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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 14, 2003 on GH
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Monday, July 14, 2003

Ric admitted to Sonny that he had Jason arrested. Ric insisted that he and Liz wanted to live in peace but that Jason kept disrupting their lives. Sonny convinced Ric to drop the charges against Jason, promising that Jason would bother him no more. Scott escorted Jason and Sonny to Ric's, where Jason reluctantly removed the bug. As they all turned to leave Sonny sensed something. He told Scott he and Jason were staying behind to wait for Ric. Scott left and ordered Sonny not to call the police with his family problems. Sonny told Jason he could now sense that Ric had Carly.

Liz was stunned when the secret door opened and there stood Carly. Still chained, Carly desperately yelled to Liz, but Liz was frozen with shock. Carly begged her to call 911. Liz picked up the phone and startled to dial, but was suddenly overcome with vertigo and collapsed to the floor. Carly yelled for Liz to toss her the phone. Liz managed to do so just before passing out, but the phone was just out of Carly's reach. Carly struggled and finally managed to reach the phone with an umbrella, but just then Ric entered. He grabbed the phone from Carly's hands and rushed to Liz's side. He demanded to know what Carly had done to Liz. Screaming, Carly told Ric he had hurt Liz with the pills he had secretly been feeding her. She demanded that he let her go before Liz awakes and tells everyone that she saw Carly. Flustered and anger, Ric closed Carly back up in the room and rushed Liz to the hospital where she was admitted. Tony Jones told Ric that a blood clot had caused Liz's collapse, but that they had been able to remove it. Tony was puzzled over Liz's chart, which indicated that she had been on no medications although her symptoms seemed to indicate a reaction to one. Ric made a bedside apologize to a still unconscious Liz for hurting her. Liz muttered Carly's name in her sleep.

Faith came on to Alcazar. She offered to feed him information on Sonny, explaining that Sonny had used her and made her feel inferior to Carly. Alcazar was reluctant to believe Faith and insisted that she sleep with him. Faith went along but was clearly uncomfortable. She later called the federal agent to Sonny's penthouse and told him that she wanted out, that she loved Ric and did not want to sleep with another man. The agent convinced Faith to endure by telling her that Liz was very ill so Ric might need Faith now. Seeing an in back to the vulnerable Ric, Faith agreed to go on and became determined to take down Alcazar.

Lucky grabbed Lydia in the elevator and kissed her passionately. Lydia was responsive at first but, realizing that there was a surveillance camera in the elevator, pulled away and slapped Lucky. She accused him of plotting to turn Nikolas away from her. Lucky confirmed that he will show Nikolas that Lydia can't be faithful to him. Lydia expressed her dislike of Lucky, who insisted that Lydia was attracted to him. Lucky left, and Lydia told Nikolas what Lucky had done to her. Nikolas told Lydia that Lucky was harmless.

Nikolas read to Emily until she feel asleep. Zander walked Nikolas out, and thanked him for being there for Emily. Nikolas explained that Emily had read the same book to him when he was recovering from his injury. Nikolas gave Zander the book and pointed out Emily's favorite parts. Zander began to suspect that Nikolas cared more deeply for Emily than friendship. Zander sat by Emily's side as she slept. She uttered Nikolas's name just before waking up, but she was happy to see Zander there by her side.

Edward arrived at the police to bail out Dillon only to find that Jason was under arrest as well. Edward berated Jason for his criminal lifestyle, but Jason put him in his place while an impressed Dillon looked on. When Edward offered to bail Dillon out in exchange for following the rules and apologizing, Dillon told Edward he didn't need him. Edward turned to leave, but Georgie stopped him. Georgie told Edward it was all her fault and that Dillon was only trying to protect her. Edward returned to Dillon and gave him a second chance to apologize, but Dillon was angered by the way Edward spoke about Georgie and Felicia. He again refused to apologize, saying that the Quartermaine mansion was the real prison. Disgruntled, Edward left. Georgie and Dillon shared a kiss in the holding room.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Ric talked to Liz in the hospital room. She started coming to, saying Carly's name and Ric told her she'd had a nightmare. Scott came in to talk to Ric and tell him the bug had been removed and Sonny was waiting for him to return home.
Meanwhile, Carly watched Sonny and Jason in Ric's house and Sonny commented that he could feel Carly's presence. Sonny berated himself for living with Faith and making a deal with the Feds. Carly was thrilled to hear Sonny say he knew Carly was alive and was willing him to her. He knew Ric would lead them to Carly. Ric came home and Sonny wondered why Ric talked about Liz as though she were already dead. Ric reminded himself that she is a fighter and everything will be fine. Sonny told him to never give up. After Sonny left, Ric went to see Carly and brought her dinner. She taunted him by saying the cops would rescue her soon, everything was out of control and Liz was paying the price.
Audrey went in to visit Liz and talked to her about staying strong and getting better. Faith lurked outside and as soon as Audrey left, she rushed in. Faith mocked her and pulled the oxygen away from her face and picked up a pillow, promising to take care of Ric when she was gone. Sonny walked in just in time to stop her and warned her to stay away. When Faith was gone, he tried to talk to Liz about what was going on in their house. She started coming to and whispered Carly's name.

Georgie burst into Kelly's to yell at Maxie for double crossing her by giving Mac the note right away. Kyle asked if she'd enjoyed her first night in a hotel room and she slapped him. Georgie vowed to continue seeing Dillon, no matter what Mac says about them spending the summer being candy stripers. Kyle then plotted with Maxie about seeming to become the good daughter to keep Mac's attention on Georgie. Maxie made a beeline to the hospital to suck up to Audrey about wanting to be a candy striper. Kyle was seen talking to one of his friends about how Maxie would soon be able to get them any drugs they wanted.

Ned asked Alexis to meet him at Kelly's to discuss joint custody. Alexis queried his sanity and reminded him he's not the father. He reminded her he's been taking care of her and she was being unreasonable. Alexis said her daughter was not his path to redemption for mistakes with Brook Lynn. Ned vowed that no one would take Kristina away from him. They kept fighting and Alexis said Ned and Skye would both be cut out of Kristina's life as soon as possible and suggested they make their own family. She stomped off.
Skye couldn't wait to tell AJ about her deal with Scott, how Dobson is really Alexis and how she'd overheard Alexis admit to faking her DID. AJ was skeptical, but was later impressed and realized that Skye was after custody of Kristina. They discussed the plan to have a dinner party with Judge Farmer and intentionally make Alexis upset enough to give up the charade. Later, Ned and Skye talked in the study about her plan to get custody. Dobson came in to find Skye holding Kristina. When they left, Ned talked to Dobson, praising Skye and full of venom about Alexis, baiting her.

Jason flew to be with Courtney, who confided to him how upset Michael is.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

At the Hospital, Emily thanks Zander for sticking by her through her chemotherapy treatments. As Emily gets ready to attend another support group to tell her story, she gives Zander a kiss good-bye, just as Gia rounds the corner. After Emily leaves, Gia makes her presence known and apologizes to Zander for agreeing to keep Emily's secret even though Gia could tell how hurt Zander was. Meanwhile, as Emily speaks at her meeting, Nikolas overhears Emily's testimony. When Emily leaves the meeting, she spots Nikolas and thanks him for his support. While Nikolas and Emily are talking, Gia and Zander arrive and Zander and Emily head out to the Quartermaine Mansion. After Zander and Emily leave the Hospital, Gia tells Nikolas that she suspects that Nikolas' excuse that he just happened to be in the Hospital to attend to Hospital business is just a smoke screen so that Nikolas could be at the Hospital while Emily was at her support meeting. When Nikolas tries to deny Gia's allegations, Gia tells Nikolas that it is obvious to her that Nikolas's feelings for Emily are deeper than Nikolas is willing to admit. However, Gia adds, Nikolas MUST keep from coming between Zander and Emily if Nikolas truly WANTS to be fair to Emily. At the same time, at the Quartermaine Mansion, Emily tells Zander that she now believes that she IS going to survive and they can plan on being happy together for years to come. Zander suggests they go out to celebrate. However, before Zander and Emily leave to celebrate, Monica arrives home and sadly reports to Emily that Emily's doctors believe that the chemotherapy is having a bad affect on Emily and the doctors believe that Emily should go off the chemotherapy!

Georgie goes to the Quartermaine Mansion and begs Edward to bail Dillon out of jail ~ but Edward refuses to help his grandson in any way! However, Ned hears Georgie and Edward arguing. When Ned learns that Edward left Dillon in jail overnight, Ned rushes down to the Port Charles Police Department, with Georgie in tow, to arrange for Dillon's release. As Ned is paying Dillon's bail, Scott warns Ned that Dillon is a troublemaker who will NEVER learn his lesson. But Ned reminds Scott of Scott's OWN misspent youth! Later, Ned is surprised when Dillon refuses Ned's help, declaring that he would rather stay in jail! However, Georgie appeals to Dillon to realize that Ned truly wants to help and Dillon finally leaves with Ned. When Ned and Dillon arrive home, Edward claims that Edward called Dillon's mother about Dillon's legal problems, but Tracy refused to speak to Edward. After Dillon blasts Edward for meddling and Edward walks away in a huff, Ned is appalled when he realizes that Dillon actually believes that their mother is a busy businesswoman and THAT is the reason why she never seems to have any time for her children! Ned tries to tell Dillon the truth about their mother, but Dillon refuses to listen and slams out of the Mansion. However, later, outside Kelly's, Dillon calls his mother and Georgie overhears as Tracy gives her son the brush off.

Jason rushes to the island to see Michael. When Michael sees Jason, Michael tells Jason that Michael has remembered that, when Ric took Carly, Ric said: "I am taking you home!" Jason decides to take Michael and Courtney back to Port Charles with him. But Courtney cautions Jason that Michael MIGHT have made up his latest 'memory' because Michael has been eager to return home, and believes that 'remembering' something more about his mother's abduction is Michael's ticket home! Meanwhile, back in Port Charles, as Ric sits beside Liz's Hospital bed, Ric worries aloud about what will become of Ric now that Liz has seen Carly in the Panic Room. Lorenzo eavesdrops and realizes that Liz is now an unwitting witness to Carly's abduction. Lorenzo enters the room and whispers to Ric that Ric's entire scheme will be laid bare when Liz wakes up. Lorenzo reminds Ric that Liz will guess that the ONLY way for Ric's plan to succeed would have been for Ric to kill Carly after the baby was born! Lorenzo suggests that Ric can STILL have what Ric REALLY wants ~ revenge against Sonny! Lorenzo's plan is for Ric to continue with his scheme and, after Carly is out of the way, offer Sonny a chance to recover his child in exchange for whatever Ric demands in return! When Ric protests that Liz will tell everyone that she saw Carly, Lorenzo suggests that Ric just guarantee that Liz does NOT wake up. Lorenzo adds that, in Lorenzo's estimation, Ric's supposed 'love' for Ric's wife is secondary in Ric's list of priorities ~ the REAL goal in Ric's life is to get revenge on Sonny! However, as Ric contemplates Lorenzo's opinions, Audrey suddenly arrives and kindly reassures Ric that NO ONE could have prevented Liz's latest medical emergency! Audrey assures Ric that she can tell that Ric's love for Liz is genuine. Then Audrey tells Ric that there COULD be some motor, sensory or MEMORY loss that COULD be extensive for Liz! After Audrey leaves, Ric whispers to Liz that Liz's memory loss COULD solve everything! Meanwhile, Courtney and Jason arrive at the Hospital with Michael and Maxie tells Jason about Liz's pulmonary embolism. Jason leaves Michael with Maxie while Jason and Courtney slip in to Liz's room. When Jason tells Courtney that it is strange that Liz would suddenly be in critical condition only weeks after marrying Ric, Courtney goes to find a doctor to find out about Liz's condition. But, instead, Courtney runs in to Faith and informs the Mob Widow that, since Michael is now home, Faith needs to move out of the Penthouse ~ pronto! At the same time, Michael spots Ric in the hallway and tells Ric pointblank that Michael saw Ric take his mother! In the meantime, Jason speaks to an unconscious Liz and tells her that Jason is afraid that IF Liz stays with Ric, Liz will end up dead! At that moment, Liz flat-lines and Jason stares in horror at the monitor!

Thursday, July 17, 2003

After Dillon's call to Tracy, Georgie tried to cheer him up. Telling Dillon that Tracy's self-centered, Georgie added that she's glad Dillon is there in Port Charles instead of in Europe somewhere. Dillon told Georgie that he'd rather be where she is than anywhere else.

The crash cart was rushed into Liz's room and Tony succeeded in getting her heart beating again. Jason told Tony to notify hospital security and tell them not to allow Faith Roscoe anywhere near Liz. Tony told Jason and Courtney that Liz should make a full recovery. Down the hall, Michael attacked Ric and said he knew that Ric took his mother away. Ric pretended innocence. Sonny arrived and scolded Michael, telling him not to make up stories, even going so far as to tell Michael that Ric is helping them search for Carly. When Jason and Courtney arrived, Jason couldn't believe what Sonny was saying. After Sonny ordered Courtney and Jason to take Michael home, he told Jason to tell Michael to stop lying. On their way home, Michael asked Jason to kill Ric so that his mother would come home. After telling Michael that Carly wouldn't want Michael to wish anybody dead, Lorenzo came along. Courtney took Michael back home as Lorenzo informed Jason that he needs access to Sonny's piers in order to ship in his drug supplies. When Jason told Lorenzo that Sonny's against drugs, Lorenzo said that Sonny has no choice. Dillon approached Jason and said he wants nothing to do with the Quartermaines. As a lingering Lorenzo eavesdropped, Dillon asked Jason if he could work for him. Jason offered to give Dillon money, a place of his own and a job---but said Dillon would NOT be working for Sonny. After calling Jason a hypocrite, Dillon said he'd handle things himself.

At the hospital, Georgie overheard Kyle tell Maxie how convenient it is for them to see each other while Maxie is doing her volunteer work there. Georgie stormed over and warned Maxie that she'll tell Mac she's using her job in order to see Kyle, but Maxie threatened to tell Mac about Georgie seeing Dillon. Georgie called Kyle a loser and told Maxie she's a fool to fall for Kyle's lines. Later, after Georgie and Dillon got together at "Kelly's", Lorenzo walked in and told Dillon that he overheard him talking to his cousin (Jason) and that he knows Dillon's looking for work. Lorenzo then pulled out a wad of bills and began counting them out. He handed Dillon an envelope and told him to hold onto it for 24 hrs. and then hand-deliver it to Sonny.

Monica and Alan calmly tried to convey the news to Emily that the chemotherapy is causing her immune system to shut down, but Emily got all upset and panicked. After telling Zander she wants to be alone, Emily stormed out of the Quartermaine mansion. Later, she met up with Nikolas at the docks and told him about her medical news. Feeling hopeless, Emily told Nikolas that her worst fears may end up coming true after all: that Zander may end up watching her die. After telling Nikolas that she should have stayed with him instead of telling Zander the truth, Nikolas assured her he'll always be there for her. Zander, meanwhile, watched as the two embraced. Emily was sounding all helpless when Nikolas told her to think about today and worry about tomorrow when it comes. After getting her to promise not to give up the fight, and reassuring her that he'll be there for her, Nikolas drove Emily home. Later, Zander met up with Nikolas and told him that he overheard Nikolas and Emily talking and that he's going to step aside and let Nikolas be there for Emily during her time of need.

Sonny joined Ric, who sat near Liz's hospital bed. He told Ric that he empathized with him, saying he knows what it's like to fear losing someone you love. Ric said he wished he'd told Sonny he was his brother as soon as he came to town and that he wished he'd never started the feud between them. After Sonny told Ric that, for the first time, he actually feels a brotherly bond between them, Sonny added that he'd give his life to have Carly safe again. Meanwhile, in the panic room, Carly began suffering from excruciating pain and abdominal cramps. She feared losing her baby until the cramps and pain went away. Breathing a sigh of relief, Carly then noticed something strange on the monitor: a man, dressed in black, picked the lock of the house and let himself in. Carly watched, wondering who the man was, as the man sat down on the living room sofa and opened up a suitcase and began fidgeting with something. When Sonny returned to the penthouse, Michael insisted he was telling the truth about Ric and Sonny told Michael he believes him! Sonny told Michael that Ric is a bad man and that he's playing a game on Ric. At Sonny's urging, Michael told him the whole story about Carly's kidnapping. Later, Sonny told Jason that he played Ric the same way that Ric's been playing Sonny, adding that he pretended not to believe Michael at the hospital so that Michael would not be in danger from Ric. Beginning to believe that Ric's holding Carly in Ric's house, Sonny told Jason they need to get hold of a copy of the houseplans to Ric's house.

Ric told a sleeping Liz that love and revenge can't exist in the same space, and that one of them has to be sacrificed. After whispering that he'll love her forever, and that the only way he'll survive is if she never wakes up, Ric asked Liz to forgive him, then he gave her a kiss. Standing up, Ric grabbed hold of a pillow and held it firmly while looking down at a peaceful-looking Liz....

Friday, July 18, 2003

Skye decides to throw a dinner party and schemes to trick Alexis into giving herself away and getting caught for faking the DID. She invites Cameron, Judge Farmer, Scott and a psychiatrist, Dr. Lindstrom, who she found out has a track record of pinpointing which defendants were faking DID and who wasn't. At the dinner party, Dr. Lindstrom finds that Alexis was lying about having DID to cover up her guilt in the murder of Louis Alcazar. Scott accuses Cameron of covering for Alexis on the stand and helping her get away with murder because of his personal feelings for her. Alexis gets tired of hearing the accusations and doesn't want Cameron to get in trouble because of her and when Scott threatens to arrest Cameron, "Dobson" removes "his" beard and mustache and confesses to murdering Alcazar to save Cameron.

Stefan starts to feel that Lydia could end up a liability if her guilt over what happened to Summer gets her to tell Nikolas that he planned to have Emily killed. Meanwhile, Nikolas tells Zander that Emily needs his love to keep her going and asks him to stay with Emily despite how much he's in love with her himself. Lucky asks Emily about the night of Summer's death and after hearing what she remembers, he comes to the conclusion that Emily was the intended target not Summer that night. Emily is startled by this theory of Lucky's. Emily doesn't quite believe Stefan would want her killed and asks Lucky not to tell Nikolas anything accusing Stefan without proof first. Lucky tells Lydia about Emily being the intended target that night and not Summer and if Stefan is responsible for her death. Lucky can't seem to keep his hands off Lydia and they share a passionate moment which is witnessed by Nikolas this time.

Carly watches the mysterious intruder in Ric's home through the monitor and wonders who sent him and why. The mysterious intruder works with some electronic equipment similar to what Ric was using to change the frequency's on the secret electronic door. Meanwhile, Sonny listens to Michael tell him that he now remembers Ric telling Carly that he was taking her home. Sonny starts to realize that Ric may have had Carly all this time under his nose. He ends up apologizing to Jason for doubting him about Ric's guilt. Meanwhile, Ric holds a pillow near Liz's head to smother her but can't go through with killing her and starts to cry. Liz does wake up and tells Ric she loves him. She also doesn't seem to remember seeing Carly in the panic room and Ric is relieved. Audrey sees them later. Ric returns to the house and tells Carly that he is letting her go because of his love for Liz and lets her call Sonny to tell him where she is. She calls Sonny and tells him where she is. Sonny had already vowed to kill Ric once she was home safe. Sonny tells her he loves her. Back at G.H. Lorenzo Alcazar visits Liz in her room. He tells her that Ric has Carly in a secret room in her house. Liz is disturbed by what he tells her but the information triggers her memory and she has flashbacks and remembers seeing Carly in the panic room. She tells the police that Ric kidnapped Carly. Sonny and Jason arrive at Ric's and find no sign of Carly and Ric laying on the floor.

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