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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 21, 2003 on GH
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Monday, July 21, 2003

Alexis revealed to everyone present that she was, in fact, Dobson. She confessed to killing Alcazar and faking the DID because she feared that Scott would reject her plea of self-defense and convict her of first degree murder. Alexis protected Cameron by saying that he had no idea that she was faking her illness. Alexis insisted that everything she had done was to protect her daughter. Skye wanted Alexis arrested, but Alexis informed her that double jeopardy protected her from being tried twice for the same crime. Scott threatened to bring Alexis up on fraud charges, but surprising Ned jumped to her defense and asked to speak with Scott in the foyer. Skye rushed to join the discussion and was horrified when Ned demanded that Scott leave Alexis alone. Ned asserted that he had evidence of Scott accepting bribes from Edward and would use it against him should he prosecute Alexis for any crimes. Skye asked Ned why he would defend Alexis, and Ned said that he believed she acted in self defense. Scott swore to go after Cameron instead, but Ned bullied Scott into leaving Cameron alone as well. Ned asked Alexis to leave and told her they would discuss visitation later. Alexis said goodbye to Kristina. Despite all of Ned's help, Alexis promised that the battle over Kristina wasn't over and left bitterly.

Lydia and Lucky kissed passionately. Once Lydia realized that Nikolas had entered the room, she pulled away and smacked Lucky. Lydia tried to pretend as if Lucky had forced himself upon her, but Nikolas was privy to her deception. He reminded Lydia that he would not tolerate infidelity once they were married. Alone with Lucky, Nikolas asked Lucky why he had to constantly antagonize Lydia. Lucky said he wanted to expose Lydia for the true cheat that she was so Nikolas would be free to be with his true love, Emily. Nikolas reminded Lucky that Emily was in love with Zander, and suggested that Lucky enjoyed flirting with Lydia. Lucky told Nikolas about his theory that Stefan had hired someone to push Emily, not Summer, to keep her from interfering in the plan to marry Nikolas and Lydia. At first Nikolas thought the idea absurd, but began to see that Lucky's explanation made some sense. Stefan interrupted them and took mock offense at Lucky's accusation. Nikolas defended Lucky saying that he has been under much strain since Summer's untimely death. Stefan insisted that was no excuse for Lucky's behavior.

Liz remembered seeing Carly and called the police. When Garcia came, she explained to him that she had seen Carly chained to a wall in a secret room in her and Ric's house. She said it all made sense now, Ric's frequent disappearances and reappearances. Liz realized that she had been lied to by Ric all along and that he had only wanted that house for the secret room.

Sonny and Jason burst into Ric's secret room, but Carly was gone. All they found was Ric, bleeding from the head and lying on the floor. Sonny picked him up and slammed him against the wall, demanding to know where Carly was. Ric told him that he didn't know, that someone had come in and struck him on the head, and that when he awoke Carly was gone. Ric told Sonny it must be Alcazar as he was the only other person who knew Carly's whereabouts. Garcia and another officer entered and separated Ric and Sonny. Ric told Garcia that Sonny would have killed him had they not arrived just then. Garcia told Ric to thank Liz as she was the once who had called the police. Sonny told Garcia to arrest Ric and issue an all-point bulletin for Alcazar and Carly. Ric insisted that he needed to go to the hospital first and get checked out. Garcia had the officer issue the APB and call for an ambulance.

Carly awoke on Alcazar's airplane and was furious to learn that he had taken her for leverage against Sonny. Alcazar explained that he had hired a man to break into Ric's house and change the frequency of the secret room's door so that he could access it once again. When Alcazar turned him back, Carly struck him with a fire extinguisher and took his gun. Holding Alcazar at gunpoint, she ordered him to have the pilot turn the plane around. She took his cell phone and called home. Michael answered, and Carly reassured him that they would soon be reunited. Carly asked for Sonny, but Michael told him that Sonny was not home because he had gone to get her. Carly then asked to speak with Courtney, but just as Michael put Carly on the phone, Alcazar charged Carly and grabbed the gun back. Carly warned Alcazar that Sonny would come looking for him. Alcazar called Sonny and demanded that Sonny accept a drug shipment at his docks as ransom for Carly's safe return. Sonny told Jason that he would give Alcazar whatever he wanted to ensure Carly's and the baby's safety.

Liz heard that Ric was also at GH and went to his room. She told him how horrified she was that he had lied to her and was hiding Carly all along. Ric insisted that he had done it all for Liz, but she told him she didn't want to hear it. Liz told Ric he was sick and twisted. As she spoke she realized that Ric must have also paid Dr. Gordon to lie about her not being able to have children. Ric decided to tell Liz everything and admitted not only to hiring the doctor to lie, but to feeding Liz birth control pills once Dr. Meadows had told her that she could conceive after all. Ric told Liz that although he never intended to hurt her, that the pills had caused the embolism that almost killed her. Liz smacked Ric, telling him that he had lost her and that she never wanted to see him again. Liz stormed out. Once the door closed behind her the anger turned to grief, and she cried.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Alexis approached Stefan for assistance with getting Kristina back and agreed to be a Cassadine again. He promised help, in return for hers. Lucky and Scott walked in, with Lucky suggesting that Stefan admit to killing Summer. Stefan was indignant and Scott demanded an answer. Lucky explained that the servant had done it and they only needed to find him, but Stefan said the servant had died. Lucky asked Alexis to support his theory but she refused. She would only say that she didn't think Luke had killed Summer. Lucky stormed out and Scott followed. Alexis then accused Stefan of killing Summer. She knew Luke was innocent and Stefan suggested she decide how badly she wants custody of her baby.
Maxie was with Kyle at Kelly's, complaining about her silly candystriper uniform. Kyle encouraged her to keep pretending to be the good girl. Mac came in and Kyle hid. Maxie agreed to have her picture taken to send to Felicia and told Mac how good it feels to help people. Mac was suspicious and noticed Kyle in the corner, but Maxie persuaded him to let her have dinner with Kyle at Kelly's and he hoped she'd figure him out. After he left, Kyle invited Maxie to a party and asked her to steal drugs from the hospital to bring. She was aghast and refused and finally realized this was his intention all along. She agreed to go to the party with him, but without drugs.

Dillon was approached by a thug who informed him that Alcazar had another job for him, at a lower price since he hadn't followed instructions the first time. All he has to do is make a phone call after seeing a certain boat. Georgie walked up to ask Dillon what was going on. She was worried, but Dillon said all he has to do is make a phone call and with the money, they can go to New York and see movies. Mac caught them kissing outside and wondered why she wasn't dressed for candystriping. He lectured her about not being as responsible as Maxie. Georgie was furious and Mac apologized, but only wanted her to turn her life around. Mac expressed his displeasure about Dillon's upbringing and attitude and refused to give her permission to hang out with him.

Lucky saw Mac and asked to see the evidence against Luke, to prove that Stefan had ordered a servant to kill Emily, killing Summer by mistake. They quarreled and Mac challenged Lucky to complete the Police Academy and become a cop before he could see the evidence.

Sonny gave orders to let a ship go through the harbor and look the other way. Jason asked Sonny to not let Alcazar get control of his territory. Sonny lost patience, since Alcazar has Carly and Jason doesn't know where they are. Jason wondered if Sonny was thinking clearly and not aware of the dangers ahead. Sonny assured Jason he knew what he was doing, but was frustrated.

Courtney went into Ric's hospital room to question him about Alcazar and Carly. She held the call button out of his reach and lectured him about his evil ways. She wondered if he wants Jason to kill him and demanded he tell her what makes Alcazar vulnerable. Ric said there was nothing and he only hoped Carly could stay alive after Alcazar no longer needs her as a bargaining chip. Courtney begged for his help and he told her Jason will kill him first. She said if he'd only help them find Carly, Sonny would let him go and he'd have a chance with Liz. Ric wouldn't discuss it further. She saw Jason in the hallway and expressed her concern that he not go to jail for murder. Jason assured her he wouldn't, but he would make Ric talk. Jason entered Ric's room and asked about Carly. He pulled the call button out of the wall and threatened Ric by holding his head in a death grip. Jason accused Ric of working with Alcazar all along. Ric dared Jason to kill him, since he wouldn't find Carly anyway. Jason took Ric to the room where he'd held Carly. Courtney came into the house and Jason asked if she still trusted him.

Alcazar yelled at one of his men who'd tied Carly up and told her she was free to go anywhere on the yacht. He also told her they were on business and she was a negotiating tactic, if Sonny will cooperate. Alcazar said how lucky that he figured out that Ric had Carly and now he can dictate terms to Sonny for the distribution network he needs. He wouldn't answer Carly's questions about where they are. She tried to understand why he took her and he offered to let her call home. Sonny was talking to Michael when the phone rang and Michael answered. Sonny took the phone and she told him Michael might feel better on the ocean, miles away from land. Sonny realized she was telling him where she was. Alcazar grabbed the phone and he and Sonny agreed they had an understanding about the shipment.
Sonny asked his people to track Carly, based on what she'd told him. Scott came to visit and told him Faith had disappeared. Sonny didn't care, since the Feds hadn't found Carly. Scott figured that Alcazar has Carly and wants to trade for everything Sonny has. Scott also knew about the drug shipment expected tonight.

Alone, Carly ate well, then talked to the baby about learning how to run a scam. She began screaming in pain and complaining about the baby and a guard ran in to help.

After Scott left, Alcazar went to see Sonny, who wanted assurance about their deal. He said an attendant was standing by, waiting for a call from Alcazar if anything happened with the shipment.

Dillon was on the docks, trying to back out of the job and was advised that was impossible. So he stood duty on the docks, looking through the fog for a cargo ship and the signal he was supposed to see. When he saw it, he picked up the phone to call it in but was knocked out from behind. Alcazar was waiting for the phone call that Dillon didn't make. He told Sonny if the phone didn't ring soon, he'd make a call of his own to Carly's guard.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

As Liz checks out of the Hospital, she runs in to Bobbie, who reminds Liz that Ric has disappeared from the Hospital. Liz wonders if Ric merely escaped to avoid prosecution, or if Ric has been taken somewhere to be killed! Emily arrives before Liz leaves, and Liz fills Emily in on the recent events in Liz's life. Emily urges Liz NOT to blame herself for not being able to see through her husband's lies. As the two women talk, Emily confesses that her feelings for Nikolas changed while they pretended to be engaged. Before they can finish their conversation, Nikolas and Zander arrive. After Emily and Zander leave, Liz stays behind to speak to Nikolas and asks Nikolas point blank if he is in love with Emily. While Nikolas agrees that he has always loved Emily, Nikolas insists that, no matter what his feelings for Emily were, Nikolas would NEVER interfere with Emily's relationship with Zander. Later, Zander and Emily enjoy a romantic evening together at the Quartermaine Mansion. In the meantime, when Nikolas returns to Wyndemere, Lydia meets Nikolas and Nikolas is surprised when Lydia offers her sympathy for Nikolas's situation with Emily. Reminding Nikolas that Emily and Zander are probably between the sheets by now, Lydia suggests that one way to ease Nikolas' pain would be for Lydia and Nikolas to hit the sheets together ~ and Nikolas takes Lydia up on her suggestion.

At Ric's Place, as Courney pleads with Jason to put their life together ahead of any determination Jason has to get rid of Ric, Jason hands the remote to the Panic Room to Courtney and angrily instructs Courtney to see for herself what has happened to Ric. When the door slides open, Courtney is relieved when she sees that Ric is still alive. Jason angrily points out to Courtney that dealing with Ric is part of Jason's business ~ and that Courtney just interfered ~ again! ~ with Jason's job! But Ric tells Courtney that he supervised the building of the compound where Alcazar is probably holding Carly and Ric might be able to get Carly out safely. Jason asks Courtney if she is going to believe Ric and go to Sonny with Ric's tale. Jason then blasts Courtney for not trusting Jason enough to let Jason do his job and Courtney walks out in a huff. Before leaving the house himself, Jason tells Ric that someone will come back for Ric if they need Ric's information. Otherwise, Jason will dump Ric's body somewhere nice ~ and Jason leaves Ric alone in the Panic Room. Later, Ric is surprised when Liz returns home to pack some of her things. Ric desperately tries to signal Liz even though Ric KNOWS there is no way for Ric to contact Liz. But, before Liz leaves with her bags, she takes one last look at the Panic Room and discovers Ric! Ric tells Liz that Jason locked Ric in the Panic Room. When Ric expresses the belief that his prayers have been answered, Ric pleads with Liz to believe that Ric was TRYING to straighten things out and put his life with Liz back on the right path, when Alcazar stepped in and took Carly before Carly could be released. But Liz coldly informs her husband that he can rot in the Panic Room for all she cares. Liz shuts the door again and walks out of the house as Ric watches Liz's retreating back on the Panic Room Monitor.

Aboard Lorenzo's yacht, Carly tries to con a guard into believing that she is going in to premature labor. At the same time, a shadowy figure grabs Dillon at the Docks, knocks the young man out and smashes the phone Dillon was supposed to use to call Alcazar when the ship signaled. At the same time, in Sonny's Penthouse, Sonny assures Alcazar that Lorenzo's shipment WILL go through. But Sonny and Lorenzo are both astounded when Pier 52 explodes. Lorenzo warns Sonny that the fireworks display has just cost Sonny his wife. At the same time, Georgie finds an unconscious Dillon on the Docks. When Georgie revives Dillon, Dillon realizes that someone wrecked the phone he was supposed to use to call Alcazar. Meanwhile, Lorenzo discovers that his boat blew up before it reached Sonny's Pier. Lorenzo accuses Sonny of double-crossing him, but Sonny argues that Alcazar must have a traitor within his own organization. At the same time, Georgie takes Dillon to the Hospital and Dillon is surprised when one of Alcazar's men follows Dillon to the Hospital. When Georgie leaves for a minute, Alcazar's henchman collars Dillon, demanding an explanation. When Dillon explains that he was attacked and prevented from calling, Alcazar's man asks for a description of the attacker. When Dillon can supply no details, the underling hands Dillon more money, which Dillon tries to refuse. But the man informs Dillon that Dillon can NOT quit Alcazar! After the man leaves, Georgie urges Dillon to go to Jason and explain the details, but Dillon refuses. At the same time, Sonny tries to convince Lorenzo that the explosion was caused by a third party who wants to prevent Sonny and Alcazar from forming an alliance ~ and Sonny demands to speak to Carly! Lorenzo admits that the ship was filled with baking soda because Lorenzo was suspicious that something would stop the shipment ~ so Lorenzo sent a dummy ship in place of the real shipment! Lorenzo insists that his shipment MUST be landed before Lorenzo will arrange a meeting between Sonny and Carly. At that time, Alcazar receives a call from Carly's guard, reporting that Carly has run into medical complication! Sonny suspects the call is about Carly but Lorenzo refuses to tell Sonny anything. Later, Jason tracks Dillon down at Kelly's and Dillon fills Jason in on the phone call Dillon was supposed to make for Alcazar. And Dillon assures Jason that Dillon is not VOLUNTARILY working for Alcazar. Jason warns Dillon to get away from Alcazar before Dillon ends up dead. At the same time, Carly is surprised when a specialist arrives to check on Carly's "labor pains," and informs the surprised Mrs. Corinthos that he has been engaged by Alcazar to remain on board as long as Carly is Alcazar's "guest!" In the meantime, Alcazar agrees to allow Sonny to see Carly ~ and gives Sonny instructions to come to the pier ~ alone and unarmed ~ at midnight. Sonny agrees and Lorenzo leaves. Meanwhile, Jason warns Dillon that Alcazar is setting a situation up so that Jason will have no other choice except to kill a member of Jason's own family! Dillon suggests that Jason let Dillon spy on Alcazar and report back to Jason. But Jason warns Dillon to stay out of the situation altogether and to return home to the Quartermaine Mansion. At the same time, Alcazar's doctor frightens Carly when he calmly announces that they need to induce labor immediately because Carly's pregnancy appears to be in distress. Carly suddenly jumps up and admits that she is perfectly fine. The doctor then informs Carly that he is her personal physician and will oversee Carly's health 24/7 while Carly is on board. In the meantime, after Alcazar leaves Sonny's Penthouse, one of Sonny's men reports to Sonny that the plan to blow up Alcazar's shipment, before the ship reached the docks, went off without a hitch! When Courtney returns to the Penthouse, Sonny asks Courtney to stay with Leticia and Michael while Sonny goes to see Carly. Courtney mentions nothing about Ric's claim to be able to get Carly out of Alcazar's compound safely. Later, when Jason arrives at the Penthouse, Jason is surprised that Sonny has gone out alone because Alcazar SAID that the gun-runner had arranged a meeting with Carly. Still smarting from their earlier encounter, Courtney asks Jason which land mind she exploded, because she has never seen Jason so mean before. Jason merely tells Carly again that she MUST stay out of his business and asks Courtney if she REALLY knows what Jason does! Courtney again agrees to stay away from Jason's work. But Courtney points out that, because she doubted Jason's judgment about one thing, Jason is now acting as if Courtney had no faith in Jason at all! Courtney tells Jason that she was afraid Jason would kill Ric in the Hospital corridor and either go to jail forever or end up dead himself. Courtney pleads with Jason to understand that Courtney took the action she did because Courtney WANTS Jason to STAY in her life! Jason tells Courtney that he can NOT let Courtney make choices for him because Jason DOES have something wrong with him! Jason admits that he fights people who try to make choices for him ~ even if Jason loves those people. At the same time, Alcazar arrives at Carly's cabin and announces that she will soon be seeing her husband. Meanwhile, On the Docks, two of Alcazar's men meet Sonny and make sure that Sonny is NOT armed and IS, indeed alone! Then the two men put a black bag over Sonny's head and tie Sonny up!

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Zander wakes up in Emily's room. She is already awake and comes over to kiss him good morning. He tells her that he loves waking up with her and going to sleep with her and suggests that they move in together and avoid having to deal with her family every morning. Emily thinks that would be a big step and is hesitant to say yes. Ned knocks on the door and interrupts them. He tells Emily that Brooklyn is coming to visit and the family is planning a picnic later. Emily tells him she'll be there later. Ned makes them laugh when he tells Zander to get to work since he needs him at the office. Zander points out that this is why they should move in together in a place of their own so they will have some privacy. She tells him she'll move in with him. Meanwhile, at Wyndemere, Nikolas has a hard time dealing with Lydia the morning after they had sex. Lydia tells Stefan that the room was otherwise occupied by them and holds out her bra to boast about their night together after Stefan asks Nikolas why he couldn't get the papers in the study last night when he found it locked up. Nikolas goes off to do some work. He goes to Kelly's to have breakfast and do some paper work. Lydia shows up and sits with him. She tells him they have wedding plans to make and asks him to come with her to visit some churches and flower shops. Nikolas tells her he has work to do and asks her to go so he can get it done. Lydia asks him why he is suddenly giving her the cold shoulder and that he was hot for her last night. Nikolas tells her that he thought of Emily when he had sex with her and that even though he is marrying her, his heart belongs to Emily. Emily happens to be standing near the door and overhears him tell Lydia that. Lydia tells him that Emily is right there. Emily runs out of Kelly's. She runs into Gia. She tells Gia what she overheard Nikolas tell Lydia and wonders if Gia knows that. Gia tells her that Nikolas has always loved her as a friend. Emily admits that she has developed feelings for Nikolas too and doesn't know what to do and runs off. Gia runs into Zander at Kelly's. Zander is looking in the newspaper for apartments for rent and tells her that Emily has agreed to move in with him. Gia is confused since she just saw Emily talking about her feelings for Nikolas. Gia asks him when he last talked to Emily. He tells her that he spent the night with her and they talked this morning. Gia opens her mouth to say something but stops herself and tells him to talk to Emily. Zander tells her that she is his friend and can tell him anything. Gia tells him that she just ran into Emily outside of Kelly's and that Emily overheard Nikolas tell Lydia that he was in love with her and that she may have developed feelings for Nikolas too. Zander is stunned by the news. Meanwhile, Emily goes up to her bedroom. She is confused about her feelings and what she heard Nikolas tell Lydia. Nikolas knocks on her door and she lets him come in. He tells her he knows she overheard what he told Lydia and tries to make excuses for what she really heard and what he meant by what he told Lydia. Emily doesn't buy his story that he told that to get Lydia to back off of him so he could get some work done. She tells him that she covered things up to push Zander away and that she wants him to tell her how he feels about her. Nikolas realizes he can't lie about how he feels. Lydia storms into Wyndemere and complains to Stefan that she wants out of her future marriage to Nikolas because he is in love with Emily and will never really want her and that he is too unpredictable. Stefan tells her not to worry and Nikolas will do what he must even if he has soft feelings for Emily.

Alexis goes to Wyndemere to drop off some paperwork concerning Nikolas' future marriage to Lydia. She doesn't like helping Stefan make decisions that effect Nikolas' happiness but has no choice since she needs Stefan's help to get custody of her daughter back. Stefan tells her that he only plans to target Ned's reputation and have his integrity questioned so he can't win custody of the baby and that Skye is no concern to him because she has no legal claim to the baby. Alexis worries that Stefan will do something against Ned that could physically harm him since she doesn't like what he tried to do to Emily. Stefan assures her that Ned won't be physically harmed in any way. He asks her if she will be able to let him do what he has to do to help her win custody of the baby. Alexis doesn't give him her final approval and heads over to Kelly's. Ned is outside with the baby and Skye at an outside table at Kelly's. He gets a call from Brooklyn, telling him she won't be able to come for a visit this time because she and Lois are still on some cruise ship where one of Lois' bands is playing. Ned tries to be understanding but is disappointed that she won't be coming to see him and see the baby. He hands the baby over to Skye to hold. They coo at the baby and Alexis sees them looking like one little happy family. She calls Stefan and tells him to do what he has to help her get her child back.

Sonny grows more impatient to see Carly and wonders why he is on this jet with Alcazar that doesn't seem to be going anywhere but in circles. Alcazar tells him that he will take him to see Carly but needs him to do something for him first. Sonny doesn't like to hear that Alcazar wants something more from him after promising he could see Carly. He tells him he wants him to kill his brother. Sonny asks him why he wants Ric dead since he was his co-conspirator. Alcazar tells him that Ric is crazy and can't be trusted. He tells him the irony of what he is asking him to do since Sonny was in a way responsible for his own brother's death. Sonny agrees to have Jason kill Ric if he hasn't already. Alcazar hands him the phone. Sonny calls Jason at his penthouse. Jason answers while Courtney is in the room. He tells Jason that if he hasn't already done it , to get rid of Ric now. Jason starts to argue about that but he can tell by how Sonny said it that it isn't what is seems and says o.k. Courtney asks him what is going on. He tells her it was Sonny and that he has something he has to do. Courtney really starts to worry about Jason. Liz shows up at the house and lets herself into the panic room by using the button in the bookcase. She tells him that she couldn't sleep last night because she kept thinking about what he did to her and needed to know from him why he lied to her and she believed him after what he had already done to others before she took him back and married him. She tells him she needs to know so that she can make sure not to let any other man do the same to her again. She feels that she has no judgment when it comes to picking men and that she seems to be attracted to men who go to jail. Ric tells her that she did nothing wrong and that he was the bad person for hurting her like that. He tells her that her love and faith in him made him let Carly go. Liz doesn't believe him. She tells him that she is going to let him go only because she can't let Sonny or Jason torture and kill him and she asks him if there is any place he can go and hide. A noise draws their attention. They see Jason coming up the front walk. Ric tells her he wants her to go and let Jason do what he needs to do. Liz runs out of the panic room and shuts it closed with the button and hides in the hallway. Jason lets himself in and opens the panic room. She watches in horror as Jason empties his gun with several shots in Ric's direction. Liz screams for Jason to stop it. Jason hears her and gets angry with her for coming over to see Ric after what he did to her. Liz fights him as he drags her out of the house and into the car. Liz fights him as he carries her into Sonny's penthouse. Courtney comes downstairs when she hears Liz accusing Jason of killing Ric. Liz tells Courtney what Jason did and how he dragged her out of the car and how Max took Ric's body in a bag and threw in the trunk. When Courtney doesn't act surprised, Liz realizes she already knew what Jason was going to do and didn't stop him. Liz plans to call the cops and report Jason but he stops her from making the call. Liz tells Jason that Ric did some horrible things but didn't deserve to be killed by him. Jason tries to explain that things aren't the way they appear but Liz heads to the door to leave to report them. She hears Ric's voice telling her to wait. She turns around to see Ric at the top of the staircase, alive and well. Meanwhile, Carly gives one of Alcazar's men a list of things she needs to look good for when she sees Sonny again. The guy agrees to do the best that he can after she promises to owe him a favor when he may need it. He returns with makeup and a gown as well as the cologne she asked for. She asks him to zip the back of her gown for her and he agrees. She waits until his back is turned, and hits him with a glass vase. She goes to run out of the room and meets Alcazar at the door. Alcazar tells her that she has no where to escape since he has his men everywhere guarding the yacht and everywhere on the property outside the water. He tells her that she will see Sonny after he gets confirmation that Sonny had his brother killed. Alcazar gets a call confirming that Ric was killed by Jason. He allows Sonny to come in the room and reunite with Carly. Alcazar tells him that he is lucky Jason follows orders so efficiently so he can now see his wife. Sonny asks him to leave him alone with his wife. Alcazar leaves. Carly runs into his arms and tells him to keep holding her tight. He asks her how she and the baby are feeling. She tells him they are doing fine. Sonny holds on to her tightly and tells her he loves her.

Friday, July 25, 2003

Nikolas admits to Emily that he is in love with her now. They reminisce about when she used to have a crush on him and he thought she was crazy. She admits to him that she thinks of him all the time and that he is inside of her no matter what she is doing and who else she is with. The two kiss and talk. Emily backs away though and tells him they can't be together because they have other people to think about and that it wouldn't be fair to hurt Zander since she does love him too. Nikolas cries but tells her she has to do what is best for her and heads out of her room. Zander is at the door and doesn't look too happy when he sees them together. He asks what is going on. Nikolas tells him that he wants Emily to be happy and healthy and that she has her own life to lead. Zander tells her he doesn't like Nikolas and never did. He tells her that Gia told him what she heard Nikolas tell Lydia and questions her about how she feels about Nikolas. Emily tells him that she loves Nikolas but that she loves him more and only wants to be with him. Zander is relieved but Emily is still pained about not being able to follow her heart fully. Zander surprises her by getting down on one knee and proposes to her. Emily isn't too happy. Meanwhile, Lydia complains to Stefan about Nikolas' lack of caring about their upcoming marriage. Stefan shows her a fake codicil of the Will that he had drawn up that states that she and Nikolas must marry by the end of July in order for her to inherit the money from her grandfather's estate. She tells him the papers look very legitimate and is pleased. However, she starts to have doubts about Nikolas going through with the wedding so soon and that he will probably refuse to marry her. She overreacts to what Stefan tells her about how she doesn't have a choice about the marriage and that she needs to stop acting like a spoiled child. After he leaves the room, Lucky comes in the room and sneaks up on her. He tells her that she shouldn't marry Nikolas if she doesn't want to. She tells him she has to do her duty to her family just like Nikolas. Nikolas gets the codicil and reads it and starts drinking to ease the pain of Emily's decision. Lucky tells Lydia that he wants her to come clean with him about Summer's murder. She takes him down to Darius old room to look through the stuff he left behind abruptly. Lucky finds a note in his things that was suppose to be a message from Zander to have Emily meet him by the bluff. Lucky points out to her that the note has to be fake because Zander called Emily that night to ask her to meet him at the docks instead. He finds this note proof that Darius set up Emily to be at the bluffs so he could kill her. Lydia doesn't believe it is real proof and they argue about it on the way back to the study. Lucky tells her to do what she wants and not marry Nikolas if she doesn't want to. Nikolas shows up from being in the corner when Lucky leaves. He tells her that Lucky has the freedom to follow his heart and that he and she have to get married by the end of the week.

Sonny tells Carly that she needs to be strong a little bit longer and that she has to trust him to get her out of there soon. They kiss and talk. Carly admits to him that she saw him on the monitors at the panic room and that she heard what he said to Jason and that she never really believed that Faith was his mistress and that he had to be up to something with the feds. They kiss and Alcazar interrupts them to tell him the time is up. Sonny kisses her goodbye. He tells Alcazar he will agree to any business deal he wants from him so that Carly can come home soon. Meanwhile, Ric begs Liz to take him back. She tells him she will never come back to him. She warns Courtney not to go along with this life she has with Jason, because his morals are twisted just like Ric's. She leaves and heads to Kelly's to talk to Bobbie about getting her job back at Kelly's. The waitress tells her Bobbie is expected there soon. Liz waits there and Scott shows up to question her about where Ric could be. Liz doesn't tell him anything at first. Scott believes that Jason and Sonny has him and will probably kill him if they haven't already. Liz tells him that Jason has him held up there at Sonny's place. Jason ties up Ric And tapes his mouth shut so he doesn't have to listen to him. Sonny shows up and is angry with Jason for not killing him like he told him to on the phone. Jason explains that he didn't think he wanted him to kill Ric but just to make it look like he did for Alcazar's sake and that he put him here until he could find a safe house for him. Sonny doesn't like it but accepts Jason's decision to hold off. He approaches Ric and tells him he is taking him out. He takes him to Martha's Vineyard to the old house. Courtney gets upset and asks Jason to stop Sonny from killing Ric because she feels strongly that Sonny will feel guilty after he does it once his anger disappears. Jason tells her that he can't stop Sonny once his mind is set and tells her that Sonny is a lot stronger than she thinks. Courtney still isn't so sure he is right about Sonny's ability to handle this. Carly sees a phone in her room and goes to use it but one of Alcazar's men comes in and grabs it out of her hand and grabs her roughly. Alcazar comes in and tells him to let her go and if he ever does that again he will kill him. Carly isn't buying his concern for her wellfare since he is still holding her captive. He suggests they play backgammon to pass the time. She agrees to play. Sonny takes Ric to the old house in Martha's Vineyard and grabs him and drags him up the stairs. He tells him that he never meant for their mother to fall down the stairs while she was pregnant for Ric and that since now after what Ric did to Carly he is going to throw him down the stairs and hopes he dies this time. He pushes him down the stairs but Ric is still conscious. Sonny plays with him and tells him he should try this again. Scott gets a warrant and goes to Sonny's place with a cop. He asks Jason where Ric is but Jason plays dumb and tells him he doesn't know where he is. Scott asks Courtney where Ric is. She is torn about telling him and doesn't say anything. Liz reminisces about her wedding to Ric and how happy she was.

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