Nikolas is her husband to remind Emily of the situation. Monica thanks her and Nikolas for the large donation. Lydia acts all sweet and nice and tells Monica that Emily is a friend to them and whatever they can do for her is their pleasure. Lydia gets Emily alone and tells her that she will double the donation if she agrees to persuade Nikolas to consummate their marriage. Zander asks Edward to donate more money and gets him to donate $100 for each mile Zander walks. He surprises Zander also when he admits that his love for Emily is a good thing for her even if he doesn't have anything else to offer her as far as a future is concerned. Zander doesn't like seeing her talking to Nikolas but lets it go and shares a kiss with her when she thanks him for all he is done today for her. Nikolas sees them kiss.

Alcazar tells Carly that he can't trust her now that she used a phone to call Sonny. He tells her he can only trust her with his life if she trusts him with hers and brings out a straight razor and some water. He has her shave his beard off with the straight razor to prove she doesn't want him killed. She tells him she isn't a murderer and that she will tell Sonny what he has done for her and that Sonny will be grateful to him and do anything for him to repay him if he will let her go now. She tells him she can't leave just yet since she isn't suppose to be walking yet and needs to stay at the clinic awhile longer. Alcazar gets a call and tells her the cavalry has arrived. He leaves her in her hospital room. Meanwhile, Ric, Jason, and Sonny arrive at one of the hospitals in Columbia to look for Carly but only find a cleaning woman at the last room. They go back to the hotel and Sonny and Jason argue with Ric about what hospital she could be in. Their argument is interrupted by a knock on the door. It is Courtney. Jason lets her in and demands to know why she risked her safety to come all the way here when one of their men could have sent the message. Courtney manages to tell them about Carly's call and where she is. Ric tells them it is only a few blocks away. Jason argues with Courtney but Sonny interrupts him to tell him he doesn't have time to wait for him. Sonny orders Courtney to stay in the room until they return. Courtney stays around but Alcazar busts in the door with a gun and asks her where they went. Sonny, Ric, and Jason show up at the clinic. Jason stands outside the room as a lookout and tries to find some sign of Alcazar's guards. One of Alcazar's men is hiding somewhere and has Jason in his target range. Sonny and Ric find Carly in one of the rooms. She sees Ric and asks Sonny why he is there with them. Sonny doesn't have time to explain. Ric tells them they need to get out of the clinic now.

Friday, August 8, 2003

Georgie and Dillon kiss on her bed. Dillon pulls away and Georgie gets the wrong idea and thinks he isn't interested in her. He tells her that he is very interested in her but was afraid of going to fast for her. Georgie tells him she is fine and they start to make love on the bed. Meanwhile, Maxie and Kyle start feeling the effects of popping those pills Maxie stole from the hospital. Kyle asks her to go out with him tonight. She tells him she has to go home and change out of her t-shirt. She heads home and barges into Georgie's room to borrow some of her clothes. Georgie is very upset with her for barging in on her and Dillon. She notices that Maxie is either very drunk or high on something when she notices how much Maxie is walking unsteadily. She asks her what she is on. Maxie starts laughing and gloating about how she is a thief. Georgie starts to drill her about where she got the drugs. Maxie tells her she stole some pills to get into a party with Kyle. Georgie searches her purse but finds no pills. Dillon figures out that Maxie stole the pills and gave them to Kyle. Maxie tells them she has to get going and meet Kyle at the park. Dillon leaves suddenly and tells Georgie he will take care of things and to keep Maxie with her. Maxie climbs on Georgie's bed and passes out. Later she comes to and asks Georgie what she is doing. Georgie asks her why she would steal drugs from the hospital and give them to Kyle. Maxie tells her that she wants to be invited to parties and needs Kyle to do that. Georgie worries that the pills will be discovered missing soon and that they could be traced back to her. Maxie tells her she was careful and no one saw her. Back at the park, Dillon finds Kyle stumbling around the park. AJ also bumps into him and notices how high Kyle is. Dillon starts a fight with Kyle on purpose. Kyle attacks him when Dillon makes a remark about how stupid he is and how Maxie is probably looking for someone smarter to be with right now. Dillon grabs Kyle before he can swing at him and holds his arms down. Kyle screams at him to let him go. AJ and Alan hear the noise and come to investigate. AJ pulls Kyle off of Dillon and Alan keeps Dillon from charging Kyle in return. Kyle pulls away from AJ and stumbles around into the woods. Dillon tells him everything is o.k. with him and walks off. Dillon pulls out the bottle of pills he confiscated from Kyle when he wasn't paying attention and heads to G.H. AJ tells Alan that he ran into Kyle earlier and that the kid is definitely high on some drug. Dillon arrives at G.H. and sees a cart of medicine and waits for the nurse to leave it and heads over to return the bottle of pills to the cart but Alan catches him doing it and asks him what he is up to. Meanwhile, back at Georgie's bedroom, Maxie warns Georgie not to tell Mac about what she did or she will tell Mac that she and Dillon were having sex in her room. Georgie lies and tells her she did have sex with Dillon and acts like it is no big deal.

At the park Lydia asks Emily if they have an agreement. Emily can't believe that Lydia wants her to persuade Nikolas to sleep with his wife and consummate the marriage and Lydia will double Nikolas' donation as a thank you. Emily tells Lydia that she is part of a family who knows how to manipulate. Lydia points out that the agreement benefits both of them and that no harm is being done. Nikolas comes over and asks what is going on. Emily tells him what agreement Lydia proposed to her and Nikolas apologizes to her and takes Lydia home abruptly. When they get back to Wyndemere, Lydia defends what she did to Nikolas but he isn't pleased with her interference and tells her that they have five years to conceive a child and that there is no rush. Lydia gets upset with him for focusing on Emily so much now that they are married. She throws a ceramic pitcher at him in anger. He tells her to leave the room and leave him alone. Later, Lydia calls a lawyer and asks him to draw up annullment papers for her as soon as possible. Stefan comes into the room and grabs the telephone from her before she can finish. He asks her what she thinks she is doing. Lydia tells him that Nikolas won't consummate their marriage and she is tired of being treated with no respect from him and wants out of the marriage. She tells him she plans to find someone else to marry. Stefan grabs her before she can leave the room. He starts be intimidating by touching the collar of her outfit and touching her lips with his fingers as he threatens to make Nikolas a widower before she will ever be free of Nikolas alive. He walks off and Lydia is visibly shaken. Back at the park, Edward rants about Zander not returning from the breast cancer walk as soon as everyone expected and accuses him of being at some bar somewhere and how he isn't good enough for Emily. Emily has faith in Zander and tells Edward that she will live her own life regardless of what Edward thinks or wants from her. Zander runs back and tells Edward to pay up and hands a sheet to him showing he did the course twice. Edward accuses him of forging the signatures at the checkpoints but Monica looks at the sheet and tells Edward that those signatures are real and signed twice. Zander grabs Edward's handkerchief and wipes the sweat off of himself and tells Edward to get his checkbook out and pay up what he owes. Edward grumbles but gets his checkbook out and signs. Alan and Monica thank Zander for coming through for Emily big time. Emily hugs him and calls him her hero. She asks him if there is anything she can do for him and he tells her he needs water right now. They walk in the park hand in hand. Zander admits that he was bothered by Nikolas' big donation in her name even though he knows it is for a good cause. Emily tells him that what he did for her was far more meaningful to her than Nikolas signing a check. Nikolas overhears what she tells him when he spies on them from the bushes. Emily had run into Liz and they talked about how complicated their love lives have been lately.

The unknown "Eddie Maine" fan shocks Ned by slapping him in the face. Ned doesn't remember her and asks her who she is. She tells him that they met in Syracuse, NY back in 1994 and that he should rot in jail for what he did to her back then. She storms off. Skye asks him what that was about but Ned has no clue. Meanwhile, Alexis witnesses what happened and asks Stefan how he found that woman. He shows her papers from 1994. The woman had at one time was going to press charges against Ned for rape but Lois smoothed things over and no formal charges were ever pressed. Alexis has misgivings about this now that Ned allowed her to hold Kristina despite the restraining order against her. She tells Stefan that she doesn't feel it is right that Ned should lose his freedom because he wasn't fair about Kristina before. Alexis starts to try to get Stefan to drop this whole scheme of his until she overhears Skye cooing at Kristina and urging her to call her mommy. Stefan asks her if she is willing to risk depriving her daughter of not having her as a mother just like she was deprived of having her own mother around. Alexis tells him to do what he has to. Ned approaches her and tells her that he doesn't want to rip Kristina's life apart and is will to come to a compromise about her seeing Kristina. Alexis thanks him and wants to do what is best for Kristina. Ned carries the baby carriage out. Skye tells Alexis not to get too use to it and leaves all smug.

Jason searches the area of the clinic for any signs of Alcazar's men. He goes back into Carly's hospital room and tells Ric and Sonny that he doesn't like it that there are no guards around and they need to get out of there. Carly tells them she can't walk right now because she is afraid her labor will start again. Jason tells Sonny he will carry her. Ric and Sonny have guns and look around the area. Alcazar's men set up an ambush inside the clinic. Ric notices one of the men coming out and aiming at Sonny. Ric warns Sonny to duck and takes a bullet in the leg and chest. Jason protects Carly and shields her until he can find a hiding place. Ric tells Sonny to leave with Jason and Carly and he will stay behind and deal with the men. Sonny and Jason leave with Carly. Sonny and Carly head to the private plane but Jason heads back to the hotel to get Courtney. However, Courtney is held there by Alcazar, who has a gun on him. He tells her that they are going to wait for Sonny and Jason to return. He gets a call from one of his men informing him of what is going on at the clinic. Alcazar tells the man on the phone to keep him alive. Ric had shot at the men but got to weak to do much good and the men came upon him laying against the couch in the waiting area. Alcazar informs Courtney that Ric took a bullet for Sonny and that he and Jason got away with Carly. He tells her that she is now going to be his bargaining chip. Courtney starts to feel weak and he asks her what is wrong. She tells him she is coming down with the flu. Jason shows up at the hotel room to find Alcazar there with a gun pointed at Courtney who is tied up in a chair and gagged. Alcazar tells him that he needs to call Sonny and tell him to return Carly to him or he will take Courtney instead. Jason tells him that isn't going to happen. Sonny and Carly share some moments alone on the plane. They talk and kiss and wait for Jason to arrive with Courtney. One of Sonny's pilots gets on the P.A. system and tells them that they need to take off because Alcazar's men are gaining on them. Sonny tells them they can't and must wait for Jason to arrive. Ric gets medical treatment at the clinic and Carly's female doctor there administers it. He starts to panic as he gets weaker from the gunshot wounds. She tells him he will be fine and to relax. He tells her he needs to see his wife Liz and let her know that he did everything he could to help Sonny and Carly get away safely and that she needs to know that he did it for her. He starts to hallucinate and imagines it is Liz that is there and not the doctor. He tells "Liz" what he did to help Carly and Sonny and asks her to forgive him. Meanwhile, Liz starts to pack her clothes into a suitcase from Ric's house. She sees a photo of the two of them on the table and reminisces about the happy times she had with him but places it back on the table and it crashes to the floor. Ric starts to go into cardiac arrest after he realizes Liz isn't there with him.

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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